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Orientation - Gina DeVee ~ Divine Living

Welcome to the first day of the rest or your life! I’m delighted to be mentoring
you in The Academy.
Orientation is very important preparation for your success in this world-class coaching certification
program. And in fact, I’ve been given some very special “downloads” for the teaching and
content you’ll receive during your Orientation.
So often, the keys to success involve adding NEW information, taking new action, implementing
new systems, meeting new people, doing new things. That is exactly what will occur in the
teaching and training modules of The Academy.
However, a major reason why more women do not maximize group programs or even private
coaching attention, is the daunting process of adding more NEW to an already overloaded
Picture yourself taking a fabulous trip to a destination you’ve dreamed of visiting. And when
you’re there, you see beautiful clothes, jewelry, and perhaps gorgeous pieces for your home and
office, and even perfect gifts for friends and family.
You decide to purchase these fabulous items. And then you get back to your hotel suite and
realize, the suitcases you brought are already jammed full! There’s no room left to add any of
your new delights.
The same situation happens everyday in the personal development and business building world. The
new teachings and information can’t be added to a totally stuffed container—meaning your life.
Now the overly masculine model would either not be in-tune or not recognize the boundaries
of the container; it might use brute force to “stuff in” the new items. And we see what happens
with this method…the suitcase breaks, the zippers get ripped and the contents aren’t safe and
With this said, I’m thrilled to invite you into…
The Academy’s Orientation
Process of Emptying and Completion
Throughout our journey together we’ll be working with the empowered feminine archetype of
the Queen, based on the ancient story of Queen Esther of Persia. You can watch my video on
this story here: and click on Video 2.
The way that I explain the archetype of the Queen, based on this story, is that she is a masterful
blend of both masculine and feminine energies. We don’t place one above the other as much
as we use each at the appropriate times in our lives. And, in general, starting with the feminine
and then moving into the masculine is appropriate. Doing so creates empowered femininity,
which is something I believe we all crave.
To take excellent care of all of you, your desires and dreams, I believe it is important to begin
Orientation from a feminine perspective. So we will not be jamming new information into your life.
Instead, I invite you into an era of preparation and completion, so that you will have taken
excellent care of yourself; and you will be ready to receive the NEW information in the teaching
modules when they begin.
Most women feel “behind” in their lives, feeling as though they don’t have enough time, enough
money, enough space to “get it all done”.
Queens are not “crazy busy,” they don’t constantly “have so much to do.” As a Queen you have
the ability to be empowered in your life and even stay ahead of the game.
When you complete of the outstanding items on the checklists provided for you, I can assure
you that the massive energy leaks we all experience from “I need to do…” or “I’ve got to get …
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
done” will close. Instead, your energy will fill you up, help you be more confident in how you hold
yourself as a woman, and create the space both with time and with heart and brain space for
you to create and manifest more powerfully than you ever have before.
Many women need “permission” to spend time on themselves, invest in themselves and to allow
the space for these nurturing activities. If that is you…grant yourself the permission to enjoy The
Academy’s Orientation Process of Emptying and Completion.
Analysis Paralysis (A.K.A. Perfectionism)
It’s important that you know that you are in a welcoming, safe and loving space in The
Academy. The Academy Leadership team and I are here for you. It’s necessary that you know
that you cannot do this “wrong.” I don’t follow a cookie cutter approach. There are no “shoulds.”
Because someone else’s life/work/brand/relationship looks different than yours doesn’t make
someone better or worse. It makes each woman unique.
The only way to not get what you came here for is to not do the work. But you will, of course, do
the work because you’re determined and dedicated to living your dreams, excited to see the
unfolding of it all, happy to do whatever it takes in order to ensure your success. I do follow a
pretty strict “no excuses” policy.
Throughout this course you will be given suggestions and ways for implementing the information
taught into your everyday life. The best or “right” way to do that is whatever method will work for
you personally, whatever way you will actually do it. Make the information and suggestions “fit”
you, your life, and most importantly, your busy schedule. The ability to master effective use of
your time is one of the biggest foundational pieces required for your success as a woman, as a
Queen, and as a business owner.
