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The Messenger
The monthly newsletter of First United Methodist Church of Pinellas Park
November 2014
Words from our Pastor
Hi, Church Family,
I hope everybody is doing well. We are saying good-bye to
summer weather and entering into a great time of the year
in terms of the Florida weather.
We are also entering into the busy time of year with church
activities. I hope you are all being blessed by the church
and I look forward to seeing you again this Sunday.
In Christ, Rev. Jeffrey Ice
The Fall Festival Committee would like to thank
everyone who helped with our fourth annual festival.
It was a beautiful day and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time!
Our outreach to the community to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ and to let them know about our
church family was the most important part of the festival. In this respect, we were extremely successful!
Church Conference: November 2 nd
After Worship and brunch (approx. 1:00 pm), Fe llowship H all
Please join us to greet Presiding Elder Mason Dorsey and show your support for our ministries next year!
In this issue:
November Mission Boxes
Church Family Assistance
Can Cupboard: Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets
Pastor’s Discretionary Fund
Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
“Thank you for your thoughtfulness! I’ll remember it always!”
Pastor Jeffrey and my church family,
Thank you for my beautiful, wonderful, many cards
received. I was truly blessed. I have been taking
therapy for my knees and hope to be back in church soon!
- Mary Morgan
Christmas Cards for Military;
Christmas Decorating and Hanging
of the Greens;
Photos for New Church Directory .... 2
November Schedule; Birthdays;
UMW Calendar; Meetings;
Video Screen Volunteers Needed .......3
Church Calendar ......................................4
Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets;
Blessings of Thrift Store Workers .......5
Stories of Real Angels;
The Music of the Pilgrims .....................6
KCC; Trustees Report; Scouts .......... 7
Ministerial Fund; Chrismons;
Christmas Greenery Sales ..................... 8
Finance; Youth Rummage Sale ............ 9
Church Contact Information ............. 10
Ou r Mi s sio n :
“ G o a nd mak e d is c i pl e s … b ap t i zi n g th e m i n t he na m e of
th e Fa th er a n d of t h e S on a n d of t h e H oly S p iri t, an d
te ac hi n g th e m t o ob ey ev er y t h i ng I h av e c o m ma n de d y o u . ”
-- Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20)
Dear FUMC Family,
Thank you for your generous response last year to
“Christmas cards for U.S. Soldiers” serving overseas.
If you haven’t already done so, please pull out your Christmas cards now.
Begin to pray; then sign as many cards as you are able. Invite your friends, neighbors, family,
clubs, etc., to sign cards, also. A box for collection will be available in the Narthex or Fellowship
Hall. A few extra cards may still be available that people have brought in for this purpose.
Do not seal the envelopes, as all cards must be read for appropriateness.
The Hospice volunteers have extended the length of time for you
to bring in the cards to: November 16th.
This should give them just enough time to get the cards to our troops in time for Christmas.
Pastor Jeffrey has added a special blessing this year – the Christmas cards will be prayed
over during the last worship service before the cards are given to the hospice workers.
- Sincere thanks, Linda Price
Christmas Decorating
Trees and Advent Wreaths
Final Ditty Bag Count:
171 Ditty Bags donated for the needy!
Thanks again for all your efforts and generosity!
- June Anderson
Come out and help!
Saturday, November 29 th
Beginning at 9:00 am
Hanging of the Greens
Worship Service:
Sunday, November 30 th
The Chrismons we place on the tree in the
Sanctuary each Advent season represent
important elements of the Nativity.
The origination of Chrismons: Frances Kiku Kipps Spencer,
whose missionary family returned to the US at some point
after she was born in Japan, worked in training and fashion
positions at a department store in the 1940’s and later worked
as a free-lance artist. In a volunteer activity for a Lutheran
church in Danville, Virginia, she originated, developed, and
documented the Chrismons idea from 1957 – 1971.
Look for some of the Chrismon shapes we use on page 8 of this issue.
The Messenger
Page 2
The sign-up for photo-shoot time
slots for our new church
directory begins November 2nd.
The shoot dates are
December 2nd and December 3rd.
You can sign up here at
church or on-line – more
about that in the church
bulletins – but sign up soon!
