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We have limited quantities of books that have a dented corner, bent cover, minor imperfections, or are
overstocked. We offer these books at reduced prices.
Dr. Neal Barnard
Table for Two
Joanne Stepaniak
It’s proven that 20 foods can actually
cause you to lose weight. Discover which
ones and how to prepare them - melt
pounds away deliciously - NA -176 pgs#330315s- -$12.95- $6.50
Tired of recipes with lots of leftovers, or
too overwhelmed to deal with recipes
for 4-6? Enjoy the pleasures of delicious,
home-style meals, even if you’re cooking
for two - NA -192 pgs- #670196s - $14.95
- $7.50
The 4-Ingredient Vegan
Tofu Cookery, rev.
Maribth Abrams with Anne
How to create scrumptious entrees,
salads, soups, side dishes, beverages,
and even desserts with just a few main
ingredients - four to be exact. Secrets for
creating great flavors, simple and easily,
with creative combinations of beans,
grains, veggies, and fruit. Also, tips on
how to use vegan convenience foods
that save time, provide lots of flavor, and
make nutritious, satisfying fare. NA - 128
pgs - #672323s - $14.95 - $7.50
The Great American Detox
Alex Jamieson
This 8-week program will guide you
through the process of ridding your
diet of animal products, sugar, caffeine,
and faux foods. By the vegan girlfriend
of Morgan Spurlock of “Super Size Me.”
With 100 recipes you can really live with.
304 pgs - #864845s - $15.95 - $5.00
Local Bounty
Devra Gartenstein
Make your vegan diet even more ecologically sustainable by using local produce.
The guide to cooking with regional fruits
and vegetables wherever you live - S, WF
- 192 pgs - #672194s - $17.95 - $9.00
The Native Foods Cookbook
Tanya Petrovna
From the popular chain of vegan restaurants in southern California. Tasty, satisfying, and hearty fare that even nonvegetarians are in love with. Highlights whole
grains and beans, fresh vegetables, meat
and cheese alternatives, and instructions
for making seitan at home – S, WF – 352
pgs - #300769s - $19.95 - $7.00
The Natural Vegan Kitchen
Christine Waltermyer
Blending the principles of macrobiotics
seamlessly with delicious, wholesome
recipes that have been taste-tested
by hundreds of students and clients.
Christine Waltermyer is the founder and
director of the Natural Kitchen Cooking
School in New York and New Jersey. 160
pgs - #672453s -$19.95 - $10.00
Sensuous Vegetarian Barbecue
V. Chelf & D. Biscotti
A hot and healthful collection of over
120 recipes, marinades, grilling tips,
bases for soups, salads, pizza, main and
side dishes, desserts- 218 pgs- #296136s
-$9.95 - $3.00
ed. by Louise Hagler
The most picturesque and popular
tofu cookbook on the market. With
over 24 new recipes - updated versions of others that reflect today’s
health consciousness. Color photos,
vegan recipes - NA - 160 pgs #990760s - $15.95 - $5.00
Tofu Quick & Easy
Louise Hagler
For any cook without a lot of time to
spare in the kitchen, over 150 recipes
from party dips to barbecue. Also a good
book for anyone new to tofu and vegetarian cooking. This new, expanded edition includes recipes for silken, flavored,
dried, and frozen tofu - S, WF, NA - 138
pgs -regularly - #671125s - $11.95 - $5.00
Vegan Bites
(Recipes for Singles)
Beverly Lynn Bennett
Perfect for students, singles, and couples
of any age, these recipes are designed
for everyday use, easily. The splashy
color layout makes it a fun and stimulating cookbook. - 168 pgs - #672217s
- $15.95 - $8.00
Vegan Deli
Joanne Stepaniak
From the celebrated author of The
Uncheese Cookbook come wholesome
ethnic fast foods that echo authentic
New York delicatessen flavor. Fresh and
marinated salads, tempting spreads,
tangy pickles, hot noodle dishes and casseroles, and soups of every ilk. - 192 pgs
- #671095s - $15.95 - $8.00
150 bright, bold, plant-based soul food
recipes. With suggested music and visuals for each recipe – Color photos, 252
pgs - #212289s - $18.95 - $9.00
Vegetarian No-Cholesterol
Barbeque Cookbook
K. Schumann & V. Messina
The guide to guiltless backyard cooking
with fabulous flavors. Not just for summer! - S, WF - 116 pgs - #111061s - $9.95
- $5.00
Venturesome Vegan Cooking
J.M. Kirsch & M. Hirsch
From the food editor for Associated
Press and a food industry specialist,
100 delicious recipes around the globe,
creative, adventurous, and simple to prepare. Color photos, 226 pgs - #841147s
- $19.95 - $9.00
Speed Vegan
Vive le Vegan!
Dreena Burton
Fast, easy
recipes with a
gourmet twist,
for when you
want something
a cut above the
standard quickto make vegan
dish. Enjoy Chef
Alan’s engaging, wry humor. – 192 pgs #672446s - $19.95 - $6.00
Sublime Restaurant Cookbook
From south Florida’s award winning
Sublime Restaurant - Asian, Latin, or
Mediterranean influences to more typical
American fare. For an adventurous foray
into fusion cuisine that titillates the taste
buds and is completely vegan - 128 pgs #672279s - $19.95 - $10.00
Author of The Everyday Vegan, Burton
uses simple methods and wholesome
ingredients to create delicious, easy recipes—many of them wheat free. Features
a great section on feeding your vegan
baby or toddler, info on hemp foods,
and extensive glossary – S, WF – 192 pgs
- #521695s - $22.95 - $7.00
for Healthy eating
American Harvest
The Good Breakfast Book
Nava Atlas
Nikki & David Goldbeck
Regional American favorites made with
fresh, wholesome ingredients ranging
from simple and earthy to exotic and
elegant. Decorated with Nava’s signature
artwork, recipes that are beautiful to read
and delicious to eat – E, D, S, WF – 208
pgs - #024302s - $11.95 - $6.00
NEW! Buddhist Peace
Pushpesh Pant
The Buddhist culinary repertoire is rich
and resplendent, from hot soups, crunchy
salads, and relishes to noodles, rice, and
curries from many cultures. This collection of vegetarian recipes offers a guideline for a simple cooking style that can
go a long way towards healing the body
and mind. 98 pgs – hrd-cvr - #363121s $15.95 - $8.00
The Cheese Course
Janet Fletcher
Suggestions for presentation and
more than 40 delectable recipes for
sweet and savory pairings – how to
make your cheese course a distinctive and memorable part of the
meal– E, D, S, WF – 108 pgs hrdcvr #825418s - $19.95 - $9.00
Cookin’ Southern,
Vegetarian Style
Ann Jackson
All the hominess of Southern cuisine with
a dose of healthful eating in vegetarian versions of standard favorites. With
humorous and poignant remembrances
of life in the South where the pace is
slow and friendly. -E, D, S, WF -192 pgs
#670927s -$12.95 - $6.50
Eat Well The YoChee Way
Nikki & David Goldbeck
How to make delicious yogurt cheese and
use it in more than 275 recipes - 309 pgs E, D, S, WF - #101094s - $18.95 - $9.50
Vegan Soul Kitchen
Bryant Terry
F A L L 2 0 1 3 - W I N T E R 2014
Foods That Cause You
to Lose Weight
the Mail order
Entertaining for a
Veggie Planet
Didi Emmons
The ultimate entertaining guide from
the chef of Veggie Planet restaurant in
Cambridge, Mass. With informative and
amusing bits of wisdom from Didi and
friends. E, S, D, WF - #104518s – $18.95
- $9.00
Flavors of the Southwest
Robert Oser
Southwestern cuisine has always embodied a fusion of regional styles. Now it
includes traditional vegetarian ingredients and exciting new flavors, with all the
zest the Southwest is so famous for: chili
and other favorite recipes - D, S, NA - 192
pgs- #670498s - $12.95 -$6.50
For the Love of Food
Jeanne Marie Martin
Martin’s 25 years of experience with vegetarian cuisine results in a complete guide,
over 500 recipes, sections on healthful
diet, cooking tips, an extensive glossary of
ingredients, and much more. E, D, S - 462
pgs hrdcvr - #470718s - $24.95 - $4.00
From a Traditional
Greek Kitchen
Aphrodite Polemis
The richness of naturally plant-based
Greek cuisine, along with health-conscious versions of all-time favorites such
as moussaka, stuffed grape leaves, imam
baildi, and more. E, D, S, WF – 192 pgs #990930s - $12.95 - $6.50
Ingredient Codes
Dairy Products
Nutritional Analyses
Sugar (all kinds)
White flour
Macrobiotic ingredients
From the authors of American
Wholefoods Cuisine, steeped with the
Goldbecks’ tips for morning repasts that
are quick or leisurely. Some vegan, kid
favorites, baked goods – 350 recipes, E, D,
S, WF – 220 pgs - #613846s - $9.95 - $5.00
Hindu Soul Recipes
Pushpesh Pant
A collection of the very best authentic
Indian recipes for health and happiness.
