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2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
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2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
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2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
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Table of Contents
Areas Served
Chairman’s Letter
Board of Directors
The Power of Building Community
2003 Volunteer Advisors - Committees
Gifts Recieved 2003
2002-2003 Financial Report
VCCF Staff
President’s Letter
В© 2004 Ventura County Community Foundation
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 2
Areas Served: Bardsdale Bell Canyon Buckhorn
Camarillo Casitas Springs El Rio
Faria Beach Fillmore Foster Park
Hollywood Beach Hollywood by the Sea
La Conchita Lake Sherwood Leisure Village
Live Oaks Acres Lockwood Valley
Meiners Oaks Mira Monte Moorpark
Montalvo Mussel Shoals Newbury Park
Nyeland Acres Oak Park Oak View
Ojai Oxnard Pierpont Piru Port Hueneme
Point Mugu Santa Paula Santa Susana
Saticoy Seacliff Simi Valley Silver Strand
Solimar Beach Somis Thousand Oaks
Ventura Westlake Village Wheeler Springs
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 3
Chairman's Letter
he year 2003 was one of transition for the Ventura County Community Foundation. We adopted a new logo and visual
identity, added new programs and staff, and spent a great deal of time and care searching for Kate McLean’s successor as
President. The Board is pleased to welcome Hugh J. Ralston to the position, and looks forward to working with him as we
continue the Foundation’s important work in this community.
While transitional years can cause some turbulence, the Ventura County Community Foundation remains one of the
fastest growing of the more than 600 community foundations across the nation, and is highly regarded as a model for innovative
new programs. We are widely recognized for our vision of building community through philanthropy.
Despite economic hardships, a troubled political climate, and natural disasters in our own backyard, the Foundation
succeeded in engaging members of the community through the Civic Alliance; educating them in the Resource Center and
through our first Donor Education Forum; reaching endowment goals for Destino and the Women’s Legacy Fund; and providing
an astounding $2.1 million in grants and scholarships, more than in any year in our sixteen-year history.
Looking forward into 2004, I pledge, on behalf of the staff and board of this great organization, to redouble our efforts to
build philanthropy and community leadership in Ventura County. In this, my last year as Chairman for the Board of Directors,
I would like to thank my colleagues, especially those who have retired from the Board. Joe Brown, Dottie Loebl, Dick Shipley,
Danny Villanueva and Dave White have been a vital part of the success of this organization, and they will be missed. It has been
my privilege to work with such dedicated colleagues and a dynamic staff in our efforts to answer the needs and concerns of
Ventura County. I also offer my congratulations to Mary L. Schwabauer, who has been chosen as Chair Elect. I am certain that
she will serve this community with dedication and great leadership, helping the Ventura County Community Foundation to
harness the power of philanthropy.
For good. For ever.
William H Bang
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 4
2003 Board of Directors
entura County residents working together build a better community – that’s the vision of our Board of Directors. In assessing
the future of the community and meeting its most pressing needs, our Directors strike a balance between the present and the
future by ensuring that even as funds are applied to current needs, the resources of the community will continue to grow.
William H Bang
Ronald L. Hertel
William L. Hart, M.D.
Denis A. Dupuis
Henry L. “Hank” Lacayo
Wendy C. Lascher
Terri E. Lisagor
Timothy J. McCallion
Stacy A. Roscoe
Scott B. Samsky
Mary L. Schwabauer
Robin C. Woodworth
Sally S. Yount
The Community Foundation would also like to thank these retiring members of the Board for their many years of dedication and service.
Joseph P. Brown
Dorothy H. Loebl
Richard C. Shipley
Daniel D. Villanueva
Legal Counsel: Gary Arnold, Esq., Arnold, Bleuel, LaRochelle, Mathews & Zirbel, LLP
Dave O. White
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 5
Charts of Growth
n spite of the sluggish economy, our donors continue to support our vision, ensuring a healthy quality of life
today and for future generations. In the fiscal year ending September 30, 2003, our grantmaking, endowments
and assets continued to allow us to help our neighbors.
Total Endowment
Total Grants
Total Scholarships
Total Assets
VCCF remains enormously grateful to Haas Automation for its support in the design and production of this annual report, and, in particular, thanks to Eric Strunk.
This report would not be possible without their generosity.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 6
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 7
The Power of Building Community
uilding community is one of the oldest human endeavors, and one fraught
with both opportunity and challenge. The Ventura County Community
Foundation takes its name seriously because it includes the heart of our
mission -- building community -- and translates it to where we live and work.
Ventura County is a collection of communities: cities and towns and smaller
communities made up of nuclear and extended families, neighborhoods, religious
organizations, service clubs, nonprofit organizations, governmental and charitable
groups. Our communities reflect the ways in which we live and organize our lives,
how we create meaning and substance, and how we extend our personal beliefs and
forge human connections.
Ventura County is also a community at the crossroads of economic, social, and
political change. We are facing the increasing pressures of development, housing
affordability, density and traffic challenges, and a business climate whose fortunes are
not always tied to factors under our control. The proximity of our beautiful landscape
to nearby Los Angeles County, where 100,000 Ventura County residents commute
every day, often has a disquieting impact on our homes and our lives.
But there is hope, both in the power of people working together and in the
possibility that change can be positive. In that hope lies the Community Foundation’s
mission and our purpose: to harness the power of engagement, education, endowment,
grants, and scholarships. The Ventura County Community Foundation, founded in
1987, is over $40 million strong, engages hundreds of volunteers and advisors, gives
$2.1 million a year in grants, and works together to build community and strengthen the
communities where we live.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 8
We believe in building relationships between people,
engaging them in the issues and challenges
confronting our community and working together to
foster community leadership.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 9
he power of engagement is often the first step. The Community Foundation believes that through
discussion and dialogue, we understand better who we are, what we face and why it is important to
work together. By building relationships between people and engaging them in the issues and
challenges confronting our community, we can work together to foster community leadership and create
hope for the future. Last year, more than 200 Community Foundation volunteer advisors gave their time
and specific expertise in such diverse fields as health care, human services, grantmaking, scholarships,
and investment management.
The Ventura County Civic Alliance, a coalition of 50 civic leaders with a shared commitment to regional sustainability, is
only one example of the power of engagement. In helping to chart the County’s future, the Alliance addresses growth issues
and the balanced interplay between economic viability, environmental health, and social equity from a variety of perspectives
and viewpoints. Lyle Wray, who became director of the Alliance in June 2003, notes, “The Civic Alliance is a unique exercise in
regional leadership, building a broad based consensus on issues of regional importance, ensuring the diverse viewpoints are at
the table and are part of the solutions that are crafted by community leaders to address these challenges.”
estino, an endowment fund focusing on Latino
issues, is yet another example of community
engagement. In 2003, Destino secured a grant
from The California Endowment Focus Funders Program
to fund a health needs assessment of underserved
Latinos. The results, said Rigoberto Vargas, Ventura
County Public Health Chronic Disease Prevention
Administrator, “provide much-needed information on
improving the health and well-being of Latinos in
Ventura County.” The study, the first assessment of its
kind, explored key issues affecting the health of local
Latinos, and the results will be used to allocate resources
and plan services that address multi-cultural health
needs. Destino founder and grants committee member
Priscilla Herrera says, “The focus on Latino health is
extremely important. Destino’s healthcare grants
provide the assistance needed to meet the challenge
of improving the health of Latinos throughout
Ventura County. Destino is making a difference in
allocating resources to those programs that address
healthcare issues affecting Latinos.”
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 10
Community Profile of
Health & Human Services
In September of 2003, VCCF and United Way of
Ventura County hosted the launch of the online Profile of
Health & Human Services in Ventura County. The
profile, last updated in 1994, examines the social
condition, needs, resources, gaps and overlaps in the
health and human services arena and will provide an
ongoing access to the most current information that can
be used by public and nonprofit organizations for
program and funding development and resource
The profile was developed by a group of
organizations in Ventura County committed to
understanding the issues and needs of the County, and
finding new, targeted ways to address those needs. This
group included VCCF, Ventura County Human Services
Agency, United Way of Ventura County, Ventura County
Health Care Agency, Interface Children Family Services,
Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation, Center
for Excellence at California State University, Channel
Islands and California Lutheran University’s (CLU)
Center for Leadership and Values.
he Community Foundation’s Technical Advisory
Committee (TAC) was created to increase the
awareness and importance of philanthropy within
the professional advisor community of Ventura County.
Composed of seventeen highly respected and qualified
professional advisors in the county, TAC provides the
Community Foundation with expert advice regarding the
development of vehicles for charitable giving. In response
to committee chair J. Peter Wakeman’s $5000 challenge
grant, TAC recently expanded its role into grantmaking
as well. As Wakeman, an attorney in Thousand Oaks,
noted, “Committee members will be actively involved in
evaluating and selecting grant recipients, giving them
valuable insight into the pressing charitable needs of the
county. We are hopeful that this hands-on experience will
help us to advise more effectively our respective clients
about charitable giving opportunities in Ventura County.”
CLU’s Center for Leadership and Values hosts the
online database, and will meet quarterly with an
advisory committee comprising of representatives from
the sponsoring organizations to update, maintain and
enhance the quality and usability of the profile.
We invite you to use the information available at and partner with us in future
years to ensure the ongoing development of this living
document, designed to help agencies address the needs
of our community. For more information, contact us at
(805) 988-0196 or [email protected].
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 11
The Ventura County Civic Alliance Engaging the Community for our Future
he mission of the Ventura County Civic Alliance is to promote a healthy and
sustainable future for the Ventura County region. The Alliance is a coalition of
civic leaders with a shared commitment to bringing the economic, environmental,
and social equity interests of our region together to address priority community
issues, increase civic engagement and build community leadership. Funded by the
James Irvine Foundation, the Alliance is an initiative of the Community Foundation.
The Alliance holds a set of core beliefs and ideas that guide its actions in
pursuit of our Mission.
Stacy A. Roscoe, Chair
Civic Alliance
• Regional Sustainability: We are united in our belief in a regional
approach to long-range planning and public policy that balances the “3 Es” of a
sustainable community (economic viability, environmental health, and social equity).
• Boundary Crossing and Collaboration: We recognize the interconnectedness of
economic, environmental and social systems that cross political, geographic and
other boundaries. We aspire to create an inclusive, cohesive community through
partnership and collaboration.
• Community Building: We seek to strengthen and enhance existing leadership and
community building efforts, not to duplicate or supplant other initiatives.
• Open Dialogue: We engage in open, fact-based and honest dialogue that welcomes
diverse ideas and ideologies and supports civic engagement.
• Evenhanded: We are committed to conducting deliberations and making decisions
that fairly represent a diversity of perspectives and viewpoints. We are not
dominated by any single view or interest.
• Consensual decision-making: In our decision-making, we strive for group solidarity
on decisions that everyone understands, can support, or is willing to live with.
The first major effort of the Civic Alliance was the production of the State of the Region Report, detailing key facts
and information about Ventura County and indicators of our quality of life.
The Alliance will focus its 2004 activities on issues of growth and sustainability, starting with a review of city and
county plans and their parameters for growth and sustainability for Ventura County. Volunteers will review city,
county and other organizations’ documents to search for implications and trends. A report on findings and suggestions
for next steps will be presented in 2004. For more information on the Alliance, or the growth and sustainability project,
visit the Alliance’s Website at or contact VCCF at (805) 988-0196.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 12
2003 Volunteer Advisors - Committees
William L. Hart, M.D., Chair
William H Bang
Ronald L. Hertel
Scott B. Samsky
Richard C. Shipley
Board Development
Robin C. Woodworth, Chair
Ronald L. Hertel
Henry L. "Hank" Lacayo
Wendy Cole Lascher
Dorothy H. Loebl
Scott B. Samsky
Dave O. White
Charitable Gift Annuity
J. Peter Wakeman, Chair
Joseph P. Brown
William Fairfield
Pam Garvin
William L. Hart, M.D.
John Jacobs
Robert Katch
Scott B. Samsky
A. Charles Schultz
Denis A. Dupuis, Chair
William H Bang
Mario J. “Marty” de los Cobos
Dick Fausset
Michael Hoffman
Mary Kaiser
Florence LaManno
Timothy J. McCallion
Alfredo Plascencia
Terri Raley
Stephen Woodworth
Community Health
Partnership Grants
Karen Escalante Dalton
William L. Hart, M.D.
Rose Jeffery
Diane Jones
Dr. Dan Jordan
Dr. Tim Kuehnel, Ph.D.
Mark Lisagor, D.D.S.
Petra Luna
Charles Padilla
Beverly Viola
Community Profile of
Health & Human Services
Jerry Beckerman
Debbie Bergevin
Jeremy Brewer
Kristina Brook
Norma Camacho
Vicki Chandler
Monty W. Clark
Susan Englund
Barbara Fitzgerald
Paul Iannaccone
Dr. Dan Jordan
Paul Lorenz
Christy Madden
Townley Mailer
Terry Miller
Petra Nagerl
Cal Remington
Dr. Felipe O. Santana
Barbara Spraktes-Wilkins
Bruce Stenslie
Carol Sutherland
Elizabeth Trebow
Charles Watson
Dr. Charles Maxey, Dean, School
of Business, California Lutheran
Dr. Jamshid Damooei, Professor,
School of Business, California
Lutheran University
Community Response
Gary Cabriales
Tim Jones
Terri Lisagor
Maricela Morales
Patricia Paulucci
Stacy Roscoe
George Tillquist
Patty Waters
Destino: The Hispanic
Legacy Fund Grants
Manny Batule
Robert Cabral
Rudy Gonzales
Scott P. Hansen
Henry L. “Hank” Lacayo
Alice McGrath
Linda Ochoa
Jo Ann Olivares
Yolanda Plascencia
Sherry Villanueva
Destino: The Hispanic
Legacy Fund Vision
Henry L. “Hank” Lacayo, Chair
Robert Cabral
Marty de los Cobos
Jack Dickenson
John Dokken
Rudy Gonzales
Julie C.T. Hernandez
Priscilla Herrera
Sharon Hillbrant
Leah Lacayo
Alice McGrath
Kate McLean
Yolanda Plascencia
Mike Silacci
Danny Villanueva
Heritage Fund Vision
Jim Clark
Glywn Chase
Jeff Maulhardt
Mary Schwabauer
Investment Committee
Ronald L. Hertel, Chair
Denis A. Dupuis
Kurt Gustafson
William L. Hart, M.D.