Would you like to help design
our new directory?
We need someone who is computer
savvy to do layout of the pictures and
of the front and back covers.
Life Touch will offer much assistance.
If interested, call
Connie Vannatta, 544-4252,
or see me at church.
November 2014
[Reading of the
names of our
“Saints” deceased
since last October:
Sun., Nov. 2 ]
Sat., Nov. 1st
Sun., Nov. 2nd
Fri., Nov. 7th
Prayers for Our Church & Leadership: Sat., Nov. 1 st , 9:30 – 10:30 am, E-2
Youth Brunch: Sun., Nov. 2nd, after Worship
Church Conference: Sun., Nov. 2nd, after worship and Brunch
Trustees’ Work Day: Sat., Nov. 8th , 10:00 – 12:00
Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner: Wed., Nov. 19th
Covered Dish Lunch: Sun., Nov. 16th, after Worship
Regular Wednesday Night Dinner, Bible Studies, and Praise Team practice:
Wed., Nov. 26th
Christmas Decorating: Sat., Nov. 29th, 9:00 am
Thurs., Nov. 27th
Nov. 23rd - 30th
11/03 Jane Bell
11/04 Margaret Weagley
UMW Dates to Note
11/01 (Sat.):
11/06 Betsy Larson
Conference Annual Meeting, TBA
11/06 (Thurs.): Executive Committee Meeting, 10:00 am
11/07 Donna Cloud
Miranda Rodriguez
11/08 Gerry Stanton
11/13 (Thurs.): Day Circle Meetings
Elizabeth: 10:00 am, TBA
Naomi Circle: 1:00 pm, at the Church
11/18 (Tues.):
11/02 Janet Hink
11/09 Jill Marie
Ruth Circle, 7:00 pm, E4 Fellowship Room
11/11 Kam Millheim
Nancy Smyth
11/12 David Backensto
You Can Help Out “Behind the Scenes” during Worship!
We are in need of volunteers of
all ages to run the video screens
during worship services.
Training is available (either by sitting in with a current
volunteer during worship or by meeting with Mark Linneman
during the week for a more focused training session).
Please contact:
Mark Linneman, (727-541-6048), [email protected]
or the church office, 546-5741
11/16 Eileen Sikes
11/18 Aubrey Quever
11/20 Carol Heald
11/21 Bruce Cloud
Sally Robbins
Richard Knudsen
11/24 Clyde Cauthen
Vivian Chandler
11/27 Jim Brooks
11/28 Dorothy Thompson
Staff/Pastor Parish Relations: Mon., November 3 rd , 7:00 pm, Lib
KCC Board: Mon., November 10 th , 6:00 pm, E-3
Trustees: Tues., November 11 th , 7:00 pm, E-2
Finance: Wed., November 12 th , 7:30 pm, E-2
Ministry Council: Mon., November 17 th , 7:00 pm, E-2
The Messenger
11/15 Charles Mixson
Page 3
11/30 Les Newberry
Janice Sitterly
Sandy Boyer
Note to Newsletter Contributors:
December Messenger deadline:
Saturday, November 15th.
November 2014
November 2014
9:00am Thrift Store (TS)
9:30am Prayers for
Church (E2)
8:30am Praise Team
6:30pm Boy Scouts
Reh. (Sanc)
(E2/E3, E4)
9:00am Youth Brunch
7:00pm Staff/Pastor
Parish Rel. (LIB)
9:15am Sunday School
10:00am Choir
Christmas Reh (PAR)
10:15am Chancel Choir
Reh. (PAR)
10:30am Worship (Sanc)
11:15am Praise Kids
1:00pm Church
Conference (FH)
9:30am Ladies' Bible
Study (E2)
5:30pm GS Troop 500
(Rm 201/207)
7:00pm Cub Scouts
Committee Meeting
5:30pm Dinner (FH)
5:45pm GS Troop 431
6:00pm Youth (AH)
6:30pm Youth Praise
6:30pm Study of Daniel
6:30pm Bible Study
w/Pastor (E4)
7:30pm Praise Team
10:00am UMW
Executive Committee
Mtg. (E2)
6:00pm Chapel Chicks
6:30pm Rejoice! (PAR)
6:30pm Cub Scouts
(E2/E3, E4)
6:45pm B/S Comm. Mtg.
