Cincinnati Water Works selects Wipro for its CRM

IT es
Prodapt acquires
VDVL to expand
Telecom activities
Chennai, Mar:
Prodapt, a leading
provider of IT and
Engineering services
has announced that
it has completed
the acquisition of
VDVL C onsultants,
a Netherlands based
Te l e c o m I T a n d
Technology Services
Company in an all-cash
VDVL Consultants,
over a span of 25 years,
has built a strong track
record by ser vicing
most of the large
telecom operators in
The Netherlands. The
company provides
Telecom IT specific
h i g h - e n d St r at e g i c
Consulting, Technology
Architecture & Design,
Business Process
Analysis and Definition,
Te s t P l a n n i n g &
Management, and
Program Management
Ser vices. VDVL has
a highly experienced
team with deep telecom
skills, sustainable client
relationships and solid
financials. The existing
management of VDVL
will continue with the
With the completion
of this acquisition,
Pro dapt b ecomes a
leading global services
company serving the
telecom industry. The
strategic acquisition
complements Prodapt’s
proven c ap abi lit ies
of delivering IT and
Operations Services for
the Communications
Industry and enhance
its revenue mix, with
approx i mately 5 0 %
from North America,
45% from Europe and
5% from Africa. The
combined offerings
bring end-to-end IT
and operations services
- from telecom product
strategy to managed
In 2015, the company
plans to focus on
enhancing its position
with investments
i n ne x t ge ne r at i on
technologies impacting
the telecom vertical.
These would include
the productization of
Pro d apt’s p l at for m
serving the Internet
of Things (IoT) and
development of Prodapt’s
big data and analytics
practice serving the
communications sector.
“This acquisition is
a significant moment
f o r P r o d ap t . No w,
w e h av e b e c om e a
leading global services
company serving the
telecom industry. This
consolidation will
strengthen our delivery
capabilities for both
wireline, wireless and
convergent operators;
especially in the area of
BSS/OSS and network
integration solutions.
We a re l o o k i n g at
further acquisitions that
could help enhance our
offerings to the telecom
vertical” said Vedant
Jhaver, CEO of Prodapt.
Youngsters do not
reveal secrets
to strangers
Young people are no
longer interested in
sharing intimate details
of their lives with strangers online and are now
taking a number of steps
to safeguard their privacy on social media, a
new research has found.
According to the Market Research Society,
teens have now begun
to un-tag embarrassing pictures, write false
posts to ensure privacy,
and even adopt parallel
identities in order to
keep their personal information under wraps.
The report, carried
out by Colin Strong of
the MRS Delphi Society, notes about a new
phenomenon known
as “vague-booking,”
whereby teens post
vague statements deliberately to prompt friends
to private message them.
“There is a universally
held view that teenagers simply don’t care
enough about online
privacy, and this… can
have disastrous consequences,” the report
“The reality is that,
far from being careless about their privacy,
teenagers manage it
They just aren’t so
obvious about it.
Jane Frost, chief executive of the MRS,
told The Sunday Times
that the rise of apps like
Snapchat and Guerilla
Mail – which erases
pictures after a short
amount of time – show
teenagers are increasingly concerned about
what strangers
She said on an estimate a third of Twitter
users have a private account, only shared with
close friends, as well as
a public one. She added
that youngsters also tend
to put out a false name
entirely while playing
games online.
The findings challenge
Facebook founder Mark
Zuckerberg’s claims in
2010 that the age of privacy is over- and no
longer a ‘social norm.’
“People have really
gotten comfortable not
sharing information of
different kinds, but more
openly and with more
people. That social norm
has just evolved over
time,” Zuckerberg had
said at that time.
Cincinnati Water Works
selects Wipro for its CRM,
billing operations
Bangalore, India and East Brunswick,
New Jersey, USA– March 19, 2015 –
Wipro Ltd. (NYSE:WIT) a leading global
information technology, consulting and
business process services company
today announced that it has been
selected by the United States-based
utility company, Greater Cincinnati
Water Works (GCWW) as its IT partner
to transform the utility’s CRM, Billing
and Service Bureau operations. Greater
Cincinnati Water Works provides about
133 million gallons of water a day to
over 1 million people across the states of
Ohio and Kentucky in the United States.
Wipro will design, build, host and
deploy a Customer Information System
(CIS) for Greater Cincinnati Water
Works in a Platform as a Service (PaaS)
The company will also maintain the
solution for Greater Cincinnati Water
Works for a period of five years after the
initial implementation.
