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November 2014
Let's Go Holiday Shopping!!
The Crafty Ladies’ annual
“Seasonal Treasures Craft Fair”
Saturday, November 8 -- 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Keislar Hall, Room 2, and the Fireside Room
Jams & Jellies в�є Afghans & Quilts в�є Centerpieces
Ornaments в�є Hand Painted Items
Towels в�є Table Decor в�є Plants в�є Wall Hangings
Thanksgiving items & more...
After you have snatched up all that good stuff, please take a break by enjoying free coffee. The Crafty
Ladies have worked hard all year to bring you unique and useful items! All proceeds will be used for
special church projects which we will announce as they occur during the year.
Preparing for … Crafty Ladies Seasonal Sale
We need volunteers to sign up to bring baked goods for the Craft Fair on November 8. This year we will be asking
for specific items, based on what sold last year, in an effort to be sure all items sell, and we don't have food
wasted. As in the past, Jo Bork will be asking for sign-ups. A big thank you to all who have baked, and candied,
etc. in the past, and are willing to do so again this year. We are very appreciative of all the help, and wonderful
goodies we receive.
--The Crafty Ladies
My Dear Crafty Ladies,
I send you greetings from the
Commonwealth of Virginia as I fondly
remember you. I trust that all of you have
busy prepared for the 2014 "Crafty Ladies
Bazaar." If not I am sending you this fond
reminder that you'll only have 31 days left to
get it done. I trust in my absence that you'll
will be prepared. As for me I wish you'll the
best and pray that our Lord will continue to
bless your work.
Your Honorary Crafty Lady,
"Love Always"
Thanksgiving potluckThursday, Nov. 27, 1 PM
Save the date for a
community potluck on
Thanksgiving Day.
ESUMC neighbors,
and friends are all
invited. Turkeys will
be prepared on site. Diners are asked to bring a
dish to share if possible. If you can contribute a
turkey, please let Mike & Vickie Resso know (510758-3558).
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The Appian Wayfarer
Mark’s Musings
Revenge of the Unforgiven. Paul Krugman, NYT
“Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The world economy appears to be stumbling. For a while, things seemed
to be looking up, and there was talk about green shoots of recovery. But now growth is stalling, and the
specter of deflation looms.”
A Bombshell from the Vatican. Alexander Stille, The New Yorker
"How would he handle the difficult doctrinal issues of sexuality and family life that have divided the Catholic
world? We are beginning to find out."
Bernie Sanders: Purchase of Election by Chevron Shows We Have Oligarcy.
Jon Queally, Common Dreams
"The Independent U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders was in the city of Richmond, California on
Thursday and said local elections in the city have become prime examples of how U.S. politics, at all levels,
have become corrupted by the unlimited amount of money wealthy corporations and individuals can spend on
Pope Ousts Top Vatican Judge Known for Incendiary Anti-Gay Comments.
Timmian Massie,
"American Cardinal Raymond Burke, a darling of conservative Catholics who is virulently anti-gay, has
confirmed to BuzzFeed what rumors from Rome have said for weeks. He will be demoted by Pope Francis."
Supposedly "Free" Voter IDs Cost $8 to $25, Poll Tax Outlawed in Civil Rights Era Would Be $10
Today. Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
"If Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters succeed in booting C.Y. Leung from power, the city's unelected
chief executive should consider coming to the United States. He might fit in well in the Republican Party."
Magic Wand". Adam Withnall, The Independent
"Speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pope made comments which experts said put an end to
the 'pseudo theories' of creationism and intelligent design that some argue were encouraged by his
predecessor, Benedict XVI."
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The Appian Wayfarer
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November Birthdays
Pinole Artisans Silent Auction
Nov. 1 Nov. 3 Nov. 4 -
Pinole Artisans are back at Chevy's this year!
You are invited to join them for an evening of fun
and food. Bid for great bargains on time share
weeks, art, merchant donations of interesting
items, gift cards, and more.
