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Brošura - Tourist Board Ugljan

gljan is the largest village on the island, placed between 9 hamlets (Čeprljanda, Lučino Selo, Batalaža, Sušica,
Gornje Selo, Muline, Guduće, Fortoština, Varoš) and many picturesque coves, with the coves of Ćinta, Mostir and
Južna Luka as the most beautiful. The economy is based on agriculture, wine growing, olive and fruit
plantations, fishing and tourism. Monuments from the Early Roman period, Villa rustica, late antique
mausoleum, remains of the old Christian basilica and monumental oil mill from the 2nd century AD in the
cove of Muline testify to the early human presence in this area and make this village most popular for visitors.
Ugljan has been connected to the sea, seamanship, agriculture and fishing for many generations,
and 2000 years of tradition in olive growing left hundreds of thousands of olive trees that give
olive oil of extraordinary quality and aroma. Tradition is deeply rooted in the lives of people of Ugljan and
includes certain ecclesiastical festivities such as the procession on the Assumption Day on August 15th.
Today, the traditional way of life is interwoven with the contemporary living in the way that traditional vocations,
wine and olive growing as well as fishing function as tourist attractions. The village of Ugljan is the unique
combination of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich and stratified cultural heritage and lively and fashionable
tourist life.
Gornje selo
Lučino selo
Fortoština - Varoš
01. Marijo Camp
02. Alavanja Vladimir
03. Alavanja Nadija
04. Alavanja Ivan
05. Bakota Ivan
06. Bakotić Ljubomir
07. Bakotić Marinko
08. Bakotić Oskar
09. Bakotić Željko
10. Barešić Zdravko
11. Đenđo Enisa
12. Glavan Mirjana
13. Grgin Goran
14. Jovanović Radovan
15. Karlović Branko
16. Karlović Danko
17. Karlović Ernest
18. Petroci Bara
19. Karlović Valter
20. Karlović Vladimir
21. Laća Branko
22. Mahadić Darko
23. Mahadić Ivica
24. Mahadić Krešimir
25. Mišćević Marija
26. Stipanić Marija
27. Stipanić Marija (Zvonko)
28. Svorcina Boris
29. Svorcina Ljubo
30. Svorcina Srečko
31. Šarin Ante
32. Villa Maria
Food, Drinks, Shop
01. Pizzeria Cima
01. Remains of Olive Mill
01. Hotel Ugljan
02. Apartmani Galius
03. Štoko apartmani
04. Mostir Camp
05. Stipanić Camp
06. Belić Dragica
07. Bijader Nada
08. Biloglav Smiljana
09. Buble Nensi
10. Crnošija Damir
11. Debeljak Stjepan
12. Grgona Denis
13. Ivanac Boris
14. Ivanac Božidar
15. Jutriša Đurđa
16. Karlović Anđelka
17. Kliman Božica
18. Kombura Branko
19. Kombura Goran
20. Kombura Senko
21. Kovačić Velimir
22. Kus Katica
23. Novak Zdravko
24. Odak Boženka
25. Smolčić Vladimir
26. Stipanić Hrabrov Ilenka
27. Stipanić Ivo
28. Šarić Branko
29. Panea apartmani
30. Panea apartmani
31. Brodarec Ivica
32. Horvat Vjekoslava
33. Čotić Ljubica
34. Dasović Marko
Food, Drinks, Shop
01. Kaleta Restaurant
02. Trapula Bistro
03. Apollo Restaurant
04. Jazina Pizzeria
05. Azur Pizzeria
06. Sonik shop
07. Konzum shop
08. Bure shop
09. Ritam Caffe Bar
10. Mareta Pizzeria
11. Souvenir Shop Meri
12. Green & Fish Market
Other Services
01. Ugljan Tourist Board
02. Travel Agency & Rentals
03. Ambulance
04. Post Office
05. Diving Center
06. ATM Erste Bank
01. Monastery and
Church of Saint Jerome
02. Church of the Assumption
of the blessed Virgin Marry
03. “Kamenice” - stone
containers fortstorage
of olive oil
01. Villa Stari Dvor
02. Baraba Marija
03. Baraba Vojko
04. Beader Marija
05. Bitunjac Hedi
06. Car Slavko
07. Car Marijan
08. Car Slaven
09. Hranjec Josip
10. Kolonić Katarina
11. Korica Petar
12. Kosović Slavica
13. Matjačić Dragica
14. Midžić Zahida
15. Mamić Stjepan
16. Perinović Mira
17. Radišić Dobroslav
18. Stanić Slavko
19. Šabić Matea
20. Šarović Davor
21. Šarović Edi
22. Šarović Ivan
23. Šarović Stanko
24. Židov Draga
25. Žodan Ivan
26. Camp Batalaža
27. Jelić Gordana
28. Ivanac Edita
29. Kuntarić Jadranka
Food, Drinks, Shop
01.Stari Dvor Restaurant
Other Services
01. B&S Car Service
02. Šarović Car Service
01. Camp Mekelenić
02. Camp Tomas
03. Camp Porat
04. Fatović Mira
05. Ferina Danica
06. Hruban Višnja
07. Kucelin Agata
08. Mazija Mirjana
09. Rebac Igor
10. Rebac Rajna
11. Tomas Berislav
12. Tomas Mirko
13. Štrmelj Zdenka
14. Kucelin Edi
Church of the Assumption of Ancient Christian basilica
the Blessed Virgin Mary
Placed on a little hill in the centre
of the village with the bell tower
creating the recognizable image
of Ugljan, it is first mentioned in
historical documents in 1401. The
altar is decorated by the baroque
painting „The assumption“ from
the 18th century.
