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University of St. Michael’s College Alumni Newsletter
Vol. 38, Number 2, Fall 2000
New Residence at St. Michael’s
21st Kelly Lecture
Spring Reunion
Double Blue
A Letter from the Editor
The University of
St. Michael’s
College Alumni Newsletter
Welcome to the fall 2000 Issue of the DOUBLE BLUE. Our splendid cover, I am sure, evokes
many happy memories of returning to the campus at St. Michael’s. For the first time, the
Class of 2004 will encounter and form new impressions. Fall is a season of new beginnings.
In this issue you will learn of a significant new beginning. Construction has begun on a new
residence. This has created an atmosphere of excitement. Our alumnae profiles introduce two
remarkable graduates - Lucy Booth Martyn, SMC �25 and Karen Hughes, SMC �87.
The contributions of both, I am sure you will agree, reflect the ongoing legacy of St. Michael’s to
our communities. DOUBLE BLUE is full of pictures that tell of the activities of the past year.
On 30 May 2000, St. Michael’s welcomed home the new President of the University of Toronto,
Robert Birgeneau and his wife, Mary Catherine Ware Birgeneau, both graduates of SMC.
A successful Spring Reunion 2000 brought together hundreds of alumni from far and wide.
The Class of �50 was particularly exuberant in their celebrations. Father Peter Mosteller’s
(class of �50) reflections in his homily at the Alumni Liturgy struck a chord with the
participants. His advice “to live life and to live a worthy life” highlighted his theme that
“Everything I need to know, I learned at St.Mike’s.” Spring Reunion 2000 was capped by the
opening of the newly restored Father Robert Madden Hall.
The Annual Fund, Faith Hope and Charity, was very successful. The increased participation in
this effort reminds us once again of the seriousness of the commitment members of the
St. Michael’s community take to this institution. Your response is gratifying.
One feature, “Letters to the Editor,” that we hoped to continue does not appear. Our
audience seems happy with the recent changes for the newsletter. That is the good news,
but we would like to hear more from you. Of course the traditional letter will do, but do not
hesitate to call, fax, e-mail or any other way to be in touch.
Visit our updated website - www.utoronto.ca/stmikes. Check for the latest Alumni activities
and look for the past issues of the DOUBLE BLUE.
I want to thank the Editorial Committee, staff and all the contributors who have made
this issue possible. Enjoy your read.
Mary Ellen Burns, �70
Mary Ellen Burns
Christina Attard
Fr. Richard Donovan, CSB
J. Barrett Healy
Fr. Robert Madden, CSB
Fr. John Madden, CSB
Eva Wong
Editorial Commitee
Brian O’Malley
Richard Toporoski
Steve Scharper
Ken Schnell
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The Alumni Board and Office Staff
express their sincere thanks to the
following for their assistance:
President Richard Alway
Adele Annett
Cathy Brayley
Patrick Carroll
Helen Conrath
Gerald Devlin
Fr. Steven Hawkes-Teeples, SJ
Mike Henry
Karen Hughes
Mary Keenan
Mimi Marrocco
Carmille Harlock
Diana Martyn
Lucy Martyn
Fr. James McConica, CSB
Fr. Peter Mosteller, CSB
Bill O’Hara
Brian O’Malley
Liz Paupst
Kent Rawson
And all those who contributed to Info-Update Bravo
Alumni Association
Board Members 2000-2002:
University of St. Michael’s College Alumni Newsletter
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The Alumni Association
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If you know of a fellow
alumnus/a who has
lost touch with St.
Michael’s College,
please encourage them
to contact us with their
updated address or
send us their address
and phone number.
Patrick Joseph Carroll: President
James Bernard Milway: Vice-President
Michael Robert Henry: Treasurer
Gloria C Buckley: Secretary
Maureen Hart-Biason: Past President
Brian R O’Malley: Executive Director,
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Mary Ellen Jane Burns: Director, Alumni Affairs
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Brigid Mary Martha O’Reilly
Maureen Monica Rocchi
M Lynne Sullivan
Andrew Volpe (Student Rep)
21st Kelly Lecture
Fr. Robert Taft SJ
The Year 2000 is a banner year for the Kelly Lecture series. We are
pleased to announce that the Right Reverend Archimandrite Robert
F. Taft SJ is to present the 21st Kelly Lecture on Friday 1 December
2000. This special lecture, entitled “Anamnesis, not Amnesia:
The Healing of Memories and the Problem of Uniatism,” carries on
the purpose of the former St. Andrew and St. Peter Lectures,
established by St. Michael’s to explore relations between the Roman
Catholic, Eastern Catholic and Eastern and Oriental Orthodox
Churches. The initiators of the St. Andrew and St. Peter Lectures
have welcomed this incorporation into the schedule of the Kelly
Lecture series because it ensures the continuation of this important
ecumenical venture.
Rev. Robert Taft SJ, a Byzantine Catholic priest and member of the
Society of Jesus, was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island.
He was ordained a priest in the Byzantine Slavonic (Russian) Rite in
1963. After completing his M.A. in Philosophy at Boston College in
1956, he spent three years teaching at Baghdad College, Baghdad,
Iraq. He returned to complete an M.A. in Russian studies at Fordham
University in 1961. He received a Licentiate degree in 1964 from
Weston College (Mass.) and continued his studies in Europe,
receiving a Doctorate in Eastern Christian Studies from the Pontifical
Oriental Institute in Rome in 1970.
In 1970, Fr. Taft was appointed to the faculty of the Pontifical
Oriental Institute, where he is currently Professor of Oriental Liturgy
and Vice-Rector. He has been a visiting professor at Notre Dame
University since 1974. An internationally recognized scholar and
superb teacher, Fr. Taft is also a prolific writer, having authored over
250 works. In 1986, he published The Liturgy of the Hours in the
East and West: The Origins of the Divine Office and Its Meaning for
Today, which received the “Best Book in Theology Award” from the
Catholic Press Association of the US and Canada. In 1982, Fr. Taft
was appointed by Pope John Paul II as Consultor to the Special
Commission for Liturgy of the Vatican Congregation for the
Oriental Churches.
We are excited and honoured to have a scholar of Fr. Taft’s academic
stature continue, in the Kelly Lecture series, the tradition of the
St. Andrew and St. Peter Lectures. We extend a particularly warm
invitation to our friends from the Eastern Catholic andOrthodox Churches.
Please join us on Friday 1 December 2000, at 8:00 P.M. in Sam
Sorbara Hall at St. Michael’s College. There is no charge for
admission, no tickets are needed, and all are welcome.
by Mary Ellen Burns, �70
Above: Fr. Robert Taft SJ.
Alumni Association
A Letter from the Alumni President
One of the hallmarks of the spirit and tradition of St. Michael’s is its
strong sense of an inclusive community. I left St. Mike’s well armed
to face the challenges of the future. It has been my good fortune to
become involved again in this unique community of friends.
I want to introduce myself. I am a graduate, SMC Class of �70. I warn
you - if Bob Shiley SMC �68 calls to ask for help for SMC, take care.
I received such a call in 1995. I was asked to help on the first Spring
Memories Celebration. Father Bob Madden then asked me to join the
Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. As a Board member, I was
involved with the important strategy sessions undertaken on the
watch of Maureen Hart-Biason. This began an ambitious effort to
revitalize the Alumni Association and its Board. A review of the
Board’s structure resulted in a greater emphasis to be placed on
committee work. This would require greater alumni involvement.
I want to celebrate the work of Maureen and her hard working
executive - Marie Daly Cook, Vice President, SMC �91, Rosemary
Chambers, SMC �91 and John Brown, SMC �78. They have set the
course well.
In 1998, I was asked to become a member of the Executive as
Treasurer and head up the finance committee. Laura Syron, SMC �88,
a committee member, was instrumental in developing a five-year
strategic plan. After a successful Annual Fund in 1998-99, the goal
set for the next Annual Fund 1999 - 2000 effort, better known at
St. Michael’s as Faith, Hope and Charity, was set. It was very
successful. Not only was the goal exceeded but also the participation
rate rose by 24%, as did the average gift amount by 17%. This was
propelled by the efforts of the President’s Circle Committee under
the direction of Victor Dodig SMC �88. Next year under the direction
of Michael Henry, SMC �91, the strategic plan continues.
New York Visit
Above L to R: Mary Giordmaine �55, Joseph Giordmaine �55, Kenneth McDonald �57,
Denise McDonald, Bruce McDonald �62, and Beth McDonald.
Above L to R: Ernie Baltutis �70, George Delhomme �39.
My hopes as President for the next two years are to encourage
increased participation and support from our alumni and friends.
This intellectual, emotional and financial support is a strong lifeline
to the ongoing vitality of St. Michael’s. The strength of the Alumni
Association is not just the activity and commitment of its Board.
We have had a good start, but have a long way to go. We need you!
Patrick Carroll, �70
Above: Marcy Mugan Gordon �60, Fr. Madden, CSB �52,
Christine Lutgens �71 and Jean Loftus �60.
University of St. Michael’s College Alumni Association
Above: Dr. Richard Alway, Victor Dodig �88,
and Karlo Duvnjak.
Photos: Ken Schnell
Alumni Profile
Karen Hughes �87
Two things that are immediately apparent about Karen Hughes are
her dedication and her sense of humour, qualities that contributed
to her induction into the U of T Sports Hall of Fame this past June.
Recognised for her involvement in championship ice hockey and
soccer teams, Hughes has made remarkable achievements, and not
only as a player. She has been the head coach of the Varsity Blues
Women’s Ice Hockey team since 1993, following three years as
assistant, continuing a trend of activity and involvement that dates
back to her undergraduate days. Enrolled at St. Michael’s, “I played
soccer for St. Mike’s in my first year” and also refereed hockey at the
college while excelling in Varsity sports.
“It’s a really great honour,” she said of her induction. “I don’t think
you realize it until you’re at the event, with all these other people
who’ve done fabulous things over their careers in university sports.”
Hughes was in good company. In addition to her contributions to
U of T sports, Hughes has coached ice hockey at the national level,
travelling as far afield as Sweden and Finland.“The best part of all is at
the end of the game when we have won and your team lines up on the
blue line, and they play the national anthem and raise the flag of the
winning country. This makes you very proud to be a Canadian, and is
something very special about international competition.”
Still, what she loves most is working with her U of T hockey team.
“Coaching them, you teach them a little bit more about other things
than just playing hockey, like how to get along with each other, how
to balance their time, providing a good support group for them.
Our players are fun. They make me laugh; we have a good time.”
Having fun is important to Hughes-”you can challenge yourself to be
the best athlete you can be, but at the same time you should enjoy
doing it”-but clearly, so is constant improvement.
“I like to do things well, so when I became head coach at U of T,
I wanted to become a better coach.” She took certification courses
and is now a level four coach. “Working with Canadian Hockey is a
great help to me with U of T because I get to go to coaching
seminars. People who coach in the NHL come and talk. It’s been a
great development opportunity for me, from a coaching perspective.”