Robert Katch
Anne D. McCallion
Richard Shipley
Pierre Tada
Presidential Search
William H Bang, Chair
Joseph P. Brown
Denis A. Dupuis
Wendy Cole Lascher
Richard C. Shipley
Alan Teague
Julie K. Drezner, Consultant
Program & Grants
William H Bang, Chair
Wendy Cole Lascher
Terri E. Lisagor
Dorothy H. Loebl
Stacy A. Roscoe
Mary Schwabauer
George Tillquist
Resource Center Advisory
Sally S. Yount, Chair
Fred Bauermeister
Sue Chadwick
Paul Engle
Gary Erickson
Pam Jolicoeur
John Katch
Sylvia Schnopp
Board Training
Development Committee
Sally Yount, Chair
Sue Chadwick
Carolyn Kopp
Harry Lee
Janet Nichol
Robin Woodworth
Resource Center
Norma Bishop
Laurie Borsecnik
Bill Buratto
Sue Chadwick
Carrie Collins
Jeff Conway
James Cordi
Paul Engle
Jay Grigsby
Gail Guglielmino
George Lauterbach
Judy Lazar
Jonathan Light
Francine Lis
Cal Locken
Jan Kern
Dr. Charles Maxey
Douglas McRae
Robert Mitchell
Dr. Susan Murphy
Patty Oertl
Warren Riley
Molly Rockey
Lisa Safaenili
Sylvia Schnopp
Lupe Solario
Arlene Stepputat
Ed Summers
Sally Yount
Strategic Planning
Joseph P. Brown, Chair
Gary Erickson
William L. Hart, M.D.
Robert Katch
Scott B. Samsky
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 13
Technical Advisory
Women’s Legacy Fund
Vision Committee
VCCF Technical
Compliance Committee
J. Peter Wakeman, Chair
A. Charles Schultz, Vice Chair
Scott B. Samsky, Board Liaison
Libby Barrabee
William Fairfield
Anthony P. Fowkes
Pamela Garvin
Peter Gerlach
John Jacobs
Susan Jacobson
L. Karsten Lundring
Kenneth Merideth
Michael Morgan
Midge Stork
Vickie L. Walluck
Jo Ann M. Wedding
Mark Winter
Gary L. Wolfe
Libby Barrabee
Kristina Brook
Gail Weller Brown
Bettina Chandler
Betsy Chess
Eloise Cohen
Rita Frayer
Rose Ward Jeffrey
Judy Lazar
Dorcas McFarlane
Barbara Meister
Julia Newman
Tina Rasnow
Pat Richards
Laurie Rozet
Nancy Stehle
Fran Targon
Mona Thompson
Barbara Thorpe
Susan Witting
Robin Woodworth
Joanie Young
Sally Yount
Paul Engle
Suzy Lesiak
Ted Jensen
Shelba Cole Robison
Berta Steele
George & Eleanor Tillquist
Bill Wakelee
Dick Weber
Diane Volz
Ken Gerhardt
Lucy Gerhardt
Madeline Hess, Chair
Tina Anderson
Cati Connell
Christina Everett
Michael Rafter
Margaret Seawell
Becky Schledorn
Tara Stivers
Shiela Vitelle
Jerry Westby
Ventura County Civic
Alliance Steering
Stacy Roscoe, Chair
Ron Bottorff, Vice Chair
Roma Armbrust
Janet Bergamo
Bill Buratto
Al Guilin
Pam Jolicoeur
Steve Kinney
David Maron
Kate McLean
Carmen Ramirez
Dave Smith
Women’s Legacy Fund
Grants Committee
Joanie Abou-Samra
Sherry Jean Cole
Diana Estes
Judy Frazier
Arlene Miro
Frances Prince
Barbara Thorpe
Joan Young
VCCF Application
Processing Committee
Ms. Jeanette (Jeannie) Beck
Gail Weller Brown
Ted Jensen
Doug & Ila Knight
Suzy Lesiak
Nancy Stehle
Bill Wakelee
Mr. & Mrs. Roger (Spike) Wilkins
VCCF Scholarship
Selection Committee
Madelene Batule
Paul Engle
Star Hunter
Suzy Lesiak
Frank Moraga
Carole Nelson
Shelba Cole Robison
Cliff Rodrigues
Kerry Roscoe
Mary Schwabauer
Berta Steele
Gregory Sawyer, Ph.D.
Eleanor Tillquist
Louise Hart
Merle Hails
Jane Montegine
Ray Campos
Emigdio Cordova
Yolanda Barretto-Flores
Lorene Leyva
Perry Lopez
Claudia Naranjo
Tamara Joy Cody Asher
Noelle Patricia Newton
Jodi Heather Newton Pennington
Kimberly Terranova
Mrs. Charles K. Gose
Gregory R. Gose
Kenna Gose
Ray Campos
Emigdio Cordova
Yolanda Barretto-Flores
Lorene Leyva
Perry Lopez
Claudia Naranjo
Mr. Gene Sharp
Gene Badstubner
Karen Birbeck
Barbara Hall
Mike Johnson
Pete Shedlosky
Robert Shirley
Lynda Bowman
Trish Cavanaugh
Barbara Fitzgerald
Carmen Flores
Gloria Lopez
Dr. Lyn MacConnaire
Larry Matheney
Julian McDonald
Doug Miller
Rhonda Neumann
Maria Older
Paulette Ozar
Sherri Sanchez
Bruce Spenslie
Charlene Turnbow
Bill Wakelee
Dan Wakelee
Julie Wakelee-Lynch
Marcia Wakelee
Bill Pellerin
Donna Pellerin
Richard Weber, Chair
Charles Weber
Gia Weber
Melissa Weber
William Weber
Tom Donahue
Karen Giroux
John Merrill
Cecil Preciado
Mariann Romero
Paul Royle
Catherine Sepulveda
Carol Jean Shilton
Emily Stenzel
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 14
We believe that education of donors, of nonprofit leaders and the wider
community enriches our community, and makes us better philanthropists.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 15
he power of education is an ever-present force in our lives. It brings not only knowledge, but also
perspective, understanding, appreciation, and a thirst for more. In educating our donors about the
capacity for change, and the ways in which philanthropy can be harnessed to make a specific and lasting
impact, we fulfill our mission to extend the footprint of philanthropy. In educating the leaders of our
nonprofit organizations, whose impact is over $1 billion in economic activity, we provide the tools and
resources to ensure that they are better able to weather tough times and challenges to their livelihood.
The Resource Center for Nonprofit Management was created in 1991 with the goal of meeting the training needs of
nonprofit organizations and institutions. It functions as the point of convergence for the county’s nonprofit sector, providing
information, technical training, and support at little or no cost. More than sixty workshops are offered annually, and include
certificate and college-credit courses. The Resource Center provides a library for research and development, electronic
databases, management consulting in the areas of board development, strategic planning, and retreat facilitation, as well as
needs assessment in the areas of health, children’s issues, human services, and education.
ach Spring, VCCF, with the assistance of the
service leadership program at Pepperdine
University, completes a needs assessment to
determine the training needs of the nonprofit
community. This training has led the Resource
Center for Nonprofit Management Advisory
Committee to create and implement many of the
workshops and seminars currently offered.
Last year, the assessment was completed and the call
by nonprofits for quality board members was heard.
The result was the creation of the newest workshop,
Board Excellence. This workshop trains new and
experienced board members alike on board roles and
responsibilites, individual board member rights and
duties, board/staff relationships and running
effective meetings and committees. For more
information on this workshop or any other workshop
offered by the Resource Center, please contact
Susan Seale at 805.988.0196 x. 10 or
e-mail [email protected].
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 16
Planned Giving/
Donor Philanthropy
The Community Foundation provides the flexibility to help
people meet a broad range of objectives through a variety of
vehicles. Our staff has broad expertise regarding community issues
and needs that we are happy to share. We welcome the opportunity
to work with you and your advisor to fulfill your charitable
objectives and community interests. If you would like to speak with
a Community Foundation representative about planned giving,
starting a fund, or grantmaking in Ventura County, please contact
Donor Relations at (805) 988-0196, ext. 28 or [email protected] to set up
an appointment.
Charitable Gift Annuity Service
for Area Nonprofits
The people in Ventura County care deeply about charity. The
extraordinary number of nonprofit organizations in our region
reflects that caring. Where does charity fit into estate planning?
A popular option for meeting your planning goals is the
charitable gift annuity. It is an attractive option for people who are
dependent on income from savings accounts, certificates of deposit,
bonds and money market funds. A charitable gift annuity offers a
steady income at a set rate in return for a charitable gift. The donor
also receives an immediate tax deduction for the charitable portion
of the gift. As the donor, you also get the satisfaction of knowing
that whatever remains from the original donation will stay with the
Foundation or be given to the charity of your choice where it will be
used to meet the most pressing needs of the community.
The Ventura County Community Foundation is now offering its
many friends, donors and associates the opportunity to establish a
charitable gift annuity to benefit any charity in Ventura County. To find
out more about this program, contact Donor Relations at (805) 988-0196.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 17
Donor Education Forums
The Community Foundation is committed to strengthening community participation in philanthropy to meet the
changing needs of Ventura County. We believe that an informed community will lead to an active community. To that end,
VCCF launched a series of Donor Education Forums in 2003 to:
• Increase donor engagement in the philanthropic process
• Increase informed philanthropy and grantmaking
• Educate donors about current trends, community and nonprofit needs and opportunities in Ventura County, and
• Highlight worthwhile grantmaking opportunities for Donor Advisors.
The first Donor Education Forum on the topic of Women and Economics in Ventura County was held in September,
following the conclusion of the Women’s Legacy Fund grant cycle. Representatives from the Ventura County Workforce
Investment Board, Many Mansions, the Ventura College Foundation and Women’s Economic Ventures spoke about work being
done in Ventura County to improve the economic outlook for women in our community.
In 2004, Donor Education Forums will be held in conjunction with each of VCCF’s major grantmaking cycles. If you would
like to be added to the mailing list for these events, please contact Donor Relations at (805) 988-1096, ext. 28 or [email protected].
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 18
We believe endowments provide a long-term source of grantmaking
and charitable investments for our donors. Well-managed by
professionals at a competitive cost, we preserve the power of
endowment for ever.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 19
he power of endowment is increasingly significant, because endowments can be destiny for many
nonprofit organizations. By providing both an anchor and a safe harbor during volatile economic
markets, endowments offer stability to important programs that serve so many. The power of endowment
allows us to preserve the best of what we have today for our children and for generations beyond.
The flexibility and convenience of Donor-Advised Funds allow individual donors to make a contribution in one fiscal year
and to recommend grants for many years to come. Field of Interest Funds give donors the option of building philanthropy in a
particular field, such as the arts, health care, education, or another area of interest. A large number of nonprofit agencies have
also placed their endowment funds with the Community Foundation, allowing them to build and protect the permanent
resources that enable them to provide important community programs.
Well-managed endowments are a hallmark of the Community Foundation’s partnership with its donors, for it is in
preserving this capital through times good and bad that we earn the right to work with donors in future years. The Community
Foundation’s team of experienced professionals actively monitors and oversees funds with integrity and accountability. Our
diversified and balanced portfolio provides steady capital appreciation and long-term income, and has resulted in strong longterm performance.
$500,000 Endowment Goals Reached
t has been a very successful year for the Women's Legacy
Fund and for Destino: The Hispanic Legacy Fund. Both
reached their $500,000 Endowment Goal for 2003. This
milestone ensures that a minimum of $25,000 in grants will be
available from each fund every year for grant making.
Since their inception, these funds have granted more than
$600,000 to 83 programs impacting nearly 20,000 youth and
adults in Ventura County.
Destino Founder Danny Villanueva has said of raising
endowment, “It is important to our community that we reach the
next level so we can effectively meet the needs of Ventura County.
We are within reaching distance of that goal, but we need
everyone’s help to get there.” Both Funds have set an
endowment goal of $1 million by December 31, 2004.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 20
Investment Performance
As good stewards of the community’s endowments, VCCF provides active monitoring and oversight of funds. The Board of
Directors has appointed an Investment Committee of directors and community leaders with experience and knowledge in the
investment world.
To ensure professional competence in the administration of the funds and to provide constant supervision and prompt
action as appropriate, an independent Investment Consultant has been engaged. VCCF’s Consultant assists the Committee in
the selection of independent Investment Managers and in the establishment of prudent investment objectives and asset
allocation guidelines. The Consultant also provides objective performance measurement and evaluation reporting for each
Investment Manager as well as for the total fund on a quarterly basis. Our diversified portfolio consists of equities and fixed
income securities in order to provide long-term growth within appropriate risk parameters.
VCCF Target Asset Allocation
We are pleased to share the investment performance of our Endowment Funds for the most recent quarter and one-, fiveand ten-year performance as of September 30, 2003, as well as the performance for our benchmark – the Manager Index.
Last Fiscal Year
5 Years (Annualized)
10 Years (Annualized)
Endowment Funds
Manager Index*
*Manager Index is composed of the Russell 3000/Lehman Bros Aggregate/MSCI EAFE as based on the actual allocation percentages of the portfolio.
In actual results, and compared to our benchmarks, the performance is strong in all periods. We continue to believe our
strategy of investing in a balanced and diversified portfolio will provide both capital appreciation and income over the long
term, a key goal supporting VCCF’s mission. For further information, call us or visit VCCF’s website at
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 21
Agency/Nonprofit Funds
The Ventura County Community Foundation has the unique ability to build assets for a charitable organization, and to
distribute funds annually to the nonprofit to meet its needs.
A number of organizations have placed their endowment funds with the Community Foundation as a means of
protecting and enhancing these charitable funds for the future. Endowment funds are particularly useful to organizations
whose contributions fluctuate with changing economic conditions. These funds demonstrate the organization’s security,
stability and long-range planning, and help fulfill its mission in perpetuity. The Community Foundation is pleased to partner
with these organizations in building and protecting permanent resources to support important community programs.