We have all said “I don’t have time” at one point or another. However, a reigning Queen, in
charge of her life, creates the time for tasks that are in alignment with her core values and
support her highest vision.
One of the elements we look at here in Orientation is “What is your current relationship to time?”
Are you constantly without enough of it? Are you always rushing around? Do you find that you’re
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
consistently late to appointments? Do you get sidetracked from the tasks at hand only to find
that the day has passed and you’ve gotten nothing accomplished that you set out to do?
During this process, pay even more attention to how you “work” your time, your thoughts about
it, and how you speak about it. Do you talk about being “swamped” or “overwhelmed” or “crazy
busy?” As a reflection of your relationship to time, consider reframing your situation and choosing
your words with care.
The best way to master your time is to calendar everything. If it’s not on the calendar, it
typically does not get completed. When you know how to manage your time, you gain control
and freedom. Rather than working in a scattered manner, you can employ effective time
management, choosing what to work on and when. This is essential if you’re to achieve success
in your business.
I live by my calendar: I schedule my time to journal, to work out, to have breakfast, to coach
clients, to go to the farmer’s market, etc. I used to think that the container of the calendar would
trap me. Now I’ve designed it to protect my time and how I spend it, to make sure what I value is
where my time is spent.
Many women are out of reality when it comes to time and have a skewed relationship to it.
They create to-do lists that are impossible to accomplish and then end up berating themselves
or becoming overwhelmed because they did not get everything done. This is a sure way to
undermine your success.
Others feel that the task of calendaring is restrictive and they would rather be free. They resist it;
and time management becomes a mind trap, because they never get the task done that would
move their businesses forward.
And others think that their “to do” list will take WAY more time than it actually does. Calendaring
helps get us all in reality.
Yes, using a calendar is a masculine structure; and, as Queens, we use it to safeguard this
precious currency we call time.
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
The Mentality of a Queen ~ Academy Style
1. We follow a no excuses policy.
2. We celebrate each other—no jealousy, gossiping—ever.
3. Zero negativity or complaining. We only create solutions.
4. We use good judgment in all areas of our lives and The Academy. For example, please
don’t post on Facebook that you didn’t get a link or you need an email response; don’t be
critical of others, or act like the Q&A calls are your own private intensive.
5. We choose to be visible and regularly participate in FB group discussions in the Academy FB
6. We use the group program and resources as appropriate, get private coaching within The
Academy leadership as appropriate. We understand the importance of what it means to
remain in the vibration that has been established by the Academy.
7. We honor our financial commitments as agreed on The Academy and otherwise. We are
proactive when needing to update account information.
8. We do for ourselves first, relying on our inner guidance, and then we ask for help as we
desire support.
9. We manage our time effectively and we submit our monthly certification materials either on
time or early, never late.
10. We strengthen our wealth consciousness daily.
11. We live in the present moment and not in the past or future.
12. We refrain from “feminine woohooery” or “psycho-babble.” We get results and do what we
say we are going to do. We don’t wish or want – we have desires and manifest them.
13. We take responsibility for getting the maximum out of this program.
14. We are totally coachable.
15. We follow and implement the training received from the Academy.
16. We stay on track and away from being overwhelmed. We remain highly engaged and
visible through the completion of The Academy.
17. We refrain from offering unsolicited advice.
18. We assume the best in others and give the benefit of the doubt.
19. We practice self care on a regular basis
20. We enjoy life.
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
Mastering Time and Your Schedule
Our lives are busy and in an attempt to keep things running smoothly, we often dismiss the newest task or what appears to be the least pressing. I ask that you create your own schedule,
committing to specific times during the week that you will diligently work on your dreams as if
they were already established and paid for appointments.
Creating and sticking to a regular schedule will help embed positive habits, keeping you on
course, experiencing the natural growth toward your declared life dreams and business goals.
