2014 Annual Report - The Women`s Center of Tarrant County

Inspiring, teaching and empowering women and
families to overcome violence, crisis and poverty
Women, men and children served
Rape Crisis & Victim Services
Employment Solutions
1723 Hemphill • Fort Worth, TX 76110 • 817-927-4006 • www.womenscentertc.org
Message from the president and board chair
In 1979, The Women’s Center opened its doors
to address significant problems experienced by
women and families in our community – problems
born out of violence and crisis and poverty. With
vision and tenacity, the founders of The Women’s
Center imagined and then created a place of
hope and opportunity. The result, 35 years later,
is a Women’s Center that serves over 100,000
women, men and children a year; a Women’s
Center where people solve problems that threaten
their health and happiness; a Women’s Center
where people learn new skills and find new jobs
to support themselves and their families; and a
Women’s Center where people heal from rape,
child sexual abuse and other terrible violence.
One hundred thousand people are a far cry
from the 1500 people served by The Women’s
Center in its first year of operation. However, our
fundamental work has not changed. We are still
in the business of inspiring hope, of turning crisis
into confidence, of turning pain into possibility,
of turning trauma into triumph. It has always
been our first job to help people see a different
future for themselves. And it has always been our
privilege to then stand with them as they achieve
health and happiness born out of their own
courage and hard work.
quest for better futures. Know that you can be
a part of something important and inspirational.
Know that you can help change the world one
person and one family at a time. Hope starts here.
Please enjoy learning more about The Women’s
Center, and know that you are always welcome
to stand with us and those that we serve in their
Tasa Anderson
Board Chair
Laura M. Hilgart
turn crisis into confidence.
“I lost my son. I lost my marriage. I lost my job and
I lost my home. For years, I dealt with my situation
by self medicating with alcohol, even trying to
commit suicide. I had tried the 12 steps, Alcoholics
Anonymous, and my knees were raw from praying.
But nothing was working. When I started reaching
for the bottle again, I
decided to make the
call to The Women’s
“My knees
Center. I thought it
were raw
was only for people
in crisis but it was
much more than that.
My counselor started
- Julie
working with me on
my depression and
anxiety issues. She
helped me think about volunteering which led to
a full time position, where I have just applied for a
promotion. She taught me how to focus on myself
and how baby steps really make a difference
in the end. I came in with nothing and left with
confidence and better self-esteem. The Women’s
Center helped me face myself, have a better
outlook on life, and move forward.”
Children and adults served:
2,430 people called the Helpline for crisis counseling and
problem solving assistance.
186 people received individual and/or group therapy.
382 homeless children and their 178 parents living in shelters
received support services.
129 people received legal assistance through the Legal Clinic.
• Women and families
address immediate
crises and develop
the resources and
skills they need to
improve their lives.
• Homeless children
and families receive
assistance to meet
emotional and
physical needs as
they transition out
of homelessness.
turn trauma into triumph.
rape crisis and
victim services
“Over the last five years, I encountered some
life-changing setbacks that I felt went back to
when I was a kid. I was abused for many years by
a close family member, from childhood into my
teen years. I lost my business, I lost my home, my
family support was gone, and I was living in a field.
I was told by a fellow Vietnam veteran that there
was a place that could
help me. I was enrolled
“The Women’s
in a program through
Center has
veteran’s assistance
helped me feel
because of my wartime PTSD, but they
that I can do
suggested I come to
The Women’s Center
I want.”
because of its expertise
- Joe
in sexual assault. At
The Women’s Center, I
have been in both individual and group counseling.
My counselor has helped me beyond my
expectations, and through several intense sessions,
she has pulled me out of a dark place. I am 60
years old and I am in a place that I think I could
go back to work. I now feel that I can do whatever
I want. And for that, I am very grateful.”
Children and adults served:
1,721 people called the Rape Crisis and Victim Services
91,887 children and adolescents participated in child
544 victims and their 403 significant others were
abuse and sexual assault prevention programs. As
a result, 142 children disclosed their current or past
abuse in 2014 to a Women’s Center trainer.
449 abused and victimized children and their
(Does not include children who may have disclosed to
another trusted adult.)
364 adult victims of sexual assault and other violent
8,440 adults received sexual assault prevention training.
1,872 professionals were trained in sexual assault, and
counseled at local hospital rape exam sites.
significant others received therapy.
crime and their significant others received therapy.
victim assistance issues.
14 children and adults were accompanied through the
criminal justice process.
violence prevention and education
play it safe!®
Play it Safe!® is a child abuse awareness and prevention program that incorporates age-appropriate scripts and
movies to teach children how to reduce their risk of sexual and physical abuse and sexual assault. Since 1983,
it has taught children to recognize potentially abusive behavior, and encourages them to report abuse to a trusted
adult. In 2014, fourteen movies were completed after being newly produced with rave reviews from teachers,
students and trainers. All agree the new, more relevant movies make this excellent program even more effective.
Pre-K - Tick Tock
Plays it Safe!
Kindergarten Tick Tock & the
Tick Tock is a friendly
watchdog whose alarm
clock goes off when
he senses danger.
While watching his
owner and friend
play soccer, Tick Tock
teaches them about the three kinds of touch and
three part safety rule. The movie provides visual
reinforcement of the concepts presented in the
interactive presentation.
Tick Tock the
watchdog returns
with the same
messages as in the
Pre-K movie with
slightly more mature
language, additional characters, and summertime
fun. The movie provides visual reinforcement
of the concepts presented in the interactive
First Grade Mae Shares
a Secret
Second Grade Bentley’s Big
Mae is spending the
summer with Grandpa
and shares her secret
about her mom’s
boyfriend. In this
program, children are
taught to never keep a
secret when it’s not safe.
Bentley Brockford is
a student with spunk
who is making a movie
about child safety with
his best friend Goob.
In the style of Ferris
Bueller’s Day Off, this film offers
humor to teach risk reduction.
Third Grade Vat Vould You do?
Fourth Grade Chase Steps Up
Humor is a huge part
of this movie with
Baby Professor – a
genius who helps Mia
and Marcus with their
secrets. Children learn
they can get help by
telling a trusted adult.
Chase loves baseball,
but he is tormented
by the secret that
someone close is
abusing him. With
the help of his coach,
Chase understands he
can step up and tell.
Fifth Grade Aiden’s Discovery
Sixth Grade Survivors
Aiden must write a
paper about a current
event and he chooses
sexual abuse as his
topic. As he learns
more about the issue,
he begins to suspect
that his best friend, Tori, may be experiencing
abuse and needs help.
Behind animated
drawings, we hear the
voices of two young
adults, who are reallife survivors, tell their
stories of abuse as
pre-teens, how they
coped, and finally how they began to recover by
seeking help.
Fifth and Sixth
Grade - It’s
Middle School Relationships:
Paint Them
This fast-paced linedelivery movie will
resonate with preteens. It describes
bullying, sexual
harassment, cyberbullying and character assassination. Respect is
an essential element in addressing these issues.
This film addresses
healthy and unhealthy
aspects of a relationship, including mutual
respect, boundaries,
jealousy, control, and
communication skills.
Middle School Sexting &
Can’t Take it Back
Middle School An Abuse of Power
In an age-appropriate
manner, this movie
addresses how the
abuser exerts power
and control to sexually
abuse a minor. It
identifies tactics that
an abuser might use to
groom a potential victim.
Through the use of
a video diary, the
movie exemplifies the
serious impact that
engaging in sexting
and cyberbullying can have on someone’s life, and
the consequences that can arise.
High School It’s Called Rape
High School Abusive
Seeing the Signs
Sexual boundaries and
consent are examined
through a story about
the impact of nonstranger sexual assault.
The scenario deals with
victim blaming, the role of
alcohol/drugs, positive bystander intervention, and
actions to promote recovery and healing.
Through the eyes of
an abused teen, this
movie reflects the
signs of escalating
dating violence
including verbal and physical
abuse, and sexual assault.
turn struggle into success.
“Before I went to The Women’s Center, I remember
thinking ‘what am I going to do with my life?’ I
was desperately in need of a job, living with an
older sibling, and I had no idea where to turn.
Being young, having limited experience, and being
discouraged by the economy, I was unsure of what
direction to take. I went to The Women’s Center and
that all changed. They presented me with options
and helped me work
towards new goals.
They helped me apply
“What am I
for many different jobs
going to
and ended up finding
do with
me the perfect match.
my life?”
Everything worked out
- Timothy
perfectly and I couldn’t
be happier. It has
been a great learning
experience and I have grown tremendously
as a person. I now support myself and have a
more positive outlook. I decided to continue my
education while pursuing my new career. Honestly,
I would have never taken the initiative if it weren’t
for the assistance of The Women’s Center and
the support they have given me. I want to thank
them from the bottom of my heart for their help in
making a difference in my life.”
People served:
• Serves unemployed and under-employed
women and men.
71% of Jobs Now! clients became employed.
Average wage at placement was $12.33 per hour.
• Women and men find the best possible job
in the shortest possible time.
89% of clients who found jobs were still employed
• Low-income women and families overcome
problems that keep them in crisis and
unable to be successful at work.
