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Lewinsville Presbyterian Church n
www.lewinsville.orgNovember 2014
Dedicate Your Pledge on November 16
at 8:30 and 11 a.m.
November 2
GOD Is Here!
ence here at Lewinsville.
Out of gratitude to God for the many gifts
All Saints Sunday
With joy, faithfulness,
bestowed upon members and friends of LewRevelation 7:9-17; Psalm 34:1-10, 22
insville Church, and in anticipation of many ophope, and courage,
1 John 3:1-3; Matthew 5:1-12
“Blessed Saints”
portunities to worship some members will
Deborah McKinley, preaching Be strong and let your God, and learn and
respond with pledges
Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper
to tithe 10% or more
hearts take courage, all
8:30 a.m. Westminster and
of their total income in
the larger community,
Grades 3-6 Choirs
of you who wait for the we will dedicate Year support of the church’s Stewardship
Presbyterian Church
11 a.m. Chancel Choir
Psalm 31.24 2015 pledges of money ministries for the year
November 9
2015. Others will choose to increase their pledges
and service to the
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
for 2015 by 1% or more of their total income.
Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25; Psalm 78:1-7
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Matthew 25:1-13
Sunday November 16.
If your personal circumstances do not permit
“As for Me and My House”
that level or increase in giving for 2015, God and
We have been reminded that all that we are
Stephany Crosby preaching
God’s church deeply will value your prayerful
and all that we have belongs to the one God
8:30 a.m. Grades 3-6 Ringers
commitment of personal service and financial
whom we worship and adore. We have been
11 a.m. Creation Ringers
reminded through this stewardship season of the resources at whatever level you are able to
November 16
many ways in which we experience God’s pres33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Genesis 28:10-19
“Portal to Another Dimension”
Presbybop Jazz Band Leads Worship on November 16
Bill Carter, preaching
Join us for this special Sunday
Stewardship Dedication
On Sunday, November 16, we’ll welcome
“Presbybop Music exists to create jazz music
8:30 & 11 a.m. Chancel Quartet and
Presbybop Jazz Band
Rev. Bill Carter and the Presbybop Jazz Quartet
that glorifies God, renews the Christian church,
November 23
to lead worship at both worship services. If you
and models the integration of faith and the arts”
Thanksgiving Sunday
were at the quartet’s November 2011 concert at
according to the group’s web site.
Ephesians 1:15-23; Psalm 100
See Presbybop, page 3
Lewsinsville, you already know what a treat this
“Thanksgiving Without Ceasing”
Emily Berman D’Andrea, preaching
at both services for our Stewardship
Sacrament of Baptism
Dedication Sunday. A nationally
8:30 a.m. Special Music
recognized preacher, Bill has made
11 a.m. All Singing Choirs
See Worship, page 5 many appearances on the Protestant
Hour and its successor Day One. and
published four books of sermons.
The Chancel Choir will sing with
the Band, “All My Hope,” from Dave
1724 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101
Brubeck’s To Hope! A Celebration.
An update on our Strategic Plan
urprises…I write this column on the train as I
travel home from a Princeton Seminary Board
of Trustees meeting. I was able to spend some
time with David Morrison while there. It was good
to see him in the context of his seminary community and friends. The Board meets three times
throughout the year and, having served on the
Board since 2001, I have some deep and enduring
friendships with other board members, faculty, and
staff at the seminary.
I prepare for the Board meeting,
in part, by thinking of the conversations I want to have and with
whom. Some of those conversations
involved seminary business, others
were purely personal, wanting to
catch up with friends and acquaintances. Sure enough, the meeting
afforded time for me to have
conversations I had planned to have. And there
were unexpected conversations: while walking to
the seminary campus from the hotel, while walking
from committee meeting to committee meeting,
over dinner.
What surprised me was that while my planned
conversations were rich and renewing, it was
the unexpected conversations that captured my
attention and my heart. It was in those unplanned
conversations that I learned of the illness of a
spouse, and how richly God has blessed that couple in this difficult time. It was in those unplanned
conversations that I gained important wisdom and
perspective on some of the topics of the Board
meeting. It was in those unplanned conversations
that I most experienced the presence of Christ.