Improving as a coach allows Hughes to do a better job of helping her
players improve, too. “You can make people better. My team wasn’t
that good two years ago, but we still did well.” One of her former
players, a recently graduated masters of engineering student, came
to the U of T team as a beginner player. “She was determined to play
hockey, and this year she was a CIAU All Canadian.”
Exciting though her own hockey career was, Hughes doesn’t miss
being a player. She still skates with the team every day, and
ultimately, she loves to coach. “The best part for me is, I like to see
my players in the university get better, improve, graduate, get a job,
and go on and be successful in whatever they’re doing.”
Above: Karen Hughes
She’s especially grateful for her position with the Varsity Blues,
where she doesn’t have to think about buying equipment or making
travel arrangements. “U of T is great. They make it possible for
someone like me to be a part-time coach. You get to do what you
like to do, more. It’s the perfect place to coach.”
Balancing her time is important, as Hughes combines her Varsity and
National Hockey coaching with her job as a Senior Analyst with the
Resources and Economic Development Branch of the Management
Board Secretariat. It was also a factor when she was a student,
working toward a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Though she did have
five years as an undergraduate, “you actually find when you do
varsity sports, you don’t waste time.”
Now, “I use my vacation to go and do national team hockey.”
She works with the U of T team for seven months of the year, and
looks after scheduling, monitors training programs, and participates
in recruiting during the other five. After maintaining such a fastpaced schedule for so long, what would Hughes do to fill the gap if
she ever stopped coaching?
Hughes doesn’t hesitate. “Golf,” she says, laughing.
by Mary Keenan �88
Welcome Home President and Mrs. Birgeneau
Above: Dr. Richard Alway �62, Mrs. Doris Lau and Dr. Robert Birgeneau
Photo: Ron Sumners
Above L to R: Dr. R. Alway �62, Bill Broadhurst �51, Dr. R.
Birgeneau �63, Mrs. Mary Catherine Birgeneau �62, and Mrs. Arden
Spence Broadhurst �54. Photo: Ron Sumners
Above L to R:
Mrs. Mary Catherine
Birgeneau �62,
Dr. Robert Birgeneau �63
and Dr. Richard Alway �62.
Photo: Ron Sumners
Right L to R:
Declan Doyle and
Nico Tappalardo with
President Alway,
President Birgeneau,
Mrs. Mary Catherine
Birgeneau and
Patrick Carroll.
Photo: Ron Sumners
Above L to R: Fr. Ambrose Raftis, CSB �45, Dr. Robert Birgeneau �63,
Mrs. Mary Catherine Birgeneau �62, Patrick Carroll �70 and
Mrs. Marley Carroll �70.
Photo: Ron Sumners
Right L to R:
Barbara Boyle, Prof. Joseph
Boyle, SMC Principal, and
Dr. Robert Birgeneau.
Photo: Ron Sumners
Dr. Robert Birgeneau �63
with his St. Mike’s College
Latin teacher,
Fr. Tony Kelly, CSB �45 and
Dr. Richard Alway �62.
Photo: Ron Sumners
Above: Welcoming Reception for Dr. and Mrs. Birgeneau, Charbonnel Lounge.
The Welcoming Throng.
Photo: Peter Hartwig
Alumni Profile
Lucy Booth Martyn �25
Things were pretty different on the U of T campus during the days
that Lucy Booth Martyn spent as a St. Michael’s College student in
English and History. Frappuccinos were nowhere to be found, tuition
was well under $500 per year, and Robarts had yet to loom large over
Harbord Street. From 1921 to 1925, Lucy Booth Martyn attended
Loretto College, then on St. George Street, living nearby on Barton
Ave. with her parents.
In addition to being an outstanding undergraduate student,
Mrs. Martyn was very much involved in school life, “I was President
of our Student Council in 1923. I remember frantically organizing for
our February dance! I think that my extracurricular activity
influenced my academics for the better. My membership in the
Literary Society ignited my lifelong interest in literature.”
This interest has indeed been lifelong. Mrs. Martyn completed her
Master’s degree in Canadian History in 1936 after having worked as a
supply teacher in northern Ontario for five years. Forty-two years
later, her first book (of five) on the history of Toronto, was
published: Toronto: 100 Years of Grandeur. “I was able to continue to
study and write while my husband, Murdoch, and I raised our
children (Diana and Donald). I’m sure they remember me at the
books and frequenting the library throughout their grade school and
high school years.”
The Face of Early Toronto, Mrs. Martyn’s third book, was published
when she was 79 years old. It was a real winner, garnishing the
prestigious City of Toronto Book Award for historical non-fiction in
1983. Mrs. Martyn’s daughter Diana commented, “My mother caught
the academic bug at Loretto and it never left her.” Mrs. Martyn
agrees, “I will never forget the influence that the Loretto sisters had
on my life. They were smart, gentle and sweet, and they made the
academic experience serious but joyful for us young women, an
experience one never wanted to end.”
A particularly favourite memory involves one of the Loretto sisters
and her gift for drawing her students into the material they were
learning. “Mother Estelle always had something interesting for us to
do. In my second year, she decided that our Latin class needed to
get a better idea of what we’d been talking about, so she decided
that we should stage a Roman wedding. We spoke our parts in Latin
and wore full, proper costumes. I was the bride!”
Above: Lucy Booth Martyn and Mary Ellen Burns
Picture: Camille Harlock
Mrs. Martyn was in the SMC spotlight once again more recently.
This year, she and one other graduate of the U of T Class of �25 were
honoured with the Chancellor’s Circle Medal on the occasion of their
75th Spring Reunion. Of this, Mrs. Martyn stated, “I couldn’t believe
that so many days had passed since my time at Loretto. But the
experience is always with me.”
Lucy Booth Martyn is the quintessential SMC alumna smart, gentle,
and sweet, the very way she described the Loretto sisters who helped
her prepare for the 75 years (so far!) of life after St. Mike’s.
By Elizabeth Paupst �92
Campus News
Leonard Boyle
Memorial Chair
The Pontifical Institute of
Medieval Studies has launched a
campaign to raise two million U.S.
dollars to establish the Leonard E.
Boyle Chair in Manuscript Studies.
The Chair was announced by Fr.
James McConica, CSB, Praeses of
the Pontifical Institute, at the
Boyle Memorial Lecture last
March, and again at the annual
gathering of medievalists in May,
in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where a
special session was dedicated
to Fr. Boyle.
Leonard Boyle, who died in Rome
on 25 October 1999, was a Fellow
of the Institute from 1961 to
1984, when he was appointed
Vatican Librarian. At the Institute,
he taught to an ever-expanding
circle of students and colleagues.
His remarkable talents were honed
at PIMS, where he was building on
the resources and scholarly
tradition established by its
founders. His renown as a teacher
Above: Fr Leonard Boyle.
Photo: Anna Burko.
and scholar served as a magnet for
medievalists from around the
world, and continued to do so during his tenure as Prefect of the
Vatican Library from 1984-1997. The Chair will serve to honour Fr.
Boyle’s memory and to secure in Toronto the legacy of his approach
to research, directed always to the disciplines necessary to exploit
original sources.
Fr. Boyle was born in Ireland where later, he entered the Dominican
Order, studying first in Ireland and then at the Dominican Studium
Generale of Blackfriars, Oxford. Following ordination in 1949, he
completed his Oxford D.Phil. thesis, a study of the works of William
of Pagula. From 1955 to 1957, he worked on the Calendar of Papal
Letters in the Vatican Archives, and from 1956 to 1961, he taught at
the Angelicum, Rome. In 1961, he came to the Pontifical Institute at
St. Michael’s College. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical
Society in 1963, the Medieval Academy of America in 1980, and an
Officer of the Order of Canada in 1987.
His departure from Toronto was a loss deeply felt by friends, students,
and colleagues throughout North America. He continued to publish in
the remarkable range of subjects that epitomized the unity of medieval
studies as a discipline, including canon law, codicology, pastoralia,
archaeology (most famously on the pre-history of San Clemente in
Rome), historical theology, and the history of education. At the time of
his death he was the President of the Leonine Commission, the
extended project to produce a modern, critical edition of the works of
Thomas Aquinas. Nevertheless, it is as a great teacher that he will be
best remembered. Accordingly, a Chair here in his name will be
his living memorial.
by Fr. James K. McConica, CSB
News from Continuing
Education at
St. Michael’s
As we begin our fifteenth year, Continuing
Education at St. Michael’s is expanding its
horizons in every way: new courses, new
partners, new staff, new offices, new
instructors and new opportunities to access
affordably over 50 programs on topics
ranging from art and literature to spirituality
and pastoral care.
Alumni in the Greater Toronto Area may
want to take advantage of the new Blue Card
Passport to Learning, which allows passport
holders 12 months of tuition-free access to
most programs. Other Blue Card Passport
benefits include a complimentary pass to
introduce a friend to a program, advance
notice of special events at St. Mike’s,
borrowing privileges at the Kelly Library, and
book store and publication discounts. The
Blue Card Passport is available for $300/year
and may be purchased over the telephone by
calling the Continuing Education office at
One of our new partners is Laurent Leduc,
founder of Leadership Horizons and a
graduate of St. Michael’s and former lecturer
in Ethics. Dr. Leduc is currently in discussions with the Conference
Board of Canada’s Canadian Centre for Business in the Community to
develop a Certificate program in Corporate Social Responsibility.
The program will be introduced in early 2001. Joining the Advisory
Board for this new venture is St. Michael’s alumnus Tony Comper �66,
Chairman and CEO of the Bank of Montreal.
Other new programs, including a certificate in Service Provision to
the Homeless, are being offered with our partner in social services,
Toronto Advanced Professional Education (T.A.P.E.).
Tara Cookson Smith (SMC �96) was with us as Administrative
Assistant until the first of September. She and husband Geoff
(SMC �96) are expecting their first child soon. Until Tara’s return in
March, we are pleased to introduce Karen Beitel, who came to the
University of Toronto from Campion College in Regina and recently
completed a BA in East Asian studies through Woodsworth College.
2000 - 2001 promises to be our best year ever. We invite you to call,
or to visit our Web site for more information about our exciting
programs. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Continuing Education at St. Michael’s College
For more information Please call:
(416) 926-7254 or visit us at: www.utoronto.ca/stmikes
By Mimi Marrocco, Director, Continuing Education
The New Madden Hall
Above: Assisted by Brian O’Malley and Dr. Richard Alway, Fr. Madden cuts the ribbon. Madden Hall is officially open.
Photo: Ron Sumners
Left and Above:
Fr. Madden, Carr Hall.
Photo: Ron Sumners
Left: Fr. Madden �52 greets his
students and friends at the
June fourth reception.
Photo: Peter Hartwig
Above: What a grand opening! Dr. Richard Alway �62 and
Fr. Madden �52 enter the newly renovated Madden Hall.
Photo: Peter Hartwig
Campus Notes
In March,
the Ontario Historical Society
- awarded the Joseph Brant Prize to Professor Mark McGowan for his
book, The Waning of the Green: Catholics, the Irish and Identity in
Toronto 1887 - 1922. The award is given annually for the best
historical book on a multicultural theme. Professor McGowan, of the
College’s Christianity and Culture program, was also the recipient of
the 1999-2000 St. Michael’s College Student Union’s Award for
Teaching Excellence. This award was presented at a reception in
Charbonnel Lounge on 13 April 2000.
