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October/November signals the arrival of Makahiki in Hawai�i. Similar to first harvest festivals common to
Paul Wood, Jon Woodhouse, Lynn Cook
Colleen Furukawa,
Susan Hernandez, Lisa Varde
Julie Glick
[email protected]
Bob Bangerter, Aubrey Hord,
John Henry Photography, Inc.,
Randy J. Braun
Robert Glick, Jon Graham
Susan Hernandez
so many cultures, large projects stop temporarily in favor of play, food, drink and ceremony. Makahiki is a
time to celebrate the year’s harvest and a time to ask Lono to come again with greater abundance. Soon
we too will turn our attention to play, food, drink and ceremony to give thanks for the abundance we do
have, even in the midst of a recession.
Makahiki also marks a change of season and the beginning of a new year. As we welcome the new, we
also take time to acknowledge what has come before. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize
the contributions that Karen Fischer made to our community during her years of service at the Maui Arts
& Cultural Center. We wish her the best as she moves on to pursue new opportunities.
I am happy to say the transition to new leadership is going very well. Art Vento and Teri Freitas Gorman
have a long history with the MACC, so in many ways this transition has meant a return to our roots. We
have every confidence in their ability to navigate the challenging economic conditions facing The Center
in the coming months. We appreciate your continued support.
With warmest aloha,
Spectracolor Hawai�i
Jimmy Haynes
Chairman of the Board
A Taiwanese Vienna
and an Irish Dervish
American Bluegrass Masters
Off the Wall
Fall Highlights
Behind the Scenes
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View from A&B Amphitheater. Robert Glick photo.
October / November 2009
b y Ly n n C o o k
Eleven contemporary Hawaiian
artists have been invited to create new
works of art inspired by the epic tale
Hi�iakaikapoliopele, Ka Mo�olelo O
Hi�iakaipoliopele, written over a
hundred years ago by Ho�oulumahiehie.
The original story was published between 1905
and 1906 as a daily Hawaiian language
newspaper series and was only recently republished in Hawaiian and translated into
English, for the first time, by Dr. Puakea
From September 12th through October 24th the
artist’s personal interpretation of the Hi�iaka story
will fill the Schaefer International Gallery of the
Maui Arts & Cultural Center (MACC). Each artist
was asked to create three or more works of art.
From small to monumental in size, their work
tells a tale of their own epic adventures creating
the art – with Hi�iaka as their muse.
Artists don’t always have large studios.Young
Hawaiian artists face the all-to-common
challenge of limited space and resources on an
island. Rather than slowing the artistic
process, it simply makes them more creative.
Ask Maika�i Tubbs. His answer will be, “the
butterflies are in the kitchen.” A walk around
his well-organized, place-for-everything condo
leads to a tiny lanai equipped with melting
guns and a gas mask. “I can only work when
the neighbors are gone,” he says. “Fumes, you
know.” His inspiration for the MACC was
early in the nearly 500page book when the
demigod Mahiki tries to
kill the goddess Hi�iaka.
Crocheted plastic clouds
are ready to be tossed
by the winds unleashed
by Mahiki. Plastic plates
await to be morphed into
a forest of branches he
sent to snare the
goddess. Butterflies,
made of plastic utensils,
wait in the kitchen to play
their part.
Neida Bangerter,
curator of the exhibit,
Ho-kulani Holt, both from
the MACC, and artisteducator Maile Andrade are the winds
beneath the wings of the artists. “We wanted
to challenge these young, emerging artists.
Ideas went between us and then Ho-kulani
Holt suggested the Hi�iaka epic. The book was
new and we agreed the idea was perfect,”
explains Bangerter. Contacting and
connecting with each artist, she says that she
developed a new understanding of the request
they made to each artist. She talks of Hoaka
Delos Reyes carving of the great mo�o,
lizards, of the epic and how his work
Visual stories by contemporary
Hawaiian artists
Now through October 24
Schaefer International Gallery
described them in stone. Pualani Lincoln is
an artist and craftsman known in the
voyaging circles, a perfect place to
understand the great voyages recounted in
the epic of Hi�iaka. Bangerter notes that each
artist speaks through their materials and
their skills. With this new challenge they are
each finding the way to put words into their
Family ties to Haena, Kaua�i inspired Mikioi
Wichman to go back to that island to do her
work. Her great grandmother, Juliet Rice
Wichman, started the world famous
Lumahuli Garden and Preserve and inspired
Mikioi’s love of plant fiber. Collecting and
weaving a basket of �ie�ie fiber from the valley
took more time than she planned, as did
massive screen prints of fern images and
great mo�o. Continuing to follow her art
mentor’s advice, “Go big, Maile Andrade told
me,” and she did.
lways weaving from his na�au,
Marquez Hanalei Marzan had a vision of the
powerful pa�u skirt of Hi�iaka. His material of
choice was dried pig gut. “You obtain it
cleaned from a butcher, fill it with air like a
giant balloon, let it dry in the sun and begin
to weave sections into the pa�u skirt,” he
says, laughing, that most people respond
with “you’re weaving what?” Not unlike the
gut that was used as rain capes by West
Coast First Peoples, the material has
protective and healing aspects. He says that
there is a possibility that later some kumu,
teachers, might want to use the skirts for
their dancers.
Let it be said that artist Mark Chai is known
for “dumpster diving”, making the cast-off
materials of modern civilization into the story
of island art. Inspired by the Solomon Enos
paintings that illustrate the Hi�iaka epic, Chai
considered ancient material of kapa and
grass and what a Hawaiian in the twenty-first
century would utilize to tell the story.
October / November 2009
The ancient-yet-modern curved, fiddle-head fern
design appears in nearly everything he creates.
Early on in the book, the pages and pages of a
chant name the winds of Ni�ihau and Kaua�i. That
passage led to an eight-foot in diameter swirl of
carved wind, spiraling six feet deep. “My piece is
a vortex,” he says, “hanging over fourteen feet
down like a funnel of the turbulent winds.”
he dumpster at a school woodshop is
Neiman Marcus for printmaker Matthew Kavika
Ortiz. He read page after page of the epic story
and was first inspired with the vision of
Hi�iaka stomping through the red dirt
crater. He is telling his abstract version
in four foot by four foot prints. Each
printing plate is cut from found
plywood in the reduction print method,
carving away after each layer of ink. “I
love the work in reverse of printmaking.
I went to the book to find something
that tugs on me.” Finding his
inspiration, Ortiz layered colors for the
lights, darks and ghost images created
by the slight variation in his “found
wood” printing plates.
The epic adventure book was just the
right size for Abigail Lee Kahilikia
Romanchak. Known for her room-sized
prints, she found her inspiration in the
akua and hua phases of the moon that
allow Lohiau to move from the
supernatural state to the human state
as Hi�iaka works to save him. “In �Hua�
my print tells of his transition to a man,”
she says, quoting page 198. “Love is
like...” and “Wahine Po�aimoku”
continue, on page 145 and 434, to
describe in the abstract the great loves
and friendships that exist in the lives of
the demigods.
Puni Kukahiko chose painting, a light-installation
and wood carving for her Hi�iaka challenge. “The
fact that I am not a carver did occur to me, as did
the thought of a small work shrinking away in the
October / November 2009
monumental space of the Schaefer Gallery.”
She describes taking a friend to sunrise at
Haleakala as the beginning of her inspiration.
“I was totally filled with emotion that I didn’t
expect. I went off to a side area and chanted.
Tears were falling.” She talks of her
relationship to the mo�olelo, the story, and
quotes from her heart, “when I hear my
families voice I cry.” She says that “Puakea
(Nogelmeier) gives us access” to the story
and, as artists, they are all charged to
continue the storytelling. Her carving held a
Solomon Enos is known as a painter of epic
legends, including all the illustrations for the
Hi�iaka book. Invited to be part of the
exhibition, he wondered what he would do
that he had not done. “My answer to myself
was to do what was missing in my own mind,
some part of the story that I did not paint.”
Then he went a step further deciding to
move away from the canvas, surprising even
himself by interpreting the three great mo�o,
Pana�aewa, Piliamo�o and Kilioeikapua, in
fast-drying epoxy clay.
The dramatic black and white images
by artist and Kamehameha Schools
art teacher, Carl Pao, hang in long
vertical panels and talk of Po, the
darkness. He says they describe the
dualities of good/bad, life/death, and
what he feels toward the level of
responsibility each Hawaiian artist
has to recount the mo’olelo. “Maile
Andrade is always pushing us
forward, pushing us to push the limits
of Hawaiian art,” he says. His mastery
of printmaking may show in these
conte and pencil creations. His
“canvas” is black building paper. His
inspiration was the first telling of the
Hi�iaka story. He had a reprinted copy
of the 1861 original. Like the ten other
selected artists, the tale was simply
Clockwise from top left: Puni Kukahiko, Abbey Romanchak,
Hoaka Delos Reyes, Solomon Enos and Maika�i Tubbs
happy surprise. “An ant nest left the hollow
that I didn’t know how to carve. It told me that
the story is already in the wood, ready for
Note: From May 7th to July 19th,
2010, a portion of the MACC
Hi�iakaikapoliopele show will be on
exhibit at the Hawaii State Art
Museum (HiSAM) in downtown
Hi�iakaikapoliopele: Visual Stories
by Contemporary Native Hawaiian Visual
Artists is made possible through support
provided by the National Endowment for the
Arts, County of Maui and Kauahea, Inc.
A Taiwanese Vienna and
an Irish Dervish
by Jon Woodhouse
Adopting Austria’s capital city as her first
name, Teng studied classical piano from age
five until she finished high school. She was
also profoundly influenced by her Taiwanese
immigrant parents’ record collection which
favored folk-rock artists.
Describing her music as chamber folk Teng
explains: “I have a very unshakably classical
sensibility when I play no matter how much I
veer off into exploring other styles. And the
other big influence was the �70s folk era with
Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, and Simon and
Garfunkel. The sound that emerged melded
the two.”
This extremely talented,
young Asian-American
woman has attained
a creative peak with
her latest release
“Inland Territory.”
Singer-songwriter & pianist
Thursday, November 5
McCoy Studio Theater
7:30 pm
Glued to a computer terminal in Silicon Valley software designer
Vienna Teng would sometimes daydream imagining a life on the
road enchanting audiences with beautiful music.
And thus it came to pass that one day this bright Stanford graduate
walked away from a lucrative career to begin crafting music that
various critics have lauded as “gorgeous,” “remarkably
accomplished,” “virtuosic,” “exquisite” and “startling in its emotional
and intellectual depth.”
Following graduation from Stanford University
in 2000, Teng was hired as a computer
engineer, but a passion to play music
eventually led her to quit her job, and begin
traveling, singing her piano-based
compositions in clubs and coffee shops.
Vienna Teng may just be one of the most extraordinarily talented
musicians not yet widely known. Imagine a fusion of the ethereal
grace of Sarah McLachlan with the intense lyricism of Joni
Mitchell, flavored with the classical grandeur of Chopin and pop
sensibility of Billy Joel.
“I enjoyed computers for the time I was
involved with them, but I’m pretty sure it was
just a dalliance, it wasn’t going to be what I
devoted my life to, my heart was in music,” she
says. “There were moments working when I
October / November 2009
was writing songs and daydreaming
about being anywhere but there.”
Within six months of quitting she was
performing on NPR’s “Weekend
Edition” and on “The Late Show with
David Letterman,” while her debut CD
“Waking Hour” received rave reviews.
Crafting mesmerizingly beautiful
music that can be leisurely savored
like a vintage wine, Teng initially
attracts listeners with the neoclassical elegance of much of
her music, and equally
captivates with the dramatic,
emotional complexity of her
Music from Ireland
Friday, October 23
Castle Theater
7:30 pm
Hailed by Riverdance’s Michael Flatley as, “the
best band in Ireland,” Dervish’s innovative and
fresh approach to playing traditional Irish music
has enamored audiences at home and abroad.
Honing their art in the Guinness-soaked,
bustling pubs of County Sligo, the musicians
picked their unusual band name because
audiences were often enraptured by their
exuberant brand of music.
Formed in 1989, Dervish features Liam Kelly
(flute and whistles), Shane Mitchell (accordion),
“Rock in Rio” festival, before a crowd of 240,000.
And they’ve shared stages with the likes of Sting,
REM, James Brown, the Buena Vista Social
Club, Oasis, and Beck.
As the current standard bearer of traditional Irish
music their repertoire ranges from exhilarating
dance tunes to evocative airs. Singing in both
English and Gaelic, they include an occasional
cover such as Bob Dylan’s “Boots of Spanish
“I sometimes liken music and
lyrics to being like the
appearance and then the
conversation you have with
someone you meet at a party,”
she suggests. “The music is
where you are struck by how
attractive someone appears,
and the lyrics are when you
actually get to talk with them. I
hope my songs have brains as
well as looks.”
This extremely talented,
young Asian-American
woman has attained a creative
peak with her latest release
“Inland Territory.” Abounding
with highlights this
adventurous, eclectic
collection ranges from
classically influenced polished
pop, and folky, introspective
material, to foot-stomping
bluegrass, and even bouncy,
Madonna-ish dance music.
“It was like a convergence of different
things that I got to explore in the last
several years immersed in music,”
she explains. “Together with my
producer we tried everything from
having a woodwind arrangement, or a
small string orchestra, or recording
live in an old house, to putting
together a big choir with me singing
16 different parts.”
October / November 2009
Brian Mc Donagh (mandola), Michael Holmes
(bouzouki), and acclaimed lead vocalist Cathy
Performing as far afield as China, the musicians
have ridden a wave of interest in Irish music.
“Ireland has become a boom all over the world,”
Cathy Jordan noted in an interview. “People
hear it (Irish music) for the first time and can’t
get enough of it.”
Touring the world Dervish was the first Irish
band invited to perform at Brazil’s massive
Leather.” And one hears that they’ve been known
to generate enough power and passion with
their jigs and reels to blow the roof off a barn.
Dervish performs on October 23 at 7:30 p.m. in
the Castle Theater.
Vienna Teng performs on November 5 at 7:30
p.m. in the McCoy Studio Theater.
Performances by Vienna Teng and Dervish are
supported in part by the National Endowment
or the Arts, the County of Maui and the
Fairmont Kea Lani.
Friday, August 14
Maui Calls 2009 was a smashing success!
Event Co-Chairs Norma Badoyen and
Kristina Lyons spearheaded a great event
full of food, fine wines, and fun. Mahalo to
our new sponsor JMD Beverages, who
brought in a fabulous new cadre of vintners.
Many guests commented that this year’s
event had the most spectacular food and
wine ever. So many people help to make
Maui Calls a success – ticket and table
buyers, auction donors, sponsors, chefs,
vintners, committee members, volunteers –
the list goes on. A huge mahalo to all for
supporting Maui Calls and the MACC’s arts
and education programs.
