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Cornerstone - Christ Church

C hr i s t C h u rc h
We s te r l y, R h o d e I s l a n d
November 2014
Rector’s Message:
The Saints of God!
As this newsletter is received some time around All Saints' Day, we may be prompted to ask questions (such as, “Who
are the saints?” and “What is the �communion’ of saints?”) as we affirm the Apostles Creed.
According to the New Testament, the saints are not a select group of “perfect” individuals. Indeed, Scripture describes
them simply to be men and women who live by faith in the Christian fellowship and in whose lives the Holy Spirit is at
work. When the word “saint” is used in the book of Acts or within a letter from the Apostle Paul to those in Philippi,
Rome, or Corinth, it is referring to the Christ followers. Thus, the New English Bible does not use the word "saints" at
all, but replaces it with the term "God's people."
As we look at the lives of saints of the church, we understand some characteristics about them and their lives. First, we
understand that these folks are far from “ordinary;” in fact, by their lives and actions of faith, they are rather
extraordinary. Such actions of faith do not necessarily have to be as heroic as taking care of dying lepers on the streets
of Calcutta, but may be as simple as making sure that children make it to Sunday school on time so that they could learn
about Jesus, God and the Good News. What does define a saint, however, is one’s passionate resolve to make faithful
choices to live as a Christian.
Another characteristic of the “saints of God” in the New Testament is that they live in community. The communities of
faith established in New Testament times in Rome, Philippi, Corinth, and Ephesus were filled with people from all
walks of life—the rich, the poor, citizens, slaves, the healthy and the sick. And what drew them together was the grace
of Christ. This grace led them to see Christ in one another. The saints of God prayed with one another, supported one
another, and learned to understand each other, not withstanding their real differences. It is their model of faith that is our
legacy in the Christian Church today.
This legacy of faith is one that I have witnessed in our Christ Church. When I look out on Sunday mornings and see the
many faithful people who are filling our church, I recognize that our church has been blessed by the prayers and faithful
support of those who came before us. I am grateful for the house of worship we have, the memorials that eloquently
speak of great devotion. I am grateful for the legacy of wonderful liturgy and the beautiful music, which are a part of a
great tradition at Christ Church.
I am also keenly aware of the stewardship of time, talents and treasure, devotedly given by past saints to nurture the faith
of many in our church and to provide programs over our hundred and eighty year history. Yes we at Christ Church have
been blessed because we have been a place that the saints have worshiped and lived.
As I look out at our congregation in all three of our services, I see modern day saints who make choices to love and
support one another as we live faithful lives unto God day after day.
May God continue to bless our lives to live passionately with faith and continue to leave a model and legacy of faith for
Christian saints yet to come!
In Christ,
Fr. Sunil Chandy+
The Rev. Sunil Chandy, Rector
Retired Clergy Associates
The Rev. John H. Barrett
The Rev. Richard Morgan
The Rev. Trevor Thomas
The Rev. Sandra Haines-Murdocco
Staff Members
Organist & Choirmaster - George Kent
Parish Administrator - Jeanne MacLaughlin
Parish Secretary – Rebecca Cherenzia
Financial Administrator - Barbara Whitford
Sexton - Walter Dugas
Childcare Coordinators Susan Kenyon & Summer Brown
Verger - George Parent
Heather Kiss, Senior Warden
Seth Tulman, Junior Warden
Lucy Freitas, Clerk
Fred Eaton, Treasurer
Fred Allardyce
Shirley Andrews
Liz Dobson
Deborah Dunham
Meg Frost
Katherine Hoxsie
Karen Jenssen
Dan Leonard
Marshall Mugge
Paula Niedmann
Dana Semeraro
Dan Spano
Office Hours
Monday-Friday, 9 am - 4 pm
Contact information
Phone: (401)596-0197
Fax: (401)596-6529
Email: [email protected]
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Our Mission
The Mission of Christ Church is to follow
Jesus Christ through prayer,
worship, study,
and stewardship so that
we may become
witnesses to God’s presence;
living, sharing, and teaching
His Gospel
†Parish Register
October 18, 2014
Kristine Nicole Pyzynski
Jesse Colin Dennis
October 14, 2014
Mildred Wiskari
Weekly Activities:
Choir Rehearsals
Tuesdays, 4pm - Kid’s Choir
Thursdays, 7 pm - Tutti Rehearsal
Sundays, 8 am - Tutti Rehearsal
Mondays & Wednesdays, 12n
Fridays, 8 pm
AA Meetings:
Mondays, 6:30 pm
Wednesdays, 6 pm
Fridays & Saturdays, 8 pm
2014 Annual ~ Free Thanksgiving Community Dinner
Originally started in 1983 by Stevi & Jay Blanchette, Bishop David Joslin (who was Rector at the time), Pam Young,
Connie LaRue and many others, the free Thanksgiving Day dinner took off. The torch was passed to the Dobson Family
in 1996 and Liz Dobson has been organizing it since then.
