Midway ISD Education Foundation

Midway ISD Education Foundation
Report to the Community 2009
Shaping Their Futures...
Midway ISD Education Foundation
Board of Directors
Glenda Strum*, President
Stewart Referrals
Realtor Consultant
Nancy Goodnight,* Past President
Parent Volunteer
Jim Peevey*, Vice President Administration
J S Peevey Company LLC
Michelle Sanders*, Vice President Development
Parent Volunteer
Brad Lancaster, Ed.D.*, Secretary
Superintendent, Midway ISD
Lisa Segerson*, Treasurer
Thunderbolt Utility Contractors
Directors at Large
Royce Berger
First National Bank of Central
David Brown
MARS Snackfood
Kevin Poynter
Pakis, Giotes, Page & Burleson
Bobby Deaton
The Deaton Agency
Jana Hamilton
Awarded Grants Spring 2009
Christie Hancock
Awarded Grants Fall 2009
MISD Teacher Representative
Academic Achievement Programs
Supporters and Donors
10 Cornerstone Club
11 Memorials and Honorariums
Baylor University
Kristen Pool
Education Foundation Board of Directors
Financial Reports
Lanna Palmer
Insurors of Texas
Time Warner Cable, Retired
Joe Brooks
Dave Deaconson
Johnny Mankin*
Cheryl Holy
MISD Board of Trustees
Lisa Horn
Independent Bank
Betsy Reeder
Parent Volunteer
Tommy Ross
Ross Insurance Agency
Eric Shero
Alliance Bank Central Texas
David Smith*
Central National Bank
Shane Smith
IPA Consulting
Holley Walsh
Parent Volunteer
Bluebonnet Home Care &
Phyllis Hubbard
Susan Wommack*
Community Volunteer
Kelly Kunka
Equipment Depot
Burton Lawless
Community Volunteer
Baylor University Development
Executive Director
Suzi Pagel
*Executive Committee Member
Awarded Grants Spring 2009
Pass Me a Mobi
Amount Funded: $ 5,000
2nd Grade, Castleman Creek Elementary
Amount Funded: $ 2,335
K-4th Grades, Hewitt Elementary
We’re Orff and Running!
Amount Funded: $ 4,955
K -4th Grades , Castleman Creek Elementary
The Clicker the Better
Amount Funded: $ 4,980
3rd and 4th Grades, Hewitt Elementary
A Science Adventure with The Quirkles
Amount Funded: $ 2,870
Kindergarten, Castleman Creek Elementary
Forget Guitar Hero, I Want to be A Recorder Star!
Amount Funded: $ 2,450
3rd-4th Grades, Hewitt Elementary
Blocks Build Better Brains
Amount Funded: $ 1,170
Pre-K, Castleman Creek Elementary
No Child Left Out
Amount Funded: $ 4.655
Pre-K-4th grades, Hewitt Elementary
Eyes Wide Open
Amount Funded: $ 3,690
4th Grade, Speegleville Elementary
Alive and Learning with the Alphabet
Amount Funded: $ 3,860
Kindergarten, Hewitt Elementary
I Can See Clearly Now the Overhead is Gone
Amount Funded: $ 4, 090
3rd Grade, Speegleville Elementary
Yes, Wii Can!!
Amount Funded: $ 1,930
K-8th Grades: Midway Middle School, Midway
Intermediate, South Bosque Elementary,
Hewitt Elementary
Flip Out and Learn!
Amount Funded: $ 845
K-4th Grades, Spring Valley Elementary
Differentiating In High Definition
Amount Funded: $ 3,690
2nd Grade, South Bosque Elementary
Seeing Math in a New Light!
Amount Funded: $ 3,830
4th Grade, Spring Valley Elementary
Flip Out for Science!
Amount Funded: $ 2,740
2nd Grade, South Bosque Elementary
Not Your Grandma’s Grammar
Amount Funded: $ 3,830
4th Grade, Spring Valley Elementary
Climbing to New Heights with Document
Cameras and HDTV’s
Amount Funded: $ 3,690
2nd Grade, South Bosque Elementary
Failure Is Not an Option
Amount Funded: $ 3,850
3rd Grade, Spring Valley Elementary
Seeing Is Believing!
