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Vol. 1 No. 31
October 2014
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“Giving lip service: is a familiar, derogatory term for professing beliefs but
failing to practice them. Two other familiar sayings, “Words are cheap” and
“Actions speak louder than words,” express the skepticism most people have
for protestations of faith that are not confirmed by action. The writer of the
Letter of James would have agreed with these sentiments. James asserts that “faith if it has no works, is
dead” (2:17) and that “faith apart from works is barren” (2:20).
For James, being a Christian is much more than accepting a set of beliefs and sayings, “I have faith”.
Such a claim to faith, he says, is as worthless as telling people who are hungry and cold to go in peace
and to be warmed and filled without doing anything to help them.
Many of the Gentiles who first accepted Christianity are thought to have been God-fearers - people
who were attracted to Judaism’s belief in one God and its ethical teachings. These people attended
synagogue services and gave financial support, but they did not become converts. Some of them
probably thought of Judaism as a philosophy to admire rather than as a faith that required total
Clearly, James knew persons in the church who believed that their faith made few demands on them.
Faith for them was a matter of intellectual assent, not good works. Such people have been present in the
church in every age. James argues that their kind of faith is good for nothing. How can it even be
discerned? In contrast, James declares that his works will reveal his faith.
The writer of the First Letter of John approaches the same issue in a slightly different way. He reminds
his readers that love is a basic Christian teaching and that Jesus was a living example of love. The writer
then tells how persons must live if their claim to Christian love is genuine: “This is the message you have
heard from the beginning, that we should love one another ... We know love by this, that he laid down his
life for us - and we ought to lay down our lives for one another. How does God’s love abide in anyone who
has the world’s goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuse help?” (I John 3:11, 16-17).
Also, “Those who say, �I love God,” and hate their brothers or sisters, are liars” (I John 4:20).
continue faithful
faithful – continued
A pastor I know says, “Show me how you spend your time and money, and I will tell you what you
believe in.” We all discern from people’s actions - from their works - what their faith is, what they value
most highly. If parents say, “Nothing is more important to us than our children,” yet spend little time with
the children and are usually critical and impatient with them, we doubt their devotion. On the other hand, if
someone takes notice of the needs of others and is kind, generous, and helpful, we think of that person as
one who views human beings as beloved children of God.
Jesus expected those who heard and accepted his message to manifest his teachings in their lives. In
the parable of the sower, he says, “These are the ones sown on the good soil; they hear the word and
accept it and bear fruit, thirty and sixty and a hundredfold” (Mark 4:20).
When persons become members of the United Methodist Church, they profess their faith in Jesus
Christ. But they also promise that they will express their faith through good works as they support the
ministries of the church through their prayers, their presence, their gifts, their service, and their witness.
What do your works tell others about your faith?
by Pat Floyd
9:00 a.m. All-purpose Room
“Rejoice Anyway”
Habakkuk 2:1-5
“Even So, My Redeemer Lives” Job 19:1-7, 23-29
“Hope Complains”
Job 24:9-12, 19-25
“Hope Satisfies”
Job 42:1-10
Ella Jane Hess
Vince Anderson
Terry Mee
Diane Schmuck
In the Narthex we will have a Remembrance Tree with picture frame ornaments. These are a two-inch
picture frame. If you would like to have an ornament of a loved one who was a member and has passed
away in the last year, please contact me before November 2. I must have a disposable picture and name
of the member to prepare them for the Remembrance Tree. There is no fee for this. ~Shirley Saylor
Home – Charles Overmiller, Elaine McGinnis, Dan Kipp, Glenn & Donna Grove, Lee
Gruver, Eva Miller, Larry Mann, Gerry Seitz, Betty Saylor, Pastor Keith, Becky
Jones, Lois Arsenault, Betty Engle, Bruce Grove, Pat Beck, Terry Mee, Mike Herrick,
Mike Budesheim, Dot Strayer, Jill Daugherty
Church Family Extended – (Names will be removed after four weeks) Emma
Nicole, Lori Overmiller, Barbara Snyder, Tiffany Johnson, Keith Gemmill, Barry
Bricker, Bill Erdman,
Military Family - Lexi Holmes, Rob Frey
We extend our sympathy to Bryan Gilbert and family on the passing of his father Richard (Dick) Gilbert
from life to life eternal on September 17, 2014.
We extend sympathy to Julianna Brown, sister, & Jennifer Williams, daughter, on the passing of Leroy
Olphin, from life to life eternal.
