2008-09 Annual Report - Casa de los Niños

nnual Report
Luckily, there is Casa de los NiГ±os
“I can’t think of a more important contribution than to invest in the life of a child.”
-- Oscar de la Renta
From time to time, glaring headlines remind us that child abuse remains a serious issue
in Pima County. The man who shakes his girlfriend’s baby into a coma to stop her from
crying … the student who abandons a newborn on-campus … the couple that locks their
child in a closet so they can have a night on the town. These are horrendous stories. They
send chills through us all, but the sad truth is that child abuse happens every day – in every
corner of our community.
Did you know Pima County authorities investigate more than 650 cases of documented
child abuse each year?
Luckily, there is a place such as Casa de los NiГ±os. For more than 35 years, we have
provided a safe haven for abused and neglected children. On any given morning, between
35 and 45 kids will wake up in our shelter. We will give them a warm, safe home and as much
T.L.C. as they can take!
Less well known but no less important are the programs we provide children and families
long after abuse occurs. We have a mental health clinic for kids who have experienced or
witnessed violence. Our foster care network includes more than 120 foster homes.
Even less well-known is the array of services we offer families to help them avoid child
abuse in the first place. Our Nurse-Family Partnership program, funded by First Things First,
helps first-time moms get through pregnancy and delivery. Another new effort funded by
First Things First, Raising Healthy Kids, supports at-risk parents who are raising kids under
5. Our Parent Education program helps young parents recognize and address specific
Sadly, helping abused and neglected kids is a fulltime job. 24 hours a day. Every day of
the year. Luckily, there is a place such as Casa de los NiГ±os. These kids need us. They need
all of us. Thanks for caring, and for sharing with the children of Casa de los NiГ±os!
1 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
problems in their own families. Almost 500 parents attended classes last year.
Casa de los NiГ±os Leadership
Board of Directors
Dee-Dee Samet, Esq.
Norman Spindler
Executive Committee
Nicole Stoops
Lisa Suarez
Vicki Began, R.N., M.N.
Jennifer Waddell
Heidi Yribar
Executive Staff
Susie Huhn, M.A.
Executive Director
Beverly Bryant, M.A.
Director of Human Resources
Raymond E. Magnuson
1st Vice-President
G. Todd Jackson, Esq.
2nd Vice-President
Kim Blanchard
Shannon Shepherd
William A. Estes III
Jonathan Rothschild, Esq.
Past President
Board of Trustees
Gary L. Fletcher, Esq.
Lisa Owens-Sredzinski
Mark E. Cowley, CPA
William Finley
Director of Development,
Community Relations
Maureen Johns, M.B.A.
Director of Business Operations
Joanne Karolzak, M.A.
Director of Community Education,
Family Support
Kathryn C. Tuscaney, C.P.A., C.M.A.
Director of Finance
Richard J. Demeree
Julie Downer
Gary L. Fletcher, Esq.
Susan Maxwell
Foundation President
Christian W. Reaney
Jonathan Rothschild, Esq.
Susan Maxwell
Dee-Dee Samet, Esq.
Foundation Representative
Sven Silberschlag
2 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Ali Abbasi
Fil Barrera
Mary Kathleen Clark, CSJ, R.N.
Founding Director Emeritus
Kim Blanchard
Stephanie Boreale
Katherine Dykes
Dianne Grobstein
Sr. Michelle Humke, CSJ
Lynn Maynard
Moira L.M. Richards, M.D.
Renee Rodgers, Ph.D.
Casa de los NiГ±os
1101 N 4th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85705-7467
Tel: 520-624-5600
Dear Family and Friends:
Casa de los NiГ±os touches the lives of some 4,000 children a year, and on their behalf
I would like to say “Thank You All!” for keeping them in your hearts during the last 12
months. Thank you donors for the sacrifices you made, financially. Thank you volunteers
for sharing your talents with our children and staff. And thank you shoppers for making it a
great year at our popular Thrift Store!
You are all important members of our extended family, and never were you more
meaningful than in 2008-2009. As you know, the meltdown of the U.S. economy led to
record demand, jittery donors and huge cutbacks in state funding. Sadly, it was a Perfect
Storm that washed away many important programs. Fortunately, Casa de los NiГ±os survived.
And the reason we survived the storm? It was you!
This is not to say Casa de los NiГ±os is the same agency today that it was a year ago. We
were forced to close two programs when the legislature cut their funding. We experienced
layoffs. We “streamlined.”
We remained standing, though, and today we find ourselves uniquely positioned to
launch several new programs that will help the area’s children. We now offer at-risk mothers
a support system called Raising Healthy Kids. We are also a newly approved Nurse-Family
Partnership program, meaning we soon will manage a home nursing program to help firsttime moms manage their pregnancies and deliveries. We are expanding our infant mental
health program.
So while times are a-changin’, Casa de los Niños is changing with them. And with your
help, we will always “be there” for the children of Southern Arizona. Thanks for caring, and
Susie Huhn
Executive Director
3 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
for sharing with the kids of Casa de los NiГ±os!
Helping Kids Isn’t Child’s Play
Casa de los NiГ±os offers a number of programs designed to help children and families.
