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A Child Heard. A Life Changed.
Annual Report for 2009–10
“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder,
he needs the companionship of at least one adult
who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy,
excitement and mystery of the world we live in.”
Rachel Carson
Dear Friends,
With this report, we are pleased to update you on the activities of Voices for Children. This has been
a pivotal time for our agency and we thank the thousands of volunteers, donors, and friends who have
made our success possible.
Voices for Children believes that every abused and neglected child deserves the highest quality advocacy.
To that end, our Board of Directors is pursuing an ambitious initiative, Serve Every Child, which will
more than double our operations and enable us to triple the number of children served with volunteer
advocates by 2015. As part of this plan for growth, a new mission statement was developed:
Voices for Children transforms the lives of abused children in San Diego County
by providing them with volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs).
The companion vision statement and our declaration of values and purposes are also in this report.
Voices for Children’s services are unique in San Diego and we have been widely recognized as one
of the finest CASA programs in the United States. The Judicial Council of California’s Center for
Families, Children and the Courts, based in San Francisco, recently conducted a detailed site visit and
evaluation of Voices for Children. In their praise, it was stated that Voices “…continues to be a model
program exhibiting innovative practices, engaged staff and Board members, and strong relationships
with your court. Your continued commitment to growing the CASA program and your consistency of
leadership are invaluable to ensuring the high quality of services for California’s foster children.”
This level of excellence extends to our volunteers and donors. Our volunteers are a diverse group, from
retired grandfathers to college coeds; our donors range from individuals who give $5 a month to the
Leichtag Family Foundation which awarded a landmark, three-year, $1,000,000 grant in late 2010.
We are grateful to each volunteer and donor who believes in our cause and helps us to help foster
children. Working together, we are a powerful force progressing toward our goal to ensure that every
child gets what he or she deserves—a safe, permanent home and hope for a decent childhood. With
your help, we can make that happen.
Mission – Voices for Children transforms the lives of abused children in
San Diego County by providing them with volunteer Court Appointed
Special Advocates (CASAs).
Vision – Voices for Children believes that every child deserves a safe and
permanent home, and to that end, will provide a CASA to every child
in the foster care system who needs one, monitor every court file in the
system, and advocate to improve the lives of San Diego County’s foster
Values and Purposes we subscribe to:
• We believe that every child in Juvenile Court should have a volunteer
advocating for his or her best interests and providing vital information to judges;
• We provide the highest level training, supervision, and continuing education for volunteers;
• We annually review and
monitor the case files of every child in foster care in
San Diego County;
• We increase public awareness about the
foster care system; and
With our appreciation,
Sharon M. Lawrence, Esq.
Voices for Children
Mission, Vision, Values and Purposes
Pat Hughes
Chair, FY2009-2010
Board of Directors
Lauree Sahba
Chair, FY2010-2011
Board of Directors
• We advocate for legal
policies and practices that
enhance the quality of life
for foster children.
A Story About a
Child Heard and a
Life Changed
Lance looks much older than he is,
standing five feet tall at nine years old.
He came in to foster care due to severe
neglect—his open wounds were untended;
there was no electricity, water, or food
in the house; and his parents fought
regularly and violently. Lance could be
violent too—flipping over tables, desks,
and chairs. It was the only way he knew
to express his anger and frustration
about being separated from his sister
and parents. At the request of a judge,
Lance was matched with CASA Tom from
Voices for Children.
At one point, Lance was placed with a
guardian, but wound up back in foster
care when the guardian died in a car
accident. The social worker started a
reunification plan with Lance’s mother,
yet his behavior had grown so
uncontrolled, he wasn’t going to be
allowed to return home. Medications
were suggested, but CASA Tom argued
no, that Lance’s physical reactions were
anger that needed to be managed, not
masked. Tom taught Lance to fish and
encouraged him to play sports at the
Boys & Girls Club near his school.
Lance’s mother made progress and a
60-day trial living arrangement was
approved. It was very successful! With
help from CASA Tom and the other
influences he had at the Boys & Girls
Club, Lance had learned ways to manage
his emotions. He was happy to be home
with his mother and sister, and the
school, his therapist, and his mother
all reported less aggression. Now,
Lance’s case is coming up for the
court’s review and he will be officially
returned to his mother and their happier,
healthier home.
March 2011
We are guilty of many errors
and many faults, but our
worst crime is abandoning
the children, neglecting the
fountain of life.
Many of the things we need can
wait. The child cannot.
Right now is the time bones
are being formed, blood is
being made, senses are being
Children Served
What is CASA?
Voices for Children serves serves San Diego County (pop: 3.1 million)
where as many as 6,000 children each year live apart from their homes
and families due to abuse and neglect; for their own safety and through
no fault of their own, these children are in the protective custody of
the court—a system called “foster care.” Foster children are at risk,
emotionally and physically, and they are in crisis. They come from every
corner of San Diego County, and represent a diverse population.
The most current demographics of the children served are as follows:
CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. CASA programs
exist in 1,000 counties around the United States (sometimes referred to
as Guardian Ad Litems, or GALs). Each group operates independently;
however, the goal of CASA programs nationwide is to make a difference
in the lives of children in foster care.
Age of Children Served by VFC
Age 6–10
To the child, we cannot answer “Tomorrow.”
The child’s name is “Today.”
Age 16–18
Gabriela Mistral (1899-1957)
This poem is shared with our volunteers
when they begin to train with us to
become CASAs. Written by Chilean
poet and Nobel Laureate (1945)
Gabriela Mistral, it encapsulates the work
of Voices for Children and the tireless
efforts of our volunteers.
Age 19–24
Age 0–5
Gender of Children Served by VFC
How many San Diego
children are in crisis?
Enough to fill every seat
on 118 school buses in a line
that stretches 5.5 miles…
That is how many abused
children need advocacy now.
Ethnicity of Children Served by VFC
American not identified
Age 11–15
Voices for Children works with San Diego children who have been taken
into foster care for their own safety. Through the advocacy of our highly
trained volunteer CASAs who diligently monitor cases, often in a ratio of
one CASA to one child, Voices for Children ensures that judges have the
most thorough, current information possible when making decisions about
such issues as a foster child’s living situation, visits with siblings, medical
and educational needs, and other services. By all accounts, CASAs make a
huge difference in the foster care system.
Voices for Children and its CASAs give
San Diego’s foster children the most
precious gift: the opportunity for each
child to live up to his or her potential.
