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Come Visit Us...
Hello Winnipeg! We at Five Small Rooms have created the most phenomenal experience for Holiday
Come and see our new collections. View our Guzinni, Nambe and Soda Stream to mention a few. Always
changing, we bring you the latest products in the marketplace.
Don’t miss the NEW YORK experience! In our “VI Room” you will be intoxicated with a New York moment.
As promised, this room is ever evolving with the most creative giftware. From the tiniest gift (Ballmania
Lip Balm), to the unusual gift (Head Massager), to the office gift (Chopsticks On The Go), we have tried
to service all your needs. Of course that is just a smattering of what can be found tucked away in the
New York room.
The other Five Rooms (as you know, is one Big, Large Room) is filled to the top with the funniest gifts
(Poo-Pourri), sexiest gifts (Luxurious Sequinned Robes) and personal gifts (Pandora). Come and browse,
take your time. There is so much to see this year. With price points to suit everyone, service that is
unmatched and our signature giftwrap, we are a one-stop-shop!
Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!
Melissa, Sheila and Susan
Don't Be Disappointed...
If you see something you like, but do not
have the time to visit right away, just call
us and let us know what you would like
to purchase; provide your credit card
number; and we will hold the item for
Contact us at:
(204) 488-8099 (phone)
(204) 488-8101 (phone/fax)
[email protected]
We will be open:
In November:
Monday to Wednesday
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Friday and Saturday
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m.
Holiday Shopping 2010
Fill the Stocking...
Fill ti to the Top...
A Toast to the Holidays...
Just Kidding Around...
Just Be-Tween Us...
Featuring the Artists of the VI Room...
Live in Air You Love...
Unforgettable Moments...
Diva Delights...
Feel Good Gifts...
Delicious, Sensational Snacks...
Practical, Distinctive Kitchen Living...
In December:
Monday to Wednesday
10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Thursday and Friday
10:00 a.m. -8:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m.
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Where To Find Us
We are located in the Kenaston Village
Mall, on the corner of Grant Avenue and
Route 90.
If you need directions, please call us.
(204) 488-8099 (phone)
(204) 488-8101 (phone/fax)
[email protected]
Fill the Stocking...
Hand Warmers - Warm up your
mitts. Reusable warmers offer
long lasting heat at the click of a
Poo-Pourri - Spritz the bowl
before you go… and no one
will ever know. The bathroom
spray that takes the odor
2 oz. $12.99
M-Cups - This set of six dry-measure
cups nests neatly just like a traditional
Russian Matryshka. They accurately
measure 1/4 , 1/3 , 1/2 2/3 , 3/ 4 and 1 cup
MonKeys - Quit monkeying
around with all those look-alike keys. Pop a perky primate
on top.
$6.99 set of 6
Head Massager - Back by
popular demand...
$6.99 ea.
M-Spoons - A sister to the M-Cups
these stackable spoons measure
smaller amounts of dry and wet
Rocks For your Drink - Reusable
Foto Balls - Hang your loved ones ice cubes, dishwasher safe,
on your tree. Holds four 1”x1” looks like granite-inspired Cold
$4.99 ea.
Five Small Rooms
Fill ti to the Top...
Purse Hangers - keep your beautiful handbag
high and dry. Choose from assorted styles and
from $13.99 ea.
Opti-Card - Read clearly, even in
the dark.
$9.99 ea.
Soap Skewers - Looks like candy,
smells like candy but its soap.
$9.99 ea.
Body Massager - A cousin to
the popular Head Massager, this
gadget helps relax your whole
body with it’s little hooked ends.
Feels nice! …
$6.99 ea.
Personal Chopsticks - Never be
without chopsticks! Comes with travel
$9.99 ea.
Holiday Shopping 2010
Bath Bombs - Bomb
Cosmetics hand-made
all natural bath bombs
that not only moisturize
but sooth tired muscles
and joints...
from $5.99 ea.
Fashion Pill Box - Perfect for on the
$5.99 ea.
A Toast to the Holidays...
Essential Wine Aerator Simple. Hold the Vinturi over
a glass or decanter and pour
wine through. It’s that easy.
Helps create a better bouquet,
enhances flavour and creates
a smoother finish...
$55.99 ea.
Artech Beer Glasses These beer glasses are
recrafted from original
bottles. These steins
are unique, green and
functional. Truly oneof-a-kind. Choose from
Corona, Steam, Whistle,
Sol, Red Stripe and
$21.99 ea.
Eisch Wine Glasses - Breathable Glass. This
glass aerates beverages within minutes.
This glass creates a sensory impact across
several wine types and glass shapes and
therefore creates a high level of taste...
$29.99 ea.
