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Current MUM - Montecito Union School

Montecito Union Monitor
January 5, 2015
Looking Ahead…
Special Board Meeting 3:30-5pm "
PTA Meeting room 8 8:40-10am"
Food Drive 8-8:45am"
Walk’nRoll 7:45am
Friday Flag Assembly 8:30-9am
Parent Ed. Series 6-7:40pm "
Dean of UCLA Graduate School of
Ed. and Info. Studies, Dr. Marcelo
Staff In-Service - NO SCHOOL
Bd. of Trustees Meeting 6-9pm "
Counselor Chat 8:30-9:30am"
Strings Recital 9:30-10:30am"
6th Grade Visit to SBJHS 9-10:30am"
PTA Meeting room 8 8:40-10am "
Walk’nRoll 7:45am
Friday Flag Assembly 8:30-9am"
Food Drive 8-8:45am"
Parent Ed. Book Club 8:40-9:40am"
Valentine’s Day Class Parties"
Lincoln’s Birthday - NO SCHOOL
President’s Day - NO SCHOOL
Bd. of Trustees Meeting 6-8pm"
Spanish Cultural Day
MUS GALA at the Coral Casino
Montecito Union Monitor
Montecito Union School PTA
A Legacy PTA est. 1924
A Letter from the President…
Happy New Year from MUS PTA! Whether you traveled to far
away lands during the winter break or stayed right here in our
own piece of paradise, I hope you all enjoyed fun times with
your friends and families. Now that we are rested, it’s time to get
back into the swing of things at MUS. There are lots of
activities, events and programs already in place for families
during these first two months of 2015. Look for more
information in this issue of the MUM and in upcoming issues to
learn about all of the MUS PTA-sponsored events."
Right out of the starting gate, we’re having our first PTA
meeting of the new calendar year this Thursday at 8:40am in
room 8. Please join us! Our monthly Food Drive is happening
the same morning, followed on Friday by Walk and Roll and a
Friday Flag Assembly. "
In February, our wonderful PTA room parents will help organize
fun classroom parties for students to celebrate Valentine’s
Day with their friends and classmates. Spanish Cultural Day
will take place on February 24th with a focus on the country of
Spain. Look for more details next month."
SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, February 28th, The MUS
Gala Viva Las Vegas will be held at the Coral Casino!!!
Plans are in high gear for this fun and exciting evening. So be
sure to purchase your tickets before they sell out! The gala is
our biggest fundraiser at MUS and we’ll need lots of help to
make it a successful event. If you are interested in being part of
the gala team, or would like to be an event sponsor or make a
donation, we appreciate and welcome your help at any level.
Please contact gala event co-chairs Mark and Mary Kirkhart for
more information. "
" Date change: we have rescheduled our Books for Bedtime
event. It will now be on March 25th. You can read more about it
in this issue of the MUM."
LETTER page 2
Montecito Union Monitor
January 5, 2015
LETTER (continued from page 1)
The Fall Book Fair, held in November, raised over $4,000 for the school library! Thank you to
everyone who shopped at the fair and to those who purchased books for classroom teachers as well. A big
“thanks” goes to Ashlee Mayfield and Wendi Mazza for all of their hard work to make this event a success. "
!Just a reminder that the MEF is continuing with its annual fundraising campaign.В The MEF and PTA
work in tandem to enrich our children’s educational experience at MUS. While the PTA sponsors a wide
variety of programs and events, the MEF extends the work of the PTA by providing financial resources for
major projects, academic programs and technology resources."
!Starting this month, there is a new column in the MUM, “Unsung Heroes”, dedicated to acknowledging
those individuals at MUS who go above and beyond to make our school the wonderful place that it is. Be
sure to read about who is being honored this month and you will doubtless agree this person certainly
deserves it. "
! always, feel free to contact me, or another PTA Board Member with any questions you may have about
PTA events and parent involvement at MUS."
!Best Wishes,
Dagny Dehlsen
2014-2015 MUS PTA President
Mom to Karleigh (6th grader in Mr. Morgan’s class) and Beck (9th grader at SBHS)
Auction Items and
Party Book Offers
If you haven’t heard already, the PTA is
looking for auction items for the Gala on
February 28th."