Cheryl Hafer, Don Nelson,
Colleen Cochlin, Joy Nelson
Jimmy and Honey Bun Haynes
Art Vento and Shirley Yokouchi
Top row: Councilmember Joe Pontanilla, Gene Awakuni, Kimo Apana, Lisa Apana, Richard Takase, Jean Napuauhi,
Charlotte Pontanilla, Miki Yokouchi, Riki Hokama. Bottom row: Teri Freitas Gorman, Senator Roz Baker, Bob Morgado,
Senator J. Kalani English
Emi Azeka and Karl Sauer
Alexa Higashi and
Christopher Larwood
have fun bidding in the
silent auction
Kristina Lyons and Tom
Lambert with Hilary Parker
Top row: Grant Chun, Wes Lo, Councilmember Mike Victorino, Senator Shan
Tsutsui, Joyce Chun, Joycelyn Victorino, Nadine Lo. Bottom row: Lyndelle Tsutsui,
Sheryl Lynn Suzuki, Mary Lou Morgado, Shirley Yokouchi
Alan Jahns from JMD Beverages
Maureen and Hal Taylor
from Diamond Terrace
The gang from Envisions Entertainment & Productions
The staff from the Grand Wailea
Resort Hotel & Spa
The dance floor was packed
Hal Jobe, Heather Drood, Judy Siracusa,
Jeff Drood and Toni Rojas
Staff from Spago Maui
Judy McCorkle, Betty Hay Freeland, Jill Spalding
Andy Wolfe from
Landmark Vineyards
October / November 2009
The Chefs
Maui Calls 2009 Committee
Bistro Molokini at the Grand Wailea Resort & Spa – Clayton Arakawa
c/o Eric Faivre
Four Seasons Resort Maui – Roger Stettler & Rhonda Ashton
Hotel Hana Maui – Robert McCormick
Hula Grill – Scott McGill
I’O & Pacific’O – James McDonald
Lahaina Grill – Arnulfo Gonzales
Longhi’s – Michelle Fabiani
Main Street Bistro – Tom Selman
Maui Oma Coffee Roasting – David Gridley
Molokini Bar & Grille – Greg Gaspar
Pineapple Grill – Ryan Luckey
Ritz Carlton Kapalua – John Zaner & Ryan Urig
Roy’s Restaurants Maui – Joey Macadangdang
Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Daniel Bader
Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar – Ivan Pahk
Spago – Cameron Lewark
Tommy Bahama – Rey Baysa
Tropica at Westin Maui Resort & Spa – Richard Hinojosa
James J.C. Haynes II – Honorary Chairman
Norma Badoyen & Kristina Lyons – Maui Calls 2009 Co-Chairs
Judy Siracusa – Aloha Shirts Chair
Kathy Halpin & Lois Reiswig – Auction Logistics Co-Chairs
Tulasi Dennis, Heather Drood & Michele Parker – Auction Solicitation Co-Chairs
Judy Bisgard & Sheryl-Lynn Suzuki – Centerpiece Co-Chairs
Alexa Higashi & Gerrianne Sakamoto – Corporate Table Sales Co-Chairs
Hal Jobe – Gallery & Décor Chair
Pat Federcell & Mabel Sakuma – Haku Lei Co-Chairs
Zora Durock – Office Logistics Chair
Betty Leis & Helen MacArthur – Sponsorship Co-Chairs
Karin Button & Clare Harvey – Staging & Breakdown Co-Chairs
Gloria Buckingham – Table Gifts Chair
Honey Bun Haynes – Uniquely Maui Chair
The Vintners
Babcock Vineyards – Brian Babcock, Winery Owner/Winemaker
Bonaccorsi Wine Company – Jenne Lee Bonaccorsi,
Dark Horse Winery – Michael Loykasek, Winemaker
Diamond Terrace – Hal and Maureen Taylor, Owners
Domaine Serene Vineyards & Winery - M. Eleni Papadakis,
Duckhorn Wine Company – Bill Nancarrow Executive Winemaker,
Zach Rasmuson and David Marchesi, Winemakers
Handley Cellars – Milla Handley, Winemaker & Proprietor
Honig Vineyard & Winery -- Michael Honig
JMD Beverages – Alan Jahns, Partner
KARMA Fine Beverages – Patrick Wilson, Founder & CEO
Kaena/Beckmen Vineyards – Mikael Sigouin
Landmark Vineyards – Andy Wolfe
L’Ecole N° 41 – Marty Clubb, Managing Winemaker/ Co-Owner
Longboard Vineyards – Oded Shakked, Founder and Winemaker
Merry Edwards Winery – Merry Edwards, Owner/Winemaker
Miner Family Winery – Dave & Emily Miner, Founders
PlumpJack/CADE – Anthony Biagi, Winemaker
Rombauer Vineyards – James Heinemann, Sales Director
Saintsbury – David Graves, Co-Founder
Selby Winery – Susie Selby
Sally Baldwin
Kris Bendon
Yvonne Biegel
Wendee Bodden
Fatima Cameron
Anne Carter
Lisa Chappel
Christy Churchill
Maggie Cole
Allyson Freeland
Malia Gerard
Donna Gomes
Jessica Guard
Ilsa Jencks
Lisa Judge
Janice King
Bev Kurokawa
Marianna Little
Teresa Notarangelo
Aly Parker-Hodges
Wendy Peterson
Trina Ramsey
Marsha Sabourin
Cathy Torchiana
Janis Von Thaden
Angie Young
Staff and volunteers at “flag” ceremony for Aloha Friday
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Daniel T. Mayeda, DDS
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Maui, Hawaii
October / November 2009
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October / November 2009
Deybra Fair:
Wayne Zebzda:
interior design
lighting design
furniture design
Kauai artist Wayne Zebzda, and
Maui artist Deybra Fair presented
their exhibits in August.
Wayne & Deybra
Marshall Design Studio
Gary Warren Marshall, AIA
[email protected]
Jane Ornellas Marshall, ASID
[email protected]
Gallery shot Fair Towers
post office box 2547 wailuku
telephone 463.9118
Gallery shot RoadTrip
Rob and Emily Spenser
Trevor Martin, Debbie Martin and Tom Martin
Melody Koerber
and Meiko Fair
Valet parking complimentary for guests visiting Napua
Gallery. No purchase necessary. Located inside
Grand Wailea, 3850 Wailea Alanui Drive, 808.875.1234
Judy and Walter Bruder
strings of high esteem
by Paul Wood
On November 7 Bobby Osborne will be singing "Rocky Top" at the University of
Tennessee's 2009 homecoming celebration. The next night he'll sing it again on the
Castle Theater stage. Bobby's 78 now. This will be his first trip to Hawai�i and likely our
one chance to experience this revered master of pure
unadulterated Kentucky-born bluegrass music.
"Rocky Top" is the official state song of Tennessee
as well as the team song for the U.T. Volunteers.
Before it was either of those it was
a huge and enduring hit song for
the Osborne Brothers band, led by
Bobby and his now-retired brother
Sonny. For over three decades the
brothers set the standard for the finest
bluegrass artistry, their most dazzling effects
coming from Bobby—his amazing, nuanced
high-high tenor singing and a melodic
mandolin style all his own. The brothers were
made members of the Grand Ole Opry in
1964, then enshrined in the International
Bluegrass Music Hall of Honor in 1994. In
2005 Bobby launched a twilight solo career,
forming a band called the Rocky Top X-Press
and recording (so far) three albums for the
Rounder label, one of which drew a
Grammy nomination. This is a great time to
experience Bobby Osborne.
We both laughed when he said that. It's an apt comparison
in terms of longevity and lifetime mastery. But "Rocky Top"
and "San Francisco" are located on entirely different
planets. By contrast, bluegrass and paniolo Hawaiian music
have much more in common, almost as if the two traditions
evolved in parallel. No doubt most audience members on
November 8 will be drawing comparisons, consciously or
Everything about bluegrass seems as
old as the hills. For example, it has an
uncompromising reliance on acoustic
string instruments, the kind of
instruments you can easily carry with
you while riding from town to town on
the back of a mule—banjo, mandolin,
guitar, fiddle. I guess the bass fiddle
player would have a little trouble staying
on the mule, but he could do it.
Then there's the sound of the music
itself, essentially Celtic but not
Riverdance Irish—something that goes
back to the 1600s no doubt, probably
carried west by people who rambled out
of Jamestown into the low mountains and hills of the New
World. Bluegrass melds that sound with meeting-hall
gospel music full of old-fashioned fervor.You'll hear rich
strains of country blues, too. It's a hybrid sound delivered
with a barn-dance enthusiasm that makes young and old
alike stomp and shout. However, despite this apparent
antiquity, bluegrass is a young enough musical tradition that
some of its founding practitioners are still playing today.
"He is recognized by most historians as the
greatest singer there has ever been in
bluegrass," said Dean Osborne over the
phone from Hyden, Kentucky. "And he
seems to just get better."
Dean Osborne had called me from his
office at the Kentucky School of
Bluegrass and Traditional Music,
where he is the director.Yes—same
last name—he and Bobby are kin.
Dean is thirty years younger but the
two are cousins. ("Country people would
say he's my second cousin.") An
excellent banjoist with a strong high tenor
voice of his own, Dean will be on the
Castle stage that night, too, along with
four other stellar bluegrass artists.
The most likely start date is 1939, the year that Bill Monroe
first appeared at the Grand Ole Opry with his new band
called the Blue Grass Boys—being that they all haled from
Kentucky, "the Blue Grass State." Monroe was 28 years old,
a mandolin player from a musical family who had grown up
performing as a duet with his brother Charlie, a guitarist.
With his own band Bill Monroe fashioned a new kind of
country-music sound, a sound with hard-driving rhythms
and a peculiar style of vocal harmonies topped by Monroe's
powerful tenor singing. He called this singing style of his the
"high lonesome" sound.
"He's probably playing mandolin as well as ever,
and he is still a tremendous vocalist," said Dean. "He's
like a Tony Bennett in bluegrass."
This new invention, "bluegrass," truly jelled in 1945 when
North Carolina-born banjoist Earl Scruggs joined the
Monroe band, introducing his three-finger picking style with
October / November 2009
its exciting sense of propulsion. The classic lineup for this
historic American ensemble: Monroe mandolin, Scruggs banjo,
Lester Flatt (from Sparta, Tennessee) guitar, Florida-born
Chubby Wise fiddle, and Howard Watts (aka "Cedric
Rainwater") on acoustic bass.
Flatt and Scruggs soon tailed off to form their own band, the
Foggy Mountain Boys, adding another instrument to the
bluegrass sound—the Dobro resophonic guitar. The Dobro, with
its shiny metal face and its imbedded amplification cones, was
invented during the 1930s as a pre-electric device for getting
more volume out of the standard guitar design. Hawaiian bands,
who were wildly popular across the U.S. in the '30s, took to the
Dobro right away and played it with the sliding steel or
bottleneck fretting technique that had been invented in the
Islands. The national craze for Hawaiian music had long passed
when the Foggy Mountain Boys formed in 1948 and Burkett H.
"Uncle Josh" Graves brought the Dobro sound into that band,
infusing it with Scruggs-style picking techniques.
Over time Flatt & Scruggs became a (paired) household name
and did more than anyone to popularize bluegrass music. They
provided the soundtrack for the film Bonnie and Clyde and for
The Beverley Hillbillies television show.
The same year that the Foggy Mountain Boys came together, a
teenager named Bobby Osborne sang the song "Ruby" over
radio station WPFB out of Middleton, Ohio. "Ruby" is like Auntie
Genoa Keawe's "Alika" in that it's structured around a highpitched how-long-can-you-hold-it note, but in "Ruby" that note is
the first sound out of the singer's mouth—"Roooooooo…." The
station received fifty telegrams requesting that he repeat the
ver the next few years Bobby made a name for himself in the
bluegrass world, playing with the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, the
Stanley Brothers, and other bands till the U.S. Marines drafted
him into the Korean War. (He earned a Purple Heart.) After
service, he teamed up with his brother. The Osborne Brothers
were the first to add drums and pedal steel guitar to a bluegrass
line-up. They were also the first bluegrass group to perform on a
college campus and the first to sing in the White House.
As the original bluegrass generation aged, younger artists
carried the tradition forward. Some of this next-generation
playing—the Del McCoury Band, for example—adheres closely
to the original formula. Some of it has, perhaps inevitably, begun
hybridizing in various ways, most notably with rock. Bands such
as Nickel Creek and Open Road are being called "newgrass" or
progressive bluegrass.
One sign of the health of this musical genre is the number of
bluegrass festivals that take place every year. At least 41 states
have such festivals from California (which has thirteen) to
Florida (twelve). Even Maine has five.
The other musicians coming to Maui with Bobby Osborne are
all next-generation stars and exciting performers. Beside cousin
October / November 2009
Dean on banjo we'll hear Curtis
Burch, the man people call "Dr.
Dobro." He has won two Grammy
awards, one for the Coen
Brothers' soundtrack from O
Brother, Where Art Thou; the other
for the Great Dobro Sessions
album. JP Mathes is a brilliant
multi-instrumentalist who teaches
at the Kentucky School of
Bluegrass and Traditional Music.
Bassist Bobby Osborne, Jr.,
performs with his dad's Rocky Top
X-Press band. Their fiddler is a
surprise—a Tokyo-born woman
named Leona Tokutake. Over the
phone, Dean went on and on
about this gifted performer.
While they're here, the musicians
will do two school shows as well
as community enrichment
concerts in Hana and Lana�i. And
they'd like to hear some Hawaiian
music, too.
Dean told me that he once
collaborated with Jeff Peterson,
the Maui-born slack-key wiz. (They
met in New York while doing a
project with an unorthodox string
quartet called Ethel.) "Working
with Jeff was one of the highlights
of my career," he told me. "His
music and bluegrass are so
closely related. Some of his stuff I
thought was bluegrass when I
heard it."
The American Bluegrass Masters
performance is a tribute to one of the MACC’s
founding board members, Johnny Baldwin.
Johnny was known for his rascal sense of
humor and lifelong love of music. For years he
played with the local band, The Turpentine
Cats. His friend and fellow band-member
Roger Dubin shares this memory of Johnny...
Johnny Baldwin was a great lover of
Bluegrass Music.
“The first time I met Johnny Baldwin, in 1992,
he was playing banjo on the porch of his home
in Olinda. The last time, in 2005, four years
after my wife and I moved back to the
mainland, he was playing banjo in the shed
he’d built to house his antique radio collection
and rehearsals with our band, “The Turpentine
Cats.” I wasn’t one of JB’s best friends—
though some of the guys in the “Cats”
were—but we were music buddies, and anyone
who knew him at all was the better for it. He
loved the land, and building and fixing things
with his own two hands, and helping friends
and strangers at the drop of a hat, and having a
great time. His banjo made the jaunty, jangly
soundtrack for that life, a good life that was
happiest while playing it, and if that isn’t
bluegrass, then I don’t know what is.”
—Roger Dubin
Prescott, Arizona
When he signed off, here's what he said. (Imagine the Kentucky accent—soft and
easy-going with deep swooping vowels, polite as can be.)
"Through my work with Jeff Peterson, him educating me on traditional Hawaiian
music, I feel a closeness between bluegrass and Hawaiian music. We are really
excited about bringing our type of Kentucky-style music out there. We look forward
to meeting and shaking hands with as many people as we can."
A tribute to Johnny Baldwin
Featuring Bobby Osborne
Sunday, November 8
Castle Theater
7:30 pm
Performances and residencies by
the American Bluegrass Masters
Tour are supported in part by The
National Endowment for the Arts,
County of Maui – Office of
Economic Development, Hawai�i
Tourism Authority, WESTAF, Barbara
and Michael Gartner, Ha-na Arts, the
La-na�i Community Benefit Fund and
the Grand Wailea.
