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Social Worker Mabel
Weed and Bertha
Wright, RN, founders
of Children’s Hospital
of our
a word from
Lubin, MD
Back in 1912, Alameda County nurse Bertha Wright, social worker
Mabel Weed, and a group of similarly civic-minded women founded
the “Baby Hospital” that later became Children’s Hospital & Research
Center Oakland. They believed that every child—regardless of race,
gender, or financial circumstances—deserved quality healthcare. That
100% commitment to helping make 100% of kids 100% healthy has
been the mission of Children’s Hospital for the past 100 years.
The practice of medicine has changed dramatically from when we
first opened our doors, with remarkable advances in technology
and improved delivery of healthcare services. Yet the moral and
philosophical foundation of the founders’ mission has remained the
same for every member of the Children’s Hospital team ever since.
The year 2012 was one of 100 that shows our commitment to children
in our community and beyond. I hope you enjoy these reflections on
another remarkable year for this wonderful Bay Area treasure. Thank
you for supporting Children’s Hospital Oakland and joining our staunch
efforts to make the world a better place for our kids.
Bertram H. Lubin, MD
President and CEO
of our
upholding our
In 2012, Children’s Oakland continued to pursue in myriad
ways its mission of ensuring the health of our community’s
children. For example, we expanded the services provided
through our community health clinics. We enhanced our
asthma treatment programs, earning national recognition from
the Joint Commission as a “Top Performer.” We also extended
our leadership role in minimally invasive pediatric surgery
procedures. These stories illustrate some of the ways we lived
out our mission in 2012.
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
upholding our 100-year-old mission
Pulmonary Care
Children’s Earns
�Top Performer’ Award
for Asthma Care
In September 2012, the Joint Commission named Children’s
Hospital & Research Center Oakland one of the nation’s
Xolair shots at Children’s Day Hospital
“Top Performers on Key Quality Measures” for its asthma
care program. The Joint Commission is the leading
accreditation agency for U.S. healthcare organizations.
Only 620 hospitals in the United States earned the
distinction of being a “Top Performer.” Children’s Oakland
was one of only seven pediatric hospitals to receive the
designation. The award recognizes exemplary performance
in using evidence-based “best practices” for certain
conditions. Asthma is the only condition assessed for
pediatric hospitals.
“We exceeded a 95-percent performance score
on various quality measures established by the Joint
Commission,” says Children’s Director of Pulmonary
Medicine Karen Hardy, MD. The measures included the
use of asthma relievers for inpatients, the use of systemic
corticosteroids for inpatients, and the provision of a “Home
Management Plan of Care” to patients and caregivers.
“Part of the reason why we were recognized was our
development of comprehensive home management plans
for every patient,” Dr. Hardy explains. “We used to have
home management plans on paper, but it was a logistical
problem to keep track of all the patients’ data. So we
decided to develop electronic records of all action plans,
which would be available throughout the hospital.
“With the invaluable assistance of Information Systems
Management Coordinator Susan Hohl, we started with a
pilot project in the Pulmonary Medicine Asthma Program,”
Dr. Hardy adds. “Then we expanded it to other areas
throughout the hospital, such as Respiratory Therapy.
Now we can provide a customized plan for each patient,
including all possible �triggers’ for an asthma event as well
as recommendations for medications and other treatments.”
The customized home management plans are provided
to patients and caregivers upon discharge from the
hospital. Plans are updated every time a child is seen at
Children’s Oakland. “It’s a great example of how a large
interdisciplinary effort throughout the hospital resulted in a
terrific outcome,” says Dr. Hardy. “We’re always looking for
better ways to care for the children in our care.”
Rachel Edwards says she has suffered from asthma “ever
since I can remember, at least since I was a toddler.”
Now a 16-year-old who just completed her sophomore
year in high school, Rachel notes that her asthma symptoms
are usually triggered by allergies. “I’m allergic to dust and
smoke and trees and pollen and cats—and probably lots of
other things,” she says. “When I was little, we didn’t have
pets at home, but if I went to other people’s homes where
they had cats, I would have asthma attacks.”
Unfortunately, during early childhood, Rachel did
not always receive appropriate treatments to manage
her asthma. Consequently, her lungs were substantially
weakened by 2007, when she suffered a serious asthma
attack after spending a couple of weeks in a house with
“I ended up in Intensive Care at Children’s, spending
four days in the ICU and another couple of weeks in the
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
upholding our 100-year-old mission
Rachel’s medications
hospital,” she recalls. “Ever since then, I’ve
seen Dr. Karen Hardy at Children’s for my
asthma care, and that has made a huge
difference. I took classes at Children’s to
learn how to control my asthma. I also have
an �asthma action plan’ to follow at home
that explains what medications I should take
and when, and other things like using a peakflow meter to measure my lung capacity and
ways to exercise my lungs.”
“Rachel’s asthma is a lifelong condition,
and she’ll always have to deal with it,” says
her mom, Natalie Thomas. “The good news is
that the asthma care at Children’s has always
been superior. My hat is off to them. Dr.
Hardy and all the other doctors and nurses
really go the extra mile.
“For example, since last June, Rachel
has been on a newer treatment for allergic
asthma, receiving shots of a drug called
Xolair every other week,” Natalie explains. “If
Rachel had not been on the Xolair, she might
have had a worse reaction to the heavy
spring pollen. Plus, Rachel really understands
how her body works now, and we can seek
treatment before she has a full-blown asthma
Rachel adds, “I’m not surprised that
Children’s earned an award for the quality
of their asthma care. They all work so hard,
and the nurses always make it a positive
experience. At Halloween, for example, when
I went in for my regular Xolair shots, they
were all dressed in costumes. I also am so
glad to have Dr. Hardy helping me with my
asthma care. She takes an interest in me as a
person, not just a patient. One time in middle
school, I participated in a spell-a-thon to
raise money for the school. Dr. Hardy offered
to sponsor me for $1 per word if I spelled all
100 words correctly—which I did.”
These days, Rachel is trying to return the
favor. In addition to school and numerous
activities, she works for her family’s skincare
business. “I am donating part of my earnings
to Children’s,” she notes. “That’s one of
my main areas of focus this summer, along
with staying well—which is always my top
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
upholding our 100-year-old mission
Leaders in
Pediatric Surgery
experts in Minimally
Invasive Procedure
In 2002, Children’s Medical Director of Neurosurgery Peter
Sun, MD, became one of the first pediatric neurosurgeons
in the country to perform endoscopic craniosynostosis
surgery. He studied under neurosurgeon David Jimenez,
MD, and plastic surgeon Constance Barone, MD—the
husband-and-wife team who developed the procedure.
Children’s Oakland is the only facility in northern California
with extensive experience in endoscopic craniosynostosis
surgery, and this procedure is not performed on a regular
basis elsewhere in the region.
“A baby’s skull is made up of several large bones
connected by flexible structures called sutures,” Dr. Sun
explains. “These flexible sutures allow the brain to grow.
Craniosynostosis occurs when a suture is missing or closes
up too soon. That causes a deformed head shape and may
prevent the brain from having enough room to grow.”
Traditional surgery to correct craniosynostosis requires
a long incision across the skull from ear to ear, behind the
baby’s hairline. The surgeons remove major portions of
the skull and rearrange the bones to achieve a normal skull
shape and size. This type of surgery typically is performed
when the child is 6 to 12 months old.
Endoscopic surgery for craniosynostosis involves making
two small incisions and inserting tiny instruments to remove
the fused suture and strips of bone. This type of surgery
must be performed during the first few months of life before
too much brain growth occurs, generally when the baby is
about 3 months old.
“Endoscopic surgery is the optimal approach for
correcting sagittal synostosis, but it must be performed at
an early age when the bones are much thinner and easier
to cut through,” says Children’s plastic and reconstructive
surgeon Bryant Toth, MD, a care team partner in this
specialized surgical procedure.
According to Dr. Sun, invasive traditional surgery
may sometimes require additional revision surgeries.
“Endoscopic surgery produces better cosmetic results,
and there is less chance of having to perform revision
surgeries,” he says. “In the 10 years that we have been doing
endoscopic craniosynostosis surgeries, we have not had to
perform a single revision surgery for saggital synostosis.”
In September 2002, while living in Colorado, Mary Lipscomb
experienced a difficult delivery giving birth to her younger son
Parker. “Parker’s skull didn’t flex during delivery, and when he
arrived, he had a long, narrow head that was pinched on the
sides,” she recalls. “His head didn’t look at all like his brother
Brandon’s, who is three years older. The doctor in Colorado
said Parker’s head shape was due to the difficult delivery.”
A month later, Mary Lipscomb and the boys moved to
Pleasanton, California, where her husband Hardy had started
a new job. Concerned because Parker’s head still was not a
normal shape, the Lipscombs consulted a pediatrician.
“The pediatrician immediately suspected a condition
called craniosynostosis,” Mary says. “She ordered an X-ray,
which confirmed the diagnosis, and then referred us to Dr. Sun
at Children’s Oakland.”
“Parker had sagittal synostosis, the most common suture
to close too soon,” says Dr. Sun. “In these cases, the skull
shape is typically too narrow because it doesn’t allow for
sideways growth. The skull compensates by growing longer
in the front and back, so there are bulges in the forehead and
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
upholding our 100-year-old mission
Parker in his helmet
a narrow pouched-out back of the skull that
looks like the keel of a boat. Besides creating
a deformed skull, sagittal synostosis presents
a serious risk of pressure on the brain and
subsequent brain damage. It’s important to
correct the deformity before too much brain
growth occurs.”
Dr. Sun offered the Lipscombs two
options: traditional invasive surgery or
minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.
“Dr. Sun thoroughly explained our
options,” says Parker’s father Hardy. “He
emphasized that endoscopic surgery needs
to be done soon after birth because of
possible brain damage and other potential
problems. He also encouraged us to speak
with the mother of another patient who had
endoscopic surgery, which tilted us toward
Parker’s surgery was performed at
the age of 3ВЅ months. He remained in the
hospital only for a few days, compared to
the much longer hospital stay for traditional
“It was scary to have a newborn go
through something like this, but Children’s
is a super, super place,” Hardy says. “There
was a high degree of coordination among all
the different specialists—the surgeons, the
eye doctor, an ear doctor. Even though it was
emotionally tough, the people at Children’s
helped get us through it.”
Dr. Toth notes, “We are strong
proponents of team care. All craniofacial
surgery involves both a neurosurgeon and
a plastic surgeon: Two brains are better
than one, and four hands are better than
two. We also have a multidisciplinary panel
of specialists at Children’s to coordinate
additional care of our patients.”
After endoscopic craniosynostosis
surgery, the child wears a helmet that is
custom-designed by a Children’s orthotist
to help mold the skull into a normal shape.
The orthotist also adjusts the helmet at the
hospital as the child grows.
“Parker wore a helmet for six months,
and we took it off only for bathing,” Mary
says. “I know people at the grocery store
who still remember Parker’s helmet from 10
years ago.”
Parker, now a top student and athlete in
4th grade, looks great and has a normal head
shape. He still has follow-up appointments
with Dr. Sun and Dr. Toth.
“Dr. Sun measures my head, and he
explains why,” Parker says. “I don’t have any
scars that I notice, and no one notices the
little bumps on my head unless I tell them.”
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
upholding our 100-year-old mission
ensuring our Mission
of Caring FOR
Thanks to three substantial capital improvement grants
totaling nearly $3.5 million from the U.S. Health Resources
and Service Administration (HRSA) and a $100,000 grant
from the Alameda County Healthcare Services Agency,
Children’s Oakland is renovating and expanding some of
its community health clinics. These grants allow Children’s
Oakland to continue building on our 100-year-old mission to
care for the community’s children in need.
All three HRSA grants are nationally competitive awards
that are funded through the authority of the federal Patient
Protection and Affordable Care Act. Grant proposals are
accepted only from Federally Qualified Health Centers
(FQHCs). FQHCs are usually primary care facilities that
are funded by HRSA grants administered through state
governments. In return for serving all patients regardless
of ability to pay, FQHCs are reimbursed by the federal
government for their actual costs for treating Medicaid
The following building projects are being funded through
the HRSA and Alameda County Healthcare Services Agency
•A $2,413,505 HRSA grant to renovate and expand
Children’s Oakland Primary Care Center, the busiest pediatric
clinic in Alameda County, with more than 30,000 visits each
year. The renovation will nearly double the number of exam
rooms and allow for pediatric subspecialists to see patients
within the clinic.
•A $500,000 HRSA grant to renovate the Children’s
federally qua
Oakland Teen Clinic and the Center for the Vulnerable Child
(CVC). The Teen Clinic provides comprehensive medical and
mental health services for teenagers and sees approximately
1,300 patients per year. Approximately 3,000 children and
their families receive medical care, psychotherapy, and social
services through the CVC each year. The grant is funded
through the national Health Care for the Homeless Program.
•A $500,000 HRSA grant for the Castlemont Health
Center, one of Children’s’ school-based clinics. The $100,000
award from the Alameda County Healthcare Services Agency
supplements the HRSA grant. The Castlemont clinic provides
primary care and mental health services, specializing in the
needs of higher risk adolescents. The project will increase
clinic space by about 80 percent and purchase urgently
needed medical equipment. It will create a corridor between
the clinic and Youth Uprising, a neighboring youth center.
“Children’s Oakland has the only pediatric hospital-based
FQHC in the United States,” says Children’s Vice President
of Ambulatory Services Patricia Taggart, PT, MBA. “Years
ago, in 1995, we applied for FQHC status because of our
commitment to providing quality healthcare services to
the children in our community, regardless of their family
circumstances or finances. Our FQHC status was approved
because we were the recipient of a grant for providing care
to homeless children. Our FQHC clinics have allowed us to
extend our services beyond the walls of Children’s Hospital
out into the communities we serve.”
“The Center for the Vulnerable Child was actually the
first Children’s facility to receive FQHC status in 1995,”
says Allison Briscoe-Smith, PhD, who is currently Director
of the Center for the Vulnerable Child. She also served as
the principal investigator in seeking the HRSA grants. “We
were—and still are—the only clinic in the country dedicated
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
upholding our 100-year-old mission
alified health centers
solely to caring for homeless children,
including those in foster care,” she notes.
“Since then, Children’s has expanded its
community services to other children in need
through our other facilities.”
“In recent years, just prior to adding
our high school facilities, the California
state government decided not to allow any
more pediatric-only FQHCs, but we were
�grandfathered’ in,” Taggart explains. “We
were allowed to add the school sites, but we
are now limited to our five current locations.
Fortunately, these new grants will enable us
to expand certain facilities without increasing
the number of sites.”
Children’s also has been able to expand
the scope of its FQHC services by adding
some pediatric subspecialties that are closely
related to primary care.
“About two years ago, we applied to
the HRSA for a �specialty scope expansion’
to provide endocrinology, neurology, and
nephrology services, which are critical to
the health and well-being of the population
we serve,” says Taggart. “We finally received
permission to offer these three specialties
last fall. In December, we submitted an
application for expansion to offer three
more specialties—gastroenterology,
ophthalmology, and pulmonary medicine.
There are very few of these specialists who
accept MediCal patients, so having these
services available through our FQHC facilities
represents a huge step forward in promoting
the health of our community’s children
in need.”
Taggart notes that it required a massive
team effort at Children’s to prepare the
successful grant proposals and specialty
scope expansion requests. “We anticipate
that the construction projects will be
completed in early fall 2013,” she says. “We
also hope to have the additional three new
specialty expansions approved before the
end of 2013.
“Ultimately, the objective is to provide
better healthcare for at-risk children in
our community,” she adds. “But, of course,
that has been the mission of Children’s
Oakland since the beginning. We’re just
building on it.”
of our
preparing for the
100 years
As Children’s Oakland goes into the next 100 years,
we have big ideas and big plans. In 2012, we started
the process of planning to modernize our medical
facilities in order to preserve our community’s
pediatric healthcare services. We increased our focus
on research, patient safety, medical education, and
coordination of efforts to launch our electronic medical
records system. As it has been for the last 100 years,
our community has supported us every step of the way.
These stories highlight how Children’s is moving
forward in preparation for the next 100 years.
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
Dr. Oda is currently recruiting
participants for his study.
Participation involves
contributing a small sample of
blood. Interested individuals
must be older than 12, and those
under 18 must provide parental
consent. All participants must
be willing to provide medical
information pertaining to their
cardiovascular and diabetic
health. Results of the test will
be provided to participants
and anonymously recorded in
a database for comparative
analysis. If interested, you can
contact Dr. Oda by email at
[email protected]
Participants contribute only a small sample of blood
Results are ready in 15 minutes
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
Diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease risk
with a simple test
According to the National Institutes of
Health, cardiovascular disease is the
leading cause of death in the United
States. For decades, diagnosing the risk
for cardiovascular disease has included
blood tests for cholesterol, which can be
a major cause of cardiovascular disease.
Current blood tests measure the
levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL)
cholesterol—the “bad” cholesterol—and
high-density lipoprotein (HDL)—the
“good” cholesterol. In general, it is
assumed that the lower your LDL level,
the lower your risk; with HDL, the higher
the level, the lower your risk.
A research project developed by
Michael Oda, PhD, at Children’s Hospital
Research Institute (CHORI) is turning
part of that assumption on its head. His
research also has led to development of a
new diagnostic test that more accurately
identifies people at risk for cardiovascular
“Current testing is based on
the notion that the quantity of HDL
cholesterol is representative of our risk
for cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Oda
explains. “We have determined, however,
that the quality of HDL—how well it
performs its functions—is more important
than the quantity in assessing our risk for
cardiovascular disease. Simply increasing
HDL cholesterol levels in the blood is
not sufficient to reduce the risk of heart
Referring to HDL as the “Swiss Army
Knife” of our bodies, Dr. Oda notes that
HDL performs a wide range of functions:
• Transporting cholesterol and taking
the “bad” cholesterol out of your
• Modulating the function of the body’s
immune system
• Regulating inflammation, which is
another risk for cardiovascular disease
• Controlling blood clotting, which is
an essential function to stop bleeding
but may also cause heart attacks and
• Transporting fat-soluble vitamins and
other nutrients throughout the body.
Dr. Oda has been working on
research in this area since 1996. After
clinical studies confirmed that the
quality of HDL could be a key risk factor
for cardiovascular disease, he began
developing a test to measure how well
HDL is actually functioning.
“Traditional tests only measure how
much HDL is in the blood,” Dr. Oda
says. “Our test measures how well HDL
withdraws cholesterol from the artery
“The test is relatively simple, requiring
only a few drops of blood. The blood
is placed in a small device called an
�electron paramagnetic resonance
spectrometer,’ and we can get the results
in about 15 minutes.”
