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Message from the
CEO & Board Chair
round us every day, we see children living in poverty and under extraordinarily difficult
circumstances. And this is certainly through no fault of their own. More than any of us,
children deserve a chance to see possibility—to hope for something more than what
they currently see around them. Because the absence of hope in the life of a child is a tragic and
unforgiving loss.
But here is the simple truth. When vulnerable families are supported and given a path toward
self-sufficiency, they are better equipped to raise successful children, and those children then
become the framework for even stronger communities. Every child born into this world is full of
potential. We must stand together to support the well being of all children, to ensure their ability
to succeed, flourish and give back.
Do you have to be responsible for other people? Certainly not. But if we want our communities
to be as good as they can be, we must each accept the role we play in creating solutions to the
problems around us. At Families First, our partners, funders, volunteers, and staff join forces
every day to fill the broken places in our society for thousands across metro Atlanta, building a
movement that sustains hope in the lives of children, families and entire communities.
The contents of this Annual Report will give you hope and share some real stories of how our
work really does work—transforming lives and breaking the vicious cycles of poverty and negative
circumstance. And you’ll note, our financials reflect expenses greater than revenue but this is
related to the net change in the value of investments between the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 fiscal
periods, a swing of $1.3 million dollars. Although our clients suffer immensely during challenging
economic times, we have continued to respond to pressing needs by creating sustainable solutions
for more than 37,000 children and families in the past year alone.
Thank you for standing with us during our 2011-2012 program year. We look forward to continuing
our work with you to help eliminate generational poverty, infuse hope into the lives of the hopeless,
and lead all children to realize their dreams.
We could not accomplish our mission and goals without you.
In the spirit of continuing to effect long-term change,
Kim Anderson
Felicia Speetjens
2011-2012 Board Chair
Children are in jeopardy when
their families are vulnerable
and our communities are fragile.
Families First works to create communities where
all children
have the opportunity to succeed, flourish and give back. We provide
services that enhance the well–being of children and families
so that they are healthy, safe and
Families First: Because Children Should Never Come Last
For Families
When a community actively supports
vulnerable families toward self-sufficiency…
Family Sustainability & Empowerment
– Strong families are better equipped to
support itself, raise successful children and
build communities that thrive. Our work
helps individuals develop the skills and
relationships necessary to become
self-sufficient. Our programs increase
a families access to services,
resources, education, housing
and employment in ways that
lead to financial self sufficiency.
• Transitional and
Supportive Housing
• Community Partnerships
• Asset Development
Prior to coming into the Shelter-A-Family program Bridgette, like
many single mothers, was struggling financially to keep things afloat
for her five children. Losing her job as a nonprofit professional and
combatting depression, among other issues, led her to experience
an episode, which left her homeless. Bridgette always worked
so this situation came with lots of “shame, discouragement
and hopelessness.” However, being previously employed in the
nonprofit arena she was familiar with Families First never thinking
she would eventually need our services herself. She first received
support through our counseling services. Then she was referred to
the Shelter-A- Family housing program.
“The housing services lifted a heavy burden that allowed me to
focus on healing and guiding my children in the right direction,
while working toward self-sufficiency,” said Bridgette.
The Shelter-A-Family program
provides permanent housing
in connection with supportive
services to homeless people with
disabilities and their families.
“The housing services lifted a heavy burden that allowed me to
focus on healing and guiding my children in the right direction, while
working toward self-sufficiency, said Bridgette. The program was
not just a place to live; it provided onsite counseling support, helpful
life skills workshops and valuable information to assist me with helping
my children plan for their future. My oldest daughter graduated
high school with honors and is now enrolled in college, working
and living in her own apartment. She is studying International
Business, is fluent in Mandarin, and has become a great example
to her siblings. Our economy has made it such that people from all
walks of life can get into a predicament that they would have never
expected. I worked, paid into the system, and even raised money
for the very industry to which I had to turn for help. When you need
to access the resources you are grateful they are available for you.
