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Doodle Tutorial

Tutorial to Doodle
Doodle Tutorial
Creating an account
The registration of an useraccount isn't needed for Polls.
Should you create more often a poll then is it recommanded to use one for more
simplicity and clearity.
To registrate: open the website and click on „Create account“
The new opened site showes up an form where you can enter you personal data
to creat an account. Be sure that your e-mail-address is correct!
Tutorial to Doodle
After you entered your personal data and clicked on “Create account”, you will be
redirected to the following site:
Now, you should have recivied an e-mail from doodle within some information
and an activation link.
To complet the registartion procedure: click on the activation link so your
account gets activated and your're able to login.
If everything worked right then you should see the following site where you can
add some optional data, or you can just skip it.
Tutorial to Doodle
Now is your account ready to use and you can now login with your e-mailaddress and password.
Type in your e-mail-address and password and press “Log In”, after that you
should see the following site:
This site is called “MyDoodle” and ist your personal site about your “scheduled
events” and “choices”. Also you can create a new “choice” or schedule a new
Tutorial to Doodle
Schedule and event
Scheduling an event is easy and done in 4 simple steps. Click in “schedule an
event” and go to the next site.
First of all enter a title of you event e.g. “Meeting” and your Name. Optional you
can add an decription. It is recommended to enter your e-mail-address so you
will be informed via e-mail when any changes where submitted.
Tutorial to Doodle
On the next site you click on the possible days where you want to have your
Click on next; on the 3rd step you can enter the time for each day or you can
enter an location for example.
Tutorial to Doodle
After that you're done with that poll and you can click on finish.
Now you eshould have recived two e-mails. One with your participant link and
one with your admin link.
Use the admin-link to alter the poll if you need to.
The praticipant-link is the one you need to send to your friends/people which you
want to assign the poll.
Tutorial to Doodle
Make an choice
The sconde functionality of is to make simple choices.
This is done in 3 simple steps.
Click on “make a choice” on the front page or from your “MyDoodle”.
Like “schedule an event” you need to type in a title and a name. It ist also
recommanded to type in your e-mail-address.
Tutorial to Doodle
The 2nd step you type in your options. That can be a poll for anything you like.
Click next when you're done.
Step 3: now is your poll created. Just click on next to see the participant-link and
andmin-link. Use them just like the other ones by “schaduling an event”.
Tutorial to Doodle
participate a poll on
To participate on any kind of poll on you just need the corresponding
link to the poll. When you click on that link, a website like the following one
should appear.
In the last row above the “save”-button you can see the count of people who
agree with the different options.
Enter your name or nickname and check on the boxes where you agree with the
showen option and click “save”. The options can be a date, or a vote for
something. Also you can see what others participant checkd.
After you saved your oppinion you see a new site, which tells you just that your
vote hast been saved and you can returen to the poll to see your data.
1. Get an account for the Flashmeeting
2. To reserve a meeting go to
3. Klick at. „EA-TEL FM Server“
4. Klick at „Login“
Give in your email address
Give in your password
5. Give in booking time (note: the English time is one hour earlier!)
Give in the length of the meeting
..the number of participants
..the title of the meeting
..key words
6. Click at „Submit“
7. On the next page above you will see a link. Copy it and send it to the participants
of the meeting
Or: wait until you get a confirmation email to the email address that you registered
with and forward this email to the participants. The email will contain the link leading
to the meeting.
Remember to inform the participants about the time difference!
8. Instructions about the use and functions of the Flashmeeting
About Flashmeeting:
Quick start:
Google Earth
Introduction to the programme
Seite 2
Google Earth
Download Google Earth
- Enter http://earth
google co uk into your browser (or
another version of your country like .de for Germany)
- Click on "Download
Download Google Earth 5"
- Follow the steps: agree to terms and conditions,
download the file and save it (e.g. on your desktop or
in My Documents). Start the downloaded file (with the
file extension .exe) by double-clicking on it - this will
start the installation of Google
g Earth.
Seite 3
Google Earth
Take a flight around the world
In the middle, you'll first see Europe from a very high altitude
Seite 4
Google Earth
Control icons
For example, if you click on the
left arrow and hold down the
mouse button, you'll
you ll fly to the left,
that is, westwards across the
Atlantic towards America.