These programs are all about people … particularly the children we help every day. Meet
Monica, Willie, Liza and Lea:
Monica, herself a former foster child and now a divorced mother of three, voluntarily
brought 2-year-old Daniel to live at Casa de los Niños while she tried to save her home … and
her family. Monica had been laid off by a local retailer. She desperately needed to find work
because she did not want the kids to live in a shelter. Monica’s older children attend school,
but she had nowhere to leave Daniel when she interviewed for jobs. At Casa de los NiГ±os, she
knew, Daniel would be safe and well-taken-care-of. It was the only safety net she had.
351 children lived at our Crisis Shelter last year. The average stay was 40 days.
The average number of children in residence was 37 a night.
Willie was 6 when he first became a foster child. Neglected for years by a mother with
dependency issues, Willie had developed some issues of his own. He had a serious hearing
problem. He had a learning disability and an attention-deficit disorder. Fortunately, he then
met Bill and Adrienne – foster parents in the Casa de los Niños foster care network. They
drove 50 miles a day to make sure Willie could attend his regular school. They made sure his
various needs were addressed and treated by specialists. And when Willie’s mom proved her
determination to get a second chance, Bill and Adrienne helped her rebuild a relationship
with her son. That was two years ago, and Willie is now living a happy and healthy life with his
mom and two sisters. Not only did Bill and Adrienne save a child, they saved a family.
Casa de los NiГ±os manages and supports parents in 130 foster homes in
Pima and Pinal counties. We cared for 409 children last year.
Liza had seen a lot more of life than a 3-year-old should see. Her father drank, and
4 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
was combative when he did. He sometimes confronted Liza’s mom, and occasionally Liza
herself. When a concerned friend phoned a domestic abuse hotline, Liza was removed from
her home and placed with her grandparents. Her parents soon divorced, but Liza began
demonstrating emotional problems. Her CPS case worker referred Liza, her grandmother
and mom to Great Beginnings – the infant mental health program at Casa de los Niños. After
a thorough assessment, the child and both adults began weekly therapy designed to redefine and re-build the relationship between mother and child. Work still needs to be done,
but the scars are beginning to heal.
Great Beginnings is a mental health program for infants and children under
5 who have seen or experienced trauma. We provided assessments and
treatment for 183 kids last year.
2008-2009 S
helter Censu
All Programs
Food Service
Under 2
Preschool (2
7 and Older
Bed Nights
Total Bed Nigh
Avg. Per Nigh
Average Stay
Crisis Shelte
Foster Care
Great Beginni
Healthy Fam
Judicial Supe
rvision 1,485
Parent Educat
Why Children
Danger, Negle
Danger, Drugs
Domestic Vio
lence 9%
Physical Abu
Sexual Abus
Lea was 19 when she delivered twin daughters at 26 weeks. Eva and Rosa were both born with medical
issues that included vision problems, digestive problems, speech problems and cognitive delays. Early on,
value of our new Raising Healthy Kids program funded by First Things First. The RHK team has provided Lea
with bus passes, transportation to doctor’s appointments, home safety assessments and a monthly trip to the
Food Bank. Lea also gets medical referrals when needed for her girls. Thanks to Casa de los NiГ±os, she has a
support system that is helping her keep the family together.
Launched late last spring, Raising Healthy Kids is a program that provides a support
system for at-risk parents with children under the age of 5.
5 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Casa de los NiГ±os helped Lea learn how to care for her very small children. More recently, she has learned the
Casa de los NiГ±os Foundation
If Casa de los NiГ±os is focused on making the most of today, the Casa de los NiГ±os
Foundation has a different goal in mind. Our Foundation worries about tomorrow, and ways
to make sure the doors stay open as long as there are children who need us.
Established in 1988, the Casa de los NiГ±os Foundation invites donations from friends
who are interested in the long-term health of the organization. Trustees also manage the
investments that form our reserve. This portfolio amounts to a “rainy day” fund that could
become critical if state budget cutbacks and a stagnant economy jeopardize the care we
offer our children.
As a general practice, donations that come in the form of wills and bequests are
forwarded to the Casa de los NiГ±os Foundation and become part of our reserves. For
more than 20 years, these funds have enabled the agency to adapt to an ever-changing
We have a number of named funds which honor friends and relatives. Two new funds
were established this year. One is the Juan AgustГ­n Perez Morales Memorial Fund. He was
a Mexican orphan who did not let his unfortunate childhood stop him. When he died last
year, Agnese Haury wished to honor her friend by establishing a fund in his name at Casa
de los NiГ±os.
Another new fund is the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Endowment, a gift from the
sisters’ Provencial Council. It honors the founder of Casa de los Niños, Sister Kathleen Clark,
CSJ. Named funds managed by the Casa de los NiГ±os Foundation include:
Carey Charitable Remainder Trust
Phillip B. Quinsler Sr. and Fuller M.
Established by Marguerite Carey
Quinsler Endowed Fund
Established by Phillip B. Quinsler Jr.
Edward R. Fernandez Memorial Fund
Established by Carol Fernandez AuClair
Larry and Sara Santora Endowed Fund
Established by Larry and Sara Santora
6 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
George Mason and Lois C. Green
Memorial Endowment
Sister Mary Kathleen Clark Endowment
Established by Lois C. Green
Public Donations Honoring Sister Kathleen
Moore Charitable Remainder Trust
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
Established by Marjorie and Loyal Moore
Established by the CSJ Provencial Council
Juan AgustГ­n Perez Morales
Memorial Fund
Beth D. Stern Medical Services Fund
Established by Agnese Haury
Established by James, Shirley and Robert
Our Casa is Your Casa!