One San Diego judge praised CASAs
as her “eyes and ears,” helping her
better understand the history of a case
and the child’s situation. Another
judge said CASAs “give her legs.”
Certainly, CASAs are the voice
of a child, speaking in court to be
sure the child’s unique needs are
“All kids need is a little help,
a little hope and somebody
who believes in them.”
Earvin “Magic” Johnson
Children with CASAs
Voices for Children provided 1,105
children with CASAs last year. These
dedicated volunteers provide crucial
recommendations and reports to the
judges, helping them to make the best
decisions about a foster child’s future.
CASAs transform lives through their
advocacy in the courtroom, schools, and
in the community. In 2010-11, we anticipate
we will serve nearly 1,200 children with
Voices for Children is the only
San Diego County organization
designated to recruit, train, and
supervise volunteer CASAs for
foster children. With extraordinary
efficiency and dedication, a small
professional staff manages the work of
600+ volunteer advocates.
Case Assessment 2009–10
Voices for Children reviewed and
monitored the case files of 5,151 children,
writing more than 7,000 assessments
and, in many cases, requesting needed
services prior to the child being
assigned a CASA.
Three teams comprise the CASA
CASA Case Management: CASAs
provide stability and continuity to the children
through regular visits and caring attention, contributing to resiliency
in children. Our Program Supervisors guide CASAs through the Court’s
complex bureaucracy, developing a case plan for each child, assisting with
advocacy and case management, and helping find resources and services
for the children. CASAs are extremely important to the entire foster care
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Every Child Deserves a Chance
at a Normal Childhood
(continued from previous page)
process. As sworn Officers of the Court, they are given privileged access
to medical, school, and court files as well as to anyone with information
about a case. With their comprehensive information about the child’s
situation, including education, the CASA provides crucial information to
the judge, through reports and court appearances. This is key to helping
the court make decisions that enable each child to be safe and successful.
“Our” children often have the most complex and difficult
cases. They are the foster children who, without the
compassionate advocacy of a CASA, would likely spend
their childhood in foster care. One example is Justin, age 5:
Voices for Children’s Program Supervisors generally oversee approximately
45-50 CASA volunteers each; they monitor the CASAs’ advocacy in
myriad ways, including editing court reports, accompanying CASAs
in court and to case conferences as well as being available by phone 24
hours a day, 7 days a week in case of a child emergency. Two recent case
management focuses include:
Fostering Futures – Voices for Children was chosen in spring 2010 by National CASA to pilot a new program, Fostering Futures. Funded through the Wal-Mart Foundation, this program helps prepare older teens, ages 14-21, for adult responsibilities and life after foster care.
Infants & Toddlers – With the help of committed funders, Voices for Children has a new focus on infants and toddlers. By assigning CASAs to the youngest dependents, Voices hopes to expedite a permanent home, whether through reunification or adoption. We believe an early intervention will break the cycle of abuse and improve outcomes for these youngest victims.
Case Assessment: Voices for Children assesses and prioritizes the case
files of all children in San Diego foster care. Our staff and volunteers
research referrals and prepare thousands of written reports annually –
evaluating, updating, and prioritizing the children’s cases. This is a critical
service for the judicial system and helps ensure the most at-risk children
get swift and proper attention.
Recruitment and Training: In order to
maintain and increase our network of volunteer
advocates and case assessors, Voices for Children
finds, screens, and trains individuals from
throughout San Diego County. Our rigorous
training program, Advocate University, is
offered eight times a year. It includes 40
hours of intense courses led by our staff
and foster care professionals, on-site visits
to juvenile court, and vital training on the
unique problems and needs of San Diego’s foster children. Upon
graduation, each CASA is carefully matched with at least one child or
sibling group and, from that time forward, he or she works to advocate
for the children’s well-being, safety, and protection by the Court.
Justin is cute, with bouncing energy and dark curly hair.
He was found living in a van with his father, dirty, hungry,
and without shoes or a shirt. His father was overwhelmed
and his mother was nowhere to be found, so Justin was
taken into foster care. Five foster homes followed in
quick succession, with the boy’s increasingly extreme
behaviors labeled first as autism, later as pervasive
developmental disorder.
A History
Voices for Children was launched in 1980 when two
crusading women — a law student, Kathryn Ashworth,
and a social worker, Elizabeth Bacon Brainard — set
up a desk in the hallway of the San Diego County
Juvenile Court, recruiting friends, Junior League, and
Bar Association Auxiliary members to review files of
children who had been placed under court jurisdiction because of parental abuse or neglect. Their goal as
volunteer advocates was to help the judges make the
best decisions for children who had no one to speak up
for them. The group embraced the volunteer advocate
model created in Seattle in 1977, joined the National
CASA Association, and began training CASAs in 1983.
Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Voices for
Children has grown from an inspired idea by a few
dedicated citizens to one of the oldest, largest,
most-respected, and best-managed CASA
organizations in the country. As a symbol of
dedication of our CASA program, one of the
co-founders, Kathryn Ashworth, continues her work as
a CASA and recently celebrated the adoption of one
of her case children. She carries on the legacy of her
late co-founder, Elizabeth Bacon Brainard, and inspires
our volunteers with her commitment.
Justin’s social worker tracked down his mother and
started reunification services while Justin was placed in
an adoptive foster home, where the foster mother hoped
to adopt him. With the patience of the new foster mother
and the consistency of the new placement, Justin’s
behaviors improved.
Justin was matched with CASA Nancy. She had reservations
about the social worker’s reunification plan and the mother’s
lukewarm efforts. Nancy observed how Justin’s mother
struggled with his acting out and responded impatiently and
angrily to Justin, contributing to a spiral effect of worsening
behaviors. CASA Nancy prepared court reports about her
concerns, while the social worker pushed for reunification
with the birth mother. Voices for Children and CASA Nancy
firmly advocated for adoption by the foster mother,
arguing that the birth mother could not handle Justin’s
special needs and that stability in the long term would
outweigh the benefits of ties to his biological family.
After numerous court hearings and 13 reports, the judge
ruled with the CASA’s recommendation and adoption by
the foster mother went forward. The decision survived an
appeal by the birth mother, and Justin is
now thriving, beloved and well
cared-for in a stable home with
a loving adoptive mother.
The Justice noted, “Were it not
for the extraordinary efforts,
dedication, and perseverance
of Justin’s [adoptive] parent,
his CASA volunteer, and
La CuГ±a agency, the dependency
system may have failed this child.”