It was as if we were walking to Emmaus, and the
risen Christ presented himself to us, walking as a
companion on the way.
Surprises can be a good thing. They sometimes
open our eyes to new realities, catching us a bit off
guard. One key, I think, is in remaining open to how
God might be at work—not just in what we plan,
but in those unplanned surprising events.
May Christ surprise you! May your eyes and
heart be open to recognize him when he does.
In May 2014, the Session approved a Strategic Plan to move the congregation’s
ministry closer to the Vision God has set before us. On September 30, the Company of Elders received an update on how the congregation is already living into the
Strategic Plan. Here’s a synopsis:
At a retreat in July, the Worship Ministry Group began the process of assessing
our current worship patterns and discerning what is truly inherent to worship at
Lewinsville. They also began exploring the broad range of worship expressions that
encompass these inherent dynamics.
The Christian Education Ministry Group continually assesses its programs
and possibilities, seeing the many ways disciples are formed at Lewinsville.
Last fall, before the Strategic Plan called for ministries that serve young families and adults, a class was started for parents of young children. The Young
Families Class meets weekly on Sunday mornings and has expanded to include
parents of older children and youth.
Mission Initiatives: Children and Youth at Risk
An ad hoc group was convened by Allison Lineberger to explore how
Lewinsville can respond to the current need in Fairfax County, and McLean in
particular, with regard to children and families. Possible programming at Lewinsville
includes partnering with a local Fairfax County public elementary school, an after
school care program, or a weekend backpack program (extending school lunches
into the summer).
Mission Initiatives: Vulnerable Older Adults and Their Families
The Older Adult Council helps our congregation care for vulnerable older
adults. There are several At Home Choices Educational Programs offered and
planned in partnership with Temple Rodef Shalom, Immanuel Presbyterian Church
and Chesterbrook Residences. In addition, Lewinsville provides leadership for the
McLean Village Exchange, with chair Courtney Nuzzo, Administrator at Lewinsville
Retirement Residence.
Mission Initiatives: Faith and Public Policy
In his seminary internships, David Morrison focused on Faith and Public Policy
initiatives, and his report provides a framework for how to move forward. A group
is being formed that will plan Faith and Public Policy programs, building upon and
broadening current programs, as well as exploring partnerships with local officials,
local congregations, state and national entities.
Mission Initiatives: Establishing a Christian Presence in Tysons
While the Vision calls for establishing a Christian presence in the emerging
urban community of Tysons, Lewinsville is first exploring an interfaith ministry of
presence and service through the Tysons Interfaith Partnership. Debbie McKinley
convenes and Jim Edmondson provides key leadership for the group that includes
more than 20 faith communities (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Mormon,
Unitarian Universalist and others). The group is busy seeking out and creating
opportunities for spiritual connection, growth, learning and service with those who
live, work and play in the Tysons community.
A subject of further recent discussion is discerning what’s needed to strengthen
our own community of faith.
See Strategic Plan Update, page 5
Celebrate Thanksgiving with Us!
Lewinsville Presbyterian Church again is hosting Thanksgiving Dinner and you are invited!
Please join us on November 27th from noon to 2 p.m. for a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner in
the company of our church family and members of our community. Whether you are on your
own and looking for a friendly cohort to celebrate the holiday or your entire clan would like
to join our church family for this feast, you are welcome. This is a day for warmth and sharing.
We are also seeking volunteers to help
organize, prepare, and clean-up the dinner. If
you are interested in volunteering to serve on
the Thanksgiving Dinner Committee, please email
Kendall Deese, [email protected], or Pam
Deese, [email protected]
Rekindling Our Spirit:
Working Together as
Spiritual Leaders
The Session will go on their annual retreat,
November 7-9, where their spirits will be rekindled and they’ll explore how to work together
most effectively as spiritual leaders in the congregation. Susan Nienaber, a consultant the
Session has worked with since 2012, will lead the retreat. Please pray that they may share a
time of renewal and refreshment.
