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Highlights from Fiscal Year 2013, July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013
Welcome to the 2013 Annual Report for
North Carolina Children’s Hospital, ranked
one of “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals”!
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Message From The Chairman
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By The Numbers
CARE Mission
Clinical Care
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report for a rundown of the
exciting accomplishments
and events from 2013.
Clinical Care
At N.C. Children’s Hospital, we
provide world-class, patient- and
family-center care, always regardless of a family’s ability to pay.
The Department of Pediatrics
takes an innovative approach to
educating pediatricians. A majority of the state’s pediatricians have
trained in whole or in part at UNC.
Physicians at N.C. Children’s
Hospital advocate for numerous
health initiatives in North Carolina
and beyond through commitments
in funding, staffing and leadership.
Research awards totaled almost
$24.5 million in FY2013, funding
dozens of studies and clinical trials,
and supporting projects in eight
clinical departments.
Gifts made to the N.C. Children’s
Promise support renovations,
research, clinical care and
patient needs at N.C. Children’s
A Message from our
A. Wesley Burks, MD
2013 was another spectacular year for North Carolina Children’s Hospital. Our clinical programs
continue to evolve and expand with our patients, families and referring physicians’ needs, and we
made significant headway in the past year to keep up with those needs and further improve our
already world-class patient care.
But as an academic medical center, caregivers at N.C. Children’s Hospital have an obligation to
do so much more than simply care for patients. We are held to a higher standard, upholding a
four-tiered mission to C.A.R.E. for our patients and their families. Please watch the video online
to learn more about our promise to C.A.R.E.
This annual report highlights some of our proudest accomplishments from Fiscal Year 2013
(July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013), each of them mile markers on our way to becoming the
Southeast’s leading children’s hospital.
Thank you for visiting this site to learn more about our four missions and how we here at N.C.
Children’s Hospital are safeguarding the health and well-being of North Carolina’s nearly 2.5
million children.
Warmest regards,
A. Wesley Burks, MD
Physician-in-Chief, N.C. Children’s Hospital
Chair, Department of Pediatrics, UNC School of Medicine
Here is a photo preview of
this year’s annual report,
highlighting accomplishments
from Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1,
2012, through June 30, 2013).
By the Numbers
North Carolina Children’s Hospital provides the
highest quality care to patients from all 100
counties in North Carolina and beyond, regardless
of a family’s ability to afford the services.
N.C. Children’s Hospital’s mission to safeguard the health and well-being of the
state’s 2.4 million children is at the heart of everything we do. Here are some
C.A.R.E. highlights, by the numbers, for Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1, 2012, through June
30, 2013).
Clinical Care
North Carolina Children’s Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality patient- and family-centered care, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. For the sixth consecutive year, N.C. Children’s Hospital was ranked among U.S. News
and World Report’s “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals,” receiving recognition in seven subspecialties:
• 11th in pulmonology (the highest
ranking pediatric program in
North Carolina
24th in gastroenterology
28th in neonatology
31st in cancer
35th in orthopedics
• 41st in endocrinology
and diabetes
• 45th in nephrology
See more highlights in the clinical care section.
Advocacy initiatives at the Children’s Hospital touched thousands of children, not just in North Carolina but around the
globe. A few examples include:
• The UNC-led Perinatal Quality Collaborate of North Carolina documented important increases in early human milk use
in hospitals and NICUs in the state.
• The Child Medical Evaluation Program (CMEP) consulted in child
abuse cases in 14 counties.
• Through the ImproveCareNow network, our pediatric gastroenterology program raised the national standard of care for thousands of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. (Learn more
about this in the research section.)
• The “Helping Babies Survive” initiative is decreasing neonatal mortality in developing nations throughout the world.
Learn more in the advocacy section.
Research awards to physicians and scientists at N.C. Children’s
Hospital totaled about $24.5 million. These include awards to eight
departments across the UNC School of Medicine. More detailed
information can be found in the research section.
The Department of Pediatrics supports 62 pediatric residents and an
additional 23 in the med-peds program. Approximately 55 percent
will enter a career in primary care or pediatrics, but about 45 percent of these residents will enter a subspecialty field, a figure well
above the national average of 33 percent. N.C. Children’s Hospital
also has 35 pediatric fellows in training. Learn more about the impact this makes in the education section.
Thank you for your support!
Gifts to the N.C. Children’s Promise, the Children’s Hospital’s fundraising arm, totaled approximately $3.3 million from more than
2,000 individuals, corporations, foundations and other donors in
FY2013. See the development section for more detailed information
regarding donations and gifts.
Outpatient visits
Patient Care
Days of care
Average length of stay in days
Care Providers
Research awards
By the Numbers
The graphs in this section illustrate the impact that N.C. Children’s
Hospital has on the state and beyond. The data depicted includes
visitors by county in the state, visitors by state, visitors by age and
market share regionally and state wide.
Clinical Care
N.C. Children’s Hospital heralded some important
clinical milestones in Fiscal Year 2013, one of the
most significant of which took root more than
eight years ago with the establishment of the
hospital’s Pediatric Rapid Response System.
When N.C. Children’s Hospital initiated the system in 2005, it was a first-of-its kind
in North Carolina and one of very few such programs existing in the United States.
Today it is a nationally renowned program being modelled at institutions across
the country and around the world. Moreover, it is saving lives. 2012 was celebrated as the hospital’s first cardiac arrest free year outside the ICU. Watch the video
to learn more about this important accomplishment.
Watch video at
The Children’s Hospital also heralded achievements in its fetal surgery program, a
collaboration of our world-class pediatric surgery group and maternal-fetal health
within N.C. Women’s Hospital. There is perhaps no better example of the program’s capabilities than the EXIT procedure, a multi-disciplinary effort where the baby is surgically delivered and then left on placental circulation while pediatric surgeons correct a specific
airway anomaly. In most cases, without this level of coordinated care and intervention, an affected baby cannot survive.
N.C. Children’s Hospital is one of only a few places in the country able to perform this rare and exceedingly challenging surgery. Even
among the hospitals able to provide this complex surgical intervention, it is rarer still for an institution to perform more than a single
procedure in given a year, but in a month’s time in early 2013, our fetal surgery program performed three successful EXIT procedures.
In bricks and mortar updates, Children’s Hospital dedicated the Alan D. Stiles, MD, Lookout Terrace in the spring of 2013, providing
an outdoor recreational space able to accommodate medically complex inpatients. Located on 7 Children’s near the Hospital School
and other play and respite facilities, Lookout Terrace is themed after the geography of North Carolina, with different sections of the
space representing the different regions of our state, from mountains to coast.
In tandem with our inpatient successes, many of our outpatient
clinics experienced significant growth last fiscal year, thanks in part
to the dramatic utilization of the N.C. Children’s Specialty Clinic
on the Rex Healthcare campus in Raleigh. There was an almost 10
percent growth in offsite clinic visits, including a 45 percent volume
increase at the Fayetteville cardiology clinic. And after one full year
of operation, the Wilmington cardiology clinic has the second largest volume, after Raleigh, of our seven pediatric cardiology clinics, with about 1,500 patient visits equating to 18 percent of total
cardiology visits.
The growth of our satellite outpatient clinics is an indicator we are
meeting the goals set in last year’s strategic plan, strengthening
relationships with communities beyond the Triangle in cities such
as Wilmington, Fayetteville and Burlington by offering leading-edge
care to families closer to their home communtities.
Other clinical programs that saw dramatic volume increases last
fiscal year include the complex diagnostic clinic (a 40 percent
growth in volume) and allergy, immunology, rheumatology and
infection disease (AIRID) clinics (a 28 percent increase in volume).
We marked some important organizational changes in Fiscal Year
2013. Kevin Kelly, MD, came to UNC from the Children’s Hospital
of Wisconsin, joining our faculty as our first pediatrician-in-chief.
In this newly created position, Dr. Kelly co-leads the Clinical Operations Council with Melanie Dawes, RN, MPH, Director of Children’s
Services. The pair, along with Ian Buchanan, MD, Vice President
of Cancer and Children’s Services, and Mike Steiner, MD, Medical
Director of the Children’s Clinics and Division Chief of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, began a clinic redesign project with
the goal of improving care delivery and increasing patient and staff
satisfaction for overall clinic experience in the coming year.
Also to that end, the addition of a faculty attending pediatric admitting coordinator has streamlined the admission process for referring providers and decreased variation in service. The new position
reduced the time to accept by 25 percent in the first month alone.
It has been year of growth and celebration for many clinical areas
throughout the hospital. As we continue to execute upon the clinical initiatives outlined in our strategic plan, we renew our commitment to provide world-class care to children from North Carolina
and beyond—always regardless of a family’s ability to pay.
Triangle boy receives trial
implant, hears for first time
Born with CHARGE syndrome, 3-year-old Grayson Clamp
lacked a cochlear nerve and had been deaf since birth.
Through the efforts of pediatric otolaryngologist, Craig
Buchman, MD, Grayson was approved to receive an auditory brain
stem implant as part of an FDA clinical trial and became one of just a
few children to receive the experimental surgery. Cameras were rolling
when, more than a month post-surgery, the implant was turned on and
Grayson heard his father’s voice for the first time. Video of the moment
has more than a million views on YouTube and spurred media coverage
around the world.
Afghan girl receives life-saving
heart surgery
Maryam, an 8-year-old Afghan girl born with a congenital
heart defect, came to the United States with the
nonprofit, Solace for the Children, for life-saving medical
treatment not available in her home country. Through the generosity of
a donor who covered the cost of her care, pediatric cardiologist, Elman
Frantz, MD, diagnosed the specific defects and pediatric cardiothoracic
surgeon, Michael Mill, MD, later surgically corrected them. Maryam’s
story was chronicled in a UNC Health Care video series, Maryam’s Journey.
Boy suffering from mystery
strokes gets diagnosis
Caelon Arthur, a 4-year-old from Rolesville, N.C.,
suffered six major strokes in his young life, leaving his
doctors baffled as to the cause. Local media coverage
led to national interest in the story, which sparked a collaboration
between Caelon’s care team at N.C. Children’s Hospital and a doctor
from the National Institutes of Health. Genetic tests revealed a
condition so rare, it does not have a name, but with an understanding
of what’s causing Caelon’s stroke, a custom therapy is being vetted by
the FDA. Visit the website to see Caelon on TODAY.
Welcome New Faculty
U.S. News & World Report recognizes
N.C. Children’s Hospital as one of
“America’s Best”
For the sixth year running, the Children’s Hospital was recognized
by U.S. News & World Report as one of “America’s Best Children’s
Hospital,” our pulmonology program once again taking top honors
as the highest ranked pediatric program in North Carolina. Read
more on the website.
Best Doctors in America
Nearly 70 N.C. Children’s Hospital providers were recognized on the
2013 “Best Doctors in America” list. Read more on the website.
