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2014 Comminicator Vol.8 - Kingsgrove High School

School Prefects - 2015
Kingsgrove High School
Cnr Stoney Creek & Kingsgrove Roads
(Locked Bag 5130)
Telephone: 9150 4416 Fax: 9554 3516
Principal’s report.......................................................... 3
School calendar........................................................... 5
CAPA(Feature Faculty) ........................................ 7 - 14
Careers ............................................................. 37 - 40
P & C Meetings .......................................................... 5
Term Dates for 2015 ................................................... 6
Visit by Director ........................................................... 6
A1 Status Students – 2014 ................................ 15 – 18
Yr.9 Excursion to Western Plains Zoo ............... 20 – 23
Principal’s Gold Awards- Semester 2 ........................ 24
KHS House Champions – 2014......................... 26 – 29
Yr.7 Camp ......................................................... 30 – 36
School Accident Insurance ........................................ 44
Adrenaline Autoinjectors (EpiPen)............................. 44
Amy’s Art School ....................................................... 18
NRMA Safer Driving School ...................................... 25
ENPAA ...................................................................... 25
School of Music and Arts ........................................... 43
Lynn’s Learning ......................................................... 42
New Deputy Principals
It gives me great pleasure to welcome our two new permanent Deputy Principals. Mr
Glenn Evans commenced on Monday, 3 November, and Mr Rick Turansky commenced on
Monday 17 November.
I would like to thank very publicly Ms Dracopoulos and Mr Nicolls for their leadership of
their years, and the wonderful support they showed me on my arrival.
In the remainder of 2014, Mr Evans will be the DP with responsibility for Years 7, 9 and 11
and Mr Turansky will be responsible for Years 8 and 10, and the Year 6 Orientation.
Mr Glenn Evans
Mr Rick Turansky
Assessment and Reporting
The school has now almost completed most assessment of Years 7 to 10. Teachers are
now busily writing reports. I have had the pleasure of reading the Year 11 reports and final
editing is underway. I hope these will be issued to Year 11 in the coming week.
Year 11 are now starting to complete the first of their HSC Assessment tasks. I wish them
all the best in their studies.
Year Clearance
This year we have introduced a new clearance process for each year group. Each week a
different year group is issued with a clearance form, with all their subjects listed. Students
need to complete clearance of all their responsibilities – returning texts and library
resources, and any borrowed materials. All fees will also need to be finalised. Invoices
were mailed out to all families who had any outstanding fees. I am most happy to support
families with payment schedules, so please contact me at school on 9150 4416 if you have
any concerns, and we can make a private and confidential arrangement.
Last Day of School
Students (and staff!) are looking forward to their summer vacation! We will be celebrating
our annual “Speech Day” on Friday 12 December, 11am. Students’ reports will then be
issued to students on Friday, 12 December, 2014. Students are to attend school in the last
week, with classes concluding on Wednesday, 17 December, at 2.20 (as this is our sports
day). Staff will be in attendance for the last two days, for the School Development Days,
with the school closing on Friday 19 December.
Organisation for 2015.
Next year, Year 7 at Kingsgrove HS will be doing an integrated sports program. They will
not be participating in grade sport. Instead they will complete their sports program during
lessons during the week, and on a Wednesday afternoon, Year 7 students will complete
normal curriculum classes.
A second change we are implementing is the time that Roll Call runs. Senior students who
have �Period 0’ will start at 8.00 am. All students will then have Roll Call at 8.50 – 9.00.
This is purely an administrative time. On Friday, week B we will continue to run our
successful Welfare Mentor Program. Students will then commence Period 1 at 9.00 am,
except Friday, B.
I am concerned at the number of students who are regularly late to school, and who miss
learning. Next year we will be commencing a new program of consequence for students
who have unexplained lateness.
Remember, Kingsgrove HS operates under a two week, cyclical timetable, with Week 1
always being a week A, and then Week 2 being a week B, and so on. We always start
each term with a �Week A’. New individualised timetables will be issued to students on
their first day next year.
If you are going to be taking an extended vacation, and your child will be returning to
school later than Wednesday, 28 January, the school needs to be notified in writing this
term, of your proposed return date.
Organisation and planning is now well underway for the first week of return in 2015.
Next January:
Monday, 26
Public Holiday
Tuesday, 27
School Development Day and staff training day. The office will
be open.
Wednesday, 28
First day back for Years 7, 11 and 12. This is our usual
Wednesday sports day. As usual, Year 11 and 12 will complete
classes at 11.55 am, the usual finishing time for senior
students. Students will need to return a signed letter, on the
correct proforma, stating they have parent / carer approval to
leave at this time. Otherwise, senior students will be dismissed
at 2.20 pm. Year 7 will attend timetabled classes, and will be
dismissed at 2.20 pm.
Thursday, 29
First day back for all other years (Years 8, 9 and 10). Normal
finish will be at 3.10 pm.
Friday, 30 January All staff and students back into the new school year routine!
