Development of Human Rights Obligations in the Field of Economic

i." "*тАв?" "T'r-r.-rvF*"- T 1 ; " l┬╗'|lf┬л,^*j!ffi>flRy.*iji
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knowp remedies.
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C o t t o - W a x o , a d r y sweeping compound.
It settles the Dust.
Mrs. Elizabeth J, Durkee wan born
in Ohio, August 25, 1842 and died
May 16,1910, aged 68 yrs., 2 inos.
and 22 days.
She was married to James ┬г. Durkee Dec. 1st, 1872, who shared tbeir
joys and sorrows together until Dec.
7, 1898, when Mr. Dorkee died, leaving his wife and family of six children.
Again badness came into ihe home
when Nathaniel, the eldest boy died
in September, 1904. Dec. 1st, 1909,
Ethel E , the youngest of the family
died in Los Angeles, Cali. Dnlliyan
and Floyd Durkee and Mrs. Singleton,
of Los Angeles, Cali., and Fred Durkee of Jackson and a host ot friends
are left to mourn their loss.
* *
тАв тАв тАв тАв
Reduced Prices
Trimmed Hat
My Store
Call and see them
Mrs. Mabel Cope
тАвSeveral from here attended the
party at Gregory Friday evening last.
Miss Norma Vaughn spent a few
days the past week with her brother,
Morley, in Detroit.
Mrs. Dr. Bradshaw of Mayville visited Rev. and Mrs. E. W. Exelby several days the pa6t week.
Assessment No, 166 KOTMM is now
dne and must be paid at once. Maccabees please take notice.
Owing to repairs being made to the
North Hamburg church there will be
no services there Sunday.
Mrs. H. F. Siglerand Miss Redingger spent a couple of days the past
week in Ann Arbor, attending the
Art exhibit.
A H. Flintott and family spent Saturday and Sunday with friends ia and
near Saline. They of course made the
trip in their auto. The rains made
the roads in that section impassable
and they returned Monday by train.
тАв тАвтАв тАв
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School Notes.
No. 21
Miss Hazel McDougall spent a
couple days last week with Miss Eva
Mrs. E. W. Exelby attended the
For Priee
For Qilality
Roy Moran spent Sunday evening May festival at Ann Arbor the last of
last week.
with friends in Gregory. (?)
ftfoss Benham was in Ann Arbor Modern Woodmen please remember
Friday attending the May festival. that Assessment No. 253 is now due
and mast be paid before May 31.
Viola Peters had charge of her classes.
Do not forget the Ben Hur enterSpring and Summer goods are now
Walter Reason is clerking for W.
tainment at the opera house Sunday on sale. Hosiery in the new fashionW. Barnard and Willie Darrow is
evening. Admission 15 and 25 cents, able colorsтАФBlack, tana, white, Alice
spending his time out of school at
blue, navy, pink, wine and modeтАФAH
reserved seats 10c extra.
the livery barn.
Don't torget the North Lake Band's sizes for women, infants and children.
The High School team was defeated
Concert and ice cream social at the
The real te┬╗t of a stocking is by
in a ten inning game Saturday by the
North Lake Grange hall this week
So. Lyon team, the score being 6 to 5.
wear and the wash tub.
Friday evening, May 27. All are
The Pinckney High plays Stock bridge
Our Hosiery Stands the Test.
cordially invited.
High at Stocfcbridge next Monday
This store is Hosiery HeadquartersC. S. Lice ot Howell who has jast
The Stockbridge and
Pinckney first teams meet in the after- purchased part of E. A, Bowman's
Come in and see us when in Hawell
тАФEvery clerk will welcome you.
has secured space in the DISPATCH and
has an adv on page 8. Watch it.
Rev. Fr. Comerford was in South
Lyle Mann of Grand Rapids spent a
Lyon Thursday last assisting in the
laying of the corner stone of the new couple of days the past week with relatives here and renewing old friendCatholic church to be erected there.
ships. He thinks Pinckney has imR. W, Lake has purchased a home
provedтАФa beautiful place in fact.
in Chelsea, and he and his wife moved
there the past week. They have a
daughter, Mrs. H. Schoenbals, living
Mrs. Jacob Mack, who has been in
the hospital at Ann Arbor for a lew
weeks, returned home Wednesday
S p e c i a l this w e e k on Men's Togs
last. Her many friends hope for a
C a l l , see samples and get prices
speedy recovery to health.
R. Clinton is operating his saw mill
on his place in the eastern part of
town. He has quite a quantity of
An All Wool Suit Made to Yfitsf Measure
logs in the yard. He has just finished
a big job on the Lou Shehan farm
15.00,16.00 17.00. Dollars
east of town.
H. H. Swarthout, mail carrier, had
to have his auto pulled in Thursday
Saturday's Specials on GROCERIES
laat. This was the first accident to
1-2 pouud Baking P o w d e r 4 c
either car used by our mail earnersтАФ 12 Bars Soap 2 5 c
broken transmission. He came in on
Soda 5 c
Y east 3 c
2 0 0 0 Matches 5c
time just the same.
Died, in Cleveland May 18, 1910,
Winnie, wile of Arthur Forbes of
Cleveland and oldest daughter of Mrs.
Jessie Burnett Day of Grand Rapids.
The remains were brought here Friday for burial and were accompanied
by Mrs. Day and Lyle Mann.
L, E. Wilson and family of Des
Moines are spending a few weeks with
his parents near here. Mr. Wilson is
a former Pinckney boy and has taken
Greeley8 advice and not only is he
growing up with the western country
but is assisting that conntry to grow.
He is secretary ot the Greater Des
Moines Committee which has for its
object the betterment not only of
their own bnstHng city, but. the adON 3 0 D A Y S TRIAb
vancement of every country town in
the state. He and bis brother Samuel
are the manufacturers of a one-horse
gasoline engine and he informs as
that tbey cannot make them fast
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Detroit V a p o r Gasoline
Detroit V a p o r Oil
All accounts not settled by cash or
note by June 1st will be placed in the
hands of an attorney for collection as
we must balance our books by June 1.
\ .
Pinckncy Dispatch
FRANK L.. ANDKKWS, publisher.
T H E H E A R T OF Y O U T H .
T H E Y R E C E I V E MORE IN PRIWe have b e e n told that as long a s
w e keep our hearts young w e need
have no fear of t h e depressing lonelin e s s ol advancing years, and m a n y
writers more or l e s s experienced in CAPT. H O N E Y W E L L A N D COMPANION, IN BALLOON " C E N T E N s u c h matters h a v e s u g g e s t e d many
w a y s in which w e can accomplish that
d e s i r e d end. N o t w o natures, h o w e v e r ,
are alike, and It follows that no s e t of Dr. Meyers, of Ann Arbor, Chosen
hard and fast rules can be made t o a p President of the State Homeoply to each d i s t i n c t personality. The
pathic Society.
man or woman w h o p a s s e s through life
alive to the b l e s s i n g s which abound on
Pitty of the 83 couuties of the s t a t e
e v e r y side rarely c e a s e s t o become an
received more primary money thau
active contributor t o the l i v e s of otners, they paid in t a x e s during 190┬╛. The
and as long a s a person actually par- total tax levy for 1909 w a s $5,929,,ticipates in any work, large or Bmall, 719.74, while the primary fund apporthe influence of his personality Is tionment this spring was $4,902,551.20.
bound to be f e l t and h i s c o u n s e l re- An examination of the list of counties s h o w s that in the newer c o u n t i e s
garded. It is only w h e n one h a s tired of the s t a t e there are
of the game, ox e n t e r s only half-heart- enough children to e u t k l e t h e m to a
edly Into affairs outside of h i s own larger amount of money
special i n t e r e s t s that he c e a s e s t o ex- older counties draw.
ercise any Influence, and bis individumoney they drew or the e x c e s s of
ality V no longer recognized. Enthusi- state taxes they paid Auditor-General
a s m s e e m s In s o m e w a y to be a n at- Fuller s h o w s to be a s follows:
Jatate tax
tribute of the youthful character; at
any rate, it is far easier t o become in- Alcona
| 8,756.18
terested in w h a t Is going on in our im- A l g e r
mediate circle w h e n the pulse b e a t s Allegan
high and the blood courses warmly Antrim
than in later y e a r s w h e n so m a n y of Arenac
u s are concerned only with our o w n af- Barry
fairs and evince but small Interest in Benzie
y, 724.87
the doings of others.
In the good old days they u s e d to Chippewa
. . . . . . 16,389.88
have signboards at the crossroads In Clare
the country region to point the pilgrim Crawford
on his way. It w a s a l w a y s a cheery Dickinson
sign. It spoke a w e l c o m e to the stran- Eaton
ger. It indicated a disposition to be Genesee
helpful. But t h e s e signboards are Gogebic
nearly all gone. Only now and then Grand Traverse. ┬л,430.20
137'. 6 7
you s e e one, and then it s e e m s like the Hillsdale
relic of a bygone friendship. It s e e m s Huron
37'2'8'6'. 2 5
to say to the stranger: "We once took Ingham
* . 15,085.54
a n Interest in you, but w e do so no Iosco
longer; If you don't know the way, Isabella
what do w e care?" That Is the situ- Jackson
ation today; a forlorn one, Indeed; a Kalkaska
cheerless one. No little sign thrown Keweenaw
4 /o'ya', 6 r┬╗
out, saying: "We are thinking of you, Lake
we care for you, w e want you to go Leelanau
5 6,4 90.7 i
right." Now, this ought not to be. Livingston
There should be little signboards to Mackinaw
greet him, and to tell him the w a y he Macomb
i i ,'213- i 3
ought to go. This thought is g e t t i n g Marquette
s o m e headway
Massachusetts, Mecosta
w h e r e there Js an effort to restore the Midland
signboards, and to give to the Btranger Missaukee
the help of k n o w i n g where he is.
Montmorency . . .
There Is a n e w reform out In Iown, Newaygo
and. It Is started by 18 young ladies, Oceana
prominent in social circles, who have Ogemaw
5 74.40
at last discovered the abomination that
exists in mere gossip, and so they have Otsego
4.542 06
organized to suppress it, s a y s Ohio Presque Isle. . . . 13,954.56
21 884.37
State Journal. T h e y call their organi- Saginaw
zation the "Antigosslp society." This Schoolcraft
lu a fine effort. It m e a n s Intellectual St. Clair
and moral uplift. It m e a n s that con- St. Joseph
2,." 51.13
versation shall deal with real t h i n g s тАФ Van Ruren
with science, philosophy, literature, Washtonaw
hlctory, nature and those things that Wexford
adorn and uplift life. It is not to be
Descend in Michigan.
thought for an instant that It Is the
Capt. H. E. Honeywell, of St. Louis,
young women alone that need to or- Mo.,
and his balloon "Centennial"
ganize for this high purpose. The landed at t h e little town of Shiloh,
male section of mankind n e e d s Just 10 miles north of Ionia, after b e i n g in
the air 22 hours out of St. Louis and
such a reformatory movement. We covering 450 miles In an attempt to
might say they need it more than the capture the Lahm cup for long-distance flights.
"We got. along nicely," said Honeywell In Ionia, "enjoying a fine trip
Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood, who Is on until we encountered a dead calm
his way as special envoy from t h e Uni- over central Michigan. W h e t h e r w e
ted States to the centenary celebra- went up or down w e could find no
tion of the independence of the Argen- favorable current, and so decided t o
land. We dropped gently and landed
tine republic at B u e n o s Ayres, stopped without the slightest jar right in front
of at Havana, w h e r e the former Amer- of t h e Pere Marquette depot at Shllol*
ican governor of t h e island had a re- and just an hour before train time,
ception which left no doubt as to the giving us just time enough t o pack
up our wraps and catch the train fnr
place he holds in Cuban hearts. In
Ionia. Our trip over Illinois to Kefact, it may be said he showed them nosha, Wis., w a s in every way excelhpw to govern t h e m s e l v e s , and the lent, and w e made good time.
s u c c e s s they h a v e attained la a tribute
Meyers Heads Homeopaths.
to the effectiveness of his lessons.
Dr. Dean W. Meyers, of Ann Arbor,
was chosen president of the S t a t e
Two baseball fatalities in one dayтАФ Homeopathic society at the s e s s i o n in
Other officers are:
one at Freeburg, 111., and the other at Grand Rapids.
Dr. R. Milton
Troy, N. Y.тАФwill be cited by football
Richards, Detroit; second vice-presienthuBiastB a s evidence that the grid- dent, Dr. J. M. Griffin, Detroit; geniron is not the only place w h e r e sport eral secretary, Dr. C. G. Jenkins. LanJ8 sufficiently violent at times to cause s i n g ; corresponding secretary, Dr. F.
death. But If the n u m b e r df t h e g a m e s E. Thompson, Detroit; treasurer, Dr.
D. S. Sinclair, Grand Rapids board of
and the thousands of players are taken control, Dr. M. C. Sinclair, Grand
into account, it will appear that the Rapids; Dr. C. C. Cnimrine, Detroit;
risks of .baseball are Infinitesimal in board of censors. Dr. W. G. Paterson,
Detroit; Dr. L. H. Tuttle. Holland;
comparison w i t h t h o s e of football.
Dr. J. H. Reynolds, Grand H a v e n ; Dr.
A. Decker Holcolm, Mt. PleaRant; Dr.
In Japan, day laborers g e t 20 cents a Clarence Gillette, Kalamazoo Dr. Luday and w o m e n s e r v a n t s receive 84 ther Peck, Plymouth. Detroit w a s sec e n t s a month. Our informant d o e s n o t lected for t h e 1911 meeting.
explain whether t h e w o m e n s e r v a n t s
get Thursday afternoons off or not,
The Y. M. C. A., Jackson, has combut w e suppose they do. Our Indigna- pleted a building campaign, having
tion should be at o n c e aroused if w e secured in pledges $45,000 of
needed $50,000 for the erection of a
U o u g h t they d i d n ' t
new building.
The new postofflce recently erected
In Coldwater at a cost of $65,000 w a s
thrown open to t h e public.
That Mason county farmers will
suffer a l o s s of thousands of dollar*
this year a s t h e result of frost is now
practically assured.
The cooper shop and h e a d i n g mills
of James Malcolm on the w e s t side
of Saginaw w e r e destroyed by fire
with a loss of $15,000.
After e i g h t y e a r s of hard toll on
the part of an a s s o c i a t i o n of ladles,
the Oakland County hospital at Pontlac was thrown open to t h e public
for the first time.
At the grand lodge Masons' convention at S a g i n a w t h e s i t e for the
Masonic h o m e to replace t h e structure burned In Grand Rapids will be
decided by the d e l e g a t e s .
financier of Sa&lnaw, is 111 In a hospital In Baltimore, Md., whither h e went
recently for an operation. L a t e s t reports say that h e will recover.
Fred W. S h e r m a n , until a y e a r ago
owner and editor of the Port Huron
Times, has purchased The Independent at Santa Barbara, Cal., to which
place he will remove his family.
Fire of u n k n o w n origin w a s discovered in the boiler shop at the
Huron Engine & Thresher Co.'s plant
at the tunnel and d a m a g e e s t i m a t e d
at between $30,000 and $36,000 resulted.
