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The Parish News
From the Pastor’s Pen…
by Pastor Kristin Luana
Blessed are the peacemakers, for
they will be called children of God
(Matthew 5:9)
This year marks the 100th anniversary
of the start of WW I. In the summer of
1914, at the very beginning of the war,
the mood amongst the war entering
nations seemed pretty swell! “We’ll be
home by Christmas”, soldiers promised
when embarking on their journey to the
front. Author H.G. Wells captured a common sentiment of allied
leaders when calling WW I “the war to end all wars.” The idea
being that the allied forces would be able to quickly and
permanently destroy German militarism which was conceived to
be at the center of it all. Fact is, nationalism, militarism,
imperialism and arrogant underestimation of the enemy’s military
might were features most of the war entering powers had in
common. And, unfortunately, even after the war was over, with
more than 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians dead; with
the entire Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire wiped out
in genocide; with veteran’s bodies destroyed by poison gas and
their souls destroyed by shell shock, the attitude of nationalism,
militarism, imperialism, and arrogance maintained amongst the
leaders of the nations. Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, and the horrors
of WW II are the most nightmarish children of this culture of
perceived superiority of self.
Where are the peace makers in this world of self-centeredness
and hatred? They can be found amongst the soldiers. On
Christmas Day 1914, many spontaneous and unauthorized
truces were forged in the no man’s lands between the trenches of the Western front. Soldiers from Great Britain, Germany
and France exchanged Christmas greetings across the front. They
met for joint funeral services, soccer games, meals, and caroling.
Even in later years, when the war had revealed its utmost brutality, and the war leadership had sternly and strictly enforced the
no-fraternization policy; even then, some Christmas truces still
took place. To me, they symbolize the shining light of Christ in the
midst of great darkness.
Join your pastors and fellow parishioners for a screening of
“Joyeux Noel”, 2005, a Christmas truce movie in English,
French, and German (subtitled) by Christian Carion, PG 13.
Friday, November 28th, 7 pm @ St. Timothy’s.
Special Events - November
November 5th, 7-9 PM
St. Timothy’s Christmas Tea & Bazaar – join us as every year
for yummy food, great stuff to win and buy, and, most
importantly, great fellowship in Christ !
November 8th, 1 PM
St. Matthew’s - Word and Prayer (Sanan ja Rukouksen ilta) a Finnish event where people can share the word they have on
their hearts and sing hymns.
November 9th , 3 and 7 PM
Cambrian Open Studio, 93 Cedar Street
This year is a special year for Germany and the world: We
celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall between
East and West Germany. Sudbury German School and
Cambrian College honor the event with free screenings of the
German East-West movie “Good Bye, Lenin” (PG 13), followed
by panel discussions. The German Consul General, Walter
Stechel, will be present. Pastors Baumann, both of German
origin, cordially invite you to attend!
November 22, 10 AM – 12 PM
St. Matthew’s Christmas Tea - join us as every year for yummy
food, great stuff to win and buy, and, most importantly, great
fellowship in Christ!
November 25, 4:45 – 7 PM
Messy Church – United Church, Copper Cliff A Christian family
event with devotion, meal and crafts around the theme of Advent. Children, bring your parents!
November 28, 7 PM
Movie Night @ St. Timothy’s honoring the 100th anniversary
of the start of WW I. Join your fellow pastors and parishioners
and watch “Joyeux Noel”, (PG 13), a Christmas truce movie in
English, French and German (subtitled).
November 30, 7 PM
“Carol of Christmas” @ St. Matthew’s. A Christmas Cantata
by John W. Peterson – The Luther Bells & guests will gift us with
a memorable choir performance of the Christmas story and favourite Christmas carols. Do come early! Seating is limited!
“Discipleship is a lifelong, dynamic journey”. We can find some answers in discussion with fellow Christians through an Adult Christian Education group, such as the one we have at St. Timothy's on
Thursday evenings. We can be comfortable and not fear repercussions by asking questions and airing
our views.