7:30pm Choir Reh.
8:30am Praise Team
6:00pm KCC Board (E3)
Reh. (Sanc)
6:30pm Boy Scouts
9:15am Sunday School
(E2/E3, E4)
10:00am Choir
9:00pm GS Ceremony
Christmas Reh (PAR)
Setup (FH)
10:15am Chancel Choir
Reh. (PAR)
10:30am Worship (Sanc)
11:15am Praise Kids
9:30am Ladies' Bible
Study (E2)
5:00pm GS Investiture
Practice (FH)
5:30pm GS Troop 500
(Rm 201/207)
7:00pm Trustees (E2)
5:30pm Dinner (FH)
5:45pm GS Troop 431
6:00pm Youth (AH)
6:30pm Bible Study
w/Pastor (E4)
6:30pm Study of Daniel
6:30pm Youth Praise
7:30pm Praise Team
7:30pm Finance (E2)
10:00am Elizabeth Circle
1:00pm Naomi Circle
6:00pm Chapel Chicks
6:30pm Cub Scouts
(E2/E3, E4)
6:30pm Handbell Reh.
7:30pm Choir Reh.
8:30am Praise Team
6:30pm Boy Scouts
Reh. (Sanc)
(E2/E3, E4)
9:15am Sunday School 7:00pm Ministry Council
10:00am Choir
Christmas Reh (PAR)
10:15am Chancel Choir
Reh. (PAR)
10:30am Worship (Sanc)
11:15am Praise Kids
12:00pm Pot Luck
Luncheon (FH)
9:30am Ladies' Bible
Study (E2)
11:00am GS Investiture
Ceremony (FH/Kit)
5:30pm GS Troop 500
(Rm 201/207)
7:00pm Ruth Circle (E4)
5:30pm Thanksgiving
Dinner (FH)
5:45pm GS Troop 431
6:00pm Youth (AH)
6:30pm Study of Daniel
6:30pm Youth Praise
6:30pm Bible Study
w/Pastor (E4)
7:30pm Praise Team
6:00pm Chapel Chicks
6:30pm Cub Scouts
(E2/E3, E4)
6:30pm Rejoice! (PAR)
7:30pm Choir Reh.
9:30am Ladies' Bible
Study (E2)
5:30pm GS Troop 500
(Rm 201/207)
5:30pm Dinner (FH)
5:45pm GS Troop 431
6:00pm Youth (AH)
6:30pm Youth Praise
6:30pm Study of Daniel
6:30pm Bible Study
w/Pastor (E4)
7:30pm Praise Team
8:30am Praise Team
6:30pm Boy Scouts
Reh. (Sanc)
(E2/E3, E4)
9:15am Sunday School
10:00am Choir
Christmas Reh (PAR)
10:15am Chancel Choir
Reh. (PAR)
10:30am Worship (Sanc)
11:15am Praise Kids
8:30am Praise Team
Reh. (Sanc)
9:15am Sunday School
10:00am Choir
Christmas Reh (PAR)
10:15am Chancel Choir
Reh. (PAR)
10:30am Worship (Sanc)
11:15am Praise Kids
9:00am Thrift Store (TS)
10:00am Girl Scout
Planting Day
8:30 Youth Rummage
Sale (AH)
9:00am Thrift Store (TS)
9:00am Thrift Store (TS)
9:00am Thrift Store (TS)
“…it is good when you truly obey our Lord’s royal command found in the Scriptures:
“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Suppose you see a brother or sister who needs food
or clothing, and you say, ”Well - good-bye and God bless you; stay warm and eat well”
– but then you don’t give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do?”
-- James 2:8, 15-16 (NLT)
Help Give a Family a
Thanksgiving Meal!
September Can Cupboard Report
Thank you, church family, for expressing
God’s love to your neighbors in a practical
way! During the month of September, the
Can Cupboard served 103 families,
composed of 300 individuals. Of these, 218
were adults and 82 were children. 32
families were first-time visitors to our Can
Cupboard in September.
We praise God for His
continuing provision of food
items and funds which have
enabled us to open our
doors each Monday and
Wednesday morning.