562 people completed training and learned skills
• Low skilled women and men receive
training in order to become employed,
advance on the job and improve wages.
after one year.
to advance on the job.
everyone plays a part. what’s yours?
ceca edwards - 2014 volunteer of the year
Ceca Edwards’ compassion,
professionalism and love of
knowledge makes her a true asset
to both The Women’s Center and
to the clients she serves while
volunteering on the Helpline. What
you first notice when meeting Ceca
is her smile, a smile that shines
bright in person and carries warmth
over the phone when helping a
person in crisis. Through hard work,
perseverance, life experience and
education Ceca has become an
expert at what she does. However,
her life has been anything but
easy. She is the oldest of three
children and spent a large portion
of her young life helping to raise
her siblings, while at the same time
battling many health issues herself.
In 2003, Ceca came to The
Women’s Center as a college
student, volunteering on the
Helpline as part of her degree
requirements. After completing the
required hours for school, she left
to continue her education. And,
as happens with many students,
“She is always willing to
go above and beyond.”
- Volunteer Supervisor
we thought we would not
her again. But fortunately for
Women’s Center, four years
Ceca chose to return and
been a dedicated volunteer ever
since. Not only does she faithfully
work her scheduled weekly shift,
but she regularly adds additional
shifts to meet agency needs. For
her willingness to go above and
beyond and her compassionate
spirit, we are honored to celebrate
Ceca Edwards as 2014 Volunteer
of the Year!
Volunteer signiFicant facts
In 2014, 596 volunteers provided 12,425 hours of volunteer work.
More than 75 organizations, businesses, churches and school groups volunteered.
The value of volunteer service for 2014 was $286,427.
Over 85% of volunteer hours were given in direct service to clients.
c o mm u i n t y
s u p p o r t
Monster Mash - Día de los Muertos
Victory Over Violence Walk/Run
f o
t h e
W o m e n ’ s
Alpha Chi Omega-TCU Diaper Drive
c e n t e r
June Luncheon
Play it Safe!® Luncheon
TJ Maxx School Supply Drive
Holiday Gift Wrapping - Pier 1
Holiday Gift Wrapping - XTO Energy
Introducing The Karen S. Perkins Legacy Society
Bobbie Rosborough
Deserted by her parents at a very young age and reared
in foster homes, Bobbie Rosborough left school for
factory work and eventually moved on to becoming a
housekeeper, ironing at night to supplement her meager
income. After two failed marriages, during which she
had adopted three children, she found herself in her
late 60’s, living by herself and working every day to stay
afloat. Burdened and oppressed but never broken, her
bank account was pilfered by family members and she
found herself working with Child Protective Services
due to concerns for her neglected grandchildren.
Bobbie’s contribution was
a lovely way to help ensure the
future of The Women’s Center
and make a difference
in the lives of those
who followed.
Bobbie turned to her friend, employer and former
Women’s Center Board member, Jude Ryan, for
advice. Jude told Bobbie about The Women’s Center,
a place for all women to come and seek counsel, and
accompanied Bobbie many times to the free legal clinic.
The experience was truly empowering to Bobbie, for she
had never felt the freedom to openly ask for help from
anyone. She later told Jude she wanted to give back to
the place that had been so kind and helpful to her, and
named The Women’s Center as the sole beneficiary in
her will. Six years later, upon her death, Bobbie’s small
home was sold with all proceeds going to The Women’s
Center. What a lovely way to help ensure the future of
The Women’s Center; with money from a hardworking,
kind and gentle lady who wanted to make a difference
in the lives of those who followed.
The Karen S. Perkins Legacy Society was created to honor
The Women’s Center’s founder and Executive Director of 25 years, and to recognize individuals who have included The Women’s Center in their estate plans.
For more information, call 817-927-4006.
2014 Program & Event Volunteers
AAUW – Tarrant County
Alex Abele
Tonya Adams
Dee Agosto-Phillips
Jacqueline Aguero
Shanice Akins
Tiffani Akins
Sierra Albertson
Courtney Aldridge
Elizanique Alexander
Jasmine Alexander
Kelly Allen
Helen Allman
Alpha Chi Omega - TCU
Anna Alvarado
Jeff Anderson
Kailee Anderson
Leah Anderson
Tasa Anderson
Adrian Andrade
Alita Andrews
Teresa Anzaldua
James Applewhite
Amanda Arizola
Sydney Armstrong
Rashelle Babbitt
Lindsey Backlund
Dolores Baez
Selena Baez
Jennifer Baggs
Laine Baizer
Ruth Barajas
Mary Frances Barlow
Natalie Barrera
Dianne Baxter
Laynie Bear
Faye Beaulien
Kaitlin Bednarz
David Beekma
Karla Benitez
Arianna Bennett
Patricia Benson
Tammy Benton
Madison Benveniste
Cynthia Berend
Joy Berry
Dan Bickmane
Bonnie Blan
Hayley Bogert
Erin Bolden
Julie Bolotin
Marisa Bonahoom
Carly Boobar
Blair Bowen
Christina Bowman
Jonathan Bowman
Beverly Boyd
Ann Bracey
Gayle Bradburn
Walt Bradburn
Susan Brinkley
Katie Brisbin
Ben Brooks
Jana Brooks
Nolan Brooks
Vanessa Brown
Jackie Bryant
Amy Bunch
Mitchell Burnaugh
Tiffany Burns
Maddy Bush
Alisha Byerly
Suzann Bynum
Rod Caddy
Tina Caliga
Angela Cameron
Bill Campbell
Caroline Campbell
Bryana Canales
Velita Cardenas
Marla Carithus
Angel Carlock
Lydia Carlock
Emily Castellanos
Alex Castillo
Olivia Castillo
Tina Castillo
Teresa Castillon
Jessica Caughey
Giselle Cazares
Angela Chambers
Jennifer Chang
Karin Cheng
Jenny Chung
The Church at
Meadow Creek
Faith Ciraci
Christine Clark
Clayton Yes!
Sarah Clement
Elia Cobos
Susan Coffman
Shalise Coleman
Catie Compton
Franky Contreras
Felicia Cortez
Donnetta Craft
Travis Crawford
Joshua Crist
Geneva Crittendon
Sarah Crittendon
Courtney Crow
Crowley High School FCCLA
Lisa Cruse
Elizabeth Daigle
Christin Damm
Justin Damm
Stefany Danko
Garland Davenport
Gena Davis
Nathan Davis
Rick Davis
Lauren Deaver
Tammy Decker
Mindy Derby
Desk and Derrick
Sydney DeSpain
Tylene Di Sciullo
Mariana Diaz
Sinclaire Dickinson
Stephanie Dimas
Nicole DiNatale
Amy Dondalski
Pamela Donnelly
Catherine Dooley
Meredith Dorr
Amanda Dorsey
Mona Dorsey
Tiffany Drapkin
Idiono Edem
Karen Edmondson
Sharonda Edward-Lewis
Ceca Edwards
Stephanie Elbanna
Wendy Elizondo
Camille Elmurib
Ashley Escobar
Lindsay Esianor
Lea Esker
Pat Esquivel
Natalie Everett
Celena Fannin
Chris Fannin
Christopher Fannin
Julie Fannin
Caroline Featherstone
Miguel Fernandez
Dino Ferralli
Julia Fiedler
Fernando Figueiredo
Tiffany Figueiredo
Mary Louise Fleming
Sara Flores
Claire Florsheim
Denise Flowers
Nelvia Forbes
Erin Ford
Madison Franke
Jimmy Johnson
Joyelle Johnson
Katrina Johnson
Anne Marie Johnston
Melissa Jones
Cathy Judd
Jene Judge
Junior League of Fort Worth
Maritza Jurist
Hope Kahan
Murat Kamacioglu
Delana Kamm
Mimi Karnes
Jana Kaspar
Ian Kaye
Blaire Kelly
Courtney Kelly
James Kent
Nancy Kidd
Carly Kief
Crystal Kilgore-Marshall
Celesa Kimbriel
Maddie Kincade
Dawne King
Kendall King
Megan King
Nick King
Robert Kinkel
Kathryn Kirk
Katelyn Kite
Caroline Klapp
Samantha Kleiman
Leah Klein
Chelsea Knepley
Karen Knight
Dan Koss
Kay Kubala
Ladies Auxiliary #7458
Darlene LaFond
Don Lampe
Belle Lancaster
Valencia Landry
Elizabeth Lang
Marilyn Lanham
Shelly Laroche
Ellie Lasater
Sara Lauer
Mary Lazier
Lloyd Leach
Stephanie LeBlanc
Ada Leiss
Christy Leonard
Morgan Lepage
Audrey Leppke
Cade Lewis
Charles Lewis
CJ Lewis
Grant Lewis
Lillian Lewis
Reggie Lewis
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Linda Franklin
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Debbie Fritz
Kyra Fry
Steffanie Frybarger
FWISD Transition Center
LIFT Program
Cathy Ganek
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Marcella Garcia
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Hannah Gill
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GM Financial
Carmen Gomez
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Eric Gonzalez
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Michaela Greer
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Betzaida Guzman
Randi Haak
Janet Hahn
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Megan Harman
Phyllis Harvey
Peggy Harwood
Kristin Hathaway
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Carolyn Hayes
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Melissa Heap
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Katherine Helms
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Ashley Hepperle
Mary Hernandez
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Melanie Highfill
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Heather Hood
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Susan Jensen
Kimberly Jerige
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Abigail Johnson
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Danielle Martin
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Maggie McDonagh
Amanda McFeely
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National Charity League
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Oak Cluster Garden Club
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Riverside Middle School STARS
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Marisa and Bruce Selkirk
Kathleen and Hayne
Gloria and Don Siratt
Beverly and John Snyder
Southside Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sterling
Stephen M. Sullivan
Carol D. Sweeney
Neel R. Tanna
Sonya and Amar Tanna
Peter J. Tijerina
Treasure You
Michael Tyson
Diana Valdez
The Gil and Dody Weaver
Marie and James West
Lee W. Williams
Connie J. Wilson
Withers Family
Charitable Fund
Patsy C. and Bill J.
