Mar 2nd, 2015 - Lostock Hall Academy

Lostock Hall Academy
A ‘good’ school (Ofsted 2014)
Mon 2 March 2015
Volume 10 Issue 20
Message from the Headteacher
Last week flew by and we are now only four weeks away from the Easter break – a very short, but very
busy half term, particularly for pupils in Years 9 and 11.
Year 9 pupils will be fully involved in the Key Stage 4 Options process; it was wonderful to see a 75%
attendance of parents at last week’s Year 9 Options Evening. The Options Evening will be followed up with
individual tutor review interviews this week and careers interviews with Mr Ficorilli our independent Careers
Year 11 pupils have been busy since Christmas with after school intervention sessions and some subjects
like Music have already started their GCSE practical assessments. Our Year 11 Guidance Evening on
Wednesday this week is an excellent opportunity for parents to obtain the important information they need
to support their child through the exams process and I would urge everyone to attend .
Mrs G Brimelow
Celebrating Success
Year 9 Geography – ‘Plastic Bag Football’ Challenge – Mrs Williams
Mrs Williams’ Year 9 classes linked together recycling and creativity in the ‘What on Earth are we doing to
our planet?’ topic studied recently. Sets 2, 4 and 5 were challenged to produce the best plastic bag football
that they could. Children in Less Economically Developed Countries are not as fortunate as children in our
country, and they often make footballs in this way.
So: having been given instructions and a basic demonstration, they set out making their plastic bag football.
The winners from each class would receive a new leather football as a prize – which was also part of a
whole school initiative to raise boys’ achievement. The entry standard was high, and each class had a strict
criteria for testing the footballs. In the end, the winners from each class were (shown here with their prizes)
9 Set 2 – Nathan Massaro
9 Set 4 – Dylan Llewellin
9 Set 5 - Jamie Pye
RE ‘Pupils of the Week’ –Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones is nominating Fay Biddulph and Caitlin Hewitt-Hughes for pupils of the week. They spend a lot
of time and put a lot of effort into their RE homework to produce excellent homework.
'Big Book Quiz' – Mrs Ellis
On Thursday 12th February the 'Book Devourers' and the 'Lostock Lions' attended the 'Big Book Quiz' at
Penwortham Priory Academy. The pupils presented themselves as excellent ambassadors for our school.
They showed excellent commitment, maturity and dedication. Thank you to all of the following pupils:
Book Devourers: Evi Carlisle, Isabelle Roocroft and Olivia Blackwell
Lostock Lions:
George McCaughey, Leon Colman, Harry Hodgson and Benjamin Antrobus.
A particular congratulations to the 'Lostock Lions' who managed to secure second place in the competition.
The English department would also like to say thank you to all parents/carers who supported the event.
U13 Girls’ Netball – Miss Rennox
The U13s Lostock Hall Academy Netball Girls played
exceptionally well in their first netball matches against local
Chloe Aspin (bottom row, far left) demonstrated excellent
defending skills and was nominated 'Player of the Match'.
Well done to all the team!
Past Pupil Inspires Art Students - Mrs Murray
Past pupil Liam Rainford visited Year 9 Art and Design
classes to share his experiences studying the LHA
GCSE Art and Applied Art courses as they are now
considering option choices for the next academic year.
Liam gained A* grades in both Art GCSEs and is now a
full time Art student at Newman College. He has recently
exhibited his work at the Harris Museum and sold several
pieces. Year 9 gained a real insight and understanding
about the GCSE courses on offer and so ‘thank you’ to Liam Rainford shares his work with Year 9 Art pupils
Liam for his time and enthusiasm for visual arts.
News and Information
Upholding Uniform Standards – Miss Gill
We believe that smart appearance contributes to creating the right attitude and environment for learning;
and reflects on the good name of the school. Pupils are expected to meet codes of dress and appearance
as set out in the Academy’s uniform standards:
It has come to our attention that since the Christmas holidays, many pupils are not adhering to those
standards. In particular we have noted the wearing of black Converse trainers/black pumps, as opposed
to school shoes; skirts which are shorter than permissible and inappropriate haircuts. In summary:
 Skirts must be no more than 2 inches/5cm above the knee;
 Strong black shoes must be worn – trainers or pumps are not allowed; and
 No part of the head should be shaved less than a Number 2.
