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citizens caring for children
2012 Annual Report
letter from the director
Over the last year, Citizens Caring for Children has provided more
than 4,000 children in foster care with everything from new shoes
to a backpack to go back to school in style. We are working to put
the pieces back together for these children each and every day.
What a year! Citizens Caring for Children has been incredibly blessed over
the last year to not only experience enormous growth but to also continually
break our own records. It all started with the Resource Center, where over the
course of the fiscal year, more than 2,050 children were provided with 32,700
articles of clothing and 598 duffel bags filled with toiletries and linens. Also,
for the first time ever, more than 800 children were paired with a personal
shopper to pick out the perfect first day of school outfit, a backpack and all of
the school supplies they needed through the Back to School program.
We also experienced enormous growth in the mentor program. More than 30
adults signed up to be new mentors to a child in need. When a child is placed
in foster care, they often have to change school systems, live with people they
may not know and interact with an inconsistent stream of people working in
We believe hope for foster children begins with the simple thread of
the child welfare system including social workers, counselors, judges, foster
connection. Together, we can help Oklahoma children living in foster
families or staff working at a shelter or group home. This inconsistency
care find the sense of belonging most of us take for granted.
impacts all facets of their lives. Our mentor program strives to match a child
with a mentor that can provide a long-term, consistent connection.
Finally, the momentum of growth was topped off by our Santa Stop program.
Children in the child welfare system move on average three times per year,
and they often wonder if Santa will know where to find them on Christmas
morning. Santa Stop ensures that children in foster care are able to
experience the spirit of Christmas that every child deserves. Last year, KFOR’s
“In Your Corner” team launched Joy 4 Kids in support of Santa Stop, and in
2012, “In Your Corner” once again partnered with CCC to provide gifts for 1,000
children. In addition, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook
attended our annual Joy 4 Kids Christmas party and provided 80 children with
a new backpack and Jordan shoes courtesy of his WHY NOT? Foundation!
We are so grateful that we have been able to grow our outreach to serve
more children than ever. However, in just the last year, more than 800 children
have entered the state’s child welfare system. So, now we all have to do just
a little bit more. If you know a potential mentor, volunteer or donor who is
devoted to the well-being of Oklahoma’s children, please take a moment to
tell them about our mission. Invite them to tour our facility to see how each
and every day we are all working together to provide them with the material
resources they need so we can begin to break the cycle of abuse and neglect
in our state.
With your help we are changing lives. Your support means that these children
will have the foundations of their needs met, so that they may begin to heal
emotionally. For that, we are forever grateful.
Amy Mitchell, Executive Director
our mission
santa stop
Citizens Caring for Children breaks the cycle of abuse and neglect by
Santa Stop provides presents to children in foster care during the holidays,
addressing the material, emotional and intellectual needs of the foster
allowing them to experience the spirit of Christmas. Children in foster care
children we serve because every child deserves the chance for a better life.
move on average three times per year, and they sometimes wonder if Santa will
know where to find them. The Santa Stop program helps them believe in the
Through our five programs we develop self-esteem and develop character to
magic of Santa.
give hope, change lives and create healthy futures.
our programs
mentor program
Once a child is placed into the custody of the Department of Human Services,
their support system fluctuates frequently. In order to provide lasting
resource center
relationships, the Mentor Program matches a child in foster care with a mentor
Children in foster care are often removed from their homes with nothing but
who serves as a constant, positive role model and friend. The Mentor Program
the clothing on their backs. The Resource Center and It’s in the Bag programs
is a key component in breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect, working one-
help alleviate this sense of loss by providing new clothing, shoes, socks and
on-one to change behaviors and provide these children with an opportunity to
undergarments, pajamas, books, coats and a duffel bag filled with toiletry
experience a life they might otherwise never know.
items and linens to children up to four times per year. Our Back to School
effort also provides a new outfit, backpack and school supplies at the
The rewarding experience of mentoring a child can be summed up with the
beginning of each school year. By meeting basic needs, Citizens Caring for
following quote from a CCC mentor:
Children aims to build self-confidence among some of Oklahoma’s most
neglected children.