Extensive use of Indian dals, flours, and
produce makes it helpful to have an
Indian grocery nearby. E, D, S, WF - Color
photos – 96 pgs hdrcvr - #364128s $15.95 - $8.00
The Imus Ranch: Cooking for
Kids and Cowboys
Deirdre Imus
The Imus Ranch is a respite for children
suffering serious health problems or
emotional stress. Over 125 vegetarian
recipes typical of the nontoxic setting the
ranch – E, D, S, WF – 256 pages, full color #862265s - $18.95 - $7.00
Mollie Katzen’s Recipes:
Mollie Katzen
Forty-five recipes from Moosewood
Cookbook and Enchanted Broccoli Forest,
plus 5 new recipes from Mollie’s personal
collection, in a clever stand-up easel for
hands-free reading – 120 pages boxed #088794s - $14.95 - $6.00
Vegetarian Suppers from
Deborah Madison’s Kitchen
Deborah Madison
Solves the problem of what’s for dinner.
From hurry-up workday meals to more
leisurely fare for the weekend, an essential book for anyone who wants to learn
how to work more vegetarian meals into
the evening meal. Color photos - E, D, S,
WF – 240 pgs hrdcvr - #916271s - $27.50
- $10.00
Vegetarian Times
Jay Solomon
From Chinese New Year to
Caribbean barbecue, from a vegetarian wedding feast to Kwanzaa,
twenty-three delicious vegetarian menus with color photos, with
a “do-ahead” plan, hints and
tips. E, D, S, WF – 194 pgs hrdcvr #613244s - $27.50 - $6.00
What, No Meat?!
What To Do When Your Kid
Becomes a Vegetarian
DH Poneman & EA Greene
Trustworthy facts from leading medical associations, easy recipes, and
how to support your child’s choices
in a way that won’t make war at
meal times – E, D, S, WF – 232 pgs #225790s - $14.95 - $5.00
Wholefoods: With Recipes for
Health and Healing
Nicola Graimes
Mollie Katzen’s Recipes:
Mollie Katzen
50 salad and antipasto combinations
from Moosewood Kitchen and Enchanted
Broccoli Forest, including 5 new recipes.
In a compact stand-up easel format for
hands-free viewing while cooking. 120
pgs - #088787s - $14.95 - $7.00
Mollie Katzen’s Sunlight Café
Mollie Katzen
From the author of Moosewood Cookbook,
over 350 easy recipes for amazing sweets
and savories for breakfast or brunch: muffins, omelets, pancakes, protein bars, hashes
and much more. E, D, S, WF – 320 pgs hrdcvr - #862696s - $29.95 - $12.00
Quick & Easy Indian –Simply
ed. Neeta Datta
Published in India, this little book of
appetizers and main dishes from all over
India is a treasure for anyone wanting
to explore authentic recipes with Indian
ingredients. Even better if you have
access to an Indian grocery, especially
with Indian produce. Full-color photos - E,
D – 96 pgs - #367983s - $9.95 - $5.00
Bloomsbury Books
Great new ideas for vegetarian main
dishes and appetizers, with a continental
flair - 72 pgs - E, D, WF - #715577s - $$8.95
- $2.00
Vegetarian Cooking
Around the World
Tucked among some popular ethnic
cuisine are international dishes I’ve never
heard of before. A good addition for the
cookbook collector - color photos - E, D,
S, WF - 48 pgs - #596326s - $5.95 - $2.00
Vegetarian Revolution
Fantastic as an intro for new vegetarians
or a reference resource for experienced
ones. An extensive guide to ingredients
and 100 innovative recipes – lots of color
photos – 256 pgs hrdcvr - #818585s $24.95 - $9.00
Yoga Retreat
Faith Stone
& Rachael
From plain
and simple American favorites to exotic
Mediterranean and Indian-inspired
gourmet fare. Recipes for traditional
spice blends, such as garam masala, and
ghee, the clarified butter essential to
many Indian foods. E, D, S, WF - 256 pgs #671451s - $18.95 - $6.00
Being Vegan
Jo Stepaniak, MS Ed.
From the premier vegan cookbook
author and on-line columnist, a
definitive guide to veganism and
answers for the difficult questions
vegans face in a nonvegan world.
232 pgs - #303239s - $16.95 - $8.00
Becoming Vegan
Brenda Davis, R.D. & Vesanto
Melina, M.S., R.D.
The impact of veganism on health, the
environment, animal rights, and human
hunger; how to get enough protein and
calcium; what fats and carbohydrates are
best; The vegan diet for pregnant and
nursing wo-men, and children of all ages;
Con-suming a vegan diet in later years;
Vegan diets and eating disorders 224
pgs - #671036s - $17.95 - $5.00
Giorgio Cerquetti
A fascinting and fun look at the how’s and
why’s of vegetarianism – along with 108
delicious recipes from top veggie restaurants, spiritual leaders, famous vegetarians, and celebrities – E, D, S, WF – 258
pgs - #089004s - $14.95 - $5.00
Diet for a New America
John Robbins
The international best-seller documenting how a plant-based diet can help us
commit to the creation of a healthier
world, as well to our own well-being. 432
pgs - #811816s - $15.95 - $5.00
the Mail order
for Healthy eating
F A L L 2013 - W I N T E R 2014
The Essential
Guide to Raw
Vegan Diets
Brenda Davis,
RD, Vesanto
Melina, MS, RD,
Rynn Berry
The first authoritative look at the science
behind raw vegan diets. Nutrition guidelines for meeting recommended intakes,
the health benefits of raw diets, which
raw claims have scientific backing. With
over 45 recipes with nutritional analyses
– 384 pgs - #672385s - $24.95 - $10.00
We have limited quantities of books that have a dented
corner, bent cover, minor imperfections, or are overstocked. We offer these books at reduced prices.
Living in the Raw
The introduction highlights the healing
benefits of raw foods. Includes over 200
recipes for soups, desserts, smoothies,
even main dishes from raw foods - 314
pgs - #671486s - $19.95 -$10.00
Living in the Raw Gourmet
This book expands the selection of raw
dishes to include elegant and impressive
pates, breads, crackers, entrees and desserts. 320 pgs - #671761s - $19.95 - $10.00
Cool Coyote CafГ© Drinks
Celebrating Our Raw Nature
Mark Miller
Coolers, punches, lemonades,
smoothies and cocktails from the
famous Sante Fe eatery – D, WS –
128 pgs - #156548s - $14.95 - $6.00
An all-encompassing introduction
to a raw, vegan diet from raw food
expert and chef Dorit. Quick-andeasy recipes, liquid meals, dishes for
entertaining, and foods for children.
For the novice or expert. 224 pgs #672088s - $14.95 – $6.00
Hooked on Raw
In an imaginative and energetic
style, raw chef Rhio shares more
than 350 recipes for everything from
raw-food basics and ancient cultured foods to familiar salads, soups,
main dishes, and delicious desserts.
How to begin a raw food transition
that works for you - 365 pgs oversize
- #672507s - $29.95 - $10.00
A comprehensive look at how to
make a raw diet nutritionally sound,
from two well known experts, and
an accomplished raw chef . - 256
pgs - #671852s - $21.95 - $11.00
Raw for Dessert
Jennifer Cornbleet
The author of best-selling Raw Food
Made Easy brings her quick and easy
touch to delicious desserts, from luscious
fruits to sinful cakes, pies, custards, ice
creams, and candy. Make your sweet
treats from the best food on earth - 128
pgs - #672361s - $14.95 - $7.50
The Raw Gourmet
Nomi Shannon
Enjoy a refreshing new world of food
preparation that will make a raw gourmet of even the most die-hard baker,
broiler, and fryer. Boost your vitality without sacrificing taste with dozens of recipes from the exotic to the familiar – color
photos - 228 pgs oversize - #470483s
- $24.95 - $5.00
Steve Meyerowitz
Fasting on raw fruit and vegetable
juices, water, detoxification, weight
loss techniques, fasting while working, juice recipes, exercises, and
how to come off a fast safely - 168
pgs #736655s - $10.95 - $5.50
Juice Power
Teoorah B.N. Shaleahk
Here is a great collection of recipes that
will help boost energy, elevate mood,
increase stamina, relax nerves, improve
memory, and make children smile! NA 128 pgs - #671680s - $9.95 - $5.00
How to tap the
healing powers
of 72 natural
fruits, vegetables, herbs,
and seeds for
115 health conditions. With 196 quick
and delicious recipes for juices, teas,
nondairy milks, and other drinks, making
juicing fast and easy. 424 pgs - #66528Xs
- $14.00 - $7.00
The Art of the Bath
Susannah Marriott
Make your bath a ritual of pleasure
- creating essential items for your
luxurious bath, adding bath ingredients to suit your every need, and
bathing traditions – 96 pages hrdcvr
- #726199s - $12.95 - $3.00
The Chakra Deck Olivia H Miller
50 cards for promoting spiritual and
physical health by balancing vital
energy centers (chakras) through
yoga, meditation, and breathing
exercises. Learn how the seven major
chakras affect your overall health
and how to free them from blocked
energy. #841207s - $14.95 - $7.50
Lou Seibert Pappas
This beautiful little volume makes a
wonderful gift for biscotti eaters and
serious biscotti makers alike. Includes
the history of biscotti and biscottimaking tips – E, D, WF – 64 pages
hrdcvr - #800952s - $9.95 - $4.00
Terri Henry
If your taste in cookies runs toward
luscious squares you bake in a pan,
this little collection will make your
heart race – E, D, S, WF – 96 pgs #949016s - $6.95 - $3.00
Great Good Desserts Naturally!