Serve Every Child
Financial Results for 2009-2010
While there are around 6,000 children in San Diego foster care each year,
it is estimated that approximately half of these children have no one—no
parent, no relatives, no family friends—to look out for the child’s best
interests. They are alone in a complicated system that can rob much of the
joy out of childhood.
Voices for Children is primarily funded by individuals, foundations, and
corporations who are solicited through a strategic plan of grants, appeals,
and special events. We do not generate any program income as our services
are free to the children.
Fortunately, Voices for Children will serve nearly 1,200 of these children
with CASAs in 2010-11, but many more children are waiting. Because of
the urgency of the need, Voices for Children’s Board of Directors met in
September 2010 and committed to the Serve Every Child vision and a careful five-year growth strategy with these key goals:
• Provide CASAs to 3,207 foster children by 2014-2015, tripling in five
years the 1,105 children served with CASAs in 2009-10;
• Continue to assess, review, and triage Court files to provide basic advocacy to every foster child in the system (6,000 annually); • Increase the number of trained volunteer advocates, so that by FY2015 we have 1,414 advocates (almost three times the current group of CASAs);
• Increase the effectiveness of the CASA Program by developing new pilot programs to serve infants, toddlers, and teens preparing to exit the system;
• Explore more efficient modes of monitoring children not assigned to CASAs, and pilot an “Early Assignment” program that would provide a CASA to a child the moment he or she entered the foster system; and
• Be a leader in the community in terms of advocating for improvements in the foster care system and raising awareness of the plight of foster children in San Diego County.
At its core, this plan keeps
one thing at the forefront:
there are thousands of abused,
abandoned, and neglected
children in San Diego who are
waiting for a CASA today.
Voices for Children has
redoubled its commitment to
provide the life-transforming
services of a CASA to every
child who needs one. We truly
want to Serve Every Child and
know that we can, with the
help and generosity of caring,
compassionate individuals in
our community.
To achieve the ambitious goals of Serve Every Child, Voices for Children
undertook a capacity-building plan, including a major expansion of its
development department in 2010. We sought and received a cornerstone
grant of $1,000,000 (over three years) from the Leichtag Family
Foundation in October 2010, and additional, large-scale grants have
followed, including $70,000 from the Rose Foundation and a $100,000
event sponsorship by Qualcomm for our upcoming gala, Starry, Starry
Night: Turn on your Heartlight! These provide a powerful underpinning
for expanded individual and corporate contributions. A new emphasis
on planned giving is being launched, as we look to our many friends and
donors to include Voices in their estate plans.
This new support will fuel careful and measured growth of our CASA
program between now and 2015. We have increased our focus on donor
stewardship and relationship-building that we believe will lead to repeat
donors, an expanded and broadened donor base, and ultimately to
sustainability. We are using technology in new and innovative ways to
reach out and communicate the needs and accomplishments of Voices
for Children.
Our audited financial results and revenue sources are summarized below:
Statement of Activities
Gifts & Contributions
Government Funds
Special Events (net of expenses) Other Income
Total Revenue
Management & General
Total Expenses
Increase in Net Assets:
Net Assets at Beginning of Year:
Net Assets at Year End:
(continued on next page)
Audit and IRS Form 990
Access our audit and tax filing online at:
Revenues in 2009-10
Revenues increased 2% over the
previous fiscal year. Voices for Children
has worked diligently to maintain
donation levels during the difficult
economy. The results for FY2010-11
should show much stronger growth.
• Gifts & Contributions
This category encompasses gifts
from individuals, corporations, and
foundations, 46% of total revenues,
primarily through direct appeals and
grant requests.
• Government Funding
The three government sources are Judicial
Council, Superior Court of San Diego
County, and County of San Diego Board
of Supervisors. Their combined funding
remained steady at $423,800 in 2009-10,
18% of our revenues.
• Special Events
Starry, Starry Night is Voices for Children’s
primary fundraiser. Its dinner and musical concert under the stars again broke
records in terms of attendance and funds
raised for both September 2009 and 2010
— with net results of more than $500,000
and $600,000 respectively. Another successful Voices for Children event was the
18th annual golf tournament at Fairbanks
Ranch Country Club in May 2010. Other
special events benefiting our children
include the Nikki St. Germain Memorial
Golf Tournament and Makua’s annual dinner dance. Makua’s Rockin’ Rumba in June
2010 netted $80,000 for our children. Net
of expenses, the combined special events
contributed 33% of revenues.
• Makua
Makua, Friends of Voices for Children,
supports our mission with a themed
dinner dance FUNdraiser each summer,
and with year-round efforts to raise
awareness of the agency and the needs
of foster children.
Board of Directors and Community
Advisory Committee
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Revenue Sources
Statement of Financial Position
Current Assets
Property & Equipment
Other Assets
Total Assets
Liabilities & Net Assets:
Current Liabilities
Unrestricted Net Assets
Temporarily Restricted Net Assets “If the cause is right, the means
will come.”
Mahatma Gandhi
Expenses in 2009-10
Layoffs, a hiring freeze, and pay cuts
helped Voices for Children control its
expenses in 2009-10. Expansion plans
were put on hiatus and program goals
were modest, and related expenses
comprised 78% of total expenses.
Program expenses include CASA
management, recruitment and training,
and case assessment. These are further
described previously. A breakout of
functional expenses follows:
Functional Expenses
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $1,469,278
As of June 30, 2010, cash and investments totaling $830,000 are
set aside as an emergency fund for operational expenses.
