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March 2010
Volume 19::02
Israel Houghton
wins his
3rd Grammy
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Jared Anderson
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Carlos Whittaker
A Ragamuffin Soul
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Vicky Beeching
Adventures with a
Dangerous God
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March 2010
INTEGRITY Digital Update | 1
Our Mission: “Helping people worldwide experience the manifest presence of God”
“I’m convinced that the renewal we have been
seeing in worship in the last thirty years has been to
refresh people in God’s manifest presence, and change
their lives so they are swept into His destiny.”
—Mike Coleman, co-founder, president and CEO of Integrity
Media, Inc.
With offices around the globe and distributing worship music
to more than 160 countries, Integrity Music is in a unique
position to share how we see the Spirit of God moving around
the world. The video below is an update from Mike Coleman,
Integrity Media President, and our international office leaders.
n January 2001, I read a book written by Bruce Wilkinson
titled The Prayer of Jabez. The book was based on the Bible
verse 1st Chronicles 4:10
“Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!
Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm
so that I will be free from pain”
My wife Ina and I were deeply affected by this scripture and
began to lift this prayer to the Lord. And He listened!
In 2007, I was asked by Integrity Media to oversee their
International Division, a serious task for a company with a
global calling. So, we relocated from the
Netherlands to Integrity’s home base in
Mobile, Alabama, where our Integrity Music
Latin department is located and from where
we manage offices in Africa, Asia, England
and Europe.
It has been a great inspiration for me to
work with Mr. Mike Coleman, Integrity’s
CEO, to help facilitate our mission statement
of “Helping people worldwide experience the
manifest presence of God.” And it has been
a great joy for me to help fulfill this calling
by providing worship music, resources,
educational training and worship concerts
for the global Church.
I am blessed to work with fine men
and women around the world who share
the same passion for worship and each of them are called to be
influential and intentional in their regions.
We see a great need and understand that God opens doors
to bring healing and transformation through music, songs and
testimony. That is why we are passionate about connecting
leaders and ministries around the world who can help the
generations understand and develop a worship lifestyle.
We believe that there is a tsunami of Gods presence coming
to the earth and we want to be a part of that outpouring!
March 2010
What an honor to be a
part of a ministry that is
about changing peoples’
Hans Groeneveld
President, International Division
Digital Update
Update || 3
Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Integrity Digital Update! In this issue we’re
glad to bring you a deep-dive article on our new worship leader Carlos Whittaker. You’re going to love his album releasing 4/27/10. Also, the video intro
from our CEO, Mike Coleman and the executive International staff, brings a
great update on some areas where we see God moving across the globe. The $50
gift card winners from last issue’s video contest are below. Your emails to me
will be included in this section next month. So, please send your questions and
comments on this month’s content to my email address below.
Worship well,
Digital Update
Matt Peterson
[email protected]
Digital Magazine Tutorial
A Ragamuffin Soul 8
Worship leader for Andy Stanley. Host and speaker at events such as Catalyst. A reality TV appearance. And an online
presence that reached thousands before he recorded a single note. It’s the usual story, just in reverse.
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Dangerous God
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New & Upcoming Music
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Israel Houghton
Grammy Win for
Power Of One
Integrity Digital Update
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4 | INTEGRITY Digital Update
Chief Editor: Matthew Peterson
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Integrity Digital Update
John Mark McMillan
March 2010
Managing Editor: Jeff Roberts
News Director: Shannon Walker
Art Director: Dan Wilson
Marketing Director: Chris Estes
Integrity Digital Update Volume 19 :: 2 В©2010 Integrity Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is prohibited.
March 2010
INTEGRITY Digital Update | 5
Pray For
with a
Dangerous God
by Jo Brazier
he extreme poverty of the developing world is always deeply
shocking to visitors from the affluent West. Vicky Beeching was
only ten years old when she spent a month working with her
missionary grandparents in Zimbabwe, an experience that infused her
with a passion for justice and the thrill of living wholeheartedly for Christ.
“It blew my mind,” Vicky admits. “My grandparents had normal jobs
until they were in their forties, then they just sensed God saying that it
was time for a huge change. It reminded me that in a good way, Jesus is
But I think to be
relevant we have
to offer something
eternal and something
of heaven.
dangerous! He asks you to do crazy things and leads you on amazing holy
adventures. I saw them do that journey and I knew that Jesus looked after
As she grew older, Vicky began writing songs and performing them for
her church youth group. One evening, her youth leader suggested that the
group join in, giving Vicky her first experience of leading worship.
