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St. Matthew Lutheran Church - Connecting Faith With Life!
There was once a village chief who had three sons –
each with a special talent. The oldest cared for the
olive trees, providing the village olive oil for food
and trade. The second son was a shepherd, keeping
the herds in good health, providing food and cloth10am-1pm
ing for the village. The third son was a dancer, bring11a-3pm
Augsburg Room
ing cheer, beauty, and joy to the village.
Reserved/Private Party
5:00 pm
One day, the chief had to go on a long journey and
SUN., NOVEMBER 16 left the village in his sons’ care. For awhile, things
went well, but then the cold winds began to blow.
8:30 am
The olive branches, cracked from the ice, failed to
9:45 am
Coffee Fellowship
9:50 am
Sunday School
bloom. Soon the villagers had no fuel, and they
9:50 am
Adult Forum
begged the first son to cut down the trees. He finally
10:00 am
NOLA Mission Trip
relented, for he knew it was foolish to save the trees
Meeting in the
Concord Room
only to lose the village.
10:45 am
The ice made it impossible to travel, and soon the
12:00 pm
Celebration Potluck
villagers had nothing to eat. They begged the second
1:00 pm
Thrivent Luncheon
son to kill the sheep so they wouldn’t starve. At first
MON., NOVEMBER 17 he refused; but he finally realized it was foolish to
8:30 am
save the sheep only to have the people perish.
Prayer Group
The villagers had just enough food and fuel to sur9:00 am
Pastor’s Text Study
TUES., NOVEMBER 18 vive, but the hardships broke their spirits. They lost
6:00 pm
Bell Choir Rehearsal
hope and became desperate. One by one they left the
7:00 pm
Boy Scouts
village in search of a better home. The chief finally
WED., NOVEMBER 19 returned to find smoke from his own chimney alone.
9:00 am
December Insight
Troubled, he rushed into the house, surprising his
Newsletter Deadline
sons. “What has become of the trees? Where are the
9:30 am
Prayer Shawl
sheep? And what has happened to the people?”
6:00 pm
Family Night
The first two sons with sorrow explained what had
Thankfulness Event
Rice Packing
happened to the trees and the sheep. The father conat Wesley Foundation soled them, “You did your best to save the village.
6:15 pm
Adult Bible Study
6:30 pm
STM Choir Rehearsal But what has become of the people?” The third son
THUR., NOVEMBER 20 spoke up. “It hardly seemed proper to dance during
such suffering. And besides, I wanted to conserve
9:30 am
Bible Study
my strength to welcome you.” “Then dance, my
6:30 pm
BUNCO in the
son,” the father said, “for my village and my heart is
Fellowship Hall
7-7:45 pm
Daily Bread Yoga
in the Confirmation Rm But as the third son went to get up, he grimaced and
fell. His legs were so stiff from sitting that they were
7:00 pm
Religion & Lit
no longer fit for dancing. The father, filled more with
Discussion of
sadness than anger said, “Our village could survive
with little food and fuel; but it could not without
hope.” And they wept.
5:00 pm
SUN., NOVEMBER 23 (Adapted from a story by William J. Bausch,
Storytelling: Imagination and Faith, Mystic,
8:30 am
9:45 am
Coffee Fellowship
Connecticut: Twenty-Third Publications, 1984)
9:50 am
Sunday School
9:50 am
Adult Forum
10:45 am
Giver of all gifts, help us to be good stewards of your
gifts. Amen.
Teri Nelson, sister of Sandy Ackerman
Edna Gable, mother of Phil Gable
Merle & Virginia Shea,
parents of Mike Shea
Barb Kuntz, stepsister of Kathy Rhoads
Mary Slack,
daughter of Chris & Barb Genzel
Gene Frerichs, brother of Sandra Meier
Kathy Lowery, friend of Margie Colter
PFC Sean Splittstoesser,
grandson of Ruby & Dan Splittstoesser
Joseph Vaccaro,
son-in-law of Diana & Jim Marshall
Karen Warfield,
sister-in-law of Rod Warfield
Sharon Hedrick
John Gantz
Elaine Ebeling
Glendale Burge
Aleta Blobaum
Al Slater
Rod Warfield
Chris Bedford
Ilene Ackerman
Will Andresen
Liz Schwartz
Jeanette Burnett
Debbie Fotzler
Leona Saathoff
Bruce Larson
Ruby Splittstoesser
Chris Genzel
Christopher Shea
Bruce Carroll
Aziza Awate & family
Sandy & Arlen Ackerman
Remember our shut-ins:
Robert Anderson
Vivian Larson
Renee Ellis
Pat Tammen
Richard & Sharon Sanders’ daughter,
friends of Tom Galyen
Heidi & Elroy Friesen & family,
friends of St. Matthew
Marian Wallig, mother of Matt Wallig
Nadine Heinecke,
mother of Carla Andresen
Janette Green,
friend of Peg & John Warriner
Robert Carter, father of Mike Carter
Please note: Names on the list for prayers will be posted for one month unless otherwise requested.
Please contact the church office with any updates or extensions. Thank you.