It would be stretching a point only slightly to suggest Casa de los NiГ±os has been
“Tucson’s baby” since the day it opened in 1973. Truth be known, community support
goes back even farther than that. When Sister Kathleen Clark went to City Hall to obtain
the agency’s first permit, she did not have the $49 needed for fees. Staff members in the
Planning Department quickly passed the hat to raise the needed amount. So it began, and
the people of Tucson have been with us ever since.
Preliminary figures from the 2008-2009 fiscal year show that 27 cents of every dollar we
spent came from friends in the community. Private donations, private grants, special events
and Thrift Store sales provided the agency with more than $1.6 million. What is more, a
caring cadre of Casa de los NiГ±os volunteers donated 16,128 hours of time.
We couldn’t do it without you, and can’t thank you enough! The preliminary financials
on this page represent activity in the 12 months ending June 30. On the pages that follow,
you will see many of those who belong to our extended family. These are the friends and
neighbors who gave cash donations of $200 and more during the 2008-2009 fiscal year.
Again, thank you all!
2008-2009 Revenue
Government Awards
$ 4,328,850
Private Donations, Grants
$ 987,650
Thrift Store (net)
$ 319,480
Special Events (net)
$ 221,170
Other Thrift Store 5%
Private Donations, Grants 18%
$ 57,000
$ 5,914,150
2008-2009 Expenses
Program Services
$ 5,454,500
Fundraising Costs
$ 535,300
Administrative & Operating $ 324,700
Total $ 6,314,500
Administrative & Operating 5%
Fundraising 8%
Program Services 87%
7 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Government Awards 73%
Special Events 4%
Our Casa is Your Casa!
Sister Kathleen’s Circle
Sundt Foundation
Paul & Darlene Earls
Robert & Lisa Swift
Estes Co.
Fred & Christine Armstrong Fdn
Union Pacific Foundation
Chuck Fellows
Arizona State Prison - Perryville
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
Donald & Marji Fey
Mary C. Bartol
BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona
Carondelet Center, Provincial Council
Community Foundation So. Az.
Cole & Jeannine Davis
Agnese Haury
The Jasam Foundation
Madden Publishing Inc
O’Rielly Family Foundation
William and Mary Ross Foundation, Inc.
Stocker Foundation
The Stonewall Foundation
Johanna Troller-Barr
University Medical Center
Founders Circle
($5,000 - $9,999)
Paul & Mary Jan Bancroft
Bed Mart
Bernie & Susanne Collins
E & M Charitable Fund
Deborah Elkins Foundation
EMS Realty, Inc.
Jon & April Fenton
The Gordon Foundation
The Robert E. Hopper Family Fund
In-N-Out Burger Fdn
8 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Jewish Community Foundation So. Az.
Kautz Family Foundation
Sam Levitz Furniture Co., Inc.
Vern & Maria Lewis
Marylin S. Broad Foundation
Kenneth & Margaret McNealy
MindPlay, Inc.
Pima County Attorney, Criminal Division
Nancy Richards
James & Janet Ruby
Elmon & Anne Sapp
Harold & Kathleen Snyder
Ronald S. Stano
’73 Circle
($1,000 - $4,999)
ABC Supply Co Inc
Holly Abeles
David & Shirley Allen
Allyn Family Foundation
Mark Alvarez
American Property Exchange
Alberto Araujo
Arizona Department of Corrections
Thomas & Marcela Ball
Marto & Jill Ballesteros
Frederick Banfield
Renate Beer
Peter Bigot
Stan & Amy Brewster
Donald & Anne Brooks
Mary Louise Brown
Daniel & Allison Bryson
Deborah L. Caldwell
Calvary Chapel of Oro Valley
John & Michelle Campbell
Canyon State Equity, Inc.
Carondelet Health Network
Carondelet Medical Network
John & Denise Carpenter
Rick & Gail Chronister
Cochise Community Foundation
Commerce Bank of Arizona
Community Worship at Trails West
Compass Bank Employees
Josephine Corso
Jim & Ginny Cosbey
Cummins Rocky Mountain LLC
Cure IS Healthcare, Inc.
Thomas Dasse
Angela DeMaria
Frank DiChristofano
Don Mackey Cadillac-Pontiac, Inc.
Boyd & Polly Finch
Price Fishback & Pamela Slaten
Lyn & Carol Fletcher
Nystedt & Fletcher, PLLC
James & Kim Frontz
The Howard Gilman Foundation
Gugino & Mortimer, PLC
Joan Hall
Harris Bank
John Hartnett
Hidden Valley Roofing
Richard & Carla Hinton
Jim Hogan
Herbert & Jeanette Hoover
Susie Huhn
Catharine Hurley
Independent Operators Association
Ironwood Financial LLC
Todd & Eileen Jackson
Jade Tree Foundation
Jim & Shelley Kais
Alice Kessler
Stan & Karen Kissinger
Al & Janice Kivel
Anne Klick
La Canoa Lion’s Club
La Casa Cards
Regis & Pam Langelier
Peter & Elizabeth Lerch
Marian Lisitzky
Bobbie Lloyd
Donna J. Logan
Edith Low
Ann T. Luther
Phyllis MacDonald
Raymond E. Magnuson
Susan M. Maxwell
Jennifer McAninch
McNamara, Goldsmith, MacDonald
Our Casa is Your Casa!