Now going strong 30 years later and with the help of 26 volunteers, they serve over 200 meals to the
community. Last year, 118 meals were served at church, 65 take out and
45 were delivered.
One of the volunteers, Oscar Chapman, has been volunteering for 20 years. He drives down with his daughter from New
Hampshire to give a hand. Thanks to the incredible generosity of people like Oscar, McQuade's Market, Ma & Pa's in
Hope Valley owned by Larry & Wendy Walsh, ConnRi and you,
the dinner will take place once again.
On Thursday, November 27, 2014 the dinner will be held in the Christ Church Parish Hall from
12:00 to 2:00 pm. We are looking for cooked Turkey's, Pies, Breads and monetary donations are always
All those interested are encouraged to attend. If anyone is unable to attend, we will gladly deliver meals to the local area.
Interested in a take-out or delivery, please call Liz Dobson at 596-7164 or
Christ Church at 596-0197.
Come and share this glorious day with the community and our Christ Church family!
Wish List for Property Needs -2014
In thinking ahead to Christmas or a time you would like to offer some financial support to the needs of Christ Church,
we have provided a list for you. In advance, thank you for your contribution.
50 Padded Chairs for the Parish Hall- 5 more needed . Cost: $30 each
15 Cordless Blinds for 3 more classrooms Cost: $49 each
20 new vinyl school chairs for the 2 classrooms in the Undercroft to replace splintered wooden chairs.
Cost: $33 each
Money to renovate the dilapidated office bathroom Cost: $500
New Sound System for the Parish Hall $600+
Mens’ Bathroom Renovation in lower Parish Hall Cost: $1800- $2000
Cub Cadet Lawn mover/ Snow plow - $2500
4 Dehumidifiers - 3 smaller ones to be put in the window sills in the Undercroft and 1 lg. one for the Chapel.
On Sunday, October 19, 2014, I gave a stewardship talk at the 9 am service. I did not use
any notes. The following is my best recollection of what was said; I think it captures the
spirit of my remarks. – Aimée Blanchette
My mother is a very patient woman. When I would come home on college break, instead of
saying “Thank you, Mother. Thank you for selflessly devoting yourself to me and my brother. Thank you for
paying for the fancy college, which I currently attend. Thank you”, I would say “Hi Mom. I need to watch my
shows tonight.” I used to watch a lot of television – and not particularly edifying television either. No, I was
partial to shows featuring teens and young adults in the midst of non-stop dramas, with a lot of feelings and
intense whispering.
And being a very patient woman, my mother would watch those shows with me. One of these shows was
called “Party of Five” and it featured five siblings who had lost both of their parents in a tragic automobile accident. The oldest brother was in his twenties and the youngest was a baby and the other three were all in the
middle school/high school age range that was so ripe for emotional turmoil – I loved it. Most of the drama
came from the fact that the oldest brother didn’t really have his stuff together and was not at all ready for the
responsibility of raising his four younger siblings, and was also very good-looking.
