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I am making
all things new”
Revelation 21:5
Please inform the Church Office
and/or pastors when friends or
family are sick or in hospital so that
they can be visited. Please advise
the office of concerns for the prayer
list by Thursday morning.
Prayer Page
Our Week Together
Please pray for:
the Geelong North parish and their pastor, Lester Priebbenow.
our own congregation, especially for the various committees and leadership
groups at the church.
the school as they deal with the results of the voting on their proposals.
the filling of the part-time office position at Holy Trinity.
the Fun and Fellowship group.
the Lutheran Men of Victoria meeting today.
For the sick and recovering: Trevor Jochinke, Myra Anderson, Merlyn Herrmann,
Barbara Nuske, Mata Liersch
Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village Residents and Staff
Long-Term Patients: Rodney Eldridge, Kevin Creasey, Dorrie Janetzki,
Dora Gregurke, Glenyce Hughes; Warracknabeal: Lorraine Preuss,
Jeparit: June Matuschka, Minyip: Olive Semmler, Dimboola: Ruby Boehm
Naracoorte: Melva Peterson, Stawell: Eric Boschen, Len Barnett.
Contact us
Pastor Gus Schutz
Pastor Jonathan Williams
Pastor Greg Koch
Mrs Lynda Henstridge
Office Staff
Church Office
22 Bowden St, Horsham 3400 Ph: 5381 0602
35 Rennison St, Horsham 3400 Ph: 5382 2039
32 Duncan St, Murtoa 3390
Ph: 5385 2169
30 Edward St, Horsham 3400 Ph: 0422 821 829
Heather Petering
22 McPherson St, (PO Box 14) Ph: 5382 1325
Horsham 3402
Fax: 5382 1527
Hours: 9am - 1pm Monday – Friday
Email: [email protected]
Holy Trinity Lutheran School Trinity Dve, Horsham 3400
Ph: 5382 2529
Jeff Gork
Jacob’s Well Bookshop
Roberts Avenue, Horsham 3400 Ph: 5382 3769
Julie Hedt
Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village Trinity Drive, Horsham Ph: 5382 0034
Chief Executive Officer:
15 February 2015
Peter Jenkin
Today– 15 February, Transfiguration
Holy Communion (Note change in time)
Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village (Pastor Greg)
10.00am Kids’ Time
10.00am Congregational meeting
10.30am Holy Communion
Café Church with Holy Communion
Readings: 2 Kings 2:1-12; 2 Corinthians 4:3-6; Mark 9:2-9
Today, 15 February
2.00pm Lutheran Men of Victoria meet in the Education Centre
Monday, 16 February
7.30pm Mission Team Meeting in Education
Tuesday, 17 February
9.00am HTLS Middle School Chapel in the school hall
9.00am Holy Communion at Trinity Manor
7.30pm Church Council meet in the Board Room
Wednesday, 18 February
1.30pm Fun & Fellowship in the Education Centre
7.30pm Mid Week Lenten Service in the church
Thursday, 19 February
8.45-9.30am Staff Bible study & weekly meeting
10.30am ‘Walk On’ at Trinity Manor
Friday, 20 February
9.00am Holy Trinity Lutheran School Chapel
10.00am Playgroup in the Education Centre
Holy Communion
“Jesus says: “My flesh is real food; my blood is real drink, whoever eats my
flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him: John 6: 55-56
We welcome all who come seeking healing through forgiveness, and strength for
daily living, God comes to us in the Lord’s Supper in a personal and intimate way
offering these through His Son’s body and blood.
Celebrating with God
Ash Wednesday, 18 February
Holy Communion
Readings: Isaiah 58.1-12; 2; Matthew 11:25-30
For Ash Wednesday Service 18 February 2015
Pastoral Asst
Worship Asst.
Next Sunday, Sunday, 22 February, Lent 1
9.00am Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village (Dennis Grosser/Pam Rethus)
9.00am Holy Communion (Baptism - Mia Hateley)
10.00am Kids’ Time
10.30am Holy Communion
7.00pm Holy Communion & Healing Service
Readings: Genesis 9:8-17; 1 Peter 3:18-22; Mark 1:9-15
Mid Week Lenten Service, 25 February
7.30pm Holy Communion
Sunday, 1 March, Lent 2
9.00am Holy Communion
10.00am Kids’ Time
10.30am Holy Communion
7.00pm Holy Communion
A service is held at Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village every Sunday at 9.00am
Coming Events
Christian Emergency Food Centre Sausage Sizzle, Bunnings
World Day of Prayer
Lutheran Men of Victoria Retreat
Attendance 9am - 234; 10.30am - 78; 7.00pm - 26.