Miller’s Surplus
Samuel Swift
Doug & Sherry Cain
Mintec, Inc
Roger & Ellen Caldwell
Loyal & Marj Moore
TMC HealthCare
Dee Chandler
Donald & Julie Morton
Tretschok McNamara & Miller PC
Chapel of Light
Daniel & DeLaine Mueller
Tucson Airport Authority
Jimmy & Isabel Chavez
Mark & Tamra Myers
Tucson Children’s Charity Foundation
Lec & Robin Coble
David & Shona Naccarati
Tucson Electric Park Gem & Mineral Show
Frank & Beverly Collins
Law Office of William D. Nelson
Tucson Electric Power Co.
Complete Landscaping, Inc.
Karen Nichols
Universal Wallboard Corporation
James & Charlotte Cordes
Gary & Susan Nowak
Voyager RV Resort
Mark & Janice Cowley
Jerry Opava
Jennifer Waddell & Ryan Madar
Dalio Family Foundation, Inc.
Fred Pace
Joan Wagener
Mark & Annette David
Art & Lois Pacheco
Roy E. Walker
Charles A. Davis
Gilbert Padilla
Desert Industrial Supply LLC
Pain Management Nursing
Robert D. Walther
Desert Willow Diamondbacks
Ben & Mary Palazzo
Tom & Diana Webster
Barry & Linda DiSimone
Claudia G. Perchinelli
Todd Welch
Jonathan E. DuHamel
Wells Fargo Bank
Daniel & Elizabeth Duquette
Boz & Bonnie Prichard
Wells Fargo Community Partners
Kate & Sonny Dykes
Cole & Robin Quilliam
Susan F. Wick
Doris Edelen
Raging Sage Coffee Roasters, Inc.
Jody Wilkinson
David & Suzanne Emory
Christian W. Reaney
Wilson K-8 School
Bill & Kathleen Estes
Benjamin Rebeske
Mary D. Wilson
Evo-Ora Foundation
Rita Reed
Cecilia Wise
Jim & Mary Ella Fetzer
Deborah Reynolds
Bob & Jane Young
Bill Finley
Irvin & Moira Richards
Veronica Young
Eileen Fitzmaurice
Sherry Fowler
Joan F. Robles
Directors Circle
Geary & Margaret Rummler
($500 - $999)
Grant & Karen Freeland
Billie Rusk
Ali Abbasi
Michael & Jo Helen Gasky
Dr. & Mrs. John P. Sachs
Toby & Pam Allen
John Taigue Gaudielle
Sahuaro HS Student Council
American Express Gift Matching Program
Gerald & Marion Gendell
Santa Rita Abbey Cistercian Nuns
Arizona Insurance Clinic, A.C.C.
Nicholas W. Genematas Foundation
Sven E. Silberschlag
Clark & Ardith Arnold
Kathleen Gibson
Irving Silverman
William & Molly Assenmacher
Alan & Sammy Gilden
Byron & Patricia Snyder
Vahid & Cynthia Bagheri
Jerry & Lucy Gosselink
Sonora Vending Group
Bryant & Betty Bannister
Granite Construction, Inc.
Southwest Energy, L.L.C.
Steve & Carrie Barancik
Jeff & Dianne Grobstein
Norm Spindler
Fil & Karen Barrera
Marjorie Grochola
St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
Patricia Barry
Patricia Henry
The Harry & Marjorie Stewart Foundation
Tom & Lisa Baumann
Shannon Heuberger
Mike & Nicole Stoops
Vicki Began, R.N., M.N.
Hi-Tech Machining & Engineering LLC
MJ Stoops, Inc.
Frances Beren
Prudence Hoffman
J. William & Helen D. Stuart Foundation
Scott & Kim Blanchard
William Hohmann
Steve & Roxanne Suffecool
Donald & Elizabeth Brosnan
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
Martin & Maureen Fox
9 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Robinette Architects, Inc.
10 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Our Casa is Your Casa!
Jack & Mary Horner
Melvin & Virginia Roberts
James C. Ansier
Kenneth & Arlene Jaeger
ReneГ© Rodgers
Abdullah & Donna Arik
Stella Kahn
Jonathan & Karen Rothschild
Arizona Chapter of CPCU Society
Norma Kastre
Thomas & Mary Ryan
Christopher & Kelly Arnold
Charles & Zoe Dunn
Mary Rybus
Keith Arnold
Chris & Amy Kelling
Dee-Dee Samet, Esq.