Presbybop on November 16
from page 1
The band was formed in 1993 by Bill
Carter and Al Hamme, his music professor at
Binghamton University. With drummer Ron
Vincent and bassist Tony Marino, the band
has evolved into a consort of musicians who
turn heads on the musical scene, as well
as giving new dimensions to the faith and
worship of the Christian church. To date,
Bill’s Presbybop Quartet has recorded eight
compact discs. You won’t want to miss this
festive service!
McLean Interfaith
Coalition House Dedicated
Lewinsville has been a member of
the McLean Interfaith Coalition (MIC)
since its inception in 2002. This organization of local faith communities works
with Habitat for Humanity of Northern
Virginia (HFHNV) to provide affordable
housing in Northern Virginia.
In the fall of 2013, just outside the
city of Falls Church, our most recent project with MIC began. The resulting new
two-story, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house was dedicated on October
9, 2014. The new homeowners, Amani
and Mushin Khalil and their four young
daughters, come from Sudan. Mushin
works for a BMW dealer in Fairfax.
Members of MIC congregations,
including Lewinsville, participated in
many work days on the Douglass Avenue
house. New opportunities to work with
Habitat on other homes will be forthcoming this fall and in 2015.
Contact Mary Frase to learn how you
might become involved, 703-536-4091 or
[email protected]
Fair Trade Bazaar
DECEMBER 7 and 14
Give a hand up to women and artisans,
working their way out of poverty. Support
small farmer co-ops, and buy chocolate
gifts—for yourself, or for a friend.
u Colorful African Textiles and Handicrafts
u Hand-woven baskets from Africa and
u Colorful Indian ornaments and rustic
metal work
u Artfully crafted jewelry and feltwork
u Hand-loomed scarves and table linens
Highlights from the September Session Meeting
The Session met on October 14. Below are actions and discussions that highlight the
work of the Session at this meeting.
• Approved the following recommendations from the Congregational Nominating Committee.
1. Appoint Bob Gottke as Chair of the Stewardship Committee for a two-year term
effective September, 2014.
2. Appoint Suzanne Parisi as Chair of the Communication Ministry Group for a two-
year term effective October, 2014.
3. Appoint Connie Church as Treasurer for a one-year term effective May, 2015 through April 2016.
• Approved the Youth to raise funds for Church World Service through the Crop Walk on
Sunday, November 9, 2014.
• Approved the Youth to raise funds for the Winter and Summer Mission Projects through a
Bake Sale on Sunday December 21, 2014.
• Allowed the Summer Mission Project to raise funds for the 2015 blitz build. (A blitz build is
a project to build a house in one week.)
• Approved changing the date of the Annual Congregation Meeting from Sunday, January
25, 2015, to Sunday, February 22, 2015.
• Invited the Rev. Bill Carter to preach at both worship services on November 16, 2015. Bill
is the head of the Presbybop Jazz Band, which will be leading in worship that Sunday.
• Approved the recommendation of the Parish Life & Care Ministry Group regarding the
Membership Roll.
• Received oral reports from the Pastor, the Associate Pastor, Interim Director of Music
Ministries, Deacons, Presbytery Commissioners, the Stewardship Committee, the Survey
Committee, and the Session Retreat Task Force.
Mary Ann Philipp, Clerk of Session
News from Our Lewinsville Family
Ashby Ponds: Quinn and Celia Morrison, Glenn and Evelyn Jones
Chesterbrook Residences: Ruth Bathe, Mai Estelle Collins, Dee Custer
Goodwin House, Falls Church: Charles and Mary Hutchison
Greenspring, Springfield: Herb Dimmock, Joanne Field, Alice Johnston
The Hermitage: Margot Scheffey
The Jefferson, Arlington: Fran Pearce
Lewinsville Retirement Residence: Lurleen Ogle, Lucille Quinn, Mina
Sunrise, McLean: Sara Mae Eckstein, Ethelmae Page, Roy and Betty
Palmer, Mary Partridge, Mary Helen Youngs
Vinson Hall, McLean: Elaine Baker, Barbara Siple, Charlie and Jean
The Virginian, Fairfax: Maynard Kidwell
Westminster at Lake Ridge (asst. living): Alice Gapp
Westminster at Lake Ridge: Lora Watson
Our loving sympathy and prayers are extended to:
u Elaine Guth and family on the death of her father-in-law, Theodore
Guth, on September 20 in Raleigh, NC.
