Stat quiz 1

Describe the following terms: 1. Max 2. Min 3. Median 4. Q1 5. Q3 6. Range 7. Mean 8. Mode 9. IQR 10. Sum 11.What does the acronym CUSS stand for? 12 What is Context? Give an example 13Draw an example of Box plot and label the parts. 14Consider the following data set for the scores Emily received in her English class. 32, 72, 81, 95, 98, 58, 77, 75, 83, 97, 45, 89, 93, 57, 82, 97, 52, 75, 79, 78, 99, 98, 54, 75, 85, 61, 55, 86 a) Find the mean, median, mode, Q1, Q3, Max and min points. b)Draw a histogram, a Boxplot, a line plot, a stem and leaf and a frequency distribution of the data. c)Explain your findings to your math teacher. d)Explain to her English teacher what the scores results are and what grade is recommended and why. 15) Five hundred randomly selected middle-­‐
aged men and five hundred randomly selected young adult men were rated on a scale from 1 to l0 on their physical flexibility, with 10 being the most flexible. Their ratings appear in the frequency table below. For example, 17 middle-­‐
aged men had a flexibility rating of 1 a)Draw a Histogram for the data above b) Display these data graphically so that the flexibility of middle-­‐aged men and young adult men can be easily compared. c)( Based on an examination of your graphical display, write a few sentences comparing the flexibility of middle-­‐aged men with the flexibility of young adult men