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March 6, 2011
Welcome to St. Patrick Church
Saturday Vigil: 5:00p.m.
Sunday: 7:30a.m, 9:00am, 11:00a.m.
5:00 P.M. Life Teen Mass
Weekdays: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 8:00 a.m.
Holy Day Masses: 8:00 a.m., 7:00 p.m.
Called together by God to experience Jesus and his word,
in the sacraments of the Church and in each other, we are committed to love God
and to embrace all God’s people as witnesses of God’s mercy.
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March 6, 2011
St. Patrick Church
47 West High St.
P.O. Box 177
East Hampton, CT 06424-0177
Office: 860-267-6644
Fax: 860-267-7807
Rectory: 860-267-6646
Email: [email protected]
Web address:
Pastoral Team
Welcome to our Parish Family
Newcomers to the parish are invited to
introduce themselves to Father Nagle after
Mass and to register at the Parish Office.
Please advise the Pastor, Pastoral Associate, or Parish
Secretary to arrange pastoral visits or Holy Communion for
those who are sick, hospitalized or homebound.
Saturdays from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Also arrangements can
be made by calling the Rectory.
Rev. Walter M. Nagle, Pastor
Sister Dominic Joseph Valla, A.S.C. J.
Pastoral Associate
Karen Adametz, Parish Secretary
Daisy Conway, Financial Secretary
Dani Annino, Director of Faith Formation
John P. Higgins, Director of Music & Organist
Office Hours
8:00am - 3:00pm, Monday - Thursday
8:00am - 12:00pm, Friday
Arrangements can be made by calling the Parish Office.
Couples must contact the Pastor at least one year in advance to
reserve a date and make arrangements.
In a large parish, keeping the information on parishioners up to
date is a difficult task. You can be of immense help in this
regard. If you move or change your telephone number, please
contact the parish office (267-6644). Not only will this help
avoid confusion, but it will also save the cost of paying
additional charges for returned mail. Thank you, Karen
Bulletin Deadline
Stewardship of Treasure
Feb.27, 2011
Week 35 of the Fiscal Year
1,354 Registered Families
Please submit articles no later than noon on Monday
Ordinary Income:
Handicap Accessible
Current Week
Actual Collection:
Over or (short)
Envelopes Received:
In Memory of:
Year to Date
Richard Murray $150.00
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Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Saturday, Mar. 5
Jerome F. Daly & Marie Nichols req. by Donna
Sunday, Mar. 6
Marie Nichols req. by Jann Dalton
Joseph Rushin req. by The Family
Lucy Ferrigno & Paul Draghi req. by The
Family and Marie Nichols req. by Agnes
Edward Kostoss, Jr. req. by The Kostoss Family
Monday, Mar. 7, St. Perpetua & St. Felicity, martyrs
Erminia, Andrew & Andrew D.V. Ferrigno
Tuesday, Mar. 8, St. John of God, religious
Jim & Ada Foster req. by John & Jane Robida
Wednesday, Mar. 9, Ash Wednesday
Giancarlo Simoni req. by His Family
12:00pm John Delaney (for healing) req. by His Wife
Algert Usanis req. by St. Patrick Parish Family
Thursday, Mar. 10
6:00am-7:00pm Eucharistic Adoration
Closing of Adoration
Friday, Mar. 11
Joseph Ferrigno req. by His Nephew
First Sunday of Lent
Saturday, Mar. 12
Rita Yanchinsky req. by Marilyn Caron &
Family and Marie Nichols req. by St. Patrick
Parish Family
Sunday, Mar. 13
Carol Dalton Thornton req. by Gordon & Jann
Marie Nichols req. by Vicky Desjardins
Ron Duguay req. by John & Jane Robida and
Andrew Soltis req. by The Procopio Family
Doris Hickey req. by St. Patrick Parish Family
Thoughts of spring on a rainy last day of February. It has been
a long winter for everyone, I am sure that parents and children
have run out of puzzles and board games. Does anyone play
board games anymore? This week we are going to speak about
fishing-how to catch trout on the Salmon River or Striped Bass
in the Connecticut. Actually, we will review the wisdom of
Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest,
CA. Every good fisherman needs a strategy. He says: “ My
dad is the best fisherman I’ve ever met. If there is only one fish
in a lake or stream he will catch it. This always amazed me
growing up. Ten of us could be fishing the same lake and my
dad would catch all the fish. How did he do it? Was it magic?
