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Park View’s Wound Care Services
Park View Health Center has consistently maintained pressure
ulcer/wound percentages under 10% of the resident population.
This is an excellent accomplishment, given PVHC’s size.
Shannon Besaw, RN, and Kelley Stieg, RN, PVHC’s boardcertified wound care nurses, readily acknowledge this achievement is a team effort. They shared that nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), Food and Nutrition Services, the Social
Services Department, the contracted foot and wound care
physician, the in-house nurse practitioners, as well as PVHC’s
Purchasing and Supplies Coordinator, all work together with
them to provide quality wound care services to our residents.
Shannon Besaw & Kelley Stieg
Certified Wound Care Nurses
Shannon, who was recently promoted to an RN Shift Coordinator (RNSC), started at PVHC 13 years ago as a CNA. She continued her schooling to become a
licensed practical nurse (LPN), then a registered nurse (RN). She became board-certified in
wound care in 2011. Shannon mentioned she has had an interest in wound care ever since
nursing school, and thrives in seeing the healing process evolve through the steps and procedures incorporated.
Kelley has been a wound care nurse since 2012. Kelley’s beginnings at PVHC are similar to
Shannon’s. 24 years ago she too, began her career as a CNA and worked her way through
school to become an RN. Wound care was not an area of interest, initially. However, Kelley
was interested in a vacant RNSC position. The job description noted wound care as a prerequisite. When Kelley was promoted to this position, she fulfilled the prerequisite by completing
the one week, board-certified class and exam, where she discovered that she too, had a genuine
interest in wound care. Kelley has found this aspect of her position very fulfilling.
Pressure ulcers can be commonplace for individuals who suffer from diseases such as diabetes,
those who are elderly with fragile/thinning skin, those who have limited mobility, or those who
have gone through surgery where the wounds are not healing properly, just to note some “at
risk” scenarios. Kelley and Shannon, along with the rest of the team, work conscientiously and
early on to “nip it in the bud” - in other words, they are proactive in their approach to lessen
healing time. A short-term care plan is developed and put into play immediately. Nursing staff
call or email Kelley and Shannon with updates, logs are kept, every week wounds are measured
and staged with treatment adjusted as needed, and they attend monthly wound care meetings
with Food and Nutrition Services and Social Workers, as well as attend monthly Quality Assurance meetings to provide its members with a report.
Look who turned 100 on August 18th:
Mrs. Louise Casey celebrated her milestone
birthday with family and friends.
Louise had a small meal with her family, and a
special second party with both friends and family.
Family traveled from across the country for the
Another part of the team concept is the services of Dr. Maria Saleh, DPM, MS, FAPWCA, Board
Certified ABPM, ABMSP, from Midwest Foot and Wound Care. Dr. Saleh has been serving
residents of Park View since August of 2013, and she has markedly enhanced our wound care
program. Her involvement has resulted in healing long-term, serious wounds on lower
extremities in a shorter period of time, thus eliminating tremendous, ongoing pain for our
residents. Shannon and Kelley commented they have learned a great deal from Dr. Saleh and
they highly respect her expertise in the field of wound treatment and care.
Louise had a sparkle in her eye, and a humble
thankfulness for everyone “going to all this trouble”
just for her!
The staff of Park View
wishes you all a blessed
holiday season !
Morgan Hinkley—Administrator
Kathy Glander—Editor
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725 Butler Avenue
Oshkosh, WI 54901-8149
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To have the necessary supplies and equipment for providing quality wound care also plays an
important role in this team effort. PVHC’s Purchasing and Supplies Coordinator works with
nursing staff to ensure supplies and equipment are available in-house for immediate
Inside this issue:
treatment and service. Valuable time is not
Important Information
wasted in waiting for an order to arrive to the
Season Celebrations Information
With these many components working together alongside the skills of Shannon and
Kelley, residents are receiving top-notch
wound care services right here in their own
Oshkosh Phone: 920-237-6300
Neenah Phone: 920-727-2883
Fax: 920-237-6944
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The in-house nurse practitioners provide their expertise, as well. In addition to regularly
monitoring the wounds of their patients, they can reduce the turn-around time in prescribing
orders due to being right here in the facility.