Professor David Wilson
- of the Celtic Studies program received a U of T Outstanding
Teaching Award from Professor Carl Amrhein, Dean of the Faculty of
Arts and Science of the University of Toronto on 2 March 2000.
John M. Kelly Library
The “Henri J.M. Nouwen Archives and Research Collection” has
arrived at the Kelly Library. Gabrielle Earnshaw, the newly appointed
curator, is pleased to announce that the official opening will take
place on 21 September 2000. Located on the first floor of the
library, the collection is opened to the public for research purposes.
Father Nouwen, an internationally known expert in Christian
Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry/Counselling, spent the last ten
years of his priestly life as Pastor at Daybreak/L’Arche in Richmond
Hill, Ontario. The Nouwen Collection is a generous gift of this
community. It has been held recently at the Divinity Library at Yale
University. It contains course material from Nouwen’s lectures at Yale
and Harvard. It also holds unpublished material from the 1960’s until
the time of his death in 1996. Although the collection is not
available for lending, it can be viewed by appointment at the
Nouwen Centre at the library. Call the curator for an appointment at
926-1300 EXT. 3405.
For the next year, while Victoria University’s Pratt Library is under
renovation, its Reformation and Renaissance collection will be
available to the U of T community on the second floor of St.
Michael’s John M. Kelly Library.
Faculty of Theology
Recent Publications:
1• Bibliotheca Basiliana Universalis
Published by Professor Paul Fedwick.
A study of the Manuscript Tradition, translations and
Editions of the Works of Basil of Caesarea, IV.
1 -3: Testimonia, Liturgical and Canonical Compositions,
Florilegia, Catanae, Iconography.
2• Excavating Q:
The History and Setting of the Sayings Gospel Q
3• The Formation of Q:
Trajectories in Ancient Wisdom Collections
Both published by Professor John Kloppenborg.
4• The Pilgrim’s Tale
Professor T. Allan Smith, C.S.B.
published his translation of The Pilgrim’s Tale.
Graditude 2000
(the gift of the graduating class) at St. Michael’s College was highly
successful this past year. The campaign’s student committee, led by
Misha Beline, Olivia de Souza, Katie DiTomaso and Mark Sokolski
received the award for “best large campaign” from the University of
Toronto and the Department of Alumni and Development.
Over $8,000.00 was raised for the Class Project - beautification of
Elmsley Place, better known to some as “Flower Pot Lane”.
Books and Lecture Series,
Alum’s Legacy to St. Mike’s
Fred Furlong �51 was captivated by the capital ships of the Second
World War. Influenced early in life by his father’s love of ships and
anything naval, he acquired an extensive collection of books on the
history of the ships and of the period of WW II. After his death on
11 February 1999, this valuable collection was left to the John M.
Kelly Library. Louise Girard, Chief Librarian, commented that this is a
welcomed addition to the library’s current holdings.
Fred Furlong had a deep sense of gratitude to the Basilians and to
St. Mike’s. He thoroughly enjoyed his student days. He was an avid
debater and on one occasion challenged the Right Honorable Paul
Martin SMC �25 (father of the present Canadian Federal Minister of
Finance, himself an SMC graduate of �61) in a Hart House debate.
Fred developed a passion for history, with an eclectic bent to his
interests. Upon graduation he began a life-long career in education,
receiving M.Ed. in 1961. Initially a history teacher at the middle
school level, Fred moved into guidance. This led him into
administration. In 1972, he became a Senior Administrator for the
North York Board of Education. Well thought of in this role, he did
not suffer lightly those who shortchanged the students. Fred loved
to travel, as his frequent trips to Europe testify
- a favorite locale was Paris.
In addition to the generous donation of his beloved books,
Mr. Furlong left St. Mike’s funds to endow a series of history lectures
in the College’s Christianity and Culture program. The first is
scheduled for spring 2001. Check the spring issue of Double Blue
for time and place.
St. Michael’s deeply appreciates the generosity of Fred Furlong and
his commitment to seeing that spirit and traditions of his alma
mater are carried on.
by Mary Ellen Burns, �70
New Millennium Golf Classic
On Tuesday, July 25th, St. Mike’s welcomed 120 alumni and friends
to the first annual alumni golf tournament at Angus Glen Golf Club
in Markham, Ontario (course of the Canadian Open in 2002).
Edmond Odette, �47, was Honorary Chair for the event assisted by
Co-Chairs, Joseph Sorbara, �63, and Doris Lau, who did all the work.
It was a smashing success! The funds raised will be used for
the new residence.
Above: Desmond, Eva and Fr. Robert Madden.
A large contingent of notable graduates and friends participated in
the event. A reception and dinner followed where our guests had a
chance to meet with former teachers and Basilian friends.
Who’s Eva?
It’s just high time that USMC alumni get to know better a woman
who has, for over a decade, been at the epicenter of just about
everything going on in the Office of Alumni and Development. For all
you alumni who have heard Eva’s voice on the phone over the years
and have asked, “Who is Eva Wong?” here is the scoop...
Eva has been with USMC for over 12 years now, hired by Father Robert
Madden in 1988 (“One of the few smart things I ever did,” he
commented). Eva was Father’s “right-hand-woman” in Alumni Affairs
up until his retirement in 1998 and is now Alumni Associate, working
closely with the Director of Alumni Affairs, Mary Ellen Burns.
But life for Eva did not begin at St. Mike’s (though we like to think
it got better at that point). Before Eva began working at U of T in
the Ophthalmology department, she arrived in Canada from Hong
Kong in 1972 and soon after married her husband, Desmond, in
Toronto. They moved to Sault St. Marie, where Desmond completed
his chartered accountancy studies, and the two started their family
of three girls, Alison, Evelyn and Janice.
Since joining Father Madden, Eva has just about done it all in her
time with USMC: photography, event planning, preparing the
newsletter, alumni communications, providing support for the Board,
and overall troubleshooting. In fact, “shooting” did figure obliquely
in Eva’s job once. “I remember a few years ago, a distraught friend of
a former staff member made violent threats against our office. If
you’ve ever wondered why we had peepholes in our doors in Alumni
Hall, that was the reason! You’ll notice mine was a lot lower than
Father Donovan’s.”
Above: Cheque presented from Doris Lau & Joseph Sorbara, Committee Co-Charis,
to Dr. Richard Alway.
L to R: Dr. Richard Alway, Doris Lau, Joseph Sorbara.
Recently, new responsibilities have given Eva better occasion to get
out of the office and get to know students and alumni. “When I try
to picture a favourite event or memory, it’s so difficult, there are so
many. The events are wonderful, though; they help me see and get
to know everyone - Spring Reunion, the Kelly Lecture, retreats. It’s
such a joy to see each one being a success in its own way.”
Eva plans to take some vacation shortly after this issue of the
Double Blue is laid to rest! Undoubtedly, during “Eva’s Holiday
Time,” the most frequently asked question by the callers to the
Alumni Affairs Office will not be “Who’s Eva ?” but “WHERE is Eva ?”
Above: New Millennium Golf Classic 1st place Golf Team.
L to R: Tom McCarthy, Gord Laschinger, Edmond Odette, Ed Lloyd, Paul Salerno
By Elizabeth Paupst �92
New Residence
A New Residence for St. Michael’s
Aesthetics and practicality are once again working in tandem at
St. Michael’s College, where a new residence is under constructionthe first new building on campus since the Kelly Library, designed by
John J. Farrugia, was completed in 1969.
Over the last thirty years, the number of students registered at St.
Michael’s has far outstripped the number of residence rooms. With a
current enrolment of 3,500-3,600 students (and the same number of
rooms as were available when enrolment stood at under 1,000) fewer
students have an opportunity to experience on-campus living at St.
Michael’s. The elimination of grade 13 in 2003 further increases the
need for residence space, as even larger numbers will be seeking
campus accommodation in that year particularly.
In choosing to address the need for increased on-campus
accommodation, St. Michael’s took into consideration the
architectural profile of the campus. Odette Hall (Cloverhill),
including the initial portion of St. Basil’s Church, constructed in
1856, was designed by William Hay and is the building in longest
continuous academic use on the U of T campus. Additions were made
to this first College building and the Church in the 19th and early
20th Centuries. In 1936, the Teefy, More, Fisher, and Pontifical
Institute complex, designed by Arthur Holmes, opened on Queen’s
Park; two years later, the main section of Brennan Hall, also
designed by Holmes, was built. Montreal architect Ernest Cormier
designed Carr Hall, which opened in 1954.
St. Michael’s takes this architectural heritage seriously as architect
Kent Rawson executes a series of carefully planned projects to house
more academic departments as well as design the new residence. The
beautifully renovated Odette Hall is now home to the SMC Principal’s
Office, faculty and administrative offices for St. Michael’s and U of T.
Belisle House has been transformed from a men’s residence into
offices for the President, Alumni Affairs and Development, and
Continuing Education. This academic enrichment of St. Michael’s
underlines the importance of each new architectural decision.
“We studied half a dozen different options for the new residence
building,” Rawson said, but ultimately the underused space behind
Windle, Phelan, and Belisle Houses was selected as the site for the new
residence. The close proximity of the newest to the oldest building on
campus led Rawson to design a structure closely matching Odette Hall,
complete with pitched roof, dormers, and gables.
The result is not only a beautiful building, but also a state of the art
residence. Each of the 180 single-occupancy rooms will have a sink,
Internet access, and individually controlled air conditioning.
Handicapped residents will be accommodated in large, barrier free
rooms, and have access to both an elevator and a wheelchair lift.
Each floor will be a self-contained �house’ with a central lounge
facing out on the new gardens planned for the front of Odette Hall.
The basement area will feature two music rooms.
This addition of on-campus residence rooms will also bring the
availability of men’s and women’s accommodation at the College into
balance. Recognizing a trend for the proportion of women students
in Arts and Science programs to increase over time, the building has
been designed to allow an easy conversion of individual floors to
women’s residence space, to maintain that balance in the future.
The entire campus will benefit from the alterations created by the
new building. The existing driveway running in front of St. Basil’s
Church and between Windle and Phelan House to Elmsley Place will
be closed to vehicular traffic and replaced by a walkway and a raised
pedestrian plaza outside the doors of the Church. The nineteen trees
necessarily removed for construction will be replaced by 33 maples,
birches, and oaks. The building is designed to accommodate the
silver maple at present growing behind Phelan House, and a row of
flowering crab trees will be planted along the walkway that links the
west side of the building to Elmsley Place.
The building, scheduled for occupancy in September of 2001, will
have financial as well as visual impact. Thanks to support from the
U of T and individual donors, part of the $11.4 million financing has
been covered. However, “we’ll need $3 million from our alumni and
friends,” said Brian O’Malley, Executive Director of Alumni Affairs
and Development.
