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Burnside Gorge
Community News
March-April 2015
Greetings from new Council Liaison; Official
Community Plan for Burnside Gorge
By Geoff Young, City of Victoria Councillor, Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood Liaison
am delighted to be the new councillor liaison to
the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood. I enjoyed
being liaison many years ago, when Dean Fortin
was the staff administrator and Burnside school
was the location for activities. The new Community
Centre was only a dream then.
As readers know, the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood is really a group of smaller neighbourhoods with different characteristics; a traditional
residential neighbourhood, an established light
industrial area, an area of important office buildings and multi-family dwellings, shopping areas
and major transportation corridors routes into the
downtown, and a regional trail. It also contains
areas in transition between uses. It was because
of the challenges presented by these transitioning
uses that council selected Burnside Gorge for the
first neighbourhood plan renewal in many years.
You will be invited to participate in this process of
planning for the future.
In the past all of the neighbourhood or “local
area” plans were renewed every decade or so, as
budgets allowed, but more recently the City has
focused on planning policies applied to the entire
City of Victoria. Having similar principles and
standards throughout the City is more efficient, no
doubt, and also provides equity among neighbourhoods, but it does mean that individual needs and
circumstances of neighbourhoods may not be fully
reflected in the plan.
Council has already had to face examples of conflict between City-wide polices embodied within
the new Official Community Plan and the expectations of neighbours based on previous neighbourhood plans. These have occurred when developers
have responded to new OCP policies and have come
forward with developments within the small urban
centres (Fernwood centre, Cook Street village, etc.)
that have been much larger than those foreseen by
previous neighbourhood plans. Even though the
existing neighbourhood plans are now quite old,
it is clear that local residents still depend on them
for guidance about what is likely to happen. Proposals to depart from these older plans may create
conflict. I hope that in the course of developing the
Burnside Gorge plan some of these issues can be
BGCA Community Meeting Burnside Gorge Community Centre
471 Cecelia Rd. Monday, March 16, 2015
Doors: 6:30 pm Meeting starts at 7:00 pm On the agenda: 1.Campus Honda Group owns 4 single family
lots at 474 & 478 Burnside Road East and
3111 & 3117 Delta Street. They would like to
apply for a type of use other than the one
that is currently allowed in order to store
new cars on the site for up to 4 years. As the
Burnside-Gorge neighbourhood is currently
updating its Local Area Plan, the owner
would like to apply for a temporary use
permit until the plan has been finalized and
they have a better idea of how to best utilize
the properties. worked through so that residents can agree on the
exact form of future development that is wanted.
The local area plan process will also be an opportunity for neighbourhood participants to express other aspirations. Is a mid-block pedestrian
connector to link Cecelia Ravine park with Albany,
Carroll, Balfour and the streets to the North, away
from the traffic of Gorge and Burnside, still important to residents? Would rapid bus or light rail transit along one of the transportation corridors in the
neighbourhood be welcomed? Are there opportunities for new pedestrian paths linking the neighbourhood to other areas?
I look forward to the discussion of all of these
questions and others that the process will bring
For more details about the OCP or to find out
how you can get involved, see "Shape the Future
of your Neighbourhood" on page 3.
2.The owner of the Metro Inn at 680 Garbally
Road is proposing to convert it from its
current use as a motel to an apartment
building, run by a professional management
association. For many years, the property
has been occupied by long term tenants,
with 70% long-term occupants in summer
and 90% in winter. Unit sizes are 320-400
square feet and all have full bathrooms. 22
of the 34 units contain kitchens. The proposed changes include: installing kitchens
in the remaining 12 units, reducing parking
from 34 to 20 spots, and replacing 14 parking spots with bike parking and green space. The Association is seeking feedback from the
community on both proposals. Everyone welcome.
Light refreshments will be served.
Land Ho!
Are you interested in land use issues in the Burnside Gorge community? Would you like to be notified of upcoming Community Meetings? Join the
Burnside Gorge Land Use Mailing List. For more
information email [email protected].
Burnside Gorge Community News: March-April 2015
Burnside Gorge
Community News
March-April 2015 | Volume 29, No. 2
Published by the
Burnside Gorge Community Association
471 Cecelia Road, Victoria, BC V8T 4T4
Phone: 250-388-5251 | Fax: 250-388-5269
Website: www.burnsidegorge.ca
Note: Written contributions do not necessarily reflect the
opinions of the BGCA or its staff.
BGCA Board of Directors
Tamara Leonard-Vail, President
Tracy James, Vice-President
John Sanderson, Treasurer
Michelle Peterson, Secretary
Samuel Jang
Murray Langdon
Avery Stetski
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Editors: Geraldine Bulosan, Rachel O'Neill
Production & Layout: Geraldine Bulosan
Phone: 250-388-5251
Email: geraldineburnsidegorge.ca or rachel@
The Burnside Gorge Community News welcomes
contributions from community members. Please note that
submission does not guarantee publication. Articles will
be subject to editing as required for clarity and brevity.