Please ensure that your children attend school wearing the correct uniform. Sanctions will be imposed in
line with Academy Behaviour and Discipline Policy for any further or repeat transgressions. More
information can be found at If you wish to discuss the standards or equipment list, please contact the
school who will arrange for you to be put in touch with an appropriate member of staff. Thank you.
2015 Sports Awards Evening - Mr Sloan
The annual PE and School Sports Awards Evening is
scheduled to take place on Tuesday 7th July. As in
previous years the event has been organised to celebrate
the wide range of individual and team successes achieved
by all of our performers throughout the course of the
2014/15 sporting calendar.
The PE Department has been tasked with raising all of the
necessary funds to facilitate the running of the evening.
With this in mind we have been busy organising a number
of sponsored events that will enable us to invite our pupils
to help raise the money to purchase the many medals and Team GB athlete Andrew Steele with members of the
trophies required.
U14 Boys Hockey Team at last year’s event
All money raised is spent on the pupils and will help
ensure that the event runs as successfully as in previous years. Participation in all fund-raising activities
will be totally voluntary with any level of support being gratefully accepted. With this in mind we have
scheduled a games based fund-raising evening (3.00-5.30pm) for Thursday 16th April. Letters and
sponsorship forms will be distributed this half-term.
In addition if anyone would like to (a) make a direct donation of any amount or (b) sponsor a set of team
awards (average cost £20) then could you please contact me directly at school via the following email
address: [email protected]. Once again I look forward to inviting you to the annual
event to celebrate your child’s sporting achievement and success.
Year 11 Examinations Guidance Evening – Mrs Gow
This year, the Year 11 Guidance Evening for students and parents will be on Wednesday 4th March 2015
at 6.00pm. Please note the revised time of 6.00pm due to an Open Evening being held at Runshaw College
on the same evening. It will focus on important information for the forthcoming GCSE examinations. It is
important that parents/carers attend this meeting in support of their child. Parents will be required to sign
in on entry and, upon doing so, each student will receive a free examination pack which will help them to
prepare for their final examinations. We look forward to seeing you at this crucial event.
Maths Intervention and Revision – Mr Lancaster
Just a final reminder that the remaining Year 11 intervention and revision sessions for Maths are listed
below. Pupils in intervention sessions have had letters sent home and know they are in these groups
fortnightly. Other pupils are invited to revision sessions in the remaining weeks between. Pupils should
have started their revision for their examinations and resources to aid revision are available on MyMaths,
STAR, class notes books, practice books, revision guides and work books (£4) and Maths Watch DVDs
(£3). This is in addition to a wealth of GCSE revision sites online. Pupils are encouraged to bring with them
any revision they wish to go through and get help from their teacher in these sessions. Please encourage
your child to attend these sessions if they require support to achieve their target grade.
Year 11 Revision and Intervention Dates are:
Intervention (for selected pupils)
Revision Classes (open to all pupils)
10 March
17 March
Learning Zone – Miss Breakell
If you need somewhere quiet to learn or would like support for your homework stop by The Learning Zone,
in the Library, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday@ 3-4pm. See attached poster for more details.
Year 10 GCSE English Revision – Mrs Butterworth
Please see the attached letter for parents/carers of Year 10 pupils, setting out a clear revision plan and
activities for GCSE English Literature.
Life Studies Day 3 – Mr Doyle
Pupils recently took part in our third enrichment day for Life Studies on Wednesday 11th February which
successfully featured various PSHE and Citizenship topics and lots of visitors to school. The day ran
smoothly with pupils from Year 10 embarking on a work placement which was organised by themselves
and will be evaluated in school. Our next day is Thursday 26th March 2015.
Essential Equipment – Miss Gill
Just a reminder to make sure pupils have the correct equipment for lessons – details are set out in the
attached notice. If you wish to discuss the equipment list, please contact the school who will arrange for
you to be put in touch with an appropriate member of staff. Thank you.