Melissa Bauserman, MD, MPH
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Arlene Chung, MD
General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
Ravi Jhaveri, MD
Infectious Diseases
Kevin Kelly, MD
Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology
Jennifer Law, MD
Endocrinology & Diabetes
Lookout Terrace
Funded by more than $1M in philanthropic support, the Alan Davis Stiles,
MD, Lookout Terrace was dedicated in
the spring and offers an outdoor place of
respite for inpatients and their families.
View the gallery online.
Brian Vickery, MD
Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology
Chris Walsh-Kelly, MD
Emergency Medicine
Richard M. Wardrop III, MD, PhD
General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
Jennifer K.E. Whitham, MD, MS
As a critical mission area of N.C. Children’s
Hospital, advocacy continued to be a focus for
our faculty and staff in Fiscal Year 2013. By
advocating for underserved children of North
Carolina, we give a voice to one of the state’s most
vulnerable populations.
State & Local Advocacy
The Children’s supportive care team conducted 65 new inpatient consults in 2013,
Watch video at
better establishing our dedicated pediatric palliative care program. The team
also completed a study on the grief and bereavement care needs of our pediatric
healthcare providers and partnered with the adult and cancer programs to enhance care across the Health Care System. The program is on track to accept more than 200 new consultations in all areas of the hospital in
The STARx transition of care program has enrolled 615 patients since it began in 2006. Faculty and staff involved in the program educate
Children’s Hospital patients with chronic diseases—conditions like cystic fibrosis, kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, sickle cell anemia,
inflammatory bowel disease, systemic lupus and more—on how to manage their own medical care as they transition from childhood to
adulthood. Patients in the program gradually take on more responsibility, so they are able to schedule appointments, refill medications,
find health insurance, and other such things that adult patients manage independently.
A multi-disciplinary team from the Children’s Hospital created the state’s first Schwarz Center Rounds in 2013. The monthly meetings, which
are open to all pediatric providers, cover topics related to the delivery of compassionate care and offer a safe place for healthcare providers
to discuss frustrations, communication issues and pressures of patient care.
The Child Medical Evaluation Program (CMEP) strengthened its educational opportunities for providers and North Carolina child welfare
investigators. Headquartered at N.C. Children’s Hospital, CMEP is a statewide network of local providers who perform medical and psycho-
logical assessments of children referred by social service agencies
to help determine the presence or extent of abuse and neglect.
The team offered consults in active child abuse investigations from
14 North Carolina counties. Further, CMEP’s leader, Molly Berkoff,
MD, visited three other states to lecture on medical services and
novel forensic interviewing techniques.
The Perinatal Quality Collaborative of North Carolina (PQCNC) completed three initiatives in Fiscal Year 2013, making great strides in
making North Carolina the best state to be born:
Supporting Intended Vaginal Birth—The primary caesarian rate
was reduced by 21 percent at 28 centers.
Early Human Milk Use—NICUs in 11 centers increased their
early human milk use by 35 percent.
Early Human Milk Use in Hospitals—Exclusive breastfeeding
rates increased by 15 percent in 25 percent of hospitals.
National Initiatives
Members of the Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology are heavily
involved with the ImproveCareNow, a network of nearly 60 centers across the United States that improves the standard of care
for children with inflammatory bowel diseases. Member centers
collaborate by analyzing results from thousands of doctor/patient
visits and reviewing the latest studies and treatments worldwide.
The organization shares these results with all member institutions
in an effort to make sure that all children being treated for Crohn’s
disease or ulcerative colitis receive the same high-quality care.
N.C. Children’s Hospital is one of the founding member institutions,
and members of our gastroenterology division participate actively
as experts in the organization. Learn more about this innovative
collaborative by watching the highlight video in the research section of this annual report.
Advocacy endeavors give our faculty a means to improve the life
of children in North Carolina and around the world. Scroll through
our list of advocates to see the many state, national and international organizations that benefit from our faculty’s expertise and
passion for serving the health needs of children.
Carl Bose, MD
Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Implementation Advisory and Planning Groups, Helping Babies
Breathe, American Academy of Pediatrics
Survive and Thrive Global Development Alliance Mentor Working
Jenny Boyd, MD
Division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Hearts of East Africa
Kathleen Bradford, MD
Division of General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
Board of Directors, Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill
Global Health
Helping Babies Survive is a global initiative headed by Carl Bose,
MD, from the division of neonatal-perinatal medicine. The program
teaches a specific curriculum on essential newborn care to facilitybased healthcare professionals practicing in resource-limited settings. Many of the healthcare workers participating in the program
live and work in developing nations. They then teach newborn care
to new parents in an effort to decrease neonatal mortality in the
developing world.
Ali Calikoglu, MD
Division of Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes
N.C. Newborn Screening Advisory Committee
John Cotton, MD
Stuart Gold, MD
N.C. State Expert Panel on Newborn Pulse Oximetry Screening
Board of Directors, Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill
Division of Pediatric Cardiology
Albert Collier, MD
Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
N.C. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
Tamara Coyne-Beasley, MD, MPH
Division of General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
Director, Child Health Research Network
Director, N.C. Multidisciplinary Adolescent Consortium for Health
Board of Directors, Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine
Voting Member, Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices,
Center for Disease Control
Elisabeth Dellon, MD, MPH
Division of Pediatric Pulmonology
Palliative Care Working Group, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Loving Hands Advisory Committee, Ronald McDonald House of
Chapel Hill
Division of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Ceila Loughlin, MD
Division of Pediatric Pulmonology
Asthma Educator, Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools and Wake
County Public School System nurses
Organizer, Annual Family Asthma Education Night at Frank Porter
Graham Elementary School
Martin McCaffrey, MD
Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Director, Perinatal Quality Collaborative of North Carolina
Chair, National Perinatal Information Center Board
CMS Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes Expert Panel
Joseph Muenzer, MD, PhD
Division of Genetics and Metabolism
Chair, State of N.C. Newborn Screening Advisory Committee
Gregory Randolph, MD
Division of General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
Evaluation and Quality Improvement Committee, Public Health
Accreditation Board
Quality Improvement Innovation Networks Committee, American
Academy of Pediatrics
Committee on Quality Measures for the Healthy People Leading
Health Indicators, Institute of Medicine
Rupa Redding-Lallinger, MD
Division of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Chair, Medical Research Committee, N.C. Council on Sickle Cell
George Retsch-Bogart, MD
Division of Pediatric Pulmonology
Leader, CF Newborn Screening in North Carolina, Cystic Fibrosis
Alan Stiles, MD
Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Board Chairman, CCNC Network, AccessCare Inc.
Chair, Action for Children of North Carolina
Research awards to physicians and researchers
at North Carolina Children’s Hospital totaled
$24,461,705 in Fiscal Year 2013. These awards
originated from a variety of funders, including
organizations and institutions from the industrial,
federal, federal subcontract, foundation and state
government sectors.
In total, 116 grants and 53 clinical trials were funded, with 47 grants being newly
awarded and 10 clinical trials being newly funded this year. View more detailed
information in the data section.
Watch video at
N.C. Children’s Hospital’s research funding is competitive with other children’s hospitals across
the country. The Department of Pediatrics ranks 26th in dollars received from the National Institutes of Health, while the School of Medicine as a whole ranks 14th and the University of North
Carolina ranks ninth overall.
Beyond the Department of Pediatrics, pediatric programs residing in seven clinical departments
throughout the School of Medicine received research funding to the benefit of the Children’s
Hospital, including:
Family Medicine
• Otolaryngology
• Dentistry
• Surgery
Research & Discovery in the News
UNC study helping kids build tolerance for eggs
A multi-site clinical trial led by Wesley Burks, MD, testing oral immunotherapy as a potential treatment demonstrated that increasing daily doses of egg white powder can desensitize some children
to egg protein, enabling them to eat egg-containing food without
an allergic reaction. View WRAL report online.
Gene for Native American myopathy discovered
Cynthia Powell, MD, in conjunction with researchers at University
of Michigan, discovered the specific gene mutation that causes
a condition called Native American myopathy, common in the
Lumbee Indians, a tribe native to North Carolina. Read Fayetteville
Observer article online.
Older overweight children consume fewer calories than their
healthy weight peers
Younger children who are overweight or obese consume more
calories per day than their healthy weight peers. But among older
overweight children the pattern is reversed: They actually consume
fewer calories per day than their healthy weight peers. Asheley
Cockrell Skinner, PhD, was the study’s lead author. Read news
release online.
Sublingual immunotherapy shows promise as treatment for
peanut allergy
Daily doses of a liquid containing peanut powder, in gradually
increasing amounts, enabled patients with peanut allergy to safely
consume peanut in amounts at least 10 times greater than their
baseline. This discovery was made thanks to research conducted
by UNC’s Wesley Burks, MD, in collaboration with David Fleischer,
MD, of the National Jewish Health in Denver. Read news release
Faculty Research
A Strategy to Reduce Stunting of
Growth in Early Infancy: a Global
Network Study
$2,924,360 total award via a U10 from the NIH Eunice Kennedy Shriver
National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD)
Researchers at UNC, led by principal investigator Carl Bose, MD, were
selected by the NIH as a Global Network for Women’s and Children’s
Health Researcher. UNC is the eighth Global Network site in the U.S. The
UNC team will collaborate with the Kinashasa School of Public Health
(KPSH) in the Democratic Republic of Congo to improve the health of
women and children. Melissa Bauserman, MD, MPH, will serve as coinvestigator.
UNC and the KSPH have had a longstanding partnership with the primary
goal being to expand scientific knowledge relevant to improving health
outcomes. The DRC is among the poorest nations in the world with
correspondingly poor health outcomes. The team’s research interest is
currently focused on early childhood malnutrition, which often begins
during the first six months of life. The consequences of malnutrition
at this vulnerable age include stunting of linear growth, impaired
neurodevelopment and a number of other long term health problems.
A possible cause of stunting prior to six months of age is environmental
enteropathy secondary to intestinal parasitic infection.
The healthcare environment and outcomes in the DRC are emblematic of
the problems encountered in many low income countries making the DRC
an ideal environment in which to develop and test strategies for improving
the health of women and children in these countries. Read more online.
Faculty Research
RO1 grant to study early
CF: Mucus and Hypoxia
in Heterogeneous and
Progressive CF Lung Disease
$2,128,583 total award
Marianne Muhlebach, MD, and Charles Esther, MD,
PhD, were awarded one of six new R01s granted in
North America by the NIH National Heart, Lung, and
Blood Institute (NHLBI). Their study will focus on presymptomatic lung disease in infants and children with
cystic fibrosis, a life shortening disease that too often
leads to respiratory failure, with the goal of better
understanding the earliest events in the development
of lung disease.
The project represents a collaborative effort between
researchers at UNC and the AREST CF program in
Australia. Airway samples obtained from infants and
preschool children undergoing routine evaluation by
AREST CF are evaluated at UNC to identify changes in
airway mucus, macrophages, microbial infection, and
metabolites associated with early disease identified on
chest CT. These findings will then be used to develop
non-invasive methods to detect early disease through
analysis of exhaled breath condensate. These studies
should help us understand the earliest events in
development of cystic fibrosis lung disease, improving
detection and possibly suggesting new therapeutic
approaches. Read more online.
