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Welcome to the Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural News Magazine.
The year is already ticking by as this is the February issue. Tempus Fugit!
Richard Shaw and I are going to an undisclosed location to film material for
Watchers 6. We will be gone for two weeks. This might be the best Watchers yet
and if what we think we are about to see is real, it could be ground breaking
material. No, we’re not going to see the remains of a UFO that crashed in the
desert! This trip promises to be full of adventure and sites unseen.
Month after month our commentators continue to write wonderful,
informative articles and this month is no exception. I would also like to take a
moment and introduce you to Pastor Caspar McCloud. This is his first
appearance in the News Magazine and he is a welcome addition.
Davie Weatherly, author of the Black Eyed Kids, returns with an article on
genetically modified fish or Frankenfish as they have become known.
Richard Shaw as an informative article on predictions that will make you
think twice about believing in some end-of-the-world scenarios like the hooey we
heard for years regarding the Mayan 2102, calendar predictions.
Doug Hamp weighs in with an article about the Sethite theory and as usual
his scholarly overview is packed with information.
Doug Woodward returns with a thought provoking article on life existing
elsewhere in the universe and prods the Ancient Alien, hypothesis.
Tony Kail warns us of what is happening in the cults as he keeps his ever
watchful eye on what the dark side is up to and how easily it is to be deceived.
Finally there’s my re-posting of an interview I did with author Robert
Reiland. I will be interviewing Robert on Acceleration Radio, February 21st! You
won’t want to miss this as Reiland has some very interesting takes on the where
the Temple Mount was located in Jerusalem.
That’s it for February!
See you next month.
L. A. Marzulli
CEO, Spiral of Life Publishing
D a v i d
W e a t h e r l y
Frankenfoods and the Ride of the Third Horseman
David Weatherly
The Frankenfish is here. It came very quietly during the Christmas holiday season.
At least,
that's when the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) released an environmental assessment
report on the fish and deemed it safe.
Officially, the FDA must wait two months before making their final decision, but at this point,
all indications are that this is a mere formality. It seems certain that the genetically modified
fish will soon be on the shelves of our markets. Since there is no indication that any type of
labeling will be required, the fish will also be on the tables of many unsuspecting buyers.
While the company that developed the fish refers to it as an "AquaAdvantage fish" opponents
have dubbed it the "Frankenfish" due to its creation in a laboratory. The fish is a hybrid of the
Pacific Chinook salmon and a ray-finned creature called the eelpout. It was created in the
labs of AquaBounty, a Massachusetts based bio-tech firm. AquaBounty says that the fish
grows at twice the rate of a regular salmon and tastes the same. The FDA says that the fish is
safe enough to be sold and doesn't believe there's any issue with humans consuming the
genetically modified creature.
Given the history of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) it was inevitable that a genetically
modified animal was going to find its way to the market. However, this is a much more
serious matter than people typically realize. The health implications alone are staggering and
of course corporations ignore the moral implications of tinkering with life itself.
Considering the rapid changes that are occurring in our food supply led me to think about the
third horseman of the apocalypse. We find him discussed in Revelation 6:5-6:
"When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come!" I looked,
and there before me was a black horse. Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand.
Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "Two pounds
of wheat for a day's wages, and six pounds of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage
the oil and the wine!"
New International Version (NIV)
It's clear that the third horseman of the apocalypse is famine. With him comes shortages of
food and starvation. Looking at the current condition of our food supply begs the question:
is he already riding among us?
In traditional terms, we think of 'famine' as starvation and hence, automatically assume that
the third horseman represents a lack of food due to issues such as crop failure and
overpopulation. Both are issues that we certainly face in modern times, however, current
conditions may call for a slightly different, or added, interpretation. The dictionary defines
famine as:
1. A drastic, wide-reaching food shortage.
2. A drastic shortage; a dearth.
3. Severe hunger; starvation.
Crop failure and overpopulation could produce all of these results, but genetically modified
food has now presented us with a new possibility. We could now die of 'starvation' while
having plenty of 'food' around us.
Genetically modified food is nothing new. For years corporations such as Monsanto have
been tinkering with seeds to produce crops resistant to insects and disease. In the course of
their manipulation of nature, they have remained ever conscious not of the safety of their
products, but in the security of their 'creations'.
The first genetically modified plant, an anti-biotic resistant tobacco, was introduced in 1983.
By 1986, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) had approved the first release of a GMO
crop. The floodgates opened and corporations went full speed ahead in experiments to
manipulate plants and animals. The first GMO product for consumption, a tomato, appeared
in 1994. This tomato was tested on mice in a laboratory. Mice, who normally love tomatoes,
refused to eat the modified product. Finally, scientist force fed the tomatoes to the animals.
Within two weeks, they discovered stomach lesions on many of the animals and seven of the
mice died. The FDA approved the tomato and listed it as safe for humans to consume.
Since the 1980's, countless patents for modified life forms have been granted. The
experiments have run wild. Mice injected with genes from chickens and humans. Brazil nuts
spliced with soybeans, fish genes added to tomatoes and potatoes that express cod genes.
Test animals consistently refuse to consume these modified products and, when force feed
the GMOs, they often die in a short period of time, developing cancer and other serious
medical conditions.
Logic would dictate that with such risky technology, someone is overseeing the tests.
Someone is, it's the corporations who develop the GMOs to begin with. In a display of
government efficiency, the FDA simply requires that firms conduct their own tests on new
genetically modified products to determine their safety. The FDA doesn't even review the
tests. The fox is not only guarding the hen house, he's also reporting on the safety of the
hens! Of course, the fox wouldn't lie now would he?
Monsanto, one of the biggest corporations invested in GMOs states on its website: "There is
no need for, or value in, testing the safety of GM foods in humans."
Yet, over eight hundred scientists from 84 countries have signed the world scientist open
letter to all governments calling for a ban on the patenting of life forms and emphasizing the
very grave dangers of GMOs, genetically modified seeds and GM foods. Several other
scientific organizations have called for similar bans on GM foods and/or the labeling of such
Several countries have in fact passed laws relating to GM products. Japan, Australia, China,
India, Chile and South Africa are among the nations that require labeling for any food
containing GMOs. The European Union has a similar labeling law and some countries
including Ireland and Peru have now banned GMOs completely.
There are no such requirements in the United States. In fact, efforts to ban or label GMO
foods have mostly only occurred on a local level. One state initiative, California's Proposition
37, was an attempt to require the labeling of any food containing genetically modified
ingredients. Monsanto and other companies spent large amounts of money to defeat the
bill. The main focus on their campaign was convincing consumers that food costs would
skyrocket if the bill passed.
Our food supply is being battered from countless directions and most of it is done in secret.
Few people know that Turkeys are bathed in radiation as a safety procedure. Factory farming
is a cesspool of chemicals used on animals for our 'safety'. Animals are being looked at
more and more in terms of how they can be genetically manipulated to grow larger and
faster. As for the seed supply, Monsanto has created 'terminator technology', plants that
terminate themselves after yielding one crop. The idea is to make farmers dependant on the
corporation for more seeds each year. Even more frightening, the numbers of companies
that control seeds is shrinking. Mega corporations continue to buy up small seed companies
and simply absorb them into their corporate structure. While there are about 1500 seed
companies worldwide, about two dozen companies now control fifty percent of the
commercial seed.
And the prospects of famine? GM foods have been shown to have lower levels of vital
nutrients, especially phytoestrogen compounds thought to protect the body from heart
disease and cancer. This is just based on the current level of GM elements in our food
supply. What happens as the amount of GMs consumed doubles, triples? Our nutrients will
continue to drop and medical conditions will continue to rise. This is in fact, already
happening. People who survive on fast food are eating more yet are constantly hungry.
While they grow larger their bodies starve because processed food contains little or no
nutrients. Is it any coincidence that cancer rates have tripled in the late 20th century?
Scientists concerned about GMOs are concerned about a wide range of other effects.
Increases in food allergies, increase in birth defects, cancer rates, the possibility of
superviruses, the list goes on and on as the evidence against GMOs continues to mount.
Many scientists also believe that the widespread disappearance of bees is due to GM pollen.
If the bees all die off, so do our crops.
The third horseman may be a corporate beast, trampling the fields of our natural grains and
sparing the oil and wine, or rather the dollars and cents.
The government has given corporations permission to redesign living organisms. When did
this become acceptable? Why was the power of life given to those only concerned about a
profit margin? They began with plants and quickly moved on to animals, dare we ask what's
David Weatherly
R i c h a r d
S h a w !
Are we to predict what will happen in 2013?
Richard Shaw
I was recently on a radio show where the moderators were looking for predictions for this year,
2013. Typically, Christians tend to believe they can foresee what is going to happen by using
various scriptures to back up their theories. After the past year of 2012 ended up being so much
different in many way than expected, I think God is showing us that the future is up to Him, not us.
2012 was supposed to be the year that was the end of the world, and it turned out only to be the
end of an “age,” (as many also thought) and some of the more scholarly persuasion believe it
signaled a time where changes would occur over the next three years.