Did God just like him better? As I got older I realized his
secret: My dad understood fish….He caught fish on their
terms. In contrast, I never had a strategy when I went
fishing…..Fish rarely went for my hook because I fished with
a take-it-or leave it attitude…unfortunately many churches
have this same lackadaisical attitude toward fishing for men
and women.” Warren goes on to detail five principles: 1)
Know what you are fishing for-when Jesus sent his first
missionary disciples they were given the following
instructions: Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town
of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel (MT 10:
5-6); 2) Go where the fish are biting-it is a waste of time to
fish in a spot where the fish aren’t biting. Wise fishermen
move on. Jesus gives explicit instructions in MT 10:14: “If a
home or town refuses to welcome you or listen to you, leave
that place and shake its dust off your feet.” Warren goes on to
explain: “The apostle Paul’s strategy was to go through open
doors and not waste time banging on closed ones. Likewise we
should not focus our efforts on those who aren’t ready to
listen.” Hmmmmm-do we do that or are we constantly
badgering the same people with the same requests? 3) Learn to
think like a fish - in order to catch fish it helps to understand
their habits, preferences, and feeding patterns. Jesus was
effective in dealing with people because he understood and
was able to defuse the mental barriers they had. What are some
of the reasons your friends or family members give for not
attending church or believing in God? In order to share with
them the Greatest Story Ever Told we need to know their
story. We need to listen. 4) Catch fish on their terms. This is a
big one. Catching fish on their terms means letting your target
determine your approach. When you go fishing do you use the
same kind of bait for every kind of fish? Of course not. Do you
use the same size of hook for every kind of fish? No. You must
use the bait and hook that best matches the fish you want to
catch. St. Paul: “I have become all things to all men so that by
all possible means I might save some. (1 Cor 9:22). And lastly,
5) Use more than one hook-you and I live in a world with
many choices available to consumers. It is estimated that each
week about 200 new grocery items enter the market. The Levi
corporation alone has 70,000 products of different sizes,
shapes, types and materials. Within Catholic Christianity alone
there are many different schools of spirituality and means of
praying. There is no One Size Fits All school. Just as no two
people are exactly alike. Anything here get your attention? On
your journey to holiness consider how these successful fishing
strategies may help in your own discipleship. The Church
needs you, Jesus needs you, the community of St. Patrick
needs you.
Page Four
March 6, 2011
Parish Events
St. Patrick Library is located in the workroom of
the Parish Center. All are welcome!
Sunday, Mar. 6
Pre-Jordan Baptism Class/WKRM
Life Teen
Monday, Mar. 7
K of C Officers Mtg./K of C Hall
Tuesday, Mar. 8
Guild Mtg./CH
Wednesday, Mar. 9
Life Teen Core Mtg./WKRM
Thursday, Mar. 10
Operation Rice Bowl: Our Lenten Program:
We Are Disciples for All Nations
On Ash Wednesday, March 9, 2011 our parish with parishes
across the Diocese of Norwich is beginning a program of
prayer and sacrifice called Operation Rice Bowl (ORB). For
37 years Operation Rice bowl has helped to feed the hungry
poor. Through our participation in this program, we bring hope
and healing to another person or family living halfway across
the globe, strengthening and enriching those persons’ lives,
both physically and spiritually, and greatly enhancing your
parish community’s Lenten faith experience. Rice bowls will
be distributed to you at Mass. Families are encouraged to
gather each week in prayer for the hungry poor and to share a
sacrificial meal. With the moneys saved from this meal, a
donation is placed in the family Rice Bowl and can be brought
to the parish family Rice Bowl on Palm Sunday, April 17,
2011. 75% of Operation Rice Bowl funds will feed the hungry
poor overseas, the remaining 25% will be used in the diocese
to feed the needy. This Lent, gather in prayer and sacrifice as
the family that prays and cares for the hungry poor.