We extend sympathy to Eunice Criswell and family on the passing of her mother, Mary, from life to life
Please add the following names and addresses to your Church Directory.
Teresa Erdman
9249 Camp Road
Red Lion, PA 17356
Mike and Sue Budesheim
220 Cobblestone Court
Red Lion, PA 17356
Historical Moment
Fall Rally Day was held October 14, 1990 with a combined service at 9:30 a.m. A concert was presented
by Rebecca Ward Mitchell and Group.
Following the concert there was a fellowship meal, sponsored by the Evangelism Committee, in the All
Purpose Room. The group came from North Umberland County, and Pastor Jack suggested we give
them a love offering of $150.00.
The above was taken from Ad Board minutes when Rev. Jack Landis was pastor 24 years ago.
EJ Hess, Historian
Our Annual Church Conference is scheduled for Sunday, October 26, 2014 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
(location to be announced soon). Our Conference will be in a cluster format, meaning we will meet for
worship with the other churches of the Red Lion cluster at 5:00 and them split into our own church
conferences in the same church. We will take care of the annual business of the church, including
election of officers, setting of ministry goals and financial budget, and hearing reports from various
organizations of the church. All members of the church are members of the Church Conference, with
voice and vote; and are invited and expected to attend our Annual Church Conference. See you there!
3 – Jordan & Amanda McFatridge
10 -- Diana & Bob Bertling
15 – Blaine & Angie Markel
23 – Charles & Susan Peterman
Sydney Coby
Stephen Torregrossa Sr.
Larry Owens
Aaron Criswell
Katy Lowe
Judy McWilliams
Heather Grove
Jenna Enfield
Glenda Heffner
Amie Gladfelter
Keith McFatridge
Yvonne Lauer
Jared Enfield
Janet Overmiller
Ray Windon Jr.
Leon Geesey, Sr.
Ann McGinnis
Carla Owens
Troy Hildebrand
Shane Fregm
Terry Mee
Cara Jo Brooks
Lisa Myers
Matthew Schmuck
Any corrections or omissions to Birthdays or Anniversaries please call the office (244-1984) and leave a
message or write a note and place in the offering plat
Greetings from the women at Grace Church in Shrewsbury. We are excited to share with the
women an amazing opportunity. America’s leading Christian event, “Women of Faith”, is back on the road
for its 2014 Tour. We are excited because we will be hosting the LIVE simulcast from Hartford, CT here at
Grace Church. Normally, women have to travel to Washington or Philadelphia to attend these events, but
you will be able to participate right in your area. The event begins Friday night, November 7, from 7:009:00 p.m. It continues Saturday, November 8, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in our worship center located at
473 Plank Road, in New Freedom, PA. The doors open one hour before each event to all women. The
cost is $15.00 per person for the event. You may purchase a lunch voucher for $5.00 per person for
Saturday. There are also many fast food restaurants in the area.
For more information or for tickets for the event, please contact the Grace Church office at: 717235-4029, email [email protected], or visit our web site
After saving England from Napoleon’s threats in 1815, the Duke of Wellington achieved hero
status. One Sunday, as the duke approached the altar for communion, a poor man from London’s streets,
wearing rags, knelt beside him. The indignant minister whispered for the vagrant to move away. “Don’t you
realize this is the great Duke of Wellington?” he asked.
When the duke overhead, he responded, “Leave him alone. We’re all the same here. The ground
is level at the cross.”
That’s the spirit in which we celebrate World Communion Sunday on the first Sunday of October.
Paul says believers share the Lord’s Supper by partaking of the “one bread” (1 Corinthians 10:17).
Everyone at the communion table is equal in God’s sight, needing his forgiveness and grace.
- Communication Resources
Winterstown United Methodist Women
October 2014
October is a busy month for United Methodist Women. October 4 is District
Annual at St. Paul UMC in Chambersburg with Rev. Ray Kauffman speaking on
his book, Breaking Out of Your Prison.
Our regular meeting is very important, for we invite all the women of the church
to attend on October 13 at 7 p.m. to hear the featured speaker Barbara Hines.
She has been an instructor in movement for several years through Wellspan Mind
and Body programs. This program looks at the natural changes of our aging process
through movement, it could be standing or from your chair. Come see and hear about the
benefits this could have for your health. Sandie Rock will be Hostess.
Conference Annual is being held locally this year at Messiah UMC in York. It is an all-day event and by
registration only. See Ella Jane or Diane Schmuck if you would like to attend. Come Celebrate
"Faithfulness in Mission" on Saturday, October 18.