Grants and awards from various entities including government,
businesses, nonprofits and foundations contribute to the success of
research at North Carolina Children’s Hospital.
North Carolina Children’s Hospital provides
excellence in teaching and training the future
generations of physicians and researchers.
Pediatric education at North Carolina Children’s Hospital continued its tradition of
excellence in Fiscal Year 2013. The School of Medicine at the University of North
Carolina is the state’s largest medical school, and our pediatric residency program
remains North Carolina’s largest, forging the educational foundation of future primary care providers and pediatric subspecialists alike. We have much to celebrate
in terms of milestones and accomplishments.
The School of Medicine created a combined residency program in pediatrics and
anesthesia this year. This novel program is one of only a handful of combined
pediatrics/anesthesia programs in the country, preparing pediatricians for careers
in critical care, anesthesia for children, pain control or palliative care.
Watch video at
The pediatrics residency class of 2013 had a 100 percent board pass rate, surpassing the national average of 86 percent. The pediatrics
residency program had more than 1,100 applications for just 23 internship positions. In addition to being a high-demand residency program, the pediatrics clerkship won the Best Clinical Clerkship Award from the current senior medical students, tying with internal medicine.
The primary care pediatrics residency matched its third class of interns, filling at capacity. This program successfully trains future primary
care pediatricians to better interface with their communities in the care of populations. In last year’s annual report, we featured a video
highlight on the transition to pediatric internships. In 2013, this award-winning course was used a model for required experience for all
medical students in the new medical school curriculum that’s currently in development.
Fellowship education continues to support many subspecialties throughout the Children’s Hospital, including critical care, emergency
medicine, endocrinology, general pediatrics, genetics, hematology-oncology, newborn critical care, nephrology, and pulmonology, among
others. Our fellows participate in direct clinical care, research and
quality improvement initiatives and will go on to practice in some
of the most needed fields in pediatric medicine.
In addition to the traditional student learners, our pediatrics faculty also educates practicing pediatricians through weekly grand
rounds. Presentations in 2013 covered a wide range of topics pertinent in pediatric medicine. And as a service to pediatricians everywhere, the Department of Pediatrics has created a video archive of
the weekly grand rounds presentations on its website.
N.C. Children’s Hospital plays a critical role in educating future
pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists, much-needed caregivers
who will go on to practice medicine in our state and beyond. With
the rollout of a new medical school curriculum for the incoming
class of 2014 and a continued focus on education initiatives, we
hope to further deepen the positive impact we can make through
the training of these exemplary individuals.
Education takes many forms in the
Department of Pediatrics including
weekly grand rounds, student rounding, innovative teaching and hands on
simulations. View the gallery online.
International/Away Rotations
Recent international rotations
Costa Rica
UNC Pediatrics Brag Board
UNC School of Medicine, the
state’s largest medical school
Over 50 years of successful resident and student
100% Board Pass Rate in 2012
100% of 2013 graduates already have jobs.
Pediatrics has been voted the Best Clinical Clerkship at UNC 11 out of
the last 15 years.
Over 1,100 applicants applied for our 23 pediatrics residency slots in
79% of our current residents and 95% of our core faculty rated our
residency program the highest possible overall score on the 2013
annual ACGME survey.
Residency Education in Pediatrics
By the Numbers
16 Categorical Pediatrics (3 years)
6 Combined Medicine/Pediatrics (4 years)
4 Primary Care Residency in Pediatrics (3 years) – HRSA grant funded
1 Child Neurology (2 years pediatrics, 3 years neurology)
1 Pediatrics/Anesthesia (5 years)
1 Pediatric Preliminary Intern (1 year)
Program size allows UNC to produce more pediatricians than any of the other
four pediatrics residency programs in North Carolina.
Humanism Curriculum
Community service projects
Special Olympics
Habitat for Humanity
UNC Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC)
Holiday toy drives
Ronald McDonald House
Camp Carefree, a specialized camp for seriously ill and disabled
children in Stokesdale, N.C.
Inpatient prom, a social event for hospitalized teens,
coordinated in collaboration with the UNC Dance Marathon in
the spring of 2013.
Life After Graduation
Where we go...
Cincinnati Children’s
Denver Children’s Hospital
Duke University
Emory University
Ohio State
Seattle Children’s
Stanford University
University of Chicago
University of Michigan
University of Pittsburgh
UNC Pediatric Residents 2012–2013
Who we are...
62 Pediatric & 23 Med-Peds residents
25% have dual degrees: PhD, MPH, MBA, PharmD
65% married or engaged
26% have or are expecting children
73% female, 27% male
Life After Graduation
Where we go...
Approximately 55% of our graduates pursue
careers in primary care or hospitalist/ academic
45% enter subspecialty fellowships, usually to
their choice of program.
Nationally, about 1/3 of pediatrics graduates enter
subspecialty careers.
Northwestern University
Critical Care
Children’s National
University of Pittsburgh
Seattle Children’s
Fellowship Education in Pediatrics
Total of 35 fellows
Pediatric Critical Care
Emergency Medicine (with
General Pediatrics –
Research, Preventive
Robert Wood Johnson Clinical
Loren Robinson, MD, a chief resident in Internal Medicine/
Pediatrics, was selected as a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar.
The program chose 27 leading physicians in the country. Read
2013 Mentor Award
Wayne Price, MD, division chief of neonatal-perinatal medicine, was
honored with the Department of Pediatrics’ 2013 Mentor Award.
Fiscal year 2013 was a successful year for N.C.
Children’s Hospital’s fundraising endeavors
through the N.C. Children’s Promise, the
fundraising arm of North Carolina Children’s
Hospital and the UNC Department of Pediatrics.
Overall, gifts to the Children’s Promise from
individuals, corporations, foundations, and other
donors totaled more than $3.3 million, including
an increase of 10 percent in cash gifts.
Watch video at
Approximately 65 percent percent of FY2013 gifts to the Children’s Promise were
restricted to particular programs, but unrestricted dollars remained steady at
about $1.1 million, and the hospital saw significant growth in both designated and undesignated gifts from individuals (16 percent),
foundations (18 percent), and corporations (10 percent).
The N.C. Children’s Promise completed planning in FY2013 to refocus fundraising efforts for greater return in areas that align with
the hospital’s four-tiered strategic mission, C.A.R.E (clinical Care, Advocacy, Research, and Education). Gifts within these mission
areas are evident in the completion of Lookout Terrace, in the growth of the hospital’s pediatric simulation training program, and
through this year’s US News and World Report “America’s Best Children’s Hospital” rankings.
The N.C. Children’s Promise awarded nearly $140,000 in Promise Grants in 2013, using unrestricted gifts to benefit patient care,
nursing education, seed grants, and other areas of need within the hospital. These grants are awarded annually and used to address
needs left unfunded by clinical revenues but deemed vital the hospital’s C.A.R.E. mission.
N.C. Children’s Hospital and the UNC Department of Pediatrics are incredibly grateful to donors who have shared in the C.A.R.E. mission. Private support is an essential source of support that helps ensure that:
Patients and families receive care in a child-friendly, familyfocused way from caregivers who are the best in their fields;
Our pediatric patients are at the forefront of care in the most
critical of diseases through discoveries in research pioneered
right here at UNC; and
Future generations of children will have pediatricians and specialists who are well trained to serve their health needs.
Thanks to the 2,000+ donors who supported the hospital in 20122013, N.C. Children’s Hospital is closer to achieving its vision of
becoming the leading children’s hospital in the Southeast.
Bricks and Mortar
From the Eric Montross Father’s
Day Basketball Camp to renovate
the Pediatric Infusion Clinic.
in “Fund the Fun” gifts raised
via the “Run for the Promise”
gala dedicated to the Children’s
Hospital lobby renovation project.
Staffing and Training Initiatives
Research and Education
From “Reelin’ for Research”
to support the Tony Montana
Fellowship in the Division of Pediatric
From Chad and Misty Meade to
advance peanut allergy research.
$15,000 from “Making
Precious Strides” and
$15,000 from the
Bardsley family to support
research in the area of
(MPS), and $25,000 from
the iBelieve Foundation
@Centre for Social
Innovation, all in support
of research in the
From “Promise Grants” program to
support pediatric fellow seed grants.
View the galleries online:
CowParade NC 2012 Round Up
Cows on Parade
Battle for the Cattle
From UNC Dance Marathon to further provide recreational therapy for
patients in our Pediatric Hematology-Oncology program.
From UNC Dance Marathon to
support the Pediatric Palliative
Care program.
Through the “Promise Grants”
program for nursing education.
Patient-Family Support
From the Eshelman Foundation to
support recreational therapy for
pediatric cancer patients.
From the UNC Dance Marathon to
support the “For the Kids Fund,”
providing patient-family assistance
for expenses not covered by
insurance or Medicaid (e.g., rent,
utilities, food and gas).
From the Estate of Patsie Lee Clark
to support clinical and patient care
From Kohl’s Department Stores to
maintain an English/Spanish health
resource center via the Children’s
Hospital’s website.
Our Donors
We extend tremendous gratitude to our donors that have helped
to make 2013 a success for the Children’s Hospital.
*Denotes in-kind donor
Curtis Media Group*
Krispy Kreme Challenge
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Meade
Eric Montross Father’s Day
Basketball Camp
Reelin’ for Research Inc
UNC Dance Marathon
Carolina Kids Classic Golf
Estate of Patsie Lee Clark
Corks for Kids, Inc.
Durham Performing Arts Center
Tides Foundation
Mr. John Alexander
Ms. Johna A. Edmonds, Miss North
Carolina 2013*
The Eshelman Foundation
Charles H. Goren Foundation, Inc.
Grifols Therapeutics, Inc.
iBelieve Foundation @ Centre for
Social Innovation
Ronald McDonald House Charities
of NC, Inc.
Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.
L & N Andreas Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Ayotte
Mr. Wayne and Catherine S.
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace D. Brown,
Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Burks
Capital Group Companies
Mr. and Mrs. John W. C. Entwistle Jr.
Foundation for the Carolinas
Franklin Street Partners Inc
Goodnight Educational Foundation
Mr. William G. Ross and Ms. Susan
E. Gravely
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Griggs
Michael W. Haley Foundation Inc
Mr. Gregg E. and Mrs. Lori A. Ireland
Jerry’s Artarama of Raleigh, Inc.
K&L Gates
Mr. James H. and Mrs. Susan
Live Nation Music Group, Inc
Making Precious Strides, Inc.
Mr. Tu N. Nguyen
Quick Moves Moving Co Inc.*
Quintiles, Inc.
Rempex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Mr. Sallie S. Russell
Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Smith
Eddie & Jo Allison Smith Family
Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Graham H. Stanley
State Employees’ Combined
Steel Bar Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. Alan D. Stiles
Triton Management Company
UNC Hospitals Volunteer
University of North Carolina
Estate of Persis Parker Van Wyk
The Wide Open Charitable
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Aaron
Mr. Tom and Kathy Atkins
Bank of America Securities
BlueCross BlueShield of North
Boy Scout Troop 39
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Braswell
Carolina Fans for Charity
Chapel Hill Wine Company
Ms. Kathy Chavis
Clerk of Superior Court Durham
Crown Honda of Southpoint
The Curtis Foundation Inc
The Duke Energy Foundation
Durham Bulls Baseball Club, Inc.