Celebrating Community & Creativity
Integrating the Arts
Across the Curriculum
Maui Arts & Cultural Center extends its deepest gratitude to the National Endowment for
the Arts and their support in FY09-10 for the professional development of teachers in Maui
County on integrating drama, dance, visual arts and creative writing across the curriculum
as well as three arts integration collaboration projects. The collaborations involve teachers
and teaching artists working with students at Iao and Kalama
Intermediate and Pomaika�i Elementary School. Funding
provides teachers, artists, and other educators an opportunity to
demonstrate increased knowledge and skills necessary to engage
children and youth in arts learning, consistent with national and
state arts education standards.
The Maui News
Mahalo once again to The Maui News and publisher Joe Bradley for generously sponsoring our
18th annual Ki Ho�alu Slack Key Festival on June 28. The festival was a great success with over
3,000 attendees enjoying a day of great music, �ono food and Hawaiian crafts. Thanks to the
support of The Maui News, this festival continues to be free of charge and open for all to enjoy.
Slack Key performers stopped by Mana�o radio, Hale Mahaolu, Maui Adult Day Care and Kamehameha
School kids prior to the free Ki- Ho- �alu concert at the MACC this summer. Paul Togiaka is shown here
playing for Kamehameha students.
Grand Wailea Resort
Grand Wailea is located on 40 acres of lush, tropical gardens fronting Wailea Beach. Built in
1991, it is committed to presenting the people, nature, and culture of Hawaii. Grand Wailea
features six major themes that resound, echo and merge throughout: flowers, water, trees,
sound, light and art. They are a proud
sponsor of the Maui Arts & Cultural
Center’s performing arts season.
October / November 2009
Construction Update
Signs of the Maui Arts & Cultural Center’s “glowing” future are finally visible as
eight concrete columns have risen from the ground as work continues on the
Yokouchi Family Pavilion. Nearly halfway through construction, the project is on
time and on budget.
The 30-foot tall columns will eventually hold the translucent glass pyramidshaped roof designed to simultaneously allow audiences to enjoy the beauty
of the MACC’s outdoor surroundings while still providing protection from the
“For a small footprint
with an elegantly
simple design it is
incredibly intricate and
complex. This project
is like packing ten
pounds of poi into a
five pound bag,”
explained Dan Shiraki,
Honolulu Builders Project Superintendent. One example of its complexity is the
underground vault located below the stage that will house dimmers, equipment
racks, audio and lighting systems. Picture it as a huge junction box with no
less than 234 conduits emerging from the vault to eventually find their way
40 feet above ground to travel the catwalks hidden in the pavilion roof. An
intricate electrical system powering sound and lighting conduits are kept
completely separate to eliminate interference from electrical crossover.
=lie`j_`e^j ]fi C`]\
DXl`Г‹j Dfjk :fdgc\k\ ;\j`^e :\ek\i
210 Alamaha Street
Kahului, Maui, HI 96732
Neighbor Islands call toll free 877.846.8804
“While we are best known for our cultural contributions to the community,
we are also making a substantial contribution to the Maui economy with this
project,” said Art Vento, the MACC’s General Manager & Executive Vice
President for Operations. “This project has been able to provide jobs for
154 Maui people during the worst recession in recent history. Just knowing
that feels great.” Only a handful of specialty-trained workers have been
brought in from other islands or the mainland because some theatrical
construction is so specialized.
Completion is set for early summer 2010. The project will include a glass
pavilion covering Yokouchi Founders Court and part of the A&B Amphitheater,
a full catering kitchen, a second floor “Gathering Hall,” storage rooms, laundry
room, offices, and additional events areas. The architect is John Hara
Associates, Inc. the award-winning Hawai�i architectural firm that designed
the MACC. The general contractor is Honolulu Builders, Inc., using the best
local talent.
The Sound of Money
The MACC gives a rave review for the performance of Lynn Novitsky,
of LAN Communications, Inc’s telecommunications services. Over a
year ago Lynn, performed a FREE initial audit of the MACC’s phone
bills. Her ultimate delivery of a monthly savings of 50 percent, with no
change of vendors, was perfectly choreographed. The MACC is only
one of the businesses on Maui that has experienced this incredible
savings production. Should your company wish to witness Lynn's
talents first hand, phone her at 808-879-0008 or visit her website at
October 1- October 24
Schaefer International Gallery FREE
Curated and presented by MACC, artists of Hawaiian
ancestry creating work that draws inspiration from the epic
tale Hi�iakaikapoliopele, Ka Mo�olelo O Hi�iakaikapoliopele,
by Ho�ouluma-hiehie.
5 & 7:30 pm, Castle Theater
Dates, reviews, synopsis & film clips at or call 808-572-FILM
Light dinners, desserts & beverages available at
Candlelight CafГ© 4:30 - 7:30 pm, Arcade lawn.
Sunday, October 11
3 - 5 pm, McCoy Studio Theater
Chronicle of how the Kamaka and Sons
Ukulele Company have successfully
carried on their namesake business, how
Hawaiian values have shaped the
company and how those values reflect a
unique worldview and identity.
Sunday, November 1
3 pm, McCoy Studio Theater FREE
Joseph Na-wahi- was a Hawaiian patriot and
Renaissance man and is an important figure
in Hawaiian history and Hawaiian sovereignty.
Thursday, November 5
7:30 pm, McCoy Studio Theater
Singer-songwriter and pianist Vienna Teng’s
dreamy ballads have been described as
haunting, smart and introspective,
incorporating folk, pop, and classical piano.
Thursday, November 5
DAVID SEDARIS 7:30 pm, Castle Theater
Author of the bestsellers Naked, Me Talk
Pretty One Day, and Dress Your Family in
Corduroy and Denim and best-selling
collection entitled “When You Are Engulfed in Flames”.
November 8 - December 23
Schaefer International Gallery / FREE
Opening Reception November 8, 5 pm
A select group of Hawaii's finest furniture makers create
one unique piece of functional furniture based on an
inspirational source from artifacts, antiques or architecture
of pre or post contact Hawai�i.
Saturday, October 17
3 - 5 pm, Schaefer International Gallery
The Storytelling Festival will pair master
storytellers with Hawai�i’s young visual
artists around the Hi�iakaikapoliopele stories.
Sunday, October 18
Events Lawn, 1 - 6 pm, Gates open at 12:30 pm FREE
The full afternoon line-up features
Na- Ho-ku- Hanohano award winners,
Grammy nominees, ku-puna players and
young rising stars. Bring your blankets
and low-backed chairs.
Saturday, October 17
with THE WAILERS,Third World & Marty Dread
5 pm/gates & 6 pm SHOW, Events Lawn
SkyHI productions presents the return of reggae legends,
The Wailers! New lead singer Elan Attias has infused an
exciting new energy into the
group’s trusted roots tradition
created by enduring bandmember Aston “Family Man”
Tuesday, October 20
7:30 pm,War Memorial Stadium
Legends. Icons. Idols. Unique
even among the select handful
of rock bands still active after
their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, Aerosmith has
sold over 100 million albums. The biggest and baddest
heroes of the guitar are back and ready to rock Maui.
Don’t miss the mega-concert of the year.
Saturday, October 17
KE�ALA�ILIAHI 2009 with Halau Kekuaokala�au�ala�iliahi
7 pm, Castle Theater
Ha-lau Kekuaokala-�au�ala�iliahi, under the tutelage of NaKumu Hula �Iliahi and Haunani Paredes, celebrates its 5th
anniversary with Ke�ala�iliahi 2009. More than 150 dancers
will take to the stage.
Friday, October 23
7:30 pm, Castle Theater
This high-spirited six-member band
from Ireland brings its special kind
of “green energy” to the MACC rollicking ballads in both
Gaelic and English, spinning tales of love and life.
Sunday, November 8
7:30 pm, Castle Theater
Dedicated to the memory of Johnny
Baldwin, American Bluegrass Masters
Tour unites Grand Ole Opry legend
Bobby Osborne with the hottest
bluegrass singers and pickers.
Friday, November 20
7:30 pm, McCoy Studio Theater
Rolling Stone listed Thompson as #19 on
its list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All
Saturday, November 21
7:30 pm, Castle Theater
Cecilio & Kapono hits bring
home all those fond memories.
Friday, November 13
7:30 pm, Castle Theater
This multi-awarded Filipina singer and
actress is known for her beautiful
vocals. She is the recipient of the Tony
Award for her portrayal of Kim in the
musical Miss Saigon.
Sunday, November 22
Skipper's School of Dance presents
2 pm, Castle Theater
For the past seven years, Dawn Theodore’s A Step in
Time and Skipper’s School of Dance have presented
“Our Stars At Sea” on stage at the Center; on
Norwegian Cruise Lines & Royal Carribean Cruises.
These stars who range from three to fourteen years
old will steal your heart!
Saturday, November 14
7:30 pm, Castle Theater
Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina,
one of the most successful duos of
the '70s, are together again and
back by public demand. Enjoy their
enduring songs and celebrate who
they were then as well as who they
are now.
Saturday, November 28
with Special Guests Martin Moreno
and Noe Gonzales
7:30 pm, Castle Theater
High-octane comedy that’s absolutely
drop-dead FUNNY!
К»Ukulele Festivals of HawaiК»i
Ha-na Arts
La-naК»i Arts Center
of Economic
К»O Hina i Ka Malama, MolokaК»i
La-naК»i Community Benefit Fund
Barbara and Michael Gartner
October / November 2009
Off the Wall
Schaefer International Gallery
Roots of Inspiration: Contemporary Functional Furniture
November 10 - December 23, 2009
The idea for the upcoming Roots of Inspiration: Contemporary Functional Furniture exhibit came from well known
Maui furniture maker, Peter Naramore. His source of inspiration for a proposal submitted to our Exhibits
Committee came from an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, titled New American Furniture: The
Second Generation of Studio Furnituremakers. Their concept in 1989, was to
invite a group of renowned furnituremakers to use antique furniture as a point
of inspiration to create unique new “studio furniture.”
Peter Naramore in his wood working
Our 2009 adaptation of this concept brings together twenty of the finest
woodworkers from around the state, exhibiting newly created furniture based
on inspiration from artifacts, antiquities or architecture of Hawaiian origin.
Many of the artists have areas of specialization such as inlay, carving, turning
and veneer work. They offer a wide variety of personal experience and make
their living primarily from building furniture. All are consistently involved in the
re-interpretation of familiar, useful furniture forms.
We are pleased to present the work of this distinguished group of furniture
makers from Hawaii with an unparalleled collection of contemporary
studio furniture, all of which will be available for purchase.
Participating Woodworkers from Maui: Tom Calhoun, Shaun Fleming,
Steve Hynson, Robert Lippoth, Peter Naramore, Curtis Paddock,
Travis Pennington, Ricardo Vasquez, John Wittenburg
From Oahu: Joel Bright, Robert Butts, Douglas Philpotts, Alan Wilkinson
Hawaii Island: Marcus Castaing, Mats Fogelvik,Tai Lake, Dave Reisland, Jay Warner, Mike Riley
Ricardo Vasquez,
Inspiration from the Hokulea
Stephen Hynson,
Biedermeier goes
Artists Opening Reception: November 8, 5 pm
Furniture Fridays: December 4 &18, 2 - 7 pm
Furniture makers will be in the gallery to talk about their techniques and the
history of furniture making and collecting studio furniture.
Partial support for
Roots of Inspiration
is provided by the
County of Maui.
October / November 2009
Fall Highlights from
Cecilio & Kapono
by Susan Hernandez
From the time I first vacationed in Hawai�i to the time I
made the islands my home, the music of Cecilio Rodriguez
and Henry Kapono provided the soundtrack to those �back
in the day’ memories.
C&K were on Hawai�i radio stations with a contemporary
Crosby, Stills and Nash inspired sound that came to define
a new breed of Hawaiian music. By 1983, C&K had broken
up to pursue individual recording careers. Their momentum
was not lost. All Over the islands their most popular songs
“Sunshine,” “Lifetime Party,” and “Sailin’,” were perfectly
memorized and continued to be sung out loud.
Today, their music is still our music, and it holds a magical
power to transport us to a simpler, more carefree era. As
individuals or as a duo, the timeless music of Cecilio and
Kapono has lived on for more than three decades.
The Hawai�i Academy of Recording Arts recognized C& K
this year with a NДЃ HЕЌkЕ« Hanohano Lifetime Achievement
Award saluting them as recording industry legends. Their
careers launched with a fateful meeting on O�ahu’s North
shore in 1973 when Cecilio Rodriguez was introduced to
Henry Kapono. With similar guitar styles, intonations and
Tickets may be purchased by credit card online
( or by phone 808-242-SHOW
(7469) or by cash, charge or debit in person at the Box
Office Mon-Sat 10 am - 6 pm.
Any event is subject to change or cancellation, sometimes with little
or no notice.
harmonic blends, they made musical magic
to become one of the top duos to come out
of the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance era.
After signing with Columbia Records they
produced albums “Cecilio & Kapono,” “Elua”
and “Nightmusic” and garnered their first
five NДЃ HЕЌkЕ« Hanohano Awards.
Hawai�i born Kapono grew up singing in the
local choir and playing �ukelele. He taught
himself how to play solo guitar but it was an
athletic scholarship that got him through
Punahou and the University of Hawai�i.
During a stint entertaining troops in
Vietnam he gained a new appreciation for
life that put a trademark heart and soul into
his music that is still felt today.
Cecilio Rodriguez hails from Santa
Barbara, California. He played in a band
throughout high school and college,
furthering his musical education in Los
Angeles. It was in L.A. that he hooked up
with “Little Anthony and the Imperials,” to
become their guitarist and musical director.
But Cecilio’s life changed forever when
mutual friends introduced him to Kapono.
That was the moment Kapono says, “that
everything magical happened.” They
debuted on O�ahu at J.J’s Café and later
moved to headline the Rainbow Villa until
the crowds outgrew the place and Columbia
Records came to call.
To date C&K continue their musical
relationship into their third decade.
Between the two of them they have
released more than 20 albums, received
18 NДЃ HЕЌkЕ« Hanohano Awards as both
duo and solo artists and have become
two of Hawai�i’s most admired and
respected entertainers. This is evident
especially during one of their mainland
concerts where anyone who has ever
lived and left Hawai�i is seated in the
audience – stars in their eyes, rocking
back and forth, reliving those memories of
their carefree island days of yesteryear.
Saturday, November 21
Castle Theater
7:30 pm
Cecilio & Kapono performs Saturday,
November 21 in the Castle Theater at
7:30 pm. Tickets are $12, $28, $37 with a
VIP package for $50 that includes a preshow meet & greet, show souvenir, and
MACC: One Cameron Way, Kahului
October / November 2009
Behind the Scenes...
Mikhail Baryshnikov with Judy Siracusa
Dr. Mary Lou Mordado with Mikhail Baryshnikov
Mikhail Baryshnikov signing autographs for fans after his
performance in September
...on and off the Stage
Schaefer Portrait
Challenge 2009
Artist Albert Weight with his parents
and painting "Dad"
The Schaefer Portrait Challenge exhibition made a successful traveling debut at The
Contemporary Museum , First Hawaiian Center in Honolulu May 28 - September 11. This
statewide, juried competition is organized by the Maui Arts & Cultural Center and includes
56 artworks by 53 Hawaii artists, representing Maui, Oahu, Big Island, and Kauai. The
exhibit offers a multicultural profile of Hawaii with compelling stories of the portrait subjects
seen through the artists’ portrayals. Artists are encouraged to be thinking about the next
Portrait Challenge to be juried in Sept of 2011 opening January 2012.