2014 donors
$75,000 +
Sid W. Richardson Foundation
$50,000 +
Alpha Chi Omega – TCU
Cook Children’s Health Care
System (Collaborative
Homeless Initiative)
Lockheed Martin
Aeronautics Employees’
Reaching Out Club
$25,000 +
Anne T. and Robert M. Bass
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
of Texas
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
The Morris Foundation
The Rees-Jones Foundation
Rosalyn G. Rosenthal
Crystelle Waggoner
Charitable Trust, Bank of
America, N.A., Trustee
$10,000 +
Paul E. Andrews, Jr.
Angie’s Angels & AngMar
Employee Group
Arlington Tomorrow Foundation
Bank of America Charitable
CCRA International, Inc.
The Christopher Family
Fund – Ayco Charitable
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Davis
Marti and Joel Glenn
Sue and John Harvison
The Lowe Foundation
Rainwater Charitable
Kathy and Andy Rector
Bobbie Rosborough Estate
Rozanne and Billy Rosenthal
The Thomas M., Helen
McKee & John P. Ryan
Vestal B. Sanders Charitable
Bubba Schafer Golf
Texas Bar Foundation
Walton Development and
XTO Energy Inc.
$5,000 +
Tasa and Frank Anderson
Edward P. Bass
Ramona and Lee Bass
BNSF Foundation
Jennifer and Jeff Bridges
Ralph G. Campbell &
Jeroleen Johnson
Campbell Foundation Inc.
Anne and Rick Cantalini
Louise B. Carvey
June H. Chavern
Virginia Clay Dorman
James and Dorothy Doss
DS Restaurant Ventures, LLC
Vance A. Duffy
Dynamic Production, Inc.
J.E.S. Edwards Foundation
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Hart III
Linda and Bob Herchert
Cheryl Hodge and
Dic Marxen
Mr. and Mrs. Leland A.
Hodges, Jr.
Margaret and Dennis Johnson
Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP
Mr. and Mrs. John Kleinheinz
Pier 1 Imports
PRA Group
Betty J. Sanders
Susan ShamshoianSakamoto and David
St. Bartholomew Catholic
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
Veterans Memorial Inc.
The Walsh Foundation
$2,500 +
Donna and Win Adams
The Alcon Foundation
Sherril and Chuck Anderson
Connie Beck and Frank Tilley
LeAnn Behrens and
David Montague
Patricia and Tom Chambers
Colleyville Woman’s Club
Hugh and Stacey Connor
Crowne Plaza Invitational
at Colonial
DIAL Communications
Dr. and Mrs. Al DiStefano
Gary Allen and Karen
Genovese Dozier
Enterprise Holdings
Gaye Fuller
Garvey Texas Foundation, Inc.
Nan Dearen Gluntz and
Tom Gluntz
Janet and Glen Hahn
Nancy L. and William P.
Hallman, Jr.
Mary Ann and James R. Harris
Adele and Mark Hart
Graham & Carolyn Holloway
Family Foundation
Holt Capital Partners, L.P.
Patty Hosch
Betty and Larry Hove
Lindy Hudson
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Junior Woman’s Club of
Fort Worth
Mr. and Mrs. John
Cindy and Nick Kypreos
Janeen and Bill Lamkin
Teel and Monty Lunsford
Marsland and Dick Moncrief
Sheridan and Clifton Morris
Kristy L. Mouser
Catherine D. Murray
Nathan A. Murray
PlainsCapital Bank Wealth
Management and Trust
Michael and Rienke Radler
Elizabeth and Paul Ray, Jr.
Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc.
Rylander, Clay & Opitz, LLP
Schollmaier Foundation
Shared Community Benefit
Foundation/The Greatest
Gift Catalog Ever
Wesley and Marcus Snyder
Southwest Office Systems
Linda and Michael C. Stinson
Michael Strain & Associates
Roger Williams Chrysler,
Dodge, Jeep, Ram, SRT
Yost Capital Management
$1000 +
Acme Brick Company
Adair Eyewear
Carol J. & R. Denny
Alexander Foundation
Alliance Data
Jeff and Kristin Anderson
Associated Wholesale
Baker Firm, PLLC
Bank of Texas
Christine Becker
Vicky and Alan Black
Ashli and Todd Blumenfeld
David and Laurie
Eva and Bob Bonilla
Dr. and Mrs. William F.
The Bridge Boutique
Amy and Jason Brown
Catherine David Buley
Marcella Butler
Cody and Tara Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo Castillo
Russell and Melissa Cawyer
Cheryl McGlothlin Chapman
Susan and Charlie Chiasson
Alexis and Jeremiah Collins
Brenda and Aaron Cook
Kathy L. Cox
S.E. Crone
Wendy R. Davis
The DuBose Family
Terri and John Fant
Maggie and Michael Farmer
Lisa Fisher
David Frazier
Josephine Garrett
Beckie and Pete Geren
GES, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Arch B. Gilbert
Sally and Tom Gooch
Marsha and Gene Gray
Christie and Don Guion
Dixie and Roy Hargrove
Denise and Wayne
Patrick Harper
Amanda Hartshorne
Mr. and Mrs. Albon O. Head, Jr.
Edith Henderson
Laura M. Hilgart
William Hill
Nancy Honts
Teresa and John Hooper
Deborah D. Jackson
Kim and Matt Johnson
Tom and Norma Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H.
Jones, Jr.
Kendra Scott Design, Inc.
Gary F. Kennedy and
Michele Valdez
Kubes Jewelers, Inc.
Jackie Kunke
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Lasater
Liberty Bancshares Inc.
Mary and Blake Lipscomb
Mary Ralph Lowe and
Charlie L. Flanders
Luke’s Locker
Thomas F. Maahs
Vanessa Marino
Robert Martinez and
Karen Keller
John and Annie Mason
$500 +
Lori Adams
Affiliated Bank
Elaine and Neils Agather
Anna and Byron Alvarado
Linda Anderson
Lauren and David Anton
Caroline and Chad Arnette
Jennifer C. Baggs
Ashley and Chris Baker
Kathryn E. Baker
Rose Bennett
Debbie and Walter Benton
Rhoda and Howard Bernstein
Big Sky Minerals
Laura and Greg Bird
Linda and Carl Bowers
Hayley and Warren Brasher
Heather Breiter and
Pat Dunne
Brown Forman/Herradura
Tequila/El Jimador
Maureen and Ronald Brown
Gwenna and Don Brush
Kay and Buz Campbell
Nancy and Clint Carlson
Reagan and Paige Casey
Martha Chambers
Karen and Larry Chilton
Nanny and John Christie
Lu Jo and Mac Churchill
Jana V. Collier
Kevin Connelly and
Cheryl McDonald
Barbara and Ralph Cox
Shana and Matt Craine
J. and Suzanne Crandall
Cynthia C. Cross
Cindy S. Crow
Donna and Jeff Cude
Lezlie and Chris Culver
Hugh M. Cunningham, Inc.
Merry and Early Davis
Shirley and John Dean III
Tammy and Andrew Decker
Jean and Ken Devero
Gail L. Dittenber
Christina L. Dodd
Joni Eddy
Leslie and Andy Edwards
Sherrie and Roger Eppstein
Courtney B. Estes
ExxonMobil Foundation
Jeff and Katie Farmer
Maria Angeles Farrar
Robert I. Fernandez and
Larry D. Wilson
Amy and Shelby Fierke
Tiffany and Fernando
Nicole Fisher
Jimmy D. Folmar
Kay and Ben Fortson
Fradean and Randy French
Martha J. Fry
John A. Gentry
Nancy and Robert Ginsburg
Joe Gonzales
Vicki and Jerry Goodwin
Gordon E. Gowing
Subie and Phil Green
Traci and Kent Hancock
Kristin Hansen
Terry Lynn Harris
Lissa and Chris Harrison
Judy and Gary Havener
M.C. Henke
Gloria and Erich Holmsten
Robert and Peggy Holt
Kimberly Jerige
Cheryl and Joe Johnson
Elizabeth and Fred Jones
Jennifer E. Jones
Mimi and Keith Karnes
Keene & Associates
Ann and Calvin Kimbrough
Carmen and Jerry Kimmel
Marcia and Kyle Knutson
Richard J. Kopp
Kendall and John Kostohryz
Dr. and Mrs. Walton Lawrence
Donna Layer
Melinda LeFan
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lesok
M.E. Operating & Services, Inc.
Eileen Mahlow
Laura E. Mason
Diane and Dave Mayfield
J. Michael McBride
Letha Grace McCoy
Bradley and Coley Means
Cynthia Mendoza and
David Aldrich
Ellen Messman
Miller Brewing Retiree
Kaye Miller
Mike and Rosie Moncrief
Elizabeth Murphy
Kathy and Lee Nicol
Laura and Michael O’Brien
Patricia O’Neal
Ann Pace
Samantha and J.C. Pace III
Mike and Judy Parrish
Melanie and Patrick Pate
Mary C. Patton
Paul Pawlak
Pedersen Jones Hughston
& Poage PL
Barbara and Bill Peters
Lisann Peters
Laura and Roy Petersen
Carole and Tom Petty
Cathy and Treye Phelps
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Y. Ray, Jr.