With the other arrow symbols,
you can fly into the other
You can also use the control icon
in the middle.
You can see the display
range if you hold the
cursor over this area
Seite 5
Google Earth
View of the globe
It's also possible to change the
alignment of the globe. To do
this you just have to click on
the symbol N
and thus adjust the view to the
yyou are used to.
Turn the icon N (North)
Seite 6
Google Earth
Altitude 1
Down to the right of the window, the current altitude is shown.
To descend, just double-click on the spot you'd like to have a closer
look at
Double-click on the area you want to see from closer up, and you'll
come closer to the Earth. The altitude will be much lower.
Note: „Sichthöhe
Sichthöhe“ = view from the
level of altitude ...
Seite 7
Google Earth
Altitude 2
With a double-click on the right mouse button, you can rise again.
You can stop both zoom movements – descending or rising – by a
simple click on the left mouse button
There are other possibilities of changing the height of view: You can
drag the scroll bar, situated to the right of the control wheel, up or
down holding down the mouse button
Seite 8
Google Earth
Altitude 3
Just try out the control. For example, double-click on the Grand
You ll see the area vertically from above
above. But the great depth of the
canyon won't be shown to advantage. So tilt your angle of view by
clicking on the other control and dragging it to the right, holding down
the mouse button
Seite 9
Google Earth
Heading for a specific place - route
Enter the name of the place into the search panel in the sidebar.
Click on “Search” or press the enter key.
If you want to look at your house
house, enter the name of the street and
the house number as well.
Example: Island “Mainau” (= a nice island in lake Constance)
Then, we want the program to calculate and describe the route from
the Island Mainau to Ulm
Seite 10
Google Earth
Route calculation and directions
At the top left, there are tabs called:
Fly to
Fi d B
Under “Directions”,, enter the places
((From: and To:)) - here we g
To the left, you can get a printable version of the directions with an
exact calculation of the distance in kilometers as well as the
duration of yyour jjourney.
Seite 11
Google Earth
Saving the search results
Saving the results can be useful. Only save the places you'll want to
look at time and again.
Click on the entry you want to save with the right mouse button
button. A
context menu will open. Click on “Save as my places”. The entry will
then appear in the field “My places”. You can now delete the other
search results
To do this, just click on “X” in the lower part of the search field – the
display will be empty.
Seite 12
Google Earth
Sending locations
You can easily send a file with the location data by e-mail.
Of course, you can send the whole description of the route as well.
G to
t Printable
P i t bl version
i and
d th
then tto P
i t or S
d ((e-mail).
Seite 13
Google Earth
Contact and sources
Zentrum fГјr Allgemeine Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (ZAWiW)
of Ulm University
D-89069 Ulm
[email protected]
Created by:
- Edith Randecker (STIC)
As at September 2009
Image Manipulation
Mag. Maria DГјrr
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0
file в†’ load Cam в†’ Cam or cardreader or file or folder
browse images
Import staple
file в†’ select all (view and rank)
select all with 5 stars
left click в†’ edit в†’ quick correction в†’ go to editor
important tools:
в†’ cut
в†’ zoom
в†’ select triangle(to edit)
в†’ close selection
After any changes save file and exit
(save as.........)
ZAWiW, 2009-08-20
Netiquette / in German Netikette in the Mailing List
(net – Netz and etiquette – Etikette)
When you have just joined the mailing list, read for a while the contributions of the others to
get an impression of the subject and tone of the list.
Wenn Du gerade eingestiegen bist, lies erst mal eine zeitlang mit, damit Du einen Eindruck von
Themen und Ton der Liste bekommst.
When you write your own contributions, keep to the thematic area of the list.
Sobald Du eigene Beitraege schreibst, halte Dich an den Themenkreis der Mailinglist.
When you want to speak to someone on the list about other things, take up direct email contact
with this person.
Wenn Du mit jemandem, den Du in der Liste kennengelernt hast, ueber andere Dinge sprechen willst,
nimm direkten mail-Kontakt auf.
Never criticize the spelling of other participants, there can and will always be some mistakes.
Kritisiere nie die Rechtschreibung eines Teilnehmers, es kann und wird immer ein Tippfehler sein.