Unlike conventional capex-heavy
commercial models, Wipro’s solution
is being offered in an Opex-based, payper-use pricing model, which is linked
to the actual volume of customers
served by Greater Cincinnati Water
The Customer Information System
solution is based on Oracle’s Customer
Care & Billing (CC&B) technology
platform. The solution offers leadingedge water industry specific features
for Contact Management, Billing,
Metering, Account Management and
Self-Service capabilities, which will
provide an enhanced user experience
for Cincinnati Water’s end customers.
Deploying this solution is expected
to be 40% more cost-effective than
comparable solutions as Wipro’s preconfigured technical accelerators for
data integration and data migration
from the legacy CIS platform will
shorten the implementation timeline
as well as reduce the transition risks for
Greater Cincinnati Water Works.
In addition, the variabilized, payper-use commercial model will enable
Greater Cincinnati Water Works to offer
CIS services to other small to medium
sized Water Utilities in the United States
via a ‘Service Bureau’ model, to boost its
revenue growth.
Technology advances are driving
legacy CIS system replacements across
the utilities industry. Offering a hosted,
pay-per-use CIS solution with a scalable
and attractive commercial proposition
eliminates the need for small to midsize water companies to make upfront
investments in prohibitively expensive
solutions.Once established, this ‘Service
Bureau’ model will offer CIS-as-aservice through a joint go-to-market
strategy between Greater Cincinnati
Water Works, Wipro and Oracle.
The ‘Service Bureau’ will create a
strong partnership ecosystem and
market presence for Greater Cincinnati
Water Works, Wipro and Oracle for
offering CRM and Billing managed
services to water and wastewater utility
companies, in North America.
Gary Wiest, Commercial Services
Superintendent, Greater Cincinnati
Water Works said “Cincinnati Water
is very excited to team up with Wipro
for the implementation of the Oracle
CC&B solution.
Not only does the service bureau
solution align with our strategic business
plan, it also allows us to offer a tier
1 solution to utilities that might not
have the means to procure the CC&B
solution. We are very excited to be part
of an innovative project with Wipro and
Oracle that could possibly change the
way utilities do business.”
Tony Parrott, Director of Water &
Sewers, City of Cincinnati said, “As we
move forward, evolving into the utility
of the future, we look for innovative
ways that can help reduce our costs.
The service bureau strategy is one
of the ways in which we can provide
an exceptional billing system for our
customers and other utilities. We
know our relationship with Wipro and
Oracle will help us achieve our goals
of providing additional options and
outstanding customer service to our
customer base.”
Sahadev Singh, Vice President and
Global Head – Water Utilities, Wipro
Limited said “We are delighted to have
been chosen by Cincinnati Water as
a strategic partner to transform their
customer service business function
using a Platform-as-a-service model.
This program is the foundation
of a strategic relationship enabling
Cincinnati Water, Wipro and Oracle
to extend the technology platform and
deliver game changing Service Bureau
offerings to other water utilities in the
Microsoft launches Cloud
Accelerator Program
Chennai, Mar:
To help Indian enterprises and
government organizations take full
advantage of the cloud, Microsoft
India today launched a special
Cloud Accelerator Program. This
announcement was made by the
company’s leadership at India’s largest
cloud conference, the 2015 Microsoft
Azure Conference.
More than 1,500 cloud professionals
and IT industry decision makers will
attend the two-day conference, with
another 15,000 participating via the
virtual conference.
Microsoft is
witnessing rapid growth in cloud
adoption in India and across the world.
In the quarter ending December 2014,
Microsoft’s commercial cloud revenue
grew 114% globally. This was driven
by Office 365, Microsoft Azure and
Dynamics CRM Online.
Last year, Microsoft announced
that it will offer Microsoft Azure and
Office 365 cloud services from local
datacenters by the end of 2015. The
Cloud Accelerator Program will serve as
a catalyst to accelerate the adoption of
these services amongst enterprises and
government organizations. This will
help organizations to not only
plan local cloud roadmaps, but
also increase compliance with local
With the help of in-house experts
and trained partners, Microsoft India’s
Cloud Accelerator Program is specially
designed to help Indian customers start
and complete their cloud journey. More
than 15 Microsoft partners including
HCL, Wipro and Tech Mahindra will
be part of the roll out of the Cloud
Accelerator Program in India. More
partners will come on board with new
offerings over the coming months.