Amount Funded: $ 5,000
Kindergarten, South Bosque Elementary
We’re Quirky for Quirkles
Amount Funded: $ 3,355
Kindergarten, Spring Valley Elementary
High Definition: It’s Not Just About Dictionaries
Amount Funded: $ 3,830
3rd Grade, Spring Valley Elementary
Did You Know?
In 2009, the Foundation provided over
$60,000 for technology in the classroom.
To Infinity and Beyond, With the Quirkles
Amount Funded: $ 2,855
Kindergarten, South Bosque Elementary
Tune Into Learning
Amount Funded: $ 4,305
9th-12th Grades, Midway High School
Character Education Program
Amount Funded: $ 630
K-4th Grades, Woodway Elementary
Magnify Math!
Amount Funded: $ 5,000
9th-12th Grades, Midway High School
I Can See Clearly Now, The Strain Is Gone!
Amount Funded: $ 3,145
5th Grade, Midway Intermediate
Click It for a Front Row Ticket
Amount Funded: $3,565
9th-12th Grades, Midway High School
Virtual Vision: Target the TAKS!
Amount Funded: $ 4,965
5th Grade, Midway Intermediate School
MHS: Media to the Max!
Amount Funded: $3,025
9th-12th Grades, Midway High School
Study Hall
Amount Funded: $ 3,830
7th and 8th Grades, Midway Middle School
What’s Up, Doc?
Amount Funded: $4,355
10th and 11th Grades, Midway High School
Edutainment, It’s All about You
Amount Funded: $ 4,745
7th and 8th Grades, Midway Middle School
Wii, Wii, Fun and Fit!
Amount Funded: $ 5,000
9th-12th Grades, Midway High School
Rock, Ready, Roll!
Amount Funded: $ 2,800
9th-12th Grade, Midway High School
Looking at the Big Picture
Amount Funded: $ 2,420
9th and 10th Grades, Midway High School
Wanted: Students Alive for History
Amount Funded: $ 4,785
10th Grade, Midway High School
Seeing is Believing
Amount Funded: $ 3,910
10th and 12th Grades, Midway High School
Fabulous Fitness Fun!
Exercising just got a little more fabulous at Castleman
Creek Elementary School. This grant provided students with
multiple activities that promote muscle development, flexibility
and a physically fit life. The equipment will be arranged into 10
stations once a week for “Fabulous Fitness Fun Day.”
This $1,540
grant was
written by
Awarded Grants Fall 2009
We’ve Got No Strings To Hold Us Down
Podcasting Goes ELLementary!
Amount Funded: $ 5,000
4th Grade, Castleman Creek Elementary
Amount Funded: $ 950
K-4 Grades, South Bosque Elementary
Can We Take a Clicker Quiz Today?
Kindle Kid’s Desire for Reading
Amount Funded: $ 1,500
4th Grade, Castleman Creek Elementary
Amount Funded: $ 2,000
K-4 Grades, Speegleville Elementary
Fold Me Up, Scotty!
Collaborative Classroom Suite-SWEET!
Amount Funded: $ 985
4th Grade, Castleman Creek Elementary
Amount Funded: $ 5,000
3rd Grade. Speegleville Elementary
Crawling the Web for Critters
Amount Funded: $ 400
K-2 Grades, Castleman Creek Elementary
Do you Hear What I Hear?
Amount Funded: $ 2,500
K-4 Grades, Castleman Creek Elementary
Teaching and Learning with the Stars!
Amount Funded: $ 4,255
1st Grade, Hewitt Elementary
All For One And One For All!
Amount Funded: $ 4,990
9-12th Grades, Midway High School
Exploring the World with MOBI
Amount Funded: $ 4,140
9-12th Grades, Midway High School
Rollin’ with my Piggies
Stepping Up in Time!