There is no shortage of opportunities to participate in this exciting
project. One St. Michael’s graduate has offered to contribute over
$100,000 for the fibre optics and wiring to connect every student
room to the U of T computer backbone and the Internet.
Opportunities are also available for alumni to �buy’ and name a
residence room.
by Mary Keenan �88
Spring Reunion
Above L to R: Dr. Alway with Class of �45.
Above L to R: Denise De Pape �70, Brigette Hutton
Schmidt �70, Gail-Anne (Thompson) Black �70.
Above L to R: Richard Orr, Vivian
(Tuttis) Kerwan �35, Claire Hope,
Catherine (Kerwan) Orr.
Above L to R: Class of �50 The Golden Lunch.
Above L to R: Helen (Gearon) Slattery �40, Laurine
Lalonde �40, Elizabeth Sweet �40, Catherine Moroney �40.
Above L to R: Liz (Schannell) Young �66 Nancy (Kane)
Kruger �65, Fr. Dave Belyea, CSB �49, Maureen NolanHanagan �65, and Bob Oliver �65.
Above L to R: Margret (Williams) Culliton, Raymond
Culliton �50, William Murphy �50, Joan Murphy, Vincent
Reid �50, Robert Reid �50, and Betty Reid �50.
Above L to R: Class of �55 - a congenial dinner group!
Photo: Gerald Devlin �55
Above L to R: Ben Lenton �95, Brad Morrison �95, Damon
Lum, Karen Srodulski �95, Sam Lee �95, Bill Moreau CSB
�91 (back left), Yvonne Mullen �95, Carmen Sanchez �95,
Pino Federico �95.
Above L to R: Winnifred (Lownie) Williams �50, Rose
Marie (LaPalme) Jaco �50, Catherine Johnson �50,
Patricia (Quinn) Oldaker �50, Ann (Halasz) Dudziak �50,
Margaret (Lindo) McCullagh, Adele Annett �50.
Above At The Golden Lunch L to R: Joan (Keogh) Waters
�50, Clem Cassidy �50, Helen (Boehler) Conrath �50,
Thelma (Meguire) Donnelly �50.
Above L to R: Ruth Engel �48, Robert Engel �40, Margaret
Guest, Dr. Paul Guest �40, Kathleen Bennett �40.
Photos: Sonia Vaithilingham
Annual Fund
Faith, Hope and Charity
The Annual Fund 2000 - 2001
at St. Michael’s
St. Michael’s College alumni have long been known and admired in
the U of T community, and beyond, for their generous support of the
Annual Fund. Last year added further lustre to that well deserved
reputation. The 1999-2000 “Faith, Hope and Charity” Annual Fund
Campaign was very successful. Your donations to the Annual Fund
grew by 40%. The size of your average gift increased by 17%, and
most importantly, your participation jumped by 24%. These results
are bringing tangible benefits to St. Michael’s and to its current
students. Your contributions have helped St. Michael’s develop and
maintain its academic programs in Christianity and Culture and in
Celtic Studies, as well as its special student facilities, such as the
Chaplaincy, Scholarships and Bursaries and the John M. Kelly Library.
Your assistance continues to be very important to St. Michael’s.
Thank you.
Last year’s Annual Fund response has encouraged the Alumni
Association to aim higher this year. For the 2000-2001 Annual Fund
Campaign we are working to boost participation and to raise
$1,000,000. This total goal would mean an increase of about 15% in
donations. We believe that we can reach this mark, but obviously
only with your help. The total amount raised, however crucial it is to
the College’s mission, is not as important as the level of your
participation. We would like more and more alumni to become
actively involved in the St. Michael’s Annual Fund enterprise by
making some gift, whatever its size.
Thank you again for your previous generous support of
St. Michael’s College.
Michael R. Henry �91
Chair, Annual Fund Campaign
A Way To Help
Gifting Insurance Company Shares
Changes in the tax rules affecting the gifting of appreciated stock
and the demutualization of insurance companies could change your
charitable giving strategy.
The 1997 federal budget contained changes designed to make the
gifting of appreciated stock to charities tax effective. While twothirds of capital gains are normally included in income as a taxable
capital gain, if you make a gift of appreciated stock and debt
instruments of publicly-traded companies to qualified charities
(including St. Michael’s) before 2002, the capital gains inclusion rate
is one-third. You will be issued a charitable receipt equal to the
value of the gift. A tax credit based on the amount of the
charitable receipt will be sufficient to offset the tax arising in
respect of the capital gain. Any excess credit can be used to offset
income from other sources, subject to certain limits, and can be
carried forward for up to five years.
Over the past year, a number of Canadian insurance companies have
demutualized and become public companies. If you received shares,
there was no immediate tax consequence to you. For purposes of
computing future capital gains, however, the adjusted cost base of
these shares to you is zero. On a sale, two-thirds of the proceeds
realized on a sale of these shares, net of expenses, will be included
in income as a taxable capital gain. Many have described these
shares as “found money”.
Bringing the two events together could change your charitable giving
strategy in 2000 and 2001. By giving the demutualized shares
directly to qualified charities (including St. Michael’s) before 2002:
- one-third of the resulting capital gain will be
included in income;
- you will receive a charitable donation receipt equal
to the value of the shares;
- the charitable donation tax credit should be sufficient to
offset the taxes payable on the capital gain arising
from gift of the shares;
- excess tax credits can be used to offset the taxes
payable on other income in the year of the gift or
five years carried forward.
Consult your financial or tax planner concerning this and other
charitable giving strategies.
Catherine A. Brayley ’79,
Gowling Lafleur Henderson (Toronto)
L to R: K
elly Keo
gh �85, C
Hadley �8
ynthia K
5 at Spr
elly �85 an
ing Reuni
d Rita-M
�60, Ed
Bill M
L to R:
d Berarn
Donor List
Annual Fund Donors
The following list is of donors of $100 or more,
received between May 1, 1999 and April 30, 2000,
to the University of St. Michael’s College Annual Fund.
Please note that non-Annual Fund donations to the
University of St. Michael’s College and donations made
to other areas at the University of Toronto are not
included in this list.
The wishes of those who notified us of their choice to
remain anonymous have, to the best of our ability,
been respected. If your name should be here and is
not, we apologize; please let us know.
The students, faculty and staff of the University of St.
Michael’s College offer their sincere and heartfelt
thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of
the 1999-2000 Annual Fund.
* Matching Gift Company
$25,000 +
Patrick & Marley Carroll
Rev Dan Donovan
Louis L & Patricia M Odette
$10,000 - $24,999
Robert J & Mary C Birgeneau
Margaret M Fitzpatrick
Joseph C M James
John P McGrath
Harold J. Murphy
Brian & Anneliese O’Malley
Institute of the Blessed
Virgin Mary (Loretto Sisters)
Sisters of St Joseph
$5,000 - $9,999
Rev Claude G Arnold, CSB
Gordon Coleman
J Rob Collins
Katherine & George
Rev James K Farge, CSB
Rev Brian F Hogan, CSB
Rev William H Irwin, CSB
Charles Hilliard James †Rev Robert J F Madden, CSB
Rev Frank Mallon, CSB
Rev James K McConica, CSB
Rev Robert T O’Halloran, CSB
Sister Mechtilde O’Mara, CSJ
Paul J & Patricia R Phoenix
Tom & Marilyn Sutton
Rev Peter J M Swan, CSB
Brenda A Sweeney
Doreen M Williams
Westhall Investments Ltd
And 2 anonymous donors
$2,500 - $4,999
Ronald B M Blainey
David G Broadhurst
William H Broadhurst
Anthony E Dobranowski
Rev Richard B Donovan, CSB
Zoran Fotak
Anthony D B G Griffin
Robert W Henry
Edward PD Kerwin
Rev M Owen Lee, CSB
Rev Donald J Lococo, CSB
Julia M McLaughlin
Elliott Arthur Milstein
Murray A Mogan
Daniel J Murphy
Connie Ida Roveto
The Newhall Land and
Farming Company *
And 3 anonymous donors
$1,000 - $2,499
Susan Adam Metzler
Richard M H Alway
Marguerite Austen
Brad J Badeau
Rev David Esmond Belyea, CSB
John Bennett
Wanda A C Bielawski
William J Blainey
Ray Blair
Barbara Anita Blake
Gerald F Boulet
Margaret A Brennan
Dudley G Brown
Gloria Buckley
Mary Ellen Burns
John William Burrows
Michael Burtniak
J Leo Cahill
John F X Callahan
Paul H. D. Carson
Helen Christo
Paul Barry Cotter, Jr
Eileen Crothers
Hugh David Curtin
Carole Curtis
SisterMargaretAnnCuthbert GSIC
Michael D’Avella
Helen Demshar
Thomas A Dillon
Janice Dobranowski
Victor Dodig
Ronald T Doty
H W Doyle
Rev Mario O D’Souza, CSB
Margaret Treacy Egan
Mary Clarke Egan
Rev Ronald Fabbro, CSB
Rev Donald F Finlay, CSB
Joseph A Fischette
Robert W J Fitzgibbons
John L Flaherty
Thomas & Alice Flynn
Rev John C Gallagher, CSB
Louise H Girard
Rev Thomas James
Hanrahan, CSB
Donall B Healy
Kathleen Huckabone
Bernard & Betty Hurley
Robert H J Jones
Paul G Kennedy
Rev Kevin J Kirley, CSB
Marianna Korman
Thomas J F Lang †Douglas M Lawson
Mary Lee
William E Lee
Kenneth P Lefebvre
Rev Charles Leland, CSB
Martin Littlefield
Gary G Loo
Lawrence E M Lynch
Gerard Maggisano
Rose Maggisano
Valiant Mah
Sister Anne M Marrin CSJ
James F & Kathleen Martin
Rev John G Maskey CSB
Jerry W T Matthews
Rev Armand Maurer CSB
Richard P Mavrinac
Kenneth M R McDonald
Carol Sheldon McDonnell
Rodney D McEwan
Bruce M McLean
Rev Thomas Melady
Jim & Sheila Milway
Thomas Minehan
Edward J Monahan
Donald F Morrison
Gertrude Mulcahy
Sherrie C Murphy
John C Ninfo
Peter J & Jane H Obernesser
James A (Tim) &
Mary A O’Brien
Mary Catherine T O’Brien
Fabian A O’Dea
Paul H M O’Donoghue
Melville J B O’Donohue
J G O’Driscoll
Michael P &
Jennifer A O’Hara
Colman O’Hare
Jean C O’Keefe
Geraldine O’Meara Burke
Mariel P O’Neill-Karch
Jacqueline C Orange
Terrence J O’Sullivan
Rev Ulysse E Pare, CSB
Lorraine Paterson
James C Paupst
Frances P M Peake
Jack W Person
Edward & Jean Phoenix
John A Pierce
Ronald A J Pigott
Rev Charles Principe, CSB
Frederick M J Quigley
Paul T Quinlan
Rev J A Raftis, CSB
Daniel T Regan
Gerrard P Rocchi
Rosanne T Rocchi
Edward J J Rzadki
Ian Scott
The Most Rev John M
Robert A Shiley
James Shipton
Helen Slattery
Rev George T Smith, CSB
Edward & Marisa Sorbara
Joseph D M Sorbara
Larry Stubbs
Jordan G Sullivan
Marcella Tanzola
Kathleen P Taylor
Joseph Paul Temple
William G Todd
Rev Guy Alan Trudel, CSB
Edward T Unger
Jean Vale
Margaret L Whyte
Wilhelmina M Wiacek
Peggy Ryan Williams
Desmond & Eva Wong
Georgina A Wyman
Bank of Montreal *
GE Canada *
Torkin Manes Cohen & Arbus
Religious Hospitallers of
St Joseph
And 27 anonymous donors.