Treasury Steward
Projector 7.30pm
Andrew Sanders
Music 7.30pm
Andrew Hedt
D Schwarz, N Janetzki
Reader 7.30pm
Flowers 7.30pm
Noel & Betty Janetzki
Glenys Dixon
Eric Hedt, Steve Cramer, Trish Schultz
For Sunday, 22 February 2015
Fran Durow
Trinity Singers
Jan Janetzki
C Barnett
9.00am Colin Kreymborg
9.00am Ann Nagorcka
Amplifier 10.30am Tim Nuske
7.00pm TBA
Camera 9.00am M Kreymborg
9.00am James Schwarz
9.00am Youth Band
10.30am Jan Bahr
Music 10.30am John Rurade
7.00pm Tim Nagorcka
7.00pm Cheryl Linke
9.00am B & A Hoffmann
9.00am Ethel Sanders
10.30am G Bunting, J Schwarz
Reader 10.30am Carolyn Barnett
7.00pm R & R Grieger
7.00pm Tim Nagorcka
Chris Surridge
Assistants 10.30am Neil Lehmann, Gordon Mills
9.00am John & Ethel Sanders
10.30am Volunteers
9.00am Simon Rethus, Denise Milich
Ushers 10.30am Robert & Gordon Keller
Prayer Writer
7.00pm Reuben & Rebecca Grieger
Jan Bahr
9.00am K & V Winfield, A Obst, B Miatke
Prayer Leaders
10.30am K Murray, Val Stewart
W Lentsment, G Wallace
G Nuske, T Rethus,
Treasury Stewards
Flowers Maureen Wynne
R Wilksch
Tape Courier Eric George
Chancel J Carroll, C Barnett
Lawnmowing Peter Schultz
Great Christian Resources for Families
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi $18.00
Responding to Sexual Abuse Complaints
A confidential service for responding to complaints of sexual abuse/harassment by church
employees has been set up with trained advisers to help. Write to: The Supervisor, PO Box 519,
Marden SA 5070 or use the freecall number, 1800 644 628 or email
[email protected]
Former devout Muslim Nabeel Qureshi relates his dramatic journey from Islam to
Christianity. He provides a compassionate yet powerful apologetic for Christianity,
highlighting its emphasis on relationships and love. Engaging and thoughtprovoking, he tells a powerful story of the clash between Islam & Christianity
in one man’s heart – and of the peace he eventually found in Jesus.
Today—Congregational Meeting
Our annual reports meeting will be held this morning between the services. Please
stay and participate. Besides the usual reports, 4 proposals from the school and
church council will be voted on.
TODAY – Lutheran Men’s Group Meeting
The Lutheran Men of Victoria will be holding a meeting at 2pm today in the Education
Centre. All Lutheran men in the Wimmera region are invited to this meeting, so that
we can commence a “Lutheran Men’s Group” in Horsham.
2015 Yearbooks Available
These helpful annual publications list LCA congregations, parishes, pastors,
departments etc. Get one from the church office or Jacob’s Well for $20 each.
Can you help with BRIDGES at HTLS?
This literacy program pairs a student who needs help in reading, in
the early years, with a volunteer Literacy Assistant. The lessons are
30 minutes and held 3-5 times per week. The program is flexible,
lasting from 3-10 weeks. Everything you need is provided. If you
have queries, are interested, or feel that you could assist, even in a
part-time capacity, please contact the school. We know the rewards
from this program will be long-term for each child involved and for you as an
Assistant. Contact Carol McDonald, (Bridges Coordinator) phone 5382 2529.
Employment opportunity - LLL
The Lutheran Laypeople’s League (LLL) is seeking a full-time Risk & Compliance
Manager. Refer to the notice board for information. Applications close 27 February.
Weekly Offering Report
Lutheran Women’s Magazine
Please pick up your copy from the table in the hall.
Part – Time (15 Hours) Office Position at Holy Trinity
Applications are sought for a part-time postion in the Church Office for 15 hours per
week. Job Desciption available at Church Office. For futher information pleae contact
Pastor(s) Gus, Jonathan or Steve Cramer (5382 6327). Applications close 20 February.
Articles for The Trinity View
Your contributions for this quarterly Newssheet are welcome. Please have them in the
church office by tomorrow, 16 February. Digital copies are preferred. You may email
them to [email protected] if you wish.
Lenten Services 2015
Come along each Wednesday evening at 7.30pm beginning on Ash Wednesday,
18 February, to help you with your Lenten walk to the cross and Easter. Services will
focus on Praying with Jesus. Holy Communion will be held at each service.
Christian Emergency Food Centre Fundraiser
The Food Centre will be holding a Sausage sizzle at Bunnings Hardware on Saturday
February 28th from 9am – 4pm. Drinks will also be available for sale. Please come
along and purchase a sausage or drink or just give a donation.
World Day of Prayer
This annual event will be held at 10.30am on Friday 6 March at the Anglican Church.
You are all welcome to join in this ecumenical time of prayer. The service for this year
is written by the Bahamas WDP Committee.
Lutheran Men of Victoria 2015 Retreat
This will be held at Tandara Lutheran Camp from 20 to 22 March. Study leader is
Pastor Harry Ludwig leading studies on the topics “Vocation and Station” and “Where
love comes to life”. Guest speaker for Saturday night is Pastor Mathew Anker (African
Ministry). Full camp fees for the 3 days are $100. Registration by 6 March 2015.
Registration forms are available from the table in the hall or the church office. Keep
this event in your prayers.
Food Bank
Lutheran school
$ 38,750
$ 46,500
$ 34,292
$ 7,925
$ 42,217
$ 200.00
$ 136.55
Coach to LWV Convention Wodonga 2nd May 2015
Convention venue - Victory Lutheran School.
4 days - leave Thurs 30th April, return Sun 3rd May.
COST $100 per person Numbers needed by February 28th
Contact Wendy Habel; 5560 8524 evenings or email [email protected]
Congratulations – Bernard Gross
on the Australian Day honour of receiving the Medal of Order of Australia for long
standing service to community and the church in so many ways. The loyal support of
Audrey no doubt enables you to pursue these passions. We thank God for your
continuating example to us and the wider community.
Monday, 23 February
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