World Book Day – Mrs Ellis
We will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 5th March! All staff and pupils
will be asked to dress up as a character from their favourite novel or from a genre
they particularly enjoy. There will be books on sale and prizes for the most
imaginative costumes. Every year we are astounded by the amazing creativity of
our staff and pupils...we are looking forward to seeing what you can come up with
this year! There will also be lunch time activities; a book sale of new and second
hand; photo booth and the ‘wall of wisdom’. All donations for the book sale are
welcome (please make them suitable for 11-16 year olds). Pupils can bring them
to the library or school reception. See the attached poster for more information.
Spring ‘Big Dig – Saturday 7 March: Mrs Sherlock and Mrs Wexler
Pupils will be bringing home a letter this week (see attached) asking for your permission for them to join in
our Spring Big Dig on Saturday 7th March in our Eco-Garden. Care and development of the garden helps
to improve pupils’ knowledge about growing fruit and vegetables as well as making them aware of the
benefits of outdoor activity and a healthy lifestyle. Please read the letter and support pupils who want to
come on the 7th by giving your consent for their attendance. Pupil consent forms should be returned by
Wednesday 4th March. Better still, come with them and lend a hand, too!
British Science Week (13th - 22nd March) – Mrs Stephan
Science week is a ten day programme of Science, Engineering, maths and Technology events across the
UK. In school, pupils will be taking part in competitions, challenges and science based workshops. The
timing of the week couldn't be better as there is a solar eclipse due on Friday 20th March between 8am
and 10 am, where up to 90% of the sun will be covered by the moon. Pupils will make viewers and look at
the eclipse safely.
To find out more or to see what's happening locally visit
Science writing competition – Mrs Stephan
Have you ever tried to explain something you learned in class to a friend or your parents? If you have, then
you’re a communicator – and if that something happened to be about science, you’re a science
The Bill Bryson Prize is a creative science communication competition. It is open to students around the
world from ages 5–18. There are three categories: ages 5–11, 12–14 and 15–18. Your entry can take
absolutely any form you want, and you can choose to enter individually or in a team (the age of the oldest
team member will decide which category your team falls into).
The theme for 2015 is Chance. From the Big Bang to evolution, from probability to penicillin, all kinds of
scientific concepts relate to ‘Chance’. Previous entries have included videos, songs, sculptures, posters,
poems, press articles, cartoons, games, magazines – even plays and podcasts! The judges are looking
for imaginative entries that communicate science in interesting ways. All entries must be submitted
online. The deadline for submitting entries is 31 March 2015.
For more information and to see last year's winner go to Let Mrs Stephan or your science teacher know if you submit an entry!
Sainsbury’s ‘Active Kids’ Voucher – Miss Rennox
The PE department are collecting the Sainsbury’s ‘Active Kids for All’ Vouchers. We really appreciate help
from parents and carers in giving any vouchers they receive to their children to bring into school. Pupils
can put vouchers in a box in PE or else pass to form tutors who will give them to PE staff.
Find out more about Active Kids at
Safer Internet Day 2015 – Mr Doyle
Are you aware of what you child does online? Do you know about privacy settings on social media
websites? Do you realise that your child's digital footprint stays with them for many years?
Tuesday 10th February was national Safer Internet Day and pupils attended an assembly covering issues
around safe internet use including bullying online, how to stay safe and how to avoid a negative digital
footprint. These are great discussion topics that you can have with your child at home to ensure
that they think a little more before posting comments/pictures online, and ensure that privacy settings are
set to maximum. You can also see the poster attached to 9 February 2015 newsletter for further ideas.
Careers Advice – Mrs Bradley
Mr Victor Ficorilli Independent Careers Adviser will be available in school every Monday this coming term
to arrange individual career appointments for year 9 pupils.
He will continue to see Year 10& 11 pupils and will run a lunchtime careers drop-in the PE Department and
also after school meetings can be arranged with parents. Apprenticeships are still available to discuss with
Mr Ficorilli with any Year 11 pupils who might be interested in applying.
