University of Wisconsin Childrens Hospital

University of Wisconsin
Children’s Hospital
Annual report 2006
On the Cover: Three-year-old Rylee of Belleville, Wisconsin, has been treated since spring 2006 by pediatric specialists at
UW Children’s Hospital for non-cancerous cysts in her lungs—a condition known as CCAM. After surgical treatment, she no
longer experiences repeated lung infections; her long term outlook is excellent.
Thank you for giving!
Dear Friends,
There is something about children and hospitals that tugs
at our heartstrings. I think it is simply because we envision
children growing up healthy, going to school, playing with
friends and having fun. When those plans are interrupted
by a hospital visit, we want to do something to make that
hospital experience as pleasant as possible for the child and
the family.
such as
patients David
a story
e to read Wisconsin, is so
of Musco
Arianna cially enjoys.
Berry esp
Each of you has somehow been touched by this desire, as
shown by your generous support for UW Children’s Hospital
during the past year. Whether your gift has gone toward
the construction of our new world-class American Family
Children’s Hospital (which opens this summer) or allowed a
child to enjoy some new books or toys in his or her room,
every dollar helps make a child’s life a little easier and
perhaps happier.
As you take a look at the stories and photographs in our
2006 Annual Report, please know that your past and future
support of our facilities and programs is appreciated more
than you will ever know. UW Children’s Hospital—as I like
to remind people—does not receive a dollar of state or
taxpayer funds. Because of this, your gift makes a pivotal
difference in what we can do to enhance the experience of
our patients and families.
Thank you for the difference you make. We look forward to
growing together and seeing you at our American Family
Children’s Hospital grand opening this summer.
David T. Berry
Vice President, UW Children’s Hospital
Swift action saved his life
Charlie gets a lucky bounce
ne is hard pressed to
imagine how a basketball
game during school recess
could produce a lifethreatening injury, but that is exactly
what happened to Charlie Thole of
Orfordville, Wisconsin.
In May 2006, Charlie, now 12, was
trying to get open for a pass from a
teammate when he was accidentally,
but swiftly elbowed just above his left
ear by a schoolmate.
“He went to the school office and was
very lethargic,” remembers Charlie’s
dad, Aaron Thole. “He had trouble
walking. We don’t have a nurse at our
school, so thankfully I was home when
the school called and we got Charlie
to our family doctor in Brodhead right
Upon examining Charlie, Dr. Kevin
Bluemel, the Tholes’ family physician
at Mercy Brodhead Medical Center,
knew how serious things looked.
“Charlie was very confused,” Dr.
Bluemel recalls. “His pulse was in the
30s and his blood pressure was quite
low. At one point, I had to pull his
Dad aside and say, �He isn’t looking
good right now; get your wife (Sue)
here right away.’”
“This is a great kid. He really
had angels watching over him.”
–Dr. Kevin Bluemel, family physician
While no one knew it at the time,
Charlie had suffered an epidural
hematoma, or life-threatening
bleeding condition between the head
and skull.
Within minutes, a UW Hospital and
Clinics MedFlight crew landed in an
open field across from Dr. Bluemel’s
clinic where Charlie was picked up for
the 25-minute flight to Madison.
Meanwhile, Charlie’s mom and dad
arrived in their car at UW Children’s
Hospital just seconds before Charlie
was rushed into surgery to be
performed by UW Children’s Hospital
Pediatric Neurosurgeon Bermans
(Benny) Iskandar, MD.
About halfway into the two-hour
surgery, Dr. Iskandar emerged with
the six words Charlie’s parents
desperately wanted to hear.
“Charlie is going to be alright,” Dr.
Iskandar assured them. To stop the
bleeding, Dr. Iskandar removed a
small portion of Charlie’s skull.
“This is a condition that is often
rapidly fatal,” says Dr. Iskandar. “If
operated on promptly, however,
a complete recovery with no
neurological deficits is usually
expected, as Charlie has shown us.
It is truly miraculous that Charlie
survived long enough to get to the
While Charlie is under strict orders to
refrain from contact sports until this
May, his doctors expect Charlie to be
fully healed by that time.
“This is a great kid,” Dr. Bluemel says.
“He really had angels watching over
New booster seat law will save
children’s lives
Traumatic injuries are nothing short of heartbreaking, especially
when they are preventable. Accordingly, UW Children’s Hospital
was among a strong coalition of child safety advocates calling for
a new law requiring children up to age 8 (it had been 4) to ride
in a booster seat. After months of hard work, the bill passed the
Wisconsin Legislature and was signed into law in February 2006.
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In Febru isconsin child b
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dren’s H
UW Chil
“I have seen way too many injuries to kids that could have been
avoided,” says Nan Peterson, RN, who also coordinates the
Madison Area Safe Kids Coalition. “This new booster seat law will
prevent more injuries than anything we can do in the hospital.”
Twelve-year-old Charlie Thole of Orfordville, Wisconsin, is happy to be
alive; he eagerly awaits resuming contact sports in spring 2007.
After overcoming a nearly fatal roadblock…
Tyler is a miracle baby
yler Hall of Baraboo,
Wisconsin, is a healthy
and growing toddler. No
one would know it today,
but his life was literally hanging in the
balance for several days.
Born in April 2006 in Sauk City,
Wisconsin and transferred to Madison
four days later, Tyler was ultimately
diagnosed with life-threatening heart
failure resulting from a very rare
genetic disorder that substantially
inhibits the body’s ability to use fat
as a fuel.
“MCAD deficiency is a rare disorder
that is diagnosed in about one in
15,000 children,” says Greg Rice, MD,
a pediatric genetics specialist at the
UW’s Waisman Center. Most babies
diagnosed with MCAD deficiency
present after 2 to 3 months of age
and do not go into crisis before
treatment begins.
“What put Tyler in such great
jeopardy, however,” Rice says, “was
his presentation of MCAD deficiency
just three days after birth. As a result,
the accumulation of un-metabolized
fat was causing his heart to fail. In the
dozen or so cases such as Tyler’s we
know of, most of the infants did not
“To go from almost losing him
to having a healthy baby, we
just see him as a miracle in
our eyes.”
—Heather Hall, Tyler’s Mom
During those first few weeks, it
frequently appeared as if Tyler might
suffer this horrible fate. “We were
talking about funeral arrangements,”
says his mom, Heather. “To go from
almost losing him to having a healthy
baby, we just see him as a miracle in
our eyes.”
Essential to getting Tyler on the
road to recovery at UW was a heartlung bypass machine known as
ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane
“Use of the ECMO circuit allowed
Tyler’s heart and lungs a chance to
heal during a very critical period,” says
Tom Brazelton, MD, medical director
of UW Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric
ECMO Service. “ECMO is essentially a
partial heart-and-lung bypass machine
that allows us to support the vital
functions of the heart and lungs in
dying infants and children.
“Fortunately,” Brazelton says,
“ECMO bought us enough time to
assess Tyler’s condition and get him
stabilized in time for him to make a
recovery. Once we confirmed that he
was suffering from MCAD deficiency,
we were able to give him the nutrition
he needed to help clear his body of
un-metabolized fat.”
At one month old, Tyler was healthy
enough to go home. He celebrates his
first birthday on April 11, 2007 with
an outlook for a long and healthy life.
Mannequin helps train tomorrow’s
Training tomorrow’s health care providers happens every day at
academic medical centers such as UW Children’s Hospital.
Among the more innovative teaching tools is a baby mannequin
that simulates an infant’s breathing and heart activity. Known as
SimBabyTM and manufactured by Laerdal, the mannequin allows
residents, medical students, respiratory therapists, nursing staff and
pharmacists to practice high-risk resuscitation without risk to a real
patient during training.
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r, respir
Baby m
ic traum
The Sim nd Holli Kamme
l pediatr
RN (l
ared fo
tter prep
to be be
“With the mannequin, we can ensure that everyone on staff gets
trained for emergency situations,” says Scott Hagen, MD, a UW
pediatric critical care specialist. “We are no longer hostage to the
unpredictable timing of real emergencies to be sure that every
student experiences this kind of intensity.”
Jason and Heather Hall are smiling a lot these days because their little
son Tyler is alive and doing fine.
More than $500,000 raised during
Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon
f ever there are three
words that should never
go together, they are
“kids with cancer.”
Listeners to Madison’s Z104 morning
team of Connie and Fish apparently
agree wholeheartedly, as they pledged
an incredible $512,000 during the
2nd Annual three-day, 39-hour
Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon held in
May 2006.
Fueled by Connie and Fish’s amazing
stamina and ability to touch radio
listeners through more than 40
emotional interviews with childhood
cancer patients and families, the
Radiothon succeeded on several
“First,” says UW Children’s Hospital
Vice President David Berry, “this is
one of the few chances we have for
the public to learn how a family’s
life gets turned upside down when
their child is diagnosed with cancer.
Second, people can hear about the
incredible advances being made in
fighting cancer right here in Madison.
Third, the proceeds we raise allow us
to enhance our cancer care facilities,
family support programs and pediatric
cancer research efforts—with every
dollar staying at our hospital.”
“I remember crying my eyes out
listening to the first Radiothon
before Nick was diagnosed.
Now, they are taking care of
my kid.”
–Tracy Dunwald, Nick’s mom
Jeff Tyler, Clear Channel Madison Vice
President and Market Manager, says
that his group of six radio stations
is very selective with respect to
supporting local charities.