In addition, Microsoft has launched
cloud training programs - Azure
Vidyapeeth and GuruVarta, for partners
that will enable SMBs transition to the
cloud. The program will upskill partners
to help 10,000 SMBs across 250 cities
to move to the cloud.
The company also announced the
launch of a Cloud Decision Framework
for pu b l i c s e c t or c omp an i e s ,
government departments, banks, and
financial services companies. The
Cloud Decision Framework is an
independent, open framework based
on industry standards and regulatorguidelines. The framework builds
on international ISO standards and
incorporates India-specific guidelines
from IRDA, IDRBT and the IT Act.
“Microsoft has been a front runner
in the Indian IT industry for 25 years,
helping India use the latest computing
technology to achieve more. The
cloud is the only way enterprises and
government organizations can scale up
IT infrastructure to meet the needs of
the discerning digital Indian. We are
investing to provide cloud services from
local datacenters to help government,
BFSI, state-owned enterprises and
other regulated industries to take full
advantage of the cloud. The Cloud
Accelerator Program is designed to
help India move to the cloud, and in
turn, help ‘Make in India’ a reality.
This will open up new possibilities
in e-governance, financial inclusion,
healthcare, and education to positively
impact the lives of a billion people,”
said Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman,
Microsoft India.
Karan Bajwa, Managing Director,
Microsoft India said, “Cloud is real
in India today. Our early-adopter
customers are already seeing the
benefits of public, private and hybrid
cloud. With the Cloud Accelerator
Program, we and our partners
will be able to move thousands of
customers to the cloud over the next
few months. We are committed to
help government departments, public
sector organizations, and banking and
financial services companies move
forward on their own cloud journeys.”
Chillr app
HDFC Bank today launched Chillr, a mobile app
that allows users to instantly transfer money to any
contact in their phonebook 24 hours a day, seven
days a week.HDFC Bank has partnered with MobME,
a Kochi-based technology firm, to launch this app.
Chillr allows users to send money in 3 simple steps:
1. Choose the recipient from your list of Chillr
2. Enter the amount to be transferred & a message
to recipient
3. Enter your secret M-PIN & press PAY
The app is particularly useful for college students
and young professionals. While dining at restaurants,
customers, particularly youngsters can split the bill
using this app. Parents, whose children are studying
away from home in other cities can transfer money
via the app. In the near future it will also allow users
to pay utility bills and various merchants via the
Chillr is also an important tool for financial inclusion
in rural markets, allowing migrant workers to remit
money to family back home in a secure manner.
HDFC Bank has also piloted the use of Chillr for its
Sustainable Livelihood Initiative (SLI), a programme
that reaches out to people at the bottom of the
pyramid by providing them with livelihood finance
and skills training. The participants running small
businesses used the app to make payments to
employees, avoiding the hassle of travelling to the
nearest ATM to withdraw cash.
TCS to help
reduce digital
skills gap G
Tata Consultancy Services has unveiled a new
initiative designed to help encourage more
young people into digital careers. The company,
in conjunction with The Tech Partnership and
MyKindaCrowd, has created a resource pack
to help teachers educate young people about
possible roles in the IT industry, and the steps
they need to take to achieve that ambition.
Currently, there are no teaching resource packs
of this kind available for this topic.
The TechFutures Teachers: Careers Resources
Pack has been developed based on the findings of
a research project conducted by MyKindaCrowd.
The research, which assessed the challenges
and issues that schools currently face when
teaching pupils about careers in IT, found
that although young people are well-versed in
using technology, there is a lack of knowledge
of how that technology is created and little
understanding of the breadth of technology
career opportunities available.
TechFutures Teachers: Careers Resources
Pack launched at the Big Bang Fair, which
is the largest event of its kind in the UK, and
promoted through organisations directly
involved in schools like Teach First, STEMNET
and Tech Partnership. The pack is available to
download at:http://www.thetechpartnership.
N-Tier Business Solutions P Ltd
The following are the current job openings available in our
organisation. To apply for any of the positions below, please
forward your resume to [email protected] with the
job title metioned in the subject line.
Software Engineer - .NET
Job Title : .NET Developer ( Enterprise web/Desktop Applications - Microsoft
Years of Experience : 2+ Years
No of resources : 2
: Immediate
Basic qualification : Minimum qualification of B.E/B.Tech MCA,
M.Sc (Computer Science) or equivalent from
a reputed institution and a minimum of first
: Enterprise - Line of business applications /
New age domains - Social Media/Web 2.0
Operating System : Windows / Web
Process :
Strong is SDLC processes with Hands on
experience in small/medium size projects.