Looking ahead: Annual Fall Rummage and Bake Sale will be November 6 and 7 with set up on the 5th at
North-Hopewell Winterstown Fire Hall. The proceeds will go toward the furnace fund. Please go through
your wardrobe and find items you no longer have use for, but someone else would be thrilled to wear. Do
the same with your housewares and dishes.
November 23 will be our annual Thank Offering during the 10:30 worship service. Our special speaker will
be Fawn McCallister who holds the position of Membership Nurture and Outreach Coordinator in the York
District. She is from Cross Roads.
- Ella Jane Hess
The United Methodist Women met on Monday, September 8 at 7 p.m. in the conference room.
President E J Hess opened the meeting with us all reading the "Purpose of United Methodist Women".
Deb shared a 'response moment': "Ministries of Hospitality on the US Border". She told how the UMW on
the US border help women and children coming over the border from Mexico by providing them with food,
showers and hygiene items, while they are waiting for housing placements.
The secretary's report was read and approved.
The treasurer's reports from May, June, and July were also read and approved.
Val reported for Spiritual Growth: All but two of the "readers" have already completed the program for
She has the new books for 2015, which she ordered from Amazon, at a considerable savings.
New Business: A Mini Mission will be held on Sept 13 at Fishing Creek/Salem UMC. E J plans to attend.
The York District annual meeting will be held October 4 in Chambersburg. The Susquehanna Conference
UMW annual meeting will be on October 18 at Messiah UMC, York. Diane plans to attend. We voted to
send along a love offering of $30. The fall rummage sale will be November 5, 6, 7. We will sell apple
dumplings IF we can get help in making them. Our October 13 meeting will be led by Barbara Hines from
Wellspan. She will present "Joy through Movement", showing us ways to move and exercise, even from a
chair. All women are invited to attend this very informative and fun meeting!
We agreed to keep the slate of officers from 2014 the same in 2015.
Rhada read a letter from Betty Landis, thanking us for the blankets our church sent her church to make
continued UMW
leadership continued
New Business: The Leadership Committee is responsible for nominations of volunteer positions, example,
Financial Secretary, Lay Member to Annual Conference, Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference,
Membership Secretary, Sunday School Superintendent, Lay Leader, Treasurer, Acolyte Coordinator,
Childcare Coordinators, Communion Stewards, Altar Guild, Greeters Historian, Junior Church Coordinator,
and VBS Coordinator. It was discussed and decided to ask all presently serving in these capacities to
continue for another year. There is a need for more Communion Stewards and offering counters.
Visioning/Dreaming: The Church Planning Retreat will be September 6, 2014, at Camp Donegal; the
Church Conference will be October 26, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. Discussion was held concerning Sunday School
and worship service times. A discussion was held to possibly survey our daycare parents to see what
would interest them in a church, i.e. service times and styles, small group offerings, children’s offerings,
Prayer Concerns: Mindy Rutzebeck (friend of Corey and Bill), Pat Beck, Dan Shaw (friend of Beavers &
Daugherty), Terry Mee, Richard Lauer (Dot Zeigler’s son-in-law), Dan Kipp, Glenna Grove, Bruce Grove,
Mike Herrick and family, Larry Homan (coworker of Dick).
October 2
November 2
Leadership Team, 7:00 p.m. - budgeting
World Wide Communion, 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.
Outreach Ministry Area - 7:00 p.m.
New Sunday School Class, 9:00 a.m. “God’s Not Dead - What Do You Believe?”
Ham Loaf Dinner 5:00 p.m., Fire Hall, $10.00
Laity Sunday
Nurture Ministry Area, 7:00 p.m.
Trunk or Treat, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Church Conference, 5:00 p.m.
Child Care Board Meeting - 6:30 p.m.
Rediscovering Our Youth, 7:00 p.m.
All Saints Sunday, Holy Communion
Daylight Saving Time ends (turn clocks back one hour)
Present: Jay Beaver, Pastor Keith, Dick Daugherty, Ann Daugherty, Buddy McGinnis, Corey Grove, Ross
Anderson, Bill Lowe, and Patty Gingrich
Pastor led devotions from Chapter 3 in “Inspiration” of Climb Higher. We discussed how we show
gratitude to God, which include verbal “thank you”, prayers, our presence, gifts, offerings, and service.
God wants us to give our all to show our gratitude.
Jay Beaver was chair of this meeting.
UMW - continued
bedrolls for the homeless, which are distributed in many cities and towns.