Former member Gene Blanchard on the death of his wife, Phyllis, on
September 18 in Florida.
u Family of Ernie Hileman on his death on September 26. A funeral
service was held October 1 at Lewinsville Presbyterian Church.
Congratulations to James and Jennifer Maiwurm on the birth of
Alexander Joseph Maiwurm, on September 16. The proud grandparents
are Jim and Wendy Maiwurm.
Congratulations to Suzannah Ancell Weir and Patrick Sullivan Weir
on the birth of Virginia Catherine Weir on September 24. The proud
grandparents and Kay and Clay Ancell.
Congratulations to ALL Lewinsville couples celebrating November
wedding anniversaries.
The following couples are celebrating a miletone:
u Alison and Doug Bauer, 52 years on November 3
u Carolyn and Dale Hodges, 42 years on November 4
u Amy and Derrick Swaak, 15 years on November 13
u Anne and Tom Mellor, 40 years on November 23
u Kay and Clay Ancell, 48 years on November 25
u Julie and John Hiemstra, 25 years on November 25
Presbyterian Women
of Lewinsville
Annual Advent
Reflection & Dessert
Monday, December 1
7 p.m. in Fellowship Hall
Join us for a message from LPC’s own
Parish Associate, Susan Fellows, speaking
about “Emmanuel: God with Us” and a
wonderful evening of fellowship!Dessert,
coffee & tea provided by The PW Coordinating Team.
Salvation Army Stockings
Please leave filled stockings in the Volunteer Room by Dec. 1 or bring them to the
PW Advent Event. Presbyterian Women
are assisting the Salvation Army fill more
than 2,000 stockings for needy local children. All are invited to help. The stockings
and a list of suggestions are available in
the Volunteer Room.
ewinsville Church members in
Lewinsville t-shrits and with their
Lewinsville paraphenalia sent us
photos from all over last summer! You’ll
find these shots scattered throughout this
issue of the newsletter.
Strategic Plan Update from page 1
Young Adult Catalyst Group
A Young Adult Catalyst seeks ways to continue to build an environment and community
that meets the needs of young adults and young families. Their mission is to enthusiastically
work to further build up a multigenerational presence at Lewinsville.
Finance Task Force
The mission of our Finance Task Force is to complete an assessment of Lewinsville’s
financial structures and practices and make recommendations to achieve best practices and
transparency throughout our financial life including budgeting, accounting, and reporting.
Congregational Survey
Through the month of September we’ve conducted a congregational survey to inventory
our congregation’s skills, experience, and interests. More than 135 people (adults, youth and
children) have completed the survey. Have you completed one yet? Click on the link at www. or pick it up outside the church office to complete and return. The survey
group began tabulating responses in early October in order to identify the gifts and talents of
everyone at Lewinsville.
Staff Alignment/Ministry
Group structure
The Personnel Committee has been working to align staff responsibilities with the Mission
and Vision of the congregation. This allows our congregation to be good stewards of staff
gifts, skills and experience. In addition, the Strategic Planning Group is working on aligning
our Ministry Group Structure with the Mission and Vision of the congregation so our ministry
groups and committees all pursue the ministry God has set before us.
God has called us to a bold, bright ministry. God has been faithful through 168 years of
ministry at Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, and God can be trusted to be faithful still.
Save the Date!
PW Annual Spring Retreat
March 14, 2014 (13th overnight optional)
at Meadowkirk Retreat Center, VA
with Pastor Emily D’Andrea
Presbyterian Women
Prayer Breakfast
January 31, 2015
at Fairfax Presbyterian Church,
10723 Main Street, Fairfax, VA
LPC–PW Coordinating Team meeting
Monday, November 3, 2014
at 7:30 p.m. in the Library
Worship from page 1
November 30, one service at 10 a.m.