Would you consider donating a vacation
home, airline miles, professional services,
or any other auction item? Or maybe
host a party for the Party Book? We
would greatly appreciate it! "
Please contact Mary Kirkhart,
[email protected]
Montecito Union Monitor
Montecito Union Monitor
January 5, 2015
Unsung Heroes of MUS
The Montecito Union PTA is excited to announce a new monthly feature in this
!Unsung Heroes of MUS recognizes a teacher, staff member, parent or student who
has gone “above and beyond,” working behind the scenes to make a difference in
our school community. By honoring these special individuals in the MUM, we get
to publicly thank the “heroes” whose extra efforts make Montecito Union School
such an exceptional place of learning. "
!We don't think anyone will be surprised at our selection for this inaugural column.
He is one of the first to arrive on campus in the morning and one of the last to
leave. He puts in long hours on the weekend, and is the unquestionable “Go To
Guy” when it comes to anything to do with the MUS campus – from being a first
responder on safety and security issues, to dealing with the messy effects of an
unexpected rainstorm. He impresses us daily with his professionalism, competence, organizational abilities,
and positive attitude. We are excited to recognize Facilities Manager Jesse Landeros as January's Unsung
!Stepping in last year to replace our beloved “Scottie,” a longtime favorite on campus, Jesse had big shoes to
fill. But over the following months, Jesse won over our community with his amazing work ethic, ability to
pretty much do everything, and willingness to always lend a hand. MUS PTA President Dagny Dehlsen
sums it up, “Jesse is so organized and runs a great team. He is always available to talk about the needs of the
school, and does it all with a smile.”"
!Perhaps Jesse's biggest accomplishment has been his critical contribution to the “greening” of the MUS
campus. Under his leadership, the school has reduced the amount of waste going to landfill by over 70%!
He and his team have accomplished this with composting and recycling programs that are used at
lunchtime and school events. As we encourage our kids to become responsible stewards of the planet, it is
great to know that MUS is leading by example."
!Jesse is himself an alumnus of the Santa Barbara public school system and later graduated from Antioch
University. He has been married to his wife Ana for over twenty years, and is the proud father of two
“awesome” sons: recent college graduate Ryan (22) and college freshman Robbie (18). He also has two
canine daughters, Sadie and Sierra."
!Jesse is a major sports fan and loves hiking, mountain biking, and outdoor sports in general. He attends
many college and professional sports events, and follows the Dodgers, Lakers, and UCLA Bruins, among
others. "
!His special passion is coaching and mentoring youth. He is very involved in local soccer, is Vice Chairman
of the Santa Barbara Soccer Club, and coached the 18-and-under boys team (his son, Robbie was Captain)
to win the 2014 USA National Youth Championships – an amazing feat!"
!When reflecting on his position at MUS, Jesse's generous character shines through in his own words. “I am
privileged to see your children's smiles daily,” he says. “There is nothing better in the workplace than the
genuine, respectful, friendly and lively 'hellos' that I get from the kids as I walk through campus.” "
!Jesse, we are so grateful that you are part of our community, setting such a great example for everyone "
with your sense of teamwork, your work ethic, and your positive attitude. Thank You!"
Montecito Union Monitor
Montecito Union Monitor
January 5, 2015
Safety News
All are welcome at our Safety Committee meetings. Our next meeting is on Friday, January 23rd, 8:45 a.m.,
in the MUS staff lounge. Hope to see you there!"
!-Monica Hammonds, Dean of Students [email protected]
Drop off and Pick Up Reminders
!Traffic during drop off and pick up varies
day to day. Please be vigilant about safety. We want to keep all of
our MUS students, parents and cars out of harms way.
Drop off/pick up your child only with help from staff in a passenger loading zone"
your speed down when moving through the parking lots"
attention to what is going on around you. NO CELL PHONE USE"
вњ¦Be courteous"
вњ¦Arrive a few minutes early to avoid the rush"
✦Refrain from idling. Please turn your engine off while waiting during pick up time"
вњ¦If you need to park, only park in marked VISITOR spaces or at Lower or
Safety/Parking Reminder
We had one case this year where a parent parked in
the Fire Lane and it prohibited a Fire Truck from entering the parking lot during an
emergency, putting our children and staff in danger!
Support our teachers
Enrich our children’s
Contact Kate Murphy at
[email protected]"
We hope to see you at our next
meeting on Thursday, November 6
8:40am in Room 8
The PTA would like to
extend a Mustang Welcome
to a few new students!
Ryder Green- 4th
Heather Morales' class
Sebastian Hines- 4th
Rania Azzam's class
MUS Directory
If you did not receive your
directory or wish to purchase one,
please contact the Main Office.