Staff Changes
Every year staff are successful in gaining transfers and moves to be closer to home, or
take leave for a range of reasons. Other staff chose to retire or resign from the
Department. I already know some staff’s plans and wish them all well for 2015. Next year I
will publish a comprehensive list of staff changes. I know that we are already trying to fill
four new permanent teaching positions.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our students and their families, and staff all
the very best for the holiday season and New Year.
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Mr D. Melville
28 Nov –
Dec 4
18 – 19
Japanese Tour Group here
P&C Meeting 7pm
Year 6 Orientation Day (Year 7 – 2015)
Year 12 Formal – L’Aqua, Darling Harbour
Speech Day – 11am
A1 Student Excursion to Wet n Wild Yrs 7, 9 & 11
Last day at school for students
Staff Development Days
KINGSGROVE HIGH SCHOOL uses publicity photographs in our
local media and newsletters on occasions. Please contact the
Deputies or Principal at the school if you object to the use of
publicity photographs for your son or daughter.
You are cordially invited to attend our P & C meetings throughout the year.
The dates of the meetings are listed below.
2 December
The First P&C Meeting for 2015 is 17 February - all new parents welcome
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Tuesday 27 January - Thursday 2 April
Monday 20 April – Friday 26 June
Monday 13 July – Friday 18 September
Tuesday 6 October – Friday 18 December
To present New Scheme Teachers with Accreditation Certificates
Mr D Melville (Principal), Ms D Townsend, Ms T Nguyen, Ms F Gardiner, Mr F Flaviano,
Ms Z Mustafa and Mr R Leonarder (School Director – Canterbury).
Creative Arts Faculty 2014
Congratulations to the staff of the CAPA faculty for their hard work across the year.
2014 has proven to be a most challenging, yet very rewarding time for all involved.
As usual, the year has been highlighted by many examples of great work from the
art rooms, and an abundance of performances from our music students, both in
and out of the classrooms.
Our feature performances “Wear It Purple Day” and “Showcase” Concert were
big hits, with all performance events again featuring in 2015. The growth of the
school choir and band groups has been very encouraging, and many thanks to Mr
Cassis and Ms Fernandez for their leadership and organisation in this area of
performance ensembles.
Please enjoy the following visual representation of our subjects and many of our
highlights this year, and thanks in advance for your continued support of these
exciting initiatives in 2015.
Ms M Dracopoulos
Head Teacher
2014 HSC Visual Arts Body Of Work ...
Congratulations to Darien LAW Year 12 for receiving an
“Art Express” Nomination for his HSC Body of Work �Simple Cinema’
My work �Simple Cinema’ demonstrates how films possess multiple perceptions in
regards to concepts. These ideas create emotional reaction that makes movies
entertaining. They vary in each film and are shown in my work in a simplistic
way.�Simple Cinema’ explores the idea of multiple insights in films shown through
the multiple perspectives in the movie posters. I convey the perceptions in films
where audience can experience how I feel in movies as they have the ability to
establish an emotional connection.
Darien Law Yr.12
Creative Arts Faculty
Who’s who in the CAPA
в™« Ms M Dracopoulos( Head
Teacher CAPA)-teaches Visual
в™«Ms Babbage-teaches Visual
в™« Mr N Cassis-teaches Music
в™« Ms Fernandez-teaches Music
в™« Ms A Ferla-teaches Visual Arts
в™« Mr I Wallace-teaches Visual Arts
Our Subjects: Visual Arts , Design & Music
Visual Arts builds an understanding of the role of art, in all forms of media, in
contemporary and historical cultures and visual worlds. The subject serves to
facilitate the interpretation of such information. It places a high regard on how
students develop an informed point of view and encourages tolerance, diversity
and empathy between students, teachers and others in the expression of different
points of view.
Visual Arts recognises the contribution that different kinds of knowing makes to
understanding. It provides for the acquisition of both practical knowledge and
propositional knowledge, and acknowledges the different sets of beliefs and
values that condition understanding and practice.
In Music, students develop knowledge, skills and understanding in performing,
composing and listening to music. By singing, playing and moving, they learn
music of different styles and from different times and cultures. They also learn to
organise sound into musical compositions using concepts such as pitch, duration,
and dynamics.
Performance Programs we offer
Rock Band
ART Benefits of studying Art
Art education is vital for today’s world
including the ability to allocate resources;
to work successfully with others; to find,
analyse, and communicate information; to
operate increasingly complex systems of
seemingly unrelated parts; and, finally, to
use technology.
Learning is an action process, and the arts
allow students to take action, to do things, to
make mistakes, to explore and search for
answers. No other educational medium offers
the same kind of opportunity.
“Studying Visual Art, can…”
Allow you to express yourself
Build problem-solving skills.
Make you think and see in a way that everyday reality cannot.
Puts you in touch with other customs, heritage, society and
Be therapeutic.
Convey knowledge, meaning, and skills not learned through the
study of other subjects
Help you to describe things in detail and explore the use of words
to better describe things. Boost Literacy skills.
Develop fine motor skills.
Add to your emotional intelligence.
Help you to make sense of the world.