The Educational Foundation, Inc.
Mr. James D. Egan
Mr. and Mrs. David Emonson
Expression Analysis, Inc.
Golden Corral Corp
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Gwyn Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hazen
Estate of Drew C. Hunsinger
Mr. Larry Mackell and Ms. Darleen
M. Johns
Johnson Lexus of Raleigh
Kramer Portraits, New York*
Laboratory Corp. of America – RTP
Lee-Moore Capital Company
J. F. Maddox Foundation
Mr. John McKnight
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. McPhail
Miracle Mondays Inc
Monteith Construction
Morgan Creek Capital Management,
Morgan Imports, Ltd
North Carolina Farm Bureau
Federation Inc
NovaQuest Capital Management
Railinc Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ratliff
RBC Capital Markets, LLC
Reece Holbrook Win Anyway
Foundation Inc
Research Triangle Foundation of
North Carolina
Drs. William L. Roper and Maryann
Mr. Sallie S. Russell
S & D Coffee, Inc.
Mr. Alex and Mrs. Karen Sapir
Square 1 Bank
Mr. Andrew J. Stanley and Ms. Lily
I. Hsu
Staybridge Suites of Durham, LLC*
Stocks Family Foundation
Mr. David W. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sugg
Mr. and Mrs. W. Franklin Sutton
Triangle Medical Spouse Alliance
Tyco Integrated Security
The Martha Woodward Webb
Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Peter, Mrs. Candace, Lee and
Bennett Wehr
Mr. Graham Wilson
Mr. and Mr. Charles M. Winston, Sr.
Mr. Gene J. Ostrow and Ms. Tracy J.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald John Wooten
Zach’s Toychest*
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Zollinger Jr.
A Better Image*
Dr. Robert S. Adams
Ms. Diane K. Adams
Aeropostale, Inc.*
AES Consultants LLC
Mr. and Ms. Ronald H. Albritton
Ms Donna Aldredge
Alfred Williams & Company
Allen & Son, Inc.*
Ms. Paula Anstrom
Apex High School
Mr. Edward S. and Mrs. Stacey H.
Bailey’s Fine Jewelry
Mr. Dustin and Mrs. Danielle Bates
Dr. Tamera Coyne-Beasley
Ms. Maria D. Beck
Mr. Robert Beller
Mr. Burritt Benson*
Bentwinds Golf & Country Club
Drs. David and Molly Berkoff
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Biersach
Big Chill 70′s Reunion
Ms. Sheila Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bothwell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Brown
Mr. James Keith Brown
Mr. Paul Novak and Ms. Sherry L.
Mr. Justin Burris
Dr. John B. Buse
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Donna Campbell
CAPCommunity Foundation Inc.
Capital Community Foundation Inc.
Capitol Coffee Systems*
Capstrat Inc.
Carh Holdings LLC
Carson Family Foundation
Cary Gastroenterology Associates,
Cary Teen Council
Chapel Hill Sportswear*
Mr. John Edward Chapman III and
Ms. Elizabeth P. Chapman
Charles R Fields DMD,PC
Mr. John D. Cheesborough and Ms.
Elsie Olsen
Ms. Ann Marie R. Coan
Ms. Jan E. Cobb
Cornerstone Biopharma, Inc.
Cozart and Edwards, P.A.
Cumberland Community
Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Custer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Darden Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred N. Day IV
Mr. and Mrs. John A. DeMasi
Ms. Page Dickens
Docusource of North Carolina
Mr. Barry Driver
Mr. Wade Duggins
Duggins Family Limited Partnership
Durham Eagles Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Edwards
Mr. Irvin R. Ellington
Mr. Ray and Mrs. Susan Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. John R R. Erwin
Mr. Charles R. Ferguson
Ms. Adele Fine
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Michelle Finlayson
Firefighters Charitable Foundation
Mr. Elman and Mrs. Janese Frantz
Dr. Takanori Fukushima
Ms. Julie Garza
Ms. Joan H. Gillings
Mrs. Linda S. Goff
Governors Club, Inc.
Granville Towers
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Greathouse
Mr. and Mrs. T. Scott Gupton
H.O.G. of Raleigh
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Hamrick, M.D.
Mr. William B. Harrison
Mr. Rachel E. Hee
Highwoods Properties, Inc.
Mr. William H. Hoffman
Hoffman Guitars and Sound*
Mr. Trev Holman
Ms. Pamela J. Hooks
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Hubbard
Ms. Rosalind Hutchins
Infor (US) Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Grady I. Ingle
Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Shawn Jackson
Mr. Dwight and Mrs. Moira Jacobs
Jennings & Co.
Jessie Rees Foundation*
Ms. Brooke Johnson
Mr. Merrick W. Jones
Mr. William P. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Joyner
Mr. Wade G. Jurney
Kalos Tours, Inc
Mr. Alexander Keizer
Mr. Daniel P. Kendall
Kevin J & Christine M Kelly Family
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kluttz
Laura & Peter Grauer Foundation
Dr. Edward I. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Lee
Mr. Clay Lehman
Dr. and Mrs. Allan R. Life, Ph.D*
Mr. Eric Linsley
Dr. Benjamin F. and Suzanne M.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Lund
Mr. Bob Marcus
Drs. Kenneth N. May and P. Kay
Mr. Robert J. Merrick
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Meyer
Mez Contemporary Mexican
Mr. Kenneth Miller
Mrs. Lisa Miller
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Crystal H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. William Scott Montross
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Morton III
Mr. Kenneth Nelson
Nike, Inc.*
Drs. Terry L. Noah and Margaret R.
Noel Family Fund of Triangle
Community Foundation
Northeast Foods, Inc.
Mr. Greg Oberholtzer
Dr. David and Mrs. Mary Ollila
Dr. David Olson
Ms. Mary R. O’Neal
Optimist Club of Chapel Hill
Pack Life at NCSU
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Peden
Ms. Patrice Peronto
Mr. Andrew and Dr. Eliana M. Perrin
Ms. Laura Petty
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas H. Pike
Pine Needles Resort and Golf Club*
Pittsboro Baptist Church, Inc.*
Ms. Mia Pizzugualli
Principled Technologies, Inc.
Mr. William G. Rand
Raymond James Charitable
Endowment Fund
Ms. Catherine M. Rege
Dr. George & Mrs. Carol RetschBogart
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall A. Reu
Rex UNC Healthcare
Mr. David and Mrs. Tricia L. Reynolds
Ms. Nochole Robke
Dr. and Mrs. Todd Allen Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. W. Eugene Sanders
Schwab Family Charitable
Dr. Carl Seashore
Mr. Paul Shah
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Sherman
Sherman Charitable Foundation
Skanska USA Building Inc
Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Smithwick Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Sneeden
Southland Electrical Supply Co., Inc.
Mr. Lee A. and Mrs. Kate Souto
SteelFab of Virginia
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Steiner, M.D.
Ms. Eulene D. Stiles
Striving For More than a Cure
Mr. J. Darren Stuart
Drs. Richard W. Sutherland & Donna
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Aileen Sutter
Mr. Bruce H. Swords
Mrs. Robin Tenney
The Bama Companies, Inc.
The Coca-Cola Company
The Curtis M & Jacqueline N. Dail
Foundation, Inc.
The Rupert Group, Inc.
The Siena HotelIl Palio Ristorante*
Mr. J.Rex and Mrs. Carol L. Thomas
Thomas & Frances McGregor
Mrs. and Mr. Candace S. Thompson
Mr. Alfonso Torquati and Ms. Anna
Triangle Community Foundation,
Mr. Kevin Tunick
UNC Otolaryngology, Head & Neck
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison A.
Underwood III
United Way of North Carolina
University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill
US Airways Inc
Vanessa G Photography
Mr. Vacilio Vargas
Venture Construction Company
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wagner
Wake Forest Rotary Foundation Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Rebecca Walsh
Ms. Martha K. Walston
Mr. Max O. Welborn Sr.
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Wenig
Ms. Susan Whitfield
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Winstanly
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Lyndon Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde T. Wood, Jr.
Young Champions International, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Zachary
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Adamson
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Alexander
Mr. Mike Alrutz
Mr. George H. and Mrs. Carolyn R.
Mr. Ernest J. Arsenault
Atlantic Corporation of Wilmington
Mr. Charles D. Bailey IV
Mr. Kyle Baker
Mr. Sam Q. Bass Jr.
Mr. Israel Benitez Perez
Bland Landscaping Co. Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Brody
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Norwood E. Bryan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Burkhardt
Mr. Rob Burlington
Mr. Charles I. Butler
Mr. Michael E. and Dr. Julie S.
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Campbell
Mrs. Nina Caricato
Mrs. Nancy K Carroll
Dr. Philips J. Carter
Ms. Sue S. Catherine
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Celeste
Mr. Jonathan R. Childres
ClubCorp Inc.
Coastal Carolina Neonatology, PLLC
Coca-Cola Bottling Company*
Ms. Genevieve L. Cole
Ms. Heather W. Collier
Mr. Matthew R. Cone
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Currin III
Darrell & Patricia Steagall Family
Ms. Vickie J. Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. F. Burton Dean
Ms. Katharin M. Deschesne
Mr. Joseph E. Dew Jr. and Dr. Myra
L. Teasley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Dewey
DGO Construction Inc
Mrs. April Diemer
Mr. Gitesh G. Dubal
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Dupont
Mr. Sam Eberts
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Eberts
Mr. Whit Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Ellington
Drs. Matthew G. Ewend and Lisa
Ms. Lauren Ferguson
Fleet Feet Sports Development Co
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fleszar
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Kathleen D. Flick
Forest Creek Property LLC
Dr. and Mrs. William Freccia
Ms. Janet L. Furr
Ms. Jacqueline E. Granados
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle H. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Greathouse
Ms. Anne C. Gregory
Grimball Jewelers*
Mr. Fabian Gutierrez
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Haber
Mr. Thomas C. Hall
Mr. and Dr. Russell P. Hall III
Ms. Mary C. Hardy
Mr. W.B. and Mrs. Kimberly E.
Mr. Douglas Hernandez
Margit M. Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Hicks
Mr. Cleighton L. Hilbert Jr.
Mr. Thomas E. Holder
Dr. Angela B. Gantt-Holliday and
Mr. Corey L. Holliday
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Amy H. Hoots
Ms. Shirley Hoots
Mr. Keith Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. D. Ralph Huff III
Mr. Thomas A. Hunter IV
Mr. Richard A. Hutchinson Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Isaacson
Ms. Melissa Israel
Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt
Patent Attorneys
Jersey Mikes*
Jimmy John’s*
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie K. Johnson
Ms. Bridgit W. Jones
Ms. Michelle Jones
Joseph Rosen Foundation
Judea Reform Congregation
Mrs. Tracey A. Kacvinsky
Ms. Melissa Lee Katcher
Mr. Thomas H. Kepley Jr.