Wonderful professional chef and
baker Fran Costigan. Fabulous
cakes, cookies, sauces, pies, puddings, and more - S, WF - 144 pgs
oversize - #310806s - $15.95 - $8.00
Gluten-Free French Desserts
and Baked Goods
Valerie Cupillard
The secrets for employing a wealth
of gluten-free ingredients that will
allow you to easily prepare tasty,
original baked goods that will
tempt your family and introduce
new flavors to your guests. Many
color photos - 144 pgs oversize #671876s - $24.95 - $6.00
Lickin’ the Beaters 2
Vegan Chocolate and Candy
Siue Moffat
Vegan versions of caramel corn, salt
water taffy, pralines, chocolate chip cookies, black forest cake, and fudges, as well
as flourless chocolate torte, chocolate
marshmallow almond pie, and much
more. Yum! S, WF – 168 pgs - #860092s $17.95 - $7.00
Luscious Chocolate Desserts
Lori Longbotham
Luscious, yes, they are! Equally luscious
color photos will let you feast with your
eyes before you dive into those scrumptious recipes. Not for the faint of heart.
From a former food editor for Gourmet
magazine. – E, D, S, WF - 144 pgs hrdcvr #835162s - $19.95 - $9.00
Ellen Abraham
Bob Schwiers
For anyone interested in making a
change to nutritious, wheat-free, dairyfree, refined sugar-free goodies. These
recipes are easy to follow, straight forward, and sinfully delicious! The Simple
Treats Brownie received the “Best of
Vegetarian” VegNews Choice award in
2002 for the nation’s top vegan brownie.
S, NA - 128 pgs – 671370s- $14.95 - $7.50
The Detox Box
A comprehensive detox program for
home. 64-page book on detoxification, 2
CDs on the medical science behind detoxing, and yoga sequences for detoxing,
and 70 flash cards to help you remember
the important elements while shopping
and going through your day. #791006s $19.95 - $10.00
Feng Shui Kit
Man-Ho Kwok
For centuries the Chinese have used feng
shui to create harmonious surroundings
for happiness, health, and wealth. Learn
how to arrange your home or office for
optimum feng shui. 112-page book, feng
shui compass, mirror, stickers- #830479s$29.95 $15.00
Petsa Kaffens
Kit includes toe separator, pumice stone,
clear nail polish, foot cream and a 30 pg
miniature guide to a five minute pedicure, and daily care.
- #736256s - $9.95 - $4.00
All About Glucosamine &
Fantastic Flax
Ray Sahelian, MD
The amazing healing properties of flax,
how to incorporate flax seeds and oil
into your daily diet, as well as recipes
for quick and easy breakfasts, lunches,
salads, and baked goods, E, D - 64 pgs - #
120001s - $11.95 - $5.00
How glucosamine and chondroitin relieve arthritis, injuries, and more
- 96 pgs - #298945s - $2.99 - $2.00
All About Green Food
Why you need green food supplements,
how much to take, more - 96 pgs #299631s - $2.99 - $2.00
All About Vitamin E
Jack Challem & Melissa Smith
Vitamin E’s effects on the heart, the
immune system, aging, and more - 96
pgs - #299410s - $2.99 - $2.00
Fran Costigan
Simple Treats
Alcohol-free natural beverages, sophisticated enough to substitute for cocktails
and other alcoholic party drinks - 64 pgs
- E, D, S - #996145s - $8.95 - $2.00
10am-5pm Central Mon-Fri
Estitta & Gary Bushkin, MS, CNC
Biscotti, Bars, and Brownies
Smart Drinks
Mark Hyman, MD
Juice Fasting & Detoxification
Raw Food Revolution Diet
Cherie Soria, Brenda Davis RD,
Melina Vesanto MS RD
Sweet Utopia
Sharon Valencik
Create the luscious flavors and familiar
textures of traditional desserts without
the use of eggs or dairy, perfect for
anyone allergic to dairy or eggs or lovers of sweets everywhere. A wide array
of goodies including cakes, cookies,
pies, puddings, and other treats and are
accompanied by over 130 full-color photos that provide inspiration and anticipation. - 192 pgs - # 672330s - $19.95
- $10.00
The Cancer Survivor’s Guide
Neal Barnard, MD
How a dietary change to a low-fat, plantbased diet can be beneficial to anyone
diagnosed with cancer - which foods
are best, simple, practical steps to take
to increase consumption of these foods.
256 pgs - #672255s - $19.95 - $10.00
Complete & Up-to-Date
Fat Book
Karen Bellerson
5th edition of the best-selling resource
on the fat content of more than 30,000
whole and prepared foods. From the
grocery store, to the restaurant, to your
table, this book covers it all – 894 pgs #332472s - $9.95 - $5.00
1st ed. #29561Xs - $5.95 - $1.50
Sigfried Gursche
Food Combining Made Easy
Herbert M Shelton
Shelton was the founder of the
natural hygiene movement and
the moving spirit behind modern
raw foodism. Information on the
processes of normal digestion and
examines why combinations of
acids, fats, starches, sugars, and
proteins disrupt these processes. 64
pgs - #672606s - $6.95 - $3.50
Fresh Vegetable and Fruit
Norman Walker, DSc
Why a lack of certain vitamins, minerals,
and salts is the basis of nearly every sickness and disease. Recommendations for
which fresh vegetable and fruit juices to
use, with the nutritional content of common fresh produce - 128 pgs - #190333s
- $9.95 - $5.00
Grape Cure
Johanna Brandt
This classic is still making its mark over
70 years since its debut. Author Johanna
Brandt shares a personal journey of living
with cancer and her discovery of how the
beneficial properties of grapes cured her
disease by refreshing and cell structures.
170 pgs - #999999s - $4.95 - $2.50
The Cure for Common and
Chronic Conditions
Health and
Healing with Bee Products
Phyllis I. Dales and Bruce Dales
C. Leigh Broadhurst PhD
Not only a prevention and cure for
urinary tract infections; also useful for
candidiasis, eye disorders, gout, incontinence, premenstrual syndrome, prostatitis, and other conditions. 64 pages
- #120070s $11.95 - $5.00
The ultimate “nutraceuticals.” Helps to
alleviate allergies, fatigue, high cholesterol, infertility, impotence, prostatitis,
and varicose veins, and aids recovery
from illness, surgery, and cancer. Propolis
is used as an antiseptic, antimicrobial
and detoxifier. Honey can help heal 30
different types of wounds and chronic
skin infections. 64 pages - # 120315s $11.95 - $5.00
Dr. McDougall’s Digestive
John A. McDougall, MD
Topics on intestinal health that are often
taboo in common conversation—with
a candid, often humorous look. Easy to
understand, this information will enable
you to make more informed medical decisions and wiser dietary choices. - 224 pgs
- #671842s - $19.95 - $10.00
The Sparks of Life
Anthony J. Cichoke, DC, PhD
The Healing Fruit
Harald W. Tietze
Wonderfully beneficial to the digestion
process and used to prevent, treat acne,
menstrual irregularities, cancer, arthritis,
low energy, fever, constipation, intestinal
parasites, heartburn, and many others. 64
pages photos - # 120056s - $11.95 - $5.00
Enzyme deficit can result in lack of
energy, metabolism disorders, poor
circulation, and lack of mental alertness. Practical information on enzymes,
enzyme-rich foods, supplements, and
easy tips to take charge of your life and
improve your daily food habits. D - 64
pgs - #120360s - $11.95 - $3.00
Power of Your Plate
Evening Primrose Oil
Soak Your Nuts:
Cleansing with Karyn
Nancy L. Morse
For hundreds of years, Native North
Americans used this ordinary little plant
with delicate yellow flowers to soothe
arthritis and skin ailments. Today it also
provides relief to millions with conditions such as: eczema, premenstrual
syndrome, menopause, depression, and
diabetic complications. 64 pages - #
120100s - $11.95 - $5.00
Dr. Neal Barnard
17 leading physicians give their recommendations for diet and lifestyle to protect you from the most common causes
of death and illness. - 240 pgs - #67003Xs
- $10.95 $5.50
Karyn Calabrese
Karyn has appeared on Oprah to talk
about how she used raw food and detoxification to heal herself of illness, fatigue,
and allergies. A 28-day program on how
to use a raw vegan diet, juicing, fasting,
and internal cleansing for health. 96 pgs #672644s - $16.95 - $8.00
Yeast Connection Handbook
William G. Crook, MD
How yeasts can make you feel sick all
over and the steps you need to take to
regain your health. How repeated antibiotics and yeast overgrowth may cause
fatigue, headache, depression, PMS,
sexual dysfunction, skin, digestive and
urinary problems, muscle pain, asthma,
ear problems, ADHD, and autism. 288
pgs - #470025s - $19.95 - $3.00
the Mail order
10am-5pm Central Mon-Fri
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corner, bent cover, minor imperfections, or are overstocked. We offer these books at reduced prices.
for Healthy eating
F A L L 2 0 1 3 - W I N T E R 2014
Healing Handbook Tara Ward
Jennie Harding
Understand the basics of aromatherapy and how essential oils and
relax, inspire, uplift, and revitalize.