Work on the test has been in progress
for the past three years. Multiple tests
have been performed on blood samples
from more than 500 individuals.
“So far, the degree of variability in
results is less than 4 percent, which
is very minimal,” Dr. Oda notes. “For
results in traditional cholesterol tests, the
variability in multiple tests on individuals
can be 10 to 12 percent or more.”
According to Dr. Oda, the test is the
first of its kind to detect cardiovascular
disease risk equally in younger people
and women as in men. It also is the first
test of its kind that distinguishes healthy
people from those who have had a
cardiovascular event, as well as those
who are at greater risk for developing
cardiovascular disease.
“Current tests were designed mainly
for men and older people,” he explains.
“Our test works equally well for all ages,
so it allows us to evaluate cardiovascular
disease risks for younger people. It also
allows us to ascertain which women are
at greater risk. Today, more and more
women in their late 30s and 40s are
at increased risk, and it is a �silent risk’
because current tests were designed
primarily for men. HDL functionality also
diminishes in women who are postmenopausal.”
Dr. Oda is expanding the trial to
evaluate no fewer than 5,000 people and
will be applying to the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) for approval of the
test. “It’s likely that FDA approval will
take about three years,” he says. “We are
already in talks with distributors in the
U.S. for providing the test to the public.”
Dr. Oda’s work may also help
researchers develop new drugs for
cardiovascular disease and make
existing drugs better. “We have been
working closely with a wide range of
companies on this test and potential
drug research, including Bruker Biospin,
Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Health Corps, and
Cleveland Heart Laboratory. We also have
performed work for Roche and Merck,
and we are currently in talks with CSL
“At Children’s Oakland, one of our
major goals is to create healthy families,”
Dr. Oda adds. “This is a very important
test for young people. There are many
factors that contribute to the quality
of HDL function, such as diet, exercise,
metabolic disorders such as diabetes
and genetically inherited diseases. For
children who are determined to be at risk
of developing cardiovascular disease, we
can work with their families to lower the
risks they can control.”
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
As of May 17, 2013, the
NICU reached an impressive
record of 485 days without
a central line-associated
bloodstream infection.
Only a few years ago,
such infections were
considered to be practically
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
patient safety
Creating a Safer Hospital
Environment for the Future
Sadly, sometimes patients can and do
get sicker from illnesses acquired while
hospitalized. Children’s Oakland, however,
is developing innovative practices and
working with other hospitals to target
specific hospital-acquired conditions
(HACs) and improve patient outcomes.
Most recently, Children’s Oakland
joined a new collaborative of children’s
hospitals focusing on patient safety,
including HACs. Originally formed
by eight hospitals in Ohio, the Ohio
Children’s Hospitals’ Solutions for Patient
Safety (OCHSPS) now includes more than
70 children’s hospitals nationwide.
“Not all children’s hospitals in the
country are members yet, but we are
working toward that goal,” says Medical
Director of Quality Improvement and
Patient Safety Officer Mary Rutherford,
MD. “Our mission is to work together
to eliminate serious harm across all
children’s hospitals in the U.S.”
One especially notable
accomplishment in reducing HACs at
Children’s is the success in the Newborn
Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in preventing
central line-associated bloodstream
infections. A “central line” is a catheter
(tube) that passes through a large vein
and ends at or close to the heart. In the
NICU, a central line is used to deliver
fluids, nutrients and medications when
a baby has serious health problems
that preclude giving medications orally
or make oral feedings impossible. A
bloodstream infection can result when
bacteria or other germs travel down a
central line and enter the blood.
According to the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC), an
estimated 41,000 central line-associated
bloodstream infections occur in U.S.
hospitals each year. The CDC also notes
that these infections are much more
common among children than adults, and
they represent a significant problem for
infants in NICUs who are often premature
or already very sick. As of May 17, 2013,
the NICU reached an impressive record of
485 days without one of these infections.
Only a few years ago, such infections
were considered to be practically
“We almost expected infections
because of how fragile our little patients
are,” says Clinical Nurse Specialist Carolyn
Lund, RN, MS.
“Newborns do not have wellestablished immune systems, and many
NICU patients undergo complicated
surgeries or have serious gastrointestinal
problems,” Lund explains. “We used to
tell parents that one of the things we
were most concerned about was central
line-associated infections. Now I’m glad
to say I was wrong to think they were
completely unpreventable.”
The effort to prevent central lineassociated bloodstream infections in
the NICU began years before Children’s
joined the OCHSPS collaborative,
according to pediatric neonatologist
Priscilla Joe, MD, the physician leader on
the project.
“This long-term process started years
ago with other statewide and national
hospital collaboratives that were trying to
reduce hospital-acquired infections,” Dr.
Joe explains. “We’ve all worked together,
developing �bundles’ of evidence-based
best practices and checklists of ways to
reduce the risk of infections.
“We solicited feedback from staff
whenever there was an infection,” Dr.
Joe adds. “We went back to the drawing
board to determine the cause of each
infection, asking �Why?’ until we found
a solution, which helped develop better
“Depending on the type of illness
the child has, a central line may remain
in place for up to six months or even
longer,” Dr. Joe says. “Some infections
may not be preventable, but now we
know we can prevent the vast majority,
including infections in lines that have
been in place for several months. We
continue to push ourselves to be the best
we can be.”
Teresa Proctor, NNP, who has worked
in the NICU for 28 years, describes the
changes in procedures as a progression of
efforts to improve patient care. “Close to
10 years ago, we didn’t have �starter TPN’
(total parenteral nutrition)—intravenous
fluids that meet the nutritional needs for
protein—available to deliver protein early
in pre-term infants,” she says. “One of our
first changes was to make starter TPN
available to our most at-risk patients to
help support their immune systems.”
“We’ve also created a culturally safe
environment for staff and parents to stop
anyone—including physicians—and ask
if they have washed their hands before
touching a baby,” she emphasizes. “It all
boils down to getting everyone to believe
that we can do this.”
“Medical care has become
increasingly complex, and we all assumed
that complications were inevitable,” says
Neonatology Director Art D’Harlingue,
MD. “The doctors went through the same
process of coming to believe we could
make changes that would reduce the
number of these infections. Now, instead
of expecting these infections, we’re
working to keep up our record of zero
“Our hospital-wide efforts extend
to other areas, such as medication
safety and proper documentation of
all procedures,” Dr. D’Harlingue adds.
“Patient safety is a top priority, and we
take it very seriously.”
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
Very well prepared for any career path in
pediatrics, our graduates are recruited for
positions in the most competitive pediatric
subspecialty fellowships, the most highly
regarded primary care and hospitalist groups, and
other fields such as public or international health.
Area of Medicine: 2000-2012
% of Total
% stayed in
Bay Area
Primary Care
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
medical education
training future healthcare workers
Since its inception in 1926, the Pediatric
Residency Program at Children’s Oakland
has led the way in the education of
pediatricians—becoming one of the
leading pediatric training programs in the
United States.
“Historically, Children’s Oakland
has been one of the largest trainers
of pediatricians in the country, and
our efforts have become increasingly
important as the nation faces a serious
shortage of primary care physicians,
including pediatricians,” says Vice
President of Medical Affairs James
Hanson, MD. “With the passage of
healthcare reform, people are being
encouraged to seek more preventive
care, which means we need to train more
residents to meet the demand.”
The number of first-year residents
(interns) admitted to the three-year
program increased in 2011, from 26 to 30,
thanks to a $3.84 million Primary Care
Residency Expansion Grant awarded in
2010 by the Health Resources Service
Administration (part of the Department of
Health and Human Services).
“We were one of only five children’s
hospitals in the country to receive this
large a grant,” says Director of Graduate
Medical Education and the Pediatric
Residency Program James Wright, MD.
“The increased number of residents is
tremendously important for providing
quality healthcare to children in our
The Pediatric Residency Program
competes with programs throughout
the U.S., successfully attracting top-
ranked students from prestigious medical
schools across the country and around
the globe. The 2013 class of 30 interns has
been selected from 784 applicants. They
come from 20 different medical schools
representing every region of the U.S., and
they join residents from over 40 different
U.S. medical schools, and one from Ireland.
“Our program is attracting more
and better applicants every year,” says
Associate Director of Graduate Medical
Education and the Pediatric Residency
Program Pamela Simms-Mackey, MD. “We
are training the pediatricians of tomorrow
as doctors who can treat patients from
all walks of life. Our program prepares
residents for whatever pediatric career
path they want to follow. They are
well-equipped to pursue options from
Subspecialty Fellowships:
• Pediatric Emergency Medicine
• Pediatric Infectious Diseases
• Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine
• Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
• Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
200 Visiting Residents from:
• UCSF Anesthesiology,
Orthopedics, Neurosurgery,
Emergency Medicine, and
Pediatrics Residency Programs
• East Bay General Surgery and
Alameda County Emergency
Medicine programs
• Family practice programs from
Santa Rosa to Contra Costa
Over 60 fourth-year medical
students from all over the U.S. come
to Children’s for pediatric clerkships
and sub-internships.
primary care in a rural area to pediatric
subspecialties in an academic setting and
anything in between.”
A major advantage of the Children’s
program is that the hospital is focused
exclusively on pediatrics. “Pediatrics
represents only 11 percent of the
healthcare dollars in this country, so
the care of children can become less of
a priority in a large teaching hospital
where they treat many more adults than
children,” says Dr. Wright. “Children can
get lost in that environment. Our residents
learn to diagnose and treat a wider variety
of children’s diseases and conditions
because we are a hospital on the front
lines where kids come for specialized care
when they’re really sick.”
Dr. Simms-Mackey adds, “Everything
we do, from diagnostic X-rays to advanced
surgery, is modulated specifically for
children. We also deal with issues
such as growth and development and
immunizations—which also differs from
adult medicine.”
Many program graduates go on to
serve as instructors—including Dr. Hanson,
who teaches in the Pediatric Intensive
Care Unit. “I enjoy teaching our residents,”
he says. “All of them are advocates for
“The more diverse and talented a
group of residents we can recruit to
Children’s, the more we contribute to
the health of children in this community
and wherever our graduates go,” adds
Dr. Wright. “There are so many graduates
who make all of us who work in medical
education at Children’s so very proud.”
Children’s Oakland offers these additional medical training opportunities:
Vocation Training:
• Ambulatory Care
• Audiology
• Center for the Vulnerable
• Child Life
• Diagnostic Imaging
• Early Intervention Services
• Emergency Department
• Gastroenterology
• Hematology/Oncology
• Clinical Laboratory
• Psychiatry
• Rehabilitation
• Respiratory Therapy
• Sickle Cell Center
• Sports Medicine
• Surgical Services
• Nursing
Psychology Internships
Nursing Education
CHORI Summer Research
CHAMPS: Three-Year High
School Medical Education
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
Testing our portable Epic modules
Children’s is creating an electronic
patient health records system that will
streamline hospital procedures while
enhancing patient care and safety.
More than 125 people—including
Children’s employees, consultants, and
Epic staffers—have been working on
the project since February 2012.
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
An �Epic’ Step into the Future with
Electronic Health Records
Over the past year, Children’s Oakland
has taken a major step forward into the
next generation of healthcare.
Working with Epic Systems, one of
the most trusted medical record software
development firms in the country,
Children’s is creating an electronic patient
health records system that will streamline
hospital procedures while enhancing
patient care and safety. More than 125
people—including Children’s employees,
consultants, and Epic staffers—have been
working on the project since February
The system design team includes a
diverse group of professionals across
all divisions of the hospital. Many have
worked countless hours on the project in
addition to their regular jobs. In addition,
numerous “subject matter experts”
advised the project team on various
aspects of care to create a customized
system that meets Children’s unique
The Epic system will launch in
November 2013 at Children’s inpatient
facilities as well as in the Operating
Room, the Emergency Department,
the Day Hospital, and the Oncology/
Hematology Clinic. The system launch for
outpatient clinics is anticipated in March
2014. In addition, the Clinical Laboratory
will “go live” with a new system, SoftLab,
which integrates with Epic. After March
2014, our patients will have a fully
integrated medical record for all of their
visits throughout Children’s facilities.
“In addition to saving time and
reducing paperwork for everyone
involved in patient care, electronic
patient health records will further
enhance patient safety,” says Steve
Yedlin, MD, Children’s Chief Medical
Informatics Officer. “For example, to
provide additional support to prevent
medication errors, the system will help
physicians choose the right medication, in
the appropriate dose, to be delivered at
proper time intervals and via the proper
route—oral, injection, or intravenous.
In addition, the system will remind
physicians about any lab tests that need
to be done to ensure proper dosages
and warn physicians about any patient
allergies and potentially harmful drug
With the Epic system, bar codes will
be utilized on all patient ID bracelets,
medications, and staff badges. The codes
will be scanned prior to administering any
patient medications.
“At Children’s, medications are
prepared specifically for individual
patients, and we have to be very careful
with dosages, which usually are based on
the patient’s weight,” says Vice President
of Patient Care Services and Chief
Nursing Officer Nancy Shibata, RN, MSN.
“Bar codes will provide added assurance
that nurses are giving the right medicine
to the right patient, in the right dose at
the right time.”
To prepare for the launch of the Epic
system, Children’s staff members are
already revising procedures and the flow
of work.
“We want to be ready on Day 1 so
there is a smooth transition for patients
as well as the staff,” Shibata notes. “We
are taking many steps to prepare our staff
before the system launches.”
Children’s is providing extensive
training in using the Epic system for
physicians and staff. All personnel will be
tested for proficiency with the system
before they are allowed to access it.
“We have a number of �super users’
who will help conduct classroom
training,” says Shibata. “They also will
be available at patients’ bedsides for
additional support for a month or so after
the system goes live.”
After the launch of the Epic system,
Children’s plans to provide a “My Chart”
feature to give our patient families direct
access to their medical records, including
test results and physician instructions.
They also will be able to schedule
appointments, renew prescriptions,
and send secure emails to healthcare
providers who are on the Epic system.
A “Care Everywhere” feature will
allow their records to be retrieved by
healthcare professionals anywhere that
has Internet service, since this capability
provides for transferring medical
information from one facility to another,
helping to ensure continuity of care.
“There will be no paper charts to
get lost in the mail or on a fax machine,”
Dr. Yedlin explains. “Multiple people
will be able to review the same patient
records at the same time to simplify
“Since Epic is the market leader
in the Bay Area, it also will be easier
for us to connect with other hospitals
and physician groups here to obtain
a complete picture of patients’ health
histories,” says Vice President and Chief
Information Officer Don Livsey. “It will
help avoid duplicate procedures and
tests. We have built extensive safeguards
into the system to protect data security
and prevent unauthorized access to
patients’ medical records.
“Since the Epic system already has
been introduced in various other medical
facilities throughout the country, we are
benefitting from their experience and
expect a smooth transition,” Livsey adds.
“The migration from paper to electronic
patient health records has been a longterm process, but most of the country
will soon be using electronic records.
The Epic system gives us the platform to
move into the future.”
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
East Bay corporate leaders gathered with Children’s President
and CEO Bertram Lubin, MD, at the third annual Notes & Words
benefit on April 28, 2012. Nearly 1,600 Children’s friends and
supporters filled the spectacular Fox Theater, enjoying an eclectic
night of live music and readings by award-winning authors. The
sold-out event brought in $500,000 for hospital programs and
Since 2005, Kohl’s
CaresВ® has partnered
with Children’s Hospital
to make Bay Area kids
and families aware of
safety risks in and out
of their homes, and the
necessary steps to help
avoid injury. Over the
last seven years, Kohl’s
has donated nearly
$1,000,000 for injury
prevention initiatives
at Children’s, funded
through the company’s
highly successful cause
merchandise program.
In honor of his late wife, Helen, Thomas F.
Kling chose to support Children’s Oakland with
a bequest. “I want to help educate the next
generation of nurses,” he shared, establishing a
charitable planned gift using accumulated IRA
assets to support this vision. In 2012, Tom passed
away at the age of 90, but his foresight will help
fund a new simulation lab for nurse training at
Children’s Hospital.
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
strong community support remains
a cornerstone of our success
In 2012, generous contributions from individuals, families, corporations,
and foundations helped fund world-class clinical care, cutting-edge
research, exemplary medical training, and child life services that allow
more time for our patients to get back to just being kids. Examples of the
community’s philanthropic support were abundant throughout the year.
In 2012, Northern California
Costco stores raised $923,000
through the popular Children’s
Miracle Network iconic balloon
sales campaign. As the
biggest warehouse club in the
country, Costco’s compassion
is matched only by the
magnitude of its worldwide
locations. In 2012, Team
Santa Rosa came in as one of
the top fundraisers, raising
$72,601 from dedicated Costco
members and employees in
support of Children’s.
Bay Area business
community members
gathered at the Claremont
Country Club on September
16, 2012, to enjoy a round
of golf while scoring for the
kids at Children’s Hospital.
The annual Score Fore Kids
Golf Classic has raised over
$1.6 million for Children’s
since its inception in
2000, and it continues
to be a much-anticipated
community event.
San Francisco’s St. Francis
Hotel came alive on December
21, 2012, for the 55th annual
Winter Ball, where 15 young
women from Alameda, Contra
Costa, and Marin counties were
celebrated. The Hill Branch
Winter Ball has raised over
$5,000,000 for Children’s
Hospital Oakland since 1958,
benefiting generations of our
patients and their families.
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
Financial Summary*
Statement of Operations
As of December 31, 2012 and 2011 ($ in thousands)
Net patient service
$ 399,427
$ 425,590
Fundraising, investments, and other
Total Revenue
$ 486,814
Salaries and benefits
$ 252,906
$ 243,248
Research and specific purpose
Professional fees
Supplies and services
Depreciation and interest
Hospital quality assurance fee
Total Expenses
Net Gain/(Loss)
Balance Sheet
As of December 31, 2012 and 2011 ($ in thousands)
Cash and cash equivalents
Patient accounts receivable, net
Property and equipment, net
Other assets
Total Assets
Liabilities and Net Assets
Current liabilities
Long-term liabilities
Total Liabilities
Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
*Includes consolidated financial information for Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland, Children’s Hospital
Oakland Research Institute, and Children’s Hospital & Research Center Foundation.
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
preparing for the next 100 years
fast facts 2012
Sources of Revenue
We have the Bay
Area’s only Level 1
pediatric trauma
center exclusively
for kids
47% Medi-Cal / California Children’s Services /
Medicare / Supplemental Funds (DSH, Hospital
Quality Assurance Fee, etc.)