4:00-7:00pm Faith Formation Registration/CH
Cornerstone Prayer Meeting/K of C Hall
Catholic Scripture Study/CH
Friday, Mar. 11
K of C Fish Fry/CH
Stations of the Cross/CHR
St. Patrick Church Guild
The St. Patrick Church Guild Meeting on March 8, 2011 will
be at 6:30pm followed by entertainment at 7:00pm.
In celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the Guild will feature the
“Spirited Souls” Irish step dancers from Montville, CT.
Please join us for this fun-filled Irish evening! All are
welcome. Hope to see you there!
Organ Replacement Update
$118,930.00 has been collected to date representing 82.59% of
all pledges. When we started last September, our goal was
to raise the money and have the organ installed by Easter
Sunday, April 24th. The pledge campaign was a great success
and the collections have been going very well. The project has
been going so well that the scheduled delivery date of the
organ is March 15th, which is over a month earlier than
originally anticipated. Many of you have recognized our need
to cover the balance due on the cost of the organ and have
chosen to pay the balance of your pledge ahead of schedule.
We are truly appreciative. The electrical work for the organ
outlet and the painting of the choir loft has been completed.
The speaker installation and wiring is in progress which will
be followed up by the installation of the flooring, which will
mean the choir loft will be ready for the organ delivery and
The Organ Committee
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Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Introduction-Liturgy of the Word:
Brothers and sisters, on this last Sunday before the beginning
of Lent, we are issued a challenge. Are we all talk and no
action? Moses tells the people to keep the word of God with
them always; Jesus’ challenge is that only those who do the
will of the Father may enter the heavenly kingdom. Let us pray
today to be people of deeds and not just words.
Tb 1: 3; 2-1a-8/Mk 12: 1-12; Ps. 112:1b
Tb 2: 9-14 Mk 12: 13-17; Ps. See Ps. 112:7c
Jl 2: 12-18/2 Cor 5: 20-6:2 Mt 6: 1-6, 16-18
Dt 30: 15-20 Lk 9: 22-25; Ps. 40:5a
Is 58: 1-9a Mt 9: 14-15; Ps. 51:19b
Is 58: 9b-14 Lk 5: 27-32
Gn 2: 7-9, 3: 1-7 Rom 5: 12-19 or 5: 12, 17-19
Mt 4: 1-11
Apostolate of Prayer for
Mar 6: Marie Cleary 1994, Lawrence Perron 1982, M Joseph
Bransfield 1971, Anna Paguette 1965
Mar 7: John Yetishefsky, Jr., Mary Hall Lonergan 2002,
Angela Farrell 1996, Esther Rawan 1993, Edward Lanouette
1989, John Radzevich 1977, Joseph DePaola Jr 1973
Mar 8: Robert Wall 1993, Jozef Sienkiewicz 1986, Paul
O’Connell 1982, Laura Walsh 1978, Paul Draghi 1977
Mar 9: Eugene Brewer 2004, Harry Cook 1996, Fr. William
McNulty 1992, Rita Ruckh 1989, Robert Puzzo Jr. 1981,
Joseph Olzacki 1978, Flora Burton 1976
Mar 10: Roger Ouellette 2004, Mina Wood 2000, John
Kissinger Sr 1994, Fr. Maurice Sullivan 1993, Gertrude
Martenson 1989, Salvatore Mazzo 1977, Antoni Kaminski
Mar 11: Gail Gosselin 2007, William F. Sladyk 2007, Theresa
Holm 2002, Carol Bornman 2002, William Bernardi 1998,
Sadie Doran 1983
Mar 12: Giancarlo Simoni 2005, Theresa Valli 1995, Charles
Sharples Sr 1989, Louise Lupien 1982, Edward White 1979,
Joseph Walkden 1976
Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord. May their souls and
the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of
God rest in peace. Amen.
