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The Village Voice - Heritage Senior Communities

The Village Voice
-February 2010
The Village at the Pines
1450 South Ferry Street Grand Haven, MI 616-846-9000
March 2015
Dear Residents,
Welcome to March – Welcome to Spring!
March 20th will bring the long awaited return of spring! With winter winding down we all look
forward to warmer temperatures, more hours of daylight, the sunshine, budding plants, early blooming
flowers and so much more. I would like you to take a moment and consider how you plan to celebrate the
arrival of spring.
An interesting Polish and Indian tradition would be to spend the day chasing one another and throw
water and water balloons at each other. Once the mess was cleaned up, everyone would gather together to
enjoy a festive meal. If we were in China, we would celebrate the arrival of spring with family outings,
singing, dancing and starting the spring plowing.
The Russians celebrate the end of winter with Maslenitsa or “Pancake Week”. Along with pancakes
you will find performing bears, bonfires and sled rides. Those in Switzerland will gather together to burn
the “winter” away. “Winter” is a snowman stuffed with fireworks.
Here in the United States the most popular way to welcome spring is by participating in Spring
Break. The first official Spring Break occurred in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida back in 1938 when 300
swimmers and college coaches attended a swim forum. Today those venturing out on spring break will
spend an average of $1,100.
Looking back over the list, I am sorry to say that here at The Village, we will not be welcoming
spring with dancing bears or bonfires, sled rides or snowmen stuffed with fireworks, plowing of fields or
water balloon fights, nor will there be the $1,100 spring break trip. What we are pleased to offer you are
some great tasting dinners in our Dining Room, along with the addition of brunch on Mondays and lunch
on Wednesdays. As we consider family outings, we have the weekly grocery shopping trips, biweekly trip
to the senior center, monthly mall trip and a lunch outing. We will also have the special treat of a Murder
Mystery Dessert Theater performance by the Masterworks Theatre Group right here in the Dining Room.
Last on the list we have the singing and pancake week. Join us for singing at the
March special music event and pancake week will be turned into pancake day. Join us
for the free Welcome Spring Pancake Breakfast on March 20th! All of that being said,
thank you for helping us welcome spring here at The Village!
Kelvin Miller,
Community Director
Welcome, New Residents!
Marian Reiss
Apt. 122
Margaret 1Curry
Apt. 218
Resident Spotlight
Herm & Norma Hackstock
Herm was born in Ohio and his family moved to
Grand Haven in 1918 after his father purchased a farm in
Robinson Township. Many of you may know that Herm
served in the army during World War II for over four
years. Upon returning from the service he married his first wife and raised their family,
two daughters and a son, in Ferndale, Michigan which is near Detroit. Herm was a
Construction Electrician and worked on many of the high rise buildings in and around
Norma was born and raised north of Holland, Michigan. She and her first husband
had three daughters and one son and lived in the Grand Haven area. Norma worked
outside the home once their youngest daughter started school. She began as a Secretary in
Human Resources for AP Parts, then Secretary to the General Manager, and later as
General Accounting Supervisor. AP Parts closed down in 1981 and she took a position as
Office Manager for Corotech, Inc.
Both Herm and Norma lost their first spouses to brain cancer, Herm’s wife in 1976
and Norma’s husband in 1983. Herm and Norma met at a dance at the American Legion.
Up until a few years ago, they went dancing at least every week after they were married.
They enjoyed traveling all over the USA, including Alaska. They were also able to visit
Herm’s many relatives in Germany with four visits to Europe over a 10 year period.
Additionally they spent 20 winters in Florida, near Fort Pierce. Norma was also able to
travel with her daughter to Bermuda, China and Ireland.
The farm that Herm grew up on became an important part of his life and holds many
wonderful memories. He was able to purchase the farm property from his father in the
1970’s and when he retired at the end of 1978, he moved back to the farm. Herm and
Norma spent over 29 years enjoying life together on the farm. It was a gathering place for
family reunions bringing together 50-70 family members each year and Herm was known
for giving the best tractor rides!
They celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last August. Considering Herm was
67 and Norma 49 when they got married, they feel very blessed to have each other this
long. They are both blessed with and by their wonderful caring children and
grandchildren. All together, Herm and Norma have six grandsons, two grand daughters,
five great grand daughters and one great grandson! In November 2013 Herm became ill
and was hospitalized and then spent time in the nursing home for rehabilitation. They
moved to The Village in December of 2013. They are very happy and feel secure here as
everyone has been very friendly and kind.