We established the
first not-for-profit
sibling donor cord
blood bank, which
has led to children
being cured of sickle
cell disease and other
blood diseases
36% Other Insurance, Private Insurance (Contract
and Commercial), and Self-Pay
12% Research Programs
3% County Contracts
1% Children’s Foundation (Fundraising)
1% Other
We have been training
future pediatricians
since 1926
2,290 Employees,
full- and part-time
Our research institute
provided 85% of the
DNA used for the Human
Genome Project
How We Use Our Funds
ith no public
pediatric beds in
Alameda or Contra
Costa counties, we
serve as the East
Bay’s pediatric
medical center
249 basic and clinical
research staff
299 research studies
advancing treatment
for children
190licensed beds
236,877 Outpatient visits;
46,142 were Emergency visits
surgical cases
(inpatient, outpatient,
and Walnut Creek
557 Hospital-based
and communitybased physicians
on Medical Staff
609 Registered nurses,
full- and part-time.
We have one of the
highest retention rates
for nurses.
Inpatient admissions
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
2012 news
100% healthy
Fun one-minute
music videos
Two original songs were
created for KFOG 104.5
FM. They were written
and sung by a former
Children’s employee
and highlight our “100%
Healthy” message.
of our
Watch the music video starring
Kenji and pediatric surgeon
Wolfgang Stehr, MD, at
Watch the music video of John getting
physical therapy at Children’s Sports Medicine
Center for Young Athletes in Walnut Creek at
Early in 2012, Children’s Marketing department launched
a study of our brand through a series of interviews with
staff, donors, patient families, and the general public. We
discovered that the core identity of Children’s Oakland
is found in our remarkable history. Two women who
recognized that children need specialized healthcare
founded this hospital during a time when women had limited
social, political, and economic status. They were believers in
change and fought for what they knew was possible.
This is the core of Children’s Oakland.
We are Children’s Oakland: 100% committed
to making 100% of kids 100% healthy.
Short movie
reflecting on
commitment to
children’s health
A brand is more than its
name, a catchy advertising
slogan, or its logo. It is an
enduring promise of what
an organization will deliver
to its customers.
Watch our 100-year
commitment unfold at
Centennial website showcasing
Children’s amazing history
100% healthy
Explore an interactive tour of the last century at Children’s
Oakland. Historical images set in the context of their time
tell the story of 100 years of our commitment to children’s
health. Plus, see photos of celebrities that have visited
Children’s through the years!
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
2012 news
2012 notable facebook posts and news
of our
Keep in touch with Children’s Oakland through Facebook,
Twitter, or our YouTube channel. You can find out about
program updates, our latest news coverage, special events,
and tips on staying healthy. We invite you to join our online
The following pages display some of our Facebook timeline
posts. It’s a fun look back.
Get our tweets:
Follow “hospital4kids”
Watch our videos:
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
2012 news
2012 notable facebook posts and news
Eat your veggies!
A discovery by Children’s researcher Dr.
Theil shows how you can help prevent iron
deficiency in your child. (It’s the #1 nutrient
deficiency affecting women and young
children.) Plant-based sources of iron are
more affordable and this study shows iron
absorption from iron-rich legumes and
seeds may be much more efficient. -Posted 01/30/12
But every day is Cancer Day at
Children’s Hospital Oakland, & each
day our researchers are getting closer
to unlocking the genetic origins of
cancer. Right here in Oakland, our
groundbreaking research is directly
applied to curing our patients—like the
stem cell transplant treatment that cured Amanda of brain
cancer. -Posted 02/04/12
NBC Nightly News
NBC’s Robert Bazell reports on
emergency cancer drug shortage from
Children’s Hospital Oakland -Posted
Free iPods from
San Francisco
Business Times
Children’s is getting ready for
another 100 years with rebuild,
earthquake safety updates
-Posted 02/23/12
Music has been a powerful
healing tool for centuries.
Today, Children’s cancer
patients get the gift of music
through their very own iPod
from (Angels In
Disguise Are Always Near), an
awesome organization
that works closely with
our Music Therapy
Program http://cbsloc.
al/AIDAAN -Posted
Incredible parents meet a devoted physician
The Hempels are waging a war to save the lives of their beautiful
daughters, who are being attacked mentally and physically by their
disease. As Children’s oncologist Dr. Caroline Hastings moves forward,
administering their ground-breaking treatments, she continues the fight
for additional approvals from the Food and Drug Administration to save
Addi and Cassi -Posted 03/09/12
Spirit Halloween
Spirit Halloween brings spirit to hospitalized kids. They’re
huge supporters of the Artist-in-Residence Program at
Children’s Hospital Oakland & because we’re beyond grateful,
they’re now members of our prestigious Bertha Wright
Society. We want to thank them for sharing their spirit! -Posted 02/18/12
Gold Seal of Approval!
Did you hear the news? The Joint Commission just
awarded Children’s the Gold Seal of Approval for
excellent patient safety and quality of care. Kudos to
all of our doctors, nurses, and staff who shine every
day! -Posted 03/02/12
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
2012 news
2012 notable facebook posts and news
Swim Across America
Know someone who plunged into the Bay with Swim
Across America, Inc. last September? The efforts of those
brave swimmers paid off this week at CHORI when cancer
researcher Dr. Julie Saba was presented with a $110,000
check! Rubbing elbows with former
Olympians and scientists was 11-yr
old Grant, a former cancer patient
who, along with his mom Desanne,
completes the swim every year
-Posted 03/16/12
St. Baldrick’s
In case you couldn’t tell by my emphatic “woo-hoos” from
the audience, my first time on live TV to promote our 5th
annual St. Baldrick’s head shaving fundraiser for kids’ cancer
research was a rush! The energy definitely came from having
one of those kids in the audience with us—Kate is a brave,
Hunger Games-loving, adorable 12-yr old in treatment who
will once again shave her dad Jeremy’s head for this great
cause on Saturday 3/17. Help us conquer kids’ cancer by
going bald or supporting the cause with a donation today.
-Posted 03/15/12 via Erin Goldsmith
FDA approval for
compassionate use
Children’s FDA approval for
compassionate use meant hope
for Brent and Travis and now kids
throughout the world! PKAN is a
devastating disease, once thought
incurable. Children’s Dr. Elliott
Vichinsky’s showed dramatic results
using an experimental drug, and
now Children’s is the US site of an
international clinical trial. PKAN causes
a dangerous build-up of iron in the
brain, but it didn’t stop Brent from
graduating as valedictorian, or Travis
from finding his voice again http://
-Posted 03/26/12
Thanks for your vote!
Children’s Artist-in-Residence Program won
a Livestrong grant to bring more art to
kids fighting cancer! Congrats to the 90 new
program winners and big thanks to all that
voted! -Posted 04/17/12
Happy National Volunteer Week!
Clinical trial for MPS patients
Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland’s clinical
trials are the best hope of survival for children with MPS (a
rare disease that left untreated, results in abnormal skeletal
development; heart, lung, vision
and hearing malfunction; and
an early death). Dr. Harmatz, in
collaboration with CTSI at UCSF
research and BioMarin Pharma, is
conducting 7 MPS-related clinical
trials with patients from all over
the world
MPS -Posted 04/10/12
Last year, 1057 volunteers gave 41,130 hours of service to Children’s,
in more than 65 departments of the hospital. Children’s volunteers serve
in the NICU, Playroom, Emergency Department,
clinics, Gift Shop, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Surgery
Center, Sports Medicine, School Program, Teen
Lounge, Asthma Clinic, Healthy Hearts Program,
Social Services, Reach Out and Read, Art While
You Wait, and so much more. We have volunteer
musicians, knitters, attorneys, and even a worldrenowned origami artist! Children’s volunteers speak
61 languages as a group and range in age from high
school to retirees. Our volunteers truly represent our
diverse community, and give selflessly of their time
every day of the year.
Children’s Hospital Oakland was founded by
volunteers, and volunteer service has been integral
to the spirit of our mission for the last 100 years. To all our volunteers, I
am inspired every day by your generosity, commitment, and dedication
to caring for kids in our community. Thank you for everything you do to
support our children, families, and hospital!
—Susan (our Volunteer & Advocacy Guru)
-Posted 04/20/12
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
2012 news
2012 notable facebook posts and news
Skateboard Contest and
Nearly two years after helping to launch the
first children’s hospital in Uganda, a group of
Children’s Oakland doctors, nurses, and clinical
staff returned to Mbarara, Uganda, to train
doctors and nurses at Holy Innocents Children’s
Hospital Uganda in advanced techniques of
neonatal care in January 2012. Read more -Posted
Our First Yogathon
World Thalassemia Day
What better way to celebrate World Thalassemia Day
than by volunteering to donate blood? 5/9 come to
the Blood Mobile in front of the Outpatient Center at
52nd St. from 8-2:30. Donors get to enter the raffles,
win prizes, get treats and giveaways! Thalassemia is a
genetic blood disorder that causes severe anemia. In one
year, a person with Thalassemia needs approximately
36-48 units of blood to survive. Blood supply usually
runs short during the summer months—and you know
you have some to spare—so come by and support us.
-Posted 05/02/12
Barbara Staggers, MD, wins award
I can already hear the kids cheering the news that our
Adolescent Medicine Specialist, Dr. Barbara Staggers,
is a recipient of a UC Berkeley/Cal Alumni Association
Excellence in Achievement award. There is no better
testament to professional excellence than being
recognized by the institution that taught and trained
you. Congratulations, Dr. Staggers! -Posted 05/03/12
$3 million awarded to Children’s
Did you hear the news? Children’s awarded almost
$3 million by Dept Health and Human Services to
expand and improve community health services! - Posted 05/07/12
Get your Yogathon on! Saturday,
6/30, join hundreds and hundreds
of yogis of all levels at Yoga
Reaches Out Bay Area for a day of
yoga, community, and FUNdraising!
Whether as an individual or as a
team, you can make a difference
in the lives of children in need.
Your efforts will support Children’s
Hospital & Research Center Oakland
and Africa Yoga Project. Join the
seva party of the year! http://bitly.
com/IGZoc3 -Posted 05/02/12
Mark your calendars for Friday, May 4, 4:30
PM for the Skateboard Contest and Auction
Benefiting Children’s Youth UpRising/
Castlemont Health Clinic! Featuring original
art and handpainted skateboard art created by
Oakland youth participating in art therapy with
Children’s art therapist. Auction benefits the
Skateboard Project, an art therapy program
for young high school males to reduce stress
and strengthen social skills through art. The
group is run by a Children’s art therapist at
Castlemont Health Clinic. Youth UpRising
Skate Plaza: 8711 Macarthur Blvd. Oakland
94605 -Posted 05/02/12
KQED QUEST features
Healthy Hearts Program
CNN Special Report
13-year-old Charles Ray DanielThompson’s last days in palliative
care at George Mark Children’s
House with his remarkable family is
documented in this video on CNN.
It’s worth a look, and worthy of
-Posted 05/08/12
1 in 6 kids in the US is obese and twice as likely
to develop heart disease, but Bay Area families
are taking control through the Healthy Hearts
weight management program at Children’s.
Check out KQED’s QUEST story http://bitly.
com/quest_hh -Posted 05/09/12
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
2012 news
2012 notable facebook posts and news
Mysterious disease solved
Though it may sound like an episode of TV’s
“House,” this medical mystery was solved here at
Children’s by Dr. Ann Petru. 2 yr-old Gillian lost
control of her movements and speech, suffered
from 30-minute seizures, and was in a coma when
Dr. Petru diagnosed her with a newly discovered
form of encephalitis. After months in the hospital,
Gillian is now back home in Reno with her family. -Posted
National Medal of Science winner Bruce Ames,
PhD, developed the low-calorie, fruit-based,
nutritional “CHORI-bar” at—you guessed it—
CHORI right here in Oakland! Packed with
vitamins, minerals, and healthy supplements, the
bar improves the risk of heart disease, cognitive
decline, and anti-oxidant defenses—and is a
potential weight loss tool. We hear it’s pretty
tasty, too! Check out the San Francisco Chronicle
cover story
-Posted 05/23/12
The CHORI-bar had its official TV debut last
night on ABC-7! The nutrition bar, full of vitamins,
minerals, and healthy supplements, also improves
the risk of heart disease, cognitive decline, and
anti-oxidant defenses—and is a potential weight
loss tool -Posted
Gena Lewis, MD, on KQED
You know the obesity
epidemic is on the rise,
but did you know that
for many people obesity
is actually related to
hunger? Check out this
“Perspectives” from
Children’s Dr. Gena
Lewis to learn more
gl -Posted 07/30/12
Oakland A’s visit
Thanks for visiting our kids today, Grant
Balfour and Oakland A’s players and coaches!
We’ll be rooting for you tonight! @athletics
-Posted 07/19/12
Ron Krauss, MD, wins award
Health Care heroes!
Congratulations to CHORI’s
Dr. Ronald M. Krauss, who
was awarded the American
Diabetes Association’s
Edwin Bierman Award
Lecture at world’s largest
diabetes conference.
-Posted 06/12/12
Congratulations to San Francisco Business
Times 2012 “Health Care Heroes,” including
Children’s Dr. Vivienne Newman and patient
chef, Arturo Garcia!
hheroes -Posted 07/30/12
Non-Profit of the Year!
We are proud to be named
the Oakland Chamber of
Commerce’s Non-Profit of the
Year! Our President and CEO
Dr. Bert Lubin accepted the
award at yesterday’s annual
lunch. -Posted 06/28/12
Palliative Care rooms open
at Children’s
Edward and Yuri Chin—thank you for our
new palliative care suite. It is a contribution
to the human spirit and we will always
be grateful for your generosity. http://
children’s-hospital-oakland-cuts-theribbon-on-new-room-for-seriously-illchildren/ -Posted 08/10/12
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
2012 news
2012 notable facebook posts and news
Fairyland Centennial
Winning Hands
Children’s-sponsored “Camp Winning Hands” for
kids born with hand differences is one of the camps
for children with chronic
conditions at the Taylor Family
Foundation’s Camp Arroyo
featured on a KGO-TV special
earlier this week. http://bitly.
com/RABPqm -Posted 08/21/12
“We celebrated 100 amazing years of
caring for kids at Children’s Fairyland this
weekend. Check out photos from our big
birthday bash:
-Posted 09/11/12
We’re a Top
Have you heard the latest? We’ve
been recognized as a national Top
Performer! The Joint Commission
has selected us as one of their
Top Performers on Key Quality Measures. The annual
program recognizes accredited hospitals that attain
and sustain excellence in accountability measure
performance. -Posted
Heart Experts
CPR classes in Walnut Creek
“Top Doc” Children’s
cardiologist Dr. Howard
Rosenfeld talks to Parents
Press about technological
advancements in caring for
heart problems in babies
and kids—even before the
baby is born http://bitly.
com/Q8ELXp -Posted
Keep your kids safe: Get certified in Child &
Infant CPR at Children’s Specialty Care Walnut
Creek. Monday 11/19 6:30-9 PM. Great for parents,
babysitters, grandparents to learn simple, lifesaving skills. More
classes to come in 2013!
-Posted 11/02/12
ВЎGracias por su continuo apoyo, 93.3 La Raza! ВЎRadiotГіn para los niГ±os
comienza hoy! Arrancamos con la 4TH Radiotón “HAGAMOS UN MILAGRO
PARA LOS NINOS” a beneficio del Hospital de Oakland de Niños...Recuerda
que tu ayuda es muy importante. -Posted 10/19/12
Free Skin Cancer Screenings
Children’s tackles skin cancer with Cal Bears on
Saturday, 10/6! CHORI researcher Dr. Ervin Epstein
and local dermatologists will be providing free skin
cancer screenings at the Cal Tailgate Town before the
annual Joe Roth
Memorial Game, w/
free sunscreen, and
skin cancer info.
-Posted 10/04/12
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
2012 news
2012 notable facebook posts and news
Raiders visit
All of our patients,
parents, and staff were
thrilled to see Raiders
walking down the halls
today! Thank you all for
taking time to visit our
kids. Go Raiders!
Today, QBs Carson
Palmer and Terrelle
Pryor, RB Taiwan Jones,
WR Rod Streater, LBs
Miles Burris and Vic
So’oto, and DB Brandian
Ross visited the kids
at Children’s Hospital
& Research Center
-Posted 11/06/12
Volunteer superstar
Congratulations to our superstar
volunteer Jerry Brody, a 2012 Diablo
Magazine Threads of Hope winner! A
retired engineer and teacher, Jerry’s been
helping kids keep up in school while in the
hospital for the last 12 years. http://bitly.
com/toh2012 -Posted 12/10/12
Kaiser Permanente Donates $5 million to
Examples of individual encouragement, kindness, and generosity
happen every day here, but this time we take our hats off to Kaiser
Permanente Thrive—this is a B-2-B story, and it warms our hearts
because their grant of $5M will go a long way towards helping us
provide care in new, state-of-the-art facilities. We are appreciative
of the support of our entire community, including partners like
Kaiser Permanente. Thank you for helping us get that much closer to
achieving our goal. -Posted 12/12/12
Santa sightings
Santa sighting at Children’s today! Oakland Firefighters Random
Acts, firefighters from Oakland Fire Department Station 29 and
Berkeley Fire Department, and a jolly Santa delivered gifts (and red
firehats!) to patients of all ages. -Posted 12/18/12
World Prematurity Day
-Posted 11/17/12
We congratulate and
Most Admired CEO
Bertram Lubin, MD.
Most Admired CEO
salute our
Congratulations to our “Most-Admired
CEO” Dr. Bert Lubin, winner of the
2012 San Francisco Business Times
award in the large non-profit category.
Dr. Lubin is a champion for the health
and well-being of all the children we
serve, and we are proud to have him
leading our organization into the next
100 years!
-Posted 12/21/12
achievement and
We are proud of this
Lubin at the helm
honored to have Dr.
. His dedicated
of Children’s Oakland
us stronger and
leadership is making
e, performance
His passion for
and above all caring.
children’s health is unparalle
100% healthy
100% committed to
making 100% of kids
100% healthy
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
of our
If your name was omitted or listed incorrectly,
please accept our apologies, and call the
Foundation office at 510-428-3814 or email
[email protected]
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Bertha Wright Society
Bertha Wright Society donors are the generous friends of Children’s whose sustained, cumulative lifetime giving reaches
$100,000 or more. This group of donors bears the name of the remarkable nurse whose vision of quality healthcare for all
children became Children’s Hospital today. Members of the Bertha Wright Society help create a bedrock of support for the
pediatric health sciences and benefit children in our community and around the world.