Resident Holiday Gift Shopping Suggestions
Focus On...Our Volunteers
Music and Memory Initiative & “What’s New”
Donations Listing
Birthday Celebrations
Important Announcements
Residents, Families and Volunteers
Influenza Season 2014-2015
Influenza vaccination time is here again. It is
important that all of our residents be vaccinated
against seasonal flu. This not only protects the
individual but also other residents. Elderly
people often do not get full immunity but there
is more protection when all are vaccinated. The
complication rate and death rate for seasonal flu
is highest among the elderly.
It is important that the families of residents and
our volunteers be vaccinated. They will not only
protect themselves but also our residents.
Family members and volunteers who have flulike symptoms should not come to Park View
Heath Center. For those who must come, there
will be masks and hand sanitizers available at
the entrances.
As in the past, we will treat an outbreak of influenza prophylacticly with antiviral medications.
This should help protect those residents who do
not get complete protection from the vaccine as
well as reducing the spread of influenza at Park
View Health Center. However, vaccination of all
of us is the best protection for our residents.
During the 2013-2014 flu season we had two
cases of influenza diagnosed in our residents.
These cases were in two different households.
Both were hospitalized with pneumonia. I
would like to think some of our good fortune was
because of all those who were vaccinated.
If we have significant influenza in our community and you have not been vaccinated this year,
please wear a mask while at Park View Health
William G. Weber, MD, FACP
Medical Director
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Community Trick-or-Treat
On Wednesday, October 29th, from 2:003:00 p.m., Park View residents will be gathered in the Great Room to hand out Halloween
treats to trick-or-treaters from the community.
Park View will be purchasing the treats for this
event however, if you are interested in helping
out by providing cash donations towards this
purchase, please give your donation to any
Activity Services staff person.
Thank you!
Memorial and Honorary
Donations Received:
In-Kind Gifts Received:
Kathleen Schafer
Russell & Chris Allen,
Allenville Greenhouse
Richard Turner
Sandy Ebel
Charles Ehrenberg
Monetary Gifts Received:
Dorothy Gerth
Jerry Kloiber
Louise Casey/Joanne Pollack
Barbara Olson & Lorraine Reukauf
Friends of Park View
Helen Schwochert
Barbara Olson & Lorraine Reukauf
Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower.
—Albert Camus
PVHC staff are indeed thankful for the thoughtfulness of
residents and families, particularly in this special season of
giving. While it is not at all our intention to squelch this spirit of
benevolence and wanting to “give back”, we do need to recognize the County Statutes, which state that Winnebago County
employees are unable to accept any substantial gifts, gratuity,
or favors for services employees provide. If there are any
questions as to what is meant by “substantial”, please contact
the PVHC Administrator.
Deb Paulsen
Endowment Gifts Received:
Russ Tollard
George and Kathryn Cross
Roger Waterman
Burleigh Blust
Park View greatly appreciates cash donations that will assist us in providing quality of life for our
residents. There are two options for cash contributions:
1) Cash contributions can be sent directly to Park View Health Center, c/o Karen Tittman, Director of
Activity/Social Services. Checks should be made out to: Park View Health Center.
2) Park View also has an Endowment Fund set up through the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation.
The hope is there is an understanding that we, as Winnebago
County employees, are obligated to follow these employment
Park View wants to ensure
the safety of residents and
employees by keeping the
building as secure as possible. With this in
mind, we remind visitors to enter and exit
from the front, main entrance. Entering
and exiting from a gated neighborhood
patio is not permitted.
Thank you for understanding our need to
put safety before convenience.
Recent Grant Approvals
Oshkosh Area United Way
PVHC received a grant from the Oshkosh Area United Way in the amount of $2,143.00 towards the
purchase of sound and projection system upgrades in the Great Room. This amount will be added to
the funding provided by the Green Bay Packers Foundation and the Ladies Benevolent Society:
Advocates for Older Adults, through the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation earlier this year. We
now have the funding to proceed with Phase I of the system upgrades, and work with the electrician
is underway!
Park View is extremely grateful to the Oshkosh Area United Way for their commitment to the needs
of our residents, as well as the entire community, over the years.
O C T / N O V / D E C 20 1 4
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�Tis the Season!
Want to help PVHC expand the Music and Memory Initiative?
PVHC has had fifteen residents participating in the “Wisconsin Music and Memory Initiative” for quite some
time. Due to its success, there has been considerable interest from other residents and their families to expand
the initiative. With this in mind, we are seeking outside sources to help fund additional equipment for this enjoyable, fulfilling, leisure activity. In addition, we are looking for monetary donations to purchase additional
iTunes to broaden our current music library.