Many mail programs quote automatically the mail to which one replies. Please take a couple of
seconds time and delete that which is not necessary for others to realize to what you reply.
Viele Mailprogramme zitieren automatisch die mail, auf die man antwortet. Bitte nimm Dir die paar
Sekunden Zeit und loesche, was nicht unbedingt noetig ist, um zu erkennen, worauf Du antwortest.
Some of the mailing list rules specify „Express yourself briefly“. We have discussed is and
came to the conclusion: a mail can be as long as it is required by the subject.
"Fasse Dich kurz" - so steht es in vielen nettiquettes. Wir haben das diskutiert und sind zum Schluss
gekommen: eine mail darf und soll so lang sein, wie es das Thema benoetigt.
Too many mails пЃЉ пЃЊ . At the moment it is not a problem. But - before you complain or even
leave the list – you don’t have to read everything. You can concentrate only on subjects which
interest you.
So viele Mails пЃЉ пЃЊ . Derzeit besteht bei der Mailinglist dieses Problem noch nicht, aber dennoch bevor Du darueber klagst oder gleich unsubscribierst: Du musst nicht immer alles lesen. Du kannst
Dich auf die subjects beschraenken, die Dich interessieren.
Select a short expressive title for the Subject, not all email programs have enough place for a
long sentence.
Waehle einen praegnanten kurzen Titel fuer das Betreff, denn nicht alle mail-Programme haben genug
Platz fuer einen ganzen Satz.
Do not write anything in the list that you would not say to the other person in clear
consciousness face-to-face in public. Think also, that the mood your contribution brings to the
mailing list will be multiplied there.
Schreibe nichts im Netz, was Du dem anderen nicht auch guten Gewissens ins Gesicht sagen
koenntest, bzw. was Du nicht guten Gewissens in seiner Gegenwart in der Oeffentlichkeit sagen
wuerdest. Bedenke auch, dass die Stimmung, die Dein Beitrag in die Liste traegt, dort vielleicht
vervielfacht wird.
Based on Mailing list rules compiled by the Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz, Institut fuer
Paedagogik und Psychologie.
There is in the www a wealth of many good language tools that can be used for free. Online
language courses with interactive self-tests for different knowledge levels, easy-to-use web
dictionaries, excellent translating tools that translate long text passages and even the whole
website contents.
Many of these resources are in English, but increasingly also in other languages. Like with
all other web-based information and materials, one has to be aware that the quality of the
offered material differs, this applies also to the usability of the material. Nevertheless, one
can find resources to suit almost every requirement.
Here a small collection links leading to such resources.
Free online courses in various languages
from the BBC.
Text, video, audio, online exercises, etc.
Links to a collection of
1) Free online language courses and
2) Free translation services
in many languages.
Bear in mind that the quality and the
amount of materials differ from offer to
Online tools for free translation of texts and whole web pages into and from many
For example the tools from Google, easily accessible from the start page.
Or Babel fish from Yahoo
Online Dictionary LEO
A very good online dictionary with words,
idioms and a forum for discussions of
difficult words or expressions.
German/English, German/French,
German/Italian, German/Spanish,
Best Searchmachines: for example
International and german language:
German language:
If you cannot find, what you are looking for in one searchmachine
If you are looking for wide ranged information about a special topic
if you need a lot of results very quick
Search in the Internet
For Danube Networkers
Author:Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel
Do you want to find some special topics? for example…
General History Research:
Ecological Research:
Future of nature Research:
History of Danube-Research:
Basic Boolean Search Operators
Is Boolean Search Complicated?
Using Boolean Logic to broaden and/or narrow your search is not as complicated as
it sounds; in fact, you might already be doing it. Boolean logic is just the term used to
describe certain logical operations that are used to combine search terms in many
search engine databases and directories on the Net. It's not rocket science, but it
sure sounds fancy (try throwing this phrase out in common conversation!).