The episode we watched that night was not particular memorable, just the usual assortment of minor crises,
frustrations, and disappointments. At the end, my mother put down her needlepoint, turned to me and said
“Don’t those kids have a church?” I replied quickly “No, Mom. It’s tv. They don’t have a church.” But then I
thought for a minute and said “No, they don’t have a church. Because if they had a church, there wouldn’t be a
show.” If those kids had a church, there would have been church ladies and church men lined up around the
block to drive all those younger kids to all their activities. There would have been sign-up sheets to bring those
kids meals. Someone probably would have had to donate a freezer just to hold all those meals. But it’s not just
Having a church doesn’t take away unimaginable grief. Sadly, I know that from personal experience. But it
does make it so much easier to bear. It’s not just the day-to-day stuff, like rides and meals. It’s having lots of
adults of all ages around to talk to when you need to figure out which instrument you should play, or whether
to stay in public school, or which college you should go to. It’s having someone to tell you, when you are disappointed that you did not get the role of the Virgin Mary in the Christmas Pageant, that actually, the Angel
Gabriel is the most important role in the Nativity. (It’s because he’s the only one with a trumpet.) It’s all of
those people, keeping you going and encouraging you onwards, even when (especially when) you can’t encourage yourself.
And that’s why I pledge to Christ Church.
Name Tags
There have been increasing inquiries about the magnetically-attached name tags which my husband and I have
been wearing the last few years. Because of this interest, the Vestry has decided to offer these name tags for Christ
Church parishioners. We are in the process of setting up the system to do this, but we thought it would be more
efficient to wait for the new parish directory which will be produced in the near future, to be sure we reach as many
people as would like to be included. In the meantime, if you are interested, ask to see the name tags that my
husband and I usually wear on Sundays. George and Marlies Parent, as well as Seth and Mary Tulman, also have
them. You can see what you think and if you like them. They would become your personal property, and each
person would keep his/her own and wear it each Sunday. It seems like a more efficient, as well as attractive,
method. The magnetic system is also much kinder to your clothes than the pins the ushers wear, and less
cumbersome than the hanging name tags around the neck.
This note is just for your information, so you can think about it and see if you are interested!
Dana Semeraro
Imagine if there were no Christ Church. Imagine if those who came before us hadn’t had the vision or faith to
build this church. We most likely wouldn’t know each other, and our lives would be very, very different. But
they did build it. They build this magnificent house of God, made of beautiful Westerly blue and pink granite,
right here int he heart of Westerly. They built these beautiful stained glass windows; the sturdy oak pews; its
striking Altar; the sacristy; and the magnificent bell tower, the only one in Westerly, whre the bells righ out at
Christmas and Easter, after weddings, and are part of the annual Summer Pops concert every year during the
1812 Overture finale, and toll after funerals of our loved ones.
They maintained the lovely grounds of our church; built Sunday school rooms for their children; and they
continued to grow. They built a parish house with more Sunday school rooms, and a kitchen and large parish
hall, where parishioners would be abl3e to meet in fellowship.
Then the next generations came along and they built our choir loft and our gorgeous Fiske organ and began
our music and choir program. They built the Memorial Garden; they began Vacation Bible School in the
summer to bring in even more youth in our community. They started the Arts Commission to expand our
music and arts offerings; The Living Supplies Closet; Christmas gifts for Foster children;The Giving Tree;
The Community Thanksgiving Dinner, and many more.
The Men’s Club formed again and began tackling projects around the church; The Youth Group started up
again and is continuing to grow; Christ Church now sponsors a dinner for the WARM center every month; we
have very active property and grounds committees, working tirelessly, to maintain this building and work
weekly outside all summer keeping everything beautiful. We are very fortunate to have some very special
parishioners who take the bull by the horns and fund extra projects which only enhance the beauty of our
church, like the lighting of the outside of our church at night; our new sign outside the front doors; stock a
special freezer full of soups/stews and casseroles for any parishioner who might need a meal or two to get
them through a tough spot; The choir paid for the re-brassing of the center aisle candles Then there are others
who, A: have the knowledge and B: have the wherewithal to maintain and if needed, replace all the leather
straps on all of our bells so they can continue to be played – we’re so fortunate! Others Donate and create all
of the stunning floral arrangements for our many receptions, and sometimes weddings, funerals and special
services. Others Climb very tall, rickety ladders to replace the light bulbs near the ceiling in the church – take
a look! - Yikes! Then there are the hundreds of parishioners who have contracted me saying they want to have
as much fun as I’m having and want to chair the Stewardship committee next year!- come on folks: the job
comes with pom-poms! And there are those other quiet, behind the scenes parishioners who do all the dirty,
“nobody-else-is going-to-do-it”, grunt work that just “magically” gets done around here without any fanfare or
What makes ALL of these things possible?