Exhumed for t h e purpose of being
transferred from the old to t h e new
Roman Catholic c e m e t e r y
Marquette, the r e m a i n s of Mary Elmore,
who died 41 years a g o , were found
Attorney Colgrove, who will defend
Warden W e n g e r in his trial on a perjury charge, h a s returned from Cuba,
where he has been attending h i s sick
son, and the warden's case is n o w s e t
for May 31.
Never in the history of t h e Michigan state fair have the c o n c e s s i o n s
gone so rapidly a s they have this year.
At the present writing over half of
the c o n c e s s i o n s have been sold. All
are of a high order.
Fire destroyed the dry kiln of the
Jones & Green planing mill at
The building and contents,
valued at $4,500,
Hard work on t h e part of a bucket
brigade s a v e d the mill.
And now it's Flint, which c o m e s
through w i t h the a n n o u n c e m e n t that
its Elks will attend t h e Detroit convention decked out in linen automobile dusters and goggles. Four hundred suits are now being made.
The c o m m o n council has passed
a resolution which provides t h a t when
a circus c o m e s to Port Huron that
enough money must be deposited with
the city clerk to clean up the show
grounds after the circus l e a v e s .
Twenty-four head of cattle belonging to the state
burned to
death in a fire which destroyed the
cattle barns at the s t a t e industrial
school at Lansing. A large quantity
of hay and grain burned. The loss is
George Tarbuck, E. S. Wllhelm and
Roy Herbert, of Traverse City, were
caught in the middle of Leelanau
lake in a burning launch, and but for
the promptness of Tarbuck
in extinguishing the flames with his coat
the trio would have perished.
T h e County Normal school at Big
Rapids, which is held in t h e
school building, is about to complete
a most s u c c e s s f u l year, and indications for the coming year are exceptionally bright.
A total of 18 students are enrolled this year.
Owosso's tax budget for this year
is $100,000, the biggest In years, and
the town feels "hard up." T h e increase is caused by the industrial
progress that the city has made during the past year In the construction
of sewers, s i d e w a l k s and various other improvements.
The largest trout caught with a
hook and line in recent y e a r s was
brought in from Rock river by J a m e s
Hudson, e a s t of Marquette. The fish
was a s t e e l h e a d and w e i g h e d eight
pounds. It w a s 28 i n c h e s in length.
The trout put up a desperate fight
and Mr. H u d s o n w a s nearly an hour
in landing It.
F a s t automobile races o n Saturday
of state fair w e e k will serve to draw
large crowds and considerable attention. Several of the f a s t e s t racing
stars now before the public h a v e been
signed up. A novelty will be a race
on Saturday b e t w e e n the fast automobile drivers
and s o m e of
Wright a e r o p l a n e s w h i c h will make
dally flights during fair week.
Business m e n of N e w Lothrop village and farmers in the vicinity of
that place have raised $12,000 of the
required $15,000 for t h e continuation
of the spur railroad line from N e w
Haven to N e w Lothrop, nine miles.
The spur Is on the Ann Arbor railway, six of the fifteen m i l e s having
been completed last year. The new
extension will open up a rich mining
and sugar beet growing territory.
Claiming prior ownership
in the
Flint-Saginaw electric railway, in that
they held controlling stock in t h e D.,
F. & S. railway, which w a s after absorbed by the
Thomas G. Sullivan and Charlotte M.
Tarsney, as administrator of the estate of t h e late Timothy E. Tarsney,
has filed an appeal from the decision
of Judge W i s n e r In G e n e s e e circuit
court In t h e suit against Rdwln Henderson and Alex. Groesbeck, of Detroit, which w a s decided a g a i n s t the
plaintiffs s e v e r a l months a g o .
case will be heard tn the
тАв *
4 ┬л
┬╗тАв*┬╗ * . 4 ┬л l
тАв * , тАв
Rev. Kemp Tells of H i t DlfsstJvc
Troubles and How He Ovtrcam*
ThemтАФYou Can Do 9┬╗ Frtt.
8 C I E N T I 8 T 8 E X P E C T E D TO OET
Phenomena of the Daylight Hours
Were Far More Interesting Than
During the Night; All Over
Within About Five Houre.
T h e c o m e t came, the oomet went,
and this old earth is no worse and no
betterтАФand, thus far, very little wiser.
There w a s no collision, a s t h e superstitious and the ignorant feared, and
now that t h e coinet ia headed a w a y
from us, t h e r e will be no recurrence
of t h e m a n i f e s t a t i o n s of terror that
w e r e recorded from all parts of t h e
country. N o n e of the auroral displays
that s o m e astronomers were willing
to c o n c e d e might be visible w e r e In
evidence. Nor did anybody suffocate
from deadly c y a n o g e n gas.
parties w e r e held everywhereтАФIn the
streets, on roof tops, in gardensтАФ'but
for all that w a s visible to t h e naked
e y e the tail of t h e c o m e t w a s indeed
t h e "veriest approach to nothing s e t
in t h e midst of naught."
In fact t h e phenomena of t h e daylight hours w e r e far more interesting.
Sun s p o t s w e r e observed in varying
numbers, from five western observa
tories, but the astronomers w h e recorded them w e r e almost unanimous
in t h e belief that t h e s e disturbances
of the solar a t m o s p h e r e had nothing
t o do with t h e comet and were merely
Thirty sun-spots w e r e s e e n from St.
Louis, of w h i c h the largest w a s estimated to be 150,000 miles a c r o s s ; two
from San Jose, Cal., with 13 surrounding pores, or smaller spots; t h r e f
from Chicago, three connected spots
from Vallejo, Cal., and t w o f r o m P o r t '
land, Ore. N o n e of t h e e a s t e r n observers had anything of note to report. At Chicago and Williams Bay,
Wis., w h e r e is t h e great Y e r k e s telescope, the conditions for o b s e r v a t i o n s
s e e m e d the best, and the a s t r o n o m e r s
t h e r e w e r e confident that t h e negat i v e as well as the positive r e s u l t s of
their e x a m i n a t i o n s would he of lasting
scientific value.
The w h o l e performance took little
more than five hours. Observers differed a9 td' t h e exact time at which
the eajfh began to pass through the
c o m e t Y tail. T h e combined speed of
t h e earth and the comet w a s estimated at slightly more than 46 m i l e s a
second, and the breadth of the tall
at about a million mileB.
Prof, W. J, Hus8ey, director of t h e
astronomical observatory at Ann Arbor, offers a new solution to the problem,
"Why didn't the earth p a s s
through t h e comet's tall as per schedule?"
His theory, which is well backed up
by evidence, is that the comet has a
double tail, and that the earth passed
between the t w o parts. T h i s would
also explain w h y some astronomers
have seen the tail in the w e s t in t h e
e v e n i n g s i n c e Wednesday, while others
have s e e n it in the s a m e old place in
the east before sunrise.
Venua Sinks Rebels' Ship.
T h e report reached Blueflelds that
the Madrlz gunboat Venus, w h i c h w a s
driven away from Blueflelds, e n g a g e d
and sunk t h e Estrada gunboat Ometepe off P u n t a Gorda. The report w a s
brought by a c o a s t schooner.
Is n o official confirmation, although
the report Is generally believed.
T h e O m e t e p e left In search of t h e
S h e had 200 men aboard.
The Venus had 400 men. and w a s well
armed w i t h rapid fire guns. It is said
that 100 of the Ometepe's m e n w e r e
drowned and killed during t h e engagement.
Mr. and Mrs. Taft Life Members.
President. Taft, Mrs. Taft, Col. Theodore Roosevelt, King George of England, P r e s i d e n t Diaz of Mexico, and
William J. Bryan w e r e made life m e m bers of the World's Sunday school association in t h e convention at W a s h ington, amid s c e n e s of great enthusiasm.
For each of those s o honored, $1,000 had to he subscribed, and
in the c a s e of Col. Roosevelt the chairman of t h e convention by popular demand limited subscriptions to one dollar.
8tr|ke of 72,000 Men.
Coal d e a l e r s s a y t h e Immediate effect of the strike of 72,000 m e n in t h e
coal m i n e s of Illinois will be a sharp
advance in c o a l prices in Chicago.
N o serious coal shortage is anticipated, as the e a s t e r n m i n e s in operation will h e a b l e to supply t h e Chicago market, but at advanced prices.
Gayner Saves New York $3,986,000.
Exact figures on
the r e s u l t
Mayor Gaynor's crusade for economy
in the g o v e r n m e n t of N e w York w e r e
made available by Comptroller Prendergast
T h e official totals for
first three m o n t h s of t h e year s h o w
a d e c r e a s e of $3,985,400 as compared
with last year.
The lack of exercise In a
n u k e s him very prone to
but for that m*tt┬лUY mo*t
constipated now awfl then.
t l o f i a l dU4r<te┬гV?
minister's 11!
тАвvewbojiy Tl
I t is U p nтАФ-^
^w a^
t^Srl *
y - t o cure con-
stipation and <*tto
qr stomach, liver
and bowel troubleu is with Dr.
have been buying
for twenty years.
R┬лv. K. A. Kemp
Ind., Secretary of
the Indiana Conference
Methodist Episcopal Church, says
in part:
"For years
Dr. W. B. CftUweU
ave been a vlcLook for this picm of constipation
ture on tbe package
hut I have never
, ^
тАЮ ,_, тАЮ,
/ound anything to equal Dr. CaJdwrfl'a
lyrup. Pep┬л*┬╗. < I also bad iBgfcMtkm
and heart trouble. I can certalnirwrcom-
" i t V a n ' b e bought of any druggist at 60
cents or $1 a bottle. If there is anything
about your case that you dorCl understand, write to the doctor. If you hay┬й
never used thlB remedy and would Ilk*
to try it Bend your address and a free
sample bottle will be forwarded to your
home. Address Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 201
Caldwell Bldtf.. Montlcello, 111.
Mrs. ProudmarтАФI tell my daughter
that her voice is a gold m i n e !
Professor Schnickelfritz ( g o i n g ) тАФ
Ach, zah, vat you call an abandoned
mine, aind't it?
Willing to Pay for Rammer.
When the British square at t h e battle of Abu Klea, In the Nubian desert* was penetrated by the dervishes,
one of them attempted to spear a gunner who w a s In the act of r a m m i n g
home a charge. The Briton brained
the Sudanese, but the rammer head
split on the man's hard skull. N e x t day
the gunner was sent for. Mistaking
the reason, and knowing from experience that soldiers are charged for
break, he led off with: "Please, sir,
I'm very sorry I broke t h e rammer,
but I never thought the fellow's head
could be so hard. I'll pay for t h e
rammer so aB to hear no more of
the case."
Old Men in Responsibility.
The American
w7htch g i v e s mere boys responsible positions before they have acquired practical experience, is to an E n g l i s h m a n
quite unaccountable.
H e wonders
whether it does not cause r e c k l e s s
trading and wild speculation. In other
countries they prefer to keep elderly
men in responsible positions b e c a u s e
they can be depended upon. MessrsDyke & Sous. Somerset, England, employ GG men. More than half h a v e completed 30 years' service, 20 h a v e b e e n
there 40 years, nine over 50 y e a r s and
one 70 years.
Extract from a young lady'B letter
from V e n i c e :
"Last night I lay In a gondola in
the Grand canal, drinking it all In,
and life never s e e m e d so full before."тАФLippincott's.
There is a reason
Why Grape-Nuts does correct
A weak, physical, or a
Sluggish mental condition.
The food h highly nutritious
And is partially prc-digested,
So that it helps the organs of
the stomach
To digest other food.
It is also rich in the
Vital phosphates that go
Directly to make up
The delicate gray matter
of brain and nerve centres.
Read 'The Road to WellvilleH
Inpkgs. "There's a Reason."
POBTUM OHRBAL OOMPAtfT, LtdBaul* feNfc M i a
i > M i O ' i m w < i w * r тАФ тАв I W I W тАФ > w n r i"';)n
r.Tj .
'taiuu .┬╛ JUUWliffiliJiM -L- .1
1 1
тАв J J*.'Ji┬╗J-J~ 'i. '- ! .'..тАвP'tJi'
тАвin i o i ┬╗ i I'M
тАвdi?a an^iei
┬╗ / T T T T T T i r r T T
B^ Jtandall Parrish
Uwtratiom by Dearborn Mbl*ill
Cowr%tat A. d MoClar* * Co.. INI
T h e story opens with the introduction
┬йf J o h n Stephens, adventurer, a Massac h u s e t t s m a n marooned by authorities at
Valparaiso, Chile. B e i n g Interested In
m i n i n g operations in Bolivia, h e waa denounced by Chile as a n Insurrectionist
a n d a s a consequence w a s h i d i n g At his
hotel his attention w a s attracted by an
S t e p h e n s rescued the y o u n g w o m a n from
a drunken officer.
He w a s thanked by
her. Admiral of the P e r u v i a n navy confronted Stephens, told him t h a t w a r had
been declared between Chile and Peru
a n d offered htm t h e office of captain. H e
desired that that night the Esmeralda, a
the . commission.
S t e p h e n s met a m o t l e y crew, to which he
wasr assigned. H e . g a v e t h e m Anal Instructions. They boarded the vessel. T h e y
s u c c e s s f u l l y captured t h e v e s s e l supposed
to be the Esmeralda, through . strategy.
Capt. S t e p h e n s gave, directions fpr t h e d e iarture of the craft- H e entered the c a b n and discovered the E n g l i s h w o m a n
and her maid. S t e p h e n s quickly learned
the w r o n g v e s s e l had been captured.
It w a s Lord Darlington's private yacht,
t h e lord's w i f e a n d maid being aboard.
H e explained the situation to ner ladyship. Then F i r s t Mate Tuttle laid bare
the plot, s a y i n g that the Sea Queen had
been taken in order t * g o to the Antarctic circle.
T u t t l e explained t h a t on a
former v o y a g e he had learned that the
D o n n a Isabel w a s lost in 1753. H e had
found it frozen in a h u g e c a s e of ice
on an island and contained m u c h gold.
S t e p h e n s consented to be t h e captain
She w a s greatly alarmed,
but expressed confidence in him. The
Sea Queen encountered a vessel In the
fog. S t e p h e n s attempted to communicate.
T h i s caused a fierce struggle and he w a s
overcome. Tuttle finally squaring the situation. Then the Sea Queen headed south
again. Tinder Tuttle's g u i d a n c e the v e s sel
made progress toward
Its goal.
De N o v a , the m a t e , told S t e p h e n s that he
believed Tuttle, now a c t i n g a s skipper,
i n s a n e because of his queer actions.
S t e p h e n s w a s a w a k e n e d by crashing of
g l a s s . H e s a w Tuttle In the grip of a
s p a s m of religious m a n i a and o v e r c a m e
him. T h e sailor upon regaining his s e n s e s
w a s taken ill. Tuttle committed suicide
hy shooting. Upon vote of the crew
S t e p h e n s a s s u m e d the leadership and the
m e n decided to continue t h e treasure
hunt, the Islands being supposed to be
only 200 miles distant. Tuttle w a s buried
in t h e sea. Lady Darlington pronouncing
the service.