“Devoting three full days of airtime on
Madison’s number one radio station
is not something we can do for many
causes,” Tyler says. “In this case,
however, we jumped at the chance
knowing that the proceeds stay local
and how the kids respond so well to
Connie and Fish.”
Nick (Rehberg) Dunwald, 14, of
Oregon, Wisconsin, was among the
dozens of childhood cancer patients
who shared his story with Z104
listeners. Following a wrestling match
in which he felt an unusual pain in his
arm, Nick was diagnosed in late 2005
with a bone cancer known as Ewing’s
Sarcoma. He has been fighting a
tough battle ever since, but the
Radiothon has made a difference
not only for him, but other kids
battling cancer.
“They mixed my interview with the
song �Bad Day’ by Daniel Powter and
it turned out awesome,” Nick says.
Tracy Dunwald, Nick’s mom, says
many people donated money on
Nick’s behalf after hearing his moving
story on the air.
“I remember crying my eyes out
listening to the first Radiothon (in May
2005) before Nick was diagnosed,”
Tracy says. “Now, they are taking care
of my kid and I could not be more
“Madison’s response is just awesome.”
Having raised nearly $1 million in just two years, the Z104
Connie and Fish Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon has made quite an
impression both locally and nationally.
d Fish in as
on, Co
rs as we ons.
e Radioth
r survivo
During th childhood cance d to collect dona
nearly 4 ho were motiva
“The team effort between Z104 and UW Children’s Hospital
makes for one of the most awesome Radiothons I have seen,”
says Jim Littrell, Radiothon director for the 85-member Cure Kids
Cancer Coalition of children’s hospitals. “Connie and Fish are so
passionate about these kids, and the families that are willing to
share their cancer battles on the air are incredibly courageous.
Most listeners cannot turn off the radio, and many are so moved
that they cannot help but make a pledge.”
Diagnosed with bone cancer in late 2005, Nick (Rehberg) Dunwald,
14, of Oregon, Wisconsin, captured listeners’ hearts with his story
during the 2006 Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon.
Madison fire fighters help put
Smiles on children’s faces
hen it comes to putting
smiles on the faces of
hospitalized children, the
members of Madison Fire
Fighters Local 311 could write a book.
The story begins more than 40 years
ago, when “Santa Claus”—known
most of the year as Madison Fire
Fighter Dick “Lindy” Lindauer—began
visiting children at Madison Area
hospitals each year at Christmas. To
this day, “Lindy”—now 69 and retired,
but still a beloved Santa—lands at
UW Children’s Hospital’s via Med
Flight helicopter with gifts in hand
purchased by Local 311.
Having lost his 15-year-old daughter,
Mary Jean, to leukemia in 1978,
“Lindy” has a special place in his heart
for hospitalized children. His fellow fire
fighters share that affection, playing
the role of Santa’s elves.
“They rally to Lindy’s side because
they see the kids’ eyes light up,” says
Mary Kaminski, Director of Patient
and Family Services. “Now, the other
fire fighters fight over who gets to
accompany Santa to the hospital each
“ When families say their
weekend at Great Wolf meant
more than going to Disney
World, we know the program is
a success.”
—Tim Healy, Retired Vice President,
Local 311
Once Santa returns to the North Pole,
Local 311 keeps the smiles coming all
year long through another program
that enables qualifying patients and
their families to spend a weekend
at the popular Great Wolf Lodge
waterpark resort in Wisconsin Dells.
“Several years ago, another of our
members, Ron Hettinger, lost his
6-year-old son, Bradley, to leukemia,”
recalls retired Local 311 Vice President
Tim Healy. “Before Bradley died, the
family had an incredible weekend at
Great Wolf, so we thought this would
be a wonderful thing to keep going
for other families whose kids are
hospitalized at UW. After we proposed
this to Great Wolf Resorts, they agreed
and decided to share the cost of the
program with us.”
Healy says there is something very
fulfilling about helping children and
families who have gone through
difficult times.
“Being hospitalized is very wearing
and tearing, not just on the child,
but on the whole family,” Healy says.
“When families say their weekend at
Great Wolf meant more to them than
going to Disney World, we know the
program is a success.”
Local 311’s partnership with UW
Children’s Hospital has only strengthened over time, as demonstrated by
the union’s $50,000 pledge to help
build the Teen Lounge in the new
American Family Children’s Hospital.
“This gift will be a true legacy of Local
311’s support for our patients and
families,” Kaminski says.
CowParade yields lots of “moolah”
h CowPa
taken wit 100 painted,
were esp
ore than
Children that featured m ansformed cow
d and
costume y local artists.
From June through October 2006, Greater Madison was
transformed into a herd of happiness, as more than 100 life-size
fiberglass cows decorated by local artists brought smiles to the faces
of thousands of residents and tourists. Sponsored by the Wisconsin
Milk Marketing Board, CowParade Wisconsin 2006 was an incredibly
successful art initiative that helped celebrate Wisconsin’s dairy
heritage. CowParade culminated last November, when 89 cows
yielded approximately $370,000 for the American Family Children’s
Hospital and another $118,000 for other local charities during an
auction hosted by Friends of UW Hospital and Clinics. Madison was
the 43rd city worldwide to hold a CowParade since its 1999 debut
in Chicago.
UW Children’s Hospital patient Alphonso Carter, 15, of Sun Prairie (left),
was chosen to enjoy a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge with his family in
2006. At right is Madison Fire Fighter Adrian Smith, a member of Local
311’s Executive Board.
“ Rise Up” philanthropy program is all about
Kids helping other kids
leven-year-old Zach
Fairchild had been
listening to the Z104 Cure
Kids Cancer Radiothon
in May 2006 (see page 6) when he
suddenly had an idea.
“I was hearing these stories about
children’s cancer and thought I could
help out,” recalls Zach, now a sixth
grader at Prairie View Middle School
in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. “As it turns
out, I had just won a bike after being
named Grand Rodeo champion in
5th grade. I didn’t really need another
bike, so I organized a contest that
raised $375 for the hospital and gave
away the new bike as the
grand prize.”
Such enterprising creativity and
generosity embodies the spirit of
“Rise Up for Kids,” which provides
philanthropic opportunities for kids,
tweens and teens interested in helping
patients at UW Children’s Hospital.
Rise Up—as it is known for short—
empowers individuals and schools
in planning their fundraising efforts.
Groups of two to 200 can come
together and donate to various funds,
including Cure Kids Cancer, Child Life,
Patient and Family Services, and the
American Family Children’s Hospital.
“Be it sponsoring a Penny War (spare
change collection) or Caps for a
Cure (charging students $1 to wear
a hat to school), the possibilities for
involvement are truly endless,” says
Rise Up Coordinator Kylee Carolfi.
“When the idea comes directly
from an individual such as Zach, it
inspires others to rise to philanthropic
“No matter how old you
are, you can make a big
difference… I am so proud
of Zach.”
—Lori Schultz, principal at Zach’s school
Among the patients that inspired Zach
during the Radiothon was Kristina
Schultz, 9, a leukemia survivor who
underwent a bone marrow transplant
in 2005.
“I am so proud of Zach,” says
Kristina’s mom, Lori, who also
happens to be the principal at Royal
Oaks Elementary in Sun Prairie, the
school Zach attended before moving
on to middle school. “Kristina and I
feel his efforts are truly awesome. It
shows no matter how old you are, you
can make a big difference.
Generously supported by funding
from Kohl’s Department Stores, Rise
Up for Kids welcomes the chance to
share more information about the
program and UW Children’s Hospital
with any kid, tween, teen, parent,
principal, teacher or other school
district representative.
“We are happy to provide more
information about Rise Up, and
if possible, arrange an in-person
visit to any classroom or school
assembly,” says Carolfi, who can
be reached at (608) 890-9308 or
by e-mail at [email protected]
More information is also available at
Keeping an eye on the siblings
For parents, having a hospitalized child can be stressful enough
without wondering how to occupy their other kids. Supported
by Premiere Martial Arts’ Kick Up for Kids event, the Sibling Care
Program offers families supervised care for a patient’s brothers or
sisters. Accordingly, moms and dads can focus their energies on
their hospitalized child, knowing that the siblings are in good hands.
right, co Hospital.
t UW Ch
Child Life Care Program a
the Siblin
Even more promising is a new Sibling Care Center—Tyler’s Place—
that will be part of the new American Family Children’s Hospital.
More information about Tyler’s Place can be found by visiting
Zach Fairchild, 11 (right), raised $375 for UW Children’s Hospital
after being inspired by patients such as Kristina Schultz, 9 (left).
Kristina’s Mom, Lori, is pictured in the middle.
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Associates from Kohl’s Department Store
October 2006. The funds, which come fr
items, will help build the Kohl’s Safety Ce
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400 pia
Life Pro
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for UW Area Friends illdale Mall.
Madiso at Madison’s
Gear Up for Kids, a family-friendly bicyc
Hospital, attracted 650 participants at
Wisconsin. More than $35,000 was rai
bike outing. This year’s Gear Up for Kid
es presented a check for $123,361 in
rom sales of Kohl’s Cares for Kids® gift
enter in the American Family Children’s
Kick Up
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the 2006 event held in Fitchburg,
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American Family Children’s Hospital opens this summer
Nothing like it in Madison
his is going to be an
amazing community
resource,” says Donna
Sollenberger, as she
looks out over what will soon be the
American Family Children’s Hospital.
