Market Research Recruiting

Market Research Recruiting
Atlanta-based communications, business development, market research and management
consulting firm has been successfully serving clients internationally for more than 20 years.
Specializing in health care, DSHM provides cutting-edge services for hospitals, physicians,
managed care organizations, IPAs, provider networks and medical practices. Included are
product design companies, ACOs, pharmaceutical providers, long-term care facilities,
behavioral health services, medical equipment and healthcare product companies. Also
served are senior care organizations, eye care providers, home health agencies,
pharmacies, laboratories, imaging companies, alternative medicine providers, dentists,
urgent care centers, chiropractors, software companies and more. Clients have ranged from
small U.S. providers to large international companies.
Our company excels at market research, public relations, advertising, managed care
contracting, referral building and research respondent recruiting. Just a few other services
include insurance payer contracting, sales, credentialing, provider network development
and internet marketing. These have generated major increases in clients' admissions, new
patients, research data, practice volume, new residents, insurance provider contracts,
website traffic and more. As a result, clients witness positive outcomes, new revenue,
substantial sales, new referrals, valuable market information and other successes.
Our Services
Marketing and Business Plans
Market Research Services / Respondent Recruiting
Managed Care, Insurance, Payor Contracting and Credentialing
HMO, IPA, ACO and PPO Contracting / Provider Network Development
Public Relations / Press Coverage
Corporate and Occupational Health Marketing
Senior Care Marketing
Advertising / Branding / Graphic Design
Patient Coordinator Marketers
Social Media Marketing
Website Development
Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
Sales Development / Referral Building
Market Data
Customer Service Training
Practice Management, Startup and Recruiting
Special Events
Legal Marketing to Healthcare
Marketing and Business Plans
David Scott Healthcare Marketing will create, develop and
implement strategic marketing and business plans specifically
targeted to your needs, whether your organization is a private or
group practice, a hospital or ancillary facility, a pharma
manufacturer, a health-related product company, senior care
facility, a managed care organization or other entity. In addition,
marketing plans can be developed for those companies wanting to
market to healthcare professionals and companies.
We have executed successful plans for most types of companies
listed on the Home Page.
Strategies within the marketing and business plans have been
targeted to a variety of entities, including:
 Seniors, Senior Organizations, and Senior Residential
Facilities (long-term care, nursing homes, independent
living, assisted living, personal care homes, CCRCs, etc.)
 Insurance and Third Party Payors
(workers' compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, managed care,
TPAs, re-insurance, long-term care insurance, personal
injury insurance, auto-liability insurance, self-insured
employers, etc.)
 Managed Care Organizations (HMOs, PPOs, provider
networks, etc.)
 Employers, Corporate Health Programs, and Executive
Health Programs
 Physicians, Hospitals, and Ancillary Facilities
 Third Party Payors
 Healthcare Professionals / Social Services Professionals
 Non-insured Healthcare Consumers
 Healthcare Discount Card Companies and Consumers
Market Research Services and Market Research
David Scott Healthcare Marketing directs qualitative and
quantitative market research studies designed to collect valuable
data from targeted and competitive markets. DSHM has
conducted a multitude of successful research studies
internationally. This success is often contributed to the fact that
our company has a 100% track record in participant and
respondent recruiting, and is extremely knowledgeable and
experienced in health care. Projects by DSHM have been
implemented in:
The United States
Latin America
England (United Kingdom / UK)
The Netherlands
Other European Countries
Able to manage research projects and recruiting in
additional countries.
Major Metropolitan areas have included:
New York
Los Angeles
San Diego
NYC suburbs in New Jersey
Washington, DC
Sao Paulo
Rio de Janiero
Other Metropolitan Areas
Rural Areas (as well)
Managed Care and Payor Marketing / HMO and PPO
Managed care marketing, contract negotiations, provider network
management, payor contracting, provider network development,
insurance marketing and provider credentialing are all specialties of
David Scott Healthcare Marketing.
Provider steerage of most patients covered by health insurance
continues to be directed by managed care organizations (PPOs,
HMOs, MCOs, and more). Our broad data base of managed care
organizations, third party payors, integrated delivery systems, selfinsured employers and third party administrators greatly enhances
our contracting efforts. In addition, our ongoing relationships with
current managed care CEOs and department directors, and
extensive experience in managed care marketing and third party
payer marketing, enable us to negotiate successfully on your behalf.
We have a proven track record of securing managed care, payor, and provider contracts for
our clients.