Develop intuition, reasoning, imagination, and dexterity into
unique forms of expression and communication.
Build thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and
critical judgment.
Add to your aesthetic literacy.
Assist you to understand and
appreciate others.
Teach you about materials and
Assist you to integrate knowledge and “think outside the square.”
Lead to a range of creative career
Assist you to explore challenges and test out ideas.
Some possible career
Graphic designer.
Multi media designer.
Furniture designer.
Gallery Director.
Gallery Assistant.
Interior Designer.
Screen Printer.
Art Therapist.
Museum Technician.
Set and props designer/constructor
for theatre, films or TV.
Sign Writer.
Web page Designer.
Costume Designer.
Art Teacher.
Industrial Designer.
Fashion Designer.
Learning to play a musical instrument offers a lot of
Here are 5 reasons why
1. Playing a musical instrument makes you smarter
Many studies have been conducted on the effects of
music to the brain. Scientists say that children who are
exposed to music, or those who play an instrument, do
better in school than those who don't. It helps the mind
to be alert and active eventually helping to sharpen
the memory.
2. It teaches discipline
Learning to play an instrument is like learning to speak
another language and it can be challenging at times.
One of the qualities musicians possess is discipline. You have to be disciplined in
order to master playing your instrument. You have to set time each day to
practice, practice and practice some more.
3. Playing a musical instrument relieves stress
Music is one of life's simple joys; it helps calm the mind.
4. Sense of achievement
If you're a beginner learning to play your first piece, it can be frustrating. But once
you've mastered it, the satisfaction you'll feel is priceless.
5. Playing a musical instrument is fun
There is no denying playing an instrument is
fun, however it can be a lot of hard work.
Once you get better at it, opportunities will
arise for you to share your newly learned
skill with your family and friends. Who
knows, you may also consider playing
professionally in the future. Playing a
musical instrument opens up a lot of good
possibilities that will surely enrich your life.
Junior Art Sculptures
Year 7 and Year 8 Art students have been learning about various clay construction
techniques including pinch pots and coiling in the Creepy Creatures and Under
the Sea Units of work.
Below are some amazing ceramic sculptures that have been created this year.
A1 status denotes that the student has consistently maintained excellent behaviour in all aspects
of school life.
Year 7
Acheampomaa Akosah
Akangaroi Veronica
Alessandri Adriano
Alexopoulos Anna
Attaalla Andrew
Awada Adham
Awada Alex
Awada Sami
Awada Tamara
Balaghe Abbas
Basevska Angela
Bayas Benjamin
Bolovinos Anthony
Bray Larnie
Breene Isabella
Chekeir Zeinab
Chen Coco
Chisarlis Peta
Chokr Abas-Mohamad
Coull Adam
Daher Aya
Daher Mya
Dakdouk Abbas
Dellios Emily
Di Giunta Angelo
Dimakos Alexander
Doan Daniel
Eamens Tre
El-Droubi Shareen
El-Najjar Ali
Eldroubi Lama
Fares Laila
Fokas Mark
Fokas Nick
Fong Leilani
Gatt Sam
Gazilas Christopher
Giakoumis Lukas
Giannaros Teya
Gosarevska Viktoria
Gray Vincent
Haddad Travis
Halikiotis Dennis
Hamdan Ali
Hammoud Esraa
Hamze Zamie
Hang Michael
Haramis Dimitri
Harrar Nabil
Harrar Youssef
Heco Jasmina
Hijazi Ali
Hijazi Hussein
Hoang Anthony
Hodgson Sam
Huynh James
Ingall Ashley
Ioakimidis George
Iordanidis Georgia
Issa Lelian
Kabbara Samih
Kaddouh Lara
Kalauni-Epati Loretta
Karigiannis Katerina
Katrakilis Patricia
Katsiaras Leon
Khochaiche Rouba
Kobeissi Mohammed
Kontos Spiro
Kordi Michael
Kotevski Michelle
Krlevski Stephen
Kuzmanovska Isabel
Leone Zachary
Leung Ellesan
Lin Kevin
Mackay-Taua Tamati
Mahmood Mateen