I shudder to think where I and my family would be without ShelterA-Family and the programs and services at Families First.”
For Children
Those families in turn will nurture
thriving, successful children…
Child & Youth Permanency – Ensuring
permanent family situations for children today
will lead to adults who are better prepared
to be effective parents tomorrow. We work
to create long lasting relationships for
children and youth in foster care, as well
as those aging out of care, by identifying
supportive adult relationships, reunifying
families or finding new families, and
providing resources to parents.
• Foster Care &
Adoption Services
• Permanency Connections
• Family Resources
• Youth Residential Living
Clark’s childhood would be unimaginable for most people. His mother
died when he was eight years old and his father was unavailable
to care for him. After being abused by relative caregivers, at age 11,
Clark was sent to private foster care placement. At age 18 he was
woefully unprepared to handle the decision making and basic daily
skills required to be successful as an adult.
The Independent Living Program gave him the chance to prepare
for the real world and gradually take on everyday adult
responsibilities...but most importantly it gave him a sense of family.
So, when he was about to age out of the foster care system the state
placed him in Families First’s Independent Living program (ILP).
The program gave him the chance to prepare for the real world and
gradually take on everyday adult responsibilities.
The Independent Living Program
provides supportive services to
clients transitioning out of foster care.
Youth ages 18-21 years of age live in
supervised apartments, complete with
individual coaching and support, while
learning a variety of life skills to assist in
their transition to adulthood.
ILP provided Clark with stable housing, but most importantly it
gave him a sense of family. His ILP Case Manager provided him
with guidance and support, while giving him a chance to connect
with other youth in the program and focus on his education
goals. At Families First Clark learned about money management
principles and how to create personal and professional goals.
Since his transition out of the program, at age 21, Clark has made
remarkable progress. He enlisted in the Army and is currently
a Private First Class Combat Medic. He received an Associates
of Science degree and is working on a Bachelor’s degree in
Healthcare Management. Today Clark is a single father, successful
entrepreneur and owner of multiple real estate properties. He
credits Families First in his success due to the love, support and
guidance he received through the Independent Living Program.
For Community
Successful children are key to strengthening
our communities today and tomorrow.
Eventually making Families First unnecessary...
Healthy Families & Relationships – works to
ensure that babies are born healthy; children
and youth are prepared for school success;
adults parent effectively; and families build
healthy relationships and establish positive
community connections. Our services include
counseling, education and training, homebased coaching, mediation, and referrals to
community resources.
• Healthy Babies,
Healthy Moms
• Effective & Nurturing
• School Success
• Counseling & Support
Never having attended an early childhood education or pre-K program,
four-year-old Miguel was not socially or developmentally prepared
for Kindergarten. Children who are not prepared for kindergarten
are most likely to continue a cycle of academic underachievement.
Miguel was shy and unable to respond to questions and his motor
skills were underdeveloped.
Within months of enrollment in the CHISPA program,
Miguel’s motor skills were greatly improved and he became
more confident, active and willing to explore his environment.
When Miguel’s mother enrolled him in Families First’s CHISPA program,
he had less than one year to prepare for Kindergarten. The CHISPA
Parent Educator began by coaching Miguel’s mom on how to work
with him at home, including using household items to learn. Within
months, Miguel’s motor skills were greatly improved and he became
more confident, active and willing to explore his environment. His
mom also attended Families First community-based parenting
education classes where parents were taught how to engage their
children in learning and instruction.
CHISPA is a school readiness initiative
for parents of children, ages 0-5, and
is designed to prepare children at-risk
for success in school through home,
school and community-based parent
involvement and leadership.
Within two months, the Parent Educator soon identified and
arranged for Miguel to be placed in a nearby pre-K program with
one of our early learning partner schools. Miguel’s pre-K teacher
reported that Miguel was very knowledgeable and actually at an
advanced level.
