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August 2013 - St Euphemia

August 2013
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Enquiries: Phone: (02) 9796 8240
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St Euphemia High School Newsletter
August 2013
Trial HSC
The Trial Higher School Certificate Examinations
began on Monday, 29 July and they conclude on
Friday 9 August.
We wish all Year 12 students good luck!
Dormition of the
Holy Communion
Any students wishing to partake of Holy
Communion on Wednesday, 14 August are
advised to prepare themselves.
Sunday, 18 August at 9 30 am: Years 7 and 8
There will be no school on Thursday, 15 August in
honour of the Dormition of the Theotokos.
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On Thursday 18 July, the High School participated in St Euphemia's annual Athletics Carnival, hosted at the
Crest Athletics Field. As always, there were some outstanding results, with the following students
achieving champion status for their respective age groups:
12 Year Boys - George Christofi
12 Year Girls - Kalliopi Zerafa
13 Year Boys - Pavle Drca
13 Year Girls - Renee Kagiassis
14 Year Boys - Matthew Anaxagorou
14 Year Girls - Jenny Mangos
15 Year Boys - Perry Kambitsis
15 Year Girls - Samantha Bechara
16 Year Boys - Nicholas Sourounis
16 Year Girls - Mariah Konstantinoudis
Open Boys - Andrew Theodosiou
Open Girls - Lydia Conti
Despite a very close encounter between 2nd place (Athena) and 3rd (Zeus), Apollo performed brilliantly and
ended up winning the carnival convincingly. Congratulations to Apollo, its House Captains and all its
participants. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all staff and students who assisted on the day and made
the 2013 Carnival another memorable event.
On Friday 19 July, the High School participated in SWISSA’s annual Futsal Gala Day. Once again our teams
performed exceptionally well and were unfortunate not to have picked up at least one trophy. Our Senior
Boys and Senior Girls both lost in their respective finals, finishing in 2nd place and our Junior Boys and
Senior Girls finished 3rd overall. Once again, I'd like to thank all teachers and students who assisted on the
It has been an excellent start to Term 3!
Looking forward to the SWISSA Boys Oztag and Girls Football competition for the remainder of the term.
Mr Verghios
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On Thursday, 25 July 2013, Youth Liaison Police Senior Constable Rosa Fali came to our school from
Bankstown Police Station to speak to Years 9 and 10 about “Digital Safety and Responsibility”.
Discussions included bullying, its effects, how to deal with it and social media and its risks. Defined by law,
bullying is “persistent intimidation” and “persistent harassment” and we were soon surprised to discover that
assault, whether it be mental or physical, can often result in imprisonment ranging from 2-15 years,
according to the category of the assault.
When Constable Fali discussed social media, most students agreed with the idea that social media has
become something of a “social lifeline”- a part of life which they could not live without. It was heavily stressed
that it is essential to think about what you do online, to always keep evidence of cyber bullying, as it is a
crime, and to remember that police have means of accessing personal accounts, such as Facebook. The
majority of students were already aware of the risks of social media, which ranged from exposure to
criminals online to identity theft, however, the principle of a “digital reputation” or “digital footprint” came as a
shock to many, when it was realised how dramatically it could affect future career prospects, friendships and
Overall, Years 9 and 10 were given an informative talk on “Digital Safety and Responsibility”, which
fundamentally examined all the concepts associated with cyber bullying.
Georgia Georgiou
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On Tuesday, 18 June, thirteen very eager students together with Mr Theodoulou and Ms Papastamatis met at
Sydney International Airport ready to embark for what was to be a trip of a lifetime. After many hours of flying
and two stopovers, we finally arrived in beautiful, breath taking and sunny Greece and were very excited of
what was yet to come. The first three nights we took in the sights and splendour of the city of Athens and
visited wonderful places, such as the Acropolis and the newly renovated museum that accompanied it. Every
night we were keen to go out into the lively and bustling city, to explore and learn the Greek way of life. Let’s
not forget the marvelous cafes and shops.
Our cultural awareness tour focused on visiting various sights of historical to Greece both culturally and
religiously. Places visited included Nafplion, Olympia, Delphi, Lefkada, Meteora and Thessaloniki. On day ten
of our remarkable holiday, we had to take the long 9 hour drive from Thessaloniki back to Athens where we
were to board a plane bound for Cyprus.
Knowing our time together was ending fast, we spent our last five days in Cyprus enjoying the beach and
soaking up the sun. We also visited places like Nicosia which is the capital of Cyprus, Limassol, and the
second largest city in Cyprus, Petra Tou Romiou (the Olympian goddess Aphrodite’s birthplace), and the
cultural centre and viewpoint of Famagusta and Agia Napa, which was kindly funded by the Cypriot
government even in their current financial state. Like Greece, Cyprus is full of intriguing history and beautiful
On our final day, as a group representing Saint Euphemia College, we took a leisurely stroll through Larnaca
and reminisced about our amazing time together, before we boarded a bus and plane back to Athens to enjoy
the next 12 days relaxing with our family.
Not only was this a wonderful holiday and the chance of a lifetime, but the things we saw and the lifelong
friendships we formed will be treasured and will stay with us forever. It was an amazing experience and we
will never forget it.
Michael Chryssovelonis and Paula Skarentzos, Year 10
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Δοκιμαστικέρ Εξετάσειρ τος HSC
Οι μαθηηέρ ηηρ Γ΄ Λςκείος πέπαζαν ηιρ σειμεπινέρ διακοπέρ ηοςρ μελεηώνηαρ για ηιρ Γοκιμαζηικέρ Δξεηάζειρ ηος
HSC, πος θα διεξασθούν από ηη Γεςηέπα 29 Ιοςλίος μέσπι και ηη Παπαζκεςή 9 Αςγούζηος.
Δςσόμαζηε ζε όλοςρ ηοςρ μαθηηέρ καλή επιηςσία!
Θεία Κοινωνία
Την Τεηάπηη 14 Αςγούζηος οι μαθηηέρ θα εκκληζιαζηούν. Οι μαθηηέρ πος θα λάβοςν ηη Θεία Κοινωνία ππέπει
να πποεηοιμαζηούν καηάλληλα.
Η Κοίμηση τηρ Θεοτόκος
Λόγω ηος εοπηαζμού ηηρ Κοιμήζεωρ ηηρ Θεοηόκος ηο ζσολείο θα παπαμείνει κλειζηό ηην Πέμπηη 15
Δκκληζιαζμόρ για ηιρ Α΄ - Β΄ Γςμναζίος είναι ηην Κςπιακή 18 Αςγούζηος και ώπα 9.30π.μ.
Φ. Φειπάκηρ
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