Because of you and others who are faithful
to respond to the need, many have received
a bag of nutritious food to help sustain their
families during a very difficult time!
We find that many of those served through
the Can Cupboard not only share their
prayer needs, but also just need someone to
talk with. They appreciate a listening ear –
and many also appreciate an invitation to
worship with us.
Thank you, Can Cupboard workers,
for sharing the love of Jesus
through your service!
Th ri f t S to re :
Compassion Ministry will again provide
Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets for some
of our church families and community
families residing in our service area.
If you would like to share in this ministry, there are
several avenues you may wish to consider:
п‚· Pray for the many needs of our community families.
п‚· Provide Compassion Ministry with the names of
families who are in need. Forms will be available in
the Can Cupboard until the application deadline:
Wednesday, November 19th.
п‚· Provide gifts of the following items before Friday,
November 21st:
 Turkey: 10 – 15 lbs.
п‚© Canned Sweet Potatoes
п‚© Canned Vegetables
п‚© Salad Mix or Head Lettuce
п‚© Boxed Dressing (Stuffing) Mix
п‚© Cranberry Sauce
п‚© Bottled Salad Dressing
п‚© Funds to purchase additional items
Please label any gifts “Thanksgiving Dinner”.
Distribution: Tuesday, November 25th; 1:00 – 3:00 pm
O p e n Saturdays, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Words from One of Our Volunteers
“I started out working only one hour per week in the
Thrift Store because of my health but have expanded to
doing the full morning on Saturdays.
I find it a wonderful, cheerful, positive place to connect
with other Christians and we also do a good service to
the people who come in to the Thrift Store.
So, if you want to have a positive Christian ministry
service time, volunteer at the Thrift Store!
Cheryl is a wonderful boss and works with all of us.”
- Margaret Waggoner
At present, the Thrift Store is wellstocked with apparel, but practical
household items and holiday
items are welcome.
Thank you for
helping us to
provide a great
selection of
merchandise for
our church family
and community!
If you can help, call Cheryl Vannatta: 544-4252
The Messenger
Page 5
November 2014
“I Love a Good Book!”
Just in time for holiday reading, we received a donated book, The Best Angel
Stories (2013 edition), which contains more than eighty stories from real people
who have had real encounters with real angels. I enjoyed reading these stories
very much and I think you will also. Look for it on the “Special” shelf.
A special prayer in honor of our Military on Veterans Day:
Oh God, Our Heavenly Father, You have
Comfort the families who mourn and are left
blessed us with brave men and women who
to remember the precious lives of their loved
are willing to defend our freedom.
ones. Help us to honor and support them.
May Your protection and grace surround them
Let us be ever mindful of each sacrifice
each day. Let Your healing hand be upon those
made on behalf of the American people by
who suffer wounds and injuries.
our sons, daughters, husbands, wives,
May those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice
fathers, and friends.
rest forever in Your Holy Presence.
- In His Love, Pinky
As we prepare for Thanksgiving, remembering the brave “protestants” who ventured into a virtually unknown
world to become America’s founding fathers, let’s take a look at the worship music of their time. The following
information is taken from THE MUSIC OF THE PILGRIMS by Waldo Selden Pratt of Hartford Theological
Seminary. It is sub-titled “A Description of the Psalm-book brought to Plymouth in 1620”.
Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, English
Protestants based their congregational singing upon
metrical versions of the Psalms. All early service-books
of this kind were 'Psalm-Books'. These were not
supplemented or displaced by 'Hymn-Books' until the
18th century. The first complete metrical Psalter in
English was that commonly known as 'Sternhold and
Hopkins' which was first published in 1562.
forty tunes, quaintly set forth in melody only,
after the fashion of the time. These melodies
were undoubtedly meant to be sung in unison,
led by the men's voices, since the melody is
set for the 'tenor'.
Here is the Psalter’s translation of
the beginning of the 23rd Psalm:
The Psalter brought to Plymouth was one specially
prepared for the fugitive congregations of 'Separatists’ in
Holland by Henry Ainsworth and published in Amsterdam
in 1612. This book was also adopted at Salem and used
there for about a generation. At Plymouth it was
maintained much longer, certainly until after the Pilgrim
settlement was merged with Massachusetts Bay in 1692.