STEUBENVILLE EAST 2011: Steubenville East; July 22-24
at the URI and registration is now open! Deposit to hold your
spot due & filling up quickly! Don’t miss out. Join thousands
of other teens for an amazing weekend that you will never
SUMMER CAMP 2011: Camp Veritas, Wurtsboro, NY;
about 2 ВЅ hours from East Hampton. Check out their website
at The dates are August 14-20th. A deposit
is due by the end of January/early February to reserve your
spot. First come, first served. Although the camp will hold
100’s of teens, I expect our bus to fill up quickly. Please let us
know if you are interested. This is a great opportunity to hang
with friends, make new ones and grow in your faith.
Rev. Karl Schuh
Rev. Roland Cloutier & Rev. John Marciniak
Rev. Arthur Archer & Rev. Francis Liszewski
Rev. Gerald Kirby & Rev. Kevin Reilly
Rev. Joseph Ashe & Rev. Michael Smith
Rev. Prodeep Nayak & Rev. Mariadas Lipton
Rev. Martin Jones & Rev. Marek Masnicki
SUCESSFUL ROCK-A-THON: Service project raised
$23,615 for the Haitian Health Foundation and still counting.
Thank you to those who supported, donated and participated!
again this year for Youth Explosion at Saint Bernard’s High
School on Sunday, 3/27 beginning at 1:00pm! Youth rally,
rock concert, Mass with Bishop Cote, Adoration, talks,
confession. Only $25 (includes dinner and concert) for a day
of great music and talks! See the Life Teen bulletin board or a
core member for permission slips and more information.
very talented jewelry maker, who made beautiful, beaded,
limited-edition stretch bracelets for purchase! For only $10
you can own one of these unique pieces. Check out the picture
on the life teen bulletin board. Please contact Cathy Muscat at
860-267-1308 if you are interested in purchasing one. 100% of
the proceeds benefit the life teen ministry! Thank you Sharon!
For more information on upcoming events or for monetary,
food or time donations, please contact Michelle or Bill
[email protected] To view Saint Patrick life teen
pictures, go to, email address:
[email protected], password is “splifeteen”.
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March 6, 2011
Diocese of Norwich
Office of the Bishop
201 Broadway
Norwich, Connecticut 06360
(860) 887-9294
My dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
The season of Lent is the springtime of our spiritual lives. This season’s practices and exercises help us to leave behind the
coldness of indifference to embrace the warmth of new life that only Jesus offers us through His Passion, Death, and Resurrection.
During Lent we are challenged to be better and to do better in turning away from selfishness and sin and in embracing Gospel
We begin this season marked by Ashes to declare our willingness to follow Christ to Calvary. There, through our Lenten
exercises, in the Calvary of our lives, we recognize our sinfulness and we nail our sins to Christ’s Cross. Like His, our journey does
not end with death. The journey that we begin symbolically on Ash Wednesday is truly a life-long journey to follow Christ, to
imitate His love, to live His way, and to embrace His life. By His Way of the Cross, the Lord invites us to share His death so that
we can rise with Him to a new life and a new way of living. That new way of living begins with Lent and it leads through Calvary
to the Resurrection, His victory over death and sin. It is a victory that Jesus shares with us and one that culminates our Lenten
Through the Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, penance, and almsgiving, we are enabled to take charge of our lives and to
experience a freedom that is rooted in God’s love for us. By these exercises, we can overcome self-centeredness, free ourselves
from the shackles of sin, and conquer our disinterest and despair that sap life’s meaning and purpose.
Our conversation with God in prayer helps us to hear Jesus’ voice guiding our lives along His Way. Denying ourselves helps to
free us to live for God and for others and it also makes us sensitive to the poor who, through no choice of their own, daily go
without the necessities of life. Our penances deepen our love for God and for one another and prepare us to share in the new life
that Jesus has promised. Our sacrifices and almsgiving strengthen our respect for those who are less fortunate. In our awareness of
their need, we are united with them as sisters and brothers in God’s family. No longer enslaved by a selfish appetite to have more,
we are strengthened to live in the newness of life that Jesus offers us, that new life by which Jesus, our Savior, redeems us and
shares His life with us.