Stephens a w a k i n g
sleep s a w the ghost, supposed to h a v e
formed' the b a s i s for Tuttle's religious
mania. Upon advice of Lady Darlington,
S t e p h e n s started to probe the ghost.
H e c a m e upon Lieut. Sanchez, the drunken officer he had humbled in Chile. He
found that at Sanchez' Inspiration, E n gineer McKnlght played "ghost" to scare
t h e m e n Into g i v i n g up the quest. Stephens announced thnt the Sea Queen w a s at
the spot where Tuttle's quest w a s supposed to be. T h e crew w a s a n x i o u s to go
on in further search. De N o v a and Stephe n s conquered t h e m in a fist fight. Lady
D a r l i n g t o n t h a n k e d him. The S e a Queen
started northward. She w a s wrecked In a
fog. Stephens. De Nova. L a d y Darlington
and her maid being a m o n g those to set
out In a life boat. Ten w e r e rescued.
S t e p h e n s s a w o n l y one c h a n c e In a thousand for Hfe. L a d y Darlington confessed
her love tn Stephens and he did likewise.
L a d y Darlington told her life s t o r y , how
s h e h a d bepn bartered for a title, her
y e a r n i n g for absent love. She revealed
herself an the .school ctmm of Stephens'
sister. She expressed a wish to die In the
s e a rather than face her former friends
and go back tn the old life. A ship waa
sighted. The craft proved to be a derelict.
* ,
Yet, little by Httle, my mind hegan
to apprehend the truth, my reason to
grasp the details. MiBt or reality,
there directly before us floated what
appeared to be the outlines of a shipтАФ
battered, wrecked, odd in formтАФyet a
ship, moving upright upon the surface
of the water. Good God! what a mad
dream of the past, was represented yonder! Those round, blunt bows, the broken
bowsprit, heavy as a mast, forking
straight upward; the great carven,
shapeless figurehead beneath; the
wide, elevated forecastle deck; the
seemingly tremendous thickness of the
bulwarks; the strange slope of deck
and rail amidships; the immense remnant of a fore-mast towering in splinters; the broad, square stern, even
over-topping the height of the peaked
forecastle. That wag a grim thing to
meet with in those waters.
"Stand by, men!" I called, the tremble still in my command. "If the thing
yonder be wood and iron we'll board
Not a voice responded, their bodies
tense and motionless, every eye still
on that dim, phnntom gleam. With
clenched teeth 1 pressed the tiller
hard down, and the bows of the longboat headed straight in. Suddenly De
Nova leaped to his feet.
"Ship ahoy!" he yelled, the note of
fear sounding shrilly.
In the intense silence 1 could plainly hear the heavy breathing of the excited men. .
"There will be no use hailing," I
тАвakfe ^Itrengtheaed by the sound of my
own voice. "If that be a vessel, ber
crew are dead a hundred years."
?A┬╗<| by God^lt is, Bir! "/ejaculated
Johnson, who was on his ┬гjiees ia the
bow. "It's a real ship, all right. That's
Ice that glitters; she's sheeted ia it
from stem to stern."
I saw it myself then, every doubt of
the real character of this drear visitant vanishing; my courage came back
in a rush.
"Ay, ay, lads, Johr^un has hit it
right. That's a ship for us, and now
we'll see what she looks like on deck.
Get a grip with your boatjbook, Johnson, on that raft of stuff trailing from
the forechains, when I lay her alongside. Strike the wood If you can, the
cordage is likely to be rotten."
He missed it at the first attempt
the hook slipping on the ice; but as 1
brought the lopgboat around once
more, he succeeded in getting a grip
upon something sufficiently firm and
held on, the fellows staring up silently
at the bulging side, and touching the
thick sheathing of Ice as though half
"Make fast. Break the ice out of
that ring, Kelly, and pass a stout rope
through it. Now furl the sail, the
rest of you. Fend her off, Cole; that's
all right, keep your oar there. Mr.
De Nova, you will remain in charge
of the boat. I'll see what ehe looks
like aboard; Johnson, come along with
I picked my way forward into the
bows and stood up. Btrlving to obtain
gome kind of a grip on the forechains
which would enable me to haul myself
up. Everything I touched was ice, so
thick aB to render objects shapeless.
"Give me a lift, Kelly; easy, now,
until I get a handhold. There, that
will do, my lad."
It was a slippery, dangerous perch,
the vessel plunging somewhat, but the
upper ice was Blightiy powdered with
snow, yielding a. little purchase, and I
finally discovered a brace for my feet
which enabled me to reach down and
assist Johnson to scramble up beside
me. Fortunately the bulwarks were
not so high proportionately as wide,
"Don't Lose Your Nerve, Man, You've
Seen Dead Men Before."
and we succeeded in sliding over
them, coming down rather heavily on
the solid deck. Here the snow made
walking possible, although underneath
the ice was thick and smooth, compelling caution. All forward was a terrible raffle of wreckage, a Jumbled
mass of tangled spars, with the great
topmast and all its hamper right
where It had fallen, a portion of the
port bulwark smashed flat. A hummock of ice rose like a great hill from
abaft the butt of the foremast, which
stuck up maybe 30 feet, clear over the
forecastle deck, leaving everything
shapeless and grotesque. Where the
slope was steepest, the wind had swept
away the snow leaving the ice beneath
clear; and there, froaen completely
in, like a painted picture, was the fully
revealed body of a man. I never saw
any sight more grewsome than that
ice-shrouded figure; the arms outstretched, the short, black beard rendering more ghastly the white, dead
face. I gripped my hands onto Johnson's shoulder, and he was shaking
like an aspen, his own face colorless
in the moonshine. I wheeled him
about savagely.
"Don't lose your nerve, man. You've
seen dead men before. Come, there's
nothing to do here; we'll try how she
looks aft."
He followed me like a dog, casting
uneasy glances backward over his
shoulder. The deck was clearer of
raffle beyond the foremast, a great
gap in the port-bulwarks amidships
showing where the wreckage had
probably been swept overboard. The
mainmast had been ripped out, leaving a great, ugly gash in the deck
plank, and in falling had so smashed
flat one corner of the cook's galley that
we could look In through the jagged
opening thus left. All the front portion was snow and ice, but the further
extremity appeared dry enough, revealing a brick oven, a table screwed
to the wall, and an overturned scuttle
of coals, littering the deck. It was not
a desirable spot, yet would afford protection from the frosty night wind,
and be much better than the open
boat. Besides, I realized bow those
others must {eel down there, bobbing
up and down against those ice-caked
"Johnson,'* I said, my eyes wandering toward the dimly revealed front of
the after-cabin, which appeared utterly shapeless under its mantle. "We've
got quite a Job ahead of us to break
through this wreckage. I'm for having the rest of the crew up to help
us. Climb over into the main-chains
and cut out some steps with your
knife. We'll have them drop back
there and unload. Then the women
won't be obliged to see that dead man
He was some minutes at the task,
and I occupied the time in kicking
aside some of the litter in the galley
and making the dreary interior a bit
more decent, having the men pass up
some spare blankets, %nd spreading
them out on deck. Finally Kelly and
the negro scrambled up, and between
us we succeeded in lifting Lady Darlington and CeleBte over the icy bulwarks. The latter clung sobbing to
De Nova, but my lady gassed about her
wondeiingly, her eyes full of questions. Without Hpeaking we stowed
them away under shelter.
"She is certainly a relic," I paused
long enough to say, "one of the oldtimers in these Beas. From the look
of her she must have been locked up
in the ice south there for a century."
"Do you expect to sail her northward?"
"I hardly know yet what to expect;
that remains to be seen. She seems
to ride the water stanchly enough and
there is fully 30 feet of mast standing
yonder. Anyhow, this deck at pres
ent Is better than an open boat."
"ButтАФbut it Is all so ghastly, so
ghost-likeтАФCeleste is fairly crazy from
the horror."
"It is merely the effect of the moonlight glimmering on the ice; everything i3 ice wherever your eyes turn.
But you are safe enough here, and
with daylight the ghostliness of it will
"Where are you going now?"
"To break into the cabin; then we
will have a decent place in which to
stayтАФperhaps a chance for a fire. It
is not likely to prove a long job, and
I will be back to you shortly. Don't
let the night shadows frighten you so."
She gmlled back into my eyes bravely enough, although I realized the effort of will that it cost; and so I left
her endeavoring to cheer the girl, who
was sobbing wildly, with her face
burled In her hands.
The men joined me as I stepped
without, crunching the light snow under their heavy boots, and staring uneasily about them as though the whole
adventure was a dream. Lord! and
no more could I shake off that same
Impression as I surveyed the scone
aft. A boat, bottom up, the planks
smashed beyond repair, lay against
the starboard rail. The after-cabin,
built like a house, extended the entire
width of the deck, a lumping affair,
overhung with huge, projecting timbers, topped by ornate carvings, and
having two companionways leading up,
one of them crushed into splinters.
The forward shutters were tightly
closed, and the whole front appeared
a solid mass of glittering ice, so obBcured by frozen particles of snow as
to render any discovery of the door an
impossibility. We began hacking at
it with our knives, judging the opening
would naturally be at the center, but
the sheathing of ice proved so thick
and solid that we made little Impression.
"It will take us a week to cut our
way in with these things," I said at
last. "De Nova, I think I saw an ax
frozen in at the left of the galley.
Take a man with you and pry it out."
It proved an odd-looking Instrument
тАФa meat-cleaver, I imagineтАФbut was
sufficiently strong and heavy. Kelly
swung it vigorously, cleaving oft the
ice in cakes, until we were finally able
to trace the fitting of the door. Suddenly, striking at the upper panel, he
dislodged a considerable chunk, thus
revealing half a dozen letters painted
across the front. Dade pried off a few
inches more with his knife-blade, and
we stared up Incredulously at the
" H o l y M o t h e r of G o d ! " a n d D e N o va, in h i s e x c i t e m e n t , d a n c e d
recklessly, forgetting the slipperiness
of d e c k u n d e r f o o t .
"It w a s z e t r e a s ure s h i p !
It w a s z e
p e s o s ! S a e r e dam"!
It. d o e s n o t a p p e a r p o s s i b l e t h a t 1
p e r c e i v e d it all, b u t n o w , l o o k i n g b a c k ,
I c a n r e c a l l t h e a t t i t u d e of e v e r y m a n
a s t h i s r e v e l a t i o n of t h e v e s s e l ' s i d e n t i t y w a s s w i f t l y b o r n e in u p o n h i s consciousness.
S a n c h e z s a n k affrightedly to h i s k n e e s ,
the beads
of a r o s a r y , h i s l i p s m u t t e r i n g inart i c u l a t e f r a g m e n t s of p r a y e r ;
stared, white-faced and t r e m b l i n g , his
mouth wide open; Kelly jerked his
c a p f r o m off h i s red h a i r a n d s w u n g
it o v e r h i s h e a d w i t h a *vlid y e l l ;
Johnson never stirred, a motionless
statue, his lips c o m p r e s s e d ; the negro
j o i n e d D e N o v a , h i s e y e s r o l l i n g , Uls
great feet pcwndJog the snow; while
We are our beet when we try to be
McKnlght grabbed the ax from Kel- It not for ourselves alone, but tor our
ly's heedless fingers and began slash- brethren.тАФPhillips Brooks.
ing at the door. As for myselt at
the Instant everything waa chaos. Tutif You Have Common Sore Eyes,
tle was right, then; he had seen all if liueH blur or run together, you need
that he said; our voyage had not been P E T T I T S E Y E S A L V E , 23c. A l l di u*causeless, a search after a will-o'-the- gista or H o w a r d Bros., Buffalo, N . Y .
wisp; the sacrifices, suffering, loss of
Put up with sarcasmтАФdon't practise
these past months, were not "all in I t
vain. Out of Antarctic solitudes, rePERKY pAYID' P A I N K I L L E R
leased from the merciless grip of the
тАв u r i sodden chill or eold (instead of whiskey) тАв*┬╗
ice by some marvel of deliverance, Painkiller. For oollc. diarrhea and sun BUST complaint
this treasure galleon of Old Spain, this medlulB* perer fall*. 86c, 86c an4 tOn bottiea.
this ancient tomb of dead sailors, had
Farmers and waahladles get their
come drifting down to us, a veritable living from the soiL
gift of God. The knowledge stunned
I n . Wlnalow'a B o o t h i a * S y r a o ,
me; dazed my perceptions. It seemed farebUdrtja
Metallic, softens the mi ma, reduoesltss
a miracle. I could only press my aammaUoujkllay* pain.cure*wlodowUe. aScaUjtUe,
hands to my eyes, stare blindly at that
The man who plants a ladder never
inscription, and struggle back to тАв knows what will come up.
conception of reality. It was Kelly's
. . тАФ
wild shout and McKnlght'a blow that
aroused me, recalling me as instantly
to command.
"Stop that!" I shouted, catching the
latter roughly by the arm. "We shall
need that cabin door. If there indeed
be a treasure down below, we can
hunt for it like men and not maniacs.
McKnlght, if you strike another blow
I'll drop you where you stand. Take
knives and dig the ice out of the
cracks. Get down on your knees at j
the bottom, Dade, and don't
there like a fool. De Nova, see If you
can locate the front windowsтАФthere
must be two of themтАФand cut the ice
away from the shutters."
As they labored feverishly, their
breath steaming In the frosty air, the
moonlight silvering them and gleaming weirdly on the scattered ice-fragments, the haunting mystery of that
hermetically sealed cabin brought to
me a feeling of unutterable horror.
Heaven! how long had it been thus
┬╗5, ┬╗4, тАв 3 . 5 0 , *3, *2.50 & ┬л2
frozen in? What awful tragedy of anT H E STANDARD
other century was about to be reFOR 3 0 YEARS.
vealed? What years of loneliness, of
Millions of men wear
W. L. Dooctaa shoes bedarkness, of polar night and cold had
they are the lowthis derelict of the grim Antarctic ex- cause
est prices, quality considered, ia the world.
perienced? Where had it been? What
Made upon honor, of the
of those who had Bailed on board out
heat leathers, br the
moat skilled workmen,
of Guayaquil that fair June day of
in all the latest fashions.
1753, dreaming of the glad welcome
W. L. Douglas $5.00
awaiting them in sunny Spain? What
and $4.00 shoes equal
Bench Work
of the crew, hardy seamen all, black- Custom
costing- $6.00 to $8.00.
bearded, the gold loops in their ears?
What of the passengers? What of the
W. L. Douglas guarantees their value hy stumping
five women who had walked these
Ms nam┬л and price on the bottom. l,ook for it.
T n k e Bfo Suhatltntr.
Fast Color ┬гvfM*.
decks? Where had they died, and
A akyaMtr d e a l e r for W, L. Doiijrlut┬╗line┬л. If not
forsalafn your town write for MaMOnier('atalof(.ahowhow?
lng how to order by roatL Shoes ordered direct from
factory deUreral free. W LDODUIM. Brockton,,""
Medical Men Say One Really 8ees
Blue When Fainting.