The Village Wellness Center
Located on the second floor
Mark your calendar for these services…
Next Podiatrist Day, Wednesday, March 4
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Dr. Robbi Young from The Family Foot and Ankle Center
Appointment necessary and scheduled by their office– **These appointments are for toenail trim only.
Please see Katie or Debbie if you’re interested.
Hearing Aid Clean & Check Clinic
Next clinic Wednesday, April 22
***Please sign up for an appointment by the Friday prior
in the In-House Activity Binder
Wax Removal Appointments are available at Grand Pines or at their
office and are available by appointment by calling 847-3144
Courtesy of Comprehensive Ear & Hearing
FREE Blood Pressure Clinic
Every Thursday
2:00-2:30 pm
Provided by the following:
March. 5
March. 26
March. 12 & 19
Pop Can Drive
Continues to be a
Ways to Stay Strong
and Active...
Cardio Fitness Class
Trade me
in for
Continue to bring your cans and
bottles (rinsed out and empty please)
to the receptacle in the Activities
Office, and residents Doug Gardner
and Jim Gignac will return them for
you! The money will be used toward
resident activities.
@ 1:15 Pm
in the Game Room
Join our new exercise professional, Marci Weaver
as she leads you in simple movements set to music,
and before you realize it, you’ll have exercised 30
minutes! Marci will show you how to work harder
or easier!
Chair Exercise
Now every Monday
(with Debbie)
& Thursday (with Katie)
@ 10:00 am
in the Game Room
Please know that The Village
at the Pines is interested in the
health of our residents but
also wish to respect the
privacy of all residents. Please
let the office know if you are
in the hospital or nursing care
for rehabilitation and wish to
get cards or visits.
Thank You!
Body Balance
Once a month
Provided by
Comfort Keepers
March 5 @ 1:00 pm
in the Game Room
Also remember to walk! Walking our
halls, each leg back and forth from the
central elevator, equals 1 mile!
2:00 pm on Fridays!
Come one, come all! Happy Hours are a
great opportunity to meet new residents
March 6
Cleopatra: A Life
By Stacy Schiff
“St. Patrick’s Day”
Happy Hour
Her palace shimmered with onyx and gold but
was richer still in political and sexual intrigue.
Above all else, Cleopatra was a shrewd
strategist and an ingenious negotiator. She was
married twice, each time to a brother. She had
children by Julius Caesar and with Mark
Antony had children and attempted to forge a
new empire. Famous long before she was
notorious, Cleopatra has gone down in history
for all the wrong reasons: her supple
personality and the drama of her circumstances
have been lost. In a masterly return to the
classical sources, Stacy Schiff boldly separates
fact from fiction to rescue the magnetic queen
whose death ushered in a new world order.
The Village provides the
appetizers and drinks for
Happy Hour.
**Please let the Activities office know in
advance, if you have a special visitor who is
in town for our On the House Happy Hours.
Thank You!
March 20
Resident Social Hour:
The residents bring the food
and drinks.
March 27
Thursday, March 19 @ 3:00 pm
In the Private Dining Room
Resident Social Hour:
The residents bring the food
and drinks.
March 13
The Village Book Club
Resident Social with
See you in the Dining Room at 2:00 PM!
Richard Hoffstedt (apt. 323) organizes
and leads this group.
10 books of this title are currently
available in the main office to check out.
As books are read and returned, others
may check them out. You may always
check out your own book from a library
or purchase a copy as well.
‘Knit Together’
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm
In the Dining Room
Join this group of
knitters to get
ideas, or to enjoy
the company of
Resident’s Pot of
Gold Meeting
Tuesday, March 17
@ 2:00 pm
For Tech support
In the Dining Room
Come with the Shamrock’s
you’ve found hidden throughout
the common areas of the
building the first few weeks of
March. You will get to trade
them in at the end of the meeting
for either a gift or a ...gag!