Continuing her grandparents’ legacy, Vicky has frequently stepped
out of the traditional �worship leader’ box, playing in night clubs, red
light districts and women’s refuges in her desire to bring Jesus’ presence
to those outside the church. “It’s an amazing form of evangelism, �cause
the Kingdom shows up and people sense God when they’ve never known
Him before.” She says, “Jesus’ heart is for the dark corners of the world. If
you take a little bit of His light outside the church, it goes a long way.”
Passionate about God’s heart for the poor, Vicky believes worship
leaders have a crucial role in demonstrating His love to those in need.
“We should be leading
worship through acts of
justice as well as through
singing. We’ve got to be
first to do that.” Vicky is
convinced, though, that
good works must go hand
in hand with the Good
News. “A lot of Christians
dive in with the justice
movement, but leave Jesus
out of it because that
part’s a bit awkward. A lot
of bands water down the
Jesus content too, because
they want to be relevant.
But I think to be relevant
we have to offer something people don’t already have - something eternal
and something of heaven.”
As an advocate for organizations like Hope for Justice, founded by
Ben and Debbie Cooley, Compassion International and The International
Justice Mission, Vicky has seen how relevant Jesus really is. “Justice is a
huge ethereal reality, but God breaks it down into bite-sized chunks: it’s
about opening your eyes, and when someone is suffering, not turning
away… If everybody did that, we really could change the world. It’s not
just pep talk, it’s actually true. We could genuinely change the world as the
church today.”
Order Vicky Beeching EP on iTunes—Only $2.98
Listen to tracks from Eternity Invades
(mouse over song title to play)
Preorder Now!
6 | INTEGRITY Digital Update
Salvation Day
Blessing and Honor
Breath of God
Inhabit The Praise
6. Glory To God Forever
7. One Day
8. Break Our Hearts
9. Emmanuel
12.Undivided Heart
13.Bonus: Wonder of The
Please support your local ministry centered on relief for Chile or
these organizations. Chile needs your help.
Red Cross
March 2010
by Steve Underwood
It’s a familiar story: A worship leader is called to extend their platform. They
record a debut release, filled with songs birthed in their ministry. They
create online environments to connect with their audience. They’re
invited to lead worship at prominent churches and conferences.
And then there’s Carlos Whittaker.
A worship leader for Andy Stanley’s Buckhead Church in Atlanta. Worship
leader at events such as Catalyst. A reality TV appearance (more on that
later). And an online presence that reached thousands before he recorded
a single note. It’s the usual story, just in reverse.
8 | INTEGRITY Digital Update
March 2010
March 2010
INTEGRITY Digital Update | 9
his story begins in Los Angeles. As the son of a Southern Baptist
pastor, Carlos was raised in his father’s church, where his musical
journey began in a less-than-rocking fashion.
“I was in the church hand bell choir, complete with an Afro,” he says
with a laugh. “I learned music by playing the A and C bells.”
He would also learn about singing. Equipped with a tenor voice,
Carlos would often find himself performing the choir’s solo. It was then
he first encountered his passion for leading worship.
“I loved helping to carry the moment,” he says. “I enjoyed leading
people somewhere through music.”
Carlos moved into a different medium, online social media. Originally
created as a forum for worship leaders, his blog
has become a dynamic,
worldwide conversation
where thousands of people
daily exchange thoughts,
ideas, and insights.
1. Who is Carlos Whittaker?
It was through his blog
that Carlos would connect
with Integrity Music. As he
began recording his debut
with renowned producer
Jason Ingram, Carlos was
clear on what he wanted to
say to the church.
3. Why did you feel you
“My desire is to create a
should make a worship
movement of authenticity
album at this time?
among Christians,” he
enthuses. “A movement
that pushes people into
a place of being real
with themselves, others,
and God. It’s all about
authenticity. And in that
authenticity, finding God.”
5. What has been the major
As for the music itself,
influence in your life?
Carlos was committed to
being uncommitted to any
particular style.
“I didn’t have a specific
sound,” he notes. “I just
had an attitude. An energy.
I was trying to find the
essence of who I am, and
7. Who is the audience you
get that inside the music. I
speak to?
think we did it.”
The result of this
mission is Ragamuffin
Soul, a record that
alternates from arenasized powerhouses to
intimate songs of faith,
with a sound that’s both fresh and familiar.
Features include “Rain It Down,” an epic plea for God’s quenching
presence, “Jesus Saves,” a soaring track carrying a simple, yet powerful,
message, and “Can’t Start This Fight,” a jam best described as hip-hop
meets Jack Johnson.
