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October 2014 - Monadnock Country Club

Newsletter Title
A Public Golf Course and Function Hall
October 2014 Newsletter
Issue: 1
Volume: 15
Paul Belliveau, President’s Message
49 H igh Street
Peterborough, N H
Here are the highlights of MCC’s financials through August 2014 compared to the
same period last year.
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2014 Board of Directors
President: Paul Belliveau
Vice President: Ray Gagnon
Secretary: Dave Ambrose
Treasurer: Jaime Huber
Women’s Golf: Cindy Broderick
Men’s Golf: Phil Blanchard
Grounds Chair: Marty Early
Member at Large: Dick Chamberlain
Club Pro: Dana Hennessey
Manager: Bev Monkton
Groundskeeper: Dave McCusker
Club Event Calendar *Golf
Wednesday, Oct. 1
7:30 am
Chamber of Commerce Breakfast
Saturday, Oct. 4
Wedding and Reception
Sunday, Oct. 5
October Fest Scrambles
Thursday, Oct .9
4:30 pm
Saturday, Oct. 11
Wedding Reception
Thursday, Oct. 16
Ladies Golf Banquet
Sunday, Oct. 19
Wednesday, Oct. 22
Monadnock Chorus
Saturday, Oct. 25
Wedding and Reception
Sunday, Oct. 26
Rotary Luncheon
9:00 am
Men’s Golf (ends when course closes )
Woman’s Golf (last day Oct. 16th)
INCOME: (-$4,000)
Income for the function hall is up $2,200 or 5%:
The main reason is more events over the previous year; and
A good showing for the Beatles event, which benefited The Place To Go – Kids Together.
Golf is down $7,500 from last year, due primarily to poor weather in May:
May 2014 was the wettest month on record in Concord;
Income from golf was down $8,600 in May – 10% less than May 2013.
The snack bar is up $1,200 or 3% over last year for this period:
Bev’s specials were popular;
Prices are up over last year.
EXPENSES: (-$10,000)
Club repair and maintenance is up $2,800:
Replaced ice machine @ $1,800
Repaired fridge @ $600
Replaced TV @ $400
Equipment repair is up $7,200 over last year:
Rebuilt greens aerator @ $2,600
Sharpened mower reels @ $1,200
Repaired fairway mower @ $2,100
MCC is showing a net loss of $6,000 through August 2014 compared to a net profit of $1,900 through
August 2013.
Net Profit Trend 2011
(-$5,120) projection
I’m confident that we can continue to keep the bottom line trending in the right direction in the coming
months. I will need your continued support through the end of the season. Great ways for you to help include bringing guests to the course, frequenting the snack bar, and renting the function hall for your events.
Enjoy your next round of golf, and may the course be with you.
Inside Story Headline
SUNDay, October 5th at 1:00pm
$5.00 Golf Scrambles
Sign up or call club
$5.00 Dinner Chicken and Sausage
Pot Luck: sign up at club
Here’s What is Happening on the Course and in the Club House
Marty Early- Wedge Norton League
Phil Blanchard, Men’s Golf
Our golf season is slowly winding down. Tuesdays Men’s Golf will continue as long as weather permits or until course closing. It’s time to
reflect on the past season’s play, tournaments
and the joy of just being out on the course. George Charlston
came through with his annual breakfast surprise strata and the
weekly 50/50 raffle continues to be popular and provides one of
us with a little extra spending money each week. It is also time
to recognize the efforts of Bev, Haley and Kathy who make
aprГЁs golf lunch time very special. A special thanks to Dave and
his crew for providing such a great course. Their work has certainly paid off.
On July 25th all 4 members of the Tuesday Morning
Ladies Golf Team (Rita Klug, Ann Morris, Jean
McKenna and Carol Cox ) drove their ball into the
trap of hole 3. Jean took the photo, but you can see
her yellow ball in the sand. Looks like syncro
Page 2
Hey everybody! Welcome to fall. Still plenty of
time to get in some good golf and the course is still
in great shape.
Our Tuesday night 'Paul Norton's Men's League'
ended on Sept. with a great banquet. It was catered
by Bowling Acres own Tony Regan who put on a fantastic prime
rib dinner. Much appreciated by all. Thanks Tony!
Our League ended with some great playoff matches and was won
by the team of Dennis Dunning, Duane McLean, Ed Niskala and
Derek Bryant. It was a hard fought victory over the 2nd place
team of Marty Earley, Larry Robinson, Kyle Fontaine, and Marc
Crouteau and sub Paul Garceau who filled in admirably for Marc
after a season ending injury. Third place was won by Pete Krislovic, Tim Kolk, and Brian Hall. All teams received cash prizes
and lots of good ribbing.
We also gave out cash prizes for MVG (Most Valuable Golfer). That is the golfer who scores the most points during the season. Also for Lowest Net score and Lowest Gross score. We had
a great year and can't wait for next year.
golf to me!