Chelsea and Paul Ray III
Ridglea Lone Star Texas
Business Women
Lindsey Roberts
Carolyn and Jim Rogers
Antonio Romero
Judy Rosenblum and
John Broude
Madolin and Ben Rosenthal
Deborah A. Rudolph
Fay and Jim Sammons
Bryan Schneider
Sherry and Dennis Scifres
John C. Shackelford
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Shirley
Alice R. Shrader
Lynda and Grady Shropshire
Beverly and Bobby Sipes
Rodger Soucy
Kathy Spicer
Linda Steer
Terri Swain/ The HR
Consultant LLC
Sallie and Joseph Tarride
Shelly Lynn Tatum
Ginny and Joe Tigue
Mr. and Mrs. Rice Tilley, Jr.
Audrey H. Tomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Trahant
Tri-Media Marketing Services
Jean and Bill Tucker
Virbac Animal Health
Technical Services
Craig Warren
Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Washburne
Mary and Bob Weathers
Earl Weiskittel
Helen Jane and Allan Werst
Suzanne West
Sharon and J. Garrett Whitney
Patty and Stan Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Bobby Wroten
Betty A. Youngman
Zonta Club of Fort Worth
up to $499
5 PM Baseball
AAUW - Tarrant County Branch
Deborah Abbey-Nwokoye
and Arthur Nwokoye
Valli Abel
Richard Abrams
Tori Adams and Jim DuBose
Cindy Adkins
Santos Aguilar
Crys and Zachary Aigner
Elaine Aikey
Tiffani Akins
Kathi Aldridge
Elsinore M. Alexander
Leah F. Alexander
Jessica and Lucas Allan
Rebecca Allard
Joey Allen
Melody Allen
Paolo Alleva
Jan E. Allred
AmazonSmile Foundation
Margaret Ambuehl
American Sokol Fort Worth
Rehana Anderson
Vickie Anthony
Terry L. Antle
Lanekia S. Anzley
Jesse Arellano
Louis and Evelyn Armstrong
Ascend Concepts, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Garland Asher
Aspen Wealth Management
Teresa and Bob Atcheson
Autumn Ater
Patricia and Michael Auping
Karen Austin
Stuart and Penelope Bach
Pam and Mack Bagby
Suzanne Bahan
Luanna Bailey
Len and Steven Baird
Olivia Bajaj
Barbara Baker
Kathy Baker
Chris Ballenger
David Bangs
Alyson Barber
Mary Frances Barlow
Cindy Barnes
Connie Barnes
Julie J. Barnes
Nancy and Beautine Barnes
Dorothy M. Barra
Christina Barrow
Scottie and Harry Bartel
Karen Baylor
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Baylor
LeAnne and Glenn Bearden
Nancy R. Beaudry
Carol and Tom Beech
Nina Bellah
Ginger Bellamy
Bonnie and Richard Bennett
Judith Bennett
Les Bennett
Lori A. Bennett
Rosalinda M. Benzor
Cynthia Berend
Gene Berrier
Better to Give
Catherine and Scott Bevan
Mina M. Bickerstaff
Susi and Mike Bickley
Edith Biggs
Elaine Biles
Barbara Binion
Barbara Birdwell and
Donald Porter
Mary Kay Bishop
Sandra Bitz
Gina Bivens
Yolanda J. Black
Patricia Blackshear
Susan Blue
BNSF Railway RailPAC
Nancy Boaz
The Boiled Owl Tavern
Kay and Bob Bolz
Jessica Bonilla
Kathleen Boone
Becky Renfro Borbolla
and Henry Borbolla
Mary Beth Borst
Angelita Bosquez
Charles Boswell
Chuck L. Bouligny
David Bounma
Gerry Bourgeois
Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Shanika Boykin
William R. Brackett
Madelon L. Bradshaw
Lori and Cliff Branscum
Alice O. Brewer
Jacqui Brewer
Ruth Brinkley
Terry Brisbin
Mackey and James Brittain
Stephanie Brittain
Katherine Britt-Price
Andrea Brooks
Melissa Brooks
Cynthia Brown
Dawn and David Brown
Jessica Brown
Karen Brown
LeAna Brown
Nancy Brown
Robert W. Brown
Sharon Brown-Smith
Chris H. Brucker
Kathryn and Lowell Bryan
Diane Bryant
Ken Bubna
Kimberly G. Buckley
Judy Burgess
Muquiter Burke
Rebecca A. Burke
Jan Burks
Robert Burnett
Keila H. Burns
Sally Burt
Teresa L. Burtner
Don Busocker
Kendra R. Butler
Michael Butler
Jason Judson Byers
Deborah and Rod Caddy
The Caffey Group LLC
Vicki Cain
Christi and Scott Cameron
Bill and Paula Campbell
Cindy Campbell
Janna Franzwa Canard and
Donald Canard
Norma Canter
Dana and Ben Cappelletti
Dennis Capps
Joe and Lorelei Caracausa
Ian Caronia
Louella C. Carpenter
Michael L. Carriker
Lucy Carrion-Barnes
Carlise M. Carter
Nancy and Tim Carter
Marjorie Case
Yoli Castaneda
Shannon Castille
Debbie Castillo
Marisol Castrellon
Janice and Bert Castro
Centre Cleaners
Larry Chanay
Sherry Chao
Eileen Chatterton
Crystal and David Chavez
Glenn Cherry
Tara Chisum
Erika and Rick Choffel
Rhonda Chownyk
Gary Christensen
Christian Brothers
The Cimo Family
Juanita Cisneros
Sonya Cisneros
Christine Clark
Christy Clark
Geneva Clark
Jeffrey Clay
Linda Clement
Sandy Clement
Samantha Coburn
Brittany Coffer
Cynthia Cohen
Casey Colby
Betty Cole
Katharine Collier
John Colotta
Mattie Peterson Compton
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Condrey
John and Joan Conway
Cheryl Cook
Sherri Cook
Windol Cook
Diane R. Cooper
Kara M. Cooper
Michael W. Cooper
Barbara and Burr Cordray
Rita Cotterly
Jennifer Covington
Ginny and Lee Cox
Shirley and Troy Cox
Alan Crawford
Michelle Crim
Julianne and Byron Crockett
Michaela Cromar
Kay Crow
Twyla Crowder
Ellen Crowl
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Crumley
Tyler and Brian Crumley
Martha and E.W. Culver
Tori Cummings
Monique Cunningham
Helen M. Curtis
Rose Dailey
Nancy and Phil Damon
Glenn and Kim Darden
Melinda Darnell
Anne Darr
Gay and Scott Davidenko
Caitlin and Randy Davis
Crystal Davis
Elder Daryl R. Davis II
Glenna Davis
Jaya Davis
Jeannette Davis
Katherine Davis
Lezlie Davis
Linda and Fred Davis
Pam Davis
Roberta and Nathan Davis
Sharon A. Davis
Gene and Charles Dean
Lawrin and Dennis Dean
Debra DeFriese
Tricia and Sam Deitz
Jessica DeLeon
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,
Inc. Fort Worth
Desk & Derrick
Ann Diamond
Diamond Abbey Cafe
Frank Diaz, Jr.
David W. Dibble
Kelly Dickerson
Kelly and Preston Dillard
Carlos Dimas
Nadia and Michael DiStefano
Dixie’s Fashion Accessories
Seatran B. Dixon
Fred Dodson
Denise M. Doneghy
Kevin Donnelly
Katherine Donovan
Eva and Bill Dorman
Margie L. Dorman-O’Donnell
Linda D. Douglas
Cynthia Downey
Dawn Downour
Susan and Tommy Drake
Debbie Driver
Mary and Ken DuBoise
Shalonda Dulin
Mary and Joe Dulle
Kenneth W. Dunaway
James Duncan
Susan and Baker Duncan
Steve Dunkin
Janet DuPertuis
Sophie Duprat
Joanne M. Dymond
E.T. Cooling and Heating
Vivian O. Easley
Margaret and Charles Eckhardt
Masumi Eckhardt
Sherry and Winston Eckhardt
Yvonne Eckhardt
Dale Edmiaston
Janice Edwards
Mari Edwards
Lynda and Stan Effertz
Margaret and Donald Ehrhardt
Jed Eisel
Barbi and Stanley Eisenman
Nada Elias-Lambert
Terri and Luke Ellis
Zandra Ellis
Robin Emerson
Kim and Bryan Eppstein
David Erdman
Sarah and John Erickson
Carolyn and Paul Ernst
Jeff Erwin
D.J. Estes
Teresa Evans
Betty Jo Everett
Evolving Texas
Regina Fancher
Celena and Chris Fannin
Shira Feinberg
Kay L. Fenter
Daniel T. Ferguson
Deborah Ferguson
Mark and Cindy Penn Ferris
Patricia Finch
Donna and Alan Fine
Susan Fine
Harvie Fingers
First United Methodist
Church of Fort Worth
Women’s Group
Nancy Ruiz Fisher
Monica R. Fitzgerald
Michaelle Forbes
Richard Foreman
Fort Worth Northbrook Ltd.
