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With Emily Vickers
Sunday, March 1, 2:00 TH
Lee Pisani’s daughter, Emily Vickers, invites you
to visit with her in Istanbul and Assos Turkey.
Emily will share some of her experiences living
as an expat for 20 years in Turkey.
She will make some tasty treats from Turkey
for you to try that she serves to her guests at
her Bed and Breakfast!
A Day in Turkey
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Socially Speaking
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Expand Your Experience
Cascade Cafe
In one important way, we are capable of traveling back in
time. Through memory, we can return to childhood, go
back to the moment we first fell in love or recall our first
professional triumph.
Vivid memories that call to mind an experience in deep
sensory detail can seem to transport us back to another
time and place. When we recall the particular bit of information we're looking for, we also recall many other
surrounding details -- how we felt, what we were wearing, what came before and afterwards.
New research from neuroscientists at Vanderbilt University sheds light on how the brain performs this remarkable function.
The Vanderbilt research team sought to determine how
memories are encoded with different levels of vividness
and detail. They investigated both "high fidelity memories" -- those that are very well-preserved in our minds,
even years later -- as well as bits of information that are
remembered, but in isolation, without surrounding details and sensory information.
"In everyday life, when you have an experience, your
brain constructs this rich neural code representing the
details of that experience. Later, if you think back to that
experience, the brain attempts to reactivate that neural
representation," Polyn explained in an email to The
Huffington Post. "Mental time travel is when the brain
does a really good job reactivating that past state, which
can feel like you are actually revisiting the experience, in
your mind’s eye.”
During my past 3 months here at Bellewood, I
have gotten to know many of the residents on a
personal level. The highlight for me is hearing
your stories as you recollect your past.
We have gathered socially for “Hall Parties”,
Games, Luncheons, Fitness, Memoir Group and
even… The Seahawk Playoffs just to name a few!
I am thrilled to say, I enjoy every moment of my
day “at work” as I spend time getting to know
each of you. Throughout our many conversations, each of us experience
“Mental Time Travel” as
we share details of our past
in getting to know each other
and find common areas of
Doni and I are excited to
travel with you!
Interim Manager: Cindy Greenfield
Relocation Coordinator: Lynn Krom
Concierge: Kara Jolley and Laura Charette
Programs/LifeMinded Coaches:
Julie Schuster and Doni Stull
Community Relations: Sherry Pitt
Maintenance Team:
Gary Glazier and Brian Doyer
“This demonstrates that the brain stamps memories with Executive Chef: Frank Blanchard
a temporal code," Polyn said in the statement. "These
Culinary Team: Sharon Parker,
time-travel recollections allow the brain to retrieve that
Abby Gurmu and Gabriel Perez
temporal code, which makes memories for nearby things Housekeeping Team:
more accessible, in this case the next item in the list.”
Vicky Nanthrup, Linda Dupont and
To read more on How The Brain Performs 'Mental Time
Jackie Palacios
Travel' visit:
Overnight Security Team:
Mike and Laura Brieske
“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”
―Muriel Rukeyser
Our new Programs Team is busily
planning the up and coming year,
and we need YOUR input!
Creative Children for Charity
will continue to be on display
throughout the month of March.
The rated
Join us for our new “Lets Talk Programs” discussion forums and help us brainstorm what
YOU and YOUR NEIGHBORS would like to see
on our up and coming calendars!
Each informal discussion will focus on a specific
area of our existing programs, however,
ANY topic or idea is welcome!
40 Story’s was written and published by
50 local children primarily located on the
Sammamish Plateau!
Their book was released this February
and Bellewood is
proud to say we sponsored their first ever book
signing event! Creative Children for Charity
(aka 3C) is a program for inspiring children and
teens to volunteer their time and talent to raise
money for social causes through art. If you
haven’t had a chance to view their art, ask about
taking a tour to see their artwork firsthand and
learn more about this community program!
Focus on Fitness:
 Tuesday, March 3
1:30 BB
Focus on Night Life:
 Wednesday,
March 25 7:00 pm CC
March 28, 1:00
March 17th 2:00
Dining Room!
Do you have a passion for crafting?
This is a group for anyone interested in Sewing!
We Hope to
See Everyone
Hemming, making clothes, items for around
the home, making crafts and gifts or just learning the basics.
Fun! Laughs!