Riedel Glasses - These stems are considered
as one of the best by sommeliers and wine
enthusiasts alike. Their products are celebrated
not only for the quality of the glass, but for its
design as well. Ea. Riedel glass is made with
the goal of enhancing your wine drinking
Starting at $59.99 / set of 2
Collectable Beer Glasses - Ritzenhoff introduces
original and distinctive designs every year coveted
by collectors everywhere. The glass will hold 20
ounces of beer while allowing enough head space
to lock in the perfect aroma...
$44.99 ea.
Single Malt Scotch Glasses - Crafted so the
aromas float toward the top of the glass, and
direct the Scotch into the mouth in the right
amount and to the appropriate parts of the
$34.99 set of 2
Five Small Rooms
Just Kidding Around...
Chopstick Kids - Soft washable
food-safe hinges really keep
your chopsticks in line and
adds an element of fun to the
dining experience. Great for
Assorted Kids’ Cutlery - Crash
at the table. Give Ms. Food Face
landing, Superhero Scoop and a broccoli bouffant and Mr.Food
Build your own cutlery. Your Face a pea hat. Hotel-quality,
food safe…
From $10.99
DJ Bear - Plug in your MP3 player and listen
while you cuddle. Gift Boxed …
$57.99 ea.
Jelly Cat - Made with lush corduroy
these animals are sure to become
your little ones life long friends…
From $26.99 ea.
Holiday Shopping 2010
Food Face Plates - Make faces
DJ Headphones - Fold up for easy carrying
and storage. Adjustable headband to fit
any age. Best of all incredible insulated
$38.99 ea.
Keep Your Money Safe - Help
Roller Packs - Choose
them start saving young.
Adorable kid wallets. Assorted
Styles to choose…
from 4 styles. Great for
sleepovers and weekend
$11.99 ea.
$27.99 ea.
Just Be-Tween Us...
Lace Compact Mirror - As
pretty as you are. Choose
between black and white.
Swivels open…
$5.99 ea.
Beauty Cases -В These Soho beauty
cases meet the practical needs &
fashion desires of women, teens &
From $14.99 ea.
Key Chain Speakers - Boom-on-the-go! A 2 watt amp.
speaker with built in rechargeable battery that chargers
through your computer …
$29.99 ea.
Change Purses & Wallets - A
smart, fun way to show some
style while carrying your
spare change and money.
Choose from a variety of
from $21.99 ea.
Girly Glamour - Bella Il Fiore
offers creative cosmetics, delicate
puffs of shimmering powder and
rich pallets of eye shadows and
lip glosses. Showing Body Power
Puffs & Eye Shadow…
From $15.99 ea.
Bud Style Earphone for him & her Listening never looked so good! The
stylish retractor allows cord length to
expand & retract at 5 stopping points…
$24.99 ea.
Teddy Bear Banks - New to the
Ritzenhoff collection these fun,
colorful banks will keep money
safe while adding style to any
shelf. Choose your friend…
$59.99 ea.
Cupcake Jewel Boxes - Store all
your special jewels safe in these
sweet jewel boxes…
From $13.99 ea.
Five Small Rooms
Featured Artist of the VI Room...
Come visit our VI Room this Holiday season and view a variety of new and exciting products. Shop with
the back drop of New York at Christmas and experience the urban energy only New York has. Here is a
preview of our collections.В Nambe - Yaro Bowl and Servers
Alessi - Sushi Set
Merben Throws - Snow and Purple
Holiday Shopping 2010
Project Watches - Michael Graves
Beatrice Ball - Vento bowl
Hillborn pottery - Ebony Collection
Featured Artist of the VI Room...
Carol Boyes - Water Pitcher
Kosta Boda - Green and Yellow Bali Vases
Micheal Wainwright - Turquoise and Gold Bowl
Versace - Dedalo tableware
Jonathan Adler - Muse Salt and Pepper
Micheal Aram - Black Orchid Collection
Five Small Rooms
Live in Air You Love...
From the beginning,
the mission of Lampe Berger
has been to improve the
quality of indoor air. Created
in 1898, Lampe Berger is
your security blanket to clean
air. Made with no chemicals,
Lampe Berger kills up to
68% of airborne bacteria,
helping to eliminate germs,
molds and odors, all while
enhancing your dГ©cor.
To exceed your initial
expectations as a Lampe
Berger user, try the APS3C
and experience unparalleled
benefits in home fragrancing.
Holiday Shopping 2010
Unforgettable Moments...
of moments is a unique
celebration of who you are. It’s
about being true to yourself
and making your unforgettable
moments last forever. Crafted
from 14k and 18k solid gold
and sterling silver, Pandora
hand-finished jewelry is the
perfect way to accessorize.
Elegant, sophisticated
and with a contemporary twist,
the Pandora aesthetic brings
together precious metals,
gemstones and excellent
craftsmanship in affordable,
feminine designs.
Five Small Rooms
Diva Delights...
Lug - This product is specifically designed to
keep you organized, in control and looking good.