Another standout, “No Words,” encourages people to move from
singing to action.
“There are no new words we say that can impress God,” Carlos
says. “What impresses Him is the attitude of our hearts. The heart of
a servant, being a true worshipper, so that our words or sounds are
wrapped in obedience.”
“God of Second Chances” would have a special public debut,
Get to know Integrity’s new worship leader…
Carlos Whittaker.
10 | INTEGRITY Digital Update
2. What are you passionate
connecting with someone long before the record’s release. While Carlos
performed the song for a video shoot in an Atlanta park, a stranger
spontaneously joined him, adding his own lyrics to this personal, firstperson view of God’s limitless grace.
Having played that song for a crowd of one, Carlos will next share his
4. What’s behind this album
title RagamuffinSoul?
What impresses
Him is the
attitude of our hearts.
6. Tell us about your lovely
bride and kids.
music with larger audiences at Catalyst West, Creation Festival, The One
Day Conference, and tour dates with Shane & Shane and fellow Integrity
artist John Mark McMillian (“How He Loves”).
In addition to music, Carlos is helping to plant a new church in
downtown Chicago. As with everything he’s involved in, he has a unique
vision for what Soul City Church will look like.
“We want to do church seven days a week, through continual ministry,”
he enthuses. “We don’t want to pour all of our resources into one day of
the week. And it’s easier to do this in the inner city, because when you
leave your place, you’re immediately in the middle of great need.”
No matter the outlet, whether it’s through a worship service, a
revealing song, or an insightful blog entry, Carlos is committed to
encouraging people to express the spiritual through the creative.
“You don’t have to be a worship leader to be creative for the Lord,”
he notes. “God has put His divinity and creativity in us, and it’s our
responsibility to put that divinity back into things.”
And it’s this continual desire to connect and share with others that
fuels both his music and ministry.
“Pastoring and worshipping are the same thing to me,” Carlos says.
“Leading worship is just a piece of my life.”
Besides, he adds, “People don’t know me as a worship leader.”
That’s about to change.
Order Carlos Whittaker EP on iTunes—Only $2.98
Listen to tracks from Ragamuffin Soul
8. Where can we see you
speak and sing this year?
(mouse over song title to play)
Preorder Now!
March 2010
March 2010
Rain It Down
Can’t Start This Fight
God Of Second Chances
We Will Worship You
No Words
Because Of You
7. Shine On
8. Grace Already Won
9. Jesus Saves
10.In Your Presence
11.Your Name
12.We Will Dance
INTEGRITY Digital Update | 11
The Power of One
Makes Three for
Israel Houghton
by Shannon Walker
ulti-talented worship leader, songwriter and recording artist Israel
Houghton won his third consecutive GRAMMYВ® during the 52nd
Annual GRAMMYВ® Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Houghton
took home the award for “Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album” for his critically-acclaimed CD The Power Of One and also was honored with a “Best
Gospel Song” nomination for “Every Prayer” from The Power of One.
Previously, Houghton and his powerhouse musical ensemble New
Breed won a GRAMMYВ® in 2008 for A Deeper Level and in 2007 for
Alive in South Africa. This year’s win marks his first GRAMMY® as a “solo”
“It’s really an honor to be nominated for such a prestigious
award,” says Houghton. “And to win is such a surreal experience…
I’m so moved that the message in the music was embraced and
The “message” of the genre-blending album is one of hope, redemption and revelation, especially the title track, which expresses
instrumentalist, producer and worship leader, he has created a canon of
songs that have become standards in houses of faith around the globe
while earning Grammy, Stellar and Dove awards all along the way.
For his most current offering, Israel delivers the Grammy-winning
tour-de-force The Power of One, which may be his most personal effort
to date. It is a challenge to all people of faith to be as impassioned and
Christ-like in their earthly walk as humanly possible.
Israel says the creative seeds for the project were planted back in
May of 2008 at a friend’s beach house in Southern California. “It’s
about two miles from where I was born in Carlsbad,” he says. “I generally go there by myself to gather my thoughts, turn off the phone, read,
write and get inspired. This time I had Tommy Sims and Aaron Lindsey come in to give a collective energy try… We spent three days there,
just looking at the ocean and writing the bulk of the album.”