Participating at Mass, both daily and Sunday, reading Sacred Scripture, following the Way of the Cross, reciting the Rosary,
visiting the Blessed Sacrament, making a Holy Hour for Vocations (March 24, 7:00 pm., at Saint Mary Church in Putnam and
April 14, 4:00 p.m., at Saint Pius X in Middletown), giving up something or doing something for another: all these exercises make
possible a newness of life that only comes from walking with Jesus to Calvary and experiencing the intensity of His love. Every
step on the way to Calvary Jesus has taken for you and me.
Together, we walk with Jesus to Calvary and to the promise of a new life and a new way of living.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Michael R. Cote
Bishop of Norwich
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Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Diocesan News
Bereavement Support Groups: Every first and third
Monday: 5:00-6:30pm, Conference Room A or B, Middlesex
Hospital, Middletown. Every second and fourth Thursday:
6:30-8:00pm, Shoreline Medical Center, 260 Westbrook Rd.,
Essex. Every second and fourth Wednesday: 10:00-11:30am,
One MacDonough Place, Community Room. (The Hospital’s
assisted living facility on the corner of Main St. Extension and
MacDonough Place.) For more information, please call
Chaplain Dennis McCann, Middlesex Hospital Chaplain,
“Discover Mercy” For 6th and 7th grade girls and their
parents at Mercy High School, Middletown, CT. Saturday,
March 26, 2011, 9:00am-12:24pm. Register online at
Knights’ Corner
Gary Corliss has been named Belltown Council Knight of the
Year for 2011 for his dedicated services. He was presented a
jacket bearing the name of the council and the K of C Logo.
The recently held Spaghetti & Meatball dinner was a huge
success. The Knights expressed appreciation to the East
Hampton HS Jazz Band for sharing their talent with us. We are
hopeful they will be performing at two Fish Fry dinners in
March. The Knights also thanked the members of the Guild for
the delicious desserts they prepared for the dinner.
Representatives of the Knights will meet with members of St.
Patrick’s guild to review application for the “Helping Hand”
Awards. This provides financial assistance to families of those
attending Catholic Schools in the area. Belltown K of C
members contributed 1,160 hours of community service last
year in areas such as the Thanksgiving food drive, painting of
the parish center kitchen, ushering, ACTS retreats, etc.
William Russ will be serving as the Knights Belltown Council
Church Activities Director. He also serves on the St. Patrick
Parish Council. In addition to giving monetarily to worthy
causes, the Knights (109 active members) has contributed
$1,163.00 for such projects as the parish fertilizing services,
donations to Holy Apostles College/ Seminary and the Parish's
Life Teen program.
Week #20 — Hair is starting to grow on
my head. I wonder what color it is? My
heart pumps about six gallons of blood
every day. I am 20 weeks old now and in
another 20 weeks I will be born, when I am
9 months old!
St. Patrick Church Ministries
Adoption Information: Mike & Tina Mohr — 881-7080
Altar Server: Susan Lanzi—267-9984
Altar Society: Daisy Conway—267-0833
ACTS Retreat/Men& Women:
Warren & Beverly Edwards—267-9926
Al & Isabel Vela—267-1508
John & Carol Lambert—267-9157
Baptism Contact:
Sister Dominic Joseph —267-6644
Baptism Class:
Mary Kaye Varni—267-9050
Coordinator of Caregiving:
Sister Dominic Joseph—267-6644
Westside Manor: Deb Desrocher—267-0705
Cobalt Lodge: Daisy Conway—267-0833
Child Advocate: Maggie DeCrescente—267-2457
Eucharistic Adoration: Sheila Wall—267-9486
Gathering in Grace: Roxann Bartone—267-6279
Guild: Maria Camara—267-6321
Knights of Columbus: John Hines—267-4270
Life Teen: Bill & Michelle Donahue—342-0435
Marriage Encounter: Dan & Pam Harazim—267-1184
Nurses’ Ministry: Maggie Coolican—267-0540
Pastoral Council Chair: Mike Mohr—881-7080
Prayer Group: George & Regina Looby—267-8203
Prayer Line: Jann Dalton — 267-5720
Pat Powers — 267-8529
Pro-Life: Theresa Hickey—267-0071
R.C.I.A.: Sister Dominic Joseph—267-6644
Vocation Contact: Don Hickey—267-0071
Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Donahue—342-0435