BGCA Family Self-Sufficiency Program – Inhale
e’re excited to announce that the Family
Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is moving
forward with Phase V and will begin recruiting
new Participants in March 2015. We will be holding information sessions for individuals who are
interested in learning more about this financial literacy and asset-building program for families.
FSS provides a range of resources and opportunities to assist you in transforming your hopes
and dreams into a sustainable reality. FSS may
also provide a unique opportunity to build savings.
Participants will be partnered with a Family Advisor while they plan for the future, set goals related
to employment and finances, increase their financial knowledge and build workable budgets. The
program has been working with families living in
subsidized housing for 12 years to help tenants increase their financial literacy skills and transform
life visions into concrete action steps.
In order to be eligible to apply a person
must receive a housing subsidy while living
in subsidized housing or as part of the rental
assistance program. They must also have at
least one child living with them and live on a
low income.
In addition FSS partners with community agencies to provide free financial education workshops
to their clients.
If you would like more information about the
program or how to get involved, please call BGCA
at 250-388-5251 and ask to speak to someone in
the FSS Program.
We are most grateful for the support we receive,
including from BC Housing, United Way of Greater
Victoria, VanCity Savings Credit Union, Capital
Region Housing Corp and the Victoria Women In
Need Community Cooperative.
START where you are
USE what you have
DO what you can
Are You:
About the Burnside Gorge Community Association
Your community association is your link to the City
of Victoria on neighbourhood ideas and concerns. We
welcome residents to participate in our committees and
we host regular meetings to bring neighbours together to
ensure your voices are heard.
The Burnside Gorge Community Association operates the
Burnside Gorge Community Centre. The community centre
is both a neighbourhood house and a recreation centre.
We provide family resource programs and services that
respond to the needs of families in the area such as family
outreach, parent & child programs, childcare, a youth centre
and special events. We offer educational and recreational
activities such as yoga, dance and language courses.
We also provide a number of popular special events
throughout the city, including the Selkirk Waterfront
Festival, the Gorge Waterway Cleanup, the Halloween
Monster Mash, Santa's Pancake Breakfast and the
Community Christmas Dinner.
Stay connected with Burnside Gorge:
• Receiving a housing subsidy (not all housing providers qualify)
• Living with at least one dependent child
• Surviving on a low income
• Feeling overwhelmed about money
• Struggling with debt
• Worried about your finances
The Family Self-Sufficiency Program can support you…
• Face your financial fears and move forward
• Gain more control of your money
• Start Saving
• Begin a debt reduction plan and reduce your debt
• Access supports that will assist you and your family as you move towards
a brighter future
Contact Linda M or Heather H with the FSS program at the Burnside Gorge at 250388-5251 or visit burnsidegorge.ca to find out more. Next session starts soon!
Cliffside Youth Centre
Become a Community Supporter advertise in the Burnside Gorge
Community News!
7,000+ issues are delivered
bi-monthly throughout
the neighbourhood.
Call 250-388-5251 for more details
or visit burnsidegorge.ca
Finlayson St
Dodd’s Furniture 715Call
across from Mayfair shopping centre
We won’t be undersold!
Locally owned and operated. Serving Victoria since 1977.
875 Viewfield Road
Victoria, BC V9A 4V2
Burnside Gorge Community News: March-April 2015
Shape the Future of Your
Community Business Profile:
Themis Security
new vision for the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood will be developed with
the community to guide growth and change over the next 30 years.
Improved connections for people who walk, cycle, and take the bus, new
residential and business developments along Douglas Street, and revitalized
industrial and employment areas including Rock Bay are current priorities
identified in the City of Victoria’s Official Community Plan (OCP). The new local area plan for Burnside Gorge will advance objectives of the OCP and create
a plan for the neighbourhood that will guide future development and projects.
This spring the City of Victoria wants to hear from you. Several events and activities will take place in the community this April and May on topics including:
• How to accommodate future population and employment growth in
the area
• Ways to enhance urban design, heritage, and sense of place
• Community priorities for walking, cycling, and transit connections
• Identifying the type and scale of future parks and public spaces
• What infrastructure improvements will best support future growth
• Desired services and amenities for the area Public input in April and May will be followed by a second phase of input this
fall. Feedback collected during both phases will inform a draft local area plan
for Burnside Gorge neighbourhood that will be considered by Council in 2016.
For more information on opportunities to get involved, visit www.victoria.
What is a local area plan?