Basic Boolean Search Operators - AND
Using AND narows a search by combining terms; it will retrieve documents that use
both the search terms you specify, as in this example:
Portland AND Oregon
Basic Boolean Search Operators - OR
Using OR broadens a search to include results that contain either of the words you
type in. OR is a good tool to use when there are several common spellings or
synonyms of a word, as in this example:
liberal OR democrat
Basic Boolean Search Operators - NOT
Using NOT will narrow a search by excluding certain search terms. NOT retrieves
documents that contain one, but not the other,of the search terms you enter, as in
this example:
Oregon NOT travel
Search in the Internet
For Danube Networkers
Author:Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel
Tutorial to seven-network Blog
seven-network Tutorial
This is a short tutorial of how to do a new blog-entry on
logging in
After you got your user credentials from us you can log in with these(username
and password). Click on “Login” on the bottom on the left navigation.
Here you can enter your user credentials and click on “Log in”.
If you should ever forget your password, then you can click on “Request new
password” and can request a new password which will be sent to your
Tutorial to seven-network Blog
Click on "Create blog entry"
After you’re logged in, you can see your own “user Homepage”, but there is not
much to see. But now you can see a new navigation on the left side at the
bottom. On top is your username and three links:
“My account”, this leads you to you personal “user Homepage” where
you can edit your user credentials.
“New blog entry”, this leads you to the editor to create a new blog entry
“Log out”, this ends your session. You should always log out when you're
done with your work.
So click now on “New blog entry”.
Tutorial to seven-network Blog
New blog entry
Here your can see the “edit-area” with an title, body, file attachments and submit
or preview buttons.
Enter a title and a text into “body”. To make the text look nice and clean you can
use the options in the editor.
If you want to add attachments(e.g. PDF-files) click in “File attachments”, choose
a file from your local computer and press “Attach”.
After you entered your title and your text, you can press “preview” to see how it
will look like before you submit your blog article.
So now you can press “submit” and your article is “online” and readable for
everyone. It should look like that:
Tutorial to seven-network Blog
On the bottom of your article, other people can add a comment to your article.
If you forgot something in your article you can press the “Edit”-link on top of the
article and make your changes.
Tutorial to seven-network Blog
Insert an image
Sometimes you want to insert an image into your blog article, so here is a short
way how to do that:
First click on the icon that looks like an tree
type the image URL into the „Image URL“ if your image is already on the
internet available or click on the button on the right side to upload the
When you click on the second icon you should see a new window like this one:
Tutorial to seven-network Blog
Now choose one of the listed images or upload a new one. To upload click on
“Browse...” and select the Image from your local computer. Then click “Upload
File”. After that, your uploaded images should appear in the file list. Select your
file and click “add” on the right side.
Then click on “insert” on the other window. Now your image should appear in the
editor within your text.
Introduction to the Seven-Forum
Seite 2
What is a Forum?
Create an account
Post a new topic
Reply to a topic
Senior European Volunteers Exchange
Seite 3
What is a Forum?
With the forum on the Seven Website, you can discuss topics in threads or start a
new topic.
Other users of the Seven Website can answer your questions or you can answer
Seite 4
Create an account
You can read existing topics in the forum without creating an account,
but to reply or start a topic you will need an account.
1) Click in the navigation bar on
the left side on “login”.
2) Now click on “Create new
3) Fill out the form and click the
4) Now check your e-mails and
use the contained activationlink.
Seite 5
1)Link to the forum
2)Go to a forum
3)Topics in a forum
4)Number of replies
5)Create a new topic
Seite 6
Post new topic
By clicking on “Post new forum
topic” you can create a new
topic to which other users and
yourself can reply.
1) Pick a usefull and clear
2) Select a forum where your
topic should belong to.
3) Type in your text or
4) Submit your topic.
Seite 7
Reply to a topic
By clicking on “new comment” or
“reply” you can reply to a topic.
Using “reply” your post will be
indented under the post you are
replying to.
1)This is your username.
2)Pick a usefull and clear subject.
3)Type in your text or question.
4)Preview or submit your post.
Seite 8
Contact and sources
Zentrum fГјr Allgemeine Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (ZAWiW)
of Ulm University
D-89069 Ulm
[email protected]
Created by:
- Daniel Friedrich
As at November 2009
Installation and introduction to the program
Seite 2
What is Skype?
(New at Skype? First steps)
Seite 3
What is Skype?
With Skype you can make free calls over the internet (so-called Voice over IP VoIP):
With Skype you can call a person also on Skype – for free.