Endowed Agency Funds
Project Understanding Endowment Fund
Rio Mesa High School Athletics Booster Club Endowment Fund
Rotary Club of Ojai Educational Foundation Fund
Ruth T. & John V. Newman Endowment Fund (ICFS)
Samaritan Center of Simi Valley Permanent Endowment Fund
San Buenaventura Friends of the Library Endowment Fund
Santa Paula Memorial Hospital Endowment Fund
Santa Paula Rotary Scholarship Endowment
Senior Endowment Fund / City of San Buenaventura
Senior Nutrition Action Council Endowment Fund
Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Foundation Fund
Simi Valley Library Endowment Fund
Special Olympics Fund / City of San Buenaventura
Tina K. Reynolds Endowment Benefiting the Turning Point Foundation
Tri-Counties Easter Seal Society Endowment Fund
United Way of Ventura County Endowment Fund
Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation Endowment Fund
Ventura County Museum of History & Art Endowment Fund
Ventura Pier Fund / City of San Buenaventura
Westlake Village Rotary Club Foundation Fund
Women’s Advocacy Fund (ICFS)
Al Jalaty Youth Fund (ICFS)
Arts & Culture Endowment Fund for Ventura County
Aster Foundation Permanent Endowment Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Fund (Interface Children, Family Services- ICFS)
The Bike Fund (Ventura County Transportation Commission)
Blanchard Community Library Endowment Fund
Boy Scouts of America, Ventura County Council Endowment Fund
Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo Endowment Fund
Boys & Girls Club of Conejo & Las Virgines
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme Fund
Briggs Educational Foundation Endowment Fund
California Lutheran University Endowment Fund
Camarillo Hospice Endowment Fund
Camp Fire USA Ventura County Council Endowment
CAREGIVERS Endowment Fund
Carnegie Art Museum Cornerstones Endowment Fund
Casa Pacifica Endowment Fund
Church of Our Lady and All Angels Endowment Fund
Civic Arts Plaza Center for the Performing Arts Community/Education Endowment Fund
Civic Arts Plaza Center for the Performing Arts/ Fine Arts Programming Endowment Fund
Coalition To End Family Violence Endowment Fund
Conejo Valley Senior Concerns Endowment Fund
Discovery Center for Science/Technology Education Endowment Fund
F.O.O.D. Share Endowment Fund
Future Leaders of America Endowment Fund
Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County Endowment Fund
HART/Mutt Matchers Endowment Fund
HELP of Ojai Endowment Fund
INTERFACE: Children Family Services Endowment Fund (ICFS)
Interface Recognition Fund (ICFS)
Lagomarsino Endowment to Promote Healthy Families Fund (ICFS)
Laura Toomey Endowment for Symphonic Music Fund (New West Symphony)
Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association Endowment Fund
Long Term Care Ombudsman Fund
Mary Health of the Sick Convalescent Hospital Endowment Fund
New West Symphony Endowment Fund
New West Symphony Youth Music Endowment Fund
Ojai Education Foundation Fund
Ojai Festivals Endowment Fund
Ojai Valley Museum Endowment Fund
Agency Pass-Through Funds
Alcohol and Drug Pass Through Fund
Camarillo Health Care District Wellness Fund
Conejo Recreation and Park District Fund
County of Ventura Department of Mental Health Community Fund
Fillmore Education Fund
Moorpark Historical Society Museum Fund
Oxnard Economic Development Education Fund
Partners in Progress Fund / City of San Buenaventura
Pleasant Valley Recreation/ Park District Foundation Fund
R.A.I.N. Communities Fund
Regenerate Fund
San Buenaventura Friends of the Library Capital Improvement Pass-Through Fund
Thousand Oaks Arts Commission
Thousand Oaks Youth Commission Therapeutic Dance Fund
Ventura Community Park Fund
Ventura County Community College District Foundation Fund
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 22
Cornerstone Funds
The Cornerstone Project was
launched in 1997 to accelerate and
multiply the base of permanent
philanthropy in Ventura County. The
following funds were created through
the Cornerstone initiative and continue
to support all aspects of the
Community Foundation’s work in
Ventura County.
Community Response Funds
Earnings from Community Response Funds
address the most important issues facing Ventura
County. The flexibility of these funds offers the
Community Foundation an effective way to meet
donor interest while recognizing the changing needs
of the community. Contributions received, but not
earmarked for specific charitable purposes, go into
the Cornerstone Community Response Fund - a
general endowment to respond to programs that
make an investment in the community and improve
the lives of Ventura County Residents.
Cornerstone Community Response Fund
Gladys Daily Coffman Fund
Bernice Daily Gastl Fund
Nellie Daily Fund
Haas Automation Charitable Fund
Dominick and Bridget McGrath Fund
A.A. and Jeanne W. Milligan Fund
Ben E. and Joan H. Nordman Fund
Smith-Hobson Foundation Community Response Fund
VCCF Founders’ Fund
Cornerstone Administrative
Endowment Funds
The Community Foundation’s service to the
community has built a stronger community spirit,
fostering philanthropy and promoting partnering to
make Ventura County an even better place to live. The
administrative endowment is a basic underlying element
that fortifies and expands the Foundation’s current
efforts and provides funding to launch new initiatives.
Mary Ann and William Bang Cornerstone Fund
L. John Bernatz Charitable Cornerstone Fund
Lydia T. and Joseph Brown Cornerstone Fund
Otis and Bettina Chandler Fund
Designated Funds
Dennis Collins Administrative Endowment Fund
Robert Calder Davis, Jr. Cornerstone Fund
Mike A. DeLorenzo Fund
William A. and Cynthia D. Fairburn Jr. Memorial Fund
Haas VCCF Administrative Endowment Fund
Dr. and Mrs. William Hart Fund
Ronald and Carolyn Hertel Fund
Bertha Kunz Fund
Loebl Family Conrnerstone Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lueck Cornerstone Fund
Mahan Cornerstone Fund
McLean Cornerstone Fund
A.A. and Jeanne W. Milligan Fund
Marshall and Gretchen Milligan Fund
John V. and Ruth T. Newman Fund
J.M. Sharp Company Fund
Richard and Barbara Shipley Fund
Martin V. and Martha K. Smith Cornerstone Fund
Smith-Hobson Foundation Cornerstone Fund
Sunkist Centennial Fund
Teague-McKevett Fund
Dorcas Thille Fund
George and Eleanor Tillquist Cornerstone Fund
VCCF Administrative Endowment Fund
Dave O. and Leila M. White Cornerstone Fund
Esther Margaret Young Fund
Needs Assessment
Endowment Funds
Needs Assessment Funds provide funding to
gather, review and analyze input from the community
on pressing and current community needs, providing
the information necessary for the Community
Foundation, nonprofit organizations and funders to
develop programs and address community needs in a
focused, strategic fashion that will have a
measurable impact on the community.
William A. & Cynthia D. Fairburn, Jr. Memorial Fund
Resource Center for Nonprofit
Management Endowment Funds
Endowment Funds for the Resource Center
for Nonprofit Management ensure the continued
education and training programs of the Resource
Center, and, in turn, ensure the success of the
nonprofit organizations that rely on them.
Cornerstone Resource Center Endowment Fund
Haas Automation Seminars for Nonprofit Excellence
Joan Merritt Fund to Strengthen Ventura County Nonprofits
Midge and Dave Stork Resource Center Fund
Helen Yunker Collection for Nonprofit Research
Designated Funds allow donors to
specify which charitable organizations
they want to receive the eligible
distribution. The Community
Foundation monitors the performance
of the organization to make sure the
funds’ grants are being used as
intended by donors.
Endowed Designated Funds
Air Quality Improvement Fund (County of Ventura, Air
Pollution District)
George and Maria Theresa “Tessie” Bach Library
Fund (Port Hueneme Elementary School District)
James C. Basile Fund for Casa Pacifica
Jamie Burton Memorial Fund (Special Olympics)
Cal Poly SLO Agri-Business Department Fund
California Oil Museum Endowment Fund
Elsie J. Carr Memorial Fund (Multiple Charities)
Flight 261 Memorial Fund
Forum of the Arts Endowment Fund (Ventura County Museum
of History & Art)
Morris Friedell Fund (Alzheimer’s Association)
The Greenblatt Family Fund (Ventura County Mental Health)
James V. and Idah W. Iliff Scholarship Fund (Ventura
College Foundation)
JCB Fund for Abused Children (ICFS)
Ann Derby Joy Charitable Fund (Multiple Charities)
K-9 Foundation Fund (Oxnard Police Department)
Harry A. Lyon Youth Scholarship Fund (City of Ventura,
Recreation Department)
Ojai Valley School/Barbara Barnard Smith Fund
Strathearn Family Fund (Multiple Charities)
TEACH Fund (County of Ventura Public Social
Services Agency)
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Endowment Fund
VCMHA Smith Gallery Endowment Fund
Ventura County Library Endowment Fund
W.W.O. Memorial Fund (California Oil Museum)
Designated Pass-Through Funds
Bernice Klatt Fund
Wanda B. Pinta/HART Pass-Through Fund (HART)
St. Francis Dam Memorial Fund
Thousand Oaks Council on Aging Fund
Ventura County Air Improvement Fund
Ventura County Library Foundation Fund
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 23
Donor-Advised Funds
The flexibility and convenience of
Donor-Advised Funds help Ventura
County build philanthropy. A donor can
make a contribution in one fiscal year
and suggest grants for many years to
come. Anyone may establish a DonorAdvised Endowment Fund with a
minimum gift of $10,000. The donor
selects a name for the fund, may build
the fund at any time, takes a tax
deduction and can recommend
disbursements for charitable purposes of
all of the eligible earnings.
Endowed Donor-Advised Funds
James and Alfreda Alger Endowment Fund
Balcerzak-Jordan Community Education Endowment
Virginia Faria Baptiste/Faria Family Fund
Les Box Memorial Fund
John and Cherie Brant Endowment Fund
Jerry and Gail Weller Brown Charitable Fund
Lydia T. and Joseph Brown Fund
Bushong Family Trust Fund
Jennifer and Douglas Cooper Charitable Fund
Delaney Kate Honorary Heart Fund
Margaret Duval Memorial Fund
Edwards Family Charitable Fund
Erickson Family Fund
Faria Family Foundation Fund
Finck Family Charitable Fund
Christopher P. Fowkes Memorial Fund
Fund for Social Justice
Garrett Family Charitable Fund
Gerhardt Family Fund
Margaret and John Given Charitable Fund
Brian Daily Given Charitable Fund
Peter William Given Charitable Fund
Delaney Gonzales Foundation
Gould Family Fund
Marquita Shiells Griswold Fund
Betty M. Harris Endowment Fund for the Hearing-Impaired
Harvey Shenkin Hope Foundation
Wylie and Barbara Horn Fund
Lawrence and Marian Janss Fund
Jensen Family Fund for Charitable Giving
Kaiser Family Foundation Fund
Fred Krumm Memorial Fund
Chris and Zelda Kunkle Oak View Community Fund
Edward L. Lascher Fund
Dr. David Lichten Memorial Fund
The Limoneira Foundation Fund
Lisagor Family Fund
Loebl Family Fund
Mahan Family Foundation Fund
Mass Media, Inc. Charity Fund
McAvoy Family Trust Fund
McCrea Family Foundation Fund
Merewether Community Fund
Messenger Investment Company Fund
Ben E. Nordman Public Service Award
Ryan O’Neil Memorial Fund
Rosellen Dee Pearsall Nurse Scholarship Fund
Allison Huntington Raleigh Fund
Schwabauer Charitable Fund
James W. Sheehan Fund
Anne W. “Muggy” and William P. “Pawsie” Slover
Memorial Fund
Barbara Barnard Smith Fund for World Musics
The Smith-Hobson Foundation Fund
Martha K. and Martin V. Smith Fund
Otto Stoll Children’s Fund
Tillquist Family Charitable Fund
Ventura County Bar Association Legal Services Fund
Vielbig Family Fund
The Dave O. and Leila White Fund
Wilson Family Fund
Wood Family Charitable Fund
Yount Family Charitable Fund
Donor-Advised Pass-Through Funds
Mary Ann and William Bang Family Fund
Fund for Catholic Intentions
Suzanne M. Chadwick Charitable Fund
Milton F. & Margaret M. Daily/Daily, Jr. Family Fund
Milton F. & Margaret M. Daily/Given Family Fund
Milton F. & Margaret M. Daily/Menne Family Fund
Georgiana and Richard Daskais Fund
Margaret Duval Memorial Fund
David Farber Foundation
Joseph T. Faria Memorial Fund
Farr Family Fund
Andy Fox Charitable Community Fund
Hertel Family Charitable Fund
Kearney Family Fund
Frank and Julie Papen Memorial Fund
Paulson Family Charitable Trust Fund
Pinecrest School Thousand Oaks Curriculum Enrichment
Reiter Brothers, Inc. Foundation Fund
Stacy A. & Kerry P. Roscoe Charitable Fund
The Jacob Sipos Honorary Heart Fund
Barbara Barnard Smith Fund
Helen M. Smith Fund
Nao and Judy Takasugi Family Fund
Darcie and Nicholas Thille Charitable Gift Fund
Troop Real Estate Foundation
Field of Interest Funds
Donors who wish to build
philanthropy in particular areas of
interest, such as the arts, health care,
education or other fields, may establish
Field of Interest Funds. The Community
Foundation will then award grants in
that field where need is highest. Donors
to VCCF Funds (Destino, Women's
Legacy and Heritage) who accumulate
$10,000 establish a named fund.