$10,000,000 OR MORE
Bruce Ames, PhD, and Giovanna Ferro-Luzzi
Ames, PhD
Hanabul F. Jordan* and Dolores Jordan
$5,000,000 TO $9,999,999
Children’s Hospital Branches Inc.
Costco Wholesale
Nona Jordan*
Kaiser Permanente Northern CA Community
Benefit Program
Harvey L. and Maud C. Sorensen Foundation
Byron Lee Williford*
$1,000,000 TO $4,999,999
Anonymous (4)
Allan Hauser Fund for the Willard E. Hauser
Memorial Trust
Alma S. Adams*
American Heart Association
S. D. Bechtel, Jr., Foundation
Stephen Bechtel Fund
Edna Beck*
Blue Cross of California
Helen L. Bronson*
Frank and Eva Benson Buck*
Edith E. Bundy*
The California Endowment
The California Wellness Foundation
Jeanene S. Callahan*
Ruth W. Celle*
Henry B. and Elsie E. Clay*
The Clorox Company
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Martha H. Davies*
Louis E. DelCarlo*
East Bay Neonatology Foundation
Hugh C. Freisman*
Florence J. French*
Mary E. Garrard*
Robert W. and Jean R. Giroux*
Julia S.* and Jean F. Gordon
The Irving Harris Foundation
HEDCO Foundation
Elizabeth Huff, MD*
Louise Marie Ingraham*
The James Irvine Foundation
Kay Bee Toy Stores
Kohl’s Department Stores
Grace La Rue*
Joseph M. Long*
Benoni H. and Mildred J. McClure*
Alfredo O. Moreno* in honor of Antonio Moreno
and Maria Trinidad Olvera de Moreno*
Ian R. Morrison*
Donna Mae Norkus*
Judith Partridge through the My Brother Joey
Leila Grace Reider*
Rite Aid Corporation
The San Francisco Foundation
Mary Jane Stamm, MD*
The Stuart Foundation
The Taylor Family Foundation
Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program
Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
$500,000 TO $999,999
Kathryn Albertoni
Almond Board of California
Peggy A. Andruss Surber
Marguerite Bachrach*
Sylvio Bacigalupi*
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Isaac and Betty Barshad*
BlackRock, Inc.
Dionigi Brunetti*
Mary Cardoza*
Thelma M. Cardoza*
Reva M. Cline*
Margaret K. Connolly*
Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, Inc.
Virgil F. Cornell*
Credit Unions For Kids
Jean J. Deleage, PhD* and Josette Deleage
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Ronald and Marianne Dreisbach
East Bay Community Foundation
Eastwood Corporation
Earl D. and Helen J. Edwards*
The Ellison Medical Foundation
The Eva Benson Buck Charitable Trusts
Felton Family Foundation
Margery S. Hanlin*
James B. Harleen and Stephanie G. DiMarco
Patricia H. Hitchings*
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts
Alberta V. Irvine*
Italian Catholic Federation
Edith K. Jones*
Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation
The Keaton Raphael Memorial
Robert J. and Evelyn M. Kenneally*
Ralph E. Kerley*
Thomas F. Kling*
Niels Knudsen*
The Kresge Foundation
Lakeside Foundation
Dean S. and Margaret Lesher*
Louise M. Marlatt*
Marriott International, Inc.
Ralph and Frances Mitchell*
National Foundation for Cancer Research
National Marrow Donor Program
Oberkotter Foundation
David and Lucile Packard*
Emil W. Puetz*
Regional Center for the East Bay
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Round Table Pizza Family Charities
San Francisco 49ers Foundation
Alvin W. and Millicent O. Schafer*
Anita M. Schneider*
Mary H. Sullivan*
Helene C. Svendsgaard*
Swim Across America San Francisco
Sarah A. Thomas*
E. M. Walston*
Reino I. and Barbara R. Wantin
Maynard and Irene Webb
Facebook Fan Post
Dr. Sun and Dr. Toth are two doctors
who really made a difference in my
daughter Vinetta Wallis’s life when
she had plastic and reconstructive
cranial surgery Feb. 24, 2012. She was
born with Saggital Cranial Synostosis!
Thank you for making a difference in
my beautiful little girl’s life.
—Jennifer Wallis
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Beulah M. Westaby*
Frances G. Cary Whyte*
The William G. Irwin Charity Foundation
The William Randolph Hearst Foundation
$250,000 TO $499,999
Anonymous (4)
Alzheimer’s Association
American Federation for Aging Research
American Institute for Cancer Research
American Lung Association
American Red Cross
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association
Leslie and Virginia Anderson*
Ottilia C. Anderson*
Bill Moore and Associates
Gene C. Brewen*
G.F. (Jack) Burk*
Rose L. Burrus*
California HealthCare Foundation
Miloslava Collins*
The Commonwealth Fund
Katherine S. Dalgero*
Adam and Marguerite Diehl*
Dorothy Donnelly*
Teresa M. Donnelly*
Frank B. Drake*
Dr. Alice Driscoll*
Dave and Cheryl Duffield
Rodney and Martha Dynan*
Ruth M. Eastwood*
Elizabeth Elliott*
Estelle Erwin*
Joseph P. Frediani*
David and Allison Frey
Genentech Foundation
John L. Guillory
Harold L. Hadley*
Ms. Phyllis E. Hanson*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Haumeder*
Ursul B. Havens*
Hedge Funds Care
Rose Heid*
Frederick Henry*
Alice Honegger*
Barbara Roth Imrie
International Trachoma Initiative
William E. and Letty C. Jackson*
Hazel P. Kelland*
Deborah and Bert Kurtin
Laural Foundation
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Virgil E. LeMaster*
Richard V. Loosley*
Frank and Helen Louderback*
Nelle W. Longhurst*
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Meyer*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Migliore
Diane D. Miller
Moellenhoff Family Fund
Facebook Fan Post
Thank you Dr. James Betts (pediatric
surgeon and urologist), THANK YOU
for being a community hero and
making a difference in the life of my
baby boy, Bennett.
Thank you Dr. Renee Benson,
Pediatric Pulmonologist, thank you
for going the extra mile for our son,
Bennett (and family). You have had a
wonderful impact on his life and ours.
Thank you Dr. Barbara Botelho,
Pediatric Nephrology, not only have
you taken great care of our son,
Bennett, but you took great care in
explaining complicated details and
ensuring that we understood his
condition and were comfortable with
his care plan. Thank you!
—Elisa Dumesnil
Nestle Waters Management & Technology
Dr. Delphine Palm*
The Perloff Family
Tony and Mildred Peters*
Mark A. and Rebecca A. Pine
Rae Pollard*
Ms. Mildred Ragle*
Annvonette Reischach*
Safeway, Inc.
Robert and Juanita Schaeffer*
Thelma Schwab*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott*
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Cherida Collins Smith
Marie Spielman*
Spirit Halloween Superstores
St. Baldrick’s Foundation
State Street California, Inc.
Lenore Stearns*
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Stuart*
Thrasher Research Fund
William and Dorothy* Towers
Jerry M. Wagner*
Rachel A. Weckerle*
William G. McGowan Charitable Fund, Inc.
William R. Rich Foundation
Daniel and Evelyn Winston*
Clarence J. and Patricia R. Woodard*
Y & H Soda Foundation
Thelma and Robert Young*
$100,000 TO $249,999
Anonymous (10)
Alameda Alliance for Health
Zoe A. Albrecht*
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
American Diabetes Association
The Amy Ensign-Barstow Memorial Fund
Dorothy J. Anderson*
Andronico’s Market
Annunziata Sanguinetti Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel E. Arechaederra
Art for Life Foundation
The Earl and Elizabeth Ash Foundation
Carl G. and Gladys M. Ballwanz*
Banks Family Foundation
Bernard E. & Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation
The Barrios Trust
Elizabeth Basshaw*
Bay Area Tumor Institute
Bayfab Metals, Inc.
Alpha Mae Beamer
Bellini Foundation
Violet J. Bennett*
Twila and Roderick Bentley
Lowell Berry Foundation
Irene L. Best*
James Betts, MD
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Edna B. Blake*
Blue Shield of California Foundation
Ruth Q. Boone
Sharon and Napoleon Brandford
Ottmar and Katheryn Breiling*
Brian Angen Memorial Foundation
James D. Brown*
Joseph C. Buchen*
Thomas W. Buckner*
Rex W. Burke
Bernard C. Burton*
Byron L. Schroeder and Pauline P. Clary
Center for Health Care Strategies
Chevron Corporation
Pauline P. Clary*
Victor E. and Marjorie L. Cole*
Colliers International
Rhoda S. Colson*
Robert C. and Barbara Cook*
Maurice Clark Cox*
Lynus D. Coyne*
Cresco Equipment Rentals
Grace E. Dalton*
Dick and Beverly Davis
Richard and Marion De Graca*
Herbert J. Delves*
Dianda Family Fund
Florence Y. Dodge*
Marie A. Drysdale*
George H. Duste*
Gertrude K. Eckstein*
Edward and Liliane Schneider Family Foundation
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Amalia El Gohary*
Walter and Ora Engberson*
Julia E. England*
Mary B. Estrella*
David O. Everhart*
David K. Evers*
Gayle and Gerald Farr
Lauretta Feathers*
Flora Family Foundation
Foothills Foundation
Foundation for Brotherhood
Leo and Pauline Freschi*
Robert Fulmer and Helen Nicholas
Mary K. Garner*
Ethel M. Gaynor*
Lynn J. and Barbara I. Gillard*
Frances Gladstone*
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Green
Frederick L. Greenlee*
Guardsmark, LLC
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Joseph Harris*
The Family of Dr. Seymour J. “Sy” Harris
Charles W. Hartford
Hasbro Children’s Fund
Ann Hogland
Dennis and Susan Hourany
Alta May House*
Grant M. Houston*
Roy R. Huckell*
William and Ruth Hudson*
Marie Nolden Hull*
Hyundai Hope On Wheels
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
International Trachoma Initiative
Irwin Home Equity Foundation
Joanna M. Jamison*
Dennis Jensen*
Frances E. Jensen*
Myrtle E. Jones*
Olwen Jones*
Thomas Lloyd Jones*
Mrs. Margaret M. Jordan*
The Kalmanovitz Charitable Trust
Josephine A. Kammerle*
James J. Keefe and Lorna Lee
Jan and Randy Kessler
Kiewit Pacific Co.
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Charles T. and Dr. Janet C. King
Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation
Irene Doris Kohler*
Rose Krantzman*
Ronald Krauss, MD
Jack C. Langdon*
Sylvia M. Langford*
Noelle M. Leca and Michael Moradzadeh
Leigh Survivors Trust
Hazel Levy*
Daryl Lightbody*
The Linnaeus Thomson Fund of the Tides
Albert G. and Hazel H. Lockwood*
Dr. Alice Lo Grasso, MD*
Laurence J. Lordan*
Leonard and Saimi Luomala*
Cornell C. Maier
Mary E. Mancini*
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Manoyan
Robert Markstein
Amanda Maurice
Dr. Ivan May* and Mrs. Barbara Hornung May
Charles E. and Opal F. McKay*
McKesson Foundation
Herbert McLaughlin
Masud Mehran Foundation
Edith M. Meyers*
Vera D. Miller*
Victor I. and Roxie F. Moody*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas William Morgan
Morgan Stanley Foundation
The Morris Stulsaft Foundation
Richard Nagle, MD, and Alice Nagle
Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family
Marcy and Paul Nathan
John Nicholls*
The Noll Foundation, Inc.
Myron J. O’Connor*
Alma L. Onwarsy*
Arthur C. and Phyllis G. Oppenheimer*
Amy and Eddie Orton
Farrell H. and Margaret L. Owen*
Alan and Ann Parry*
Thomas O. Pence* and June E. Hann
Peter Pan Foundation
Rudolph* and Barbara Peterson
Barbara and Bill Peterson
PG&E Corporation Campaign for the Community
R. Joy Pointon*
Thomas M. and Alice B. Price*
Lorraine E. Ptacek*
Virgil and Thelma K. Reese*
Virginia Relfe*
Donald and Hazel Rice*
The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
The Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation
The Rockridge Woman’s Club
Royal Barney Hogan Foundation
Albert Rubenstein*
Einar Rudstrom*
Merwin J. Ryan*
S & P Company
Frances and Russell Salyards*
The Sandler Family Supporting Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ori Sasson
Save Mart Supermarkets
Victor E. Sbarbaro, MD*
Reynold Schmidt*
The Schow Foundation
Lewis Scott*
Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Seeno, Jr.
William C. Seifert, Jr.*
Serendipity Fund
Albert T. and Patricia J. Shaw
Laura K. and Robert N. Shoreen*
Genevieve Sickafoose*
Frank N. Sim*
Dorothy I. Simonetti-Guhl*
Alice A. Simpson*
Bernon M. and Irene E. Smith
Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc.
Conrad L. Swanson*
The Sylvan C. Coleman, Clarence B. and
Joan F. Coleman Charitable Foundations
Lillian Tarn*
Eleanor Taylor*
Francis George and Florence E. Telfer*
Thermal Power Company
Thomas J. Long Foundation
Margaret E. Thomas*
Marie A. Tironis*
Toys �R’ Us, Inc.
Markus and Barbara Trice
Trumark Companies, LLC
Trustees’ Philanthropy Fund of the Fidelity
Charitable Gift Fund
Twanda Foundation
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
The Westphal Family Foundation
Robert N. Wetzel*
Isabel Wiel*
Steven C. and Linda L. Wight
David C. Williams*
Gladys H. Williams*
Bernice Wilson*
Zellerbach Family Foundation
Peter Zolintakis and Renee Breber
Facebook Fan Post
My son Jayson Dolfuss had plastic
and reconstructive cranial surgery
Nov. 14, 2011. Dr. Sun and Dr. Toth
are amazing. I thank god for them
both to have the skills they have. I
could not have had better Docs...
Thank you DR. SUN AND DR. TOTH,
you are both amazing :). Can’t thank
you both enough for all you have done
for my little boy :)
—Michelle Dugan
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Legacy for Children’s Care donors create enduring legacies that benefit children and their families today and in years to come.
Legacy donors do this by remembering Children’s in their wills and trusts, designating the hospital as a beneficiary of life
income gifts, or creating an endowment in perpetuity.
Anonymous (9)
Richard J.* and Josephine Accinelli
Gary L. and Marilyn M. Adams
Gerald D. and Anna A. Adams
Willie L. and Mary F. Adcock
Donald G. Anderson
Charles E. Anglim
James and Shelleen Arregui
Louis J. and Nancy M.* Artal
Harold and Beatriz Assenza
Allen W. and Linda M. Atwood
Dean and Karren Barley
Kevin and Tammy Barley
Lance and Tiffany Barley
Cynthia Barlow
Katherine L. Barr*
Phillip Barrett in Memory of Notburga Barrett
Terry Marie Baugher
Eric B.* and Simmie Baum
Larry A. Becerra
Ms. Heidi Beck*
William and Helen H. Bennett*
Roland L.* and Mary J. Bessler
Mabel E. Black
Warren and Lydell Boyer
Bill and Lulu V. Branch*
James and H. Beverly Brauer
Sid Brewster
Robert S. and Roberta A. Brickell
Gregory and Brittney Bridges
Barlow Briggs
James M. and Barbara Lee Briggs
Mary P. Brownlee
Robert F.* and Diana J. Brunner
Mancil Burns
Carolyn James Buxton
Mike E. Carlton
Troy W. and Helen K. Carlton
Wayne and Loraine Carlton
Jacques and Paige Casamajor
Roberto and Edwina Cavestany
Henry F.* and Mary E. Cederlund
Joan Cehn
William T. Chevalier*
Edward W. Chin and Yuri H. Chin
Joseph and Kathryn Cleberg
Alfred E.* and Lois J. Cleworth
Kathleen L. Cochran
Nina W. Cochran*
John J.* and Marie B. Cogan
Gary and Jane C. Cole
George W. Conklin
Peter and Dorothy Cook
Melvin R. and Mary L. Cooper
Robert and Mary K. Coussan
Gerald L. and Diann W. Cragun
Albert R. and Allison M. Cristian*
Robert and Loni C. Dantzler
Ms. Margery V. Darneal
Michael S. and Judith R. Davenport
John R. and Marie C. Davies
Donald G. and Barbara Demmon
Ms. Virginia Deran
Jack Diettrich
Leonard J. and Nancy E. Dolton
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Dreisbach
Stephen R. Dusse and Donna Hunt-Dusse
Richard and Judy Dybevik
Ms. Mary K. Dynan
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Edwards
David and Elizabeth Pia
Ms. Susie Elkind
Clarence W. and Darlene G. Ellefsen
Richard E. Ellison
Manfred and Norma I. Enders
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Evans
Gayle and Gerald Farr
Joseph D. and Elizabeth P. Farrell
Dennis R. and Natalie H. Fay
Don and Jean Feathers
Mr. David Fenolio
Facebook Fan Post
Thank you Drs. Hoppe, Hastings,
Styles, Raphael, and the whole
oncology team! Thank you for saving
my son, David’s life! Dr. Hoppe, thank
you for sacrificing your Christmas to
be there when my son had chemo. It
was so hard for us to be 4 hours from
home (and our other children) on
Christmas. Dr. Styles, thank you (and
your son) for giving my son your used
game boy games. You guys are the
best! We will never forget you!
—Kristi Hall Koury
David M. and Bonnie J. Ford
Paul J. Ford
Salvatore and Betty Frasca
Jerome E. and Loren Y. George
Larry Gerevas
Kenneth D. and Gay Gerlack
Virgil A. and Nancy L. Giovannoni
Marver M. and Virginia E. Glenn
Raymond V. Glynn
Valentina Golubev
Benjamin and Pamela Graham
John G. and Gail Graham
Gerald C. Gray and Marjorie Roth
Rochelle Gresham
George E. Gude, Jr.*
Helen Hall
Laurel B. Hanley
Ms. Mary K. Harr*
Marge Hayden
Alice E. Hayes*
David and Rhonda Hendricks
Corinne Henning*
Paula Henning*
Calvin and Marilyn Herring
Donald and Betty E. Herzer
Frances M. Hill
Jeffrey S. and Sharee C. Hills
Tom H. and Anna M. Hines
Brandy S. Ho
Jack S. Ho
Sedgwick S. Ho
Robert P. Hochscheid
Mr. John Hoffman
Isabelle J. Howard
Phyllis A. Hubbard
Calvin and Ethel Jackson
Ralph A. and Josephine W. James*
Rita M. James
Mr. Frederick W. Jeneski
Clarence S. and Juanita S. Johnsen
Leslie W. and Claudia M. Johnson
Ava Carrie Jones
Mr. Norman Justman
Gloria L. and Alfred* Kappadahl
Jan and Randy Kessler
Thomas F. Kling*
Anne Kinzer
Helen L. Knopp
Ivy C. Knott
Albert C. and Martha Jean Kolar
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Facebook Fan Post
Thank you Dr. Becky (oncology), Dr.
