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2011 Annual Report to Donors
Our Mission
Board of Directors
The mission of Stepping Stones Museum for Children is to broaden and
enrich the educational opportunities for children ages ten and under and
enhance their understanding of the world. The museum seeks to create an
environment that inspires lifelong learning, and supports parents, caregivers
and educators as facilitators of children’s explorations.
Sandra J. Miklave, Chair
Charlene Russell-Tucker, Vice Chair
Mark Campbell, Treasurer
Elizabeth Cahill, Secretary
To achieve its mission, the museum builds collaborations and pursues
strategies that welcome all families to join in the Stepping Stones learning
community. As a multidimensional resource in the region, the museum offers
exhibits, programs and services that take an interactive approach to promote
early learning.
Exhibits Healthyville® Workshops • access/Ability • Cyberchase™ – The Chase Is On!
Jeff Arsenault
Alec Burger
Daphne Ely
John S. Foster
Ramsey Goodrich
Jeff Kaplan
Barbara Koteen
Curtis O. Law
Thomas A. Lesica
Anne Mullin
John P. Neafsey
Diane Quick
Christopher M. Tasik
Michael E. Wallace
Rhonda Kiest, Executive Director
As of December 2011
Healthyville Workshops
Cyberchase™ – The Chase Is On!
Stepping Stones Museum for Children
Dear Friends,
“Children’s museums are innovating and redefining the traditional museum world by creating places where all kids
can learn what it takes to become global citizens and develop 21st century skills.”
– Association of Children’s Museums (ACM)
As a two time recipient of the MetLife Foundation and ACM Promising Practice Award, Stepping Stones
Museum for Children understands firsthand what it means to provide high quality learning experiences to
the next generation of global citizens. During its first full year since the renovation and expansion project
that nearly doubled the museum’s footprint, attendance for the “new” museum quickly met and exceeded
its goal of serving 300,000 children, families and educators both on and offsite.
A generous multi-year grant from Xerox Foundation enabled Stepping Stones to welcome two new inbound
traveling exhibits – access/ABILITY and Cyberchase – The Chase Is On!™. access/ABILITY asked visitors to
celebrate the different capabilities in all of us, dispelling myths and encouraging open questioning and
curiosity. Cyberchase, based on the award-winning PBS KIDS GO! animated series, presented math in a fun,
kid-friendly environment, allowing children to make use of their critical thinking skills and approach math
with an investigative attitude.
Stepping Stones was thrilled to build on its longtime partnership with GE Capital to further expand the reach
and impact of its Healthy Children, Healthy CommunitiesВ® initiative with a program called Healthy, Bright Futures.
Over the next three years GE Capital’s very generous gift will provide children and their family members access
to this award-winning health initiative through a multi-pronged approach that includes visits to the museum’s
popular HealthyvilleВ® exhibit, onsite workshops as well as sending the traveling Healthyville mini exhibit to
Title 1 elementary schools in Norwalk beginning in early 2012.
Valuable donations to this year’s annual fund made it possible for the museum’s Open Arms accessibility
initiative to realize significant growth. Get Into It! FREE evenings had record-breaking attendance, attracting
over 5,000 children and families who visited the museum for free on the first Thursday of each month.
Stepping Stones also hosted its first Accessibility Day, which reached over 1,000 visitors and allowed families
to explore accessibility through the inspirational stories of individuals who live with disabilities every day.
We could not have achieved these accomplishments without you, our supportive donors, partners and volunteers.
Looking back at the significant achievements during 2011, and reflecting on the exciting opportunities that lie
ahead, it is clear that Stepping Stones has become a necessary community resource. We look forward to sharing
many more milestones with you and deeply appreciate your commitment to help Stepping Stones learn and grow.
Sincere regards,
Sandra Miklave Board Chair
Rhonda Kiest
Executive Director
Stay connected at www.steppingstonesmuseum.org
Annual Report to Donors
Fundraising Events Step Out Wine, Spirits and Food Tasting • BooZoo™’s Canine Carnival • Summer Jam LIVE • Swing Into It! Golf Tournament
Step Out Wine, Spirits and Food Tasting
BooZoo’s Canine Carnival
Summer Jam LIVE
Swing Into It! Golf Tournament
General Museum Operations
2011 Earned Income
2011 Contributed Income
Stepping Stones Museum for Children
2011 Operating Expenses
Does not include $116,729 of in-kind donations.
Does not include depreciation expense.
For the year ended December 31, 2011
Statement of Activities
Statement of Financial Position
Earned Income
Museum Store and Cafe
Birthday Parties
Facility Rentals
Traveling Exhibits
Total Earned Income
Contributed Income
Contributions and Grants
In-kind Contributions
Special Events (Net of Expenses of $377,728)
Total Contributed Income
Other Income
Investment Loss
Other Income
Net Assets Released from Restrictions
Total Other Income
Current Assets
Cash and Cash Equivalents
Cash – Construction Disbursement NMTC 80,232
Accounts Receivable
Pledges Receivable 644,916
Grant Receivable
Prepaid Expenses
Total Current Assets
1,873,423 Property and Equipment
Building and Site
Museum Equipment
Program Development
Capital Growth Plan – Facility Expansion
Capital Growth Plan – New Exhibits
Total Property and Equipment
Total Income
Operating Expenses
Community Alliance
Visitor Experience
Executive/Finance and Administration/Human Resources
Total Operating Expenses
Other Expenses Related to Operations
Interest Expense
Capital Growth Plan – Exhibit Enhancement
Capital Growth Plan – New Ventures
Total Other Expenses Related to Operations
Related to New Market Tax Credit (NMTC)
Interest Expense – NMTC
Fees – NMTC
Professional Fees
Contribution Expense
Total Other Expenses Related to NMTC
Total Other Expenses
Total Expenses
Decrease in Unrestricted Net Assets
Endowment Contributions
Investment Income
Net Assets Released from Restrictions
Decrease in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
Increase in Net Assets
Net Assets – Beginning of year
Net Assets – End of year
Less: Accumulated Depreciation
Net Property and Equipment
Other Assets
Fee Reserves – NMTC
Financing Costs – NMTC (Net of Amortization $19,220)
Rent Deposits
Total Other Assets
Total Assets
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable
Accrued Payroll and Payroll Taxes
Accrued Vacation
Due to Endowment Fund
Security Deposits
Current Portion of Capital Lease Payable 24,401
Deferred Revenue
Total Current Liabilities 791,291
Long-term Liabilities
Long-term Portion of Capital Lease Payable
Line of Credit Payable
Notes Payable – NMTC
Total Liabilities 20,818,678 Net Assets
Unrestricted (3,234,264)
Temporarily Restricted
Total Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
Annual Report to Donors
Donor Recognition
A heartfelt thank you from all the children and families we serve to the following individuals, corporations,
local businesses, foundations and government and community organizations for their generous support.