The use of the word "blue" to denote melancholy or terror, as in the
phrases to "feel blue," "blue devils."
a "blue funk," and so on, is not entirely figurative, if we are to credit a
recent medical writer.
The class of phenomena that includes fainting, vertigo, neusea, etc., is
controlled by certain brain centers
that also bring about a sort of cramp
of the external muscles of the eye.
The resulting compression of the organ causes objects to look gray or
bluish, and ultimately produces apparent darkness.
The use of the word, having a physiological basis, is common to many
languages. The French say, for Instance, "I see blue." A writer says
that the French word eblouissement
(giddiness) should be spelled ebleuissement, ar.i has the same origin.
The Worst Noises.
The shriek of the whistle, the call
of the newsboy, the rattle of the milk
cart are all "trialsome," as a certain
old lady used to say of her children,
but perhaps the most unforgivable
noise for a sensitive person Is one
which recurs at slightly Irregular Intervals and for a long period. The drip
of a water pipe, the whine of a dog, the
slam of a blindтАФthese are the noises
which destroy temper and sleep, even
for well women. When one has struggled through a night tortured by such
objectionable clamors, one realizes the
full meaning of the poet's dream of
peace, where "Silence like a poultice
comes to heal the blows of sound!"тАФ
Youth's Companion.
Of Two Evils, the Leaser.
There are other destructive forces
in nature, and even earthquakes have
rivals. This happened at the time of
the trembler at Charleston, South
Carolina, several years ago. A resident
of the shaken city, while he felt that
his duties
him to remain
t h e r e t o d o w h a t h e m i g h t f o r t h e suff e r e r s , s e n t h i s s i x - y e a r - o l d s o n o u t of
the danger and
y o u n g s t e r ' s g r a n d f a t h e r in N e w York.
T h r e e d a y s after the boy's arrival t h e
Charleston man received this telegram
from h i s father: " S e n d u s your earthquake and take back your boy."
Jane W a s Sensitive.
J a n e Is a n a t h l e t i c g i r l , a n d h e r f e e t
a r e n o t of t h o C i n d e r e l l a t y p e .
"I s e e t h a t S l z e r , t h e s h o e m a n . Is
having a sale," said Jane's mother.
" P e r h a p s y o u c o u l d find
there to suit you."
Jane frowned.
"I c e r t a i n l y s h a l l n o t e n t e r S i x e r ' s
store," she said w i t h m u c h
"And w h y n o t ? "
"Because the sign over
his door
s a y s ' B i g S h o e Sale!*-
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Refief-Penune* Cere
Purely vefet- ^
the liver.
Stop after
core indigestionтАФ improve die complexion тАФ bnabe*a
2 M eye*. SmeflPULSemUD┬лet,S┬лm┬лrrice
G E N U I N E must bear agntture :
Bond s :oent Msmp (lo
cover mailing) and
your dealer', nam* for
a FrraaUa Tlr Catabar. which
keep ┬л111 your home flylew The
Ismore unitary thsn flr rarer and work*
bettor and quicker, and lasM lnng┬лr. It
i no objectionable odor and will not
drip in the hottest weather. It can be
hang tip ont of the way. The nhinina
Ltmrfaoe attract* the files. Sold br
' (?┬╗**тАв┬╗ rt rifid t1r*fKrt┬╗t$fnr Sn. enrk.
TSDaeeaM .R.T.
taking liquid physic or big or little
pills, that which makes you worse
instead of curing. Cathartics don't
cureтАФthey irritate and weaken the
bowels. CASCARETS make the
bowels strong, tone the muscles so
they crawl and workтАФwhen they
do this they are healthy, producing
tight results.
┬╗┬░ 7
CASCARETS IOC a box for a week's
treatment. AUdrapp***. Biggwtt neller
in the world. Million boxes a month.
Nr┬╗L,rli>┬лa, iwuaOK-*v┬╗l.o>B┬╗>nlrtil,c┬лHr┬╗p.
L*┬╗ta All & тАв > тАв тАв ┬╗ .
Mt.i┬л of ┬лD┬л1┬╗!, ┬л┬л┬╗тАвтАв┬л
тАв pi I or Ups-rrr, wfll
n<┬╗t ┬╗nt 1 or t nj┬╗ r┬л aarfrCllTf.Ur>!! ┬лтАв>>>┬╗┬╗
or ┬╗*0!pr┬лp*l4forSiav
HA B O W M m *
, 1M Ifeaaia Aw*.
' Rn*Ur>, H┬лw tern
See O v Pocket Edition
Ckanaw and hstutJfles ttta __
FYomaae* a hxnriant trava.
Mavav ┬╗aila to masters Orew
ttepon of NoaiaaUaf OoaajpOMee ,
#t thing Done, MotbJa* Won
ti*tt Hur, at opera house Sunday
Mrs. KeteU* BldwraU. Brifhtob
The following ia the program for the conevening next.
Editor D I S P A T C H :
Keiwrt ot Worlds bundsy School Conreattoa
vention to be held at Brightou Wednesday
Bev. F. L, Curry
I n the days of long ago i t was Monday next ia Decoration day and and Thursday, June 1-2:
Keport of Committee on Resolutions
Those Lights and Other
in* fiurtttfji ftepatrt
County Sunday School
the universal 90aturn for moving will be observed at Howell as usual^ITSBNOOiJ, ! =80
<Jt0#ini} Snag
THURSDAY, MAY 26, 1910.
Bev. F. J. Oeboroe New Hudson
Every organisation with publie
The benefits of this cos turn were Lyon visited his parents here over APrayer,
Problem la the Sunday School
so mauy and so obvious that it Sunday and .called on their many
Mrs. Edu┬╗ Jacob?, Brlgbtua spirit Should raise its voice in protest
Sibucrlptlgn Price SI In A d v u w .
Soma Facte which We Seed to Bmpbjui*"
against the tariff on foodstuffs used by
would be superfluous to enumer- friends.
MlM Hale* Gage, New Hudson the middle and poorer cluaei at least
I┬гat┬лnd at ih┬л Po*toMc*>t Plnefcnej, JUcbl<┬л>
H. D. Uoche of Howell will deliver
ate them. This desirable custom
M aecoaoV-claM matter
Christian Uy'e Pro*r*xn, Key. K. I. Cur.-y Uuwiug
A man who speculates in what we eat
Advertisloc retee nude knows on application.
never became general in this the principal addresa at the Memorial
or who forces prices up, deserve* the
country, however, though it were dtfy exercises to be held at Hartland Sunn Service
Devotional, Jt┬╗v. Hartle/ Ctuiieltl, Howell
severest punish count.тАФJ. L. Hudson,
Will some of t h e astronomers well if such had been t h e case. Decoration day.
Mlaalouary Giving io tnu Suuday School
now please take a look around for Driving a t night t o t h e nervous
A very heavy rain visited tnU sec*
Rev. R. IX Hopkins, Uak Grove
How can We Beat Make tbe Home au Effective
The automobile power is too unthe price of pork roast.
and timid is indeed a doubtful tion Saturday night. It was accomp- Agoacr la Winning the World ty Christr
for Edward Teljer of Coboctaa.
anied by a severe electrical storm and
Rev. K. 1.. Curry
pleasure. O n dark nights and in
He has a pair of oxen weighing 8660
about 25 telephones suffered a ^>uro
canSome young men take more
pjunis, which can always be relied
Song Servioe
upon. Mr. Teller was in Howell Satpride polishing the bowl of a pipe not be perceived until near a t
The Holland StOJk Remedy Co. Appointment of Commit tat*
with ln> team and it drew good
hand, and a collision very a p t to
than polishing their manners.
of County Ottoera
have an adv in tbe DISPATCH that may Report
siz-fd audiences. The sight ol the or
occur. Every person whose ex- pay our farmer friends to read. F. M. Report of Township Officers
Question Boi IIJ charge of Ueo Chap I, Unwell
team was very pleasing to old settlers.
perience embraces any consider- Peters, of tbe Flouring Mills, handles A T┬╗at-tiers Troubles,
A Man Wants to Die
тАФ D^rax't-rft,
MIBJJ LQIB rJerfcensti ck, Iliighton
only when a lazy iiver and sluggish able amount of night riding, can their products.
bowels cause 1 rightful despondency. recall scores of instances of thrillV, ┬г Hill ot Howell bas secured a
Hat Dr. Kinjira New Lire Pills expel iug experiences, of hairbreadth ten year lease of the store occupied by
poisons ficm the system; bring hope escapes and often actual collisions. Wm. Blumenthai, and will move bis
"Homuni' B e l t Propelled
and courage; curb all liver, stomach Lights on moving vehicles at lar^e stock of goods tbe.e as soon as
Vehicle" given full dctuild
and kidney trouble?; insert health night should have always been the vacated- Mr. Hi)Is adv appears 011
ywrnwccesaful care, bundling
I тАв* W f t o w t y l o c a t t ' trouble.
and vigor to the weak, nervous and custom, but the increasing num- page 8 ot the DISPATCH.
T TS&nnlug at thefirstprlQailinsr. 25u at F. A. Higlers.
' *%$|fjrjeee8sary to be kuuwu,
Frarcis Shields, after thanking bis
ber of automobiles now renders
*'┬╗0<l<rieu forward to the prln&ptiti used lu every i┬╗urt of a
them imperative. The man in the many friends in tbe sixth congressionMotor Car.
I t ia a Bhame to talk of reduc- dark vehicle can plainly see t h e al district for their kind words and
i w$-4M* &'thorough course iu
' WjjfcrV1'''"'*' ┬░ r Automobile*,
ing the size of paper money, for approaching automobile a long requests for him to make the run at
fclghly approved by lumm.
t Ajcturers, owners, operators
it's hard enough to find them even distance away, b u t the driver in the primaries for tbe nomination for
|t ' .antfrcpalrtiieu. C o u t a i us
congressman from this district, says
car cannot perceive the unlighted
6vft"400lIlU8trut!<jns ┬л"<l diathat alter canvassing more thoroughly
grams, maklujj every detail
vehicle until he is well nigh upon he believes it best for tbe interests ot
clear, written In plain language.
Ilaudtomely bouud.
The comet got the worst of t h eit, and often nothing b u t a cool the republican party, that be withTRICE *2 POSTPAID
wrestle with the sun but it will head and a quick hand serves to dfaw from the contest. Mr. Shields
come back again in 78 years for avert a serious collision. Could would make a good man for the place
Th* only w┬╗y the practical
fmerit of thia MANUAL con
the placid drivers, calm in their but we shall have to accept his decisanother round.
, ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ '^bB fflven la by an examinar
5 ' 1 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ H r . | tion of tbe book itself, which
fancied feeling of security, who ion.
"%e will submit for examination,
to be paid for or returned,
are passed from time to time by
Lion Fondles a Child
after looking it over.
Upon receipt of the folio win^ agreeIn Pittsburg a 9avage lion fondled swift moving automobiles, realize
'iuent, the book will be forwarded.
the band that a child thrust into his how occasionally, aud by what a
No money Jn idvinc* required, ilgn and return
cage. Danger to a child is sometimes uarrow margin, they escaped seriTheo. Audel ft Co., 63 Fifth Ave., New York
great when least regarded. Often it ous mishap, they would be only
Kindlyrasllme coj.y of Hoaiaai* AslowbllM, ┬╗"<'.┬╗ found ┬╗lt,f┬лc.
lory, 1 Wifl lun>i*ai┬лt┬лly wiuli you I'/.OO, ur return th* bin* to you.
In the death of Mrs. Jacob Kice of No.
comes through colds, croup and whoop too glad to join in a demand for a
Hamburg, Liviugston Couuty parts with
mg cough. They slay thousands that
law to compell the driver of every one of its most estimable and highly resDr. Kings New Discovery could have
vehicle to provide it with a light peeled ladies. For some time Mrs. Kice
saved. "A few doses cured our baby
has been in poor health and all that could
of a very bad case of croup" writes and to see that it be lighted when be done for her comfort was at her comMrs. Georare B Dayis of Flat Rock, N. abroad on t h e road while darkness mand from the kind hands of her children.
G u a r a n t e e d undar
C, "We always give it to him when reigns. This matter must appeal
Angelina Dippy was born in Grovealf Pure F o o d
he takes cold
Its a wonderful med- to the good sense of every indi- laud, Livingston Cjunty, N. Y., in
icine tor babies.11 Best for coughs, vidual. I t is sure to be brought 1829, and came with her widowed mother,
colds, lagrippe, asthma, bemorrages, up at Lansing at our next session two brothers and two sisters to Michigan in
weak lungs. M)c, $1.00. Trial bottle and will doubtless become a law.1835, where they bought a farm aud settled
in Antrim, Shiawassee Co,, which was
free. Guaranteed by F. A. SigXgfc.
There are a lot of provincial
Congressmen of t h e type o f
"Uncle J o e " Cannon of Danville,
111., who have a grudge against
the capital of their country and
pretty much everybody within its
A Regular Tom Boywas SusieтАФclimbinj? trees and fences
jumping ditches, whittling, always
getting scratches, cuts, sprains, bruises, burns or scalds. But laws! Her
mother just applied Bucklen's Arnica
Salve and cured her quick. Heals everything healableтАФboils', ulcers, ecze
ma, old sores, corns or piles. Try it at
P. A. Siglers.
Your Baking
W h i l e OU t h i s s u b j e c t of roads : then a mere wilderness.
Their nearest
w e Want t o a t t e n t i o n t o t h e fact j neighbor was two and one-half miles, the
that w h i l e a m o r e efficient effort j n e x t f , V e m i l e H - There were many Indians
. . ,
. .,
, ,
; near them, who were verv friendly. This
would do more, yet the fact
re- t
, . , ,
i . "тАв ~ r /
! family truly kn*w what pioneer life meant.
m a i n s ID t h e t o w n s h i p of P u t n a m ;
After a short time tuberculosis caused
t h a t m o r e g o o d s e n s i b l e roadmak- (the death of the mother, leaving the little
i n g h a s b e e n d o u e i n t h e p a s t t w o {orphan of seven years, who was brought to
years than in any twenty previous ! the home of Dr. Walker in Hamburg,
^ w
T AI тАв
.L I Liv. Co., where she lived for some time,
I n this and some other L , n e w 9 .
, ,
, . ┬╗,
, .
тАв I^
townships, the Commissioner
* afterwards adopted nv Mr.
is j Mrg<
Case who
K C Baking Powder wiL do it! Get
a can. Try it for your favorite cake. If
It doesn't raise better, more evenly, higher,
тАФif it isn't daintier, more delicate in flavor,
тАФwe return your money. Everybody
agrees K C has no equal.
M d cared for her ┬л┬л
m a k i u g an h o n e s t effort t o c o m p l y one of their own children.