Inga Nelson
Council Member
We also have ELCIC magazines available to read containing many ideas and suggestions on how to
St. Timothy’s
become more involved in our own “Adult Christian Education”. Our “Canada Lutheran” is one of those
magazines which prints many interesting articles and pictures of Lutheran congregations across Canada.
If you read the article written by Jackie Nunns, in the September issue, you may find that some of her ideas about adult learning
could be very effective and transforming.
This magazine gives me much “food for thought” as well as information about our ELCIC churches. The topics of discussion are
quite current and relevant to our times. I enjoy choosing articles for discussion at our LCW monthly meetings or for use at Hannah
Lake Bible Centre Wednesday evening English devotionals during the summer months. There are words of encouragement, advice
and hope, particularly helpful as we work towards a united congregation at St. Matthew's and St. Timothy's in the months and years
Our church orders five copies of the “Canada Lutheran” and places them in the entrance so members may take and read them
monthly and pass them on to others in our congregation as well. They are worth the read. We can also order your personal
magazine, delivered to your home. See our church secretary for ordering information.
It is often good to “look outside our box” and consider other ideas and formats to our Christian studies and discipleship. We may find
wonderful new ways to walk on the path that Jesus has made for us to follow.
“Canada Lutheran” might help to point us in a new direction.
Parish group participating in the What Would Luther Say ?
series of Christian Ed classes held at St. Timothy’s in October
Our next Christian Education course
is called "Worship Matters".
We will explore why we do what we do on
Sunday mornings together. This is a great
opportunity to deepen your worship
experience, and, who knows, maybe you'll
hear the call to become a worship helper
through learning more about the matter !
Join us at St. Matthew’s on Thursdays
@ 6:30 pm on:
January 15th, 22th and 29th
February 5th and 12th
Thank you !
Thank you Pastors and Parish
Council for all of your hard work
in planning and facilitating the
process of finding a path forward
for our congregations.
Rev. Christian Schweter
joining the Northern Area of our
synod on Nov 30th at St. Paul's in
For any of you that would like to
come to the celebration, please note
that his installation will be the same
day (Nov 30th) at 3 PM
Discernment Event - October 5th
Money, money, money….
As a church, it is very important to act out of a spirit of generosity, and not out of a spirit of scarcity. After all, God generously gives
us many gifts, most important of all the gift of grace and love which we shall freely share with others in our mission and ministry.
Money is one of the means with which we aim to do the work of a disciple of Christ here in our neighborhoods of Greater Sudbury.
However, it is also good to be aware of how we spend our money; if all of it is wisely spent; and if we are living within our means. To
find out if there are areas within the work of the church where money could be reasonably saved, we are asking your help: Everybody is engaged in a different aspect of the work of our church. From your perspective, be it on council, in worship, in education, in
administration, in music, in fellowship, or any other area of the church: Are you noticing unnecessary expenses? Or, do you have
ideas for raising money?
If so, please send an email to your church, or talk with any of the pastors.
Thank you !
Pastor Kristin Luana
St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
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St. Matthew’s News – November 2014
Council Corner
Participants at the Discernment Event chose three options for the
Parish churches; sell and build at Finlandia; sell and build at Hannah
Lake; or sell and buy an existing building to renovate. Representatives
from both Parishes will form two teams to make preparations for the
annual meetings in February, 2015.
The Wanup Chapel devotions and bible study will no longer take
place due to the passing of core members and very few participants. A
celebration of the chapel and stripping of the altar will take place in Dec.
Proceeds from the Bilingual Picnic at Hannah Lake in Sept. was
$397.55, which was sent to CLWR.
St. Matthew’s is attempting to update the six group lists. Please
check to see if your name is in included in one of the groups. If not,
please add your personal information on a sheet at the back of the
lists. The Pastors’ will announce when the lists are being circulated.