Recalling musical missions past, Israel says, “If you look at our albums thematically, the early ones were about the Church and what
God is doing… �a New Season is coming’ and �Another Level.’ On the
most recent records, our message has shifted into more social and global concerns, focusing on identity and the purpose of God in everyone’s
life. I strongly believe that those of us who consider ourselves worshippers need to have a heart for social justice as pointed out in Amos 5.
Thank you
so much.
Houghton’s passion for social justice.
“I strongly believe that those of us who consider ourselves
worshippers need to have a heart for social justice,” says Houghton who
will be in Toronto for a Haiti benefit concert on Feb. 12.
In addition to his career as a recording artist, Israel Houghton is a
worship leader at Houston’s Lakewood Church and a spokesman for international relief agency World Vision. He is the recipient of six Dove
Awards, three GRAMMY Awards, two Stellar Awards and a Soul
Train Award.
Israel Houghton is known for injecting contemporary gospel and
worship with a blazing, youthful energy. As a singer, composer, multi12 | INTEGRITY Digital Update
�Power of One’ is the song we wrote specifically around that thought
for this album.”
What if it all depended on me to change the world
What if my only responsibility were to change the world
Let me be the one to start a revolution
Let me sing my song to the people of the world
It all begins with one
The Power of One
Joining the hundreds of millions of people
“Believing in One” – The Power of One
The Grammy and Dove Award-nominated song, is also featured on
Healing 4 Haiti, a new multi-artist benefit album that supports relief
efforts in the ravaged island nation.
As part of his personal effort to change the world, Israel supports
a variety of compassion-focused ministries including the international
relief and aid organization World Vision and a medical missions ministry birthed out of Houston’s Lakewood Church where he serves as a
worship leader.
For more information on Israel, visit
Listen to tracks from The Power Of One
(mouse over titles to play)
Order Now!
Order The Worship
Leader Edition
March 2010
March 2010
My Name Iz
Everywhere That I Go
Just Wanna Say
Surely Goodness
The Power Of One (Save
The World)
6. U R Loved
7. Moving Forward
8. I Receive
9. Saved By Grace
10. Every Prayer
11. Sing Redemption’s Song
12. Better To Believe
13. You Found Me
14. My Tribute Medley
15. How Great Is Our God
INTEGRITY Digital Update | 13
New in 2010
Integrity Music
Deluge Band
Unshakable delivers energetic and passionate modern worship from the Deluge Band of Bethany World Prayer Center
in Baton Rouge. This powerful album is the follow-up to
the band’s debut CD which Christianity Today Magazine
named one of their “Favorite Worship Albums of 2008.”
Unshakable is a studio-recorded worship album that
Preorder Now!
paints a lyrical picture of a “tried by fire” faith set to an energetic, alt-rock and sometimes experimental soundscape.
Jonathan Stockstill, band frontman and worship pastor at the 10,000+-member Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, penned all of the songs with help from his band
mates and in one instance, his brother Joel. According to Stockstill, the songs are an outpouring of the joy, anger, pain and hope that his family and church experienced over the
past two years. This includes the birth of Stockstill’s first child, the loss of his young sisterin-law to cancer and his brother Joel’s lifelong battle with kidney disease.
Deluge allows listeners to see their heart through the music. From rock-out moments,
to soft worship interludes, Unshakable gives a glimpse into the everyday-life struggles of
believers who share a selfless passion for Christ.
Come Weary Saints
Sovereign Grace
Oh that all of our
problems would end the
moment we give our lives
to Christ. After all, the
problem of sin – our
separation from God –
Order Now!
has been solved through
* Resources Available
the blood of Jesus
Christ. But we still get sick. Marriages end. Children
die. Our plans, great and small, are disrupted. We grow
weary in the battle.
Come Weary Saints is an invitation to redirect your
focus to the God whose love has been forever demonstrated at the cross of Calvary. As you listen to these
powerful songs of worship, may your faith and joy in
the Savior be strengthened for the challenges you face,
now or in the future.
olks, it’s time to write dangerous music. It’s time to take risks. It’s time to wear your heart on your sleeve, and
sing about the things that actually matter to you. It’s time to bury the shackles of religious expectation and stop
trying to put new cloths on the dead.
Forget about the correct usage of wording for one dang second and sing your heart. How can you “correct” the course
of a boat that isn’t willing to acknowledge the waters it sails in?
Give me honesty before correctness. People can argue with me all day long about this and I won’t care, because honesty attracts God and it attracts people. And my two jobs are to love God and love people. Besides, you can never be
“right” enough for God. “All our righteousness are like filthy rags” (Isa 64:6). If you want to know what God thinks of
your ability to be correct then go ahead and look up the original Hebrew translation for “filthy rags”.