Dr. Gregory L. Kernisan
Mr. John M. King
Ms. Paige King
Mr. Ed Kinney
Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Knight
Mr. Benjamin V. Koren
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Lamb
Mr. Donald Latella
Mr. Joey Lee
Ms. Lloydene Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Steven N. Lichtman,
Dr. J. C. Linn and Ms. Leyla
Erin L. Dawson and Allison K. Linn
Dr. Angela Lipscomb-Hudson
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Lowe
LS3P Associates, Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill M. Mason
Mr. Schuyler Matthews
Estie McCullough
Mr. Timothy C. McEvoy
Ms. Sandra Dawn McGlohon
Ms. Konni McMurray
Mega Plumbing of the Carolinas
Merck & Co Inc
Mercurygate International Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Millar
Mr. Robert J. Miller
Ms. Marie Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Mitchell
Mrs. Andrea Moffat
Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Molina, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Montanus
Mr. R T. Moore
Mr. Patrick T. Mulherin
Mr. Chadwick B. and Mrs. Leigh Ann
Mr. Sam Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Willard J. Niemi
Owen-Guy Enterprises, Inc
Teri Pantelakos
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Parham, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Park
Mr. John Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Zach A. Paulovits
Performance Automall
Mr. Raymond A. Phillips
Mrs. Susan J. Phillips
Mr. Michael S. and Mrs. Carlye
Mr. Tony L. Pope
Ms. Renee M. Portfilio
Ms. Elisa Prestwood
Ms. Anita Punj
Mr. Park A. Rall
Triangle Wine Company
Dr. and Mrs. Brian D. Ray
Reed Lallier Chevrolet
Mr. and Mrs. Zeb S. Regan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Reichow
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Research Triangle Institute-Sixth
Mr. Donald E. Rich
Mr. Mike Fox and Ms. Cathy G.
Mrs. Frances P. Rollins
RTI International
Mr. and Mrs. Brady L. Rufenacht
Ms. Jean Sadof
Salazar Concrete Inc
Salem Financial Group Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Saye
Mr. Kevin J. Schimelfenig
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schroeder
Dr. Nicole Scouras
Mr. Jose Serrato
Mr. and Mrs. Vijay Kumar Shah
Shelco Inc.
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. J. M.
Mr. Stephen W. Siferd
Mr. Dudley L. Simms IV
Mr. James B. and Mrs. Denise D.
Ms. Janet D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William (Wick) C. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Smithwick Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Smithwick Jr.
Ms. Menda Spell
Sports Endeavors
Mr. Jeremy Stander
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Deborah W.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Stewart III
Ms. Lorrie H. Stewart
Mr. Frank P. Stout
Cameron W. Stout
Sugarland Bakery
Sunbelt Rentals*
Ms. Melissa L. Swann
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sykes
Mr. and Mrs. Everette R. Teague
The Community Foundation of
Greater Greensboro, Inc.
The Container Store*
The Select Group
The Walt Disney Company*
Chancellor and Mrs. Holden Thorp
Mr. Steven Toy
Ms. Annie B. Trent
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Vanore Jr.
Vera Italiana NH LLC
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Waren
Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Warner
Mr. B. L. White
Mr. Don F. and Mrs. Kelly P. White
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Whitton
Dr. and Dr. Cynthia L. Wilhelm
William Branson III Inc*
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Williams Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Wilson
Mrs. Tracey B. Winfree
Mr. Edith M. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. S. Dillon Wooten Jr.
Mr. Anthony W. Wrobel Jr.
Mr. Mark Wyman
Yarborough, Winters & Neville, P.A.
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Zinn
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Zook
604 at West Village*
A Step of Class
Mr. Christopher K. Abbott
Abilitations Children’s Therapy
Academic Pediatric Association
The Accuro Group, Inc.
Ms. Jody Adams
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Addison
Mr. Stephen Agner
Ms. Alejandrina M. Aguilera
Mrs. Amy Ainsztein
Al Williams Properties
Ms. Molly H. Alderman
Ms. Maricella Aleman
Dr. Sofia Aliaga
Mr. Brian Allen
Ms. Connie F. Allen
Mr. Christopher L. Allen
Mrs. Julia K. Allen
Mr. Michael Allen
Mr. Phillip Allen
Aloft – Chapel Hill*
Alpha Delta Pi-Beta Upsilon
Foundation for Education Inc
Alsco, Inc.*
Mr. Daniel J. and Dr. Linda A.
Mr. Carlos Alva
Mr. Rafael Alvarez
Hillsborough Self Storage
Ms. Antonia Ambriz
Ms. Elizabeth A. Amery
Mr. David B. Anderson and Ms.
Jeanne Behr
Ms. Ana Maria Andrade
Mr. and Mrs. David Andrews
Ms. Jane Angelea
Angreal Solutions LLC
Mr. Elio A. Anguiano
Ms. Maria Arellano
Mr. Will R. Arey
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Katherine
Mr. Kenneth Armstrong
Ms. Lynn S. Arnold
Ms. Marcia Aronoff
Ms. Maria Artega
Mrs. Stephanie Arthur
Mr. Douglas Ashley
Mr. Jerry W. Atkins
Baudelio Ismeri Aumada
Ms. Gina M. Ausley
Mr. Stephen C. Austin
Autopark Honda Leith Volksagen
Autumn Creek Vineyards, Inc.
Mr. Alejandro Avillia
Ms. Kelly Avis
Ms. Uma G. Avva
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Axselle
Mr. Antonio Ayala
Mrs. Ethel W. Ayscue
Mr. David Babson*
Dr. Walter D. Bach Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Zack H. Bacon Jr.
Bada Wings*
Mr. Ronald Baer
The Bagel Bar*
Mr. Fransisco Bahena Reza
Jonathan E.Wilfong and B.W. Baker
Balfour Beatty Construction
Balloons & Tunes*
Ms. Mary Barber
Mr. and Ms. Wade Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Lyn Barbour
Mr. Scott Barbour
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Barbour
Ms. Francesca Bargiacchi
Mr. Joshua D. and Mrs. Mary J.
Ms. Juana Bartolo
Mr. Bobby G. and Mrs. Annette T.
Mr. Steve Bastian
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Batchelor
Sylvi Bautista
Mrs. Kathy Beacham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Beale
The Bear
Ms. Karen M. Beare
Mr. Stephen Beatrous
Mr. Jeff D. Beaudin
H.G. Beaver
Beelco Inc
Ms. Janice Beeson
Wallace and Molli Beeson
Mr. Frank Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Bell III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bender
Dr. and Mrs. Brian P. Benfield, M.D.
Mrs. Christina Benjamin
Mr. Walter R Bennett
Ms. Janet B. Benson
Mr. Ernest T. Bergeron Jr.
Ms. Brooke Best
Mr. Ruchi Bhatia
Ms. Mary L. Billet
Bin 54 Steak & Cellar*
Mr. Brandon Bitting
Ms. Emily B. Blair
Ms. Regina Blanding
Mr. Arthur Greenberg and Dr. Julie
S. Blatt
Mr. Keith Blazer
Ms. Elizabeth Blount*
Bob Carter, Inc.
Ms. Laura G. Bocanegra
Dr. Barry P. Boden
Dean and Mrs. John C. Boger
Mr. Wilbur Bonilla
Mr. Joseph L. and Mrs. Shelly
Ms. Cheryl Borgna
Bo’s Hotrod Shop
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Welborn
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bouldin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bowen III
Mrs. Dorothy B. Bowman
Ms. Frances H. Bowyer
Ms. Sharon P. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Allen F. Boyer
Mr. Harold and Jatona Boykin
Mr. Jeff Bracken
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Brackin
Ms. Linda G. Bradley
Mrs. Gena Bradsher
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bradsher
Mrs. Alisa Brady
Ms. Greta S. Branch
Dr. Edward C. Bratzke
Mabedad Bravo Sanchez
Ms. Jill Braw
Mr. James Brenick
Ms. Elizabeth A. Brickner
Mrs. Robin C. Bridges
Mr. Jeffrey Briney
Mrs. Geri Brink
Ms. Eileen E. Brinkley
Ms. Christina Britt
Mr. and Mrs. David Britt
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Britt
Brixx Chapel Hill*
Mr. Michael Brockley*
Mr. David L. Brook
Ms. Ann Brooks III
Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Brooks
Ms. Tammera J. Brooks
Ms. Amanda H. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Bartow Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brown
Ms. Carmen E. Brown
Ms. Paula Brown
Mr. Phil Brown
Dr. Trig Brown
Ms. Anita Bryant
Ms. Nancy C. Bryant
Dr. and Mrs. Ian B. Buchanan
Ms. Beverly Buchman
The Budd-Thanos Trust
Ms. Mary G. Buie
Asa H. Bullard
Ms. Julie Bunce
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter H. Burnette
Mr. Ernie Burns
Ms. Hilda F. Burton
Mr. Richard N. Burton
Mrs. Roberta Butler
Ms. Sara A. Butler
Shelley S. Butler
Mr. Jesse H. Byrd Jr.
Cafe Carolina and Bakery*
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cain III
Mrs. Hedy M. Caldwell
California Pizza Kitchen*
Ms. Illana D. Calloway
Ms. Kimberly Camm
Dr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Campion,
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Canady
Mr. Freddy Cannday
Mr. Stephen M. Cannon
Cape Center Obstetrics &
C.B. and Shannon W. Carlson
Ms. Evelyn Carmichael
Liane Carneiro
The Carolina Alumni Club*
Carolina Retina Institute PC
Ms. Janie Carothers
Mr. and Mrs. Sam B. Carothers
Mr. Jeffrey Carr
Mr. Ernesto S. Carranza
Mr. Francisco Carranza Montes
Ms. Anabel Carrasco
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher
Mrs. Caroline R. Carrison
Ms. Martelia E. Carroll
Ms. Sheri Carroll
Ms. Molly Casey
Mr. Timoteo Castaneda
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Cavaliero
Central Marketing Inc
Ms. Margaret Cerrillos
Ms. Laurie B. Chancy
Chapel Hill Restaurant Management
Group, Inc.*
Ms. Amanda M. Chappell
Charlie’s Trim Shop
Jose Roberto Chavez
Ms. Joanne Chavonne
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Cherry Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom N. Chewning
Dr. and Mrs. R. Meade Christian Jr.
Mr. Andres Chupin Gutierrez
Mr. Vernon R. Cilfton
Mr. Anthony M. and Ann Cimaglia
Ms. Blanca Cisneros
Mrs. Teresa S. Ciszek
Ms. Ann Clark
Mr. Juan Carlos Claudio
Mr. John W. and Mrs. Edwina F.
Mr. William Russell Clegg
Mr. Todd Clement
Ms. Molly O. Cloud
Mr. Andrew H. Cocowitch
Mr. William Cofield
Dr. Kristen B. Coggin and Mr. G. M.