If you, or someone you know, may be interested in donating to this project, please see below for further details.
—Thanks much for your support!
Items needed for resident iPod use:
AppleВ® - iPod ShuffleВ® 2GB MP3 Player (5th Generation)
(Approximate cost would be $50.00 for the Apple iPod)
USB Cube Charger
(Approximate cost of a USB Cube Charger - $7.00)
Every Christmas we are committed to seeing that each
resident receives a present. This commitment can be fulfilled
through cash or non-cash donations.
…individuals and organizations who
will sponsor our resident Christmas
gift-giving this year. If you’re
interested, or if you know of an
individual or organization that would
be interested in assisting us in seeing
that each resident receives a
Christmas gift, please contact Karen
Tittman, Director of Activity/Social
Services, at 237-6930.
Park View will again be offering the “Adopt-a-Resident”
program as a donation option. Contacts are made in the
community for placement of STARS on their organizations’
Christmas trees. Each STAR represents one of our residents
and on the back of each STAR are suggested gift ideas.
Friends in the community remove a STAR from the tree and
purchase a gift/gifts for that resident based on the suggestions on the back of the STAR.
After Thanksgiving, remaining STARS are placed on the
Christmas tree in our Great Room for friends, families, staff,
etc., to be able to participate in purchasing a gift/gifts for a
Stereo headphones with 3.5 mm end
(Approximate cost for headphones with 3.5 mm end - $5.00 to $15.00)
Wrapped STAR gifts need to be returned to Activity Services
no later than Friday, December 12th.
Approximately $75.00 will sponsor one resident.
Items can be purchased online at Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Target, or other stores that sell Apple products.
iTunes cards are appreciated to expand our music library.
Contact Karen Tittman, Director of Activity/Social Services, ext. 6930, for further details.
What’s New at Park View?
Following the recent compilation of results and review of the most recent Resident and Family Satisfaction
Surveys that were distributed, we have been looking at ways to reduce unnecessary noise in the Neighborhoods.
We formed a task force of such with representation from multiple departments. We have identified and prioritized a variety of tasks and equipment that contribute to undesirable noise and have begun to make improvements in these areas. So far, the initiative has been received well and staff has been quite excited to collaborate
on such an initiative to make Park View and even better place to live and work!
As you likely know, alarms can increase noise levels in any environment. Personal alarms (i.e., those that may
be attached to a person via a string, pressure sensitive pads on chairs or beds, infrared beams, etc.) can create
noise, and potentially, fear and confusion for the person and those around them when triggered to sound. The
alarms can be experienced as embarrassing and an infringement of freedom, dignity and privacy. Not to
mention, sleep may be interrupted by the alarm or even impossible when the person lies still in fear of setting
off the alarm if they shift their position.
These alarms had once been thought to aid in fall prevention strategies. However, that statement is not supported by research evidence. The alarms merely alert staff that the person has moved. Park View has started to
take efforts to review the continued use and initiation of said personal alarms. Our hope is to decrease the
number of personal alarms in use to provide a more dignified, homelike, quiet environment for our residents
while maintaining efforts to prevent falls when possible.
Additionally, we have been working toward being more conscientious of turning off TVs when not actively being
watched and keeping our pagers turned to the “vibrate” function.
We look forward to sharing more information related to this initiative and in the meantime it is our hope that
you support and further assist us in the efforts to reduce unnecessary noise at Park View.
Page 6
If you are interested in a STAR prior to Thanksgiving weekend, please contact any staff member in the Activity Services
Christmas Tree
Decorating Parties
Resident Christmas tree decorating
parties will be held in each household
following the Thanksgiving holiday.
Dates and times will be posted in each
If interested in volunteering, please
contact Paul Behnke at 237-6931.
Resident Christmas Shopping Day
Residents will have the opportunity to shop for presents
for their loved ones this holiday season in the morning
and afternoon on Wednesday, Dec. 10th. All gifts will be
provided through donations, so there will be
no cost to residents.
We are presently accepting new items that would be appropriate for Christmas presents. If you are interested in
donating items to our “Resident Christmas Shopping Day”,
please make a contribution by Wednesday, Dec. 3rd.
There will be a “Festival of Trees” on
Wednesday, Dec. 17th, from 2-3:30
p.m., here at Park View. Families
and friends are invited to stroll
through the neighborhoods to view
the Christmas trees.