Gale Fossatti
Nicole and Mike Foster
Vicki Foster
Sandra L. Fountain
Todd Fox
Emma Franklin
Linda Franklin
Sarena Franklin
Rebecca Fraser
Mary Frederick
Tracy Freeling
Debbie and Russell Friemel
Mary Ann Fritz
Selma J. Fullmer
David S. Galloway
Suzi and Edward Gamez
Julie A. Garcia
Kelsi and Brent Garcia
Carol Gardner
Elizabeth and Rafael Garza
Judy and Andrew Gassiot
Charles P. Geer
Janine and John Geisel
Emily Gennari
Toni Geren
Michael Gerro
Diana S. Getchell
Jean Gill
Frances E. Ginsburg
Jeanette M. Ginsburg
Vivian Gipson
Girlfriends and God
Mary Kay Glass
Jenna Gleaton
Janet Gober
Deana and Gary Goble
Christy Goelz
Lory F. Goggans
Stacey Goldfarb
Julie Rebecca Goldstein
Carmen and John Gomez
David P. Gomez
Gladis Gonzales
Isabel Gonzales
Sarah Gonzalez
Savana Gonzalez
Yadi and Cameron
Carolyn and Glenn
Kathleen Goodwin
Richard L. Goodwin
Craig Gouyton
Linda Graham
Leland E. Grampp
Teresa M. Granone
Gi Grant
Stacia and Kelly Graves
Shawanda Grayson
Greater Horizons
Hillary Green
Joanne Marie Green
Jaycee Greenblatt
Shannon L. Greene
Lane Greener
Bill Greenhaw
Judie B. and Bob Greenman
Michaela Greer
Susan Greer
Fran Gregoretti
Stanley Grett
Michelle Grier
Marjorie M. Griffin
Stephanie and Frank Griffin
Amy and Michael Griffith
Mable and James Groh
Rosaland Guess
April and Danny Guidry
David and Marilyn Guion
Mae and Waymon Guiton
Stacy Gumbert
Paulette and George Gunter
Monica Gutierrez
Gwen Haas
Becky Halfmann
Pepper Halkum
Susan Hall
Susan and Gordy Halsey
James Hambleton
Blair and David Hamburg
Steve Hamilton
Carol Hampton
Judie Hankins
Marcus Hanna
Linda Hanratty and Bob Vann
Lori Hansen
Emily and John Hanson
Paula Harbour
Rebecca Hardie
Judy and Doug Harman
Louis Harper
Brenda Anne Harrell
Nissa and Ryan Harrington
Bobby Harris
Colleen Harris
Rachel Harris
Anna Harrison
Kristen Harrison
Maclaine Harrison
Tami Harvey
E. Allen Haswell
Cheryl and Bill Hatfield
Michael and Susan Hatfield
Enid Havis
Haynes and Boone, LLP
Michelle Heckathorn
Crystal Heckman
Geraldine R. Hejnicki
Carol Henry
Tracy Henry
Rayford Henslee
Barbara B. & Morton L. Herman
Peter Y. Hermann
Ana Hernandez
Eric Hernandez
Roberto Hernandez-Cedillo
Cristina Hetrick
The High Group - RBC
Wealth Management
Billy Hightower
Erna Hilbertz
Leutisha Hill
Suzi Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hoaldridge
Barbara Hobbs
Christa Hodnett
Chelsea and Bryan Hoeller
Dianne Hofsteter
Anthony Hogg
Kalisha T. Holland
Kathi Hollifield
Terri L. Hollingsworth
Lloyd Holmes
Anna R. Holzer
Carrie A. Hoogendoorn
Matthew Hooper
Shields Horney
Nell Horton
Kristi and Brad Hosfelt
Heather Houde
Susie Howell
John W. Hoyle
Brayden Hudson
Diane and James Hudson
Chrisee Huffman
Eula and Marshall Huffman
Linda and Carroll Hughes
Christal Hungle
David Hursh
James and Caroline Hyde
Hyde, Bailey and Miller
Pediatric Dentistry
Aija Ingram
Tammy Ingram
ITOP Christian Academy
Camden Jackson
LaVetta and Sam Jackson
Nell Oden Jackson
Rebecca Jackson
Veronica Jackson
Jackson Walker L.L.P.
LaTasha and Zaccheus
Gina M. Jaegerman
Cindy and Mike James
Keith Jennings
Shelley and Scott Jessup
Becca Johnson
Don and Lee Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. John Johnson
Kay G. Johnson
Lewis Johnson
Pope Johnson, Sr.
Cherie Johnston
Katherine Jolliffe
Bryan Jones
Faustina T. Jones
Jennifer Jones
Kimberly and Mark Jones
Larry Jones
Wanda Jones
Ginger Josephson
Paul Jung
K Post Company
Ellen Kaner
Kansas Vacuum Center
Kappa Alpha Theta Gamma Psi Chapter
Sandy Kautz
Stacy Keck
Koy Keeling
Cynthia Keister
Gordon Keith
Bob Keller
Brenda Kelley
Kecia Kelly
The Kennemer Family
Greg Kerr
Kimberly A. Kessel
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Key
Georgia Kidwell
Susanna Kilgore
Cheryl R. Kimbriel
Brandie King
Lindsay Kinzie
Nekeisha Kirk
Aundrea L. Kirkland
Lillie and Joe Kissel
Patricia Kittredge
The Kiwanis Club of
Fort Worth Southwest
Deloris Kizer
Don Klein
Chris Knaff
April Knight
Roswitha and Justin Knoop
Jean Koch
Ann Kollmorgen
Pranie Kologe
Cynthia E. Koop
Angel Korenek
Candace A. Kothmann
John Kruzel
Tracy Kukawka
Kandle Kulish
Mary and Markus Kypreos
Nadia M. Lahutsky and
Edward McMahon
Marie Laine
Daniel Lakenmacher
Jorge Lamas
Mary Beth and Don Lampe
Jenny and Philip Lamsens
Sandy Lancaster
Christine Landers
Jayne Landers
Carla Lane
Cory F. Lane
Connie Langston
Jamie Lanham
Alicia and Eric Larsen
Tim and John Latta
Jay and Jackie Lauderdale
Sara and Randy Lauer
Farah K. Lawler
Pam and Bill Lawrence
Jevon Lawson
Greg Lay
Jonathan K. Layton
Susan Leach
Adelaide and Tom Leavens
Jacques LeDuff
Judy and Reginald Lee
Lauren Jones Lee
Constance and Hugh Lefler
Elisabete and Ezio Leite
Carole and John Lemonds
Lynette Lewis
Regina and Charles Lewis
Sharonda and Reginald Lewis
Ran Lin
Brenda Lira
Melissa Lira
June Littlepage
Brooke Lively
LMEPAC Charity Match
Ian S. Lobreto
Mary Lochridge and
Paul Stickney
Andrea Lockly
Frances McAfee Loftis
Joe Lomax
Rosalinda and Ray Longoria
Cecilla Lopez
Christina Lopez
Frances and Pedro Lopez
Hector Lopez
Kathy and Pete Lopez
Phyllis Lopez
Ron Lopez
Karen Lovell
Karen Lovett
Linda Low
Courtney Lowe
Loyalty Class,
First United Methodist
Church Fort Worth
Kathy Luallen
Dan and Theresa Luby
Jeff Lucas
Jennifer and Steven Lucio
Donetta and Larry Ludwick
Stephanie and Chris Ludwig
Kaylee Lunn
James Luster
Elizabeth Lutton
Anne Lydahl
Jolie Lyon
Julie Maddux
Madera Marketing
Rosa Magdaleno
Anna Maria Mahoney
Mary Mahony
Lawrence Maifeld
Brant Malkey
Holly Mangold
Mary Manien
Melisa Manjeot
Patricia M. Manning
Stephen N. Manning
Rebekah Mansfield
Lynne Markham
Michael and Danielle
Tracy Marshall
Martha and Jeff Martin
Melissa Martin
Mitch Martin
Leticia Martinez and
Jeff Cureton
Rachel F. Mason
Janice and Steve Mathis
Rita Mauldin
Pam Maurice
Mercedes Mayer
Don Mayo
Judy and Ted Mayo
Betty McBryde
Julie and Tom McCarthy
Bob and Cyndy McCoy
Katie McCoy
June McCully
Judy McDonald
M. Dwain McDonald
Dan McDowell
Diana McDowell
Dolly and Tracy McDowell
Diana McFatridge
Tammy McGhee
Gay McGough
Carol McGrath
Landon McGraw
Christy McGrory
Beth McHenry
Laura McKethan
Kristin McKinney
Pamela McMahon
Anne Marie McMichael
Aaron McWhorter
Marron McWilliams
Don Medford
Jorge Medina
Mahogany M. Meeks
Becka Meier and
Mike Gunderson
Debra Meier and Brian Dietz
Sandy Meier
Sonia Mendoza
Brant Messenger
Craig Miller
Tiffany Miller
Kathleen Milligan-Martin
Danielle Mills
Sandy Milner
Amy Mockler
Lauren Moller
Gloria and Robert Moloney
Therese Moncrief
Richard Monroe
Chivonda Montgomery
Karen Moore
Kim Moore
Kimberly Moore
Amanda Moreno
Melissa G. Moreno
Donna Morgan
Becky and Steve Moroneso
Jocelyn Morris
Billie and Earl Morse
Michelle Morse
Josephine Mosesson
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L.