Ms. Sarah Cohen
Mr. W David D. Cohn
Cold Stone Creamery*
Mr. Frank A. Cole
Colin G. Thomas Jr Rev Trust
Ms. Dawn Collins
Mr. Thomas E. and Mrs. Martha E.
Conroy Realty Group, Inc.
Mrs. Kimberly Cook
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Cooke
Ms. Brenda Cooper
Ms. Yovonne Cooper
Mr. Paul Corbett
Mr. Michael A. and Mrs. Deborah A.
Mr. Nick Corona
Ms. Leticia Correo Antonio
Mr. Julio Cortes
Ms. Heather L. Coughlin
Courtyard by Marriott*
Mr. Robert Cousens
Mr. and Mrs. D. Newton F. Cowan
Ms. Dara Cox
Ms. Joan Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cox
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Cozart III
Mr. Jay Izso and Ms. Linda Craft
Mr. Jerry Craig
Mr. Charles R. Craven
Mr. R. Marion Crichton
Ms. Jennifer V. Cross
Crown Honda of Southpoint
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Crumpler
Ms. Lusila Cruz Fernandez
Mrs. Michele Cullen
Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Culler
Mr. Michael D. and Mrs. Langley
CureSearch for Children’s Cancer
Mr. Greg J. Current
Mr. Brooks and Mrs. Elizabeth
Mr. Jeff Cutler
Cypress International, Inc. #269
Ms. Lisa A. Dailey
Mr. John W. Dalton
Dame’s Chicken and Waffles
Mr. Mark Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Davenport,
Mr. Douglas David
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Davidow
The Lawrence & Sandra Davis
Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Gregory Davis*
Mr. Mike Davis
Mr. John G. Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. V. Weyher Dawson, Jr.
Mr. and Ms. Mike Day
Mrs. Teri de Leon
Ms. Hilda de Santos
Ms. Diane DeBoer
Mr. Rafael Deharo
Mr. Edmundo Delgadillo
Mr. Chris Derby
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Chris Deutsch
Dr. Leah Devlin
Diamond Springs*
Mr. Jane L. Dickerhoff
Ms. Elizabeth Diego Sandoval Leon
Ms. Erin Dietrich
Mr. Edward J. Dillon
Dong Ding
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood M. Dodson Jr.
Ms. Sarah M. Doggett
Mr. Silverio Dominguez Isidro
Donald Services & Marketing
Dr. Badriprasad Donthi
Drs. Mark L. Graham and Laneta J.
Mr. Michael A. and Robin R. Dorko
Mr. Tildon Downing
Downtown Grill Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Dozier
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Driggers
Mr. Sifredo Duarte
Ms. Bethany Duggins
Mr. Murray O. Duggins
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Veronica Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Dunleavy
Ms. Sarah Dunn
Dunn Insurance Group
Mr. Kenneth W. Durham
Ms. David E. Durr
Ms. Kathleen Durr
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Graham
Eastern Turf Maintenance Inc
Mrs. Angela Easton
Ms. Toni D. Eckberg
Ms. Jennifer Edens*
Drs. Donald A. and Mary C.
Mrs. Kristin K. Edmonson
Ms. Edna E. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Shep Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Edwards
Ms. Kathryn M. Eimers
Ms. Jennifer Elder
Elizabeth L. LaBelle Music Studio
Ms. Myra Ellis
Ms. Verna Ellis
Elmo’s Diner*
Elon University
Dr. and Mrs. Cam Enarson
Ms. Evelia Brenis Escamilla
Eschelon Hospitality*
Mr. Carlos A. Espino
Ms. Sylvia Espitia
Mr. Leonel Estrada
Ms. Addison R. Evans*
Ms. Crystal Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Evans
Mr. Gerardo Exar Marroquin
Mr. Ethel Eysmann
Ms. Jan Faircloth
Ms. Susan Falk
Ms. Laura E. Faulkner
Ms. Deanna L. Felder
Ms. Kelly M. Felten
Mr. Guillermo Fernandez
Mr. Alex J. C. Ferrell
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Ms. Sandra M. Finch
Ms. Carolyn Fincher
Drs. J. Charlie Finn and Sue E. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Jackie W. Finney
Ms. Irene Finney
Mr. William K. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fischler
Mr. Jeff Fitzgerald
Five Guys Burger & Fries*
Ms. Pamela D. Flater
Ms. Corinna A.Fleming
Mr. Gary Fleming
Fletcher Insurance Group Inc.
Ms. Maria de Jesus Flores
Ms. Ana Maria Florez
Ms. Karen Florini
Mr. William L. Flournoy
Erin Ford
Ms. Marilyn Forsythe
Ms. Barbara M. Forthofer
Foster’s Market*
Ms. Miriam H. Fowler
Mr. Joseph D. Fox*
Fox 50*
Ms. Maria Elena Fraire
Ms. Karen Frank
Frank Pless Auto Transport Inc.
Ms. Alison M. Franklin
The Franklin Hotel*
Mrs. Billie C. Frazier
Ms. Mary M. Frazier
Mr. James D. Freeman
Mr. Ryan French
Dr. Patricia A. Friedman and Mr.
Blair Levin
Friendship Missionary Baptist
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Frye
Mr. Hector Fuentes
Ms. Karla N. Fulghum
Mr. Alfredo Furman
Mrs. Paulette Furman
Ms. Pauline M. Gainey
Mr. Thomas Gaitens
Ms. Mona G. Gala
Mr. Elliot Galdy
Ms. Nicole Gallimore
Ms. Marcia E. Gallina
Ms. Lisa C. Galyean
Mr. Roger N. Gammons
Ms. Elesia Ganem
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Gannon
Ms. Cindy Gannotta
Ms. Sheri Gant*
Mr. Francisco Garcia
Mr. Florentino Garcia
Ms. Gabriela A. Garcia
Mr. Jose Garcia
Mr. Pedro G. Garcia Juarez
Mr. Salvador Garcia
Ms. Gloria Garcia Santos
Dr. Nadia and Robert G. Gard
Mr. Joe Gaskey
Ms. Sandra Gaskins
Mr. William L. Gay
Mr. Ronald Gearren
Mr. Nikolas M. Gernhard
Mr. James J. Glasier and Mrs.
Deborah J. Gillis-Glasier
Ms. Audrey J. Gilman
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gilmore
Ms. Kimia M. Glenn
Dr. and Mrs. William Paul Glezen
Mr. Grant Glisson
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan R. Glock
Mr. John Glover
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Goetz
Ms. Carolyn Gold
Dr. and Mrs. Brian P. Goldstein
Mr. George Golenbiewksi
Mr. Aldredo Gomez
Ms. Antonia Gomez
Mr. Juan Gomez
Ms. Micky L. Gonzales
Mr. Marco A. Gonzalez
Mr. Ruben Gonzalez
Dr. Michael D. Gooden
Mrs. Shannon S. Gooding
Ms. Michele Goodman
Ms. Dora J. Gosselin
Ms. Angelica Grantham
Ms. Peggy Grantham
Ms. Elizabeth Green
Mr. David Greene
Mr. Andrew and Dr. Kimberly M.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Gregory
Mrs. Laura A. Grelck
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Gritton
Ms. Charlene Grunwaldt
Ms. Irma Guevara
Ms. Brook B. Gunter
Mr. Ignacio Gutierrez
Mr. Isidrio Gutierrez
Mr. Filberto Gutierrez Suarez
Mr. Donnie Haddock
Hadley Emerson, LLC*
Ms. Paige Haensel
Ms. Clara A. Hagan
Mr. Joshua D. and Mrs. Mamie E.
Mr. Scotty Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hall
Mrs. and Mr. Shelia M. Hall
Mrs. Sherry Hallbrin
Ms. Linda Hamlett
Mrs. Teri Hammer
Mrs. Paige H. Hamp
Mr. Richard P. Hanes
Mr. John M. Hanson
Ms. Gail E. Harden
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hardin
Chancellor and Mrs. Paul Hardin
Mr. Rick Hardin
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Hardisty
Mr. Patricia Harmon-Lewis
Ms. Donna D. Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Harper Jr.
Mr. Stephen R. Harper
Ms. Marttha A. Harrell
Drs. Robert A. Harrell and Joanne
M. Jordan
Mr. Russ Harrell
Mr. C. Kelly Harrill
Ms. Cameron L. Harris
Mrs. Christina L. Harris
Ms. Faith Harris
Ms. Omorlie Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Derek L. Harrison
Ms. Judith C. Harrison
Mrs. Sue Harrison
Ms. Pamela R. Harsant
Mr. Donald J. Hatton
Ms. Anna Hawkins
Mr. Doug Hayes
Hayes Iron & Metal Inc.
Mr. Mark Hayes
Ms. Susan C. Hayman
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Hays
Mr. James B. Hayter
Mr. Brian E. Heath
Dr. and Mrs. S. Brett Heavner
Ms. Sherry M. Hedrick
Mr. William G. Hedrick
Mr. Mark Hefner
Drs. John C. Parker and Heather M.
Mr. Rex Henderson
Ms. Susan D. Henderson
Ms. Terri P. Hendrickson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hensel
Mr. Gilbert Hensgen
Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Herman
Ms. Avelina Hernandez
Ms. America Hernandez
Mr. Benito Hernandez
Mr. Guadalupe Hernandez
Ms. Maria Y. Hernandez
Ms. Liliana Hernandez Reyes
Ms. Adela E. Herrera Reyes
Ms. Elissa Hess
Mr. Austin G. Hester
Mr. Thomas W. Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Higgins
Dr. Stuart S. Higgins
High Point Veterinary Hospital PC
Highland OB GYN Clinic, PA
Ms. Ann C. Highsmith
Dr. David L. Hill
Ms. Nicole H. Hill
Mrs. Phyllis B. Hill
Mr. Richard A. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Hill, IV
Hiller Properties, Inc
Mr. and Mr. Timothy Hodge
Mrs. Kathleen P. Hoffmann
Mr. and Mrs. Hobson H. Hogan
Mr. Jackie Holcombe
Ms. Donna Holder
Ms. Lucinda Holderness
Mr. Michael Hollern
Ms. Loretta Hollowell
Mr. James Holmes
Jane R. Holmes
Mr. W. H. Holsenbeck
Ms. Janet C. Holt
Ms. Nancy S. Holt
Mr. and Mrs. J. Alan Honeycutt
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hooper
Ms. Alysa Horne
Mr. Eli Horne
Ms. Mary I Horne
Dr. Mina Hosseinipour
Mr. Robert L. Hostetter
Ms. Inge Hotrich
Ms. Cathy L. Howes
Mr. Allen Hoyt
Dr. David Huang
Mr. Joseph R. Huck
Dr. and Mrs. R. P. Hudson, Jr.
Ms. Beth A. Huey
Ms. Diana M. Huggin
Mr. David Hughens
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Hughes
Ms. Nancy Hughes
Ms. Elizabeth Hulman
Mr. Tab C. Hunter
Dr. Patrick Hurban and Ms. Anna K.