First Sunday of Advent
Isaiah 64:1-9; Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19
1 Corinthians 1:3-9; Mark 13:24-37
“Anticipating the Coming of the Light”
Deborah McKinley, preaching
Need Answers to Questions about Fairfax
County Services for Older Adults?
For information about many issues vital to older adults,
contact Fairfax County’s office for older adults, 703-324-7948
(TTY 703-449-1186) or visit
They have a wealth of
information on such subjects
as Adult Day Health Care
Centers, Caregiver Support &
Respite, In-Home Care, Health
Insurance Counseling, Nursing
& Assisted Living Facilities,
Senior Centers, Transportation,
and more. You can also subscribe to the Golden Gazette
monthly newspaper by visiting
their web site:
November 6 Lunch
Features Well-Known Author
Come to a lunch on Thursday, November 6, featuring
Jane Hampton Cook, the award-winning author who
makes history and biographies relevant to today’s news,
current events, issues of faith and modern day life. The
Shepherd’s Center of McLean-Arlington-Falls Church is
hosting this lunch at 11:30 a.m. at Temple Rodef Shalom
located at 2100 Westmoreland St. in Falls Church.
Ms. Cook is the author of seven books, including
her newest work, America’s Star Spangled Story which
was released in August 2014. Her other works include
American Phoenix about John Quincy and Louisa Adams
and the War of 1812. Other books include Stories of Faith and Courage
from the Revolutionary War, Stories of Faith and Courage from the
War in Iraq and Afghanistan and The Faith of America’s First Ladies. To
make reservations, please make your check for $10 out to the “Shepherd’s Center of McLean-Arlington-Falls Church (SCMAFC)” and mail to
the Shepherd’s Center, 1205 Dolley Madison Blvd., McLean, VA 22101.
Questions? Visit or call 703-506-2199.
Annual LRR Meeting on November 16
ll Lewinsville Church members are encouraged to attend the
Lewinsville Retirement Residence Inc. Annual Meeting on
November 16 in the sanctuary following the 11 a.m. worship
service. Please come and learn about this major mission project of
the church.
Join the CROP Walk on November 9
Hungry people in developing countries typically walk as many
as six miles a day to get food, water, fuel, and to take their goods to
market. Join us on Sunday, November 9, for the Vienna Crop Walk
when we walk in solidarity with those who struggle for their basic
We will gather at the Vienna Town Green at 1:30 p.m. (the walk
begins at 2 p.m.) to walk three miles to raise awareness and funds to
help combat world hunger. We walk because we want to end hunger
one step at a time. If you are interested in walking and/or helping to
raise funds, please contact Kate, [email protected]
The Lewinsville Sluggers
The Lewinsville Sluggers had a phenomenal season playing softball.
The co-ed team was comprised of all age players with varying skill
levels. Our team was known throughout the league as being fun,
encouraging of everyone, and inclusive of all people. The Sluggers
represented Lewinsville well and brought joy and energy to every game
they played. Congratulations Sluggers for a season well played! Mark
your calendars for next fall, we’d love for you to join our team on the
McLean Senior Source
field or in the stands cheering.
Are you over 55 or are you concerned about an older adult? Are
you wondering where to find information? McLean Senior Source
provides the particulars about senior services from the Fairfax County
Government, faith based organizations, and area non-profits.
There are three ways to reach the McLean Senior Source (MSS).
You can call 703-300-1751, you can email [email protected]
com or you can visit the McLean Community Center lobby on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. where they have
a desk staffed by a knowledgeable person. McLean Senior Source has
lists of Home Care Agencies from the Office of Aging. They have information about courses at the Community Center for seniors who want
to learn how to use the computer.
hese fun photos show more of the
ways Lewinsville’s finest took us
with them on their summer travels.
Season of Confirmation Begins!