The Parish is now licenced to show movies at the Parish
churches. The first adult movie (age 13+), entitled �Joyeux Noel’, takes
place at 7 pm on Friday, Nov. 28 at St. Timothy’s.
The church and tree-decorating gathering takes place on Sat.
Nov. 29 at 4 pm at St. Matthew’s. A potluck dinner will follow
downstairs. You may bring hot or cold dishes. Families, their children
and grandchildren are all invited to come. A Christmas carol sing-along
will start at 6 pm. Everyone welcome!
The Luther Bells Cantata - 7 pm on Sun.Nov.30.
English Christmas worship service with communion - Wed.
Dec. 24 at 7:30 pm. (Please note only one service on Christmas Eve.)
The Samaritan’s Purse boxes are now available. Kindly return
every box to the church by November 16. If you are unable to package
the gifts for the children, please give them to the secretary Hilkka, along
with a $7. cheque to Samaritan’s Purse and she will assemble them.
The Parish Council meeting
on November 5 has been
cancelled. Next meeting is
December 3, 6:30 at
St. Matthews.
- 696.82
Meeri Nenonen 96 yrs
Susana Rasi 47 yrs
Eeva Helsten 77 yrs
Colton Robert Ryan Chevrette
Mark your Calendar !
The annual
Christmas Tea & Bazaar
will be held at
St. Matthew’s Lutheran
Church on Nov 22, 2014.
On September 27, 2014 I attended the “Congregational Treasurer Workshop” at Trinity Lutheran Church. Having never been to a workshop before I was very nervous going in, but Keith Myra, the Eastern Synod Treasurer quickly
put us all at ease.
Keith began the workshop with everyone introducing themselves. I soon realized that I was not the only treasurer that was new to the job. We covered a lot of topics in a short period of time including some forms, and he pointed out
some common mistakes that we all make.
On October 23, 2014 I attended the “Secretary’s Workshop” at the Synod office in Kitchener. Riitta Hepomäki
covered many subjects and gave us many tips that would help make our job easier. She also made sure we understood
that if we ever needed help with anything, the Synod office was only a phone call away.
During the workshop Riitta had some very special guests come and see us. Bishop Michael Pryse, National
Bishop Susan Johnson and Bishop Munib Younan who is the President of the Lutheran World Federation and the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.
Both of these workshops were extremely helpful, and I feel very lucky to have been able to attend.
Hilkka McDowell
Come one, come all!
The Christmas Tea at St.
Matthew’s Lutheran Church will be held
on Saturday, November 22nd from 10:00
to 12:00 noon. There will be a bake
sale, with Finnish pulla, piirakkas,
cakes, cookies and other goodies! The
craft room will be filled with wonderful
gift ideas for yourself and others. Hand-woven Finnish
mats will also be sold. The raffle tickets, at a cost of $2.00
each, will give you a chance to win one of three prizes: a
cash prize of $150.00, a three crock buffet slow cooker and
a $75.00 gift card to Canadian Tire. For $4.00, your entry
ticket will entitle you to enjoy coffee/tea, sandwiches, pulla
and cookies, and also to enter a draw for interesting door
prizes. All draws will be made at 12:00 noon.
We would appreciate donations of baked goods for
the sale, cookies for the tea tables, and items for the craft
sale. Whether you purchase tickets, attend the tea, do
handiwork for the craft sale or donate baked goods, your
support of this tea is greatly appreciated. If you can help
us on the day of the tea or have any questions, please
contact Diane Laamanen at 705-524-3743.
Up coming events
December 6 Finnish Independence Day
at Finlandia Voima Hall
December 7 Christmas Concert at
C.C. United Church
December 13 Kauneimat Joululaulut
December 14 Luther Bells Concert at
St. Timothy’s
December 14 German Christmas Service at
St. Matthew’s
December 19 Joint Bilingual Christmas
Celebration At Siion Church
December 22 Confirmation “Luther”
Movie Night at St. Timothy’s
December 24 Christmas Service at Finlandia
December 24 Family Service at St. Matthew’s
December 25 Christmas Morning Service
at St. Matthew’s
A Sunday school teacher asked her children as
they were on the way to church service, "And
why is it necessary to be quiet in church?"