Eva and James Motheral
Daphne Motheral-Jose
Bernie and Ben Mott
Carmen and Donald Mowrer
Ken Mueller
Cynthia Muhammad
Jill K. Mulligan
Brian Mullins
Jesse Munoz
Janis and Larry Murphy
Julia Murphy
Barry Musgrove
Musicians of the
Fort Worth Symphony
Alanna Mussawwir-Bias
Mike Muzik
Adelene Myers
Katie Naiser
Lourdes Najera
D.W. Neely
Dixie Nelson
Amy and Austin Nettle
Kerry Ayn Neuhardt
Jason Newcomb
Rose Nguyen
Robert Nicholson
Grace Nivens
James Nokes
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Nolan, Jr.
Mark Normand
Kimberly and Kenneth
Lynda Nunez
Lois Nunnally
Office of Clerk of Circuit
Court & Comptroller,
Vero Beach
Gary R. Offutt
Schubert M. Ogden
Nicholas Ogunmola
Oil and Gas Hunter, LLC
Sharon Oliver
Jean and Patrick O’Mara
Cesaria Ortiz
Raquel Ortiz
Amy O’Shay
Karen Otto
Lois and Dee Overturf
Jane D. Owen
Randy Pace
Dennis R. Padgett
Meosha Denise Paige
Lori Palmgren
Kelly A. Parcher
Rhett Parham
Michael P. Parisi, Jr.
Beth and Doug Park
Libby and James Parker
Sandy and Dave Parker
Heather Parks
Robin Parr
Matt Parra
Lou Parten
Kelsey and Gary Patterson
Lauretta F. Patterson
Loretto Patterson
Chandler Patton
Mary Patton
Angela Paul
Leah Harlan Pauling
Robert Peacock
Karyn Peak
Maria Perales and
Michael Moore
Diane Perreault
Kristi Perry
Roy Petersen
Connie and Gene Pettey
Kathy Phillips
Maggie Phillips
Melissa Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Philpott
Robbie and Jim Pierce
Susan H. Pinson
Deborah Pistokache
Cathy Pittard
Flora and Bill Pittard
Julia Pittman
Janna S. Poland
Kathleen R. Polozola
Melissa Polson
Brett Powell
Charlie Powell
Debbie and Dan Powell
Mimi Powell
Peggy Poynter
Marion W. Pratt
Sherri and Thommie Pratt
Emmy Lou and Dan Prescott
Betsy Price Campaign
Linda Price
The Process Advisors
Project Partners
Laura A. Puente
Claudia Puga
Steven Rait
Joe Ragusa
Sharada Ramasubramanian
Jaime Ramsey and
Stephen L. Rush
Jo Ann Rand
Karen Ratcliff-Morgan
John Ratliff, Jr.
Glynda Ray
Sarah C. Ray
Barbara and Randy Reagan
Jean Rector
Cindy and Hugh Redd
Tom Redd
Redden Electrical
Contractors, Inc
Cate and Mark Redrow
Jean Reed
Lisa Reese
Sherry Reese
Helen Reeves
Joan Reinhardt
Chris Renaudo
Laverna and Richard Render
Roland Rexrode
Deborah and Thomas
Nickole Reynolds
Pamela Rhoads
Marsha Rhodes
William Rhodes
D’Ray Moore Rice
Lynda P. Rice
Angie Riley
Terri and Jimmie Rios
Mary Alice and Rob Rippe
Andy Ritter
Barbara Ritter
Octavio Rivas
Connie and Wilfred Rivers
Pamela J. Roberson
Cynthia Roberts
Nancy Roberts
Steve Roberts
Eric Robertson
Carole and Mike Robinson
DeLane Robinson
Jean Robinson
Sue Robinson
Helen Rodemeyer
Jarrod Roecker
Shirley A. Roehrs
Kathleen Rogers
Lee and Rosella Rogers
Rohde & Schwarz
Pamela Ann Rolfes
Brooke Rollins
Jimmy Rollins
Melissa and Laurence Rooks
Wendy Roop
Matthew Roper
Yolanda Rosales
Colin Ross
Regina and Oren Ross
Vickie Ross
Merianne and Steve Roth
Andrea Rountree
Patricia Rowe
Janice Rubin
Sherwin B. Rubin
Candice Ruiz
Kenneth D. Russell
Joan and Pete Russey
Patricia and Win Ryan
Al Saenz
Monica Saenz
Sharon Salih
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin C.
Jim Sanders
Sabrina Sanders
Michael T. Sands
Sanford, Baumeister &
Frazier, LLP
Nasrin Saniee
Cheryl Sassman
Judith M. Saunders
Amanda Savage
Bryan Sawyer
Michelle and Bubba Schafer
Adam Scheer
Carol and Larry Schieffer
Debbie Schneider
Sharon and Dick Schoech
Leah Schoenfeld
Alan Schonborn
F. Andrew Schoolmaster
Ann Schreihofer
Debra Schubbe
Sherry and James Schwartz
Holly A. Scott
Julie Scott
Jean Scudder
Brian Searcy
Kristi Segerstrom
Demotis Sherman, Jr.
Deborah Shields
Earle A. Shields, Jr.
James Shields
Sharon Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Shiels
Denise Shipley
Shirley and Dick Showmaker
Latha Shrivatsa
Maxie Sickles
Holly Sifford
Theo Singharaj
Kevin L. Sinh
Sandy Sinor
Megan Sjulin
David Skidmore
The Skoracki Family
John Skowron
Linda Slack
Mary Ann Slater
Sue Slaughter
Melody Slocumb
Smart Barre
Alice Smith
Jody and Don Smith
Kristina Smith
Melissa E. Smith
Tatyana Smith
Walter L. Smith, Jr.
Sons of the American Legion
Post 3
Jessica Soto
Jeff and Debbie Sours
David South
Chris Sova
Sovereign Grace
Baptist Church
Larry V. Spalding
Spectrum - The Woman’s
Club of Fort Worth
Tiffany Spencer
Debbie Spoonts
Tim G. Sralla
Misty St. Clair
St. Rita Catholic Church
Mary Ann Staab
Tiffaney Staggs
David Standifer
Nicole Stanley
Carolyn Stansberry
Linda and Rob Stansell
Cecilia Steed
Jenny Steeg
Judy Cain Steele
Britnai Stegall
Milton Stegall
Kim Stephens
Sandy and Mike Stepp
Racquel Stevenson
Kara Stewart
Ruth M. Stewart
Susie and Ken Stewart
Ivy Stigler
Marge and Gene Stockton
Sondra and Roy Stott
Marissa Stout
Carl Stovall
Kimberly J. Stovall
Amy and Chuckie Strasner
Jeffrey Strathmeyer
Colette Strawbridge
Stephanie Stremmel
Karen Strong
Leslie and Charles Sucur
Bonnie Sudderth
Sheri L. Suson
Mitchell Swaim
Stephanie Watson Swan
Dicron Tafralian, Jr.
Tarrant Technology
Bruce A. Taylor
Kelly W. Taylor
TCU Office of the Registrar
TCU Women Exes Thursday
Morning Group
Mary Teague
Stephanie Teague and
Roberto Tijer
MaryJane and
Enrique Themudo
Mark and Randi
Anne and Preston Thomas
Briant E. Thomas
Kim Thomas
Linda Thomas
Lindsay Thomas
The Honorable and Mrs.
Michael R. Thomas
Stan Thomas
Suzanne and John Thomas
Allison Thompson
Jane D. Thompson
Sally Thompson
Trish Thompson-Todd
TL Design Group LLC
Rupert A. Tobosa
David Todey
Jessica Tolman
Tom Thumb
Karen Torti
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Tracy
Erin Duyen Tran
Christine Treat
Susan and David Trentham
Jeannie Trevino-Teddlie
Lisa Trujillo
Debbie Turman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Turman
Douglas Turner
Mary and Rodney Turrubiates
Karen Tuzzolino
Leslie Tyson
UAW Local 276
Gina and Steve Ullrich
United Methodist Women of
First Methodist Church
Fort Worth
Mary Urash
Donna and John Uselding
Lorela Valdes
Rick Valentine
Marcus Valenzuela
Terry J. Valenzuela
Jeff Van Ouwerkerk
Erik Vanduivendyk
Alexandria Vasquez
Annette Velasquez
Connie Vestal
Delores Villagran
Cathy Vinson
Patricia Vires
Lawrence Vitt
Vicki and Paul Vogel
Mary L. Volcansek
Francis S. Wagner
Debra Waits
Joleta Waldrop
Limous Walker
Chad A. Wallace
Kendra Wallis
Cheryl Walters
Judy E. Walters
Sarah Warner and
Kyle Zamzow
Christine Warren
Susan Warren
Dana Weaver
Victoria and Addison Weaver
Linda Webb
Jennifer Webster
Ali Wechman
Molly Weinburgh
Anne and Adam Weiskittel
Hattie and Norvel Welch
Kevin Welch
Trudy Welke
Sarah Wellborn
Brenda and David Wellmon
Rebecca Wesley
Geoff West
Larry West
Moine I. West
Tracy and Chris Westlake
Sandee and Michael Wheaton
Don Wheeler
Monique White
Pete White
Ikeeshaa Whitehead
Susan and Robert Whittaker
Pennye and Brad Wilemon
Korey Wilkerson
Charli Willard
Brittney Williams
Jennie Williams
Kimberly Williams
Lauren Williams
Norma L. Williams
Regina Williams
Antonia Williams-Gary
Lyn Willis
Terry and Tammy Willis
Daphne Wilson
Deonda Wilson
Gail Wilson
Margie and Larry Wilson
Rita Wilson
Kristi Wiseman
Robert and Sandy Woelfel
Rita and Curtis Wolfe
Maggie Wolters
Katie Woods
Susan Woodward
Elvert Wooten
Thomas L. Woxland
Colin Wright
Harvey Wright
Karen Wright
Naomi M. Wright
Bobbie Wygant
Kimberlee Yates
Dora York
GC York
Lexi and Carson Yost
Clayton Young
Paty Young
Bethany and Wayne Young
Julie Zaebst
Cynthia Zamora
Stephanie C. Zavala
Dana Zenor
Julie and Arthur Zobal
Mary and John Zuber
United Way of
Tarrant County
United Way of
Coastal Fairfield County
United Way of Denton County
United Way of
Greater Philadelphia &
Southern New Jersey
United Way of
Metropolitan Dallas, Inc.