Bob"Ole" Olsen and artist Charlie Lyon
Sesame Street
Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street greeted
children at Imua Family Services at the Cameron Center,
hammed it up at Akaku TV and met children from A Keiki's
Dream all before their shows in the Castle Theater.
Colleen Cochlin,
John Legend, and
Audrey McLain
John Legend
John Legend ignited the audience at the Castle in
September. (Photo by Aubrey Hord)
The 50th Anniversary of Statehood event in
August featured community booths, history,
and fifty cent food, fun and frolic for everyone.
Pablo Cruise
Pablo Cruise band members autographed posters
and a few other things in the VIP tent post concert.
October / November 2009
�Ukulele Fest
Installation and maintenance of beautiful and
lush landscapes
in Hawai�i
since 1986.
The story of the �ukulele began in 1879 when Portuguese immigrants
Manual Nunes, João Fernandes and Augustine Dias arrived in Hawai�i
to work in the sugar cane fields. Among their humble belongings were
lovingly handcrafted braghinas, or small four-stringed guitars.
Hawaiians were immediately taken by the beautiful sounds from their
little instruments but even more impressive was their musical skill. In
admiration of their fast finger work, the instrument was given the
Hawaiian name, �ukulele, which roughly translates to “jumping flea.”
Fast forward 140 years and the beloved �ukulele has become so
closely associated with Hawai�i that many people mistakenly believe it
is native to the islands. Yet like so much of the culture here, it was first
adopted and then adapted to become uniquely Hawaii-style.
The Maui Arts & Cultural Center celebrates this coincidental collision
of cultures with the 4th Annual Maui �Ukulele Festival. Enjoy a
delightful afternoon of music played by �ukulele luminaries such as
Uncle Richard Ho�opi�i, Ohta-san, Hula Honeys, Joy and many others.
They will be joined by young rising stars from Kamehameha Schools
Maui Campus Middle School and Kalama Intermediate School and kupuna (elders) musicians from throughout the island.
Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, and your own beloved �uke for a laidback afternoon with �ohana and friends in true Hawaiian-style. Of
course no event in Hawai�i is complete without flower lei and plenty of
food and drink. Audience members can also win awesome prizes,
including over a dozed handcrafted collectible �ukulele, CD’s, handmade items and gift certificates.
Mahalo to the National Endowment for the Arts, County of Maui,
Hawaii Tourism Authority, and the County Product Enrichment
Program, and Wailea
Beach Resort & Spa,
Marriot for helping Roy
Sakuma and �Ukulele
Festivals Hawai�i and the
Sunday, October 18
MACC present this event
Events Lawn
to the community for free.
1 pm to 6 pm
Gates open at 12:30 pm
Admission is FREE
Norman Silverman Collection [ Passion for Exceptional Jewelry
Outstanding Estate & Antique Collections
Open Daily [ 808 891 2288 [
In the Grand Wailea Hotel – 3860 Wailea Alanui Drive
Government, Foundation
& Business Support
Special Thanks for Major Support:
County of Maui
Hawai�i State Foundation on Culture & the Arts
Hawai�i Tourism Authority
National Endowment for the Arts
Office of Economic Development – County Product Enrichment Program
State of Hawai�i
Gifts $20,000 and over
Central Pacific Bank
The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Gifts over $10,000
Alexander & Baldwin Foundation
The Charles Engelhard Foundation
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Kauila Club
Fairmont Kea Lani Maui
Hafer Family Foundation
Sandalwood Club
Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa
JD Painting & Decorating, Inc.
Maui No Ka Oi Magazine
McInerny Foundation
Service Rentals & Supplies, Inc.
Koa Club
AHS Foundation
Classic Resorts, Ltd.
Crockett & Nakamura
Eclipse Foundation
Koch Foundation
Lana’i Community Benefit Fund of the Hawai�i
Community Foundation
The Maui News
Maui Printing Co.
Maui Rents & Sales
Merriman’s Kapalua
Pacific LightNet Communications
Pacific Publications, Inc./MENU Magazine
Performing Arts Presenters of Hawai�i
SpectraColor Hawaii
Sunset Tropicals
Surf Rents Trucks
Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF)
Naupaka Club
Armstrong Foundation
Intouch Facial & Body Care
Maile Club
Bendon Family Foundation
Credit Associates of Maui, Ltd
Dowling Company, Inc.
The Gillette Foundation
JECO Air Conditioning & Sheetmetal
The Jonathan Starr Foundation
Kilakila Employer Services
Mancini, Welch & Geiger LLP
The Mark & Debi Rolfing Charitable Foundation
Maui Coast Hotel
Queen Ka�ahumanu Center
R.E.A.P. Foundation, Inc.
Richard & Lynne Buckley
SpeediShuttle LLC
Valley Isle Produce, Inc.
Silversword Club
Able Mailing
Financial & Investment Mgt. Grp., Ltd.
Hawaii Association of Music Societies
Hawaii Coconut Protectors
Marco’s Grill & Deli
No Ka Oi Associates
Orchids of Olinda
Security Investment Associates
Truss Systems Hawaii, INC.
The Westin Maui Resort & Spa
Kukui Club
De Stefano Wealth Management
Interstate Maui Realty
John Pierres Studio
Maalaea Bay Rentals
Maui Chamber of Commerce
Maui Economic Development Board, Inc.
Maui Marble and Granite
Maui United Way
Shore to Shore Realty, Inc.
Tanikai, Inc.
Volcano Signs
�Ohi�a Club
Apache Painting, Inc.
Apex Maui Homes
Four Seasons Resort Maui
Island Hair Creations
Island Spirit Yoga
John Henry Photography, Inc.
Matsuyama, Niwao & Associates, CPAs,
Maui Beach Hotel
Maui Plastics
Maui To Go Arts & Crafts
Mulligan’s on the Blue
Padilla Designs, LLC
Paia Bay Gallery
Pumas Inc.
Sam Sato’s, Inc.
Scuba Shack
Sterling Silver Productions
Suigeneris Services
Surfing Goat Dairy
Takamiya Market, Inc.
Two Mermaids on Maui B&B
United States Artists, Inc.
Vanni Builders LLC
VRT Entertainment
Wailea Point Realty, Inc.
�Ilima Club
Pupu Lounge Seafood & Grill
Starwel Group
United Auto Parts, Inc. (Napa)
Ward Research Inc.
Matching Gift Donors
Aetna Inc.
Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.
Bank of America
The Boeing Company
Eli Lilly and Company
Foodland Super Market, Ltd.
Hewlett-Packard Company
Monsanto Fund
Annual Donors
The Maui Arts & Cultural Center is grateful for the support of each individual listed.
This list reflects the names of our annual donors as of August 1, 2009.
Please let us know of any error with your listing by calling 243-4225.
Kauila Club
Eric & Tracy Aanenson
Jim Sanders & Colleen Cochlin
Cathy Tai, BJB Charitable Trust
Sandalwood Club
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Baldwin
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Baldwin
Tom Boomer
David & Maggie Cole
Mr. & Mrs. Louis C. Cole
Frances & Robert Davidson
Michael & Susan Graham
Jimmy & Honey Bun Haynes
Mark & Julie Houck
Gilliland/Arthur's Limousine
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Dorvin D. Leis
Karen E. Levy
Mr. Robert J. & Dr. Mary Lou
Jack & Carolyn Schaefer Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Small
Mark Whiting
Yokouchi Foundation
Koa Club
Ms. Anne Carter
Dr. & Mrs. John A. Decker, Jr.
Roy Dunn & Estrella Salcedo
Auriol Flavell
Barbara & Michael Gartner
J. Stephen & Tamar Goodfellow
Bill Gresham & Patty Tracy
Alexa Higashi
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Knourek
Audrey MacLean & Mike Clair
Mick & Cindy McCaffrey
Gary & Deb Michalchuk
Andy & Jodie Pells
Chimen Podrat
Chickie & Steve Rosen
James Smith & Linda Smith
Joseph Sugarman
Sharon & Thurston Twigg-Smith
Mr. Chuck Virtue
Mrs. Gordon Von Tempsky
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Zellerbach
Naupaka Club
Norma Badoyen & Guy
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Cameron
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Chandler
Zora Durock & John Buck
Richard & Mumei Frunzi
Shep & Renee Gordon
Nancy & Hamilton Harris
Wayne & Kim Hikiji
Ken & Bev Kurokawa
Bob & Kay Lloyd
Jack Naiditch
Robert & Linda Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Quill
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ramsey
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Smith
Wil Somaoang
Patricia Steele
Mrs. Jo Werner
Ms. Lisa Werner
David W. & Karen S. Williams
William C.N. & Lucy Wong
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Yuen
Maile Club
Anonymous (2)
Betty & Wendell Arnold
Anita Arsenault
Edward & Sally Baldwin
Howard & Toddie Barbarosh
Bonnie Barry
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Benninger
Richard & Rachel Berman
Mr. & Mrs. William Bisgard
Michael & Kathy Borelli
Dave & Corine Breiwick
Zadoc & Hilary Brown
Cynthia & Bruce Burkitt
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Caldwell
Bill & Laura Cameron
Robert & Tess Cartwright
Bruce Chernoff
Tom Cherry & Tricia
Susannah Christy
& Chuck Pezzillo
Mr. Robert Cole
Erwin & Trina Decoite
Debbie Dennison
Jeffrey & Heather Drood
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Ellison
Mark & Judith Ellman
Jerry & Susan Embree
Tony & Thea Engesser
Tim & Sara Farrington
Dennis & Carollyne Fill
Ms. Karen Fischer
& Mr. John Eckhart
Craig & Johanna Furtado
Ms. Sherry Gabriele
& Mr. Mori Fils
Gus & Julie Gianulias
Mr. & Mrs. John Hara
Hermine Harman
& Andrew Grabow
Mr. & Mrs. Alden Harris
David & Shirley Hartley
Peter & Pat Haug
Wes & Diane Hickey
Leona & Steve Holaday
Sandy & Frank Hook
Catherine & Donald Hurlock
Lance & Deborah James
William & Riette Jenkins
Meagan, Ann & Allen Jones
Lisa & Jim Judge
Lynette Knox
Ronald & Bonnie Kos
Ms. Darlene J. Levy
Marianna & Al Little
Martha Lyddon
Helen & Roger MacArthur/
Wailea Realty Corp.
Dennis MacDonald
& Cynthia McMillan
Peter & Deborah Martin
David & Jan McKinley
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas McLeod
Richard & Judith Michaels
Steve & Billie Moksnes
Michael Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Colin Moreton
Barbara Mosle
& John Kahawaii
Leo & Beverley Nikora
Helen S. Percy, M.D.
Doug & Wendy Peterson
Jane Phillips
Denise D. Recchia
& Chad S. Goodfellow
Bob & Carolyn Richardson
James & Monica Sadler
Edy & Gary Salenger
Richard & Sheila Schlesinger
Scott Schweighauser
& Elizabeth Ellrodt
Budd & Ann Shenkin
Jenny Shimabukuro
Grant Shoemaker
& Dawn Wilson
William & Cynthia Simon
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Siracusa
Cindi & Steve Smith
Joe Soldwedel
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Spalding
Larry Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Suzuki
Mr. & Mrs. George E.
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Takayesu
Charles Thieriot
Mr. & Mrs. Travis O. Thompson
Cathy & Maynard Torchiana
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Von Thaden
Jim Wagner
Paul & Judi Warren
Garry & Donna Weber
Ann Marie & Jack Wilder
Martin & Debbie Wyand
Mrs. Anna Wynn
Dwight & Kay Yamada
Mr. Jon Yokouchi
Mr. John Yurick
& Mr. Keoni Sumile
October / November 2009
Annual Donors
Silversword Club
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Alpert
Jeanne A. Anderson
Alan & Carol Arai
Michelle & Jeremy Baldwin
Ben & Patti Berry
James & Diane Bowman
Molly Brooke
Mrs. Carol Burdick
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Butler
Herman J., Jr. & RoseMary Calasa
J. Randal & Helen Christman
Robert & Carol Coe
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Deel
Scarlett & Tim Deshong
Dr. Lorne Direnfeld & M. Knottenbelt
Dan & Marcy Eastham
John & Leontina Elder
Christian & Jacqueline Erdman
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Fein
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Green
Beverly & Joel Greenfield
Mike & Loretta Gresham
Norm & Diana Hageboeck
Eric & Elaine Hahn
Ted & Zelie Harders
John Hardwick & Ral West
Kenneth & Desiree Hayo
Jim & Mary Hirshfield
Robert & Jean Hoy
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ives
Barbara & Wilkens Kaauamo
John & Susan Kean
Toni & Sue Koszykowski
Jerry Kyhn
Mrs. Mette W. Lyons
Edward & Maya Manley
Mr. & Mrs. William Marrs
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Marsden
Dick & Donna McCullough
Joan McDonald
Jack & Lyn Muegge
David & Grace Murata
Don & Joy Nelson
Mr. William M. Newport
Mr. & Mrs. R. Daniel Omer
Dean & Michelle Otto
Nan Parks
Phylecia Platte
Allen & Christina Prestegard
Colin Radford & Manio Radford
Lemoine & Foster Radford
Michelle Rau
Mr. Mike Resmo
Henry & Sandy Rice
Charles & Jennifer Rose
Dr. Dennis Rowe & Dr. Susan Stewart
Dennis Rush
Jim & Sheila Rutherford
Mrs. Mary Cameron Sanford
Dan Sayles & Wendy Shyer-Sayles
Jon & Suzanne Schlobohm
Karen Schultheis & Craig Lofton
Tim & Cindy Shannahan
Sophia & Joshua Shoen
Dr. & Mrs. Russell Stodd
Lili Townsend
Mike Trotto & Adele Heide
Gunars & Jouene Valkirs
Mrs. Louise R. Varnas
David & Barbara Williams
Scott Williamson
Kukui Club
Leroy & Frances Kalikolehua Abbott
Mr. & Mrs. Masaru Abe
Del Adlawan & Sharon K. Heritage
The Rev. Kealahou Alika
Anonymous (3)
Randolph Antonio
Mr. Bryan H. Arveson
Karl & Anne Aschenbach
Don & Judy Atkinson
Mr. & Ms. Ronald Austin
Steve & Tonia Baney
Kevin & Cheryl Baptist
Caron Barrett & Deborah Vial
Robert & Linda Barron
Mr. & Mrs. William (Bill) Barrow
Mrs. Fumiko K. Beppu
Dwayne & Janet Betsill
Richard & Isabella Bissen
Dr. Eugene & Mrs. Eloise Bliss
George & Patricia Borg
Emily Bott
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Bourne
Dr. Ronald & Mrs. J. Dale Boyd
Glenn Brooking
Philip & Evelyn Brown
Ms. Carol M. Bull
Michael Burkovskis & Dariece Oki
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Caimi
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Campbell
Steve & Deana Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Mario Cardone
Melvin Catugal
John Cho & Jeannette Iwado
Marge & Al Cieri
Kathy Collins
Sabrina Coloma
Candace & Michael Conway
Ward & Lois Cook
Rick Cooper
Lynn T. Craft
Abel & Barbie Cravalho
Dottie Crouse
Ann & Dougal Crowe
Ron Danz
Bill & Nora Darrah
Ms. Geraldine deBeer
& Mr. Jonathan Finer
Mr. Andy DeMello
Kevin & Ayumi Ditamore
Paul & Kimberly Dobson
Peace Eagle & Rainbow Star Dolphin
Pat & Dick Doran
Suzanne & Glen Douglas
Jeanne Dunn
Michael & Leslie Engl
Brad & Pam Farnsworth
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Finlay
Dr. Donald & Patricia Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fjeldstad
Michelle Frost
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fujimoto
Mr. & Mrs. David T. Fukuda
Steven Funes & Kathy Funai
John Gilmor & Richard Emery
Mr. & Mrs. Kim Greenwell
Matt & Allison Guard
Don & Anne Halouska
Glenn & Kathy Hamai
Sue & Bruce Hansen
Howard & Alma Hanzawa
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harms
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hauptman
Michael & Janice Hazen
Charlotte E. Hepler & William Peters
Why we love the MACC…
My first time to see the
circus was the Shanghai
Circus and they were
D.P. Lihikai El
Adriel & Luanne Hew-Menor
Darrell Higa
Mr. & Mrs. Dale W. Hillman
Sam Hironaka
Stanton & Shirley Hooper
Mr. Patrick E. Howard
& Ms. Kimberly Nichols
Ron & Barbara Howard
Lee & John Hoxie
Mr. Felix Hubinger
Lehn Huff & Les Skillings
Larry & Valerie Hundeby
Tom & Kaye Hunter
Edwin & Edith Ichiriu
Raymond & Phylleen Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. David Jorgensen
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kawahara
Mr. & Mrs. George N. Kaya
Olinda & Michael Kelley
Tom & Deborah Kelly
Paul Kirby
Stella & Sharon Kuwae
Michael & Colette Ladera
Thomas J. Lambert & Kristina E. Lyons
Frederick Langille & Rita Barreras
Joey Larimer & Lori Perreira
Donald & Pamela Lehman
Tom & Anne Leuteneker
Phyllis Leveen
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lige
Mr. Patrick Lindgren
Carl & Rae Lindquist
Jaime R. Lobato
Mr. & Mrs. James Loughead
Carole & Charles Lusch
Dr. Elizabeth Lyons
Wayne & Marilyn Maddux
Neal Maeda & Jo Ann Nakahara
Alvin Makimoto
Ms. Marguerite Malcolm
Gary & Jane Marshall
Larry & Svea Mason
Mike & Becky Masterson
Michael & Nancy Mateja
Lynn & Gary McFarlane
Sylvia Melville
Mrs. Francene Mertins
L.J. Millikin & Fran Buese
Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Mulligan, Jr.
