Spec Sheet - New Ulm Real Estate

In addition to meeting all of the academic requirements for admission to Mount
Royal University, applicants to the Bachelor of Applied Interior Design are evaluated
on a Directed Portfolio. The portfolio consists of a series of Abstract Compositions
(to be completed at home), and an In-person Discussion and a Still-life Drawing
exercise (done on-site at Mount Royal University). Specific requirements for the
Directed Portfolio are sent to each applicant who satisfies the general Mount Royal
University and Department of Interior Design academic entrance requirements.
The purpose of the Directed Portfolio is not necessarily to determine the level of
previously learned skills but rather to help determine a candidate’s potential for
success in the program.
Applicant anonymity and reviewer impartiality is very important to ensure our
process is fair and equitable. Therefore each part of the Directed Portfolio must be
identified ONLY with the STUDENT ID NUMBER assigned to you by Mount Royal
University. Any other identifying personal information must only be provided on the
separate Applicant Information Sheet provided.
Please submit the completed Abstract Compositions and the Iterations portions
of the Portfolio in a suitable mailing envelope (please do not fold the compositions).
Applicants are encouraged to retain a photocopy or scanned copy of your
compositions for your own records as the originals will become the property of
Mount Royal University and will not be returned.
The completed Applicant Information Sheet, Abstract Compositions, and
Iterations must be postmarked or hand-delivered by:
2:00 PM, Monday, March 31, 2014
The Department of Interior Design
Mount Royal University
Room N363, 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3E 6K6
A letter indicating admission status will be mailed to each applicant by the end of
May, 2014. It is important for applicants to understand that acceptance is for the
upcoming academic year beginning in September, 2014 and that the Department of
Interior Design does not permit deferred entry into the program.
Please read the following descriptions and instructions completely and carefully.
Applications that do not meet the requirements may not be considered.
Candidates are provided with a “kit” of 5½”x8½” paper (6 sheets of white, 6 sheets
of black, and 6 sheets of red). Take 3 sheets of each colour and put them aside to
use as “background” sheets. Take the remaining 3 sheets of each colour and cut
them into pieces based on the template provided (we recommend that you stack
sheets 3 high with the template sheet on top, then cut through the stack of sheets
along the template lines with a sturdy mat knife). The resulting geometric pieces will
be used to produce your compositions.
These cut out pieces are to be used to produce six separate abstract compositions.
Design each of the six compositions to express a different concept word:
On top of a sheet of background paper (your choice from the “background” sheets
you set aside), arrange a selection of geometric pieces (you may use as many or as
few pieces from as you like for each composition from the total you cut out earlier)
into a composition that you feel will visually communicate each word above. When
you are satisfied with your composition(s), glue each piece securely to the
background paper. On the back of each composition, clearly and legibly print the
word you are expressing in the composition, along with your Student ID Number
(do not print your name).
Place all of your compositions in a 9”x12” envelope for submission.
No, you may not use your own paper. Please use the paper provided.
No, you may not add additional paper or shapes. Please limit yourself to the
maximum number (pieces you cut out of the 9 sheets allotted for the purpose).
Yes, there will be 3 sheets of background paper left over after you complete the
Yes, you may use as many or as few pieces for each composition as you like (as
long as you don’t go over the maximum number of pieces.
Be careful with your “kit” as replacements will not be provided.
Reviewers will be looking for evidence of ability to translate written concepts into
visual language and basic aptitude with elements and principles of composition.
On an 8½” x 11” piece of paper (lined, gridded, or plain), candidates are asked to:
List twenty (20) different uses for a shovel that do not include
From the twenty, choose your favorite alternative use.
Candidates are encouraged to let ideas flow freely without judging whether the ideas
are good or bad. Reviewers will not be judging “quality” of the ideas.
Then, on as many separate 8½” x 11” pieces of paper as necessary (sketchbook or
drawing paper recommended):
Visually Communicate your chosen alternate in five (5) different
ways (no words or written language allowed).
How the idea is communicated is entirely up to the candidate. An applicant may use
any materials or media they choose to visually communicate or explain the use in
the five different ways.
On the back of each page, clearly and legibly print your Student ID Number (do
not print your name). The “list” and the “illustrations” should be stacked and
stapled together.
Reviewers will be looking for evidence of creative thinking.
There are two activities held at Mount Royal University that each candidate is
expected to participate in to be considered for admission into the Interior Design
Program. Applicants should expect to reserve about 1ВЅ hours for the on-site
Candidates should expect the on-site components to occur April 28 - May 5, 2014
and will take place in the Department of Interior Design, Room N363. Applicants
will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule the date and time of the
In some cases, candidates may be able to complete these activities remotely in
situations where significant distance is a factor (northern Alberta, out of province, or
out of country - scheduling conflicts are not considered). Candidates in remote areas
must have access to a telephone, an internet connection, and a scanner to
effectively participate. Please contact Sarah Block at [email protected] or 403-4405143 if you feel that you may be eligible for this type of arrangement.
After listening to a design-related audio presentation on-line, candidates will have an
opportunity to express their thoughts and discuss questions with two faculty
members. Each individual discussion will require 8-10 minutes.
Before coming to Mount Royal University for the discussion, candidates are
asked to listen to the pod-cast and prepare to talk about the subject of the
The Audio Presentation (Podcast: 99 Percent Invisible 50) can be found at:
Reviewers will be looking for evidence of critical thinking and clarity of
After the in-person discussion, candidates will have 30 minutes in studio to draw a
still-life composition. All materials necessary for the exercise will be provided (paper,
pencils, and erasers) although candidates may bring their own pencils or erasers if
they prefer. Please note that this will be a free-hand drawing exercise and no
straight-edges will be allowed.
Reviewers will be looking for evidence of drawing skill, graphic line quality, textural
variation, and light and shadow.
8 1/2”
5 1/2”
8 1/2”
5 1/2”
8 1/2”
5 1/2”