Endowed Field of Interest Funds
Community & Folk Arts Endowment Fund
Dr. Maxine Crossley Endowment Fund
E. Wright Daily Fund
Robert Calder Davis, Jr. Arts Fund
Destino: The Hispanic Legacy Fund
Hank and Leah Lacayo Destino Fund
Limoneira Company Destino Fund
Dr. Manuel, Irma, Marisa and Tiffany Lopez Family Fund
Alice Greenfield McGrath Destino Fund
Mission Produce Destino Fund
Procter & Gamble Destino Fund
Reiter Affiliated Companies Destino Fund
Villanueva Family Fund
Armand and Gabrielle Dupuis Fund
Heritage Fund
James Blackstock Family Fund
Leonard and Nina Butler Heritage Fund
Chase Brothers Dairy Fund
Bambi McCormick Clark and Jim Clark Fund
Leavens Ranch Heritage Fund
Berenice and Dave Strathearn Fund
Ruth Daily Livingston Fund
McKenzie Family Education Fund
Irene Morris Endowment Fund
Doug Roy III We Care Trust Fund
Santa Clara River Parkway Fund
TAC as a Grantmaker Fund
Women’s Legacy Fund
Bettina Whittaker Chandler Fund
Robert A. and Mary Louise Hardison Fund
Barbara Meister Fund for Women
Helen K. Pidduck Women’s Legacy Fund
Muriel W. Robinson Fund to Empower Women
Laurie Rozet Fund for Women
Soroptimist International of Ventura Women’s Legacy Fund
Dorcas H. Thille and Family Fund
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 24
We translate our donors’ charitable
investment into grants, and the
earnings from endowments into
lifelong support for organizations that
strengthen the community and make
it a better place to live.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 25
he power of grants is an investment in programs and
services, as well as a capacity to inform a wider public
about the needs of the community. Grants translate the
intent of our donors, and their deepest wishes and hopes,
into the reality of helping Ventura County’s nonprofit
organizations serve their constituents.
The Community Foundation provides a number of funding
opportunities for nonprofit organizations working to solve critical issues
facing the county. As a bridge between private charity and our
expectations of the public purse, these organizations are an increasingly
important factor in the quality of life for many who live in Ventura
County. Grants are allocated from a variety of donor funds, undesignated
funds, and partnering foundations, and are based on criteria established
by donors and volunteer grants committees.
The Community Foundation shares its expertise in grantmaking
with other foundations as well, providing structural and administrative
assistance and strategic planning. Grantmaking professionals offer
support to foundation directors and families, from identification of
worthy projects and potential collaborations with other foundations
providing similar support, to such services as coordinating grant
requests, processing applications, making site visits, and evaluating the
results of approved grants.
n 2003, over $2.1 million in grants were made to
organizations in Ventura County. In Moorpark, Mesa
Verde Middle School received a $5,500 grant for their
College Bound Project, which prepares low-income Latino
students for college preparatory and advanced placement
courses in high school, and for successful university
studies. Caregivers, a Ventura group that assists the
elderly, was awarded a $10,000 grant for a program
utilizing student volunteers who provide the assistance
necessary for frail elders to continue living in the comfort
and security of their homes for as long as possible.
opportunities for women. Women’s Economic Ventures
received $10,000 for a self-employment training course
open to low- to moderate-income women who are taught to
start or expand a small business, while Ventura College
Foundation was granted $3,000 to provide textbooks for
low-income women returning to school. Many Mansions,
a nonprofit housing provider in Thousand Oaks, received
a $10,000 grant to support programs for single mothers
at Stoll House, a transitional facility for homeless families.
(See p. 29 for other grants made in 2003.) As Grants
Committee member Francis Prince says, “The impact
of programs funded by the Women’s Legacy Fund are
positively felt every day.”
In 2003, the Women’s Legacy Fund granted $50,000
to programs supporting education, training, and economic
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 26
Grantee Stories
Ojai: Help of Ojai – Community Health Partnership
Help of Ojai, Inc. received a $10,000 grant from the
Community Health Partnership to fund their Safe Grief
Environment (SAGE) Program, the first formal bereavement
support program for youth of the Ojai Valley. Studies have
shown that unresolved grief can lead to isolation, depression,
and/or other problems with school performance. The goal of
the SAGE program is to assist local students and families in
dealing with the loss of loved ones.
Oxnard: FOOD Share – Tillquist Family Fund
FOOD Share, Inc., in Oxnard received a $3,000 grant
from the Tillquist Family Charitable Fund, a Donor-Advised
Fund at VCCF, to support their Feed Our Future Campaign.
Feed Our Future will enable FOOD Share to meet the serious
increased need for additional hunger services projected in
Ventura County over the next five years, ensuring food for
over 120,000 people in need annually.
Camarillo: ORCA (Organization for the Respect
& Care of Animals) – SUN
Santa Paula: California Oil Museum –
W.W. Orcutt Memorial Fund
ORCA (Organization for the Respect & Care of
Animals), Inc., based in Camarillo, received a $2,500 grant
from the SUN (Special and Urgent Needs) Fund to assist with
critical repairs to their marine mammal rescue boat. The 32’
“Malie” is the largest marine mammal and sea bird workboat
along the entire California Coast, and is used extensively for
the rescue and release of marine mammals.
The California Oil Museum in Santa Paula received
distributions from the W.W. Orcutt Memorial Fund, a
designated fund at VCCF to support its ongoing programs
and exhibits. From fossils to “fill �er up,” the California Oil
Museum tells the story of the “black bonanza” that created
wealth, work, and prosperity for generations of Californians.
Westminister Free Clinic – Destino
Simi Valley: Samaritan Center of Simi Valley – Community
Response Fund
Westminister Free Clinic in Oak Park received $5,000 for
the HEALTH Matters Teen Healthcare Training Program,
which provides low-income Latino youth with training in the
healthcare field. They also earn an income working as interns
at the clinic, performing outreach and in-clinic medical
The Samaritan Center of Simi Valley received a $10,000
grant from the Community Response Fund for the provision of
services to the homeless. Established in 1994, the Samaritan
Center is the only daytime drop-in center for the homeless in
the Simi Valley area, offering services six days per week, and
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 27
the assistance necessary for frail elders to remain living in the
comfort and security of their own homes for as long as
possible. Since the grant was awarded, 36 trained student
volunteers have made more than 70 visits to 60 frail,
homebound elders.
also provides a winter overnight shelter program. Since opening
its doors, the Samaritan Center has had over 52,000 client visits.
Thousand Oaks: Many Mansions – Women’s Legacy Fund
Many Mansions, a non-profit housing provider in
Thousand Oaks, received a $10,000 grant from the Women’s
Legacy Fund to support programs for single mothers at Stoll
House. Stoll House is a transitional housing facility for
homeless families that provides on-site services including job
development, case management, and free child care to help
families break the cycle of poverty.
Westlake Village: The Wellness Community – Bang Fund
Westlake Village’s Wellness Community received a
$1,000 grant from the Mary Ann & William Bang Fund,
a Donor-Advised endowment, for operational support. The
Wellness Community helps people with cancer enhance their
health and well-being by providing free professional programs
of emotional support, education and hope. Through
participation in support groups, educational workshops and
mind/body programs, people affected by cancer learn coping
skills that enable them to regain control, reduce isolation and
restore hope, regardless of the stage of the disease.
Ventura: Caregivers – Community Response Fund
CAREGIVERS Volunteers Assisting the Elderly
received a $10,000 grant from the Community Response Fund
to support the Building Bridges Intergenerational Program.
The program utilizes student volunteers in Ventura to provide
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 28
Guide for Grantseekers
The Ventura County Community Foundation provides a number of funding opportunities for nonprofit organizations
working to solve critical challenges throughout Ventura County. Grants are allocated from a variety of Donor Funds,
undesignated funds and partnering foundations.
Funding is based on criteria established by donors and Community Foundation volunteer grants committees. Grant
Programs include:
■The Community Response Fund – Strength: A fund that invests in improving the quality of life in Ventura County.
■Destino: The Hispanic Legacy Fund – Position: Serving the special needs of Ventura County’s Latino Community.
■The Heritage Fund – Preservation: Recognizing programs dedicated to preserving Ventura County’s unique history. Please
note that the Heritage Fund grant cycle has been postponed until 2005 while building its corpus.
■The Martin V. & Martha K. Smith Foundation* – Sponsor: A support organization of the Community Foundation, the
Smith Foundation funds emergency services and is dedicated to assisting people without resources. This foundation also supports
educational and cultural endeavors, with a preference given to the Oxnard area.
■The SUN (Special & Urgent Needs) Fund – Strategic: Responsive to unexpected needs or special funding opportunities
where a small investment will have significant impact.
■Swift Memorial Health Care Foundation* – Advocate: Encourages the delivery of health care services to the residents of
Ventura County.
■The Women’s Legacy Fund – Focus: Providing a wide range of opportunities for women and girls in the county, including
economic, educational, physical, emotional, social, artistic, and personal growth.
All requests for proposals (RFPs) are publicly announced with deadlines for applicant submissions. Focus areas for
proposals being sought will be specifically described. For more information on specific grant cycles, application procedures
or to download an application, please visit our website at
*Partnering Foundations
Foundation and Grant Administration Services
VCCF can provide expertise, structure and staffing for other
foundations. Independent and family foundations may choose to create
a donor advised fund at VCCF, become a supporting organization for
enhanced tax advantages or choose to contract for services. In each case,
the Community Foundation can provide the services your foundation
needs to support your charitable activities including:
Enhance opportunities for strategic grantmaking. VCCF can
help identify worthy projects within the scope and focus of your
foundation and/or coordinate with other foundations that are
providing similar support.
Work with you to develop your foundation’s mission
statement and written guidelines to define and outline the scope,
focus and criteria for grants.
Removing the burden of responding to grant requests and
processing applications. The Community Foundation can handle all
inquiries; assess grant requests; coordinate or conduct site visits;
evaluate the results of approved grants; provide periodic reports to
your directors; and keep all records of prior grant history and results.
Contact Hugh Ralston, VCCF President, for more information
on Foundation and Grantmaking Services at (805) 988-0196, ext. 16 or
[email protected].
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:31 AM
Page 29
Grants Made in 2003
The following agencies received grants from VCCF in 2003:
Adolfo Camarillo High School
AG Innovations Network
Agricultural Education Foundation
AIM Council, Inc.
Alzheimers Association
American Cancer Society
American Red Cross of Ventura County
Arc – Ventura County
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Assistance League of Ventura County
Aviation Museum of Santa Paula
Big Brothers & Big Sisters
of Ventura County
Blanchard Community Library
Boy Scouts of America, Ventura County
Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Oxnard
& Port Hueneme
Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clara Valley
Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley
Boys & Girls Club of Ventura
Briggs Educational Foundation
The C.R.E.W.
Cabrillo Economic Development
California Coastal Horse Rescue
California Foundation for Agriculture
in the Classroom
California Lutheran University
California Oil Museum
California Strawberry Growers
Camarillo Hospice
Campfire U.S.A. Ventura County Council
Carnegie Art Museum
Casa Pacifica
Catholic Charities
Channel Islands Ballet Company
City Impact
City of San Buenaventura
City of Thousand Oaks
Coalition to End Family Violence
Conejo Open Space Foundation
Conejo Recreation & Park District
Conejo Valley Senior Concerns
Conejo Valley Unified School District
County of Ventura Library
Services Agency
Crespi Carmelite High School
Criminal Justice Legal Foundation
Cal Poly Pomona Foundation
CSUCI Foundation
De Colores Art Group
Dive Thousand Oaks
Easter Seals, Tri-Counties
Economic Development
Corporation of Oxnard
El Centrito de La Colonia
El Concilio del Condado de Ventura
Elite Theatre Company
First United Methodist Church
Focus on the Masters
FOOD Share, Inc.
Friends of the Library – Ventura
Friends Seminary
Future Leaders of America
Girl Scouts of Tres Condados
Gull Wings Children’s Museum
Healing the Children
Help of Ojai, Inc.
Hillside Middle School
Hollywood Education & Literacy Project
Hueneme School District
Humane Society of Ventura County
Interface Children Family Services
Khepera Recovery House
Kids With Diabetes
Kids’ Arts/Westside Cultural Center
La Reina High School
Laidlaw Education Services
Landon Pediatric Foundation
League of United
Latin American Citizens
Many Mansions
Midtown Ventura Community Council
Moorpark Unified School District
New West Symphony Association
Ojai Festivals, Ltd.
Ojai Valley Family Shelter
Ojai Valley Library, Friends &
Ojai Valley Museum
Ojai Valley School
Ojai Valley Youth Foundation
ORCA (Organization for the Respect
and Care of Animals)
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
Pacific Legal Foundation
Pepperdine University
Performances to Grow On
Planned Parenthood
Project Understanding
R.A.I.N. Communities, Inc.
Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship
Rio Mesa High School Athletics
Booster Club
Rio Mesa High School
Rotary Club of Ojai
Educational Foundation
Rotary Club Foundation of
Westlake Village
Rotary Club of Santa Paula
Rubicon Theatre Company
Salvation Army
Samaritan Center of Simi Valley
San Buenaventura Mission
Santa Barbara-Ventura County Dental
Santa Paula American Youth
Soccer Organization
Santa Paula Elementary School District
Santa Paula Historical Society
Santa Paula Little League
Santa Paula Memorial
Hospital Foundation
Santa Paula Summer
Recreation Program
Santa Paula Theatre Center
Santa Paula Union High School District
Senior Nutrition Action Council
Services United, Inc.
Sinaloa Middle School
Smith College
St. Joseph’s Health & Retirement Center
St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church
St. Paschal’s Babylon Church
Tri-Counties Labor Foundation
Tri-Counties Regional Center
Turning Point Foundation
United Way of Ventura County
University of Chicago
Valley View Middle School
Ventura Chamber Music Festival
Ventura College Foundation
Ventura College of Law
Ventura County Bar Association
Ventura County Council of 4-H Clubs
Ventura County Junior Golf Association
Ventura County Leadership Academy
Ventura County Maritime Museum
Ventura County Master Corale
& Opera Association
Ventura County Medical
Resource Foundation
Ventura County Museum of History & Art
Ventura County Rainbow Alliance
Ventura County Special Olympics
Ventura Education Partnership
The Wellness Community, Inc.