Individuals and Family Foundations
Circle of Friends Donors who made a gift of $2,500 and above.
Innovator $1,000,000 and above
The Foster Family Fund
$1,000 – $2,499
Creator $25,000 – $49,999
The Gullquist/Mullin Family Foundation
Inventor $10,000 – $24,999
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kristoff
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Neafsey
Builder $5,000 – $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Crown
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney George
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Kontulis Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lesica
Littlejohn Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ramsay
Ferguson Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Michael E. Wallace
Teacher $2,500 – $4,999
Mr. Jeffrey M. Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Fair
The Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey W. Goodrich
Marie G. Dennett Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kramer
Mr. Paul J. Kuehner
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kuenstner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Millones
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Rabinowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Williams, Jr.
Stepping Stones Museum for Children
Mr. and Mrs. Alec S. Burger
Mr. David Ruksznis and
Ms. Elizabeth Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Campbell
Mr. H. Frazier Caner and
Ms. Kate Stallfort
Mr. and Mrs. Imre J. Cholnoky
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Cornell, Jr.
Mr. Michael Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gebicki
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Glassmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Griffiths
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hobbs
Ms. Rhonda Kiest
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Merrill
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Miklave
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Molloy
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Mullin
Ms. Kathryn Owens
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Priebe
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Truwit
$500 – $899
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bellissimo
H I n Memory of David M. Brush
Mrs. Graham M. Brush, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Catalano
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Danile
The Dionne Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Feeley
Dr. William J. Fessler, D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Goodyear
Ms. Tov Haueisen
Mr. Michael Jacabacci
H I n Honor of Rhonda Kiest
The Jaffe Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jason B. Konidaris
Ms. Marta Jo Lawrence
H I n Memory of Gabriella Soni
Mr. Alan R. Leiderman
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Levine
H I n Honor of John Foster
Mr. Gerry Male
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander P. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Butch Quick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salvator
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Steckler
$250 – $499
Mr. Robert Azzoparti and
Ms. Kathleen Dyer
H In Memory of Frieda Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Barry I. Berger
Mr. Paul Burack and
Ms. Joan Meixner
Mr. Craig Carnahan
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Carter
Mr. David Castaldi
Mr. Jason Morrill and
Ms. Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
Mr. Michael Custardo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Derr, Jr.
Ms. Agnes Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. David Durkin
Mr. Leonard Ejiogu
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. David Friezo
Margie and Chip Gillis
Higgins Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Jamieson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kaplan
Ms. Nicole Kenaga
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis O. Law
Mr. James Long
Mrs. Carol Maday
Mr. and Mrs. Arden Majewski
Mr. and Mrs. David McCall
Ms. Linda A. McDonald
Ms. Michelle Morales-Bonano
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Mountcastle, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ogden, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pforzheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Pippolo
Mr. and Mrs. Alison Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. William Robertson
Mr. Clifford Schwartz and
Mrs. Elizabeth Ortiz-Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Declan Shea
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tasik
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Teed
Mr. J. Richard Tucker and
Ms. Charlene Russell-Tucker
Mr. Michael E. Wallace
$100 – $249
Ms. Elise Ahearn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Altamore
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Andrea
Mr. Jeffrey Arsenault and
Ms. Kim Nathanson
Mr. Fred Heibeck and
Ms. Laura Asquino
Mr. and Mrs. Sacha Bacro
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Bain, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Ball
Mrs. Carolyn Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Benitez
Mr. Michael Bennett
Ms. Erica Bergmans
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Berk
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Berzolla
Ms. Melanie N. Blanco
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Botoff
Ms. Joan Briggs
Ms. Franca Bruni
Mrs. and Mr. Karin Burns
Mr. Edwin E. Camacho
Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Carreras
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Cellar
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Chilvers
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cook
Ms. Hyla Crane
Dr. and Dr. John Curtis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daine
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Daly
Ms. Maria Daly
Ms. Lisa Daur
Ms. Maria De Junqueira
Mr. Chris DeAngelis
Ms. Mary Deklyn
Mr. and Mrs. Chris DeMuth
Ms. Denise Doria
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Downer
Ms. Elizabeth Dunne
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Egan
Mr. and Mrs. R. Grosvenor Ely
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Emmet
Mr. John R. Emra
Ms. Jacqueline Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fadner
Mr. and Mrs. David Faiman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fazio
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Filanowski
Mr. and Mrs. David Fischer
Mr. John A. Flaherty and
Ms. Colleen Burke
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Fogel
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gabriele
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gallois
Ms. Gloria Galvez
Dr. and Mrs. Myron Genel, M.D.