By enrolling in this course, you’ve made a substantial financial investment in your future. Uphold
your endeavors by investing your time as well.
Take a look at your life and start calendaring chunks of time, depending on what is important to
you. Start to planning time for the Academy. Create a schedule, 10 to 15 hours per week. Now is
the time to create that calendar and to build in the routine.
Let the Emptying & Completion Process Begin!
First, remember this is your invitation to create space and eliminate energy drains, not your
invitation to get overwhelmed. I have created for you some suggested categories and common
areas of unfinished tasks or business in women’s lives.
Please use the following charts and tables in 2 ways. The first: choose what completion items are
relevant to you (these are merely suggestions you don’t need to do all of them, please note the
NA columns to assist you in organizing which ones apply to you). The second: use the tables to
indicate the priority of the task. When you’ve finished, work through the tables by priority and set
dates by which you will complete these tasks.
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Buy new makeup
Clean brushes
Clean out makeup containers
Throw away old/broken/little bits
Whiten teeth
Clean out closet and give away anything that
doesn’t fit or doesn’t make you feel beautiful
Add new pieces to your wardrobe that make
you feel like a Queen
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Schedule massages
Schedule a workout program
DVDs/yoga package/pilates package/
personal trainer/walking partner
Get rid of old/ugly workout clothes
Buy new invigorating workout clothes
Schedule Well-Being appointments
Holistic Practitioners
Healing sessions
Order supplements/protein powder
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
Emotional Well-Being:
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Letters to write and send
Letters to write and not send
Clearing conversations to have
Therapeutic healing
Reaching out to people you haven’t connected with in a while
Buying and sending cards, or using
Scheduling and making time for your spiritual/
femininity practice
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Medical insurance
Dental insurance
Life insurance
Business insurance
Other insurance
Personal will
Hire an attorney
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
Financial Completion & Setup:
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Hire an accountant you love
Hire a bookkeeper you love
Get caught up on any bookkeeping/accounting
Get caught up on taxes
Set up personal and business banking
Set up a merchant account
Hire a financial planner
Get intimate with your money
Apply for credit cards
Create a plan to pay off credit cards
Have a P&L statement prepared for you and
study it
Set up an organized bill paying process
Contact those you owe money to and create
a payment plan
Personal Upleveling:
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Hire a personal assistant
Hire a housekeeper
Hire a dog walker
Hire a cook
Hire a stylist
Hire a personal shopper
Hire someone to do your laundry
Create a ritual to have fresh flowers weekly/
Hire a nanny/babysitter
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
Professional Upleveling:
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Hire a Virtual Assistant
Hire a Copywriter
Hire a Launch Manager
Hire a Graphic Artist
Bring on Interns
Hire a JV/Affiliate Manager
Hire a Event Planner
Hire a Social Media Expert
Hire a Publicist
Technology Upleveling:
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Purchase video equipment and lighting
Purchase any computers/smartphones/iPads
Take care of software upgrades
Organize passwords
Sync devices
Learn to better maximize computer programs/
phones/cameras etc.
Organize computer and set up accurate files
Create a calendar system/decide on software
Set up file sharing system
Activate relevant social media
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
Home Completion:
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Home improvements (painting/hanging pictures etc.)
Get rid of things you don’t use or don’t like
Make all rooms beautiful including your home
Clean out fridge/pantry/closets
Throw out old spices/food etc.
Stock pantry etc.
Stock pharmacy/drug store items
Business Projects Completion:
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Clean out inbox
Clear out voicemails
Return voicemails
Listen to audios
Go through info products
Finish that book/website/sales page/client log
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Create gift list
Create menus
Collect addresses
Plan parties
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
Create Community within The Academy and in your world:
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
Visit and study your sisters in the The Academy
Facebook groups
*Note there is a main group for connections
and interaction, and another one for The
Academy Marketplace
Set up lunch/high tea/drinks/dinners/brunches
Post your “Completions” on The Academy
Facebook group
Your dedication and perseverance to the obtainment of your vision will serve you well. Enjoy
seeing the seeds you plant through your labors and/or sacrifices come to fruition.