THAT’S RIGHT!! Stewardship! Stewardship is NOT a spectator sport! It’s a Make a pledge- write your
check-pull yourself up by your bootstraps-dig in-pray-and make a difference, gift to the Glory of God!
Someone recently said to the vestry that we need to move toward year round Stewardship. Well if this small
snippet of what we do here at Christ Church doesn’t scream “Year round Stewardship”, I don’t know what
continued on page 6…
...continued from page 5
We are ALL God’s faithful stewards and we continue to do wonderful things here at Christ Church. THANK
YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!! God is being served, here at Christ Church, and people are
receiving the blessings of the Holy Spirit! Could we use more money? Absolutely!! I’m not trying to
sugarcoat it: We can always use more money! That’s why I’m up here every week asking you for money.
And fortunately, none of us have to imagine our lives without Christ Church or our Christ Church family. If
any one of us said we can’t feed our family, for whatever reason, More soups, stews, and casseroles would
arrive at our doorsteps than we would know what to do with.
My dear friends and family of Christ church: Yes money is important and is needed to keep our church as we
know it, but I ask you to give generously so our church is here for those who have lost hope, and do not have
friends and family, as we do, and so our church will be here for future generations after we are gone. Let us
pledge our hearts, souls and minds to carry out the work God has given us to do!
The Glorious majesty of the Lord our God, be upon us!
Prosper thou the work of our hands upon us.
O prosper thou - our handywork!
Thank you all, and THANKS, BE TO GOD!
Deb Dunham, Stewardship Chair
You can still make
your pledge!!
Papers are available in the
Parish Office and the Narthex.
Advent Prayer Partners
Sunday, November 16th
10:30 am – 2 pm
Once again this Advent we will be having the prayer
cards for the Parish family. On the two Sundays prior
to Advent 1 there will be a basket of Christmas cards in
the Narthex. If you choose, please take one, sign it and
place it in the box next to the basket. You can, of
course, supply one of your own. Please put an
identifying mark on the outside of the envelope so you
don't pick your own card.
Pizza and drink will be provided at 12 noon
for all participating.
We have 2 yards to rake this year! One, we
will rake at 10:30 am, have lunch at 12 noon On Saturday, Nov. 29 or Sunday, November 30, please
and then go back out to rake the other yard. We choose a card from the basket. Take this card home and
will carpool over from church. Bring your
during the Advent season pray for the person/family
rakes and gloves. If a child is under the age of
whose name is on the card. If you have any extra
8, we ask a parent to come along. This is a
Christmas cards you will not be using, please bring
great community service project!
them either to church over the next few weeks or to the
office at any time. Many people have enjoyed doing
See Rebecca Cherenzia for more info.
this activity during the time leading up to Christmas
and we want to keep the new tradition
В· 1 group will be baking Pies and breads for the
Thanksgiving Community Dinner.
See Liz Dobson for more info.
All ages welcome!
The Bake Girls
Book Sale Preview
We thought it might be fun this year to invite anyone to
join us in making recipes to sell at the Christmas
Bazaar Bake Sale. We will be in the church kitchen
making Swedish Pecans, Homemade Boursin, Hot and
Sweet Mustard Sauce and Toffee Bars - all Thursdays October 30th at 9AM, November 6th at 11AM, and
November 13th at 1PM.
Expanding the time for parishioners to browse our
thousand-plus book collection, the Christmas Bazaar
Book Sale Room will open early this year, on the eve of
the Bazaar, from 5 to 7 pm on Friday, December 5th
(This is a special preview for the Book Room ONLY,
not the rest of the Bazaar). Sorted into fiction and
various categories of non-fiction, the arrangement is
easy to shop and great bargains abound. It's a
wonderful place to get Christmas presents.
As Roger has already mentioned. We need cookies,
cookies, cookies for the original Christ Church Cookie
Swap on Sunday, December 7th after the 9 o'clock
If you are not a baker or would like to help us the day
of the sale or the swap, we could certainly use your
help. We will have sign-up sheets for all of this.
Everyone has always been so generous and thoughtful
with their baked goods and we are very grateful for
everything you do.