Rita Klug
Janet Rielly
Ladies Golf
As previously reported, the Women's Golf League has enjoyed a beautiful golf
season this year with near perfect weather and a beautiful course. A spirited and
enthusiastic group of 15 to 20 women have turned out regularly on Thursday mornings, most often for 18 hole rounds, with a few individuals preferring
the 9 hole round. Play starts at 9:00 AM now that the daylight and weather are
changing. Happily, even our 9 hole participants often return later in the morning to join the entire gang for lunch. Discussions are lively and run the gamut of
topics such as catching up on Beth Fredrickson's medical concerns, or Barbara
Fitts' progress with an injury, that kept each of them off the course for too
long! (Hope you're both better every day.) Or following Barbara MacInnes'
ups and downs as she negotiates a new residence! (Congratulations and best
wishes.) Or Betty Sandman's trips to sunny California! (You lucky dog.) Not
to mention who got the most chip-ins, or the least putts! Our grand finale will
be golf as usual on October 16th with our annual banquet that evening. Cocktails begin at 5:30 with dinner served at 6:00PM. We look forward
to seeing all league members there and applauding your outstanding efforts with
toasts and prizes! Until then, "Tee 'em high and let 'em fly!"
Printed instructions and equipment available at Club House:
Meet Our Outgoing President: Paul Belliveau
Page 3
Jane Blanchard, Editor
As many of you know, our current President, Paul Belliveau is completing his term as
MCC President. We thank you Paul for your many hours of service and your commitment
to MCC. So who is Paul when he is not in the role of “Pres”. I found out at bit about Paul
for you. First of all he is a very content and steady guy as you will see by his lifestyle. Paul
was born in Lynn Massachusetts, one of 3 brothers. He graduated from Lynn English High
School, received his AD in business at night school, married the girl next door and moved to Salem, Massachusetts. He started with Sylvania at age 18 while still in Massachusetts, was transferred to Hillsboro division in 1973 when he, his wife and 2 sons made their home in Peterborough. Did I say steady!
Sylvania had a program called “On You Own Time” and encouraged employees to display hobbies they did
“on their own time”. Paul had an interest in art and took courses at Sharon Art Center for the basics
in drawing. He expanded into pen & ink, charcoal, water colors, oils and photography. At one of
Sylvanias exhibits Paul won in his division for a pen and ink of a photo he had taken. (see insert) As
he said, “art is relaxing and rewarding. Getting the first idea is the most challenging.”
When not at MCC he and his wife enjoy traveling and in the summer you can find him working at
the Dublin Lake Golf Club and in the winter at Crotched Mountain where he has worked many
years. He enjoys being with the young people and also, “I get to see these kids grow up”.
Besides his personal interests he has always enjoyed doing things with his family. Camping, hunting,
fishing were family activities One memorable year they set up in the rain and took down in the rain. When asked when he began playing golf he said, “ He started caddying as a teenager and has been on the courses ever since. He likes the social aspects and sees it as a
social sport rather than an athletic activity. “Not that there isn’t walking, but I play golf to have fun.”
When asked what he likes about the sport he replied, �It’s the one
good shot that keeps me coming back.
Scrambles Results
The first Friday Evening Scrambles was hosted by. The evening scram- ”When asked what some of the challenges were in his role as club
ble was quite a popular event with 26
president Paul thought a moment and said, “ Learning about the job,
members playing a lively 9 holes followed by delicious from Tony
working with Jim MacInnis (outgoing president) before taking the
from Bowling Acres.
position then struggling on my own when he was unable to sit on the
board as past president. I had to learn the financials and keep it an on
going business. Hopefully, I made a difference. I look forward to
working with the new president.
1st Place
He stated he liked the challenge of the position and making some
gains is rewarding. I also get to know the members and it is a fun
place to be.
3rd Place
Ray Gagnon
Ruth Lowe
Mike Krygowski
Bev Monkton (missing from photo)
2nd Place
John Adams Rita Klug Roger Block
Lester Lowe
Mark Brown
Phyllis Porter
Jim Boutwell
Friday, October 10, 2014, marks the start of a weeklong celebration of Peterborough's 275th anniversary with a
special performance of Ken Sheldon's Frost Heaves. A series of community-wide events will then take place,
including a parade, fireworks, and concerts on the 11th and the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce's
Peak Into Peterborough on the 18th. .
All activities are family-oriented, including the parade on Saturday morning, October 11, which will feature dozens of
floats, marching bands, antique vehicles, and local dignitaries. Monadnock Country Club will be participating in the
parade *promoting what we do best, a venue for functions including wedding and of course our 9 hole golf course. Be
sure to tell your friends and family about this once in 275 years celebration!
* Male, between age 45-50 to act as groom and drive the golf cart in 275th Anniversary
Parade, at 11:00 am Saturday, October 11th with MCC �s acting bride, to publicize MCC’s
wedding venu. Call 924-7769 if interested. Don’t miss this opportunity!!!!
Monadnock Country
Club 49 High Street
Peterborough, NH
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