Memories! Old
All skills levels are welcome. This group was
Friends and New!
started to meet other sewing enthusiasts and
Don’t miss this
sewing enthusiast wanna-be’s!
amazing milestone!!
We are looking forward to exploring the world
of sewing with you. So, grab a cup of coffee,
bring your project if you have one. A few sewing machines and supplies will be provided.
DEAREST PAT ~~ May your special day
be filled with sunshine, smiles, laughter
and love...exactly what you've brought to
Bellewood! Have a very Happy 100th
Birthday, Pat. We love you!
Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:45 & 2:30 (FC)
Mondays, 2:30 (FC)
This seated class is specifically designed to
strengthen your abdominals, lower back, and
pelvic floor muscles, those which support your
spine and internal organs—the foundation of
your body. Exercising the core is essential to
good posture and balance.
Instructors: Julie Schuster and Doni Stull
Improve your balance by strengthening your
core with this proven and fun fitness routine. In
addition to better balance, when practiced regularly, Tai Chi can lead to a reduction in everyday
stress levels, anxiety, and muscle tension as well
as an improvement in mood, energy, and focus.
Instructor: Doni Stull
By Appointment
Wednesdays, 10:00 (FC)
Walking with your poles as little as thirty
minutes a day, three times a week, can help lower
your blood pressure, reduce your cholesterol, and
help to relieve back, shoulder and neck pain.
Make an appointment with Julie or Doni for personal instruction to get you started!
NIA is a sensory-based movement practice that
draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing
arts. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes
by connecting the body, mind, emotions and
spirit. Develop and sustain mobility, flexibility,
strength, agility, and stability while moving to
music—sitting down. This class is designed for all
levels. Instructor: Barbara Krauss
By Appointment
Engage in wellness
through starting
up personal training. Just thirty
minutes a day,
three times a week
can help you improve your balance, core
strength, stamina
and reduce pain. Contact Julie to get started!
Rest Stop: Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
Sunday, March 29, 2:00 (TH)
How impressive! You’ve made it to Bolivia!
Learn something new about this In Andean belief, Titicaca is the birthplace of the sun. In addition, it's the largest lake in South America and
the highest navigable body of water in the world..
If you would like to walk for better health and
order a pedometer ($10) - please see Doni
Monday, Tuesdays, Thursday &
Fridays, 9:15 (FC)
Stay Active and Independent for Life is a
Strength, Balance, and Fitness Class for Adults
65+. This program will keep you healthy and fit
as Core Fitness program.
Instructors: Julie Schuster/Doni Stull
Sunday, March 8, 2:00 (DR) and
Friday, March 20, 2:00 (DR)
Come and chat with Chef Frank about making healthy
choices, discuss what’s on the menu, and suggest your
March 4, 10:00 (CC)
Coffee, Tea and Muffins
Wednesday, March 11, 1:30 (CC)
For all who were born this month. Come and celebrate with all March Birthday Babies from our
Bellewood family: Staff and Residents alike!
Celebrate your years on this earth, and share your
favorite birthday memories!
Thursday, March 19, 9:30 (DR)
Enjoy a complimentary breakfast planned and cooked
to perfection by Chef Frank and engage socially with
your neighbors! Our quarterly Women’s Breakfast is
a great opportunity for you ladies to get to know your
neighbors and share your passions and thoughts.
What hobbies do you share? What profession do you
come from?
Our Low Vision Support Group was
brought back upon request of many residents that experience the same struggles
and challenges in every day tasks.
We meet Quarterly for Breakfast out
in the community and every two
months we gather for an in house.
This past month, we had the opportunity
to learn more about the Washington
Talking Book & Braille Library
There is no fee to participate in this wonderful program. All equipment and services are free to the community.
To find out more information, join our
Low Vision Support Group March 4th,
Or ask Julie for a brochure .
Saturday, March 14, 12:15 (DR)
Invite your family or friends to join you for a
special lunch at Bellewood’s Cascade Dining
Room. Make your reservation for a delicious
lunch featuring: Cream O’ Potato Leek
Tuesday, March 17, 3:30 (FL)
“R J & Company” has been playing together over Soup, Crispy Beer Bread, Shepherd’s
Pie, Corned Beef & Cheese Omelet and
20 years! Join your friends and neighbors and share Luck of the Irish Rainbow Dessert.
some of your favorite Irish food and grogg prepared
Please call the Front Desk to reserve your
by Chef Frank, while RJ & Company put on a jig!
table. See page 12 for more
Sunday Church Shuttle
Sign up ahead of time in the
Lobby Book to ride our free bus
to your local church.
