SNAP Survivors Network o/ rrose Abused ,y Priests

Survivors Network o/ rrose Abused
New England Chapter
Phit Soiano, Reeiotul
Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts
Compilation ofPublished Sexual Abuse Cases
Documented through news reports published in the
Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Re. Edrrrd [email protected] - ,ailed on Octobq 31, 1936, aid pladiiS guilty to clurgca oa
[email protected] .seulr &d rap. oltwo Sutton girlq agas I I &d I2. Fi. Ncepie wls i chaplaii
OrdM St re ?rien wten lh. otras€s oc.uftd (l1/l/86)
Re. Rob.rt K.ll.y - Sqre.ced ro 5 - 7 yes in w.lpoL sate prison on Mmh I 1, 1990, afts
pl.ading guity to t*o @uts ol id.6t ssult ud umturol nPe of ! f€mal€ child F.lh€r
Kelley s pstor of Saotd Ee{n Church in G,rdn.r vlrD fie molestatiotu took Dlace. Ee Ms
[email protected] nn prisn in 1996 On May 6, 2002 h. was ctdgcd Bilh dping &othd gid wha h.
vu NigD.d io st. ceili! P&ish in lenjnsle. f.on 1980 10 l98a (38111990) [email protected])
Tnis [email protected] Dioep pn6t
in pvaal [email protected] paid'e, dudig 1h€
l96os, but .ner r€pons [email protected] here, Ms tmsfered to NN Meico dd Tqa in lhe 1970s
Dd 80s. In Msy r93, he plead.d guiky ro cn&gs or ssal asult .nd aSgrav.l.d sodom, in
Nqw Mdico, &d w6 Mrened ro 275 yed in pdsn In 1997 rh€ Dalhs Moming NeB
reported ttar letr6 i. Hollds per$mel6l€ shoeed rh.t 6 biriops krew he wa a cnnd
nol61€r, yel allowd nim lo wort for ar lmst 20 yea in fou slat6 (lrl8192)
Rd. Dwid A. Eoll.y -
Rev, JBlin Srepomirit - Alleged 10 hare "sexually 6ol6ted rumerou you.8 pdisn cMdr.n"
ai St Fr&ci! of Asisi Chlrch in Alhol, Sreponaitis is a defendaft io a sx abue lawsil liled
193. (l/12r'9)
The fomd direcb. ofcatholic Chadiies h Dmed a d.fe.d.nt in
hw$i 6led i, ,uly 1992, by a fomq Nn who claihed "Batisla sxually aeuh€d rnd .bused
hd whil. sb. was und€rgoing [email protected] 6 his clieit ' Previous .llegalio.s by eothd nn.
199! (2,9/91)
had led ro tlrc ruspensron ofhis licetue lo [email protected] $cial rcrk
Monsignor L.o
Iov6t -
Solerced io l0 years in pnson in lebnDry 199, aftr beine convi.ted
olhldrg .ude photogr.phs oI t6 yw{ld boy. Plac.d on prcbition an.r susp.nsion of
[email protected] ?rior to his trial, inve$igaros had *iz!d about 100 pholog.aphs of.ud€ m{le yoltts
ion rh€ r*tory ofSt. ,oephs Churct in Bane. (2r17193)
R.v. Rondd
SNAP c o
Ph srvimo.
Oakies Terace, Boson. MA 02130 4904
E-rlarTi [email protected] coh
Tnom..I(ltr. Ih. fom.r Dsycholosist and direcror ofthe lloue
of AtErnaiio., a
[email protected],MI @1€r Itr Calholic clqry, is Imed a deae.dmt in . s abus lawsuit fled by a [email protected]
@ who '[email protected] h. wa saly lssDll.d b.sinnins at lh. age of9 by rh. Re. Kan€ '
Rd. victor ircb8
@u1s of
jury on thrft @unts ofuiiaur.l 6pe ofr cf ild &d
[email protected] ed b.ltery, May 1993. Re. Froba had pr*iously *pen pn$n
@nviclion! in Mt$un in 1933 R.v Fob6 di€d befor€ lh. Woresrer
Indict€d by
ais *xu.l asuft
qEcamiotnol (51Y93)
Broth.r Arronio Antosucci (a RoM C.rholic nonl) - ar&gred I. uxbndge Disincl Cou.t
on chsg.s of indsenl Nulr dd balery on a [email protected] boy. (5r!9l)
on O'Donohu€ A Spflcd nd who alleges lhat O'Donohue sxuaUy aeulrcd him
twi.e v6o 6e oas r I r-yed{ld alle boy, nm€s O'Domnue as a d€fondul in . sex lbuse
lawtuit 6led Mar, 1994. (s/27,tN)
Imenlo The mr [email protected] no a ahove who laler codside.ed dlding lh€
pri$thoo4 alleges in the see law$il tbsl in 1985. IrsiUo als sually assulled him
IEerillo, who lh. young @ h.d 8oe to for @u.Flins, ws vealion dir€dor for the Rond
Carholic DiGe ofworcesr.r d th€ ift ofln€ aslt Unlil lde Marci\ 2002, Fr. IDerillo
continued to work i. peri asgmoli most Bendy al St Lol Chlrch in [email protected], MA
Rer. Pcrer
e Fontlin Cou.iy gred jury on ofnpe md indmrl
[email protected]
aa$lt {d battery on a 20
old hd he was ce.eling Th. lial .nded whq the judge
doldcd a nist.ial anq lh. jury muld not Bch a vedict. 0 020/94)
R.v. BrioE
lndicr.d by
R.q Thsdeous
the early 19703,
Two pomen who allege that Rw Xardls sdually nol.sted lnem ir
when they wde 12 yss old, name him in t sex .buse law$it 6led in
Rd. rr.den. An.r being eflradi&d fiom, the fomr live-i. direclor ofCon
Alive I.c , s woresttr haltury house for delinqued boys, wa codvict.d on July 12, 1995 lor
*rually seulri.g r lemg. boy who hld bed coftmxed lo Fredetre s q.e by rh€ slat.