$500 - $999
Rev J Louis Abello
Marjoh Agro
Melanie G Bailey
John F Bennett
Mary E Bennett
Mary Agnes Bennett
Rev Msgr Samuel Bianco
William J Biggar
Rev J Basil Breen
Margaret E Brosnan
Barry F Brown
Walter P Bulas
M Elizabeth Burke-Gaffney
Robert G Burns
R Margaret A Carroll
Kian T Chow
Frank G J Chown
Gerald J Clayton
The Most Rev Robert Bell Clune
Rev Leslie J T Costello
John W Cudmore
F George Davitt
Benjamin A De Rubeis
Dorothy A A De Souza
Roman J Dementavicius
Virginia A Dementavicius
Guy P Di Tomaso
Michael K Dugan
Sean F Dunphy
Harry Edmondstone
Victor Figueiredo
Walter D Fitzgerald
Beata & Leo FitzPatrick
M P Forestell & D E Forestell
Eileen C Frenn
Paul F F Fribert
Filomena A Frisina
Jennifer M Gallivan
Joseph & Mary Giordmaine
Bernarda Glicksman
Howard M Glicksman
Martin S J Glogowski
Thomas E Gray
Shae M Hanford
Rita M E Hanlon
John J T Henry
Inez M Heseltine
Caroline B. Horgan-Bell
Aida Hudson
Eugene E Jacobs
Anthony I Kalhok
Paul M Kavanagh
Angela A Wilson Keyes
Hung Ko
Daniel William Patrick Lang
Rita M Lawlor
Michael K Lawson
John J Long
Mary F Mallon
M J (Mimi) Marrocco
Paul Francis McCann
Aileen McGrath
Rev Oliver Moloney
Rachele C Muia
Rev Msgr Dennis J Murphy
Patrick J Murphy
Grant W Nadon
John O’Brien
Charles D O’Connell
Constance M O’Donnell
Edward J Owens, Jr
Nick Pantaleo
Barbara E A (Southern) Phelan
Rev Msgr Mariano F Polito
Annemarie & Bob Powell
Stephen M Pozgaj
Angelina T Prokich
Rev John Reddy, CSB
F Vincent Regan
Maureen M Rocchi
Thomas JJ Rocchi
Michael Rynne
M E Betty Sellars
Raymond C Shady
Maureen P G Sheedy
Elizabeth Smith
Mickey &
Annette Convey Spillane
Joseph Francis Anthony
David Tarbet
Tom Thomas
Mary J Tinmouth
Christine Van Driel
Stephen F White
David L Yeung
Arthur Andersen & Co
Barry J Black Investments Inc
BCE Incorporated *
And 100 anonymous donors.
$250 - $499
Frank A Addario
John W Anjo
Robert J Armstrong
St Clair & Helen Balfour
Patricia Jane T Beattie
Patricia L Belier
J Jerald Bellomo
Joanne S Belsito
Kathleen A Bennett
Robert G J Bigelow
Robert D Bodnar
William P Boehler
Helen P Bolger
Rev John T Bolger
Suzanne M Bradbury-Swan
Mac S Bradden
Rino Charles Bragagnolo
Joan Marie Breech
Karen Broadhurst
John T Bulger
Mary L Cappadocia
Anne Carson
J Kenneth Cashion
Helena B Cavanagh
Luc P Charest
Larry C Cimino
Cecil D Clarkson
M Norah Collins
J David Contway †George J Cormack
Paul Cosgrove
Timothy J Costigan
Timothy M Cotter
Harry J Craven
Tannis A Critelli
Doreen G Cullen
Daniel McKenna Curtin
John J A Cyr
Marie T Deans
Victor F De Bonis
Angus M Dixon †Mary I Dool
Sheila K M Doyle
Daniel Driscoll
Marjorie A Driscoll
John J Drury
Paul M P Duncan
J E Eberle
Mary H Edmondstone
Rory F Egan
Stanley D G Ellis
James F Elman
Evelyn M L FitzGerald
Mary K Foster
Ann J Galvin
James J Gardella
Lawrence Geuss
E Philip Giroday
Chester P Gryski
Kenneth J F Hanson
Frances C Havey
M Denis Havey
Michael Havey
Patricia M Hayward
Bernard E Hynes
Eleanor M Hynes
Clarine L Jackman
Dalia I Jocys
Anne A Johnson
Barbara-Anne M Johnson
Rev Kyran D Kennedy
Kevin Keough
Edward G King
J D King
George Kozoriz
Kathryn M La Fontana
Virginia R La Fontana
Michael J T Lang
Reinhard A Langos
Andrew Leidal
Vincent P Lemieux
Rose Anne Marie Luciani
Peter F Lyn
Malcolm Macdonald
Darlene P Madott
Michael W Magee
Mary P Manna
M Elizabeth Marcon
Karal Ann Marling
Francis J Matthews
France M McCabe
Peter B McCabe
Larry McDonald
Nancy C McElhinney
Rev Robert J McKay
Elizabeth J McKinstry
Kathleen McMorrow
Scott S McNally
Michael Gordon McNeely
Gail M McQuillan
Mary R McTeague
John J Mogan
Joseph J Montanarella
Thomas P F Moonan
Norma A Morassutti
John V Morrison
Margaret Morriss
Betty M Mulligan
J David Mulroney
John P Nelligan
John J O’Brien
Patricia A O’Brien
D F O’Leary
Anne K Orendorff
Thomas L W Orendorff
J Maureen Pappin
Barbara Patterson
Elizabeth Paupst
Peter G Peloso
Charles J Peters
Francis H Pickard
Margaret M Poehlmann
Cyril H Powles
M Elizabeth Prowe
Maria Isabel Ramirez
Matthew T Regan
Gayle V G Richardson
John J Ryan
Angelo M Sangiorgio
Raymon & Sylvia Santin
Eileen Schmidt
Marianne Sciolino
Karen A Scott
Margaret A Shanly
Joan Sherwood
Barry W Smith
Joseph P Stalmach
Norman W Stefnitz
David M C Sweeney
Richard Tan
Joseph Tanzola
Robert W Taylor
Marie R Tosoni
Leon Tretjakewitsch
Brenda M Vice
Stephen J Vigmond
Sergio Villani
Elizabeth Vrancic
Joseph E Walsh
Paul F Walsh
Paul C Weiler
John T R Wetzel
Mary-Kay Whittaker
Philip A Wood
The Hon Mr Justice
Edward F Wren
Michael J Wren
Glenn T P Wright
John Zeller
SMC Students Union
And 15 anonymous donors.
$100 - $249
Karen Abbott
Walton C P Achoy
Elaine M M Adam
Susan M Addario
L Aldous
Mary H Allen
Patricia Annable
J M Claude Arcand
Anna Arciero
Elisa Arciero
Maria Arone
Augustine J Arrigo
Patricia E Arsenault
Christine Arthurs
Jeffrey F Ashizawa
Josephine Assalone
Alan Avgustinovich
Kathleen Babirad
Michael S L Bajorek
Peter W M Baker
Mary Baldwin
O Ronald Ballantyne
Peter J T Barbetta
Salvatore Barbieri
Mary P Barrette
Jurate D Batura
Robert V Bayer
Peter King Beach
Gordon A Bean
John E P Bedford
Nicholas J Belak
Edward J R Bellamy
Martha L Bell-Hart
Hilary J Bennett
Alvina M C Bergamin
Maureen Berry
Albert A J Berti
Maria R Bianchini
David E Bird
Timothy Bishop
William P Blum, Sr
Robert G S Boase
Ainsley H Bonner
Yvonne M Bookalam
Concetta M Booth
Leslie N Borbas
J Randal Boyce
Maureen T Boyer
Robert Boykin
Daphne C Boyle
Alice B Brady
Anna R E Brennan
Ed Brennan
James Brennan
James W Brennan
Lucy Brennan
Wendy L Brennan
Helen B Broadfoot
David G Broadhurst
Doris I M Brockhouse
M Marcelline Brown
Schuyler Brown
Amy Marie Browning
Judy I Brunsek
Gino Bucciarelli
Brian J Buckley
Christopher V Buklin
Steven R Burchat
Mary C A Burghardt
Rev Bart J Burke
Margaret J Burns
Peter Alexander Burns
John Butler
Gregory W Byrne
Gerald A Cachia
Michal A Calder
James G Callan
Christina M Cameron
Bridget M Campion
Helen P T Canavan
Hugh Canning
Melanie Capobianco
Ezio Cappadocia
Plinio Cardoni
Mary C Cardwell
Anthony L Carella
Rev Msgr John Cartwright
Leonard P Casciato
Anthony H Cassidy
Catherine M Cassidy
Julie Cassidy
Marlene R Cepparo
David T M Chan
Andrew H Chapeskie
Mary A Chesser
Barry Cheung
Paul A L Chisholm
Robert Chlebek
Karen Chopra
Earl Anthony Joseph Christy
Lawrence Cini
Michael F G Clark
Stephen R Clarke
Richard S Clemens
Theresa F Clinton
Rev Brian Clough
Arthur Coates
Robert A J Cobham
Vincent Coccia
Robert Cochrane
Rosemary Cochrane
Jeffrey D Cole
Rosette Comella
Katherine D Connally
Frank H Connelly
Marie-Louise Connery
Joyce Connolly
John Cook
Tara Cookson
Ian R Corbett
Gloria M E Cormack
Colleen M Cotter
Kathy Coxford
Mary E Cranor
James Crawford
John R Crockett
Rev James J Cronin
Karen M Cuggy-Murphy
Margery T Cull
Jose da Costa
Timothy W Daciuk
M Margaret Dale
Silvio P E Dallan
Paul L Dandeno
Olga M Danylak
Tully R Davia
John A Davies
Lorraine H B Davin
Margaret Ermelinda Davis
Anne De Beer
Daniela De Libero
Enzo De Luca
Denise E De Pape
Paul A De Souza
Rosa M Del Campo
Peter O Dellinger
Mark N Demeda
Sylvia V Demshar
Lorraine M Dent Gorman
David E DesLauriers
Gerald & Irene Devlin
J Bernard Devlin
James Di Giuseppe
Lucy Di Iorio
Daniel A A Di Rocco
Eileen M Dobell
Mary M Dobell
Beatrice T Dobie
Michael E Dobmeier
Anthony Dodds
Cyril M Doherty
Ronald Dombroski
Licia M T Donadonibus
Marianne Donaldson
D Peter Donovan
Jim J K Doran
Timothy Doran
Gil Doron
Catherine Driscoll
Daniel L Driscoll
Michael C Driscoll
Sylvia M Driscoll
Donald William Dudar
Grazyna M Dudar
Patrick S Duffy
Jo Anne Duggan
Karen Mary Duggan
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Alfred H Graham, Jr
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Catherine E F Gyurik-Lebel
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St Michael Parish
And 79 anonymous donors.
