Assisted living facility West Palm Beach

Assisted Living Facility West Palm Beach
Our care center for seniors is unique in the area. Our residents have the opportunity to
enjoy their own private room with all the necessary accommodations to receive the
individual long term care they deserve.
We offer an all-encompassing way of living that touches the life of our senior residents and
their families.
Our Assisted Living Facility is located in the Village of Wellington, a quiet suburb west of
Palm Beach, in South Florida.
The Village is an affluent and thriving community that offers tremendous diversity of
activities that includes some of the world premier equestrian competition events.
We are very proud of our center. Wellington Elder Care is an Assisted Living Facility
designed to deliver enhanced opportunities for pursuing health and life fulfilment. Here,
unlike big institutional centers, you will find a warm and charming residential setting.
In our senior living facility, your independence is respected while assistance is available in
a safe, home-like environment. We see our residents as people with interesting pasts and
know that as we age, we still enjoy good food, family, friends, laughter and new
Our Facility
Our Senior home-like enviroment totals 4700 square feet of
living space and was built in January 2006. It has 14 bedrooms
and 8 bathrooms, two kitchens, and plenty of common areas,
incuding four living rooms, two dining rooms, temperature
controlled covered patio for common activities, as well as
secured entrance to the facility.
Kitchens and bathrooms have updated features including granite counter-tops, two
refrigerators per kitchen, as well as new appliances.
We provide, at your request, all pieces of furniture. They are new, including living, dining
and bedroom sets.
Our Assisted Living Facility is professionally decorated and extremely clean.
We are unique in the fact that we provide more spaces than required, therefore, our
residents feel more comfortable.
Our Senior Center has a capacity for daycare residents as well.
The facility is secured and safe with 24/7 monitoring burglary, fire and sprinkler alarm
systems. It is also equipped with sixteen surveillance cameras installed for the security of
our residents.
Bedding, window treatments, and lightning features are new as well.
TV set and basic cable service is provided for free at your request.
Each bedroom is equipped with night stands, dressers, and bed sets.
DistinCtive Service
At Wellington Elder Care I, we provide the following services as
part of your monthly fee:
1- Fully furnished private and semi-private rooms with
television and rocking chair.
2-Professional staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
3-Personal laundry and linen service.
5-All utilities, including cable television and local phone service.
6-Structured recreational activities.
7- Three nutritionally home-cooked meals a day plus snacks.
8-Assistance with personal care and activities of daily living.
9-Supervision of medications.
Staff Members Credentials And Training
The owners, Richard and Rosa Gutierrez, are graduated from The University of Miami and
hold a Bachelor of Art Degree in Education, also they are Certified ALF Administrators. In
adition, they have completed all the required hours of training and beyond.
They both are fluent in English and Spanish, have a background in teaching, and have been
Wellington residents for more than 15 years. As parents and educators, Richard and Rosa
have been involved in several local organizations and have gained the respect of neighbors
and peers.
Assisted Living Facility Administrator Certification; Dept. of Elder Affairs
Medical Management Assistance with ADL’s
Resident’s Behavior
Resident’s Rights
Personal Care Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation
Infection Control HIV
CPR/First Aid
Nutrition and Food Service in Assisted Living Facilities
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Our care center for seniors is unique in the area. Our residents have the opportunity to enjoy their own private room with all the necessary accommodations  to receive the individual long term care they deserve.