Data Center Rack & Enclosure Market

Data Center Rack & Enclosure Market- Increase In The Use Of Internet Are Likely To Boost The Growth
Of The Market
Data center rack & enclosure is a type of framework designed for networking devices, house
servers, cables, and other data center computing equipment made of steel and electronic
framework. The framework provides orchestration and placement of equipment within a data
center facility. Data center racks & enclosures are majorly used for telecommunication
equipment, cooling systems, networking equipment, and UPS. These are prefabricated with
slots for networking, connecting electrical, and Internet cables. These also help to reduce
clutter and maintain things systematically. Data center racks & enclosures are simple devices
that help to keep cords, wires, and other external items from tangling. These are also used to
provide uniform airflow so that the internal technology and devices placed in cabinet are not
damaged by the fluctuations in temperature. Emerging products with innovative design,
technology, and ability to perform multiple functions in the networking sector are expected to
remain attractive among end-users.
Major drivers of the global data center rack & enclosure market include continuous growth in
the online service industry, rise in dependency on data center rack & enclosure, and
deployment of data centers across the globe. Moreover, robust growth in technology services
and IT infrastructure and rise in investment from major companies in data center racks &
enclosures across the world are expected to propel the global data center rack & enclosure
market during the forecast period. However, rise in availability of containerized data centers
and increase in cost of maintenance of data center racks & enclosures are likely to restrain the
growth of the market in the near future. Nevertheless, development of new and innovative
products targeting new customers and wider reach of products through e-commerce are
expected to create significant opportunities for the data center rack & enclosure market during
the forecast period.
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The global data center rack & enclosure market can be segmented based on product type, size,
installation, application, distribution channel, and region. Based on product type, the market
can be bifurcated into enclosed rack, open frame rack, and customized rack. In terms of size,
the market can be split by below 18U-22U, 23U-32U, 33U-42U, 43U-48U, and above 49U. Based
on installation, the global data center rack & enclosure market can be divided into wall
mounted and floor mounted. With respect to application, the market can be classified into IT,
telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, government, BFSI, education sector, and others. In terms
of distribution channel, the market can be categorized into online channel and offline channel.
The online segment can be further split into company websites and e-commerce websites.
Based on region, the global data center rack & enclosure market can be segmented into North
America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. The data center rack &
enclosure market in North America is expected to grow significantly owing to rise in the number
of data centers across multiple services and industrial sectors. In Europe, rise in security
concerns and strict regulations and compliance rules for systematic organizing of workplace
stuff have promoted the use of data center racks & enclosures. In Asia Pacific, rapid growth in
the rack level physical security has propelled the demand for data center racks & enclosures.
Additionally, initiatives taken by the government for promoting the use of digital technology,
rise in dependency on online services of end-users, and increase in the use of Internet are likely
to boost the growth of the data center rack & enclosure market in the region. In Middle East &
Africa, racks that are equipped with cooling systems are widely used. In South America,
increase in penetration of Internet is projected to augment the establishment of large number
of data center facilities, thereby propelling the growth of the data center rack & enclosure
market in the region during the forecast period.
Major players operating in the global data center rack & enclosure market Schneider Electric SE,
Eaton Corporation, Rittal GmbH and Co. KG, Fujitsu Ltd., Innovation First International, Inc.,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Emerson Electric Company, Tripp Lite, AFCO Systems, Inc., Delta
Group, C&F Tooling Ltd., Oracle Corporation, and Vertiv Co.