We would also
like to express
our sincere
appreciation to
the 984 donors
who participated
in the 1999/2000
University of St.
Michael’s College
Annual Fund
with a gift of up
to $99. Space
does not permit
us to list each of
you here
individually but
we are very
grateful for your
support. It is
critical to the
success of this
annual campaign.
Thank you.
Info Update Bravo
Joseph Amato �91 and Amy Commisso were
married in St. Margaret Mary Church, Woodbridge,
ON, 3 June 2000. Amy teaches primary grades for
the Toronto Public School Board in Kingsview, ON;
Joseph is a lawyer with CIBC’s commercial
mortgage division.
Edith Colantonio Chesser �85, her husband Hugh
(U of T Engineering and SMC resident) and their
children, Ryan, grade 6, Erica, grade 4, and
Stefanie, grade 2, have moved from Winnipeg, MB
to Richmond Hill, ON. Hugh has a position with
the U of T’s Institute for Aerospace.
Lisa Ball �91 received her LLB from the U. of
Ottawa in June 1999. She is articling with a law
firm in Timmons, ON, where she and her husband
of five years, Joe Barazzutti, reside as she awaits
her call to the bar.
Dr. Claudia Clausius �78 received her MA �79 and
PhD �89 from the U of T and is at present Professor
and Academic Dean of King’s College in the U. of
Western Ontario; she was formerly a Professor at
Concordia U., Montreal, PQ. Claudia and her
husband, Michael Crawford, have two children,
Katharina and Nicholai.
Mary Elizabeth Bennett �89 is a Senior Editor for
CCH Canadian Ltd. in Toronto.
Rose Marie Sbrolla Braden �85 her husband,
Mike, and their sons, Max, 9, Jake, 6, Teddy 4, and
Michael, 2 3/4, continue to live in Ottawa, where
Rosie is a lawyer with the Department of Justice
Child Support Team, and Mike, pursuing a change
in career from the law, recently completed the
program at Teachers’ College, U. of Ottawa. Mike
and Rosie recently celebrated their 10th wedding
anniversary with a trip to Tobago.
Mary Warriner Brown �51 was invested as an
Honorary Fellow of the U. of St. Michael’s College
at the 12 June Convocation Baccalaureate Mass.
Mary’s extensive volunteer involvement in the
work of the U of T, St. Michael’s, the Archdiocese,
the civic community, and her contribution to
society through her work for the Government of
Ontario were highlighted in the citation read on
the occasion. Mary is at present the President of
J.P. Brown & Associates, the firm founded by her
late husband Pat �51.
Richard �95 and Marjorie Small Budnikas �85 live
in Vancouver, BC and welcomed their first child,
Sophia, 9 February 2000. Marjorie is doing private
tutoring in French and English; Richard teaches
high school and is head of technology education
in his school.
Fred �75 and Anne Ryan Butzen �74 continue to
live in Chicago, IL; their five children are thriving:
Ivan in the Marines, Marion in college, George and
Catherine in high school, and Richard, 2 1/4, at
home looking after Anne! Fred is coding for a
software company that does telephone
applications, and has written another book, The
Linux Network, published by IDG Books and now
translated into Chinese and Hungarian.
Cathy Reid Callaghan �80, her husband, Tom
(U of T Phys.Ed.), and their four children, Liam, 8,
Brigid, 7, Ciaran, 5, and Eamon, 2, live in
Newmarket, ON, where Cathy is a partner in the
law firm of Hill Hunter; Richard teaches at
Cardinal Carter High School in Aurora, ON. Cathy
reports that she and the family “regularly come to
St. Mike’s for the Annual Santa Claus Parade [Mass
and pre-parade hot chocolate/cookies] and enjoy
seeing other grads there.”
Rick Costanzo �92 and Pamela Gould were married
5 November 1994 and welcomed their daughter,
Madelyn Edith, 6 March 1998; they now live in
Guelph, ON. Rick was in Sales Management for the
Business Services Division of AT&T Canada for
several years before accepting the position of
Regional Manager for Research in Motion in July
Greta DeLonghi �83 has returned to The
Kitchener-Waterloo Record as a part-time copy
editor; one of her co-workers is Melinda Marks
�73. Greta, her husband, Guntis Obrascous, and
their two children, Leon, 5, and Felix, 3, live in
Guelph, ON
Carla DeSantis �88 and Reni Caccamo �88
welcomed their second child, Noah Reni, 5
November 1999, a brother for Luke, 5. Carla will
be completing a SSHRC Post-doctoral Fellowship at
the U of T after maternity leave. Carla presented
a paper, “Translation in Teaching Latin: a 14thCentury Italo-Latin Grammar”, at the “Teaching,
Learning, and Using Latin in the Middle Ages”
Conference held at the U of T in March 1999.
Reni continues in his position as Director of
Logistics at Apotex International.
Sr. Jacqueline de Verteuil, C.S.J. �75 is a local
consultant for the Diploma in Ministry Program at
St. Francis Xavier U. in Antigonish, NS.
Meera Dey Montell �91 and Scott Montell were
married 11 September 1999 in Madison, NJ;
Alexandra Ahr Dunn �91 was the matron of
honour. Meera and Scott are graduates of
Fordham Law School, where they first met; they
now live in Brooklyn, NY. Both are practicing
Law; Meera is an attorney with Children’s Services.
Katie Di Genova �94 and her husband, Daniel De
Luca, welcomed their second child, Selina, 28
January 2000.
John DiMarco �89 received the annual “Dean’s
Outstanding Technical Service Award” from the
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science of the
U of T; John is the Computer Systems Manager for
the U of T’s Department of Computer Science.
DiTomaso Annual “St. Mike’s Bash”: Katie
DiTomaso �00 reports that the 3rd annual St.
Michael’s bash (also known, she notes, as “A MidSummer St. Mike’s Dream”!) held 22 July �00 at
the DiTomaso home in Midland, ON, was a great
success. Other SMCers and U of Ters in
attendance, or on the “Dream Team”: Katie’s
brother, Mike �02 and her parents, Guy �72 and
Mary Grace PHE’73 (Loretto College resident)
DiTomaso; Nikki Doria �00, Andrea Venditti �00,
Beth Bray PHE �81, and “hopefuls” Mary Kubesh
�01, Mike Colella �02, Brian “Bitter” Harvey �02,
Mike “Screech” Hatch �03, Adrian Rasekh �03,
and Aisling Moss PHE �01. Plans are already
underway for the 4th annual DiTomaso SMC/U of T
gathering, 21 July 2001! Katie has entered firstyear Law (like father like daughter) at the U of
Western Ontario, London, ON.
Driscoll Report: Dan �55 and Sylvia Rinaldi
Driscoll �56 attended SMC’s Spring Reunion last
June and provided us with the following
information about their three SMC grad children:
Mary Pat Ambrosino �82, her husband Gary and
their three children, Rebecca, Megan, and Sarah,
live in Scotia, NY, where Mary Pat is a Nutritionist
in the local hospital; Cathy �85 and Michael
Sangster were married in 1998 and with their first
child, Sylvia Danielle, born 9 Sept. �99, live in
Halifax, NS, where Cathy is a tenured Associate
Professor of Management at St. Mary’s University.
Last April Cathy received the 1999 Academy of
Business Administration’s Teaching Excellence
Award at its conference in Vancouver, BC. The
ABA is an international body of academics across
all business disciplines and makes one award each
year based on the innovative and exemplary
performance of a teacher. Dan Jr. �87 and his
wife, Jeanine, welcomed their first child, a son,
Daniel, 23 June of this year. Dan works with
British Airways in New York City; he and the
family live in Middle Village, NY.
Katherine Hauke DuGarm �82 and her husband,
Delano, have moved from Arlington, VA to
Woodbury MN. Kathy has taken a new position as
full-time programmer with St. Croix Systems in St.
Croix, Wisconsin. Of her new parish she writes,
“St. Ambrose is a welcoming place. The liturgy
and religious education staff are good, working
together to create spiritual and social community.”
Alix Ahr Dunn �91 and her husband, John,
welcomed their first child, John Eugene (“Jack”)
Dunn, 6lbs, 10 1/2 oz, 19 1/2 inches tall, 17 Feb.
2000. Alix is Vice-President, Account Supervisor,
with the Ketchum public relations agency in New
York City, where John is Senior Vice-President,
Marketing and Product Development, for on2.com.
The Dunns live in Pelham Manor, NY.
Rui �76 and JoAnn Tierney Figueirido �75 now
have the three oldest of their six children enrolled
at St. Michael’s; son Joe joined his sisters, Sara
and Katie, here this September. Rui was recently
appointed Vice-President, Information Technology
Development and Deployment, at Bausch & Lomb.
The Figueiridos continue to live in Rochester, NY.
Sheila Flattery �83, in May-June 2000, undertook
and completed, on foot, the entire famous
medieval pilgrimage from the French border to the
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostella in Spain, a
distance of 800 kilometers! Of her journey Sheila
wrote, “It has been a very deep, very amazing
Laura Rock Gaughan �86 and her husband, Tim,
continue to live in Toronto; on 29 March 1998
they welcomed their third child, Madeleine Clare, a
sister for Molly, 7, and Sarah, 5.
Michael �87 and Anne-Marie Kinsley Gorman �88
welcomed their fifth child, Thomas William, 25
August 1999, a brother for Teresa, Sophie, Monica,
and Helen. Thomas’s expected arrival was
announced in the previous issue of this
newsletter-the Gormans never let you down! They
live in Bowie, MD, near Washington, D.C., where
Michael recently took up a tenure-track
appointment in Philosophy at The Catholic
University of America.
Stephan Grozinger �92 received his law degree
from the U. of Connecticut, and specialized in
commercial lending and real estate finance for a
New York City law firm before moving his practice
to Fairfield, CN. He recently bought a home in
Weston, CN, joined the volunteer fire department,
took up bee keeping, and sea-kayaking. In May
he married Claire Ingram, a U of T grad of �92.
Shae Hanford �69 and William Lindenfelser were
married in St. John the Evangelist Church,
Rochester, NY, 19 August 2000.
Susan Hookong Taylor �86 gave a solo concert at
St. John the Compassionate Church in Toronto 1
April 2000. Susan, her husband, Kyle Taylor, and
their children, Evan, 7, and Julia, 3, live in
Kathleen Hunt �97 received her MBA from
McMaster U. and is now Program Analyst, New
Construction and Residential Markets, for
Enbridge, Consumers Gas, in Scarborough ON.
