Head Boy/Girl Expectations and Qualities - British International

The British International School Riyadh
Head Boy / Head Girl
This is a very prestigious position and you will be expected to represent the entire school from Foundation
to Year 13, being a visible and respected character around the school and an excellent example to other
Responsible to:
Main duties:
Head Boy / Head Girl
To lead the Student Council and represent the student voice throughout both the Primary and
Senior Schools.
To represent the school at a variety of events and be an excellent example to other students.
Assistant Head – Student Leadership, Head of Sixth Form, Assistant Head – KS5, Head of Senior,
• To act as a role model for the students and promote the mission, vision and ethos of
BISR, particularly with regards general behaviour around the school and respectful
treatment of everyone at BISR
• To represent and speak for all students in the school
• To chair Student Council meetings once every half term and be involved in a Student
Council focus group
• To plan, present and be involved in a range of school assemblies throughout the year
• Promote an ethos of enthusiasm for the wider school life including extra curricular,
enrichment and House activities
• Carry out regular duties and lead activities around the school including Sports Days
• Represent the school at important events throughout the year (e.g. Option Evenings,
SLCs, Y12 Induction etc)
• Meet high standards of politeness, courtesy, dress, attendance and punctuality
• Attend regular meetings with the Assistant Head of Student Leadership, Head of Sixth
Form and members of the Senior Leadership Team
• Oversee the organisation of the Y13 Graduation and Leaver’s Ball, Duty Rota, helpers at
SLCs, use of the Tuck Shop by Sixth Form etc
• To lead the Student Leadership Group, monitor their performance and deal with any
problems that may arise
• To greet important visitors to the School and carry out tours of the school for prospective
• To be an approachable member of the student body to whom students can come for
• Good public speaking skills / able to lead assemblies to all age groups
• Ability to motivate other students, particularly your peer group
• Ability to get on with a wide range of students and have a true sense of internationalism
• Good organisational and communication skills and have a mature and thoughtful outlook
• Excellent leadership and team work skills as well as being both responsible and reliable
• High standards of politeness, courtesy, dress, attendance and punctuality
• Confidence to talk to both parents and staff appropriately when representing yourself
and the school and other students
• All current Year 12 students who intend to remain at BISR next academic year are eligible to apply.
If you wish to run for Head Boy or Girl you must provide the following:
A formal letter of application, addressed to the Head of Sixth Form, which covers the following points explaining why
you believe you will make a good Head Boy / Girl (please limit this to one side of A4):
пѓ� How you will continue to support the mission, vision and ethos of BISR
пѓ� The specific contributions you will make to the life of the school
пѓ� Your personal qualities
пѓ� Your style of leadership
пѓ� How you will promote yourself as a positive role model for peers and younger students
Please give specific examples of achievements which demonstrate these qualities.
You must also be nominated by a member of the BISR staff for the position. Please print off the nomination form
(below) and have it completed by one member of staff. You should be aware that each member of staff can only
nominate one boy and one girl. You should include your nomination form along with your application.
Deadline: Letters should be submitted to the Head of Sixth Form in J12 by 3pm on Saturday 2nd March
Short List
Shortlisted candidates will be notified by Saturday 9th March and if shortlisted you will then be required to make a
short speech at assembly on Saturday 16th March. Your brief is:
• Make a 2 minute speech in the Senior School Assembly
• The theme of your speech is REACH. You can choose one of the words from REACH and write a speech on
this. Consider how it applies to who we are and where we are as a school.
• The speech should not be persuasive in terms of �vote for me’ but should be more inspirational and convey a
lesson or idea of what we should also aspire to.
After assembly all Sixth Form students will be given the opportunity to vote for the two candidates they prefer (Head
Boy and Head Girl) in a secret ballot. We will consider the outcome of this vote to gauge Sixth Form student opinion
but it will not be part of the decision making process. Anyone found to be canvassing for support with the aid of
bribery and / or coercion will be disqualified.
Interviews will take place during the following week and the interview panel will consist of:
• Head of Sixth Form: Mrs Hanks
• Assistant Head – KS5: Ms Thompson
• Assistant Head – Student Leadership: Ms Buchanan
• Outgoing Head Boy and Head Girl: Ryan Keogh and Amna Hayat
A final decision on the new Head Boy and Head Girl for BISR will be made and announced by Wednesday 20th March
and the appointed candidates will start handover immediately.
Runners up may be asked to form the Student Leadership Group, supporting the Head Boy and Head Girl. There will
no longer be Prefects or Senior Prefects, however various positions of responsibility will still be available to all Sixth
Form students including (but not limited to):
Duty Leaders
Common Room Committee members
Tuck Shop Committee members
Various event committee members
BISR Head Boy / Head Girl
Staff Nomination Form
In order to be eligible to apply for the position of Head Boy or Head Girl, each student
wishing to apply must gain the support of a member of the BISR staff. Eligible students will
be currently in Y12 and planning to progress on to Y13 at BISR.
Staff – please be aware that you may only nominate ONE student for Head Boy and ONE
student for Head Girl so you may want to think carefully before selecting who you decide to
Name of Staff member:
Nomination for Head Boy / Head Girl
Name of student you
wish to nominate:
Please explain why you
feel that this student is
suitable for the
Signed by Staff Member: _______________________________________________________