Mammadova Leyla
Mansour Adam
Margaronis Victoria
Markoski Emily
Markoulli Niki
Meijome Matias
Merhi Leila
Michael Celina
Mladenovic Jayda
Mladenovic Natasha
Mougios Natalia
Mourad Mohamed
Moussa Mariam
Mu Joshua
Nastase Eva
Naumoska Isabel
Naumovski Christian
Naumovski Jimmy
Nguyen Kerry
Nikolovski Taylor
Packer Edison
Panagakos Dion
Papazoglou Harry
Passalis Khael
Pejoski Jordan
Petkovski Anna
Petrovski Sebastian
Purwa Joshua
Ramadan Aaymon
Richardson Joshua
Ristevski Chris
Rostankov Jessica
Saad Ali
Saad Jasmine
Saad Mohammed Ali
Sabra Mahmoud
Samuels Tara
Savva Emmanuela
Sayed Joelle
Shaw Kobie
Sioris Samuel
Sklavenitis Paras
Stanalonis Carla
Stavropoulos Kosta
Stojkovski John
Stokes Rhys
Subia Dave
Taleb Zahra
Tang Eliza
Tawa Leonie
Trajkovski Jason
Tran James
Tsakiridis Donna-Marie
Tsitsos Angelo
Turner Angel
Waata Kaitlyn
Wehbe Youssef
Wei Christina
White Lachlan
Wong Samantha
Wu Tim
Younie Carlie
Zarkovacki Jovan
Zhuang Jacky
Zoras Nicholas
Year 8
Attaalla Anthony
Awad Jordan
Barakat Sarah
Basevski Anthony
Bernardo Sara
Campagna Andrew
Cartwright Thomas
Chachnie Israa
Chand Jason
Cheikh-Hussein Ali
Chen Esther
Cheng Jennifer
Chiu Vivien
Choukeir Sarah
Choukor Rayanne
Chrysanthou Christopher
De Gula Elbert
Deng Jessica
Egger Sam
Emmanuelidis Mathew
Farhat Daniel
Finnie Imogene
Fong Anthony
Gao Kate
Gao Shuhan
Garrido Tahlya
Ghunaim Belal
Giakoumis Mariah
Gil Johnnier
Haidar Manar
Haidar Mohammad
Haramis Arthur
Herlihy Ashleigh
Hijazi Jasmine
Ho Bobby
Huang Brittany
Huang Kelly
Isaacs Hannah
Iskandar Wilhelmina
Issa Tamara
Issa Yasmin
Jin Wesley
Johnson Matthew
Judge Patrick
Karanfilovski Angelina
Karigiannis Georgia
Karnib Madlene
Kartambis Jordan
Kazan Mariam
Khodr Nadima
Kilua Luka
Klazoglou Arianne
Kutty Tamika
Lai Derek
Lai Jason
Lake Kieran
Lam Charles
Leung Roydon
Leung Sarah
Li Tony
Li William
Lithgow Joshua
Liu William
Lopez Tahlia
Luong Jimmy
Luong Michelle
Mahfoud Ali
Maikel Anas
Majed Maysa
Majstorovic Adam
Margaronis Natasha
Mcvay Nicholas
Md Jahed
Merhi Houssain
Morunga Teetu
Mourad Ahmad
Nguyen Kenny
Nguyen Kevin
Oe Daniel
Pakalani Samuel
Pakari Jeremy
Palamo Summa
Papadoniou Dimitra
Paul Ayiesha
Peccolo Analisa
Phillips Kay
Poynter Renton
Pratley Jacob
Rachid Sarah
Rachid Yasmine
Rana Ayushka
Rapaea Cracknell Tiana
Reece Benjamin
Ristevska Emilia
Safa Tarek
Senol Adem
Shah Shaun
Short Daniella
Sin Clara
Sleiman Ali Alakbar
Smith Hayley
Tan Andy
Tang Alex
Tang Tsz Ho
Theocharous Gabriel
Tsang Jacky
Westerby-Coates Sophia
Wong Ming
Wu Amanda
Wu William
Yaman Aaliya
Yau Dennis
Yeum Matthew
Yin Shirley
Younis Mahdi
Zdravevski Alexander
Zhang Steven (Wanghao
Zhang Vincent
Zheng Shaun
Year 9
Abbas Ibrahim
Aberin Darwin Joshua
Anagnostis Annalise
Andonoski Jordan
Atanasovski Daniel
Avgerinos Paris
Bavcangiovska Britney
Bazzi Ali
Belikova Julia
Bogdanoski Jasmina
Bowling Blake
Brohier Shauna
Burns Grace
Cai Tania
Cao Kevin
Chand Sonia
Chen David
Chen Henry
Chen Royce
Cheung Daniel
Chokr Eman
Dai Sharon
Dang Antony
Dbouk Nadine
Deng Carrie
Diep Kenny
Dimitrioski Christian
Emerton Lauren
Erceg Srdan
Fardos Ahmad
Fares Caroline
Frew Laura
Garrido Isabel
Giannaros Ross
Goodwin Danni
Grant Sarah
Haidar Fadel
Hammoud Hussein
Hammoud Maha
Haragly Jasmine
Hijazi Mariam
Huang Leon
Ingall Mitch
Iona Hudson
Isaacs Jake
Issa Ali
Jamleoui Hassan
Jouni Nour
Jury Isabella
Kan Megan
Karagiorgas Sophia
Karout Aymon
Klazoglou Christopher
Kondylis William
Langer Kaitlyn
Lawrence Stephanie
Li Jack
Li Nicole
Li Tony
Li Vincent
Lissikatos Stephanie
Luo Kelly
Mahfoud Sophy
Mahfouz Hussein
Malik Jamie
Mangini Tegan
Mansour Khalil
Mcdeed Matthew
Mehdi Ali
Mehdi Ali G
Mehdi Hadi
Merhi Mohammad
Michael Hope
Michailides Katherine
Miller Brittany
Miller Sandon
Mohanna Nadean
Morris Ashleigh
Mousselmani Leanne
Najib Sabrene
Nguyen Alan
Omar Zakariyya
Parliaros James