Boyd & Kristin Ashdown
Carolyn F. Kerr
Sargent Controls & Aerospace
Eduardo Asunsolo
Donald & Beatrice Kimball
Michael & Linda Schwindenhammer
David Atler
Caroline Krause
Lex & Carol Sears
Carol Atwood
David & Sandee Landsburg
Carl & Elizabeth Segerstrom
Michael Autry & Susan Dick
Barry & Janet Lang
Jana Sheffield
Sally Lanyon & Paul Hawkins
Daniel Sherman
Theodore & Audrey Bailey
Lawrence & Glenda Leach
Randall & Anne Springer
Mark & Janet Baker
Michelle D. Livengood
State Farm Insurance
Gary & Karen Ball
Mikel W. Lo
George Stevens
Doris Ballmer
Humberto & Czarina Lopez
Nan Stockholm Walden & Richard Walden
Michael & Margaret Barnacastle
R. J. & Debbie Lytle
Martin & Lisa Suarez
Joanne Baron
Thomas & Ellen Maher
Bazy Tankersley
Stephen Barrera
Ken Marsh & Penny Simms
TGI Fridays
Hale Barter & Kay Nelson
Bill Martinez
Matt Thorndal
Bret & Mary Batchelor
Leroy & Donna Masseth
Margaret Tilford
Kathryn Bates
Stanley & Shirley Matlick
Dale & Diane Tretschok
Mary Lou Baxter
Roy & Lynn Maynard
Tucson Medical Center
Robert & Pamela Becker
John & Katrina McNerney
Albert & Martie Weber
Bonnie Beckmann
Linda McSpadden McNeil
West University Neighborhood Association
Paul & Monica Bejarano
MJKL Enterprises, LLC
Mary Whaley
Paul Bennett
Mountain View Gastroenterology
Ronald & Julie Widman
Brooke Bentz
Paul & Nancy Murphy
William & Gail Wilson
Edward Benzenhoefer
Northwest Medical Center
George Wooten
John & Kathryn Bergan
Northwest Medical Center Oro Valley
Dan & Heidi Yribar
Beyond Parties
James O’Brien
Mario Yrun
Bill & Barbara Bickel
Orthodontic Specialists of Tucson, PC
Doug Zanes & Associates
Alan & Krista Binnie
Lisa Owens-Sredzinski
Parallel Ventures, Inc.
Circle of Friends
Tamara Birch
Denise Birger
Leonard & Janet Parker
($200 - $499)
Greye & Linda Passarelli
Jean Aboud
Thomas Bisping
The Planning Center
AIR Marketing
Kathleen Black
Albertson’s, Inc.
Peter Bleasby
Noreen Albright
Frank Bohac
Kathy Alexander & Paul Lindsey
George & Betty Bowden
Jack & Nancy Allen
Jerry & Carol Bratton
John & Lolly Almquist
Carol Breckner
Jimmy & Elisabeth Anderson
Margaret Briehl & Dennis Ray
Jessica Andrews
Bright Future Business Consultants
Frank & Jeannine Anjakos
Bob & Marie Brown
Dan & Pat Ponce
H.K. & Jeri Dee Poole
Ruth Ann Pozez
Bill & Ruth Ramsey
Seymour & Elinor Reichlin
Ruben & Patsy Reyes
Kirke Rice
Klara Rieble
David & Kathy Bishop
C. J. & Laury Browning
Davis Selected Advisors
Paul Flasch
Lloyd & Barbara Bruce
Christina DeConcini & James Sweeney
Foothills Social Club
Lori J. Bryant
Denise DeConcini & Robert Ramin
Elizabeth D. Francisco
Alan & Doreen Burbank
Carol DeLillo
Anne W. Froedge
Gail Burd
Johann Demmel
Mary Fuller
Clare Byrne
Jane DeNigris
Richard & Marjorie Furash
Les & Debra Caid
The Desert Neighbors Club
Helen Gaebler
Julien & Sandal Caillet
Desert Skies United Methodist Church
Mike & Kathy Gagnon
Dennis & Anne Cain
Margaret DesPortes
Kelvin Gaiser
William Cain
Richard Diebold
Carl Gajdorus
California Portland Cement Company
Robert & Brenda Dinius
Erlinda Galindo
Bobby & Pat Campbell
Brian & Maggie Disbury
Rachel Galindo
Jimmy & Priscilla Cantu
Charlie & Julie Dodd
Victoria Gallon
Carmelite Priory
Norman & Tricia Don
Frank & Cora Garcia
Mary Carter
Carol Donisi
Jack Gardiner & Courtney Daniels
Verne & Georgeann Casey
Amy & Pete Drewek
A. M. J. Gehrels
Gary & Megan Chaplin
Debra L. Drysdale
William & Mona Gentz
Chapman Acura
Donald & Marjorie Dudley
Faber & Sharon Glover
Anita Clark
David & Sandra Dunford
Robert & Lorna Golseth
Don & Sally Clark
Ethel Durall
Vern Gomez
Larry & Hallie Clark
Robert Eaton
Janet A. Gordon
Nate Clark
Hannelore Eckert
Douglas & Ronda Granrath
Jim Click Ford Lincoln Mercury
E.L. Edwards
Jeanette Green
Sam & Miki Coffman
Elizabeth Edwards
Joseph Green
Mark Collingham
Suzanne Edwards
Green Tree Nursery
Cornell & Carole Collins
Arnold & Mary Carol Elias
John & Nancy Groh
John & Leanna Connelly
Norman & Shirley Elliott
Mike & Michelle Groseclose
Nancy Copp
Katharine R. Engels
Raphael Gruener
Gwenn Engle
Judy Guadagnoli
Isabel Corres
Paavo & Marguerite Ensio
Josephine Guillen
Catherine Cosentino
EP Sports LLC
Martin & Linda Gyuro
William Cox
Michael Epstein
Debra Haddock
Robert & Lynn Craig
David & Brenda Ericsson
Walter & Bonnie Hagen
Jason Crane
Donald & Rosemary Esposito
Clifford & Pamela Halbert
Robert Crowley
Donald Eve
Bruce & Nikki Halle
Deirdre Crutchfield
Brenda Even
Thomas & Pamela Halpern
Warren & Mary Culbertson
Lori Fabbri
Anne H. Hameroff, Attorney at Law
Frank & Mary Culin
Michael & Ana Facemire
Don & Judy Hanning
Ann Cunningham
Gregory & Lisa Fahey
Richard Hartje
Dagmar Cushing
Britt & Jil Feldhausen
Don & Cathy Hatcher
Paul D’Alessio
Joseph & Colleen Fernandes
Kathleen Haun
Thomas & Valla Dalrymple
Jerry & Leah Fileman
Michael & Betty Headrick
Mary Danser
John & Karen Filippelli
Charles Hebert
Vince & Adrienne Dastole
Dennis & Eileen Firebaugh
John & Mary Jo Heffernan
Ann Davidson
Olin & Elizabeth Fisher
Robert & Janine Hernbrode
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Our Casa is Your Casa!