Built in the 5th century as a three
nave basilica with semi-circular
apsea, with later added cells
(rooms) and a pentagonal apse,
added by the end of the 5thcentury.
A great layer of water-proof mortar
shows that it was used to serve as
a baptistery. Historical data show
it was a church until the middle
of the 18th century when it was
consecrated to St John, and the
whole locality today carries the
name Stivon.
Viewpoint Stražica
Church of All Saints
The hill Stražica is located at
the extreme tip of the place of
Ugljan with the hight of 67 meters.
Considering the fact that the
surrounding area is low land, this
view point offers a breathtaking
view of the island and the
archipelago. It is incorporated
into the bike and walking paths of
(island) Ugljan.
The church in a Romanesque
style, built in the 12th or in the 13th
century, is placed in the hamlet of
Gornje Selo, at the foot of the hill
and view point Stražica.
must s
Church of St Hippolytus
Villa Rustica
It is placed in the hamlet of Varoš
in the centre of Ugljan. It was
builtin the 11th or 13th century and
it has been lately remodeled in
Gothic style. It was first mentioned
in documents in 1374. The interior
is decorated with late Baroque
The oldest findings from the
Roman period on the island,
(1st-2nd century AD), placed in
the hamlet of Muline. The complex
contains the remains of the Roman
olive mill, where the Roman olive
mill, where the famous Liburnian
oil was produced and transported
from the port of Muline all over the
Church of St Cosmas and
The church was built in the
11th or 12th century in late preRomanesque period. According to
the legend it was built as a votive
church by merchant Torricella, who
survived a shipwreck and swam to
the spot where the church stands
now. It is the oldest preserved
church in Ugljan, placed in a quiet
cove that can be reached by a
gravel road.
Beršić Castle
The castle was built by the Califfi
family in the 17th century in the
hamlet of Gornje Selo. The Beršić
(Brčić) family acted as stewards
of the castle, and it took on their
name afterwards. More recently
the castle has been restored
and carries the name Krešimir
Ćosić after the former Croatian
basketball star.
must s
01. Antolković Katica
01. Beršić Castle
02. Church of All Saints
03. Stražica, viewpoint
01. Pansion Stivon
02. Bralić Feny
03. Celent Valentin
04. Čuka Anka
05. Diklan Marija
06. Fižuleto Branko
07. Jambrović Magda
08. Horvat Ladislav
09. Ljoka Radojka
10. Mrva Oriana
11. Mrva Zlatko
12. Šteko Mirela
13. Štohera Milan
14. Štohera Milko
15. Štohera Omer
16. Vidaković Branko
17. Vidaković Miodrag
18. Vidaković Mirko
19. Vidaković Rajka
20. Vidaković Svetko
21. Vimer Milivoj
22. Virić Nevenka
23. Višić Đino
24. Višić Ivica
25. Višić Viktor
26. Višić Mirošević Olga
Food, Drinks, Shop
01. Stivon Restaurant
02. Muline Pizzeria
03. Sonik Shop
04. Kažot - Fast Food
05. Konoba Dido Šime
Other Services
01. Muline Port
01. Saint John Basilica
02. Villa Rustica
03. Donkey Kate
04. Ugljan Etno House
01. Pavlešina Camp
02. Babin Zoran
03. Bačić Ivan
04. Funčić Vladimir
05. Marfat Branko
06. Marfat Slavko
07. Pucar Jadranka
08. Radić Nevenka
09. Smirčić Slavica
01. Ivković Branko
Other Services
01. Tennis Court
01. Church of Saints Hippolytus
Olive Island
In the past, Ugljan was the most important economic center of the whole Zadar region.
In Muline, there are still very well visible remains of an ancient oil mill from the 2nd
century AD, from where the famous Liburnian olive oil was exported all over the world.
The value of this site was recognized by wealthy Romans, who built number of
countryside villas (villae rusticae), as well as the many nobles who built their castles in
the Middle Ages.
Turistička zajednica mjesta Ugljan
Šimuna Kožičića Benje 17
23275 Ugljan
Tel./Fax: ++385 23 288-011
[email protected], [email protected]
WWW DIRECTORY (Ugljan Tourist Board) (Municipal website) (Travel agency, exchange, rentals) (Diving centre) (Tennis Club) (Ferry information) (Bus information)
St Jerome monastery
This beautiful building is located in the center of Ugljan on the sandy beach Mostir. The
monastery was built in 1430 with the gothic church of St Jerome, consecrated in 1447.
In the monastery cloister there is the gravestone of bishop Šimun Kožičić Benja (14601536), the founder of Glagolitic printing house in Rijeka.
The monastery used to hold the valuable piece of art known as the Ugljan Polyptych,
work of painter Ivan Petrov of Milan, created around the year 1430 and named after the
place of discovery. Today this piece is held in St Francis monastery in Zadar.
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