Miguel is now in the second grade, thriving and doing exceptionally
Expense Overview
Year Ending June 30, 2012
Child & Youth Permanency
Healthy Families & Relationships
Family Sustainability & Empowerment
Supporting Services (M&G, Fundraising)
Revenue vs. Expenses
Expenses Overview
by Percentage
Revenue, gains
& other support
$ 9,558,357.00
and losses
Change in
net assets
$ (933,610.00)
Net assets
beginning of year
Net assets
end of year
Child & Youth
Healthy Families
& Relationships
& Empowerment
Please visit www.familiesfirst.org to view a full copy of our 2011-2012 audited financial
report including our Statement of Activities sheet.
Notable Programmatic
for 2011-2012
Child & Youth Permanency
• 78% of youth in our Foster Care or
Supportive Housing receiving Literacy
Improvement services progressed to
the next grade level and 38% were
on the honor roll. 75% of youth who
graduated from high school or a
GED program enrolled in college
or vocational/technical school.
• 75% of children who left our foster care
program transitioned to a permanent,
stable home.
access to financial education and
reliable transportation, demonstrated
increased financial literacy and 100%
of clients who received a car reported
improved access to healthcare.
Healthy Families & Relationships
• 92% of clients who received counseling
services reported substantial progress
towards their individual treatment goals.
• 100% of parents in our CHISPA school
readiness program participated in
school activities with their child and/or
Family Sustainability & Empowerment
• 97% of the children and youth in
our Shelter-A-Family transitional and
supportive housing program progressed
to the next grade level and 92% received
health screenings.
• 100% of the young women living in our
Weaver Gardens homeless mothers
transitional housing facility were either
employed or enrolled in an education/
vocation program.
the Parent Teacher Association.
General Statistics
• Child & Youth Permanency served 9,797
individuals, including children, youth
and adults.
• Family Sustainability & Empowerment
served 3,254 individuals including
children and adults.
• Healthy Families & Relationships
served 16,881 people including children
• More than 70% of clients who applied
for financing for a used vehicle, through
and adults.
• Our Families First Call Center handled
our Ways to Work program to move to
8,108 calls and referred clients to our
greater levels of self-sufficiency with
services or community partners.
Our complete Annual Outcomes Report, which details the
outcomes and demographics of all the services and programs we provide,
will be available on our website by January 31, 2013.
1105 West Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 | 404-853-2800 | www.familiesfirst.org
Families First Board of Directors
Fiscal Year 2011-2012
Executive Committee
Felicia Speetjens, Chair John L. Montag, Vice Chair
Frank M. Howard, Treasurer
Deborah Baker, Secretary
James T. Mills, Jr. Member at Large
Kenneth Neighbors, Member at Large
Julie D. Salisbury, Member at Large
Beth Tanis, Immediate Past Chair,
Senior Vice President, SunTrust Bank
Partner, A. Montag & Associates
Senior Vice President & Treasurer, Genuine Parts Company
Senior Office Manager, Arcapita, Inc.
Managing Partner, Dominium Benefits
Partner, Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Founder, The Bee Colony
PartnerKing and Spalding
Board Members
William Alexander
Justin Berman
Sunny Burrows
Sandra Carey
Carolyn Carl
Dave Cole
Alford J. Dempsey, Jr.
Tiffany Friesen
Bernadette Hartfield
Greg K. Hecht
Audrey Horne
Roya Irvani
Richard Jones
William Jordan
Marybeth Leamer
Lee Ann Lednik
Valerie Munnings
David E. Nahmias
Brittain E. Prigge
Jane K. Ridall
Dawn Rock
Sally Sidwell
Mike Siegel
Patricia Tuff
Lou Winship
Chief Medical Officer, AmeriGroup, Corp.