“The relationship between me and my mentee continues to grow
and improve. Strengths in our relationship include: communication,
shelter birthday parties
openness in talking and sharing, similar interests, enjoyment of
Children in foster care often miss out on special occasions, and birthdays are
activities, flexibility, friendship, and openness to trying new things.”
no exception. Each month Citizens Caring for Children hosts a birthday party
for the children living in the Oklahoma county shelter. For some of these
children, it’s the first birthday they have ever celebrated.
giving hope
Think about your childhood. You likely recall a favorite toy, watching cartoons
or playing with friends. Now imagine a police officer who comes to your house,
puts you in his car and takes you to a shelter. Everything you loved is left
behind. This is the experience of more than 9,000 Oklahoma children currently
in foster care. For many, their formative years are dominated by feelings of
fear, neglect, uncertainty and loss. Citizens Caring for Children focuses on five
programs to build self-esteem, develop character and give hope to some of
Oklahoma’s most needy children.
“Kids in foster care are like presents. You open all of the boxes and
find they each have a gift inside!”
– okc foster parent
“Thank you all for letting me get my clothes here and my school
supplies. I am so grateful that you care a lot about me. I pray that
everybody that helps and works here to get us clothes are safe
and okay and I hope that everybody stays blessed. Thank you all.
God Bless you all.”
– child in foster care
Citizens Caring for Children breaks the cycle of abuse and neglect
for Oklahoma foster children by addressing their material, emotional
and intellectual needs. We believe every child deserves the chance
“This is a wonderful service that you provide to these very
for a better life.
disadvantaged children. We are so thankful for your help! ”
– foster parent
A.M. and Martha Strecker
Abby Lawson
Alaina Tyler
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Alana Duffle
Alex and Monica Aguilar
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Community Managed
Health Care
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Coupon Closet
Courtney Eilerts
79Вў of every dollar donated goes directly to programs
benefitting the children we serve.
Courtney Powell
Cox Communications
Cox Connects Foundation
Craig Clifton
Craig Johnston
Crossings Community
Crystal Crawford
Cub Scout Pack 331
Custom Floor Design Inc
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Volunteers contributed 2,189 hours of time in 2012.
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financials *
balance sheet
Fixed Assets
Investment Income
United Way
Total Assets
Special Events 13%
In-Kind Donations
Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
Contributions & Foundations Income
Management & General
Unrestricted Net Assets
Total Liabilities & Net Assets
income statement
United Way
In-Kind Donations
Contributions & Foundations Income
Total Operating Income 657,505.00 100%
Special Events Investment Income
Program Services
Program Services
Management & General
Total Operating Expenses
$541,622.00 Net Operating Income
*Effective immediately, the fiscal year for Citizens Caring for Children has been changed to July 1
through June 30. To implement this change, the financial statement shown is for a nine-month period,
from October 2011 through June 2012.
board of directors
Kayla Blount, Liberty Mutual, president
Kristi Pointer, Integris Health, vice president
Mary Ann Williams, Oklahoma City Community Foundation, treasurer
Michael Boecking, Kirkpatrick Bank, secretary
Becky Roten, Community Volunteer
Victor Guarry, Bank of Oklahoma
Bryan Geiger, Bank of Oklahoma
Jonathan Little, Capstone Homes
Kiley Gauthier, Community Volunteer
Dr. Joshua Spears, Spears Chiropractic
Scott Freeny, Choctaw Nation
Lindsay Laird, Saxum
Kelly Blankenship, Target
Tom Connell, Armstrong Logistics
Lori Engel, Ultimate HR
Chris Allen, OG&E
Alison Wolf, FAA Credit Union
Heather Griswold, Oklahoma Quality Awards Foundation
Amy Mitchell, executive director
Keili McEwen, director of development and communications
Hillary Winn, program director
Sandy Thomas, resource center manager
Holly Livengood, marketing and research coordinator
Katie McQueen, resource center coordinator
Rhonda Stinson, administrative assistant
citizens caring for children
730 W. Wilshire Creek Boulevard, Suites 111 & 112
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
p 405.753.4099
f 405.753.4095
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