Amount Funded: $ 1,180
Pre K-4 Grades, Spring Valley Elementary
Amount Funded: $ 2,210
10th Grade, Midway High School
iTouch the Future 2
Virtual Science
Amount Funded: $ 5,000
2nd Grade, Spring Valley Elementary
Amount Funded: $ 1,960
10-12th Grades, Midway High School
iTouch, iSpeak
Wii EXCEL in Physical Education
Amount Funded: $ 1,000
Early Education – 4 Grades, Spring Valley Elementary
Amount Funded: $ 1,600
9-12 Grades, Midway High School (Success Lab)
Engaging Pupils of Every Discipline
Blasting into the 21st Century with Technology
Amount Funded: $ 3,725
5-6 Grades, Midway Intermediate
Amount Funded: $ 4,210
K-4 Grades, Woodway Elementary
I Flip for Learning
Rockin’ and Rolling in First Grade Science
Amount Funded: $ 485
1st Grade, Woodway Elementary
Amount Funded: $ 2,280
5-6 Grades, Midway Intermediate
2009 Financial
Cash and Cash Equivalents: $220,993
Certificates of Deposit: $249,165
Investments: $243,028
Unconditional Promises to Give: $73,930
Total Current Assets: $787,116
Total Current Liabilities: $81,992
Net Assets
Contributions 31%
Unrestricted: $623,727
Temporarily Restricted: $81,397
Total Net Assets: $705,124
Grants & Programs 58%
Total Liabilities and Net Assets: $787,116
For the complete annual report, please visit our Web site at
www.midwayisd.org. Select Education Foundation from Quick Links.
The 2009 audited financial
statements prepared by Pattillo, Brown
& Hill, P.C. are available upon request.
Spirit of Midway
289 students were honored at the 2009 Spirit of Midway Banquet. While this honor is not
limited solely to the senior class, 21 of the seniors represented four-year honorees (pictured below).
To qualify, each student must maintain at least a B average in each course on his or her
semester report card, participate in
at least two extra-curricular activities
and complete at least 10 hours of
community service.
Speaking at the banquet
was Robert Griffin, quarterback for
the Baylor Bears (pictured above).
Showcase of Stars
The sixth annual Showcase of
Stars featured 45 of the brightest from the
2009 senior class. These Distinguished
Scholars represented the top 10% of their
class. Each student was asked to select
a teacher to honor that made an impact
on his or her life.
The banquet
honoring their
was held
April 2, 2009.
33 letter jackets
and 240
academic patches
were awarded
to students
maintaining a
95+ average for
at least three
Scholar, Delisa
Gross, honored
Mrs. Elizabeth
Walker (pictured
at right).
Supporters and Donors
The Foundation deeply
appreciates the support of
the following companies and
individuals who have donated
or pledged support as of
December 31, 2009.
Diamond ($10,000 and Up)
Outback Steakhouse*
The Gary & Diane Heavin
Community Fund
Gold ($5,000-$9,999)
The Allergan Foundation
Central National Bank
Huckabee - Architecture,
Engineering & Management
Leland Collier Electric
Time Warner Cable
Roger & Lana Schmidt
Silver ($2,500-$4,999)
Alcoa Fastening Systems
ARAMARK Corporation
Charter Builders, Ltd.
Cloud Construction
Coca-Cola N.A.
Educators Credit Union
First National Bank of Central
Insurors of Texas
John McClaren Chevrolet
Lehigh White Cement
Parsons Roofing Powers
Varsity Jackets*
Quality Brickworks, Ltd.
Texas State Technical
College Waco
Wells Fargo Bank Texas N.A.
Sherry & Joe Beard
Bronze ($1,000-$2,499)
Alliance Bank Central Texas
American Bank
American Classifieds
Award Specialties*
B & B Athletic Supply
BBVA Compass Bank
Bush’s Chicken
Carter Bloodcare
Chick Fil A*
Coldwell Banker Jim Stewart,
Community Bank & Trust
Cooper & Horn Development
Dealers Electrical Supply
Extraco Banks
First Community Bank
Central Texas
First National Bank of
Head Tu Toe*
HEB Tournament of
Hewitt Florist*
Hillcrest Health System
Hornet Signs, The Burr Family*
Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd &
Therrell, P.C.