MUM Submissions and photos should be sent to
Kathleen Kanerviko at
[email protected]!
Montecito Union Monitor
See the website for more information!
Montecito Union Monitor
January 5, 2015
As we welcome 2015 we hope you will take a moment to learn about the Board approved
Sustainability Plan mission. The Plan exists “to provide a framework that inspires and
educates the children and families of MUS to make a positive lasting impact on public
health and the environment while encouraging a lifelong commitment to environmental
stewardship.” Not a bad idea for all!"
The Green Team Meets Again
Old and new members reviewed the Board approved Sustainability Plan. The Plan is a living document like
the MUS Strategic Plan, and for that reason the Green Team membership plans to update it for 2015. If you
are interested in helping to sharpen the Plan with revisions, please join the effort by writing
[email protected]"
Success was in the bag….many MUS families participate in Bagstravagana
On November 14, in celebration of America Recycles Day, the MUS PTA witnessed the
community recycle and repurpose excess bags in a big way. Reusable bags were brought to
school in droves. There weren’t as many “fancy” bags as last year…but there were even
more turned in. Canvas, plastic, and paper bags were donated and there were over 200."
!The bag sorter’s favorite drop-off was the Snow White bag. It surely offered humor for
the day.
!As Phase 2 of the City of SB’s single use bag ordinance has gone in to effect. Now all
stores of any size that sell food are included in the law.В The Bagstravaganza collection
had big impact. The MUS bags were donated for the Community Environmental
Council’s (CEC) Where’s Your Bag? Program. CEC organized a bag giveaway with SB Channelkeeper in
December at Smart and Final to call attention to the uptick in average household waste during the
holidays. It is important to know that the waste generation is usually 25% higher than the rest of the year.
Reusable bags help to keep it down. At the giveaway, Bags were given to the needy and also forgetful folks
who were holiday shopping. The giveaway proved to be a great reminder to consumers to bring their own
bags and to be mindful about packaging and other forms of waste during holiday shopping."
A Winter Organic Garden
Will winter showers bring a big harvest in January? Broccoli, Swiss Chard, and lots of Lettuce have been
planted in the Organic Garden. Flowers were also planted. Pansies, delphiniums and snapdragons were
put in the moist earth. Don’t be surprised if you are gifted with a lovely bouquet in the coming months or
if your non-green eating children inquire about arugula or chard. Many thanks to regular Garden helpers
and the super harvester moms: Jo Day, new to MUS this year, and Erica Earle."
!Walk N’ Roll continues to stroll through Montecito neighborhoods !
December marked the 4th month this school year that the walking and rolling community turned out for
this cherished tradition. Parents all agree it is a terrific way to spend time with children and gather with
friends. If you are still compiling New Year’s resolutions, consider adding walking
and/or rolling to your list, and remember, car-pooling counts!!
!Meet at either Via Vai parking lot, Casa Dorinda or the corner of Sinaloa/San
Ysidro at 7:45am (departing at 8am) and Walk’nRoll. Coffee will be served. Bring
your own cup to keep it green! Contact Becca Pelto at [email protected]
with any questions or to volunteer.
Join us on 1/9 for another awesome Walk’nRoll! !
Montecito Union Monitor
Montecito Union Monitor
January 5, 2015
GREEN NEWS (continued from page 4)"
Montecito Beautification Day
We want to thank and applaud all of the MUS families who came out to help on Montecito Beautification
Day. These parents and children are stewards of our environment and are well aware that public service is
an important part of our children’s education. "
A big thank you to MUS community members who devoted a November Saturday to cheer our children’s
school for the Water Conservation Award. Continued kudos for cleaning up Montecito and making it an
even better place. Volunteerism is a common trait in our community and this year it appeared to be
executed family style. Thank you to the Brownells, the Dehlsens, the Feinbergs, the Fehrs, the Moros, the
Morouses, the Murphys, the Winstons, Mr. Ghersen, Boy Scout troop #33 and our Girl Scout troop. The
Green Committee appreciates all of the participation.
Foodbank News
75 families contributed 433 pounds of food at the November Food Drive
The next Food Drive will be on January 12. Food Drive volunteers will be in the
parking lots the morning of the drives to help collect your donations. "
of Santa
Barbara "
Contact Michelle Kelly at
[email protected] to help
Books for
date change!