Passaris Vayia
Payne Lachlan
Peene Reuben
Portokalis Antonia
Psaros Felicity
Quan Audrey
Rachid Fatma
Randall Elena
Rizk Ali
Rodas Lachlan
Rostankov Bianca
Saleh Mouhammed
Savea Malifa Fuatino
Scorse-Chen Jasmine
Scrimes Kelsey
Sheehan-English Breanna
Shelston Anthony
Singh Rhian
Slater Ethan
Stankovic Tamara
Tabakovic Jelena
Todd Daniel
Townsend Chloe
Tse Timothy
Tsitsos Dean
Vaaripan Sherlin
Vong Buu
Wang Otto
Weatherall Anton
Wehbi Ibrahim
Wehby Natalie
Wen Christine
Wihbe Ahmad
Wilmot Bailey
Zambounis Nicholas
Zheng Howie
Year 10
Actypis Maree
Ahrak Kaled
Al Bramawi Adnan
Alexopoulos John
Andonoski Isabella
Andreski Natalie
Ayache Hussein
Buckley-Scott Michael
Butacan Rema
Cai Jeffrey
Chan Darren
Chekeir Fatima
Chen Penny
Chen Peter
Chouman Sarah
Christodoulatos Jordan
Cvetkovski Isabella
Cvetkovski Johnny
Daby Sunny
Danas Tiana
Dimovski Jarod
El Misselmany Fatmeh
El Misselmany Zahraa
Emmanuelidis Thomas
Faraj Amanda
Finnie Jemma-Rose
Gavriel Nicola
Giakoumis Jeannie
Gosarevska Emilija
Haddad Trent
Hage Ali Mohamed
Halkias Nikita
Hall Daniel
Haramis Anthony
Haramis George
Harrar Jasmina
Hatton Jonathan
Hijazi Olivia
Huang Carmen
Huang Charles
Huynh William
Iskandar Winston
Issa Abdul
Jovanovski Jason
Jovanovski Justin
Kan Aidan
Kokoftopoulos Luke
Kondilis Vasilis
Kotevski Michael
Lardner Mick
Law Felix
Lei Arthur
Leung Gabriel
Li Hengwen
Li Sandy
Li Simon
Lo Vicky
Lynch Harley
Majstorovic Michael
Malik Jemma
Matthews Eliza
Morad Zeinab
Moussa Fatima
Nasser Houda
Nasser Sabrina
Naumoska Emily
Nawaikabakaba Naomi
Nettey Akeneta
Nguyen Aaron
Nixon Alexander
Pakari Terangi
Pan Lawrence
Papadopoulos Sophia
Papazoglou Nicholas
Pattison Miranda
Pejoski Michael
Pitsiniagas James
Portokalis Jonathan
Psaros Georgia
Rachid Mariam
Saeed Ali
Safa Fatima
Sayed Hussein
Sioris Jamie
Stojanovski Jonathan
Stojkovska Rebeka
Sukamto Juwinter
Tabacchi Adam
Tamai Destry
Tang Pansy
Theocharous Harrison
Trajkovski David
Trpcevska Christine
Tsirigotis Briana
Tu Wilson
Tucci Kaitlyn
Vassiliades Andrew
Veleska Gloria
Vertsonis Savannah
Wang Helen
Watts Ewan
Wei Wendy
Zhang Andy
Zhang Huajie
Zheng Janine
Zhong Benny
Zoras Georgiana
Year 11
Acharya Purvil
Actypis Alexsia
Akdeniz Deniz
Akil Ahmad
Al-Asadi Jinan
Albino Lisa
Andonoska Emily
Apostolovski Alana
Athanasakis Aria
Au Jason
Auelua Feuu
Awada Miriam
Bui Angelina
Chan Justin
Chang Jiang Lily
Cheng Xi
Choukor Ali
Christison Phoebe
Christy Cici
Chu Kelly
Dai Henry
Daskalopoulos Alexi
Dib Jonathan
Dirani Hussein
Droubi Rim
El Chagraoui Zeinab
El-Droubi Mohamad
Erdogan Leyla
Eskander Mark
Faraj Larra
Fares Nadia
Fazzari Michael
Feng Xin Lin
Ghassah Ahmed
Ghunaim Layla
Haidar Lauren
Hamad Kassem
Hammoud Ali
Hammoud Amira
Hammoud Baraa
Hammoud Fadel
Hatzidakis Dimitra
Hijazi Mahmoud
Hijazi Nour
Huang Jay
Ibrahim Salem
Jaiswar Ravi
Jomaa Mariam
Kaddouh Karim
Kassira Fatima
Khalil Taylor
Khan Brendan
Kontos Elly
Korent Gustav
Kotobalavu Talei
Kuzmanovska Emily
Li Kelvin
Liang Tina
Liang Yongda
Liu Carmen
Madabushi Vishal
Maki Jessica
Malifa Siota
Maric Daniel
Masalkovski Nikola
Mcewan Jasmine
Mehdi Melissa
Mehdi Rayan
Mehdi Rianne
Mladenovic Michael
Naji Hussein
Neverly Amylia
Ng Brendan
O'Keefe Shannen
Oustambasidis Jenny
Panayi Kristopher
Poynter Caitlin
Rachid Layal
Ramadan Tahira
Rangiuira O'Neil
Rechwan Jacinta
Reslan Mohammed
Ristevska Kristina
Ristevski Calvin
Rizk Rene
Rizk Rita
Rong Edward
Saade Ikbal
Sayed-Hassan Hussein
Semenkov Kristian
Spaseski Daniel
Spaseski Jamie
Tai Briony
Tai Caitlin
Taki Blaze
Tan Wei Sen
Taoube Hoda
Taua Shanaia-Montel
Todd Jay
Tohovaka Shannon
Tohovaka Tane
Toubi Bassam
Townsend Brooke
Tua Brenton
Vasilevski Mikaela
Wang Alan
Wang Limi
Weatherall Shaun
Wei William
Wihbe Tala
Wong Kevin Kuen Wai
Wu Qihao
Xar Emily
Yan Wan
Yang Guangtao
Younis Hassan
Zeng Kenneth
Zhang James
Zhao Kirstin