November beings the confirmation season for our youth. Confirmation is a time set aside for intentional exploration of faith. This is
a time to ask questions, journey with peers and mentors, and make
claims of our own. Confirmation uses imaginative ways to engage in the
Bible using storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue. We compare
Christianity to other faiths, explore what the Bible has to do with our
faith now, discover what it means to be a Presbyterian, and ultimately
begin to articulate our own faith. Please join me in encouraging our
confirmation students as they continue on their faith journey.
ur Lewinsville church
family enjoyed a beautiful Festival Sunday on
September 7: playing games,
climbing trees, and eating a
delicuous lunch.
Christian Education for Adults and Young Adults
Bonhoeffer: His Life and Writings
German theologian and pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer is best known for his resistance to
Nazism, in particular his participation in a plot to kill Hitler—for which he was hanged. That
death was the culmination of a life devoted to struggling with two questions: What does it
mean to be a Christian? And what does it mean to be a Christian community? Together we
will look for our own answers as we examine Bonhoeffer’s life through his books and sermons.
u October 26 - Bonhoeffer’s Life, and the worlds in which he lived
u November 2 - Bonhoeffer Today with Dr. Victoria Barnett, Staff Director, Committee on
Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust and author of For the Soul of the People: Protestant
Protest against Hitler, Bystanders: Conscience and Complicity during the Holocaust, and
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography.
u November 9 - The Cost of Discipleship (Bonhoeffer’s “breakout” book), The Sermon on
the Mount, Paul’s Letters, and “Cheap Grace”
u November 16 – Life Together: Grace and Justification as Mediated by the Christian community
u November 23 – Letters and Papers from Prison. Published after Bonhoeffer’s death,
these essential works form a proposal for a “worldly, nonreligious Christianity.”
Class leader, Rob Hunter; Location, Chapel
Cracking the Christian Code
Christians talk in code. The term, “justification by faith,” carries little meaning to those
outside the Church. But this doctrine was, as J.I. Packer called it, “the storm center of the
Reformation” and changed the world of Christian thought. What deeper meanings are hidden
within the words we use in the Christian lexicon every day. What new insights can we bring
to better understand and communicate these principles of our relationship to God, and each
u Week 1 - Original Sin (Do we still talk about this in church?).
u Week 2 - Justification by Faith (Not just another works/faith conflict)
u Week 3 - Sanctification (Honestly, it’s the obvious follow-up)
u Week 4 - Saved by Grace
u Week 5 - Sovreignty (a theologically loaded term)
Class leader, Darrin Raaum; Location: Room 103
Living Into Focus: Choosing What Matters in an Age of Distractions
The distractions of everyday life are real as is the gnawing sense of disconnection— from
our loved ones, ourselves, what’s important to us, and, most central, disconnection from
Christ, our center. This five-week course explores focal practices to help us reclaim priorities
that are ignored or threatened. Consider this a five-week on-ramp to help us live more fully in
the five-week holiday period from Thanksgiving to New Years.
u October 26 - Introduction – We’ll begin to explore three characteristics of focal practices: commanding presence, continuity, and centering power.
u November 2 - Continue exploring the characteristics of focal practices: commanding
presence, continuity, and centering power.
u November 9 - Explore ways to use technology: Attention, Limits, Engagement, Relationships, Time, Space = ALERTS. This week we’ll focus on Attention, Limits & Engagement.
u November 16 - This week we’ll focus on Relationships, Time, and Space
u November 23 - We’ll review what we’ve explored and put together a plan for being
focused and faithful during the upcoming holiday season.
Class Leader, Rev. Deborah McKinley; Location, Library
Family of Faith:
The Parts of Worship
As any parent knows, corralling children into church on a Sunday can easily
induce spiritual exasperation! Someone
might finally ask why we do it, anyway,
when everyone already has instant access
to Christ in prayer, Sunday or not? This
class approaches such questions by examining what’s going on when we meet for
Sunday worship.
From October 26 to November 23
we’ll examine the five building blocks of
Sunday worship—prayers, songs, postures,
ideas, and attitudes associated with
entering; acknowledging sin and forgiveness; hearing God’s Word; responding to
the Word, and being commissioned to go
back into the wider world empowered by
this Word.