PHONE: 367-1189 www.stmatthewurbana.org
Robert J. Rasmus
Office Coordinator
Gayla Pellum
Administrative Assistant
Derald Meier
Sunday School Superintendent
Ann Rasmus
Parish Nurses
Ruby Splittstoesser & Danielle Deck
Aziza Awate, Beth Riddle
& Rita Vanier
Connections Deadline: Submit announcements in writing to the church office or by e-mail
to [email protected] no later than 9:00 a.m. Wednesday. Thank you!
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
is a fellowship of Christian believers
called to:
grow in Christ,
share the Gospel,
serve God’s people.
Do come again to
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
where you are always welcome.
Worship Services
Saturday, 5:00 pm
• Healing Service on the 3rd Saturday of the month
A relaxed & informal worship held in the Christ Chapel.
Sunday, 8:30 am
Spirited traditional worship that focuses on participation through the liturgy, the great hymns of the Church, & corporate confession of our faith.
Sunday, 10:45 am
Praise & worship in an open & accessible style.
People often ask, “What exactly is a Stephen Minister?”
One way to put it is that Stephen Ministers are the After People.
Stephen Ministers are there:
...after the phone call you hoped you’d never get.
...after the divorce papers are served & the bottom falls
out of your life.
...after the funeral, when everyone has left & the emotions you’ve
held at bay come crashing in on you.
...after the doctor says, “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more we can do.”
...after the nursing home director shakes your hand & & says, “Welcome to your
new home.”
...after the last child honks the horn, waves, & drives away—& the house
suddenly seems empty.
...after the gavel goes down, the handcuffs go on, & your loved one is
led away.
...after the baby arrives, demanding more of you than you ever dreamed
...after you find a pink slip with your final paycheck.
...after your family & friends have heard your story one too
many times, but you still need to talk it out.
Stephen Ministers are the “After People.” They are ready to come
alongside you–or your friends, neighbors, coworkers, or relatives
–& provide comfort & support for as long after as needed.
The flowers on the altar this weekend are given by Vicky &
Wayne Coffin in loving memory of Naomi Rothrock, Vicky’s
mother. May she rest in the company of the angels.
Help make our altar beautiful! Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, someone’s life or just because. The 2015 sign up sheet will
be posted soon.
“THE PARABLES OF JESUS” is the Adult Forum topic
that will be considered for a number of Sundays at 9:50
a.m. in the Augsburg Room. It has been noted that even in
a time when people generally know less and less about the
Bible, the stories Jesus told are the best-known stories in
the world. They are stories that describe what it is like to be part of the Kingdom of
God. We will read & discuss a number of them during these Sunday mornings. The
course will be led by Dr. Ed Schneider.
Our multi-year adult Bible study cycle continues that takes us
through the whole of the Scriptures. The Augsburg Adult Bible
series is written by scholars & pastors from the Lutheran tradition & is formatted for both private study & group reflection
in the Augsburg Room on Wednesdays at 6:15.
and we can use your continued help with food for the STM Food
Pantry. We receive a request each week from families in need of
food. This is an important ministry that your generous donations
make possible for families in our Urbana & Champaign area. Here
is a list of a few of the item that we can really use at this time:
spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, canned (sugar free or light) peaches, fruit cocktail, pineapple, canned vegetable soup, canned or bottled juice, pancake syrup, mustard, ketchup, saltine crackers and boxed mashed potatoes. If you have any questions about the food pantry or would like to volunteer to help us with deliveries, we
could use more help with this very important Ministry of St Matthew. Call Richard
or Kay King at 367-1297 we will be glad to well you how you can help.
Blood Pressure Screenings are held on the third full weekend of the
month. A parish nurse will be available in the Parish Nurse office (west
side of the Concord Room) starting at 4:30 on Saturday evening & after
the Sunday morning service. Please stop by. Look for the colorful banner hanging outside of the door!
We will again be taking an adult mission trip to New Orleans in
February. We will leave on the 22nd and return on the 28th. We
will be helping to restore houses in the city and anyone of any
skill level is welcome to attend. We will be having an informational meeting between services on Sunday, November 16th in the Concord Room.
Please join us if you are planning on going, interested in going, or just want to learn
more about what we have been doing. Call or email me if you have any questions.
John Warriner, 217-552-3876 or [email protected]
The next meeting of the Prayer Shawl Ministry will be
Wednesday, November 19th at 9:30 a.m. in the Concord Room
at church. We welcome all who knit. If you know of someone
who would be comforted by a prayer shawl, please contact Joan
Peterson (384-7415), Mary Anderson (896-2061), Pastor Bob or
the church office (367-1189). The stories from the recipients are beautiful & filled
with gratitude for the prayers & love that goes into making them.
If you would like to join the women's Bible studies based on
the Gather magazine Bible studies (& we would welcome any
other Bible study ideas) pick up one of the complimentary
copies of the magazine today in the narthex & join us on
November 20th (a week early because of Thanksgiving) for fellowship & coffee.
Hope to see you then!
Thanks ladies, Mary Anderson, Bible Study coordinator
Play a fast paced game, win great prizes, and have a lot of fun.