In 2012, there was to be some great awakening of consciousness and that the world would slip into
the 4th or 5th dimension -- the Age of Aquarius. We were to have a magnetic pole shift. Some
believed it would be the year for the Messiah’s return, for Redemption, and for big changes to take
place. Others predicted massive earthquakes for California. (There are always predictions about
earthquakes in California -- that is nothing new, and indeed we are overdue). Predictions continue
about an earthquake at the New Madrid fault. When I was growing up, at least one major evangelist
had a profound dream. He believed so completely that California was going to be split by an
earthquake, that he moved all he had to what he thought was a safer area. Indeed, that man is
now dead and California is still here. I am not discounting the science behind the fact that
California’s land masses are often unstable, as proven historically over the past 100 years. There
have been major earthquakes in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Northridge and Long Beach.
However, the Alaska quake (Prince William Sound) in 1964 was massive, (a magnitude 9.2) even
though we often forget about that!
There were also predictions of Martial Law, the fall of the dollar by last October, and a global
meltdown. More theories included a CME from the sun would cripple our power systems by creating
an EMP (electromagnetic pulse burst), like what a nuclear weapon is capable of. Other predictions
for last year were that Israel would no doubt attack Iran. Even CBS News went on record to predict
that Israel would attack Iran, and it didn’t happen. Instead, there was a build-up of rocket fire by
Hamas that was neutralized by Israeli forces. Others believed that Nibiru, Planet X, would destroy
most of the earth in 2012. Syria was going to use chemical weapons, and more dire predictions
kept many people tied in knots all year.
In fact, while these theories are not silly or unfounded, none of them actually occurred.
Isn’t this just what the Deceiver likes to do -- playing with our heads based on our own fears
generated by current events and ancient prophetic texts? We don’t want to sit around unprepared
or asleep, but a majority of these events that some people are predicting and preaching from the
pulpit and on radio are so catastrophic that there is no physical preparation possible. Lights out. It’s
over. God will sort it out. That is what I believe the aftermath of the Great Tribulation will be. It
is not one isolated event, but a series of things that are very complex, the timing of which is
We can see the signs of the times and reflect upon what ancient texts all seem to concur will
happen if these are the end of days. Prophetic texts have been warning us for centuries that
situations like this can and will happen. We even have some idea of the order of events if you
read the account in Matthew 24, where Yeshua himself outlines the signs of the end after being
asked by His disciples. He gave us a basic outline, the order of events, not the year or the
day. Otherwise, it could be compared to knowing the day and the hour when you were going
to die. Would you want to know that kind of information, or live your life in faith and trusting
God to take care of you?
In my opinion, it does seem that we are close to the end. When, we truthfully don’t know. "But
concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven nor the Son, but
the Father only." Not even the Son of God knows when it's going to happen? What? Did I
read that correctly? That's quite a profound statement and yet Harold Camping thought he
could do it.
There is sometimes a problem today in my opinion when believers think they can predict
events with any accuracy, or actually should be doing that. Harold Camping was a Christian
radio talk-show host that predicted the world was going to end on May 21, 2011 with the
coming of the rapture. That obviously didn't happen, but Camping did it again by saying the
actual day of reckoning would be October 21, 2011. Again, nothing happened. Obviously this
stubborn guy doesn't understand the simplicity of the scriptures he preaches about, or how to
put away one’s own ego when it comes to the will of God. We want others to think that God
has somehow endowed us with something special that other’s can’t fathom. We’re special.
God has given us secret knowledge. That is very rare when we read about it in scripture.
Yet the scriptures seem to extoll us to be aware that something's about to happen. We can
see it in the world around us. Unexplained events like millions of fish deaths. Birds dropping
out of the sky. A global increase in earthquakes. Mistrust of most of the world leaders today,
with lying and paranoia at an all time high worldwide. Murder, shootings, corruption, fraud,
thievery, etc. Internet fraud goes beyond anything we could have imagined only three years
ago. Spam is rampant -- fake bank sites, fake postal services, fake offers that don’t exist, loan
companies, fake return addresses, lying and trickery everywhere coming from fraudulent
international sources as well as domestic fraudsters -- all phishing for your personal
information like sharks in the water.
An earthquake swarm (150 of them) in the Canary Islands have people worried that there may
be a volcanic eruption brewing on El Hierro island. Volcano expert Juan Carlos Carrecedo
said: 'There is a ball of magma rising to the surface producing a series of ruptures which
generate seismic activity. We don't know if that ball of magma will break through the crust and
cause an eruption."
Read more:
They don't know when it might happen, but the smallest island is preparing for a mass
evacuation at the time of this writing. According to the same article, “some 50,000 years ago,
massive landslides triggered by earthquakes caused a large part of the island to crack off and fall
into the Atlantic Ocean, according to Irish Weather Online. That created the El Golfo valley on the
island and caused a 300ft-high tsunami that probably reached the American coast. This feeds
into the belief that volcanic activity on La Palma - the most tectonically active of the Canary
Islands - could trigger a mega-tsunami.”
We know from past experience that an underwater quake of sufficient size can trigger a tsunami,
as evidenced in 2004 by the magnitude 9.0 quake in the Indian Ocean that displaced an
enormous amount of water and killed 283,000 people in Indonesia. We’ve never seen what
happens when a big chunk of an island breaks off and falls into the sea. However, there were no
viable predictions about the Indonesian tsunami. It shocked the whole world.
Meanwhile, the U.S. economy continues being run by unscrupulous bankers and it’s only a
matter of time when the world economy finally collapses and has to do a complete re-boot. Many
are making predictions that this is coming, ushering in the New World Order. Yet, most of the
population are unawares. In fact, it’s incredible that it hasn’t already happened. One well known
writer who was something of a anomaly in the Christian community back in the 70’s, wrote more
than one book on the Dollar, and its final demise. Some consider them to be prophetic. Penned
by Willard Cantelon, his books are still read today with both still available. “The Day the Dollar
Dies” (1973) and “New Money or None” (1979) reflect historically what happened before WWII in
Germany and the downfall of their currency. We all know what happened after that. We were
taken off the gold standard, and people no longer were allowed to even own gold until years
later. Are these concepts being taught in our schools today? Could it all happen again, or as
some believe, are we too far gone this time to recover? Could the government confiscate our
gold or silver again?
Beyond the economic woes, we see massive indications that UFOs continue to show up all over
the world with increasing frequency. Does anyone care? More and more, it appears that a
conspiracy has taken place to cover up key evidence that the Nephilim existed. Yet, new
evidence is appearing all the time that needs to be examined scientifically. Secrets are being
revealed. The ability to do DNA testing has revolutionized our ability to find and reveal evidence.
I spoke with an American Indian recently who related that his heritage was traced back 3,000
years ago via his DNA.
Perhaps the greatest error that happens when false or misleading predictions are made is a
feeling of paranoia and fear. Because the signs of the times seem to be increasing, various
ministries and singular believers take great liberties in stating what they believe is going to
happen in the future. I think it’s dangerous but it sells products.
While God expects us to use our heads, I do not believe He appreciates us making predictions of
the future since we don’t have that ability. When people do, they often become discredited, as
Harold Campen was, even though it didn’t seem to shake his own beliefs in spite of his error.
What I believe is most important is to ask for God’s direction in our lives, which is the most
important thing we can have. Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted
worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of
Man." (Lk. 21:34-36) Without that, it could come and catch us unawares and all the predictions
in the world cannot save us.
C Crop
a s Circle
p aDilemma
Supernatural Everyday Believers
Caspar McCloud
When Messiah Jesus/Yeshua walked this earth, He healed the
multitudes. He healed everyone who was there! He even healed people
at a great distance when He saw they had faith to believe (like the
centurion in Matthew 8:5-13).
Jesus never turned anyone way who wanted healing, and that included
people just like us today. However, a spirit of doubt and unbelief can
cause you to become double minded, and then nothing much will
happen. We are promised in Mark 16 that supernatural signs and
healing miracles would follow those who truly believe.
Every spirit-filled born again believer has been given access to
supernatural gifts. The science of Epigenetics is now confirming that
although the Lord is always in control, only you can control your
thought life. Keep in mind, not every thought you entertain is your
own. We are instructed to take every thought captive to the obedience
of Christ in 2 Corinthians 10:5. Research shows that 80-95% of all
illnesses come from an uncontrolled thought-life.
If you don't wallow in toxic thoughts, those spirits of fear, doubt,
unbelief, and feeling unloved can no longer steal your blessings. This is
about believing God at His Word over anything you feel. The
supernatural peace of the Lord will overtake you when you refuse to
entertain unclean spirits that always lie to you.
When I minister to people who aren't receiving from the Lord, I often
just ask them this question, "Why do you think you are not being
blessed and healed yet?’" Beware! An unclean spirit may manifest and
tell you how unworthy you are or God is teaching you a lesson. Do you
think feeling like you're too unworthy will bring healing and
restoration? That might actually be a spirit of self-pity which keeps you
bound to your past sins so you can't receive of the Lord today.
Getting your spiritual eyes off yourself, humbling yourself, and
worshiping the Lord is a good place to start.
The Lord Jesus is our healer, and healing will happen because of who
Jesus is, not because of who we are. When you understand this
principle, healing happens in Jesus' name.
I suggest that what we need to do, because our best chance to
receive a healing miracle from the Lord, is to search deeply into our
hearts. It's imperative to answer these vital questions: 1) "Am I totally
convinced from studying the Holy Scriptures that healing is a spiritual
reality for me today?" 2) "If I am convinced it is a spiritual reality for
me today, why do I think it is not manifesting in my life yet? 3) "Am I
willing to meet God's requirements for healing to happen?" When we
discover any place the enemy has any legal right to us, what are we to
do? James 5:16 tells us "Confess your faults one to another, and pray
one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of
a righteous man availeth much." We need to ask ourselves if we have
been entertaining any unclean spirits such as fear, doubt and unbelief.
if we confess our sins, we can remove them and take down any
invisible barriers that are separating us from the blessings of the Lord
Jesus. Then we will be able to receive healing, miracles, supernatural
peace, and the blessings of Abraham!”