IKON Office Solutions
L-3 Communications
Integrated Systems, Inc.
Leal’s Restaurant, Cesar &
Denise Leal
Mazanec Construction Co., Inc.
Nutone Cleaners*
Olmsted-Kirk Paper Co.
Qti Apparel and Promotions &
Bear Cotton
Pattillo, Brown & Hill, L.L.P.
Ross Insurance Agency
Rudy’s Country Store &
Bar B Q*
Sam’s Club
Scott & White Health Plan
Vannoy & Associates, Inc.
WAL-MART Hewitt/Woodway/
WAL-MART Return Center
Phil & Yvette Adkins
Rodney & Melanie Brown
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Collins
Dwight & Traci Crain
Bobby & Jennifer Deaton
Dr. & Mrs. Randy Gardell
Dr. & Mrs. Jon Marc Goodnight
Andy & Lisa Horn
Kee & Leandra Humphreys/
The Fentress Foundation
The Karnei Family
Burton Lawless
Carolyn & Jim Meyer
Chris & Fred Newman
Mr. Jim Newman
Mr. & Mrs. Earl B. Patrick**
Dr. & Mrs. William Pitts, Jr.
Dennis & Ruth Prescott
Keith & Sherri Richbourg/
Discount Floors
Howard & Anita Rolf
Jim & Debbie Sartain
Phil & Lisa Segerson/
Thunderbolt Utility
Contractors, Inc.
Glenda M. Smith
Glenda & Stanley Strum
Drs. Gus & Lucy Villarreal
Mark & Holley Walsh
Benefactor ($500-$999)
American Guaranty Title
First American Title Company
of Waco
Haley & Olson P.C.
John W. Erwin General
Contractor, Inc.
Kleinfelder – Tetco
Life Partners, Inc.
Marathon Norco Aerospace, Inc.
Martin Audiology
Portable Rental Solutions
Scanes, Routh, and James
Schlotzsky’s- Mike & Kristen
T & G Chemical & Supply
Waco Printing*
Dr. Neil & Debra Bealka
Brian & Melissa Bivona
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Davis, Jr.
Bob & Erin Davis
Drs. Charles & Elizabeth Davis
Dr. & Mrs. Jon M. Ellis
Will & Carolyn Fair
Michael & Sharon Gesser
Beau & Christine Graham
Bill & Beth Hair
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Harrell
Laurie & Landon Hengst
Jim & Mosie Holley
Paul & Phyllis Hubbard
Susan Johnsen & David Young
Kelly & Laurie Kunka
Dr. & Mrs. Brad Lancaster
Chuck & Lisa Lewis
David & Jackie Mann
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Moore & Family
Investor ($250-$499)
The Alford Company
Bailey Insurance & Risk Management
Cross Winton Associates, Inc.
Fidelity Bank of Texas
Foxworth Galbraith
Heart of the Brazos Oral &
Facial Surgery
Independent Bank
Jim Bland Construction
Merry Maids
Midway High School PTA
The National Banks of Central Texas
M.T.T.S. Granite and Marble
Perry Company
Powers- Transgraphics, Inc.
Scott Sonntag Oil Co. Inc.
Shipley Donuts
TEACH SMART – Loyd & Jana
VirKim, Inc.
Waco Boom
Drs. Hari & Lakshmi Ancha
Drs. Jake & Soo Battle
Dr. Jeff Bauer
Mr. & Mrs. Royce Berger
Herbert & Lanita Bristow
Joe & Gail Brooks
Tiffany & Craig Cherry
Sammy Citrano- George’s Restaurant
& Catering
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Contreras
Dr. & Mrs. Joe A. Cox
Richard & Cheryl Cox
Dr. Holly Davis
Karen & Dave Deaconson
Evelyn Albers Eddins
Ron & Cindi Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Kraig Fields
Ronnie & Mary Lou Glaesmann
Mr. & Mrs. David Granger
Ivan & Judy Green
Bob & Varyn Gross
David & Rebecca Guess
Stephen & Linda Heyde
Cheryl & Ron Holy
Drs. Paul & Melanie Illich
Leah Jackson
Michelle & Robert Johnson / WACOAN
Samer & Marian Khoury
Mr. & Mrs. Cody S. Knowlton
Carolyn Lara-Braud
Jerry & Sherilyn Lewis
Dr. & Mrs. Blaine McCormick
Johnny & Tricia Mankin
Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Peden
Dr. & Mrs. David Pinkstaff
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Redfield
Chad & Julie Schrotel
Martin & Loren Schwartz
Mike & Betsy Simon
Steve & Kay Smith
Steve & Melinda Smith
Regina M. Stump, CPA
Don & Dian Taylor
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Valigura
Susan S. Vick
Dr. & Mrs. Fred Walters
Everett Watson, DDS
Dr. & Mrs. Dale L. Williams
Friend ($1 to $249)
All County Surveying, Inc.