Programming :Good work knowledge in Microsoft
Technologies - mainly .NET framework - 2.0-4.5 with proven
experience in end-to-end development of projects using
C#, ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX, WCF, Entity Framework. Strong
knowledge in data modelling and managing database
systems using SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS and other database
related services. Knowledge in other DBMS systems like
Oracle, MySQL, etc are nice to have. Knowledge on open
source frameworks/Sharepoint services/MS CRM/WCF/WWF/
Silverlight are good to have.
Key skills
: Exposure and hands on experience in
designing web application architecture involving N-Tier/
MVC/RESTful web services/Ajax based web apps/RUI apps
like Silverlight etc. Good knowledge in .NET Patterns and
HR Professional
Job Title : Human Resource Professional
Years of Experience : 2+ years
No of resources : 1
: Immediate
Basic qualification : Minimum qualification of any basic degree
(computer science is preferred) with post graduate management
degree (specialization in Human Resource) or equivalent at
regular college and minimum percentage of 60%.
: IT company
: Good understanding of all HR policy,process
and their execution.
Key skills
: Good understanding of recruitment, employee
welfare management (Motivator& Grievance handling
and interfacing with other support departments and the
management), Training, Appraisal joining and exit etc and
related policy making. Should be able to handle all employee
related financial activities like salary, PF etc. Plus should be able
to handle additional tasks that might be organization specific .
Capability to do documentation using Microsoft office
tools ( word,excel, etc ) is a must. Other documentation tools
knowledge is a plus. Use of computers to get information from
internet and to use tools to assist in HR activities is a must.
Google leaks 2,82,867
domain owners’
personal details
oogle has accidentally leaked the
personal details of more than 280,000
customers, Ars Technica reports. The fault
first appeared back in mid-2013 - but it has only
recently been discovered and fixed, meaning
people have been at risk for years.
Identified by security researchers at Cisco,
the vulnerability affects websites registered
via Google Apps for work, using the registrar
eNom. The owners of the websites in question
had all opted into “WHOIS privacy protection,”
which means that when someone WHOISes or queries - the website, the personal details
of the individual who registered it are hidden.
You might use the service if you’re an
anonymous political blogger, or run a website
about an embarrassing hobby - or are just
particularly privacy-conscious.
305,925 websites domains were registered
this way - but Cisco found that 282,867 of
them (94%) have had their personal details
unmasked due to a fault in Google’s code.
Customers’ leaked information includes “full
names, addresses, phone numbers, and email
Cisco first discovered the issue on February
19, 2015, two years after the fault first arose.
After Google was notified, the search giant
then fixed it around a week later, and notified
customers last night. It’s unclear how many
customers seeking anonymity were unmasked
as a result of this error.
Cisco researchers write that in addition
to the direct threat that the operators of
sensitive websites may face as a result of
being unmasked, it also puts them at greater
risk of fraud. Being able to send “targeted
spear phish emails containing the victim’s
name address and phone number” could make
attempts at fraud and identity theft more
Here’s the message Google Apps customers
Dear Google Apps Administrator,
We are writing to notify you of a software
defect in Google Apps’ domain registration
system that affected your account. We are
sorry that this defect occurred. We want to
inform you of the incident and the remedial
actions we have taken to resolve it.
When the unlisted registration option
was selected, your domain registration
information was not included in the WHOIS
directory for the first year. However, due to
a software defect in the Google Apps domain
renewal system, eNom’s unlisted registration
service was not extended when your domain
registration was renewed. As a result, upon
renewal and from then on forward, your
registration information was listed publicly in
the WHOIS directory.
Trinity Hub
Hiring Freshers for Dot Net Developer
Palpap Ichinichi Software International Ltd
Hiring Freshers for Testing
Palpap Ichinichi Software International Ltd
No. of positions: 1
Location: Chennai
Description : Sales of Domestic/International holiday products
especially hotels.
The incumbent will be responsible for counter sales of
domestic/International Air tickets
He will be responsible for walk-ins customer handling
Desired Profile :
Note: Its a Trainee position. The incumbent will be paid stipend
during trainee-ship. Based on performance, he will be confirmed.
He will also be eligible for performance linked incentives.
The incumbent should be open for rotational night shifts.
Only male candidates having a valid passport (2010 onward)
should apply.
Please note that we do have Executive position for experienced
candidates as well.