When the Lord Jesus had a church service, He shared the Gospel,
healed the sick, and cast out demons. As His disciples in these last
days, according to verses such as John 14:12, we can expect to be
overcomers. The Lord has equipped us to be more than conquerors-and THAT'S supernatural!
Caspar McCloud (c) 2013
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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your watchers series as well as the messengers of
deception! I watched you on Sid Roth and had wanted to watch your video's for some time now,
so I ordered them.В They really answered a lot of questions I had about the manyВ deceptions
going on and how satan uses all these different people to push his agenda.В The way you teach
about the new age and other deceptions makes it very easy to spot now, which is awesome!!!!В The Lord has given you a very needed ministry to keep the eyes of His children open and
watching in this crazy time we live in!
Thanks again!В God Bless
Karen W.
The Bible is replete with evidence that the sons of God in Genesis 6:1-4 are fallen angels (demons). All of the
ancient Jewish and Ante-Nicene Christian commentators believed the "sons of God" to be referring to demons
(fallen angels).
В Augustine of Hippo
The first, as far as we can see, to definitively deny the sons of God as being angels was Augustine of Hippo of the
fifth century, approximately seventy five years after the drafting of the Nicene Creed. Augustine did much to
spiritualize the history of the Bible and twist a simple straightforward reading of the Bible. His method of Bible
interpretation made a profound impact and his legacy remains even to this day. Many centuries after Augustine,
Thomas Aquinas, a doctor of the Catholic Church in the 13th century, quotes in his magnum opus, Summa
Theologica, from Augustine’s work City of God (De Civ. Dei xv) concerning the sons of Seth:
Many persons affirm that they have had the experience, or have heard from such as have experienced it, that
theВ SatyrsВ andВ Fauns, whom the common folk call incubi, have often presented themselves before women, and
have sought and procured intercourse with them. Hence it is folly to deny it. But God's holy angels could not fall in
such fashion before the deluge.В Hence by the sons of God are to be understood the sons of Seth, who
were good; while by the daughters of men the Scripture designates those who sprang from the
race of Cain.В [i] Nor is it to be wondered at that giants should be born of them; for they were not all giants, albeit
there were many more before than after the deluge. Still if some are occasionally begotten from demons, it is not
from the seed of such demons, nor from their assumed bodies, but from the seed of men taken for the purpose; as
when the demon assumes first the form of a woman, and afterwards of a man; just as they take the seed of other
things for other generating purposes, as Augustine says (De Trin. iii), so that the person born is not the child of a
demon, but of a man, [ii] (emphasis mine).
Just as Augustine fallaciously suggested the sons of God were the so called “godly line of Seth,” the daughters of
men have been labeled as being from the “ungodly line of Cain”. Augustine says, “By the daughters of men the
Scripture designates those who sprang from the race of Cain,” (Augustine as quoted in Summa Theologica,
Aquinas). We must ask the important question – where in Scripture does it say such a thing? Augustine makes the
claim above that Scripture designates those daughters as coming from the race of Cain, but just where do we see
that? The answer is that we simply do not. It was first tentatively considered by Julius Africanus and then
completely invented by Augustine and then repeated by all who would follow in his footsteps ever since. If the
term “sons of God” refers to the “sons of Seth” as so many suggest, then why does the text not simply state it?
Unfortunately neither Augustine nor Aquinas substantiates the claim. They simply presume their statement to be
true and offer no biblical proof. Augustine states that “Scripture designates” that the daughters of men “sprang
from the race of Cain”. But where in Scripture does it say that? Sadly, their unbiblical assertion has left its mark in
the modern day creating a great deal of confusion regarding what the Bible literally teaches.
Calvin’s Interpretation
John Calvin in the 17th century carried on the tradition started by Augustine that the sons of God are in fact the
sons of Seth. He states in his commentary:
The principle is to be kept in memory, that the world was then as if divided into two parts; because theВ family of
Seth cherished the pure and lawful worship of God, from which the rest had fallen. Now, although all
mankind had been formed for the worship of God, and therefore sincere religion ought everywhere to have
reigned; yet since the greater part had prostituted itself, either to an entire contempt of God, or to depraved
superstitions; it was fitting that theВ small portion which God had adopted, by special privilege, to
himself, should remain separate from others. It was, therefore, base ingratitude in theВ posterity of Seth,
toВ mingle themselves with the children of Cain, andВ with other profane races; because they voluntarily
deprived themselves of the inestimable grace of God. For it was an intolerable profanation, to pervert, and to
confound, the order appointed by God.В It seems at first sight frivolous, that the sons of God should be
so severely condemned, for having chosen for themselves beautiful wives from the daughters of
men. But we must know first, that it is not a light crime to violate aВ distinction establishedВ by the Lord;
secondly, that for theВ worshippers of GodВ to be separated fromВ profane nations, was a sacred appointment
which ought reverently to have been observed, in order that a Church of God might exist upon earth; thirdly, that
the disease was desperate, seeing that men rejected the remedy divinely prescribed for them. In short, Moses
points it out as the most extreme disorder; when the sons of the pious, whom God had separated to himself from
others, as a peculiar and hidden treasure,В became degenerate, (emphasis mine). [iii]
Calvin rightly describes the world as being wicked, but he vainly asserts that the world had been "divided into two
parts." Where do we see such an idea in the Bible? He also introduces his deterministic philosophy of
predestination by stating that apparently the sons of Seth were adopted by "special privilege." His denial of who
the sons of God truly were creates a tremendous amount of confusion that has clouded the interpretation of the
text for potentially millions of people over the centuries. Furthermore, nowhere do we see that the daughters of
men are from the so called ungodly line of Cain.
Calvin continues with his unbiblical prohibition of inter-class marriages. Notice that again he does not offer any
biblical support for any of his positions. He does not seek to prove his point with Scripture but with opinion and
conjecture. Having simply asserted his position, Calvin then ridicules the �sons of God as demons [m1] '
That ancient figment, concerning the intercourse of angels with women, is abundantly refuted by
its own absurdity; and it is surprising that learned men should formerly have been fascinated by
ravings so gross and prodigious. The opinion also of the Chaldean paraphrase is frigid; namely, that
promiscuous marriages between theВ sons of nobles, and theВ daughters of plebeians, is condemned. Moses,
then,В does not distinguish the sons of GodВ from theВ daughters of men, because they were of dissimilar
nature, or of different origin; butВ because they were the sons of God by adoption, whom he had set
apart for himself; while the rest remained in their original condition, (Calvin Commentary Genesis 6:1
emphasis mine).
We have already seen how “sons of God” is used in Scripture – furthermore that there were no human “sons of
God” before the resurrection of Jesus. However Calvin introduces great confusion into the text by dogmatically
declaring that God’s terms are very capricious and that they sometimes mean one thing in one context and quite
another someplace else. The simple biblical definition, as we have seen, is that sons of God are direct creations of
God. Calvin is unable to define sons of God because of bad exegesis.
Should anyone object, that they who had shamefully departed from the faith, and the obedience which God
required, were unworthy to be accounted the sons of God; the answer is easy, that the honor is not ascribed to
them, but to the grace of God, which had hitherto been conspicuous in their families. ForВ when Scripture
speaks of the sons of God,В sometimesВ it has respect toВ eternal election, which extends only to the lawful
heirs;В sometimesВ toВ external vocationsВ according to whichВ many wolves are within the fold;
andВ though in fact, they are strangers, yet they obtain the name of sons, until the Lord shall disown
them. Yea, even by giving them a title so honorable, Moses reproves their ingratitude, because, leaving their
heavenly Father, they prostituted themselves as deserters, (emphasis mine). [iv]
Now, to support his presuppositions, he must explain away the giants (Nephilim) that are introduced in Genesis
6:4 and are the result of the sons of God (or as he would say the sons of Seth) and the daughters of men (or as he
would say the daughters of Cain).
Moses does not indeed say, that they were of extraordinary stature, butВ only that they were robust.
Elsewhere, I acknowledge, the same word denotes vastness of stature, which was formidable to those
who explored the land of Canaan, (Jos 13:33.) But Moses does not distinguish those of whom he speaks in this
place, from other men, so much by the size of their bodies,В as by their robberies and their lust of
dominion, (emphasis mine). [v]
He downplays the fact that the fruit of the union between the sons of God and daughters of men were men of
extraordinary size. He simply asserts that they were "great" in their evil. His interpretation is unfounded and he is
not completely honest here for the word (Nephilim) used in both places is exactly the same. Calvin and numerous
others turn to Genesis 4:26 in order to substantiate their case. Hawker’s Poor Man’s Commentary is very typical
of those that leap to the conclusion that sons of God must be referring to the Sons of Seth.
Observe the different expressions: sons of God, and daughters of men. If you turn to Gen 4:26 you there discover
that the children of Seth are said to call on the name of the Lord; including both sons and daughters; and hence,
therefore, these are meant by the sons of God. [vi]
They suggest that this passage in some way proves that the term “sons of God” is really a hidden meaning for sons
of Seth. Let’s take a look at the passage to see if their claims are valid.