Faye Murayama
Nadine & John Murray
Ray & Bobbi Nakagawa
Joyce Nakanishi
Charlie & Shelley Nalepa
Iris & Sebastian Nola
Leonarda Norrie
Mrs. Hertha Orszula
Jan & Myles Osterneck
Betty M. Ota
Mrs. Elizabeth Paahana
Johnny Pascua
Lisa & Doug Paulson
Les & Marcia Perreira
Randy Piltz
Nydia PinzГіn & Ron Slack
Leilani Pulmano & Gary Bulson
Kalani & Deatrea Puu
Arlene Ramirez-Nicholas
& W. Tim Moniz
Mr. & Mrs. David Rand
Todd Reed
Dennis & Roxanne Reimink
Lois & Lee Reiswig
David Richardson & Milla Puliatch
Mr. Ron Riechers
Hans & Elvira Riecke
Bill & Monica Riker
Karl & Patricia Rohlfing
Judge & Mrs. Eric Romanchak
Bob & Margo Rowland
Adele Rugg
Anthony & Sydney Sagabaen
Sharon & Barry Saito
Dr. Clyde M. Sakamoto
& Mrs. Gerrianne G. Sakamoto
Tom & Janice Savidge
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Schumb
Anna Mae Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Seehafer
Rick & Margot Sentes
George & Nobuko Seriguchi
Marilyn & Bill Shepard
Patrick & Cristine Simmons
Mr. & Mrs. Leif Sjostrand
J. Michael Smith
Roman Sousa
Mr. & Mrs. Neville Spadafore
David & Pia Spee
Dr. Lise M. Stevens
Philip & Jo Ann Stevens
Mr. Kent Stewart
Robert Stoner
Diana Stuart & Family
Kazuo & Toshiko Sugiki
Matthew & Veia Swartz
Carol P. Takashima
Anthony & Audrey Takitani
Naomi Tamura & Sidney T. K.Yee
L. David & Allison Taylor
Rick & Shelby Thompson
Patricia A. Toyama
Bruce & Dawn Ueki
Alan & Linda Unemori
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October / November 2009
Annual Donors
continued from page 21
Maureen VanDenburgh
& Darren Corrao
John Vasconcellos
Robert & Baerbel Wagar
Donna Wagner
Gregory & Pamela Ward
Buff Weaver
Charlotte Webb
Dr. & Mrs. Albert Weihl
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Weiss
Robert & Jeanette Welle
Dr. C. Joseph Welter & Ms. Susi Oak
Lee & Susan Wilson
Kenneth & Ruth Wilson
Dick & Kitty Wojcik
Jim & Kathy Worley
Paula Wright
Mr. George R.Yaksic
Wallace Yanagi
Dr. Robert & Mrs. Lu Anne Yapp
Lori and Dale Yatsushiro
Patricia Ziegler
�Ohi�a Club
Fran & Jimmy Aarona
Donna Aarona-Lorenzo
Sherwin & Teresa Abay-Abay
Hideo & Nobuko Abe
Kim Abrahamson
James & Gwen Adams
Wendy Adcock & Robert Malinowski
Ms. Kathi Adoue
Jeffrey Afaga
Takuzo & Rebecca Ageno
Melanie Agrabante
May Aguilar & Grace Johnson
Ralph & Debbie Ajifu
George A. & Kanani Akana-Kealoha
Betty & Bruce Alberts
Bob & Ann Alexander
Debra Alipio
Paul Alkire & Christine Conlon-Kemp
George & Janet Allan
Chuck & Sandy Allen
Joseph Allenwood & Donna Finidori
Rodney & Lisa Allgood
Sherry Allison & David Langille
Debra & Dino Amick
Raje & Kabba Anand
John & Athena Andersen
Mrs. Moana L. Andersen
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Anderson
John R. Anderson
Linda Anderson
Martin C. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. M.E. Anderson
Janet Lee Anderson & Warren Pung
Herbert Andrews
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Andrews
Dr. Joseph E. Andrews
Ric Andrews & John Lyle
Anonymous (4)
Mel Arausa & Noelle Furtado
Mits & Eleanor Arisumi
Tady & Sandra Arisumi
Henry & Maureen Ariyoshi
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Arledge
Jean H. Arnold
Charles & Marilyn Aruda
Mr. Evan Asato
Mr. & Mrs. David Asher
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Asuncion
Rona & Joel August
Stephanie Austin & Jim Niess
Christine Baeta
Arnold & Darlene Baines
Peter W. Baker
Gene & Beryl Bal
Mrs. Janet Bal
Germaine Balino
Kai Bargamento
Rita P. Barksdale
Rocky Lee Barnette
Ms. Rochelle Baretto
Terry & Harley Bates
Bruce Baum
Paul & Pamela Beagle
Susan Beall & Brett Mason
Alan & Diane Beaurline
Richard & Libby Behn
Julian & Patricia Bellin
Elaine Bennett
Scott Benson
Harold & Rosalind Berman
Mrs. Anna Bernhard
Karen Bernstein
Scott & Melissa Berry
Chuck & Barbara Besanty
Bill & Barbara Best
Tony Bevill
Casey & BJ Beyersbergen
Barbara Bezdicek & Ray Mayron
Earl Bialeck
Anne Biedel M.D. & Elizabeth Biedel
Catherine & Jeffrey Bio
John & Gina Biondi
Anne Marie & Mario Bitonti
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bitter
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bjornson
Robert & Joette Black
Mark & Joleen Black
Tom Blakeley & Melissa Serrano
Richard & Judith Blakemore
Michael Blaz
Stephen & Patricia Blessman
Ms. Diane Blue
Jon & Rosie Blum
John & Nancy Boarini
Mr. & Mrs. George Boettger
Joann Boggs
Dale & Marjorie Bonar
Edie Bonilla
Patrick J. Borge Sr.
Diane Boyd
Charles & Marilyn Boyd
Martin & Joan Brashem
Carl & Judith Bredhoff
M. Lynn Brewer & Susan Davies
Elaine Bridge
John & Ilona Briley
Deborah Brooks & Lisa Hawks
Byron J. Brown
Danny Brown
Debra Brown
Donna & George Brown
Frank A. Brown
Jeff & Tammy Brown
Joseph & Jackie Brown
Ms. Leslie Brown
Sally & Larry Brown
Selma & Bernard Brown
Ronald & Lydia Brumblay
Hugo & Shirley Buetler
Paulette Buhl
Mr. & Mrs. Bunt Burkhalter
Richard Burkitt & Karen Hanson
Rod & Kathy Burton
Francine Cabacungan & Randi Kaowili
Stephen & Lucky Cabral
Ku'ulei Cagasan
John & Iracema Cahill
Gary Canier & G. Owen Howson
Alan W. & Claudia Canon
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Canty
Michael Capuano & Mary Hope
Francesca Carey & Thomas Douma
Sarah Carlson & Jeff Stolz
Robert & Debbie Carr
Lenny Castellanos
John Catanoso
Kevin Chappell & Pual Doucette
Stefanie Charbonneau
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Chare
Art & Jane Chenoweth
Dr. Peter Chin & Dr. Nicole Apoliona
Winston Chinn
Ed Christensen & Kathy Heller
Jill Christierson & Keauhou Mitchell
Phil & Marge Christopher
Jarvis Chun
Linda Clark
Thomas & Carole Clark
Thomas & Janey Clark
John & Debbie Claypoole
Dr. & Mrs. W.T. Cleghorn
Stanley & Helga Cobb
Isa Cocallas
Mr. Tom Cole
Terry Collins
Lee & Michael Cone
David & Diane Conklin
Mr. George Connor
& Ms. Rita Johnston
Kathleen Cook & Richard Wayne
Corinna Cooney
Diane Cooper & Richard McLaughlin
Mr. & Mrs. John Copp
Alan & Alicia Cordeiro
Sean & Tami Corpuel
Glenn T. & Ululani S. Correa
Robert & Ramona Corson
Alvin & Stephanie Cortez
Herb & Dee Coyle
Andrew & Tara Crawford
Tanya Cress
Mrs. Joan Crevier
John & Erin Crinion
William & Marella Crockett
Ron & Sharon Dahlquist
Mr. & Mrs. Masao Daida
William & Judith Dailey
Dave & Bridget Dalgetty
Don & Colette Dang
Brian & Eva Daniells
Matthew & Sandra Daniells
David Darling
Ms. Darcy Davis
Hal & Lisa Davis
Mary Kay & Jay Davis
Ron Davis
Tony & Yolanda De Andrade
Grace Y. L. & Keoki De Porter
Faith & Jim Debuhr
Helen DeCoite
Laurie Lei & Alton DeGama
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dein
Marie DeJournette
Kathleen Deknis
Gloria Del Rivo
Eric & Karen Demaria
Donald Demers
Bob & Bev Deming
Ms. Joanne Dennis
& Mr. George Dennis
Ms. Tulasi Dennis
Marise DePonte & Anne K. Tam
Mr. Martin D. Diamond
Patricia Dilworth
Kathleen Dimino
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Dirks
Jarrod Dlugasch
Lori Dodd
Pam & Kai Dodson
Sherrilee Dodson
Russell & Sharlene Dooge
Joline Dorner
John & Marilyn Duke
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Dumalanta
Regina & Douglas Duncan
Mr. & Mrs.Charlie Dungans
Stan Dunn
James Dupree
Bob & Christine Fritz
Lane & June Fujii
Douglas Fujiwara
Casey & Valerie Fukuda
Ronald & Kay Fukumoto
Elizabeth Fulton
George & Linda Fulton
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Funai
Dr. & Mrs. James M. Furukawa
Marianne & Michael Gaertner
Alan & Joetta Gambill
Timothy Kapua Gapero
& Mary Jane Gapero
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Gartley
Steven Gatchell
Paul Genova
Mr. & Mrs. James Gerken
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gerlach
Brent & Lisa Gerstenberger
Dan & Roxana Gerstenberger
Ms. Darcel Gilbert
Lloyd & Earlyn Ginoza
Shelly Glass
Janelle L. Glasson
Ann Glen & John Fairbank
Thomas Glesne
Lahar Goldberg & Abhaya Goldberg
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Goldstein
Sharene Gomes
Ronald Good
David Goode
Mr. Paul Gouge & Ms. Lori Betty
William & Nina Gough
Ms. Pam Gould
Rorri & Shannon Gould
John Graf
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Graham
My favorite MACC
Kissing Sting on the
lips right here!