Principal, Berman Capital Advisors, LLC
President, The Lookout Foundation
Founding Partner, Atlanta Fine Homes/Sotheby’s International Realty
Vice President, Coca-Cola North America
Vice President, Inside Sales, IBM Corporation
Judge, Superior Court of Fulton County
Director, Southeast Region, Be The Match Foundation
Assoc. Professor of Law, Georgia State University, School of Law
Partner, Hecht, Mack & Harris
Healthcare Management Consultant
Community Volunteer
Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Partner, Alston & Bird, LLP
Executive VP, Human Resources and Administration, Cox Enterprises, Inc.
Partner, Ernst & Young
Community Volunteer
Georgia Supreme Court
Managing Director, Balentine
Community Volunteer
Vice President, Regional Compliance, Kaiser Permanente
Sr. V.P., Enterprise Client Management , OptumInsight
Sr. V.P., CredAbility
Community Volunteer
Partner, WinSmith Design, LLC
Board of Counselors
Honorary Board Members
Joseph Brown Jettie Burnett
James Carson
Juanita Carter
Jim Curry
Marcia Donnell
Roxanne Douglas
Bill Law
Michael McCarthy
Olga Plaut
Margaret Reiser
Paul Anderson
Betty Asbury
Cree Durrett
Tony Montag
Nick Munson
Karen Sibley
Bernard Taylor
Bill Tipping
Lucy Vance
Sue Wieland
Mary Yates
Endowment Trustees
Tom Balestreire Jim Curry Marcia Donnell Roya Irvani Brittain Prigge
Joe Brown
Krista Cosgrove
Frank Howard
William Jordan
Mary Yates
Families First Donors
Lucetta M. Lawson Society ($50,000+)
Sarah L. Grant Society ($25,000+)
Aetna, Inc.
Amerigroup Corporation
Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
Jesse Parker Williams Foundation
Kaiser Permanente Foundation
The National Crittenton Foundation
United Way of Greater Atlanta - Grants
Zeist Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Berman
Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
Cox Enterprises, Inc.
Columbia Residential
J. B. Fuqua Foundation, Inc.
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Abraham and Phyllis Katz Foundation
Mrs. Alfred A. Messer
Starbucks Foundation
Suntrust Mid-Atlantic Foundation
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Tanis and Mr. John A. Chandler
Tapestry Youth Ministries, Inc.
The Waterfall Foundation, Inc.
Wells Fargo Foundation
Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation
Benefactor ($10,000+)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Burrows
The Coca-Cola Company
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Mr. and Mrs. John R. Donnell Jr.
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Alliance for Children and Families
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Government Funding Partners
Our government partners are crucial to our success as an agency. In 2012 we received
$3,328,713 in government funding which was 35% of our annual revenue. In addition
to providing substantial financial support, these agencies are essential community partners.
We are grateful for their ongoing support.
Cobb County Community Collaborative
Cobb County Superior Court
Dekalb County Human Development Department
Dekalb County Department of Family & Children Services
Fulton County Department of Housing & Community Development (CDBG)
Fulton County Housing & Human Service, Office of Children & Youth
Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (GCAPP)
Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities
Georgia Department of Community Affairs
Georgia Housing Finance Authority
Georgia Department of Human Services, Division of Child Support Services
Georgia Department of Human Services, Division of Family & Children Services
Gwinnett county department of family & Children Services
Metropolitan Atlanta Tri-Jurisdictional Collaborative on Homelessness