To add channels to your
Call 888-388-4249
Or 248-479-2232
For after-hours maintenance
Residents are strongly encouraged to
emergencies, please call the emergency attend the Resident Meeting. Kelvin
will be giving updates on important
maintenance number:
Village matters. In addition, the
Regular Hours Office Phone Number: Maintenance and Activities Staff will
give updates. If you have comments,
new ideas or concerns about The
Kelvin Miller, Community Director
Village, this is the perfect time to share
Beth Parker, Office Manager
To get information about events and activities, call
the Activities Office:
616-846-4342 Katie Winkler & Debbie Detar
Come and be a part of your
The Village at the Pines
Now Showing in March
Tuesday Night Movies in March @ 6:30 pm
The Ultimate Gift
Mom’s Night Out
You’ve Got Mail
Til the Clouds Roll By
Saturday Night Movies in March @ 6:30 pm
Magic in the Moonlight
Shawshank Redemption
Second Hand Lions
Church Services
**In order to show a
variety of movies for the
varied interests of our
residents, occasionally
a movie will not appeal
to everyone. Please see
the movie marquis on
the third floor to read the
movie synopsis and
check the rating.
Sunday, March 15
at 6:30 pm in the Theatre
another special performance
DVD from Andre Rieu
Sunday, March 1 @ 2:30 pm:
Jeff Terrill
Sunday, March 8 @ 2:30 pm:
Rev. Gary Lacy
Sunday, March 15 @ 2:30 pm:
Rev. Kirby Smith
Sunday, March 22 @ 2:30 pm:
Joy Shimp
Sunday, March 29 @ 2:30 pm:
Covenant Life
Wii Bowling: Tuesdays @ 3:00 pm & Fridays @ 10:00 am
Happy Birthday!!
March Birthdays…..
Marion Vermurlen
Richard Miller
Robert Vincent
George Heagney
Patricia Smith
Delores VanValkenburgh Apt. 226
Ron Westerhouse
Apt. 120
Betty Kennedy
Apt. 204
Virginia Seeley
Apt. 305
Beverly Burlingame
Apt. 108
Apt. 100
Apt. 327
Apt. 307
Apt. 103
Apt. 107
March 16
March 16
March 19
March 22
March 23
New in 2015…. Village Birthdays will
be celebrated as a group every other
month. The next birthday party will
be Friday, April 24 @ 2:00 pm and we
will celebrate both
March and April birthdays!
March 3
March 11
March 15
March 15
March 15
The Snow is here...
Spiritual Growth
Thanks for keeping your
parked car from hanging
over the sidewalk for
snow removal!
Bible Study
Wednesdays @ 2:00 pm
In the Private Dining Room
Kelvin would like to invite you to
attend a weekly Bible Study taking
place here at The Village on
Wednesday afternoons at 2 p.m. Our
NEW study will be Minor Prophets.
Worship in the Theater
Sunday, March 1 @ 2:30 pm:
Jeff Terrill
Sunday, March 8 @ 2:30 pm:
Rev. Gary Lacy
Sunday, March 15 @ 2:30 pm:
Rev. Kirby Smith
Sunday, March 22 @ 2:30 pm:
Joy Shimp
Sunday, March 29 @ 2:30 pm:
Covenant Life
Thank You Residents for
continuing to let your visitors
know not to park in the front entrance. This
area is for dropping off residents and picking
up residents only.
All New
(and ‘not so new’)
Residents encouraged
to come!
Coffee Club
9:30 am
Thursdays in the
Dining Room.
In House
Entertainment and Special
Grand Haven Area High School’s fiddler group
Tuesday, March 10 @ 3:15 pm
In the Dining Room
This extracurricular string ensemble will visit us to play
popular fiddle music to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
The group, directed by Melissa Meyers, has played for The Village before. The group started
with a handful of orchestra students who had a common interest in exploring string music
outside of the classical realm. ‘GOTAK’ has grown significantly since the start and always
succeeds in exciting the audience with their love of ‘fiddling’ and sounds of Blue Grass, Irish
and Celtic Folk Music, Jazz and Rock.
Discussion Group
Thursday, March 12 @ 3:00 pm
In the Game Room
Those who met in February decided on the topic…
Save the Great Lakes: discussing Stanwood water bottling
depleting the
aquifer, Grand Rapids wastewater overflow, carp entering the Great Lakes
We are an open group discussing ideas of events, local politics,
effective grand parenting, etc.
Life after loss
Monday, March 16 @ 10:30 am
In the Private Dining Room
Led by Bonnie Messenger, the grief counselor at North Ottawa Community
Hospital.- Bonnie has led many groups like this in the area, and we are grateful
that she will be coming to The Village. This group meets monthly.
8th Grader’s Presentation
of Resident Interviews
Monday, March 16 @ 1:15pm
In the Dining Room
This presentation will be the culminating event
for the students to present their written projects focusing on
resident volunteers from the last few weeks who have been
interviewed about the meaning of their special object.