We are honored by the quality and commitment of the many
community leaders serving on our Board of Directors and
Community Advisory Committee:
Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Pat Hughes, Chair
Lauree Sahba, Vice Chair
Peter Arrowsmith, Treasurer
Reed Vickerman, Secretary
Marina Marrelli, At Large
Susan McClellan, At Large
Vicky Carlson, At Large
Lorena Arnold
Melissa Blackburn-Joniaux
Rochelle Bold
Laura Boyer
Karen Driscoll
Tony Farwell
Kevin Harris
Dave Jackson
Eric Jones
Susan McKenna
Tom Murphy
Jill Skrezyna
Robin Stark
Alan Talbott
Haeyoung Kong Tang
Brad Tecca
Peter Arrowsmith
Rochelle Bold, Treasurer
Laura Boyer
Vicky Carlson
Ann Parode Dynes
Tony Farwell
Kevin Harris
Pat Hughes, Past Chair
Dave Jackson, Secretary
Marina Marrelli, Vice Chair
Susan McClellan
Beth Plavan
Lauree Sahba, Chair
Jill Skrezyna
Robin Stark
Alan Talbott
Haeyoung Kong Tang
Community Advisory Committee
A Community Advisory Committee (CAC) was established in
April 2010. It includes former Board members, supporters, and
community leaders, who are dedicated to Voices for Children’s
vision to expand and change the lives of more desperate
children. This committee includes:
Joan Waitt, Co-Chair
Tom Murphy, Co-Chair
David Archambault
Kathryn Ashworth
Joye Blount
Janice Brown
Kate Collier
Mindy Fletcher
Nathan Fletcher
Craig Irving
Dori Kaufman
David Marino
Patsy Marino
Ian Mausner
The Honorable James Milliken
Eleanor Navarra
Sheryl Scarano
Cecil Steppe
Katie Sullivan
Ilia Terrazas-Dickey
Dale Yahnke
Voices for Children’s Management Team
Sharon Lawrence, President/CEO
Martha Crowe, Vice President of Programs
Anne Farrell (as of July 2010), Vice President of Philanthropy
Sabrina Goosby, Vice President of Volunteers
Marcia Looper, Vice President of Business Operations
Kim Penny (through October 2010), Vice President of Marketing
& Development
Voices for Children’s Staff
Ana Amiguet, Program Supervisor
Lynn Basquez, Grant Writer
Ian Baxter, Program Supervisor (through July 2010)
Kate Butenbach (as of April 2011)
Christine Cantacessi, Program Supervisor
Cindy Charron, Program Manager
Dianne Chatfield, Program Supervisor
Katelyn Collings, Program Supervisor (July 2010 to March 2011)
Events & Communications Coordinator (as of March 2011)
Esther D’Anchise, Program Associate
Linda DiMele, Program Assistant
Angelita Ford, Program Supervisor
Cailin Freeman, Program Manager
Rochelle Gauthier, Program Supervisor (through June 2010)
Freya Gordon, Program Supervisor (as of March 2011)
Brande Hutchinson, Program Associate
Lisa Jeong, Development Manager (through December 2010)
Paul Kerstetter, Assistant Program Manager
Ashley Kruger, Program Supervisor (as of December 2010)
Kristen Pressler Kurtz, Director of Events & Communications
(as of November 2010)
Gina Lee, Program Manager
Shyle Lyons, Program Supervisor
Cindi Middleton, Executive Assistant
Carmisha Moore, Program Supervisor (as of March 2011)
Stephen Moore, Program Supervisor
Eric Pitarresi, Database & Stewardship Coordinator
(as of October 2010)
Kelley Pittenger, Program Supervisor
Susie Purvis, Program Manager
Megan Ray, Volunteer Training Coordinator
Jesus Sanchez, Program Supervisor
Susan Salvia, Program Supervisor (as of July 2010)
Susan Smith, Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator
Jane Wehrmeister, Program Supervisor
(Staff are as of March 2011)
“From what we get, we can make a living;
what we give, however, makes a life.”
Arthur Ashe
Volunteer Milestones
We are deeply grateful for the extraordinary devotion of each and every
volunteer, including many who stayed with their case children for years.
The listing below acknowledges those volunteers who have been in
continual service for five years or more up until the present time.
30+ years
Kathryn Ashworth
20+ years
Carmela Caldera
Cheryl Greaves
Irene Wells
Voices for Children’s Volunteers
“Working with Voices
for Children has been
the epitome of any
volunteer work I have
ever engaged in…
Thank you for the
opportunity to work
with my beautiful case
family. Their love,
trials, and struggles have
opened my eyes and
heart in so many ways.
They will always be a
part of my life. I will
always cherish my time
as a volunteer for Voices
for Children.”
Nearly 800 volunteers generously gave time to Voices for Children in 200910, helping transform the lives of children by donating more than 50,000
hours of their time. The dollar equivalent of these hours is
substantial! The Bureau of Labor Statistics values similar
services in California at $22.79, which means these
volunteer hours could be valued at approximately
Voices for Children’s volunteers are a special breed—
CASA give an extraordinary commitment of both time and emotions. Their diverse experiences and backgrounds are highlighted below (December 2010) and contribute to the success of our programs:
Employment Status: 45% of our volunteers work full-time, 20% are retired, and 17% are students or work part-time.
• Education: 86% of the volunteers have some level or college
educational or more and 26% of the volunteers hold graduate or doctorate degrees.
Age: Our volunteers vary in age, from early 20s to late 70s. Approximately 52% of them
are 51 or older, and have
substantial life experience to draw upon—and to share—in
their challenges as an advocate.
15+ years
Pat Cunningham
Beverly Haines
Mary Limoges
Judith Pruyne
Bertha Schultz
Kathy Velasquez
10+ years
Mary Ann Beattie
Eleanor Bluestein
Carmina Caballes
Kay Childs
Leslie Constantini
Ruth Ely
Araceli Engbrecht
Cristina Garcia
Joan Gausepohl
Wendy Koen
Kim Lazaro
Connie Leigh
Elizabeth Leonard
Nan Lutes
Marta McCarty
Betty McDonald
Madeline Penner
Constance Pinkus
Jenna Price
Sharon Province
Nancy Rosenberger
Patricia Santoro
Eleanor Sherrell
Joan Slote
Suzanne Snyder
Connie Unger
Virginia White
Bobbie Young
5+ years
Varin Acevedo
Nadine Allen
Claire Altman
Cindy Augst
Linda Austin
Laura Barton
Elyse Boozer
Sharon Bowes
Karen Brainard
Pat Burrascano
Joe Butler
Greg Byrum
Diane Campion
Denise Capozzi
Asta Carwin
Susan Cross
Kristen Dalessio
Joyce Dockery
Holly Elwell
Linda Fawkes
Sheri Fisher
Samuel Francisco
Dale Goldman
Robert Gordon
Gail Granewich
Alma Hadash Geiger
Melissa Hall
Jeanne Hancock
Harriet Hartl
Palma Holland
Mary Hughes
Carol Irwin
Lyle Kalish
Ellen Kane
Genevieve Knych-Rohan
Mickey Lester
Mel Lopez
Diane Ludwig
Karen Lurie
Cheryl MacDonald
Anita Mahaffey
Marin Marcus
Carole MartГ­n
Mary Jo Mathis
Heather McCauley
Stacy McDaniel
Marta Meester
Diane Merlos
Tonia Moore
Sue Munz
Jennifer Negre
Kimberly Neilson
Barbara Nelson
Deborah Olstad
Catherine Ott
David Paa
Jane Petering
Sally Pollack
Pat Preston
Theron Preston
Judith Radke
Christie Ranney
Thomas Ryan
Carol Sands
Sandra Sloan
Beverly Smith
Stacey Smith-Bacon
Kate So
Dennis Sullivan
Brooke Swayne
Mary Ann Tanner
Carol Tapert
Toni Tschann
David Tuffy
Marlee Valderhaug
Jorge Valerdi
Jodi Visosky
Judy Wieand
Marwilda Wilson
Barbara Witzell
Bridget Wright
“The heart of a
volunteer is not
measured in size, but
by the depth of the
commitment to make a
difference in the lives
of others.”