How to use the 20 most popular
essential oils at home, in creams,
baths, and for massages – 128 pgs #832945s - $9.95 - $5.00
A range of tools for healing yourself, children and animals: chakras,
relaxation, releasing anger and
resentment, healing sanctuary,
sensitivity, intuition, absent healing—
pendulums, crystals, color, sound,
massage, and spirit guides. 384 pgs
- #821228s - $24.95 - $11.00
Aromatherapy: A Gaia Busy
Person’s Guide
The Healing Power of
Love & Intimacy
Sarah Dean
Dean Ornish, MD
How to make the healing powers
of essential plant essences work for
you, whether you need to relax or
reenergize. Simple tops, choosing
the right oil, and how to incorporate
into everyday life any time – color
photos – 144 pgs - #752127s $14.95 - $6.00
Audio edition of the National Public
Television series on how healthy
relationships benefit physical health.
With an exclusive 60-minute Q&A
session. 2 audio cassettes – 130 min #556158s - $17.95 - $2.00
Crystal, Colour, and Chakra
Sue and Simon Lilly
How to harness the transforming
powers of color, crystals, and your
body’s own subtle energies to
increase health and well being. 256
pgs - #776221s - $19.95 - $6.00
Heal Yourself with Crystals
Fred Saibil, MD
National expert Saibil explains signs
and symptoms, tests, diet, surgical
options, drugs and probiotics, travel
tips, and other self-help strategies;
plus children with IBS – 232 pgs #635438s - $19.95 - $6.00
NEW! The Garden Healer
Helen Farmer-Knowles
Whether your plants grow in pots on the
windowsill or in an abundant garden,
you can reawaken your connection with
nature and use plants for their healing
properties. Includes details of 50 plant
varieties with uses for healing, home,
and recipes. 144 pgs - #752794s - $17.95
- $6.00
Peter Jackson-Main
An explanation on how to use iridology
as a self diagnostic guide with dozens of
examples for comparison. Learn about
your particular constitution and how you
can avoid potential health problems with
lifestyle changes and herbal supplements.
128 pgs - #258743s - $17.95 - $8.00
Prescription for Natural
Cures, rev. ed
J. Balch, MD, M. Stengler, NMD,
R.Y.Balch, ND
Updated version of the self-care
guide for treating health problems
with natural remedies including diet,
nutrition, supplements, and other
holistic methods. 736 pgs oversize #891773s - $24.95 - $10.00
Hazel Raven
Easy-to-follow instructions for effective crystal therapy techniques to
ease 80 common conditions; physical conditions, emotions, and needs
for spiritual growth and healing, – full
color, 160 pgs - #812633s - $19.95
- $9.00
The IBS Breakthrough
Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative
Colitis, 2nd ed
NEW! Practical Iridology
Leigh Fortson
Healing irritable bowel syndrome for
good with ancient Chinese medicine. How to find a practitioner who
can use the combination of herbs,
acupuncture and mind/body technique that’s right for you. – 176 pgs
- #412626s - $15.95 - $3.00
Iridology Simplified
Bernard Jensen, D.C.
An introduction to the science of iridology—the analysis of the delicate
structures of the iris to reveal inflammation, where it is located and at
what stage it is manifesting—and
how essential vitamins and minerals
can help construct the tissues and
organs in question. 46 pgs, color
photos, #672705s - $8.95 - $4.50
Reclaiming Our Health
John Robbins
Why the polarization of conventional and
alternative health care raises the human
and financial costs of medical care; what
can be done to make American health
care more responsive to true healing - 432
pgs hrdcvr - #811693s - $24.00 - $4.00
Reflexology Massage
Monika Schaefer
Foot massage for overall health and balance. Preparations for a session, appropriate grips and techniques, zone-specific
and self-massages, plus wrap ups and
after-rest methods, as well as hand reflexology – color photos – 96 pgs - #747632s
- $9.95 - $5.00\
Sleep Better Naturally
Lisa Helmanis
A holistic plan for overcoming
insomnia, dietary factors, creating a
sleep-promoting environment, combating jetlag, mood swings, anxiety,
sleep apnea, and more – color photos – 160 pgs oversize - #322425s
- $16.95 - $6.00
Living with Lupis
Healing Cystals and
Dr. Flora Pescheck-Bohmer & Gisela
Over 140 stones from amethyst to
zircon, a comprehensive listing of
the therapeutic uses and healing
effects of the most important crystals and gemstones. 304 pgs hrdcvr
- #524429s - $24.95 - $12.00
NEW! The Heart of the
Buddha’s Path
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Based on talks given by the Dalai Lama in
London, this book outlines fundamentals
of the Buddha’s teaching, including an
extensive discourse on the Four Noble
Truths. A clear and simple description of
how to bring wisdom and compassion
into our daily lives. 240 pgs - #899111s $14.95 - $6.00
The Power of Now
Eckhart Tolle
Eckhart’s guide to spiritual transformation offers simple language with
a question and answer format. Go
from the space of your analytical
mind and ego, to one where you
will breathe lighter. HB190 pgs –
#311523s - $22.95 - $11.00
The Prophet
Kahlil Gibran
Perhaps the most famous work of
religious fiction of the 20th century
speaks to us of love and marriage,
joy and sorrow, reason and passion, beauty and death – 120 pgs
- #416937s - $14.95 - $6.00
Philippa Pigache
The different types of lupus and
what they affect, how they are
diagnosed and treated, what you
can do on your own to improve your
quality of life – 132 pgs - #699528s $12.95 - $5.00
Lose Weight, Have More
Energy & Be Happier in 10
Peter Glickman
The first major book written exclusively about the popular Master
Cleanse since it was developed
and published by Stanley Burroughs
in 1976. What it is, how to do it, and
answers to the most common questions from people on the Cleanse –
160 pgs - #572221s - $16.95 - $5.00
Nature’s Own Candida Cure
William G. Crook, MD
Learn about the relationship of
candida to chronic illness and ways
to control candida and regain lost
health. Lifestyle changes, dietary
guidelines, and nutritious recipes - 64
pg - D - #120025s - $11.95 - $6.00
All About Soy Isoflavones &
Women’s Health
Victoria Dolby, MPH
Answer to basic questions about
how soy isoflavones reduce symptoms of menopause and more - 96
pgs - #299402s - $2.99 - $2.00
Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book,
4th ed.
Susan Love, MD
NEW! The Herb Handbook
Lesley Bremness
Sujata Bristow
More than 100 essential herbs, with
detailed information on healing
properties, traditional uses, and
growing tips. Imaginative ideas for
using herbs to enhance daily life.
How prepare tinctures, poultices,
and infusions. 288 pgs - #837885s $14.99 - $5.00
An essential guide to growing, gathering,
and storing herbs, as well as uses and
preparations. Includes a directory of over
120 of the most popular or commonly
used herbs. 256 pgs - #239770s - $18.95
- $7.00
Flower Essences
Clare G. Harvey
Understand how to harness the
potent therapy of more than 25
flower essences from around the
world, in remedies, creams, and
spritzes – 128 pgs - #832934s - $9.95
- $5.00
Gingko Biloba
Lupis Handbook for Women
Becca Thomas
R Dibner, MD & C Colman
Understand the disease, its diagnosis,
and treatment. Why women are particularly vulnerable, how to understand
lupis tests, conventional and alternative
treatments, using stress control, diet and
exercise, and maintaining a normal sex
life – 176 pgs - #790315s - $11.00 - $5.00
Herbs and Health
Nicola Peterson
Safe, gentle remedies for colds,
coughs, warts, acne, rheumatism,
bruising, and other common ailments. Alphabetical glossary of
herbs and their medicine uses,
along with color drawings and
information on how to make herbal
preparations – 96 pgs hrdcvr #198031s - $16.95 - $6.00
Frank Murray
Herbal Teas
The powerful immune-stimulating
“living fossil” - 48 pgs - #836016s $3.95 - $2.50
C J Puotinen
A discussion of the most pleasant way to
take medicine
48 pgs -#83707s - $3.95 - $2.50
Ginseng Book Stephen Fuller,PhD
Which form to use and how much,
to deal with stress, degenerative
diseases, aging, wisely and safely 110 pgs #297205s - $8.95 - $4.50
Green Tea Book
L. Mitscher, PhD, & V. Dolby
How to use antioxidant-rich green
tea to prevent cancer, slow the
aging process, aid digestion, benefit women’s health, and even promote healthy teeth and gums! - 186
pgs - #298074s - $9.95 - $5.00
Healthy & Beautiful
with Tea Tree Oil
Heidelore Kluge
Tea tree oil fights fungus, bacteria, and
can help with muscle and joint pain.
Simple recipes that can be made at
home: bath oils, massage oils, cleansing
lotions, creams, rinses, inhalants, and
compresses. 104 pages - #330528s $9.95 - $3.00
NEW! The Herbal Healing
Jade Britton
An informative directory of herbs that
can be used to treat a wide range of
common ailments in gentle but effective
ways. Learn how to make your own healing tinctures, decoctions, infused oils,
ointments, creams, syrups, and vinegars.