Class leaders, Betsy & Jon Wood
Location, Room 25A
Paul’s Letter to the Galatians
The Book of Galatians is a letter written
by Paul to the early followers of Christ in
Galatia. They are struggling with obedience to the laws handed down from
Moses while being faithful to Christ’s
new teachings. Paul makes a passionate
defense of the Gospel, saying that we live
for God only by faith in Christ and not by
performing the old law—or any law that
says we earn our place in God’s salvation
by what we do. Explore what it means to
claim and live out what we believe and
not just follow the pack.
October 26
What’s Truth Go To Do With It?
November 2
The Great Dinner Seating Fiasco or
The Power of Disapproval
November 9
Rule Keeping: Why It’s Convenient And
Why It Doesn’t Work
November 16
And Now, Two Little Stories That Explain
A Whole Lot
November 23
You’re Free; So Live Like It!
Want to show Christ’s
love but don’t know
where to start?
I was much less involved in serving
others before becoming involved
in ChristCare. Since then, I’ve
become more attuned to providing
a Christian response to others’
needs. Whether it’s donating blood,
participating in Good Samaritan
Day, helping a ChristCare member,
serving monthly dinners to the
unwed mothers at AYM, or serving
monthly dinners to the homeless
men at Christ House, ChristCare
has pointed me to these and other
opportunities to open my eyes and
heart to the needs of others.
Jim Tenney
Join a ChristCare Group!
Communion Isn’t Prepared by Elves!
A few “Marthas” and “Martins” are
needed to prepare Communion at Lewinsville. The Worship Ministry Group is
blessed to participate in the sacrament
of Communion, but we have only a small
handful of volunteers. This is an easy
way to help out at the church and is
often done in teams of two. Preparation
includes setting the Communion table,
preparing the elements, and cleaning up
after the service. Each two-person team
is responsible for only one of the Sunday
services. If we have enough Communion preparers, then each pair would only need to prepare
once or twice a year. In addition to training, there are detailed written instructions.
We are especially in need of people to prepare Communion that is served in the pews,
which is done the first Sunday of every other month. If you are someone who appreciates the
tradition of serving Communion in the pews, please give prayerful consideration to becoming
a Communion Preparer.
To learn more about Communion Preparation, contact the church office or one of the
Worship Ministry Group members.
Miriam’s Kitchen Needs Non-Sugary Cereal
Miriam’s Kitchen again urgently needs contributions of cereal to replenish its shelves.
Cereal is too expensive for Miriam’s to buy in the quantities needed to feed 150-175 clients
five mornings a week, and the Food Bank rarely has cereal. Therefore, Miriam’s is completely
dependent on contributions of cereal and sometimes there is not enough available. Miriam’s
requests healthy, non-sugary cereals (other than Cheerios). Cereal donations can be placed in
the SHARE food box in the narthex or the Miriam’s Kitchen plastic box in the Volunteer Room
at any time.
You may also donate mugs (unused or used in good condition) or small toiletries for
Miriam’s Kitchens guests at any time. This is a good way to clean out your cluttered kitchen
cabinets of all those single or outdated mugs. The small toiletries (but no conditioner or items
specifically for women, please) are used to fill holiday gift bags for Miriam’s guests.
If you are interested in volunteering at Miriam’s Kitchen with other Lewinsville members
for breakfast on the 4th Friday of the month (6-8:15 a.m.) or for dinner on the first Wednesday
of the month (4-6:15 p.m.), contact Mary Frase, 703-536-4091 or [email protected]
Caregiver Support Group
n Thursdays, Nov. 13 and Dec. 11, at 7 p.m. Rebecca Porter, JSSA’s Senior Services
Specialist, will lead a support group for family caregivers with aging parent issues.