With t h e law, w h i l e i n Some t h e In May l#i9, she was married to ("has.
disposition seems to be a contin- <"тАв*тАв Smith who died .July .list Mowing.
i i j
' To this union one son, CII.'K. (i. of Luke-
uance of the old do-nothing policy. ,
I h e law says two-thirds
Pure, Wholesome,
I land, was born.
of the j
I n 1 8 5 1 s h e w a 8 mfivM
t 0 j3CoJ>
Work s h a l l b e Completed b y J u l y j and came to the farm where she has since
first and i n a n y t o w n s h i p w h e r e ! shore.
lived. FTo
e b them
. 1st, 1909.
again children,
f o u r of w h o m h a v e nassed
tn t h e
'jaques Mfg. C┬л.
this is not being complied with J ! her life c o m p a n i o n . Saturday m o┬░r n i n g ,
The bill to change t h e Presi- a complaint to the Prosecuting | May 14lh, at three thirty, the death angel
dents inauguration
from t h e Attorney will be followed by vig- came and bore her tired spirit a w a y .
of by
deadly Mar. 4th to the spring-like subject
orous action
this officer.
h e She was a devoted mother, a friend to
the needy a n d ever ready t o h e l p in
last Thursday ia April has again come to stay and it is u p to the trouble or sickness. S h e leuyes to mourn
failed to secure the requisite two- people to say whether we shall their IOBS 6 v e children: Chas. G. Smith of
build them ourselves at the mini- L a k e l a n d , Mrs. E . Ophealia Droullard of
thirds vote in Congress.
mum expense or whether the Detroit, Mrs. E d . Drewry of H o w e l l , and
The government would not be state builds them at a much great- H e n r y and Miss Adda K i c e at h o m e .
T h e funeral was largely attended Monparty to J o h n D . Rockefeller's er expense. The farmer is conday from the Cong'l church i n N o . H a m way of giving away his few paltry servative in action but when he burg, R e v . A . G . Gates officiating. T h e
millions and now he is getting wakes up to the fact that a thing casket was literally covered with flowers.
Lines written by a friend:
back on the people by boosting is right and beneficial he can genthe price of oil a notch or two.erally be found in the right col- Our dear one in with HHтАФthn Any a may sepm
weary and chporleafl and sad,
That is at least one way of getting nuiD.
The Carter C a r
With all to make drearv and nanflht to mako
Thin meHiage I timr, ring out, sweet and clear,
"Your Savior 1B with yon, and she in with him."
rid of the common peoples money.
We iiave been hasle^ed ihe past
few weeks with letters and clippings And so she is with n┬л each day and each hour,
in regard to some office seeker, with To strengthen and nud comfort with wondarfnl
tbe request to give sime space ia our
O sad heart, take chwr; jour dear one is nsar
'тАвvaluable" paper. Most of our people AB the Savior to you; for she 1┬л with him. ***
understand that we are publishing \
tbe DISPATCH for what there is m it
and not entirely for giory for ourWe wish to thank the friends and
selves or a few others. It must be neighbors for the rrany a:ts of kindunderstood by all that when such ness during tbe sickness and burial ot
matters appear in this paper, they oar mother. Also the pastor and
most be paid for art our rates or find cboir for their words of sympathy.
lodgement in the waste basket. Our
columns are open to alt parties who
pay the price.
An Ideal Husband
is patient eren with a nagging wife
for be knows she needs help, She may
be so nervous and run down-in health
that trifles annoy her. If she is melan
oholy, excitable, troubled with loss of
appetite, headache, sleeplessness, constipation or tainting and dizzy spells,
she needs Electric bitters the most
wonderful remedy for ailing women.
Thousands of sufferers from female
troubles, nervous troubles, backache
and weak kidneys have used them and
become healthy and happy. Try them.
Only 50c. Satisfaction guaranteed
by F. A. Sigler.
Subaortic tor t t e Plnatoay DUpatalL
There is
None Better
Quite so Good
Call at the Parage and
Ltetus Tell Yon Why
Geberal Machinist,
Ptnckney, Michigan
Oam slsittjpc Dr┬лtw a
The said proposed main drain and the said proposed branch drain are connected
together aud form one entire drain with its outlet stake No. 0 set and standing in the
open channel of the Cohoctah and Conway Union Drain,
Grade T a b i c a
From No. 0 to No. 28 grade 4 feet to the mile 0.10 feet to 2 chs. From No. 28 to
No. 36 grade 22.80 feet to the mile, 0.57 fwt to 2 chains. From No. 35 to No. 48
grade 6.40 feet to the mile, 0.16* f┬йat to 2 chs.
B&ANCHтАФFrom No. 0 to No, 8 grade 15.20 feet to the mile, 0.38 feet to 2 chs.
N o t i c e 1┬╗ H e r e b y . G i v e n * That I, Frank E. Mowers, County Drain Commliaioner of the County of Liviugaton and State of Michigan, will, on the 3rd day of
June, A. D. 1910┬╗ at the residence pf Thomas )4┬╗K┬лnsi┬л iu the Township of Conway,
in said county of Liviugaton, at Urn o'clock in the forenoon of that day, proceed to receive bids for the construction of a certain Drain known aud designated as "Conwsd
Number Twenty Drain," located and established in the Township of Conway in aaid
County of Liviugaton and described aa follows, to-wit:
Surveyed March 28th and 29th A. D. 1910.
Survey of Conway Drain Number Twenty.
An open main drain in Sectiopa 15 (fifteen) and ,22 (twenty-two) of the township of
Conway in the County of Livingatqu aud State of Michigan. Beginning in the Cohoctah
and Conway Uuion Drain in the $ ┬г i of the NEfcof section 15 of Conway at a point
eight chains west of the section line between sections 14 and 15 aud 16.95 (sixteen and
ninety five hundredths) chaius north of the east and west \ (quarter) line in section 15
(fifteen) to be of the length, width and depth hereinafter set forth dud described to wit:
i тАв->*тАв' тАв
S 60┬░ 30m W
S ┬л 2 ┬░ HO ruin
S 14┬░ U> m i u
S 4fiS 15 m i n
and R e m a r k s .
77 13
34 10
36 10.
60 11
37 14
87 11
97 11
09 12
96 13
S4┬░ W
U . S. S u r v e y
d d
Beginning South
SI s 4
ot the
Course. ,
S a i d j o b w i l l b e l e t i n o n e or more sect i o n s , t h ┬л s e c t i o n at the outlet of s a i d
drain will be let first a u d the r e m a i n i n g
s e c t i o n s if a n y , i n their order u p stream in
accordance w i t h the diagram now o n hie
w i t h the o t h e r papers pertaining to aaid
d r a i n in t h e office of t h e County D r a i n
C o m m i s s i o n e r of t h e said County of L i v ingston, t o w h i c h reference may b e h a d by
a l l parties interested and bids w i l l b e m a d e
a n d r e c e i v e d accordingly.
A t the same
t i m e and p l a c e I w i l l a t s o l e t t h e contract
for the furnifchiug of about s i x t y rods of
n u m b e r o n e g l a z e d drain t i l e , the e x a c t
a m o u n t a n d size of the said tile w i l l be
a u n o u u e e d at the t i m e and place of letting.
Contracts will b e made with t h e lowest
responsible bidder g i v i n g adequate security for t h e performance of the work in a
sutrr theu and there to be liked by m e , res e r v i n g to myself the right to reject any
a n d all bids. N o person will b e permitted
to b i d u p o n the construction of the said
drain until such person deposits w i t h me
the Bum of fifty dollars I N C A S H , cond i t i o n e d that if such person s h o n l d receive
the contract for the construction of the said
drain h e BIIHII enter into s u c h a contract
and w i t h such t-uieiies aud b o n d as m a y be
required by me. T h e date for the c o m p l e tion of such contract a n d the terms of paym e n t therefore shall aud will b A n n o u n c e d
at the t i m e and place of letting.
54 I n Cohoctah and Conway U n i o n D r a i n
95 15
06 16
18 14 36
6 48 14
6 61 15
6 22 14
5 84 13
6 20 14
92 13
41 20
5 71 13
5 53 13
5 21 12
5 31 12
5 6b' 13
4 87 11
5 09 12
5 09 12
5 06 12
w 60
4 21 10
31 9 4 18 10
w 64
32 10 3 61 9
3 53 9
e tie
4 25110
96 L e a v e n 1 0 a a t ne ┬г o f se J of sec J 15 with
22 9.05 c of d r a i n
71 i i
S r>;5┬░ 30 m m e 72
|79 44
N 63┬░ 45 m'm e 80
H 72┬░ 30 min e 83 78
s 40┬░, 45 min e84
m 27 43
S S.y 15 min e86
30 lis
S 7 8┬░,'30 nun
K -)0
T e
at a
42 1 3 . 9 5 c w o t J post l e a v e a 3 0 a of n e \
06 of s e ┬г of sec 1 5 w i t h 1 8 . 5 3 c of drain e n 42 ter n | o t s \ of Be i of sec 15
of se ┬г of sec 15
T o sec line between sees 15 <fe 22 at a p o i n t
0 . 7 5 c w of | post leaves sjf of a \ of se \
of sec 15 with 6,40 c of drain e n ter w \ of ne { of Hec 2 2
Kmer e i of ne [ of sec 22
461 8
93: 9
93 1 13
43 10
38 10
84; 11
80 11
04 10
93 11
03', 12
L e a v e w fc of ne \ of nee 2 2 with 3.37 (.: < )f
74 E n d of drain in e i of n e ┬г of sec 2 2
1тАФThe l i n e above described to be the center line of said
2тАФSai i line is m a r k e d by grade stakes at each two c h a i n s distance from N o . 0 at
the b e g i n n i n g to N o . 4 8 at the upper e n d e x c e p t t h a t from N o . 47 to N o . 48 t h e distunce'is 1.29 c h a i n s .
3 тАФ S a i d stakes are a c c o m p a n i e d h* grade hubs which are Ihe base of all calculations.of d e p t h , width and g r a d e . Also stakes at all a n g l e s n u m b e r e d
"from one to n i n e t e e n .
fiтАФSlope of bank not to e x c e e d one a n d one-half feet out to o n e foot rise.
7 тАФ T h e right of way to be forty feet i n w i d t h upon e a c h s i d e of the drain m e a s u r e d
outward from the c a t t i n g l i n e s of the d r a i n .
2 ^ 89
3 3 1)1
4 4 27
5 4 39
6 0 2o
7 5 7fi
2o S o 3S
Do you know that your hogs have worms
enough t o torture them and eat up your
pro&taf Pigs from the time they are a few
j weeks' old are compelled to fight for life
against worms. I^et us show you ho A- VOU
can help them win the right and Increase
V/. %
. ^1
IOWA WORM JVIMDaTKandw'inr t┬╗
try it, we are ready to prove that it w .1 ^
i what we claim ami that it is '.he onl> sure тАв
I and harmless worm remedy on the market. !
1 F D s V E T 1 W o w ' u ^11^ J"ou a jl.Oo,
I тАв тАв % тАв & тАв & тАв p a c k a g e . We will s o t '
charge yoo one cent for thia first trial order
if you will send ua 25c. for postaRe 3nd packI ing, and tell na how mnrh stock you own.
[IOWA STOCK RWJ C0.,Dspt. 20,]┬лffarsoft,!a┬╗i.
T h i s M a n u r e Spreader i s different f r o m a l l others. D o n o t b u y w i t h o u t first
i n v e s t i g a t i n g t h e m e r i t s o f t h e same. T h e e x c l u s i v e f e a t u r e s n o t f o u n d o n o t h e r
machines: Drawn with coupling
p o l e ; without a clutch or c o g
w h e e l . (Jem h o h e a p e d in l o a d i n g , I
t h e s a m e a s a f a r m w a g o n . Guar- j
n n t e e d t o p u l v e r i z e all m a n u r e
(notice t h o t h r e e c v ->a.-c^}.
1 lus ti..ici'.i:;.^ is in'i'.t d a a c o i n m o n sen.-e principle of a farm
hence is the simplest,
m o ; t .l-.-.rahh;. li^'ite^t draft, l o w e s t
d o w n ( h e n c e e a s y t o l o a d i n t o ) spreader o n th.- M.aricct. Hacked b y +en y e a r s '
e x p e n e n c e , n o t a n e x p e r i m e n t . A s k f o r c a t a i o r u e X.
Coldwater, Ohio.
Judge of Frohate.
E n d of drain at a point 3S l i n k s west oi I
the section line b e t w e e n s e c t i o n s 14 a n d 15 a n d 2 0 l i n k s north of the N W corner of the j
8 i of the S W i of section 14 aaid B r u n c h D r a i n of Raid proposed C o n w a y
Drain N o . I
2 0 to b e a T i l e D r a i n with a practically constructed Concrete Catch
set i n ita walla tvt the bottom north, euat and south to p r o v i d e for
from the road aides and enat under t h e H i q h w a y making a n outlet to t h e eaat side
( the
Worms Starve your Hogs,Polson
thoir Blood and finally Kill Them
Ob'MICHIGAN, the Probate Cv^urt of
tthe County
" "
┬╗ session of said court held at tho Probate I
the Village of Howell in s&id Connty, on
Also a branch D r a i n of Conway D r a i n N o . 2 0 b e g i n n i n g in t h e center line of C o n - Oraeoin
tbe 6th day of May A. T). 1910.
way Drain N o . 20 i n the N % of the S \ of t h e S E i of S e c t i o n N o . 15 at a p o i n t 18┬╜
Present, Hon. Arthur A. Montague, Judge of
links north of angle N o . 6 of main line at a stake marked N o . 0 and running t h e n c e , Prohate, In the matter of the estate ol
\CM. KKWLAS, deceased.
O. D. Bland havln┬л nleit in said court his final
account a┬л ndmlnletrator with will annexed ot said
estate and his petition praying for the allowance
c *l It in ordered that the "rd day of .Tnno A. r┬╗.
1 a
Win, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at said Prohate
Office fie and ia herohy appointed for examining
R 2 9 5 rs "^
and allowing said acconnt.
of the
eaS ┬░ a
Tt is iurthur ordered that nuhllc notiro thereof
D. to
he giv┬лin by publication of a copy of this onier for
three successivs weeks previous to snid day of
X\5 b.
hearins;, in the Pinckney l>rap\T┬л.H n newspaper
printed and elrculated in said county.
0 0 4 42
I n centre of main l i n e
S 71┬░ 30 min e 2
1|4 56
W * o f s \ of nw \ . W i of n 50 a
BW i .
W | of s 3 0 a of n \ of sw J.
53^ a of nw I. S 26┬╛ a ut n \ of nw i -
Cheap Lands.
WH own some land in Minnesota
that, we have just, thrown on the
markot; we have a nioe improved
160 with good buildinus at. 130 p┬лr
acre; one 320 acre tract with extra
line buildings at $35 per acre; also a
few 80 acre far in > We can se-1 you
some wild land at $12 per acre. Write
for descriptions ot* these. Address
Kenton County Real Estate Co.
Sink Rapids Minn. [
4 тАФ A l l a n g l e s to b e turned at an easy c u r v e of 5 0 Iks. each way e x c e p t a n g l e
w h i c h i s to b e a right an^le,
5тАФwidth of bottom two feet.
S e c t i o n number fourteen.
Howell la said eouatyou the 10th tfaj of 3Csy
i>. i'JtO. Present, Hon. Arthur A. MoatagM
A square 2 0 A i n sw corner of n :{ of aw
J u<i(je of rrub*U>. 1 a the natter ot the estate of
PATHICK Mclhraz, Deceased.