Bahama Buck’s*
Bob Anderson, State Farm Insurance
Braces By Dr. Lisa Kerns
Brazos Mobile Imaging, Inc.
Central Prosthetics
Darden Building Supply
Dunn Brake & Tire Service
E-Clips Letter Jackets
Edward Jones- Ronnie Freeman
Genie Car Wash & Fast Lube of
Hewitt & Waco
Interstate Batteries of Waco
July Business Services
Kelly Realtors
Kevin Krause, State Farm Insurance
The Learning Center
The Mix & Gifts
Midway Intermediate School PTA
Mike McGee Motors
Padgitt’s Platemakers*
South Bosque Veterinary Clinic
Super 8 Motel Waco Mall
Tejas-Logistics – Gaylan Beavers &
Tom Greene
Secret Chef–Mr. & Mrs. Billy Garrett*
Universal Time Equipment Co.
Lisa & Mike Abel
Robert & Donna Alston
Honorable Charles “Doc” Anderson
Kirk & Nancy Baird
Mark & Beth Beaird
Dr. & Mrs. John S. Belew
Randall & Brenda Bradley
Prissy & David Brown
Doug & Karen Buchanan
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Burgard
Joe Calao Mary & David Carpenter
Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Chancellor
R. Craig Colwick, CPA
Jeff & Kimi Coupe
Gerald D. Cox, DDS
Jan & Phillip Crawford
Donna & Rex Davis
James H. & Millie S. Deaton
George & Susan Dethlefsen
Keith & Kim Dorsett
Steve & Marylaine Driese
Louis & Sara Jo Englander
Dr. & Mrs. Nathan Forrest
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Ferguson/
The Mix Cafe
Mrs. Jean Garner
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gentsch III
Laura Hamburger
Christe Hancock
Dale & Amy Harbison
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hartland
Rich & Janyce Haskett
Sarah & Jim Holland
Kevin & Garret Jackson
Robbie & Rhonda Jones
Ken & Robin Kanz
Jeff & Stephanie Kilgore
Yoonjeong Kim
Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Leinfelder
Alyce Lively
Andy & Julie Loberger
John & Jennifer Low
Brian Mattson
Roseanne & Jimmy Miller
W.C. & Maudie R. Monroe
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Moore, Jr.
Melanie & Ronald Morgan
Kevin & Andrea Nall
Drs. Carey & Leanne Newman
Michael & Lisa Oatman
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Patterson
Ben & Kariann Perry
Scott & Cynthia Peterson
Cindy & Kevin Poynter
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Preddy
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Price
Dr. & Mrs. Pat Pryor
Bob & Sue Reese
Mike & Barbara Reis
Maribel Rodriguez
Mr. & Mrs. Bart Romig
Gerry & DeeAnn Salinas
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Scott
Katie & Brad Sharp
Mr. Bud Sheehy
Hargate’ & Shelia Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Smith
Shane & Misti Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Greg Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Spence
Bill & Kyle Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Stewart
Karl & Emily Stottlemyre
Dr. Vicki & Mr. Todd Thomas
Amanda R. Trotter, DDS
Danny & Vicki Uptmore
David Vardeman
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Welch
Dr. & Mrs. Brian White
Kathryn & Justin Wiethorn
Albert & Ginger Witcher
Dr. and Mrs. W.R. Wortman, Jr.