Commit to completing these pieces and watch major shifts occur…like new clients showing
up, money becoming manifested, energy renewing itself, higher vibrational ideas occurring;
and watch your dreams unfold. No matter what your current situation, whether you’re in the
corporate sector making the switch to your own business, a mom wanting to get into the game,
or an already established entrepreneur looking to level up, time can be found throughout the
day to allow for your dreams to become a reality.
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
Time Management
Developing time management skills is a journey that needs practice.
Here are some strategies for using time. These are applications of time management that have
proven to be effective as good habits.
• Setting goals
To start managing time effectively, you need to set goals. Goal-setting is a powerful process for
thinking about your ideal future and for motivating yourself. When you know what you want to
achieve, you can then figure out what exactly needs to be done, in what order. Without proper
goal setting, you end up with a confusion of conflicting priorities. People tend to neglect goal
setting because it requires time and effort. What they fail to consider is that a little time and
effort put in now saves an enormous amount of time, effort and frustration in the future.
• Dedicated work spaces
Determine a place where you can maximize your concentration and be free of the
distractions that family, friends or hobbies can bring. Also find a back-up space that you can
escape to, like a library, or even a coffee shop where you can be anonymous. A change of
venue may also bring extra resources.
• Create an Activity Log
Start keeping a written record of how you spend your time for a few days. This way you can
build an accurate picture of what you do during the day, and how you invest your time.
Memory is unreliable and you will find that keeping a log is an eye-opening experience.
Your Log will also help you recognize whether or not you’re doing your most important work
during the right time of day. For example, if you’re more energetic and creative in the
morning, you want to do your most important work during this time. You can then focus on
lower energy tasks, such as responding to emails or returning calls, in the afternoon.
Logs are also useful for helping you identify non-core activities that distract you from meeting
your goals and objectives. For example, you might spend far more time than you think surfing
the Internet, or chatting on the phone with friends. When you see how much time you’re
wasting on such activities, you can change the way you work.
• Create a To-Do List IN your Calendar!
By keeping a To-Do List in your calendar, you make sure that your tasks are written down all
in one place so you don’t forget anything important and you know how long you have to
do it. To-Do Lists are essential if you’re going to beat work overload, be better organized and
experience less stress.
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
• Prioritize your To-Do List
Prioritization is the essential skill for making the very best use of your time. Without it, you may
work very hard, but you won’t be achieving the results you desire because what you are
working on is not of strategic importance.
You can prioritize based on time constraints (other people may be depending on you), or on
the potential profitability or benefit of the task you’re facing.
Be mindful of spending your time on things that are important and not just urgent. Important
activities have an outcome that leads to the achievement of your goals. Urgent activities
demand immediate attention and are often associated with the achievement of someone
else’s goals
Many people find it helpful to spend 10 minutes at the end of the day organizing tasks on their
To-Do List and prioritizing them for the next day.
• Schedule your Time
Much of time management comes down to effective scheduling of your time. When you
know what your goals and priorities are and you have created a To-Do list, you then need to
know how to create a schedule that keeps you on track.
This means understanding the factors that affect the time you have available for work. You
not only have to schedule priority tasks, you have to leave room for breaks and possible
interruptions. You are creating a schedule that reflects your goals as well as supports your
lifestyle, one that will allow you to control your time and keep your life in balance.
• Blocks of working time and breaks
Create blocks of working time with 10 minutes for breaks. What you do during your break
should give you an opportunity to have a snack, relax, or otherwise refresh or re-energize
yourself. Arrange blocks of time when you are most productive: are you a morning person or
a night owl?
• Schedule free time to rejuvenate
• Weekly reviews
Weekly reviews and updates are also an important strategy. Each week, like a Sunday night,
review your week ahead. Be mindful of deadlines and obligations.