A local area plan guides how growth and development will be managed
in a specific area. Council, staff, and citizens use a local area plan to evaluate the impact and suitability of future projects and development. Guided by
the Official Community Plan, a local area plan considers city-wide issues and
provides direction for how land will be used in the area.
rowing anxieties about crime and anti-social behaviour have encouraged residents groups, housing
associations, property owners and developers to look to
supplementary forms of security. By providing visible patrols, deterrence and
the ability to engage those that are loitering, trespassing and damaging properties are some of the key traits that clients look for. It has become acceptable
for groups to take control of their own security needs and to select the providers that would complement current policing efforts.
In some residential areas, a range of diverse personnel engages in low level policing activities. This includes engaged citizens, neighbourhood watch
programs and private security firms. The purchase of additional reassurance
through visible figures of authority is a major new dynamic in community
safety that has developed and successfully implemented in Victoria. With
Burnside/Gorge area’s unique circumstances and issues, it is worth exploring
the role of private security.
Themis Security is considered a leader in designing and implementing
community-based safety and security programs.
“The main activities of Themis Security, as it relates to our community service, is responding to alarms, responding to residents’ calls, providing visible
deterrence, providing information to the police and monitoring occupied and
vacant properties,” says Mirko Filipovic, owner of Themis Security.
“We strive for positive engagement and interaction and very much rely on
our communication skills as we engage a range of individuals on a daily basis.
Ultimately, we are here to protect your businesses and homes. We have a variety of tools at our disposal that we have utilized successfully over a number
of projects throughout the city.”
Themis Security’s projects range from Wharf Street to Cook Street and
from Pandora Avenue to Fort Street and serve a variety of areas and needs. By
engaging local community, they are able to combine the resources available
and offer a service that will provide the necessary results that no single business could do on their own. Their effectiveness and result-oriented approach
engages and brings together those that live and work in a specific community.
Although Themis Security is Victoria based, they have international experience to draw from.
“The challenges facing Burnside/Gorge residents and businesses are very
much evident. However, through collaboration, combining resources, coordination with social agencies, and cooperating with local law enforcement
agencies, we can contribute to a safer and more security community” says to
training and development manager, Fraser Dodds, a 28-year veteran of London, UK police.
Themis Security is a Victoria based firm. Our team of highly trained and
professional security officers engage in protective services across a wide
range of industries. Our trademark is designing and implementing community based safety and security services in order to overcome today’s business challenges while creating value for our clients. For more information,
please visit themispro.com
Burnside Gorge Community News: March-April 2015
Activity Guide
March & April 2015
The Community Centre is located at 471 Cecelia Road, between Burnside Road E & Gorge
Road E.
Outdoor public facilities include the Cecelia
Ravine Sport Court and Bike Skills Park, adjacent to the Centre.
We also operate the Burnside Community
Campus at 3130 Jutland Road (corner of Cecelia and Jutland).
The Centre is readily accessible by public
transit: buses #8, 11, 21 & 22 run along the
streets that parallel or intersect Cecelia Road.
It is also easily accessible by the Galloping
Goose Trail.
We have an exciting line-up of programs for all
ages, from toddlers to seniors. To register for
a program call 250-388-5251 or drop by the
Centre in person.
Pre-registration is required for all programs
unless noted and payment is required at the
time of registration.
We accept cash, cheque, credit card (VISA &
MC), Debit or City of Victoria LIFE credits.
Register early to avoid disappointment!
Programs may be cancelled or postponed if
there are not enough registered participants.
Please register at least two days in advance of
the first class.
Drop-in Pass options are available for confirmed
Yoga programs.
• For a full refund, request for withdrawal
must be received at least 1 day prior to
the first class.
K inderg y m Parent and Tot Drop-In (2-4 y rs)
Join us for active play in the Burnside Campus gymnasium. There are ride-on toys, climbers, slides,
balls, hoops and various sports equipment. The program includes free play, organized games and circle
time. Best suited for ages 2–4 yrs yet all children under 5 yrs are welcome. Parent participation is required.
Location: Burnside Campus, 3130 Jutland Road.
Jan 6 – Jun 16*
9:30am-10:45am *Program does not run March 9-14.
Toddler A r t Drop-In (2-5 y rs)
Explore your creative side! Each week features a different craft designed with the preschooler in
mind. Smocks and soap provided. Please dress children in clothing that can get messy and they can be
creative in. Parent participation is required.
Jan 7 - June 17*
Drop-In $1 per family
$1 per daycare child
*Program does not run March 9-14. Family Dinner & Drop-In (Family/Children Ages 0 -18)
Join friends and neighbours for a delicious dinner prepared by staff and volunteers every Thursday
evening. After dinner stay and play in the family centre or hang out in the youth centre. Assistance with
set-up and clean-up is appreciated. Dinner is served at 5:00pm.
Mar 5– June 25*
Dinner: 5pm - 6pm Suggested donation: $2/family. Drop-In: 6pm - 7pm
*Program does not run during the first week of Spring Break: March 9-14.