Jennifer Michlitsch, and Dr. Jacob
Garcia! You ROCK!! You were there
for me when my son was going
through the roughest times of his
little life. You were there when Kyle
had the blood infection which caused
the septicemia. And you were there
for me and my family as well. You will
ALWAYS hold a special place in my
—Chrissy Connor
Frank L. and Ruth A. Koteles
Timothy G. and Claudia S. Kraus
Thomas J. Kroetch
George* and Gladys Kwong
John L. and Beverly Lambert
John and Mary M. Leikam
Kathleen A. and Bruce R. Lesser
Bill J. Liebman and Karen Sellinger
Mr. Matthew R. Lifschiz
Michael E. Lively*
Frederick A. and Donna M. Locher
John F. Lockett
Elizabeth Loeb
Ms. Nadean Loggins
Rafael Lomas-Garcia and Rubisela Lomas
Ralph E. Lovelace
Edna and Kelvin Low
Ross and Virginia J. Mainwaring*
James M. and Wilma L. Martin
Louis and Audra Martinaitis
Vera P. Matney
David H. and Jean T. Matthews
Gloria and Fred Mattson
Marian C. Maynard, MD
Kathleen McAdam, RN
Jeffrey H. and Ann C. McAllister
Larry R. and Joyce R McCamman
Thomas D. McCort
Lynn Lavorgna McCrea
Robert and Anne McEntorffer
Violet and Barry* McKay
John P. and Alice McKenzie
Maria M. and Roy E.* Meade
Frances Mello
Greg and Anna Mercer
Daisy Merriman and Christine and Gregory Merriman
Jerald D. Merritt
Howard W.* and Betty L. Mette
Paula K. and Michael Dale Meyer
Walter J. and June E. Miller
Sandra Miraglia
Keith L. and Debra S. Montgomery
Kenneth and Eleanor Myer
Charlotte F. Nachtrieb
Richard Nagle, MD, and Alice Nagle
Paul A., MD, and Catherine Nancarrow
Donna J. Nathan
Mrs. Dolores C. Neal
Jay and Cidelia Newman
Mr. Richard E. Nichols
Clyde C. and Verla S. Nielsen
Norman and Barbara Nielsen
Richard L. and Lela M. Nye
Hugh* and Judy F. Oliphant
Edward P. and Katherine Oliva
Gary L. and Barbara C. Oliver
Mr. Chester L. Orio*
Richard J. and Dolores D. Orsi
Jean B. O’Toole
Sergio* and Ernestine Ottino
Frank L. and Frances H. Paganini*
Gerald and Orvilla Pamp
Thelma E. Parodi*
James L. and Virginia E. Pauley
Vern L. and Marilyn W. Peek
Raymond P. and Priscilla C. Petersen
Marie V. and Gus C. Petris
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Piper*
Robert and Darline Pitney
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Poggio
Mr. Raymond R. Poulton*
Veon Price
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rice
Richard E. and Barbara A. Ratto
William A. and Jeanne M. Reavis
Robert V. and Elizabeth J. Reynolds
Deborah and Randy Rieger
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Rivas
Robert and Madeleine Robenhymer
Roger and Elaine Robinson
Richard R. Roderick
Robert and Linda Rosenberg
Paul M. Rostek
Oscar G. and Beverly B. Rowland*
Mrs. Roselinde Russell
Barbara A. Russom
Ms. Karna Sacchi and Ms. Marene Sorgen
Martin W. and Diane M. Saniski
Albert* and Norma R. Schmidt
Jean and Alan Schoenfeld
Josephine R. and Melvin H.* Schwartz
Constance T. Sciortino
Charles Cogswell Family
Leo and Wilma Seligman*
Patrick Sheridan and Shirley Poon
Robert H. and Corinne D. Sherman
Alexander R. and Janet S. Smith
Milton C.* and Gladys M. Smith
Betty J. Snider
Mark and Lynn Soloway
Otto* and Tunette Steiner
Philip G. and Mary B. Strauss
Alan and Kristine Summerhays
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Swagerty
Wycliffe G. Sweet*
Thelma K.* and John B. Taylor
Mr. Robin M. Thomas
Kristin Thygeson*
Shirlie M. Turner
Marilyn G. Vadheim*
Mrs. Theresa Valcalda
Kurt and Barbara Vieyra
Robert W. and Diane Voigt
Robert G. and Lynn G. Wagstrom
Arthur J. and Lillian R. Weil
Albert P. and Gail M. Werner
Lila Westbrook
Larry and Kathleen Wheaton
Ms. Alice M. Wheless*
Joan L. White
Susan D. Whitmore
Ms. Jean Wilder*
Frank and Lovina Winton*
Gerald A. and Linda A. Wuichet
Meng-Hao Yeh and Hsiu-Pin Yang
Gertrude Young*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Young
Wei Zhao
Facebook Fan Post
Thank you Dr. Reinhartz, Dr. Patel, Dr.
Newkumet and the entire Cardiology
dept as well as the fabulous NICU/
PICU teams for saving our daughter.
There are no words to adequately
express our gratitude. Thank you for
our miracle! And Dr. Toby Lustig and
Dr. Nick Mickas who resuscitated our
daughter and got her to CHO.
—Megan Burnett Atiyeh
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals supports pediatric hospitals throughout North America through strategic fundraising
partnerships with corporations, fraternal organizations and other groups. Children’s Hospital Oakland is the grateful Bay Area
recipient of our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals partners’ support.
$500,000 or more
$25,000 to $49,999
Costco Wholesale Corp.
Chavez Markets
Chico’s FAS, Inc.
Newman’s Own
USA Gymnastics
$250,000 to $499,999
93.3 La Raza
$100,000 to $249,999
$10,000 to $24,999
Credit Unions for Kids
Lazer Broadcasting
Rite Aid Corp.
Walmart Stores, Inc.
Ace Hardware Corp.
Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc.
Valero Energy Corp.
$50,000 to $99,999
$1,000 to $9,999
Chevron Corp.
IHOP Restaurants
Marriott International, Inc.
Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.
Save Mart Supermarkets
Sodexo Inc.
Facebook Fan Post
American Car Care Centers
Associated Students University of California
Auntie Anne’s, Inc.
CO-OP Financial Services
Dairy Queen Corp.
Great Clips, Inc.
Greek Partners - Phi Mu
Mimi’s Cafe
Miss America Organization
Money Mailer, LLC
CMNH 2012 Events
Choi’s Break-a-thon
Extra Life Online Gaming Marathon
Holiday of Hope Radiothon w/KBLX, KOIT,
IHOP’s National Pancake Day
Miracle Jeans Day
NorCal Golf 4 Charity hosted by Sodexo and
Produce for Kids
Radio Lazer Radiothon w/KSRT, KXZM, KJOR
RadiotГіn Para Nuestros NiГ±os w/KRZZ
Walk in the Park at Six Flags Discovery
Although he’s no longer with us, I’d like to thank Dr. Stanley Higashino,
Chief of Cardiology and what seemed to be my personal pediatrician
from when I was 1 years old to nearly 18. If it wasn’t for his diagnosis
and the open heart surgery (Tetralogy of Fallot repair) he/they
successfully performed on me when I was 1 1/2 years old, I would NOT
be here today, 38 years later!
He was the FUNNIEST man...could wiggle his ears without moving a
THING and always something.. can’t put my finger on it
now lol, but he smelled good.
He told me at 12 I could never have kids, that they would basically kill
me, but then said “we have plenty of time to talk about those things.” I
now have two of those things, one 17 years old and one 6. They may kill
me eventually, but not because of the reasons he was thinking lol.
We used to drive 2 hours each way for my appointments at Children’s
Hospital and I remember driving past the condo buildings as we passed
through Emeryville, thinking I was going to live in the Bay Area when
I grew up. I now live about a mile from Children’s and there is pretty
much not a day that goes by where Dr. Higashino’s name and face
doesn’t pop in my head and I know I’ll be eternally grateful for his
contribution to medicine and to my existence as well.
—Nyko Hackett
Facebook Fan Post
A special Thank You for Dr. Manisha
Newaskar (pulmonologist) who found
out what was wrong with my daughter
and is still to this day treating her.
We are praying for a full recovery <3
Thank You For Your Dedication to your
job. —Mary Towe
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Fundraising Events & Community Events
$500,000 or more
$10,000 to $24,999
$1,000 to $4,999
Notes & Words
5th Annual St. Baldrick’s Shave-a-thon
Score Fore Kids
Swim Across America
Children’s Day At Fairyland
Choi’s Break-A-Thon
KFOG’s Concert for Kids
Kids N Need Golf Tourney
Kannada Koota of Northern California
“Prerna” Fundraiser
$50,000 to $99,999
$5,000 to $9,999
47th Annual Dick Houston Memorial
Cross Country Trail Race
Cal Rotaract Be My Valentine Auction
California Pizza Kitchen Inc.
CH2M Hill Mini Golf Fundraiser
The Devotion Project
Electronic Industry Charity Event
Mariposa Hunter’s Point Yacht Club Fundraiser
Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation
Golf Tournament
Neha Verma’s Charity Fashion Show
Outside Lands
Padilla Landscape Crab Feed
San Ramon Valley High School Dance
San Ramon Valley Unified School District’s
Coins For a Cure
Sasa Restaurant Golf Tournament
Wells Fargo Community Support and
United Way Campaign
$100,000 to $499,999
Jennifer Leigh Wells Moonlight Walk/Run
For Meningitis Research
Jorge Mancheno’s Climb for Kids
Lucia Falcone’s Friends For Life & For
Changes Fundraiser
Oakland Raiders
Kiewit Pacific Co. Golf Tournament
Pixar movie screening of Brave
$25,000 to $49,999
Yoga Reaches Out Yogathon
Facebook Fan Post
When my youngest daughter was born she underwent 3
surgeries before her first birthday. Dr. Betts not only helped
my daughter, he helped my husband and I get through it.
Not to mention the countless nurses who encouraged me
to go home and sleep, while taking great care of our infant
daughter. To them I am so grateful. It is something you can
never forget, bad with the good. Thank you! My daughter will
be 3 in June and is as perfect as ever! —Kelly DeLauter
Facebook Fan Post
Thank you for providing an amazing pediatric
residency training experience! I will never forget
the years I lived in those hallways. CHO is a family
devoted to loving, excellent health care for ALL of the
community. I was blessed to be a part of it!!! —Alfie
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Children’s Hospital Branches
Children’s Hospital Branches, Inc. is a network of volunteer auxiliary groups founded in 1914 to provide ongoing support to
Children’s Hospital Oakland. Each Branch is named affter a type of tree in honor of the magnificent old magnolia that has
graced Children’s courtyard for almost 100 years.
East Bay Community Fund - Meyer’s Sisters’ Trust
McKesson Foundation
Mr. Brian Gareth Atwood & Ms. Lynne Edminster
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Robert Betta
Dr, and Mrs. Jeffrey Bortz
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Lawrence Carmassi
Mr. & Mrs. John Patrick Christian
Bob and Angela Ciccone
Mr. Dale Crandall
Michael S. Day
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dell’Osso
Mr. & Mrs. John Edward Dittoe
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Dougherty, Jr.
Mr.* & Mrs. William F. Drum, Jr.
Erik Eichner
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Etheridge
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Farrar
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Faust
Tom and Belinda George
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Gordon, Jr.
Deirdre Henry and Steve Kliegman
Kevin Johnson
Mr. James B. Judd
Tim Kass
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Elliot Kessler
Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Kistler
Harry and Joanne Knapp
Kosich & Callahan Insurance Services Ken & Patti Kosich
Mr. & Mrs. Blake Allan Lasky
Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay Allan Lautz
Mr. & Mrs Robert Mark Loback
Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Madigan
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mein
Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Michaels
Mr. & Mrs. Royce Nicolaisen
Michael & Barbara Novogradac
Merril Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Brian Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Pease
PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP
Proficient Business Systems, Inc.
Nick and Debbie Rago
Mr. A. Horton Shapiro
Taryn Sievers and Vince Chow
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Smegal, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. William Kenneth Steiner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Vansau Thompson
Margaret Beelard Community Fund
Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation
Robert and Sheila Challey
Novo Nordisk, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hazard Brickley
Mr. Steven Howard Cassriel
Concord BMW & Mini Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Arthur Counts
Ernst & Young
Mr. & Mrs. Munson Whitman Everett
Dr. Jay Goldman & Dr. Mona Goldfine
Mrs. F. Pierce Lathrop
Bill and Colleen Lund
Ms. Marian Roth*
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zook Todd III
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Jay Blum
Mr. & Mrs. William DeWitt
Mr. James M. Fiedler & Ms. Roanne Ross
Mr. & Mrs. John Douglas Fiero
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Fournier
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harris Gibson III
Mr. & Mrs. William George Green
Mr. & Mrs. R. Nicholas Haney
Heritage Bank of Commerce
Hayward Electric Company
The Invus Group, LLC
Mr. Stanton R. Koppel
Medicis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Mr. Vincent Edward O’Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Bickmore Sessions
Tehnosoft Corporation
Dr. David A. Wender & Dr. Elaine Pico
Mr. Thomas Joseph Wirght & Ms. Colleen Sullivan
Mr. Michael Herman Zischke &
Ms. Nadin Sponamore
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Thompson
Transpak Shipping - Robert Inch
Greg and Jan Yonko
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Zakskorn, Jr.
In-Kind Donations
Bob and Sheila Challey
Rob and Joni Chovick
Clark Russell Salon
Earthworks Jewelry - Ellen Davis
Andrew Geoffrey Vineyards - Peter Thompson
Dick and Ann Grace
Michael Holmes, Napa artist/florist
Steve Kliegman and Deidre Henry
Helen Lyall
Mueller & Mueller Wineries
Neon Works - Jim Rizzo
Palmaz Vineyards - Florencia Palmaz
Dae and Sarah Pate
Dr. Barbara Persons
Tory Burch
Acorn’s “Taste of Italy” dinner
Acorn’s Western Dinner & Dance “Back in the
Saddle, Again”
Bambino’s Preview Party & Sale
Blossom Garden’s Moonlight Hideaway
Branches’ All-Branch New Year’s Meeting
Branches Annual Meeting & Volunteer
Recognition Luncheon
Branches’ Kick-off Fall Meeting at CHORI,
sponsored by The Foundation
Bud Jr. Branches’ Spring Fashion Show
Cacao’s Bridge/Whist luncheon & Auction
Cacao’s Day-at-the-Races
Garden’s 51st Holiday Party
Garden’s Musical Garden Party
Hill’s Debutante Winter Ball
Lilac’s Centennial Celebration
Lilac’s Spring Fashion Show & Luncheon, helen
lyall presented “Oscars”
Live Oak’s Archery Shoot
Live Oak’s Belly Dance Show
Live Oak’s Dinner & Theater Evening
Lombardy’s Tory Burch’s Fashion Show & Sale
Mulberry’s Emeritus Luncheon
Rowan’s Gala des Enfant - Moonlight & Martini’s
Rowan’s Shopping Spree
Rowan’s Garden Event featuring Ron Morgan
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Children’s Donors
Donors who give directly to Children’s provide crucial annual support of $1,000 to $5,000,000 for our innovative, familycentered healthcare programs and services. They also provide vitally needed support for the research and graduate medical
education programs at Children’s that help ensure a healthy future for children locally and globally.
$1,000,000 or more
Kaiser Permanente Northern CA Community
Benefit Program
$500,000 to $999,999
Almond Board Of California
Children’s Hospital Branches Inc.
Estate of Thomas F. Kling
$250,000 to $499,999
Edward W. Chin and Yuri H. Chin
Harvey L. and Maud C. Sorensen Foundation
Nelle W. Longhurst Charitable Remainder Trust
Estate of Ms. Mildred Ragle
Safeway, Inc.
$100,000 to $249,999
Allan Hauser Fund for the Willard E. Hauser
Memorial Trust
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Bruce Ames, PhD and Giovanna Ferro-Luzzi
Ames, PhD
Estate of Edna Beck
Estate of Richard and Marion De Graca
Estate of Louis E. DelCarlo
East Bay Neonatology Foundation
Wendy Hayward and Richard Wendling
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts
Estate of Mrs. Margaret M. Jordan
Keaton Raphael Memorial
Kohl’s Department Stores
Deborah and Bert Kurtin
Estate of Dr. Alice Lo Grasso, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Manoyan
Facebook Fan Post
Dr. Arup Berman, Critical Care/
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: thank
you for your impressive clinical
skill and for treating our family
with excellent care during our son,
Bennett’s, days in the Intensive Care
Unit. There are no words except for
thank you, for saving his life and his
brain functioning. —Elisa Dumesnil
Facebook Fan Post
Dr. Mandel, and Dr. Giammona are
both incredible doctors.
—Anne-Marie Jordan
Estate of Ralph and Frances Mitchell
Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family
S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
Estate of Frances and Russell Salyards
San Francisco Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
St. Baldrick’s Foundation
Swim Across America San Francisco
Steven C. and Linda L. Wight
$50,000 to $99,999
Anonymous (2)
Another Planet Entertainment
Estate of Isaac and Betty Barshad
Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, Inc.
East Bay Newborn Specialists, Inc.
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Italian Catholic Federation Central Council
James J. Keefe and Lorna Lee
Kiewit Pacific Co
Charles T. and Dr. Janet C. King
Estate of James Martine
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Migliore
Diane D. Miller
The Perloff Family
Peter Pan Foundation
William R. Rich Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ori Sasson
Spirit Halloween Superstores
$25,000 to $49,999
Laura and Paul Ackerman
Arthritis National Research Foundation
Estate of Marguerite Bachrach
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Dick and Beverly Davis
Eric and Ann Berger Charitable Remainder Trust
Florence J. French Endowment
Estate of Valentina Freitas
Professor and Mrs. Paul R. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Green
Hadley Hope Fund
Estate of Phyllis E. Hanson
Hedge Funds Care
Dennis and Susan Hourany
The Linnaeus Thomson Fund of the Tides
Margoes Foundation
Muscular Dystrophy Association
The Noll Foundation, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Penhoet
Mr. Jeremy Ricks
Nancy Rothman and Louis Lavigne
James M. and Luann Strech
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. George G. Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Terrill
Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program
The Westphal Family Foundation
Mr. Timothy A. Winn
Yoga Reaches Out
$10,000 to $24,999
Anonymous (4)
Patricia and John Adams
Eliot A. and Julia Adelson
Albert C. & Bertha P. Markstein Foundation
Alexander & Baldwin Foundation
The Amy Ensign-Barstow Memorial Fund
Terri and Rocky Angen
Mr. and Mrs. Gerson Bakar
Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation
Walter and Monica Bercovich
Bernard E. & Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation
Heidi and Josh Bersin
Ms. Mary Bianco
Bigge Crane and Rigging Company
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Ms. Rena Brantley
Thomas and Susan Bret
Brian Angen Memorial Foundation
Jaclyn and Ken Broad
Ross and Lillian Cadenasso
Michael J. Callahan and Dana L. Weintraub, MD
Car Donation Services
James and Susan Cavalieri
Chevron Corporation
Children’s Health Guild
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
The Clarence B. and Joan F. Coleman Charitable
Estate of Reva M. Cline
The Clorox Company
Community Foundation for the National Capital
The Cooper Companies, Inc.