В Seth and His Sons
Seth appears a total of seven times in both the Old Testament and the New Testament (NKJV). We get a brief
glimpse of his life by stringing together all of the passages [vii] that speak of him.
And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son and named himВ SethВ [...], and as forВ Seth, to him also a son
was born; and he named him Enosh. Then men began to call on the name of the LORD, (Genesis 4:25-26).
And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named
himВ Seth. After he begotВ Seth, the days of Adam were eight hundred years; and he had sons and
daughters.В SethВ lived one hundred and five years, and begot Enosh. After he begot Enosh,В SethВ lived eight
hundred and seven years, and had sons and daughters. So all the days ofВ SethВ were nine hundred and twelve
years; and he died. (Genesis 5:3-4, 6-8).
Here 130 years after creation, Adam has a son named Seth; then 105 years after that Seth had a son named Enosh.
Thus we learn that a total of 235 years after creation men began to call upon the name of the Lord. The Hebrew
term for Lord is YHWH which is the personal name of God. God told Moses: “I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac,
and to Jacob, as God Almighty [El Shaddai ‫]שַׁדָּ֑י אֵ֣ל‬, but by My name LORD [YHWH ‫ ]יְהוָה‬I was not known to
them,” (Exodus 6:3). Thus to think that this was the first time that humans began to worship the Lord is
unfounded. Rather we simply read that they began to use his personal name at that point for some purpose. While
it appears to have begun with a son of Seth, we should not infer that it was limited to that line. After all, the
Hebrew text very literally says az hukhal likro beshem YHWH [‫“ ]בְּשֵׁ֥ם יְהוָֽה לִקְרֹ֖א הוּחַ֔ל אָ֣ז‬then was begun (the) calling
by (with, in) the name YHWH” (translation mine). The term hukhal (‫ )הוּחַל‬is the passive (hophal) of begin. The
subject of the verb hukhal is “calling” (likro’ ‫)לִקְרֹא‬. The word “men” does not even appear in the text. Thus we see
that apparently, up until that point, men were not invoking God by His proper name. It could be that they didn’t
know it, though we cannot be sure. Nevertheless this reading of the verse does not in any way substantiate the
notion that Seth’s sons were the sons of God. Another reading is possible which may clarify the passage.
В A Possible Translation
Conversely, the verb hukhal (‫ )הוּחַל‬comes from the root (‫ )חלל‬the basic meaning is “to profane, defile, pollute,
desecrate, begin” according to Brown Driver Briggs’ [viii] Lexicon of the Hebrew Bible. Thus, the alternative
reading would be “then calling by the name of YHWH was profaned”. This alternative reading actually finds
endorsement by the ancient Aramaic Targumim. Targum Onkelos interprets the passage as:
And to Sheth also was born a son, and he called his name Enosh. Then in his days the sons of men desisted [ּ‫]חָלו‬
(or forbore) from praying in the name of the Lord, (Genesis 4:26, Targum Onkelos, emphasis mine).
Targum Jonathan is similar though it amplifies that reading even more:
And to Sheth also was born a son, and he called his name Enosh. That was the generation in whose daysВ they
began to err [‫]למ�עי‬, and to make themselves idols, and surnamed their idols by the name of the Word
of the Lord, (Genesis 4:26, Targum Jonathan, emphasis mine).
While neither “began” nor “profane” supports the sons of Seth theory, the latter would seem to make more sense
in light of the entire story of the Bible. The divine name seems to have been known from the very beginning of
creation. Adam was familiar with it because he heard the voice of the LORD (YHWH) God in the garden after he
had sinned. Calling by the name of the Lord was until that time respected and honored but it was in the days of
Enosh when calling by the name of the Lord was defiled. God then destroyed the world because of the continual
wickedness. Noah retains knowledge of the name and then apparently at the tower of Babel the name is forgotten
or lost. God chooses not to reveal His name again until Moses has the encounter at the burning bush.
В The Sons of Seth Were Not Sons of God
Regardless of which reading we take, there is simply no evidence whatsoever to support the concept that Genesis
4:26 can be used to interpret the sons of God as the sons of Seth. There is no indication that Seth’s sons were
somehow more godly than the rest of humanity. Furthermore, it must not be missed that Adam lived another 800
years after begetting Seth and that he had sons and daughters. Likewise “Seth lived eight hundred and seven years
and had sons and daughters,” (Genesis 5:7). All of the sons and daughters of Seth as well as the sons and
daughters of Cain were in fact sons (and daughters) of Adam. Technically speaking every human ever born on this
planet is a son or daughter of Adam; the Hebrew language uses the term to mean “human”. Thus the text is
driving home the point that there are two dissimilar groups: the daughters of Adam on the one hand and the sons
of God on the other. To suggest that the daughters of men were actually the daughters of Cain is fanciful. Rather,
the daughters of Adam are contrasted with the sons of God: the daughters of men were human and the sons of
God were not.
Furthermore, we can in no way infer that all of these sons and daughters remained so godly that they would be
distinguished from the sons of Cain. After all, only eight people were saved out of the entire world. These sons of
Seth must not have been so godly after all. Simply put, the sons of God do not refer to the lineage of Seth, but to
direct creations of God, which before the redeeming work of Christ was limited to Adam himself and to angels.
Therefore, the sons of God in Genesis six refers to fallen angels who had relations with human women.
Read More ArticlesВ Here.
[viii] Brown Driver Briggs (BDB) Hebrew English Lexicon provides the following definition. The most common
definition is “1. to profane, defile, pollute, desecrate, begin”. BDB then goes on to give the various forms of
how the root is used in each of the binyanim (verbal paradigms). In the a. (Niphal) it means to: 1. to profane
oneself, defile oneself, pollute oneself; b. ritually; c. sexually; 1. to be polluted, be defiled; d. (Piel): 1. to profane,
make common, defile, pollute; 2. to violate the honour of, dishonour; 3. to violate (a covenant); 4. to treat as
common; e. (Pual) to profane (name of God); f. (Hiphil): 1. to let be profaned; 2. to begin; g. (Hophal) to be
begun”(emphasis mine). The Hophal is simply the passive of the Hiphil – therefore, if the Hiphil occasionally
means to let be profaned then the one occurrence of the Hophal might also be translated as profaned rather than
begin. | Researcher and Teacher of
God's Word From Creation to the End Times
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Cults: Have they all gone away?
What would you do for your God? Would you be willing to sell everything and give up all your hopes
and dreams for a live of service and obedience? Would you be willing to cut off all ties with friends and
family that you have built over the years of your life? Would you be willing to risk dying at the request
of your spiritual leader?
As we look across the tops of our Starbucks cups and the steering wheels of our SUVs, many of us
might have to seriously consider the cost of giving up our somewhat lavish lifestyles. But there is a
segment of American society that is not only willing to give up the American dream but is ready to go to
whatever lengths necessary to find spiritual fulfillment.
The subject of �cults’ has seen a revival in the public eye that it hasn’t seen since the Seventies when
topics surrounding �Moonies’ and �Deprogrammers’ were the talk of newspaper and television. A flurry
of interest in groups like the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints) and the Strong City cult out of
New Mexico moved into the American media in the last few years. Yet we don’t call them �cults’.
Islamic religious zealots in cult like cells have created a storm of violence throughout the Middle East.
Yet we don’t hear that much about the �C’ word…
The recent talk of cults is not because of a �revival’ in these destructive movements. They have been
around in the cities and towns across the nation. Those who work with victims of these groups will tell
you. These groups have been around for years and will continue to exist. But what makes a group
dangerous? Is it a simple �deviance’ from the normal appearance of religious societies? Is it because they
may not follow Christ or the teachings of Scripture?
I’ll save you the misconception of dwelling on �beliefs’. Some of the most savage destructive cults have
used the Bible and theology very accurately but yet have behaved with un-Christlike behavior. Secondly,
for thousands of years, unconventional religious groups have existed and have operated without the
presence of harmful or criminal activities. For it is not the �belief’ that creates a problem for members of
these groups, it is the �behavior’ that is the focus of concern for law enforcement and public safety.
In looking at the roster of destructive cults that have appeared in the media through the years one would
find the classic cults of Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate and David Koresh. (And of course don’t forget the
haunting ramblings of Charles Manson and the Family)
But what about the one’s we don’t hear about in the mainstream media? What about the small Messianic
cult made up of twenty people? What about the spiritual �prophet’ that lives in rural farmlands and leads
his flock that consists of only his family and close friends? What about the business guru that never
mentions the word �religion’ but demands obedience from his followers as if they were slaves on a
corporate plantation?
Rest assured that the problematic cults that receive visits from federal authorities and eyewitness news
usually do not start out with hundreds of members. These groups begin with a small core group of
individuals who make up the cheerleading section for the leadership of these groups. Looking at the
resumes of many cult leaders, one may find a past job history of being an ordained minister in a
mainstream religious faith. The �breaking away’ from a mainstream religion or denomination can signify
a change in their personal beliefs. It can also serve as a turning point in the behavior of the leader. It is at
this point that the leader may quit having any accountability that maintains the checks and balances of
the leader’s activities. When FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs begin his rise as the a �prophet’ in the FLDS, he
did away with the group that the leadership had to maintain accountability with.