Westminster Free Clinic
Women’s Economic Ventures
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Page 30
We invest in the next generation by helping provide
resources for deserving youth to go to college,
strengthening the capacity of our students to gain the
skills they need to build productive lives, good jobs and
a more secure future.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Page 31
he power of scholarships harnesses the power of education to the next generation, completing the
circle of engagement. Investing in an education, a hallmark of the American Dream for generations,
has been long regarded as the vehicle for social mobility and economic advancement. It still is, from
disadvantaged youth struggling to get on the economic ladder, to young people who are spreading their
wings into the world beyond Ventura County, or to the increasing legions of mid-career professionals
returning to school for further education and skills to succeed in an ever-competitive economy.
Providing educational opportunities for students of all ages strengthens the entire community, and creates the most
fundamental and long-lasting investment that we can make. The Community Foundation links donors with financial resources
to students with the potential for promise and achievement. The key that unlocks the future, a scholarship can have an impact
that echoes for generations.
The Scholarship Fund for Ventura County supports students from all walks of life. Many have outstanding grades, some
will be the first in their families to attend college, but they all share a common goal: to leave their mark on the world.
n 2003, nearly $160,000 in scholarships was awarded,
allowing 114 deserving high school seniors the opportunity to
attend college. However, when you consider the fact that there
were 900 eligible applicants for those scholarships, it becomes
apparent that we need to do much more. For a number of years,
the Community Foundation has pooled unrestricted scholarship
dollars to supplement the generosity of Scholarship Fund donors.
This year, those unrestricted funds were augmented by a $25,000
challenge grant from Haas Automation. With this kind of
community support, the Scholarship Fund can grow and become
endowed, ensuring a scholarship at every high school in Ventura
County in perpetuity.
“Your organization was extremely generous in granting a
scholarship award to Ari who was, at that time, a senior at
Moorpark High School. Your trust in his potential assisted him
in reaching this milestone… he will be graduating from Harvard
in June… having completed his honor thesis. I send you this
update (needless to say as a proud mother) to let you know that
the monies you provided helped Ari pursue these opportunities.”
– Tobey Shaw, Mother of Ari Shaw, a 2000 scholarship recipient of the
William A. Fairburn Jr. and Cynthia D. Fairburn Memorial Scholarship
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Page 32
Scholarship Opportunities
The Community Foundation’s scholarship program creates educational opportunities for
students of all ages. By educating individuals, the entire community is strengthened. The
Community Foundation links donors with financial resources to students with potential for future
achievement. A scholarship is more than a financial award – it is the key that unlocks the future
for our youth by building their confidence. Many recipients write that they deeply appreciate the
faith this shows in their abilities. For many students, it confirms their potential and is an
important building block toward success.
Endowed Scholarship Funds
MacKenzie Family Scholarship Fund
William P. Reiman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Berenice Barnard Music Specialist Scholarship Fund
Alfonso and Dora Romero Scholarship Fund
Berenice Barnard Music Education Scholarship Fund
Sage Scholarship Fund
James C. Basile Scholarship Fund
SAME, Oxnard-Ventura Post Scholarship Fund
Bobbie Steindler Beatty Academic Opportunity Fund in Honor of Howie and Ann Steindler
Saticoy Lemon Association Employee Scholarship Fund
Herbert A. Berlin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles J. & Kay Schuler Scholarship Fund
Bob Burns Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sepulveda & Garcia Latino Town Hall Scholarship Fund
Calavo Scholarship Endowment Fund
Salik Omar Shah Scholarship Fund
Gary W. Chism Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eleanor Tillquist Scholarship Fund
Bethany Anne Cody Scholarship Fund
Laura Duval Toomey Saticoy Poinsettia Club Scholarship Fund
Stanley E. Cohen Memorial Education Endowment Fund
Milton McKevett Teague Scholarship Fund
Delta Kappa Gamma Recruitment Grant Fund
Ventura County Agricultural Scholarship Fund
William A. Fairburn, Jr. and Cynthia D. Fairburn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Katherine M. Wakelee Scholarship Fund
Finch Family Scholarship Fund
Jean Weber Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dennis S. Ford Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kent Weigel Math Scholarship Endowment Fund
Charles K. Gose Scholarship Fund
Iris and Roger (Spike) Wilkins Scholarship Fund
Roy A. Gustafson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edna Wirt Woods and Ruth Nagle Scholarship Fund
Oscar and Aileen Horn Scholarship Fund
Helen Mathilda Yunker Music Scholarship Fund
Vicky Howard Community Service Award Fund
Parker M. and Virginia Y. Howell Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Pass-Through Funds
Joyce M. Kennedy, Ph.D. Scholarship Fund
Association of Water Agencies of Ventura County Scholarship Fund
Paul W. Lawrason, Jr. Scholarship Endowment Fund
Wayne Bruton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Paul Lehmann Memorial Fund
Amy Durst McAvoy Soroptimists International of Camarillo Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jerry E. Lorenz Scholarship Fund
Ventura County Community Foundation Scholarship Fund
Arleigh McConnell Memorial Scholarship Fund
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Page 33
Scholarships Awarded in 2003
Adam A. Abed
Joshua Adams
DeYanna M. Alaniz
Perla Aldana
Allison B. Anderson
Emily Ashby
Katherine Barnett
Ashwin Batra
William Beaumont
Meghan Bell
Maureen Blair
Christopher Boucher
Quinn Bouma
Kelsi Boyle
Jenna Branson
Erik Brockhoff
Dannica Burson
Charles Carriere
Erika Centeno
Claudia G. Cerda
Miracle Cerrasco
Ashley Chabot
Richard Christensen
Diane de los Reyes
Alexis Rae C. Del
Yina Dong
Valerie Duarte
Ashley Dunn
Andrea Epling
Daniela Flores
Rachel Freeman
Reyna Jezmin Fuentes
Tristan Gagnon-Bartsch
Amelia Garcken
Julie Gough
Arianna Hall-Reinhard
Lindsay Hebert
Michele Henrey
Miguel Herrera
Jaime Hurtado
Abeer Jabaiah
Charmaine Jacobe
Jeff Johnson
Meredith Jones
Nathaniel Jones
Doreen Juarez
Danit Kaya
Rola Khedraki
Susannah Kopecky
Dominick Lang
Amanda Leblanc
Jesus Leos
Norma Lopez
Oswaldo G. Lopez
Anthony R. Lorenzana
Jenny Lower
Rolando Lujan
Andrew Ly
Emma Magana
Nelly C. Magana
Jennifer Martin
Annie Martinez
Camille Mathewson
Kelly McCormick
Nora Medina
Maria G. Mendoza
Carolina V. Montes
Mathew R. Morgan
Mr. Jack Morici
Nasim Naderi
Katalina Navarro
Andrew Nelson
Nicole M. O’Dell
Patricia Y. Ochoa
Nicole Olmsted
Anna Olsen
Maricela Orozco
Elvia Pacheco
Rica Parras
Anup Patel
Kunal Patel
Adam R. Perez
Stephanie Porter
Michelle Prado
Jessica Ralphs
Elizabeth Ramirez
Jose Robles
Kitssia A. Rodriguez
Cynthia Rule
Michael Sanders
Joshua Sears
Ronald Seese
Mayela Segura
Kristen Senson
William Shively
Robin Siegrist
Lindsay Smith
Joshua L. Solis
Kari Stenshol
Alvessa C. Sullivan
Meredith C. Tappan
Matthew Tibbitts
Igor A. Tregub
Kyle Uebelhardt
Arianna Vargas
Rogelio Vargas
Jessica Vasquez
Sergio Vega
Chalmers E. Wang
Joseph Werner
Brittany N. Wilbur
Valerie Wilson
Anne S. Wu
Justin Wybenga
Nahid Yakuby
Zhou Zhang
Phillip D. Zubiate
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Page 34
2003 Gifts Received
Listed associate member gifts and gifts of $100 or more received from October 1, 2002 to September 30, 2003
For VCCF’s Efforts to
Build for the Future
The California Endowment
Crescendo Interactive, Inc.
First Mortgage Income Trust
Independent Colleges of Southern California
The James Irvine Foundation
Limoneira Foundation
The Los Angeles Times
M.V. & M.K. Smith Foundation
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
Swift Memorial Health Care Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Tegland
US Bank
Verizon Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo Foundation
The Following in Honor of Kate McLean:
Mrs. Helen Caldwell
Molly & Ronan Corbett
Mike A. DeLorenzo
Ms. Pamela A. Garvin
Mr. Carl F. Huntsinger
Mr. & Mrs. William Kearney
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Merewether
Oaks Christian High School
Procter & Gamble
The Stacy A. & Kerry P. Roscoe Charitable Fund
Charles & Arde Schultz
Midge & Dave Stork
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Strathearn
Hon. Nao Takasugi
Urban Strategies
Ms. Esther Wachtell
Joanie R. Young
Associate Members
Dr. & Mrs. Moustapha Abou-Samra
AIM Relocation Group
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Arndt
Gary & Mary Arnold
The Mary Ann & William Bang Family Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Baskin
In Honor of Lauren & Julianna Rote
Mrs. Robert P. Banner
In Memory of Bob Banner
David & Jeanette Bauer
Ms. Bobbie Steindler Beatty
Bob & Suzy Beaty
Mr.& Mrs. Stan Benson
Baxter BioScience
Hon. & Mrs. Edwin Beach
In Honor of Dorcas Thille & William McFarlane
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Benson
Hon. & Mrs. Jerome Berenson
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard D. Bernacchi
BioResources Consulting
Jim Birkenshaw
Carolyn S. Bishop
Mrs. Elizabeth Blanchard
Bart & Michelle Bleuel
Mr. Arthur Bliss
Bone Cancer International, Inc.
Mr. Howard Boroughs
Joseph & Kristine Bowman
Mr. Stephen R. Brogden & Melinda L. Raine
Ms. Christiana George Bryson
Building Better Lives Occupational Medical Center
Mr. Robert Cabral & Mrs. Celina Zacarias
Allen & Marilyn Camp
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Carr
Congresswoman Lois Capps
Carignan Construction Company
Chase Brothers Dairy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chianese
Ardith Chism
Jeff Conway & Associates
Crescendo Interactive, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Roy L. Cobb
Conejo Valley Historical Society
Dr. Maxine Crossley
Gene & Delores Daffern
Wayne & Barbara Davey
James “Mike” Davis
Mr. Robert L. Detterman
Mr. Kenneth E. Devore
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Donlon
Dr. & Mrs. Rob Drezner
Mr. Denis A. Dupuis
Dr. & Mrs. Ritch K. Eich
In Honor of Kate McLean & Hugh J. Ralston
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. England
Mr. Benjamin Engle
Mr. Paul L. Engle
In Memory of Rosella Engle
David & Susan Ettinger
Mrs. Betty Lou Evans
In Memory of Lou Crinklaw Wright
Glen & Gary Farr
Warren & Ardelle Faue
Mr. Dick Fausset
Dick & Kay Felton
Ms. Ina F. Frank
David & Carol Freeman
Barbara Fulkerson
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Garrett
Ms. Pamela A. Garvin
Linda & Michael Gold
Don & Sandy Greenberg
Halsted Communications, Inc.
Jim & Mary Harrison
Jim Harris
Hertel Family Charitable Fund
Mrs. Jymmye Hitch-Banhart
In Memory of David Hitch
Ms. Kathleen Hobson
Cecil & Pat Hoffman
Mr. Howard W. Hoover
Law Offices of Kenneth J. Hovet
Earl & Marcine Jardine
Mr. Willoughby C. Johnson
Mr. Tim Jones
Ms. Ann Derby Joy
Ms. Mary Kaiser
Helen Karlsberg
Mr. Robert Katch
Ms. Hazel Kay
In Honor of Heinz T. Kay
Ms. Joan Kemper
Dr. Joyce M. Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Laby
Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Lacayo
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lagomarsino
In Memory of E.J. & Marjorie Lagomarsino
Robert & Norma Lagomarsino
Ms. Florence LaManno
Sunny & Robert Landegger
In Memory of Jean Whitefoot
Ms. Eve Liebman
Mr. & Mrs. Clint Lininger
Ms. Joanne Lipari
In Memory of Joseph & Eva Frances Lipari
Lisagor Family Fund
Hon. & Mrs. David W. Long
Mr. & Mrs. Rockwood L. Ludes
Karsten & Kirsten Lundring
Mr. John MacIntyre
Barbara Macri-Ortiz
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Magidson
In Honor of Barbara Meister
Ms. Patricia L. Maki
Ms. Susan Malchicoff
Ed & Jackie Marks
Ms. Grace Martinez
Mayerson Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.
Tim & Anne McCallion
The McCune Foundation
Mr. Tim McGrath
Kate McLean
Ms. Patricia B. Meredith
Jerry & Margaret Miller
Mr. A.A. Milligan
Mike & Jeanne Milligan
Ms. Terry Moerler & Mr. Ray McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. F.T. Muegenburg, Jr.
Mr. Frank Naumann
Barry Neilsen
Norman Rosenblum
Robert & Mary Schroeder
In Memory of Walter & E. Jo Neilsen
Ms. Ruth Newhall
Peter V. & Mary S. Newman
Nordskog Publishing
Ojai Oil Company
Paulson Family Charitable Trust Fund
Ms. Sandra L. Peasley
Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Phipps
PIMCO Funds Distributors
Planned Estate Services
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Poteet
Mr. Robert Power
Dr. Erin Quinn
Mr. David Ralphe
Shirley Randall
Dennis & Rocie Ray-Bordelon
Stacy A. & Kerry P. Roscoe Charitable Fund
Ms. Beverly Rose
Mr. Ronald Rose & Barbara Raber
Murray Rosenbluth
In Memory of Adele Rosenbluth
Scott & Judy Samsky
Alison & Rob Sawyer
In Memory of Bruce Wallace
Robert & Mary Schroeder
Mrs. Mary Leavens Schwabauer
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Seaver
Senior Concerns, Conejo Valley
Jon Sharkey & Beverly Kelly
Ona Shiroyama, O.D.
Michael & Melissa Silver
Ms. Barbara Silverbert
In Memory of Edward Silverberg
Dr. Steven J. Soule
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Stenshol
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Strathearn
Summit Communications
Mrs. William E. Sweeney
In Memory of Admiral William Sweeney
Mr. Alan Teague
Tefferteller-Naumann Properties
In Memory of Bob Formanek
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Tegland
John & Caroline Thacher
Mr. Bruce J. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Thrift
Tillquist Family Charitable Fund
Jane M. Tolmach
Jack & Marian Totheroh
Mr. Greg Totten
Troop Real Estate, Inc.