Mr. Hilton T. Hutchens
Mr. Andrew Hutson
Ms. Cindy Ibarra
Mr. Angel Inestroza
Innogive Foundation
J. W. York School PTA
Mr. Tiago B. Jabur
Ms. Rebecca Jaeb
Mr. Christopher Jaeger
Mr. and Mrs. Justin James
Ms. Margarita Jasinto Vargas
Mr. Phil Jennette
Mr. Thomas Jessup
Mr. Travis Jett
Mr. Augistin Jil
Ms. Elizabeth Johnson
Mr. John F. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Franklin Johnson, III
Ms. Lenore N. Johnson
Ms. Maria Phelps Johnson
Mr. Scot and Mrs. Theresa Johnson
Mrs. Tanya K. Johnson*
Mr. Walter P. Johnstone
Mr. Thomas Edward and Mrs. Betsy
G. Jolley
Mr. and Mrs. Burns Jones
Mr. C R. Jones
Mrs. Ena M. Jones
Mr. James Jones
Ms. Lisa Jones
Ms. Lucy T. Jones
Mr. Michael D. Sandin and Ms.
Margaret K. Joyner
JRS Strategy Group LLC
Mr. Juan Luis Juarez
Ms. Effie L. Kalevas
Mr. Arif Kamal
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Kammler
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Kane-Maguire
Ms. Tracy L. Katz
The Katz Company EMC Inc.
Mr. Michael J. Nowicki and Ms.
Lauren E. Kearns
Ms. Gina S. Keel
Mr. Charles Depew and Dr. Donna
L. Keiran
Randi A. Keith
Mr. Doug Kellett
Ms. Shawn L. Kelley*
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Kelly
Mr. John Kelly
Ms. Shelia K. Kempf
Ms. Betty P. Kenan
Mrs. Rosemary B. Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. King, III
Mr. and Mrs. K. Jeffrey King
Mr. Dan V. and Mrs. Kaye Kinlaw
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kirby II
Mrs. Marilyn Kiser
Ms. Jessica Kittelberger
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F.
Dr. and Mrs. Keith P. Kittelberger
Mr. Douglas Klaucke and Ms.
Natalie Moses
Mr. Robert D. Kleinman
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kness
Ms. Patricia L. Knox
Ms. Jennifer E. Koerv
Ms. Sheri Kohles
Dr. Macon Kornstein
Mr. Andrew M. Krieman
Mrs. Cathleen Krolczyk
Dr. Ross Kuhner
Mr. Evan L. Kulbacki
Ms. Anita D. Kyle
Ms. Lori Lacassagne
R.S. Lackey and Liska L. Lackey
Ms. Barbara Lahey
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Lail
Ms. Kim Lair
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt P. Lam
Mr. J. Travis Lam
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lam
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lambeth
Mrs. Amy W. Lamm
Ms. Gretchen Land
Mr. Kyle N. Lang
Mr. Carl Langdon
Mr. Robin Langdon
Ms. Elizabeth C. Lanzen
Mr. Oratio Lara
Mr. Carlos Lara Cortez
Drs. Michele C. and Robert E.
Stacey Larson
Ms. Norinne Lawler
Ms. Patricia B. Lawrence
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lawrence
Ms. Lisa Laws
Mr. Mike Lay
Lazar Industries LLC
Lead Mine Elementary School
Ms. Lorraine Z. Leahy
Ms. Allison Lee
Mr. Michael Lee
Mr. Richard Lee
Mr. David F. Leeper
Leith Acura
Mr. Michael Lemnios
Mr. Brian Lemon
Ms. Judith S. Lennon
Ms. Margie F. Levi
Ms. Brenda E. Levine
Mrs. Christal N. Lexa
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lexa
Mr. Samuel B. and Mrs. Suzanne
A. Lilly
Mr. Ralph E. Linder
Mr. and Mrs. F. Dean Little III
Mr. Juan Llamas
Long Beverage, Inc.*
Mrs. Colleen Long
Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Long
Mr. Joseph R. Long
Ms.Nina Long
Mr. Paul E. Long
Mr. Antonio Lopez
Mr. Juan Lopez Boytes
Mr. Raul Lopez
Mr. Gerardo Lopez Rojas
Ann and Gil F. Lorenz
Mr. Howard H. and Mrs. Joyce W.
Ms. Catharine I. Lovejoy
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lovett
Dr. Siti A. Lowery
Mr. Josh Lozoff
Dr. and Mrs. Alan A. Lucier
Mr. Roy A. Luebke
Mr. Juvencio Luna
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Lyon
Dr. Gerald A. Maccioli
Mr. Christopher Main
Makalak Inc
Ms. Vivian Makar
Ms. Tania Makins
Mama Dip’s Kitchen
Ms. Amy K. Manchester
Mr. Gabriel M. Mancilla Rivera
Ms. Caroline C. Maness
Ms. Catherine N. Mangum
Ms. Megan H. Mannell
Ms. Daphene Manning
Mr. Michael Manus
Mr. Jose Luis Maressugeya
Marketing and Management
Assoicates LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Allen D. Marold
Ms. Elizabeth W. Marsh
Mr. Jay Martin
Mr. Robert R. Martin
Ms. Eleazar Martinez
Mr. Juan Martinez
Ms. Lois Martinez
Ms. Martha Martinez
Ms. Melinda Martinez
Ms. Patricia Martinez Ortiz
Mr. Pedro Martinez
Mr. Wildredo Martinez Rivera
Dr. and Ms. Eric W. Mason
Ms. Janet Mason
Mr. Jose Mateo
Dr. Gerri L. Mattson
Mr. Richard E. Mayes
Ms. Kathleen S. Maynor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neal McCall
Mr. Brian McCarthy
Mr. Donald and MrS. Ann S.
Mr. T. Gray McCaskill
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCoy
Ms. Louise B. McCoy
Mr. Thomas M. and Mrs. Deanna C.
Mr. Parker McDaniel
Ms. Lynette M. McDonald
Ms. Carrie K. McEachin
Mr. and Mrs. Scott G. McGahey
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. McGrath
Mr. Frank B. and Mrs. Debi McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan D. McGrew
Ms. Grace B. McLamb
Ms. Debra McLaughlin
McLaughlin Chiropractic Center
Mr. Daniel A. McLaurin
Mr. and Mrs. Dan K. McNeill
Mr. Joshua Mecimore
Ms. Ellen S. Melvin
Mrs. Landi Mendez
Mr. Jorge Mendoza Estrada
Ms. Donna M. Meserve
Messina, Canal, Moawad & Rye
Michael K. and Carolyn N.Jones
Mr. Gregory O. Midgette
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Millay
Ms. Amanda C. Miller
Miss Shyanne Miller
Mr. Steven R. Miller
Wes and Ashley Miller
Mr. Stephen Milley
Mrs. Delina M. Millsaps
Ms. Nancy Mingis
Mr. Tim A. and Dr. Radiah A. Minor
Mint Indian Cuisine*
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Minyard
Dr. Maribel Mirafuente-Chua
Dr. Kristen S. and Mr. P. Scott
Ms. Maria Molina
Mr. Nelson Molina
Mr. Gary L. Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle J. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Montross
Ms. April I. Moore
Ms. Amy Moore
Mr. Larry E. Moore
Mr. Michael A. Moore
Ms. Pattie A. Moore-Boyette
Mr. Jose Aldredo Morales
Ms. Lucrecia Morales
Ms. Maria Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Morelen
Morgan Stanley
Mr. Neal Morris
Mrs. Leigh M. Moses
Ms. Patricia Mosley
Mr. Raymond L. Mulkey
Mr. Bruce Murdoch
Mr. Jose Murillo Fuentes
Dr. Kristin F. Murphy
Colette Murray
Mrs. Laurie Murray
The N.C. Center for Dermatology,
Mr. Isidro Najera
Nantucket Cafe’ and Grill*
Mr. Antonio Nava
Mr. Gerado Navarro
Mr. Juan Navarro
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Neese Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Neese
Ms. Sarah E. Neff
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Nelson
Ms. Jeffrey S. Newell
Mr. Peter Ng
Ms. Brenda M. Nightingale
Mrs. Jayne C. Nimocks
Ms. Susan Nininger
Dr. Daniel B. Nissman
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nobles
Mr. James F. and Mrs. Eileen Z.
Mr. Dean G. Norman
Mr. Parker S. and Mr. W. Kel
Dr. Jacqueline Norris-Drouin
Ms. Monica P. Nowell
Mr. Edgar C. Nunez
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Karen Nyberg
Ms. Melinda W. Oakley
Ms. Bertha Ocampo
Ms. Susan M. Ogburn
Ms. Laura P. Oldham
Ms. Juliana K. Olin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Oloughlin
Ms. Maria Olvera
O’Neill’s Clothing, Inc.
Mr. G. D. O’Quinn
Mr. Elder Ordonez
Mr. and Mrs. W. James Ormond
Mr. Israel Orozco Martinez
Mrs. Diana Ortiz
Ms. Tina Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Osteen Jr.
Ms. Katlin L. Ostmann
Mr. William H. Owens
Mr. Jorge Padron
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Page
Ms. Bonnie Palmer
Mr. Rajesh Pandey
Mr. George C. and Mrs. Carol A.
Mr. Joaquin Paredes
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Parent
Ms. Diane M. Parfitt
Dr. Jongbae Park
Mr. and Mrs. Elton C. Parker Jr.
Ms. Virginia Parker
Ms. Carolina H. Parks
Mr. Samuel C. Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Patterson V
Dr. and Mrs. Edward N. Pattishall,
Mr. Thomas Paul
Dr. Banks Peacock
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Pearce Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Peele
Ms. Paulette Pekera
Ms. Magdalena Pena
Ms. Reina Pena
Mr. Efren Perez
Ms. Leticia Perez
Mr. Luz Adriana Perez Lopez
Mrs. Lisa Perkins
Perkins and Will NC Inc
Mr. Robert Perkowitz
Ms. Kelli Perry
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Peterson, M.D.
Drs. Rosann F. Petes and Thomas
D. Petes
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Polly Petrino
Mrs. Rebecca Pezzoni
Mr. Arthur C. Pffefferle
Mr. Chis Pieri
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Pike
Ms. Dellmarie Pittman
Ms. Dacia Pitzer
Mr. David Pizano Salinas
Pizza Hut*
Mr. G.M. and Mrs. Donna S.
Ms. Maryann Plummer
Ms. Dolly A. Pokrass
Dr. Paul W. Popish
Mr. Kevin Poplawski
Positive Impact For Kids*
Mrs. Shannon Pow
Ms. Tisha Powell-Wayne
Ms. Janet Prewitt
Mrs. Michele R. Price
Mr. Newell S. Price
Dr. and Mrs. William Primack
Ms. Jessica Probst
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Pront
Mr. and Mrs. Todd D. Pruden
Ms. Carolyn M. Prue
Mr. Jethro Pugh Jr.