Thursday, November 13, 2014, 5:30 to 8:30.
Bring your coupon if you have dinner, and Chevy's
will donate 20% of the proceeds to our art group.
Nov. 5 Nov. 6 Nov. 7 Nov. 9 –
Nov. 10 Nov. 11 Nov. 12 Nov. 13 Nov. 15 Nov. 16 –
Nov. 18 Nov. 19 Nov. 20 Nov. 21 Nov. 23 Nov. 24 Nov. 27 Nov. 30 -
Mamie McGoon
Jeff Parker, Don James
Pam Neyhouse, Genie Miller,
Julia Alfonso
David Slessinger, Jr., Nathan Frisbie
Jacqueline Corl-Seidel, Steve Neyhouse,
David Morris
Bryan Godwin, Carol McGregor
Eileen Johnson
Dana Cooledge
Alexis Easton
Betty Reynolds, Amy Cooley
Kay Dierst-Davies
Lyndsey Reed
Elisabeth Valentine, Janet Emmanuele
Bill Ballagh, Kelly Ballagh
Allison Schneider
Peter Chau
Jim Flagg, Olivia Quiros
Michelle McGoon, Harry Hancock Jr.,
Carolyn Iverson
Gaye Benson
Karla Blackstone
Charlene Chu
Many thanks to all of you who braved the heat of
Keislar Hall on Oct. 5 and to those who could not
be there! All of you made our 50th wedding
anniversary celebration absolutely perfect. You
overwhelmed us with cards, notes, emails, calls
and hugs. In fact, it took almost a week before we
had read all of the cards and now we are reading
and enjoying them for the second time! Everyone
at ESUMC gave new and wonderful meaning to
the words CHURCH FAMILY. "Thank you" seems
inadequate but please accept it with much love
from, --Frank and Charlene
Thank you…
To all who expressed their condolences, prayed
for my family, and sent cards for the loss of my
dad….THANK YOU!!! It is truly a blessing to
work for such a wonderful family of friends in
Christ. --Love Denise (Quiros)
Hope Lutheran Christmas concert
December 25, 7:30 PM
2830 May Road, El Sobrante
Many Bay Area musicians will be playing
Christmas music including our own Lisa Dwiggins,
who is playing in two different trios.
The concert is approximately one hour long and is
always wonderful!
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Voting is a moral act!
2014 General Election Ballot Proposition
The California Council of Churches IMPACT board,
after careful study and prayerful discernment,
recommends these votes on this year’s ballot
Prop. 1 – Yes; Prop. 2 – No; Prop. 45 – Yes; Prop.
46 – No; Prop. 47 – Yes; Prop. 48 – No
Proposition 1 – Water Quality, Supply, and
Infrastructure – YES
Prop. 1 would fund drought-alleviation measures
including recycling, rainwater harvesting, and
portable water supplies in communities facing
contamination. It would help provide treatment
and control in impoverished communities most
likely to face pollution problems. While the $7
billion cost may be repaid from the hard-pressed
state General Fund, it would require non-state
matching funds from projects and user revenues
to markedly reduce taxpayers’ costs and erosion of
the annual budget revenues.
We don’t like that it would direct $2.7 billion to
dams and reservoirs. But this funding would not
be locked in, and some could be diverted to other
needs. It would not fund the “Delta Tunnel”
project that would cut 35-mile tunnels through the
fragile Delta farmland.
We think Prop. 2 is too vague, relying on capitalintensive projects that may not be useful, does not
specify which communities truly need water
remediation, and does not lay out enough controls
on spending of bond revenue. However, we
believe it is most likely the best version we will get.
We support the goal and know it will require
eternal vigilance from us all to assure appropriate
use of these dollars.
Proposition 2 – State Budget. Budget
Stabilization Account – N0
In 2004, a proposition backed by Governor
Schwarzenegger established a “rainy day fund” for
use in lean budget years. The net result has been
The Appian Wayfarer
a relentless chopping of social services for those
already living in peril.