Trophies, Etc.
Urban Strategies
Ventura County Agriculture Association
VFW Post #11395
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Vincent
Dan & Joannie Wakelee
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Wakelee
Bonnie M. Warrington
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Weber
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Weber
Ms. Margaret Hinke Woods
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Woodworth
In Honor of August Alexander Walters
Whitten & Sally Yount
Zeke & Irma Zahid
The Following in Honor of Kate McLean:
Mrs. Milton Greenblatt
Mr. Joseph Henderson
Barbara & Norman Lueck
Mr. Bruce Johnston
For the Arts & Culture Endowment
Fund for Ventura County
Ms. Shelba Cole Robison
Margaret Travers
In Honor of Kate McLean
Ventura County Arts Council
For the James & Alfreda Alger
Endowment Fund
Poinsettia Stock Farm
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
For the Balcerzak-Jordan
Community Education Endowment
Ms. Kay Faulconer Boger
For the Bobbie Steindler Beatty
Academic Opportunity Fund in
Honor of Howie & Ann Steindler
Ms. Phyllis Baer
Loren Bloch & Ping Ho
Diane M. Grisez
SBC Employee Giving Campaign
For the Boys & Girls Club of
Camarillo Endowment Fund
Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo
The McCrea Family
In Memory of Joel McCrea
For the Jamie Burton Memorial
Mr. & Mrs. John C. LaRock
For the California Oil Museum
Endowment Fund
Zella & Heiman Ibanez
Ms. Donna Nowland
In Memory of H.H. Rushing
Mr. Jason Rushing
Ms. Jennifer Rushing
For the Caregivers Endowment
Ms. Donna Logan
In Honor of Keith York & the Caregivers Program
Mr. Henry J. Walsh
For the Elsie J. Carr Memorial
Tom & Barbara Cranfill
For the Casa Pacifica Endowment
Page 35
Norman, Dowler, Sawyer et al.
In Memory of Charles Morris “Morrie” Caldwell
For the Stanley E. Cohen Memorial
Education Endowment
For the Bethany Ann Cody
Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Stan Cohen
In Honor of Therese, Steven & Randall Cohen
Robert & Mary Schroeder
In Memory of Stanley Cohen
Mr. J. Patrick Newton
In Memory of Keith Barnard, Geneva E.
Ensign, John Fowles, Terry Mae Huber,
Robert Jones, William McCarthy, Ruth
Newman, Carl Olson, Dr. William G. Sparks
and Glen Stubblefield
For the Conejo Recreation & Park
District Fund
Mr. Sean R. Bates
Blake Schwermer Showerpans
Ms. Erin M. Brennan
Mr. Christopher Burrows
Robin T. Chavez
Mr. Chris Cole
Mr. John Cooper
Mr. Benjamin B. Corralejo, Jr.
David Weeks Construction
Mr. Brian Donnelly
Mr. Martin Duran
Mr. Christian E. Erickson
Mr. Markus L. Ericson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Flitt
Mr. Steve Folkes
Mr. Jon Forgey
Skeels & Fox
H & R Roofing Supply
Mr. Wayne P. Hart
Hermitage Mobile Home Sales, Inc.
Honeycutt Tear Off
Jim Sims Nationwide Flatbed Service
Jolly Jumps, Inc.
Mr. Charles S. Judd
Mr. Paul A. Keaser
Mr. Ron Keifer
M. A. C. Pacific
Mark Keaser Masonry
Mr. Danny McCarthy
McPherson Plastering, Inc.
Newton Construction, Inc.
Mr. Mike Newton
Mr. Vincent D. O'Neil
Oryan, Llc
Pacific Award Metals, Inc.
Mr. Eric Papegaay
Mr. Jeff Pennington
Mr. Craig Pisors
Mr. Daniel M. Poling
Redland Clay Tile
J. R. Roper
Saticoy Auto Body & Paint
Mr. Wayne Sill
Ms. Sandra J. Stout
Mr. Gordon R. Swainston
Tamko Roofing Products
Mr. Rod Thigpin
Mr. Ronald D. Troxell
Vanguard Construction
Mr. Damon Webb
Mr. Gary L. Zimmerman
PTS Furniture, Inc.
Rasmussen Foundation
TDK Mediactive
For the Community Response Fund
Mr. & Mrs. John MacIntyre
For the Cornerstone
Administrative Endowment Fund
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Loebl
For the Delaney Kate Honorary
Heart Fund
The Following in Honor of Delaney Small:
Mr. Darold Allen
Barnett Rarities Corporation
Camilla Dietz Bergeron, Ltd.
Ms. Mary E. Brown
Chicago Watch Center, Inc.
Frank Goodman & Son, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Grant LaLonde
Robert Maron, Inc.
Estate Jewelry by Claude Morady, Inc.
Wanna Buy A Watch?, Inc.
Westside Loan Office
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Wiener
For Destino 2000: The Hispanic
Legacy Fund
Mrs. Romey Acebo
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.
Bank of America Foundation
Mr. Robert Cabral & Mrs. Celina Zacarias
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cabriales
Jean & Michael Case
Hon. Lois G. Capps
Hon. & Mrs. Manuel Covarrubias
Mr. & Mrs. Gil Cuevas
Miguel & Cecilia Cuevas
In Honor of Christina & Angelica Cuevas
Tony & Celia Diaz
Mr. Jack M. Dickenson III
Friends Ranches
Ms. Geraldine W. Furr
In Honor of Roy L. Furr
Mr. William Gallaher
Ginger Gherardi
Hon. & Mrs. Arthur Gilbert
Golden Gate Self Storage
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph A. Gonzales
Mr. & Mrs. Art Halenbeck
Rosa Lee Measures & Albert Harris
Dr. Arthur Hernandez
Mr. & Mrs. Art Hernandez
Priscilla & Andres Herrera
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Improta
Ann Derby Joy Charitable Fund
Los Angeles Times
Barbara Macri-Ortiz
Maron Computer Services
McGrath Family Farm
In Honor of William McGrath
For the Community Profile of
Health & Human Services
County of Ventura
The Following for Bethany Ann Cody Memorial Golf
Alpine Building Materials, LLC
Mr. Walter W. Andrews
Mr. Al Barragan
Kate McLean
In Honor of Hugh J. Ralston
Rosa Lee Measures & Albert Harris
Anthony & Diane Perez
Carmen Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ramirez
Rancho Abuelos
Mr. Murray J. Rosenbluth
In Memory of Adele G. Rosenbluth
Ms. Laurie Rozet
Ms. Evelyn Vaca Sams
Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce
Southern California District Council of Labor
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Strathearn
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Thacher
Steve Thomas BMW, Inc.
Ms. Barbara Thorpe & Mr. Ted Cartee
Times Mirror Foundation
Tri-Counties Labor Foundation
Ms. Connie R. Tushla
UAW- International Union
Antonio & Celia Valdez
In Memory of Jose “Chema” Valdez
Ms. Jovita Valdez
In memory of Jose M. Valdez
Ms. Ofelia C. Valdez
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Villanueva
Mr. Robert Q. Valles
In Memory of Bacilia V. Valles
Wharton Foundation
Whitten & Sally Yount
John & Mary Ellen Zaragoza
The Following in Honor of Kate McLean:
Mr. and Mrs. Brokaw
Gail & Jerry Brown
Cabrillo Economic Development Corp.
City Impact
Mario J. de los Cobos
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Fowkes
Ms. Eunice M. Koch
Leonard & Lupe Ortiz
Mr. Michael L. Silacci
For the Margaret Duval Memorial
The Following in Memory of Margaret Duval:
Benton, Orr, Duval & Buckingham
Howard & Howard
Mrs. Richard Pidduck
Somis Pacific Ag Management, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Tolmach
Mrs. Alice Underwood
For the Joseph T. Faria Memorial
Melinda Pennoyer Chouinard
In Memory of Joseph Faria
For the Flight 261 Memorial
Endowment Fund
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Busche
In Memory of Ryan & Abby Busche
Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Hall
In Memory of Meghann Hall
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Melanie & Ike Haller
In Memory of Donald E. Shaw
Ms. Betty H. Knudson
In Memory of William Knudson
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Margiotta, Jr.
Ms. Janet Kay Penna Crane & Pete Penna
On Behalf of Father Steve Sallis
Carolyn Miles Spencer Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Stasinos
In Memory of Harry Stasinos
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Wilkie
In Memory of Steve Wilkie
For the Fillmore Education Fund
Jane Kampbell
For the FOOD Share Endowment
Ivy Borgstrom Estate
Hugo H. Smith Trust
For the Dennis S. Ford Memorial
Scholarship Fund
Mr. James C. Linse
Mr. Michael Yogi & Ms. Judith Kitano
In Memory of Dennis Ford
For the Garrett Family Charitable
Trust Fund
Mrs. Betty Garrett
The following in Memory of Betty Garrett:
Ms. Denise A. Bean-White
Blye & Lundberg Accountancy Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Don L. Carlton
Malinda Pennoyer Chouinard
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Daskais
The Employees of DNC, Ltd.
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Garrett
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Hertel
Ms. Edith B. LeFevre
Mr. A.A. Milligan
Mrs. Ben Nordman
Nordman, Cormany, Hair & Compton
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Towne
Mrs. Ilse Weile
For the Delaney Gonzalez
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Tessier
In Memory of Delaney Gonzalez
For the Marquita Shiells Griswold
Mrs. Janet G. Gordon
In Honor of Marquita Griswold
Ms. Ann T. Kidson
Page 36
For the Betty M. Harris
Endowment Fund for the Hearing
For the Hank & Leah Lacayo
Destino 2000 Fund
Ms. Yvonne Gallegos Bodle
In Memory of Joyce Gallegos
Supervisor & Mrs. John Flynn
The Gas Company
Mr. & Mrs. Hank L. Lacayo
In Honor of Kate McLean
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Silacci
In Honor of Hank & Leah Lacayo
Jovita Valdez & Les Everard
In Honor of Hank Lacayo
Southern California Edison
Mr. George B. McNeely
In Honor of Betty Harris
For the HELP of Ojai
Endowment Fund
Carolyn Huntsinger
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Kent
Carolyn Thacher
Mr. Paul D. Turner
In Memory of Robert B. Turner and Ollie Turner
For the Limoneira Foundation
For the Heritage Fund
Alison & Rob Sawyer
Ms. Gwyn D. Kaiser
Pecht Ranch
Taylor Ranch Partnership
In Honor of Keith Barnard
For the Loebl Family Fund
Alison & Rob Sawyer
For the Arleigh McConnell
Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Following in Support of the Sheriff’s History
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Clark, II
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Mahan
Joanne S. Cornelius
For the Dominick & Bridget
McGrath Fund
The Following in Honor of Kate McLean:
Arnold, Bleuel, LaRochelle, Mathews & Zirbel
Chase Brothers Dairy
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Mahan
Ms. Dorcas McFarlane
Mr. & Mrs. John Menne, Jr.
Kitty McGrath & Craig Windstead
In Memory of Marian McGrath Graham
Ms. Mary Patricia McGrath
In Memory of Marry Ellen McGrath
For the Harvey Shenkin Hope
For the John V. & Ruth T. Newman
Cornerstone Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Orenstein
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Loebl
In Memory of Ruth Newman
The Following in Honor of Brenna & Jason’s
Mr. Craig Armin
Ms. Diane Armstrong
The Berman Family
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Brody
The Frielich Family
Mr. & Mrs. Brett Kaiser
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Kaiser
Ms. Judy Larson
Ms. Amy T. Marshall
Ms. Michelle McCarthy & Mr. Andrew Leary
Ms. Mariska Mekking & Mr. Matt Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce S. Mendleson
Mr. & Mrs. Steven B. Orenstein
Ms. Diane B. Post
Mr. Manny R. Rohatiner
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Selig
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Shukiar
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Smith
Bradley & Jennifer Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Stone
Mr. Herbert E. Wallace
For the Ruth T. & John V. Newman
Endowment Fund
The Following in Memory of Ruth Newman:
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Broome, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Dickenson III
Mr. Fred C. Ferro
Ms. Dorothy King
Leavens Ranches
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Lee
Mr. Robert E. & Mrs. Airdrie P. Martin
Dr. Richard A. Mays
Laura K. McAvoy & Sol Chooljian
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Neel
Ms. Nancy Newman
Mrs. Ben Nordman
The Susaki Family
For the Nico Challenge
Apex Media, Inc.
Christopher Bandy Insurance
Mr. William A. Catanese
Mr. & Mrs. Steve J. Egertson
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis S. Hartunian
Karig McCloskey
New Century Mortgage Corporation
The Nico Challenge II Walkathon
For the INTERFACE: Children
Family Services Endowment Fund
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Loebl
R.G.S. Enterprises, Water Division
Satellite City
Mr. & Mrs. Preston L. Simpson
Zender’s, Inc.
The Following in Memory of Eileen Schmelter:
The Rumer Family
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schmelter
For the Ojai Festivals Endowment
Margaret Krauss Trust
For the Ryan O’Neil Memorial Fund
The Following for the Ryan O'Neil Golf Classic:
Accutech Data Supplies, Inc.
Adolfo Camarillo High School
Aerial Billboards, Inc.
Ms. Jan Kristian Alandy
Mr. Jose M. Alandy
Mr. Michael Andonian, CPA
Mr. Robert H. Armstrong
Mr. Allyn E. Arnold
Auto Finders Super Car Center
Ms. Alice B. Avedisian
Bank of America
Mr. Keith E. Barton
Dr. and Mrs. Normand L. Bessette
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bostrom
Mr. Jerrold T. Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brucker
Mr. Wayne Bryan
Mr. Clyde J. Buque
Mr. Albert E. Burns, Jr.
California Designers Choice Custom Cabinetry
California Grill
Mr. Larry Centeno
Chas Nakama Ranch, Inc.
City National Bank
Mr. Andrew Contreras
Ms. Ruth J. Costanzo
Mr. Charles Croll
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey V. Crosby
Dayle E. Cummings
Delivery Solutions Inc.