DeAnn Hollis
“Children are the
world’s most valuable
resource and its best
hope for the future.”
John F. Kennedy
Stellar Supporters of Voices for Children
Voices for Children truly appreciates the many individuals, companies, organizations, and foundations that
have supported our work with San Diego’s foster children.
Major Contributors
Cumulative Donors
These donors had cumulative contributions of $10,000 or
more through 12/31/2010, excluding in-kind donations. List
organized in descending order of cumulative contributions.
The Leichtag Family Foundation
Qualcomm Incorporated
Judicial Council of California
Makua, Friends of Voices for Children
Charles E. White
United Way of San Diego County
National CASA Association
Diane M. Martin and Jim Martin*
Alliance Healthcare Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
The California Endowment
Rochelle and William Bold
Masserini Trust
Gertrude Anderson Trust
Eleanor and Jerry Navarra
Joan Waitt Family Fund
(Emily Waitt, Hailey Waitt, Joan Waitt, Max Waitt, and
Sophia Waitt)
Helmstetter Family Foundation
Karen and Glenn Doshay
Shrontz Family Foundation
Marilyn and David Dunn
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
David and Patsy Marino
Nikki St. Germain Memorial Golf Tournament
Sheryl and Bob Scarano
Price Family Charitable Fund (combined gifts from
Jennifer and Mark Freedman, Hervey Family Fund,
Price Family Charitable Fund, Price-Lynn Collaborative Fund, and Weingart Foundation)
Child Abuse Prevention Foundation
Farrell Family Foundation
Fylon Foundation
Society of the Holy Child Jesus
Las Patronas
The Rose Foundation
Galinson Family Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation
Sally and Jeff Busby
San Diego County Bar Foundation
De Falco Family Foundation
The Parker Foundation
Maria and Michael Herman
Day for Change
Money/Arenz Foundation, Inc.
C.J. & Dot Stafford Memorial Trust
Massey Charitable Trust
St. Germaine Children’s Charity
Laurie Mitchell and Brent Woods
Phillip Mackler Trust
Cox Kids Foundation
Junior Seau Foundation
Fieldstone Foundation
Stuart Foundations
Charles and Ruth Billingsley Foundation
The Country Friends, Inc
The Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation
McCarthy Family Foundation
Union Bank
Roque and Katayoun De La Fuente
Gina and Raymond Ellis
Community Children’s Foundation
Lee and Stuart Posnock
Circle of Angels
Samuel & Katherine French Fund
Dowling & Yahnke, Inc.
Katie and Daniel Sullivan
Irving Hughes
The Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation
Anthony and Caroline Farwell
IDANTA Partners Ltd.
Debby and Wain Fishburn
HD Supply
Jocelyn Bauer
Callaway Golf Company Foundation
Sharon Lawrence and Darin Boles
Sage Foundation
The Charles H. Stout Foundation
Boys and Girls Foundation
Joan and Rocco Fabiano
Tecate Industries, Inc.
Karen and Jim Brailean
Mary and Scott Clifton
Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund
Kalpana and James Rhodes
Ramona and Roland Sahm / Sahm Family Foundation
Bank of the West
Association of Legal Administrators San Diego
Carol and Pedro Cuatrecasas
Lynne and Kevin Metros
Good Source Solutions
Ruth Lane Charitable Foundation
Sepi and Peter Arrowsmith
Lorena M. Arnold
Lauree and Monte Sahba
Price-Lynn Collaborative Fund
Annette and Daniel Bradbury
Freddie Mac Foundation
Kathryn Ashworth and The Honorable Thomas Ashworth
Marie Tuthill and Dennis Bradstreet
Patricia and Bruce Bartlett
San Diego County Board of Supervisors at the Recommendation of Supervisor Greg Cox
Pat and Robert Hughes
Julie and Noah Bretz
Patricia and Marc Brutten
Connie and Richard Unger
California CASA Association
Lynn and Lloyd Wells
G.A.G. Charitable Corporation
California Bank & Trust
Greg Byrum
Pacific Southwest Construction & Equipment
Pamela and Martin Wygod
WD-40 Company
Laura and Ethan Boyer
Barbara Iversen and Shaun Burnett
CW Cares for Kids Fund
Giorgio Armani Corporation
B.I.A. Cares for Kids
Dave B. Jackson
Margy Schneider*
Josephson-Werdowatz & Associates
Stacy and Paul Jacobs
Susan and Craig McClellan
Toby Wells Foundation
U.S. Bank
Pacific Athletic Club
Hervey Family Fund
Deborah and Claude-Anthony Marengo
Jennifer McIlvaine and Matt Landa
Nancy Sackheim and Ray Sackheim*
RobynAnn and Richard Nelson
Olive K. McWain
Goodrich Foundation
Jori Potiker and Michael Brown
Kim and James Peterson
North American Communications, Inc.
The Legler Benbough Foundation
Robin Stark Family Foundation
eBay Cy Pres Award
Weingart-Price Fund
Stefani and Allan Simon
James Irvine Foundation
Joseph Drown Foundation
Nancy and Tony McCune
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Lany and Alex Zikakis
Linnie Cooper Foundation
Rebecca and Chris Twomey
Kim Penny and Robert Ludwig
Barbara Meserve and Ken Pickle
Melissa and Jim Hoffmann
San Diego Bar Auxiliary Philanthropies
National Aircraft Salvage
Beth and Josh Roach
Virginia and Victor King
Wells Fargo Foundation
Meredythe Glass
Jill Skrezyna and Alex Sun
Nina and Jeff Detrow
Carol Sullivan
Emma and Brad Tecca
Jennifer and Mark Freedman
San Diego Firefighters Local 145
Kappa Alpha Theta — Zeta Rho
Nice Guys of San Diego
San Diego Unified School District
Sempra Energy
Dana and Edward Fudurich
Wendy Gillespie and Martin G. Capdevilla*
Schwab Charitable Fund
Susan and Mark McKenna
Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity — Eta Iota Chapter
Jan and Richard Kahler
Carmela Caldera
The Hamilton-White Foundation
Smith Barney Insured Investor Group
Van Law Food Products, Inc.