Henry Ainsworth was born near Norwich about 1570,
studied four years at Cambridge, and became active in
the 'Separatist’ sect, suffered hardship for his opinions,
and in 1593 fled for liberty to Amsterdam. He was
recognized as the honored 'teacher’ of the principal
congregation in Amsterdam, the one with which those
who later became the Pilgrims had fairly amicable
relations before they settled in Leyden in 1609.
Ainsworth died in 1623, somewhat over fifty years old.
Ainsworth’s Psalter was translated from Hebrew at
almost exactly the same time with the 'King James' or
'Authorized’ Version of 1611. There is a series of nearly
The Messenger
Page 6
Jehovah feedeth me, I shal not lack;
In grassy folds He down dooth make me lye;
He gently leads me quiet waters by.
He dooth return my soul; for His name sake
In paths of justice leads me quietly.
During the 17th century 'short' tunes became the
rule, doubtless because they cost less effort of
memory and of voice. After the custom of the
time, only the melodies are given, set in the old
'square' notes. More than a majority of all are of
French origin, since many melodies already in
English use were taken from the Genevan
Psalters. This is certainly true of the two that
linger in modern hymnals 'Old 100th' (“Praise
God from Whom All Blessings Flow”) and �St.
Ann’s’ (“O God, Our Help in Ages Past”).
- Betsy Larson, Adult Music Ministry Director
November 2014
The Sanctuary roof is in need of repair, the roof
fund will be directed toward those repairs. We’ll
then continue to fund-raise for the Fellowship Hall
roof. Estimate for Fellowship Hall roof is $44,000.
Our new school year is well underway, and the
children have been busy with the annual candy
bar fundraiser, and the Halloween festivities.
Skills Needed
Many work projects and repairs are going on at
the church. We are in need of skilled volunteers
to take a look at issues as they arise. The
alternative is that we pay for service people.
Church Work Day
Saturday, November 8th, 10 am – 12 pm.
Please come out and help if you can!
Key Audit and Re-Keying
The trustees are conducting an audit of the keys
that church members use and will give out forms
to gather information. Please list which areas of
the church you request access to and why.
After the information is gathered, a plan will be
developed to re-key the buildings.
We are not trying to kick anyone out; we just feel
it is time to refresh the locks.
Staff and parents volunteered with our church
family to help with the Pumpkin Patch and the
Fall Festival – both were wonderful ways to
“cross-pollinate” our mutual ministry to the
greater Pinellas Park community.
If you’ve driven past our school,
you’ve notice our newly sealed
and striped parking lot. It is so
much easier for parents and
staff to park in the same
direction with only one set of
parking space stripes!
Our annual Thanksgiving dinner for KCC will
be November 21st from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Everyone is welcome to come and share in
the food and fellowship!
- Betsy Larson, KCC Board Chair
Kids Christian Care
We are looking for a volunteer to be a liaison
between the church trustees and finance
committees and our preschool board. We hope
to strengthen our commitment and relationship
with them by better understanding their needs.
- Trustees Committee
Troop 53 will plant a garden on the side of the
church on November 8th (weather permitting).
I am Thankful for These Blessings . . .
As we prepare to pause and reflect on the blessings for
which we are thankful, I would like to express my
gratefulness for blessings of my church:
We are working on many projects and badges
and preparing to run a camp for younger girls
in January!
The girls, their families, and I are thankful
for your support throughout the year.
For Debbie Risteyn who many months ago gave me the daily
devotional book, Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young.
For Rev. Ice, who so cheerfully leads and ministers to his flock.
- Colleen Kokemohr
For Gerry Stanton, Janice Todd, and Richard Dishman: for
transportation to the church.
And, to for all my church family for the prayers, words of comfort,
cards, and general support during the last three years of grief
during the loss of three loved ones and several periods of illness or
injury, including the last three months with a twice-broken foot.
- In Christ’s love, Joyce Bernotas
The Messenger
Page 7
Boy Scout Meetings: Mondays, 6:30 pm
Cub Scout Meetings: Thursdays, 6:45 pm
Location for both:
Contact for both:
Joel Putnam, 321-377-8845
November 2014
Our prayer request typing team is
thankful for our new Volunteers:
Nancy Pless, Marilyn Smith,
and Donna Gorneault!