Rev. Jarlath Dolan
Eggs N Things
Elizabeth J. Monroe Interior Design, Inc.
Enrique's Upholstery
Famcon Pipe & Supply, Inc.
Mr. Richard Favor
Mr. Isaiah E. Gagua
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Garcia
Ms. Mary Beth Ginther
Dr. and Mrs. D. R. Good
Paul and Priscilla Gray
Dr. Martin T. Greaney
Greenline Data, Inc.
Mr. James D. Higgins
Ms. Jean Hill
Mr. Jeff Howatt
Mr. Kevin Hrabovsky
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Improta
Initials Included, Inc.
International Golf Management
Mr. Brad Jacobson
Ms. Wilma R. Jensen
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Jevens
Mr. Christopher D. Joyce
Ruth and Roy Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kanny
Keenan Carpets Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Krock
Mr. Ron Lombardi
Mr. Gerald J. Lukiewski
Mr. Ronald V. McConville
Martinez Painting & Wall Covering
Mr. Roderick L. Mayo
McCarty & Sons Towing
Michael Adams Photography
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Michel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Mills
The Mitchell Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy H. Moats
Moline Tile, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie G. Moraga
Mr. and Mrs. Don O'Neil
Mr. James P. O'Neil
The O'Neil Family
Lawrence M. O'Neil
Mr. Kevin T. Patten
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Pecht
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Pecsok
Peterson Ranch Mushrooms ETC, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jon H. Peterson
Mr. Brandt O. Pile
Larry and Sandy Pile
Pinnacle Construction
Dr. Ralph J. Maiello
Mr. Dick Richards
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Waldo
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence I. Schwartz
Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc.
Mr. Johnathan Severn
Mr. D. E. Slusser
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Stearns
Dr. and Mrs. Max M. Stearns
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stimming
Strauss Foundation
Mr. William E. Sweeney, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Thomas
Mr. Henning Thorsen
Tile City of Camarillo, Inc.
Tile Trends
Mario and Tracy Travaglini
Dr. Robert O. Valdez
Ventura County Junior Golf Association
Ventura Hydraulic & Machine Works
Ventura Police Activities League, Inc.
White Seed Company
Ms. Mary E. Williams
Mr. and Ms. Michael A. Willis
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Woodward
Zender's Inc.
For the W.W. OrcuttMemorial Fund
Rancho Abuelos Limited Partnership
In Memory of William Warren Orcutt &
Mary Logan Orcutt
For the Oxnard Economic
Development Education Fund
Procter & Gamble
Sunbelt Enterprises
Page 37
For the R.A.I.N. Communities Fund
CM Concrete, Inc.
Computer Associates
Ms. Joann D. Cunningham
Pacific Coast Community Church
& Rock Ministries
Pacific Guarantee Mortgage Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Patrick
Ms. Nancy E. Steiger
Mrs. Sue Tatangelo
Mr. Dave O. White
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Wilson, Jr.
Dr. Richard M. Yamamoto
For the Tina K. Reynolds
Endowment Benefiting the Turning
Point Foundation
For the Simi Valley Library
Endowment Fund
The Following in Memory of Tina Reynolds:
Mr. Craig N. Andrews
Mr. Stephen G. Bradvica, CPA
Ms. Marcia Buck
Dr. Stephen D. Covington
Ms. Betty Dahlquist
Mr. John N. Dizon
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Francis
Investment Center
Edward & Susan Lacey
Lindsay & Company, CPA’s
Lutheran Social Services of Southern California
Mr. Dennis Mitchell
Mr. Clyde B. Reynolds
W.L. Rubottom Company, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Strnad
Dr. Bonnita Wirth
For the Ventura County Civic
Cabrillo Economic Development Corp.
Friends of the Santa Clara River
James Irvine Foundation
Rockwell Scientific Company
For the Reiter Brothers, Inc.
Reiter Brothers, Inc.
Pacific Sod
For the Resource Center for
Nonprofit Management
For the Sage Scholarship Fund
McCune Foundation
Sarah Miller McCune
Harlold B. Nielsen Insurance Agency
Ms. Tracey A. Ozmina
Sage Publications, Inc.
Mr. Blaise R. Simqu
Faye Zucker
Aera Energy LLC
Affinity Bank
Center for Nonprofit Management
CSU Center for Excellence
The Erickson Group
Fairfield & Freeman
Los Robles Regional Medical Center
Manchester Financial, Inc.
Procter & Gamble
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
Times-Mirror Foundation
United Way of Ventura County
Weingart Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
For the Sepulveda & Garcia Latino
Town Hall Scholarship Fund
Andy’s Place
Mr. Edwardo R. Arellano
Ayala’s Landscape Maintenance & Clean-Up
Mr. L. Steven Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Casas
Century 21-Buena Vista
Cross Resources, Inc.
Ms. Jennifer T. Dumas
Mr. Jesus D. Echavarria
Mr. & Mrs. Victor M. Espinosa
Ms. Melinda Fernandez
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gaeta
Mr. Albert J. Garibay
Mr. & Mrs. D. Keith Gurrola
Tom Jackson Construction
Kimball Ranches
Martin Roofing Co.
Mendez Concrete, Inc.
Norman, Dowler, Sawyer, Israel, Walker & Barton
Jesse R. Ornelas and Christina Urias
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pettingill
Mr. Larry Price
Mr. James N. Procter, II
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Robles
Mr. Jose L. Sanchez & Ms. Ofelia Guevara
Ms. Catherine Sepulveda and Family
Santa Clara Valley Council 3608, Knights of
Ms. Judith Snellen-Jackson
Mr. Donald A. Terry
Ms. Viola B. Tovias
Ms. Debra A. Trujillo
Mr. Ralph K. Ungerman
For the Resource Center for
Nonprofit Management
Endowment Fund
Donna Logan
In Honor of JoAnn Wedding
Kate McLean
In Honor of Paul Engle &
In Honor of Sue Chadwich’s mother
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Samsky
Mr. J. Peter Wakeman
The Following in Honor of Kate McLean:
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Brown, Sr.
Sue Chadwich
Ms. Suzanne Drace
Mr. Robert J. Katch
Lifetime Planning, Inc.
Mrs. Gretchen Milligan
Ms. Carol Nussbaum
Charles Padilla
Mrs. Pat Paulucci
Andrea Pfister
Smith-Hobson Foundation
Hon. And Mrs. Allan Steele
Ms. Nancy Stehle
The Following in Honor of Robert Bankard and in
Memory of William Bankard:
Telesis Community Credit Union
Carl & Joan Wilkinson
For the Jacob Sipos Honorary
Heart Fund
Ms. Ann W. Bellett & Ms. Carol Hanig
In Honor of Jacob Sipos
Mr. & Mrs. Shepard G. Goodman
Marti R. Hedge
Lee & Ronald Robinson
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert C. Sillman
Sipos Foundation, Inc.
The Following in Honor of Delaney Small:
Armad, Inc.
Catherine Mancuso Boyack, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Bresler
Collectible Treasures, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Cornelius
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cusolito
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Ebert
Estate Jewelry by Claude Morady, Inc.
Mr. Michael Goldstein
Heller Antiques, Ltd.
Mr. Robert N. Hockaday, Jr.
Mr. Ed Karler
Ms. Rachel Mahler
Ms. Julie Moriarty
Dr. Karl L. Norris
The Oviatt Bldg.
Ineke Peskin Antique Jewelry
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rifkin
Mr. Rigoberto M. Rodriguez
Rodriguez & Sons Estate Jewelers
Second Time Around Watch Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Small
Ms. Leslie Small
Ms. Ann Marie Stanton
Mr. Steve’s Pawn Shop
Mr. & Mrs. David Tyson
VP Motorcars
Zimmelman Family Jewelers, Inc.
For the Anne W. “Muggy” and
William P. “Pawsie” Slover
Memorial Fund
Ms. Betsy S. Phoenix
Dr. & Mrs. William Slover
In Honor of Nancy Stehle
Ms. Nancy S. Stehle
In Honor of Family & Friends
For the Martha K. & Martin V.
Smith Fund
The Following in Memory of Martha K. Smith:
Mrs. Myrna J. Cohen
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Hart
Soares, Sandall, Bernacchi & Petrorvich
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Page 38
For the SUN (Special & Urgent
Needs) Fund
For the Troop Real Estate
The Following in Honor of Kate McLean:
Dr. & Mrs. Moustapha Abou-Samra
Janet Bergamo
Financial Focus
Haas Automation
Dr. William L. Hart
Lascher & Lascher
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Loebl
Mr. Norman Lueck
Mrs. Ben Nordman
Mr. & Mrs. Fred P. Wilson
The Following for Adopt-A-School Golf Tournament:
Adventist Health
Affinity Mortgage Group
All Valley Escrow, Inc.
Ms. Irene Allen
Mr. Mike Alterman
Mr. Vito Altiori
American Title Company
Amerispec Home Inspection Service
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Andrews
Ansoorian Associates
Mr. John W. Archibald
Mr. Eric Arnaud
Ashton Financial Corporation
August Roofing Inc.
Austin & Austin Insurance Services, Inc.
Mr. Dave D. Baker
Mr. Geoffrey B. Baker
CFC Mortgage Bankers
Ms. Jacqueline M. Bautista
Ms. Deborah Block
Boys & Girls Club of Conejo & Las Virgenes
Brownstone Realty
Mr. Gregg Bruno
Burger Express 2
Ms. Cheryl Burt
Mr. and Mrs. Woody Bussacco
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Butler
California National Bank
Carl Berkhout, Inc.
Kerry Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Carrott
Catalina Spas
CFC Mortgage Bankers
Mr. Harry Cheung
Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.
Mr. Brent Courter
CPS Publishing
Creative Woodworks, Inc.
D. T. Stephenson General Contractor
Ms. Colleen Dabbour
Mr. Robert E. Dahl
Mr. Timothy Danielson
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Daradics
Mr. Donald J. Darby
Mr. Dean Dardzinski
Dave's Towing Service
Ms. Dianna M. Dingman
Mr. and Mrs. John Dipoma
DMR Loans, Inc.
Mr. Jim Eadie
Ehline Co.
Fallbrook Mortgage Corporation
Mr. Blake Felton
Fidelity National Title Company
First American Title Company
First Honda
FNIS Flood Services, LP
Mr. Michael J. Frank
Ms. Elaine L. Freeman
Gailehek, Inc.
Galpin Ford
Ms. Amy Gandel
Mr. Harlan A. Gandel
General Rebuilding Contractor, Inc.
GM Management
Gold Coast Pest Control, Inc.
For the TAC as a Grantmaker Fund
Ms. Libby Barrabee
Mr. William Fairfield
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Fowkes
Ms. Pamela Garvin
Mr. Peter Gerlach
Mr. Jack Jacobs
Mr. L. Karsten Lundring
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Samsky
Charles & Ardie Schultz
Ms. Harriet Stork
Mr. J. Peter Wakeman
Jo Ann M. Wedding
For the Teach Fund
Ms. Carol Abella
Channel Chapter of California
Mr. William M. Hooker
Carolyn R. Huntsinger
Ms. Barbara Karplus
George & Alda Kroll
Mr. & Mrs. John MacIntyre
Robinson’s-May, Meier & Frank Foundation
For the Thousand Oaks Council on
Aging Fund
E.B.A. & M. Corporation
For the Thousand Oaks
Therapeutic Dance Fund
Biomotion Physical Therapy
Izard Enterprises, Inc.
Jacobs & Jacobs, CPA’s
J.C. Plumbing “N” Things
Mr. Calvin H. Johnston
Los Robles Regional Medical Center
Dr. Richard A. Mays
Dr. J.W. McLeod & Dr. John Webb
Pacific Information Resources, Inc.
Dr. Peter Sabolch
Seven Oaks Rehabilitation & Fitness Center
Telesis Physical Therapy, Inc.
Westlake Village Junior Women’s Club
For the Laura Toomey Endowment
for Symphonic Music Fund
Nancy & William Israel
In Honor of Kate McLean
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Grant, Jr.
Ms. Marilyn Grant
Ms. Susan R. Green
Mr. Peter C. Greer
Hamer Toyota
Harman Construction
Mr. Robert Harris
Robert R. Harris, Inc.
Ms. Linda Hecker
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hepple, JR.
Hertel & Associates
Mr. Greg Hertel
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Hoefler
Home Buyers Resale Warranty Corporation
Ms. Sue Huff
Mr. & Mrs. Keith M. Jajko
Jaramillo Enterprises, Inc.
Ms. Veronica Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Dean T. Julian
Mr. Kevin M. Ketz
Alexis King
Ms. Mindy J. Lambdin
Land America
Mr. Daniel Laporta
Legacy Wood Ranch, L.P.
Ms. Judy Lewicki
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Leyden
Ms. Karen Lindsey
Linoleum & Carpet City
Mr. Anthony Loniero
Lopata-Werth Masonry
Los Angeles Newspaper Group
Mr. Timothy E. Love
Lube Pit Stop
Ms. Kay C. MacDougall
Manfredi, Levine & Eccles
Mr. Darin L. Markarian
Mr. Alex Marotta
Mr. David L. Marshall
Ms. Deborah McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. R. Duncan McKay
Ms. Jan G. Meek
Mr. & Mrs. Meek
Mike Weston Home Inspection Service
Ms. Paula Miller
Ms. Sally J. Montana
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mutz
National Title Insurance of New York, Inc.
Mr. Jim Nickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Nicoll
Ms. Angel Noel
Mr. Michael Nolan
Oakridge Athletic Club
Office Depot
Ms. Donna O'Leary
Mr. Steven J. Ondrak
Ms. Rikki Orloff
Pacific Tech Imaging
Padberg Enterprises
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Patronete
Ms. Francine Geroy Penich
Ms. Victoria Perez
Ms. Carol Philpott
Ms. Hilda Porter
Mr. Mario Posadas
Preffered Posts
Premier America Credit Union
Ms. Deanna Pruett
PTS Furniture, Inc.