Reciting the Rosary
Mondays, 10:00 (CC)
Pray and meditate on the
mysteries of the Rosary.
Worship Service
Mondays, 10:30 (TH)
Mountain Creek Christian
Fellowship Service.
Catholic Communion
Fridays, 10:30 (TH)
Gather together and be joined
by a Eucharistic Minister who
will distribute communion.
Spiritual Book Club
Mondays, 7:00pm (CC)
This book club from our greater
community is open to all
Bellewood residents.
Dr. Elisa Chan,
Family Practice & Geriatric Care Physician
Snoqualmie Valley Hospital
Tuesday & Friday appointments are available in our
Wellness Center. Call 425-677-5938.
In House Healthy Living Clinic & Lab Services
Wednesdays, 8:30-10:00, Wellness Center
Anti-coagulation clinic, lab, blood pressure check, weight checks
available or simply ask a question. Stop by to see Debra.
Kim’s Massage
Tuesdays, March 3 & 24, 10:00-2:00 (SS)
Call 206-781-4252 for your appointment with Certified Massage
Therapist Kim McManus.
Podiatrist, Dr. James Gorey
Tuesday, March 10, 1:45 to 4:45 (SS)
Call 888-425-7307 for your appointment with Dr. Gorey.
Foot Care with Janie Yakovlevitch, R.N.
March 26, by appointment, (SS)
Please call (425) 269-4037 to schedule your visit.
Gypsy Specs, Traveling Optician
Call 425-941-7790 for your appointment with Cynthia Creel.
Rite Aid, Sammamish
Have your prescriptions phoned in to Rite-Aid.
Call (425) 391-1582.
Wednesday, March 4, 2:00 (LO)
Transportation to 65+ Wellness Event.
Sign-up in the Lobby Book.
Theresa Baker, LTCP, Owner of Baker Insurance Group
For private consulting with Theresa, please call: (206) 292-0004.
Personal Registration allows you to plan ahead for next month’s programs, trips and
classes. You’ll receive details about organized group excursions, get advice on selecting
the right fitness class, and reserve your spot (and pay for) events that have limited seating
such as Design Workshops or Trips. Ask questions and give suggestions!
For April Registration, come to the Bellewood Bistro on:
Tuesday, March 24, 3:00 BB
Resident Meeting
Tuesdays, 1:00 (TH)
Our Programs Department
makes announcements and
relays the latest breaking news
about our community.
“Let’s Talk” Programs
Focus on Fitness: Tuesday
March 3 after the Resident
Meeting. 1:30 TH
Focus on Night Life:
Wednesday 3/25 7:00pm
March 18, 10:00 (DR)
King County Library comes
once a month for all your
library needs.
Trader Joe’s
Bank of America
QFC/Rite Aid
Wells Fargo, Chase &
Bank of America
In House Banking Services
Opus Bank (DR)
Tuesday, March 3, 10:30
Bellewood Salon
Stylists Glenda
Engebretson and Cathy
Ryan are here for you with a
variety of salon services.
Call for your appointment at
(425) 392-6395
Koffee Klatch—Daily
2:00—3:00 (DR)
You supply the topics—we
supply the fresh coffee and
baked treats. Invite your new
By Request
Knit & Crochet-4-Seattle
Children’s Hospital
March 21, 10:00 (RL)
Join us as we knit and crochet
prayer scarves, preemie and
chemo caps for Seattle’s
Children's Hospital. See page
8 for details.
Friday Night: Critics Choice
6:30 in (CC)
Sunday Night: Your Choice
6:30 in (CC)
See the weekly Chatter to see
what’s playing. Movie suggestions are always welcome!
QFC/Rite Aid
Wells Fargo, Chase &
Bank of America
Pickering Shopping
Office Depot
Big Lots, Lowes,
Barnes & Noble,
Pier One
Fred Meyer and
Value Village
Sign-up at Front Desk
with Doctor Runs
(24 Hour Notice Please)
Every Tuesday & Thursday,
March 7, 12:00
Discover Redmond
Senior Center:
Brain Health Fair
Redmond Town Center
Lunch Out
2nd & 4th Wednesday,
Call the Front Desk at least 24 hours in advance to arrange your ride.