Please bring a snack to share and your drink of choice. The next
BUNCO Night will be Thursday, November 20th (a week early
because of Thanksgiving) starting at 6:30pm in the Fellowship
Hall. No need to sign up... everyone is welcome. Join the fun & bring a friend!!!
Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption
by Laura Hillenbrand
From Laura Hillenbrand, the bestselling author of Seabiscuit, comes
Unbroken, the inspiring true story of a man who lived through a series
of catastrophes almost too incredible to be believed. In evocative,
immediate descriptions, Hillenbrand unfurls the story of Louie
Zamperini--a juvenile delinquent-turned-Olympic runner-turnedArmy hero. You’ll cheer for the man who somehow maintained his
selfhood and humanity despite the monumental degradations he suffered as a POW. Join us November 21st at 7pm in the Augsburg room. If you have
any questions, please contact Jesse Helton at 366-1207.
Please join us for our annual joint Thanksgiving service with
our neighbors, Grace United Methodist Church. The service
will be held Grace on Tuesday, November 25th and begins at
7pm, Pastor Bob Rasmus will bring the message, and a joint
St. Matthew/Grace choir will sing.
Cookies and conversation follow this service. We will be asking for
cookie donations than can be dropped off in our office the afternoon
of November 25th. A sign up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in
the narthex.
Connie Minnes is working on a special project for our high school
seniors who will graduate this year. A machine stitched Lap Robe
that will be given to the students later this school year. Connie is
looking for those who are willing to sew quilt blocks together in
preparation of this project. Contact Connie at [email protected] or 417-2734 if you can help or if you have any questions. Thank you!
When you hear the testing of our alert sirens on the first Tuesday of
the month, we hope it will also remind you that it’s “Coffee Tuesday”
with the men of St. Matthew! All available STM men are invited to
gather for a cup of coffee & conversation the first Tuesday of every
month. We will meet on Tuesday, December 2nd at 10:00am in the
Lincoln Square food court area. Men of all ages are welcome & encouraged to come
to discuss the weather, the holidays or just whatever is on your mind.
After a day of shopping or other holiday events, who wants to cook?
Come meet your St. Matthew family on Saturday, December 6th at
Toro Loco on North Cunningham in Urbana at 6:00pm for some
great food and fellowship. There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin
board in the narthex. We need to give the restaurant a headcount, so
please sign up by Friday, December 5th. Hope to see you there!
Sponsored by Parish Life
STM Garden of Remembrance
If you have decided that you wish to purchase a niche in our
columbarium, you are asked to complete an “Registration For
Certificate of Right of Inurnment”, available in the church
office. After your registration is accepted, you will be issued a
certificate for your records. You will be asked to select a niche
from those available in the “Niche Layout Key.” During the
construction phase (now through November 19), the cost is $900 per niche.
There are 2 payment plans. Beginning November 20, the price will be $1200
per niche.
The Columbarium committee has identified some memorial options to recognize
members or their families who either passed before the columbarium is established
or choose not to be cremated. There are request forms in the narthex. Memorial
prices will increase after April 1st.
Square Benches $2500 (2 available)
These are at the columbarium and would include a bronze or brass plaque on the
outside leg of the bench with engraving like that on niches in the columbarium.
Curved Benches $2000 (2 available)
These will be under the tree along the path to the columbarium and would
include a bronze or brass plaque on the outside leg of the bench with engraving
like that on niches in the columbarium.
Paver Tiles on the path to the columbarium are available in two sizes:
8 x 8 for $150 and 12 x 12 for $200.
The tiles come in stone with three color options: red, charcoal, and light grey. They
would be engraved like the columbarium niches. The 8 x 8 has a limit of 11 characters on a line of engraving and the 12 x 12 has a limit of 16 characters, so the
length of a persons name may require them to consider the larger size.
Dwarf Tatarian Maple Tree surrounding the columbarium (3 available)
$700 each - An engraved memorial stake will placed at the foot of each
For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Connie
Minnes, Kathy Rhoads, Vic Isaksen, Karl Koenke or James Quisenberry.
St Matthew’s congregation will have an opportunity to be trained in CPR and use of the AED (defibrillator) on Wednesday, December 3rd. Infant CPR
will also be taught.This training has not occured for a while, so we hope we will
have a great turn out. A signup sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the narthex.
We are happy to have Sean Flannigan, EMT to do our instruction. You can make
the difference!!!!!! Questions? Contact Rita Vanier at 352-5989.
Thankfulness Family Event
Please join us for a special STM Family Event, as we work together
to package rice for distribution through the Wesley Food Pantry.
Volunteers of ALL AGES are welcome, and will be well utilized.
We are pleased to partner with Illini Fighting Hunger for this special event.
Wednesday, November 19th
Wesley Foundation Great Hall, 1203 W. Green St., Urbana
6:00 - 7:30pm – Rice Packaging Event
For planning purposes, please sign up on the bulletin board in the narthex
Please note: Saint Matt's Family Nights entail outings, and as such no 5:30
CrossTraining meal will be provided. Please eat an early supper first, and come out
for some fun and fellowship together with your Saint Matt's family!
Questions? Ann Rasmus 384-3952/[email protected]