Thi iis even possible
ibl for
f video
id calls;
ll you can't't only
l h
hear, b
butt see each
h other.
Skype works anywhere in the world and anytime as long as the technical
requirements are met.
Seite 4
S t
PC with Windows 2000
2000, XP oder Vista (users of Windows 2000 need
DirectX 9.0for video calls).
Internet connection – broadband is best (DSL)
Speakers and microphone – built-in oder separate.
For voice and video calls we recommend a computer with at least a
1GHz processor, 256 MB RAM and of course a webcam.
Technical details
Skype version File size 1.93 MB. Official release. Release
date: September 2, 2009. File name: SkypeSetup.exe
Seite 5
Skype looks like this when it runs on your pc:
How do you get there? Information about the download on the next page.
Seite 6
Downloading the Skype program
On the web page (or another version of your country
lik .de
d ffor G
) you'll
'll see the
th following:
f ll i
Seite 7
Click on „Download now“.
You are now downloading Skype
1. A window will open asking what you want to do with a file called
2. Click �Save File’(either on the drive where your programs are stored
or on the desktop)
3. Click on the file SkypeSetup.exe to run the Skype Setup application.
4. The Skype Setup Wizard will appear and guide you through the rest
of the installation. Follow the instructions.
Seite 8
Launching Skype
Finding contacts
After the installation has finished, you can open Skype at any time by
clicking the icon on your desktop or in your system tray.
Go to „Contacts“ in the tool bar
„New contact“
Seite 9
Add contacts
After you
ve entered the e-mail
e mail address
address, Skype will find the user
name of the person you're looking for – if he or she is already
registered with Skype.
Click on „Add
Add contact“
contact and send a short message to the person
telling them you've registered with Skype.
Seite 10
Skype test call
Before you start „for real“, you should make a test call (sound test
service) to make sure
your microphone
your speakers (or headset)
and, possibly, the webcam
all work.
Seite 11
Making free calls with Skype
Look for the person you'd like to speak to in the list.
A member is online if the icon next to his/her name is green with a
white check.
Details of your contacts are shown in the main window.
Click the green Call button. You should now hear ringing. If you don't
the other
th person or th
they can't't hear
you, click
li k th
the callll quality
lit iicon
at the top of your call window.
To hang up, click the red End call button.
Seite 12
Several conversations at the same time
Accept several conversations and change between them.
You can let all conversations be shown in one main window or in
separate windows.
Seite 13
Video calls are free on Skype
• Smile, wave or blow a kiss.
It's free to send a „hello“ by video
Just like audiocalls between Skype users, video calls are free so you
don't have to p
y if yyou want to see yyour contacts – wherever theyy
may be.
You just need a webcam
Vid calls
ll are simple.
i l IIn jjustt ttwo clicks
li k a „Hello“
H ll “ can b
become „Nice
to see you again!“, if your contact also has a webcam.
You can talk face-to-face or just sit there and smile at each other.
Seite 14
Vid settings
Under 'Actions'
Actions – 'Options'
Options , you can change audio and video settings
Seite 15
W b
Make sure you've got a webcam and check:
– it's plugged into your computer.
– you've installed the software that came with it.
– it
s switched on.
In your Contact list, find the person you want to talk to.
Click on them.
In the main window, click the green Video call button.
Seite 16
Useful things you can do on a video call:
Resize the screen – click and drag the corner of the video screen to
make it bigger or smaller.
Move the screen around – click and drag the video around your
Instant messaging (IM) at the same time – click the Show
messages link at the top of the video to instant message while you're
on the call.
Seite 17
Wh t is
i Instant
I t t Messaging?
i ? Chatting!
Ch tti !
Instead of talking,
g, yyou can type
yp yyour heart out with Skype’s
instant messaging feature.
This is great when you’re sharing information like a website address.
It’ easier
i than
th spelling
lli outt as you can ttype or paste
t th
the address
the instant message window and it’s just a click away for the person
on the other end.
Seite 18
Contact and sources
Zentrum fГјr Allgemeine Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (ZAWiW)
of Ulm University
D-89069 Ulm
[email protected]
Created by:
- Edith Randecker (STIC)
As at September 2009
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