Valerie led a very informative and inspiring program "Calling into Practice Hospitality for ALL Women;
especially those who are Differently abled". We heard the story of the woman with the flow of blood whom
Jesus healed, and then talked about how our church can be more accessible and hospitable to persons
with different abilities, such as visually impaired, hearing impaired, mobility challenged, mentally
challenged, behaviorally challenging, etc.
We then shared a time of fellowship and conversation while enjoying refreshments prepared by Betty.
Diane Schmuck, secretary
The minutes of the June 5, 2014, meeting were reviewed and approved.
Trustees: Dick Daugherty is the new chairperson for the Trustee Committee. The new furnace has been
ordered. Work is to begin this week and an estimated completion date is October 1. Campaign letters
have been sent to members. The loan from the conference was approved. The washer and dryer for
daycare have been hooked up and are working. We were contacted by PennDot concerning the exit from
our property onto Swamp Road. We need to have 20 feet open at the road before we close off the exit.
Steve Coby was elected by the Leadership Team to fill a vacant spot on the Trustee Committee.
SPRC: Corey notified us that Laura has resigned as church secretary effective August 30. We discussed
the possibility of splitting those duties into two different part-time positions; daycare (more accounting) and
church (more secretarial).
Outreach: Jay provided the minutes from the July 10, 2014 meeting of the Outreach Committee. The
amount sent to Kari Kinard is now $1,700. The Shining Light Ministry is doing well and has appointed
some funds to different missions. A program has been developed to send care packages to college
students and military personnel from our church. Our Sierra Leone mission is near the end of our
commitment, and we are looking at new options. The Back to School Fun Day is next Saturday, August
16. Trunk or Treat times have been moved to 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. due to a wedding at the church.
There was discussion of the drive-thru nativity involving other churches.
Nurture: Bill reported the Nurture Committee met last evening, August 6, 2014. They are working on
staffing nursery, greeters/welcome committee, and Sunday School Children teachers. They also reviewed
last year’s planning retreat goals.
Growing Friends: Patty stated Growing Friends Committee will meet later this month, August 28, 2014.
They have done interviews for an Assistant Director position. Growing Friends is now contributing $800
per week to the church, which is a $200 per week increase.
Finance: Ross stated that the church is holding its own financially. We are behind $10,000 in conference
payments and some principal payments have been skipped. All the interest payments have been made.
The mortgage balance is approximately $71,000.
Old Business: None.
continued leadership
Total project amount needed, R. S. Bortner, Inc.
Contributions to Date
Conference Loan
Flea Market Proceeds
Total as of 9/25/14
$ 6,872.70
Amount Still Needed To Pay Project
Amount Still Needed To Pay Strictly From
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Carry Outs Available at 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Winterstown United
Methodist Church Parking Lot
12184 Winterstown Road
Felton, PA 17322
Dining In starts at 5 p.m. at the Winterstown Fire Hall
Tickets on sale Sunday August 30th
$10.00 a ticket
Ham loaf-Scalloped potatoes-corn or peas
Pineapple filling – Dessert
Beverage available for dining in
Men’s White or Black No-Show Socks
Women’s Bikini Underwear (all Sizes)
Women’s No-Show Socks
Men’s Belts (all sizes)
School Supplies
Backpacks suitable for teens
Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt)
2” Binders
3” Binders
Pocket Folders
Scotch Tape
Arts & Crafts
Scrapbooking Supplies
Poster Board
Drawing Pencils
8x11 Sketch Pads
Gum Erasers
Color Copier Paper
Adult Scissors
Personal Hygiene Supplies
Elastic Hair Bands
Non-Aerosol Hair Spray
Hair Brushes
Men’s & Women’s Shaving Cream
Anti-bacterial Hand Soap
Deodorant (no aerosols)
Soap Travel Holders
Toothbrush Travel Holders
Gift Certificates
Cash Gifts may be given to purchase
any of the above items. Also, cash
contributions will help us provide clothing
needs, resident activities, recreational
activities, furniture, Christmas decorations,
& Christmas dinner. All gifts are greatly
100% goes to church furnace
Please do not wrap the gifts. We truly appreciate your generosity in providing special gifts for the children.
However, due to agency regulations, we prefer to receive all the gifts unwrapped. This helps us ensure
that each gift goes to the appropriate child. If you would like to place your items in Christmas gift bags, we
would surely appreciate it!
Tickets available until 10/12/2014
Deadline for gifts to be delivered to the church - December 10, 2014
Call 717-659-1403 for tickets