Ms. Susan George
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Glassmeyer
Ms. Cynthia Goettler
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Golden
H In Honor of Barbara Koteen
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gomez
Dr. Malcolm Gordon and
Ms. Nan Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Graham
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Griswold
Mrs. Bonnie Gurran-Heindl and
Mr. Paul Heindl
Mr. David Gutierrez
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Hartnett
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hawley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Healy
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hillmann
Ms. Mary Ellen Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hope
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hughey
Dr. Thomas A. Hunter
Dr. Robert Indyk
Mr. Oliver Jakob and Ms. Bettina Buss
Mr. and Mrs. Milad Jamali
Mr. and Mrs. Troy K. Jellerette
Mr. Fritz Jellinghaus and
Ms. Cynthia Glacken
H In Honor of The Jerry Family
Mr. Khalaf Jerry
Ms. Frances Johnstone
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kacin
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kail
Mr. Ronald L. Katz
Ms. Maryellen Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Keller
Mrs. Ilyssa Kelson
Ms. Michele Kenaga
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kettell
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Knauf
Mr. and Mrs. James Kovac
Ms. Cara B. Kurlander
Mr. Wojciech Laniewski
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Leasure
Mr. Craig A. Lenahan
Mr. and Mrs. William Lipscomb
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lofts
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Lyon III
Ms. Margy MacPhail
Ms. Carolyn Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mancini
Ms. Dina Mariani
Mr. Samuel Marrone
Mr. Wayne Mason
Ms. Nicole McAllister
Ms. Sarah McCall
Mr. David T. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. David G. McCollum
H In Honor of Karl Joseph, Mary Duff,
Glenn Williams and David Sklar
Ms. Theresa Miller
Mr. and Mrs. David Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Morris
Mr. Paul F. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mueller
Mr. Roland Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Nickel
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. O’Callaghan
Ms. Kelly Owens
Ms. Susan Painter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Pascal
Ms. Laurene E. Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Perry
Ms. Whitney Pierpont
Ms. Elyse Pitts
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Porten
Ms. Juliet K. Priebe
Mr. Joseph Pucci and
Ms. Dara Lieberson
Mr. Gerald Raasch
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Rabinowitz
Ms. Billie Raisides
Dr. and Mrs. David Rich
Mr. Bill Robertson
Mr. Bruce Rogers
Mr. Warren Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Christian G. Roth IV
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Russnok
Ms. Siv Schultz
Mr. Scot Sedley
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Segall
Ms. Lisa Shanahan
Mr. EJ Siemieda
Mr. and Mrs. David Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. David Sklar
Mrs. Jaime Slocum
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith
Mr. Peter T. Soldat
H In Honor of Jasmine D. Spears
Ms. Jan N. Spears
Mr. Frank Strazza
Dr. Helene Strazza
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Sullivan
Mr. Luke Tashjian
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tison
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. William Tweedy
Mr. and Mrs. James Tyre
Ms. Allison Ucci
Mr. and Mrs. Dean K. Vazquez
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Viceconte
Ms. Lisa Viesti
Mr. and Mrs. Mort Walker
Ms. Sarah Wanamaker
Mr. and Mrs. Renny Warren
Mr. Lawrence N. Waterbury
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Westhelle
Mr. and Mrs. Avery Whidden
Mr. Michael B. Wieczorek and
Ms. Lynette A. Prescott
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wild
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Worthley
Mr. Steven Wright
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Young
Gifts up to $99
Ms. Theresa Abanilla
Ms. Meagan Acampora
Mr. Mark Adiletta
Mrs. Sharon Adzima
Ms. Theresa Afanilla
Ms. Manirah L. Agans
Mrs. Gyanedra Aggarwal
Ms. Lisa Agresta
Ms. Ana M. Aguilar
Mr. and Mrs. Anurag Ahuja
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Aiello
Ms. Nancy Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Aley
Mrs. Lisa Alfieri
Ms. Jean Allbee and
Mr. Michael Richards
Ms. Maria Allegro
Ms. Alyssa Allen
Mr. William Anastasia
Ms. Suzanne Anderson
Mr. Roy Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Anderson
Ms. Louise Andronaco
Ms. Sarah Annis
Ms. Evelyn Anvari
Ms. Angela Araujo
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Arinsburg
Ms. Melanie Armatis
Mrs. Mary Arnold
Ms. Hannah Arrow
Ms. Denise Astley
H I n Memory of Margaret Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Atherholt
Mrs. Luz Avila
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Ayala
Ms. Lori Babin
Ms. Maribeth Bach
Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. John Baio
Mr. Chris Balestriere
Mr. Stephen N. Balitsos
Mr. Shawn Ballard
Mrs. Rita Barada
Ms. Shirley Barca and Ms. Debbie Barca
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Barnes
Mr. George M. Barnes
Ms. Cynthia Barnett
Mr. Chris Barrella
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Barrera
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Barton
Mr. John Bautzman
Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bayles
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beatrice
Ms. Milen Bedon
Mr. Milton Beers
Ms. Brianna Bellavia
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Benavides
Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Benincaso
Mrs. Jacqueline Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. James Bergin
Ms. Lisa Bernini
Ms. Adele Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Berry, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth Bestercy
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bielstein
Ms. Ruth Blackwood
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bloom
Ms. Wanda M. Bober
Ms. Christina Boccanfuso
Mrs. Marian Bochniak
Ms. Wanda Bohorquez
Ms. Debbie Bonarrigo
Ms. Nikki Bonaventura
Ms. Linda M. Bonenfant
Ms. Lauren Bonenfant
Mr. Evan M. Bonenfant
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bonenfant
Ms. Gestha Bonnet
Ms. Meredith Bookless
Mr. Conrad Borgeson
Ms. Christine Borukcki
Ms. Maureen Bossone
Mrs. John Braccia
Mr. Mark Brachman
Ms. Lisabeth L. Brailoff
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Brainard
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Bralower
Mr. Karl Brautigam
Ms. Lynnette Brennan
Ms. Heather Breslin
Mr. Robert Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brier
Ms. Jean Brim
Ms. Michelle Brisart
Mr. William Britt
Ms. Geri Brown
Mr. Paul Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Brown
Mr. Ike Brown
Ms. Annie Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brucia
Ms. Jean Brunt
Ms. Jenninfer Buchholz
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Bud
Ms. Mangela Bumtica
Ms. Shpresa Bungu
Mrs. Colleen Burke
Annual Report to Donors
Individuals and Family Foundations
Mrs. John Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cadotte
Mr. and Mrs. Fabio Calia
Mrs. Catherine Callagy
Mrs. Gwynne Campbell
Ms. Margaret E. Campbell
Ms. Marina Campos
Ms. Cori Cannavino
Mr. Eric J. Capina
Mr. Bernard Capuano
Mr. Stephen Cardi
Ms. Melisa Cardona
Mr. and Mrs. John Carlo
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carlucci
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Carrano
Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Carryl
Ms. Tabitha Carter
Mr. Donyae Carter-Smith
Ms. Sarah Carty
Ms. Chellsea Cassano
Ms. Marysol Castro
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Catugno
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Cenatiempo
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Chalker