Contact Us : No:3/17, Palpap Tower, G.S.T Road, St.Thomas
Mount, Chennai-600016.
No. of positions: 1
Location: Chennai
Description : Sales of Domestic/International holiday
products especially hotels.
The incumbent will be responsible for counter sales of
domestic/International Air tickets
He will be responsible for walk-ins customer handling
Desired Profile
Note: Its a Trainee position. The incumbent will be paid
stipend during trainee-ship. Based on performance, he will
be confirmed. He will also be eligible for performance linked
The incumbent should be open for rotational night shifts.
Only male candidates having a valid passport (2010 onward)
should apply.
Please note that we do have Executive position for
experienced candidates as well.
Contact Us : No:3/17, Palpap Tower, G.S.T Road, St.Thomas
Mount, Chennai-600016.
Programmer Analyst, I
Current Opening: Developers
Palpap Ichinichi Software International Ltd
Title :
Programmer Analyst, I
Categories : United States
Location : Irvine, CA
Job Information :
implement/maintain prog./oper sys.; perform database design
for sys. conformance/optimization; provide tech. analysis/
coding. May have to travel to various unanticipated client sites.
Req. Bachelor’s deg. (or 3/4 yr foreign deg. equiv.) in Comp.
Sci., Comp. Info. Sys., Eng., Comp. Appl., Bus. Admin or
related, including skills in at least 4 of the following techs: JAVA,
J2EE, Oracle, XML, BEA WebLogic, Oracle Applications, Oracle
Financials, Oracle Distribution, Oracle, PL/SQL, MS SQL Server,
VB/ASP .Net Tech., C#, Siebel, Clarify, SAP, Sys. life cycle and
Unix/Windows env.
please forward your resume to
Precious Microtech P Ltd
Designation:Junior Software Engineer
Skill Set:C,C++
Job Description:Ju
Designation:Senior Software engineer
Skill Set:C,C++
Job Description:se
Designation:Senior Sofware Engineer level 2
Skill Set:C,C++,
Job Description:Se
Post your requirement for PreciousMicrotech pvt. ltd
[email protected]
obile World Congress (MWC) is the biggest mobile phone event held annually in Barcelona Spain. This year too, the event witnessed many launches and announcements of
new products. We closely observed the new flagship smartphones launched or announced
at the MWC 2015 and found out some common trends which most brands are following
in their flag-bearer phones. These top-of-the-line products also reflect the vision of the
brands as well as smartphone industry. Many of these features are based on the feedback
of the customers as well as the studies. Some of the features and innovations, which were
displayed at the MWC, are the brain-child of the designers and the innovators who are
paid handsomely to keep their respective brands one step ahead of the competition. Here
are our observations on common trends followed by flagship phones at MWC.
Build over specs
Gone are the days, when a phone will sell because it has a faster processor. Of late, most brands have access to equally fast hardware and
the spec war is almost over. And the focus of phone-makers as well as
customers is on the design-and-build quality. More brands are now very
picky about the choice of the material for making smartphones. We see
many of them using metal and high-strength glass more than ever before.
Plastics are still in use but there is a drastic improvement in the quality.
More and more brands are playing with different type of metal alloys,
different finish and textures with an aim to stand out as against their
competitors. This is a welcome change as better-built phones not only
look premium but are also more durable.
Size moderation
For past few years, every time a brand announced a new flagship, it was
larger in display by about half an inch as compared to the predecessor.
This happened so much so that some mainstream flagships (Nexus 6) hit
the 6-inch display size mark. Thankfully this trend has now saturated for
most brands with a 5 to 5.5-inch display size. Beyond a certain size, the
phones are too big to fit in a normal pocket and too bulky to carry. The
size and weight of most new flagships launched at the MWC 2015 has not
increased as compared to the previous generation flagships.
Camera is crucial
Most of the product demos and presentations stress a lot on rear camera
as a USP of the product. More than ever before, the cameras are considered
to be a crucial factor for customers while buying phones.
OIS (optical image stabilization), which was a rare feature on smartphones just a couple of years back, is now almost a standard for most
flagship phones (not all of them though). Low-light photography, fast
focus, ability to capture fast-moving objects, quickly opening the camera,
and shooting are some features that most flagships are banking on. Also,
4K video-recording feature is something that is offered by most flaghips.