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
In-Kind Donors
In-Kind Donors
Ms. Tonya Arnette
Ms. Allix Magaziner
Ms. Christine Baguio
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Margolis
Mr. John Barrett
Ms. Stella Karanikas Mayes
Ms. Diane Batts
Ms. Marta McCollough
Mr. Steve Berg
Ms. Brenda Miers
Ms. Jackie Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Miller
Ms. Kim Brown
Ms. Camille Miller
Ms. Jennifer Bunn
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mobley
Ms. Gresia Z. Cardona
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mower
Ms. Jennifer Cheers
Jeff and Trish Padlo
Ms. Darby Christopher
Ms. Ash Patel
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cole
Ms. Hilary Quirk
Ms. Christine Connor
Mr. Jason Radam
Ms. Jaime Cortes
Ms. Pat Redmond
Ms. Amy Culver
Ms. Lorna Reed
Ms. Melissa Defeis
Ms. Leslie Rivera
Ms. Diana Diazgranados
Ms. Marla Roberson
Mr. and Mrs. John Dixon
Ms. Romero
Ms. Adrella Dixon
Ms. Kimberly Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Embro
Mr. Pete Schamberger
Ms. Marina Finnegan
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Scully
Ms. Liz Fox
Ms. Elizabeth Shoemake
Mr. Francisco Garcia
Ms. Kiran Sikri
Ms. Sylvia Goalen
Mrs. Beatrice Soublet
Ms. Trenice Grant
Ms. Stacey Springer
Mrs. Stephanie Hart
Ms. Gabriella D. Troy
Ms. Michelle Hollberg
Ms. Jilleen Trulone
Ms. Natalia Honch
Ms. Jilleen Trulove
Mr. Jeremy Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Warren
Ms. Nefertari I
Ms. Phoenix White
Ms. Melita Issa
Mr. Tyrone Whitted
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Johnson Ms. Nancy Whittington
Ms. Susana King
Ms. Marjorie Whitt-White
Ms. Ariane Kouamou
Ms. Nichelle Wilson
Mr. Eric Kumpel
Ms. Christy Winter
Ms. Melissa Larsen
Ms. Julia Woodruff
Ms. Ashur Lawand
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wright
Ms. Blair Leone
A. Montag & Associates
Actively Changing Tomorrow Through Service
An Extra Hand
Alston & Bird
Anisa International
Arby’s - Lilburn
Blue Care Taxi
Center for Working Families
Child First
Crossland Karate, Inc.
Del Rio Mexican
Dominium Benefits, LLC
Fide’s Painting
The Frazier Center
Gaby’s Mexican Bakery
Greater Atlanta Christian School
Hot 107.9
Interface Flor
Jimmy Johns Atlanta
Kaiser Permanente Foundation
Kaydiem Travel
King & Spalding
Kroger - Norcross
Mercy Healthcare
Ogilvy Public Relations
Olive Garden - Buford
Olive Garden - Duluth
Party City - John’s Creek
Pinehill Discount Trophies
Publix - Norcross
Regency Centers
Smart Path Financial
Southern Automotive Specialty Shop
Sun Trust
The Nook
Verizon Wireless
Women of Reform Judaism at Temple Kol Emeth
In Honor of…
Spirit of Giving Honorariums
Bryan Anderson
Felicia Speetjens
Robert Anderson
Kim E. Anderson and Greg Lee Pow
Justin Berman
Katherine R. Stearns
Susan Cockfield
Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
Mother of Perre Edwards
Felicia Speetjens
Jerry Ellis
Brittain and Scott Prigge
Bill Fambrough
Deborah Baker
LeRoy Friesen
Tiffany Friesen
Peter Goldberg
Dennis Young
Fred Hartfield
Bernadette Hartfield
Ellen and Jack Holland
James G. Dalton
Leslie Jennings III and Justin Jennings
Dawn Rock
Ralph Kemmerer
Jane and John Ridall
Kevin Lednik
Lee Ann Lednik
In Memory of…
Hunter Mann
Julie Salisbury
James Thomas Mills
James T. Mills, Jr.
Tony Montag
John Montag
Avery Munnings
Valerie Munnings
Andre J. Nahmias, M.C.
Brittain and Scott Prigge
Courtney Lewis
Scott Prigge
Brittain Prigge
Hank Ridall
Jane and John Ridall
Gary Silverio
Lee Ann Lednik
Joseph Speetjens
Felicia Speetjens
Tara and Amar’s Birthday
Gurdeep S. Ranhotra
Lou Winship
Mary Taylor
Mary Yates
Dorothy M. Yates
Dorothy and Charles Yates Family Fund
Spirit of Giving Memoriams
Rev. William A. Alexander, Dr.