Mr. Ed Chappa
Mr. William Charney
Ms. Kathleen Chaudhuri
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cheever
Mrs. Patricia Childs
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chuba
Mr. and Mrs. Francesco Cicchini
Mr. Bobby Cintolo
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Cintron
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cippoletti
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Clark
Mrs. R. Clark
Mrs. Sheila Cloud
Ms. Mimi Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Coleman
Ms. Anita Coles
Mr. William Collier
Mr. James Conforti
Mr. Charles Connell and
Ms. Michelle Proulx
Ms. Stephanie Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conti
Ms. Suzanne Converse
Ms. Katherine Cook
Mr. Ari Gendason and
Ms. Helaine Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cooper
Mr. A.J. Corbi
Ms. Courtney Corvi
Ms. Kim Cotter
Ms. Beth Covino
Mrs. Claire Cox
Ms. Virginia Cox
Mrs. Michael Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Crawley
Ms. Margaret Crescione
Ms. Emily Crosby
Stepping Stones Museum for Children
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Crouch
Mr. Jeremiah Crowley
Ms. Ellen Crown
Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Cruz
Mrs. Tracey Culliton
Ms. Stephanie Curl
Ms. Donna Cutroneo
Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Cuttner
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Pierre Daccache
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D’Alessandro
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Darinzo
Ms. Patricia DaSilva
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davies
Mr. and Mrs. L. Davis
Ms. Shantell Davis
Ms. Catherine Dee
Ms. Margie Defilippis
Mr. and Mrs. Noel DeGuzman
Ms. Melissa DeMaio
Ms. Meghan E. Demasi
Ms. Jeanne Desalvo
Mr. Chris Diaz
Ms. Ann Dickinson
Ms. Alesia DiCosola
Mrs. Vincenza Dimauro
Ms. Cynthia Dimeglio
Ms. Elizabeth DiSalvo
Mr. Jon Distasio
Mrs. Lorelei Dixon
Ms. Helen Dolan
Ms. Susan Dolinski
Mrs. Donna Dolle
Ms. Heidi Domingue
Mr. Richard Donatuti
Mr. Christopher S. Doney
Mr. Alan Donnelly
Mr. Richard Donofree
Ms. Maribeth Doran
Mrs. William Dordelman
Mr. Mangtao Du
The Honorable and Mrs. Bob Duff
Ms. Mary Duff
Ms. Jill Dyer
Mr. Steve Dylengoski
Ms. Betty Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Elders
Mr. Jonathan Elkind
Mr. Daniel A. Ellern
Mr. and Mrs. Clute C. Ely
Ms. Ellen Ericsson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Esposito
Mr. Alexander Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ettinger
Ms. Phyllis Falcone
Ms. Anna Fama
Mrs. Diane Farber
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Farinato
Ms. Iris Farmer
Mr. Scott Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Fatone
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Faust
Ms. Sara Fayngolz
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Feighery
Mrs. Manuel Fernades
Mrs. M. Ferrara
Ms. Kimberly Ferreira
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fine
Ms. Samantha R. Fino
Mr. Glenn Fiore
Ms. Sandra Fiorella
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Fiorillo
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fisher
Mr. Shane Fisher
Mr. Daniel Fitzgerald
Ms. Susan Flinn
Mr. Thomas Floody
Ms. Jennifer Flores
Mr. James Flynn
Ms. Angela Fogel
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Foley
Ms. Jessica Forlenzo
Mr. and Mrs. Dulany Foster III
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Fox
Mrs. Joan Foy
Ms. Whitney Franklin
Ms. Monica Fredriksen
Ms. Julia Freitor
Ms. Janet French
Mr. James Frey
Dr. and Mrs. Max Gahwyler
Mrs. Pat Gallo
Mr. Jace Colineri and
Ms. Christine L. Gammill
Ms. Alicia Garcia
Mr. Walter Gardella
Ms. Susan L. Gardner
Ms. Kari Gavriilidis
Ms. Smita Gawande
Ms. Shirley Geis
Ms. Joan Genest
Ms. Pat Genova
Ms. Deborah Gerbasi
Mrs. A. Gerry
Mrs. Elaine Gervasio
Ms. Barbara Gerweck
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gibson
Mr. David Gibson
Ms. Betsy Gilberti
Ms. Kristen Gilligan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gioffre Nisco
Ms. Andrea Gioseffi
Mr. and Mrs. Diego Giusti
Mr. and Ms. Paul Glotzer
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gold
Ms. Ann GoldBlatt
Mr. and Mrs. Boris E. Goldman
Mr. Jeffrey Goldsmith
Mr. Mark Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Golier
Mr. Luis Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Gonzalez
Mr. George Gonzalez
Mrs. Pamela Gores
Ms. Sarah Goshman
Ms. Isabell Gourdet-Chavez
Ms. Claire Granger
Ms. Brenda Grargue
Ms. Brooke Grau
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Gravereaux
Mrs. Diane Green
Ms. Mary Ann Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gregory
Mrs. Arlene Grimmer
Mr. and Mr. William Groener
Mrs. Patricia Gross
Ms. Phyliss W. Grossman
Ms. Susan Guerrero
Ms. Anna Caroline Guimaraes
Mr. Magnus Gustafsson
Mrs. Lisa Gutierrez
Mr. and Mrs. Garry Gyselen
Ms. Evelyn Haggart
Mr. Bryan Harris and
Ms. Tammy Andrade
Mr. Robert E. Hatch
Mr. Randy Hatch
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hatch
Ms. Diane Hazzard
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hebb
Mr. James Heins and
Ms. Amanda Crowe
Mr. Darren Hekking
Mr. Richard Henry
Mr. Frazer Herbert
Mr. Paul Hibch
Mr. Kamau High and Ms. Susan Mani
Ms. Courtney Hilburg
Mrs. Frances Hoff
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hoffman
Ms. Deborah Hogelof
Ms. Patrice Holland
Mr. and Mrs. George Holomakoff
Ms. Hillary Honiker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horowitz
Ms. Beth Horton
Mrs. Judith Hotchkiss
Ms. Shirley Hoyt
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Hunt
Mr. Matthew Husar
Mrs. Pamela Huzina
Ms. Sandra Hyde
Ms. Andrea Ingalls
Ms. Crystal Jaboin
Ms. Grace J. Jahn
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Jameson
Mr. and Mrs. William Jayson
Ms. Amy Jebrine
Mr. Will Jeffries
Ms. Joanne Jeris
Mr. and Mrs. William Jessup
Ms. Diana Johnson
Mr. Peter Johnson
Mrs. Linda Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Penn Johnson
Mr. Exeter Jones
Mrs. Caroline A. Jopling
Ms. Linda Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. John Josef
Mr. Karl Joseph
Mr. Brian Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joyce
Ms. Stephanie Kadam
Ms. Elizabeth Kandirakis
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Katzenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Swati Kaushal
Ms. Kathryn Kavicky
Ms. Shelley Kawai
Ms. Milca Keaney and
Ms. Antonett Terenzio
Mr. Stephen Keating and
Mrs. Leslie Burne-Keating
Mr. and Mrs. James Keavney
Mrs. Carolanne A. Keely
Ms. Jennifer Keenan
Ms. Heidi Keeney
Mr. William Kelleher
Mr. Stephen Kellogg
Ms. Marla Key
Ms. Susan Kiernan
Mr. and Mrs. Sang Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey King
Mr. Matthew King
Mr. and Mrs. Mastaka Kinoshita
Mr. William Kirk
Ms. Lindsay Kitchens
Ms. Heather Klein
Mr. and Mrs. David Klimek
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Knebel
Mrs. Milissa Knightly
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Anatole Konstantin
Ms. Abigail Kraft
Mr. Arthur Kurensky
Ms. Kimberly A. Kuta
H In Memory of Louis Andrews, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Labieniec
Ms. Caitlyn Lacovara
Ms. Danielle Ladia
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Laivins
Ms. Mary Beth Lane
Ms. Heather Lange
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Langeveld
Ms. Louise Lattarulo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lavoie
Ms. Courtney Lawler
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Brian LeBlanc
Mr. Bob Leblanc
Ms. Michele Lecardo
Ms. Megan Lecky
Ms. Arlene Lee
Mrs. Mark Lefler
Ms. Diane LeGare
Mr. Ed Lesko
Ms. Gaby Lester
Mr. Ryan Levesque
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Levinson
Mrs. Heather Levy
Councilwoman Laurel E. Lindstrom
Ms. Vivien Linehan
Mrs. Victoria Linnartz
Ms. Angela Lippolis
Ms. Diane L. Lisi
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Liu
Mr. Rafael Llopis and Ms. Ana Cruz
Mr. Willie Lloyd
Mr. William Lockhart
Mr. David Lockwood
Ms. Joanne Lockwood
Ms. Noelle Lopresti
Mr. Charles J. Loprestro Jr.