Mr. Loretta Pulley
Ms. Shavon D. Pulley
Purple Puddle, Inc.*
Mr. Jeremy Pyle
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Quigg III
Byrd B. Quinlivan, M.D. and Timothy
C. Nichols, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawton Rabeler
Mr. and Ms. Edward J. Rabenda III
Ms. Neetu Rajpal
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rak
Raleigh Children & Adolescents
Medicine PC
Raleigh Custom Homes Inc
Raleigh Hand Center, PA
Ms. Lorena Ramirez
Ms. Karla Ramos
Mr. Baldomera Ramos Diaz
Mr. and Mrs. Les Ramsey
Ms. Angelic Rangel
Mr. Andres Rangel Moreno
Ms. Anne S. Ransdell
Mr. Steve S. Rao
Ms. Lisa Ray
RB Real EstaTe Agency
Realty World Triangle Living
Ms. Barbara Rebene
Ms. Kim S. Record
Ms. Billie J. Redmond
Regina Gross Fund Trust
Ms. Adel Regino
Regions Bank Associates
Mr. Carol Regsield
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Reinke
Mrs. Donna G. Reist
Ms. Julie E. Renaud
Mr. Thomas S. Renn
Rexnord Foundation Inc.
Mr. Fairfax C. Reynolds
Ms. Judith M. Rhew
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Richardson
Mr. John R. Richardson
Mr. Patrick L. Richardson
Dr. Paul P. Rieker
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Riggs, Jr.
Mr. Roland Rivera
Mr. Genaro Rivera Monterubio
Dr. Kimberly Robasky
Ms. Carter S. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. James Y. Robinson
Rockwood Realty, Inc.
Mr. Standley L. and Melanie
Mr. Antonio Rodrigues Rosas
Mr. Omercimo Rodriguez Mata
Mr. and Mrs. L. Jason Roghelia
Mr. Arturo Rojo
Mr. Alfonso Romero
Mrs. Ofelia Romero Hernandez
Mr. Ibzam Romero
Mr. Salbador Elvira Romero
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Belinda S.
Ms. Youlanda F. Rose
Mr. Aaron Rosentein
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rotella
Ms. Cathy Rouse
Mr. Everett E. Rouse Jr.
Ms. Lisa Royall
RS Central High School Class of
1963 Reunion
Ms. Erin A. Rupinta-Ferro
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rush
Ms. Elizabeth Russel
Ruth Hall Florist*
Ms. Keri Ryser
Mrs. Katherine Sabo
Mr. Hector Salas-Ramos
Mr. Armando Salazar
Mr. Luis Salazar
Mr. Primitivo Salazar
Mr. Michele V. Salerno
Mr. Quintila Salgado
Ms. Mariela Sanchez
Mr. Cesar Sanchez Gallegos
Mr. Alejandro Sanchez Lopez
Ms. Christie N. Sanders
Mrs. Jeanne L. Sanders
Ms. Guillermina Santana
Ms. Deana Santoy
Ms. Lillie L. Sapp
Mr. Braulio Saravia
Mr. Richard Saver
Ms. Leslie Sazillo-Schmidt
Mr. and Ms. Michael Scates
Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Schaefer, M.D.
Mr. Michael Schall
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Schiller
Mr. Anthony Schinelli*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schlosser
Mrs. Christine Schmid
Dr. and Mrs. Victor J. Schoenbach
Mr. and Ms. Vinnie Schoenfelder
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Schreiber
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Schulman
Mr. Theodore Schultz
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mrs. Shauna L. Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Scott Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Scott
Ms. Ruth Scott
Mr. William C. and Linda B. Scott
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Scurria, D.D.S.
Ms. Marsha C. Seamans
Mr. Robert Seay
Ms. Helen C. Seebold
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Self
Mr. William L. Senter
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sescilla
Mr. Paul C. Sescilla
Ms. Jennifer B. Sessoms
Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Setzer
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sevier
Ms. Elizabeth M. Seymour
Mrs. Liza Shah
Ms. Mindy L. Shamp
Shanahan Law Group PLLC
Mr. Bryan Shapess
Mr. Larry F. Sharpe
Ms. Kathy C. Shaw
Mr. Ken Shelton
Drs. Nicole P. and Arthur J. Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard P. Shepherd
Ms. Stephanie Sheppard
Ollie Sherman
Mr. Doug Shifflett
Mr. Arun Shukla
Anli Shundi
Mr. Marcos Sibrial
Mr. Scott A. Sides
Laura Siegmund
Mr. Victor Silva
Mr. Geoffrey Simken
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Simon
Miss Joanne M. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. David Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Sinclair
S. Sivaraman
Mr. James Skillman
Mr. Chuck Smith
Ms. Debra K. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Smith
Dr. Jeffery D. Smith and Ms. Laura
R. Hopson
H.Z. and June Smith
Ms. Kristen C. Smith
Ms. Molly L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll R. Smith
Ms. Sarah L. Smith
Mr. James F. and Mrs. Suzanne M.
Mr. James Snider
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Snidow
Ms. Deborah D. Snow
Sarais Solis
Mr. Donald Solomon
Mr. Lorenzo Y. Solozano
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Soluri
Ms. Sandra Sonia Ramirez
Ms. Joyce Sorensen
Mr. Zachary Sorgi
Sound Medical P.A.
Soundview Rotary Club of
Morehead City
Dr. Anna Spagnoli and Mr. Alfonso
Drs. Nicole C. and Jared E. Spector
Cara A. Spencer
Mr. James Spencer
Mr. William M. Speri
Ms. Elizabeth Spero
Ms. Denise Spillane
Ms. Linda Spruill
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Stadler
Ms. Janiene Stafford
Mr. Michael Stanfield
Mr. Timothy Stapleton
Dr. Malcolm T. Stark
Ms. Susan F. Staten
Ms. Brenda Stecher
Dr. Susan Steele
Dr. Leonard D. Stein
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Steiner
Stephanie Austin & Associates, Inc
Ms. Gina Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Stevens Jr.
Ms. Beverly S. Stewart
Mrs. Kristin M. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Stewart
Mr. Mark A. and Rhonda P. Stone
Ms. Linda Stouffer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Stout
Ms. Victoria M. Stout
Mr. and Mrs. Steven N. Stover
Ms. Michelle Stow
The Paul F. Strebel Living Trust
Mr. David and Mrs. Dottie J.
Strickland Farming Partnership
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Strong
Mr. Harry B. and Mrs. Laura E.
Mr. Van H. Stryk
Mrs. George N. Sturdivant
Ms. Michelle Stuttger
Ms. Ruth Sugerman
Mr. Jeffrey C. Sugg
Ms. Danielle Sunde*
Mr. James Surmacewicz
Mr. Donald Suter
Mr. Asako Suzuki
Swink Fiehler & Co PC
Mr. and Mrs. Nat Sylvester
Ms. and Mr. Grace Synn
Ms. Jean W. Talbert
Ms. Brenda R. Tannery
Dr. and Mrs. David T. Tayloe Jr.
Ms. Jenny Taylor
Ms. Lindsay Taylor
Ms. Stacy B. Taylor
Mr. George F. and Carolyn W.
Temple Beth Or Inc
Mr. Miles Tew
Tharrington Smith, LLP
Mr. Dwight C. Thomas
Ms. Leah M. Tilden
Ms. Lisa Tilley
Time Warner Inc*
W.L. and Lou P. Tippett
Ms. Maria Tobar
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Tollen
Tom Keith & Associates, Inc.
Mr. Paul G. Topolka
Ms. Angelica Flores Torres
Mr. Felix P. Torres
Mr. Jose Torres Garcia
Ms. Kimberly R. Toxey
Transit Damage Inspection Service
Triangle Tile & Stone of NC, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Triompo
Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Turner
Mr. Charles A. Underwood Jr.
United Way of the Greater Triangle
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Utley Jr.
Ms. Renta Uzzell
Mrs. Suzanne Uzzell
Mr. Jose Valadez
Mr. Andrew Valkanoff
Ms. Maria Audelia Vallares Flores
Mr. Colton and Mrs. Cassandra
Mr. John T. Van Campen
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. van der
Ms. Sri Vani
Jackie Vargas
Mr. Miguel Angel Vargas Mercado
Mr. Leo Vasquez
Ms. Delia Vasquez
Mr. William B. and Mrs. Susan K.
Mr. Krishna Veeraraghavan
Sreenath Vellanki
Mr. Jacob Veltman
Mr. David Venable
Temo Vences
Ms. Deborah Vertefeuille
Mr. Rodolfo M. Villavando
Ms. Mario G. Villeda
Adan Vivas
Ms. Danielle Vold
Mr. Donald R. and Mrs. Beth P. Von
Mr. and Mrs. James Vorhaus
Mr. Craig A. Wade
Ms. Margaret S. Wade
Wagcon Electronics Inc
Dr. P. K. Wagoner
Mr. Allen R. Wainwright
Mrs. Laura B. Ward
Ms. Sally A. Ward
Dr. Phillip H. Warren
Mrs. Tara J. Watkins
Mr. and Ms. Percy Watson
Mr. Billy Wease
Ms. Mitzie L. Weatherly
Mr. and Mrs. William Woodward
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Weber
Ms. Jill Weinberger
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Weiner
Ms. Esther Weissman
Ms. Dixie Wells
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wessell III
Ms. Allison West
Mr. Michael West
Mr. and Mrs. William K. West
Ms. Diane T. Westbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Westbrook
Ms. Judy Wewerka
Ms. Sandra D. Wheeler
Mr. Michael Wheless
Mr. William D. Whisenant and Ms.
Kelly L. Ross
Mr. Chris White
Mr. Thomas L. White III
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Whitehurst
Mr. and Mrs. Jason B. Whitlatch
Ms. Antoinette M. Whitley
Ms. Barbara O. Whitley
Mrs. Randah R. Whitley
Mr. Roy B. Whitmire
Dr. Nancy E. and Mr. Robert C. S.
Mr. B. Wilcox Jr.
Mr. Jimmy C. Wilder
Ms. Sophia A. Wiley
Wilkinson Enterprises International
Mr. John C. and Mrs. Allene W.
Ms. Judy Williams
The Judith and Craven Williams
Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brandon Willis
Mr. Dave Wilson
Mr. Parker Wilson
Ms. Tina Wilson
Wings Over Chapel Hill*
Ms. Ann Winn
Ms. Camille Winston
Mr. A. Wayne Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood
Mr. John Woodall
Ms. Deborah Woods
Ms. Mary L. Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Woodson
Ms. Deborah Worley
Mr. L. Griffis Worthington
Mr. Chris Wright
Ms. Peggy Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Yarber
Mr. Daniel Yarborough
Mr. Philip Yarbrough
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Yates III
Ye Old Waffle Shop PJC, Inc.*
Mr. Allen Yeatts
Mr. G. S. and Mrs. Rosemary Adair
Mr. and Mrs. Brian F. Young
Carlton and Ramsay Younger
Ms. Janet Yount
Mr. Patrick D. Yount
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Zachary
Ms. Adela Zapata
Dr. Carlton J. Zdanski
Ms. Janice L. Zeigler
Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Zinn
Mr. Daniel Zunida
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