March 25 6-7:30pm
Please join author Lee Wardlaw on March 25
in the MUS Auditorium as she shares her book,
Won Ton and Chopstick with students and families."
This is a fun evening event targeted mainly for
K-3 students, but all are invited. Students can
wear their pajamas and bring a pillow and
favorite stuffed animal if they’d like.
Montecito Union Monitor
Show some Mustang spirit with
Clothing and Gear!
Contact Lucia Engel at
[email protected]
Montecito Union Monitor
January 5, 2015
Mustang Money at Work
We donate money and volunteer hours as PTA members. The PTA Executive Board is
forever grateful for all support. Without the funds raised through our various fundraisers
and the endless hours donated by our dedicated PTA members, so many wonderful
enrichment programs would not be possible. Thank you! Our children thank you as
Lounge Fairies
Thank you to the First Grade Parent Volunteers who helped to feed our wonderful
Staff! The monthly treats are always enjoyed by the staff.
Book Fair
The MUS Annual Book Fair raised $4,200 for the library. Thank you Ashlee
Mayfield and Wendi Mazza for the many hours they spent organizing and running
the event. The MUS PTA would also like to thank the many volunteers who worked
the many shifts, helped with set-up and break-down. Thank you also to the many families
and staff members who supported the event. It was a success!
Boo S
Montecito Educational Foundation
Did you make your donation to the Pay It Forward Campaign through the Montecito Educational
Foundation (MEF) yet? These funds are used to maintain educational excellence by meeting the needs of
today, while embracing the challenges of tomorrow. The PTA and the Montecito Educational Foundation
work together to further enrich our children’s education at MUS. Any amount, LARGE or small helps
and they are hoping to get 100% participation. Let’s Pay It Forward!
Campus Fun
Turkey Trot
A huge thank you to all the Turkey runners.... Dr. Bruski, Mr. Ito, Mr. Linder
and 6th graders Nicholas Richmond, Olivia Powell, Patrick Lundgren and
Cameron Stone!"
Turkey Trot Winners:
1st Grade: Giselle Roden, Ellen Butler,
Haven Meyer and Andrew Fossum"
2nd Grade: Jenny Belton, Nicole Schuetz,
Kate Mazza, Oscar Seltzer and Kelham Wolf"
3rd Grade: Minnie Fehr, Caitlyn Early,
Sienna Boyce, Ford Harman, and Ben
4th Grade: Gigi Geyer, Stella Crawford,
Garo Nahabedian and Hudson Hatton"
5th Grade: Athena Bow-Graham, Alana Kinsella, Miles Sedlin, Griffin
Pieretti and Kealan Daly"
6th Grade: Grace Miller and Luke Williams
Montecito Union Monitor
Montecito Union Monitor
January 5, 2015
Notable News
Sebastian Ogle - Buddy Bench
If you haven't heard about the new Buddy Benches at MUS, ask
your child! When Sebastian was in 3rd grade (last year) at MUS,
he was inspired to help those students out who didn't seem to
have anyone to play with at recess.В He had heard about the
idea of a "Buddy Bench" that would help connect children with
friends. He came to the administration with his idea and his
parents (Elisabeth and Flint) generously offered to donate two
benches to the school.В "
Now that the benches have arrived and were installed over the
Thanksgiving break, students have started using these great
benches. Our 6th grade student leaders are traveling class-to-class to
do presentations on how to use them. Those students who are willing to be open to
making new friends sit on the bench as an open invitation to anyone looking to play.В Student leaders are
also on standby to monitor the use of these benches during recesses and continue to educate our
community on their use."
Camille Diehl - A Published Poet!
Last year, under the guidance of MUS PTA Sponsored Poet in Residence, Cristine Kravetz and her then
Third Grade teacher, Kathy Trent, Camille composed Clouds Can Be Heaven in memory of her father.
The poem was recently published in If the Sky Was My Heart, the California Poets in the Schools
Anthology. The annual publication showcases exemplary works composed by students throughout
California. Congratulations, Camille!
Clouds Can Be Heaven
Remember when you were a river.
You are bored of being a river, then you see
water drops getting sucked up. You close
your eyes, and when you finally open your eyes
You’re not bad, dark, bloody, injured.
You're white, healthy, happyflying because of the wind.
Montecito Union Monitor
After years you become a big cloud.
You see angels everywhere,
You see my father sitting there,
watching me write this poem.
Camille Diehl
Grade Three, Montecito Union School
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