God wants your heart, the whole nasty thing.
—John Mark Mcmillan
Single & Video on iTunes for $1.29
Releasing 3.23.10
14 | INTEGRITY Digital Update
March 2010
March 2010
INTEGRITY Digital Update | 15
What is
Speakers include:
ntegrity Music is partnering with
conference producer Ben Arment to create
an event on Friday, May 21st in Virginia
Beach called The Whiteboard Sessions. It’s
a one-day conference for church leaders that
introduces fresh, new ideas for ministry. Seven
influential leaders are given just 30 minutes to
present one, compelling idea.
•Dr. Al Mohler - president of Southern
Seminary in Louisville, KY
•James MacDonald - pastor of Harvest
Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, IL
•Jonathan Falwell - pastor of Thomas Road
Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA
•Jon Tyson - founding pastor of Trinity
Grace Church in New York City
•Eric Mason - A29 board, pastor of
Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia
•Perry Noble - lead pastor of NewSpring
Church in Anderson, SC
•Tony Morgan - leading blogger & strategist,
author of Killing Cockroaches
Additionally, Integrity artist Carlos
Whittaker, will lead worship at the event,
held at the beautiful Sandler Center for the
Performing Arts. May 21st is late enough
for great weather in Virginia Beach, but early
enough for good hotel rates to make it a staff
retreat. For more information or to register for
the event, visit
This is one of many conferences that are
produced by Integrity and Ben Arment. This
September, they’ll come together again for
the STORY Conference in Chicago, which
will feature Integrity artists Kari Jobe, Vicky
Beeching and Carlos Whittaker. Arment is a
former event producer at Catalyst, an author
and a blogger at
Listen to tracks from Healing4Haiti
(Mouse over titles to play)
Come Together Now (Music City Unites For Haiti)—Various
Special Message—Michael W. Smith and Israel Houghton
The Power Of One (Change The World)—Israel Houghton
Love Can—DecembeRadio
Healer—Kari Jobe
Special Message—Josh Havens (The Afters)
Falling Into Place—The Afters
Shaken—Hawk Nelson
Special Message—Lacey Mosley (Flyleaf )
Break Your Knees—Flyleaf
Beautiful Feet—Lecrae (featuring Dawntoya)
Hello Sunshine—Canton Jones
Special Message—Canton Jones
I Worship You (Radio Version)—Mary Mary
Mighty To Save—The Tommy Coomes Band
God Of Second Chances—Carlos Whittaker
Everlasting God—Lincoln Brewster
Carry Me (Healing 4 Haiti Exclusive)—Jared Anderson
In God We Trust—Voices Of Hope
Special Message Michael W. Smith
ore than a dozen award-winning artists
are combining their musical talents to help
make sure desperately needed relief supplies continue flowing into Haiti, where the struggle
for survival continues for hundreds of thousands of
earthquake victims.
Healing 4 Haiti is a collection of 15 songs from
Christian music’s leading artists and worship leaders
and includes the anthem “Come Together Now (Music City Unites For Haiti),” penned by Michael W.
Smith, Cindy Morgan and David Mullen and featuring
a host artists. The songlist also includes tracks from Israel Houghton, DecembeRadio, Kari Jobe, The Afters,
Hawk Nelson and many more plus an exclusive version
of Jared Anderson’s new song, “Carry Me.”
Healing 4 Haiti will be released by Integrity Music
at iTunes on Tuesday, March 2 with a retail release slated for March 16. A minimum of $5.00 per copy of the
album sold will be donated to Haiti earthquake relief. The donations will
be used to provide clean water, shelter, medical care and other critical aid
from Samaritan’s Purse. It will also support the work of the Billy Graham
Evangelistic Association’s Rapid Response Team, which had chaplains
on the ground within 24 hours of the earthquake providing emotional
and spiritual comfort to survivors. Additionally, net proceeds from “Come
Together Now (Music City Unites for Haiti)” will go to the Haiti relief
efforts of Samaritan’s Purse and the American Red Cross.
“Every artist and every individual who can use their talent and ability to shed light on those in need, when it’s all added together, it makes
a huge difference,” says Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham
Evangelistic Association/Samaritan’s Purse. “My prayer is that God will
use Healing 4 Haiti to touch the hearts of this nation to give generously
to the suffering people of Haiti.”
“What I saw while in Haiti is something we must keep in front of the
minds and hearts of Americans,” adds GRAMMY® Award-winning artist Michael W. Smith. “The recovery efforts are going to take a long, long
time so we want to do anything we can to raise awareness and to continue
to support organizations doing good work in Haiti.”