Depannefl ofYoutb S€ ies (r/lll95)
abup lawit 6led Alnl 26, 196 by . webstr
wno eys Ts& molested hin r.patedly wher he wa a &@96 Aier mo,.sti.B tids in
Masschusets, T..a wls lresfered to rhe di6e* ofFon Worth, Teus The pnest's nistory
was the sbj€d of r Pag€ one i.vestigtiv€ report in the w.resrr Tel.grm on Fehruary 10,
[email protected] (5t25M)
Rd. Tnomr. [email protected] -' Defe.ddt i,
R.v. ,obtr - Th. tolm. chffiellor fo. th! C.ttolic [email protected] ofworcster and a fornt
official d th€ Vltica4 was mov.d fton his pGlochip !l St Mary's pdth in North Graio. on
IcbDary 20 b€sus of& all€e]ation involving smal misconducl Rnh a nitur (Z2l2002)
Brtlett - Th. poputu md hish-profile pator of S&rcd tlq.t ofJesus p4ish i.
worGr€r h reooved 6om hi Darish ssisme aler . Nq Hepsnne man @m€s foMrd
wirt all€Blions of Exuat abu* by rne pnst beginnine in I97?, who rhe mm wa 13 yem old
Fr is o m6bs oflh€ worest, R€dqelophmt Authonly &d . formd menbr oflh€
city\Cilizm'sAdvieryCNncil (01/17D002)
C.did -. lh. Calholic
oftne Malshustts Stal. Police,
polie wde nodned tnat ne alleaedly molested a boy when h€ was
pdish in LmmiNter over 20 yaB ago. H. *as al$ rmovcd
fron njs drot pa.ish assis.ndt ar St Reh! Clrurch i! Oxford br lh€ worGsltr [email protected]
his posilion
to Our kdy oflh. td(e
Rev. Rob.n A. Sh.uri. - A Nw Hdpshiie m. coms folMd to sy he wd sually whd he wd a tude.t at Sl BeIMds Cenl6l Cdholic High
6ole$ed by tne
School in Fitchburg. Rev Sh ris, who h.s b€d on l€ve non lhe Dieese ofvorc6ter for
everul [email protected],
s mDsic l€eh€r al 1n€ sbol. Th. vidim alcSes Rev Shourn ms partial 10
providi.S him vih nixed dn.,k! calen Bhct Russim.Thc seal mis.duct (]@ften shfl
n! was 14 ud 15 [email protected] old, fton 193310 1985, he sid. R*. Sh.utis w6 nmed.longsith
eloup of priests in a co.,iddliEt *trlflenr [email protected] of s 1993 hwsuil brought by Mal D
Barry, who [email protected] ln Rd Thotu A. KMe of molBling him for sry€ral yqd, b€ginning
*ha he w6 9. the @nidenlial .grem{l, obtained @.dy by lh. Telegnm & Gudle,
who is the $bjeci of olhe. legal aclion
abmlv€d R.v. Shauris, lhe Rry Tnomas
invoMns smd miscondu.t wirn r mimr. md Momisnor Brendon tuo.dod ol Ue Dioe* of
[email protected] Cenrre, N Y., Fon tulure lirbilily (Ol/2?/2002)
Worcsler papo publishes lso stori.s relatins allegatio.s of seral
Rry Bliud when rhey wde tenagets One was Prually abusd
nen who *m
whcr lh. pri€sr w6 dsiered lo St Roch parish in Oxford Anolhd was .bused ar 8se I 6 wht.
the p.iesl ps assiSn€d to Our Lady lmculate paris\ in Alhol. Anolner eid ne was a sludel al
Sl [email protected] s Cenlral Calholic High School in lilchburg when he Ms abu*d b, lhc priesl A
r€porter als w.s rold aboul two brotho who allegedly woe abusd by Rev Bliard in
Worc.sler Anolher, . Naval Chjcf?elly Ofticr iold the & Guerte thal R.v Bliad
atrempled to mally stut him durinS m [email protected] $ay at Holy Angels redory in UpIoo in
l93l [email protected] Bliad lefl paiish m.t in 1933 lo beofte t rcligion teacher at Sl Bmrdt C€otnl
Catholc rnEh School in Fnchbu8 He ldi lh€ dio*se i. 1988. (41512002) \4/rtkco2)
R&. David Bliz.rd
molested by
R.v. Ch.iler J. Devlitr -. who heded tne Respea Life office fot ine Caltolic Dioese of
worcesLr, is rmv€d by Bishop Deiel P Reiuy &on his Nig,ne.t at Sl Bcmdelle psish in
Nonhboro [email protected] of M allegarion of shal misnducl with a mino. in th€ 1930s He wa tlh
r€moved 6om his position s dnedor ofeti-abortiod activities in lh€ dioes and has b.en
placed on ldminhtraiive [email protected] Duri.g 1ne l98os, R.v Devlin vas a ncadmslsr al Nolr. Dde
Academy oflirchburE, . p.ivitely omed Calholic scnool (4^0,2002)