- Leslie Weaver
Pursuing a master of divinity degree at Candler School
of Theology, Emory University in Atlanta, Ashley Kirk is
grateful for the Ministerial Education Fund.
“As Christians,” she said, “we are all called to
be ministers of the gospel. The only
difference with me is that I feel gifted to
make ministry my sole vocation.”
The Ministerial Education Fund is at the heart
of preparing people for making disciples of
Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
The 13 United Methodist seminaries help
students to discover their calling through
challenging curriculum.
The fund enables the church to increase
financial support for the recruitment and
education of ordained and diaconal ministers
and to equip annual conferences to meet
increased demands.
* Quoted from: The United Methodist Church Handbook:
Let’s go Fishing
- Bill Vannatta, Interpreter for Connectional Giving
Meanings of Chrismon Symbols
Please participate in our easy
Christmas �Fun’draiser: selling
beautiful, Minnesota-grown
Balsam and Pine Wreaths,
Centerpieces, Garland, Cross
Door Swags and so much more. For as little as $20,
you can enjoy real, fragrant, decorated Christmas
greenery and assist the church in growing its fund for
roof repair and maintenance in a great way!
Full-color photo brochures are available with price
listings and order forms. A sample wreath is on
display showing the fine quality of the Minnesota
greenery. All you will need is a big smile and to
encourage family, friends, co-workers, etc.
Christmas orders can be picked up at church right
after Thanksgiving. On Saturday, December 6th and
Sunday, December 7th, volunteers will distribute the
remaining goods in Fellowship Hall. The greenery
arrives freshly bagged and is decorated with a red
velvet bow, pine cones and holly berries.
Orders may be placed for 24” wreaths (with waterproof
bows, white-tipped cones, and holly berries) to be
shipped in a holiday gift box to anywhere in the
contiguous United States (which excludes Alaska and
Hawaii) via UPS or FedEx for $35! You may request a
free gift card and your beautiful holiday wreaths will be
delivered between November 27th and December 7th.
Prizes, gift cards and praises in congratulations will
be awarded for top sales, service, Pumpkin Patch
orders, etc. More information will be shared in
upcoming Worship Bulletins.
Pray, love, be His instruments of peace and
joy, and all Honor and Glory to God always!
- Leslie Weaver, Wreath Sales Project Chair
Three Fish: One of the early
signs of Christendom was the
fish. The Greek word for fish is
Ichthus. This is an acrostic for
the Greek words for Jesus
Christ, Son of God, Savior.
Angels heralded the birth of our Savior.
The Circle: Symbolizes the
world, God's wholeness, and
eternity. The butterfly, of course,
is the symbol of the resurrection.
Celtic Cross: This cross is seen
quite often.
Chi Rho: Two Greek letters
which are the first letters in the
Greek word for Christ.
The Messenger
Crown: Jesus is the King of kings and
Lord of lords.
Page 8
November 2014
September Giving, Expenses, and Payments: In September, our Church giving was
$19,479.07 and our expenses were $19,210.02. This gave us $269.05 positive balance to
carry into October. During the month, we paid all the Church’s operating expenses as
well as paying the Visa and Sam’s credit cards in full. Monthly connectional giving was $1,450.00
with $21,043.29 (60.05%) paid as of October 13th, 2014. The month-end balance on the church’s
line-of-credit loan is $23,677.49.
Capital Needs: In September, our Capital Needs account received an additional
$25.00 from designated gifts. We now have a $5,305.33 positive balance in this
account for capital repairs at month’s end. As of the end of September, we have
$11,985.80 for roof-repair work. Thank you.
Status of Roof Repairs and Related Issues: We have paid the roofing contractor in full for the first
phase of the work and have filed a claim against his insurance company for the damage done by not
adequately sealing the roof during a thunderstorm. We expect to be reimbursed by the contractor’s
insurance company for the clean-up and damage done.
We are still gathering funds for the Fellowship Hall roof repairs. If you would like to help pay some
of the expenses of this work, please mark your gift “for the Roof”; it will be used for that purpose.