12 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Our Casa is Your Casa!
Hill Brothers Chemical
Eva Lange
Ann McDermott
Cheri Holgerson
Chance Lares
Stu & Beb McIntyre
James Hosea
Jean Larson
Robert & Virginia McKay
Steven & Norine Houtz
Charles Lathrem
Mary McMillan & Theodore Waldron
Darrel & Mary Hund
Ralph & Patricia Lautmann
Martha McMillen
Dean & Judith Huntsinger
Chuck & Carol Lawrence
Patrick McQuade
Marla Husz
Roger Lawson
Steve Melton
Dennis & Wilma Jackson
Dan R. Leach
Eduardo & Geraldine Mendez
John Jamieson
LeCroy & Milligan Assoc., Inc.
Wesley & Jean Mengert
Thomas Jancic
Robert & Elizabeth Lee
Jeff & Michelle Meyer
John & Mary Janezic
Kate Lehmann
Sharon L. Miller
Mahendra Jani
Yoram Levy
Joseph & Michelle Millstone
Gloria Jarab
James Liebert
Rudy & Corinne Moctezuma
Tim Jefferson
George & Sheila Lindsay
Rose Mofford
Betty Jett
James Lonergan
MomBomb LLC
Rudy Jimenez
Raymond & Joanne Lopez
Maggie Moreland
Byron & Perla Jones
Kevin & Jane Loughrey
Robert Moreno
Margaret Jorgensen
Lovitt & Touche, Inc.
Marsha Morgan
Rory & Elizabeth Juneman
Rita Lugo
Tom & Dorothy Morgan
Kalil Bottling Co
Daniel Morrison
Lori Kamins
Eileen Macario
Katherine Morrissey
Shelley Kaplan
Donald & Claire Macha
Jerry & Danielle Moser
Joanne M. Karolzak
Cameron Madaras
Daniel Motley
Joanna Katsanis
John & Beverly Manfredonia
Mike & Ann Moynihan
Tim & Carol Keefer
David Mann
Frank & Carolyn Mueller
Peter Keesal
Steve Manson & Kim Braun
Patrick Murphy & Janice Hephner
Jeanne Keiter-Marek
Rose Marie Manweiler
Keith & Judy Murray
Steven & Marta Ketchel
Susan Marroney
Kudagal & Swarna Murthy
Hema Khan
Edna Martin
Music Box Lounge
James & Kathi Kiel
James & Phyllis Martin
John Naegele
Burton & Nancy Kinerk
Scott Martin
National Air Traffic Controllers Assoc.
Dori Klass
Jim & Grace Mason
Tom & Charlotte Nelson
Barbara Ann Klensin
Barbara Mather
William & Dianne Nelson
Edith Knisely
Lambert & Virginia Matl
Barbara Newman McCabe
Robert Knowlden
Gerald Matyk
New-Way Auto Parts, Inc.