Village Vintage Voices
Tuesday, March 17 @ 3:00 pm in the Private Dining Room
Join us for this special writers’ workshop
You have important stories that need to be written so they can be shared
from generation to generation and family to friends. Internationally
published author Tricia L. McDonald is back to lead another
workshop focused on helping you get your stories onto paper.
This is a fun, interactive workshop using prompts to help stir your memories so you can get
them out of your head and written down!
‘Annual’ Welcome Spring
Pancake Breakfast Open House
Friday, March 20
Breakfast served from
9:00 am– 10:00 am
In the Dining Room
Please sign up in the Activity Binder
by the last day of Winter – March 19.
Fire and Fall Prevention Presentation ­
Tuesday, March 24 @ 3:00 pm
In the Dining Room
Presented by The Grand Haven
Department of Public Safety Fire Services Division
GHDPS will be using a curriculum developed by National Fire
Protection Association and the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention titled: Remembering When: A Fire and Fall Prevention
Program for Older Adults. Remembering When is centered around 16
key safety messages – eight fire prevention and eight fall prevention.
Come to this free public service presentation.
Sharlene MacLaren Author Talk
Thursday, March 26 at 2:30 pm
In the Dining Room
Award winning author of faith-based historical fiction,
Sharlene MacLaren, will visit us to talk a bit about her
writing journey, what launched her career, and how she managed to
break into the publishing industry.
Sharlene is the author of 16 full-length novels, including four three-book series set in various
locales around the country and also some contemporary stand-alone novels. Of special
interest is her series titled The Daughters of Jacob Kane, which is set in the early 1900s
right here in our very own Grand Haven, aka Sandy Shores, Michigan.
Sharlene, a retired elementary teacher, has two married daughters and five delightful
grandchildren. She and her husband Cecil reside in Spring Lake with their beloved collie
and playful kitty.
Sharlene will also be donating some of her published books to The Village Library!
Murder Mystery
Dessert Theatre
Friday, March 27 at 7 pm
In the Dining Room
Master Arts Theatre will be coming to The Village to perform
an interactive murder mystery “Death In Them Thar Hills”
and YOU can be a part of solving the crime!
We will be serving dessert—a slice of Russ’ pie! Cost will be $7
for an evening of fun entertainment, mystery, and delicious
Russ’ pie! **When you sign up in the In House Activity Binder by March 19,
please indicate your choice of pie: Dutch Apple, Custard, Lemon Meringue.
Presentation of ‘Easter in the Holy Land’
By Tom Buettner
Monday, March 30 @ 11:00 am
In the Theater
Tom has been here quite a few times to lead interesting slide presentations on
various places and events. Travel with him to Jerusalem where you will visit the
Holy Sepulchre and Garden of Gethsemane along with nearby regions such as
Jericho, The Dead Sea, Damascus, and Beruit.
Tuesday, March 31 @ 12:30-3:30 pm
Paint Along With Amber:
A beginning acrylic painting class (meeting in the Arts and Crafts room)
Enjoy step-by-step instruction in a three hour guided acrylic painting
lesson created for the beginner, led by a professional art instructor.
Cost is $20 per person. All supplies provided: canvas, paints & brushes.
See the Activity Table for a photo of the sample painting.
Register by calling Amber Wilder at 210-683-8680 by Thursday, March 26
You may invite family or friends to join, but please register them also.
Bus Trips...
Out for Lunch!
Let’s Go!
Tuesday, March 3
11:00 am-1:30 pm
For Bus Trips, please remember to
sign-up at least a day ahead unless
an earlier sign-up is necessary.
Curragh’s Irish Pub
Located in Holland, Michigan this will be a
festive Irish outing in celebration of St.
Patrick’s Day this month!
Unfortunately, we will need to
cancel if attendance is too low
the day prior to the trip.
Their menu has been placed with the
Bus Trip sign up sheet.
Please sign up early if possible!
**Sign up in the Bus Trip Binder.
Grocery Shopping
Shopping at the
The Lakes Mall,
Barnes & Noble,
Target or Kohl’s
Meijer, Walmart or D&W
Every Monday
at 1:30 pm
You select the store at which
you’d like to be dropped off and
The Village Bus will pick you up
beginning at 3:00 pm.
You choose the location at which you would like
to shop. This is our regular mall trip taken on
the second Wednesday of each month and a
combined trip with Pinewood Place!