Prop. 2 would make it worse. It would require
deposit of 1.5% of general revenue into the “rainy
day fund,” plus all capital gains revenue in excess
of 8% of the General Fund revenue. In addition,
schools would be required to spend all their
money each year in which the state has a surplus,
without having full knowledge of where and how
much the next budget allocation would be. Most
important, Prop. 2 would worsen the loss in
revenues needed to restore essential health and
welfare programs. This is the classic issue of the
budget as a moral document, and this fails the test
Proposition 45 – Healthcare Insurance. Rate
Changes - YES
Prop. 45 would give the elected state insurance
commissioner authority to approve or deny health
insurance rate increases, just as the he or she
already does with auto and homeowner insurance
rates. Citizens would be able to challenge
proposed increases. It also would end the flawed
rate standard requiring pre-existing coverage,
which allows auto insurance companies to justify
rate differences for the previously uninsured.
Proposition 46 – Drug & Alcohol Testing of
Doctors. Medical Negligence Lawsuits – NO
Prop. 46 would require drug and alcohol testing
of all doctors, making a presumption of their guilt.
Yet the Medical Board already routinely suspends
or disciplines impaired physicians. Furthermore,
Prop. 46 asserts there “shall be a presumption of
professional negligence in any action against a
health care provider arising from an act or
omission by a physician or surgeon who tested
positive for drugs or alcohol” even if it has nothing
to do with anything the provided did or didn’t do.
There would no diversion and treatment alternative
for those who do have problems; suspension and
dismissal would the only remedies, even where no
harm was done.
The positive side of Prop. 46 is that it would raise
the 1975 cap on pain and suffering awards in
medical malpractice suits. But overall, Prop. 46
targets the wrong issues and would impede good
health care and simply inject more distrust and
fewer solutions in our health and judicial systems
(continued on page 5)
The Appian Wayfarer
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Voting recommendations
Mark’s Musings
(continued from page 4)
(continued from page 2)
Proposition 47 – Criminal Sentences.
Misdemeanor Penalties - YES
Prop. 47 is perhaps the single biggest opportunity
to end the “cradle to prison” pipeline and the
horrific increase in our prison population. It would
convert non-violent offenses such as shoplifting
and lowlevel drug possession from felonies to
misdemeanors, ending years-long prison
sentences. It would assure that those convicted of
violent crimes will not get this sentence reduction.
It would save money now spent on prisons and
divert it to crime prevention and victim
Prop. 48 - Indian Gambling Compacts – NO
Prop. 48 would ratify two existing game compacts
between the state, the US Bureau of Indian Affairs,
and the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians
and the Wiyot Tribe. It includes a total exemption
from the California Environmental Quality Act. We
support the rights of First Nations people to
determine their own lives, but not to the
elimination of factors that impact both them and
their neighbors on common environmental issues.
Judicial Council Upholds Schaefer
“In a decision released this morning, the Judicial
Council of The United Methodist Church (UMC)
has upheld the decision of the Committee on
Appeals and Rev. Frank Schaefer will no longer
have to fight for his ministerial status. “
Imagine No Malaria Update
“During the 2013 Annual Conference Session, we
began a journey with a challenge to raise $2
million to help eradicate death by malaria on the
African continent. We are blessed to be within
reach of our goal. As of October 14, we have
$517,583.52 left to raise to complete the $2 million
Note: Our District goal of $100K can be met
with $4 per member, $11 per worshiper.
For a complete version of the IMPACT board’s
discussion of the issues, go to:
Open Enrollment in Covered California for 2015 Begins Soon –
We Can Help!
The California Council of Churches (CCC) is one of the 48 agencies contracted with Covered CA to educate
Californians on health insurance policies available through the Affordable Care Act. Since last fall 1.7 million
Californians were enrolled in Covered CA insurance programs and 1.9 million in Medi-Cal. These nearly 4 million
Californians now have affordable, quality health care, the majority of whom would not have had it.