Mr. Randy Echito & Mr. Daniel Bissler
Mr. & Mrs. William Eckhoff
John Eddins
Mike & Sheryl Eddy
Froyam & Shone Edel
Susan Egdamin & Michael Lopes
Sally & Daniel Ekdahl
Rosemarie Elaschuk
Lyla Eldredge
Walt & Sharon Elf
Mr. & Mrs. Carter Elliott
Gary & Pamela Elster
Mr. Randall & Dr. Patti Endo
Gary and Greta Ephraim
Sumner & Angie Erdman
Barbara A. Exton
Dr. Eileen Exton & Ron Togashi
Jan Farmer
James Farrell
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Farrell
Pat Federcell
Clara Felix
Manny & Jo Fernandez
Valerie Fernandez
John & Suzy Ferreri
Ken & Nancy Findeisen
Mrs. Catherine Fink
& Ms. Cathy Carlson
Carolyn Finnegan & James Finnegan
Robert & Durlyn Finnie
Barbara Fisher
Brent Fisher
Mike & Kela Fisher
Ms. Erin Fitzsimmons
David & Denise Fleetham
John & Jennifer Flynn
David Fonseca
George & Paige Fontaine
Chandler Ford
Frank & Maile Ford
Don & June Forrester
Doreen Forsberg
Shirley Forsgren & Donna Sonnenberg
Beverly & Tomas Foster
Joseph C. Foster
Alan Fox
John & Janice Francis
Julie Frank
Julie Frazier & Anne Higley
Dr. & Mrs. Geoff Fricker
Anne Friedman & Karen Twitchell
William & Ramona Friel
Lauri Fritsch & Russell Speck
Art & Marilyn Granito
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Greenman
Sally Gretz & Wendell Inamasu
Colette Griffis
Vicky L. Grimes
Mr. & Mrs. John Grippi
Brad & Jane Grover
W. Eugene Groves
J.B. Guard & Emalia Brown
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Guard III
Tom & Denise Guerin
Russel & Muffy Gushi
Wendy & Jacob Gusman
Alyce Haines
Jack & Barbara Hale
Mark & Angel Halik
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Halsey
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Hamai
Michael Hanle
Robert & Donna Hansen
William Hanshaw
Margaret Hanzawa
Jeanne Hardie & David Ferrebee
James & Lesley Hargrove
Mr. Alan Harris
Rev. Maeva-Louise Harris
Marlon Harris & Jean Angelheart
Patricia & Carl Harris
Ms. Nancy Hart
Dan & Linda Hartley
Derrick Hatada
Persis Hataria
Mr. Eric Hatcher
Milford & Aileen Hatcher
Mr. & Mrs. Leander Hathaway
William Haus & Patti Welton
Mel & Gail Hayashi
Phil Hayes
Mr. & Mrs. Kimo Haynes
Fred Haywood
John B. Hearne
T.N. & Frances Heininger
Scott Heller
Mr. Steven Heller
Guy & Mikahala Helm
Diane Henke
Mr. & Mrs. William Henry
Marty Herling
Mrs. Mary Hertz & Ms. Virginia Hertz
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hetzer
Evelyn Heu & Elise Moniz
Hirum & Annette Heu
Garret & Mary Hew
Ernie & Colleen Hewlett
William & Machiko Heyde
Tom & Doris Higa
Calvin & Sharon Higuchi
Frank & Sheri Stein Hill
Tim & Teddy Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hirai
Frances & Raymond Hirano
Mr. & Mrs. Meiji Hirose
Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Hirschhorn
Carmela J. Ho & Annette L. Haaff
David & Pam Hoff
Ms. Mimi Hoffman
Roy & Nancy Hoiem
Dennis & Dianne Holland
Carl & Kelly Holmberg
Mrs. Clarice Holmes
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Holmes
Hester Hooe-Niewald
Ed & Charlotte Horstman
Donald & Geraldine Hoscheit
Rick & Jan Howard
Brian & Judy Henriques-Hubin
Jodi Hue Sing
Karen & Tom Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Hughes
Tim Hultquist
Susan Hungerford
Kirk & Joan Hunt
Carol & Wayne Ibers
Mr. Arnold Imaye
Dr. T. Imray & Mrs. Carla Imray
Mitchell Irwin & Lisa Kemp
Craig Ives & Beth Skinner
Lynn Iwamasa
Larry & Teri Jackson
John & Kay Jackson
Mark Bladen Jackson & Dena Jackson
Robert & Cheryl Jacobson
Andrew & Nikki Janssen
Brian & Lisa Jenkins
Shannon & Stuart Jennewein
Mrs. R. Virginia Jennings
Rail & Janet Jennings
Mr. & Mrs. Grafton Jhung
Andrea Jiran
Hal Jobe & Gary Mohrlang
Ann Elaine & Phillip Johnson
Suzanne Johnson
Mr. Thomas Johnson
& Ms. Laurie LaFleur
Wayne & Dolores Johnson
David Johnston
& Sally Sefton-Johnston
Scott Johnston
Carl Jordan
Elizabeth Jordan & Steve Toby
Konrad Juestel
Dr. Glenn & Beverly Kadohiro
David & Natalie Kahoohanohano
Derek Kai
Paul & Robin Kaiser
Joseph & Cynthia Kanahuna
Ed & Mieko Kanemoto
Andrea & Hinano Kaumeheiwa
Ronald and Blossom Kawahara
Roger & Rose Kawasaki
Julie & Ali Kean
Jesse Kearns
Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Kebel
Michael T. & Madeline Kennedy
Norman & Lynda Kenney
Tom Kennis
Barbara Ann Kent
Dr. & Mrs. William Kepler
Sheri & John Kerr
Frank & Leinaala Kihm
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kimball
William and Jeanette Kinaka
Allan & Janice King
Mr. Martin King
Mr. & Mrs. William H. King
Susanne & Avi Kiriaty
Mrs. Judy Kitagawa
John (Jack) & Maribeth Klobuchar
Keith Knapp
Lenore & Charles Knobel
Jannette & Kent Knowley
Kent Knowley
Mizue Kobayashi
Patricia Kochi & Cynthia Kochi-Kaiama
Mr. & Mrs. Tamateru Kodama
Kerry Koike & Sandi Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Y. S. Kong
Victor & Maryvonne Kosatschkow
John & Sonia Kreag
Teresa and Jack Krepps
John Krome
Gaylord & Young-Shin Kubota
Miss Joy Kubota
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kubota
Gordon & Peggy Kuia
Ms. Karen Kurokawa
P. Denise La Costa & Edward Arrault
Dr. & Mrs. R. Gregory LaGoy
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Laird
Jean A. Lakin
Bill & Pat Lamson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lane
Richard Langford
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Langman
Robert & Mary Lanser
Mrs. Betty Lasbury
Mr. & Mrs. Henry T.S. Lau
William Lauer & David Lauer
Lucille & James Lawrence
Robert D. Lawrence
Nancy & Roger Leahy
Fred Leber
Carolyn & Kirk LeDuc
Robert Lee & Julianne Perry Lee
Jennifer Lee-Larson
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Leigh
Julie Leis
Carol & Dean Lem
Paul Lempio
Dr. Paula & Martin Lenny
Mr. Noah Leong & Ms. Leola Muromoto
Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Astrid Lepolstat
Patti Ann Leval
Douglas & Maureen Levin
Mary Liebner
James Likes
Mr. P.A. Lilly
Vincent Ryan Linares
Jim & Sue Lincoln
Mr. & Mrs. George Lindell
Elden & Joanie Liu
Mr. & Mrs. Hal Louchheim
Ellen Loucks & Walter Vorfeld
Mervyn & Marie Loughmiller
Thomas & Patricia Loughran
Mr. & Mrs. Avery Loy
Wayne & Bernice Lu
Linda Ludwick & Michael McGuire
Mrs. Nancy Ludwig
Jeffrey & Suzanne Lundahl
Gregg & Marleen Lundberg
Francois & Susie Luyet
Sam & Camille Lyons
Mr. & Mrs. Todd MacFarlane
Leslie MacKenzie & Scott M. Smith
Kevin & Marie Madaya
John Madden
Earl & Joy Magarifuji
Susan & Joe Malaga
Dr. & Mrs. Kenny Malott
Valeria Mandall
Diane Mangini
Jonathan & Beatrez Mann
Therese & David Manner
Robert Manning
Richard & Judith Manthei
Paul Marchetti
Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Marino
Carl Marsh
Daniel & Marcy Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Maryatt
Jerry & Rolberta Masaki
Amity Mason
Mr. & Mrs. William Masotti
Mr. Charles Massey
Robert Masters & Carol Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Masterson
Dr. Robert & Susi Mastroianni
Harlan & Marnie Masuda
Annette Matsuda
Noboru & Yaeko Matsuda
Lynn Matsui
Robert & Edith Matsumoto
Mr. Chris H. Matsuura
Mr. & Mrs. David Mattos
Cyndi Mayo Davis
Gerard Mazzacano
Nancy & J. Thomas Mc Carthy
Vern & Mimi McAleer
Maren & Alec McBarnet
Jack & Linda McBride
Vrinda McCandless
Thomas & Dixie McCarthy
Mr. Steve McCullough
Robert McInerney
Lisa McIntosh & Yarek Bartosz
Mr. & Mrs. Adelbert McIntyre
Tom & Shelly McKinnon
Wanda McMaster
Mark McMillan
Judge & Mrs. Douglas McNish
Michael McPherson
Scott & Debi Mead
Richard & Jo Ann Meaney
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Medina
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Mee
Scott Meidell & Linda Matossian
Mr. David Mendonca
Jeff & Debra Merle
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Mervis
Mikel Mesh & Amy Lin
Mrs. Frances C. Meshulam
Michael Messmore & Jamie Ino
Ms. Suzzette Metcalfe
Dr. Byron Metts
Lance Migita
October / November 2009
Lola & Cameron Milani
Brian Miller & Kathleen Pico
David & Lynne Miller
Eric Miller
Greg Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Miller
Pamela & Bruce Miller
Robert & Pamela Miller
Andrew & Regina Miller-Gathright
Tom & Wendy Milovina
John & Jean Min
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Minford
Russ Mishler & Mary West
Mr. & Mrs. Don Mitsumura
Dr. & Mrs. Alan Miyamoto
David J. & Maryanne Moe
Mr. Jay Henry Molina
& Mrs. Cheryl Tomlin-Molina
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard S. Momita
Teena Monden
Dr. Meredith Moon & Dr. Bruce Glen
Susan Moore & Judy Duvall
Debbie Moran Fagan & William Fagan
Ohua & Steve Morando
Elsie & William Morimoto
David & Lil Morreira
Cecilia Morris
Neil & Shirley Morrison
Eric H. & Violet Y. Moto
Mike & Kathy Mouat
Edward & Lori Muegge
Heather Mueller
Patrick & Juliette Mulligan
Todd & Lourdes Mullikin
Jackie & Gary Murai
Bryan Y. Murakami
Ralph & Grace Murakami
Akiyo Murata & Tan Altinbay
L. Sue Murray
Michael and Rosemary Murray
Leila Nacua & Kelli Spencer
Mr. & Mrs. John Naeole
Lester Nakama
Charlotte C. & Alvin T. Nakamura
Aric Nakashima
Mr. Max Nakatani
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Nash
Mike & Peggy Naylor
Jesse & Ann Neizman
Teresa Nelle
Dave & Lisa Nelson
David & Brigitte Nelson
Thomas & Karen Nelson
Mark & Deborah Nesbit
Robert C. Nesbitt
Vickie Newell
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Newman
Scott & Tesha Newman
Susan Nezeu
Yukie Ng
Carolyn Nichols
Mr. Cliff Nickens & Ms. Paula Wagner
Catherine Nielsen
Jim & Patti Niemeyer
Carolyn Nishimura & Brie Nishimura
Carrie & Wesley Nohara
Jan Nolan
Anne S. Norris
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Norton
Craig Novak
Betty O'Connell
Robin O'Donnell
Dr. Lance Ogata
Michael & Rosanne Ogles
Geri Ohta
Anne M. Oishi & Glenn Oura
Scott & Shari Okada
Linda Okita Tom
Steve & Carol Olsen
Mr. Jonathan Olson & Ms. Judy Thoma
Bruce & Lizbeth Olsten
Hideo & Fusako Omine
Geralyn Onaga
Nancy O'Neal
Mr. Paul Oppenheimer
& Ms. Joanne Judge
John & Deanna Orsbun
Yong Ju Oshima
Norman & Althea Oshiro
Prudence Ota
Matthew & Kirsten Otterson
Barry & Linda Owen
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Owen
Frederick Pablo & Luise Braun
Katherine Paet
James Palmateer
Laura Paresa
Joanna Paris
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Parrish
Clifford T. Pastor
Dr. Apolinario & Holly Pastrana
Julie & Patrick Patterson
Woody Paylor & Val Jensen
Howard & Sharon Pearson
Dennis Pederson
Godwin & Rebecca Pelissero
Louise S. Pell
Shelley Pellegrino & David Merchant
Hal & Cynthia Pestana
Mr. William S. Peters
Thomas & Deborah Peterson
Jim & Judith Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Peterson
Lynn Peterson
Paul & Yvonne Petro
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Phillips
Veronica & Howard Pietsch
Bill & Debby Pigott
Fred & Beverly Pinkerton
Daniel Piro
Tim & Kathy Pisoni
Mr. & Mrs. James Platz
Roger & Lisa Pleski
Mardi Lee E. Plomp
Joseph D. Pluta
Richard & Cori Pohle
Robert & Klazina Pollock
Michele & Ken Potts
Jenifer Pratico
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Pratt
Todd & Debra Preseault
Sharon & Jack Priegel
Daniel Purtee
Barry & Nancy Rand
Janice & Bob Raney
Fred & Maria Rawe
John Rawson
Barry & Dawn Ray
Robert & Christine Ray
J.B. Rea
Mr. Donald Reeser
Robert Reid
Mr. Jonathan Reily
Carol Reimann
Bernadette Reiter
Steven H. & Helen Rempel
Gretchen Rhodes
Mr. Doug Rice & Ms. Christine Andrews
Martha Ann Rice
Ken & Su Richard
Amy Richards
Michelle Richards & Joe Duarte
Joel & Elaine Richman
Robin & Jillian Ridington
Paul & Shirley Risinger
Eric Roberts & Maribeth Theisen
Eldon & Barbara Robinson
Robert Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Robison
Grace Robison & Ron Klonoski
Martin & Jo Rockwell
Angela Rogers
Darlene & Wally Rogers
Nancy & Ray Rogers
Donna Rolens
Cecelia Romero
& Kaho'o Kamakawiwo'ole
Mark & Carol Ross
Cynthia Roth
Ms. Grace Roth
& Mrs. Winona Watanabe
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Rowehl
Adelaide Rowland
Sherr Ruane
Mark Rudd
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Saiki
Patrick & Karen Saka
Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Sakai
John & Mabel Sakuma
Wendell & Janice Sakuma
Barbara & Daniel Saldivar
Louis & Nancy Salera
Fredrick Sands
Roxalyn & Alexander Santiago
James T. & Ann Sato
Karl Sauer
Anita & Bruce Saunders
Michelle & Sebastian Sayegh
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Scangas
Kenneth & Kathleen Schaffer-Barr
Chris Scharein & Ted Gee
Jane Scheid & Wm Gill Brooks
Nancy & Ronald Scheidler
Holly Schmalenberger-Haugen
Christine & Richard Schmidt
Mr. & Mrs. William Schmidt
John Schofield
Ms. Patty A. Schumacher
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schumacher
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schwab
Greg Scott
Ross & Anna Scott
Chuck Sedmak
Jay Seely
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Shafer
Ari & Ellyn Shapiro
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Shapiro
Nancy Shearman
Gregg & Wanda Shelton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shelton
Kirk Shepard & Miss Kayla Shepard
Mrs. Shirley Shepherd
Teri Sherrow
Clifford Shibano
Naomi Shimada & Dean Shimada
Daniel Shiraki
October / November 2009
Pamela Shirley
Wesley & Janice Shyer
Stacey Siangco
Richard & Deborah Siegert
Adell Sievers
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Silard
Ned & Brooke Simonds
Ken & Deborah Sinclair
Maura Sindel
Bob & Cindy Singer
Mr. Peter Sisco
Dr. Edward A. Smeloff
& Ms. Carole Linden
Barry & Nancy Smith
Bruce & Joy Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Byron Smith
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Smith, Jr.