Payor Contracting and Managed Care Marketing:
David Scott Healthcare Marketing has successfully marketed and provided contract
negotiations for physicians, IPAs, specialty provider networks, medical facilities, mental
health organizations, and ancillary clients; thus securing over 2,500 managed care
contracts, which represent thousands of payors. In addition, we have successfully marketed
a national PPO network and several specialty networks to third party administrators,
insurance payors, re-insurance companies, case management organizations, medical bill
review organizations, self-insured employers and other provider networks.
Provider Network Development:
DSHM has performed network development / provider recruiting services for national
network development organizations, PPO networks, third party administrators (TPAs),
IPAs, and managed care networks. We have successfully contracted with hospitals,
physicians, IPAs, PHOs, and ancillary providers, generating thousands of executed provider
Public Relations / Press Coverage
David Scott Healthcare Marketing has successfully secured news
coverage for healthcare, senior care, behavioral health, eye care
and medical-related organizations through major television
networks, newspapers, magazines, trade publications,
professional periodicals and radio stations. Professionals of
David Scott Healthcare Marketing. have several years of expertise
in generating press coverage and media attention through:
Public Relations
Media Relations
Press Events
Press Releases / News Releases
Press Packets
Special Events / Open Houses
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media
Mr. Scott, President of David Scott Healthcare Marketing, has the
degree of Master of Mass Communications with a concentration
in public relations, advertising and marketing, and has more than
30 years of experience in successful media relations. The DSHM team has more than 100
years combined in communications.
Our Team
David W. Scott, MMC
As President of DSHM, Mr. Scott directs all marketing, market research,
advertising, public relations, recruiting, management and sales
strategies. He offers 30 years of successful healthcare marketing and
management expertise to his clients. His campaigns have been
published in national healthcare marketing periodicals, and have
generated interest internationally. (See other website pages for details
on the services and accomplishments of DSHM).
Director of Marketing, Market Research and Public Relations for Hospitals (1982-1991):
Sun Coast Hospital, Largo, Florida
Riverside Hospital, New Port Richey, Florida
Conway Hospital, Conway, South Carolina
Editor of Newspapers (1981-1982):
The Moultrie News and The North Charleston Observer, Charleston, SC
Master of Mass Communications, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
(Course emphasis: marketing, market research, advertising, public relations and
Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences, Erskine College, Due West, SC
(Editor of the Erskine Mirror, the college student newspaper)
Mr. Scott`s credentials and 30 years of experience provide a strong foundation for services
in healthcare marketing, public relations, market research, managed care and advertising.
Included are services related to provider network development, corporate health, longterm care, senior care, medical practice building, behavioral health, occupational health
and healthcare management.
He has been featured in Healthcare Marketing Report, a national professional periodical,
for an outstanding hospital-based marketing program targeted to women. The same type of
"one-stop services" packaged program was later designed for, and successfully, marketed
to men.
Patricia “Patty” Conary
Patricia Conary is a strategic marketing specialist with in-depth
experience in qualitative healthcare mark research, product
management and marketing communications. Her experience ranges
from in-house market research in pharmaceutical products, medical
devices and OTC to product management. She has been responsible for the
launch and subsequent management of numerous brands during her career.
Specializing in qualitative research, she has 15 years of experience in conducting IDIs and
focus groups with physicians in a wide range of specialties, ancillary staff, patients,
corporate executives and care providers. She excels at moderating and interviewing.
Patricia’s moderating style is friendly and personal, allowing respondents to feel
comfortable enough to reveal their thoughts and feelings. Her technique elicits valuable
insights even from the most reserved respondent and helps her clients understand not only
what people are saying but why they are saying it. She understands how to support
management with information to drive strategic planning, customer attitudes to insure
proper positioning and messaging, and advertising development and ad testing.
Harry Moreno
Excelling in research management, participant recruiting, professional
referral building and social media, Harry brings a wealth of experience
to clients locally, nationally and internationally. He often works
with those needing assistance with specialized services such as:
increased referrals from other
healthcare professionals, market research participant recruiting
and enhanced search engine optimization via social media outlets.
Because he is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English, he is able
to offer international marketing, communications, market
research, writing and translation services in the U.S. and
other countries. Majoring in microbiology and organic chemistry with
a specialty in biotechnology from Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida, Harry began his
career in animal healthcare, eventually merging into human healthcare.
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David Scott Healthcare Marketing is a full-service healthcare marketing firm that has been serving clients internationally for over 20 years. Specializing in health care, DSHM provides services for a wide range of disciplines. Included are mental health, eye care, alternative medicine, optical, long-term/senior care, dental, regenerative medicine, home health care, hospitals, physicians, medical practices, pharmaceutical companies, medical suppliers, DMEs, HMEs, behavioral Health, pharmacies, and more.