Mr. Alan Louis
Mr. Michael Lovell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Lowenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Lowery
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lublinsky
Mr. and Mrs. D. James Luciani
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Luz
Mr. Daniel Lyakhovetskiy
Ms. Kate Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lyons
Ms. Linda P. Macchio
Mr. George MacDonald and
Ms. Limor Bredmehl
Mrs. Cheryl Macisco
Ms. Robin MacKay
Mr. and Mrs. David MacPhee
Dr. Jose Madera
Ms. Kelly Maffei
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Magrath
Mr. Steven B. Magyar
Ms. Laurene Mahan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Maillard
Mr. Jeffrey Makray
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Malloy
Ms. Mary Malloy
Ms. Lee A. Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Maniscalco
Mr. Johnny Manivanh
Mr. and Mrs. John Mann
Mr. Edwin March
Mr. Michael Mariano
Mrs. James Marion
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Marion
Mr. and Mrs. John Markham
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Martorella
Mr. and Mrs. Jayantilal Maru
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mashia
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Master
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Matsen
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Matteson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mayerick
Mr. Brendan McArdle
Ms. Michelle McComb and
Mr. Stephen Hewitt
Mrs. Carol McDermott
Ms. Sharon McGinty
Ms. Janet McGovern
Mr. Sean McGrath
Mr. Timothy J. McGuire
Mr. Scott McGuire
H In Memory of Shannon McKay Carroll
Ms. Deirdre McKay
Ms. Lauren McKeon
Mr. and Mrs. John B. McKitterick
Ms. Safiya L. McMillan
Ms. Kim McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McVay
Ms. Jennifer McVeigh
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson McWhorter
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Meany
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Meek
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Meinck
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Melchiorre
Mr. Thomas Melin
Mr. Albert Melin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mellick
Mr. and Mrs. John Mengacci
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Merlino
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Merwin
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Messina
Ms. Peggy Meurer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Michek
Mr. Alexander M. Miklave
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Millar
Mrs. Lisa Miller
Ms. Judy Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller
Ms. Edith Milton
Mr. Paul Mindell
Mr. Charles Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Mobley
Ms. Juliette Modestil
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moir
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Monticone
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Moorer
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Moran
Ms. Michelle Moran
Mr. Araceli Moreno and
Ms. Robin Ackerman
Mr. and Mrs. William Morgan
Mr. and Mr. Roland Morin
Mr. Brian Morrissey and
Ms. Kristen Mable
Mr. Patrick Morrow
Mrs. Helen Morrow
Mrs. Janet Moseley
Mr. Denise Moses
Ms. Xanthe Moss
Mr. Christopher Moughty
Ms. Garie Mulcahey
Ms. Lynn Mullen
Ms. Mona Mulvey
Mr. Angel Muniz
Mr. Martin J. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Murray
Mr. Paul Murray
Ms. Barbara Murray
Ms. Brittany Mutlu
Dr. Jonathan Nathanson
Mrs. Laura Neary
Ms. Heather Neff
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Newcombe
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Newell
Mr. John Newman
Mr. William Nikisher
Mrs. Aksana Nosal
Mr. Kenneth Novak
Mr. and Mrs. Janusz Nowicki
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Oatis
Mrs. Moira O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Okun
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oliver
Mrs. Janet Olmsted
Ms. Maddy Olson
Ms. Susan O’Neil
Ms. Kathy Onofrio
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Opdahl
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oppenheim
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Orans
Ms. Monica Orban
Mr. and Mrs. Brian O’Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Orent
Mr. Michael J. Orient
Mrs. Marilyn O’Rourke
Ms. Nicola Osborn
Ms. Carol Oustafine
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Palanca
Mr. Nicholas J. Panzarella
Mr. David W. Park
Mr. and Mrs. James Parmelee
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Parrett
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale J. Pasquarella
Mr. Anthony Patalano
Ms. Jane Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Peattie
Ms. Barbara M. Pedwano
Mr. Larry Perlstein and
Ms. Jacquie Marumoto
Mrs. Vi Peters
Ms. Sabrina Petrafesa
Ms. Cheryl Petrone
Mr. and Mrs. James Petropoulos
Mr. Sanjay Phansalkar
Mr. William Philipcik
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Philipp
Mr. Clyde Phillips
Ms. Joan Phillips
Ms. Lisa Pia
Mr. Jim P. Pickering
Mr. Zbignieu Pietryka and
Mrs. Marzena Szeliga
Mr. and Mrs. David Pinchin
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Piorkowski
Mr. Eric Poellot
Mr. Phillip Pollak
Annual Report to Donors
Individuals and Family Foundations
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Poly
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Porter
Ms. Barbara Posnersisman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prince
Mr. Simon Mendana and
Ms. Martha Puerta
Mr. Robert Puntel
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pusey, Jr.
Mr. William Quintana
Mr. John J. Ragusa
Ms. Jo Ann Raguseo
Ms. Jessica Ramos
Ms. AnnMarie Ramppen
Mr. Gregory Re
Mr. Alejandra Real
Mr. Irma Real Lopez
Mr. Carles Reedy
Mrs. Jane S. Reichle
Mr. Tim Rice
Ms. Anna Richter
Mr. Sam Rifaey
Ms. Marisa Ringel
Ms. Sandra Ritch
Mrs. Dawn Robertson
Mr. James Robertson
Ms. Brandi Robinson
Dr. Scott Rocchio
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rockoff
Ms. Christine Roll
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Romaniello
Mr. John Romano
Ms. Catherine Rondienlli
Mrs. Charlotte Rose
Ms. Debra Rosolen
Mr. and Mrs. George Rowan
Mrs. Stephen Rowley
Mrs. Eunice Roy
Ms. Megan Rozell
Ms. Tanya Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ruhnke
Mrs. Helene Russell
Ms. Kathleen Rysz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rysz
Ms. Colleen Safyre
Ms. Melody Salas
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Saldutti
Mr. Jim Salvatore
Ms. Jeanne Samela
Mr. Liton Sample
Ms. Cindy Sampson
Ms. Tashi Sanchez
Mr. Homero Sandoval
Mr. David Sandrew
Mrs. Elaine Sands
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sapanski
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Scaggs
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Scatamacchia
Mr. John Scerbo and Ms. Jan Traynor
Mrs. Brigitte H. Schattenfield
Ms. Barbara Schaus
Ms. Gwenn Scheuer
Ms. Lynn Schlesinger
Ms. Kristen Schlim
H I n Honor of Josseph Lublinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Schorr
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Schub
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schwefel
Mr. Fritz L. Schweitzer, Jr.