He will also be in attendance at year 9 options evening this Thursday.
Careers Advice and Outside Activities– Mrs Bradley
Please see the attached posted advertising an event at Royal Preston Hospital on 5 th March where pupils
can explore options for careers in the Health Care sector. Pupils can attend from 4;30pm onwards.
Please also see the posters attached to this newsletter advertising and promoting:
 Apprenticeships in Construction;
 Workshops on Surviving Teenage Years (for teenagers and parents/carers!); and
 Football for fun opportunities.
Dates for your diary
Mon 2nd to Fri 6th
Wed 4th
Thurs 5th
Sat 7th
AQA Functional Skills ICT Exam
Yr 11 Guidance Evening @6.00pm, Main Hall
World Book Day
Eco garden Spring ‘Big Dig’ @9.30am, garden
Wed 11th to Fri 13th
Thurs 12th
GCSE PE Moderation
Attendance Panel
Mon 16th & Thurs 19th
Sun 22nd
Yr 11 Controlled Assessment Art & Design
Yr 11 Geography Active Revision (Grasmere)
21st January 2015
Dear Parent / Carer,
Re: Year 10 English Sets 1-4
I am delighted to inform you that your child has been working hard in their English lessons. However, as we
approach the final examination in GCSE Literature, I would like to make you aware of appropriate revision activities
that should now be taking place at home.
Monday 18h May 2015
GCSE English Literature Unit 1 – 2 hours
Section A: ‘Of Mice and Men’ or 'To Kill a
Analyse an extract from the novel (20 mins)
 Stay focused on the extract
(annotate it first)
 Aim for a side of A4
 Use the key words from the
question throughout
 Use P-E-A-S
Select an essay question based on theme or
character in the novel and complete (40 mins)
 Plan
 Show your knowledge of the
entire novel
 Aim for two sides of A4
 Use P-E-A-S
Section B: Poetry
 Read two previously unseen poems
 Highlight and annotate the poems
 Plan your response
 Write for 45 minutes (two sides)
 Make sure the last third of your essay
explores the similarities and differences
between the two poems.
Friday 22nd May 2015
GCSE English Literature Unit 2 – 2 hours
Section A: ‘An Inspector Calls’ or ‘Blood
 Complete the extract question (20 mins)
Recommended Revision Activities
Go to and use the past
papers available to practise completing
the questions in the recommended time.
Highlight key words in the
character/theme questions and produce
brainstorms – number your brainstorm
to show the sequence of your essay.
Use GCSE Bitesize at
to explore themes and characters – use
their links and online revision activities.
For each main character and each main
theme learn a pertinent quotation that
you can use within your essay writing.
Watch the film or download an audio file
to listen to on your phone.
Use the STAR page activities - ‘GCSE
English Literature Exam Practice’
Revise and use formal connectives (see
STAR page)
Practise using formal connectives in
your writing when comparing two
Recommended Revision Activities
See above. Use the revision strategies
you used for ‘Of Mice and Men’ or 'To
Kill A Mockingbird' and apply to the
study of these two texts.
Choose one essay on character or theme
to complete (40 mins)
Section B: ‘Heroes’ or ‘Lord of the Flies’
 Complete the extract question (20 mins)
 Choose one essay on character or theme
to complete (40 mins)
The GCSE Bitesize website allows you
to read the examination books online
and make notes on them.
York Notes on texts are very accessible.
See the school STAR page – GCSE
Literature exam.
to listen to revision podcasts on the
Go to , an online
review page where past pupil responses
can be viewed with the accompanying
examiner comments.
A consistent revision schedule between now and the examination date is a vital part of your child’s preparation for
the GCSE examinations and will have a direct impact on their GCSE result. Therefore, your child should already
have devised a revision timetable and be spending regular periods engaged in the activities overleaf. Little and
often is a good approach for pupils who struggle to discipline themselves, however, practising the timings of
examination papers can help boost pupils’ confidence substantially.
Should you have any questions about your child’s revision, please do not hesitate in contacting me at
[email protected].
Yours faithfully,
Mrs J. Butterworth
Head of English