Jeanne C. Koch
Warren & Felicia May
Alan Nichols
Howard Kong
Noe & Lucille Mayotte
Joan Noble
Mildred Kortsen
Star Mazza
Hella Nordberg & Alicia Tonnies
Carolyn Kowalcek
Linda McAlister
Paul Norman
George & Catherine Krauja
Mark & Helen McCarty
Mike & Marcia Notheis
Maria Kristofl
John McClain
Susan Nuhn
Neil Kunst
Tim & Eva McClaughry
Ob-Gyn Nurse Practitioners
Lois Lagerman
Barbara McCormick
Chris & Diane O’Brien
Sue Lambert
Robert McCue
Claudia C. Ochia
Ione Odermann
Robert & Martha Rodriguez
So Arizona Correctional Release Center
Robert & Lucille Offerle
Patricia Roediger
Southwest Gas Corporation
Koliti Okada
Burton Rogers
Mark & Gloria Spies
Ronald & Sharon Olding
Larry & Melanie Rogovein
Jim & Harriet Spiesman
Anna O’Leary
Francisco Romo
Joseph & Shirley Spitler
Chris Olfano
Tom & Eileen Rotkis & Caitlin
Bill & Mary Anne Springer
Laurel Olson
Douglas & Kathy Rowsell
St. Bede’s Anglican Church
Oracle Corporation
Mark Rubin, Attorney
Mary Stark
Robert & Debra Oro
John Rudd
Bill Stein
Harley & Sally Ostergaard
Dianne Ruehle
Judy Stevens
Alan Osumi & Bonnie Scott-Osumi
Barbara Russek
Thomas & Janice Stillwell
Curtis & Brenda Ousley
Dana P. Ruvalcaba
Daniel Stromberg
Adolf & Geraldine Paier
Walter Ryan
George & Gayla Strong
Fred & Candace Parker
Patrick Ryder
Robert & Frances Suarez
Michael Pastula
Nick & Terry Saban
T. L. Roof & Associates
Conrad Paul
Adib & Entisar Sabbagh
Tanque Verde Guest Ranch
Bob & Jan Paullette
Sahuaro Girl Scout Troop 1310
Gary Tardivel
The Payson Family Foundation
Ronald Salik
Patrick & Joyce Taylor
John & Beth Peterson
Pat & Lyn Salvo
Sara Taylor-Chanez
Raymond Peterson
Richard & Wilma Sandberg
Nancy Petras
Brent & Wendy Sandweiss
Kenneth Tertel
Gregory & Roberta Lynn Pivirotto
Irene M. Sarver
Ross & Amanda Teske
Joseph & Joan Pobrislo
Dan & Mary Beth Scheller
Cole & Carol Thies
Misty Pond
Frederic & Marcia Schilling
Thompson Creek Metals Company
Paul Powell
Jolyon & Diane Schilling
Hugh & Allyn Thompson
William & Teresa Powell
Joseph Schlacks
James & Donna Thompson
Charles & Maria Preble
Jim & Mary Ann Schnitzer
Jack & Susan Thompson
Georgina A. Preston
Brad Schwab & Nancy Day
Margaret R. Thornton
Kathleen Price
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Sheila Tongue
Richard Puckett
Helen Seagraves
Town & Country Foods, Inc
Jimmy & Diane Quihuis
Matthew & Ellen Sears
Donald & Louise Tracy
Quik Mart Stores Inc.
Milford Seby
Mary Trammell
Scott & Robin Rash
Richard Sedway
Richard & Christine Treveloni
Delores E. Ray
Steven & Wynema Shapiro
Tucson Woman’s Club
Donald E. Ray
Lawrence & Dolores Sheehy
Tucson Youth Football & Spirit
Patrick & Barbara Couzens
Ziad & Leila Shehab
Mark & Karen Reeves
Sherrida Shepard
Bob & Pat Turnbull
Richard & Cheryl Reif
Shannon Shepherd
Alvin & Julie Turner
Bob & Carol Renfro
Bill & Edie Shields
Dorothy Tustison
Dan & Elsa Reyes
Pat Shorey
Kristofer & Janet Tvedt
Armando & Maria Cristina Reyna
Richard & Pamela Simoneaux
U.S. Marshals Service
Clarke & Grace Richards
Bill & Jeanne Sisco
William & Celina Valenzuela
Noel Ring
Dan Skevington
Jerome & Joan Van Lancker
Haydn & Alison Roberts
Francine Smith
Edwin & Julie Van Woert
Barbara Rodgers
Almarene J. Snead
George & Dawn Vance
13 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Our Casa is Your Casa!
Our Casa is Your Casa!
Brian Winkle
William Hohmann - 24
Eva Koldovsky - 24
Bill Martinez - 24
John Naegele - 24
Norm Spindler - 24
Roy E. Walker - 24
Edward & Ceilia Warapius - 24
Dave & Jackie Faulkner - 23
Dorothy Kalil - 23
Robert Knowlden - 23
Edith Lowery - 23
Maurice & Amy Schlossberg - 23
Dale & Diane Tretschok - 23
Anne S. Guillery - 22
Mike & Gerri Koen - 22
Donald & Elizabeth Brosnan - 21
Stan & Karen Kissinger - 21
F. Sayre Lawrence - 21
Kaoru & Carmen Matsuda - 21
Mary D. Wilson - 21
Fred & Ann Boice - 20
Mary K. Burke - 20
Lyle Frohberg - 20
Audrie Johnston - 20
Joseph Lacagnina - 20
Francis & Marilyn Murray - 20
Ben & Mary Palazzo - 20
Annegret Perlmutter - 20
Christopher & Elena Wintzer
Raymonde S. Perricone - 20
Georgia Velarde
Pamela Villar
Ryan & Emily Vondrak
Jessica Walker
Lois Warner
John & Sue Warnock
Arthur & Shan Warrick
Washington Mutual Employees
Robert & Evie Wasik
Dave & Lucille Weaver
Mike & Teresa Weaver
Ted Weinert
Frances W. Werner
Karen West & Evan Iverson
James & Amy White
Tommye Wiers
Jerry & Donna Wilcox
Jim & Cindy Wilhelmi
Donovan Williams
Harold & Nancy Willingham
Rex & Carol Willoughby
Glenn & Mic Wilson
Hubert & Nancy Jo Winebrenner
14 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Kathleen Witt & Millard Cluck
Gerald & Gayl Woityra
Circle Of 30
James M. Wolf
During our 30th anniversary year,
Nick & Pat Woolf
Susan Maxwell and Ben Palazzo led
Marie Yonkers
a campaign that persuaded these
David & Patricia York
30 great friends to pledge $10,000
Remus & Tanya Zaharescu
apiece to Casa de los NiГ±os.