United Way of
Metropolitan Nashville
City of Arlington
City of Fort Worth
City of North Richland Hills
City of Saginaw
City of White Settlement
Police Crime Control &
Prevention District
Office of the Attorney
General of Texas
Office of the Governor,
Criminal Justice Division
Tarrant County
Tarrant County Criminal
District Attorney’s Office
Tarrant County
Hospital District
Workforce Solutions for
Tarrant County
Donna and Win Adams
Kay and Buz Campbell
Suzanne and John Thomas
Melody Allen
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Linda and Bob Herchert
Marilyn Alsmiller
Betty Hove
Michael Appleman
The Phelps Family
Mary Frances Barlow
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C.
Harry Bartel
The Phelps Family
Penny Beal
Betty Hove
Carol and Tom Beech
Linda and Robert Herchert
Judy Biediger
Betty Hove
Tony and Wag Brentlinger
Mike and Judy Parrish
Lauri Britton
Marsha Rhodes
Melissa Brown
Nancy Brown
Jeanne Byrne
Betty Hove
Angela Cameron
Patricia Vires
Clem Candelaria and
Elgie Johnston
Susan Fine
Louise B. Carvey
Navassa Hilbertz
Geneva R. Crittendon
Cathy Pittard
Mitzi and Bill Davis
Nancy and Robert Ginsburg
Wendy Davis
Treasure You
Jean Devero
Connie Beck
Mary and Joe Dulle
Pat Dunne
Connie Beck
Family and Friends
Josephine Garrett
Sunny Farley
Nancy Brown
Susan Fine
Mary and Joe Dulle
Shirlee and Taylor Gandy
Linda and Bob Herchert
Linda Gatsos
The Skoracki Family
Beth Getchell
Diana Getchell
Kaye Gilbert
Brandie King
Bunny and Harold Ginsburg
Linda and Bob Herchert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenman
Mr. and Mrs. Garland Asher
Lois Griffin
Frank Griffin
Stephanie Griffin
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Frank Griffin
Jeff Guinn
Nan Dearen Gluntz
Christie Guion
David Guion
The Guzieka Family
Glenn Darden Family
Janet and Glen Hahn
Becky and Henry
John Harvison
Betty and Larry Hove
Elizabeth and Paul Ray
Sue Harvison
Linda Herchert
Cheryl Hodge and Dic
Marxen/CCRA Travel
Sue and John Harvison
Linda and Bob Herchert
Southwest Office
Albon Head
Holly Sifford
Marcy and Michael Henry
Mike and Judy Parrish
Linda and Bob Herchert
Mackey Brittain
Sue and John Harvison
Barbara B. & Morton L. Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Garland
Linda and Carroll Hughes
Laura M. Hilgart
Jean Devero
Susan and Gordy Halsey
Betty Hove
Marsha and Bill Hughes
Mike and Judy Parrish
Bill Hunt
Deborah and Thomas
The Lady Behind The Counter
Mary Ralph Lowe
Elizabeth Ray
Teel Lunsford
Withers Family
Charitable Fund
Sylvia Mandel
Mike and Judy Parrish
Melissa Martin
Connie Beck
Cheryl and Dic Marxen
Kay and Buz Campbell
Suzanne and John
Diane Mayfield
Caroline Hyde
Pennye Wilemon
La’Shon McKinzie
Denise Harmonson
Linda McQuitty
Betty Hove
Susan and Victor Medina
Becky and Henry
Carrie Miller
Holly Sifford
Sharon Millians
Connie Beck
Sharon and Dan Millians
Barbara and Bill Peters
Sara Jo Miniatas
Betty Hove
Anne Moroneso
Janice Mathis
Jerrie Newman
Betty Hove
Our friends and family
Barbara B. and Morton L.
Cathy Phelps
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Sampley
Catherine Pittard
Flora and Bill Pittard
Debbie Prizzi
Betty Hove
Elizabeth Ray
Toni Geren
Arch and Jo Anne Gilbert
Judie and Bob Greenman
Elizabeth and Paul Ray
Trudy Welke
Bill and Angela Renfro
Becky and Henry Borbolla
Fannie and W.C. Robison
Mike and Judy Parrish
Jude and Terry Ryan
Linda and Bob Herchert
Sherry Scifres
Jerre and David Tracy
Shari Shanafelt
Mike and Judy Parrish
Heather Shiels
Margaret W. Shiels
Jimmy Skelly
Mike and Judy Parrish
Kathy Spicer
Kay G. Johnson
Stephanie Spradley
Betty Hove
Pam and Steve Straus
Mike and Judy Parrish
Bonnie Strauss
Donna and John Uselding
Sue Tarleton
MaryJane Stubbs Themudo
David Hursh
Louise Van Tilburg
Betty Hove
YaMinco Varner
Sonya Cisneros
Helen Jane Werst
Betty Hove
Jay Wieser
Holly Sifford
Bill and Joan Wilson
Margie and Larry Wilson
Tracey Wood-Sanford
and Family
Mary Kay Glass
Ruth K. Berrier
Gene Berrier
Bettye Campbell
Bill and Paula Campbell
Hugh E. Chavern, MD
June H. Chavern
Alice Cleary
Ellen Kaner
Donald R. (Ricky) Ehrhardt, Jr.
Margaret and Donald
Mr. Elliott
Yolanda Gonzalez Foreman
Richard Foreman
Carol Goode
Redden Electrical
Contractors, Inc.
John Skowron
Susan Anderson Halsey
Shannon Castille
Jean and Ken Devero
Fort Worth Northbrook
Ltd., Frances Ginsburg,
and Sandy Clement
Haynes and Boone, LLP
Jackson Walker L.L.P.
Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP
Julie, Tom, Bryce, Emma
& Brax McCarthy and
Kristin Sibley
Office of the Clerk
of Circuit Court &
Comptroller, Vero Beach
Ridglea Friends (Donnie,
Dan, Jerry, Edgar, Steve,
Drew, Mike, Rich, Gary
and Blake)
Pamela Ann Rolfes
Sanford, Baumeister &
Frazier, LLP
John Shackelford
Virginia Hilgart
Gwenna and Don Brush
Elizabeth and Paul Ray, Jr.
Geneva Huffman
Lou Parten
Leo J. Meier
Sandy Meier
Theresa Moody
Lee and Rosella Rogers
Genoveva Medellin Padilla
K Post Company
John Perkins
Ginny and Lee Cox
Jude Ryan
Dorothy Price
Ida Joe Reynolds
Cathy and Treye Phelps
Kim Reynolds
Cathy and Treye Phelps
Bobbie Rosborough
Mary Ann and Jim Harris
Barbara Rubin
Janice Rubin
Corine Silver
Karen Kay Terrell
Linda and Robert
Ernestine Tindell
Betty Brice Tuttle
Pat McDowell
Don Welch
John Fardal and Angie
Libby and James Parker
Dorothy and Coy Salser
Carroll and Barbara Welch
Deb Welch
Norvel and Hattie Welch
Cheryl Williams-Saddler
LaTasha JacksonMcDougle
360 West Magazine
Adair Eyewear
Donna and Win Adams
Ageless Perfection Skin
Care Studio
Alpha Chi Omega - TCU
American Airlines, Inc.
American Records
Management Association
Amphibian Stage
Jeff and Kristin Anderson
Tasa and Frank Anderson
Arborlawn United Methodist
Caroline and Chad Arnette
Arts Fifth Avenue
Associated Wholesale
Bille Atkins
Ashley and Chris Baker
Banana Republic
Mary Frances Barlow
Stan and Jan Bass
Connie Beck and Frank Tilley
Cynthia Berend
Patti Berkovsky
Beta Sigma Phi
Billy Bob’s Texas
Bimbo Bakeries USA Mrs Baird’s Bakeries
Birthday Club
Ashli and Todd Blumenfeld
Eva and Bob Bonilla
Bravo! Cucina Italiana
Brown Forman/Herradura
Tequila/El Jimador Tequilas
Robin and Gantt Bumstead
Buyers Barricades, Inc.