226 pgs - #735166s - $19.95 - $8.00
Medicinal Mushrooms
Christopher Hobbs, LAc
A modern handbook for exploring and
understanding healing fungi in Eastern
and Western cultures. Complete information on more than 25 commonly used
varieties, brief descriptions of many others - 264 pgs - #671435s - $18.95 - $9.50
Siberian Ginseng
Dr. Betty Kamen
How to use the rejuvenating powers of an
ancient herb -26 pgs - #834854s - $3.95
- $2.50
Understand Back Flower
Stefan Ball
Pocket-sized guide to 38 Bach flower remedies, how they work, the link be-tween
physical and emotional health, how to
choose the right remedy – 64 pgs - #439039s
- $3.95 - $1.00
NEW! The Weiser Concise
Guide to Herbal Magick
Judith Hawkins-Tillirson
This guide offers herbal wisdom to
enhance both your magical work and
everyday life. A combination of lore and
practical instruction on classically magical plants such as mugwort, mandrake,
and nightshade, as well as more common
varieties such as olive, coconut, and palm.
128 pgs - #634118s - $12.95 - $6.00
Natural Pregnancy
Janet Balaskas
Earthly Bodies and Heavenly
Dina Falconi
Planning a Detox
How detox can help your personal relationships and home, how to plan a detox
session, and detox therapy for the mind
– many photos and illustrations – 96 pgs #672862s - $19.95 - 6.00
The Essential Herbs
One of the most complete and
trustworthy books ever published
on breast care by America’s most
prominent authority on women’s
health. Improved diagnostics,
prevention, therapies, and cutting edge treatments – 640 pgs #209732s - $22.50 - $7.00
Falconi has been crafting homemade bodycare products for over
10 years. In this book she reveals
her techniques and over 450 original personal care formulas. 230 pgs
– #101043s - $17.95 - $9.00
Our Bodies, Ourselves
for the New Century
A holistic guide to emotional and
physical well being. Includes illustrated guides for yoga, massage,
comfort positions, eating well, meditation and emotional growth, natural remedies for common ailments.
95 pgs -#793431s - $12.95 - $4.00
Boston Women’s Health Collective
Newly revised and updated edition of the
long-loved classic essential resource on
women’s health and sexuality - 780 pgs
oversize - #060749s - $24.00 - $10.00
Women’s Moods
Dr. D. Sichel & J. Driscoll
All about hormones, the brain, and
emotional health - dealing with depression and anxiety through nourishment,
understanding, rest, relaxation, spirituality, exercise - 372 pgs - #728524s - $14.00
- $4.00
Post-Pregnancy Pilates
Karrie Adamany
These time-saving mini-programs
will fit in between night feedings
and diaper changes to provide
the healing, toning, and energy
boosting that will make any mom
feel great. – 240 pgs - #33226Xs $18.95 - $6.00
the Mail order
for Healthy eating
F A L L 2013 - W I N T E R 2014
NEW! Crops in Pots
Rachelle Strauss
A guide to growing food in containers
for a successful home harvest. Advice on
which plants are best-suited to container
growing, as well as choosing containers,
seed selection, compost choices, planning layouts, and pest control. 256 pgs
- #867193s - $15.99 - $8.00
Laureen Rama
How to create a
beautiful, richly
varied urban yard
that contributes
to restoring the
natural ecosystem. Practical,
instructions for designing, maintenance,
water control, composting, soil science,
even growing vegetables. 240 pgs #716827k - $19.95 - $3.00
Field Guide to Produce
Aliza Green
How to identify, select, and prepare virtually every fruit and vegetable. With more
than 200 full-color photos, don’t be flummoxed ever again by that unusual fruit
or veggie in the supermarket or farmers’
market! – 320 pages pocket book-sized #686808s - $15.95 - $6.00
NEW! Growing Wild
Mushrooms: A Complete
Guide to Cultivating Edible &
Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
Bob Harris
A complete beginner’s guide to growing
mushrooms, with step-by-step instructions, drawings, and 16 full-color photographs. Offers an introduction to a wide
range of growing methods, including
indoor bottle gardens and compost gardens. 96 pgs - #510663s - $12.95 - $6.00
NEW! Grow Your Own
Miniature Roses
Rayford C. Reddell
Which varieties to select, how to prune
and harvest – with profiles of more than
50 different types. With color photos. – 96
pgs hrdcvr - #818446s - $14.95 - $7.00
Elizabeth & Crow Miller
A practical guide to natural management of garden pests—from borers and
nematodes to rabbits and deer. A Smith
& Hawkin guide. 108 pgs - #114017s $11.95 - $4.00
Urban Agriculture
David Tracey
How to become more self-sufficient in
your food choices by learning how to
grow food in your suburban lawn, the
roof of your condo, or in a vacant lot.
Ideas for windowsill and balcony gardening, edible landscaping, community
gardens and orchards, and how to get
great yields out of small spaces. 256 pgs #716940s - $21.95 - $8.00
The Urban Food Revolution
Peter Ladner
From commercial microgardening and
community composting to rebuilding
local food processing storage, and distribution systems—how to make local,
fresh, sustainable food affordable and
widely available. 204 pgs - #716834K $18.95 - $5.00
Water Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens
How to create beautiful fountains, ponds,
and streams, what materials you’ll need
and what climates are most suitable.
Descriptions and photos of common
water plants. – 144 pgs - #211769s $16.95 - $8.00
The Autism Book
An informative and user-friendly guide
to realizing both your own and your garden’s potential. Includes incentives for
growing your own vegetables, instructions on planning a garden, preparing
soil, choosing the best plants, organic
techniques, harvesting, and pest control.
Also includes a comprehensive directory
of vegetables, with advice on storage
and preparations. 256 pgs - #866950s $15.99 - $8.00
S.H. Robledo & D. Ham-Kucharski
Objective and compassionate
answers to parents’ most urgent
questions, as well as comprehensive
information on causes, diagnoses,
manifestations, treatment options,
issues with family life, education,
and more – 206 pgs - #332243s $14.95 - $6.00
Natural Alternatives to
Zoltan Rona MD
Peak Everything: Waking Up
to the Century of Declines
Richard Heinberg
Less oil, natural gas, coal, fresh
water, economic growth, minerals,
and harvests, with greater climate
stability. The personal, psychological, and cultural challenges we
face and how to overcome them
from one of the great thinkers in this
area – 224 pgs hrdcvr - #715981k $24.95 - $5.00
Ripples from the Zambezi
College Without High School
Blakes Boles
How independent teenagers can
leave high school to pursue lifechanging, confidence-building
adventures and still gain admission
to competitive 4-year colleges and
universities – 176 pgs -#716551k $16.95 - $3.00
Dan Chiras
A coherent plan to help anyone
with kids foster love of nature, the
value of environmental protection,
and inspire action. Stories of children
already making a difference, information on global warming, along
with positive solutions that children
will understand. 240 pgs - #715335k
- $17.95 - $3.00
Everyone Wins!, updated ed.
Josette & Ba Luvmour
Over 150 cooperative games and
activities selected to help resolve
conflict, build self-esteem, appreciate nature, laugh, be creative and
have more fun together! For families, camps, community gatherings,
church and anywhere kids congregate. 128 pgs - #715875s - $11.95
- $6.00
NEW! The Green Hour
A Daily Dose of Nature for
Happier, Healthier, Smarter
Todd Christopher
By the creator of the GreenHour.org, this
book is filled with activities designed to
encourage discovery, creative play, and
a wonder of nature. A wide range of
projects and science lessons as well as
practical advice for parents. 240 pgs #307564s - $17.95 - $7.00
ed. T. Grant & G. Littlejohn
A thorough and objective look
at natural alternatives to dangerous and questionable vaccines.
Become aware of the facts and
presents practical information on
safe alternatives for children. 64 pgs
- #120094s - $11.95 - $6.00
The Natural Approach to
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Ronald Hoffman, MD
Ranging from food or chemical
sensitivities and hypoglycemia to
specific nutritional deficiencies, the
underlying causes of ADD are complex, but they are responsive to a
wide variety of natural therapies –
48 pgs - #837799s - $3.95 - $2.00
Ernesto Sirolli
The Natural Child
The fascinating story of failures and
successes that led to Enterprise
Facilitation, a unique approach to
local economic development. How
to build enterprises with ordinary
people in unlikely places – 176 pgs #713970k - $14.95 – $3.00
Jan Hunt
Attachment parenting, a child-rearing
approach that allows your child to be
close to you until they have the confidence and experience to venture out
on their own; children reflect the treatment they receive. – 192 pgs - #714401s
- $14.95 - $7.50
10am-5pm Central Mon-Fri
Greening School Grounds
Rachelle Strauss
We have limited quantities of books that have a dented
corner, bent cover, minor imperfections, or are overstocked. We offer these books at reduced prices.
More than a dozen schoolyard habit
and garden options: rooftop, multicultural, desert, butterfly, ponds, prairies,
and more. How to raise funds for them,
minimize vandalism, outdoor activities,
resources for curriculum, and lists of
support organizations. 142 pgs oversize #714366k - $27.95 - $5.00
Sleeping Through the Night
Jodi Mindell, Ph.D.
Proven methods for teaching your
baby or toddler to fall asleep on their
own—and stay asleep. Includes starting
out with newborns, transitions from different sleeping arrangements, including
cosleeping, naps, twins and triplets – 370
pgs - #742569s - $14.95 -$6.00
Victory Over
ADHD, rev.
Deborah Merlin
Latest edition of
the best-selling
book from a parent
of twin boys with
ADHD on her odyssey of discovery of
the varied causes of
this difficult illness.