We have a dedicated
group of residents
who orchestrate the
signing of Birthday
and Get Well cards.
If you would like to
join Care-A-Lots,
please contact Julie or Doni.
Support our
Team by volunteering to
fold napkins
or turn menu
pages for
Cascade Dining Room.
It’s an easy way to get involved and meet others!
On a sunny afternoon in February, our Knit and
Crochet group set out to enjoy a trip to Seattle.
We first crossed the bridge, taking the scenic
route and travelled back in time as we toured
neighborhoods, where some once lived. Upon
arriving to Seattle Children’s Hospital, our resident volunteers were anxious to personally deliver their beautifully hand crafted treasures,
totaling 85 prayer scarves, 112 hats for cancer
patients and 16 preemie hats!
You will get excited about this wonderful community outreach and want to join Bellewood’s
ambitious group of yarn enthusiasts making
these items in the future. We meet once a
month and would love to have you join us!
We have opportunities for shop volunteers in
our wonderful Gift Boutique. The duties are
simple and shifts are short. Our merchandise
includes a variety of gifts, snacks, clothing,
accessories and other
It’s a great way to
meet new people
and get involved!
Contact Ginger in our Gift Boutique.
Thursdays, 2:00 TH
Monday, March 16, 7:00 (RL )
Do you love to sing? Join this friendly choir
made up of Bellewood residents and our neighbors at Providence Point.
No prior experience necessary!
you want to learn how? All skill levels welcome!
Lets get some partner play going! Grab your
favorite beverage and meet me in
Ranier Lounge! ~~Doni
Thursday, March 5, 12 and 26
3:30 (TH)
Always wanted to play Wii Bowling but don’t know
how? Perhaps you once played on a bowling
league or just want to try something new.
Drop in on Thursdays for an opportunity to ask
questions and give it a try! Plan is to eventually
start up a tournament with
the Ole’ pros!
Instructor, Rex Smith 3:00 (CC)
Wednesdays, March 11, 18 & 25
Rex has been teaching memory aids/techniques
for 65 years! Come and learn the method!
Be sure to bring your new directory, class Workbook and a pen or pencil to take notes!
Fridays, March 6, 13,
20 & 27,
3:15 (TH)
Whether you’re an experienced bowler or new to
the game, you’ll enjoy playing with this fascinating
technology. Drop in and try Wii!
Wednesdays, March 4, 11 , 18, 25
11:00 (TH)
Guest Speaker, Zoltan Abraham from Mary
Queen of Peace, and graduate of Seattle
University’s ecumenical, Master of Pastoral
Studies Program, leads this fascinating
Thursday, March 26, 7:00 (DR)
Evergreen Philharmonic was established as an
auditioned high school symphony orchestra in
the fall of 1991. In the years since, the orchestra
has matured into a professional training orchestra that has sent graduates to all the top conservatories in the country.
Mondays, March 9 & 23 7:00 (LI)
Memoir writing is exciting! Many writers feel
that they are falling off some kind of edge, taking
chances, risking–what? Perhaps as memoirists,
we’re risking a sense of safety by hiding our voices. Join this friendly and supportive writing
group, share your stories, and listen to others.
Wednesday, March4,2:15 (LO)
Lets go “hit the racks!” at Issaquah's newest
thrift store! You never know what you may find!
*This store has selected the Issaquah Schools
Foundation as its local nonprofit partner!
Wednesday, March 11, Time: TBD
We’ll take a trip to the mall between 10:00 and
1:00. Space limited —please sign-up at
Registration. Trip fee: $2
Sammamish Presbyterian
Tuesday, March 10, 11:15 (LO)
Topic: Serving in South Africa
Saturday, March 7th, 12-2:30 (LO)
Enjoy a complimentary home cooked meal, and
fellowship on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Sign-up in the Lobby Book.
Come experience and learn about the variety of
activities offered at the Redmond Senior Center
to promote brain health. There will be - dancing, singing, games, crafts, food, fun and prizes!
Mary Queen Of Peace
Thursday, March 12, 12:00 (LO)
Sunday, March 15, 1:00 (LO)
Topic: Storyteller; Debbie Demetrie
Enjoy a Pot Luck Lunch on the 2nd Thursdays of
each month. Chef Frank will prepare a delicious
dish for you to take and share.