One bright little girl replied, "Because people
are sleeping."
Warm up the North !
Please drop off all items for Foodbank
recipient’s Christmas presents by November 23
into the box downstairs at the church.
“A goat can help a little girl go to school. That’s what we learned in Sunday school!”
This might seem like a strange thing to say, but the Sunday School children will be collecting money during
the end of October and into November to help others in need. It may be a little thing to bring some change to
Sunday School collection, but we are learning that even little things can add up to big things. So how does a
goat help a little girl? A goat provides milk, which the children can drink, but excess milk they can also
sell. The money goes towards school fees. The fees pay for a child to go to school. Then when the goat has
kids, the family gives those babies to another family, and so on, and so on. So, if you see our colourful
collection box on the coffee tables, please think about putting in some spare change to help other families.
Paula Reynolds
St. Timothy's
Church Council
For October 14th
St. Timothy’s Finances
for September, 2014
By John Nelson
п‚· The Parish service and picnic was a huge success.
Bank Balance August 31, 2014
Over 100 people attended. The food was excellent.
The activities for the young and old were enjoyed by
п‚· The Suomi Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn
May 2015. A suggestion was made to hold a two day
conference. The theme will be decided at the next
п‚· A reminder to everyone that the coffee money collected
on November 2nd will go towards the Christian
Children's Fund. Your generosity is greatly
п‚· The Sunday School is promoting a project named
“Gifts from the Heart”. The plan is to send a letter to
Prime Minister Harper asking to bring the people out of
Syria. Your help is needed in this great cause.
п‚· An idea was brought forth to form two separate teams
to help with the following:
пѓ Ministry vision – uniting St. Timothy’s and
St. Matthew’s – where do we want to go?
пѓ Nitty Gritty – Administrative – Re-organization of the
churches into one. What are the requirements ? Jim
Krats and Inga Nelson have volunteered to sit on this
committee. More volunteers are needed. If you are
interested please let Cheryl know.
п‚· Daylight saving time ends on Nov. 2nd. Remember to
turn your clocks back one hour before going to bed
Sat. Evening. Don't be late for church !
п‚· Our next meeting is Nov. 11th, 2014
Wedding/Donated Items
GSU-Lighting Rebate
CCFC (Church Council)
Total September Income
GSU rebate will be used for other lighting improvements
Total as of September 30/14
Less September Expenses:
Bank Balance September 30, 2014
Memorial Fund
Year-to-date totals
$ (9,958.00)
Without the GSU Rebate, our September Loss is Actually $1,762.81
- which puts St. Timothy's $11,398 behind the Budget.
PAR - is a great way to contribute each month in supporting your
September Baptisms
Wednesday, November 5th,
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
TICKETS $ 3.00
Madison Elizabeth Lahti and Laurie Ann Hansen
LCW Notes
October 6th Meeting
By Peggy Kujala
п‚· Nine members attended our October meeting. We welcomed Jane
Ansamaa from St. Matthew’s as a new member.
 Twelve tie tack quilts and 32 “We Care Project “ kits were shipped to
Canadian Lutheran World Relief ( CLWR ) via Home Hardware who
provide free shipping for us.
 The Fall Northern Area Lutheran Women’s Gathering held at Trinity was
attended by four members. A motion was made and passed that we
donated $ 5000 to the ELCIC “ Women of Faith Fund “.
п‚· A short business meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 4th during a
break from bun making and our Christmas Tea set up.
In Memoriam
Ruth Ritari
October 12th, 2014 - 73 yrs
Messy Church hosted by St. Timothy’s on October 21st