Refreshments will be served, sponsored by “The Friends of Park View”.
With the holiday season approaching and preparations being underway to enjoy the tradition of the
season with your loves ones, we ask you to remember the following guidelines to ensure the safety of
all residents.
п‚· Candles, live evergreen trees, boughs and wreaths are prohibited.
п‚· Electrical equipment (including holiday lights) must be inspected by our maintenance department
before use.
п‚· Extension cords and power strips are not allowed.
п‚· Gifts of clothing should be given to staff to be inventoried and labeled prior to use.
п‚· Food gifts should be limited in quantity and should be consistent with the diet order. Food gifts
should be labeled, dated and stored properly.
Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, contact your
Social Worker. Please share this information with other family members and friends.
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Resident Holiday Shopping Gift Suggestions
Volunteer Spotlight
725 Butler Avenue
Oshkosh, WI 54901-8149
Park View’s residents are fortunate to have many caring and supportive friends,
however—there is a volunteer group actually named the Friends of Park View!
The “Friends of Park View” was formed in 1981. Originally it had been named the “Rainbow Friends of the Rehabilitation
Pavilion”. When another volunteer group at the Pleasant Acres site named the “Pleasant Acres Auxiliary” disbanded in 2005,
the “Rainbow Friends” group became the Friends of Park View. The “Friends” now serve the entire facility. Currently,
members consist of PVHC staff and retired employees, relatives of residents, and members of the general public who desire
to help the residents by enhancing their lives at Park View.
Suggestions are for male and female residents.
The mission of the Friends of Park View is to “serve the emotionally disabled and the aged residents residing at Park View
Health Center”, as well as to assist the facility and staff as determined necessary or appropriate by the group. And one of the
goals of the group is to put smiles on residents’ faces!
Just a few of the projects the Friends of Park View provide are:
Christmas Hand Towel Sets
Puzzles (100- and 300-piece)
Raising monies to sponsor entertainment for the residents
Christmas Socks
Scented Body Lotion
Assistance in Bingo events
DVD Video Movies (comedies, musicals,
Scented Body Sprays
Providing freshly popped popcorn at a reduced cost
Flowers for residents on Mother’s and Father’s Days
musical concerts, classic T.V. series, etc.)
Scented Body Wash
Seasonal facility gifts
Fleece Blankets
Video Games (hand-held)
Wall Calendars
Green Bay Packers Items
Wallets/Coin Purses
Milwaukee Brewers Items
Wisconsin Badgers Items
Milwaukee Bucks Items
Word Search Puzzle Books (large print)
They fund these types of projects through bake sales (three times per year), silent auctions, sponsoring the “Goodie Cart”
every other Monday (which provides a shopping opportunity for residents), as well as through proceeds from the gift shop,
which is run and maintained by the volunteers.
Music CDs
The Friends of Park View meet every other month for dinner and a business meeting at a local restaurant. Each member
determines how much they can contribute in time, talents, and funds to the projects that are agreed upon as a group. They
are always looking for additional members who have a heart for Park View’s residents. If you, or someone you know, may be
interested in joining the Friends of Park View, please see the Activity Services staff person.
Welcome New Volunteers!
Phyllis Becker
Joshua Fisher and Family
Morgan Schneider
Matt Wiegman
To assure that the donations will be coordinated for the resident shopping holiday and
gift suggestions, we ask that items be dropped off by:
Wednesday, December 3rd.
Gifts and cash donations received after the deadline or additional donations may be
used throughout the year. Donations will be used for various resident needs, special
resident events, yearly magazine and newspaper subscriptions, etc.
Candles, body powder, and food/drink items cannot be accepted.
Page 4
Volunteer Hours:
Please remember to utilize our "Volunteer
Book” to mark your volunteer hours.
The sign-in book is conveniently located in the
lobby of our building, left of the “Resident
Location” computer.
July: 214 Aug: 213 Sept: 270 (estimate)
Estimated total volunteer hours YTD: 2093!
Fall Festival Note
This past September 10th marked the 21st
Annual Fall Festival” at Park View Health
Center. Although the inclement weather prevented the parade from “passing by” this year,
there remained plenty of fun and refreshments in the Great Room and atrium, with the
smooth performance of the
“Geriatric Gentlemen of Jazz”.
We extend our gratitude to the volunteers and
family members who assisted at this year’s
Also for volunteers’ information— Please note announcements on Pages 2 and 3.
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