Mr. Patrick T. Putman
Regional Duplication Specialists
Ms. Robin Rick
Ms. Nicole Romanowski
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Rose
Ms. Tania E. Rose
Ms. Leanne R. Russell
Sal Funding Inc
Mr. William Sanders
Mr. David Schmidt
Mr. Bryan Scott
Shea Homes, Southern California Division
Ms. Charlene Siemon
Simi Valley Family Dental Office
Simi West, Inc.
Slominski Associates, Inc.
Mr. Mark D. Smith
Mr. Darrel Sneed
Sommer Sports Chiropractic, Inc.
Southland Title Corp.
Specialty Sash & Door LLC
Spectrum Contracting Services, Inc.
Stan Bilchik Carpet Co., Inc.
Mr. Robert Swanson
Team Kaminsky The Home Team, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Theune
Tomahawk Termite Control
Ms. Karen J. Troop
Union Bank of California
Urban Strategies
Ms. Amy J. Valtos
Vision Wireless
Mr. Paul H. Webb
Mr. Charles Weiland
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Ms. Victoria West
Mr. Gary White
Wieben Insurance Service
Ms. Jennifer Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Wolf
Womens Information Network of Simi Valley
Mr. Steve Wright
Write On Printer Products
Mr. Victor Yates
Mr. Steve V. Zwaag
For the Ventura Community
Park Fund
All Tent Trailer Rentals
Andrias Seafood Specialties
Archstone-Smith Communities
Bart & Michelle Bleuel
Catholic Healthcare West
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Ray DiGuilio
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce K. Doenges
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Doll
Mr. Chrles L. Feyh
Ms. Jane R. Goldschmidt
Ms. LaVerne Gragg
Pompy Gragg
Julius Gius Memorial Foundation
Glenda & John Hammer
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey M. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Hill
Kiwanis Club of Ventura
Mr. Rudolf Kleeman
Las Posas Childrens Center, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Leavens
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Ms. Pamela M. Lindsay
Mr. Dan Lyon
Mr. Lorenzo J. Martinez
Dr. Thomas McBreen
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. McConica
Mr. James McConica
John & Anne McConica
Mr. Dwayne L. McWaters
Mid-State Bank & Trust
Mr. Everett Millais
Ms. Suzanne Montgomery-Hart
J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation
Kelly & Timothy Nicely
John C. Orr
Penfield & Smith Engineers-Surveyors
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Reeves
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Ryan, III
Seaboard Marine
Ms. Angie M. Simon
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Slater
Drs. Steven J. Soule & Marlene Lamp
Troop Real Estate, Inc.
Ventura Community Park Fund Events
Ms. Jeanine Faria Walker & Mr. Russell Walker
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Woodburn
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Zoll
For the Ventura County
Agricultural Scholarship Fund
Santa Paula Creek Ranch
Ventura County Farm Bureau
For the Ventura County Bar
Association Legal Services Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Case
The Edward L. Lascher Fund
Mr. and Mrs. James Loebl
Hon. And Mrs. Bruce Thompson
For the Jean Weber Memorial
Scholarship Fund
Mr. Charles E. Weber
Mr. Richard L. Weber
In Memory of Jean Weber
For the Women’s Legacy Fund
Joanie Abou-Samra
In Memory of Tamima Al-Awar
AIM Relocation Group
Mr. & Mrs. Mel Ashcraft
Bang Family Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Bernacchi
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Blanchard
Hank & Ellen Brokaw
Buena Center B.P.W.
Chadwick Charitable Fund
In Honor of Betty Havekost
Eloise Olson Cohen
In Honor of her Children & Grandchildren
Ms. Lucinda S. Daley
In Honor of Martha Smith
Julie & Rob Drezner
Mrs. Betty Lou Evans
In Memory of Lou Crinklaw Wright
Ms. Betty Snodgrass Garrett
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Gerhardt
Page 39
Ms. Sheila Gonzalez
In Memory of Ida Smylie
Glenda Hammer
Ms. Kathleen Hobson
In Memory of Alice T. Cox
Ms. Susan Holt
Carolyn R. Huntsinger
In Honor of Barbara Meister
Hernan & Zella Ibanez
Mrs. Patricia Improta
Ms. Marjorie James
In Memory of Elizabeth Abul-Haj
Mr. Rose Jefferey
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Johnston
Pam Jolicoeur
Mr. & Mrs. William Kearney
Ms. Eunice M. Koch
In Honor of Margie Merryman
Los Angeles Times
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Magidson
In Honor of Barbara Meister
Louise Malcomb
Roz McGrath
Julia Newman & Saul Lessler
In Honor of Irene Newman
Mr. Bill Orcutt
Ms. Julie A. Osborn
Ms. Sandi Pierce
In Honor of Irene Newman
Pat Richards
In Memory of Florence Osborne
Ms. Sandra J. Sanders
Ms. Paula Osterbrink Shain
In Memory of Mary Osterbrink
Ona Shiroyama, O.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Strathearn
Urban Strategies
Beverly & John Viola
In Memory of Roswell Gaunva
Esther Wachtell
Water Girl & Great Pacific Patagonia
In Honor of Pat Ellison
Leila White
In Honor of Kate McLean & Robin
Ms. Elaine J. Williams
In Memory of Fonda M. Johnson
Fred & Marge Wilson
In Memory of Doris Granholm
Ginger Wilson
In Honor of DeDe Pitruzzelli
Maio Winkler
Ms. Jane Lee Winter
In Memory of Carlynn Lee Blankley
Ms. Margaret H. Woods
Steve & Robin Woodworth
In Honor of Betty Woodworth & Audrey Jones
Joanie & Richard Young
Sally S. Yount
The Following in Honor of Kate McLean:
Ken & Libby Barrabee
Kay Wilson-Bolton
Mrs. Ellen Brokaw
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Busch, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cohen
Julie Drezner
Economic Development Corporation of Oxnard
George Engdahl & Sarah Krause
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Gerhardt
Ms. Sheila Gonzalez
Ms. Marquita Shiells Griswold
Ms. Rose Jeffery
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Johnston
Pam Jolicoeur
K&M Enterprises
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Lazar
Paul & Carolyn Leavens
Terri Lisagor
Hon. & Mrs. William Peck
Mary Schwabauer
Mrs. Berta Defren Steele
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Strathearn
Dr. Mona Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. George Tillquist
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Vielbig
Walluck & Walluck
Wedding & McNair
Ms. Elaine J. Williams
Maio Winkler
The Following Funds Received
Gifts From the Families/Agencies
Establishing Them
The James and Alfreda Ager Endowment Fund
The Mary Ann & William Bang Family Fund
The Balcerzak-Jordan Community
Education Endowment
The James C. Basile Scholarship Fund
The George Berg Library for the Future Fund
The James Blackstock Family Fund
The Bob Burns Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Boys and Girls Club of Conejo
and Las Virgenes
The Otis & Bettina Chandler Fund
The Gary W. Chism Memorial Scholarship Fund
In Memory of Gary Chism
The Bambi McCormick Clark and
Jim Clark Fund
The Gladys Daily Coffman Fund
The Community & Folk Arts
Endowment Fund
Conejo Valley Senior Concerns
Endowment Fund
Jennifer and Douglas Cooper Charitable Fund
The E. Wright Daily Fund
The Milton F. & Margaret M. Daily/Daily
Jr. Family Fund
The Milton F. & Margaret M. Daily/Given
Family Fund
The Nellie Daily Fund
The Armand & Gabrielle Dupuis Fund
The Erickson Family Fund
The William A. & Cynthia D. Fairburn,
Jr. Memorial Fund
The William & Cynthia Fairburn
Memorial Scholarship Fund
The David Farber Foundation
The Faria Family Foundation
The Finch Family Scholarship Fund
In Memory of James J. Finch
The Finck Family Charitable Fund
The Food Share Endowment Fund
The Christopher P. Fowkes Memorial Fund
The Garrett Family Charitable Fund
The Bernice Daily Gastl Fund
The Brian Daily Given Charitable Fund
The Margaret & John Given Charitable Fund
The Peter William Given Charitable Fund
The Charles K. Gose Scholarship Fund
The Haas Automation VCCF Administrative
Endowment Fund
The Hertel Family Charitable Fund
The Vicky Howard Community Service Award
The George A. Jones Life Insurance Fund
The Kaiser Family Foundation Fund
The Bertha Kunz Fund
The Hank and Leah Lacayo Destino Fund
The Edward L. Lascher Fund
The Leavens Ranch Heritage Fund
The Dr. David Lichten Memorial Fund
The Limoneira Company
The Ruth Daily Livingston Fund
The Loebl Family Fund
The Dr. Manuel, Irma, Marisa
and Tiffany Lopez Family Fund
In Honor of Kate McLean
The Karsten Lundring Life Insurance Fund
The MacKenzie Family Scholarship Fund
The Amy Durst McAvoy Soroptimists
International of Camarillo Memorial Scholarship
The McLean Fund
The Alice Greenfield McGrath Destino Fund
The Barbara Meister Fund for Women
In Honor of Kate McLean
The Milton F. and Margaret M. Daily/Menne
Family Fund
The Merewether Community Fund
The Mylon H. Nelson and Julia I. Nelson
Foundation for Christian Organizations
The Ben E. and Joan H. Nordman Fund
The Helen Kimball Pidduck Women’s
Legacy Fund
In Honor of Kate McLean
The Procter and Gamble Destino Fund
The Reiter Affiliated Companies Destino Fund
The Stacy A. and Kerry P. Roscoe
Charitable Fund
The Laurie Rozet Women’s Legacy Fund
The Samaritan Center for Simi Valley
Permanent Endowment Fund
The SAME Oxnard-Ventura
Post Scholarship Fund
The San Buenaventura Friends of the Library
Capital Improvement Fund
The Santa Clara River Parkway Fund
The Charles J. and Kay Schuler Scholarship Fund
The Schwabauer Charitable Fund
Richard and Barbara Shipley Fund
The Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Foundation
The Simi Valley Library Endowment Fund
The Smith-Hobson Foundation
Community Response Fund
The Martin V. and Martha K. Smith Foundation
The Martin V. and Martha K. Smith
Cornerstone Fund
The Smith-Hobson Foundation
The Soroptimist International
of Ventura Women’s Fund
The St. Francis Dam Memorial Fund
The Kenneth Swanson Life Insurance Fund
The Dorcas H. Thille and Family Fund
The Thousand Oaks Arts Commission
The Eleanor Tillquist Scholarship Fund
The Ventura County Medical Resource
Foundation Fund
The Vielbig Family Fund
The Villanueva Family Fund
The Katherine M. Wakelee Scholarship Fund
The Iris & Roger (Spike) Wilkins
Scholarship Fund
The Yount Charitable Family Fun
Thank you for your generosity. We strive for accuracy in listing all our gifts. If you find a correction needs to be made, please accept our apology and contact the VCCF office so we can correct our records. On behalf of VCCF,
and all the good work we accomplish together in Ventura County, your contribution is gratefully received.
10:32 AM
2003 VCCF Annual Report
Page 40
FYE 9.30
FYE 9.30
Short Term Assets
Long Term Assets
Total Assets
Total Net Assets
Total Liabilitiles & Net Assets
Total Revenue & Other Support
Total Grants & Distributions
Program Services/Endowment Expenses
Management & General Expenses
Change in Net Assets
Balance Sheet
Agency Endowments
Other Liabilities
Total Liabilities
Unrestricted Assets
Temporarily Restricted Assets
Statement of Activities
Further information can be found on the audited financial statements for FY 2003, available at VCCF's offices.
*A complete copy of the 2002-2003 audited financial statement by Shallenberger & Roberts, CPAs, is available at the Office.
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Page 41
President's Letter
n times that are a cause for both promise and challenge, it is a
privilege to join the Ventura County Community Foundation
in its vital task – building community. Under the leadership of
my well-respected predecessor Kate McLean, the Community
Foundation has garnered pre-eminent respect in Ventura County –
pre-eminent because of its size, mission and reach, and respect
because of its demonstrated commitment to engage donors and the
community in fulfilling its mission. VCCF is a trusted partner who
can bring people together in common cause, reflecting 16 years of
dedication and vision from its passionate, well regarded and
committed board of directors. So it is with much gratitude that I
step into Kate’s shoes and, working with an outstanding staff,
begin to build on this good work. Since my grandfather spent
years farming in this rich and fertile valley, it is also a particular
pleasure for my wife and I to be working in Ventura County, where
our family’s roots are deep.
Community foundations can be complex, but our mission is
simple: to harness the power of philanthropy to strengthen this
land. We do that in three ways – by being
• a careful steward of the funds entrusted to us in perpetuity.
• a thoughtful and imaginative grantmaker, focusing on
addressing the needs throughout the County.
• a convener and community leader, bringing together those
who can make a difference in Ventura County and the
communities within.
Our mandate is to work with friends, partners and
donors to build a better future for all, and especially to
strengthen the nonprofit community so important to our
County, and to the thousands they serve. We take
seriously our mission and the trust our donors have
placed in us. We are honored to translate dreams and
hopes into something that makes a difference today and
long into the future, and to be your partner in building
community together. It is indeed good work, and it is a
privilege to be VCCF’s President. Let me know how we
can work together, for good and for ever, to build a
stronger tomorrow.
Hugh J. Ralston
President & CEO
2003 VCCF Staff
Augusto Bedoya - Ventura County Civic Alliance Intern
Doug Green - Director, Resource Center for Nonprofit Management
Donna Hall - Staff Accountant
Susan Klipp - Administrative Assistant for Executive Relations
Talon Klipp - Clerk
Tina Knight - Director, Grants & Scholarships
Donna Logan - Vice President Finance & Administration
Kate McLean - President*
Hugh Ralston - President & CEO
Marsha Rea - Director Ventura County Civic Alliance**
Claudia Sanchez - Program Administrative Assistant
Susan Seale - Resource Center Administrative Assistant
Shelley Stenshol - Director, Communications & Donor Relations
Jovita Valdez - Director, Destino: The Hispanic Legacy Fund
Lyle Wray - Director, Ventura County Civic Alliance
Dorie Zabriskie - Development Consultant
*Retired 7/03 ** Resigned 3/03
2003 VCCF Annual Report
10:32 AM
Page 42
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Camarillo, CA 93010-8504
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email: [email protected]
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Ventura County Community Foundation
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