Marigrace and Herbert Boyer
The Thursday Club Foundation
San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club
102.1 KPRI
Sue and Gary Weisman
Ellise and Michael Coit
Colleen and Thomas Lambert
Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Betsy Harrison
Cubic Corporation
Kris and Everett Barry
Intuit, Inc.
Jewish Community Foundation
Lend A Hand
Weingart Foundation
Britton and Paul Buss
City of San Diego Employee Share Program
Patricia and Robert Klem
La Mesa RV Center, Inc.
Arthur & Rise Johnson Foundation
The Samuel I. & John Henry Fox Foundation
Lynne and Steve Doyle
Patricia and Patrick Crowe
Kiwanis Club of La Jolla
United Way of Los Angeles
Aetna Giving Campaign
Wendy and Peter Johnson
Karen and Michael Stone
Elaine and Tom Murphy
Kiwanis Club of Del Mar
Ray J. Kahler Trust
Sarah Dolgen and Shahi Ghanem
Suzanne and Frank McNeill
Vicky Carlson
Sarah and Kurt Livermore
Mary and Gene Rumsey
San Diego County Credit Union
Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP
Christine and David Bagley
Jordana March and Michael Ishayik
Northrop Grumman Employee Charity Organization (ECHO)
Gale and Jim Hill
Suzy and Cary Mack
Stacey and Jeff Feinberg
Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch
Delta Chi Sigma Int’l — Psi Chapter
Pacific Life Foundation
The TJX Foundation/The TJX Companies
Kate and Greg Spiro
San Diego National Bank
Julie and Matt Warmington
Trudy and Eric Nielsen
Audrey S. Geisel/Dr. Seuss Foundation
A Better Place Foundation
Kathleen and Frank Fox
Andrew Dumke
Charlotte Gerry and Richard Gerry*
Gigi and Ed Cramer
Jeri and Bill Koltun
Barbara Bry and Neil Senturia
Becca and Jason Craig
Karian and Tom Forsyth
Karen and John Creelman
Judith and Howard Ziment
Steven Craig
TransWorld Media
Children’s Charitable Alliance
J.W. Sefton Foundation
The Voice of Prophecy
Cynthia and Christopher Garrett
Heather and Mark Scherer
Charles R. Cono*
Kristina and Rick Day
McGrath Family Foundation
Devon and William Logan
La Jolla Debutante Committee
Las Primeras
Residential Capital, LP
Dorothy and John Helm
AMN Healthcare
Linda and Ray Thomas
Sue K. and Dr. Charles C. Edwards
Showley, Archambault & Alexander
Lora and Brent Heramb
Grubb & Ellis BRE Commercial
Rodger A. Grove
San Diego Chargers
Jonni and Steve Bailey
Tierrasanta Junior Women’s Club
McMillin Homes
National Charity League, Juniors
Ellen and David Dolgen
Rebecca and Troy Hartmann
Lisa and Murray Palmer
Kiwanis Club of Tierrasanta
Jennifer Burks
Office Pavilion
Judith and Perry Mansfield
Gina and Gregory Rippel
Lorna and Chris McKellar
Susanne Marx and Steve Dorinson
The Pratt Memorial Fund
The Waitt Family Foundation
Angela and Koji Fukumura
Ginger and Phil Kossy
Susan and Edward Sanderson
Shay and Jason Hughes
Muller Family Foundation
Margot and Dennis Doucette
Tanya and Charles Brandes Foundation
Jeanne and Theodore Roth
Intuit Foundation
Dawn and Bill Davidson
BetterWorld Together Foundation
Everhealth Foundation
The Hay Foundation
Memec, LLC
George Rhodes
Rivers of Hope Foundation
San Diego Social Venture Partners
Gertrude Ticho
*Denotes deceased
Major Contributors
Annual Donors
President’s Council
Donors who have given $5,000 or more between April 1,
2009 – December 31, 2010
Anonymous (3)
Sepi and Peter Arrowsmith
Association of Legal Administrators San Diego
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bank of the West
Gary Barber
Barney & Barney
Jocelyn Bauer
Rochelle and Bill Bold
Laura and Ethan Boyer
Marigrace and Herbert Boyer
Annette and Daniel Bradbury
Karen and Jim Brailean
Julie and Noah Bretz
Jennifer Burks
Sally and Jeff Busby
Britton and Paul Buss
Greg Byrum
Debra and Ed Capozzoli
Anne Chambers
Charles and Ruth Billingsley Foundation
Nikoo and Jack Chitayat
C.J. & Dot Stafford Memorial Trust
Mary and Scott Clifton
Ellise and Michael Coit
The Country Friends, Inc
Cox Kids Foundation
Becca and Jason Craig
Steven Craig
Gigi and Ed Cramer
Karen and John Creelman
Carol and Pedro Cuatrecasas
Cubic Corporation
Dawn and Bill Davidson
Day for Change
De Falco Family Foundation, Inc.
The DMK Foundation
Sara and Larry Dodge
Dowling & Yahnke, Inc.
Lynne and Steve Doyle
Mark Doyle
Nancy and David Doyle
Mary and Hudson Drake
Andrew B Dumke
Gina and Raymond Ellis
Sue K. and Dr. Charles C. Edwards
Facebook Fans
Olivia and Peter Farrell
Michael and Lisette Farrell
Farrell Family Foundation
Caroline and Anthony Farwell
Minu and David Fenstermaker
Fieldstone Foundation
Cambra and Randy Finch
Debby and Wain Fishburn
Karian and Tom Forsyth
John Fowler
Francis Parker School
Fuller Jenkins Charitable Fund
Angela and Koji Fukumura
Galinson Family Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation
Cynthia and Christopher Garrett
Audrey S. Geisel/Dr. Seuss Foundation
Markus Gemuend
Goodrich Foundation
Rebecca and Troy Hartmann
HD Supply
Helmstetter Family Foundation
Maria and Mike Herman
ICW Group
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Intuit Foundation
Barbara Iversen and Shaun Burnett
Dave Jackson
Stacy and Paul Jacobs
Judicial Council of California
Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity — Eta Iota Chapter
Mia and Kevin Kim
Jeri and Bill Koltun
Las Patronas
Sharon M. Lawrence and Darin Boles
Lawyers Club of San Diego Fund for Justice
Alison LeBlanc
The Leichtag Family Foundation
Mary Limoges and Jack Heilbron
Sarah and Kurt Livermore
A.J. and Carrie Long
Makua, Friends of Voices for Children
Deborah and Claude-Anthony Marengo
David and Patsy Marino
Vicki Martin
Jennifer McIlvaine and Matt Landa
Susan and Mark McKenna
Nancy and Tony McCune
Barbara Meserve and Ken Pickle
Laurie Mitchell and Brent Woods
McCarthy Family Foundation
Margaret and Paul Meyer
Money/Arenz Foundation, Inc.