Zhuang Tony
п‚· Free trial lesson пјЃ
п‚· Free catch up missed lessons пјЃ
п‚· 20% off for your third child пјЃ
Amy is a professional and a very experienced art teacher now
with over 15 years of teaching specialized art and drawing
lessons for children. Students will be taught the basic skills of
drawing and
cartoon design right up to professional
sketching and painting.
Children’s future intellectual
development will be improved with these life long skills.
Please feel free to contact
Amy on 0405
356 708
Killara Bexley Riverwood Oatley
Year 9 Excursion to:
During term 3 Year 9 Students stayed in the wild under the stars at Taronga Western
Plains Zoo in Dubbo. The exciting ZooSnooZ sleepover program is operating from the
Zoo’s Billabong Campsite, with accommodation in canvas tents located around
picturesque billabong in the Zoo’s Australian wildlife area.
Students learned the importance of conservation through an immersive bush camping
experience, which included close encounters with iconic Australian wildlife as well as
informative and educational walking tours. Students saw a number of Australian and Asian
species including the koala, emu, quokka, Siamang ape and Sumatran tiger. Students
were inspired with the wildlife and environment.
Highly enjoyed and recommended by all students who attended this magnificent
Ms Awadalla
At the Education Centre
Campfire Fun
Ali and Daniel
Britney & Rayan
Mitch, Cameron and Lachlan
Ali and Daniel
Britney & Rayan
Special Moments
Mitch, Cameron and Lachlan
Tony and Darwin
Let the Every Nation Performing Arts Academy enable your child to reach
their fullest potential! We provide weekly group lessons in vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard,
drums & dance. We would love to see your child develop their craft by providing a nurturing &
supportive environment.
We are taking enrolments for 2014 with a special offer-Enrol in 1 discipline and do other classes for
free (dependent on class size)
Call Danisha now on 0423 386 271 or visit
The winner of the annual KHS House Shield is……..
Kardella = 4489
= 4374
Warrigal = 4334
Congratulations to Burrimul! The House Captains of Burrimul Brooke Townsend and
Mohammed Reslan will be awarded the shield at our annual Speech Day. This is the
closest scoreboard in Kingsgrove High school’s history since the inception of the House
system three years ago.
A big thank you to all of the students at KHS for their ongoing school spirit. Attendance at
carnivals and house colours continue to grow every year because of our fabulous
students. Also, the countless house points received in the classroom for students’ hard
work in class is to be commended.
Thank you to all the staff for supporting the house system, awarding points and wearing
house colours with pride.
The biggest thank you os for the most amazing house captains for 2014, they have been a
pleasure to work with and participating in the City 2 surf with these amazing students was
definitely a highlight of the year. Their assistance and support in everything we do in our
school has been phenomenal. They are true leaders and amazing ambassadors for our
Best of luck in 2015. Go KHS!
Penny Karanasos
House Coordinator
Ms. Attenborough & Ms. Harvey show their school spirit
Kardella girls
Best Dressed at the Swimming Carnival
KHS House Captains crossing the finish line together at City 2 Surf
Celebrations, medals and school spirit at City 2 Surf
House Captains 2014: Larra, Leyla, Jasmine, Aria, Feuu, Jess, Brooke & Mohammed with
Ms. Karanasos
On the 22 -24 October our wonderful teachers Ms. Karanasos, Ms. Moors, Mr. Taverne
and Mr. Croucher took us on an amazing journey to Gosford for camp. The Year 11 Peer
Support leaders Brooke, Emily A, Emily K and Caitlin also took part in this trip to help
support 72 Yr 7 students.