Kelly Corrigan and Edward Lichty
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cox
Cresco Equipment Rentals
Crow Holdings LLC Distribution
The David B. Gold Foundation
Jackie and Jonathan Dharmapalan
Dionigi Brunetti Charitable Remainder Trust
Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation
East Bay Community Foundation
Edward and Liliane Schneider Family Foundation
Edwin W. and Catherine M. Davis Foundation
Estate of Elisabeth L. Egenhoff
Gayle and Gerald Farr
Tracy and Mark Ferron
Friant Associates
Robert Fulmer and Helen Nicholas
Estate Of Mary E. Garrard
Genentech Foundation
Layton and Melinda Han
The Family of Dr. Seymour J. “Sy” Harris
Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc.
Hearts of Harvest Foundation
Ann Hogland
Holmgren Charitable Trust
Barbara Roth Imrie
James & Gable Insurance Brokers, Inc.
John and Diana James
Rita M. James
Jewish Community Foundation
Rachel and Peter Kahn
Jan and Randy Kessler
Don and Ellie Knauss
Ronald M. Krauss, MD
Lakeside Foundation
Lance Armstrong Foundation
Estate of Elizabeth S. Lemcke
The John Loll and Jane Bielke-Loll Family
Gale and Jon Love
Bertram Lubin, MD and Vivian Scharlach
Cornell C. Maier
Marin Community Foundation
Robert Markstein
Matson Navigation Company & Subsidiaries
Facebook Fan Post
Thank you to Dr. Peter Sun for all
you have done and continue to do
to help make Madelyn’s life better.
We are truly thankful and blessed
to have such a caring and dedicated
doctor. —Carrie Awbrey
Mrs. Barbara Hornung May
Estate of Benoni H. and Mildred J. McClure
McKesson Foundation
Moca Foundation
Morgan Stanley Foundation
Karen and Thomas Mulvaney
Melba Muscarolas and Steven Glazer
Marcy and Paul Nathan
Andrew A. and Helen E. Neumann Charitable
Remainder Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Parenti
Yong and Sook Park
Rajiv and Kaylene Patel
Facebook Fan Post
Dr. Idowu omg!!! He helped the little
kiddo in my profile pic big time.
Saw him first when he was maybe
a day old. Such a gentle wonderful
talented surgeon!!!!!!! —Valerie
Mike and Holly Pence
Barbara and Bill Peterson
Pfizer Foundation
Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
Placer Community Foundation
Ray Benton Family Fund
Robert Kemp Community Fund
Matthew C. and Yvonne Rogers
Royal Coffee, Inc.
Amy and Reid Settlemier
Lisa and Weston Settlemier
Estate of June Silva
Dorothy I. Simonetti-Guhl*
Wayne and Terree H. Sloan
Cherida Collins Smith
Chris and Kristina Smith
Speed Oil Change Center #2
Wolfgang Stehr, MD, and Missy Stehr-Wood
Amy C. Stoloff, MD, and Daniel Stefek
Strike 3 Foundation
Dr. Peter and Mindy Sun
The Sylvan C. Coleman Foundation
William and Dorothy* Towers
Triton Container International, Inc.
of North America
Richard and Jillian Wald
Estate of Beulah M. Westaby
Graham and Leslie Westphal
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Westphal
Frank and Melissa Williams
Peter Zolintakis and Renee Breber
$5,000 to $9,999
Anonymous (4)
1600 Riviera Corporation
ACBL Charity Foundation
Estate of Mary Ellen Delgado Acmoody
Alameda Alliance For Health
Albert D. Seeno Construction Co
Alcide Marin Charitable Fund
All Baby & Child
Ann Shannon and Associates, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Bell
BizLink Technology Inc.
Sharon and Napoleon Brandford
Jeff and Eva Camp
CB Richard Ellis
Estate Of Ruth W. Celle
The Donald and Carole Chaiken Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander E. J. Choi
Basil Christopoulos
Ms. Sylvia Cierkosz
CLEO Enterprises LLC
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Colliers International
Cumberland Consulting Group
The Danem Foundation
Arthur D’Harlingue, MD, and Rebecca D’Harlingue
Michael E. and Jessica R. Dodson
The Donald & Carole Chaiken Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Donoviel
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Dreisbach
The Edmond F. Ducommun Foundation
Elizabeth Nash Foundation
The Elle Foundation
Stephen and Karen Ellis
Mr. Tom Fehr
Laura and John J. Fisher
Fitzgerald Abbott & Beardsley LLP
Fraternal Order Of Eagles, Bayview Aerie #2323
Andrew and Barbara Fremder
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Frey
Friends of Children, Inc.
Jacquelyn Garman, Esq.
Give Hope Foundation
Ms. Lorraine Gotelli
Guardian Life Insurance Company Of America
William Halloran and Polly Grewal
Anne Harper and Richard Ronald
Ms. Mary Hester
Jim, Laura, Alanna and Kyle Hulburd
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Italian American Federation of the East Bay, Inc.
J. Stokes & Associates
The James D. & Kay Y. Moran Foundation
JEC Foundation
Jewish Community Endowment Fund
John F. Welch, Jr. Foundation
Kyle and Kirsten Johnstone
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Kaiser Permanente East Bay Area Community
Benefit Grants
Hirdepreet Kalirai
Richard Karp and Maria Pica
Lawrence Weissberg Foundation
Leslie and Virginia Anderson Trust
Liberty Gives Foundation
The Lieberman Family
Mr. Tal I. Litvin
David and Barbara Lowenkopf
Alexander Lucas, PhD
Macy’s Foundation
Jorge Mancheno
Mrs. and Mr. Pamela Massar
MBH Architects, Inc.
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
Mr. Mark Miller
Estate of Ian R. Morrision
Richard Nagle, MD, and Alice Nagle
Nichols Foundation
NorCal Rental Group, LLC
Northgate Environmental Management
Oakland Raiders
Mr. Roger O’Callaghan
Oracle Corporate Headquarters
Fernando Otero, MD
Mr. and Mrs. John Paris
Petersen Dean Roofing
Richard L. Plasch, DDS
Prologis Management
Sridhar Raghunathan
Mr. Veeresham Ramini
Estate of Diana M. Read
Red Wing Equipment LLC
Olaf Reinhartz, MD
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Jenny and Gerald Risk
Robert C. and Lois C. Braddock Charitable
The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
Safeco Insurance
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Seeno, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Aamir M. Sheikh
Sippel/Farb Family
Solano Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander T. Sprague
David R. and Brynne A. Staley
State Roofing Systems
Eric Sullivan and Teri Steele
Teammates For Kids Foundation
Titan Outdoor LLC
Top Of The Mountain Children’s Disease
Foundation, Inc.
Michael A. Torres
Trio Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Tullis
Turner Construction
Felix Vargas
W. L. Butler Construction Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Warner
William and Marilyn Weissberg
Katherine Welch
The Family of Jennifer Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Westphal
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Westphal
Carrie Wheeler and Kit Codik
XL Construction Corporation
$1,000 to $4,999
Anonymous (13)
Mr. Charles Abela
Mr. Ben AcuГ±a
Edward Ahearn, MD, and Marlene Ahearn
Alameda County Leather Corps
Mr. Mark Alessio
All-Guard Alarm Systems, Inc.
American Academy Of Pediatrics
American Endowment Foundation
Sharon and Stephen Anderson
Mr. David Angeli
Estate of Elvira E. Appe*
Rick and Lucy Arney
Mr. Sanjay Arora
Rachel Asa
Mr. and Mrs. John Atherton
Brian Au and Eileen Wu
Ms. Shahrzad Azadeh and Mr. Behnam Parsa
Parvin Azimi, MD
Ms. Anne Bakar and Mr. Yossi Zadik
Estate of Pansy Perkins Baker
Peter Baker, MD and Jill Baker
James and Elizabeth Barrett
Eric and Kara Baysinger
Alpha Mae Beamer
Bell Investment Advisors
Simone Bennett
Dr. Stacie Bennett
William and Allison Bennington
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berg
Annika Berridge
Ms. L. Ann Berry
Mr. Todd Berryhill
James Betts, MD
Suruchi Bhatia and Robert Pfile
Betsy Biern and Ted Booth
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Bilich
Birches Foundation
Mark and Amy Blake
Charles and Barbara Bloch
Ms. Diana S. Bokaie
Mrs. Caroline Booth
Estate of Miss Delores C. Booth
Lorna L. Boothroyd
Mr. Bradley L. Bostick
Mr. Bryan Branstetter
George and Yvette Assia Breslauer
The Brickyard Berridge Fund at the East Bay
Community Foundation
Mr. Joe F. Britt
Gerald and Sheila Brody
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brotsky
Ms. Ellen Brout
Mrs. Lois Brown
Tristam and Maureen Brown
Mr. Nicholas M. Brown and Mrs. Jennifer M. Tseng
Mr. Oliver A. Brown
Ms. Nancy C. Budiansky
Joseph and Claudia Budro
Ms. Renie Burbank
Alan Burckin
Burr, Pilger & Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Butner
Cal Rotaract
Anne Callahan and Jason Harris
Ms. Darlene G. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Cane, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Carr
Ms. Clara Jane Carter
Caruana & Associates
Cerrito City Club
Robert and Sheila Challey
Chapel Of Hope
The Chatowski Family Foundation
Ms. Sonya Chawla
Lin-Lin Chen, DDS
Jeffrey and Rosanne Cheung
Cynthia Chiarappa
Children’s Anesthesia Medical Group, Inc.
Phillip and Julia Chin
Regan Chun
Taylor Chung, MD, and Christine Chung
Ciara Chiesa’s Circle Of Hope Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Clark
Ms. Virginia R. Clark
Jonathan Clark, M.D.
Joseph and Kathryn Cleberg
Laura and Thomas Clydesdale
Ronald Cohen, MD
Estate of Miloslava Collins
Colombo Club Inc
Community Foundation For The Fox Valley
Community Foundation of San Joaquin
Consolidated Engineering Laboratories
Mrs. Betty J. Conti
Cornish & Carey Realtors
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Corr
Coup D’Etat Inc.
Joseph and Carolyn Covello
James Crook, Jr., MD
Thomas Cutillo and Priscilla Myrick
Natalie Cvijanovich, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Davidson
Barbara* and Harold Davis
Mrs. Virginia Davis
Dean Foods Company
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Facebook Fan Post
I love Oakland Children’s Hospital
they have saved my son’s life plenty
of times. He has a rare disease and
they always help us through our stays
there. —Jennifer Martin
Richard and Sharon DeCarlo
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Del Beccaro
Ray A. Dickinson
Steven J. Didion
Joseph and Darlene Diehl
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Doherty
Donate For A Cause Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dorman
Carolyn and Chris Dossa
Pam Doughman
Mr.* and Mrs. Harold Dubay
Michelle and David Duffield
Mrs. Phyllis J. Duggan
David Durand, MD and Gwendolyn Buchholz
Ms. Janice Y. Earl
EAS Fund
East Bay AIDS Advocacy Foundation
Ken and Jennifer Ebbitt
Electronic Industry Charity Event
Mr. Amine El-Haoui and Ms. Claudia P. Ostertag
Mr. and Mrs. Arlan C. Emmert
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Thomas Eusterbrock, MD
Earl and Beatrice Evans
Excelerate Foundation
Jann and Anthony Faciane
Mr. and Mrs. Maher S. Fakhouri
Farella, Braun & Martel LLP
Mr. Michael A. Felix, Sr.
Ms. Jacqueline Felton
John and Kathy Fernbacher
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell A. Ferreira
FHS Investments LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Filby
Ms. Heather Fink
Mr. Sean M. Fitts
Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Fitzgerald
Estate of George and Frances Flannery
Fleming-Wood Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard Fletcher
Nicole and Stephen Florance
Mr. Jeffrey S. Franco and Ms. Denise MacGregor
Drs. Ludwig and Hallie Moore Frank
David and Allison Frey
Stan and Mary Friedman
Mr. Peter M. Fukumae, C.P.A.
Samantha and Marc Furstein
Estate of Mary Jane Gaidula
Mrs. Jeannette K. Gancos-Leal
Mr. Henry Gardner
Genworth Financial Wealth Management, Inc
Steven and Susan George
GeoSyntec Consultants
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gerdsen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ghielmetti
Dr. Paul and Caroline Giers
Mr. Andrew Gillin
Dr. James H. Glauber
Elizabeth Gleghorn, MD
Ms. Shelly Glennon
Marni and Christopher Godvin
Karen J. Goelz
Michael and DeeDee Goldberg
Ms. Rocio Gomez
Mr. Howard L. Gosch
Granoff Family Foundation
Dan Granoff, MD
Bob and Christine Gray
Mr. Peter Gross
Howard and Alice Gruber
Haffenreffer Family Fund
Ms. Amy Hanlon
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hanna
Tom and Sandie Hansel
James Hanson, MD, and Dianne Nicolini
Rod and Stella Harkness
Alyssa and Jonathan Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Harris
James and Claudia Harrison
Harvey & Leslie Wagner Foundation
HDR, Inc.
Ms. Michelle Heckle
Scott Heidersbach, MD, and Jennifer Olson, MD
Ms. Patti Heimburger
Ms. May C. Heller
Michael Helms, CPA
Heritage Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Herkenhoff
Herman and Florence Siegel Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Mark Hersh
HFS Consultants
Walter B. Hibbard
Mrs. Jacqueline F. Hogan-Schlientz
Mr. Donald H. Holcomb
Colin and Julia Holland
Ralph Holmes and Lisa Cortez-Holmes
Brad Holsworth, CPA
Bruce and Winnie Homer-Smith
Horner & Singer LLP
Bill and Lynne Hosler
Jim and Patricia Hughes
Kevin Hughes, JD
Mr. John E. Hullverson
Olajire Idowu, MD, and Grace Idowu
Imperial Star Empire, Inc.
Infinera Corporation
Mary and Doug Ireland
Ish Shalom Charitable Foundation
Barbara L. Ivins, PhD
Mr. Steven Jacobsohn
Jane T. Daiss and Robert M. Daiss Family
Jeffrey P. McKee Foundation
William Jetton and Janet Delaney
Mr. Gregorio Jimenez
Dr. William R. Johanson
Doug and Christine Johnson
Ms. Rebecca Johnson
Ms. Nanette Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnstone
Hanabul F. Jordan* and Dolores Jordan
David and Myke Judd
Justice, Justice Foundation
Mr. and Ms. Dennis C. Kakures
Kal Krishnan Consulting Services Inc
Bamidele Kammen, MD, and Daniel Kammen
Steve and Danielle Kehrig
Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Kelley
Mary M. Kelly, MA, CCLS
Mr. and Ms. Peter Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kennedy
Shabana R. Khan
Mrs. Leyla Khosrovani
Kim Kieckhefer
Julie Kim-Beal and Brannin Beal
Sunghoon Kim, MD
Mr. Craig K. King
Estate of Catherine and Edward L. Kinser
Kirby Foundation Fund
Lynn and Kent Kirimli
Nancy L. Klehr and Jonathan B. Eager
Ms. Kathryn J. Kolder
Marc Kunney and Laura Hill
John and Laurie Kurtzer
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Laats
Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders
Facebook Fan Post
When I was seven, I had a blood
disorder, along with blood clots and a
very bad infection in my brain. ALISON
MD, - these are just a few of the many
tremendous doctors that helped save
my life. Also a few of the nurses Rosie
(icu), Phillipe (floor5), Iris (CT). I’m now
17 all thanks to their hard work to make
sure I would get better!!! Children’s
Hospital Oakland is the BEST!!! THANK
YOU!!! —Shauna Pief Love From
Melissa Denise Day
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lally
Michael Lang, MD
Ms. Cara Lankford
Edward and Vivian Larsen
Mr. Robert Laughlin
Ms. Isabel A. Leavitt
Mr. Herbert Lee
Mr. Kevin Lee and Ms. Lise Dahms
Ms. Cynthia A. Livingston and Mr. Sam Leffler
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Leighton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Leonard
John Leone
Mr. Aaron Levie
Ms. Marina J. Liang
Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Lignell
Ms. Marilyn S. Lindvig and Mr. Roy G. Schmidt
David and Alycia Lloyd
Mr. Ronald M. Locke
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Lombardi
Mr. Ronald P. Lopez
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Laurence J. Lordan
Mr. John J. Lucey, Jr.
Karen Lynch
Mr. Ben Mack
Ms. Marilene M. Magtibay
Mr. Aaron Mahler
Jean and Zarir G. Marawala
The MarCom Group
Ms. Lynda Marren
Ms. Janet A. Martin
Ms. Selina R. Martin
Joseph R. and Amy Martinetto
Julia Martino, MD
Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation
MBD Foundation
Mrs. Francesca McCalla
Steven McCanne and Tamara White
Mrs. Barbara P. McElrath
Mrs. Alexandra McGhee
Marie and William McGlashan
Sandra and John McGonigle
Ken McKinney and Peter Waldran
Stephanie McKown and John Brennan
Christine McMurry
Mr. William C. McNeill III and Ms. Jennifer Bell
Mr. Lance Mecherikoff
MedComm Solutions
Medical Teams Worldwide
Ms. Denise Meredith
The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Inc.
Metropolitan Transportation Comm.
Ms. Eve R. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Meyer
Mrs. Patricia A. Miller
Andrew Min, MD and Melissa Wheeler
Mr. Paul C. Minney, Esq.