Sr. Evanne Hunter, IBVM �63 has been appointed
to a six-year term as Regional Leader of the
Loretto Sisters in Canada. Sr. Evanne, formerly
Principal of Loretto Abbey High School, recently
completed two terms as President of the Board of
Directors of SalvAide, an Ottawa based Canadian
NGO which works on behalf of rural communities
in El Salvador. She will move from Stratford, ON
to Toronto to work out of the Regional Office at
Loretto College on St. Mary St.
Joan Johnston �68 has her own general
management consulting firm, J. M. Johnston &
Associates, in Toronto. She has served on the
Board of Sheridan Community College and has
recently been chosen Chair of that Board.
Karl Kahandaliyanage �96 recently completed a
Master’s degree at Columbia U. and is currently in
the sovereign risk department of AIG in
Manhattan. Karl spent the summer of 1997
working as a research intern with the Economist
Intelligence Unit in Hong Kong.
Catherine O’Grady Killaly �89 (BSc, Nursing �86)
completed a Master’s degree in Health Services
Administration at U. of Michigan School of Public
Health in 1997. Catherine, her husband, Bradley,
and their two children, Brenden, 7, and Anna, 1
1/2, moved to California in August, 1999, where
Brad, who received his PhD from the U. of
Michigan Business School in 1999, holds a tenure
track position at the U. of California at Irvine.
Mary Claire King Harrold �67 received her
Bachelor of Laws degree from Queen’s University,
Faculty of Law 26 May 2000; she was awarded the
David Sabbath Prize in Alternate Dispute
Resolution. Mary Claire, her husband Jim, and
their son, Matthew, 17, live on a farm near
Flesherton, ON. Mary Claire has accepted an
articling position with the Owen Sound, ON law
firm of Kirby, Gordon & Robinson.
Will Holub �73 has exhibited his textural, photobased abstract artworks this year at the Cambridge
Art Association, Boston, MA, the New Jersey
Center for Visual Arts, Summit, NJ, the Farmington
Museum, Farmington, NM, and Segreto
Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM. His work has
also been published in Arte Contemporary, a
national fine arts magazine that showcases
innovative art. For more information.
Will’s e-mail:[email protected]
Mark Kingwell �85, U of T Professor of Philosophy,
received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree
from the Nova Scotia College of Arts & Design at
convocation ceremonies on 29 April 2000. Mark
was honoured for the contribution to culture made
by his writings, lectures, and TV/ radio
commentaries on culture and politics.
Michael Kremer �80 received his PhD in
Philosophy from the U. of Pittsburgh in 1986, and
has been teaching since then at the U. of Notre
Dame, South Bend, IN, where he is now an
Associate Professor. In 1989 he married Angela
Gugliotta; they have three daughters, Lucia, 10,
Teresa, 8, and Roswitha, 6. Michael has published
a dozen articles in scholarly books and journals
and is currently working on a book on the
philosophy of Wittgenstein. Angela is a graduate
student in History at Notre Dame, currently
completing her dissertation on the history of air
pollution in the city of Pittsburgh.
Lafaury Report: Philippe �94 and his wife
Fionnuala Donaghy welcomed their first child,
AnneMairead, 25 May 2000; they live in
Huntsville. Marie-Armelle �86 and her husband,
Ricardo Contreras welcomed their second child,
Marina, 18 May 2000, a sister for Philippe 1 1/2.
They return to Chile this fall. Joelle �92 and her
husband, Anthony Deserio �92, are expecting
their first child in October 2000.
Clare Loughlin �91 completed her doctoral work at
Oxford U. and received her degree in July 2000.
She formerly held the post of Research Editor for
Literature 1780-Present on the New Dictionary of
National Biography, the joint effort of Oxford U.
and Oxford University Press. She recently
accepted the position of Postdoctoral Research
Fellow/Director of Junior Year Abroad Program at
Worcester College, Oxford U.
Dr. Christine Lutgens �71 has moved her law
practice from Chicago to the law firm of Kramer
Levin in New York City. Chris holds MA and PhD
degrees from the U of T, a Licentiate in Mediaeval
Studies from the Pontifical Institute at St.
Michael’s, and a Doctor of Laws degree.
Lyon Report: Christopher �72, his wife, Cathy, and
their daughter, Samantha, live in Belwood, ON.
Stephen �79, his wife, Mary �74, and their three
children, Zachary, 17, Jamie, 13, and Jacqueline,
8, live in Scarborough. Stephen is a criminal
lawyer in Toronto; Mary is an assessment and
programming teacher with the Toronto District
Catholic School Board.
Mary Claire King Harold with son, Matthew, and
husband, Jim on Queen’s Law graduation day.
Bertha Madott �71 has published another book
through Novalis Press, Saving Graces: Reflections
on Hope in Everyday Life. The book was launched
at a reception on 30 April 2000.
Info Update Bravo
Melinda Marks �73, her husband, Martin Van
Nierop, and their two children, Lauren and Clare,
live in Waterloo, ON. Melinda is the News Editor
of The Kitchener-Waterloo Record and was named
“Copy Editor of the Year” for the paper in 1999.
Theresa O’Keefe �85 has begun a PhD program in
Education and Religion at Boston College. Only
three applicants are admitted each year. Theresa
has worked for ten years as Consultant on Religious
Education for the Diocese of Springfield, MA.
Molly Wade McGrath �61 and her husband
continue to live in New York City. Since receiving
her Master of Arts degree from Columbia U. in
1989, Molly has been a teacher of English as a
Second Language; she is on the faculty of the
International English Institute at Hunter College.
Carmel O’Neill �71 visited the campus in June
while in Toronto for a convention related to
biotechnology. Carmel works in marketing with
the firm, Washington Biotechnology; she
continues to live in California, although work
related travel often takes her from home.
Joan Stirling McKinnon �58 has been Mayor of
Waterloo, ON for the past three years. She has
served on the Waterloo Council for ten years.
J. Stephen O’Neill �72 was appointed a Judge of
the Ontario Superior Court of Justice 23 March
1999. He is assigned to Parry Sound District.
Steve, his wife, Shirley, and their four children
reside in Sudbury. Their oldest child, Shannon,
has begun her second year at St. Michael’s.
Peter Meehan �89 has accepted a teaching position
at the School of General Education at Seneca
College, Toronto. Peter is teaching Canadian History
and some Humanities courses in the General Arts
and Science Program. He is completing his
doctorate in History at the Ontario Institute for
Studies in Education/U of T; his dissertation
examines the Catholic Taxpayer’s Association-a lay
movement organized by the Ontario Bishops in the
1930s to lobby the Provincial Government for access
to corporation and public utilities taxes for Ontario’s
separate schools.
Dr. Simon Young-Suk Moon �86 teaches at
Kangnam University, Korea, where he is the first,
and only, Professor of Canadian Studies in Korea.
Simon recently organized a reunion gathering of
all U of T alumni living in South Korea, over 60
people attended, including the Canadian
Ambassador to Korea, and Toronto City Councilor
and SMC grad Peter Li Preti.
Claire Labarge Morris �66, at present the Federal
Government’s Deputy Minister of Human Resources
Development Canada, was awarded an honorary
Doctor of Letters degree by the University of New
Brunswick for her concern for social issues, for her
volunteer service to education in that province,
and for her work for the Provincial Government of
New Brunswick.
Joseph Muccilli �72 teaches at Fr. John Redmond
School and lives in Mississauga, ON.
Timothy O’Hara �76 and Louise P. Campbell were
married in August 1999. Timothy has his own law
firm in Calgary, AB and has published a science
fiction novel, Nostradamus’ Daughter; he has been
interviewed about the book on “Space the
Imagination Station.” Louise is Director and Chair
of Woodcliff United Church.
Fr. Ken O’Keefe, C.S.B. �53 is Chaplain of, and
resides at, Brescia College at the U. of Western
Ontario, London, ON.
Jo Ann Grass Opperman �69, left a series of
environmental and political careers in Toronto in
1998 and, with her husband, Norm, now operates
The Vineyard Bed and Breakfast in Beamsville, ON
on the scenic Niagara Escarpment, 1 hr south of
Toronto. The Oppermans offer a 10% discount to
SMC grads who call (905) 563-1052 for
Patricia Orwen �78 is a reporter for The Toronto
Star. With two other Star reporters she wrote the
series, “Hard Times,” for which the paper was
nominated for the Mitchener Award for public
service. The series received a citation of merit for
its presentation of the daily struggle of welfare
children in Toronto. The series was also
nominated for a National Newspaper Award.
Margaret Ostrowski �71 is the newly elected
President (2000-2001) of the Canadian Bar
Association, BC Branch. Margaret and her family
live in Vancouver, BC.
Myra Pastyr-Lupul �80 is with the Foreign Service
of the Canadian Government. She has served in
Poland and Columbia, and now is Deputy
Management/Consular Officer in Port of Spain,
Trinidad and Tobago. Myra and her husband,
David Lupul, have two children, Stefan and
Janet Kirschbaum Paterson �64, Chair of the
U of T Department of French, has been elected
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Fellowship
in the Royal Society of Canada recognizes that the
person so honoured has reached the top in his or
her respective field. Janet was elected because of
her major contribution to the study of
contemporary Quebecois literature.
Elizabeth Paupst �92 has left her position with
the Public Relations and Development Division of
Sick Children’s Hospital to enter the special PreMed program at Bryn Mawr University.
Rita Peng �95, M.Div �98 is Chaplain at the
Joyceville Penitentiary for men in Kingston, ON.
Rita is the first lay Catholic Chaplain in the
Canadian Federal prison system. In an interview
article in the 2 June issue of The Catholic Register
she said, “...there is a group of Basilian Fathers in
the Infirmary of St. Michael’s College who pray for
me. They are my faith community-my strongest
support! I keep going because of their prayers
and my own.”
James Phoenix �84 continues to work with the
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and in May
accepted a new managerial position with the
Bank. He is now Head of Foreign Exchange Sales
for Western Canada, a promotion that involved
Jim, his wife Margaret, and their children, Emily,
5, and Bradley, 2 1/2, in a move from Connecticut
to Calgary. They are still settling in!
Hilmar Pabel �86, with Professor Mark Vessey of
the U. of British Columbia, organized a colloquium
held at Victoria College, U of T on Erasmus’s
Paraphrases on the New Testament in October
1999. Participants came from France, Switzerland,
England, Japan, the USA, and Canada.
Sr. Mechtilde O’Mara, C.S.J. �56 presented a paper
at the colloquium.
Anthony Palma �94 is one of seven Canadians
chosen for a five-month (August-December)
Jubilee Year Internship by the Vatican Radio; Tony
was nominated by the Canadian Conference of
Catholic Bishops. Tony served as Editor of The
Mike, has been an SMC residence don, and student
in the Faculty of Theology. During the past two
summers he has worked on the staff of The
Catholic Register.
L to R: John Karl �70, Ann (Bratton)
Southerland �70, Bob Carson �70 and Bella
Carson at Spring Reunion.
Camille Piovesan �98 hosted the second annual
“Loretto �98 Reunion” at the home of her parents,
Joe and Angela Piovesan, in Beamsville, ON. The
Loretto �98ers, besides Camille, in attendance: Erin
Metzler, Melissa Johnson, Valerie Bourgeios,
Michelle Henry, Siobhan McLaughlin, Maria Gallo,
Janet Howard, and Anne Maggisano. Other SMCers
on the scene: Victor Gallo �66, Allan Craigie �00.