Selfie obsession
Let’s be honest, when was the last time you took a selfie? Not long ago,
right? The trend of taking selfies has caught up like wild fire. Most flagship
phones now offer wide-angle front camera with high aperture numbers,
larger pixel size and a lot of beauty modes in-built at software level to
enhance the beauty of the pictures. Not having a good selfie front-facing
camera can be a deal breaker for a lot of buyers who spend their money
on expensive flagship phones. And this time, most flagships have come
with better front-facing cameras as against what they have offered on
their previous generation phones.
Use of biometrics
Making payments or unlocking phone via fingerprint authentication,
face and eye scan to unlock the phone, and many such features which
make use of authentication on biometric level are picking up these days.
There are still many phones which have not included these features, but
this trend will be seen on more phones in the coming days.
User experience over
marketing gimmicks
Phone-makers are shifting their focus on optimization of their phone
software and making the user experience more seamless and smooth as
compared to overloading the phones with tonnes of features which are
seldom used. This is also a step in right direction. We have seen many
brands working on simplifying their phone’s UI (user interface) for a better user experience rather than making them bulky. After all technology
is meant to simplify life, not complicate it.
64 bit computing
Most of the latest generations chipsets made by the chip makers, and
then used in these flasghips phones, use 64 bit computing architecture.
With a 64 bit architecture (compared to 32 bit), the computing and
memory efficiency of the system is improved especially if the software
is also optimized to support the 64 bit architecture. These changes are
at the core of the phones and may not come to a customer’s notice, but
underneath, they improve phone’s performance.
Curves are in
This trend was started a couples of years back when we saw the first
mainstream flagship smartphone with a curved display. Although it never
made its way to many customer’s pockets as it was fairly expensive, yet
it started a trend. Since then, we have seen many such innovations like
edge displays, more phones with curved displays. The technology is still
in use only by a couple of brands, but as we mentioned in one of our previous stories, the trend will catch up soon as the prices of curved-display
technology become more affordable.
Hitech Pi Datacenter
begins operations
Pi Datacenters Private Ltd., a
state-of-the-art technology startup, has announced the groundbreaking of its first Datacenter in
the country, located in the new
capital city of Andhra Pradesh.
Today, the ground-breaking
ceremony was performed by
Mr.Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder &
CEO – Pi Datacenters in presence
of some of the key dignitaries
coming from United States and
United Kingdom.
Pi Datacenters facility is going
to be South India’s first tier-4
certified Datacenter that uses
state-of-the-art technology and
infrastructure platform built to
global standards. Designed to
deliver high performance and
built on the latest engineering
framework, the next-generation
Datacenter will aim to serve
all enterprise businesses across
India and abroad with offerings
spanning from Co-location to
Cloud services. The Datacenter
is going to be purpose-built
greenfield facility in more than
5 lakh square feet of constructed
area and will be powered by a
dedicated on-site substation that
can support up to 60 MW.
ropes in
Great Lakes
student with
Rs 51 Lakh
‘Screenwriting app’
to jot down ideas
When you are a
writer, inspiration often strikes when you
are not near a computer. Apps can save
the day for screenwriters who do their
work on the go.
Fade In Mobile is
one screenwriting
app that I immediately liked. It is free
on b ot h iOS and
Android, and, unlike some of its rivals,
it has been recently
updated and should
work smoothly on the
newest devices.
It is a no-nonsense
screenwriting app,
designed specifically
to make it easy to get
ideas out of the writer’s mind and into the
This means its interface is unfussy,
with few bells and
whistles apart from
features that let you
write or edit screenplays with standard
formats that describe
how the page is set
up and how character
names are displayed.
This kind of writing
environment helps
keep me focused. But
if you need to be able
to make notes or keep
descriptions of the
characters or lists of
scenes, this app is
probably not for you.
Fade In Mobile lets
you import and export files to Dropbox
so you can get to your
screenplays on other
devices or the company’s desktop screenwriting software. One
big downside: Your
files are saved in a
proprietary format
that is probably not
compatible with other
editing software.
The free edition of
the app allows you
to work on only one
script at a time. The
full version allows
more scripts and lets
you import screenplays written in other
file formats, but it
costs $5 (Rs 308) both
on iOS and Android.
A great alternative
on iOS is Scripts Pro.
Like Fade In, it does
an excellent job of
keeping scriptwriting
and editing straightforward.
The Scripts Pro interface is uncluttered
and mostly shows the
script you’re working on and the onscreen keyboard. A
nice touch is being
able to quickly tab
through your script,
and a handy suggestions prompt appears
when you’re typing
something like a character name you’ve already entered.