Gregory Moe, PhD, and Sherry Martin-Moe
Moellenhoff Family Fund
Suruchi Mohan and Prabhat Goyal
Mr. Tom Montano
Theodore A. Montgomery, MD
Mr. Stephen E. Moore
Ms. Susan Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morgan
Ms. Liliane Morin
Guy and Edith Morrow
Mr. Clarence Mou
Mr. and Mrs. Praveen Moudgal
Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Moyer
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Moyer
My Office Products
Ms. Shobha Nagabhushan
Ms. Alice M. Nagle
Nearon Enterprises
Reinaldo Negron, DDS
Neidig Family Charitable Foundation
New Hope Baptist Church
Christopher R. Newton, MD
Hong Kong Ng
Lawrence Ng, MD and Bella Ng
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Niccolai
Cynthia and Charles Nooney
Northern California HIMSS Chapter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Novogradac, CPA
Mr. Juan J. Nunez
Ms. Mauri Okamoto-Kearney
Todd and Suzy Oliver
Mr. Geoffrey O’Neill
Mr. Victor M. Orozco
David and Katy Orr
Padilla’s Crakin’ Crab
Eric M. Padua, MD
Mr. Adriano Paganini
Ann L. Parker, MD
Pasta Pomodoro Inc.
Hitendra Patel, MD and Inderbir Kaur
Peacock Construction, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Pedersen
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Peirano
Edith and Greggory Penn
Perloff Family Foundation
Mary Jane Perna
Mark Petersen and Dana Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Peterson
Dr. Elaine Pico
Leslie and William B. Piels
Dr. Sharon L. Pilmer
Plexxikon, Inc.
Ms. Gretchen Pope
Premier Dental Care
Presidio Bank
Project Imagine
Radio Lazer 107.1
Prabavathi Rajaram
Ralph J. Duffie Inc
Jerry and Laura Raney
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Rath
Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Re
Mr. Lionel J. Recio
Ms. Sarah Redlich
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Regan
Wendy and Ted Reich
Thomas J. and Betty Joyce Reilly
Republic of Cake
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Rettig
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Reynolds
RGW General Contractor & Painting Co.
William Rhoads, MD
Jeff Ribordy, MD
Mr. Charles R. Rice
Mr. Hugh Y. Rienhoff, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Roach
Mr. Michael A. Robarts
Robert & Natalie Gehringer Family Fund
Robert and Alice Bridges Foundation
Mrs. Lydia Robinson-Semien and
Mr. Martin L. Semien
The Rockridge Woman’s Club
Paige Rodgers
Ms. Shirley Roesch
Anne and Martin Roher
Richard Rowe, MD, and Judith Rowe
Jon M. Rowland, MD, PhD
Royal Grand Ducal Council Of Alameda County
Ms. Lisa Rubenstein
Eric A. Rudney
Ruggeri-Jensen-Azar & Associates
Vince and JoAnn Rusca
Ruth and Jacque Hayes Trust
Mary Rutherford, MD, and George Rutherford, MD
Ziad Saba, MD, and Katrina Saba, MD
Mr. Suresh Sachdeva
Sarah J. Salk, RN
Samuel, Son & Co. Inc.
San Ramon Valley High School
San Ramon Valley Unified School District
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Sanger
Sasa Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. A. Aaron Sasson
Mitchell Sauberman and London Cammack
Augusta J. Saulys, MD
Mr. Rick Savely
Estate of Robert and Juanita Schaeffer
Mr. Albert E. Schorno
Ereca and John Schrewsberry
Scott Family Fund
Harry E. Scott, Jr., DDS
Mr. Dennis Sechrest
SEI Investments
Tom and Robin Selfridge
The Sence Foundation
Doug and Marta Senz
Sequoia Realty Services
Mr. William A. Seroy
Shadowbrook Winery
Mr. and Mrs. Declan G. Shanaghy
Ms. Rosemarie Shannon
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Shartsis
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Facebook Fan Post
Thank you for always taking our
patients, and healing them when we
are unable, Sutter Lakeside Hospital
staff. —Devin Sheridan
Ms. Meihua Shen
Sanford Sherman, MD, and Jane Sherman
Nancy Shibata, RN, MS, and Craig Shibata
Jeff and Denise Shields
Mr. Jeffrey Shields
Robert T. Shimizu, MD, and Judy Shimizu
Mr. Greg Sieck
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Epsilon Alpha
Lincoln and Mary Silver
Mark and Susan Simens
Singer Associates
Chandana Sinha
Douglas P. and Sherrill J. Sleeter
Mr. Derek M. Small and Ms. Kimberly Bollin
Smiles For Life Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Smith
Nellie M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Smith
Ms. Beverly B. Solo
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Sperrazzo
Gerald G. Spolter, Esq.
St. Rose School
Stanislaus Community Foundation
Kristine A. Steensma, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Dueray Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Stiver
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Swan
Robert and Brigitta Swanson
Mrs. Janie J. Sweeny
Patricia and John Taggart
Mr. Kevin Taguchi
Mr. and Mrs. Radharkrshna K. Talkad
Teco Pneumatic, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Tessler
Elizabeth C. Theil, PhD
Thomas R. Leonard Foundation
Total Health Dental Care
Larry and Deveney Totten
TPG Global LLC
Transwestern Real Estate
Lisa and Douglas Tucker
Steph and Matthew Tunney
Umpqua Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Ursell
Mr. and Mrs. William Vaculin
Ms. Lea Van Ness
Robert Vernagallo and Regina Wegener
Ms. Jennifer Villarina
Mr. Vibhu Vivek and Ms. Ritam Priya
Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Vogel
Alexander Wai, MD
Jan and Jody Ward
John Waterson, MD, PhD, and Susan Riggle
Ms. Bonnie Waxman
Ms. Danielle Weekes
Wells Fargo Bank
Mr. Matt Werner
Ms. Jennifer Westhoff
Ms. Gwen White
Mr. and Mrs. George Wick
Adam and Sherry Wight
Dennis Williams and Rita Gallaway
Sharon R. Williams, MD
Susan Q. and Christopher Willrich
Robin Winokur, MD, and Peter Winokur
Kari Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Wong
Roy and Ruth Wong
Mr. John Wyche
Mr. and Mrs. George Wynn, Jr.
Xerox Corporation
Ms. Denise Yamamoto
Young Electric Co., Inc.
Mr. James P. Young
Lorri and George Zimmer
Facebook Fan Post
My Daughter Kaydence (19 mo) was in the ICU for about 2 weeks
(Oct 2011) with a very rare condition that caused her lungs to
bleed, through every up and down Dr. Anne Chipman <3 was
by our side and is the most amazing dr I have ever met, along
with Dr. Eva Delagado <3. I don’t know where I would have
found my strength without them! And Dr. Reed deserves Major
Acknowlegment for caring for my daughter and my husband
(25 yrs ago)! You are an Angel from God. I love all the Drs and
especially the nurses (sent from Heaven, Brenda Cathcart,
Katrina Reyes, Elizabeth Satz, Tissa Gee, who sang to my
daughter, Leonela Castillo, Lynne Takeuchi, Emily, and a very
Special Shout Out to Lawanda Morris and Harold You Own My
Heart) that Work Hard in the PICU to care for all our children.
They are all so extremely strong to be in such a heart wrenching
field and still give hope and faith to all of us parents... I couldn’t
do what you all do My heart couldn’t take it, So a BIG ENORMOUS
THANK YOU comes from my husband and I for being able to take
my daughter home after 28 days in Children’s Hospital Oakland!
THANK YOU & MUCH LOVE & RESPECT as always. Keep Up the
Amazing Work!!! Love Always Mary and David Towe —Mary Towe
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Children’s STAFF and Hospital Employees
Children’s medical and research staff and hospital employee donors not only give of their time and talent, they also
generously give financial support to Children’s, further ensuring that the children and families we serve will continue to receive
the expert and compassionate pediatric care they deserve.
$10,000 or more
Anonymous (2)
Janet King, PhD, and Charles King, Jr.
Ronald Krauss, MD
Bertram Lubin, MD and Vivian Scharlach
Wolfgang Stehr, MD, and Missy Stehr-Wood
Amy C. Stoloff, MD, and Daniel Stefek
Dr. Peter and Mindy Sun
$5,000 to $9,999
Arthur D’Harlingue, MD, and Rebecca D’Harlingue
Jacquelyn Garman, Esq.
Alexander Lucas, PhD
Olaf Reinhartz, MD
$1,000 to $4,999
Anonymous (3)
Parvin Azimi, MD
James Betts, MD
Betsy Biern and Ted Booth
Cynthia Chiarappa
Taylor Chung, MD, and Christine Chung
Jonathan Clark, MD
Ronald Cohen, MD
James Crawford-Jakubiak, MD and
Martin Crawford-Jakubiak, DVM
James Crook, Jr., MD
Natalie Cvijanovich, MD
Richard and Sharon DeCarlo
Carolyn and Chris Dossa
David Durand, MD and Gwendolyn Buchholz
Thomas Eusterbrock, MD
Elizabeth Gleghorn, MD
James Hanson, MD, and Dianne Nicolini
Ms. Michelle Heckle
Scott Heidersbach, MD, and Jennifer Olson, MD
Kevin Hughes, JD
Olajire Idowu, MD, and Grace Idowu
Barbara L. Ivins, PhD
Bamidele Kammen, MD, and Daniel Kammen
Mary M. Kelly, MA, CCLS
Sunghoon Kim, MD
Michael Lang, MD
Ken McKinney and Peter Waldran
Christine McMurry
Andrew Min, MD and Melissa Wheeler
Gregory Moe, PhD, and Sherry Martin-Moe
Ms. Susan Moore
Ms. Liliane Morin
Reinaldo Negron, DDS
Mr. Doug G. Nelson
Christopher R. Newton, MD
Lawrence Ng, MD and Bella Ng
Eric M. Padua, MD
Ann L. Parker, MD
Hitendra Patel, MD and Inderbir Kaur
Jim and Peggy Pearson
Ms. Mary Jane Perna
Dr. Sharon L. Pilmer
William Rhoads, MD
Richard Rowe, MD, and Judith Rowe
Jon M. Rowland, MD, PhD
Mary Rutherford, MD, and George Rutherford, MD
Ziad Zaba, MD, and Katrina Saba, MD
Augusta J. Saulys, MD
Nancy Shibata, RN, MS, and Craig Shibata
Patricia and John Taggart
Elizabeth C. Theil, PhD
Alexander Wai, MD
Susan Riggle and John Waterson, MD, PhD
Sharon R. Williams, MD
Robin Winokur, MD, and Peter Winokur
$999 and under
Anonymous (25)
Ms. Lynette Acevedo
Mr. Arnelio B. Acosta
Ms. Connie Adams
Susan M. Adams, RN
Mr. Thomas G. Adams
Ms. Youndai Adjuder
Mary Adkins
Frances Aguilar
Christine M. Aguilar-Hurley, MD and
John J. Hurley
Mr. Pedro A. Aguirre
Tariq Ahmad, MD
Karen Aikawa-Simkover
Mr. Joe M. Alatorre
Mr. Lukas Alengo
Ms. Vera Mae Alexander
Malik K. Ali
Celeste Allen, MD and Michael Krumboltz
Mr. Walter Almanza
Eva Cruz Alvarado
Mrs. Mary E. Amyx
Tausha Anderson
Ms. Lauren Andrews
Ms. Kathleen S. Apse
Blanca Aranda, RN
Ms. Bernardette N. Arellano
Ms. Anna M. Armstrong
Ms. Penny Arndt
Mr. A.J. Arocha
Ms. Abigail F. Aroma
Karen and Klaus Aschenwald
Jeanette Asselin
Ms. Satyn B. Avila
Ms. Jeri L. Aylward
Ms. Danielle L. Baca-Cash
Lela R. Bachrach, MD
Ms. Colleen R. Bailey
Liong Vuong Banaag
Ms. Jacquelyn Barefield
Mrs. Margaret Barker
Dr. and Mrs. Laurence S. Baskin
Mr. William Bay
Barbara Beach, MD and Geoffry Kotin, MD
Mr. Roderick Becker
Dr. Sonali I. Belapurkar
Katherine Bell
Michael D. Bell, MD
Renee C. Benson, MD
Mr. Thomas Berger
Drs. Eren Berkenkotter and Jim Ratliff
Suzanne Berkes
Ms. Betty L. Bermudez
Ms. and Mr. Patricia Berne
Ms. Susan J. Bessler
Daniel Birnbaum, MD, and Judith Birnbaum
Ms. Emily Blackstock
Linda Boateng
Jackie Bohanon-McDaniels
Tamara Bolinger, RN
Mr. Phillip C. Bollinger
Mr. Gregory Booth
Alok K. Bose, MD
Mrs. Robin J. Bousquet
Ms. Mary Braaten
Travis and Cynthia Bradburn
Susan F. Bradley
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Ms. Maria Bremer
Paula Brinkley, MD
Ms. Molly Brook-Bantilan
Ms. Diann Brooks
Ms. Ayanna Brown and Mr. Michael Henderson
Mrs. Evelyn Brown
Mrs. Olivia Brown
Ms. Toni Brown
Mr. Timothy Bryant
Dr. Mustafa R. Bseikri, MD
Ms. Debora W. Burse
Caron Bush
Ms. Peggy Busher
Ms. Kathleen Cain Carrithers and
Mr. Edwin Cain Carrithers
Mr. Isaiah R. Cain
Mr. Irving Calderon
Ms. Lisa Calvelli
Ms. Michelle C. Cappello
Ms. Lois L. Carelli
Ms. Sandra Caro
Sina Carroll
Ms. Susan A. Caso
Ms. Cassandra Castillo
Ms. Genevieve Catipon
Ms. Viki C. Cebers
Theodore J. Chaconas, MD and
Cecile F. Chaconas
Elaine M. Cham, MD
Ms. Julia Chan
Kitty Chan
Ms. Tina Chan
Michelle Chandler, MD
Patricia Chase, MD
Mr. Weili Chen
Cathy J. Chilcott
Ms. Janice Chiu
Christine S. Cho, MD, MPH
Ms. May K. Chow
Ms. Lori K. Cianfichi
Ms. Monique Clarida
Ms. Tyrena Cockerham
Ms. Jennifer P. Coello
Thomas and Cheryl Collins
Ms. Lucinda A. Collinson, RN
Mrs. Michelle M. Condrey
Ms. Talia Connery
Ms. Tabitha Constantino
Ms. Cynthia H. Cook
Ms. Erin R. Corbett
Ms. Susan Corkhill
Mrs. Wendy S. Cornell
Theresa Cortez
Ms. Mary Courneya-Thomas
Mrs. Teresa M. Courville
Mr. Gregory R. Coyne
Ms. Lisa M. Craib
Ms. Clara Crizer
Ruth M. Crowe, LCSW
Ms. Robin A. Culver
Ms. Rosana M. Custodio
Facebook Fan Post
My son was on 5 South from Dec.
31st, 2010 to June 12, 2011. It was a
rough time for our family. If it weren’t
for the staff of 5 South, it would have
been even harder. Love EVERYBODY
involved w/CHO. Right down to Chris
in the resource center!!
—Chrissy Connor
James Cuthbertson, MD
Thea and David Daniels
Michael Darden, MD
Ms. Benita Darden-Taylor
Debbie Dare
Maya Mitra Das, MD, PhD
Mina D. Davenport, MLS
Ms. Aimee R. Davies
Ms. Lekeisha P. Davillier
Mr. Adam M. Davis
Ms. Trinetta L. Davis
Mike and Kara De La Paz
Ms. Crystal DeCastro
Ms. Sandra Delao
Ms. Vania Deonizio
William C. Dessel, CBET
Ms. Sara S. Devaney
Luann L. DeVoss, PhD
Clarence and Pamela Dickerson
Be Diep
Ms. Cheran R. Dodd
Ms. Deanna K. Dodson-Fowler
Ngawang T. Dolma
Mr. Michael J. Domingo
Ms. Gloria Domingo-Espinoza
Ms. Victoria Donnell
Ms. Dollie D. Dorsey
Brenda W. Douglas, RN
Ms. Marcia A. Drumright, RN
Golde Dudell, MD
David and Cheri Dudley
Ms. Mary Dugbartey
Mr. Greg S. Duncan
Ms. Latasha Dunn
Ms. Bonnie J. Durr
Susanne Dyckman
Loretta F. Early, MD
Ms. Karen L. Eaton
Ms. Shannon Edenstrom
Mr. William C. Eis
Ms. Lorraine G. Eisele
Ms. Eden Endale
Katherine Eng, PNP
Ervin and Sally Ann Epstein
Randi Ervin
Ms. Marianne P. Espejo
Ms. Edrea Espinoza
Roberto and Isabel Estrada
Ms. Miriam M. Estrellas
Mrs. Veronica Estropia and Mr. Paul Julian Carney
Ms. Jazmin A. Evans
Tina Evans
Ms. Patricia A. Everett
Audrey Ewig, MD and Eric Ewig
Ms. Sarah L. Eydam
Mr. James D. Faison
Ms. Charlene Feathers
Natasha M. Fein, MD
Sharon K. Ferguson
Ms. Thelma Y. Fernandez
Ms. Danielle Fields
Mr. Will Fitzpatrick
Betty M. Flores, PNP, RN
Heidi Flori, MD
Bette Liberman Flushman
Ms. Angel Fong
Edward W. Fong, MD
Ms. Stella Y. Fong-Goodhart
Ms. Loraine Francis
Annemary M. Franks, MD
Patricia Frasca
Mary Frazier, RN
Ms. Theresa Freitas
Mr. Wayland Frye
Judy T. Fuentebella, MD
Ms. Kalisi L. Fungavaka
Tsige Furgassa
Ms. Jennifer Gahoy
Ms. Mayuri Ganupuru
Ms. Paula Garcia
Tala Ghantous
Rachel L. Gilgoff, MD
Sydney E. Gillett, RN
Ms. Jasmine Gittens
Ms. Jeffrie Givens
Ms. Lindsey E. Glover
Ms. Suzanne P. Glynn
Connie A. Goes, PNP
Carla Golden, MD, and Peter Rosenfeld
Drs. Erick Goldman and Tracy Barton Goldman
Ms. Erin Goldsmith
Ms. Jill C. Gonzales
Susan Goolsby
Cameo Gore and David Mucha
Facebook Fan Post
Children’s Hospital Oakland is
a life saving institution and I am
so grateful for all the miracles
performed there. We hope everyone
donates towards their continued
success. —Elizabeth Irwin
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Tania Gornik and Les Hamanaka
Sister Bernice Gotelli
Ms. Kellie K. Graham
Karen and David Gravereaux
Ms. Margaret H. Greenblatt
Susan A. Greenwald, LCSW
Mr. George D. Griffith
Jim and Susan Grosskopf
Sara Grunstein
Ms. Lindsay Guddee
Erin M. Gutierrez, MD
Ms. Maricela Guzman
Suzanne M. Haendel, JD
Robert R. Haining, MD
Diane Frances Halberg, MD
Marijke Barbara Hallberg, MD
Ms. Stephanie Halliday
Mrs. Maria T. Hamilton
Mrs. Barbara R. Hanabusa
Sherman Hankins
Stacey A. Hanover, RN
Ms. Kathryn Hansen
Karen Ann Hardy, MD
Paul Harmatz, MD, and Peggy Harmatz
Aaron and Danielle Harmony
Mrs. Hope E. G. Harper
Caroline Hastings, MD, and Mr. R. W. Hagar
Ms. Sara Hazelwood
Mary Claire Heffron, PhD
Gregg Helton, MD and Carol Helton
Ms. Ethel L. Henderson
Ms. Mary N. Henderson
Ms. Linda Hendrickson
Mr. Alvin D. Hendrix
Ms. Susan M. Hensley
Mr. German Hernandez
Ms. Roslyn D. Hernandez
Ms. Sonia Hernandez
Ms. Sonia G. Hernandez
Ms. Carol M. Herndon
Ms. Hilda Herrick
Sylvia and Michael Herrick
Mr. Michael Hill
Aminah Him
Mika Hiramatsu, MD and John W. Duey
Ms. Maria J. Hiro
Mr. Ken C. Ho
Ms. Elizabeth Hoenig
Scott Hoffinger, MD, and Eileen Hoffinger
David P. Hoffman, MD
Ms. Deborah Hoffman
Susan Hohl
Ms. Erin K. Hopcus
Ms. Dolia R. Horton-Butler
Ms. Kathleen Houtchens
Ms. Lily Hua
Mr. Michael Hudson
Selvia Huynh
Ms. Tricia Iacovangelo
Ms. Mari I. Ikeda
Beate Illeke, PhD
Facebook Fan Post
Dr. Idowu far the BEST surgeon. He did an amazing job taking care of my son
Jacob who was in the N.I.C.U for 5 months and had many surgeries to fix a Giant
Omphalocele. Jacob is now 7 years old healthy and happy. Jacob and our family
are so grateful to Dr Idowu. He truly made a difference in our lives. Thank You Dr.