With its grand opening scheduled for
late July, and patient occupancy in
August, the UW Hospital and Clinics
president and CEO can barely conceal
her excitement.
“There are days where I just have to
pinch myself and make sure it is not
all a dream,” she says. “Ten years
ago, if you would have said Madison
would see its very own state-of-the-art
children’s hospital, no one would have
believed it.”
Seeing, of course, is believing, and the
six-story facility now approaching the
end of construction offers countless
improvements for several stakeholders:
• Patients and families will find that
the hospital experience will be far
more comforting. The entire look
and feel of the hospital will be
colorful and child-friendly. Patient
rooms will double in size, while
amenities such as playrooms and
sleep spaces will help families feel
more at home.
• Anyone with children—whether
they use the hospital or not—will
appreciate the peace of mind
knowing that the very best
pediatric care and facility are right
here in our backyard.
• Researchers looking to cure
children’s diseases will be even
more attracted to come to the
University of Wisconsin because of
this impressive facility.
Of course, none of this would be
possible without the very generous
$10 million lead gift from American
Family Insurance and the additional
$31 million in additional corporate
and individual gifts needed before the
doors can open.
“With so many worthy causes in
town,” says Madison developer John
Flad, chair of the UW Children’s
Hospital Advisory Board. “we are
truly overwhelmed by the generous
response of this community to make
the dream of this hospital come true.
We are making great headway, but
we still need more people to consider
what we believe is no finer gift for
Knowing the intensity of interest
in the American Family Children’s
Hospital, a community-wide open
house is being planned for late
summer 2007. More details about
the event will be publicly advertised;
however in the meantime, questions
can be directed by e-mail to Beth
Pinkerton at [email protected]
or by phone at (608) 261-1707.
Your named tile can shape the way
Imagine having your name as a permanent fixture
in the new American Family Children’s Hospital.
Similar to brick or tile campaigns that support the
construction of new hospitals, convention centers
or other community facilities, Shape the Way
offers you or your organization the opportunity
to put your name on a shaped tile that will adorn
the hallways in the new hospital.
Shape the Way tiles, which are available for a
$100, $500 or $1,000 gift, can be purchased
online by visiting,
or by calling (608) 262-7665.
Shape the Way tiles will adorn the hallways of the American Family Children’s Hospital.
The American Family Children’s Hospital, which opens in August 2007,
will marry a first-class clinical facility to a world-class research
university—something unseen anywhere in the region.
Donna K. Sollenberger
President and CEO
UW Hospital and Clinics and
UW Children’s Hospital
Ellen Wald, MD
Chair, Department of Pediatrics
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
and Public Health
Dennis Lund, MD
Surgeon-in-chief, UW Children’s Hospital
Christopher Green, MD
Medical Director, UW Children’s Hospital
David Berry
Vice President, UW Children’s Hospital
Jennifer Brazelton
Administrative Director
Mary Kaminski
Director of Patient and Family Services
Nancy Schryer
Director of Pediatric Nursing
Tom Young
Community Relations Manager
Nancy Francisco-Welke
Director of Development
Jim Gilmore
Development Program Manager
Kristine Thompson
Development Consultant
Advisory Board
John Flad, Chair
Patrick Boyle
Maury Cotter
Lea Culver
Nancy Dohm
Thomas Grantham
Lydie Hudson
Robert Landsee
Jennifer Moluf
Boo Mortenson
Harvey Pierce
George A. Nelson
Bob Schlicht
Sylvia Vaccaro
David Graves Walsh
Julie Zimbrick
Donors and Gifts
University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital would like to thank all
donors who help us care for patients and their families. Whether a
gift supports our programs or helps us build the American Family
Children’s Hospital, every dollar means a lot when it comes to
providing world-class care to children in a close-to-home setting.
Donors listed on the following pages have made a gift of at
least $100 during the period between October 1, 2005 and
September 30, 2006.
We apologize in advance if there are any errors in this list. If your
name is incorrect, please contact Kay Burns at (608) 265-6433 or
[email protected]
A La Mode Too Inc.
AAA Wisconsin
Access-Earrings, LLC
Jolene Ace
Connie Acevedo
Angie Achenbach
Amy Acker
Peggy Acker-Farber
Shannon Ackerman
Lori Ackerson
Kimberly Adams
Robert Adams
Kimberly Adas
Jim Addamo
Peter Addington-White
Leroy J. Adler
Kristin Adreon
Sue Adreon
Aeropastale Inc.
Mark & Peggy Afable
Affiliated Engineers Inc.
Kaci Affolter
John E. Ahern
Sarah Ahnen
Susanne Ahner
Ghadeer S. Alafifi
Kit Albrecht
Larry Albrecht
Edward A. Alder
Thomas J. &
Mary C. Alderson
Emily Aleson
Angie Alexander
Emily Alexander
Larry & Sylvia Alexander
Pam Alexander
Donald D. Alfermann
Alien Golf Outing
Saba Aliomar
David B. & Sara L. Allen
Dr. James C. &
Kathryn A. Allen
Gail S. Allen
Holly Alloway
Rhonda Alton
Thomas B. &
Mary H. Altstiel
Erica Alvey
Black Belt America
Kelly Ames
Shannon Ammon
Anchor Foundation Inc.
Shirley Andersen
Carla Anderson
David R. &
Mary K. Anderson
Joe Anderson
John Anderson
Karen Anderson
Kathy Anderson
Larry Anderson
Lisha Anderson
Loryssa Anderson
Scott M. Anderson
Roxanne Andler
Renee Andrews
Melanie Aney
Ann Angell
Tina Anhalt
Anthony F. &
Deborah G. Ankowicz
Kari Annen
Kyle Annen
Mark Ansay
F. Anthony &
Susan D. Brewster
Janice Antoniewicz
Heather Apfelbeck
Aramark Uniform
Renata Archambault
Brandy Armendarez
Tammy Armitage
Christopher G. &
Natalie Armstrong
Anton S., Jr. &
Joan E. Arneson
Ralph W. &
Helen A. Arnold
Patty Arreguin
Art For Life
Joan Arveson
ASB Community Fund
John Ashworth
Kimberly Ask
Duane C. &
Patsy L. Askew
Associated Bank
Associated Financial
Assumption Greek
Orthodox Church
David P. & Ann F. Athas
Laura Attwood
Brandy Aubin
Heather Audetat
Jerry L. Augustine
Scott B. &
Susan D. Augustine
Juli A. Aulik
Jenae Aus
Rebecca Austin
Autism Society of the
Fox Valley Inc.
Amer Azimulla
Catrina Bade
Badger Area Leadership
Badgerland Books LLC
Patsy & Sarah Baebler
Nancy J. Baenen
Scott L. &
Robyn E. Baerenwald
Jodell Bahr
Kay Bahr
Jennifer Baier
Stephanie Bailey
Nancye Baio
Annisa Baker
Sara Baker
Tiffany Baker
Sandra Bakk
Helen A. Bakke
Katie Baldwin
Michelle Balfanz
Veronica Balleza
Amy Ballmoos
Stanley Ballweg
Ballweg Chevrolet Inc.
Kori Bambrough
Associated Bank
Mary Banovetz
Christy Banzhof
Susan Barazia
Michael A. &
Diane M. Barberino
Stephen Barbieri
Abby Bare
Christopher N. &
Linda Z. Barker
Christina C. Barman
Melissa Barmore
Ashlie Barnett
Jane M. Barnett
Craig Barnhart
Tia Barr
Erika Barragan
Jenny Bartell
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Jennifer Barton
Karla & Lonnie Barton
Sharon Barton
Kristi Bartos
Kimberly Bartz
Lynn Basler
Angie Bass
Pam Bast
Kathy Bastien
John A. & Sara L. Batzer
Kalynn Baumann
Erin Baumgartner
Sarah Baumgartner
Nicole Baxter
Jill Beattie
Beaver Dam Fire
Rachel Beck
Andrea Becker
Yolanda T. Becker
Kevin Bedat-Fitzpatrick
George J. &
Linda K. Bednar
Lori Bednarcik
Naomi Beduhn
Susan Beecher
Kimberly Beecrast
Dawn Behling
Dana Behn
Tammy Beilke
Machelle Belk
Janet Belke
Jennifer Bell
Kurtis & Lori A. Bell
Roisin Bell
Reid Bellmore
Linda Belz
Tina Bender
Mary Benisch
Tina Benish-Holmes
Jill Bennett
Stephanie Bennett
Ron Benoy
Arthur O., Jr. &
Laurie S. Benson
Darlene Benson
Gerry W. &
Vicki S. Benusa
Dan Benzine
Kerry Berens
Eric R. & Susan E. Berg
Haley Berg
Joseph Berg
Tiffany Berg
Peggy Berger
Jeremy Berghammer
Patricia W. Bernhardt
Pat Bero
Shawn Berray
David T. & Jennifer Berry
Jeanette Berry
Michael J. Beyer
Charles Beyler
Dawn Biba
John Bigler
Kerri Billings
Lisa Bindl
Karla Bing
Dave Bingham
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Terri Bird
Bernice E. Birnbaum
Darcey Birzer
Darcy Birzer
Bonnie Bisbee
Tamra Bisbee
Rebekah Bissen
Derek Blackmore
Kevin P. &
Mary D. Blackmore
Linda Blair
Blanchardville Enterprises
Kristi Blaney
Rene Bleecker
Kari Block
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Samantha Bloedorn
William &
Shirley Blommer
Cindy Bloom
Beth C. Blum
Linda & Paul Blum
Richard J. &
Carolyn M. Blum
Cindy Blythe
Susan, Bob & Jacob
Bob Zahn Agency
Linda H. Bochert
Don Boehm
Ryan Boehn
Kelly Boggs
Gene Bohlmeyer
Aubrie Bohman
Robert M. &
Christine C. Bohnsak
Rick Bojar
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Stacy M. Bolger
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Trisha Born
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Jay I. & Rhonda S. Borow
Ann Borucki
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R. D.& Joy L. Boschulte
Jeffrey & Tamara K. Bosco
Michael F. &
Mary E. Bosold
Lindsey Bouchonville
Bouril Design Studio Llc
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Brooke Bovinet
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Meg Bowden
Tami Bowker
Heather Bown
Amy Bradley
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Kul Brar
Janice Brassington
Leroy & Erica Bratland
Joshua Braun
Lynn Braun
Marsha Braun
Dawn Brauner
Myra & Neil Brauner
Kristen Braunreiter
Stephanie Braunschweig
Tom & Jennifer Brazelton
Charles F. & Linda G. Brei
Frank J. &
Tammy S. Bremser
Dennis Breneman
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J. Brent & Jo A. K. Johnson
Betsy Bretsch
Marylou Breunig
In Memory of Larry
Brewer (Judy K.
Jane Brewer
Nicole Brewster
Deanna Brickham
Debra Brickson
Kate Brien
Tom Brien
Lisa Bright
Corey Brindlley
Michelle Britton
Angela Brockmann
Brodhead Fire
Brodhead High School
Rebecca L. Broering
Pat Broesch
Angie Broge
Stephanie Brokopp
James Gilmore, 6, (right) of Middleton, Wisconsin, is doing very well
after being treated at UW Children’s Hospital for acute myelogenous
leukemia in early 2002. Next to James is his father, Jim, who in
2006 embarked on a new career path by becoming a development
manager for UW Hospital and Clinics.
Christine Brooks
Susanne Brooks
Jessica Brost
Kimberly Brown
Patti Brown
Sara Brown
Tonya Brown
Brande Browne
Shannon Browne
Chad Brownell
Shannon Brownell
David J. &
Marcy M. Bruenning
Jason R. &
Ann M. Bruenning
Jennifer Bruhn
Sarah Bruhn
Kelly Bryant
Linda Brzezinski
Amy Bucholtz
Kati Buckwalter-Hughes
Barbara Buechel
Mindy Buenger
Elizabeth F. Buerger
Tina Buholzer
Susan M. Bulgrin
Len & Janice K. Bultema
Kelli Burhop
Jeffery E. & Julie A. Burke
Paula Burke
Dawn Burkee
Angela Burner
Sarah Burns
Darin Burreson
Randy Burrington
Jerramie Burtness
Kenneth Burton
Joan Busch
Sandy Bush
Vernon F. &
Phyllis J. Buskager
Donald` Buskirk
Betsy Bussan
Tracy Butcher
Vanessa Buteyn
Shannon Butler
Heidi Buttchen
Roxie Butterfield
Tina Buttner
Kelly Butts
KeKe Butz
Barb Byrne
Shannon Byrnes
Bob Cabrera Agency
Nadara Cacavas
David A. & Amy L. Calkins
Torrey Calkins
Scott Callaghan
Tom & Pam Callahan
Cambridge Vision Clinic
Evelyn Bakken
Emily Campbell
Renee Campbell
Camtronics Medical
Edward H. Carbon
Cardiac Assist Inc.
Denis O. & Carol K. Carey
Daniel C. Carlson
Mitch Carlson
Charles R. Carpenter
Nona Carpenter
Carol Carr
Aaron L. Carrel &
Lisa Hunter
Amy Carroll
Michelle Carter
Tawnya Cary
Tony Case
Erin Cassada
Candy & Spence Cattell
CC Services Inc.
John Centanni
Judy Chaffin
Kathie Chambers
Tammy Champagne
Rebecca Chance
Byrne W. Chapman
Stephanie Chapman
Kay Cherek-halder
Kyle Cherry
Kaye Chipman
Ryan Chmiel
Simon J. Choi
Sheri Chrisler
Dennis &
Devon K. Christenson
Sara Christian
Andrew Christianson
Bonnie Christianson
Emily E. Christianson
Jo Christianson
Larry &
Norma B. Christianson
Callie Christofferson
Julie Christofferson
Nancy Christofferson
Vicki L. Chvala
Bonnie J. Ciesielski
Amy Cina
Trudy Cisvek
Edward R. &
Pamela J. Clapper
Carmen Clark
Katie Clark
Lowanna Clark
The Cleary Family
Melanie Clemons
Mary Cline
Loren J. Close, II
Donna Kay, Brittany &
Robert Coad
Maria Coffey
Michael & Kristy Colborn
Patti L. Cole
Jennifer Colin
Herzing College
Gretchen Colletti
Brian K. Collien
Paula & Todd Colling
Diane Collins
Kelley Collins
Eric Colstad
Daniel Conderman
George & Dorothy
Meghan Connor
Adam Conti
Cyril E. &
Elizabeth B. Converse
Amy Cook
Cathy Cook
Cayla Cook
Cynthia Cook
Tracey Cook
Wade Cook
Lindsey Coon
Bob & Honner Cooper
Brandi Cooper
Christine Cooper
Denise & Tom Cooper
James & Barbara Copouls
Copper For Kids
Timothy E. &
Sarah S. Corden
Susan Cornwell
The UW Children’s Hospital Development Team works closely with many of our generous
donors. Pictured from left to right: Mary Kaminski, Jim Gilmore, Colleen Fraser, Kylee Carolfi, Kris
Thompson, Beth Blum, UW Children’s Hospital Vice President David Berry, Nancy Francisco-Welke
and Tom Young.
Mary Cory
Cottage Grove Volunteer
Fire Dept
John & Maury Cotter
Brenda Coulthard
Inger Couture
Gerald Cox
Michael E. &
Catherine T. Coyle
Daniel M. &
Patrice A. Coyne
Jackie Crabb
Thelma Craig
Jim & Sharon Craney
Cynthia A. Crawford &
Rande Gerber
Julie Crawford
Mark Crawford
Nicole Crawford
Ted Crawford
John E. Crawley, Jr.
Linda Croak
Kathleen Crossen
David & Laura Crowell
Anne Crubaugh
Branda Cuccia
Craig C. & Lea R. Culver
Judi Culver
Culver’s of Beaver Dam
Culver’s of Lake Delton
Culver’s of Middleton
Culver’s of Stoughton
Culver’s of Waunakee
Tracey Cummings
Daniel K. & Kristin M.
Lenore Curcio
Cure Kids Cancer
CureSearch National
Childhood Cancer
Julie Curtes
Amy & Mackenzie Curtis
Seren Curtis
Ruth E. Curtiss
Julie Cushley
Custard Sense Llc
Arlene M. Dahmen
Kimberly Dahmen
Peggi Dahmen
Jack & Laurel Daigle
Tim Dailey
Anthony M. D’Alessandro
Eric & Lori Dalrymple
Theresa Dalton
Erin Daly
Dane Fire Department
Dianne M. Danis
Holly Dary
Dennis & Toni Dassenko
Angela Daughenbaugh
Lonnie A. David
Charles H. &
Hermine S. Davidson
Kirby Davidson
Lynne M. Davidson
Amy Davis
Brett & Amy Davis
Greg Davis
Jennifer Davis
Kathleen Davis
Kimberly Davis
Lance Davis
Tracie Davis
Erin Dawson
Nancy Dawson
Jennifer Day
Melissa De Bie
Joseph De Mondo
Melissa De Remer
Joni Dean
Teri Dearth
Tara Decker
Lori Deegan
Rosemarie Defiel
Andrea Defoe
DeForest High School
Amanda Degarmo
Nicolle Degolier
Sarah Deischer
Samantha Delfosse
Vicki & David Delgado
Nicole Delmore
Delta Kappa Gamma
Society International
Heather Demmer
Heidi Demmer
Selicia Demos
Sarah Dennis
Sandy Dent
Dental Health Associates
of Madison LTD
Lori Derauf
Rebekah Deruiter
Kenneth B. &
Kathleen A. De Santes
Design Concepts
Kathe Devay
Hank & Barb De Vries
Paul C. &
Melissa K. DeVries
Cheryl Dick
Laurie Dickenson
Katie Dickerson
Carol Dickman
Pam Dieck
Tammy Diehl
Tracie Diehl
Brenda Dieter
Heather Dietzel
James L. &
Kim E. H. Dietzen
Mary Pat Dilley
Thomas H. &
Kari L. Dilworth
Carol A. Diamond, M.D.
Nick Diorio
Palitha Dissanayake
Deb Dittmer
Victoria Dockerty
Dawn Dockter
Dodgeville Lodge F. &
AM 119
Deanna Doescher
Heather Doescher
Rachel Doescher
James V. Doheny, Jr.
Thomas D. &
Nancy Dohm
Gina Dolenti
Jampa Dolma
Lisa Donahue
Heather Donovan
Jodi Dorr
Melissa Dorshorst
Erica Dose
Barbara Doucette
Kimberly Doughti
Douglass Brandenborg
Family Foundation
Raye Dourhty
Doylestown Fire
Julie Drake
Amy L. Draper
Meena Drevlow
Rae Marie Drews
Gina Droessler
Anne L. Dropp
Dave & Polly Duchow
Patricia L. Duell
Richard J. Duevel
Casey Duffey
Janet Duhr
Mike & Debbie Dulas
Dunham Express
Penny Dunigan
Gerald R. & Jane M. Dunn
Ronald Dunn
Kathleen W. Dunning
Terry & Tracy Dunwald
Jacqueline Duppler
Christopher Duran
Michael R. Duran
Loyal & Bernice Durand
Jamie Durfee
Ellen Durham
Naomi Dutcher
DV Trust
Kenneth M. Dvorak
Cari Dykstra
Holli Dykstra
Andrew Dyson
Amy Dzioba
East Side Sunshine
Becky Ebbott
Jennifer Eberhardt
Lori Eberly
Michael &
Mary A. Eckstein
Edgerton Community
Elementary School
Edgerton High School
Edgerton Volleyball
Booster Club
Melissa Edwards
Julie Effinger
Tiffany Egner
Heather Ehlen
Wendy Eidman
Gary E. Eiler
Michele Eisenberg
Erin Eklund
Richard & Judith Ela
James F. &
Mary E. Eldridge
Electronic Theatre
Controls, Inc.
Thomas J. &
Patricia P. Ellefson
John Eller
Diane Ellingson
Steve Elliott
Tamara Elliott
Gwendolyn M. Ellis
Janice Ellis
Richard L. & Gayle M. Ellis
Heather & Jason Elmer
Mary Elvekrog
Annette Emerson
Emmons Business Interiors
Lyn Empey
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Misty Endres
Sarah Endres
Trish Endter
David J. &
Zeena K. Engelke
Jessica English
Karl S. Enockson
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Company Inc.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
David Entwistle
Craig Enzenroth
Anna Erickson
Jami Erickson
Shanna Erickson
Kayla Ericson
Paul Esse
James E. &
Sandra J. Esselman
Derek Etheridge
William J. Evans, Jr.
Evans Scholars BasketballA-Thon
EVCO Plastics
Darci Even
Sandi Everson
Thomas M. Ewald
Lori Ewoldt
Kristin Fabisch
Jeanine Fadness
Cindy Fager
Lynn Fahey
Teri Fahey
Shelley Fall
Famous Footwear
Yvonne Fanshaw
Tyler Fanta
Tami Farnsworth
Jackie Fasula
Lois M. Faulkner
Alexandra Fedie
Kristine Fehly
Mark E. Feivor
Michael & Michelle Felber
Michael E. Feldman &
Sandra Wolens
Cindy Feldt
Nancy Felker
Erin Fenley
Damian Fennig
Edwin E. Ferguson, Jr.
Rodney L. Fernandes
Wilbert G. &
Margaret M. Ferry
Richard A. &
Judy A. Fetherston
Tammy Fetterdrolf
Carmen Feuling
Amy Fieber
Ronald R. &
Joanne M. Fiedler
Katie Field
Finance & Investments
J. H. Findorff & Son Inc.
Pam Finger
David M. Fink
Kristen Finnell
Kathy Finn-Puetz
Fiore Wholesale Flooring
Sarah Firchow
Brigitte Fisch
Jenny Fischer
Katy Fishback
Jill L. Fisher
Katie Fisher
Kimberly Fishnick
Joan Fitzgerald
Casey &
Jennifer FitzRandolph
Jeff & Ruthie FitzRandolph
Stephen D. Flach &
Therese M. LaCasse
John J. & Coleen M. Flad
Lynn Flannery
Daniel E. Fleming
John M. &
Jeanne C. Flesch
Autumn Fletcher
Pam Florac
Amy Foley
Kelly Foley
Fond du Lac Sabish
Middle School
Alex Forseth
Bobbie Foster
Duncan Foster
Daniel Fowler
Elspeth Fox
Flora Fox
Dan Frahm
Amy Frank
Christy Frank
Roger Frank
Susan Frank
Lisa Franke
Taylor Franklin
Zachery Franks
Ryan Frazier
Erin Frebrichs
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Mathew Frederick
Christine Frederickson
Cory & Katrina Fredrick
Scott & Kim Fredrickson
Dan Frei
Kristi & Mike Freidel
Amy Freidig
Matthew Freymiller
Friendly Inn Inc.
Friends of UW Hospital &
Friends of Wisconsin
Sharon Frierdich
Brent W. Friesth
Karly Frisch
Mindy Frisch
Michael K. Fritsch &
Fern E. Murdoch
Scott & Christine Frodel
Amy Fry
Howard W. & Becky Fry
FSI Inc.
Kristin Fuchs
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Darcy Fuller
David C. &
Margaret M. Furlan
Donald J. &
Susan A. Furniss
Nathan Furst
Alfredo L. Gaddini
Sherry Gahagan
Amanda Galfano
Cathy Gall
Sarah Gallagher
Kristina Gallegos
Loralee Gallem
Gregory M. &
Penny Gallo
Gregory & Nancy Gallo
Gayle Galston
Misti Gansch
Chris Ganser
Nikki Ganser
Rebecca Ganzow
Marlene Garcen
Jennifer Garcia
Jamison Garland
Amanda Garrison
Carrie Gartzke
Lacy Gashi
Sara Gaska
Meaghan Gast
Stacy Gates
John & Letty Geanon
Debbi Gee
John K. & Linda Geer
Julie Gehrke
Rebecca Geiger
General Casualty
Anne Gerke
Gerlach Wholesale
Flooring Inc.
James E. &
Yvonne D. Gern
Holly Gerou
Maribeth Gettinger
Sara Ghelfi
Tina Gilbert
Erica Gill
Tyler Gill
Dean Gille
Heidi Gille
Mark Gillen
Susan Gillespie
Deeanna Gillett
Boo Gillette
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Audrey B. Gilliam
John Gillies
James G. &
Kim M. Gilmore
Sarah Ginjupalli
Sherri Gjermo
Rita Gladem
Karen Glasser
Bradley J. Gleason
Dawn Gleichauf
David Glusick
Jacob Gobel
Clayton Goede
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Nicole Goins
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Golden Eagle Log Homes
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Janet Goldsmith
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Nicole Salazar
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Melinva Grafing-Gwin
Nancy Graham
Heather Graham-Riess
Lisa Grahn
Elizabeth Grainger
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Susan M. Gramann
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Ruth A. R. Grantham
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Cynthia Gray
Greater Bucky Open Inc.
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Ann E. Green
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Grobe & Associates LLP
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Jenny Groth
Vickie Groth
Group Health Cooperative
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Pat Farrell
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Amber Gucman’kolasch
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Gundersen Lutheran
Administrative Services
Stefanie Gunderson
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Patricia Guse
Christine Gustafson
Anita Guthrie
Patricia A. Gyorkos
Gypsum Supply Company
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Amanda Haberman
Lori Hackbarth
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Mary Haenel
Alissa Hagen
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Shan Hager
Donna Hahn
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Kellie Halder
Christine Hale
Bonnie Halker
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Brenda, Michael &
Makenzie Halla
Nina M. Halleran
Luke Hallett
Becky Halverson
Joanna Halverson
Rhonda Halverson
Kari Hameister
Mark A. Hamilton
Rob & Ann Hamilton
Darrell &
Deanna L. Hammack
Liz Hammen
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Mathew & Erin Hammes
Heather Hammond
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Ellen Lawrence
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Jeffrey J. Hansen
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Lola A. Hanson
John S. Hanson
Mark A. &
Joan M. Hanson
Kathy Hanusa
Nikki Hanzel
Steffany Happ
Christie Hardman
Karen Hardt
Patricia Hardt
Bill Hare
Harker Heating &
Cooling Inc.
Rachael Harkins
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Mary N. Harkness
Douglas P. &
Jennifer A. Harland
Jacob Harley
Dana Harmel
Dianne Harms
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Gail Harrop
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Kenneth & Lisa A. Hartig
Stephanie Hartman
Hartung Brothers Inc.
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Eleanore C. Hawley
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The Headley Family
Health Strategies &
Patricia R. Healy
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Aaron Heerhold
Susan Heffernan
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Gavin Hefty
Jeffrey S. &
Tammie J. Hefty
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Debbie Hegge
Dee Ann Hegi
Stephanie Hegland
Cindy Heidke
Karla Heikkinen
Anne V. Heilman
Tara & Mike Heinecke &
Timothy W. &
Jana S. Heinrich
Tammy Heitman
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Amdelyna Helf
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Margaret R. Helin
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Rich & Cindy Hellenbrand
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Talia Hellman
Hillary Helms
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Claire R. Kircher
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Donna M. Henschen
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Jaeckle Distributors
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Cynthia C. Harris
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Nicole Bowden
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Jennifer SteinfeldtJohanns
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Company Inc.
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Connie R. Peterson
Jennifer Joyce
Juda Volunteer Fire
Carrie Judd
Julia Grace Salon LLC
Oliver Michael Julien
Nichole Junck
Junea Fire Department
Junior League of Madison
Kari Justmann
Renee Juve
Annie Kacynski
Helen Kahl
Eric A. Kaiser
Alan J. Kalker &
Abigail F. Cantor
David Kalsbeek
Scott Kalscheuer
Kathy Kalscheur
Jessica Kaltenberg
Kristi Kamin
Jayne & Todd Kane
Sharon Kane
Jay Kang
Johnathan Kapinus
Kappa Alpha Theta
Crystal Kapral
Tammy Kasuboski
Fred & Pam Katz
Abbie Kaufman
Kaufman Hall & Associates
Richard & Tracy Kauk
Patricia Kearns
Wendy Kearns
Michael Keeney
Emili Jean Keil
Kathleen Kell
Dawn Keller
Karen Keller
Anne Kelley
Faith Kelley
Shane Kelley
Elizabeth Kelly
John M. & Lee M. Kelly
Kristy Kelly
Michael & Patricia Kelly
Mariesa Kemble
Shelley Kemp
David &
Mary Jean Kennedy
Kristin Kennedy
Shanda Kennedy
Vikki Kennedy
Margaret Keresztes
Kate Kernien
Kay Kertz
Lee R. Kessenich
Angie Kessler
Brian Keuler
Jacob, Sa, & Ally Keuler
William C. & Linda R. Keys
Scott Kibler
Ken & Marcia Kidder
Erwin J. Kiefer
Mark & Kathy G. Kiehn
Kelly Kieler
Connie Kielty
Anne L. Kienitz
Angela Kieta
Kari-ann Killian
Bernard O. &
Sally Kuebler Killoran
Angelina Kim
Pam Kinder
George W. &
Beth Kindschi
Jodi King
Lisa King
Pat & Bob King
Thomas S. King
Connie Kinsella
Aaron Kippley
Jeffrey Kirby
Shannon Kirby
Mark S. Kirschbaum
Jeff & Patty Kirschmann
Eryn Kjelland
Heather Kjelland
Rose Klaben
Margo Klassy
Rachele Klassy
Joann Klaus
Jennifer Klein
Roger J. & Nancy C. Klein
Angela Kletsch
Nancy Klicko
Kevin Klubertanz
Sheryl Kluever
Elizabeth Klute
Annette S. Knapstein
Alison Knar
Danielle Knauer
Steve Knaus
Lindsay Knepper
Irena Knezevic
Knights Of Columbus 4th
Knights of Columbus
Council 6460
Brian M. Knoebel
Chelsea Knowles
Devon Knudson
Steve Knudson
Dawn Knudtson
Sue Knutson
Mary Kobussen
Katrina Koch
Lisa Koch
Rachel Koch
Elizabeth Koehler
Bertha H. Koenecke
Michael Koeppen
Natalie Koffarnus
Brenda Kohl
Christopher Kohlmeier
Karen Kohls
Matt Kohls
Jim Kohnert
Kate Kojo
Pernecia Koller
Deanna Konop
James A. &
Joanne B. Konrath
Nadine Konrath
Keith C. Koppernolle &
Maryelyn Geisler
Jennifer Korb
Susan Korn
James Kosinski
Bryan A. &
Kimberly K. Koss
Bonnie Koste
Heidi Kottwitz
Crystal Koukas
Kelsey Koula
Kristin Kowing
Mary Kraemer
Joann F. Kraft
Tina Kraft
Paula Kramer
Blair Kransverger
Kathy Krause
Steve Krause
Carmelle Krauss
Ron Krbecek
Rebecca Krebs
Traci Kreff
Jamie & Travis Kreitzman
Kimberly Krejchik
Kelly Kress
Shelly Kress
Melissa Kreuziger
Kathryn Krey
Amanda Kroes
Joseph S. Krolikowski
Janel Kruchten
Trish Krueger
Amy Kruger
Marnie Krumwiede
Jim and Betty Kruse
John V. & Lynn M. Kryger
Eva Kubinski
Jeff Kuehl
Chad Kuehmichel
Gayle R. Kugler
Rebecca Kuipers
Kelly Kundert
Tammy Kundinger
Gary & Sara Kunkel
Katheryn S. Kunugi
Angela Kunvert
Kristin Kunz
Nathan & Sylvia Kutnick
Joan H. F. Kuypers
Belinda Kwapil
Rick L. La Veer
Linda Laberge
Donald J. &
Charlene A. Labounty
Lisa Ladson
Julie LaFleur
Keona Lahti
Jodie Laitinen
Lakeside Contemporary
Health Services
Michelle Lakner
Stacy Lamarche
Kathleen Lamasney
Robert Lamasney
Jessica Lamberty
Jodie Lamm
Melisa Lampi
Gregory L. &
Ann S. Landry
Danielle Lang
Robert A. & Jo A. Lange
Rustie Lange
Lotte Langer
Kimberly Lantta
Vicki Lanzendorf
Kim & Frank Lapacek
Erin Laporte
Diane S. Lappley
Kelli Larke
Sarah Larson
Sherry Larson
Susan C. G. Larson
Trina Larson
Julie & Eugene Laschinger
Trina Lasron
Amanda Last
Sherry Laube
David Laudon
Dennis W. &
Mary B. Laudon
Lynn Laufenberg
Linda L. Laurich
Therese Lawler
Anne M. Lawrence
Vanessa Lawrence
Hilary Lawry
Paula Le Calsey
Learfield Communications
Jennifer Leatherberry
Thomas Leatherberry
Lebanon Volunteer Fire
Daniel F. Lee
Fred T. Lee, Jr. &
Marjorie Di Maggio
James Lee
Jessica Lee
Lauren Leggett
Karen Legrande
Amy Leick
Herman B. Leitz
Robert F. Lemanske, Jr.
Jennifer Lemense
Dena Lenerz
Susan Lenius
Loran T. & Jean E. Lentz
Pam Lentz
Randy Lenz
Timothy Leonard
Karen Leopard
Mindy Leow
Eric Leslie
Amy Leu
Kathleen S. Levenick
Angela Lewis
Andrea Lewison
John Lewison
Mary Beth Lewison
Donald K. Liddicoat
Timothy S. &
Cynthia B. Liebau
Christopher G. &
Cheryl L. D. Liechty
Ralph J. & Mary B. Liegel
Kurt Lin &
Diane M. Reeber Lin
Lana Lincoln
Robert Lind
Arlette R. Lindbergh
Linda Lindgren
Nancy Lindquist
Amy Link
Morris Link
Ronald J. Lins
Stephanie Lipke
Mark C. Lippert
Marianne Lippold
Randall Litfin
Tara Little
Lori Littlesoldier
Jim Littrell
John Litweiler
Nancy Liverseed
Kristin Livezey
Heather Llewellyn
Nancy Lo
Patricia Lobdell
Lodi Middle School
Melissa Loebs
Kira Loehr
Loganville Area Fire
Amia Logigro
Tammy Lohmann
Beth Lois
Heather Loncaric
Stacey London
Barbara Long
Cindy Long
Erin Longmire
Kayla Longmire
Michael Lopes
George W. &
Emily W. Lorenz
Linda F. Lorenz
Steven Lorenz
Corissa Lotta
Michelle Louaillier
Tresha Lovell
Ginny Lowry
Erin Loy
Mike and Cindy Lubahn
James F. Lucas
Loraine Lucinski
Kara Ludlum
Baatriz Luech
Virginia Luehrsen
Heather Luger
Edna E. Lukens
Debbi Lull
Dennis P. Lund &
Cynthia P. Spencer
Thomas A. &
Sharon K. Lundgren
John H. Lussier
Christopher Luther
James Lyery
Philip J. Lyon
Anita Lyons
Gina Lytle
Mary Maas
Melissa Mabis
Mac Taggarts Inc.
Deanne Mach
Teresa Machnik
Julie Machovec
P. Mack
Shelley Mack
Shirlene I. Mack
Libby Mackman
Christa Macomber
Maddie’s Fund
Madison Cherokee
Heights Middle School
Madison Community
Madison Gas &
Electric Foundation
Madison La Follette High
Madison Memorial High
Madison Rotary
Madison Schenk
Elementary School
Madison Sherman Middle
Madison West High
Sarah E. Muehl Madrid
Rachel Madson
Mary Maerz
Jenny Maglio
Naomi Magnus
Michelle Mahon
Jeff & Julie Maiers Maiers
Maria Maize
Sofia Majid-Swanton
Jamie Makowski
Carrie Malcook
Cathie J. Malin
Morgen Malisch
Shari Malizio
Mallon Enterprises LLC
Mallon Enterprises Of
Newville Ltd.
Kristen Maly
Maureen Maly
Shelley Mancusi
Mario F. Mancusi-Ungaro
& Maureen P.
Daniel H. Manke
Stacy Manley
Laura Mann
Laurie Marcks
Susan Marcou
Lowell Mark
Susan M. Marks
Peter P. &
Rebecca M. Marnocha
Lisa Maroney
Patty Marsh
Dana Marshall
Marshall & Ilsley
Foundation Inc.
Margaret J. Martens
Chasidey Martin
David Martin
Gregory & Sherry Martin
Lindsey Martin
Megan Martin
Particia F. Martin
James C. Martine
April Martinez
Jesus Martinez
Joseph &
Stephanie Martino
Ginnie Marty
Courtney Masbruch
Richard J. Mascolino, Sr.
Rachel Mason
Dale F. & Lila A. Mathwich
Christine Matteson
Tara Mattila
Mindy Mattson
Stephanie Matz
Audrey Mausolf
Joseph Mayes
Kris Mayhew
Patrick E. &
Kimberly S. McBride
Arthur E. &
Patricia J. McClure
Richard J. McDonald
Marc V. McDowell
Brian A. &
Susan G. McGuigan
Dennis S. McGuigan
Barry J. &
Deborah L. P. McLeish
Kevin E. &
Laura McMahon
Willis G. &
Mary L. McMillan
Krysa McCain
Frances McCardell
Megan McCarthy
Sherry McCarthy
Lisa McClyman
Meagan McConley
Laura McCorkell
Tara McCraw-Lutz
Chris McCreary
Sally McCue
Ann McCulloch
Heidi McDonald
Sandra McDonald
Shawn McDonald
Stephanie McDonald
Traci McDonald
Amanda McFadden
Heather McFadden &
Nicole Jenkel
Laura McFadden
McFarland High School
McFarland Spartan Sharks
McFarland Waubesa
Intermediate School
Meghan McGavin
Kelly McGill
Michele McGinley
Emily McGrath
Julie McGregor
Betsy Krebs McGuire
Bridget McGuire
Roshelle McGuire
Kris McIntosh
Hilary McIntyre
Teresa McMahan
Beth McMahon
Cathy McMahon
Pat McMahon
Lori McNally
Sheri McNeill
Lynda Meade
Med Quist
Daniel M. &
Laurel A. Medenblik
Carol Meicher
Jennifer Meier
Todd F. Meier
Kathy Meinhold
Vanessa Meinke
Carolyn Meins
The Martin J. Meister
Tara Meister
Todd & Maria Meister
Audrey A. Meland
Tricia Melcher
Michelle Melichar
Sue Mellum
Terri Mengelt
Christie Menzel
Mercer Human Resources
Tara Messner
Wendy Metcalf
Tina Metcalfe
Alan D. & Mary Meyer
Alan E. & Karen S. Meyer
Steven J. Meyer
Tara Meyer
Birgitta & Jeff Meylor
Corie Michael
Laci Michels
Kathy Midak
Middleton Fire
Middleton Jaycees Inc.
Middleton Kromrey
Middle School
Gail M. Midlikowski
Timothy A. & Beth A.
Kendra Miescke
Sheldon Mike
Mike Roessler Realty
Lauren Mikol
Candy Milan
Milio’s Sandwiches
Debra Miller
Emily Miller
Jerry K. Miller
Kerri Miller
Mark B. &
Patricia A. Miller
Michelle Miller
Paige Miller
Sarah R. Miller
Thaddeus A. Miller
Traci Miller
Daniel C. &
Pamela A. Millmann
Tyson & Lisa Mindham
Kris Minko
Ken A. & Karen J. Minor
Owens & Minor
Dameon Mitchell
Pam Mitchell
Thomas & Laurel Mitchell
Jill Moede
Laura Moeller
Nicole Mohlman
Thomas J. &
Nancy S. Mohs
Mojo Foods Inc.
Megan Moline
Bonnie Moll
Melody Moll
Meghan Molloy
John W. &
Jennifer S. Moluf
Erin Monette
Amy Monk-Flint
Monona Grove Optimist
Bobbie Monroe
Monsanto Company
Genevieze Montalto
Genny Montalto
Patricia Montana
Travis & Elonda Montanye
Christy Moore
Erin Moore
Katherine Moore
Laura Moore
Shanon Moore
Amy Morgan
Lee H. & Mari L. Moritz
Jake Morley
Cindy Morris
Loren D. &
Boo Mortenson
Anne Moseley
Scot E. & Jeanne C. Moss
Jane Mottier
Richard D. &
Carrie W. Mountain
Steve Mountford
Tracy Moyse
Anne Mraz
Dev Muche
Elizabeth Muehl
Sarah E. Muehl
Bradley J. &
Stephanie Mueller
Shannon Mueller
Kerchten Mulcahy
Kelly Mullins
Elaine Mumm
Denise Munro
Deb Murphy
Geralyn K. Murphy
James and Julie Murphy
Jessica Murphy
Kyle Murphy
Quin & Jennie Murphy
Kenneth & Pamela Muth
Jamie Myadze
Mary Nachreiner
Jennifer Nale
Deb Nasett
Stephanie & Trevor Nash
National Mutual Benefit
Shonna Neary
Mike Nechkash
Angela Nechvatal
Suzanne Needham
Bev Nehls
Erica Neis
Amy Nelson
Brenda Nelson
Connie Nelson
Daniel Nelson
David Nelson
George A. &
Judith A. Nelson
Jessica Nelson
Johnny Nelson
Marc Nelson
Nissa Nelson
Steve Nelson
Teena M. Nelson
Trevor Nelson
Robert B. &
Marianne Nemeth
Mark Nenneman
Anita Nesheim
Carrie Nesson
George E. Nestler &
Ruth A. Berkholtz
Dean Nett
Justin Neuendorf
Autumn Neugent
Gregory Neumaier
Yvonne Neumann
Nicole Nevil
New Concepts Salon
Joe & Michele Newberry
Leslie Newell
NFL Alumni Madison
Annie Nguyen
Tom & Julia Nicholas
Marie Nicholason
Josh Nichols
Teresa Nichols
James E. Nick
Michael & Eileen M. Nick
Emily Nickles
Jill Niemeyer
Elizabeth Nimm
Paula Ninedorf
Lori Ninmann
Susan Noble
Robert J. & Dori C. Nolan
Bonnie Nolden
Kelly Noltemeyer
James P. &
Gayle M. Noltner
Jeremy Noltner
James Nonn
Noodles & Co.
Sally Nordenstrom
Patty Nordhaus
Elizabeth Nordstrom
Jean Novak
Michelle Novy
Judy Nowak
Katie Nowicki
Kelly Nowicki
Kim Wiemer Noyce
Solomy Ntambi
Dirk M. &
Tamara S.
Kasey Nygaard
John Oathout
Kelly O’Connell
Laura O’Dell
Kathy Oestreicher
Ruth M. Oetzman
Debra Offerdahl
Stan O’Keefe
Nancy J. Okey
Michael & Joni Oliphant
Walter M. Oliver
Sandra Ollhoff
Dennis J. &
Sara O’Loughlin
Amanda Olson
Brooke Olson
Dennis M. Olson
Julie Olson
Kelly Olson
Kim Olson
Lauren Olson
Leslie Olson
Lisa Olson
Melissa Olson
Robert Olson
Teresa Olson
Arthur Olszewski
Paula O’Malley
Dan & Barb O’Neill
Janelle Onnen
Regina Ontiveros
Christopher Opelt
Optimist Club Of
Optimist Club Of West
Vlanca Orellana
Wendy Orfan
Jane Orosco
Winifred M. O’Rourke
Juan Ortiz
Yanila Ortiz
Lisa Ortman
Oscar Rennebohm
Foundation Inc.
Robert B. & Jean
Jeffrey Oshiro
Moshira Osman
Brock Osserdahl
Susan Osting
Paula Ostrowski
Constance K. Ott
Jenny Ott
Owens & Minor
Julie Padfield
Angela Paffel
Melvin & Mary Palmer
Sharon Palumbo
Paragon Business
Furniture Group
Heather Paris
Amanda Parish
Chelsea Parish
Janis Parkinson
Andrea Parks
Jared Parmley
Jessica Partlow
Parts Now LLC
Marilyn V. Passini
Kari Patton-Motluck
Valerie Paulin
Leanna Paulsen
Dawn Paulson
Megan Paulson
Heather Paulus
Theresia Pawlak
David Payne
Ellen Payne
Robert A. &
Margaret M. Pearce
Erin Pearson
Mary Peat
Debby Pedder
Simon F. & Laurie Peek
Teresa Pellino
Lisa Pember
Cynthia Pemberton
William T. & S. Joan Penn
Clara Penniman
Nicole Perrin
Nicole Perrin
Kevin J. & April M. Perry
Sherryl L. Pertzborn
Lynn Peters
Tesa Peters
Ashley Peterson
Becky Peterson
Laura Peterson
Peggy Peterson
Robin Peterson
Scott Peterson
Pete’s Premier Painting
Jeff & Donna Pfaff
Michael D. Pfautsch
Rebecca Pfeil
Lori Phelts
Pamela Phillips
Laura Phillipson
Tonia Pien
Pierce Family Foundation
Pierce-Jacobsen Family
Steven J. Pierce
Melissa Pierick
Lynn Pink
Michelle L. Pinzon
Beth Piper
Constance S. Pire
Georgia Pirkel
Katherine Pirrung
Lee Anne Pirus
Thomas Pisapia
Arthur J. &
Delores M. Pitas
Joann Pivotto
Barb Pizzolato
Plain Volunteer Fire
Sami Plath
Marianna Platukis
Rich & Kristy Plier
Cindi Pluemer
Rose Poels
Chris Poffenberger
Kim Poforfke
Jayne Polelle
Ellen & Jamie Pollard
John R. &
Josephine M. Pollock
Greg & Kathleen Polster
Emily Pope
Nick Pope
Donna Porter
Kathy Porter
Patricia K. Porter
Sue Potter
Kristen Potterton
Jean Poulson
James B. Powell &
Kathleen A.
Mc Cormick
Debra Powers
Emily Powers
PPD Development
Lisa Prain
Jennifer Pratt
Sharon Pratt
Carmen Prechel
Premier Martial Arts
Alton W. & Roma Price
Beverly Ann Priefer
Geoffrey R. &
Christine E. Priest
Kathleen Prigge
Denise M. PrilowSimmons
Joseph R. Primrose
Prince Of Peace - Holy
Martyrs School
Krystal Prochnow
Lisa Procknow
Prom-Krog-Altstiel Inc.
Misty Prosser
Amy Prouty
Diane Puccetti
David H. Pucci
James W. Pucci
Tracey Punzel
Jan Puphoff
Susan Purcell
Patti Purtell
Bob Purvis
Heidi Puterbaugh
QAD Inc.
Quaker Steak & Lube
Tracy Qualey
Erik & Sudha Quamme
Jaye Quindy
Joyce Quinlan
Martin, Jr. &
Carol J. Quinlan
Amber Raab
Helen Raatz
Kaylen Rabl
Rabl Enterprises
Stephen & Heather Raffel
Barbara N. Ragatz
Terry P. & Jackie Ragus
Peter S. & Beth A. Rahko
Jasmine Raisbeck
Amy Ralay
Lincoln F. Ramirez &
Carolyn Bell
Rebecca Ramirez
Samantha Ramirez
Jodi Ramos
Shannon &
Ryan Ramquist
Francine Ranger
Schauna Rasmussen
Stephanie Rasmussen
Laura Rath
Jackie Rauls
Jeanie Raupp
Jon Raymond
Judith P. &
Charles J. Raymond
Dmitry Razalyeu
Danessa Razim
Vicki Redford
Randy E. &
Kathryn M. Ree
Nanette Reed
Lyndsay Reese
Reeseville Fire Department
Whitney Reichling
Terence Kent Reid
Edward &
Margaret Reifsteck
Christian G. &
Sara B. Reikersdorfer
Colleen Reilly
Nicole Reinbold
Nicole Reingold
Mary Reinhart
Rebecca Reinhart
Lynn Reinholtz
Brad & Claire Reinke
Jerome G. Rekowski
Angie Remmington
Richard R. &
Sharon M. Renk
Cheri Rennells
Rent It
Richard Reppen
Teuta Resad
Restaino Bunbury &
Holly Reynen
Nic Reynolds
Reynolds Pharmacy
Sharon Rhiner
Norbert D. Rhinerson
Cynthia Rhyner
Tammy Rias
Theresa Ribbke
Arlene Ricciardi
Eric Richards
J.P. &
Beth Richards Family
The Richards Family
Heather Richmond
Chad Rickert
Jennifer Riddle
Beth & Barbara Ridgeman
Kate Riemenapp
Laura Riesen
Carrie Riha
Kathryn Rimmert
Ashley Rindle
Lisa Rindy
Tessa Rindy
Lori Ring
Nancy Ring
Stephanie Ringstead
Tina Rios
Barb Ripp
Cassie Ripp
Cathy Risseeuw
Michele Rittenhouse
Renee M. Rizzo
Robert E. Nolan Co. Inc.
Burnell R. Roberts
James M. Roberts
John W. &
Stephanie Roberts
Penny & Robin Roberts
Terri Roberts
Georgiena Robinson
Heather Robinson
Mark Robinson
Claude Rochon
Mickey Rochon
Michael J. & Kathi J. Rock
Derk & Melody Rodger
Cordero Rodriguez
Diana Roehr
Scott & Georgia Roeming
Amy S. Roen
Brian T. Roessler
Kathy Roessler
Sue Roessler
Amy Rogers
Bobbie S. M. Rogers
Cindy Rogers
Vikki Rogers
Kymm Rogge
Holly Roll
Tisha Rollette
Denise Rolli
Tammy Romack
Rome Volunteer Fire
Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House
Charities of Madison
Renee Ronningen
Dorothy A. Rooney
Aggie Rose
Mitch Rosefelt
Joshua Rosen
Kent Rosenthal
David Y. &
Peggy Rosenzweig
Shelley Roskopf
Erica Rosonke &
Scott Rosonke
Ashley Ross
Cynthia Ross
Nicole Ross
Ngunar Rotar
Meagan Rotchwell
Daniel P. &
Christina M. Rotert
Kristi Roth
Roth Enterprises Inc.
Steven S. Rough
David R. Roughen
Lori Rubin
Terry Ruchti
Laura Rud
Eric R. & Nancy T. Rude
Felice & Nathan Rudin
Margaret Ruefer
Patti Ruegsegger
Stepanie Ruesch
Megan Rufenacht
Rachel Ruhland
Alan M. & Jill M. Runde
Cheryl Runde
Kim Rung
Jenny Runkle
Marisa Ruosch
Russ Darrow Group
Victoria Rybaski
Jaime Ryczek
George A. &
Cheryl Ryniak
Keith Ryniak
S and B Construction, Inc.
Heather Saari
Thomas N. &
Suzanne M. Saari
Kristen Sacia
Kerri Sackett
Kiril Sakovsky
Saks Inc.
Jack C. &
Sarah J. Salzwedel
Sharon Sanabria
Jennifer Sanceri
Eric M. & Claudia Sanders
Jayne Sanders
Susan G. Sanford-Ring
Susan Santon
Rebecca Sapp
Jennifer Sarbacker
Lisa Sauer
Sauk City Fire Department
Ben & Amanda Sayre
Carrie Scanlon
Lindsey Schaaf
Barb Schachern
Terry &
Deanna Schadeberg
Brittney Scharine
Angela Schasker
Carol Scheel
Ruth Scheel
Sharon Scheidler
Rebecca & Carl Schenzel
Kelly Scherbarth
Robert C. & Julie A.
Mallory Schiferl
Robert L. &
Debra J. Schiffman
Lori Schiltz
The Schiro Family
Christine Schlapbach
Diane Schleis
Allison Schley
Monica Schlicht
Cindy Schluter
Donald J. &
Marietta K. Schlutter
Jennifer J. Schmeiser
Barry Schmidt
Kaitlyn & Dillon Schmidt
Michael R. &
Monica M. Schmidt
Elisa Schmitt
Jennifer Schmitt
Steve Schmitt
Brianne Schmoller
Cheryl Schmudlach
Stephanie Schmuhl
Andrew Schoeneck
Kristi Schoenherr
John F. Schoenknecht
Sigrid Schoepel
Machel Schofield
Cara Scholke
Melissa Schonasky
Ben Schoohs
Tina Schott
William & Joni Schott
Julie Schrader
Sara Schrank
Gary Schraufnagel
Theresa Schricker
David W. &
Jayne M. Schroeder
James B. Schroeder
Stormi Schroeder
Tammy S. Schroeder
Mary K. Schroth
William R. Schrum &
Kathleen M. Sciborski
Carie Schueetpelz
Ann Schuh
Pamela Schuler
Beth Schultz
Brenda Schultz
Daniel R. Schultz
Doreen Schultz
James & Lynn S. Schultz
Jamie Schultz
Megan Schultz
Robert C. &
Patricia L. Schultz
Jody Schumacher
Michelle Schumacher
Scott Schumacher
Brooke Schupbach
Scott Schuppe
Donald J. &
Theresa B. Schuster
Jennifer Schute
David Schwake
Frederick P. &
Deborah A. Schwartz
Heidi Schwenn
Lora Schwieso
Debra Scott
Donterrell Scott
Matt Scott
Michael A. Scott
Matt Scovill
Rebecca Searls
Glen Sears
Rick & Kristina M. Sears
Rodney E. &
Lynne M. Sears
Walt & Rachael See
Wendy Seffrood
Segoe Limited Partnership
Sandra Seifert
Stephanie Sejut
Katherine Selck
Heather Seldal
Keri Sellnow
Andrew Senti
Sergenians Floor
Roberto Setiawijaya
Kevin Seubert
Bethany Severson
Kasie Severson
Michelle Severson
Cathy Seymour-Ryan
Sarah Shafer
Richard Shaffer
Jill K. Shafranski
Kristi A. Sharkus
Stan & Barb Shaw
Luann Shay
Michael L. Sheldon
Rod & Peggy Sheldon
Justin Shemanski
Allison Shepard
Brian W. Sherman
Rachel Sherman
Rachael Shiels
Teri Shore
Doug & Cathy Showers
Brooke Shull
Elaine Shultz
Megan Shultz
Chris Sibole
Kenneth P. Sidlowski
Paulette L. Siebers
Dawn Siebert
Marvin G. &
Judith A. Siegert
Nancy N. Sielaff
Michelle Sieracki
Michelle Sigmund
Daniel Signs
Phyllis A. Sigrist
Kristi Sigurslid
John T. &
Tricia H. Silbernagel
Matthew P. Silbernagel
Silver Edge Systems
Caitlin Silverman
Katie Simon
Wallace L. &
Vivian E. Simons
Jessie Sines
Sisters On Main LLC
Heidi Skaleski
Sue A. Skalski
Laura L. Smail
Jeffrey Smarrella
Smart Solutions Inc.
Alicia Smith
Ananda Smith
Brad E. R. &
Nicole J. Smith
Brent P. Smith
Dan & Shannon Smith
Donald W. &
Alice M. Smith
Donna Mae Smith
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