Dr. William Alexander
Jimmy Baker
Deborah Baker
Ralph L. Carl
Carolyn C. Carl
John C. Crenshaw, Jr. , M.D.
Carolyn C. Carl
Porter R. Draper, Sr.
Tiffany and Michael Siegel
Michael Duddy
Sally Sidwell
Frank T. Howard
Frank M. Howard
John Luck
Frank M. Howard
Evelyn Messer
Ann Abrams
Charles L. Nicholson, Jr.
Marybeth N. Leamer
Mr. Robert D. Shore
Blanton and Lou Winship
John Sidwell
Sally Sidwell
Joseph P. Siegel
Tiffany and Michael Siegel
Mr. H. Hillson Winship
Blanton and Lou Winship
Gwen Abron
KeeKee Edwards
Franklin Knights
Thaddeus Roepke
Arianne Adams
Sophie Edwards
Rosie Kopanski
Thomas Roepke
Janet Adams
Brian & Freddie Eklund
Eric Kumpel
Bryant Rogers
Retonia Allen
Christine Eldahaby
Danica Kwon
Luis Roman
Kim Anderson
Olivia Eller
Eliza Larsen
Kim Sanders
Jessica Andrews
Hyacinth Elliott
Scott & Brittany Laux
Georgia Scanlan
Tonya Arnette
Stephany Elliott
Ashur Lawand
Pete Schamberger
Christine Baguio
Julie Erwin
Kirsten Lawhon
Natalie Schmook
Amanda Ball
Trista Favor
Marybeth Leamer
Michael Scipio
Angela Ballisty
Ashley Feibish
Suzanne Lelenta
Mark Scully
Shayla Barnes
Marina Finnegan
Jettie Letson
William Shafer
John Barrett
Lisa Fleischman
Gary Levins
Nisha Shah
Andres Barry
Heather Fleissner
Lisa Lewis
Jessica Sheard
Beth Baughman
Donna Foland
Allison Linn
Shana Shell
Catherine Bazley
Siobhan Ford
Bernie Locklear
Katy Shepard
Elizabeth Beck
Pride Forney
Marvina Lynch
Darcey Sherwood
Alison Belden
Crystal Francois
Marie Macadam
Sara Shinnick
Lora Benard & Bolton Team Lorraine Freeman
Jeff Maile
K’Re Shirley
Steve Berg
D.D. Fritch-Levens
Marilyn Margolis
Angela Shoemake
Jackie Bernstein
Marilee Froug
Margo Marks
Elizabeth Shoemake
Chantay Bess
Choice Fuqua
Lester Martin
Traci Sibly
Jenny Bloom
Linda Gabor
Susan Marvin
John & Stacie Sikes
Esther Bolden
Rick & Ann Gebert
Amy Mason
Greta Smith
Constance Bonds
Katrina George
Candace McCaffery
John Smith
Jeff Boortz
Jim Gillum
Michael McClure
Shani Smith
Mary Box
Sharon Gipson
Marta McCollough
Amanda Sopko
Liz Brandt
Tova Glenn
Kathryn McGaughey
Felicia Speetjens
Mary Ann Brazell
Agnes Godwin Hall
Steve Mckinley
Stacey Spilman
Anyah Brou
Teresa Golding
Melodie & Angie McLellan
Mary Kennon Spree
Kellinda Brown
Ligia Gomez
Leah McLeod
Stacey Springer
Niama Brown
Jennifer Gonzalez
Vanessa McNeal
Jan & Kent Stair
Allison Brown Patricia Gould
Ethel Mensah
Jeanne Stickels
Sierra Bruneau Lesley & Ms. Ayanna Grady & Family Keri Leigh Merritt
Sindhura Suryadevara
Kate Brunelle
Sophia Guice Sandra Meyer
Laura Sutton
Rett Bruner
Marsha Hamer
Alice Miller
Teddie Swain
Damaria Buford
Robin Harman
Andrea Miller
Jennifer Sypeck
Debra Bunkley
Aisha Harris
Cyndy Miller
Lindsey Thames
Matasha Burr
Damica Harris
Carol Mirabal