March 11
from 1-4:00 pm
**Sign-up in the Bus Trip Binder
Sign up in the Bus
Trip Activity Binder
More Bus Trips...
Bingo at the
Senior Center
March 13 & 27
Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month residents can
take our bus along with Pinewood Residents to the Senior Center
and enjoy free bingo and a $3-5 lunch.
Bus leaves at 8:45 am from the Lobby
and returns at 12:30 pm
Sign-up in the Bus Trips Activity Binder
Grand Haven’s Central Park Players
12 Angry Men
Saturday, March 7
Bus will depart at 6:45 pm, show begins at 7:30 pm
The action of the play begins just after a 19-year-old man
has just stood trial for the fatal stabbing of his father. As the jurors work together
to try to determine a verdict, each man is forced to come to grips with his
own character. Various testimonies are re-examined, tempers get short,
arguments grow heated, and the jurors become 12 angry men.
Tickets are $10. **Please put check made out to The Village at the Pines in the
suggestion box, and Sign up in the Bus Trip binder by February 25.
Find the Hidden
Shamrocks at The
Guess how many
coins are in the jar
on the Activities
15 numbered Shamrock
stickers will be hidden
during March before St.
Patricks Day– keep a
look out! Bring them to
the Irish Themed
Resident Meeting on
Tuesday, March 17th at
2:00 pm.
announced at
The Resident
Meeting on
March 17!
Hint: all common areas
are free game and no
crawling necessary.
Our Hairdresser
March 10 & 24
@ 1:30 pm
Meet Schwans in the
Lobby and he can get items out of his
truck. Call ahead if you’d like to order
something special.
Paula is happy to
make an
appointment for you!
Please call Paula
Davis to make an
The Village Dining Room
Served Mondays
from 12-1:00 pm
Served Wednesdays
from 12-1:00 pm
$6 - Reservations made with regular
dinner meals, and will be added to
your statement. *No Tickets*
$6 - Reservations made with regular
dinner meals, and will be added to
your statement. *No Tickets*
As usual, dinner is served each evening at 5:00 pm,
except for Sunday, which is served at 1:00 pm
Reservations required by 10:00 am the day prior or 10:00 am on Fridays for
Weekend and Monday meals. Cost is $9 or a meal ticket.
These businesses offer free delivery or discounts on
services to The Village at the Pines Residents!
Genius Phone Repair– 10 % off repair service of anything with a screen for Village Residents–
call 616-504-4333
The experienced technicians at Genius are dedicated to getting you back on track with your life! They
carefully repair your broken iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, and Android devices while ensuring you the highest
level of customer service. They are so confident in their quality parts and service that every repair comes
with a 90-day warranty!
Plantengas Cleaners– Free Delivery & Pick-up of dry cleaning. Call the North Plantengas
office– 842-6950. Mention that you live at The Village and they will schedule a pick up and
when it’s returned, they’ll leave a bill that you may mail back with a check.
Dunewood Pharmacy, located in North Ottawa Community Hospital Phone, 842-5193
The Village Library
*Non-fiction books are labeled with a number which
corresponds to its category.
*Fiction books continue to be categorized alphabetically by
The new shelves have been filled!
Come see the newly organized Library
Large Print Books are now
being shelved together near the
non-fiction titles.
Many DVD’s & Videos are located on
the shelves below the sign out sheets
and may be checked out as well!
*Sign out books on the sign-out sheet and cross off
your name as you return them.
Look for details
coming soon
regarding the new
recycling process in our
Thank you for continuing to bag
and tie all garbage before putting
it in the trash receptacles in the
Trash Room!
Donated Items Appreciated
*Bingo Prizes
are always appreciated:
these can be new items,
or smaller used items.
All donated items should
be in good working order
and subject to
Management approval.
Items may be given to
Beth, Katie or Debbie.
Village Wish List….
5-disc CD player, Water Cooler,
Large Print Books
Please Remember the
hours for the Trash
Compactor are 9 am
-9 pm ONLY.
Games, Games, Games...
Weekly Game Schedule:
6:30 PM
10:00 AM
Tues. 10:00 AM
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
10:00 AM
3:00 PM
Wed. 10:00 AM
Thurs. 6:30 PM
Sunday Nights @ 7:00 pm alternate
between Ten Dimes and Euchre: GR
We are looking to start a
Bridge group! Let the
Activities Office know if
you’re interested.