Better yet, the app
supports editing of
files saved in other
formats, including
plain text files and
files from the popular
desktop scriptwriting
software Final Draft.
You can even transfer files to and from
the app wirelessly using iTunes transfers
and Dropbox. It’s not
the most feature-rich
app in the world, but
its aim is simple and
it does its job well. A
$12 (Rs 740) price tag
may be its only sticking point.
On Android, there’s
a free alternative to
Scripts Pro called
DubScript Screenplay
Writer. It has a clean
editing interface and
uses a scriptwriting
standard called Fountain to format the text
you write.
This means you can
type in plain text format as the script forms
in your mind, entering character names
and so on without
having to stop and
let the app know that
“Arthur,” for example,
is a character name.
Once you’ve finished writing, the app
automatically tries
to identify things
and then formats the
script by indenting
lines. Add in extra
features like a customizable interface
and the ability to
read scripts aloud,
and DubScript looks
impressive. It may be
great for beginning
MyS cre enpl ays
is another Android
app worth looking at,
not least because it’s
free. It’s not quite as
full-featured or goodlooking as DubScript,
but it does have some
good tricks, like being
able to auto-indent
and auto-format some
parts of your script.
Plus, it has a feature
called nonlinear editing, which lets you
move sections of your
script around when
you’re editing. It also
exports scripts in files
compatible with Final
Finally, check out
Celtx Script. Screenwriters will recognize this brand from
its desktop apps. It’s
a good-looking and
full-featured scriptwriting app that is
compatible with script
files you’ve written in
its desktop versions.
The app can synchronize your files so
edits and adjustments
you make when working on one device will
appear on a different
one. It costs $5 (Rs
308) on iOS and is
free on Android, but
it may be best suited
for more experienced
Chennai, March:
Great Lakes Institute of Management, one
of the premier management institutes of the
country had an excellent placement season for its
PGPM batch of 2015. Already about 95% of the
students from the largest ever class of 381 have
found career opportunities with a large number
of companies participating across Consulting,
E-commerce, Analytics, IT/ITES, Telecom,
Financial Services, Manufacturing and many
more. The highlight of this placement season
was the highest offer of 51 Lakhs CTC made
by Amazon India. This year the average annual
salary increased to 12.02 lakhs p.a. from last
year’s 11.43 lakhs p.a.
Great Lakes PGPM class of 2015 is an eclectic
mix of students from diverse educational
backgrounds and industry experience ranging
between 2 to 5 years and this makes it attractive
for recruiters looking for business ready talent
who can start delivering form day one.
Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte, HSBC
Technologies, Infosys, iNautix, ITC Infotech,
Mogae Media, Scope International, TCS and
Wipro were the major recruiters in terms of the
offers made. The maximum profiles have been
offered in the Technology Consulting, Sales &
Marketing and Business Consulting areas.
Interesting highlight of the placement season
2015 were the several new roles offered in the
IT es
areas like Analytics and E-commerce.
Business Analytics emerged as a major area
with 17% of the students taking up profiles
offered in the areas by Analytics, Consulting
and IT firms. E-commerce recruiters included
majors like Amazon, Caratlane, India Property.
com, Matrimony and Snapdeal.
IT/ITES continued to dominate with almost all
leading IT firms in the country participating and
picking up students in large numbers, making
Great Lakes their most preferred destination of
choice for recruiting management talent.
“The placement scenario for Great Lakes this
season has been highly rewarding with almost
the entire batch getting placed before graduation.
The record CTC of Rs.51 Lakhs from Amazon
and continuous rise in the average CTC for the
batch clearly show the ever-growing confidence
of recruiting corporates in our students’ quality,
performance and contribution.
We look forward to further enhance our
corporate outreach, collaborate with more
corporates across diverse Industry segments as
well as deepen the engagements we already have,
thereby becoming their preferred destination for
talent sourcing”said R. Shreenath,
Director, Corporate & Career Services, Great
Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.
Yahoo to do away with passwords
Everyone has a portfolio of passwords
to remember for individual services,
making it all too easy to forget- Yahoo
wants to make the process easier
with a feature that means you’ll never
have to remember
password for its email service ever
Yahoo’s newly announced ondemand password feature will send you
the password for your email account by
SMS to your mobile phone whenever
you need it.
The company revealed the scheme at a
session in SXSW and has outlined the steps
to the service on its own Tumblr.