Section Number Fifteen.
G. W. Clark, having filed la aaid court
N ; hla petition pray in i; that tbe adminetratloa
S E \ of n e \ . S 20 a of s \ of se
i of isid e e u t e , be luaoteo to t o n e suitable person
It is ordered that the 3rd day ot Jane A, D ,
60 a of s \ of s * \ . N \ of u \ of ne J of
тАЮ.., ,
W10, at ten o'clock in tbe lorenoon, at aaid pro.
se I. S 3 0 a of ue ┬г of se \. N W 1 of se bate ottop, ^ and is hereby appointed for hearing asid ptiitvon.
i. SE i of aw J.
ft is further ordered, that public notice thereof
be given by publication of a copy ot this order
Section Number Twenty-two.
for three auocewaive wee&┬л previooa to ┬╗ald da; of
E 1 of n e i . W i of ue \.
K \ of s e J hearing in the Hackney DUpatca, a newsr*P*r
> 41
e x c e p t a p i e c e of Innd 10 rods e & w by 8 prinlea and circulated la aaid cennty.
rods u & a i n s e corner. \ \ \ of ae ^.
Judge ot Probate, _
Section Number Twenty-three.
et. Wonder who they
would be here to collect or even
pay it, if anything had happened?
at a
p o i n t 40 l i n k s w e s t of t h e section line
between sections 2 2 a n d 2 3 anil 8 40 c h a i n s s o u t h of the section c o r n e r of sections
14 aud 15 and 22 ami 2 3
t a t e o f M i c h i g a n , tbe prooate court tor
the couat j of Livingston,- At a session of said
Court, aaid at the Probate Oftes 1m the Village of
36 L i n e b e t w e e n a i a n d n ┬г of B ^ of se $ of
22 sec 15 at a point 22.80 w of sec l i n e sees
06 14 <& 15 l e a v e u f c f s ^ o f s e i o f sec 1 5
50 w i t h 20.80 c h s of drain enter B \ of s \
68 40
S2┬░ e
E n t e r s 3 0 a o f n e i of se \ of sec 15 at a
p o i n t 9 . 6 2 c w of sec l i n e s e e s 14 & 15
E & w | line i n s e i of sec 1 5
Our people ot wealth and intelligence are kind hearted and
would he really patriotic it they
had the time. Their Uvea and
leisure give them little opportunity to know or bee anything really
important in connection with on*
social life.
QTATK OK MICHIGAN, The Probate Court for the
^County ot Livingston,
M a beesiou of aaid cgurt kild at the Probate office iu the village ot Howell, in eaid
N o w , therefore, all u n k n o w n a n d n o n county, on the 6th day of May A. D. 1910.
resident persons, owners and persona interFieBent, Hon. Aithur A. Montague, Judge at
ested in t h e a b o v e described lauds, a n d Probate, In tbe matter of the estate ol
Calvin B. Wellcr. deccaacd
y o u E d g a r Cullier, I d a Collier, T h o m a s A .
Jennie Hooaer tiaviiv filed m BaiG court her peBigelow, Omar C. Bigelow, J a c o b Farver.
tition pxaying that the time for the presentation
Loreu C B u s h , E l e c t a B u s h , J e r o m e T .
of claims agaiust said attrtv be Umiu-tl and tbat a
P e t t e y s , T h o m a s M c K e n z i e , G e o r g e H e n r y j time and place be app┬лl┬╗i^d to receive, examine
PbillipB, CharleB K l e i n , L e a h K l e i n , J o h n j ad;ust all claims and deuiauds agaiuat aaid deSnyder, F r e d K . K i l l i n g e r , M a i y H . K i l l - teased by and twfors eaid court.
It is ordtnd that four uontbs from iti┬╗ date he
inger, Covert S h e r w o o d , Charles Bogart
allowed for creditors to yreeeiit clanus against
E s t a t e , a n d y o u Clement G a n n o n , Super- aaid estate.
visor of the township of Conway, and you
It ia lurthi-r ordered that i ue 7tt day ol SeptemFrank
Commissiouei ber A. 1>. PU┬╗, at ten o'clock ia the foreof t h e T o w n s h i p of C o u w a y , are here- noon, iitsuia probate office," t┬╗e Mid id hereby appointed for the uxtuuinatioii a-d adjustment of
by notified that at the time and place aforeall claims an I demands iigainbt aid deceased. CJ
said, or at such other time a n d place thereA R T H U R A. M O N T A G U S .
after to which said hearing w a y be adJudge at Prcbate.
N o t i c e is further hereby g i v e n that at j o u r n e d , 1 s h a l l proceed to receive bids for
the t i m e aud place of said letting or at t h e construction of said "Conway N u m b e r
such other t i m e and place thereafter to T w e n t y D r a i n " in the m a n n e r hereinbew h i c h I, the County D r a i n Commissioner fore stated ; and also, that at such time of
aforesaid, m a y adjourn the s a m e , the . a s - j l e t t i n g { r o m n i u e 0 , d o c k -m thv
f()remnm .
sessment for benefits and the land com- u u U 1 fiye O , c l o c k J n t h e : l f t e r n o o n >
prised w i l h the Conway N u m b e r T w e n t y a B W M m e n t f o r b t n e f i t s a m l , h e l a n d H c o m . i
D r a i n Special Assessment District and t h e p r i s e d w i t h i u l h e C o n w , ( V X l i m b t . r T w e n t v i
apportionment thereof will b e announced 1 ) r H - m S l ) k > c i a l A w j e s s n i l , l l t Districts will b e !
by m e and will b e subject to a review for 8 U D ; C ( . t t 0 r o v i e w .
o n e day from n i n e o'clock in the forenoon
Anci You
e a c h of y o u , i
until five o'clock in the afternoon.
{ O w n e r s and persons
interested in til*" 1
If Lemon Bitters i s the Enemy o f the
T h e following is a description of the aforesaid lamls, are hereby cited to appear j
it is surely t h e Poor Man's Friend,
several tracts or parcels of land constitut- a t t l i e t i m e and place of such letting as
do its work well and quickly. N o
aforesaid, and be heard with respect to I
i n g the special assessment district of said
to pay. N o loss o f tune, and a o
s u c h special assessments and your inter-'
if taken i n time. W h y will
d r a i n , viz:
ests in relation hereto, if vou so desire.
Indigestion, Sick Headache,
D a t e d H o w e l l , Mich , Slay 13th, A . 1),
Sore Mouth,
w h e n one
T o w n s h i p of C o n w a y at large, beinjr
F K A N K E. M U W K R S ,
t o w n s h i p four north of range three east County Drain Commissioner of the County
but cure all o f tbe above diseases? N o t only
of Livingston.
that, but Lemon Bitters is o n e o f t h e best
Tunics in the world. It will enrich and give
tone t a t h e Blood, bringing back the flush o f
T h e comet has passed, the moon |
"Some men succeed iu spite of
youth to the face, keeping away by its use
that dread disease Paralysis, by causing the
been totall eclipsed and the world ! c o l l e g e education," Bays Speaker
blood to floтАФ with greater vigor through
True, and more men
still stands.
the brnin
U n i o n Bittera la especially recommended
succeed because oi' it.
to those in years, for ita invigorating effect.
Out in hoH Angeles frightened
Uive it a trial aud you will De the Lemon
Bitters best friend, aa you will always use it
when In need of medicine. Sold by Druggist*,
negroes have been paying 25 cents
┬в1.00 per bottle. Prepared ouly by the
Rockteller 1ms never D e e n
a week insurance against the comin oil yet,
8t. Johns, Michigan.
E & w i l i n e i n sec 15 at a point 8 . 6 3 c h s
w of u . a. t post b e t w e e n sees 14 & 15
l e a v e se J of n e \ of sec 15 w i t h 1 6 . 9 5 c h
90 of d r a i n Enter n 10 acres of n e \ of se
12 i of sec 15
66 17 32
S u c c e e d w h e n e v e r y t h i n g e l s e fails.
I n n e r v o u s prostration a n d f e m a l e
w e a k n e s s e s t h e y are t b e s u p r e m e
r t m e d y , a s t b o u s a n d s h a v e testified. I
H i g h w a y a n d the lands contiguous thereto.
W i d t h of R i g h t of Way to he 20 ( t w e n t y ) feet upon e a c h s i d e of t h e
line '
nf aaid brunch D r a i n for the placing of E x c a v a t i o n s and T i l e i n construction a n d main-1
l a i n a n c e thereof.
"ot tim Obe^emt bat fib* BтАФt
era, sleeves
and babywesx; R o o m f o r S k i r t s on the
ie free end.
The fine working parts and braces are metaL a n ,
? f ^ 1 ^ 1 ^ * n d onrabflity. It has a very ttxrvDla
^ 5 ┬╛ ^ 1 < ? k ? ┬╗ toH┬░*i H can b / o ^ e d s n d
S ^ S " 1 0 ^ ? ^ ftmn'ths floor a n o l a ^ j u s U
, n i W , , e tor
S ^ W ' t ^ S
K e ^ d ^ ^ t e t h e r p t e T M V t , W p l n " *┬╗^┬лWpPisttorUsedfcSW
If y o w Dealer cannot fUrnlsb a ** TAnmt 1 тАв OngMm " M ┬╗ n i >vt┬л -
it is tbe best medicine ever aokl 1
over a druggist's counter.
NATIONAL WOQDENWARE CO., Ltd., firsnd RtpJds, Mies.
Hardships of Army Life Brought On a
Severe Case ef Kidney Trouble.
aawa AfeA^Mw^MtaatM^aaetSMatak
H. N. Camp, 1┬╗W
Delaware 8 t , Denver, Colo., says: "During the Spanish-American war, I contracted a severe kidney
Alter returning home, X waa
under a physician's
care for months, but
grew gradually worse.
Finally I got so bad
I could not hold the
urine at all. I also
had intanafi suffer*
lng from back pains.
Doan'a Kidney Pills
m a d e improvement
from the first, and
soon I waa well and
Remember the nameтАФDoan'a.
For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Foster-Milburn Co.,Buffalo, N. T.
u a wheat eiaortlatf
wheat oouatry.
eitfee aitaafloa bj *Sr
teaatv* rallarar b u M
off WhMt
bjptmteain lSO┬╗. a j u _ тАЮ
the^ ^
now of Aibaria,
apwardaof 43 boahelapef
will of
rreohouiiwtтАФda of ISO тАвcrwfc
l Sokoota
^ ^ eoonirewteot,
excellent, n i l the vwfrjSSPfc
n U m n eloM at hand* bwJBP
fna/ liunber rheao,"fite* M a r t *
тАв e l and rwaonnbto In OToe.
boat pl┬╗oe for aettJeaMat. eettJer?
low railway rate*, df-frl^veJlta*
tmted " l a * Beat Warf "(pa* tree,
1 application), and other
OWLT orofto Ithe
>n, to_Bup't
Qovemoveat Aauat.
WL I. skhMt, 171 JtftMtM In* M
sr t A. Lew*, tun tte. lara, at*,]
A trickster is merely a person who
gets the better of us.
fUee addreae neatee* rooV Sb]
for Infanta and Children*
The Kind You Hava
Always Bought
His rest shall be glorious."тАФIsaiah xi, 10.
I wonder if, where the soldiers rest,
In the last long sleep of all,
At the inn which only holds one guestтАФ
In that narrow, silent hallтАФ
I wonder if they can hear today
All the children as they come,
And the ringing notes that bugles play
And the rolling of the drum.
I .wonder if, where they fare afar,
They can see the flag that flies
With the glory-gleam of the stripe and star
A s it flutters in the sKies;
If they may not looK bacK to us today
While the trumpet calls resound,
And the lily white and the rose w e lay
On the myrtle covered mound.
I wonder, too, if they hear us tell
In the tones of love and pride,
How they lived for u s ; h o w they fought ancfc felli
How they marched away and died;
If they do not gaze with, their happy eyes,
And their rest is not more sweet
When the mellow songs of the bugle rise
And the drums serenely beat.
Promotes DigestionXheerfulness and Rest .Contains neither
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral
fat/* ofOM
Bears the
MxS-mm *
faMUSmtb '<
A*u*Snd *
BiCarl** mUS*Htx тАв
W┬╗rm Sttd Wi*krff*t* Ft*vor
A perfect Remedy for Constipation , Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverishness and LOSS OF SLEEP
facsimile Signature o f
At b i n o n t h % ┬л>Ic
^5 D o s i i
'Guaranteed under the Foodai
Szact Copy of Wrappse.
For Over
Thirty Years
VMieaarrauaeewMNY. naw Toaaerr?.
God rest them well! for a country's trust
And a country's hope and fame
Are shrined for aye in their hallowed dust
And surround each soldier's name!
God rest them well! If today they come
And can see the hearts of us
Beat glad in tune with the throbbing drum,
Then their rest is glorious.
(Copyright, 191a by W. G. Chapman)
T was just after the battle
of Shiloh that William C.
Phlpps met the" man who
was to live and has lived
over since In his memory
as "his silent partner,"
says the Indianapolis Star.
Here Is the story as Mr. Phipps
tells it:
"Somewhere that man la probably
living todayтАФhe was hale and hearty
appearirp. I don't know him and
never did know hii name, but I'll bet
he is the but man of the community
where he lives. I'll bet every person that knows him in bis friend.
"You see, it happened like this:
After, the flght at Shiioh most of the
boysтАФor a good many of them at
leastтАФhad lost all they had in the
way of equipment, extra clothes and
such things. A good many were
wounded. I was wearing a bloody,
torn shirt and I wanted anotherтАФ
wanted it bad, too. I went out to
forage for it. I hadn't left camp very
far behind when I saw a fellow chopping on a logтАФgetting firewood, evidently. I started toward him and he
kept chopping on. I got closer and
finally stopped near him and watched
Chop-chopтАФhe kept rlgkt onтАФ
didn't seem to ┬лee me.
"Then I said to him: 'Partner,
look hart; aaa,jn* shirt I'm lookia'
for another one.
Tou don't know
where I could get one, do you?'
"He had stopped as I started to
8peak and when I finished he raised
his ax 'way up and sans: it Into thf
He let it stick there, ripped off
his coat, threw It down and pealed
off his shirt. He tossed it to me and
put his coat back on, grabbed his ax
and went on chopping.
He never
opened his mouthтАФnever so much af
"Did I take that shirt? Well, 1
guess I did. That fellow was my srlent partner, and he is, yet. No, 2
never met him again. I looked back
as I started for camp and he didn/x
seem to hear me when I thanked him.
Just kept chopping on that logтАФchop,
The only way to learn to do great
thing* is to do small thinga well, pa*
tlently, loyally.тАФDavid Starr Jordan.
In this tin canister the air-tight, moistureproof packages of Tiger Fine Cut are
kept in perfect condition until they
reach youтАФ
That's what makes Tiger so full-flavored,
clean, moist and richтАФnever flat and
tastelessтАФnever dry and crumpled like
ordinary loose fine-cut sold from an
open pail
Tiger is always the
cleanest, sweetest and
richest fine-cut you
ever tasted.