Family Centre Drop-In, 6-7pm
Youth Centre Drop-In, 6-7pm
Youth Centre Drop-In, 5-8pm
For children 0-6 yrs, if accompanied by parent
For children 7-11 yrs if accompanied by parent
Youth 12-18 yrs may attend unaccompanied
Parent and Tot Playgroup (0 to 5 y rs)
This is an opportunity for young children and their caregivers to meet and play in an informal atmosphere with toys, books and crafts. Snacks provided.
Note: Groups do not meet on school holidays and Professional Development Days.
Jan 6 – Jun 27*
*Program does not run March 9-14.
• A full refund will be issued if BGCA cancels a program.
• If a participant withdraws after the first
class, they will be refunded the pro-rated
cost of the program.
• Withdrawing after the second or third
class, the participant will be refunded
the pro-rated cost of the program minus
a $5 administrative fee.
• No refunds for withdrawals after the
lesser of the 4th class or 50% of the
course has been completed.
Get in Touch
Do you have an IDEA for a program that you
would like to see offered at Burnside Gorge
Community Centre?
Contact Suzette, Community Recreation Coordinator at 250-388-5251 ext 225.
untitled image by Steven Johnson & Courtney Horwitz, some rights reserved; Flickr
Mother Goose (0 to 5 y rs)
This program incorporates music, stories, and fun for you and your little one! The Parent Child Mother Goose program encourages child development through music, stories, movement, and attachment
parenting. This program is offered in partnership with Success by 6 South Vancouver Island. Parent
participation is required. Please call 250-388-5251 for more information.
Jan 10 - Jun 27*
10am – 11am
*Program does not run March 9-14.
Burnside Gorge Licensed Preschool (3.5-5 y rs)
The focus is on kindergarten readiness by helping children learn the skills to make a smooth transition. Our program encourages children to develop personal independence, make creative choices and
7:30 am to 9:00 pm
Sat.,Sun.& Hol. 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Mon. to Fri.
101 Burnside Rd. West ( between Tillicum and Harriet )
X - R AY • L A B • P H A R M A C Y • P H Y S I O
Burnside Gorge Community News: March-April 2015
respect each other. Our preschool includes areas for: circle time, group play,
learning stations and arts and crafts.
Please note: children must
be at least 3 1/2 yrs old and
toilet trained. A non-refundable $35 Family Registration
Fee is required with registration. Phone 250-388-5251 for
availability and prices.
Jan 6 – June 25
Tues, Wed, Thur 9am – 12pm 2 days
3 days$180
PISE Active Star t (3-4 y rs)
Delivered by the PISE (Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence)
Let’s laugh, play and explore the building blocks of movement! This program teaches Physical Literacy skills like running, jumping, throwing, agility,
balance and coordination (ABCs) through games and play. Introducing kids to
these skills will ensure that they are on the path to becoming Active for Life!
Location: Burnside Campus Gym, 3130 Jutland Road
9:30am – 10:30am
The GROOVE dance floor is the perfect place for kids of all ages to move
their bodies, get creative, and interact with others while having tons of FUN!
Kids explore and discover their own unique way of moving and have the opportunity to find their own inner GROOVE.
April 11*
2pm – 3pm
*FREE trial class for families, no registration required
April 18 – May 9 May 30 – June 27 2pm – 3pm
2pm – 3pm
Yoga for Parents and Tots Have fun learning basic yoga moves with your child. Each class will finish
with an interactive storytelling session.
2-3 years:
April 18 – May 9
9:30am – 10:00am
4-6 years:
April 18 – May 9
10:15am – 11:00am
Yoga for Girls (9 -12 y rs)
Girls will learn to let go of daily stressors while developing flexibility,
strength, posture and balance - helping the mind to quiet and focus. Explore
the power of body, mind and breath through yoga and get ready for a fun adventure! Instructor: Beth Miller
April 18 – May 9
Sun Apr 19 – Jun 14*
*No class May 17
9:45am – 10:45am
7-10 yrs
Sun Apr 19 – Jun 14*
*No class May 17
10:45am – 11:45am
11:15am – 12:15am
Spor tball Programs at Burnside Gorge
Location: Burnside Campus - Sports Field, 3130 Jutland Road
NOTE - Spring Session: Additional mandatory fee of $15 for jersey
Call 250-388-5251 to register
Parent and Child Outdoor Soccer (2-3 yrs)
Parents & caregivers can have a direct hand in their child’s development in
Sportball Soccer. Children are taught the fundamental skills necessary to excel in soccer, including throw-ins, dribbling, trapping, passing, goalie skills,
and more. Classes are dedicated skill development and putting those skills to
work in an exciting, non-competitive game.