Thank you,
Janet Kitchen, Michi Matthews and Wendy Hyde
The gala atmosphere will be enhanced by
complimentary cheese and crackers, and a glass of
The Book Room will also be open on the two
Sundays following the Bazaar, December 7th and 14th,
right after the 9:00 service until 12:00 pm. This is a
convenient time to come down, talk about books, and
make some final purchases.
Richard Semeraro
Family & Youth Calendar for November
The Youth Group is collecting
this month to hand out to the needy on Saturday,
November 22 when they give out the blankets they are making. Donations can be brought to
the Resource Room.
Sunday, November 2nd
Youth Group 12 – 2 pm; Includes lunch by Peter and finishing up the fleece blankets.
Sunday, November 16th
Blessing of the OCC boxes and blankets during the 9:00 am service.
Rake’n’Bake (see flyer)
Saturday, November 22nd
Youth Group delivering socks and blankets with the
Mobile Loaves & Fishes Truck @ 10:00 am.
Sunday, November 23rd
Star Tree names will be available in the Parish Hall.
Sunday, November 30th
Christmas Pageant sign-up
The Living Supplies Closet, Inc.
Tuesdays: 2 pm—4 pm
Thursdays: 10 am—12 pm
Star Tree
Information will be available
in the Parish Hall beginning
Sunday, November 23rd.
Items needed: soap, deodorant, toilet paper, tissues,
dish soap, laundry soap, diapers, baby wipes,
paper towels, toothbrushes for adults and children,
toothpaste, and sanitary pads.
Local social workers share with us the gender,
age and Christmas wishes of a child in need.
The Closet will be closed Tuesday, November 11
and Thursday, November 27.
Cash donations are always welcome
All presents will be due back by Sunday,
December 14th so they can be distributed to
families in time for Christmas.
Our Annual
Christmas Bazaar
is fast
Saturday December 6th
This is Christ Church’s major fundraiser of the year
and a wonderful way for you to participate in our Christian community.
Please do!
Prepared Frozen Foods
Connie Annand
[email protected]
Calling all good cooks! We need your help by cooking up your favorite soups, sauces and casseroles that we can offer for
sale at the prepared food booth. Soups and sauces should be in plastic pint containers which can be obtained from the
church kitchen. Casseroles should serve either 2-4 or 4-6 portions. All foods should be labeled with date prepared, complete list of ingredients, and any cooking/reheating instructions. All prepared food must be frozen and can be dropped off
at the kitchen freezer any time during normal business hours.
Attic Treasures
Jane Abrams
[email protected]
China, Linens, Crystal, Framed Prints, Silver, Accessories, Small Furniture Pieces, etc. You know those real
“finds” that you no longer use or that you still have from cleaning out a relative’s home. No clothing please.
Bring your finds to the undercroft kitchen of the church after Halloween.
Tag Sale
Pam Scott
[email protected]
Good “stuff” that you would buy at a yard sale or sell at your own sale. No clothes, outdated exercise equipment, appliances, things with missing pieces, used candles - you get the picture! Please bring donations to the
undercroft kitchen soon after Halloween.
Richard Semeraro
[email protected]
Along with our usual book sale at the Christmas Bazaar, we will again have a special section of newer books
published in the last two or three years which we will sell for three to six dollars. Please comb your libraries
for such books (as well as older books in good condition, preferably dusted), and collect them to bring to the
Parish Hall and leave in the undercroft kitchen after Halloween, or under the stairs after Thanksgiving. There
will be a wine & cheese “opening” Friday evening, just for book browsers, from 5 – 7 p.m.
Pam Young
[email protected]
Homemade soups and bread, salad, dessert and beverage all for $10, served 11am-1pm. A child-friendly lunch
– a hot dog on a bun, chips, lemonade and cookies – will be available for $5. So bring your friends and your
children too!
Children’s Room
Lisa Kitchen
Emily Knowles
[email protected]
[email protected]
We have inexpensive gifts for children to purchase as gifts for family and friends -- children's gifts of toys, puzzles, games, hair accessories, etc.; mommy/grandma gifts of candles, lotions, knick-knacks, handkerchiefs;
daddy/grandpa gifts of key chains, playing cards, gadgets, tools, grooming accessories, etc." We need GIFTS for
MEN. We also need gift bags, ribbons, tape, and gift cards for children to wrap their presents to keep for Christmas. Any questions, please call us. Thank YOU in advance!
