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Antalya O Days 26 February - 1 March 2015 Alanya

Antalya O Days
26 February - 1 March 2015
Alanya - Antalya
Bulletin 1&2
Middle - Kızılalan
Middle – Cebeli Reis (WRE)
Long – Gedevet (WRE)
Sprint - Alanya Castle (WRE)
Antalya O Days was first organized in 2008 in the Manavgat region of Antalya and has
quickly become one of the most popular international orienteering events in Turkey. With its
sunny beaches and very moderate weather even in February, Antalya O Days offers a
chance to combine plenty of sunbathing and swimming with 4 days of challenging
Antalya O Days 2015 will take place in the Alanya region of the Mediterranean coast.The
shining star of the Mediterranean, Alanya, is the perfect tourist destination with its long,
sandy beaches, historical artifacts, natural beauty, fish restaurants, contemporary hotels,
cafés, bars and discos. Alanya welcomes you with its 13-centuries old Seljuk Castle, which
is situated like a crown at top of Alanya peninsula.
1. Organization
Event Director
Course Planners
Event Controller
Cihat Acar
İbrahim Coşkun, Yüksel Kösem (TUR), Olles Maps (CZE)
Yüksel Kösem, İbrahim Coşkun
Nermin Fenmen
IOF Event Adviser
: Mehmet Küçükçolak
2. Event Centre
To be announced in a December, 2014.
3. Programme
Wednesday 25 February
Arrivals, event center opens
Thursday 26 February
Antalya O Days Stage 1
Middle Distance - Kızılalan
Friday 27 February
Antalya O Days Stage 2
Middle Distance WRE(*) – Cebeli Reis
Saturday 28 February
Antalya O Days Stage 3
Long Distance WRE(*) – Gedevet
Sunday 1 March
Antalya O Days Stage 4
Sprint WRE(*) – Alanya Castle
Application made, pending acknowledgement from IOF
4. Entries
The deadline for entries is 13 February, 2015.
Classes: M/W
10, 12, 14, 16A, 16B, 18A, 18B, 20A, 20B, 21A, 21E, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70+,
Beginners L, Beginners S
A class with under 10 participants may be combined with the next class.
Entry fees
Classes M/W 10, 12 free of charge
Other classes 15 EUR per stage, 50 EUR for all 4 stages
SI rental fee:
SportIdent punching system will be used for all events. Competitors may use their own SICards. SI-Cards will also be available for hire if necessary.
5 EUR per start, 15 EUR for all 4 stages
A deposit of 50 EUR will be demanded upon hire, to be returned after return of the SI-card.
Official transportation:
Transportation from the Event Center to the competitions sites will be organized. Details will
appear in Bulletin 3.
Fees are payable in cash (sorry, no credit cards) in EUR or TL (sorry, no other currency)
upon arrival. For those who wish to pay by bank transfer, the details are below:
Account Holder: Türkiye Oryantiring Federasyonu
Currency: EUR
Bank & Branch: Turkiye Garanti Bankasi A.S., Anafartalar Branch (Branch Code: 62)
Account Number: 711-9091356
IBAN: TR51 0006 2000 7110 0009 0913 56
Please bring your receipt with you in order to facilitate accreditation procedures.
5. Terrain and Maps
The terrain in Alanya has never been used for orienteering before. Mapping continues and
will be completed in January 2015. Samples below are excerpts of partially completed
Antalya O Days Stage 1 Middle Distance - Kızılalan
Stage 1 offers a prelude to the days to come. Excellent runnability and visibility. Steep
descents and intricate stone features in places.
Antalya O Days Stage 2 Middle Distance – Cebeli Reis (WRE)
This highly technical terrain is staged on
the Cebeli Reis Plateau with a
magnificent view of the Dim Dam in the
north and the dazzling Mediterranean
Sea on the south.
The terrain is stony with many small
knolls and depressions. Visibility varies.
This will surely be a good test for
orienteering skills required by a highquality Middle Distance event.
Antalya O Days Stage 3 Long Distance – Gedevet (WRE)
Runnability varying from excellent to
difficult, this beautiful plateau stretches
over 6 km2 with a mixture of open land
and pine forests.
Antalya O Days Stage 4 Sprint – Alanya Castle (WRE)
Prepare for a breathtaking event within the
historical castle of Alanya and the intricate,
narrow streets of its surroundings.
6. Training
Training maps are available for the Manavgat and Kemer Region of Antalya. Training camps
prior to the event may be organized upon request.
7. Travel
Alanya is about 2 hours drive (120 km) from the nearest major international airport in
Antalya and half an hour (40 km) from Gazipaşa Airport.
From Antalya International Airport:
Many countries have direct economic flights to Antalya. From the airport it is possible to
take the HAVAS shuttle bus to the main bus station in Antalya. Get on one of the frequent
buses to Alanya (about 30 TL one way).
From Alanya Gazipaşa Airport:
Gazipaşa Airport opened for international flights in 2011, and serves a limited, but growing
number of European destinations. From the airport it is possible to take a “dolmush” (public
minibus) to the town center which costs 2 TL one way.
Car rental facilities are abundant at both airports.
8. Visa
Some countries require a visa for Turkey. For more information please check the website Please note that it is also possible to obtain a visa at the airport before
passing through passport control, or better still, on-line via the website where you can pay your fee on-line and avoid queues at the
airport when you land.
9. Accommodation
Negotiations are continuing to get good prices from a variety of hotels. The completed list
will be available in December 2014.
10. Weather & Climate
Due to its location on the Mediterranean coast, Alanya enjoys a very mild winter. The
temperatures will begin to increase towards the end of February. One may expect
temperatures as high as 23oC during the day and not lower than 10oC during the night.
Precipitation, if any, would be in the form of rain. Snow is virtually unheard of in the Antalya
11. Insurance
Competitors participate in Antalya O Days 2015 at their own risk. Individuals are
responsible for their own insurance to cover for illness/accident.
12. Information
For further information please see the Antalya O Days web site at
or contact [email protected]
Bulletin 3 will be published by 15 February, 2015.
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