Donald Smith
Donny & Sada Smith
Kathryn & Doug Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Smith
Kim Smith & Len Jacoby
Norman & Sonia Snow
Kathy Somerton
Marianne L. Sorenson
Kathleen & Ron Soule
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Spaulding
Rob & Jennie Spenser
Phil & Theresa Spitler
Mark & Cami Spurgin
Douglas & Joanne Stacy
Mrs. Martha M. Stacy
Elizabeth Starr
& Kualono Starr Harvey
Don & Jill Stein
Katherine Steinberg
John & Cate Stephens
Ms. Dale Stewart & Mr. Keith Knox
Meg Stewart & Kade S. Mount
Wayne & Diane Stilwell
Jackson Stisher
Joni & John Stone
Richard G. Stone
Jerry & Maureen Stowell
Robert & Pamels Street
Mr. Brent Stricker & Mr. Brent Freemont
Rick & Debra Strini
Dr. Steven Strong
Norman Stubbs & Alyson Wong
Wessely & Debbi Sur
Stephen Sussman & Janice Roberts
Ms. Carey Lee Sutherland
Carol Suyama
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Tacdol
Mrs. Betsy Tadaki & Mrs. Donna Vierra
Larry & Barbara Tadakuma
Alvin & Yolanda Tagomori
Mike & Myriam Takamatsu
Christopher & Alicia Takitani
Jan M. Tam Ho
Kay & Lorraine Tamaribuchi
Fred F. Tamasaka
Robert & Valerie Tamura
Joe & Barbara Tanaka
Harold D. Tapaoan
Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Tasaka
Mr. & Mrs. James Tavares
Dennis & Kathy Taylor
Gordon & Kay Taylor
Toni & Walter Taylor
Lance & Shari Terada
Lisa & John Terada
Marjorie & Zel Terluin
Tom & Lori Tezak
Thomas & Ellen Thayer
Tim & Christine Thevenard
Patty Thibaut
William Thomas
Kris Thomas Guyant
Carol Thomason
Richard & Johanna Thompson
Duane & Annette Ting
Herb & Kathy Toda
Colleen Todt
Brian & Faith Tokeshi
Clifford & Ruth Tokumaru
Molly Tokunaga & Dayni Shimomura
Candace Tom
David Topper
Carole & Robyn Toy
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Toyama
Sande & Craig Trenholme
Charles R. Treuhold & Ms. Faye Field
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Tsutsui
Tamiko Tucker
Natalie & John Tyler
Tom & Diane Umbour
Mr. & Mrs. Lylas Uradomo
Gary Utterback & Tom Utterback
John & Teresa Vail
Jay Van Zwalenburg
Ms. Marianne Vasquez
Dr. David & Darlene Vassos
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Vawter
Mr. Roland Vegas
Karen & Lane Venardos
We Love
In the last seven years, the Maui Humane Society has placed
more than 13,000 lost or abandoned pets into loving homes.
Please support us in our efforts to help Maui’s homeless
and abused animals. We are a private, non-profit agency,
and we depend on your donations, large or small.
Help us save lives. Donate today....for more happy endings.
Call (808) 877-3680 or visit
to make a tax-deductible gift.
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Annual Donors
continued from page 23
Thomas & Nancy Vendetti
David & Harriet-Rae Vickers
Stephanie B. Viela & Ella L. Fowler
Mr. Anthony A. Vierra
& Ms. Kimberly Hue Sing
Joel B. Vince-Cruz
Mr. Gary Vinge
Daniel Viola & Cora Nakano
Rick Vito
Lea Voss & Carol Voss
Mr. Jim & Kim Wagner-Wicker
Ann Wakamatsu
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Wakida
Mary Anna & Randy Waldrop
Mrs. Lucia Wallace
Lisa Walsh & Jonathan Mizel
Bruce Ward & Shirley Mattingly
Dean & Tad Wariner
Dr. & Mrs. Gene Wasson
Vernroy Watanabe
William and Betty Watanabe
Puck & Lois Waterhouse
Jacque Waters & Ciro Mangione
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Watts
Barbara Weaver
Dale & Jacqueline Webster
Donald & Elaine Weiland
Louis Weinstein
Mrs. Jill Weintraub
Barbara & Terrill Welander
Jerry & Robin Welch
Walt & Jeanne Wellinger
Karl & Jeannie Wenger
David & Donna Werner
Barbara Westenberg
& Carrol Westenberg
Bruce & Kolleen Wheeler
Buzz & Diana Whitehead
Robert Whitlatch
Bill & Tamara Whitley
Lance & Kaye Whitney
Blan & Lynn Williams
Jason & Christine Williams
Ken & Martha Williams
Marcia Williams & Ronald Taylor
Monica Williams
Paul C. & Kelly Williamson
John & Donnette-Gene Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. R. Fred Wilson
David Wiltsie
Ray Wimberley
Peter & Deborah Hasegawa Winkler
David & Heather Wittenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wittenbrock
Mr. Thomas J. Wolf
Barbara & Richard Wong
Lester & Maile Wong
Mei Lee Wong
A. Frederick & Carolyn Wood
Rick & Kanara Woodford
Barbara & R.L. Workman
Teresa Wright & Gary Suter
Edward & Victoria Wundram
Robert & Leonora Wykoff
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wysard
Ronald & Evelina Yamakawa
Stella S.Yamamoto
Eric & Iris Yamashige
Fred & Helen Yamashige
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Yanagawa
Ann Yanagi
Mien Yap & Robert Lohle
Tomie Miyajima Yasak
& Susan Kanegai
Brian Yetter
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Yokouchi
Mrs. Roy R.Yonahara
Ms. Amy Yonashiro
Jody Yoshida
Gary & Alma Yoshimori
Nelson & Karen Yoshina
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Yoshizawa
Marlene Young & Roberta Kokx
Tanis Young
Tim Young
Alan & Sandra Yung
Lance & Elaine Ziegler
�Ilima Dual Club
Duane & Sherry Abbott
Kenji & Fay Abe
Kari Adams
Robert Aguilar
Judee Mae Aki
Linda & Dave Allegre
Ramsay & Victoria Anakalea
Bruce & Arsinia P. Anderson
Elizabeth & Steve Anderson
James & Janet Andrews
Cora P. Angel-Medrano
Brian & Jaye Arakaki
Leslie Arakaki, D.D.S.
& Charlene Matsuoka
Ludovic Bainvel & Dow Anthony
Heather Bandt
Phil & Bonnie Barrett
Johanna & Steve Baskins
Bill & Vibeke Bates
Robert & Sarah Beggs
Edward & Helen Bigelow
John & Boonta Biviano
Kent & Annetta Blette
William & Cleo Bloedon
Jane Bordignon
Nicky Boskoff
Nelson & Ann Boteilho
Irene Bowie & Tom Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bowman
Michael Bright
Carol & Barry Brown
Cynthia Brown Quisenberry
Juenlee & Daniel Brown
William & Saeko Brown
James & Jennifer Brumbaugh
Gina Bulosan & Michael Gabriel
David Burnett
Howie Burrill
Bill & Catherine Burton
Karin Carlson & Robert Sine
Monty & Kim Carpenter
Frank & Betty Cesario
Charles & Linda Chandler
Mr. Ronald Chapple
& Ms. Debra Waldron
Jim & Kathi Chase
Jeffrey Chester & Joyce Chin
Lee & Colleen Chong
Teresa Chu
Meryl & Bruce Cohen
Tom & Alice Colando
Rick & Susan Colletto
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Conner
Cynthia Conrad & Jerry Labb
Hunton & Radha Conrad
Maxwell & Patti Costa
Coral Cottage & Li Haan
Larry Courtney
& Ronald McLaughlin
Dave & Chris Cowan
Edward Jr. & Frances Craig
Jean Critser & Robert Kress
Michael Currier
Lisa Daly & Robert Wiltz
Patricia Frank & David Wilhoit
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Frias
Louis & April Furst
Joel & Kathleen Furuta-Heinz
James & Jane Gallagher
Glenda & Ray Garcia
Jon Garcia
Kathleen Giambalvo
Dorinda Giles
Bob & Dru Gilroy
Ms. Anne Goff
David & Glenda Grooms
Mr. & Mrs. Tetsuo K. Hamada
Tanya Hansen
Ms. Anna Hanson
& Mr. Peter Hanson
Jane Harberts
James & Andrea Harris
Mr. & Mrs. John Haruguchi
Scott Hayden
Earle Hayes
James N. Hepburn
& Barbara de Wit
Raymond & Sybil Herbrick, Sr.
Dave & Mary Joan Hervey
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Heyd
Hale & Kimberly Hilsabeck
David Himle
& Kiersten Robinson
Maile Hiyane
Anne Kate Holidae
& Julie Kozuki
Dr. John & Diana Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. Shufflo Honda
Robert Hoonan
& Debbie Rodrigues
Trudy Hoppe & Chris Mithen
Jeffrey Hunt & Renie Kelly
Christiane Huntley
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Iaconetti
Gary & Kathleen Iannitello
Koji & Sumie Ikeda
David & Carolyn Israelite
Mr. & Mrs. Isamu Iwaishi
Marie Janowiak
& Thomas Metcalf
Robert Jasper
David & Silvana Jenkins
Ms. Deborah Jordan
& Mr. Bernard Cortinez
Terry & Robert Joseph
Audrey Kaneshiro
Kristi Kapahulehua
& Junior Faapito
Mitzie Keawekane & Amos
Lonokailua Hewett
John & Jo Kehoe
Tom McQuinn
Ms. Mary Lou Mellinger
& Mr. Everette Senter
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Menifee
Don Miller
Randall Minas
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miskae
Gary Moen
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Monroe
Guy & Eunice Muraoka
Anjanette Naganuma
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Nishihara
Ryan & Kathryn Nixon
James & Barbara Noel
Diane & Colly Norman
Marguereite Obenauf
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Offermann
Colleen Okazaki
Rick Olson & Susan Hansen
Dr. Kevin & Mrs. Mae Omuro
Jeff & Karen Ort
Stanley & Frances Ort
Jennifer Orzell & Geoffrey Murrish
Ken & Judy Ottaviano
Ruth & Rosanna Panopio
Jack & Bobbie Patnode
Deb & Ken Pearsall
Peter & Susan Peck
Pete & Julie Peterson
Jim & Jill Phillips
Dorothy M. Planck
Hayden & Wendy Pogni
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Preble
Mary Ann & Frank Price
Debbie Probst
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pure
Fel & Keri Quinsaat
Robert Raimo
Joe & Marcia Raley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ramirez
Jennifer & Stephen Rappenecke
James & Janice Revells
Dorothy Richter
Alice Riddle & Tom Colando
Beverly Ringger
Barry & Stella Rivers
John Frank Rizzo Jr. & Carol
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Robert
Jerry & Nancy Robles
Lee Rochman & Patti Mendoza
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Rosa
Al & Susie Rosenblum
Teri Ruen
Arlene & Don Ruffatto
My favorite MACC
“ ”
Running around in a
black cape.
Ellen Dammers
& Chris Lagasse
Beth & Stephen Daniel
Mr. Danielsen and Ms. Monberg
Ken & Sharon Delfeld
Max & Mary DeRham
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Derks
David & Susan Dery
William & Sarah Devlin
Barbara Di Ferrante
& Henry Popkin
Sara Dixon
Robert Djurdevic
Walter & Pepper Dombroski
Linda Anne Dorset
& Jerry A. Morgan
Michael Duberstein
& Jeanne Mosley
Mark & Leila Elf
Dr. & Mrs. C.W. Ely, Jr.
Gene & Ian Evans
Linda Ewing
Wayne & Alene Farner
Fred & Marilu Ferguson
Jane Ferrante & John Morre
Peter D. Figgis
& Stephie Cawood
Michael & Debra Finkiewicz
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fornwall
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Franco
Bryon & Jacqueline Kelly
Dennis & Charleen Kermabon
Matt & Lisa Kolendich
Terance Kopanski
Jennifer & Chris Kramer
Tracy Kross
James Krueger
Jim & Irene Kueppers
Doris Lang & Gordon Firestein
Howard & Diane Lapp
Dr. George & Judy Lavenson
Gina & Steven Lawless
Sandra & David Lawrence
Cynthia Leas
Kevin & Claudia Ledesma
Lon Lorimor
Barbara A. Malloy
& Chuck Watson
Mark & Vicki Marchello
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Richard G. Dale
Dr. Mickey Damerell
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Dorothy DeGusman
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Kathi Fitch
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Erase Spider & Varicose Veins
Without Surgery
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Jennifer Lynn & Dave Elberg
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Lynda Macdonald
Kathy MacGlashan
Mr. Steve Mack
Laura Mackey
Mary Madamba
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The Honorable Glenn A. Mahler
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Bruno Mallet
Jean Mallia
Kathryn Maloney
JoJo Maltese
Kahulu Maluo-Huber
Liane Mansano
Eliza Marino
Fern Markgraf
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Ms. Suzette Marlowe
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Mrs. Tina Marshall
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Christi Masters
Mark Masuda
Sharyn Matin
Jason Matsui
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Patrice M. Matsumoto
Mark Mattos
Imelda Angel Mawae
Rodney Mayeaux
Leinaala Maynard
Ms. Connie McAboy
Vera McCabe-Silva
Linda McCarthy
Victoria McCarty
Jodi McClave
John McClean
Ms. Mary Ann McCloskey
David McConnell
Michael McDonald
Kimberly McEvoy
Jean McKinnon
Accepting New Clients
Varicose veins and heavy,
painful legs can now be
treated in the office.
Walk-ins Welcomed
• Covered by most
insurance plans
To this!
Skin Diseases • Cosmetic • Laser • Skin Cancer
• Back to normal activity
usually by the next day
• No vein stripping
• Acne Clinic • Rashes
• Skin Lumps & Bumps
• Varicose Veins
• Botox • Restylane
• Tattoo & Hair Removal
• Eyelid Surgery
Dr. Ly
877-6526 • 89 Ho�okele St. #101, Kahului (directly behind Home Depot)
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Lloyd Yukawa
Mr. Stephen Zack
Renee Zaima
Michael Zarate
Jeffrey Zerkle
Jill M. Zimmer
Barbara Zimmerman
Hassie Zitnik
Ian Zwicker
�Ilima Club
Shalandra Abbey
Millard Allgood
Mrs. Nancy M. Alueta
Etsuko Andersen
Kathie Anderson
Wes E. Anderson
Richard & Barbara Angus
Anonymous (3)
Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Arensdorf
Roselle Armitage
Ethel Asato
Adah Askew
David Baar
Ronald & Marie Bader
Mrs. Roselle Bailey
Byron Baker
Rosemarie Baker
David & Samara Balfour
Donna Barata
Alfred Barcomb
Joanna Barnes
Gini & Jay Beaufait
Betty Beggs
Mrs. Judy Beisner
Ellen Belconis
Fred & Bobbi Bell
Mary Jo Bell
Ms. Marty-Jean Bender
Sara Bezane
Ms. Numia Blackwell
Peter Bleau
Connie Bleil
Norman Bondy
Jerry F. Borrmann
Charles Bower
Mr. Sheldon Braidman
Gary Bratland
Priscilla Bratland
Gary & Brady Brauner
John & Ada Brydges
Orlando C. Cabalo
Hermina Cabebe
Jane Cambouris
Barbara Cannon
Linda Cantrell
Odette Carothers
Joan Carson
Mr. Earl F. Chandler
Beatrice Chong Kee
Ms. Grale Chong
Barbara Clark
Beverly Clark
Harriet & Bob Collopy
Mrs. Lenore Conklin
Patricia Cook
Ann Coopersmith
Joseph Cortese
Harriet B. Cost
Ruth Costa
Mieko Crowell
Sun Dancer
Mary P. Daoust
Jan Dapitan
Tina Dart
Vince Davi
Earlene Davis
Edward Davis
Mrs. Liz Dawson
Sharon Deardeuff
Henry DeCoite
Bessie Demello
Nancy Dennison
Judith DePillars
Diane Desiderio
Carroll Dillon
Mr. Marconi Dioso
Nancy Dodge Hayes
Jean Doerr
Toshi & Mabel Domae
Jan Donahoo
Dr. Charles Dougherty
Ms. Ann Dubose
Ms. Eleanor Dudley
Mrs. Juanita A. Duldulao
Coila I. Eade
Rosa Enriques
Johanna Epp
Charles & Lois Epstein
Judith A. Everett
Vernon Fenske
Mrs. Myrna L. Fernandez
Ann Fielding
Frank Firestine
Philip Fleck Jr.