Sun Apr 19 – Jun 14* 9:00am – 9:45am
*No class May 17
The Society for Kids at Tennis (KATS, www.kidsattennis.ca) provides free
tennis lessons and equipment to families experiencing financial barriers (application required). Using the “progressive tennis” approach recommended
by Tennis Canada, the KATS program uses smaller racquets, smaller courts,
lower nets and low compression balls. This approach helps kids to develop
confidence in their ability to hit the ball, learn quickly, and most of all, have
fun playing the sport! Kids will be introduced to the fundamental skills which
form the foundation for future development.
Location: Banfield Park Tennis Courts, Craigflower Road
Register through Burnside Gorge Community Centre, 250-380-5251
Tennis (5-8 yrs)
Mon May 4 – June 29*
4pm – 5pm 8/Free
5pm – 6pm 8/Free
PISE Family Fitness (k ids ages 4-7 and parents)
GROOV E for K ids (7-11 y rs)
4-6 yrs
Tennis (9-13 yrs)
Mon May 4 – June 29*
*No class May 18
Subsidies available, contact Suzette at 250-388-5251.
Children are taught the fundamental skills necessary to excel in soccer, including throw-ins, dribbling, trapping, passing, goalie skills, and more. Classes are dedicated skill development and putting those skills to work in an exciting, non-competitive game. K ATS (K ids at Tennis)
Please note: Class dates follow the Tillicum Elementary School calendar.
Closed Stat Holidays, Spring Break (March 9-20) and Pro-D days.
Mon Apr 13-May 25*
*No class May 18
Outdoor Soccer for Children
Physical Literacy for the whole family! Imagine a program where you AND
your children can be active together. This program will include a bootcamp
for the parents while the kids are busy having their own fun . . . all in the same
gym. Finish each session with a large group activity. Set a great example for
your children and have fun together!
Location: Burnside Campus Gym, 3130 Jutland Rd
Apr 18-May23
11:45am – 12:45pm 6/$90*
*Price includes up to 2 parents and 2 children. Add an additional family member for $20.
Subsidies available, contact Suzette at 250-388-5251.
Theatre Bir thday Par ties (5-12 y rs)
10 of your closest pals
Theatre rental with a movie of your choice for 90 minutes, followed by
Education Centre use for 60 minutes. A total time of 2.5 hours! Parents are
welcome to decorate with their own theme. Kitchen access available and tables and chairs included.
Location: Burnside Gorge Community Centre
Sat or Sun 1pm – 6pm 1/$145
Activ it y Bir thday Par ties (5-12 y rs)
15 of your closest pals
Utilize The Burnside Campus Gymnasium for sport, play, or an activity
your child desires on their special day. Kitchen access is available and tables and chairs are included. Parents are welcome to decorate with their own
theme. Limited equipment available, but you’re welcome to bring in your own.
2 hour rental.
Location: Burnside Campus Gym, 3130 Jutland Road
Sat/Sun 6pm – 8pm
12pm – 6pm
The best part is we clean up the mess! All you have to do is leave with what
you came with (including decorations). For more information, please contact
Kimberly McDermott at 250-388-5251 x 224 or [email protected].
BGCA Recreation, Education & Special Events listings continued on page 6...
Sol Food Cafe & Sol Fine Foods
Cafe, Deli, Catering
T. 250-381-6629
F. 250-381-6618
#101-2955 Jutland Rd
Burnside Gorge Community News: March-April 2015
...BGCA Recreation, Education & Special Events listings continued from page 5.
Clif fside Youth Drop-In
(12-18 y rs)
Bring your friends or meet new ones at the Cliffside Youth Centre. Activities
include pool, air hockey, foosball, WII and Playstation 2. Watch movies on a
big screen in our unique theatre or join us on an out-trip to places about town.
For more information on the Youth Drop-In nights contact Justine Will,
Youth Recreation Coordinator, at 250-388-5251.
Mar 25 – Jun 26* Drop-In/Free
*Closed during the first week of Spring Break: March 9-13th. It will be
open on Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 20th.
Regular Hours: Wednesday
Ages 12-14 yrs
Ages 12-18 yrs
Ages 15-18 yrs
*Family Night: from 6-7pm, children 7-11 years can attend the Cliffside Youth Centre drop-in if accompanied by a parent.
Camp Sur v ivor Spring Series (11-15 y rs)
This camp is packed with exciting activities including rock climbing, paintball, laser tag, swimming and more! If you are looking for a week of adventure
and fun, this is the camp that won’t let you down. Daily registration option
subject to availability ($40/day). City of Victoria LIFE credits welcome. Call
250-388-5251, ext 254 for more information.