KCC: Our pre-school income was $61,499.64 and their expenses were $57,877.00. This gives
them a positive balance of $3,622.64 to carry into October.
Being Thankful! As we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving, we are thankful
for all the blessings that have been received by our Church. We are thankful for
the volunteers and staff who have guided us this year. We are truly blessed!
Please pray for those who have less than we have and are in need of a job
or a skilled medical worker to get back to a productive life.
God is working in our lives and He is good.
He is blessing us with a good year and may we work to bring honor to His house.
- Your Finance Team
Loretta Wilcox
Youth Director
The youth have had a good start to the
school year. School has been going very
well with many of our youth in A/P
classes and doing a lot of volunteer work
for their Bright Futures scholarships.
Chicken & Yellow Rice,
Peas, Salad,
Bread, Desserts
Adult: $8; Child: $4; Family: $20
Rummage Sale: November 15 t h : 8:30 am – 2 pm
Baked goods & lunch will be available for purchase.
Get Ready!
Clean out those closets & garages and
bring your donations in for us to sell.
Or: Rent an area outside Fellowship Hall and sell your own items.
Tables are available for a $10 rental fee.
The youth would like to thank Jill Marie for
arranging & sponsoring our Go-Carting day on
Sunday, September 28th. We had a great time
and appreciate you for arranging it.
The Messenger
In October, the youth got to decorate and
run the Spooky Trail hayride for the Fall
Festival. It was a lot of fun and a good
way for the youth to help the church.
Page 9
November 2014
First United Methodist Church of Pinellas Park
9025 49th Street N., Pinellas Park, FL 33782
Phone: (727) 546-5741
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Church Office Hours:
Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Wednesday: 2:00 – 5:30 PM
Pastor Jeffrey Ice (for appointments)
(Parsonage) 544-3472
[email protected]
Church Office 546-5741
Admin. Ass’t: Janice Todd, x22
[email protected]
Secretary: Pat Thomas, x23
[email protected]
Financial Secr’y: Ryllis Chandler, x26
[email protected]
The Messenger: Joyce Bernotas, x27
[email protected]
Member Care
Janice Todd, x22
[email protected]
Joel Putnam 321-377-8845
Staff-Parish Relations
Nancy Forbes 259-8088
Passionate Worship
Carmen Lawrence 686-3077
[email protected]
Finance and Stewardship Committee
Ron Forbes 244-8066
Ministry Council Chair
Mark Linneman 541-6048
[email protected]
Prayer Ministries
Prayer Chain: Bev Mixson 573-3743
Dial-A-Prayer Devotional 548-7448
Coordinator: Margaret Bradbury 544-9139
Prayer Visits: Karen Emerson 727-392-8368
[email protected]
Media Marketing
Website: Janice Todd
[email protected]
Facebook and Twitter:
Michelle Sherman 727-226-2198
[email protected]
Adult Music Director/Organist
Betsy Larson 546-5741 x27
[email protected]
Pinky Reichert 576-7837
[email protected]
Children and Youth Music Director
Jordana Clark 546-5741 x27
[email protected]
United Methodist Women
Dorothy (Dotty) Thompson 544-1539
Children’s Activities
Church Office 546-5741
Scouting Ministries
Boy Scouts: Joel Putnam 321-377-8845
Girl Scouts: Linda Sowell 510-4796
Youth Ministry
Loretta Wilcox 546-5741
After 5:00 pm: 637-3534
[email protected]
Kids Christian Care
Office 541-6502
Pre-School Director: Barbie Grigsby
[email protected]
Board Chair: Betsy Larson 546-5741
Missions Ministry
Michelle Sherman 727-226-2198
[email protected]
Men’s Fellowship
Richard Dishman 545-0313
Compassion Ministries
Virginia Mulligan 546-5741 x29
Fellowship Meals/Can Cupboard
Virginia Mulligan 546-5741 x29
Thrift Store
Manager: Cheryl Vannatta 544-4252
Transportation Ministry
Richard Dishman 545-0313
Invitational Evangelism
Rhonda Smith 530-3194
[email protected]
Nancy Kragh 397-8119
[email protected]
November 2014