Andrea and Gregory Moser
National CASA Association
Eleanor and Jerry Navarra
Trudy and Eric Nielsen
Nikki St. Germain Memorial Golf Tournament
North American Communications, Inc.
Jami and Jo Palumbo
The Parker Foundation
Kim Penny and Bob Ludwig
Kim and James Peterson
Phillip Mackler Trust
Lee and Stuart Posnock
The Pratt Memorial Fund
Price Family Charitable Fund (A combined gift from
Jennifer and Mark Freedman, Hervey Family Fund,
Price Family Charitable Fund, Price-Lynn Collaborative Fund, and Weingart Foundation)
Price-Galinson Collaborative Fund
Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch
Qualcomm Incorporated
Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund
Lisa Rehrer
George Rhodes
Kalpana and James Rhodes
Rivers of Hope Foundation
Cheryl and Mike Roberts
Erna and Kevin Roberts
The Rose Foundation
Renee and Duane Roth
Jeanne and Ted Roth
Mary and Gene Rumsey
Lauree and Monte Sahba
Sahm Family Foundation
Dorian and Bill Sailer
Samuel & Katherine French Fund
Samuel I. & John Henry Fox Foundation
San Diego County Bar Foundation
San Diego County Board of Supervisors at the Recommendation of Supervisor Greg Cox
San Diego Gas & Electric Co.
Sheryl and Bob Scarano
Kimberly and Tim Schnell
Sempra Energy
The Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation
Shrontz Family Foundation
Jill Skrezyna and Alex Sun
Society of the Holy Child Jesus
Judith Solecki
Kate and Greg Spiro
St. Germaine Children’s Charity
Robin Stark Family Foundation
Jeffrey Strauss/Pamplemousse Grille
Margie and Bill Strauss
Katie and Daniel Sullivan
Emma and Brad Tecca
Gertrude Ticho
The TJX Foundation/The TJX Companies
Marie Tuthill and Dennis Bradstreet
Rebecca and Chris Twomey
Connie and Richard Unger
Union Bank
U.S. Bank
United Way of San Diego County
UPS Foundation, Inc.
Celene and Frank Varasano
Vons Companies Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Joan Waitt Family Fund
(Emily Waitt, Hailey Waitt, Joan Waitt, Max Waitt, and
Sophia Waitt)
Weingart Foundation
Sue and Gary Weisman
Wells Fargo Foundation
Qiao Wen
Ann and Philip White
Charles E. White
Diane and Rob Zeps
Lany and Alex Zikakis
Judith and Howard Ziment
1980 Group
Donors who have given $1,000 or more between April 1,
2009 – December 31, 2010
Maria and Eric Acker
Adair Commercial Construction
Aetna Giving Campaign
Cyndy and Denny Aiken
ALC Legal Technologies
All Hallows Church
Dede and Mike Alpert
Joan Ames
AMN Healthcare
Jason Anderson
Diane and David Archambault
Scott Arnold
Kathryn Ashworth and The Honorable Thomas Ashworth
Association of Insurance Professionals
AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign
B.I.A. Cares for Kids
Nancy and Bary Bailey
Jonni and Steve Bailey
Nancy and Jim Barber
Stephanie and Michael Barnes
Stephanie Bergsma and Dwight Hare
Alice and Patrick Behan, Sr.
Marie Bjeredge and Roger Lo
Tara and Douglas Blackburn
Melissa Blackburn-Joniaux and Rich Joniaux
Susan and Robert Blanchard
Garrett T. Bleakley
Annika and Marty Bohl
Colette and Glynn Bolitho
Rocky and Alicia Booth
Ginger and David Boss
Boys and Girls Foundation
Todd and Margaret Bradley
Diana and John Brand
Lauren and James Brennan
Renee Bridge
Broadway San Diego
Liz Brolaski
Janice P. Brown
Steve Brownell
Barbara Bry and Neil Senturia
Joe Butler
The Honorable Carolyn and Robert Caietti
California Bank & Trust
California Western School of Law
Vicky Carlson
Cavignac & Associates
Bonita Chamberlin and Dick Long
The Charitable Foundation
Anne and Eric Chodorow
Lee Clark and Jerry Pikolysky
Debbie and Don Clauson
Steve Cologne
Jamie Condie
Sandra and Jeryl Cordell
The Corky McMillin Companies
Judy and Peter Corrente
Cora Corrigan
Renata and Avelino Cortina
Leslie Costello
Kate Cronkite
Leslie Crouch
Phifer Crute and Clyde Hutchinson
Emelie Cudal
Carla DeDominicis
David Demsky
Rory Devine and Yanon Volcani
Ilia and Scott Dickey
Marc A. Doss
Remley Dodge and Doug Arthur
Karen and Tom Driscoll
Ann and Robert Dynes
E.B.D. Group, Inc.
Philip Eisenberg
Enterprise Informatics
Sarah and Bob Esch
Exotic Travel
Carolyn and William Fairl
Anne and John Farrell
Lisette and Michael Farrell
Julie and Victor Felix
Heather Finlay
Ranee and Paul Fisher
Rocio and Michael Flynn
Ted Fogliani
Andrea Fohrman
Kathleen and Frank Fox
Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, Inc.
Danny Gabriel
G.A.G. Charitable Corporation
G/M Business Interiors
Ann and Bob Gallagher
Joan Gallagher
Gambucci Design, Inc.
Lauren and Greg Garbacz
Julie and Bryan Garrie
Lori and Tony Gauthier
GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program
General Atomics
Charlotte Gerry
Wendy Gillespie
Give Something Back San Diego
Kristine and John Goffar
Steven Goldstein
Good Source Solutions
Jacqui and Brad Gordon
Heidi and Peter Grady
William Grande
Laury Graves
Will Griffith
Rodger Grove
The Honorable Garry G. Haehnle
Jackie Hailey
Beverly and Roger Haines
Hale Engineering & Surveying, Inc.