Mar 9-13
Mar 16-20
benefits for quality of movement and the ability to create more vitality and
energy immediately. Europlastika is therapeutic dance created with a number of dancing styles (Flamenco, Riverdance, Russian, etc) plus some of the
best exercise disciplines (yoga, pilates). The class will consist of 12-15 easy to
learn musical compositions designed for 40+ year old women, concentrating
on positive emotions and inspiration from the music! This program is good
for your spine, posture and pelvic floor. Instructor: Justina Bailey
Tues Apr 7 - May 12 7:30pm – 8:30pm
YOGA at Burnside Gorge Community Centre
Jenny’s Yoga for Active People
This series of classes will help you get in condition for the outdoor activities you love to do – climbing, hiking, running, cycling, kayaking, sports, etc.
Learn to mobilize the power of your body, mind and spirit through posture,
movement, breath and optimism so you can stay active throughout your life.
Jenny Feick of Nature Wise Yoga offers alignment conscious, nature-inspired,
hatha flow yoga, and provides options for all levels.
Feb 18 - March 25 April 1 – May 20
7:00pm – 8:15pm
7pm – 8:15pm
Meditation for Ever yday
Come into stilllness and relaxation with a focus on the breath. Learn tools
to access more calm in your everyday life. This practice can be done seated in
a chair or on a cushion. It is of particular benefit for busy people, helping to
release stress and sharpen the mind. Instructor: Beth Miller
Apr 13 – May 11
7pm – 8pm
Cedar Sorensen BFA, DipEd, E-RYT 500 & Yoga Therapist
BREAK OUT OF THE FITNESS BOX! Groove movements are purpose
and music-driven and are designed to build strength, cardio and flexibility.
Learn easy and simple moves to different dance styles including Jazz, Latin,
Contemporary, Swing, African, Hip Hop and many more. This is a multi-level class, no experience necessary, perfect for any age. If you can move, you
can GROOVE. Instructor: Melanie Langman
Mon Feb 16 – Mar 30* 50033
Mon April 13 – May 11
*No class March 9th, 16th
6:30pm – 7:30pm 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Healthy Liv ing Series
Join us for this informative series on family health topics. Health practitioners from Coastal Roots Integrative Health will guide you to a better understanding of common health issues, and explore preventative measures to help
keep you and your family healthy and happy. $5 of your registration fee will
support Family programs at BGCA.
Preparing for Pregnancy
Physical, nutritional, mental and social health are paramount when building a healthy family. This workshop is designed to teach families the 5 essential health goals necessary to obtain optimal health for mom, baby and
family. Topics covered include: gentle detoxification, stress management,
hormonal balance, diet and nutrition and common causes of infertility. Dr.
Jennifer Gratton, Naturopathic Physician & Owner of Coastal Roots Health.
Wed Mar 25
Free/by Donation
7pm – 8:30pm
Our postural habits play a big role in our lives. Posture develops over time
and is reinforced by movement and holding patterns of the musculoskeletal
system. Join Laura Hale, Registered Massage Therapist for a talk on common
postural patterns found in sitting, standing and walking and discover how to
wake up these sleeping muscles for better postural alignment.
Apr 29
7pm – 8:30pm
Find out more about Cedar on her websites: devadaruyoga.weebly.com and bodyandmindrevival.weebly.com
Monday Flow Yoga
Flow yoga is a practice in which the postures are linked with the breath in
a flowing sequence, one posture gracefully flowing into the other. Practiced
mindfully and with attention to alignment, this practice calms the mind, increases flexibility, strength and balance. Instructor: Cedar Sorensen
Mon April 13 – May 25*
*No class May 18
Postural Habits; Waking Up Your Sleeping Muscles
Cedar has been teaching yoga courses
at Burnside Gorge Community Centre for
three years. She has taken several yoga
teacher training courses, in Bali, India and
Victoria BC, as well as Yoga Therapy certification and offers group and private yoga.
Her background in the creative arts informs
her teaching. What you can expect in her
classes is to be encouraged to be yourself,
work to your edge, practice with self-compassion, and to be more
fully present in this moment. You’ll be encouraged to challenge yourself while also letting go of competition and comparison. We may
work gently or more vigorously, but always with awareness; building
strength, balance, stamina, clarity & freedom! Come and join our
wonderful group of yogi/nis!
