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MH0052-Hospital Organization, Operations and Planning

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Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester 3
MH0052-Hospital Organization, Operations and Planning
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Assignment (60 Marks)
Note: Answer all questions must be written within 300 to 400 words each. Each Question carries
10 marks 6 X 10=60
Q1. Classify hospitals and explain the various functions of hospitals.
Answer. A hospital is an institution which is scientifically & economically organized for
prevention, diagnosis & treatment of diseases. The teaching hospitals have facilities for the
teaching & training of medical & paramedical students & trainers, hospital may be operated by
the government or private agencies.
Classifications of hospital are given bellow:1. According to servicea. General hospital: - District hospital, Thana hospital.
b. Special hospital: - Medical college hospital, mental hospital, cancer hospital.
Q2. Define medical record. Describe the policies and procedures adopted in the medical records
Answer. Definition:
A „medical record‟ is defined as a systematic documentation of patient personal/social data along
with history of his/her ailments, clinical findings, investigations, diagnosis, treatment given,
follow-up and final outcome
Listing the various policies and procedures:
1. Records retention policy
2. Medico Legal Cases (MLC) Record Maintenance
3. Court Attendance
4. Birth and Death Report
5. Generation of Statistics
Q3. Discuss the essential principles for managing hospital materials.
Answer. Listing the 7 essential principles:
The seven underlying principles are Quantity, Price, Source, Delivery Methods, People and the
most important one is Quality.
1. Quantity
2. Price
3. Source
4. Delivery
5. Methods
Q4. Discuss in brief the planning, design and staffing of a billing department in a hospital.
Answer. Brief outline of billing department:
The Central billing department plays an important role, as liaison office between the management
and the patients, in addition to its prime duty of billing. The immense patience, human relations
and hospitality is the need of the hour to alleviate the problems of patients who are in distress, as
the words spoken and deeds undertaken by the staff working at this department project the
theme of humanity.
Q6. Imagine that you are appointed as a consultant for setting up an outpatient department in a
tertiary care teaching hospital. What are the planning considerations you have to keep in your
mind before executing the task?
Answer. An operating theater, also known as an operating theatre, operating room (OR) or
operating suite, is a facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in a sterile
environment. Historically, the term "operating theatre" referred to a non-sterile, tiered theater or
amphitheater in which students and other spectators could watch surgeons perform surgery.
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