The next open enrollment period begins November 15th for insurance commencing January 1, 2015. Medi-Cal
enrollment is continuous throughout the year and life events, such as marriage, birth, death etc., open a 60-day
insurance enrollment window for those affected.
As the enrollment process has progressed, the California Council of Churches has been approved to help with
enrollment. The CCC is looking for congregations in our area to host community enrollment and education
events through February 2015. Our commitment involves providing volunteers trained to assist with enrollment,
as well as meeting space and parking. At our discretion, we can also invite local providers to do health
screenings, etc., and have a community health fair.
Marijke Fakasiieiki is a Certified Enrollment Counselor for the Bay Area Congregations with Covered CA at the
California Council of Churches and is prepared to provide volunteers with the training they will need. She is also
a member of Laurel UMC in Oakland. ESUMC’s Missions Committee has approved this project. If you are
interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact the church office, 510-223-0790.
The Appian Wayfarer
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Cal State
Program, KH
2014 Calendar
Cal State Reading
Program, KH
9 AM Kairos Service
11 AM Traditional
Cal State Reading
Program, KH
6:15 PM Cub Scts,
7:30 PM Bell Choir
Voting Day
NO Bible Study today
11:30 AM Motion
Class, R3 today
1 PM Crafty Ladies, R1
7 PM Al Anon, R1
7:30 PM Choir
8 PM Faith
9 Cal State
Reading Program,
R3 8:30-5:30
Cal State Reading
Program, KH
6:15 PM Cub Scts,
7:30 PM Bell Choir
7:30 PM Finance
Mtg., Ost.
4 PM Faith
6:30 PM Yoga,
7 PM Boy
Scouts, KH
7:30 PM
10 AM Bible Study, FS
11:30 AM Motion
1 PM Crafty Ladies, R1
7 PM Al Anon, R1
7:30 PM Choir
8 PM Faith
6:15 PM Girl
Scts, KH
6:30 PM Yoga,
7 PM Cub
Scout Pack
Cal State Reading
Program, KH
6:15 PM Cub Scts,
7:30 PM Bell Choir
4 PM Faith
6:30 PM Yoga,
7 PM Boy
Scouts, KH
7:30 PM
10 AM Bible Study, FS
11:30 AM
Motion Class, KH
1 PM Crafty Ladies, R1
6:30 PM SPR, Ost.
7 PM CScts Comm.,
7 PM Al Anon, R1
7:30 PM Choir
8 PM Faith
4 PM Faith
6:30 PM Yoga,
7 PM Boy
Scouts, KH
7:30 PMKairos
10 AM Bible Study, FS
11:30 AM Motion
Class, KH
1 PM Crafty Ladies, R1
7 PM Al Anon, R1
7:30 PM Choir
8 PM Faith
Day &
1 PM
6 PM Girl
Scouts, R2
Cal State
Program, KH
9 AM Kairos Service
11 AM Traditional
7 PM
Cal State Reading
Program, KH
9 AM Kairos Service
11 AM
Cal State Reading
Program, KH
9 AM Kairos Service
11 AM Traditional
9 AM Kairos Service
11 AM Traditional
Cal State Reading
Program, KH
6:15 PM Cub Scts,
7:15 PM Bell Choir
7:30 PM Trustees
Cal State Reading
Program, KH
4 PM Faith
6:30 PM Yoga,
7:30 PM
Craft Sale
9-3 KH
Cal State
Program, R3
6:15 PM
CScts, R2
6:30 PM Yoga,
7:30 PM Ad
10 AM
165 – 22nd
Cal State
Program, KH
potluck this
Cal State
Program, KH
6 PM Girl
Scouts, R2
The Appian Wayfarer
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Homestay needed
for International Students from Ghana,
Africa, attending Contra Costa College
Funny of the month
A woman received a call that her daughter was
sick. She stopped by the pharmacy to get
medication, Got back to her car and found that
she had locked her keys inside. The woman found
an old rusty coat hanger left on the ground.