The only class of its kind offered in North America! European countries
have long been practicing a gentle approach to exercise which focuses on antiaging movements that create change from the cellular level. It is rich with
6/$60 Yin Yang Yoga
This class will begin with a more vigorous yang sequence based on the sun
salutations to build heat & strength in the body. In the second part of the
class, we’ll slow things down with longer held postures that build flexibility &
mobility in both the body & mind. This allows us to move beyond the muscular level & exercise the connective tissues of the body. Yin yoga is a wonderful practice that creates space and length in the body and renews our energy
resources (“qi /chi / prana”), as well as affording us the opportunity to grow
in mindfulness & presence. Instructor: Cedar Sorensen
April 8 – May 13 5:15pm-6:30pm
650 Hillside Ave
Victoria BC, V8T 1Z2
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Serving Our Community
Burnside Gorge Community News: March-April 2015
Sur ya Namaskara: Salute to the Sun, Step by Step
This workshop breaks down each of the 12 postures and the transitions
between the postures of the Suryanamaskar series. Learn proper alignment
and modifications to maximize the benefits and tailor the sequence to your
needs. These alternating backward and forward bending asanas flex and
stretch the spinal column and limbs through their maximum range. Learning this sequence and practicing it regularly is one of the quickest ways to
obtain a supple body. Instructor: Cedar Sorensen
April 18
10am – 12:30pm
fundamentals of navigating an iOS device, including Control Centre, moving
and organizing icons, and operating the apps that come with it. 50075
Tues Apr 28
Apr 14 – May 19 7pm-8:30pm
Comics Go!
Combine writing techniques and artistic sensibilities to create your own
graphic novels or comic strips. We’ll develop your kernel idea into a solid project that you’ll feel confident producing and publishing. Tell you story through
this popular visual medium. Instructor: Astra Crompton
Mon Apr 13 – May 25* *No class May 18
6/$60 Spanish for Beg inners
An introduction to the basics. Learn grammar, pronunciation, reading and
writing, as well as common idioms and expressions. Cultural traditions and
context from Latin America are taught. Students will be able to use what they
have learned to travel in Spanish-speaking countries and have FUN learning
Spanish this way! Instructor: Anamaria Medina
Apr 8 – May 27
12pm – 1pm
Spanish - Level 2
For those who already have a basic knowledge of Spanish but want to go
beyond the books and increase their conversational ability. Students will explore different topics each week, learning songs from Spanish speaking countries, different cultural expressions, and a variety of activities to make learning the language fun and interactive. Have fun practicing with Anamaria
– Aprende la cultura Latina!
Thurs Apr 9 – May 28
12pm – 1 pm
Understanding Apple - A series of Mac and iPad
classes for the rest of us
New to the world of Apple or just need a refresher? This three-course series is a great way to learn how to use Apple’s latest gadgets to make your
digital life simpler, safer, and a lot more fun. Instructor: Sol Kaufmann
NOTE: Please bring your own iPad or laptop and/or other “i” devices.
*Register for all three sessions and save $10!
Tues April 14, 21 and 28 7pm - 8:30pm $65
Learn all the new features of Apple’s latest operating system, OS X Yosemite. We’ll show you how to navigate and organize your files, use hotkeys and
commands like copy, paste and print, and understand how your Mac works
with printers, external drives and discs.
Tues Apr 14
7pm – 8:30pm
Seniors Lunch ‘N Learn
Socialize with other seniors in the community while enjoying a delicious
and nutritious homemade meal. This program features a mix of guest speakers, social activities and theme activities during the holiday seasons. Call
250.388.5251 for more information.
*Year-round program. Does not run on stat holidays; other closures will
be advertised.
March/April Presentations:
March 3 Colleen Jackson - Merit Travel
March 10 Financial Abuse: Miriam Yalois, Vancity
March 17 Black History: Karen Hashal
March 24 The Social Butterflies - Natalie Agate
March 31 Pysanka – Ukranian Easter Egg Craft & a special Easter
April 7
Better at Home Program: Janice Sacks and Kirsten Mueller
April 14
Dimensions of Mindfulness: UVic Speaker Series
- Dr. James Sacamano
April 21 Victoria Then & Now: Postcards from the Past
- Nick Russell, PhD
April 28 Helen Dougherty, Body Enlightenment Executive Coach
Selk irk Water front Festival
Saturday May 23rd, 2015*
10am – 3pm
Be sure to attend this fun-filled family event that offers something for everyone. Enjoy exciting carnival style rides, FUN activities in the Family Fun
Zone, world cuisine in the international food court, and the unique Artisan
Craft Market. Featuring live local entertainment on our main stage.
*The Gorge Super Sprint races will be held on the same day as the festival
this year – don’t miss these two great events!
Vendor applications are now being accepted for food service and the artisan craft market. Call Suzette at 250-388-5251, or email [email protected] for information.
Session 1: MacBook, iMac & Mac mini Basics 50074
7pm – 8:30pm
Write engaging stories with rich worlds and strong characters. Writing fiction requires a lot of imagination, creativity and passion. Learn how to bust
writer’s block, think like a writer and create exciting stories. Let’s write! Instructor: Astra Crompton
Ever wish your passwords, contacts, calendars and more all just worked
between devices? Learn how to use Apple’s free syncing system to connect
your Mac, iPad, iPod, and/or iPhone and sort out your digital life. We’ll show
you how to unlock powerful tools and enhance your Apple experience. Writing Fiction 50018
7pm – 8:30pm
Session 3: Keeping it All in Sync with iCloud
Learn For Life
Tues Apr 21
Session 2: iPad, iPod & iPhone Basics
Hold videos, music, podcasts, and books in your hands and take them on
the go, whether you’re a Mac genius or a rank beginner. We’ll be going over the
Volunteers are needed for many areas of the Selkirk Waterfront festival including vendor assistants, café crew, parking crew, stage assistants, children’s
fun zone leaders, and set-up and take-down crew. If you are interested in being a volunteer, call 250-388-5251.