This group, which meets at Chesterbrook Residences, will cover topics such as
coping with illness, sandwich
generation, frail parents living alone, and balancing your own needs. The group is open to
Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, Temple Rodef Shalom, and Immanuel Presbyterian Church
members, as well as caregivers of Chesterbrook residents. Chesterbrook Residences is
at 2030 Westmoreland Street, Falls Church, VA 22043. To register, please contact JSSW,
703.896.7550 or [email protected]
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Join the Adult Club at the Old Brogue, November 9
All adults—singles, couples, young, old, and in between—are welcome to The Old Brogue
Irish Pub on Sunday, November 9, for food and fellowship following the 11 a.m. service. We’ll
meet in the church parking lot at 12:15 for car pooling to the restaurant at 760-C Walker Road,
Great Falls, VA, for our 12:45 reservation. Please call Ruth Riggins, 703-533-2078, or Max Malan
at 703-444-1271.
Sit back and enjoy the Concert with Second Saturday Set
Join the Second Saturday Set on November 8 at 8 p.m. for a special evening at the Fairfax
Symphony Orchestra’s performance of “I’ll Be Seeing You.” Directed by the FSO Pop’s new
conductor, Luke Frazier, the concert is based on letters written during WWII and includes the
fabulous music of the era by Gershwin, Kern, Carmichael, Ellington and others.
The concert is in George Mason’s Center for the Arts, and our tickets are discounted at
$40 each. We’ll meet for drinks and dinner at 5:30 at Brion’s Grill, on Braddock Road, right
across from GMU. To take advantage of the discounted ticket price, we need to hear from
you by November 3. Get tickets on your own or just join us for dinner. R.s.v.p. to Patsy Duke,
[email protected] or 703-734-0729, to tell her, “I’ll Be Seeing You.”
Many members of our church are socially conscious and want to keep up-to-date with
current thinking in Presbyterian circles. Our church library subscribes to four publications that
may enhance your understanding of what’s going on in our world from the perspective of our
denomination. Here is a random sampling from recent issues:
“Presbyterians Today” (June, 2014) examines how to bring peace to Detroit and interactions among Jews, Muslims and Christians in seeking that goal.
“Christian Century” (July 23, 2014) looks at drug use in American culture.
“Outlook” (May 26, 2014) focuses on Presbyterians and Marriage, discussing the rapid
shifts in public opinion and how to address the options.
“Horizons; the magazine of Presbyterian women” (Jan., Feb. 2014) is devoted to the issue
of theology and the
view that all people
of faith who are in a
relationship with God
are theologians.
Recent issues
of these magazines
may be found on a
low table in front of
the air conditioner.
Past issues are stored
in shelves under a
25 Years of LPC’s
Summer Mission
he Summer Mission Project has
reached a momentous milestone—25 years of ministry!
Make plans to join us on January
10, 2015, at the McLean Community
Center to celebrate the past and
recognize that God is continuing to
do amazing and wonderful things
through this dedicated and committed group. Enjoy a delicious catered
dinner, hear how this ministry has
touched the lives of SMP participants
and shaped their future, learn about
the family we will be building with
in June 2015, and perhaps take home
a fabulous raffle prize. Reservations
can be made starting November 10 —
watch the bulletin, www.lewinsville.
org, and the December newsletter for
Give the Gift that Gives Twice!
If you haven’t taken part in the Alternative Gifts Program at Lewinsville
before, this may be the year you discover it’s wonders. Please stop by the table
in St. Andrews Hall any Sunday in Advent to discover how you can give a gift
that gives twice. Buy a gift in someone’s name—a loved one, a colleague, a
teacher, a neighbor—and help mission partners around the world. You’ll receive a gift
card for each person you’re honoring to let
them know of this multi-dimensional gift.
Consider all the people you wish to
honor in this meaningful way and identify the
organization(s) you wish to support with your
charitable contribution. You’ll receive your
gift card when you write one check for all
your gifts.
The Mission and Service Ministry Group
will highlight several opportunities for providing special support to orphans
and low income children, homeless individuals and families, very low income
seniors, and others in need of assistance. Information about how donations
will be used by each of these organizations is available at the table in St.
Andrews Hall.
A special family education and worship event
Sunday, November 30 at 10 a.m.
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