Yahoo asks for a specific setting to be
turned on and your mobile phone number,
then the next time you try to log in Yahoo
will automatically send the password to
your mobile phone.Security concerns
The service is currently only available
in the US and Yahoo has yet to confirm
whether it will be rolled out to other
There are certainly going to be problems
with the service as you may be without your
mobile when accessing emails or out of phone
signal, but Yahoo’s system
hopes to be
more secure than a standard password.
It may mean your details could be
compromised if you lose your mobile device
and Yahoo has yet to comment whether it has
a plan to keep things tight and secure.
However, if it all works out, Yahoo could
potentially lead the charge into a time
where we’re less dependent on the tatty piece
of paper with all our passwords scrawled on it.
Not that we’d ever do that..
YouTube on the prowl for subscriptions
It’s not much of a secret that YouTube doesn’t
make any money for Google. Spend a few
moments thinking about it and you’ll quickly
realise that the costs of
operating that site are
massive, while the
amount of people
watching adverts
is low, either because they skip
them or because
they use an ad
That said, YouTube does bring in
money. According
to Google last year it
increased payments to partners by 50% and
brought in a fairly substantial $4bn in 2014,
which is an increase of $1bn from 2013.
So it’s hardly a surprise to read in Variety
that the company might be looking to roll out
general subscriptions. That might all sound very
familiar, and there’s a reason for this: subscriptions are nothing new on YouTube.
For one thing, it’s already possible to subscribe
to a channel for a fixed fee. You can also rent or
buy movies and TV shows via the service, which
makes sense given the prevalence of YouTube
apps.YouTube is already complicated enough
If all that wasn’t complicated enough, there’s
also a Music subscription service called Music
Key that allows you to watch videos without
adverts on the service. That’s also bundled with
the Google Play Music subscription you can
buy as a separate music-only service, for £9.99
YouTube is, therefore, one of the more complicated services to understand, and expanding
that out to Google as a whole, there are a lot of
services which have some overlap.
For example, Google Music lets you store
50,000 tracks for free but to store those on
Google Drive you’d need to pay. Perhaps what
Google needs is a one-fee service that offers you
streaming music, ad-free YouTube and a chunk
of storage for your stuff in the cloud.
But here’s our question to you: if it meant you
never saw an ad again on YouTube, would you
pay a subscription? If so, how much would you
be prepared to spend per month?
Wi-Fi, Intel Z3735D processor
Dual OS mini PC
for Rs 5000 released
A little-known Chinese company called 10
moons, whose logo, by the way, bears a close
resemblance to Lenovo’s, has launched a tiny
computer that could well be the precursor to
a new generation of dual-booting, affordable
The D9i appears to be carrying both Windows
8.1 andAndroid 4.2, allowing you to choose
between the two operating systems. A previous
attempt by Asus to get the two OSes on one
device was canned after Google apparently vetoed the release of the Transformer Book Duet
TD300 Hybrid.
This time around is slightly different as Intel
may be behind the move (there’s a big Intel inside logo prominently displayed), meaning the
CPU maker wins regardless of whether the OS
is Android or Windows. Plus for the time being,
this is priced at less than Rs 5000 is only on sale
in China for now.You can expect many more of
these affordable devices to be launched soon,
especially if Microsoft chooses to support it.
Physically, it looks like a Now TV box but
in black and with rounded edges. It carries the
same standard component as a tablet but without
a screen, cameras and a battery. Essentially, it’s
a bigger version of a cheap Android dongle but
runs Windows too.
It gets you a quad-core BayTrail Intel Z3735D
processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB onboard
storage, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a micro SD slot, two
USB ports (including a USB 3.0 one), HDMI
plus a remote control.
If the long winter has you dreaming of a place without weekly snowstorms, the recently revamped Google
Flights service might help you find an affordable - yet
warmer - place to spend a week. Like Kayak, Expedia,
Orbitz and other travel sites, Google Flights lets you plug
in a destination and search for flights across multiple
airlines at once.
In addition to showing the range of fares to a particular destination, Google Flights also suggests “best
flights”; these match your search with a combination of
both price and expediency (like a nonstop connection).
If you are looking for a low-cost fare and have flexible
travel dates, the calendar feature in Google Flights displays the lowest fare for your destination each day of the
month; you can also use the filters for nearby airports,
number of stops and other factors to see how the prices
change on the calendar. If you are not sure where you
want to go, Google Flights lists popular destinations and
has a world map that displays the lowest fares to cities
around the world from your location.