Judy E. Fox
Tom & Margie Fox
Joe Fradin
Sandra Fricke
Dan Friedman
Caroline Fujii
Alvin K. Fukunaga
Vicente Fukushima
Lydia Furomoto
Hugh Galt
Elizabeth Ganski
Ms. Maggie Ganutisi
Arthur Gau
Patricia Gaudet
Louise George
Don Gerbig
Dr. George Gerritsen & Mrs. Janet
S. Simons-Gerritsen
Kay Ghean
Catherine Giamenelli
Joie Gifford
Doug Gillis
Ms. Elaine Nobuko Gima
Shirley Glivinski
Karen Goins
Mary-Jean W. L. Gose
Leslie Granat Foundation
Sharmen Graydon
Ms. Lynne Gregg
Mr. Peter B. Gregory
Carl Griffith
Tannis J. Grimes
Loran Gross
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Guerin
Carol Guerrero
Richard Haake
Rita Z. Hara
Mona Harris
Barbara Harrison
Herb Hartmann
Adele Hartzell
Edith Hasegawa
Jerald Hatch
Jerold Hayashida
Joan Hayden
Michael Heffernan
Hal Hendrick
Mary Hendrick
Anne K. Herrick
Jessie Hillinger
Mr. Walter Hillinger
Judith Hornick
Mr. David Hoyt
Beverly Hubbel
Mrs. Charlaine Hughes
Trudy Hughes
Mr. Fred Hulbert
Robert W. Hunt
Joyce Ige
Ms. Didi Ikola
Blanche N. Ito
Mr. & Mrs. Murray Jafine
Harvey Janis
Ms. Betty Johnson
Mrs. Malia Johnson
Casey Joseph
Pamelia Ann Josheff
Mrs. Shizue F. Kadoyama
Sam & Geraldine Ka'eo
Miss Brandie-Jaye Kaiama
Mr. and Mrs. Kamasaki
June Kanada
Michael Kanovsky
Ms. Edith Kapiko
David Kapralik
Mrs. Carol Karakawa
Mae Karimoto
Kathleen Kastles
Antonietta M. Kearney
Virginia Keen
Sandra Kelly
Jeanne Kenlon
Dr. & Mrs. Donald A. Kennedy
Mr. William Kerbox
Linda Kiess
Janis Kinoshita
Chris Kirby
Richard Kistler
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Klein
Robert & Ann Klein
Mollie Klingman
Marian C. Kluwe
Douglas & Sadako Kodama
Barbara Kohley
Ms. Alma S. Konno
Henry & Alice Kono
Sally Ann Kraensel
Roger Krom
Tsuneyuki & Kikuyo Kubota
Ryosuke & Adel Ann Kunisawa
Kit Kurz
Barbara LaMarca
Lawrence & Mary Ann Lambert
David Langdon
James & Diana Lanigan
Paul Larigee
Niles Larson
Richard H. Larson
Beverly Lawler
Mr. & Mrs. Sam LeFore
Mary Ann Leigh
Leroy & Sandra LeJeunesse
Diana Leone
Ruth Levin
Gilbert Levitt
Joann M. Linafelter
Mario R. Lopez
Mary Ann Lundquist
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald K. Machida
Michael & Myrna Macias
Shelley Maddigan
Mr. Richard Makino
Mr. Robert Marcy
Yonah Marks
Gary L. Martin
Ms. Martha E. Martin
Patricia H. Masumoto
Joe Mateo
Masayo O. Matsui
Jaquelynne Mauvais
Donna McClure
Jay McClure
Miles E. McClure
Stan McDonald
James E. McGann
Peggy McGee
Rosalie McPherson
Nancy E. Meyer
Robert & Carolyn Millard
Michiko Miller
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Mrs. Elaine Minford
Teri Mister
Ethel M. Miyahira
Mr. Robert Miyashiro
Dave Mojas
Martha W. Monahan
Shirley Monoogan
Keith & Karen Moody
Mrs. Rose D. Mooradian
Mrs. Katherine Moriyasu
Tom Mullon
Jean Murakami
Leora Murakami
Patsy Murray
Flo Nakama
Tokiko Nakamura
Robert W. Nelson
Shirley Nelson
Nadine Newlight
Bonnie Newman
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Mr. & Mrs. Edward Nishihara Sr.
Ms. Alberta Nobu
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Mrs. Joan Oram
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Mr. & Mrs. Tadashi Otsu
Robbi Overvold
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Mr. Richard Platek
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Dr. Phillip & Mary Priebe
Mr. Wilford Pulawa Sr.
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Ardis & Dave Records
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Ms. Winifred Saiki
Terry & Kinue Sakaitani
Ruby K. Sakurada
Joan Samuels
Dr. Robert Schaffhauser
Martin Schiff
Violet Schindler
Rex Schirmer
Mrs. Marian Schmid
Donald Schroeder
Ms. Lani Scott
Anna Carol Seki
Mrs. Elaine Shapiro
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Shefte
Amy Shim
Casey Shim
Miss Momoye Shimada
Yoshie Shoji
Rita Silva
Barbara Sinclair
Mrs. Laurie Skrzenta
Koana Smith
Dr. Timothy & Mrs. Nancy Smith
Victoria Smith
Mara Snaith
Nancy Snow
Ms. Kathryn Snyder
Warren E. Snyder
Alvin & Isabell Soares
Helen Sobaje
E. Steve Sonnenberg
Sue Spurgin
David & Gene Standiford
Dan Stockhammer
Bert Strahn
Armie Stuhr
Ms. Marion Suda
David Sunderland
Ellen Sway
Mary Sweet
Russell Taft
Kenneth & Karen Taira
Lillian M. Takabayashi
Mrs. Edith Tan
Mrs. Alexander Tarpoff
P. Arlene Tavares
Tom A. Templeton
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Antonia Thiessen
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Barbara Timm
Dorothy Tolliver
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Theodore A. Trouerbach
Mr. Paul A. Twelker
Marjorie Tyler
Mrs. Harriet Van Steen
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Mr. Vic Voss
Thelma T. Waki
Judy Waters
Dr. Shirley Weeks
Muriel Y. Wehrman
Marilyn R. Wellner
Chris & June Werner
Marsha L. White
Ken & Ruth Williams
Audrey Kent Wilson
Ms. Joy Wilson
Mrs. Carolyn Wolf
Brenda Wong
Larry Wong
Frank Wooding
Lois Wylie
Ms. Mildred Yagi
Carol Yalam
Patsy Yamashita
Robert & Linda York
Mrs. Haruyo Yoshioka
Constance Young
Patricia Young
Suzanne Young
Jerome Zamarin
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Zane
October / November 2009
Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Board of Directors
In memory of John C. Baldwin
Bruce & Betty Alberts
Bank of Hawaii, Al Landon, Chairman & CEO
Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation
Karen A. Fischer & John K. Eckhart
Jack & Carolyn Schaefer Gray
Dorvin & Betty Leis
Mr. Robert J. & Dr. Mary Lou Morgado
Thurston & Sharon Twigg-Smith
Susan L. Sumida
Thom Weyand
In memory of Nonie & Bill Brundage
Alpaugh Foundation
Chairman: James J. C. Haynes
Vice Chairman: Judy Siracusa
Treasurer: Jack Naiditch
Secretary: Travis O. Thompson
Leo Agcolicol
Edward Baldwin
Zadoc W. Brown, Jr.
Richard F. Cameron
Louis Cole
Maggie Cole
Robert Davidson
Carolyn Schaefer Gray
Kathy Halpin
Honey Bun Haynes
Alexa Higashi
Stephen Holaday
Tamara Horcajo
Jim Judge
Betty Leis
Dorvin D. Leis
Helen MacArthur
Michael Moore
Robert J. Morgado
Wendy Rice Peterson
Margaret I. Raffin
Clyde Sakamoto
Thomas Steinhauer
Anthony Takitani
Founding Chairman: Masaru “Pundy” Yokouchi
Directors Emeritus: Janet Allan, Judy Bisgard,
Frank Blackwell Sr., Gary Salenger
Ex-officio: J.Kalani English, Shan S. Tsutsui
Kalo Club
Philip & Evelyn Brown
Jack Esker & Gene Thompson
Auriol & Ed Flavell
Sandy Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hook
Dorvin & Betty Leis
Richard North
Kenneth S. Phelan
Rose Royce
Carolyn Schaefer Gray
Jitsuo Yoshimori
Donors to “Completing Pundy’s Dream”
– Stage 3 Construction of the Generations Campaign
Leo & Virginia Agcolicol
Anonymous (3)
Evan M. Asato
Edward & Sally Baldwin
John & Debby Baldwin
The Boeing Company
Zadoc W. Brown, Jr.
Richard & FГЎtima Cameron
Anne Carter
Classic Resorts, Ltd.
David & Maggie Cole
Jolene & Lou Cole
Cooke Foundation, Ltd.
County of Maui
Bob & Fran Davidson
John & Linda Decker
Ruth Freedman
Susan & Michael Graham
Harold K.L. Castle Foundation
Jimmy & Honey Bun Haynes
Alexa Higashi
October / November 2009
Stephen & Leona Holaday
Robert & Tamara Horcajo
Grafton & Carolyn Sue Jhung
Jim & Lisa Judge
Bob & Ann Klein
Roger & Helen MacArthur - Wailea Realty Corp.
Peter and Deborah Martin Foundation
Mick & Cindy McCaffrey
Michael D. Moore
Dariece Oki
Wendy & Doug Peterson
Mary Ann Sakaguchi
Clyde M. & Gerrianne G. Sakamoto
Jack & Carolyn Schaefer Gray
State of Hawai�i
Patricia Steele
Thomas & Susan Steinhauer
Anthony P. Takitani
Travis & Ali Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. William C.N. Wong
Yokouchi Foundation
Executive Vice President of Operations: Arthur Vento
Executive Vice President of External Affairs: Teri Freitas Gorman
Executive Assistant: Marcia Perreira
Receptionist: Malia Liu
Asst. to EVP/ Artist’s Services: Kahulu Maluo-Huber
Cultural Programs Director: Ho- ku- lani Holt
Cultural Programs Assistant: Pali Ahue
Director, Programs & Administration: Colleen Furukawa
Grants Manager: Leimomi Ah Sing
Education Director: Susana Browne
Education Coordinator: Kariana Seiler
Gallery Director: Neida Bangerter
Events Director: Candace Croteau
Events Coordinator: Jody Yoshida
House Manager: Dean Wong
Volunteer Coordinator: Naomi Tamura
Security Manager: Nick Krau
Director, Corporate Sales & Special Events: Toni Rojas, CMP
Food & Beverage Co-Managers: Luana Argel & Lisa Ha�ole
Director of Development: Lisa Varde, CFRE
Annual Giving Manager: Kathy MacGlashan
Development Assistant: Beverly DelaCruz
Director of Marketing: Susan Hernandez
Box Office Manager: Jason Carbajal
Customer Service Manager: Joanne Calaustro
Box Office: Lindy Ah-Sam, Jane Chenoweth
Director of Finance: Amro Nassar
Payroll/HR: Becky Hunter
Staff Accountant: Lourdes Engracio
Facility Engineer: Michael Foley
Facility Maintenance: Anna Mae Medeiros
Facility Crew: Curtis Piligrin, Jim Smith, Johna Sanchez,
Lawrence Seaton, Zach Visaya
Technical Director: Rusty Conway
Production Assistant: Sharon Munz
Lighting Director: Mark Astrella
Audio Engineer: Steve Burgess
Stage Manager: Amy Lord
Systems Manager: Leo Nikora
Systems & Applications Specialist: Tom Kennis
Linoleum block prints seen here and in cover masthead background by Big Island artist Dietrich Varez
Join today.
Celebrate creativity, community and discovery! Become an annual donor of the Maui Arts & Cultural Center
and enjoy benefits immediately…and all year long!
$40 Individual /$70 Family
$25 Kupuna & Students
($480 tax deductible)
($4,805 tax deductible)
• Advance ticket buying privileges on selected performances
(up to two tickets for selected shows)*
• Subscription to and recognition in Centerpiece
• Annual donor card
• 10% discount on up to two tickets to selected events
• 10% discount on selected MACC gift items
• Invitations to exhibit openings
• Monthly mailings of “shows” calendar
• All Kukui benefits plus…
• Waived parking fees for events requiring paid parking
• Invitation-only exhibit walk-through with an artist or
• One complimentary 4-hour use of a meeting room
• 10% discount and advance ticket buying privileges on
up to eight tickets to selected events*
All Naupaka benefits plus…
Catalog from one Schaefer International Gallery exhibit
Reserved parking for premier events
Invitation to exclusive Chairman’s Annual Dinner
($9,785 tax deductible)
($1,140 tax deductible)
All �Ilima benefits plus…
Additional donor card
Waived phone fee on ticket orders
10% discount and advance ticket buying privileges on up
to four tickets to selected events
• Benefits at O�ahu’s Contemporary Museum and Hawai�i
Island’s Volcano Art Center
($270 tax deductible)
• All �Ohi�a benefits plus…
• Donors behind-the-scenes tour (please allow advance
• Beverage mug with club logo
• 10% discount and advance ticket buying privileges on up
to six tickets to selected events*
All Silversword benefits plus…
Designated parking for A&B Amphitheater events
Priority ticket handling and access to Box Seats**
Invitation to annual Maile Reception
All Koa benefits plus . . .
Two personalized reserved parking passes
Reserved parking for all events
Personalized benefits package
Bar service in Box Seats Ante-room (when you have
purchased Box Seat tickets)
($22,405 tax deductible)
($2,385 tax deductible)
• All Maile benefits plus . . .
• Reserved table in Yokouchi Founders' Court for pre-show
• Charging privileges at the bar before and during
intermission at Castle Theater shows
• Set of original notecards by a featured artist
• All Sandalwood benefits plus . . .
• Reception or backstage greeting with a visiting artist
• Full-page ad in the house program for one performance
(for your company or the charity of your choice)
• Complimentary theater seat plaque
• Two complimentary round trip limo rides (maximum of 8
people) between your home and the MACC with Arthur’s
Limousine Service, and 25% off all future transportation
services with Arthur’s.
* Ticket limits apply for selected shows ** Based on donor level and date ticket request is received
в– I have enclosed a check for $
made payable to “Maui Arts & Cultural Center.”
Please enroll me today for 12 months of exciting events and benefits!
в– Please charge $
to my:
�Ilima: ■Individual ■Family ■Student / Kupuna
в– Kukui в– Silversword в– Maile
в– Naupaka в– Koa в– Sandalwood в– Kauila
(as you would want it to appear in publications)
Name as on card:
в– Mastercard в– Discover в– Visa в– American Express
Exp. Date
Please charge my credit card to make equal payments
Mailing Address
of $
in each of the following months: (circle up to four)
Phone: Home
в– I wish to waive tangible benefits for full tax deduction.
в– I have included the MACC in my estate planning.
If $70 or greater, individual name on second card:
Please mail completed order form to:
Maui Arts & Cultural Center, One Cameron Way, Kahului HI 96732
For more information on annual donor benefits, contact
the Development Department at 243-4237 or 243-4225.
October / November 2009
“Just minutes from the Center”
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Dine in or Carry out
Featuring Italian Specialties
Cocktail Lounge
Think Italian
Open seven days, 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM
444 Hana Highway, Suite M, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii