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Arrest Report - Christina Ho

Report to the Community
A tradition of innovation and possibilities
in Edina Public Schools.
The Edina Education Fund supports valuable
education experiences and innovative projects in
the Edina Public Schools by directing, focusing,
and implementing fundraising programs.
"Edina Public Schools is developing and implementing programs and services that will ensure all
of our learners will thrive in our rapidly changing, culturally diverse, global society. Critical to this
success story is our continued partnership with the Edina Ed Fund. This foundation’s financial support
creates a culture of innovation for our staff and students. Just as importantly, it brings energy, hope
and creativity to our drive for creating The Next Generation of Edina Public Schools. Their funding
support is critical to our educational future."
- Ric Dressen, Ed.D., Superintendent
Thank you for your support of
innovation in Edina Public Schools.
Your generous support has made possible:
District wide grants that allow our school system to develop deep roots in advancing education
Innovation grants that plant the seeds of creativity and inspiration
Unlimited opportunity for learning in Edina Public Schools
Our community is strengthened because of you and the difference your support makes in areas of core
curriculum: writing, personal behavior finance, science, technology and math. Teachers and students
are benefiting from the extraordinary opportunities that your commitment provides.
We invite you to open this and read more about what you have made possible. This is an exciting
time for the future of our schools. Join us in continuing the tradition of innovation and possibilities for
all students in Edina Public Schools.
Thank you for your ongoing support.
Karen Nelson
Edina Education Fund
Executive Director
Amy Haben
Board of Directors
Michelle Lohrding
Board of Directors
Edina Education Fund Board of Directors and Staff: Back Row - Sue Carlson, Lisa Dooley, Tom Ruppert,
Gretchen Johns, Mark Otness, David Flynn; Middle Row - Liz Burger, Sarah Clark, Val Stidman, Regina Neville; Seated
- Karen Nelson, Amy Haben, Amy Blackmore, Lisa White, Michelle Lohrding; Not pictured - Dr. Ric Dressen, Dawn
Rofidal, Sarah Knapp, Anna Tsakakis
High School Writer's Block
The Writer’s Block grant has allowed students to creatively funnel their talents to help even
more students with their writing. Two of the writing coaches developed an online Writer’s
Block to connect with students after hours. The Writer’s
Block has moved outside the school walls. The support
kids receive from the Writer's Block is invaluable, with
Innovation is happening
over 600 conferences held last year. now, and it's student driven.
South View Writing Center
- Martha Cosgrove, Advisor, EHS Writer's Block
South View Writing Center has created a new
and exciting literary magazine, Inklings. This new
publication gives students the opportunity to
creatively showcase their poems, personal essays
and short stories. The Writing Center is heavily used by language arts classes and over 500
students have had conferences before and after school. This resource provides students with
the tools they need to perfect writing skills and gain confidence with the help of their peers.
Project Lead the Way
This fall, Green Architecture, a semester elective course, was added to the curriculum,
introducing students to architectural plans, construction styles, alternative materials,
environmentally sensitive building options and sustainability. Project Lead the Way is an
integrated study of science, technology, engineering and math which also includes Principles
of Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Digital Electronics. In the 2012-13 school year, 244
Edina students taking these courses earned three college credits through the University of
Personal Behavior Finance
Today’s students face a complex economic landscape
as they enter adulthood. A group of Edina High School
alumni made a very generous donation to enhance the
curriculum in personal financial literacy. Laying the
groundwork for financial independence, the Personal
Finance semester course offered at the high school
includes learning how to manage money, the value
of credit, budgeting, investments, and understanding
college costs.
This class has taught me
real world topics and
effective skills that I will
use every day.
- Bobby Martin, Senior
Ideas Fest
Ideas Fest allowed EPS staff to showcase work they are doing to modernize learning and to
inspire other teachers to replicate these great ideas. The workshop included 30 sessions in
which teachers shared their project ideas and discussed how they implemented them in ways
that advance the digital-age learner. Ecademy
Ecademy. Defining Excellence. Anytime. Anywhere.
This online teaching tool created by Edina teachers about Edina curriculum gives students
24/7 access to material that can be watched as many times as necessary to master the
material. Instructional videos include topics such as lattice multiplication, partial products
multiplication, creating a prezi, and addition timed test strategies. The Ecademy also provides
teachers more flexibility and time for personalized interactions in the classroom.
In addition to district wide initiatives, the Edina Education Fund
orchestrates an annual, competitive application process for Innovation
Grants that allow teachers to pilot student engagement strategies. With
proven success, these approaches can lead to broader funding support
throughout the district.
Polar Active Monitors
I like that it tells me
how much I have been
exercising and that I am
keeping my body right
and all that good stuff.
- Lauren, Grade 5
This exciting grant provided 30 activity watches
to students at Highlands. The PE teachers monitored
each class of students for three weeks. The students
wore the watches 24/7 and were encouraged to
reach a peak activity level of at least 120 minutes
per day. The students were eager to connect their
physical activity to a tangible result. The experiment
heightened their awareness of their body activity
and allowed them to identify how moving their body
effects how they feel and why exercise matters.
Our Growing Community
The Growing Community grant provided a two-day training session for 25 EPS teachers to
learn about curriculum and strategies to teach meaningful experiential learning in science,
math, language arts and nutrition. Gardens have resulted at several schools and last summer
contributions from these gardens were made to local food shelves. 6
Edina High School Media
Learning has changed and the High School Media
Center has made the transition. Your donations have
allowed for this new space to become a focal point
of learning and sharing where students gather to
study and to participate in collaborative education. The revitalized space fits everyone’s needs - from a
quiet study space to the node chairs area where the
furniture is comfortable and moveable for larger
group study. By making our school
library a resource center,
technology center and a
collaboration center, we
are creating the best thing
of all... a learning center.
- Sara Swenson, EHS Media Specialist
21st Century Orienteering: A Hands-On
Approach to Latitude and Longtitude
As part of their geography unit, 4th grade students at Creek Valley learn the geospatial
concepts of latitude and longitude by navigating themselves through a geocaching-style,
scavenger hunt laid out on the school grounds. Student friendly, handheld GPS type devices
equip the students to find specific locations using only latitude and longitude coordinates. For a complete list of 2013 Innovation Grants, please visit
How you supported our schools in 2012/2013.
Our generous community of donors allows us to support all levels of learning in Edina Public
Schools. The graph highlights funding distribution for the 2012-13 school year.
Innovation Grants includes funding for
16 grants to support teaching and learning
in new ways reaching all levels of Pre-K through high school.
Scholarships includes funds directed to 55 scholarships to high school seniors to
assist in their post secondary education.
Training and
Support includes the following: EHS Writing Center, SVMS Writing Center,
Project Lead the Way, Cornelia Summer Reading/Math Project, Ideas Fest, Personal Behavior Finance,
VVMS Math Center and Edina Give & Go.
Directed Donations includes
the following: Debate, Latin Club,
Orchestra, Band and Theater Boosters, Special Education, Art Adventures, Robotics,
Model UN Team, Current Jam.
Thank you to our 910 generous donors, including 251 new donors, for raising $505,000 this year.
Thank you for Keeping
Innovation and Possibility
We can't do it without you. Your annual donation to the Edina Education Fund
makes an immediate impact. Please join us. Your contributions are critical to our
success, and may be made in a variety of ways:
Make checks payable and mail to:
Edina Education Fund
5701 Normandale Road
Edina, MN 55424
You may honor a teacher, student, other
special person or graduating class. Gifts
may also be made in memory of a loved
You may make a secure gift online by
visiting our website at
The Edina Education Fund’s Donor Walk
is located at Fick Plaza at Edina High
School. Pavers are available and make a
great tribute to a special person.
Your contribution may qualify for
a corporate match, please consider
checking for eligibility.
Your donation can be made through a
planned gift through your estate or will.
The Edina Education Fund is largely
supported by the efforts of parent and
community volunteers. Please consider
joining us, contact us at 952-848-4222
or for further
information and opportunities.
Contributions are fully tax-deductible. The Edina Education Fund is organized and operated under IRS code
501(c)(3). If a requested restriction becomes unnecessary or incapable of fulfillment, the Edina Education Fund
has the right to modify the restriction.
2012/2013 Support from Generous Donors
Our community of committed and generous individuals and organizations make it possible
for us to support Edina Public Schools. The following list represents donations received from
7/1/2012 to 6/30/2013.
Jeff and Mary Werbalowsky
Grand Honors
Yuval and Idith Almog
Don Dickinson and Rebecca Wallin
Peter and Kari Espinosa
George Maas
David and Kathleen MacLennan
Distinguished Honors
Judd Arnold
Norm and Conni Bjornnes
Castle Foundation Inc.
Peter and Lisa Dahl
Jeff and Kelly Drobny
Engelsma Family Foundation
David and Mary Jo Franske
Alex Johnston
Tony and Meg Rodriguez
David and Hilary Santoni
Doug and Molly Van Metre
High Honors ($2,500-4,999)
Edina Morningside Rotary Club
Jon and Nikki Edwards
Paul and Mary Jo Ekman
Sharyl Hansen
Diane Herman
Andy and Michele Herring
Jay and Betsy Hiniker
Lindsay and Sarah Knapp
Kopp Family Foundation
Patti Marinovich
David and Janet Marple
Jerry and Lisa O’Brien
Mark Otness and Karin Wentz
Rotary Club of Edina
Mark and Ann Schulze
Andy Slothower and Molly Rice
Alex and Amy Ware
Dan and Carol Wolfe
Honor Roll ($1,500-2,499)
Steve and Annie Bishop
Terry and Sarah Clark
Jon and Roberta Farris
Greg and Kathleen Good
Rob and Sheri Guimont
Ben and Andrea Knoll
Guy and Suzanne Logan
Greg Loxtercamp and Stephanie Zahrbock
Mike Radenbaugh and Karen Hazel
Tom Rock and Melissa Raphan
Terry and Marilee Stevens
Frank and Christine Wheeler
Mitch and Erin Zamoff
Team Leader ($1,000-1,499)
Charles and Janet Allinson
Dario and Jeanne Anselmo
Jim and Margo Bauck
Charlie Blomme and Deb Schlichting
Tony and Liz Burger
Jonathan and Annie Cleveland
Steve and Kristi Colby
Jeff and Mary Collier
Ted and Karen Contag
Dave and Jodi Dent
Doug and Willie Eden
Edina Public Schools
John Ellingboe and Cathy Cella
Brett and Heather Fenske
Jon and Jody Foust
Jon and Melissa Freeland
Howard and Judy Fulk
Richard Giertsen
Tom and Adeena Gratzer
John and Amy Haben
Dave and Michelle Horan
Neil and Jill Johnson
Paul and Cindy Karos
Michael and Pam LeVoir
Terry Lewis
Ken and Cathy Liebman
Tom and Lorene Magne
Brent and Sheri Malcom
David McGoff
Tim and Kristi Nasby
Kevin and Karen Nelson
Pat and Anne Marie Olk
Charles and Elizabeth Opp
Rob and Amy Parish
Tom and Christine Ruppert
Jennifer Schaidler
Joe and Lynn Schmitt
Nick and Lisa Solinger
Steve and Sue Stenbeck
Christian and Leslie Vaillancourt
Doug and Pat Vayda
John and Carrie Wanninger
Jim and Lisa White
Merit Scholar ($500-999)
Paul and Sue Arneson
James and Regina Aufderheide
Matthew and Jeanette Augustson
Richard and Sara Ausman
Brad and Susie Baker
John and Barb Bloom
Bob and Kim Boisvert
Todd and Susan Bordson
David and Joan Bowlin
Stephen and Rebecca Briggs
Darrell and Mary Ellen Cash
Bruce and Ann Christensen
Steve and Kristen Christianson
Keith and Amy Collins
Ric and Kerry Dressen
Daniel and Cheryl Dulas
Arthur and Janet Erdall
Jim and Molly Evans
Tom Fabbro and Marcy Keckler
Chris Finberg and Cynthia Hipwell
Tim and Kelly Flaherty
Shaun and Cami Flanagan
John and Sharon Fleming
Scott and Joann Fleming
Tom and Else Foyer
Brenda Francis
James Funk
Scott and Jolynn Gamble
Peter and Laura Gideon
Tom and Sheila Guzik
Gary Hager and Amy Blackmore
Jafar and Afira Hasan
David and Kris Henderson
Jeff and Shannon Horsager
Robert and Kirsten Jacob
Troy and Sara Jefferson
Brian and Kirsten Kemp
Steve and Ellen Klos
Gaylen and Maggie Knack
Michael Launer and Lesli Hines
Lance Leupold and Cheryl Gunness
Tim and Jennifer Livingston
Brad and Michelle Lohrding
Ryan and Heather Lund
David and Julie Madison
Tim and Kim McGuire
Bob McKlveen and Ellen Jones
Steve and Kim Melin
Randy Meyer and Jennifer Janovy
Charles and Carol Miller
John and Maggie Miller
Richard Moore and Sara Anderson
Paul and Jean Mooty
Michael and Wendy Muilenburg
Rob and Amy Murphy
Tom and Regina Neville
Peter and Laurie Nordquist
Devan and Suchita Padmanabhan
Tom and Betsy Pfeifer
Navid Pouladian-Kari and Luci Locsin
Peter Purdy
Dan and Lynne Rectenwald
Paul and Lisa Remus
Jay and Barb Rothmeier
James and Laura Rubin
Jeff and Julie Ryan
Scott and Tracy Schaefer
Tom and Abby Schauerman
Phil and Kellie Schechinger
Clayton and Tami Schwerin
Greg Smith and Jane Farrell
Kevin and Pam Smith
Chris and Val Stidman
Lowell and Deb Stortz
Joseph and Vivien Talghader
Todd and Jayne Tuttle
Mathias and Kelli von Heydekampf
Gary and Susan Wahman
John Wald and Marianne Remedios
Dick and Sue Ward
Rob and Terri Webb
Andrew Weiss and Amy Kaiser
Mike and Stacie Weiss
David and Kris Wetmore
Keith and Carrie White
Harold Wilson
Steve and Kathy Woodley
Gordon and Shelly Wright
Paul and Yea-huey Wu
Principal's List ($250-499)
Donna Alt
John Alt
Scott and Sara Aubitz
Todd and Cindy Awes
Andy and Kim Behm
Michael and Ellen Bendel-Stenzel
Dan and Mary Berntson
John and Cindy Beuerlein
William Bieber and Helen Meyer
Kevin and Trina Bloemendaal
Craig and Andrea Brandt
George and Marsha Buchok
Greg and Lisa Buck
Brian and Suzette Burley
James and Sharon Burns
David Burrows and Maria Rodriguez
Joe and Mary Buska
Jonathan and Christine Calkwood
Ralph and Katy Campbell
Show & Tell Luncheon
Jim and Teresa Caspar
Duane and Julie Cologne
Mark and Cindy Condiff
Eric Cooperstein and Katie Oberle
Mark and Karri Copman
John and Bonnie Crouch
Spencer and Monika Deinard
Jim and Liz Denn
Mike and Susan DeVoe
Jeff and Jennifer Dewing
Timothy and Kim Dirr
Jeff and Gretchen Doom
Ken and Mari Dragseth
Jeff and Deborah Eckland
Christopher Elliott and Lynne Stanley
Kurt and Sarah Erickson
David and Laurie Fleming
Craig Flom and Susan Bowman
David and Marti Foley
John Francis
Mark and Marnie Gaasedelen
Andrew and Lisa Gardner
Barb Gavin
Richard and Linda George
Steven and Barbara Gilmore
John and Paula Glieden
Jay and Sherri Gould
Paul and Margot Grangaard
Jeff Groffsky and Natalie Wu
Eric and Lyn Gustafson
Rick and Amy Gustafson
Stephen Hage and Lara Trujillo
Brent and Sarah Hall
Jon and Alyssa Hammar
Mark and Elizabeth Haugen
Michael and Johnna Hobbs
Jim and LaRae Hovland
Brian and Laura Ip
Lisa Irvin
Demos Iskos and Amy Durtschi
Gary and Linda Johansen
Brad and Peggy Johnson
Ann Johnston
Tom and Lolene Jones
John and Heidi Kapacinskas
Rick and Cari Kapsner
John and Kristen Karpinsky
Scott and Mary Kelley
Charles and Wendy Kessler
Jeff and Beth Kimball
Bob Klefsaas
Tom Knickelbine and Heidi Chen
Mark and Becky Kuck
David and Leslie Lagerstrom
Craig and Ann Lagorio
Gary and Roisin Laskin
David and Sue Lee
Jeff and Stacey Lovell
Jim and Lynda Mader
Jim and Debra Markert
Rich and Renee May
Bruce McCarthy and Susan Lee
Bill and Maryan McDonald
Lee and Bonnie McGrath
Michael and Jennifer McLenighan
Dick and Debby McNeil
Clay and Lisa Miller
Tim and Kim Montgomery
Bruce and Tracy Mooty
M. A. and Alice Mortenson
James Myers and Jeanne Moynihan Myers
Leigh Myers-Higgins
Kirk and Heather Nielsen
Kurt and Laura Nisi
Doug and Nora O’Leary
Byron and Laura Olson
Dan and Linda Olson
John and Nancy O’Shea
Our Lady of Grace
David and Kristine Overman
Bryan and Cheryl Peterson
Joe and Mary Plese
Mike and Lori Post
Don and Peggy Qually
Gail Reinke
Scott and Kirsten Rewey
Steve and Jennifer Rewey
JD and Kelly Rickard
Paige Rickert
Jeffrey and Mary Jo Sanderson
Terry and Kathy Sandven
Tony and Ann Satterthwaite
Dale and Cindy Sattler
Margaret Scheirman
Marcia Schug
Scott and Martha Schultz
Craig and Jill Schweiger
Anne Shaeffer
Tim and Mary Shannahan
Robert Shapiro
Robert Shawki
Joel Shoemaker and Marie Kim
Bill Sierks and Mamie Segall
Peter and Serene Simon
Jeff and Linda Sjolander
Peter and Nicole Slattery
Michael and Kendra Smalley
Jeff and Robin Smith
John and Kathy Sommerville
Mark and Rebecca Sorensen
John Sorteberg and Christina Kennedy
Mike and Shelly Stanchfield
Judd and Christina Stattine
Kevin Staunton and Maria Christu
Jay Stracke and Michelle LeGros
Mark and Kathryn Tesija
Chris Tower
Paul and Kristen Vietzen
Bob and Amy Vose
Rodney and Nicki Vucenich
William and Emily Wagner
David and Jane Walsh
Philip and Linda Wandrei
Andrew Winton and Judi Lamble
Erik and Ann Wordelman
John and Rosalind Wright
Teacher's List ($100-249)
Matt and Jody Aafedt
David and Mary Albitz
Tom and Erica Allenburg
Gumer and Amy Alvero
Bernice Amacher
Ken and Ann Anderson
Paul and Julie Anderson
Christ and Dena Angelos
Paul and Donna Arbisi
Steve and Deb Armstrong
Scott Bade and Andrea Flom
Bill Baker
Doug and Julie Baker
Dave and Sarah Balestri
Bob and Kris Barrie
Jill Barthelemy
Ron Batey and Cara Fox
Ed and Patty Beadle
Patrick and Heather Bennett
Marilyn Benson
John and Joanne Bentley
Rick and Karen Bergman
Tom and Catherine Beringer
Eric and Joan Bjelland
Geoff and Sandy Bodeau
Bruce and Amy Bodine
Ted and Meg Boehne
Jan Borene
Jeff and Kari Bowers
David Breeden
Ralph and Mary Brindle
Mark and Megan Brinkman
John and Gwen Budd
Steve Buettner
Allene Burns
Brad and Caroline Carlin
Dick and Marcia Carthaus
Rusty and Mary Kay Caschetta
Mary Casey
Jay and Betsy Cavanagh
Paul and Stephanie Cavanor
Larry and Melody Chestler
Arlene Clapp
Richard and Cathy Clarke
Kathleen Clifford
Ted and Jackie Colwell
Daniel Condon
Robert Conley
Joseph and Tara Corbett
Barry and Patty Crater
Barbara Curry
Darwin and Margaret Dahl
Carrie Decker
David and Meredith Deeds
Daniel and Christina Delianedis
Steve and Pamela Diedrich
Nevin Dikel and Michele Gatien
Steve and Terry Dondlinger
Will Durfee and Devorah Goldstein
East Metro Integration District 6067
John and Elizabeth Ellenberger
Matthew Engelkes
John and Sue Engen
Charlie and Colleen Feige
Charlie and Jenny Flinn
Andrew Flood and Kristen Kopski
Brian and Jacqueline Fogelberg
Murray Frank and Dorothy Wong
Bob and Anne Gaskill
Peter Geier
Michael and Beth Gibbs
Peter and Eleni Glerum
Dan Goldblatt and Kris Paul
Marvin and Harriet Goldstein
Rusty and Greta Golfis
Chris and Amy Gould
Ed and Laurie Greeno
Pankaj and Kalpna Gupta
San and Janet Ha
Steve and Jennifer Halgren
Lincoln and Cherie Handberg-Davis
Ron and Janis Hardie
Rick and Sarah Hardy
Jeff and Rebecca Harkman
Scott and Eileen Harness
John and Mary Ann Harris
Stuart and Mary Harvey
Chris and Char Haschka
Erik and Leah Hendrikson
Todd and Anne Hinrichs
Stephen Hirsch and Mai Hauger
Tom and Jasmine Hoedeman
Joe Hognander
Doug and Kathleen Hokemeir-Seim
David and Karen Hoops
Tom and Libby Horner
Brian and Paula Hughes
Brad and Laura Hunt
Michael and Collette Hunt
Kurt and Lisa Illig
Michael Jensen and Lisa Billingham
Mark and Peggy Jessen
Bill and Margaret Joas
Ken and Gretchen Johns
Tommy and Julie Johns
Brad and Laura Johnson
Golf & Tennis Classic
Bruce and Barb Johnson
Dale and Janet Johnson
Doug and Karen Johnson
Jeff and Sydney Johnson
Kurt and Dawn Kalland
Vivek and Maire Katyal
Calvin and Mary Kirchhof
Donald and Nancy Kizershot
Alan and Ann Koehler
Kathryn Koessel
Marcia Koester
Jeff and Anne Kraft
Jeff Krause
Bob Kruempelstaedter
Tim and Annette Kuck
Tim and Mary Kuehl
Jay and Jane Larson
Scott and Jean Lastine
Tom and Denise Latanision
Kevin Lawless and April Egan
Andrew and Rebecca Leddick
Jason Lee
Greg Lehman and Dawn Martin
Joseph and Ellen Levy
Michael and Melissa Levy
Dan and Lauren Lieber
Skip and Michelle Liepke
Yong Lu and Xiaohong Qiu
Peter and Barrie Lund
Richard and Susan Lussky
Terry and Debra Lynner
Colin and Deborah MacKay
Mike Manhard and Danielle Niska
Jed Marquisee and Karen Jaffee
Donald McCarthy
John and Elizabeth McClure
Mike and Donna McCormick
Kevin and Anne McCoy
Robert McCoy
Kerry and Nora McGrain
Greg and Sara McGrane
Chas and Fei McKhann
Matthew and Sara McLenighan
Robert and Susanna McMaster
Lori McNelis Savre
Brian Mei and Jin Wenzhong
Edwin and Margaret Melichar
Bill and Jane Meller
Robert Menello
Vince Menello
Jack and Lori Mertes
Jeff and Barbara Meyer
Rich and Annie Meyer
Peter and Christine Moe
Marcus and Kris Mollison
Christopher and Sarah Morris
Tom and Shana Murray
Scott and Dianne Neal
Mike and Gisselle Niles
Jeffrey and Erica Nowak
Chris and Annie O’Brien
Mark and Becky Odland
Nick and Jody Olsen
Geoffrey and Jackie Olson
Matt and Amy Olson
Bill and Liz Otteson
Beverly Ottum
Tom and Julie Owen
Mel Padden
Greg and Christine Paulson
Tony Pellegrin and Amanda Williams
Hai Peng
Todd and Fern Peterson
Scott and Nancy Phinney
James Pinckaers and Nancy Ott-Pinckaers
Tim and Lori Porth
Abhishek Pradhan
Mukund and Smita Prajapati
Sam and Krin Reid
Camilla Reiersgord
Jon and Delores Roeder
Chris and Dawn Rofidal
Jake and Donna Romanow
Adam Ronan
Johan Rosenberg and Stacey Thiele
Andy and Sonja Roy
Rick and Katie Sansted
Mark and Margery Sborov
Carol Schetman
Todd and Andrea Schieffert
Jeff and Nancy Schoenwetter
Brian and Lauren Schuster
Mark and Mary Schwartz
Tim and Melissa Seeley
Laurie Shimizu
Richard and Libby Siegel
Tim Sielaff and Paula Sell
Jess Siemers
Alison Sipkins
Bruce Smith and Gail Beske
Phil and Schele Smith
Robert Sola
Jeff and Lindsay Sorem
Michael Spencer and Laurie Wilson Spencer
Brigid Spicola
Josh and Kelly Sprague
Mark and Trudie Sprenkle
Rosemary Stalter
Mike and Lisa Stanley
Randy and Judy Stark
Jeff and Julie Steele
James and Carla Steffen
Bob and Sheilah Stewart
Scot Sticha and Kari Dahlquist
Rick and Megan Stone
Robert and Judith Straub
Steve and Jodi Swaim
Matt and Heidi Swinney
Matt and Andee Sznewajs
Dean and Stacy Tangren
Scott and Katey Taylor
Mark and Susan Teien
Dave and Ginger Terwilliger
The Church of St. Therese of Deephaven
Steve and Lynn Timmer
David Truckenmiller and Lois Kapteina
Gordon and Amy Tuchenhagen
Lorenzo Tunesi and Vaughn Asselstine
Louis and Barb Turner
Duke and Lisa Uihlein
Constance Ungerman
Marc and Lisa Ungerman
Karin Van den Dool
Tim and Kathleen Velner
Gage and Lisa Walker
Mark and Beth Waterloo
Scott and Marty Weicht
Richard and Laine Weinberg
Alan and Betsy Weiner
Bob and Mary Werner
Dean and Beth Williamson
Todd and Jaime Wind
George and Cindy Wood
Dennis and Suzanne Woolner
Kebiao Yuan and Grace Li
Supporters ($50-99)
Gina Abbott
Langdon and Pamela Alger
Audrey Allopenna
Cindy Anderson
Brian and Andrea Balow
Daniel and Julie Baron
Allen and Elizabeth Bellas
Patrick and Joni Bennett
Neal and Mia Blanchett
Lisa Bock
Irving and Sherrill Borkon
Jon and Sarah Buckley
Joe and Carol Burke
Reid and Valerie Burke
Caroline Cerf
Chris and Angie Chaffee
Deborah Charan
John and Maggie Conway
Patricia Corcoran
Martha Cosgrove
Steve and Margaret Davidson
Laura Davis
Craig and Gloria Deberg
Alfonso and Jennifer Doval
Edward and Ellen Dryden
Julie Eichenseer
Jon and Michele Eisele
Stephen Engel
Jean Erdall
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Gary Findell
Michael and Laurie Fischer
Robert and Stephanie Fritz
Sherron Gaughan
Sara Gauquie
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Nils and Pamela Gokemeijer
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Rudolph Marti
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Bruce McLellan and Susan Chandler
Michael and Ann Meagher
Steven and Lucy Minn