Jeanne MacLaughlin
[email protected]
Clean out your jewelry box and please send along matched earrings, watches, unbroken necklaces and bracelets.
Knitting Room
Andrea Scott Ram
[email protected]
All donations of knitted goods are most welcome. Currently, we have an abundance of scarves & baby hats.
Kindly bring your crafted knitted items to the Parish Office by November 16th so that they may be priced and
properly displayed. The Knitter's Group meets the 3rd Monday of the month. All are welcome!
Baked Goods
Wendy Hyde
Janet Kitchen
[email protected]
[email protected]
We are asking ALL members of the Christ Church community to participate in the Bazaar Bake Sale to the extent of their ability. This is a venue where we could generate a lot more $. We will be actively recruiting bakers
and have recipes to share if you like. Please leave contributions, wrapped and marked with name and full list of
ingredients in the church kitchen on Thursday, December 4th or Friday, December 5th. Cookies, Jams, Jellies,
Relish, Cookies, Biscotti, Granola, Breads, Cupcakes, Muffins, Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Fudge and Confections....and did we mention Cookies?!
Bobbie Allardyce
[email protected]
The crafters have been making wonderful Christmas decorations and gifts all year. We know many of you who
cannot come on Tuesdays (all are welcome!) have made fine hand-crafted items for our table in the past, and we
hope you will all consider making something to support our fundraiser.
Santa with his Elf, Poinsettias, Boxwood Tabletop Trees, Navajo Jewelry,
Fair-Trade Chocolate, Coffee and more
Be sure to COME, bring your friends, and SHOP!
Please save grocery or paper shopping bags,
to help people carry home their goodies.
With your help we will have another
beautiful and joyful and successful Christmas Bazaar.
November 2014
Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9 am - 4 pm
9:00 am HE
10:15 am S. School
11:00 am HE
12n - 2 pm
Youth Group
5 pm HE
8 pm AA
12n Alanon
6:30 pm AA
9:00 am HE
10:15 am S. School
11:00 am HE
1pm Crafter’s
2 - 4 pm Living
Supplies Closet
4 pm Kid’s Choir
12n Alanon
Office Closed
Veteran’s Day
6:30 pm AA
7 pm Property
17 Cornerstone due! 18
9:00 am HE
12n Alanon
10:15 am S. School
12n Knitter’s
11:00 am HE
12n - 2 pm
6:30 pm AA
23/30* 9:00 am HE 24
10:15 am S. School
11:00 am HE
Star Tree names
*Christmas Pageant
sign up
*Advent L & C
12n Alanon
6:30 pm AA
1pm Crafter’s
2 - 4 pm Living
Supplies Closet
4 pm Kid’s Choir
7 pm Vestry
7 pm Choir
7 am HE
10 am HE
10:30 am Bible Study
12n Alanon
6 pm AA
7 am HE
10 am HE
10:30 am Bible Study
12n Alanon
6 pm AA
9:30 - 3 pm LEM
8 pm AA
8 pm Alanon
9:30 am Finance
7 pm Choir
8 pm AA
8 pm Alanon
Community Dinner
12 - 2 pm
5 pm HE
8 pm AA
10 - 12 noon Living
Supplies Closet
Peace & Justice
9 am - 3 pm
5 pm HE
8 pm AA
8 pm AA
8 pm Alanon
7 am HE 13
10 am HE
10 - 12 noon Living
10:30 am Bible Study
Supplies Closet
12n Altar Guild
12n Alanon
7 pm Choir
6 pm AA
8 Diocesan Convention
10 - 12 noon Living
Supplies Closet
1pm Crafter’s
2 - 4 pm Living
Supplies Closet
4 pm Kid’s Choir
7 Diocesan Convention
7 am HE
10 am HE
10:30 am Bible Study
12n Alanon
6 pm AA
Youth Group
deliver socks &
blankets at 10 am
5 pm HE
8 pm AA
8 pm AA
8 pm Alanon
5 pm HE
8 pm AA
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