IDOWU. Lisa and Jacob Thompson....Coeur d’alene, Idaho. —Lisa Thompson
Mr. Mikel J. Jackson
Ms. Tonishia Jackson
Sahar Jaffrey, DDS
Jimme’ James Smith and Benny Smith
Ms. Suzanne Jasmer
Ms. Karen Jennings
Ms. Elizabeth Jensen
Deborah A. Jett, RN
Ms. Lorrie M. P. Joaquin
Ms. Akeyaya E. Johnson
Barbara T. Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Lisa M. Johnson, PhD
Mr. Todd Johnson
Mr. William F. Johnson
Ms. Becky L. Johnston
Christine Johnston and Steven Glaser
Janine C. Jones, NP
Mr. Konard Jones
Ms. Claudia E. Jordan-Koch
Christa A. Joseph, RN
Lisa Kalar, MD
Mr. Daniel Kamenetzky
Ms. Valerie Keeton-Ideyi
Jane and Thomas Kensok
Khain Khamthakhoun
Mr. Kevin M. Kimbrough
Katrina King
Ms. Teresa Klask
Ms. Teddy Knight
Mr. Christopher S. Koelling
Ms. Heidi P. Koerlin
Ann and Alan Kriozere
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A Kuhnhausen
Joanne M. Kuller
Ms. Seema S. Kumar
Rachel Kuperman, MD
Sandra J. Kurtz
Ms. Diana M. Laird
Edward Lammer, MD, and Deborah Machta
Drs. Arthur and Jane Lande
Ms. Kendall Lappe
Mr. David Laquidara
Ms. Geraldine Lara
Ms. Georgina C. Laroco
Shirley and Bruce Lau
Ms. Lisa H. Lavrisha, PNP, RN
Kim and Hanzel Lawas
Ms. Gloria A. Leal
Brian P. Lee, MD and Miriam Rhew, MD, MPH
Mr. Jeffrey Lee
Ms. Julia M. Lee
Mr. Michael Lee
Ms. Mary Lekich
Ms. Kalistyn Lemke
Ms. Anne Leong
Caryn S. Lesko
Flynne K. Lewis
Richter Family
Ms. Tina T. Lewis
Ms. Xiao Lan Li
Ms. Eileen Libove
Dr. Judith A. Libow and Mr. Carl Olson
Wendy Lim
Ms. Yu-Chuan T. Lin
Chee Liu
Ms. Mae O. Liu
Don and Kathryn Livsey
Ms. Karen M. Loos
Ms. Claudia A. Lopez
Mimi W. Lou, PhD
Bonnie Lovette, RN, MS, PNP
Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Lucas
Ms. Joan M. Ludwig
Ms. Kristen L. Lum
Carolyn Lund
Ms. Abigail Lundin
Mr. David Luong
Ms. Marsha A. Luster
Ms. Michiko Luzmoor
Ms. Lynne Lynn
Christine Ma, MD
Jayy and Lisa Ma
Dion L. MacDonald
Ms. Carolina Macias
Cristina Borre Madlansacay
Tuan A. Mai
Dr. Amy F. Mandel-Burington, MD
Ms. Christabelle Manuelpillai
Jyothi Marbin, MD
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Markham, Jr.
Ms. Anita Markoff
Ms. Mayra Marquez
Mr. Vern W. Marsh
Dr. Susanne Martin Herz
David I. Martin, MD
Ms. Claudia Martinez
Ms. Patti J. Martinez
Ms. Evelyn Mascarenas
Mia B. Matias, MD
Jenifer L. Matthews, MD
Ms. Teressa Mayfield
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Ms. Joyce McCann
Dr. and Mrs. Kevan McCarten-Gibbs
Mr. Michael E. McCarty
Laura A. Mcconnell, BSN
Ms. Catherine K. McDaniel
Ms. Margaret J. McMullen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. McNamara
Kelley Evans Meade, MD
Ms. Nancy B. Medrano
Ms. Thelma E. Mejia
Katia Merriam and Erik Shiota
Purita I. Mesa
Jennifer G. Michlitsch, MD
Ms. Janis Miller
Marc Mitchell
Ms. Mitzi M. Mitchell
Mr. Michael A. Moffat
Ms. Kimberly G. Moffatt-Bazile
Mrs. Veronica Monti
Ms. Brenda Montiel
Ms. Kim Mooradian
Dishon D. Moore, RN
Mr. Kevin Moore
Ana and Fred Morales
Ms. Christina V. Morgan
Mr. Jason Morgan
Rose Ellen Morrell, MD
Ms. Liketa Morris
Kristine and Robert Munir
Mr. Joey Murella
Mrs. Wendy H. Murphy
Ms. Victoria L. Myers
Ms. Michelle Nakaishi
Kelli-Ann M. Nakayama and Joel Guinto
Ayannakai Nalo, LCSW
Ms. Earnestine Nasir
Mr. Shehan Nattar
Jaime Navarro
Lynne D. Neumayr, MD
Manisha Newaskar, MD
Kathleen M. Newkumet, MD
Corina Ng
Mai Ngo, MD
Ms. Tanya M. Nguyen
Yung Nguyen
Robert Nicholson, MD and Susan Nicholson
Mr. Scott Nickell
Debora Nielsen
Ms. Reena Ninan
Ms. Elayne Noble
Nancy A. Noonan, MS, RN, CNS
Dr. Zarin Noor
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Jesse and Paige Nues
Ms. Rochanda Oakley
Mr. Terry Oertel
Mrs. Stefanie Ogawa
Ms. Joanne Okamoto
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Oken
Mr. Diosdado L. Ong
Ms. Jane Onyekwelu
Ms. Rosa T. Orellana
James Ort
Ms. Roxana L. Oshiro
Mrs. Julie A. Otteson
Ms. Shawnderai A. Owens
Mr. Benjamin K. Owusu
Samtouch Pal
Ms. Reena Palacio
Tenzin Palzom
Ms. Mary F. Panus
Ms. Valerie J. Parker
Ms. Christina M. Parodi
Margaret Payne and Dean Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Pentico
Ms. Dee Penza
Ms. Coriemae C. Perea
Ms. Rebecca G. Perez
Ms. Ethel R. Perilla
John Pescetti, MD
Ms. Ilona Petersen
Ms. Claudette M. Peterson
Ann Petru, MD
Karen Petzoldt
Thu-Ha T. Pham, MD
Ms. Shirley Phung
Mr. William N. Pickle II
Ms. Andrea D. Pierce
Ms. Graciela Pilecki
Ms. Consuelo L. Pimentel
Ms. Leticia J. Piper
Ms. Laria Pippen
Mrs. Lisa Pisani
Aleta L. Pollard
Mr. Shon S. Powell
Ms. Rebecca Powles
Mr. Rajnesh Prasad
Ms. Teresa P. Proctor
Cornelia Provost, RN
Ms. Cynthia N. Purdy
Lynn C. Quirolo
Ms. Michelline Raigle
Ms. Erika Ramos
Mr. Rodolfo D. Ramos
Dana L. Read, RHIA
Dr. Golde Dudell is AWESOME and she saved our son in the NICU when he was
born 3 years ago and will NEVER be forgotten! More recently Dr. Kevin Walsh
gave him the best treatment, and again we thank you! —Traci Lewis Varanini
Facebook Fan Post
Dr. Hardy... I had heart surgery 22
yrs ago at 4 yrs old. And my life was
saved. Thank You. —Erica Page
Michele and Bob Redlo
Pamela A. Redman, RN, BSN
Ms. Liza J. Regala
Jason and Colleen Reed
Ms. Karen Reyes
Ms. Erica Riray
Ms. Marsha A. Ritchey
Gilmarys, Jorge, Jorge Jr., Aryana and
Adrian Ochoa
Ms. Marian Roan
Daniel L. Robbins, MD and Marianna Eraklis, MD
Erica and Ryan Robertson
Ms. Shanda Robertson
Ms. Stacie Robinson
Ms. Shayna Rockett
Josephine A. Roen, MD
Ms. Kimberley R. Ross
Stephanie J. Rosso, PhD
Ms. Brigid Roy
Ms. Gail Rubin
Ms. Julieta P. Rubio
Ms. Myra T. Rudolph
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Rusich
Coleen Sabatini, MD
Mary K. Sabato, RRT
Jahn C. Saeyang
Karla A. Sagramoso, PhD
Rosanna Salgado McDonald
Ms. Ailene Salisi
Elizabeth Salsburg, MD and Jonathan Frank
Ms. Frances Sanchez
Ms. Erika Sandstrom
Ms. Maria Santos
Ms. Victoria A. Santos-Acosta
Vickki L. Savoy-Griffin, NCPT
Ms. Elizabeth Schaub
Herbert A. Schreier, MD
Ms. Concetta J. Schroepfer
Ms. Kathleen Schultz
Laurie B. Schumacher, MPH, PhD
Ms. Cynthia H. Scritchfield
Todd W. Scudder
Ms. Gail Seche
Ms. Betsy Segarra
Mrs. Rita M. Segura
Mr. Roberto Segura
Mr. Byron Senegal
Michelle Serlin, MD
Bless Serrano
Mr. Ralph Serrato
Mr. John Seto
Mala Setty, MD
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
honor roll
Ms. Ruth Y. Shaps
Ms. Beverly F. Shea-Schurr
Shi Q. Shen
James L. Shively, MD
Lydia Shrestha, MD, and Nilamber Shrestha
Erin F. Silva
Pamela Janine Simms-Mackey, MD
Ms. Kim K. Sinclair
Ms. Monica Skinner
Ms. Lauren Small
Jason A. Smith, MD
Ms. Melodie C. Smith
Ms. Renee E. Smith
Mrs. Michelle K. Smith-King
Dr. Richard S. Sobel, DDS
Ms. Mary Soeur
Mr. Charles R. Solomon
Ms. Lynn M. Sorensen
Ms. Joanne C. Spenser*
Mrs. Graciela G. Speth
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Spindle
Dr. Barbara C. Staggers, MD, MPH, FAAP
Philip A. Starr, MD, PhD
Petra H. Steinbuchel, MD
Ms. Pamela K. Stempel Hirsch
Mr. Juan Cintron
Kristen M. Stevens
Machelle Stevens
Ms. Melinee L. Stewart
Ms. Robbyn Striggles-Browne
Wendy T. Su, MD
Hana Sua
Mr. Christopher A. Suarez
Mrs. Linda Sugimura
Mrs. Michele L. Sullivan
Mr. Evan Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Suwczinsky
Mr. Carl Swanson
Justin Sweder, MD, and Heather Barber
Ms. Patricia Sylvester
Chau Y. Tai, MD
Tammy W. Tam, PhD
Facebook Fan Post
Thank you to Dr. Sun who removed my
son Jay’s grapefruit sized brain tumor
and saved his life. And a huge thank you
to Dr. Torkildson who has set up and
overseen Jay’s chemotherapy regimen.
Dr. T is a straight shooter who gives
you the facts in a way that truly instills
hope. The entire oncology team is
wondeful, but we always look forward
to our appointments with Dr. T and his
fantastic nursing coordinator, Philippa
Doyle. Thank you, Children’s Hospital!
—Holly Moisa
Ms. Amy Warner
Ms. Angie Warren
Ms. Tamara Washington
Rosana and Kevin Watson
Mr. Brent Watts
Mr. Adam Weinberg
Ms. Deborah L. Wenrich
Mr. Jesse Tamplen
Jaime E. Tannenbaum, MD
Lane Tanner, MD
Patty Siri and Steve Tarino
Jan T. Tatarsky, MA
Ms. Marta M. Tavares
Mr. Norbert Tavares
Ms. Jennifer Tejano
Reshma R. Thadani, MD, MPH
Yin P. Tham
Ms. Janie Thomas
April H. Thompson
Lydia Tinajero-Deck, MD
Mr. Kenneth L. Toch
Anne Togneri
Ms. Maria L. A. Tomas
Ms. Maria T. Tompkins
Joseph C. Torkildson, MD, and
Christina I. Torkildson, RN
Ms. Lenda Townsend-Williams
Facebook Fan Post
Facebook Fan Post
Wishing for 100 more years of
dedicated service to the Bay Area and
beyond. —Renee Paulsen Christensen
XO Drs. Hastings, Torkildson,
Raphael, Birnbaum, Sun, Aguilar and
at CHORI—Drs. Killilea and Suh.
—Hempel Family
Elizabeth Trachtenberg, PhD, and
David Trachtenberg
Mrs. Leslie R. Troutner
Ms. Michele Trujillo
Ms. Debra Tumbarello
Dr. Lisa M. Turman
Mrs. Susan M. Turpin
Katherine Ugarte
Mr. Bruce Valentine
Ms. Renee Vance
Erica VanDenHaak and Dustin Gibbs
Margery J. Vanderslice, RN
Mr. Silvio Verbis, Jr.
Marcelina Vigil
Irma Villagomez-Miranda
Mr. Larry Villagran
Ms. Helene I. Villamejor
Felipe Villanueva
Christina S. Vo, MD
Ms. Maria VonderBrink
Garen Vong
Ms. Becky Voong
Dr. Sharad Wadhwani
Dorothymae T. Walczak
Ms. Margaret Wallace
Mark C. Walters, MD
Ms. Minnie M. Walton
Ms. Ying Wang
Mr. Denzil Ward
Ms. Giselle Wardhaugh
Jocelyn P. Werner, MD, and Peter Werner
Raphael M. Whelan, BSN, RN
Ms. Rebecca White
Ms. Angela Wilbourn
Susan Wilkens, PhD
Mr. Dale F. Williams
Phoebe Williams
Ms. Dianna Willis
Mary Willoughby
Ms. Andrea E. Wilson
Ms. Beverly K. Wimberly
Ms. Mary Ann Wittenberg
Ms. Lorena Wolfman
Laureen S. Wong, PhD
Ms. Stacy Wong
Ms. Carolyn Woods
Ms. Patricia Woodson
Ms. Andrea Works
James S. Wright, MD, and Jean C. Hayward, MD
Ms. Jan M. Wright
Mr. Reginald L. Wright
Alex Wulff
Ms. Delyce Yan
Ms. Elisa Yang
Ms. Joanne Yeaton
Ms. Susana Yerian
Janis and Donald Yoshikawa
Ms. Michele E. Young
Miaoxiu Yu
Ms. Xueyan Zhang
Zhiming Zhong
Ms. Susanna Ziegler
Ms. Wanda T. Ziemba
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
of our
Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland
747 52nd St., Oakland, CA 94609
Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland
Senior Leadership
Bertram H. Lubin, MD
President & Chief Executive Officer
Betsy Biern, MBA
Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer
Kathleen Cain, MBA
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Richard DeCarlo, RN, BSN, MBA
Executive Vice President & Chief of Hospital Operations
David Durand, MD
Senior Vice President & Chief of Pediatrics
Janet King, PhD
Interim Senior Vice President, Research & Executive Director, CHORI
Cynthia Chiarappa, MBA
Vice President, Strategy
Carolyn G. Dossa, CPMSM, MBPA
Vice President, Institutional Quality & Family Support Services
Jacquelyn Garman, Esq.
Vice President, General Counsel
James H. Hanson, MD
Vice President, Medical Affairs
Konard Jones
Vice President, Professional & Support Services
Donald Livsey, MBA
Vice President, Hospital Information Systems
Mary Jane Perna
Vice President, Philanthropy
Rajnesh Prasad, MBA
Vice President, Research Operations, CHORI
Nancy Shibata, RN, MSN
Vice President, Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer
Patricia Taggart, MBA
Vice President, Ambulatory Services & Chief Administrative Officer,
Bay Children’s Physicians
Children’s Hospital &
Research Center Oakland
Board of Directors
James Keefe, Chair
Melba Muscarolas, Vice Chair
Michael LeNoir, MD, Secretary
Arthur D’Harlingue, MD, Treasurer
Tom Bret, Esq.
Jeffrey Cheung
Matthew Cox
Harold Davis
Janet King, PhD
Watson Laetsch, PhD
Lou Lavigne
James Levine
Leslie Littleton
Bertram Lubin, MD
Betty Jo Olson
Hintendra Patel, MD
Edward Penhoet, PhD
Ori Sasson
Shahan Soghikian
Harold C. Warner, PhD
Richard Whitley, MD
Jamie Bertasi Zerber
Medical Staff Leadership
Hitendra Patel, MD
James Feusner, MD
Sharon Pilmer, MD
Immediate Past President
Kelley Meade, MD
Children’s Oakland Annual Report 2012
caring for 100% of our future
2012 news
747 52ND ST.
caring for
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