The party was true to this “gang’s” traditions! The
next reunion is planned to coincide with Michelle
Henry’s wedding in July, 2001.
Marilyn Piccini Roy �65 has left her former law
firm and is now a partner at McMaster Gervais in
Montreal. She comments that she and husband,
Bob �63, are enjoying work more than ever, rather
than contemplating retirement!
Marianne Sciolino �73 has recently been devoting
her energies full-time to volunteer work for
UNICEF. She served as Chair of the “Music on the
Park” benefit featuring violinist Matitiatu Braun of
the New York Philharmonic.
Fr. William Sheehan, CSB �60, Curator, Printed Books
at the Vatican Library, gave the spring lecture of the
Friends of the Pontifical Institute Library. The lecture,
in honour of the late Fr. Leonard Boyle, O.P., former
Fellow of the Pontifical Institute and Prefect of the
Vatican Library was entitled, “Pope Nicholas V and
the Legacy of Humanism: Libraries and Printing in
the Fifteenth Century.” Fr. Sheehan has recently
received a Papal nomination as Scriptor Adiutor at
the Vatican Library in recognition of his position as
Curator, Printed Books; he lives at the Dominican
Collegio San Clemente in Rome.
Mark Siddall �88 and Chelsea Dvorjak Specht were
married 11 August 2000 in the Church of the Holy
Child, Wilmington, Delaware. Mark and Chelsea live
in New York, NY, where Mark holds a position in
the division of Invertebrate Zoology at the
American Museum of Natural History.
Cindy Cariglia Sisti �83 has been teaching at the
Wilclay Public School since it opened thirteen
years ago. In 1999-2000 she taught a Grade 1-2
split class, special education, Grade 8 English and
Math, and Grade 5 French. She also put on French
plays! In 2000-2001 she is the Head Librarian at
the School. Cindy, her husband, Frank, and their
two children, Alessandro, 11, and Annalisa, 8, live
in Markham, ON.
Mark Slade �96 is the Director of Sales in
Singapore for Evergreen International Airlines, an
American cargo airline. He was previously posted
to Jakarta, Indonesia; for two years prior to that
Mark worked in Hong Kong.
Darren Slind �88 and his wife, Kim Bilous (Trinity
�87) welcomed their second child, Dalton Joseph,
23 March 2000, a brother for Aidan, 5. Darren is
now Account Director at Carlson Marketing Group
for their Ford-Lincoln account.
Anne Marie Forbes Sweeney �58 and her husband,
Dr. Jim Sweeney (U of T Dentistry, SMC resident),
continue to live in West Vancouver, BC, where
Anne Marie has a law practice. She and Jim have
found time in their busy careers to establish the
Familia Christi Foundation in 1986 to help the
poor of South America, Central America, and
Mexico. By 1998, working closely with six
communities of religious sisters in those areas, the
Familia Christi Foundation, under Anne Marie’s and
Jim’s direction, had donated $500,000 for various
projects to help the poor in those regions.
Laura Syron �88 and her husband, Keith
McLaughlin, welcomed their first child, Conor,
born in Toronto 26 May 2000, 5:12 a.m., 22”, 8lbs.
3oz. Keith reported, “Mom and baby are resting
happily. Dad will now do the same.”
Renee Tan �91 has reported the arrival of her
second child, Ariel Kaela, a sister for Monique, 11.
David Tarbet �65 has accepted the position of
Corporate Counsel for INC.com.
Lucian Turcescu Ph.D (Theol) �99 has accepted a
tenure track appointment as Assistant Professor in
the Dept. of Religion at St. Francis Xavier
University. He also teaches in the Catholic Studies
Stephen Vrolyk �91 is a Constable in the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police, posted in Chilliwack, BC.
He completed eight years in the RCMP in August.
Stephen and Krista Klein were married in July
Michael �73 and Carolyn Gorla Weiler �74 visited
the campus 31 July with their daughter, Lauren,
and son, David. Lauren, now in Grade 12, is
giving serious consideration to applying to
SMC/U of T. The Weilers continue to live in
Vancouver, BC, where Michael and Carolyn pursue
their respective Law careers.
Dianne Beelen Woody �73 obtained an MA in
Education in June 2000; she specialized in theory
and policy studies in Education. Dianne, who has
a PhD in French from the U of T, is a Professor in
the Dept. of French Studies at York University in
Toronto. She, her husband, David �74, and their
three children, Neil, Christine, and Stuart, live in
Georgina Steinsky Wyman �68 recently joined
Bell Canada as Chief Human Resources Officer; she
had previously been Senior Vice-President for
Human Resources and Public Affairs for Manulife
Financial. Georgina has served as an advisor to
the U of T Centre for Russian and East European
Studies on its exchange initiatives in Central
Some Basilian SMC Alumni Anniversaries:
Frs. Victor Brezik �37 and Leo Klem �37
celebrated the 60th anniversary of their
ordination, 15 August 2000.
Frs. Richard Donovan �47, Hugh Foley �47,
Anthony Kelly �45, and P. Wallace Platt �47
marked the 50th anniversary of their ordination at
a concelebrated Mass of Thanksgiving in the
Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre, Toronto,
25 June 2000.
Frs. Edward Doser �52, Norman Fitzpatrick �49,
Leo Hetzler �52, John Kelly �50, Robert Madden
�52, Charles Principe �52, and Frederick Sohn �51
marked the 45th anniversary of their ordination
on 29 June 2000 at a concelebrated Mass of
Thanksgiving in the chapel of St. John Fisher
College, Rochester, NY.
Fr. J. Michael Miller �69 celebrated the 25th
anniversary of his ordination on 15 June 2000 in
Houston, Texas.
Paul Weiler �60 received a Doctor of Laws honoris
causa from the U of T during the June
Convocation of the Faculty of Law in recognition
of his contributions to the study of Canadian legal
issues and labour law. Paul is Professor of Law at
Harvard, where he has taught since 1978.
Chris Wheeler �87 has completed his MBA at
Trinity College Dublin and has accepted a position
in Strategy Consulting with Anderson Consulting
in Dublin.
Mary Kay Whittaker �90 and Ken Villazor �91
welcomed their second child, Katie, a sister for
Adam, 3. Katie was baptized 26 June 2000 in St.
Basil’s Church, Toronto, where Mary Kay and Ken
had been married, and Adam baptized.
L to R: Mary (Mills) Giordmaine �55, Hugh F.M.
Loughran �55 and Joe Giordmaine at Spring
Double Blue
Catch up with friends over a bevvie in Brennan Lounge
“Time Warp Double Pub” in upper & lower
Brennan for the more adventuresome...
Date: Friday, Oct. 13
Time: 8 p.m. to 2 a.m
Location: Brennan Hall
Honoured years:USMC 1985
to 2004 (but everyone is welcome!)
RSVP by October 6, 2000 to (416) 926-7286
fax: (416) 926-2339 or [email protected]
Admission: $ 5
(free if you bring your old ID!)
An Evening With Colm Wilkinson & Friends
Roy Thomson Hall
Tuesday November 28, 2000 at 8:00 P.M.
In support of:
The Campaign for Celtic Studies,
University of St. Michael’s College,
The Toronto General and
Western Hospital Neurosciences Centre
and Casey House
Guests appearances
Aaron Wilkinson (Colm’s Son),
John McDermott,
Susan Gilmour
and The Nylons.
Gala Tickets are now on sale for $250 and include a VIP reception before the
performance, prime seats to the show, and a VIP reception following the
concert with an opportunity to meet the artists.
Gala tickets can be purchased by calling the University of St. Michael’s College at:
(416) 926-7281 during regular business hours.
Regular performance tickets (at the $65, $50, $35, and $25 levels) are also available.
Regular performance tickets can be purchased by calling Roy Thomson Hall at (416) 872-4255.
All prices are in Canadian dollars.
Jean Vanier
Cressy Awards 2000 Winners at St. Michael’s
Rest In Peace
Nancy Needham Beachin
Rev Frederick Black, CSB
Rev James Cashubec
Justina MacMartin Clancey
Ernest Wright Dillon
Angus Dixon
Robert Dougherty
Robert Engel
Diane Ferron Smith
Antony Filo
Rev Terence J Forestell
Ruth Noonan Harris
Hugh Hood
Thomas Lang
Naomi Anglin LeVay
Charlotte Hughes Lyden
Albert Mallon
Theresa Knowlton McCann
Rev John McManus, CSB
Paul McNamara
Rev Matthew Mulcahy, CSB
Mary Kathryn Mickler Murphy
John James Oldaker
Rev John O’Meara
Rev Joseph Penny, CSB
Paul Rehak
Rev Edward Ronan, CSB
Beatrice Plewes Rowton
William Ryan
Franklin P. Steele
John Sullivan
John Joseph Thompson
Sister Olga Warnke, IBVM
Early in April, the following students were
awarded the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership
Awards in recognition of their outstanding
extracurricular contributions to the College and
to the University as a whole:
Katherine T. DiTomaso
Hai Doan
Leona Caterina Fernandes
Andrea Knight
Karen Long
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St. Michael’s
Memorial Lecture
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Presence in Toronto)
St. Michael’s College Events Calender 2000 - 2001
October 13 Homecoming
Friday 8:00 P.M.
Honoured years: USMC 8T5 to 2004, (but everyone is welcome!)
Odette Student Lounge and Sam Sorbara Hall, Brennan Hall
October 27 20th John M. Kelly Lecture
Friday 7:30 P.M.
Jean Vanier �Hope for Reconciliation’, U of T Convocation Hall
31 King’s College Circle, Free admission, tickets are required
November 16 Fr. Patrick Molony, CSB
presented by
Wednesday 7:30 P.M.
Memorial Lecture (Celebrating 150 years of Basilian Presence in Toronto)
David Schindler �Christ, Nature & the Order of Intelligence:
Evanglization in the Academy?’
Sam Sorbara Hall, Brennan Hall, Free Admission
NOVEMBER 16, 2000
7:30 p.m.
Sam Sorbara Hall
Brennan Hall
University of St. Michael’s College
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November 19 Santa Claus Parade
Sunday 11:00 A.M.
Family Liturgy College Chapel
Hot Chocolate & Cookies, The COOP, Brennan Hall
November 28 Evening With Colm Wilkinson
In support of the Campaign for Celtic Studies, USMC
Gala tickets can be purchased by phoning Ken Schnell at (416) 926-7281
December 1 21st John M. Kelly Lecture
Friday 8:00 P.M.
Fr. Robert Taft SJ, Sam Sorbara Hall, Brennan Hall
December 6 Festive Tea
Wednesday 2:00 P.M.
Charbonnel Lounge, Elmsley Hall
March 8 Twilight Retreat
Thursday 6:00 P.M.
COOP, Brennan Hall
May 31 to June 3 Spring Reunion
Honoured Years: �26, �31, �36, �41, �46,
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