Thy Thap
Janice Burstein
Deborah Harris
Amy Mitchell
Kim Thomas
Lindsay Cagle
John Harrison
Corintha Mitchell
Kristin Thomas
Lori Callahan
Kathryn Harrison
Kim Mock
Krista Thompson
Kristy Cannon
Julia Hastings
Hailey Monette
Stephanie Thompson
McKensey Cantando
Kyra Hatter
Liz Moore
Laura Torbert
Evan Carch
Kelly Hayden
Cara Moran
Paul Towne
Julie Carlson
Erika Heller
Sandy Morris
Joy Treadwell
William Carlson
Jill Henke
Vanessa Morton
Jilleen Trulone
Tina Carpenter
Kathleen Hern
Jen Swindall & Ms. Lauren Stockton
Patti Tyson
Eve Chen
Lindsay Hert
Kris & Cindy Muir
Sima Valvani
Karyn Christiansen
Amelia Heying
Diana Murphy
Quddus Varner
Sam & Amber Ciaramitaro
Tiffany Hickman
Jennifer Muserallo
Kimberly Vaughn
Laura Ciocia
Mary Pat Hill
Michael Nawar
Michele and Bill Vaughn
Christi Clark
Nancy Hill
Leah Newamn
Shalini Vora
Jessica Cofield
Sally Hill
Anh Nguyen
Lisa Wade
Debra Coleman
Deanna Hold
Eden Nissani
Oleatha Warthen
Volunteers (continued)
Paige Collier
Julia Combs
Christine Connor
Kimberly Cormier
Krista Cosgrove
Kipper Craft
Aine Cryts
Laura Curns
Karen Daniel
DeAnna Daniels
Katie Daniels
Amber Davenport
Robyn Davenport
Scott Davis
Lakeshia Davis Juanita De La Vega
Jerry Dent
Dallas Deskins
Daphne Diener
Amy Dietrich
Amber Dixon
Casey Dixon
Erin Dreiling
Laura Drucker
Terry Dunn-Wells
Destiny Eanes
Angela Easum
Nicole Holley
Hilary OLeary
Stephen Holman
Jennie Olshaske
Natalia Honch
Jessica Owen Sheard
Napolita Hooper-Simanga
Lisa Padron
Barbara Hooten
Patricia Parajon
Melissa Houseal
Todd Patrick
Jeremy Howard
Lisa Peltier
Tiffany Hsia
Cortni Peterson
Stacey Hucks
Brittany Phillips
Kathryn Huie
Kelli Pickett
Deborah Hunter
Karen Pierce
Shatel Huntley
Teffany Pierce Sr
Anisa International, Inc.
Annika Pigford
Channing Jacobs
LaJuan Pillow
Laura James
Sarah Powell
Molly Johnson
Sarah Psimas
Susan Johnson
Jason Radam
Shannon Joiner
Trey & Jennifer Ray
Ashley Jones
Johunna Redmond
Christi Jones
Pat Redmond
Jon Jones
Barbara Richardson
Karen Jones
Kimberly Richardson
Lauri Jones
Carol Rivers
Duane Kambies
Anne Kaszanek
Stephanie Keibler
Angela Kemp
Hanna Kim
e especially recognize our long standing partnership with the United
Way of Greater Atlanta, which dates back to 1923 when the organizers
of the Community Chest asked the Board of Directors of Associated Charities to
share their membership roles. Recognizing the need for a central fundraising
effort to assist our community’s human services efforts, our predecessor,
Associated Charities, graciously tendered its list and continued
to be an active supporter of what is now the United Way of
Greater Atlanta.
1105 West Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 | 404-853-2800 | www.familiesfirst.org