Natural health professionals offer alternative treatment methods with the best
chance of success – 224 pgs - #672347s
- $12.95 - $6.50
NEW! It’s a Jungle Out
52 Adventures for City Kids
Jennifer Ward
A compact guide offering 52 naturefocused explorations, adventures, observations, and games that can help you
and your child connect to nature while
living in the city. Ideal for children ages
4 to 8, organized by seasons, and offering options for both indoor and outdoor
activities. 172 pgs - #309087s - $14.00
- $6.00
Weapons of Mass Instruction
John Taylor Gatto
A schoolteacher’s journey through the
dark world of compulsory schooling.
Mechanisms of familiar schooling which
cripple imagination, discourage critical
thinking, and create a false view of learning as a by-product of rote-memorization
drills, revealing that the real function of
pedagogy is to render the common population manageable. Escape this trap. 192
pgs hrdcvr - #716315k - $24.95 - $5.00
Beginner’s Guide to Shiatsu
Patrick McCarty
Shiatsu—Live Better
Using Japanese finger pressure for the
relief of headaches, back pain, and
hypertension - 58 pgs - #296594s - $6.95
- $2.50
Chris Jarmey
NEW! Butterfly Tai Chi
Martin Faulks
In just ten minutes a day, you can practice the seven simple, elegant movements of Butterfly Tai Chi, which will
leave you feeling healthier and more
energized. This is a routine designed to
be performed anywhere, no matter how
limited the space. 64 pgs – #787196s $8.95 - $3.00
Susanne Franzen
Expert instruction and clear stepby-step color photography guide
you gently through each routine, to
improve mental and physical health
- 64 pgs - #813822s - $9.95 - $5.00
Tai Chi–Busy Person’s Guide
Chi Kung
Master K.Y. Wong
Many color photos guide you step-bystep through the 18 movements of Thai
Chi Chi Kung, or Shibashi. This book
combines benefits for both mental and
physical stamina and is good for all ages.
56 pgs – #760982s - $9.95 - $5.00
Massage in Minutes
Grace Wilson
Simple techniques for anyone to be
able to give a massage, anytime,
anywhere. Step-by-step instructions
for simple, relaxing massage for the
neck, back, legs, arms, feet, face,
and scalp. From the director of
spa training for the Chopra Center
for Wellness. 142 pgs - #346742s $15.95 - $6.00
Modern Reflexology
Cass & Janie Jackson
A great book for someone looking for
an easy-to-understand overview of what
reflexology is and what it does. An introduction to body systems – many photos
and illustrations – 96 pgs hrdcvr oversize
- #672870s - $19.95 - $7.00
Pilates for Beginners
Your Asthma-Free Child
Kellina Stewart
Dr. Richard Firshein
Hands-free, eye-level stand-up
book of 30 of the most popular
beginner and intermediate Pilates
exercises you can do at home,
without equipment - with many
color photos - 96 pgs oversize #39403Xs - $21.95 - $10.00
A proven program that combines traditional medical practices with alternative
therapeutic approaches in an easy-to-follow guide for parents. 160 pgs - #331425s
- $11.95 - $3.00
Release stress, ease injuries, relieve
ailments. The basics of shiatsu,
major techniques and sequences,
how to use it in your everyday life
for yourself and loved ones – 128
pgs - #832384s - $9.95 - $5.00
Tin-Yu Lam
Learn how to incorporate the ancient
practice of tai chi into your busy day,
whether at home, at work, or on the
move to improve stamina, balance, and
strength and improve mood – 144 pgs #752070s - $14.95 - $6.00
T’ai Chi for Beginners
Paul Crompton
A stand-up book for use at eye level for
beginning t’ai chi poses. Low- or highintensity sequences for any practice. 96
pgs - #558067s - $21.95 - $7.00
Tai Chi – Live Better
Ronnie Robinson
Breathing techniques, staying centered, and the popular Hand form.
A complete system of movements,
– 128 pgs - #832927s - $9.95 -$5.00
Understanding Massage
Eddie Caldwell
Pocket-sized guide to the various
types of massage, what conditions can be treated, and various
massage techniques – 64 pgs #739063s - $3.95 - $1.00
Understanding Shiatsu
Ian Macwhinnie
Pocket-sized guide to the principles of
shiatsu massage, how it works, and what
it can do for you – 64 pgs - #439107s $3.95 - $1.00
10am-5pm Central Mon-Fri
for Healthy eating
Anton Sinnha
Above All Be Kind
NEW! To Be of Use: The Seven Seeds of Meaningful Work
Aquarius Revisited
The form of yoga based on synchronized breathing through a
series of flowing poses, an abbreviated version of the Primary series,
4 sequences of 35 postures to
enhance strength, muscle tone,
and energy – 128 pgs - #711530s $7.95 - $5.00
Zoe Weil
Dave Smith
Solutions to the problems of apathy,
materialism, and dangerous peer
influences by teaching parents how
to raise children to humane in the
broadest sense, in all areas of their
lives—not just in their interpersonal
relations. How to instill respect, reverence, and responsibility – 272 pgs
- #714932s - $17.95 - $8.00
An inspiring memoir and manifesto by sustainable business pioneer Dave Smith
(cofounder of Smith & Hawken). Smith calls for a return to work with meaning that
enriches our own lives and the lives of others. A testament that businesses driven by
simple core values can help make the world a better place.
272 pgs - #314905s - $23.95 - $6.00
Peter Whitmer with Bruce
The Bathtub Yoga
& Relaxation Book
Marjorie Jaffe, Barbara Isenberg
Full color photos and illustrations on
each page, featuring yoga postures
for the 7 chakras and the sea creatures
associated with them. Also includes
breathing exercises, aromatherapy tips,
and meditations. color photos - 96 pgs #671281s - $19.95 - $5.00
A Cafecito Story
Julia Alvarez
A delightful story about how a small cup
of strong coffee teaches a visitor to the
Dominican Republic not only about the
questionable roll of coffee in Central
American society, but how to face life’s
challenges – 64 pgs hrdcvr - #498008s $14.95 - $7.50
Power Yoga for Beginners
Liz Lark
A stand-up book for use on the floor for
beginning astanga vinyasa poses. Short,
medium and longer sequences for any
practice. 96 pgs - #535415s - $21.95 $7.00
Understanding Yoga
Belinda Leith
Pocket-sized guide to the origins of this
ancient tradition, its relevance today,
how it works, and how to practice it – 64
pgs - #439322s - $3.95 - $1.00
Yoga for Beginners
M. Ansari & L. Lark
Beginner and intermediate positions,
breathing techniques, and meditation
in a stand-up book for keeping at eye
level or beside your exercise mat. Modifications for limited range of motion - 96
pgs- #736485s - $21.95 -$8.00
Yoga: Live Better
Tara Fraser
The key principles of hatha yoga: breathing, diet, and meditation, along with the
exercises. The benefits of yoga, step-bystep exercises, from simple postures to
sequences, plus full-color photo guide.
128 pgs hrdcvr #296641s - $12.95 - $5.00
Yoga: Poetry of the Body
Rodney Yee with Nina Zolotow
Yee’s highly popular and successful
approach to yoga - the physical and spiritual aspects, with more than 400 photos
taking students step-by-step through 8
different yoga practices and 45 of the
most basic yoga poses. 344 pgs oversize
#273312s - $21.95 - $10.00
F A L L 2 0 1 3 - W I N T E R 2014
Ashtanga Yoga
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NEW! Be The Change
Action and Reflection From
People Transforming Our
Interviews by Trenna Cormack
Stories of 28 pioneers, social entrepreneurs, activists, and campaigners working
in various fields and levels – from grassroots to global – to bring about positive
change. They share challenges and joys,
and show that a brighter future is not
only possible, it’s already emerging. 304
pgs - #521300s - $18.95 - $6.00
Creating a Life Together
Blissful Relaxation
Diana Leafe Christian
David Darling & The Atlantic Arts
A unique guide to launching and sustaining successful ecovillages and intentional
communities. The role of founders, the
need for vision documents, decisionmaking, legal options, buying and financing land, sustainable site design, group
process, and dealing with conflict. 272
pgs - #714711k - $22.95 - $5.00
A sonic massage for the mind, body
and soul. Instrumental works that
immerse the listener in an ambiance of relaxation, deep healing
and rejuvenation with clarinet,
guitar and soft percussion. 2-CD set
- #632962s - $14.95 - $8.00
Clean & Serene: Meditations
for the Bath
Melcher Media
As big as a bar of soap and waterproof, this little volume is ideal for
leaving on the side of your bathtub
so you can reach for it when you
need inspiration, visualization, and
meditations while you bathe – 164
pgs - #829731s - $7.95 - $3.00
Glow Guide: Meditation
McCloud & K. Greenberg
Even busy days are filled with small
opportunities for affirming, rejuvenating,
and relaxing meditations. More than 45
step-by-step ideas in the Glow Guide
show you how – 120 pgs - #838080s $12.95 - $3.00
Meditations for Women Who
Do Too Much, rev. ed.