As Christians we must keep each other in check. Traditional churches and fellowship groups can become
cults if they are not maintained with healthy Christ-like boundaries. Some things that we should
• I am reminded of an in incident several years ago where I was visiting a church of a friend. An
elder in the church approached me and shook my hand and said “ You should come to this
church!” I replied kindly “ I have a home church. But I thank you for the invitation.” He
squeezed my hand and said “ But you don’t come to this church!” Point taken. Your church is
the only door in?
The church that you attend may have the Truth but the church is not the Truth. We cannot
monopolize the Gospel to read that the physical building we attend on Sundays is the only way
to God. Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, No man may come to the Father except
through me” John 14:6
We must cease to be �cultic’ in the way we close ourselves of to the world and other Bible
believing bodies.
• Your pastor is human. He sinned yesterday, today and he will sin tomorrow. He does not walk on
water and if he claims to, runaway very fast! True enough, pastors are called by the Lord and
they are to be respected as handlers of the Word. However, they are human and to treat them as
they are spiritual figures that are to be feared is not Biblical. Furthermore, when we begin to
impress this image of �spiritual perfection’ on our pastors, we begin to create an environment in
which pride can grow. This is not doing our pastors a favor. I love and respect my pastor very
much, however he will be the first person to tell you that he is not perfect, he only serves a
perfect God.
• We must not allow the word of our church to be equated to the Word of God. For example, there
was a woman who was told by her church that she must give a certain amount of material
possessions to the church or she would be quote �out of the will of God.” As Believers we need
to stand together and support those who find themselves in manipulative congregations. As
Believers we must also choose our words careful as not to place our opinions and personal
preferences as the words of God. Just because you don’t like bluegrass music or blue carpet
doesn’t mean the Lord doesn’t!
• We must strive to handle Scriptures with the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. Scriptures can be
used as tools to breakdown and humiliate in the hands of a manipulative individual. I’m
reminded of a destructive cult that would use the Scriptures instructing men how to treat their
wives. They would pull the verses out regarding women being submissive to their husbands and
would use them to enforce abuse and coercion against their wives. It is important that Scripture
be handled in context and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
• With the growing tide of false supernatural manifestations in the Church, we must guard against
the outpouring of false powers and prophecies. Test the spirits. Holy fits, gold dust
manifestations and praying to angels have become just a few of the spiritual �sideshows’ that are
showing up in many churches. Believers should pray for discernment when encountering these
issues and seek the Lord when others fall to these.
Guard your church. Guard your family, Guard your heart…
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R e a d e r
F e e d b a c k
Dear Mr. Marzulli,
В Just wanted to say Thank You for all your efforts to provide
Information about current events..В You help make sense of
Bible Prophecy and End Time Events which, indeed, it appears
We are experiencing
May God Bless
В Calvin Moon
Just purchased DVD 4 to add to my three I have.
We have REALLY enjoyed the lectures. We find something NEW every time we watch them.
They are awesome! We love all the
Watchers series as well and anticipate #6 and beyond, should the Lord tarry.
We have Watcher weekends! We enjoy the information so much and thank you for making
My wife, a former Catholic, is looking forward to when I can afford to get the DVD about the
Fatima stuff specifically. The coverage of Fatima in the lecture series already debunked it
totally in her mind. We see the demonic in it now.
Thank you Jesus.
Love to you and yours!
I highly commend you for putting up the retraction on your website. I only wish more Christian
pastors and teachers would do it . The comments of Elaine on your website says it all. By
doing what you did, I feel you will be trusted even more as a watchman and teacher among
your readers, not less.
Hello LA Marzulli,
I'm just writing to say I really enjoyed the article "No Longer Just Black and White" by Richard
Shaw. This issue has come up for me time and again when listening to Tom Horn and some
secular researchers talk about "good aliens." However, I often felt a little guilty about
having this curiosity being that so many of these entities are obviously evil. In fact, this issue
has been on my mind on and off for the past week. Like Shaw, I too came to the conclusion
that there are angels, demons, and perhaps beings elsewhere working under God's direction,
and that these beings, being more spiritually evolved, may be called to help outside of their
own time-space continuum. If we ever witness their presence in large numbers on Earth,
maybe it's just best to wait until our Savior comes and sorts it all out for us ; ) Anyway, great
Thanks - Kili
Mr. Marzulli ,
I have been very interested in your research since 2010, I have ordered your books and
followed all the radio shows you have been a guest on. Your work along with Tom horn and
Steve Quayle has brought me very close to our LORD Jesus Christ, I thank you for that.
I rented your video on amazon today and I was so intrigued by the information ,but I was also
very annoyed by the loud background music drowning out the information that was delivered
by your guest. There is no need for the music at all. The music is diluting the importance of the
message not adding any drama or excitement. It actually makes the entire documentary look
extremely cheesy. I hope in your next watchers video the music is eliminated. Let your work
speak for it itself.
With your best interest at heart,
May God continue to bless you on your journey.
I just finished reading your new book. It was the first of your books that I have read and I want
to congratulate you on an outstanding effort. With most books like this I usually find a number
of areas of disagreement but I think this book is spot on.
Coming out of the recent election I have started questioning why things never change,
regardless who is in charge, and it seems cultural, political, economic battles are all a farce
and of no meaning. I have spent the weeks post election trying to reform my views and your
book has completely changed my outlook and made me realize that many things I have
focused on in the past are a complete waste of time and bringing people to Christ and
educating them to make sure they are not deceived as end times approaches. That is what
Christians need to focus all of there energy on. I too was beginning to rationalize the ET
phenomena into my faith so I know as a believer how easy it is to fall prey to the deception.
My question for you is how do I get involved to help in this effort? What are different avenues?
I sense sitting in a church pew is not productive in an urgent world. I support the Gideon's and
Salvation Army as well as our church but wanted to get your take on this. I think Christians
need to up our game to fight the devil at every turn.
Again, thanks for writing this book. I am having my family read it.
Thanks - John
Hi La,
 I’ve been reading your blog and listining to your video’s for about 3 months new and
have become a real fan.В Keep up the good work.В This information MUST get out to the
public. Most people just don’t know what’s really happening.
God Bless,
В Maureen
D o u g
W o o d w a r d
Martian �Art’ and the Origin of Man
By S. Douglas Woodward
Just the Artifacts, Mam!
What would it take to prove to science and to our culture that intelligent life exists on another world?
Mind you: the issue isn’t whether the world in question circles a faraway star or is a mere moon orbiting a
nearby planet. The matter is whether any remote heavenly body hosts life of the intelligent kind.
Goodness knows, many readers would assert that UFOs should have done the trick. After all, the
substantiation of unidentified flying objects goes well beyond hearsay. With thousands of photographs
published, tens of thousands of witnessed sightings down through the ages, and too many blood-curdling
stories of alien abductions in modern times to mention, a disinterested party would be led to conclude
something real must be at the root of all of this commotion. Despite the fact this body of evidence is
frequently compromised with hoaxes and exaggeration, to most of the population the evidence remains
compelling. On the other hand, for the scientific community UFOs, Bigfoot sightings, and ghost stories
are all grouped into the same disreputable category. No matter how many photos are taken, the number of
simultaneous sightings by qualified observers, or physical evidence of alien abduction, when it comes to
scientists and academics, UFO accounts seem to fall on deaf ears.
Indeed, despite the vast numbers of testimonies chockfull of convincing detail coming from every country
on the globe, the vast majority of top scientists still refuse to believe that spacecraft from another world
(manned with intelligent pilots) actually exist. The distance between star systems is just too great. There is
too much space and not enough time to allow physical creatures to make the trip.
Not to be thwarted, believers in UFOs resort to another explanation for “how they get here.” They
postulate our visitors come from another dimension. However, this cosmic sleight of hand only helps to
complicate the debate. If anything, it solves one problem by introducing other more challenging
complexities. Exactly how do you traverse dimensions? Isn’t it a case of “Now you see them, now you
don’t?” Doesn’t this remove any possibility that UFO claims can be proven true? In philosophy this is
called making as assertion “immune to disproof.” It is intellectual cheating. For in the scientific
methodology, you can only prove something to be true, if it can be shown to be false. Consequently, it
doesn’t help the argument to assert our visitors travel here from afar by moving “dimensionally.” It is as
believable as wizards who can dance between the raindrops.1
As it turns out, the chance to prove the theory that intelligent life exists isn’t really that remote. In fact, the
proof we are looking for may exist in our own “backyard” so to speak – our own solar system –
specifically, the nearby celestial spheres we call our Moon and Mars. The essential evidence convincing to
most scientists is, in a word, the artifact.
The word artifact comes from a Latin word artificium, meaning either �made by craft’ (e.g., a work of art)
or “craftiness” which is similar to the word artifice (meaning “a clever deception”). Upon consideration, it
is clear artificial and artifact stem from the same root word, art. In essence, art is involved in making or
creating the artifact. Likewise, if something is artificial, it isn’t natural. It is “man made.” Hence, we
should rightly conclude it requires art – creative intelligence – to make an artifact. Another way to put it:
artifacts aren’t random objects – they are created with a purpose in mind.
Thus, the discovery of artifacts somewhere other than earth – bits and pieces of objects made by humans
(or more broadly, intelligent life of some sort) – would prove decisively we are (or at least once were, past
tense) not alone.