• Postpone unnecessary activities until your work is done
Postpone tasks or routines that can be put off until your work is finished. This can be the most
difficult challenge of time management. You will meet unexpected opportunities that look
appealing, what we call the “shiny-object-syndrome.” Distracting yourself from your goals
will result in added pressure, making you scattered and overwhelmed. Instead of saying “no”
learn to say “later” and write them in your schedule.
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
• Manage Interruptions
Having a plan and knowing how to prioritize it is one thing. The next issue is knowing what to
do to minimize the interruptions you face during your day. Everyday interruptions at work can
be a key barrier to managing your time effectively and, ultimately, can be a barrier to your
success. There are phone calls, e-mails, information requests, and a whole host of events that
demand your attention and distract you from your focus. Although interruptions are a natural
and necessary part of life, they can rob you of the time you need to achieve your goals and
be successful. Do what you sensibly can to minimize them and remain available for people
when they truly need help.
• Deal with Procrastination
Procrastination is as tempting as it is deadly. The best way to beat it is to recognize that you
do indeed procrastinate. Then you need to figure out why. Perhaps you are afraid of failing?
Once you know why you procrastinate then you can plan to get out of the habit. Reward
yourself for getting jobs done, and remind yourself regularly of the consequences of not
accomplishing your tasks!
• Identify resources to help you
Nobody becomes successful by “doing it all” themselves. For you to become successful and
use your gifts and strengths to the fullest, design your personal success team!
• Time Management – A Queen’s Role in The Academy
Now that you’ve streamlined your time management skills and figured out ways to adjust
your time management abilities in a queenly fashion, it’s important to apply these skills to your
work in The Academy specifically.
• Completing All Academy Assignments on Time
As a successful entrepreneur, you’ll want to get things completed on time in order to nurture
both your business and yourself. Feeling constantly behind and late creates internal tension
and can put you into a negative mindset. Getting your work completed on time in the
Academy is no exception. You must get all of your work turned in on time to help you keep
pace with all of the exciting content in the Academy and get the most out of each step in
the process.
• Late Feedback Policy
Providing you with in depth personal feedback on each module is important to us and
essential to your progress toward certification. This feedback will help you get the most out
of the modules in the Academy. If modules are turned in late, they will not be provided
with this personalized feedback nor will they count toward certification unless a $250 late
module credentialing fee is paid per module (with 4 items maximum submitted each
month). The only exceptional circumstances are having a baby, a death in the family, or a
severe or life threatening accident or illness. These exceptions can be arranged by emailing
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
[email protected]
• Facebook Group Etiquette
We want to be sure that the space on Facebook is established as an environment to share
your wins, celebrate your successes, and increase your vibration. As such, we expect each
and every woman to focus her considerable positive energies on how she can up-level her
life! Please use The Academy Facebook page to focus exclusively on creating a spirit of
undeniable support, celebration, and delight in your fabulous and outstanding business and
life that you’ve created through your work in The Academy!
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
Wealth Consciousness Books
There are certain books that are either required or recommended to read as you work through
the Academy.
You will be required to read one of these books in
Module 2:
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
1. The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller
(119 pages)
2. Codependent No More by Melody Beattie
(238 pages)
3. Bradshaw On: The Family by John Bradshaw
(283 pages)
4. The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock
(186 pages)
5. Loving What Is by Byron Katie
(317 pages)
6. The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie
Ford (208 pages)
In module 3 you will be required to read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles which
you can access at this link
In module 4 you will be required to read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Recommended Wealth Consciousness Books
Level of Priority Start Date
(1-5; 1 is lowest
priority, 5 is
highest priority)
1. The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence
Scovel Shinn
2. Get Rich While You Sleep by Ben Sweetland
3. Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley
4. Conscious Language by Robert Tennyson
The Academy with Gina DeVee
В©2014 Gina DeVee • [email protected]
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