5 Cents
тАв - "тАв тАвтАв
тАв "
. - ' , -
. ">
mmi i
ainr -"of ~n' iriirifiirMnirim irjafiTf
-.\r j
. . , . , тАв < . ,
тАв тАв ; . . ' тАв тАв . , тАв ; тАв - тАв , тАв тАв
; - . ' тАв '
i *-
1 ^
Quality or Task
Because the utmost care
ii tjaken by _
to select oalytbc choicest
"material^, and prepare
them in the same careful
manner every time. You
are thus assured of uniform goodness, and this
is the reason that the use
of Libby's gives such
general satisfaction to
/ery housewife,j
Try IMf
Beef MtxktaT*jn]┬лt
Ham Loaf QiiliconCanM
Yieflni Sausage
Evaporated H3k
"For luncheon, spreads
or everyday meals they
are just the thing.
Keep a supply in the
house. You never can
tall when they will come
in handy. Ask
be sure you
get lobby**.
r*rx Libbj, McNeill
* lobby
ee^^^^^^^^e ^^m^r^^^m
^тАвr^^^eawea ^s^^sreani ^sa^sjiBai eaas^BF
.V h
W i H T F I I MKN A N D W O M E N fur quickest
If MIS I taSf telling household specialties on earth.
Brery woman burs on Bight. Experience unnecessary. Goods sell themselves. Write today.
nMlKaCIDHritCIALTl CO., 1SUK. tMlk 8(.,Nrw YtrkQt?.
Z S ^ i Thompson's Eye Water
Qeoroe V. and Eight Other Monarcha
. Ride In Pageant
MalftleтАФWas he on his knees when
he proposed?
DaiByтАФNo; but he went down the
Bteps Uuit.way when papa caught him.
D e t r o i t . тАФ C a t t l e тАФ M a r k e t d u l l an J 2!>o
to 35o l o w e r than lust w e e k .
stoer-s a n d h e i f e r s , $7; MKMMH a n d heifers, 1.0U0 t o l.liOO, $6.25(^6.75: s t e e r s
a n d h e i f e r s , 800 t o 1,000, $6<M.f>0;
Krass s t e e r s a n d h e i f e r s t h a t a r e fat,
800 to 1,000, $ 5 . 5 0 ┬о 8 ; g r a s s s t e e r s a n d
h e i f e r s t h a t a r e fat. 500 t o 700, $ 4 . 7 5 ^
5.50; c h o i c e f a t c o w s . $5@>5.50; g o o d
f a t c o w s . $ 4 . 5 0 0 6; c o m m o n c o w s , $3.50
(5)4; c a n n e r a , $ 2 . 5 0 ┬о 3 ; c h o i c e
b u l l a , $5.50; fair t o p o o d b o l o g n a s ,
b u l l s . $4.50@6; s t o c k bulla. [email protected];
m i l k e r s , large^ y o u n g , m e d i u m a g e , $40
@56; c o m m o n m i l k e r s , $JMI@35.
V e a l c a l v e s тАФ M a r k e t 76e n l g h e r t h a n
l a s t w e e k ; b e s t , [email protected]; o t h e r s , $ 4 ┬о
M i l c h c o w s and s p r i n g e r s тАФ S t e a d y .
g r a d e s , 15c t o 25c h i g h e r t h a n l a s t
w e e k ; c o m m o n l a m b s 25c. g r a s s shee>┬╗
50c l o w e r ; beat l a m b s . $S.50<&>8.75; fair
to g o o d l a m b s , [email protected]; l i g h t t o c o m m o n l a m b s . [email protected] sprinR l a m b s , $9
@11; f a i r to g o o d s h e e p , $ 4 ; c u l l s a n d
A Quick Cat.
Some years ago the proprietor of a
hoiel in southern New Hampshire told
the following story: He aaid that
vhen he was a boy he had occasion
to go into the garret of his house one
morning and" that the family cat followed him up the stairs. One of the
wiudows was open, and when they entered the garret a frightened mouse
Jumped out of the window, and the
cat, Jumping after it, caught it in midair and, whirling round, jumped back
common, $3.50┬о4.
again into the sarne window.
H o g s тАФ P a c k e r s bidding
No Affair of His.
"t noticed, Mr. Lloyd, that you were
the only person who did not weep during Mr. Evans' beautiful prayer."
"You forget, Mrs. Davies, that I belong to another parish."тАФThe Bystander.
It takes an oculist to make some
people open their eyes.
5c l o w e r t h a n
last week.
R a n g e of p r i c e s : L i g h t t o
b u t c h e r s . $9.70; piga, $9.70; l i g h t y o r k e r s , $9.70; s t a g s , 1-3 off.
E a s t Buffalo,
N. Y . тАФ C a t t l e :
1,300 t o 1,450-lb
[email protected];
g o o d , 1,200 t o 1,360-lb. s t e e r s . $7.25┬о
7.75; b e s t 1,100 t o 1,200-lb
$6.50┬о 7.25; m e d i u m
s t e e r s . 1,000 t o 1,100 l b s , $ 6 @ 6 . 4 0 ; l i g h t
b u t c h e r s t e e r s , $5.25┬о5.75;
c o w s . $6.50@7; fair to g o o d , $ 5 ┬о 5 . 5 0 ;
c o m m o n t o m e d i u m , $3.50<Q>$4; b e s t
fat heifers, $7┬о7.50; good fat heifers.
[email protected]; f a i r to g o o d , $ 5 . 5 0 ┬о 6 ; b e s t
f e e d i n g s t e e r s , [email protected]; m e d i u m t o
ood, $ 4 . 2 5 ┬о 4 . 5 0 ; s t o c k e r s , a l l g r a d e s ,
3 . 5 0 ┬о 4 ; b e s t b u l l s . $6(^6.50; b o l o g n a
b u l l s , [email protected]; t h i n l i g h t b u l l s , $3.75┬о
4.50; b e s t m i l k e r s a n d s p r i n g e r s . $ 5 6 ┬о
65: c o m m o n t o good. $ 2 5 ┬о 4 5 ; .
H O K S : R e c e i p t s , 86 c a r s ; m a r k e t 10c
lower; mixed medium and heavy and
g o o d y o r k e r a , $9.85┬о9.90; f e w d e c k s
choice*, $9.95; l i g h t y o r k e r s a n d p i g s ,
S h e e p a n d l a m b s : R e c e i p t s 80 c a r s ;
m a r k e t s l o w ; handy lambs, $8.85^8.90;
heavy. $8.35^8.50; yearlings. $7┬о7.60;
w e t h e r s , [email protected]; e w e s , $5.60<┬з)5.75.
C a l v e s , s t e a d y ; choice, $8.35┬в┬в8.50; fair
t o g o o d , [email protected]; c u l l s t o c o m m o n , $6
┬й 6 . 7 5 ; l i g h t t h i n c a l v e s , $5@6.
A Breakfast
Joysweet, Crisp,
v Toasties
Ready to serve from the
package with creamтАФno
cooking necessary*
The Memory Lingers**
Pfcja. 10c aad 15c
POSTUV CEREAL CO.. L t d B*rU┬╗ Creak, Mica.
тАв ┬╗ ┬╗!тАв
But B┬лM0┬лrwt┬лd ttiburbanJU W M
.. r*ore┬л+ ┬лo U┬лt┬╗n to tuttetic*
On'a gun carriage drawn by blue.
- Uwtfr-Pjrtfcficr,!*** Way.
jackets the body of King Edward VII.
was home to Its last resting place in
the tomb house at the Albert Memoalways JftoMftT-M&iBtoti atfttUtto*.
rial chapel at Windsor.
"BUrt t*┬╗ f**d┬╗!" i┬╗ipi*<ljtie subOn the way to Paddlngtpn station,
whence the funeral train left for orbftpite. wltfc th┬л h*m, the bag of
Windsor, the body of the king was flotir and the lawn matter. 1 ana not
carried through the streets of the capi- Interred fai to*4m." >
tal in the presence of hundred* of
"But you ihouldh┬й) air. Tha toad
thousands of persons. 1& addition to lays 81,000 ecga annually.*
King George, the king* of eight Eu"Vary extraordinary, butтАФ"*" "*ropean nations, several future rulers,
"The femajft toad also Uvea to be a
members of all the royal families of
years old. Now If a hen
the world and former President
to be a thousand years old
Roosevelt of the United States followed the coffin from Westminster and, lay 81,000 eggs annually It would
hall to the station.
take a cold-storage warehouse, as big
In Pall Mall, St. James street and as Maine, California and Texas, to
Hyde Park the immense crowd nearly hold them."
broke up the procession.
"Wonderful, but my trainтАФ"
The police and soldiers had to fight
"Stood on end the eggs would reach
to prevent the lines being swept away from here to the moon and back and
by the crush. There were many broken limbs and other Injuries were re- leave enough to fill the Pacific ocean."
"Let go of my buttonhole, sir. 1
ceived. Hundreds of persons fainted,
to make the train-тАФ''
especially among the women, who had
"Useless job. The train is already
been standing on the pavement for
hours before the procession left West- made. Listen to sense. After those
minster hall.
eggs filled the Pacific ocean it would
The cortege moved through solid cause a tidal wave that would
double lines of red-coated soldiery sweepтАФ"
standing with rifles reversed and the But just then the exasperated subregimental colors dipped to the urbanite brought his bag of flour down
on the garrulous stranger. Then he
At the "railway station the coffin escaped to his train.
was placed in a funeral ear and taken
to Windsor, where, after the Church
What He Knew.
of England service had been conduct"You can tell me the names of the
ed by the archbishop of Canterbury twelve apostles, Sam?" said the pretin St. George's chapel, it was en- ty Sunday school teacher one morn*
tombed in the Albert Memorial chapel Ing.
Sam's face fell, and he shifted
his weight from one foot to the other.
"Can't do it, ma'am," he said, sor15,opo Overcome in Funeral Rush. .
and then his eyes brightFifteen thousand persons either
I can call off all of the
were injured or fainted in the terripitchers
league teams," he volble crush on-the streets of London atunteered.тАФHarper's
tending the king'B funeral Friday.
The total cases treated by the St.
John's ambulance of persona fainting
during the crush was 6,014. Of these
20 were hospital cases.
The constant use of Cuticura Soap,
In addition to the ambulance of the assisted by Cuticura Ointment, for
St. John's society, the military and toilet, bath and nursery purposes not
other ambulances dealt with a vast only preserves, purlfleB, and beautifies
number of injured people. Many of
them had broken limbs or ribs, but a the skin, scalp, hair and hands, but
majority suffered from heart strokes prevents inflammation, Irritation and
clogging of the pores, the common
or faintings.
cause of pimples, blackheads, redness
and roughness, yellow, oily, mothy and
unwholesome conditions of the
Education and reform in sanitation complexion and skin. All who delight
will be the chief means by which the in a clear skin, soft, white hands, a
hook worm will be eventually wiped clean, wholesome scalp and live, glossy
out, according to Dr. C. W. Stiles, hair, will find Cuticura Soap most sucscientific secretary of the Rockefeller cessful in realizing every expectation.
hook worm commission. The commisCuticura Soap and Ointment are adsion is at work on plans for a cru- mirably adapted to preserve the
sade along these two lines.
health of the skin and scalp of inThe naval "plucking" board, which fants and children, and to prevent
is to condemn to compulsory retirement 15 naval officers in order to en- minor blemishes or Inherited skin hucourage promotion, has been appoint- mors becoming chronic, and may he
ed as follows: Rear-Admirals Rich- used from the hour of birth. Cuticura
ard Wainwright, A. G. Berry, J. B. Remedies are sold throughout the civMurdock, C. E. Vreeland and Aaron ilized world. Send to Potter Drug &
Ward, with Commander T. Washing- Chera. Corp., sole proprietors, Boston,
ton as recorder. The hoard will meet for their free Cuticura book, 32 pages
in Washington, June 1.
of invaluable advice on care and
treatment of the skin, scalp and hair.
Grata, K t e .
W h e a t тАФ C a s h No. 2 r e d a n d M a y .
1 . 1 1 ┬╝ ; J u l y o p e n e d w i t h a d e c l i n e of
^ i c a t $ 1 . 0 3 \ , d e c l i n e d t o $1.03 a n d
a d v a n c e d to $1.04; S e p t e m b e r o p e n e d a t
%c a n d a d v a n c e d t o
$1.02%; No. 1 white, $1.11┬╜.
C o r n тАФ C a s h No. 3, 65c a s k e d ; N o . 3
y e l l o w , 1 c a r a t 65c, c l o s i n g a t 66c
OatsтАФStandard, 2 cars a t 4 5 % c ; No.
S whfrte, 45c.
R y e тАФ c a s h No. 1, 8 2 U c hid.
B e a n s тАФ C a s h , $2.26; October, $2.07.
C l o v e r R e e d тАФ P r i m e October, 100 b a g s
a t $6.50; s a m p l e . 10 b a g s a t $5.75. 12
a t $6.
FeedтАФTn 100-lb sacks. Jobbing lots:
B r a n . $26; c o a r s e e o m m e a j , $26; An*
$28; c r a c k a d
corn a n d
coarse comment, $27; corn and oat
c h o p . $24 p e r t o n .
F l o u r тАФ B e s t M i c h i g a n p a t e n t , $5.55;
o r d i n a r y p a t e n t , $5.86; s t r a i g h t . $5.25;
c l e a r . $5.15┬╗ pure r y ┬╗ , $4.30; s p r i n g
p a t e n t , $5.75 p e r bhl In w o o d , j o b b i n c
High Finance.
KnickerтАФWhy did you pay $40.53
for that hat?
Mrs. KnickerтАФI had to do it to
make my check book balance.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for w y
of cat&rrb that cannot be cured by HaU'i
Catarrh cure.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo. O.
We, UM underaijrned, have known ┬е. J. Cheney
for the taat 19 years, and believe him perfectly honorable tn all business tranaactlona and financially
able to carry out any obligations made by hla firm.
When shown positive and reliable proof that a certain
remedy had cured numerous cases of female ills, wouldn't
any sensible woman conclude that the same remedy would
also benefit her if suffering with the same trouble ?
Here are two letters which prove the efficiency of Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
FltcfcYille, Ohio.тАФ* My daughter was all n m
down, tuff e n d from pains In her aide, head and
Urn!*, and coald walk but a short distance at a
time* She came very near having nervous
prostration, had begun t o cough a good deal,
and seemed melancholy by spells. She tried
two doctors but got little help. Since talcing
Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
Blood Purifier and liver Pills she has improved so much
that she feels and looks like
another girLwтАФMrs. C Cole, Fitch ville, Ohio.
Irasburg, Vermont.тАФ**I feel ft my duty to
say a few words in praise of your medicine. When I began
taking it I had been very sick with kidney and bladder troubles and nervous prostration. I am now taking the sixth bottle of Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and find myself
greatly improved. My friends who call to see me have noticed
a great change."тАФMrs* A. H. Sanborn, Irasburg, Vermont.