She looked at it and said, "I don't know how to use
this." She bowed her head and asked God to send
her help. Within 5 minutes, a beat-up old
motorcycle pulled up. The driver was a bearded
man wearing an old biker doo rag.
The man got off of his cycle and asked if he could
help. She said: "Yes, my daughter is sick. I’ve
locked my keys in my car. I must get home.
Please, can you use this hanger to unlock my car?"
He said, "Sure," and walked over to the car, and in
less than a minute, the door was open.
She hugged the man and
through tears, said
"Thank you SO much!
You are a very nice man." The man replied,
"Lady, I am NOT a nice man. I just got out
of prison yesterday. I was in prison for car
The woman hugged the man again,
"Oh, thank you, God!
You even sent me a Professional!"
Is GOD Good
or What!?
The International Education Department at Contra
Costa College is partnering with Aseya Africa to
bring students from Ghana to study at the college
in 2015. Aseya Africa hopes to find lodging for 10
to 20 students in the homes of members of our
congregation and others. Hosts will receive a
modest stipend in return for room and board.
Aseya Africa was founded by Kofi Baah-Arhin, a
former school teacher himself, for the purpose of
improving educational and health facilities in his
home country of Ghana. This homestay program is
an extension of that ministry.
Kofi and his family live in Pinole and have been
members of St. Mark’s UMC in Orinda, CA, for
most of the past decade.
If you are interested in participating in this
homestay program, please contact Pastor Mark at
415-933-0993, [email protected], or Kofi at
510-779-6690, [email protected] For
more about Aseya Africa, visit
The Appian Wayfarer
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Prayer Concerns
Shirley Kille, John & Charlotte Neyhouse, Chip Scarborough, Pauline Webber, John & Nancy
Corl, Maxine Hilburn, Shirley Szekeres, Helen Skillman, Lee & Helen Hunt, Betty Staley, The James/Luffey Family, Jim
Flagg, Shirley Woodson, MaryEllene Reynolds, Betty Reynolds, Linda Hawkins, Carolyn Daughton (friend of Rita Nozzolillo),
Reid Carlsten (Judith Scarborough’s brother), Michael Fleming, Sherry Lea (friend of Rena Cutright), Suzette Ledford (friend
of Rita Nozzolillo), Richard Clarke, Terrie Partridge, Jim Harvey (Wendy Allen’s son-in-law), Victor (friend of Lisa Dwiggins),
Kurt Ribak (friend of Eileen Johnson), Frank & Steve Dembrowicz (Joanne Smart’s son-in-law & his brother), Maryann Finn
(friend of Karen Jarrell), Kara Hefner (Hilda Nielsen’s granddaughter), Linda (friend of Edna Luffey), Jerry Fleming (Darlene
Fleming’s brother-in-law), Jean Marchant (Dot Boyce’s sister), Deanna Shiu (friend of Karen Jarrell), Lauren (friend of Carol
Harnois), Jan Hennesey (friend of Bob & Shirley Neyhouse), Beverly Cartwright (friend of Ken & Shirley Kille), Bill Enfield
(brother-in-law of Obergs), and Pat Weishahn (Weishahns’ sister-in-law), our shut-ins, and others we name in our hearts.
El Sobrante United Methodist Church
670 Appian Way, El Sobrante, CA 94803
November 2014 issue
Resident Bishop, Warner H. Brown, Jr.
District Superintendent, Schuyler Rhodes
Pastor, Mark Zier
Director of Music, Eileen M. Johnson
Lay Minister, Jacqueline Corl-Seidel
Lay Minister, Charlene Kafer
Treasurer, DuBose Scarborough
Office, Denise Quiros
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