Burnside Gorge Community News: March-April 2015
Community Corner
Friends of Cecelia Ravine:
upcoming volunteer opportunities
Saturday, March 7th, 9am-11am
Saturday, April 4th, 9am-11am
oin us for a work party in Cecelia Ravine Park. Work will include mulching and invasive species removal. Please
bring work gloves and wear sturdy
shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. Snacks and refreshments will be
provided after the work party. Meet at
Burnside Gorge Community Centre, 471 Cecelia Road. For more information,
contact Rachel O’Neill, Development Coordinator at 250-388-5251 or by email.
Community Business Profile:
Gainway Wholesale Bicycle, Parts &
e attended the grand opening of Gainway Sports on January 24th, who have
recently moved into the neighbourhood at 577 Bay Street. Originally established in China, Gainway Sports offers a comprehensive range of wholesale bikes,
parts and accessories which are sold in retail bike outlets such as Russ Hay’s. Mr.
Chen, CEO, is a cycling enthusiast who fell in love with Victoria’s weather and offerings for both on and off-road cyclists and decided to move their business into
the Canadian market. Mr. Chen lives in Victoria with his family.
Is there a new business in the neighbourhood that we should know about?
Contact Rachel O’Neill or Geraldine Bulosan at the BGCA, 250-388-5251.
Free Legal Clinic
re you faced with an issue that may require the services of a lawyer? Do
you have questions that you would like to ask a lawyer?
The Burnside Gorge Community Centre hosts a free legal clinic every Tuesday between 2-3pm. All legal questions welcome. 15 minute appointments are
available by calling the front desk at 250-388-5251.
Tuesdays, 2-3pm
Burnside Gorge Community Centre, 471 Cecelia Road
Community Garden Plots Available
re you an aspiring or experienced gardener? Would you like a sunny spot
to grow fruits and vegetables? The Cecelia Ravine Community Garden
has some plots available for the 2015 season. Our 24-bed allotment garden
offers a welcoming environment to
grow food in 3' x 12’ raised beds.
Plots are rented on a priority basis – first to those who live in Burnside Gorge, then to those who work
in the community, and if there’s
still space, rentals from outside the
neighbourhood are permitted.
The $60 annual fee includes the
use of shared tools, water, and bulk
purchases like soil amendments. Gardeners contribute three hours per month
to work parties and communal tasks.
Contact Rachel O’Neill at 250-388-5251 or email [email protected].
Garden plots are available as of March 1 and priority spaces will be held until
mid-March. Garden plots fill up quickly so contact us as soon as possible.
Own Your Block
ictoria Together Against Graffiti (VTAG) has launched a new initiative in
partnership with TELUS. Paint-out kits are now available and community members are invited to “Own the Block” by picking up a kit and painting
out the BC Hydro poles in their neighbourhood with the appropriate colour
pallet. The kits themselves contain 2 quart size
cans of paint, gloves, stir stick, scraper, opener,
and a 3.5 inch brush. They are much easier and
lighter to carry than your standard gallon bucket,
and the goal is to simply paint over a tag on a telephone pole in the same colour as the pole itself:
• Green for pressure treated poles
• Beige for newer non pressure treated poles
• Dark Brown for older creosote poles
• Gray for concrete poles
If you are interested in participating in this program and Owning Your
Block, please contact Rachel O’Neill at the Burnside Gorge Community Association, 250-388-5251.
Dean Fortin, Mike Clermont (Russ Hay's Bicycle Shop), Suzanne Cole (BGCA)
and the Chen family of Gainway Sports Ltd.
Burnside Gorge Community Centre
Room Rentals
For meetings, conferences, parties and family gatherings, we have a wide
variety of rooms available to suit your needs. We offer wireless internet,
in-house or order-in catering services, and rental equipment, all at affordable prices.
Activity Centre: max 120 guests
Board Room: max 8 guests
$65/hr $240/half day $35/hr $110/half day $400/full day $180/full day
Education Centre: max 40 guests
Group Room: max 10 guests
$55/hr $200/half day
$35/hr $140/half day $300/full day $220/full day
Gymnasium: max 150 guests
$35/hr $130/half day $250/full day
For more information, or to make a booking, call 250.388.5251 ext.224.