Anne Wilson Schaef
Step back from overload and let sage
advice and inspiring thoughts help you
discover a much-deserved calm. This
updated edition is the perfect gift for any
of the work-, rush-, or careaholics in your
life. 400 pgs - #736240s - $12.95 - $5.00
Fostering Sustainable
D. McKenzie-Mohr & W. Smith
How to identify barriers to sustainable
behaviors, the strategies and methods
for community-based social marketing
to foster behavior change. For anyone
designing, implementing, and evaluating
public education programs – 176 pgs #714069k - $14.95 - $3.00
Alan Weisman
Sustainable development and appropriate technology in the planned Colombian
community of Gaviotas, a continuing success against political and environmental
odds, a UN model for the developing
world – 342 pgs - #132284s - $16.95 $8.00
Growing Eco-Communities
Jan Martin Bang
For anyone living in an intentional community or interested in their
evolution, the process of change
inevitable. Case studies
real-life communities facing change, and
the practical issues of flexibility, self-sufficiency, neighbors, technology, spirituality,
money, and more. – 240 pgs - #155970s
- $20.00 - $6.00
Secrets of Meditation
Philippa Faulks
Simple but effective techniques and
postures, symbols, mantras, and mudras
to focus the mind, how to use both sitting and moving meditations – with easy
illustrations – 64 pgs - #787042s - $8.95
- $4.00
Tibetan Buddhist Goddess
Four stunning three-dimensional altars,
each depicting a revered goddess:
White Tara, Vasudhara, Kurukulla, and
Vajrayogini. Brilliantly illustrated adaptations of thangka paintings, accompanied
by descriptions of the goddess and her
attributes as well as mantras for your
meditations. - #315383s - $23.95 - $9.00
Tibetan Sound Healing
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
Seven guided practices from Zen
Buddhism for clearing obstacles, accessing positive qualities, and uncovering
inherent wisdom – with meditation CD
– 104 pgs hrdcvr - #794271s - $19.95 $9.00
How Green Is Your City?
Warren Karlenzig
A quantitative ranking of America’s 50
largest cities overall based on climate
change policy, energy supply, green
building, planning and land use, air and
water quality, public transit, and what
policies each municipality has in place –
224 pgs - #715950k - $22.95 - $5.00
Making a Living While
Making a Difference, 2nd ed
Melissa Everett
How imaginative people have made
creative career choices and what they’ve
done to succeed. With a powerful 10-step
program covering your values and investigating career options to creating the
career of your dreams. 240 pgs - #714002s
- $17.95 - $8.00
The Making of an Elder
Theodore Roszak
Part demographic study, part history,
party critique, and party appeal. From
the author of The Making of the Counter
Culture, how the mover and shaker
boomers of the ’60s can continue to
uniquely transform our society. 318 pgs #716612k - $18.95 - $3.00
The Mediator’s Handbook,
3rd ed.
J.E. Beer with E. Stief
The time-tested invaluable resource
for people working in corporations,
government agencies, community
organizations, schools, or any other
situation where there is a need
to build bridges between diverse
perspectives – 176 pgs oversize #713598k - $24.95 - $5.00
A New Earth
Eckhart Tolle
How we have an opportunity to go beyond
our ego-based state of consciousness to
create a more loving world. Tolle’s detailed
guide for transcending an ego-driven mind
and experiencing who we really are – 336
pgs hrdcvr - #948025s - $24.95 - $8.00
The Power and Promise of
Humane Education
Zoe Weil
For Educators, activists, educational
reformers, and home-schooling parents
– how to instill values in an educational
environment that address suffering,
oppression, and destruction in our
society, and encourages reverence and
respect. – 190 pgs - #715122s - $15.95 $7.00
So, You Love Animals
Zoe Weil
Hundreds of fun and exciting games,
skits, experiments, and activities to teach
children about what is happening to animals in our world and become involved
in their protection. 192 pgs oversize #699013s - $14.95 - $7.50
Seven visionaries of the sixties counterculture who collaborated, competed, went to jail, fought against
an Establishment that fought back
just as hard, and reshaped America
– 304 pgs - #528564s - $13.95 $6.00
NEW! Bob Dylan in America
Sean Wilentz
Dylan’s music in the context of its
time, including early influences and
a critical appreciation of Dylan as
both a songwriter and performer
through the decades, told with the
skill of an eminent historian. 400 pgs
hrdcvr - #529884s - $28.95 - $8.00
Bob Marley: Spirit Dancer
B. Talamon & R. Steffens
A photographic and textual
meditation on the life of a legend.
Pictures from the last two years of
his life, along with Marley’s life from
a young boy to the magnetism
of his legacy – 160 pgs CD-sized #321738s - $13.00 - $4.50
Icons of Blues & Soul
ed by Henry Russell
More than 75 artists from Bessie Smith
and B.B. King to James Brown and
Whitney Houston. Brief but insightful
descriptions of their lives and accomplishments, along with black and
white portraits, a great gift for your
favorite blues enthusiast – 160 pgs #441437s - $11.95 - $6.00
John Lennon:
The New York Years
Bob Gruen
A day-to-day photo journal, and
extraordinary, intimate portrait by
John’s friend and personal photographer. Gruen’s personal stories of
the times surrounding these images,
many of them never seen before –
176 pgs oversize hrdcvr - #794321s
- $29.95 - $12.00
NEW! Life
Keith Richards
The bad boy of rock �n roll shares
the details of his life and claims that
he remembers all of it! 578 pgs hrdcvr - #034388s - $29.99 - $9.00
Sacred Buddhist Painting
This Land is Their Land
Anjan Chakraverty
Barbara Ehrenreich
The increasing tendency for Americans to
be a country divided, both economically
and ideologically, and Ehrenreich’s search
for common condition and collective
aspiration. 256 pgs - #514251s - $12.95
- $5.00
Thangka painting, a form of scroll
painting integral to Tibetan Buddhist
worship. Thangkas from collections
the world over are shown in vivid
color to depict archetypal Buddhist
images of good and evil. 136 pgs
hrdcvr - #360427s - $12.00 - $12.00
Uprooting Racism, revised
Spirit of Harlem
Paul Kivel
Greg Marberry & Michael
A supportive how-to designed
to help white people act on the
conviction that racism is wrong.
Affirmative action, immigration,
institutional racism, humor, political
correctness, and the meaning of
whiteness. Update to address the
new economy, anti-Arab attacks,
and more. 288 pgs - #714595k $18.95 - $3.00
More than fifty black-and-white
photographs and unforgettable
interviews capturing the heart and
soul of one of the world’s most
vibrant neighborhoods from the
1920s through the ’60s – 232 pgs hrdcvr - #504063s - $27.50 - $5.00
Win-Win Games for All Ages
An Unexpected Light: Travels
in Afghanistan
Josette & Ba Luvmour
Jason Elliot
40 fun and exciting all-new games help
appreciate the value of others’ contributions; 13 games focus on group problemsolving; and 3 weeklong exercises explore
trust building – 144 pgs - #714410s $14.95 - $7.00
The author reflects on the joys and
perils of passage and adds bits of
historical insight. This book is Elliot’s
heart felt look at Afghanistan and
the experience of travel itself.
470 pgs – #288468s - $18.00 - $6.00
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F A L L 2013 - W I N T E R 2014
Choose to Reuse
Nikki & David Goldbeck
More than 200 topics from air filters
to zippers and 2,000 resources to
help you reuse what you might
throw out - 456 pgs - #613862s $15.95 - $8.00
Clean & Green
Annie Berthold-Bond
New and traditional ideas for living free of hazardous household
products. Cleaners, scrubbers, mold
removers for all areas of your home
- 162 pgs - #101019s - $8.95 - $4.50
NEW! A Spring Without
How Colony Collapse
Disorder Has Endangered Our
Food Supply
Michael Schacker
Schacker investigates the case of the
missing bees in a cautionary tale that
melds science and politics. An examination of many theories on the cause of
Colony Collapse Disorder, including an
in-depth look at the insecticide IMD. 314
pgs - #214320s - $24.95 - $8.00
The Urban Food Revolution
Green Living
E Magazine
A handbook for living lightly on
the earth. Maintaining a healthy
home, planet-friendly car, going
organic, avoiding GMO food, making socially responsible investments,
using chemical-free personal care
products, and more – 336 pgs #285743s - $17.00 - $8.00
NEW! Keeping Bees
Pam Gregory & Claire Waring
Written by expert beekeepers, Keeping
Bees is an informative yet enjoyable
guide of beekeeping for beginners.
Includes an overview of bees and honey
throughout human history, a guide of
essential equipment and practices, and
an in-depth section on troubleshooting.
256 pgs - #869852s - $15.99 - $8.00
Naturally Clean
Peter Ladner
From commercial microgardening and
community composting to rebuilding
local food processing storage, and distribution systems—how to make local,
fresh, sustainable food affordable and
widely available. 204 pgs - #716834K $18.95 - $5.00
NEW! Water Crystals
Making the Quality of Water
Andreas Schulz
The quality of our water is becoming an
increasingly important issue. Through
crystal pictures, Schulz demonstrates that
water from different locations, treated in
different ways, has substantially different
characteristics. A unique insight into the
world of water, its life cycles, its natures
and structures. 192 pgs - #154867s $20.00 - $6.00
Jeffrey Hollender
The Seventh Generation guide to
safe and healthy, nontoxic cleaning. The dangers of traditional
cleaners and the health problems
they cause, as well as recommendations for safe options from over
300 natural and traditional cleaners. How to get additional information to safeguard your family’s
health. 224 pgs - #715483s - $15.95
- $8.00
Sacred Acts
Mallory McDuff
How churches are working to protect Earth’s climate, from enhancing community food security,
weatherizing congregations, cutting carbon emissions, and spearheading clean energy movements,
and playing a role in confronting
this moral imperative. 272 pgs #717008s - $17.95 - $5.00
The Wealth of Nature
Economics as if Survival Mattered
John Michael Greer
Choose the best hardware for you,
appliances to save you money,
protect electric shock, and much
more to create your perfect,
ecological kitchen. Revised and
expanded to include 30 new recycling designs -130 pgs oversize #613870s - $16.95 - $8.50
Book Lust To Go
Nancy Pearl
Recommended reading for travelers, vagabonds, and dreamers, paring great fiction and nonfiction with 120 destinations.