James Zeeb
James Zimmerman
Teresa Zimmerman
Every Year Circle
Record-keeping in the early days
of the nursery was not an exact
science, but our files indicate the
following friends have made annual
donations for 20-plus years:
Billie Rusk - 25
Neil & Garnet Ashley - 24
Grant & Karen Freeland - 24
Arizona Lithographers
Deborah Caldwell
Marguerite Carey
Clara & Bob Caylor
Susanne & Bernie Collins
Ginny & Jim Cosbey
Richard Coulter
Joe & Cindy Dhuey
Ellen H. DuMont
Brandy & Larry Dyer
Pamela Slaten & Price Fishback
Bonnie Fortunato Pritchard
Nancy Hannan
Adolph Hauser
Jeanette & Herbert Hoover
Shirley & Curtis James
Al Kivel Investments
Karin S. Krauter
Ginny & Jaime Ledesma
Susan Maxwell
Susie & Tim Moncher
Marjorie & Loyal Moore
Mary & Ben Palazzo
Pat & Chuck Pettis
Karen & Jonathan Rothschild
Dee-Dee Samet, Esq.
Pamela & Richard Simoneaux
Jeanne & William Sisco
Myrna Strelinger
Kristi & William Trimble
Abuelo Circle
Using a word that means
“grandparent” in Spanish, the
Abuelo Circle includes those who
have included Casa de los NiГ±os in
their wills or estates.
Kent Bader
Mary C. Bartol
Loretta Boccuzzi
Willis & Carol Brewer
Bel Campbell
Don & Kathryn Cottey
Richard Coulter
Lee & Annette Davis
Judith C. Day
Kirby Fones
Carl Holder
June Irvine
Dee Kabbaj
Jerome Kaufman
Patricia Kelly
John & Margot Macy
Duncan Martin
Loyal & Marj Moore
William Polon
Veronica Porter
Bill Rice
Charlotte Selling
Marguerite Smith
Catherine E. Tapley
Lucy J. Tarbox
Loren & Virginia Vance
Mary D. Wilson
Our Casa is Your Casa!
Las Estrellas Circle
Las Estrellas are the shining
stars who hosted 2009 Night for
Children parties. These events
were presented by Diamond
Children’s Medical Center and
University Medical Center.
Other sponsors were BlueCross
BlueShield of Arizona, EMS Realty
and Commerce Bank.
Randy and Barbara Armenta
Fil and Karen Barrera
Vicki and Chris Began
John and Paulette Bremond
Mardee and Jim Briscoe
Chris and Evelyn Brown
Marguerite Brown
Debi Butler
Casa de los NiГ±os Trustees
Nancy Cox
Fred Cross
Linda and Barry DiSimone
Peggy Drachman
Steve and Dee Eddy
Chuck and Mary Beth Edmonds
Peter Eisner
Jil and Britt Feldhausen
Anita and Antonio Rush
Tretschok, McNamara & Miller PC
Tom and Judy Stefanek
TMC Healthcare
Nicole and Mike Stoops
Tucson Electric Power
Lisa and Martin Suarez
Richards Group
Sharon Young and Keith Ellis
Heidi and Dan Yribar
Car Raffle Circle
These generous sponsors took part
in the 2008 Madden Media Casa
Car Raffle:
Holiday Wish Tree Circle
Thank you to those who helped
promote the Casa de los NiГ±os
Holiday Wish Tree:
Macy’s Department Stores
MEGA 106.3
Madden Media
FOX Channel 11 KMSB
Tucson Home Magazine
KTTU Channel 18
Adams Automotive
Olive Garden
SAHBA Home Show
Sam Hughes Place
KGUN Channel 9
In Memoriam
94.9 MIX FM
104.1 The Truth
The Casa de los NiГ±os family mourns the
1490 The Fan
passing of Mary Bartol, who died August
MEGA 106.3
13th in Morristown, NJ. Mary was 86. A
former resident of Sonoita, Mary had been
Golf Classic Circle
one of our most caring supporters. We will
These generous sponsors took
part in the 2009 Sam Levitz Casa
Golf Classic at Arizona National
Golf Club:
miss her deeply.
Dianne and Jeff Grobstein
Sam Levitz Furniture
Marlene and Larry Harris
BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona
Nicola Hartmann
EMS Realty
Wendy Hendrickson and Dave Fraser
Ben Palazzo & Family
Sister Michelle Humke
Law Office of Bill Nelson
Todd Jackson
Carondelet HealthCare
Tim Jefferson
Nystedt & Fletcher PLLC
Pamela and Regis Langelier
Harris Bank
Sally Lanyon
Silberschlag Group
Raymond E. Magnuson
Mike Stoops
Lynn Maynard
Cure IS Healthcare
Glee McCruley
Estes Land & Development Co.
Meghan M. Miller
McNamara, Goldsmith, MacDonald
Moira Richards
Wells Fargo Bank
ReneГ© Rodgers
15 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Cedrick Fletcher
Our Mission:
To prevent child abuse and neglect
by offering services that promote
child safety and family stability.
Our Vision:
To live in a world where all children
16 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
are protected and cherished.
1 | 2008 - 2009 Casa de los NinГµs Annual Report
Casa de los NiГ±os
1101 N 4th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85705