We will pay a handsome reward to any person who will
prove to us that these letters are not genuine and truthful
тАФor that either of these women were paid in any way for
their testimonials, or that the letters are published without
their permission, or that the original letter from each did
not come to us entirely unsolicited.
What more proof can any one ask ?
For 8 0 years Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has been the standard remedy for
female ills. No sick woman does justice to
herself who will not try this famous medicine.
Made exclusively from roots and herbs, and
has thousands of cures to its credit.
Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women
to write her for advice. She has
guided thousands to health free of charge.
Address Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn. Mass*
is the turning-point to economy
in wear and tear of wagons. Try
a box. Every dealer, everywhere
Remedy for t h e prompt relief of
Asthma a n d Hay Fever. Ask your
druggist for It. Write lor FREE SAMPLE.
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free. Price 76 oentt pat
bottle. Sold by all Drufnrist&
Take Hall's Family Plus for constlpatkw.
The Perlect Jetty
r KEisCiX
The rvfftr Is fully .rpltlacd ┬лn
th┬л clfcultr in ***ry package StMByJUH
I love everything that is old; old
friends; old times; old manners; old
W. N. U., DETROIT, NO. 22-1910.
Stomach is Sick
Liver Sluggish
Bowels Clogged
Blood Impure
Skin Sallow
CvrM S t r a i n e d Faffy Ankl┬л%
L y m p h a n g i t i s PollEvll.FljttulaT
Sore*. Wire C a t s , B r u i s e s a n d
Swelling*. L a m e n e w , a n d aUaral
P a l n q u i c k l T w i t h o u t Blistering,
ittmovlnjrthe nalr. or laying tlw┬╗ bona
op. Pleasant to aw. ┬в5.00 per bottle*
After H o n e B o o k 6 E f r e e .
A B S O R B INK, J R . , (mankind 11.00 and 13.00
bottle.) For Strains. Oont, V art cose Veins, VaricoH
eele. Hydrocele, Prostatitis, kills-pain. Yoardrojcgis*
can supply and give references. Will tell yon mor
If you writ*. Manufactured only by
W. V. 101 Mi, P. D. ┬╗\. t i e Ttmrt* St. SfrtafftiM, awl
тАв i M тАв тАв тАв тАв Send postal for
m H m m Free P a c k a g e
I l l b l i o f Paxtinc.
Better and more economical
t b a a liquid antiseptics
Gnre* one) a sweat breath j clean, wnAa\
germ-fro* tnw*a~aatieaytkally clean
BKMita and throatтАФpurifies the bceelh
preciated by dainty woman. A qnfck
remedy for aora eye* and catarrh.
A Erie PaztiM powder da-
T h e n тАФ Vi Tune to Take
That grand, old, time-tested remedyтАФ.
la beset with foil direciJoas, 10c. sad 2 5 c
тАвohred io a data o A o t a
raakea a delightful rttiaepbc a v
bona, pomeavns eUiatwaanr
┬лтАв*тАФ┬╗-"fr aenaictrkl and heal.
i&S power, and absolutely bara>
lea. T r y a S a m p l e . 5 0 c a
large box at druggate or by maLL
your ideas. M-page book a n t
advice PRKB. Bstabrlsbed &┬г
┬╗1Uf*nM*Cat Bat K. Waaksattsa.aCj
Painters and others w h o have used prepared paints that were not good are
prejudiced against all prepared paints. T h e y do not stop to consider that the
paint is no better than the manufacturer who prepares it.
is the result of exhaustive study and an infinite number of teats and experiments. The raw materials
used are from our own mines, smelters and oil mills and therefore come up to our standard of quality .^ There is an exactness in the entire process which is your protection. Ask the SherwinWilliams dealer in your town for S W P or write us direct if there is no one handling our line. r | |
pi's mm store
тАв O r l a J a c o b s was i n M a s o n last
Claude White was on the sick week o n b u s i n e s s .
list last week.
M a y baskets a r e a l l t h e g o w i t h
M. Gallup and family spent y o u n g s t e r s a t p r e s e n t
The n ┬л c t to PInd
Ladies* Neckwear, Gloves and Sunday evening at V. G. Dinkels.
Services a t t h e M. P . ohurch.
Hair Roods. Laces, Ribbons, Em- Elmer Collins of Detroit spent n e x t S u n d a y m o r n i n g .
broideries, Stamped goods, Gard-j last week with his sister Mrs.
The W. F. M. S. will serve five
en Seeds and Toole, Wall Paper
o'clock sapper at the-home of Mr.
! Mr. and Airs. Hath and child- and Mrs. Will Wood Thursday
re EL of N. Marion called at F. N. June 2nd. All are invited. A l s o a f i n e line of pretty Burgess' Sunday afternoon.
and w e l l made Childrens
Geo. Dickenson and Walter
Dinkle of Detroit, who spent last
Mrs. C. C. L e w i s i s on t h e -sick
with the latter* parents, have list.
Fancy and plain Crepe Paper, Shelf week
returned home.
Mrs. Donna Zeeb is in quite
Paper and MapMns
Chris Brogan and family at- p o o r health.
Men's and Boys' S t r a w tended a family renaion held Sun- H i r a m S m i t h w a s h o m e from
day at the home of Mrs. Sweet- t h e U . of M. over S u n d a y .
mtiD in Pinckney in honor of her E l r o y S p i c e r of D e t r o i t visited
84th birthday.
his m o t h e r in Genoa last week.
Next to JohiisoDB Drug Store
Business Pointers.
< '
We have established a Cream Station at
Mr. a n d M r s . E d g a r
w e r e t h e g u e s t s of h i s p a r e n t s last
T r u m a n W a i u w r i g h t is q u i t e ill
at t h i s writing.
Mrs. F r a n k R a y m o n d , s o n a n d
Mies J e n n i e W a r d IB s e w i n g for
d a u g h t e r were P i n c k n e y callers
Mrs. Arnold a t present.
last F r i d a y .
Mr. a n d Mrs. J o e R o b e r t s visitT h e S a n d a n d G r a v e l Co. have
ed a t J a y B a r b e r s Monday.
engaged Bert Russel to r u n their
G e o r g e Nowlen e n t e r t a i n e d h i s s t e a m shovel.
father a n d little sister S u n d a y a n d
O p e r a t o r F i n n i e h a s gone t o
M a r i e , Mich., a n d J . W. B r o w n
Miss E t t a V a n B e u r e u arid J o h n t a k e s h i s place.
W r i g h t were married a t H o w e l l
M r . a n d Mrs. E l b e r t A p p l e t o n
W e d n e s d a y last.
of I r o n w o o d a i e guestB of h i s
You can bring your cream and see it weighed
L a m b o r u is b r o t h e r J . D . a n d wife.
sampled and tested, and receive your cash on
s p e n d i n g a few weeks with h e r
The carpeuters at the sand and
sisters in P i n c k n e y .
the spot. W H A T CAN B E A N Y FAIRER
gravel p l a n t left for t h e new p l a n t
Rev. H i c k s will deliver a M e - at G e t t e y s T u e s d a y .
morial sermon S u n d a y , May 30 a t
Mr. a n d M r s . H e n r y S c h o e n h a l s
t h e S o u t h Iosco c h u r c h .
a r e h a p p y over t h e a r r i v a l of t w o
M i s s S a d i e W a r d is h e l p i n g new g r a n d - d a u g h t e r s .
Mrs. G e o r g e G i b s o n of FowlerM r . a n d M r s . G. B . P a r d e e
ville with h o r house work.
visited h e r son, J . D . Appleton',
T h e friends a n d n e i g h b o r s of t h e / l a t t e r p a r t of last week.
Mr. a n d Mrs. J o h n W r i g h t gave
T h e funeral of Miss E l i z a b e t h
t h e m a miscellaneous
S c h o e n h a l s was held a t t h e h o m e
Loyal Guard*, the May a^se^ment
T u e s d a y evening.
of h e r b r o t h e r J o h n , o n S u n d a y . is due.
Mrs. R a l p h B e n n e t received
Mrs. Mabel Cope was in Detroit the
word of t h e d e a t h of h e r sister first ot tha veek.
C. J . Williams was in Chelsea
Mrs. H i r a m D a n i e l s of StockThere is good new> on every page
We bave opened
b r i d g e F r i d a y last.
this weekтАФdo not. miss it.
H e n r y Bowman of D e t r o i t was
A First C l a s s
W e ' d j u s t like t o s e e t h a t comet
Miss Lola Mni\in has closed a sucin town last week.
once so we could tell of it. [ I t is cessful year of teaching m the Mc
C. H . H o w e a n d wife were in p l a i n l y visible now o n clear n i g h t s Cluskey district.
Miss Kachael Fitch ot near here has
town last S a t u r d a y .
a little s o u t h of west a n d a b o u t
just finished a very successful year ol
D. W r i g h t and wife visited o n e - t h i r d of t h e way u p in t h e teaching in a school noar Hartland.
friends o u t of town last week.
sky. S h o u l d b e observed from S
The warm weather the last of last
served to call out the fishermen
I d a O v i t t a n d Tavia W i l l i a m s
and several good catches are reported.
next door to E, A. Bowman'*
called on M r s . D . McCorney last
Miss Belvia K u b n closed a very
Mrs. A. K, Pierce and Alias Ava
Friday night.
successful term of school in t h e
Holloway of So. Lyon were guests of
L. R . W i l l i a m s a n d F r a n k Ovitt C a d y d i s t r i c t F r i d a y last. O n ] F. A. Sigler and family Saturday last HOWELL,
a t t e n d e d Maccabee m e e t i n g at S a t u r d a y a picnic was held, about and took in the ball game.
25 p a t r o n s of t h e sohool being
Everybody interested in Gilk's cemPlainfield F r i d a y night.
Come in and see us and nu!< *
etry is requested to meet there SaturMrs. F r a n k Worden a n d Mrs. present. I c e cream a n d cake were day. May 28 at 1 p m. for the purpose
our place your headquarter
enjoyed of cleaning the yard.
Wilson a t t e n d e d t h e faneral of served a n d a good t i m e
Bring scythe
when in town.
by all. Miss K u h n is a general and rake.
Mrs. H . E . D a n i e l s M o n d a y .
Our goods are right
favorite i n t h e n e i g h b o r h o o d a n d
The Gardner Li^ht. Co. have the
Our prices are right,and
foundation started for a 21x81 addiwill b e greatly missed.
We will treat you right,
tion to be made to the present buildWhether you buy or nrt,
Chas. H a n s o n was able t o be
ing. They have another engine coming and wilt run another dynamo.
out S u n d a y .
There are some sections ot the state
Mrs. W e l l m a u a n d son L l o y d
the postal authorities are about
are on t h e gain.
that the .strawberry shortcakes this to discontinue the rural free delivery
Mrs. H e n r y S m i t h is e n t e r t a i n - year will have to be made without on account of th* condition of the
roads. 11 the system is kept up the Stationery
i n g a niece from E n g l a m l .
roads will have to he kept at least ! Enameled Ware
5 and 10 Cent
There will he a Memorial service at
Wesley Vines a n d wife have the M. E. church Sunday morning to passable.
taken a little boy from Cold water. which all old soldiers, their wives or
Those who had patience to watch Notions
Post Cards
widows are especially invited.
long enough and be "Johnnie on the
Mr. a n d M r s . C. G. E l s w o r t h
Season Waqts
Wellington Day of Owosso, died at spot" were IAwarded Monday evenare e n t e r t a i n i n g an a u n t
his home in that city Monday. Two ing by seeing tn┬л total ec'ipse of the House Furnishings
years aaro he was injured by being
of every description тАв
thrown from a horse and never folly clouds as the most of the time the
recovered, hia spine being injured. moon was ohscared by clouds.
Mr. Day was quite well known here,
The Putnam and Hamburg Farmi
L O T MM meeting
W e d n e s d a y being connected with the Creamery
ers Club will rrepf, this week Saturday
J u n e Hth.
started by his son iuarl, who is serving afiem on May 28 at t i e home of
time in the House of Correction at
Mr. VrHn Syckel h a s h i s barn Detroit for obtaining money under Chainlets. A good attendance is desired ar.rl if Ins he^n suggested that "The Home Goods Store"
nearly completed.
false pretenses to start the Creamery. everyone come prepared to furnish
Earl will probably be allowed to atHOWELL, MICHIGAN
T h e S u n d a y school of t h i s place tend his fathers fnneral at Owosso something nn hie program appropriate for M niunal day
today. Thursday.
a r e a r r a n g i n g for Ohildren9 dav.
Amos Clinton, our Repres3ntative, will be there
Four brood suvs due to tarrow in
For Sale
Young pitfs. Sow and seven pigs
and 3 sows to tarrow soon,
t 21
Trotting Stallion
Gaines Cresceus, by Cresceus 2:02^
will make the season at J. L. Roche's
Light brown mare 11 years old,
v, eight 1,0C0, sale and sound
Wool! Wool!
I am in the market to bay all grades
of wool. Brink? it in and get all the
market will afford.
H. F.8'GLER M. D-
Physicians and Sur^eone.
All calls promptlyattended to day or night. Office on Main Ptieet
Pinckney, Mich,
For information, call at ihe Pinckney DisrATCHjoffice. Auction'Bills Free
Bell and Webster Rtral Phones
Arrangements made for sale by phone a
my expense.
Oct 07
Dexter, Michigan
Percheron Stallion
: Nansen:
R o i s t e r e d No. 4 1 . 1 6 5
Weight 1775 lbs. Foaled May 16, May
16, 1904. Sired by Curio, No. 28,315
(48,493). DamтАФTHIS, No. 24,083.
Will be at
Hotel Barn Pinckney
Wednesday evening
and T h u r s d a y forenoon
of e a c h w e e k .
Terms:тАФ$12 to insure mart' in foal.
Mares must be returned on regular trial
days. Money due nine months after last
service. Parties disposing of mares will
be held responsible for service fee, which
Till be due at time of disposal.
All accidents at owuers risk.
C. P. Miller, Jlngr.
T # 4 O R Owner,
To receive and Pay Cash for Cream
American Farm Products Co.
Owosso, Mich.
Bazaar Store
.lunch Counter..It
We have made arrnngementn
and will serve mnr.hes at our
market every day in the week
Sandwiches, Coffee, Etc.
Come, and T r y Us.
D. D. Smith & S o n
Pinckney, Mich.
of each week
L a d l e s . h a v e y o u that n e w
s h i p m e n t o f s m a l l slaed Turbans at
rniion j H the mnet wonderful worm ri-atrojor on the market today. Peed it to
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for i he salt. There In no doubt about, it. We believe it a Rftf,. state
ment to make that there Is not a flock of aheep in the tinta ot
Michigan today that 1┬╗ tree from wonus. You will tind our uooda
┬╗1 the Pinckney Flouring Mills. P1WM┬╗ rail and jmmlae them
find notour booklet It will toll you ju┬лl, what wr expect, to
uooompllah when our goods it re f┬лi a* directed. Oiigiiiirantee protect* you,
If not It w i l l be to your aduantafte
to do so as t h e * a r e G O I N G P A S T
T h e Holland S t o c k Remedy Co.
Wellington, Ohio