Mr. Howard Schwiebert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sebastian
Ms. Jo Senecal
Mrs. Louis Sepe
Ms. Rosalind Serna
Ms. Belinda Serrano
Ms. Carmela Setti
Ms. Kris Seymour
Ms. Laura Shattuck
Ms. Melissa Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shealy
Ms. Sarah Shillinglaw
Ms. Larissa Sibilio
Mr. Alan Silverio
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Silverleaf
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Simpson
Mr. Daniel Simpson
Ms. Jane Skeen
Ms. Cherrie Sludock
Mr. Kevin Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Donel Smith
Mr. Michael Smith
Ms. Sandy Smith
Mr. David Smith and
Mrs. Maria Mendoza-Smith
Ms. Brenda Smith
Mrs. Linda Smith
Ms. Jaclyn Smith
Ms. Deborah Smith
Mr. Dustin Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smyth
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Somerville
Mr. Mike Sorgenfrei
H I n Memory of Efrain Soto
Ms. Danielle Soto
Mr. Steven Soyland
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Speros
Mr. Scott Spezzano
Mr. Donald Sposta
Mr. Jared Sprole
Ms. Anna Srednicka
Mr. and Mrs. Naren Srinivasan
Mr. Joseph St Amand
Ms. Patty Stark
Mr. John Starr
Mrs. Boris Stein
Mr. and Mrs. John Stelly
Mrs. Barbara Stemmer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sterk
Mrs. Janet Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. William Stirling
Mr. Pasquale Stoni
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Streiter
Stepping Stones Museum for Children
Ms. Lillian Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sulkowski
Mrs. Catherine Sullivan
Ms. Grace Surace
Ms. Roseanne Sutton
Ms. Leslie Swain
Ms. Alyssa Swanson
Mr. James Sweeney
Ms. Tuesday Tamburri
Mr. George Taube
Mrs. Margaret Temple
Ms. Endrina Tenorio
Mr. Robert Termotto
Ms. Jill Thomas
Ms. Priscilla Thomas
Ms. Sarah Thomas
Mrs. Annie Thomas
Ms. Tracy Timm
Ms. Larissa Timokhine
Mr. Brad Tippett
Ms. Mary M. Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Toothhill
Mrs. Jennifer Torey
Ms. Elena Tosti
Mr. Dallas A. Totoro
Mr. Lucas Traub and
Mrs. Olga Zargos-Traub
Ms. Jill Treadwell
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Treglia
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Trevino
Mr. Stephen True
Mr. Raoul Tschebull
Ms. Gloria Tucker
Mr. John Tuohy
Ms. Kelly Turnage
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Turner
Mr. and Mrs. John Tzannes
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Uhlman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ulis
Mr. Jan Unger and Dr. Joan Cook Unger
Mrs. Stuart Upson
Ms. Janet Vagnini
Ms. Leslie Vargas
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Vaughan
Ms. Lynn Veneua
Mr. Narayan Venugopal and
Ms. Caroline Smith
Ms. Jimena Vignola
Mr. Christian Villa
Mr. John Vinci
Ms. Penney Vitolo
Mrs. Luciana Vitti
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Von Steenburg
Mr. Greg Voornas
Ms. Barbara Wagner
Ms. Casey Waldron
Mr. Robert Waldron
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Walker
Ms. Mary Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Walker
Mr. Darren Wallace
Ms. Lisa Waller
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wallitt
Ms. Erin Walsh
Mr. Andrew Walsh
Ms. Adelaide Waring
Mr. Clive Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Wayland
Ms. Lillian Webb
Ms. Eda Webb
Ms. Beverly Weed
Mr. Albert Wehrheim
Mr. Michael Weinmayr
Mr. Lee Weiss
Ms. Betsy Weissman
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Wells, III
Ms. Elsie Wheeler
Ms. Dawn-Marie White
Mr. and Mrs. James Whiteley
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Whitney
Ms. Natasha Willcox
Ms. Beryl Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Williams
Mrs. Thelma Williams
Ms. Kaylani Williams
Mr. Glenn Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williamson
Ms. Suzanna Wilsey
Ms. Barbara Wilson
Ms. Jan Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Wind
Mr. Michael J. Windels
Ms. Jeanne Wingate
Ms. Hannelore Wirth
Mr. Charles Wisniewski
H I n Honor of Jocelyn Chilvers
Ms. Carol Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Wolff
Ms. Sheila Wolfson
Mr. George Wood
Mr. and Mrs. George Wyper
Ms. Xiuli Xu
Mr. Allen Yale
Ms. Piedad Yanez
Ms. Nancy Yap
Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Yellen
Mr. Ronald Yorski
Mr. Peter Zaccagnino
Ms. Linzee Zalta
Mr. Eldin Zapata
Ms. Alice Zapherson
Ms. Amy Zaremski
Mr. Leonard Zaslow
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ziegler
Ms. Zina Zinych
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zipkis
Ms. Kara Zuleg
Corporate Partners, Donors and Matching Gift Programs
Corporate Partners in the
Companies for Kids program
Platinum $100,000 and above
GE Capital
GE Capital Real Estate
Gold $20,000 – $99,999
Purdue Pharma L.P.
Silver $10,000 – $19,999
General Re Corporation
Pepperidge Farm, Inc.
Tauck World Discovery
Whole Foods Market
Xerox Corporation
Bronze $5,000 – $9,999
First County Bank
People’s United Bank
Pitney Bowes Inc.
The Blue Buffalo Company, LLC
Venture Photography
Yankee Gas and Service Company
Supporter $2,500 – $4,999
Alvarez & Marsal
Bourgeon Capital Management, LLC
Creative Video Corporation
FactSet Research Systems, Inc.
Hitachi Capital America Corporation
Littlejohn & Co., LLC
Moffly Media
Morrison & Cohen, LLP
Pierson & Smith, Inc.
Stolt-Nielsen USA, Inc.