Click here to download MP3 audio of
“Carry Me,” by Jared Anderson, FREE!
Order Now!
16 | INTEGRITY Digital Update
March 2010
March 2010
INTEGRITY Digital Update | 17
Worship songs by Paul Baloche, Kari Jobe, Hillsong,
Kathryn Scott, and more.
The CD is the perfect backdrop for personal times of
worship, prayer and devotion. Click image to hear samples.
CD Just $7.99
Songbook: $9.95$8.95
CD Trax: $29.98$24.95
15 songs of healing, hope, and restoration. It might just be
exactly what you or someone you know needs to hear.
Songs from great worship leaders like Christy Nockels, Brian
Doerksen, Don Moen, and Laura Story.
Your Price: $11.97
SPK Curriculum
Everything To God
13 weeks of kids Sunday school curriculum. They
learn Bible verses and a 3 song worship set, so the
kids can lead worship for the adults one Sunday.
This is 1 of 4 quarterly sets to take your children’s
church through a whole year.
Just $54.95
Integrity’s iWORSHIP
System Resource DVD S
iWorship DVDs are easy to use Audio/Visual worship
backgrounds. This DVD has great songs like Healer, How
He Loves, and Desert Song.
Jared Anderson
Live From My Church
A great live worship recording, with songs you’ll
love. We are happy to fully resource this album
so you can sing these songs in your church, play
them with your band, and sing the songs with
your choir.
CD: $11.97
Songbook: $12.95
CD Trax: $29.98
Digital Songbook: $19.95
3 Audio Modes (Full Stereo, Split Track, Click Track).
Works will with all presentation software systems.
A-R currently still available!
Just $27.95
$5 off any order over $20, when you find this image, hidden on our
site. Watch the video in the beginning of this issue for details.
Visit the Integrity Music Shop at
Visit the Integrity Music Shop at
At The Foot Of The Cross
Song Stories
Kari Jobe — Revelation Song
From Kari Jobe’s Perspective:
I first heard “Revelation Song” in 2004 when we were about to record
a new worship CD at Christ For The Nations. It was a demo on a cassette
tape! As I listened through the song I felt the Lord’s presence all over it,
even from a little tape! I knew it was something special. The night we
recorded it LIVE was incredible. Most of the people didn’t even know it
and they just worshiped anyway. It was extremely powerful. After singing it
probably more than 1,000 times I’ve never gotten tired of it.
It’s so interesting because the Lord anoints it in a special way each and
every time. The way I recorded it on my new worship album is not any
different. It was anointed in the studio that day, and the extra element
that we added, makes me think of just one more taste of different sounds
we’ll hear in heaven. I believe it’s a song straight from the throne room of
Heaven… all about our God.
From writer Jennie Lee Riddle’s perspective:
Back in 1999, I began singing “I Hear Angels” by Garrit Gustafson over
my fourth son, Andrew. As we cuddled in our blue chair. the guitar was
accessible, my spaghetti dinner was begging to be cooked and screaming my
name… but so was the Holy Spirit!
Therefore, I asked the Holy Spirit to help me write a song that painted
Him; a song that the angels and creation were already singing, so that we
could join in with One Voice, as One Bride, to One King. My heart recalled
Ezekiel 1:26-28 and Revelation 4.
I put the baby down to play with his toys, picked up the guitar, and
began to play four chords I had “discovered” the day before. Immersed in
those scriptures, the Lord helped me paint what I was seeing through those
passages,” Clothed in rainbows of living color, flashes of lightening, rolls of
The melody stuck. It had the sound of heaven in it. The song wouldn’t
leave me and I sang it for weeks. I can still hear the Lord whispering to me
that He would carry this song across the world. I remember thinking how
cool it was going to be to have a couple of my missionary friends carry it to
the natives in the bush to be sung around campfires. I had no idea…
I remember telling Jesus with complete sincerity that I could wait until I
got to heaven to hear my song sung (although, I also suggested that it would
be a terrific song for the angels and great cloud of witnesses to sing when
He comes back for us… In the event that He had not already chosen one
for the occasion, I didn’t think it would hurt to ask!).
Listen to tracks from Kari Jobe
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I’m Singing
Everyone Needs A Little
My Beloved
7. Singing Over Me
8. No Sweeter Name
9. Be Still
10. Sweep Me Away
11. Revelation Song
12. You Are For Me
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