Mitchell and Bethany Mohs
Jim and Liz Norris
Kent Ochs
Shawn and Elena O’Donnell
Susan Olson
Chris and Laura Pardo
Paul and Sarah Patzloff
Mary Pitlik
Michael and Stephanie Platteter
John and Kristen Powell
Doug and Abigail Power
Stephen Powless and Maren Elze
Homecoming Parade
Kevin and Colleen Raasch
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Julie Rogers Bascom
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Shelby and Teresa Solomon
Steve and Deb Spellman
Tom and Judith Spitale
Tim Sudeith and Mertyce Mrvos
Tom and Julie Swenson
Bob and Pat Sykes
Todd and Kim Thorsen
Nicole Tuescher
Peter and Cheri Ulmen
Demetrik and Angela Urick
Paul and Kim Vander Vort
Brad and Julie Vanhove
Sujit and Asha Varma
Steve and Gina Vogt
Ryan Watkins
Tim and Stephanie Werner
Keith and Julia Woodward
Linda Wray
Bret and Emily Yonke
Tim and Tracey Zavadil
Matthew and Elizabeth Zung
Donors (Up to $49)
Daniel and Betty Albitz
Tom and Karen Bach
Shelle Baker
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Jennifer Baumgarten
Brad and Catherine Benson
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Molly Blackmore
Stephen and Julie Boman
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Jon and Kristin Engman
Jay and Nancy Erickson
Dave and Sally Euson
Rebecca Flemming
Mary Franze
Patrick and Tara Frimat
Anirodha and Sujata Gholkar
Mark Gitch
Jonathan Gross
Justin Haley
Koren Hawk
Michael Hayes
Karen Heine
Paul and Christina Herold
George Hess and Sue Punch
Ed and Cathy Hogan
William and Cheryl Hogle
Phillip Holm and Kathleen Mulrooney
Doug and Susan Hopfner
Dean and Judie Hoppe
Helen Ihrig
Gwen Jackson
John and Karen Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Philip and Marian Johnson
Doug and Sarah Jones
Jason Kalgreen and Carrie Ellis
Mark and Amy Keating
Ashish and Beverly Kumar
Mary Lenker
Grant and Amee LiaBraaten
Nathaniel Lindley
Jessica Link
Tim and Sheila Mahoney
Paul and Allison Manley
Chris and Natalie Martin
Eugene and Ann Mason
Sarah Matson
Danyel Mattson
Craig McKenney and Krista Maddock
Michael and Ann Meagher
Mike and Sharyn Meagher
Michael and Jennifer Mings
Aly Mulgrew
John and Stephanie Mullaney
Mark and Jill Murray
Hien and Win Nguyen
Dan and Sarah Oehlerts
Brent Olson
Leigh Orwig
Karl and Kim Poncius
John and Stephanie Potter
Jamie Powers
Jason and Mari-Pat Pusey
Mary Pyle-Smith
Jana Ramlet
Jennifer Rauen
Scott and Andria Redpath
David Reyes and Tina Sabby
Brian and Brenda Riner
Peyton and Susan Robb
Anne Robbins
Frank and Jill Roffers
Douglas and Nina Rose
Beth Russell
Katie Russell
Matthew and Kara Russo
Patrick and Rebecca Ryan
Steven Santee and Betty Kinsey
Brett Schoech
Don and Jennifer Schroeder
Paul and Diane Schroeder
Gary and Carrie Setterberg
Patrick and Sheila Shane
David and Mary Jane Shaw
Jason Sheeley and Rachel Christian
John and Shannon Sieve
Orville and Lillian Skordahl
Lonni Skrentner
Carl and Lisa Sledgister
Robert and Vivian Stoltz
Robert and Jennifer Stumm
Marc and Connie Swackhamer
Michael and Marsella Swanson
Diane Swenson
Catherine Thompson
Dave and Michelle Thompson
Craig and Cara Thrane
Tom and Debbie Uhlemann
Jennifer Vanden Burgt
Tim and Lynn Vernon
Trista Virtue
Jon and Tina Wagner
Jack and Ware Washam
Doug and Erica Wattson
William and Cathryn Weller
Kirsti Wenner
Heather Whitesell
Jeff and Julie Worthy
Colleen Ziebol
In Honor Of
Yasmeen Almog
Elizabeth Barniskis
Jeanne Brown
Aaron Bucko
Jennifer Carter
Tom Connell
Dean Dahl
Patrick Dorsey
Clara Dow
Willy Duggan
EHS Class of 2013
Vivi Engen
Geneva Fitzsimonds
Steven Freese
Erica Gardner
Peter Grimm
Christine Harvey