Artifacts comprise the objects at the root of archeology (the study of ancient cultures) and anthropology
(the study of humankind, especially its cultural development). Artifacts are the substance of both science
(direct observation and testing) as well as speculation as to their use and place in the culture of which they
were a part. In other words, because these studies focus on empirical data (the actual objects which can be
examined by various measuring tools to disclose their substance and age) artifacts yield “facts” acceptable
to science. They are literally “art facts.” Despite sounding like an oxymoron, facts of art are the proof in
the pudding.
However, the game isn’t as straightforward as that phrase may suggest. The sciences built on artifacts
aren’t free from conjecture. There is still detective work to do. Those who study artifacts are compelled to
pass judgment on their purpose. Why such implements were created in the first place is not always that
Artifacts call for speculation from the experts. It takes a professional accomplished in archeology or
anthropology to determine what the artifacts mean. Questions asked might include: “What is the purpose
the creator of the object had in mind when he made it? Was it a tool to simplify or mechanize a repetitive
activity? For instance, was it a pot to hold water or some other important substance? Could it have been a
container for food? Was it is canister used in warfare?”
Finding Artifacts Elsewhere in Our Solar System
Of course, there is a big difference evident to this author (and I assume the reader appreciates the issue as
well), when comparing artifacts on earth to artifacts on the Moon or Mars. On earth, ancient artifacts are
studied to understand human culture in the recent or distant past. It goes without saying that we aren’t
surprised to find them – we expect the historical residue of human activity to be everywhere. According to
accepted academic science, we know humankind (Homo sapiens sapiens) has been here for tens of
thousands of years, and the forebears of our species (Homo sapiens) a hundred thousand years before that.2
Additionally, we might be surprised to learn the material composition of the artifacts we discover here on
earth – how they were created, or how old they are. Such findings during the past century by archeologists
at Puma Punku in Peru or Göbekli Tepe in Turkey are stunning in the complexity of the structure, their
apparent “machined megalithic composition”, and the fact they often testify to the ancients’ sophisticated
understanding of astronomy. After thorough analysis by the experts, such artifacts have stretched our
understanding of “pre-history” – demonstrating advanced intelligence (presumably) of Homo sapiens and
ancient cultures of our world.
Figure 2 - The Ruins at Göbekli Tepe
Our history books routinely tell us civilization is barely more than 6,000 years old and that it began in “the
fertile crescent” – that is, Sumer and Babylon (today’s Iraq). But structures like Puma Punku may be
proving our history books wrong. Experts familiar with these finds suggest they date to at least 10,000 to
12,000 years before the present (YBP). Additionally, in some cases they are at locations far distant from
the “plains of Shinar” where according to the Bible Nimrod built the Tower of Babel commencing postflood civilization 300 to 400 years after the flood of Noah.3 Proof of an advanced civilization on earth
10,000 YBP would shake up both secular as well as biblically-based history.
While we would be fascinated with a discovery of ancient objects on earth, merely finding any artifact on
another world is a horse of a completely different color. Not that the idea of life elsewhere in our universe
is especially new – it’s been discussed for centuries. But in the age of space exploration the notion we
could actually stumble across concrete evidence surely makes the heart beat faster.
Just the presence of any object with straight lines, an explicit geometrical shape, or a manufactured
extensive shiny surface would be a true game changer. If we can observe these objects “with our own
eyes” (or through cameras mounted on space probes that give us a close-up look – in effect extending our
eyes to another world), we have demonstrated intelligent life exists beyond planet Earth and beyond a
shadow of a doubt. This discovery could agitate the foundations of human culture, our self-perception,
and have consequences that we can barely begin to fathom.4 As the lead character Dr. Heywood R. Floyd
commented upon discovering the black monolith on the Moon in 2001: A Space Odyssey, "I'm sure you're
aware of the extremely grave potential for cultural shock and social disorientation contained in this present
situation, if the facts were prematurely and suddenly made public without adequate preparation and
conditioning." Artifacts on another planet – even if there is no life present accompanying the
“mementoes” then discovered – alters the question of origins immediately and forever.5 Based upon an
interview published in a popular magazine, Stanley Kubrick indicated that his movie 2001: A Space
Odyssey was inspired by the so-called Brookings Report, shared with the public in December 15, 1960 via
an article in the New York Times that headlined, “MANKIND IS WARNED TO PREPARE FOR
DISCOVERY OF LIFE IN SPACE: Brookings Institution Report Says Earth’s Civilization Might Topple
if Faced by a Race of Superior Beings.” Words from the actual report itself state the following:
“’Artifacts’ (i.e. ancient alien ruins) are likely to be found by NASA on the Moon and/or Mars. If the
artifacts point to the existence of a superior civilization, the social impact is �unpredictable.’”
Family Ties
Assume for a moment that we have established such objects exist on our moon or Mars. Then take the
hypothetical discovery a bit further. What if these objects resemble artifacts on earth? What if the same
shapes are common to what we see on our world? What does it say about life elsewhere? Would it mean
that life here and there is related? Is it just intelligence that we have in common? Or is it more? Could
certain artifacts infer that these intelligent creatures were bipedal like us, perhaps having two eyes like we
do, and are chemically “carbon-based life forms” like human beings? Other questions might present
themselves: perhaps the civilization evident on the Moon or Mars worshiped the stars as our ancestors did.
What would that imply? Furthermore, what if these intelligent beings have a face that resembles ours?
Would it mean that we have common parentage? Would we be related? Going one step further still, what
if fossilized remains were located and the DNA of these other-worldly creatures was isolated and we found
it was highly similar to our own? What if it was virtually identical? To discover that we have close
relatives from another planet would be astounding to say the least.
As it turns out, as far-fetched as this scenario seems as first blush, it is exactly what many outspoken
authors (and a few more placid scientists) are postulating awaits us when we go kicking over rocks in our
own solar system.
Richard Hoagland is one such scientist. Hoagland is arguably the most noteworthy public enthusiast if not
spokesperson in our day for the quest to confirm the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life through the
search for hard facts – artifacts to be specific. A former consultant to NASA, Hoagland frequently appears
on both television and radio shows in addition to “regular” appearances on the speaker circuit. He claims
that his search is not just the work of an odd collection of “wanna-be” astrophysicists or sensationalist
authors trying to peddle books. It is foundational to over sixty years of space exploration by the U.S. and
the former Soviet Union. In fact, the search for artifacts might have been the reason NASA was started in
the first place.
With Mike Bara, Hoagland wrote Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. In their book, authors
Hoagland and Bara argue that NASA has a deeper and, in not-so-subtle ways, much more mystical mission
than what the public has been led to believe. In essence, NASA’s leadership is deeply infatuated with
Freemason philosophy, itself heavily influenced by the ancient religion of Egypt. As even the casual
observer would note, the colossal monuments we call “the pyramids” figure prominently in this ancient
humankind’s worship of the sun and stars. The mysticism of ancient mythology, unexpectedly, appears to
be at the heart of the technical exploits of our most capable and farsighted rocket scientists.
According to Hoagland and Bara, it is no accident that launches and landings of NASA spacecraft occur at
key points in time in which the relationship of certain stars in the sky are at particular angles as seen from
our world (at the center of this mythology is the belt of Orion in the constellation by the same name
pointing in one direction to Sirius – the “dog star” – the brightest star in the sky, while in the other
direction the line extending from Orion’s belt leads to Alderbaran another bright star 65 million light years
from earth). Orion is the more commonly known name for Osiris while Sirius represents Isis in the
Egyptian pantheon, the sister and later wife of Osiris.6
In his earlier book, The Monuments of Mars (1987), Hoagland puts forth the hypothesis than Cydonia
Mensa on Mars (the famous face with both leonine and simian characteristics), along with other pyramidal
shaped mountains in various structures (one of which he calls, The City), provide a compelling case that
artificial structures exist there. Because the shapes are pyramids (although typically tetrahedral – threesided rather the four-sided pyramids at Giza), and because the “face” at Cydonia looks human, Hoagland
has long postulated that there is a profound connection between civilization on Mars and on earth. But
Hoagland goes much further.
The Martians weren’t just country bumpkins – they were highly advanced. To be specific, he discusses
“hyperdimensional physics” and a time-space worm hole formed by angular momentum on massive
celestial objects (such as the “red circle on Jupiter.” Note: angular momentum is the amount of energy
created by spin – the more spin the more angular momentum). It is his position that the structures of Mars
“encode” the key to understanding hyperdimensionality. In effect, the citizens of Mars were building a
monumental truth (pun intended) about the nature of nature into the monuments of Mars. It is as if they
had cornered the truth and they couldn’t stand to keep it to themselves.
Hyperdimensionality implies the ability to “warp” space-time – if mass and speed are handled in just the
right way. While beyond the scope of this paper, suffice it to say a civilization which understands
hyperdimensionality knows the secret of “free energy” (draining energy from space-itself without fission
or fusion of matter) and may understand how to complete interstellar travel safely as well as possibly
move backwards and forwards through time. No mean feats to be sure.
The consequence is staggering because it would mean that intelligent life (if not superior intelligent life)
does exist, or more likely, used to exist on Mars. Furthermore, since the shapes are “tetrahedral” (four
triangularly-shaped surfaces that connect at six points or vertices), not only do these shapes prove
intelligence (i.e., art) in their creation, they relate to similar shapes on earth, suggesting that life there
(whether extinct or not) is in some way connected to life on earth!