Bonnie and Kevin Hall
Keri and Paul Hardwick
Harper Construction Company
Joanna and Kevin Harris
Gina and Steve Harvey
The Hay Foundation
Helen K. and James S. Copley Foundation
Dorothy and John Helm
Hervey Family Non-Endowment Fund
Higgs, Fletcher & Mack LLP
Gale and Jim Hill
Kat and David Hitchcock
Cathy and John Hopper
Konnie and Jim Horton
Brad Horwitz
Greg Houck
Kathleen and Roy Houck
Jason Howerton
Jenny and Tony Hsu
Pat and Robert Hughes
Carol and Henry Hunte
Deanne Iacopi
The Honorable Carol Isackson and Louis Terrell
Issa Family Foundation
Jimmy Jackson
JMBP, Inc.
Christine Johnson
Christopher Jones
Josephson-Werdowatz & Associates
Anita and Thomas Kamman
Kappa Alpha Theta — Zeta Rho
Nettie and Tom Keck
Jon Kelly
Lynda Kerr
Annie Kidrick
Carrie and Brian Kintz
Kiwanis Club of La Jolla
Kiwanis Club of Tierrasanta
Patricia and Robert Klem
Warren Kneeshaw
Ginger and Phil Kossy
102.1 KPRI
Kathryn and John Kuehn
La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club
Larry Laks
Kristy and Ari Laliotis
Colleen and Thomas Lambert
Dolores and Fernando Landa
Peter V. Landin
Adrianna Lane
Linda and Tom Lang
Sally and Danny Lawrence
Leap Wireless International
Inja and Chung Lee
Jennifer and Jay Levitt
Ginger and David Levy
Toby and Gregory Lewis
Lions Club of San Diego
Devon and William Logan
Caren Lund
Marie and David Lynn
Deborah Lyons and Marjorie Zarling
Letitia MacFarlane through Price Family Charitable Fund
Judith and Guy Maddox
Victoria Maffei
Anita and Michael Mahaffey
Barbara and Edward Malone
Elizabeth Manchester
The Honorable Margaret Mann and Michael O’Halloran
Jo and Eugene Marchese
Larry Marcus
Marcia and Michael Martin
Lisa Mason
Cari and Bassam Massaad
Melaine and John McAndrews
Molleen and Kenneth McCain
Don McCleary
Susan and Craig McClellan
Betsy and Scott McClendon
Alison and John McCloskey
Janet and John McCulley
Holly McGrath and David Bruce
Linda and Don McKinney
Ival McMains
The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Inc.
Kathe and Merle Miller
Linda Modica
Sara Montrose and Nick Ralbosky
Ed Moore
Sandy and Jesse Morgan
Kiki and Asa Dan Morton
Elaine and Tom Murphy
MOS My Own Space Fifth Anniversary Beneficiary Event
New Metro Design, LLC
Mark C. Noonan
Northrop Grumman Employee Charity Organization (ECHO)
Jennifer and Tim O’Connell
Jeff O’Connor
Tamara and Tim O’Horgan
Morgan D. Oliver
Jeff Ostrove
Overstreet Family Foundation
Pacific Cares
Karla Patino
Lisa and Michael Peckham
Beth and Bill Penny
Jennifer Perkinson
Jill and Richard Peterson
Maryanne and Irwin Pfister
Beth and J.P. Plavan
Marlese and Mel Pinney
Jessie Pollock
Tom Pollock
Jori Potiker and Michael Brown
Beth Powell
Kim and Randy Prendergast
Kevin Prior
Quidel Corporation
Pamela and Steven Quinn
Jane and Joseph Rascoff
Anne and Mike Rauch
Jill Reichman
Gina and Gregory Rippel
Rex and Steve Romande
Janice and John Rooney
Jodyne Roseman
Rotary Club of Coronado Foundation
Lori and Matt Roth
Sam Houston State University
San Diego County Credit Union
San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club
San Diego Firefighters Local 145
San Diego Legal Secretaries Association
San Diego National Bank
San Diego Orthopaedic Spine, Inc.
San Diego Unified School District Community Service Association
San Diego Workforce Partnership
Leslie Saris
Eileen Schallhorn
Margaret and Neale Schmale
David Schmolke
Deborah Scott
Pat and John Seiber
SENTRE Partners, Inc.
Isobel and David Shapiro
Showley, Archambault & Alexander
Constance and Edward Shunk
Sherry Singer
Linda and John Small
Lera and Steven Smith
The Honorable Kenneth and Kate So
Soroptimist International of Coronado
Karen and Mark Spring
St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church
Donald St. Germain
St. Helen Philoptochos Society
Michelle Sterling
Betty Stucky
Karen Sutton
Marilyn and Ronald Svalstad
Brian Sweeney
Systems Waterproofing Supply
Ellen and Alan Talbott
Lily and Richard Tan
Laura and Brian Tauber
Surinder and Masood Tayebi
Alice and Ted Tchang
Tina and David Thomas
Linda and Ray Thomas
Jonathan Thomas
Tierrasanta Junior Women’s Club
Beth and Stephen Toner
Christine Trimble
Karen Trimble
Maxine and Tom Turner
Rhonda and Mark Turvey
United Eway
U.S Legal Support, Inc./Advantage Law Group
United Way, California Capital Region
Jennifer and Reed Vickerman
Pamela and Raymond Volker
Michelle G. Vollrath
Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Wachovia Securities
Mary Wageman
Barbara Walter and Zoltan Hajnal
Julie and Kenneth Warren
Wells Fargo-Lomas Santa Fe Plaza
Nancy and John Wilks
April and Joe Winograd
Ralph Wisniewski
Julie Meier Wright
Julie and Grant Wright
Lauren and Scott Yates
Diane and David Zeiger
Zell Foundation
Voices for Children is also grateful to the many other individuals and organizations that have supported our work in
donations up to $1,000 and in-kind. Every donation is significant and, though too numerous to list, please know that your
thoughtful contribution makes a difference in the life of a child in foster care.
We have made every effort to ensure this list (which covers a period ending 12/31/2010) is complete and accurate. If you
have found an error or omission, please contact Eric Pitarresi, Database & Stewardship Coordinator at (858) 598-2243
or [email protected].
We would especially like to thank Milton Yi for his contribution of time and talent in the design of this report.
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