David Henderson
Peter Hodne
Peter Hokemeir-Seim
John and Mary Jane Houlihan
Janet Jans
Craig W. Johnson
Erik G. Johnson
Peter Knoll
Niki Koranda
Mitch Larson
Carmine Levoir
Makayla Levy
George Lundgren
Makayla’s Monachs
Danyel Mattson
Nickie McKeever
Luis Millan-Muteos
Beth Mohs
Caroline Moynihan
Susan Nielsen
Betsy Nimmo
Emily Olson
Mark Otness & Karin Wentz
Colleen Raasch
Maureen Robinson
Tony Rodriguez
Beth Russell
Sean Satterthwaite
Maggie Stang
Doris Sternberg
Katie Sweeney
Paula Thomasgard
Hornet Hustle Fun(d) Run
Lynn Timmer
Amy Tuchenhagen
Liza Ware
Dana Weiland
Charles Weise
Katie Whittlef
In Memory Of
Jo Dressen
Paul Farris
Dr. Louis C. Lick
Rosemary McGuire
Robert J. McKenna
Molly Naugle
Rod Schmidt
Ronald Seaver
Richard Smith
Dick Sommers
Paul Tursi
Matching Gifts
Ameriprise Financial
Chubb & Son Inc.
Coca-Cola Foundation
The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
Flow International Corporation
General Mills Foundation
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.
Medtronic Foundation
The Minneapolis Foundation
New York Life Foundation
Nuveen Investments
Piper Jaffray
Sico America Inc.
Thomson Reuters
UnitedHealth Group
Wells Fargo Foundation
Corporate Contributions
44th Street Dental, P.A.
All Star Financial, Inc.
Bernatello’s Pizza, Inc.
Builders by Design
Concord, Inc.
Corporate Health Systems, Inc.
Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC
CRAVE - Galleria
Crown Bank
Dentistry For Children & Adolescents
Doran Construction, Inc.
DuLac Dental Ltd
Edina Orthodontic, Centennial Lakes
Engineering Unlimited, Inc.
Fairview Southdale Hospital
Family Orthodontics P.A.
Faribault Woolen Mills Company
Giertsen Company
Great Clips
Great Neighborhood Homes, Inc.
Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC
JMS Custom Homes, LLC
John T. Wanninger-Lakes Sotheby’s International Realty
Kane Companies, Inc.
Kim Melin - Edina Realty
Kristen Christianson-Real Estate Simplified, Keller Williams Realty
Lindquist & Vennum PLLP
Logan Consulting
Mitutoyo America Corporation
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Pearson Orthodontics
Precision Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Prestwick Partners, LLC
Productivity Quality Inc.
Replacement Housing Services Consortium, LLC
Republic Services, Inc.
Robert W. Baird and Company
Sebesta Blomberg & Associates, Inc.
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
Sodexo, Inc.
Suburban Radiologic Consultants
The Araz Group/Health EZ
The Wooddale Team at American Mortgage & Equity Consultants
Tradition Capital Bank
Tradition Mortgage
Twin Cities Orthopedics, P.A.
U.S. Bank - Private Client Reserve
Walser Foundation
Wells Fargo, The Private Bank
Whole Foods Market
Wold Architects and Engineers
Organization Contributions
Concord Elementary PTO
Cornelia Elementary PTO
Cornelia Social Club
Countryside Elementary PTO
Creek Valley Elementary PTA
Edina Administrative Council
Edina Professionals
Edina Youth Hockey Association
Education Minnesota Edina
EHS Class of 1962
Highlands Elementary PTO
Minnesota Assoc. of School Business Officials
Normandale Elementary PTO
West Metro Schools Credit Union
In-Kind Donations
Payroll Control Systems
Spyglass Brand Marketing
Golf & Tennis Classic
Sunday, June 1, 2014 and Monday, June 2, 2014
Show & Tell Luncheon
Monday, February 3, 2014
It takes all of us. Throughout the year, the Edina
Education Fund hosts a variety of events to showcase
our work to the wider community and to engage
current and new donors.
5701 Normandale Road
Edina, MN 55424
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