No less than Sir Arthur C. Clarke commented (mostly based on Hoagland’s conjecture as supported by his
inventive interpretation of innumerable photographs): “I'm fairly convinced that we have discovered life
on Mars. There are some incredible photographs [from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory], which to me are
pretty convincing proof of the existence of large forms of life on Mars! Have a look at them. I don't see
any other interpretation.” Likewise, Robert A. Roe, former Chairman, Congressional House Committee
on Science, Space, and Technology stated (in the accolades for Hoagland’s book) asserted, “I've seen the
studies and I've seen the photographs—and there do appear to be formations of a �face’ and �pyramids’ [on
Mars] that do not appear to be of natural or normal existence. It looks like they had to be fashioned by
some intelligent beings. For this reason, I have asked NASA to provide assurances that the Mars
Observer mission includes this [set of targets] as one of its imaging objectives.” Ironically, that spacecraft,
the Mars Observer was lost in flight adding to the Mars’ mystery in the decade of the 1990s.7
Hoagland has been frustrated for years, eager to get a better glimpse of the planet’s surface. He has been
the cheerleader for other flights to Mars and especially to focus our reconnaissance on the areas he
believes have the greatest promise to confirm life once existed there. The latest expedition, Curiosity or
the Mars Space Laboratory, landing on the Red Planet in August, 2012, has nearly made Hoagland giddy
with anticipation. Curiosity has multiple high-definition cameras and it has touched down in the Gale
Crater, near a rectangular shaped mountain, Mount Sharp. This prominence on the Martian surface is
staggering in size: 100 miles long and 3 miles high. Like the other structures on Mars, Hoagland
speculates that it too is an artifact.
Does Curiosity have the potential to find definitive artifacts and prove Hoagland’s theories true?
According to Hoagland’s review of many photographs (perhaps a bit creative in interpretation) it already
In our next article, we will explore the surface of Mars through the eyes of Richard Hoagland and
Curiosity and discuss more of his suggestions about the meaning of Mars to humanity.
The notion of additional dimensions through which physical beings can travel is something that may be true and
seems to be well-supported by biblical cosmology. It is just not something that science is ready to admit.
Here I am speaking as if evolutionary theory regarding the origins of humankind is true. My view is actually
based upon the so-called “Gap Theory” that postulates the world is old but the Adamic race (our current human
race) is relatively new (perhaps less than 8,000 years old) and is a special creation of God, directly created by Him
(i.e., not evolving from lower forms of Homo sapiens).
The dating of the Flood of Noah (not to mention whether or not it occurred at all) is controversial. The dating
computed by Bishop James Ussher (1581-1656) dated the great deluge to roughly 2,400 BC. Some scientific
geological studies suggest this flood may have occurred 600 to 1,000 years earlier than Ussher allowed. Dates
derived at the city of Ur (of Chaldea) propose this population center went through several stages from 3,600 BC
to 3,100 BC.
The 1960 report by the Brookings Institute provided a strong sociological argument that may have energized a
government program of hiding the truth about encounters with extraterrestrials along with taking a cautionary
path to exploring the Moon, Mars, and other planets. It has always been assumed that the public couldn’t handle
the truth.
5 As
I will argue, this does not mean the Bible’s narrative is incorrect, just that it may have been misunderstood.
Christian intellectual Michael Heiser, in an interview with Richard Hoagland on Art Bell’s radio program in 2006,
argued that Theism could adapt itself just fine with the idea of life on Mars. See
In ancient Egypt, when Sirius appeared first arose in the sky it marked the beginning of the new year and the
flooding of the Nile, essential in the cycle of growing crops. In ancient times, Egypt was the “bread basket” of
the Mediterranean world.
“The Mars Observer spacecraft, also known as the Mars Geoscience/Climatology Orbiter, was a 1,018-kilogram
(2,244 lb.) robotic space probe launched by NASA on September 25, 1992 to study the Martian surface,
atmosphere, climate and magnetic field. During the interplanetary cruise phase, communication with the
spacecraft was lost on August 21, 1993, 3 days prior to orbital insertion. Attempts to re-establish communication
with the spacecraft were unsuccessful.”
S.Douglas Woodward
Cell:В 206 920 6494
[email protected]
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Inter view with Robert Reiland
Robert Reiland Interview August 2010!
L. A.: What motivated you to write your book?
R. R.: My life was changed when a fellow engineer informed me about Biblical prophecy. Later, I
began reading the Bible and questioned myself about whatever happened to The Fire and the Cloud -Israel’s Divine Presence, Shekhinah? – (Hebrew pronunciation: Shh-key-nah)
L. A.: I believe that you have uncovered vital information about the ceremony of the Red Heifer. Why
is this relevant to the Church today?
R. R.: It is relevant to the Church because, not only is it a “picture” of Christ’s Crucifixion,
Resurrection and Ascension, but also it is THE single most important Temple rite, without which there
can be no Temple, priests, sacrifices nor any other observance of The Law.
L. A.: There are two crucifixion sites that people go to when they visit Israel. Tell us why you think
they are wrong?
R. R.: That question requires more space than we can adequately provide here. Nevertheless, there are
some basic facts that we can discuss briefly:
1. Both, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Gordon’s Calvary, Garden Tomb, etc. are less than one
Sabbath Limit from the Temple (Mount). (Approx. 1000 yds.) That would violate The Law.
2. The Temple faced toward the East. (Ezek. 8:16; Zech. 14:4; Mk. 13:3) Both sites are (to the rear) -west of the Temple Mount. The centurion could not have seen the “Vale” (Curtain) at the door from
“behind” the Temple, which was on the (front) -- east side of the Temple. -- Mat. 27:51-54.
3. Moreover, and for the same geographical reason, the High Priest could not have seen the curtain
(“Veil”) covering the door of the Temple as he sprinkled the Heifer’s blood toward the curtain, as he
was required to do. -- Numbers 19:4.
L. A.: Where do you think the Roman soldier was positioned so that he could see the curtain Veil of the
Temple torn?
R. R.: He had to have been standing at the exact same spot – about 5 ft. sq. – where the Priest stood as
he sighted through the open East Gate to view the curtain as he sprinkled the Heifer’s blood. Talmud
states: “He must carefully direct his gaze.” That is because at such distance (1000 yds.), the East Gate
would provide a narrow aperture for viewing.
L. A.: Where do you think the Temple was located?
R. R.: I completely support Prof. Asher Kaufman’s analysis showing the Holy of Holies at the Dome of
the Tablets, approx. 100 meters NW of the Dome of the Rock. The excessive easterly location of the
Dome of the Rock, in addition to data revealed by contour lines of the Mt. of Olives confirm this
conclusion against all other proposals, as detailed in App. G and other portions of my book, Jesus and
the Third Temple.
L. A.: Why do you believe Shekhinah was present in the Second Temple?
R. R.: There are several Scriptural, as well as historical documentations, supporting that fact.
1. Jesus stated His Father “dwelled therein.” -- Mat. 23:21 – (Nobody “else” dwelled there!)
2. Paul said) the Glory (Shekhinah) was “with” Israel, while Paul was yet in prison and alive.
(Romans 9:4)
3. This Holy Event of Shekhinah’s Withdrawal is described in detail by a large group of priests
who were eyewitnesses to Shekhinah’s Withdrawal from the Temple. As reported in Midrash
Rabbah – Lamentations 25.
4. It was reported briefly by the noted 4th century historian, Eusebius, known to many respected
theologians as: “The father of ecclesiastical history.”
5. The most respected; albeit controversial 1st century historian, Flavius Josephus, describes other
eyewitness accounts that corroborate the description from the Rabbis and priests. He declares
the Event was proclaimed by the authorities as “a public event” and that many Jewish people
failed to understand that it was a harbinger of doom for Jerusalem and the Temple.
6. Departure of Shekhinah from the Temple was a prophecy given to Ezekiel as a “vision of God.”
Ezekiel predicted it would happen. It therefore HAD to happen . . . sometime. It was never
reported or documented by any other historians of whom we are aware. It is noteworthy that this
prophecy, from Josephus, is the only prophecy of which we have precise documentation of its
fulfillment at the exact year, month, date and hour of its occurrence. – AMAZING !
L. A.: According to your research, Shekinah left the Temple at a very specific time. When did this
happen and why?
R. R.: Departure from the Temple was at 3 a.m. on 8 Nisan, 66 C.E. as the priests prepared the Temple
for Passover – 14 Nisan. Sheckhinah departed the Temple and Jerusalem because of His omniscience
enabling Him to KNOW the Temple and Jerusalem were soon going to be destroyed by Titus and his
Roman Legions. Shekhinah followed the exact same movements and pathway as described in Ezekiel’s
prophecy, expressing extreme sadness, weeping, as He left. He then sat upon the roof of the Temple
Portico until Pentecost, at which time He returned into the sanctuary, sadly, as for “one last look” at
His Holy Abode before departing. Then – again in fulfillment of Ezekiel’s scenario – He proceeded
straight eastward over to the summit of the Mt. of Olives. Josephus, however, adds a highly significant
and moving detail that does not appear in our Scriptures, nor is it reported by Talmud or Midrash
Rabbis. Josephus reports that Shekhinah “sat” upon that summit 3 ½ years, pleading with His People:
“Return unto Me, and I shall return unto you.” (Micah 5:2) But, the Rabbis lament: “But, we would
not.” And, so He ascended into Heaven, saying: “I will go and return to My Place.” (From Hosea 5:15)
L. A.: Where do you think the Third Temple will be built?
R. R.: This is a very complex and speculative issue, however, we do have some Scriptural and secular
guidance sufficient to propose logical conclusions.