Whether you get ready to go there or just
dream about it, enjoy the literature of
place. 320 pgs - #616501s - $16.95 - $5.00
The Lacuna
Barbara Kingsolver
A classic Kingsolver epic of art and revolution that weaves together the peoples
and cultures of Mexico and the US in the
years right before and right after World
War II. 524 pgs hrdcvr - #852573s - $26.99
- $8.00
The Carbon-Free Home
Stephen & Rebekah Hren
Alternate Realities
How to reduce energy consumption, retrofit older homes to use
renewable resources, ideas for sustainable transportation and home
gardening. Great tips for renters
as well as homeowners. 284 pgs #392622s - $35.00 - $9.00
Bruce McCall
Consumer Guide to Home
Energy Savings, 9th ed
J.T. Amann, A. Wilson & K. Ackerly
Crafty Girl Accessories
Green Building Products
Four intricate and colorful designs
from Jewish marriage contracts
ranging from 1760 to 1867 drawn up
in Italy, Afghanistan, India and Iran.
5 each of 4 designs, with envelopes.
- #944536s - $14.95 - $7.50
Homeowner’s Guide to
Renewable Energy
Dan Chiras
Understand the different technologies and techniques, from solar
hot water and electricity to wood
heat and wind generation, hydro
to hydrogen. With lots of resource
listings. 352 pgs - #71536Xk - $27.95
- $5.00
Your guide for turning dull duds into
sparkly, spangly fashion masterpieces. Totes, jewelry, belts, slippers,
you name it. – 112 pgs - #831515s
- $12.95 - $4.00
Ketubbot: Traditions in
Judaic Ornamentation
Cool Stuff
Munjado Screen
Screen prints from the Korean
Choson dynasty. Four card
styles, each featuring two of the
Eight Confucian Virtues. Brotherly
Love & Filial Piety, Trust & Loyalty,
Righteousness & Propriety, and
Humility & Integrity. 20 cards #917889s - $14.95 - $7.50
Masters of the Stargates
James F. Jereb
Vibrant paintings depicting
Ganesh, Merlin, Quetzalcoatl,
Sekhmet, and Re. 10 cards
–#916343s - $9.95 - $5.00
Serious Nonsense
Lavishly illustrated and filled with
beautiful ideas, from elegant tapers
on the dining table to a cluster of
votives at the bathtub’s edge, to
transform everyday occurrences
into special occasions – 120 pgs
hrdcvr - #830721s - $19.95 - $9.00
From the National Lampoon and
New Yorker satirist and illustrator
Bruce McCall, ’30s- and ’40s-style
futuristic scenes of profound wackiness in 30 oversized postcards. #937073s - $9.95 - $5.00
Wild Foresting
Tree Houses
Alan Dregson & Duncan Taylor
Wild foresting is the practice of the
responsible use of forests, connecting
indigenous wisdom, global practices, and
cultural and biological diversity. A group
of forestry experts illustrate case studies
from around the world showing different wild foresting principles. 320 pgs #716162s - $24.95 – 12.00
NEW! A World Without
Allison Benjamin & Brian McCallum
An investigation of the plight of the
disappearing honeybee. The loss of the
honeybee would mean the end of agriculture as we know it, as a third of what we
eat is directly dependent on bees. This
book will enthrall readers and spur them
into action. 306 pgs hrd-cvr - #980652s $26.00 - $9.00
Living an adult’s ultimate fantasy,
20 tree houses and the people
who built them. Plans for building
your own. Many photos – 96 pgs #132853s - $16.95 - $7.00
Huichol Yarn Painting Jigsaw
Jigsaw puzzle reproduction of “The
Huichol Deities Teach Humans to
Honor the Sacred Seeds,” yarn
inlaid into beeswax on wooden
board by Gonzalo Hernandez
Carrillo (Mexican, b. 1960) 20 x 25
inches, 1,000 pieces. #941771S $17.95 - $9.00
Island of the Sun Offering
Cloth Puzzle
On display at the National Museum
of the American Indian. An Inka
offering cloth, probably from the
late eighteenth century Temple
of the Sun, Island of Koati, Lake
Titicaca. From the National Museum
of the American Indian. 20 x 25
inches, 1,000 pieces. #936506S
$17.95 - $9.00
Pinks Watercolor Floral Still
Life Puzzle
Artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh may
have been Scotland’s finest architect and
designer, in his own time and beyond.
This floral puzzle represents his impressive and beautiful works. 20 x 25 inches,
1,000 pieces. #93340XS - $17.95 - $9.00
Jennifer Traig
Two designs, “The Nature of
Technology” a vivid group of totem
like animals & “Family Spirit Portrait”
10 cards – #933035s - $9.95 - $5.00
Illuminations: Living by
Candlelight Arnold & Sullivan
David Pearson
Sophie Haynes
Gardian Spirits
Mark Wagner
Descriptions and manufacturer
contact info for more than 1,600
environmentally preferable products and materials, covering sitework to flooring and renewable
energy, with intro tips on what to
look for. One hundred new products in this edition. 382 pgs oversize
- #716001k - $37.95 - $5.00
Body Painting
How-to instructions and simple steps
for creating temporary body art;
25 designs, such as Celtic knots,
African geometry, East Asian and
Hawaiian – includes tattoo gel pens
and tips for making your art long
lasting – 96-pg booklet - #80489Xs $19.99 - $9.00
The comprehensive guide used by
state utility companies. Compare
technologies, repair and replacement options, equipment, and
learn how to check for purchase or
retrofit grants 256 pgs - #716025k $16.95 - $3.00
ed. A. Wilson & M. Piepkorn
From the National Lampoon and
New Yorker satirist and illustrator:
“ConEd Party,” “Silence (Screech,
Ka-Bang, Yudda-Yudda-Yudda),
Please,” “Gone Fishin’,” and
“Fastest Way Out of Town.” 5 each
of 4 designs, with envelopes. #93709Xs - $14.95 - $7.50
How an economy centered on the raw
materials that support human life can
protect the planet. Public policy initiatives
and personal choices that will help alleviate the impact of peak oil by protecting
public welfare, prioritizing sustainable
solutions, taxing nonrenewable resources,
and building economies of scale. 272 pgs
- #716735 - $18.95 - $5.00
The Smart Kitchen
David Goldbeck
Bruce McCall
Tibetan Rugs
Tibetan rugs are remarkable
for their strong use of color and
bold imagery. Thirty rugs in oversized postcards from the Newark
Museum in complex, colorful floral,
figurative, and geometric motifs.
#932993s - $9.95 - $5.00
Vegetable Kingdom
Charles Jones
Stunning black and white portraits
of vegetables in the studio, in an
early 1900s style. 20 notecards,
4 each of 5 images - #603029s $15.95 - $7.00
J. Traig & J. Balmain
Dozens of dazzling ideas for transforming the ordinary into the fabulous: picture frames, desk doo-dads,
window treatments, bed toppers,
and lamp lovelies – 120 pgs #829456s - $12.95 - $4.00
Get Your Crochet On: Fly
Tops & Funky Flavas
Afya Ibomu
A colorful collection of 30 original
crocheted tops and accessories for
men and women. Afya’s innovative
creations have adorned hip hop,
rap, and soul artists. With instructions
for learning how to crochet – 144
pgs - #589418s - $14.95 - $6.00
NEW! Handmade Home
Amanda Blake Soule
A book of 33 projects made by reusing
and repurposing materials, all of which
offer a practical use in the home. These
projects express a sense of how to live
a more simple life, lessen our impact on
the earth, and place value on handiwork
and a more traditional way of life. 206
pgs - #305959s - $21.95 - $8.00
Henna Body Art Kit
Mark Smith
64-page book on how to apply
henna, tube of ready-mixed henna
paste and 30 design transfers #716373s - $9.95 - $5.00
The Natural Knitter
Barbara Albright
How to choose, use, and knit natural fibers from alpaca to yak. Basic
info on the fibers themselves, and
20 projects from sweaters to bags
that feature natural fibers. 192 pgs
hrdcvr oversize - #053520s - $32.50
- $9.00
Origami: Rokoan Style #2
Masako Sakai & Michie Sahara
Learn the origami style of
Connecting Crane Art; making several crane images from one piece
of paper (similar concept to paper
doll chains, without the scissors). One
large piece of decorative origami
paper is included. HB, Color – 40 pgs
– #469327s - $24.95 - $7.00
Stitch Style Mittens
Ed. By Michelle Lo
20 fashion knit and crochet patterns from
lace fingerless gloves to cabled mittens
and textured arm warmers.
96 pgs - #404156s - $14.95 - $5.00