Sign-up in the Lobby Book.
An Escorted Trip to Kirkland Performing Arts Center to revel in an afternoon of
smooth, jazzy, romantic, unforgettable music
from America’s golden age of song: the ‘30s, ‘40s
and ‘50s .
Sunday, March 22 2:00 (LO)
Fresh air walk at Pickering Place!
Thursday, March 5, 10:15 (LO)
Embrace the opportunity to attend Catholic
Mass with our neighbors at Marianwood.
Join us on a low-key outing to Pickering Place
to enjoy the beautiful paved trails, manicured
lawns and water features! Walk a little or walk
a lot, or just pull up the nearest picnic table and
breath in the beauty of early spring! Bring your
jacket, and Chef Frank will pack us a snack
and hot chocolate...and if the weather is bad?
We will just
take a scenic
drive and
stop off at
Barnes and
Noble for
some book
and hot
Wednesday, March 18, 10:30 (LO)
Feeling lucky? Join Julie for a day at our local
Snoqualmie Casino! You’ll find fifty classic table
games, 1,700 state-of-the-art slot machines, and
more! Enjoy lunch at one of many exceptional dining
venues offered. Sign-up at Registration.
Trip fee $2
Life Long Learning and living engaged...With your environment, your commu- Thursday, March 26, 7:00 (DR)
nity, and your neighbors, is the focus of everything we do here at Bellewood. Too often, we’re told
aging must be a time of diminished expectations, contribution, and exploration. We vigorously disagree. At Bellewood we learn to benefit from keeping our minds and bodies active, learning new
things, exploring and sharing ideas and thoughts
with others. We call it living LifeMinded™.
We encourage you to explore what
Bellewood has to offer!
 Memoir Writers~2nd & 4th Mondays
7:00p.m. LI A friendly and supportive
group to share your memories through the
written word, and encourage others to do the
same. Exercise writing skills, or learn new
ones. Take a risk and let your voice be heard!
 Biblical History~Weds, 11:00 (TH)
Guest Speaker, Zoltan Abraham from Mary
Queen of Peace, and graduate of Seattle University’s ecumenical, Master of Pastoral Studies Program, leads this fascinating discussion.
 Book Lovers Tea and Talk~ 3/18, 1:00 (CL)
If you are fond of reading and discussing books--join
us! You’ll find regular and audio copies of this
months book at the front desk.
 King County Library Bookmobile will visit
Bellewood on Wendnesday, March 18th at
10:00 a.m. Drop off or pick up books. Some
titles available or pre-order online.
 Bridge Skills Practice~Mondays at 3:00 (BB)
Whether you are a beginner or just haven’t
played for awhile and want to brush up on
rusty skills, this is a fun group to hone your
card playing dexterity as well as exercise some
muscle memory!
 Art Classes. Have you ever wanted to learn
to paint? Draw? How about sculpt a dragon
or create beads out of clay? Watch future
Chatters for information on up and coming
Art Classes and Workshops.
Evergreen Philharmonic was
established as
an auditioned
high school
symphony orchestra in the
fall of 1991. In
the years since, the orchestra has matured into a professional training orchestra that has sent graduates to
all the top conservatories in the country.
Thursday afternoons
in March 3:30 TH
Hit the lanes to become the
dominant alley cat in this fun
sports game! Our seasoned
Bellewood players will help
you learn - Just point the remote toward the pins and
align the ball with the floor marks. Push the remote toward the pins, and remember that the
more power you add, the faster the ball will go!
If you can even bowl while relaxing in your
chair! It won’t take long before we are ready to
have Spring Tournaments!
Wednesday, March 18, 1:00 (CL)
If you are fond of reading and discussing
books—join us! You’ll find regular and audio
copies of this months featured book at the Front
Wednesday, March 17, 10:30 (CC)
Go beyond the revelry of St. Patrick's Day and
learn about the man himself. This dramatic documentary features reenactments of St. Patrick's
life and deeds and explores the only writings of
his known to exist: "Confession" and "Letter to
Coroticus." Father Frank Fahey, of Ballintubber
Abbey, and Michael Slavin, author of The Book
of Tara, discuss the history of this important
figure who brought Christianity to Ireland.
Entertainment and Humor
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