1. If Israel erected The Temple adjacent to the Dome of the Rock, that act would ignite WW III.
2. The conservative branches of Israel’s Rabbinate would refuse to erect God’s Temple even within
view of a “pagan shrine.”
3. If a “Third Temple” were built BEFORE Messiah Returns, it would have been rendered “desolate”
by Antichrist 3 ½ years earlier in the “abomination of desolation” and therefore would be unacceptable
for Messiah’s Reign in His Kingdom.
4. We are confident that Temple worship (sacrifices) WILL, however, resume “somewhere” on basis of
Daniel 9:27. It is likely and possible then, that the Priests will again erect a Tabernacle for such worship
“somewhere” in Israel. This would avoid conflict with Islam at the Temple Mount.
L. A.: How do the ashes of the Red Heifer come into play in regard to the building of the Third Temple?
R. R.: Anything and Everything pertaining to the Temple: The Temple construction materials, priests,
utensils – EVERYTHING – MUST be purified by the ashes of the Red Heifer. Otherwise, the Temple is
just another building and the priests are just some fellows standing around wearing robes.
L. A.: Do you believe that the ashes of the Red Heifer have been found?
R. R.: Although, I have no confirmation of that marvelous possibility, I am guessing they have been
discovered, mostly because the principal searcher, Rev. Vendyl Jones, as well as the Israelis of his team,
have been SILENT about the ashes for a few years now. Moreover, near the site where they were
confident the ashes were concealed, they found, first, a sealed vial of Rabbinacally confirmed
Anointing Oil, as used for anointing Kings and priests. Second, in that same vicinity, a huge cache of
caked, reddish brown, clay-like material was discovered. Rabbinical authorities confirmed the material
contains the same ingredients comprising the incense burned in the Altar of Incense in the Temple. It
includes about eight different varieties of cinnamon, likely explaining the reddish hue. It is also
believed (by myself) to be the “red stuff” giving off red smoke as it is burned with the hyssop and
“cedarwood” with the Red Heifer at the Miphkad Altar. Nevertheless, even if Israel has recovered the
Heifer ashes, at the present time, NOBODY can even touch the urn (kalal) containing the ashes, lest
they become defiled. This is because at present NOBODY is ritually “clean.” For that same situation,
the Israelites returning from Babylon had to raise “clean babes” who would be able to handle the kalal
and the ashes without rending those items “unclean.” – This situation is explained with adequate detail
in the book.
L. A.: Tell us about the Copper Scroll and Vendyl Jones.
R. R.: The “Copper Scroll” was discovered in the Dead Sea region by a Jordanian exploration team. It
has embossed or “raised” characters of an ancient Hebrew alphabet; although, they are “reversed”
images; e.g., as in a mirror. This results in utmost difficulty in translation. Besides. Jordanian authorities
would permit ONLY photographs of the Scroll at the time of its discovery. Under present Jewish/
Islamic strife, less access is available. It is retained in a museum in Jordan at present. Much more
information about The Scroll can be found via search engines on-line.
L. A.: There has been recent activity on the Temple Mount by Jews, who are calling for the rebuilt
Temple. How do you think this will play out?
R. R.: My reply here is the same as that earlier discussed on pages 6-7.
L. A.: What three supernatural occurrences happened during the Temple period?
R. R.: Although there were many Temple miracles, the three miracles to which I assume you refer
appeared in the Second Temple, dating from the tenure of Judaism’s most beloved High Priest, Simeon
the Righteous, living early during the 4th century B.C.E. – the time of Alexander the Great, who
actually dismounted from his carriage and bowed in respect to this renowned and revered Jewish Priest.
These most spectacular miracles during Simeon’s tenure were as follows:
-- On Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) two identical he-goats were brought to stand before the Chief
Priest; one on his left, the other on his right. Two lot pieces were placed in an urn (kalpei), one of which
was marked “For the Lord” – and the other marked “For Azazel” (“scapegoat”). The urn was shaken to
distribute the lots randomly. The priest, then without looking downward into the urn, grasped one lot
piece in each hand. The goat in line with the hand that held the lot “For the Lord” was slain as the
sacrifice for Israel’s sins and its carcass was burned atop the Mt. of Olives at a location named “The
Miphkad Altar.” The other goat, Azazel, was led away from the Temple by a priest assigned to release
the goat when he reached “the wilderness.” The first miracle we discuss is that, during the time of
Simeon, the lot “For the Lord” ALWAYS came up in the Priest’s right hand.
-- A crimson (or “scarlet”) strap was tied to each horn of the Scapegoat, extending beneath his throat to
the other horn, thus simulating that he also had been slain by a knife to his throat. The second
miracle in our discussion derives from the fact that, during those years of Simeon, the “crimson
strap” – having been tied to one of the Temple gates -- ALWAYS turned “white as snow.” In
relating this majestic event, Talmud Rabbis refer to Isaiah 1:18 – “. . . though your sins be as
scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”
-- The third miracle we observe is that of the “Westernmost Light.” All of the seven candlesticks of the
Menorah were filled each evening to the same level with oil. The Westernmost Light was always
lighted first, presumably because it was closest to Sheckhinah in the Holy of Holies. Each of the
remaining six candles were lighted from the flame of the Westernmost Candle. During Simeon’s time,
the Westernmost Light ALWAYS remained burning after the other six lights had burned out – despite
that it had been lighted FIRST!
BUT ! – After Simeon’s tenure, which lasted FORTY YEARS ! – these miracles did not ALWAYS
appear. Although, when any of these miracles DID appear, it was considered a “good omen” for Israel.
Talmud Rabbis lament, almost tearfully, throughout their volumes of writings, however, that “forty
years before the Temple was destroyed” NONE of these miracles were manifested – not ONE!
-- Now, let’s see here. – The Temple was destroyed in 70 C.E. -- and 70 minus 40 = 30! -- The Rabbis
NEVER refer to that traumatic event that occurred in Jerusalem on Passover, in the year 30 C.E. –
“forty years before the Temple was destroyed”
-- STILL they wonder!
L. A.: Why do you think the Christians left Jerusalem before 70 AD?
R. R.: Nearly all Christians, except those martyred earlier, departed Israel 62 C.E. when James, the
brother of Jesus, was martyred by the Sanhedrin. James was often named “the second most righteous
man who ever lived.” Surviving Jewish Christians, it is assumed, concluded they had little chance of
survival against the Jewish hierarchy or the Romans, since they could not come close to the
righteousness of James the Just.
L. A.: What are your closing comments?
R. R.: Lynn, I can discern, from your array of questions, that you have read a major portion of the book.
With humility, I must just say we would probably compose another book of equal size, if someone were
to go through this book as you have and ask this amount of detail. These are GREAT questions! It
amounted to an excellent review for me. I hope this will inspire some members of your audience to wish
to explore the entire book for more questions!
I would really appreciate your informing other talk show hosts about our apparently successful and
continuing relationship. Also, I am looking forward to a second interview with you as you had indicated
you wish to conduct after finishing the remainder of the book.
It is certainly heart-warming and encouraging to at last have found another scholar who shares my love
of the Lord, His People and His Word as you certainly do. I am confident that I express such gratitude
for Marshall as well
L. A.: When do you believe the Temple will be built?
R. R.: Hi, Lynn –
At one point your interrogation asked: “Where do you think the Third Temple will be built?”
Maybe I missed it, but another $64,000 question is: “WHEN do you think the Third Temple will be
Several “inhibitions” in my reply stated why it cannot be built at the Temple Mount at THIS time.
We offered explanation also for why it would be unacceptable, even if Israel DID build it.
For centuries, the Rabbis and Jewish worshipers have prayed: “May Messiah, Son of David, come
�SPEEDILY’ in our time.”
This prayer is rendered at EVERY synagogue, EVERY day WORLDWIDE – and, has been offered for
centuries, as I said.
That same prayer is given at EVERY morning SABBATH service in EVERY synagogue WORLDWIDE
– again –for centuries.
That prayer is repeated about 12 times during EVERY Passover Seder EVERY year WORLDWIDE –
you guessed it – for centuries!
Now, the Rabbis reason: “God always hears our prayers. He has certainly heard this prayer. God,
however, has elected NOT to
send Messiah to build the Temple “soon” as we request that He do it “speedily” in response to our
prayer. We must conclude, therefore,
when He does Come, He will surely answer our long-standing prayer by building the Temple “speedily”
– as in the “twinkling of an eye!”
Considering the previous “inhibitions” mentioned regarding conditions on Earth when Messiah Returns,
I tend to agree with this
speculation by the Rabbis. Maybe Jesus will just “speak” His (Third) Temple into existence, while
simultaneously and supernaturally
removing all the rubble of the Tribulation destruction from His Temple Mount.
I am aware that this piece is becoming voluminous – (But, whaddaya expeck for 700 pages?!)
This question is an OBVIOUS question on the minds (and hearts) of many Jewish and Christian
worshipers and scholars these days.
Should give �em something to THINK about! – I for one would be anxious to hear some queries AND
replies to THIS question.
Dunno’ HOW I fergot it.
You will likely need to do lotsa’ editing to get this down to a manageable size AND content for your
Marshall, my wife and I are eager to view the archive of our session, whenever, you can get around to it.
(THIS didn’t hasten that day!)