Campisi’s Restaurant Fort Worth
The Capital Grille Fort Worth
Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo Castillo
Cat City Grill
Cattlemen’s Fort Worth
Central Market Fort Worth
Chadra Mezza & Grill
Cheryl’s Voice
Chuy’s Tex Mex
Denise Lynn Merkle
Shalise Coleman
Collections Fine Jewelry
Alice and Glen Collins
Cooper’s Old Time
Pit Bar-B-Que
Barbara and Burr Cordray
Corner Bakery Cafe
Shana and Matt Craine
Crowne Plaza Invitational
at Colonial
Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Stars
Dallas Zoo
Carolyn Davis
Roberta and Nathan Davis
Tammy and Andrew Decker
Dior Beauty
Disneyland Resort
Dr. and Mrs. Al DiStefano
Arden and Edward Dufilho
Eddie V’s Prime Seafood
Leslie and Andy Edwards
Magenta Eggertsen
Embassy Suites Fort Worth Downtown
Emily & Ashley
Encore Live
Farmers Market
Fort Worth Inc.
First American Payment
First United Methodist
Church of Fort Worth
Laura Flores
Denise Flowers
Food Tours of America
Fort Worth ChapterAmerican Payroll
Fort Worth Independent
School District
Fort Worth Museum of
Science and History
Fort Worth Zoo
Suzan K. Frankenfield
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Gachman Metals
Galderma Laboratories
Cathy Ganek
Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican
Get Bounce
Mr. and Mrs. Arch B. Gilbert
Kim Gilbert
Stacey Goldfarb
Good Karma Kitchen
Yadi and Cameron
GRACE Restaurant
Grand Cru Wine Bar
& Boutique
Great Commission
Baptist Church
Greater Lee Avenue
Baptist Church
Pat Green
W.M. Green Elementary
Green’s Produce and Plants
GSBS Architects
Jeff Guinn
Gunter TV & Appliance
Harmony Hope Circle First United Methodist
Church of Euless
Sue and John Harvison
Megan and Chad Haupert
Debbee and Fred Heldoorn
M.C. Henke
Jaime and Brian Hicks
Cheryl Hodge and
Dic Marxen
Home Depot
Betty and Larry Hove
Maureen and John Hull
Imperative Information Group
Interstate Trailers, Inc.
ITW Building Components
Group Inc.
Cindy and Mike James
Gene and Jerry Jones
Family Foundation
Jubilee Theatre
Melissa Justice
Mimi and Keith Karnes
Kay’s Hallmark
Marcia and Kyle Knutson
Melissa and Sanjay Konur
Kendall and John Kostohryz
Kubes Jewelers, Inc.
La Madeleine French Bakery
Janeen and Bill Lamkin
The Law Offices of John
David Hart
Angie Leach-Fardal and
John Fardal
Leaman Container, Inc.
Lili’s Bistro
Mary and Blake Lipscomb
Lockheed Martin F-35
Ruby Lomas
Mariela M. Lopez and
Anna Lisa Morales
Luke’s Locker
Teel and Monty Lunsford
Matthews Office City
Diane and Dave Mayfield
McAlister’s Deli
McGuiness Dermatology
Vennette L. McKinzie
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Meals
Mental Health Connection of
Tarrant County
Michaels Cuisine Restaurant
and Ancho Chile Bar
Daley Miller
Mission Restaurant Supply
Modern Art Museum of
Fort Worth
Monica Rich Kosann
Anne B. and Philip A.
Christine and Rob Murray
Carolyn Nelon
New Breed Christian Center
No Quitters
Norma Burton’s Sunday
School Class, 1st
Baptist Church of White
Noteboom, The Law Firm
Oak Cluster Garden Club
Olive Garden Italian
Omni Hotels & Resorts
Cherie Ora
Itzia Oscos
Our Lady of Victory
Catholic School
Samantha and J.C. Pace III
Pacific Table
Pan American Round Table
Crystal Pariseau
Libby and James Parker
Meaghan Patterson
Kim and Ray Pereda
Perot Museum of Nature
and Science
Pier 1 Imports
Cathy Pittard
Pomegranate Moon
Pressman Printing, Inc.
Progressive Women’s
Support Group
Put a Cork in It
Rahr & Sons Brewing
Chelsea and Paul Ray III
Elizabeth and Paul Ray, Jr.
Lane and John Ray
Meredith Ray Handbags
Reilly Brothers Property
Jessica and Clayton Rich
Ridglea Lone Star Texas
Business Women
Terri and Jimmie Rios
Rozanne and Billy Rosenthal
Rush Creek Christian Church
Nikita Russell
Sally’s Flower Shoppe
Dorothy and Coy Salser
Michelle and Bubba Schafer
Dorothy Scherr
Marisa and Bruce Selkirk
Shady Oaks Country Club
Shale Exploration
Shaw’s Patio Bar and Grill
James Shields/Interaria
Sarah Simon
Rose Smith-Haggerty
SOYJOY/Pharmavite LLC
Spectrum - The Woman’s
Club of Fort Worth
Mary Ann Staab
Stacio & Stacio, PC
Starbucks Coffee Company
Starplex Cinemas
Sundance Square
Supper Club
Tandy Leather Factory Inc.
Tarrant County
District Attorney
Victim Assistance
The Tavern
Texas Jet
Texas Motor Speedway
Texas Nursing Student
Association - TCC
Julie and Jim Thayer
T.J.Maxx Employees
Total Wine & More
Transamerica Life Insurance
Gracey Tune
Uno Chicago Grill
Rick Valentine
VOH Ministries
Cheryl Walters
Ali Wechman
Barbara Weinberg
Anne and Adam Weiskittel
Barbara and Carroll Welch
Deb Welch
Hattie and Norvel Welch
Wells Fargo Fort Worth
Commercial Banking
West Mount Moriah Baptist
The Woodmont Company
Valarie and D Woody
Words & Numbers
Yogi’s Bagel Cafe
Abigail Yonker
Lexi and Carson Yost
Z’s Cafe and Catering
Zelli Handbags
We do our best to insure
that our donor and volunteer
lists are accurate. We
apologize for any oversights,
and ask that you bring them
to our attention.
Thank you to all volunteers and donors for making the work of The Women’s Center possible.
2014 revenue and expenses
Audited for the period ending December 31
United Way
Government Grants
& Contracts
(including designations)
Contributions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $972,090
United Way (including designations). . . . $1,268,180
Government Grants & Contracts. . . . . . . $1,132,020
Fundraising Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $306,418
Program Service Fees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $33,048
Investment & Other Income. . . . . . . . . . . . . $112,237
Unrealized Gain On Investments. . . . . . . . $523,249
Total Revenue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,347,242
Unrealized Gain On
Investments 12%
Investment & Other Income 3%
Program Service Fees 1%
Events 7%
Rape Crisis &
Victim Services
Rape Crisis & Victim Services . . . . . . . . . $1,646,736
Employment Solutions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,706,565
General Counseling Services. . . . . . . . . . . . $476,171
Management. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $154,794
Fundraising. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $184,398
Reserve for Endowment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $178,578
Total Expenses Before Depreciation . . $4,347,242
Reserve for
Endowment 4%
Fundraising 4%
Management 4%
General Counseling Services 11%
board of directors
Tasa Anderson, Chair
Christine Murray, Vice Chair
Community Volunteer
VP, Talent Acquisition & Development,
Pier 1 Imports
Connie Beck, Secretary
Pat dunne, Treasurer
Retired Banking Executive
Chief Financial Officer,
Q Investments
Sharon S. Millians, Past Chair
Partner, Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP
Donna Adams
Tammy J. Decker
Janeen Lamkin
Community Volunteer
VP, Human Resources,
T.G. Mercer Consulting Services, Inc.
Cash Manager, Walsh & Watts, Inc.
jean Devero
Community Volunteer
Marketing Coordinator,
GSBS Architects
Tiffany Figueiredo
Anne Moroneso
Freelance Writer & Editor
Community Volunteer
Anna Kingsley Alvarado
Attorney at Law, P.C.
hope harvison anthony
Community Volunteer
Jennifer Baggs
Senior VP, Bank of Texas
Ashley Baker
Nan Dearen Gluntz
sandy newby
Community Volunteer
Director, Finance & Planning,
Tarrant Regional Water District
Community Volunteer
Shannon L. Greene
Eva Bonilla
CFO & Treasurer,
Tandy Leather Factory, Inc.
Community Volunteer
Chuck L. Bouligny
Francine mcQueen
April Guidry
Merianne Roth
VP, Communications & Event
Marketing, RadioShack
Sherry Scifres
Partner, Ascend Concepts, Inc.
Human Resources Specialist,
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Community Volunteer
Bill Brammer
Sue Harvison
Kathy Spicer
Creative Director, fusion29
Community Volunteer
Community Volunteer
Amy Brown
Linda Herchert
Anne M. Weiskittel
Community Volunteer
Community Volunteer
Director of Treasury Operations,
XTO Energy, Inc.
tina l. castillo
Cheryl hodge
CFO, Compass Well Services
Community Volunteer
Russell D. Cawyer
Alyce Adair Jones
Partner, Kelly Hart & Hallman, LLP
President, Adair Optical
Antonia Williams-Gary
Non-Profit Consultant
Mimi M. Karnes
Assistant VP, Trust Administrator,
PlainsCapital Wealth Mgmt. & Trust
Laura Hilgart
President/CEO, The Women's Center of Tarrant County, Inc.