Scrabble group meeting on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm (2:45 pm on
Resident Meeting Tuesdays) and Saturdays at 3:00 pm!
Sunday Night is always Game Time @ 7:00 pm:
‘Ten Dimes’
also called ‘CLR’
Sunday March 8 & 22 @ 7:00 pm
in the Dining Room or Game Room
(depending upon group size)
This is an easy-to-learn dice game. Bring 10 dimes
and test your luck! Bring 20 dimes if you’d like to
play more than one game.
March 1, 15 & 29
@ 7:00 pm
In the Game Room
Tuesdays @ 10:00 am
In the Game Room
Thursday Nights
@ 6:30 pm
In the Dining Room
Thursday nights Bingo is in the Dining Room due to the larger number of players –
conversationalists, please be mindful of the bingo game & move other conversations
to either the Game Room or the Lobby. Thank You.
$.05 / game
Winner takes money or chooses a prize (donated prizes welcome!)
Keep Saving Box Tops and Soup Labels!
Check your receipt coupons from Meijer for
additional box top coupons. They can be valued at
100 box tops!
These box tops are found on many food items you purchase regularly and are worth $.10 a piece! Cut them out, save
them, and bring them to the receptacle on the Activity Table. Marguerite Rauschert sends them in for our schools!
A few more good things about getting older…..
Gray hair has more body.
If you were getting younger instead of older everyone would hate you.
Your arthritis makes it less likely to lose your wedding ring.
Social Security operates on a first come, first serve basis.
‘If you survive long enough, you’re revered– rather like an old building.’
- Katharine Hepburn
‘The advantage to being eighty years old is that one has had many people to love.’
-Jean Renoir
‘I love everything that’s old: old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old
- Olivier Goldsmith
1. Rodeo rope
6. Manner
10. Tennis's ____ Sampras
14. Limber
15. Soup vegetable
16. Length times width
17. King, e.g.
18. "____ of Our Lives"
19. Convent dwellers
20. Artist Salvador ____
21. Crucial
22. Go by
24. Weight unit
26. Voted in
27. Tom Brokaw, e.g.
30. Count ____ of jazz
31. Ocean's fluid (2 wds.)
33. Tavern orders
37. MD's group
38. Frighten
41. Savings plan (abbr.)
42. Church seats
44. Practice session
46. Moved sneakily
49. Lubricate
50. In ____ (late with
53. Beer grain
54. Contaminates
55. Actor ____ Gibson
56. Strong cord
60. Leer
61. Impersonated
63. Pavarotti, e.g.
64. ____-do-well
65. Bangkok native
66. Consumer
67. Water whirl
68. White metal
69. Tiny particles
1. Fat for frying
2. Mexican water
3. Window part
4. ____ of hand
(magic trick)
5. Above, in verse
6. Internet access 
7. All right!
8. Thirsty
9. Painters' stands 
10. Cure-all
11. Burst forth
12. Keyed up
13. Relieved
21. Jeweler's meas
23. Hawaiian
25. Uses oars
26. Our planet
27. Right away
28. Moniker
29. Pincer
30. Flat cap
32. Field covers
34. ____ Kudrow
of "Friends"
35. Historic periods
36. Discount
39. Lawful
40. James ____
43. Theater backdrop
Expressed anger
Military doctor
Aware of
Makes mistakes
____ Beta KapSteeped brew
Answers on the reverse side of this page
A Special Themed Dinner Hour
St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
Tuesday, March 17 @ 5:00 pm
In the Dining Room
Sign-up for Dinner on this night and enjoy all the festivities
that come with St. Patrick’s Day—A wonderful Corned Beef
and Cabbage meal with all the trimmings, special music and
for a small upcharge of $2, green beer!
Our Activities office and Dining Room staff are joining forces to put
on a special themed dinner every couple months! Sign-up in the
office as you would for any dinner. The cost is $9 or a meal ticket.
March Craft Time
In the Arts and Crafts room, 2nd floor
Thursday, March 5
@ 2:30 pm
Fabric Covered Basket
Take a plain plastic basket & freshen it up
with pretty fabric. An example will be in
the Arts & Crafts Room for you to see. Cost
will be $4, includes a basket, various fabrics
to choose from, supplies & hands on
instruction to create. Bring your money
with you that day. **Please sign up by March 3
in the In House Activity Binder, so Katie and
Debbie know how many to plan for.
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