Once we arrived we settled in and headed straight for our activities. One of our first
activities was bushwalking and teamwork initiatives. We had to work together in order to
get across some fences and stand together on a wooden plank. We also learnt how to
light a fire using a first aid kit.
Our next activity was the high ropes course, it didn’t seem that high but once you are up
there it is a different story. We had to communicate with our partner for our safety and it
ended with a flying fox. As we had finished the girls were all kicking and juggling a soccer
ball. Ms Karanasos was waiting in a tree on the high ropes course, so we threw the ball up
to her and she showed us her mad soccer skills. She was actually juggling a soccer ball on
a tree plank. Pretty cool!
On our first night we had a series of game challenges One of the hardest games was
climbing under and over a table without touching the floor, Caitlin Poynter our Peer support
leader was the only one to achieve this. Mr. Taverne had a very impressive bruise. Also,
not many of us slept that night, we were just way too excited.
The next day activities included abseiling, rock climbing, raft building and the flying fox.
The students in group 3 got to throw Ms. Karanasos, Ms Moors and Emily our peer
support leader in the water…..hilarious. That night after dinner we had a disco night. The
�dance off’ with Ms. Karanasos was great fun and dancing the night away. We all slept
pretty well on the second night as we were so tired. The giant swing was so much fun,
flying through the air 15 metres high. Then sadly it was time to head home.
On behalf of all the students we would like to thank our amazing Year Adviser
Ms.Karanasos and the teachers Ms. Moors, Mr. Taverne and Mr. Croucher for taking time
away from their families for us. Also a big thank you to all our instructors and the fantastic
Yr 11 peer support leaders. Thank you for everything you have done for us.
From Leonie Tawa and Christopher Gazilas
Peer Support Leader Perspective on Camp
In Yr 11, now Yr 12, there are not many people who can say they attended Yr 7 camp
The four of us (Emily A, Emily K, Brooke and Caitlyn) were lucky enough to spend three
days with amazing teachers and Yr 7 students reliving our camp days.
Raft building on Day 1 with Group 1 was definitely a highlight. It was very entertaining to
watch everyone paddling their own rafts which slowly began to fall apart in the water. What
started out as a race was abandoned and the retrieving of raft pieces began.
The first night activity was also a memorable experience as the battle of peer support
leaders (plus two beautiful Yr 7 boys) vs the teachers was on!!!! During a night full of
difficult challenges which tested our mind, strength and coordination skills. Both students
and teachers achieved challenging tasks. It was a great night of cheering and applauding
each other and we all bonded. The peer support leaders along with the two extraordinary
Yr 7 boys took out first place and the teachers a measly second place.
The excitement of camp led to sleepless nights especially since our cabin was next door to
the boys cabin. Over the course of the next two days participating in activities such as
challenge ropes, the giant swing and flying fox more strong bonds were made between
both students and teachers. The fun that was had was evident on the bus ride home there
were many sleeping heads against windows as the trip came to an end.
Brooke Townsend and Emily Andonoska
Peer support leaders Emily K, Brooke, Ms. Karanasos, Caitlyn, Emilly A
Group 2 raft building with Mr. Croucher
Group 3- High ropes
Group 1 with Mr. Taverne
Group 2 with Mr. Croucher
Group 3 with Ms.Moors
Alex on the giant swing
Group 3 working as a team
Lunch time with the girls
Group 1- Holding the ropes for the giant swing
Eliza, Donna and George on the high ropes course
Career and Subject Specific Information
Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship
Closes 12 January
With financial need and commitment to working in rural
$10,000 per year of study.
CSU New Equestrian Centre Wagga Wagga
Qantas Indigenous Careers Program School Based Traineeship
Year 10s apply for HSC program in aviation working one day per week.
Commonwealth Bank Indigenous School Based Traineeships
Year 10s apply for HSC Program with finance working. Receive Certificate II in Business.
Green Army Programme
Aged 17 to 24 years to gain training and experience in
environmental and heritage conservation fields on projects 20 to 26
weeks. Visit
The Northern Sydney Institute Information Sessions
Bachelor of IT (Network Security) 5 November, 6.30pm, Meadowbank
Campus Building P, Level 4
Bachelor of Hotel Management 11 November, 4.00pm, Ryde Campus,
Building A, Level 5
Floristry Information Session 11 November, 6.00pm, Level 5 Auditorium, Building
A Ryde Campus
The Northern Sydney Institute New Film and TV Courses
Complete two qualifications in one year.
Tractor Free Design Workshop
22 November
The Hub, Sydney, 101 William Street, Darlinghurst
Learn techniques for getting into graphic design.
Video Tractor Online Courses
Study graphic design flexibly . Visit
Academy of Interactive Entertainment VET in Schools Program NSW
HSC program in Certificate II in Creative Industries (3d Animation
Foundations), Certificate II in Information, Digital Media & Technology (Game
Programming Foundations) & Certificate III in Media (Game Design
Endeavour College of Natural Health Open Day and Scholarships
17 January, 10:00am to 12:30pm
815 - 825 George St Level 2, Sydney
Endeavour College of Natural Health Scholarships
Sydney Dance Company DancED
DancED connecting teachers and students to leading professionals in the dance industry,
providing opportunities and role models in the dance industry. Visit
Big Day In IT Careers Conference 2015
Years 9 to 12 want to find about careers in technology.