U.S. Trust, Bank of America
Webster Bank
Corporate Donors
$1,000 – $2,499
Crossroads Pizza 3, LLC
Fairfield County Bank Insurance Services
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
Goldman, Sachs & Co., Inc.
Jeff’s Cuisine
King Industries, Inc.
Mister Softee
Newman’s Own, Inc.
NorthCoast Asset Management
Old Greenwich Capital Partners
Oliver’s Place
Pasta & Pizza Factory
Quesadilla Cart
RBC Wealth Management
Svigals and Partners, LLP
Wells Fargo Norwalk West Avenue
$500 – $999
770 Partners LLC
Animal Fair Pet Shop
Best Friends Pet Care, Inc
Bone-afide Dog Training
Brain Balance Achievement Centers
Bull’s Head Pet Hospital
Cabana Joe’s Smoothies
Canine Manners
Carol Felder DDS, LLC
Global Pet Food
Lucille Pollani Photography
MidOcean Marine, LLC
Pet Corner International
PHD Dog Food
R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc.
Strawberry Hill Animal Hospital
Summerview Development Group, LLC
The Refined Canine, LLC
Tutor Time Child Care Learning Center
Veterinary Services of America
Village Critter Outfitters
Gifts up tp $499
12m Yacht Development Foundation
Accurate Auto Repair
ADA Architects LLC
Alarcon Tire & Automotive Repair
Alliance Bernstein
Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning
Animal Eye Clinic
Arch Chemicals, Inc.
Athen’s Pizza
B.J. Ryan’s
Bandilane Canine Center
Bang Bang Pizza
Barrett Bookstore
BGE Print
Black Duck Cafe
Blackwood Associates
Booth Financial Associates
Bridge Partners, LLC
Bright Star
BrightStar Healthcare of Fairfield
Brown Estate Realty, LLC
Bruce’s Flowers
Bull’s Head Market and Caterers
Business Journal, Inc.
Butterfield 8 Restaurant & Lounge
Cameo Kitchen Design
Campus Cafe
Canaan Technology
Cappello Realty, LLC
CarnaudMetalbox Engineering
Centennial Marketing Group
Centre for Natural Healing
Champion Transmissions, LLC
Charkit Chemical Corporation
Chefs Table of Fairfield
Cherry Street East Restaurant
Citizens Bank
Cocchia’s Norwalk Grape Company
Commercial Refuse
Connecticut Auto Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
Connecticut Film Center
Connecticut Towing & Recovery
Connie B’s
Connie Janssen, LCSW
Conroy Irrigation
Cornell University Veterinary Specialists
Creative Benefit Planning
Crystal Theatre
Cuccolo & Castro Insurance, LLC
D & D Pizza
Dance to the Music Entertainment
Darien Dental Associates
Darren K. Martinez, DDS
Day Pitney
Design Technology Corporation
Drs Chiropractic LLC
Dwight Day Care
Edward Hynes, LLC
Evaluation Associates
Fashion Floor Covering Tile
Fischel Properties
Georges Barber Shop
Giaccone Storytellers
Gill & Gill Architects, LLC
Greenlife Lawn Sprinkler, LLC
Hank May’s Goodyear
Heyman Properties
High Ridge Animal Hospital
Hill Central Homes, Inc.
Hillard Bloom Shellfish, Inc.
Hope Pizza
Hunter Mechanical
Image Works
Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems
JC Imported Cars
JD Environmental
Jimmy’s Mediterranean Deli
Jonathan J. Klein, Attorney
and Counselor at Law
Jordans Restaurant & Pizza
JP Morgan Chase
Kazu Japanese Restaurant
Knight Street Auto, Inc.
Konrad Koenig Dynamic Fitness LLC
Law Offices of Edwin Camacho, LLC
Lima Ceramic Tile, LLC
Little Gym of Stamford
Lone Pine Kennel
Mackey and Guasco Staffing
Madison & Mott
Magner Funeral Home
Majesta Beauty Salon & Spa
Managers Investment Group
Marlin Electric, LLC
MCR Ventures, LLC
Miklos P. Koleszar Attorney at Law
Miller Mechanical, Inc.
Mullen Construction
My Way Auto Body of Greenwich
Netology, LLC
Nicholas Roberts Gourmet Bistro
Norm Bloom & Company
Norwalk Restaurant Corporation
Norwalk Yellow Cab, Inc.
Notre Dame Convalescent Home, Inc.
Organic Kids Candy
Pagano’s Inc.
Paper Resources/PSI Paper, LLC
Parkway Diner
Pascale’s Services
Paws And Reflect
PDC International Corporation
Perfect Software
Performance Specialties
Phil’s Main Roofing
Pierson Law Firm
Portfolio Advisors, LLC
Pullman & Comley
R. F. H. Company, Inc.
Rehabilitation Associates, Inc.
ROP Professional Services
Seperack & Company, LLC
Sergio’s Pizza & Restaurant
Sonny’s Restaurant & Pizza
South Wilton Veterinary Group
Stark Carpet Corp.
Strada 18
Studio Ceramics Restoration
T.M. Ward Coffee Co.
Taste Of Brasil
Tavern on 7
Teddy’s Transportation System
The Ginger Man
The McIntyre Group
The Melting Pot
The Silk Touch
The Small Boat Shop
The Tower Optical Co. Inc.
The Waring Team, LLC
Tierney, Zullo, Flaherty & Murphy, P.C.
TLC Hair Designs
Tony Agnione’s Wilton Floors
Townhouse for Dogs And Cats
Tripp Design Naval Architecture
Unique Beauty Supplies Inc
USI Connecticut
Village Gourmet
Westport AutoCraft Ltd.
William D. LaPorte CPA
Wilton Mobil Station
Zveno Electric, LLC.
Matching Gifts
Alliance Coal, LLC
Bank of America
Matching Gifts Program
Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program
Global Impact
Pitney Bowes
UBS Matching Gift Program
Annual Report to Donors
Foundations, Organizations, Government, Gifts-in-Kind and Friend Members
$100,000 and above
Northeast Utilities Foundation
Xerox Foundation
$25,000 – $99,999
Newman’s Own Foundation
People’s United Community Foundation
$10,000 – $24,999
Association of Children’s Museums
and MetLife Foundation
Bulkley Foundation
Fairfield County Community Foundation
Horizon Foundation, Inc.
The H.O. West Foundation
The Perrin Family Foundation
Ronald McDonald House Charities
$5,000 – $9,999
The Bank of America
Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper
Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Elizabeth Raymond Ambler Trust
George J. and Jessica Harris Foundation
Lone Pine Foundation, Inc.
Gifts up to $4,999
The Community Fund
of Greater New Haven
Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation
George A. and Grace L. Long
Henry E. Niles Foundation
The Maurice Goodman Foundation, Inc.