* Underwriting **Endowment
Supporters and Donors
Dwana & Bill Nesbitt
Kim & Brent Neuhaus
Colin O’Neill
Suzi & Tom Pagel
Les & Lanna Palmer
Jim & Deborah Peevey
Darrell & Rhonda Pietsch
Phil & Betsy Reeder
Pete & Robbye Rusek
Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Sanders
Greg & Missy Schroeder
Eric & Michelle Shero
Mr. & Mrs. David Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Willard J. Still
Chris & Susan Wommack
Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Young
That’s How We Roll
What could be more fun than crawling through Steam Rollers? Students at South
Bosque Elementary are experiencing the benefits of deep pressure. Studies have
shown that applying pressure to the body can be calming for those with sensory deficit
disorders and ADHD. When a student becomes over stimulated, it can be distracting
not only for that student, but also for the entire class. These Steam Rollers are a fun
way to calm students down so he or she can return focus to educational tasks. Ashley
Salome, a teacher at South Bosque, wrote the $1,340 grant that will serve students in
Kindergarten through 4th
grades for years to come.
Cornerstone Club Members
Cornerstone Club Members pledge an annual gift of $100. Their consistent
support year to year is highly appreciated by the Education Foundation.
Cynthia Abbe
Jennifer Allison
Jill Beacham
Barbara Belk
Lory Bernard
Yvonne Bird
Brian & Melissa Bivona
Kevin Bott
Dr. & Mrs. John Boyd
Mary Broadway
Laurie Brooks
Cliff Brown
Sandy Brown
Jason Bunting
Ashley D. Canuteson
Renee D. Coley
Mike Cooper Corry
Guss Crager
Keren Crawford
Elisa Crowder
Laura Cubos
Joyce Cunningham
Connie Davis
Cindy Denning
Jim & Lennie DiazGranados
Stan Dolan
Pam Dominik
Tinsley Duncan
Christopher Eberlein
David Everett
Katy Flowers
Martha Fontenot
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Fowler
David & Angela
Christe Hancock
Stacy Haney
Kimberly Hightower
Dr. Glenn Hilburn
Tammy Humphrey
Linda K. James
Robert N. James
Greg & Emily Johnson
Dale Kent
Chris & Pam Krause
Patricia Lawler
Kent and Dr. Isabel
Deanne Litton
Dan Marlin
Brenda Mattern
Janet McAdoo
Madelon McCall
Diane McDaniel
Joe McKethan
Dana McMahan
Phyllis E. Middleton
Shannon Middleton
Diane Miller
David & Cindy Milligan
Raye Lynn Morris
Ovata W. Nance
Martha North
Mark Pantle
Laura L. Parker
Judy Payne
Toni Peebles
Lauren Pruitt
Lara Robertson
Patrick Shade
Shannon Sobeck
Teresa Weber
Nadine Welch
David Wellbaum
Susan Whitley
Nicole J. Woodard
Teri R. Young
Sharron Zachry
Mary Helen Adams
Jennifer Miller’s grandmother
by Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Miller
y Pigg
with m
Nancy Burgoon
family member of Michael Michalak
by Mr. David Vardeman
Margaret Fourt
Phyllis Middleton’s mother
by Mrs. Sharron Zachry
Carl McIntosh
Mary Lou Glaesmann’s father
by Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Mondroe
Austin Sterling, Sr.
Austin Sterling, Jr.’s father
by Col. & Mrs. Joe McKethan
Midway ISD Board of Trustees
by Midway Assoc. of Teaching
Dr. & Mrs. Chris Allen and
Dr. & Mrs. Brad Lancaster
by Col. & Mrs. Joe McKethan
The following individuals contributed
to the MISD Foundation Award
program to honor individual staff
h the
Mr. & Mrs. Kraig Fields
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Le
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Grabow
Mr & Mrs. Jeff Kilgore
Ms. Clara Augereau
Ms. Lenny De la Rosa
Ms. Tomekia Chaney
Memorials and Honorariums
Ralphy Dickson
Diane Shelton’s father
by Woodway Elementary Staff