12 March 2015, Charles Sturt University Convention Centre, Pugsley Place, Wagga
30 April, Great Hall University of Newcastle
UTS Ignite Assisting Refugee Entrepreneurs
From a refugee background? Achieve your business potential. Be connected with
organisations that provide small, interest free or low interest loans and business advice.
University of Canberra New Bachelor of Film Production
Learn about the sets, the shoot, sound design, effects , screenwriting,
directing actors, editing.
Australian College of Applied Psychology New Bachelor of Social Work
Study 4 year degree in Bachelor of Social Work and if you exit early at end of
second year, graduate with an Associate Degree of Human Services.
Billy Blue College of Design January Open Day
17 January, 10.00am to 2.00pm
46-52 Mountain Street, Ultimo
Contact 1300 851 245 or [email protected]
CATC Design School Sydney Open Day
17 January, 10.00am to 2.00pm
46-52 Mountain St Ultimo
Discover careers in Graphic Design, Interior Design
and Photography.
Contact: 1300 661 111 or [email protected]
JMC Academy New Song Writing Course
Apply now. Starts February 2015.
National Institute of Dramatic Art Summer Courses
Agrifood Careers and Rural Skills Australia Website
How to Become a Naturopath
Australian Institute of Applied Sciences information on alternative medicine called
University of New England On Campus Accommodation
Applications for on-campus accommodation at UNE in 2015 are now
open. Room rates for UNE’s catered accommodation have been
reduced to $199.50 with the exception of Mary White and St Albert’s.
Skills Road Choosing the Right Career Top Tips
Open 2 Study
Study courses at your own pace. Many study areas.
TAFE Illawarra 2015 Career Guide
UNSW Changes to the AAA Scholarship
For students with highest ATAR (not including bonus points).
No longer require school Principal's nomination.
Southern Cross University Main Round Scholarships
Closes 20 December
Apply online. Visit
University of Canberra Faculty of Arts and Design Portfolio Entry Pathway
Alternative entry into creative undergraduate courses. Students submit 6 to 10 pieces of
work. This can include, creative writing, drawings, illustrations and visual art, photography,
film or animation, design or multimedia project .
Portfolio workshops on 13 December 2014 and 17 January 2015.
Contact [email protected]
African Conservation Experience Gap Year Program
Projects in South Africa for 2 to 12 week placements for 17 years plus. Wildlife
conservation and management, marine conservation, veterinary work, community projects
Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service Career Resources
Pathways in the industry, practice aptitude quizzes, occupational videos, and more.
The School for Excellence Mastering the HSC Program
15 November (University of Sydney) 9am to 5pm
23 November (University of NSW), 9am to 5pm
students studying Year 11 or 12 in 2015. $10 donation to charity on the day. Contact 1300
364 173
JobJump Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of this information. The user shall verify the
accuracy and completeness of the information, in addition to the suitability of any particular product or services for the user's
needs and the needs of your students/clients. JobJump Pty Ltd does not recommend or endorse any particular products,
services, courses or providers. Please note that information contained in this newsletter is provided by third parties and is not
verified by JobJump Pty Ltd and may be used by the user at their own discretion.
Magic Sounds” take enrolments for
Piano and singing classes for children and adults of all ages.
Individual and small group classes are available.
Piano Classes: at each program level the classes include: theory of music
(reading, writing, comprehension of music notes and signs). Students will
learn to play various styles of music, such as favourite musical songs, classics,
jazz, rock, pieces.
Combined classes: piano and singing skills. Students enjoy the experience of
playing the instrument and singing.
Singing classes: singing classes include: theory of music, solo and group
singing techniques, breathing techniques.
Special programs: Training for AMEB exams (music craft, musicianship,
practical exams)
For High school students—training for HSC
All inquiries please call Natalie at 0415 971 915
Or e-mail : [email protected]
The school carries accident insurance for any accident or
injury occurring to any of its students, for any school-related
All parents will find that their monthly invoices contain a
request for $5 to fund this accident insurance, for the whole
If a claim needs to be made, please do so by accessing the
then look for insurance under the services toolbar.
Adrenaline Autoinjectors
The Department of Education and Communities has announced that all government
schools will receive a general use adrenaline autoinjector (an EpiPen) for their first aid kit.
This does not replace the need for parents to continue to provide the school with an
adrenaline autoinjector and ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis signed and dated by their
doctor when their child has been diagnosed with anaphylaxis. Instead the general use
adrenaline autoinjector is intended to be used if:
An undiagnosed student has an anaphylactic reaction at school
There is a misfire of the adrenaline autoinjector that has been prescribed for a
A student requires further adrenaline autoinjector to be administered after his or her
own adrenaline autoinjector has been administered.
Please contact the school on 9150 4416 if you would like further information in relation to
this matter.
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