Near & Far Aid Association
Norwalk Children’s Foundation
AT&T Employee Community Service
Fund – Southern CT Region
Connecticut Society of CPAs
The Graduate Institute
Laborers’ International Union
of North America, L.U. 146
Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund
Department of Economic and
Community Development
Institute of Museum and
Library Services
Stepping Stones Museum for Children
360В° Fitness
A&S Fine Foods
Agora Spa at the
Stamford Marriot Hotel
Beadz Boutique
BJ’s Wholesale Clubs
Blackstones Steakhouse
Blackwood Associates
Blue Barn Partners, LLC
Bobby Q’s BBQ & Grill
Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corp.
Bridgeport Sound Tigers
Brody Wilkinson PC
Bull’s Head Market and Caterers
Mr. Les Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. David Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Catalano
Chocopologie Cafe by
Knipschildt Chocolatier
Choice Pet
Chunky Pam’s Sweet Shop
Ms. Shawny Cirincione
Connecticut Cigar Company
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Danile
Darien Cheese & Fine Foods
Darien Sports Shop
Delamar Greenwich Harbor
Ms. Mary Duff
Earth Animal
Eastern Mountain Sports
Eveready Transportation
Glen Gate Pool & Property
Golf Performance Center
Goodspeed Opera House
Green Moon Children’s Art Studio
InterCounty Paving Associates, LLC
Katerina’s Catering and Deli
Kazu Japanese Restaurant
Kempo Academy of Martial Arts
Kempo Academy of Martial Arts
Kids Sports Zone
Large & Page Communications
Laurie Wright Photography
Mr. Michael Levins and
Ms. Shari Kaufman
Little Nick’s Pizza
Long Wharf Theatre
Lucille Pollani Photography
Ms. Linda A. McDonald
Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield/Penske
Millstone Farm
Moffly Media
Newman’s Own, Inc.
North American Breweries
Norwalk Yellow Cab, Inc.
Old Post Tavern
P.C. Richard & Son
Pamela Einarsen Photography
Polo Ralph Lauren
Ruckus Media Group
Mr. William L. Scheffler and
Ms. Ann E. Sheffer
Shorehaven Golf Club
Drs. Dorothy G. and Jerome L. Singer
Ms. Brenda Smith
South Wilton Veterinary Group
Stamford Town Center
Stella and Dot
Subway Store #18549
Subway Store #80
Sweet Pea Papery
The Blue Buffalo Company, LLC
The Capital Grille
The Dressing Room
The Goose
The Melting Pot
The Original New York Bakery
The Westport Inn
Toyota of Stamford, Inc.
Troutman Sanders LLP
Tuscan Oven
Via Sforza
WEBE 108
Westport Country Playhouse
Whole Foods Market Westport
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Williams, Jr.
WSHU Public Radio Group
Mr. John Zinno
Friend Members
Friend Memberships include a donated
Family Membership for a local family
in need.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bonadio
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Caffray
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Green
Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Levine
Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy
Mr. Sergio Sandoval and
Mrs. Nelly Ferera
Mr. William L. Scheffler and
Ms. Ann E. Sheffer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sondheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Tom
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wentworth
Adult and Organization Volunteers
Adult volunteers
Ms. Silvia Alvarez
Mr. Carl Anderson
Ms. Donna Anderson
Ms. Mariah Anderson
Mr. Jeff Arsenault
Mrs. Marlene Battista
Ms. Donna Bennett
Ms. Barbara Brown
Ms. Olga Brown
Mr. Alec Burger
Mrs. Liz Cahill
Mr. Mark Campbell
Mr. Charlie Carrano
Mrs. Taryn Carrano
Ms. Janina Castiglia
Ms. Shawny Cirincione
Ms. Christina Colona
Mr. Barry Dancer
Mr. Jeff Danile
Mr. Tom DeLuca
Mr. Gianni DiMeglio
Ms. Maureen Eckrich
Ms. Marian Edvardsen
Ms. Stephanie Ehrman
Mrs. Daphne Ely
Mrs. Kathy Engstrom
Mr. Chris Farrell
Mrs. Faith Forlenzo
Mr. John Foster
Mr. Mio Galarza
Ms. Esthela Galvez
Ms. Zuley Garcia
Mrs. Monisha Gibson
Mr. Ramsey Goodrich
Mr. Stuart Greenbaum
Ms. Sally Grose
Mrs. Lauren Hernandez
Mr. Nick Hernandez
Ms. Amanda Izzl
Ms. Jodi Jacobelis
Mr. Chuck Johnson
Mr. Jeff Kaplan
Ms. Rhonda Kempton
Mrs. Brett Kristoff
Mrs. Barbara Koteen
Mr. Curtis Law
Mr. Thomas Lesica
Ms. Tani Mauriello
Ms. Alejandra Maville
Mrs. Jamie Lee McIntyre
Ms. Stephanie Mechutan
Mr. Michael King
Mrs. Sandra Miklave
Ms. Karyn Miller
Mrs. Melissa Morris
Mrs. Anne Mullin
Mr. John Neafsey
Ms. Mary Oster
Ms. Michelle Perrett
Ms. Amy Perry
Mrs. Sara Potter
Ms. Elizabeth Prince
Mr. Warren Purdie
Mrs. Diane Quick
Ms. Teyonda Riely
Mr. Ron Thomas
Ms. Venessa Rosado
Ms. Charlene Russell-Tucker
Ms. Lynn Sadlon
Mrs. Laura Lee Simon
Mrs. Jennifer Sweeters
Mr. Christopher Tasik
Mr. Dan Tran
Mrs. Liz Tran
Mr. Richard Tucker
Mr. Michael Wallace
Mr. Travis White-Gonzalez
Ms. Tara Yeager
Organization Volunteers
Tutor Time
GE Capital Real Estate
Pitney Bowes
Youth Enrichment at Stepping Stones and Organization Volunteers
Aneesha C. Advani
Sarah M. Freedman
Ethan E. Anthony
Jennifer L. Gehrlein
Arianna V. Bailey
Kumiko A. Goto
Andrea V. Barros
Komal Gulati
Danielle E. Beam
Phoebe R. Harris
Geneysha Black
Jessica L. Hayes
Diana G. Bonini
Taylor A. Hemphill
Jourdan A. Brown
Crystle J. Hill
Elizabeth B. Buellesbach
Perry A. Hoye
Kate Buellesbach
Connor Iovinelli
Jedrik E. Chao
Amonnie N. Jackson
Ellen Cools
David M. Jarrett
Luke Costello
Roberto Jiminez
Ella A. Cox
Michael C. Johnson
Benjamin S. Cross
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