Come view our wide selection. Shown the Skipper
($27.99ea.), Mini Puddle Jumper ($54.99ea.) and
Travel Wallets ($27.99ea.).
Pouchee Purses - The ultimate purse organizer!
Change purses quickly with these cute, practical
purse organizer...
$32.99 ea.
The Lady’s Flask - Why should men have all the
fun? Small enough for your evening bag - Get the
party started in style...
Starting at $29.99ea.
Piggy Banks - Designed by the designers of
Ritzenhoff these limited edition banks keep
money safe and keep you shelves stylish...
Small - $28.99 Large - $77.99
Wash in Style - Suddenly cleaning has new
meaning with these cute rubber gloves. Assorted
styles available...
$19.99 ea.
Holiday Shopping 2010
High Heel Cake Server - Fall head over heels
for this unique line of stainless steel cake
servers. Styles may vary...
$21.99 ea.
Feel Good Gifts...
Wrap Up Robes - Wrap
yourself in luxury. This designer
collection of the finest most delicious,
absorbent microfiber robes are ultrasoft & ultra cozy. Jewel embellished
and printed designs help exude
personal style while in our most
personal moments. Perfect for those
lazy moments, days of relaxing and an
evening in, these robes will help relax
every women at any age.
A new approach to essential oil and
fragrance diffusion for a sense of complete wellbeing. An alcohol-free home fragrance system
consisting of unadulterated aromachological
essential oils, perfectly suited to every moment
of your life. These stimulating, relaxing and
sensual essences generate a profound sense
of well being by influencing your emotions and
Nurturing, skin-supportive
formulas with vitamins, minerals and
fresh, engaging fragrances are among
the small yet immensely satisfying
pleasures that add richness to your
daily life. Extracts from flowers, herbs,
fruits, leaves, roots and other natural
ingredients enliven each collection,
pampering you from head to toe.
Goldleaf Collection Shown
Five Small Rooms
Delicious, Sensational Snacks...
Three Tier Stand - Made from food safe
Bistro Brie Baker - The melt-in-your-mouth taste
electroplated hammered ceramic this 3 tier
sensation of hot baked Brie is a treat you won’t
stand is the perfect accent on both your dessert
soon forget. Available in black, white & red.
buffet and your dinner buffet.
$16.99 ea.
Five Small Rooms 2008 Xmas $50.99
ea.Small Rooms 2006 Xmas Catalog.qxd 10/26/2008 2:02
Around the World at F.S.R’s...
made of
Decedent Cupcake Mixes - Be
Cake Stand - an instant baking diva with these
serving comport gourmet cupcake mixes. Dark
with Raspberry
high quality white Chocolate
- Lip Balm SPF20.
One ofLemon
a kind lipwith
- put in a glass
Glaze and
with UVA
tea pot. It takes 5 minutes.Butter Icing,
just /toUVB
a few.
$8.99 ea.
Beautiful! $2.99 ea.
$13.99 ea.
Silicone Baking Cups - 12
Flowers per pack. These high
quality FDA/EEC approved food
a signature Hot
Tea Stick
- Putinloose
in a stainless
are sure
to make cupcake
holder and swirl in a mug.
$21.99 ea.
tortilla with
Fruits in Liqueur
- Drizzle
Bring the fresh
- For- Spread
the holiday
season pop
Fruits in Liqueur
- Drizzle
Brandied Tapenadas
sweet - Christmas
creamcheese and cover with
brandied sweet cherries over
and alluring taste of the
fun colored
cherries overiceice
cutcozy movie
cake or a or aMediterranean
your home.
nights and holidayand
serve - ole! $8.99 ea.
round cake. $19.99 ea.
$9.99 ea.
$6.99 ea.
$19.99 ea.
Holiday Shopping 2010
Practical, Distinctive Kitchen Living...
Get Busy with the Fizzy - A Soda Stream home soda maker
turns tap water into fresh sparkling water or soda in under 30
seconds. No batteries, no electricity … and no cleanup! Soda
Stream provides a great tasting and green alternative to bottled
beverages. Many flavors to choose from that are all-natural
and unsweetened. Come see our wide selection of makers
and flavors. Shown assorted flavors, refillable Carbonator and
The Culture of Living Well - Guzzini’s style symbolizes the
culture of living well and the all-Italian way of interpreting
household objects: practical, distinctive, reliable, and of the
highest quality, these objects play a central role in a new
and simple daily routine. Shown Mirage set of bowls, and 2
container set...
The Beauty of France - For more than 150 years, Jars has been inspired by the beauty and vibrant colors
of Provence. Their vision of turning objects of day-to-day living into works of art, while transforming
functional into beautiful; remains true and can be seen their dish collections. This unique tableware
concept combines authentic simplicity and contemporary design for everyday use, perfect for modern
lifestyles. Come view this amazing dish
collection exclusively at Five Small
Rooms. Pattern shown Tourron...
Five Small Rooms